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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job listHigher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher, and other lists and websites.

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Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland U16/17th C, due 11/1/15
    • writing sample requested by email 12/1
    • phone interview scheduled 12/15
    • MLA interview scheduled 12/20
    • on-campus interview invitation 1/15
    • offer extended 3/15
    • offer accepted 3/25
    • rejection letter received 4/1

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Tenure Track Literature/Culture/Film Faculty Positions[]

  1. Allegheny C (PA), asst. prof., speciality open, due 11/30/15, link
    • rejection via e-mail, 12/10 (8x), 12/11 (4x), 12/14 (6x), 12/15 (1x)
    • 130 applications, 14 MLA interviews
    • contacted by phone for MLA interview, 12/14 (4x)
    • position has been filled, 4/21
  2. Beloit C (WI), asst. prof., review begins 11/15/15, link
    • contacted by phone for MLA interview, 12/10 (8x)
    • rejection via email, 1/4 (101x)
    • campus interview scheduled, 1/14 (2x)
    • offer accepted, 2/26, link
  3. Bryn Mawr C (PA), adv. asst. or assoc. prof. without tenure, generalist, due 11/1/15, link
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 11/23
    • campus interview scheduled, 12/15
    • offered made and accepted, 2/25
  4. Butler U (IN), asst. prof., open but pref. for contemporary German literature and culture, due 11/20/15 for full consideration, link
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 12/23
    • campus interview scheduled, 2/1
    • rejection following campus interview, 3/4
  5. California SU, Long Beach, asst. prof., preference for 19th and 20th C, due 12/1/15, link
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 12/11 (3x), by phone, 12/11 (2x)
    • second round Skype interview requested, 1/5 (2x)
    • campus interview scheduled, 1/19
    • offer made and accepted, 3/4
  6. Carleton C (MN), asst. prof., advanced ranks also considered, review begins 10/1/15, link
    • contacted by e-mail for MLA interview, 12/2  (3x)
    • contacted by phone for campus interview, 1/14 (5 finalists)
    • rejection via e-mail (on campus candidate), 2/17
    • rejection via e-mail (post-MLA interview) that offer has been accepted (by inside candidate), 2/22, link
  7. Colorado SU, asst. prof., German linguistics, lang. and/or culture, due 11/15/15, link
    • rejection from first round via email, 11/23
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 12/9 (4x)
    • campus interview scheduled, 12/21
    • Offer received, 2/17
    • Offer accepted 
  8. East Tennessee SU, asst. prof., due 11/30/15, link
    • contacted by e-mail for telephone interview, 2/4
  9. Elon U (NC), asst. prof., due 10/31/15, link
    • search cancelled according to MLA JIL, 10/2
    • confirmed by insider source that search has been cancelled/postponed, 10/5
  10. Emory U (GA), asst. prof., open but pref. for transnational issues or discourses on diversity and minorities in the German-speaking world, due 12/1/15, link
    • contacted by email for MLA interview, 12/18 (3x)
    • offer made and accepted
  11. Furman U (SC), asst. prof., open but ability to teach business German desirable, due 11/2/15, link
    • contacted by email for MLA interview 12/12 (3x)
    • contacted by phone for campus interview
    • offer extended (reliable second hand information)
  12. Linfield C (OR), asst. prof., applications accepted until 11/25/15, link
    • ​Skype interview scheduled, 12/10 (4x)
    • campus interview scheduled, 12/23
    • rejection via email, 1/2 (3x)
    • rejection via email (on-campus candidate), 3/2
    • offer made and accepted, 3/2, link
  13. Ohio State U, asst. prof., specialty open, pref. for gender/sexuality, film/visual/new media, theater, 18th C lit., minority culture, German-Jewish lit., or digital humanities, due 11/20/15, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 12/4
    • campus interview scheduled, 12/18
    • rejection via email (on-campus candidate), 2/4
    • offer made and accepted, 2/11, link
  14. Sam Houston SU (TX), asst. prof., link
    • contacted by email for Skype interview, 3/23
    • offer extended and accepted, 4/1
  15. Scripps C (CA), asst. prof., due 11/17/15 link
    • contacted by phone for MLA interview, 12/7 (2x)
    • (second hand information) job given to inside candidate.
  16. Southern Utah U, asst. prof., review begins 1/10/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 2/9 (3x)
    • contacted by phone for on-campus interview, 2/22
    • offer extended & rejected, 4/1
    • offer extended, 4/2 and accepted, 4/26
  17. St. Lawrence U (NY), asst. prof., German and film studies, review begins 12/1/15, link
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 1/13
    • on-campus interview scheduled, 1/21
    • offer extended
    • rejection phone call received, 3/10
  18. Susquehanna U (PA), asst. prof., review begins 1/8/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 1/12
    • campus interview scheduled, 1/19
    • rejection via phone (!) that offer has been accepted, 2/29
  19. Texas A&M, entry-level asst. prof., German and Transnational/Global Studies, review begins 10/15/15, link
    • 15 MLA interviews scheduled, 12/16
    • 2 on-campus interviews scheduled, 1/15
    • 3 finalists announced, one of whom is internal, but "none is favored", 2/5
    • Position filled, 5/4
  20. U of Calgary, asst. prof., transcultural/interdisciplinary studies before 1900, due 2/15/16, link
    • Rejection via e-mail, 4/1
  21. U of Chicago (IL), adv. asst. or assoc. prof., pref. 20th- and 21st-C. literary, cultural, and media studies, deadline: 11/30/15, link
    • rejection via email,they decided on 3 candidates for the on-campus visit, 1/7
    • Search failed. No candidate selected.
  22. U of Cincinnati (OH), asst. prof., German Studies & Film/media studies. Candidates with a focus on all time periods and aspects of German studies will be considered, review begins 1/11/16, link
    • Letters of reference requested, 1/25 (2x)
    • Skype interview scheduled, 1/31
    • Rejection via e-mail (Skype interview candidate), 3/31
  23. U of Kentucky, asst. prof., role of sport in German lit./film of 20th/21st C, due 9/30/15 link
  24. U of Minnesota, Duluth, asst. prof., review begins 12/9/15, link
    • contacted by email for telephone interview, 1/12 (2x)
    • on-campus interview scheduled, 1/28
    • rejection via email (first round candidate); the position has been filled, 3/9
  25. U of Richmond (VA), asst. prof., preference for gender/sexuality, theater/performance, media/digital, or migration/cultural translation, due 11/30/15 for full consideration, link
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 12/8 (8x)
    • campus interview scheduled, 12/18 (2x)
    • rejection via email (on-campus candidate), 2/12
    • offer made and accepted, 2/12
  26. U of Virginia, asst. prof., specialization in visual culture, film, film theory, photography, media studies, review begins 11/20/15, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 1/7 (2x)
    • Offer made and accepted, 4/3, link
  27. U of Washington, Seattle, entry-level asst. prof., medieval or early modern German lit. and culture. due 11/20/15, link
    • contacted by e-mail for Skype interview, 12/15 (2x)
    • contaced for on-campus interview, 1/13

Senior Faculty Positions[]

  1. New York U, assoc. or full prof., due 10/15/15, link
    • campus interview scheduled, 1/15
  2. George Mason U (VA), assoc. prof., 18th/19th C lit. and culture, due 2/25/16, link
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Modern Languages, Chair, link
  4. U of Idaho, chair of modern langs. and cultures with a German specialization, due 1/15/16, link

Visiting/Lecturer/non-Tenure Track Positions[]

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2015-16

  1. Arizona SU, 1-yr. lecturer (up to two positions), renewable, review begins 4/17/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/21
    • one position accepted; one position still open (inside information), 6/2. 
  2. Auburn U (AL), 1-yr. lecturer, review begins 3/15/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 3/28
    • rejection email stating the position has been filled, 4/25
  3. Boston C (MA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 4/1/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/8
    • request for second Skype interview, 4/18
    • offer received, 4/21
    • offer rejected, 4/29
    • offer received, 5/4
    • offer accepted, 5/23
  4. Bucknell U (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., linguistics, screening begins 2/29/16, link
    • offer has been accepted, link
  5. Carleton C (MN), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., review begins 4/1/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/6 (2x)
    • rejection email stating the position has been filled, 5/2
  6. Coastal Carolina U (SC), lecturer, open until filled, link
    • Contacted by phone for phone interview, 1/29
    • Contacted by email for second interview (Skype), 2/26
    • Offer extended and accepted, 4/19
  7. Colorado C, 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., modernism/20th C, due 12/18/15
    • MLA (or Skype) interviews scheduled, 12/28
    • Rejection email received; they have decided to invite only one candidate to campus, 1/18
    • offer extended and accepted
  8. Cornell U (NY), 2-yr. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in German Studies, media studies, due 12/15/15, link
  9. Cornell U (NY), 2-yr. Stanford H. Taylor postdoctoral fellow, Early Modern and medieval lits. and cultures, due 1/15/16, link
  10. Davidson C (NC), 2-yr visiting asst. prof. German Studies, field open, review begins 2/8/16, link
    • request for skype interview, 3/7 (2x)
    • rejection received by email; position has been filled, 3/30, link
  11. Elon U (NC), 1-yr. full-time limited-term in German, rolling interviews, link
  12. Franklin & Marshall C (PA), visiting asst. prof. or instructor, generalist, review begins immediately, link
    • request for Skype interview, 3/29
  13. Johns Hopkins U (MD), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., "Age of Goethe"-present, due 3/15/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/15
  14. Kalamazoo C (MI), visiting asst. prof., review begins immediately, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/6 (2x)
    • campus visit scheduled, 4/18
    • offer received and accepted, 4/29
  15. Kansas SU, visiting asst. prof., 19th/ 20th C preferred, screening begins 5/13/16, link
    • Rejection email. Position filled. 6/8.
  16. Knox C (IL), visiting asst. prof. or instructor, generalist, due 4/22/16
    • request for interview, 5/4 (6 first-round interviews)
  17. Memorial U of Newfoundland, 8-month teaching term contractual appt., due 4/15/16, link
  18. Miami U (OH), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof. or instructor, potentially renewable, review begins 4/15/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/15 (4x)
    • offer extended, 4/26 and accepted, 4/28
  19. Mount Holyoke C (MA), 1-yr. visiting position, review begins 2/29/16, link
    • request for skype interview, 3/3 (2x)
    • request for 2nd skype interview, 3/8 (2x)
    • offer extended and accepted, 3/21
  20. Oakland U (MI), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., 18th C/Goethezeit, due 5/15/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 5/21
  21. Occidental C (CA), 2-yr. postdoctoral fellow in German and comparative studies, review beings mid-January, link
    • contacted by email for Skype interview, 3/17 (10 "semifinalists")
  22. Pacific Lutheran U, 1-year VAP, due ASAP/open until filled, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/27 (2x)
    • offer extended, 5/4
    • offer rejected, 5/10
    • rejection email, position filled, 6/15
  23. Reed C (OR), visiting position, post-1700, review begins 12/15/15, link
    • request for skype interview, 1/15
    • rejection received, position has been filled, 3/25
  24. Rollins C (FL), lecturer, business German and/or the European Union, due 3/25/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 4/8
    • offer extended, 4/27
    • offer rejected, 4/28
  25. Rutgers U, 1-year instructor of German, due 2/25/16, link
    • contacted by email for skype interview, 5/1
    • offer accepted 5/24
  26. Skidmore C (NY), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof. or lecturer, open, review begins immediately, link
    • contacted by email for phone interview, 3/7 (2x)
    • contacted by email for campus interview, 3/12 (1x)
    • contacted by email for campus interview, 3/22
    • offer extended and accepted, 4/7
  27. Southern Methodist U (TX), renewable lecturer, review begins immediately, open until filled, link
    • Skype interview requested, 5/11
    • Rejection email. Position Filled. 6/2
  28. Stanford U (CA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., open, due 11/20/15, link
    • rejection via email, 12/11 (9x)
    • confirmation of second round / continued reviewing, 12/11 (7x)
    • Skype interview requested, 2/10 (3x)
    • Offer extended and accepted, 3/10
    • Rejection letter (interview round) received 4/6
  29. Syracuse U (NY), 3-yr. lecturer, due 5/15/16, link
    • rejection via email, 5/20
  30. Texas A&M University (TX), 1-yr. lecturer, review begins 7/15/16, link
    • review ongoing, applications still being accepted, 7/18
  31. Transylvania U (KY), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., 19th-20th C preferred, due 4/18/16, link
    • request for rec. letters, 4/19 (3x)
    • request for Skype interview, 4/20
    • invited to on-campus interview, 4/29
    • offer extended, 5/20
    • offer rejected, 5/23
  32. Tufts U (MA), 1-yr. lecturer in German, review begins 2/1/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 2/9
    • Finalists invited to second WebEx interview in lieu of on campus, 2/16
  33. Tulane U (LA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., 20th C with specialty in film and/or Holocaust studies, link
    • request for Skype interview, 4/12
  34. US Military Academy (NY), 3-yr. instructor or asst. prof., due 11/6/15, link
  35. U of Alabama, 3-yr. instructor, due 3/26/16, link
    • ​offer accepted, 6/1
  36. U of Alabama, 1-yr. instructor, 18th C/Age of Goethe, review begins 5/5/16, link
    • ​position filled (reliable second hand)
  37. U of California, Santa Barbara, lecturer, background in applied linguistics desirable, due 2/9/16, link
    • Offer extended and accepted
  38. U of Central Florida, visiting instructor/lecturer, due 11/12/15 link
  39. U of Cincinnati (OH), DAAD visiting guest prof. (asst., assoc., or full prof.), initial 2-yr. appointment, potentially renewable up to 5 yrs., must be a citizen of an EU member state, due 11/8/15, link
  40. U of Iowa, 3-yr. lecturer, Holocaust/Memory Studies and film, review begins immediately, link
    • Email received, search "closed", 5/25
  41. U of Memphis (TN), 1-yr. instructor, due 5/13/16, link
  42. U of Minnesota, Morris, 2-yr. lecturer or asst. prof., post-1750, review begins 3/14/16, link
    • Email request for Skype interview, 4/7 (2x)
    • Contacted via email for an on-campus interview, 4/13 (x2)
    • email rejection received; position filled, 5/26
  43. U of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., post-1750 specialization but 21st C lit. and media desirable, due 4/15/16, link
    • Skype interview requested, 4/18
    • Campus interviews completed, 5/10
  44. U of Mississippi, 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., post-1600, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 3/7
    • Contacted for campus visit/interview, 3/11
  45. U of North Carolina, Charlotte, 3-yr. lecturer, must have experience with German Language for Specific Purposes (Engineering), review starts 10/26/15, link
    • Position filled
  46. U of Northern Colorado, renewable lecture, open until filled link
  47. U of Pittsburgh (PA), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., 1750 to the present, due 11/1/15, link
  48. U of Pittsburgh (PA), renewable lecturer, due 11/1/15, link
    • request for Skype interview, 11/24
    • Invitation for campus interview, 12/10
    • Email rejection received; they have selected a short list of candidates, 1/27
  49. U of Pittsburgh (PA), renewable lecturer, due 11/1/15, link
    • Offer accepted, 3/3
  50. U of Virginia, lecturer, due 4/23/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 5/4
  51. U of Wisconsin, Superior, visiting asst. prof. in the German and English programs, review starts 4/25/16, link
  52. Utah SU, 1-yr. postdoctoral teaching fellow, open, due 3/3/16, link
    • contacted by phone for skype interview, 3/21
    • email rejection received, 5/12
  53. Vanderbilt U (TN), 2-yr. asst. prof., open, due 4/11/16, link
    • request for Skype interview, 5/6
    • offer extended, 5/16
    • offer accepted, 5/20
  54. Wellesley C (MA), 2-yr. visiting lecturer, preference for experience in instructional tech., theater/music, or blended learning courses, due 12/7/15, link
    • contacted by email for MLA interview, 12/18 (3x)
    • invited to on campus interview, 2/15
    • offered to inside candidate
  55. Willamette U (OR), 1-yr. visiting instructor, due 3/31/16, link
    • Contacted by phone for Skype interview, 4/8
    • Email rejection received; position filled, 5/9
  56. Williams C (MA), 1-semester visiting position (Fall 2016), 20th and 21st C., due 12/1/15, link
    • request for Skype interview, 12/11 (4x)
    • offer made (one year) and accepted 
    • rejection letter (finalist) receives 3/30

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions[]

  1. Oakland U (MI), asst. prof. of foreign lang. education, French/German/Japanese/Spanish, due 11/23/15, link
    • Request for interview at MLA, 11/24
    • Reliable information that offer has been accepted
  2. Princeton U (NJ), 3-yr. senior lecturer, German lang. prgm. director., link
    • request for skype interview, 12/9
    • request for campus interview, 12/18
    • offer accepted, 2/24, link
  3. Rice U (TX), 1-yr. renewable lecturer, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, due 11/16/15, link
    • contacted via email for Skype interview, 12/17
    • email rejection received; another candidate was chosen, 2/1
  4. Southern Methodist U(TX), renewable lecturer, Department of World Languages and Literatures, review begins immediately, open until filled, link
  5. U of Nevada, Las Vegas, asst. prof. in residence, experience coordinating undergrad. lang. prgm. and supervising part-time instructors, review begins immediately, link
  6. U of Texas, San Antonio, 3-yr. senior lecturer, open until filled, link
    • contacted via email for Skype interview, 1/5 (4x)
    • invitation for campus interview, 1/26 (2x)
    • offer extended, 2/17
    • offer accepted, 2/23
  7. Vanderbilt U (TN), 3-yr. senior lecturer, German lang. prgm. director, due 11/1/15, link
    • contacted for Skype interview, 12/3 (2x)
    • only 1 round of interviews. Decision will be made shortly after MLA
    • email received that offer has been made to another candidate, 2/9
  8. Yale U (CT), lector, review begins 12/15/15, link
    • contacted for Skype interview, 12/22 (3x)
    • email received that offer was accepted by another candidate, 3/14

Faculty Positions outside of the US[]

  1. Gulf U for Science and Technology (Kuwait), asst. prof., due 12/31/15, link
  2. Hebrew U (Israel), open rank, 18th through 20th C, due 10/15/15, link
  3. Humboldt-U zu Berlin, W2-Professur für „Neuere deutsche Literatur mit komparatistischem Schwerpunkt“, Kennzeichen PR/014/15, link
  4. Newcastle U (UK), chair of German, post-1800, due 10/15/15, link
  5. U Bamberg, Juniorprofessur der Bes.Gr. W 1 für Germanistische Mediävistik, due 7/17/15
  6. U of Cambridge (UK), 2-yr. teaching associate, post-1945 lit. and culture, due 3/27/16, link
  7. U of Nizwa (Oman), lecturer/asst. prof./assoc. prof., link
  8. U of Oxford, Lincoln C (UK), DAAD-Lektor, 1730 to the present, due 11/2/15, link
  9. U of St. Andrews (UK), chair of German, due 3/21/16, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions[]

  1. McGill U (Quebec), asst. prof. of Russian and German film, due 11/15/15, link - also posted at Russian/Slavic 2015-2016.
  2. San Francisco SU (CA), asst. prof. of Italian/German studies, due 12/4/15, link - also posted at Italian 2015-2016.
    • MLA interviews scheduled.
    • On campus visits scheduled.
  3. South Dakota SU, asst. prof. of Spanish with the ability to teach German, due 11/30/15, link

Other Germanic Languages[]

Other German-Related Faculty Positions[]

NOTE: German History positions are also posted at European History 2015-16

  1. American U (DC), asst. prof., modern German history, due 10/1/15, link
  2. Elon U. (NC), asst. prof, 20th century central or eastern European history with preferred specialization in Germany, due 10/1/15, link
  3. Northwestern U (IL), asst. prof., modern German history, due 10/15/15, link
  4. U of Chicago (IL), asst. prof., modern German and European history, due 1/07/16, link
    • rejection via email,they chose the three candidates for the on- campus visit 12/11 (9x)
  5. U of Washington (WA), asst. prof., German History, due 11/1/15, link


Change the count in the category to which you belong. This permits us to have somewhat of an overview on the nature of the market demographics in German Studies. 

ABD (early): 6

ABD (will finish this academic year): 22

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, Post-doc, adjunct): 43

Assistant Professor: 11

Associate Professor: 2

Full Professor:

Search Committee Member: 2

Lurker: 9

Concerned grandmother: 3

Faculty "Job Coach": 2


  1. It would be quite helpful for us all to know how many people and at what stage of their career they are on the job market. I hope the demographics section will help fill in a gap in knowing just how many of us are on the job market in a given year. Other disciplines use this regularly to gauge numbers.
    1. It's interesting information on how many people are contributing to the Wiki, but I think it doesn't tell us too much about how many people are on the market.
  2. Do we just put a tally next to the category that we fall into?
    1. Yes, I think that is a good approach. I added some instructions for this section. The categories may not encapsulate all there is on the job market. I imported them from another discipline's job wiki. We may, therefore, need to add a category here and there to account for the diversity of applicants.  
  3. Can we move it below the list of jobs posted? It will be tedious to scroll over it once panic season hits, to check for new jobs, updates on the status of searches, etc. (x2)
    1. The order has been changed.
  4. There are 2 U of Pittsburgh lecturer positions advertised on the job list. Is that a mistake, or are they really hiring for two positions?
    1. According to the JIL, there are three positions at U of Pittsburgh.
    2. I assume they've had serious staffing problems ever since this happened:
  5. Does anyone know what a "placement dossier" is? The UK job is asking for this.
    1. In my (very limited!) experience, the job application materials in the UK tend to be very similar to those in the US.  But keep looking.  They will have provided more detailed instructions for the dossier somewhere on the website.
    2. I believe this person was referring to the University of Kentucky, not the United Kingdom... Placement dossier I think is an old-school term for all the documents in a job application. Since the UKentucky job already asks for a few specific items normally contained in a such a dossier, it is hard to know what they mean by asking for one.
  6. Why does the UNLV job keep getting removed? It's a NTT job (that's what Assistant Professor In Residence means) and it's specifically a German job.  What's the deal?
    1. It's a job coordinating their language program. It's already in the pedagogy section.
  7. Does anyone know what a "curriculum vitae with bibliography" is? (see: Stanford VAP app)
    1. I assume they just want a list of publications attached to the CV. 
  8. Is the Emory search cancelled? The links no longer work.
    1. I emailed the department chair. He did not know that the posting had been taken done from the HR website. According to him, the search is still on, and he is checking with HR why it is not showing up on their website anymore. 
    2. The job is up again on the Emory HR website. I added the new link in the list above.
  9. The California State, Long Beach, job was updated with a new application deadline of 12/1/2015.
    1. Has anyone confirmed that this is in fact the same position?  Or did they open a second one?  They had a very early previous deadline.  Did they just not receive enough applications?
    2. The recruitment number (2282) is the same for "both" positions, so I assume that it is in fact the same position. 
  10. The new listing for Rice U is a relisting of the already posted position with an updated deadline of 11/16/15.
  11. How can Williams College offer a 1-semester position? That's exploitative -- it basically requires that somebody be unemployed for the rest of the academic year. Or? ?
    1. I've been wondering the same thing. And yet they apparently got applications. The level of desperation (or naivete) among academics these days is appalling. We should all boycott such exploitative positions. If no one would agree to work under such conditions (and finally give up the false illusion that such a temp job will be a stepping stone to something better), then universities would finally be forced to offer liveable conditions for all faculty members.
    2. There are a lot of potential explanations options than the college being exploitative and not offering livable conditions. They had a TT position last year and ended up hiring their VAP, so they likely have someone in mind for it. At least they aren't interviewing at the MLA and forcing graduate students to pay money to interview for a 1-semester position.
    3. A one semester position might make sense for a grad student living in the area (at UMass Amherst, etc).  This kind of hiring of lecturers to teach courses during someone's sabbatical isn't unusual.  (It's possible that the new hire from last year got a semester course release as part of their negotiations?)  What is odd that they would conduct a national search for such a position, as if they expected someone to move there for it.  (They posted an ad in the Chronicle?!)
    4. Agreed! A full search for a 1-semester position is absurd. Moving is pretty much unavoidable (and no doubt not reimbursed) for anyone who takes that position. A graduate student living in Amherst would have to commute at least 1.5 hours each way to go to work in Williamstown. That's not what I would call "livable conditions." 
    5. I, for one, think it is fair that this is a national search. It's frustrating when schools only advertise in their region (or worse: contact only local graduate students) – especially in the Northeast. It probably isn't an ideal job for someone to move, let's say, halfway across the country for a one-semester position, but why not advertise it nationally? Maybe someone already has something lined up for Spring 2017 and could use a position for Fall 2016. I agree with Person 2 – they aren't interviewing at the MLA for a 1-semester position, and that is fair. I wish our market were stronger, but I certainly wouldn't call this position exploitive.
  12. Does anyone know when the assistant professor position at Sam Houston State University is due?
  13. Has anyone heard back from Vanderbilt?
    1. Without being in a position to give specifics, I can confirm that, yes, someone has heard something.
  14. I am confused about the TT position at the University of Calgary and would appreciate any insights."We are seeking a scholar who will establish and maintain an externally funded research program." Is the search committee implying that this is not a salaried position? This seems highly unusual in the humanities, given the limited opportunities for external funding...
    1. In Canada all researchers are expected to secure research funds. So they expect the candidate will apply for SSHRC grants regularly (check out the website). Some of the grants are substantial. It is not the only source. Another program—Insight Development Grant—that heavily favours junior faculty.
    2. Thank you for taking the time to write this very helpful response!
  15. Does anyone know what happened with the Emory position?
    1. I heard from a reliable source close to the search that it will be roughly another 2 weeks (so early March) until they start inviting people for on-campus interviews.
  16. Does anyone know what happened with the U Cincinnati position? It appears there is an inside candidate; it would be great to know for sure.
    1. The position is, evidently, still open link
  17. Has anyone actually scheduled an interview (specific date and time) with Occidental, or only received the request from them via email?
    1. not yet, only received a request via email.
  18. Has anyone heard from Allegheny College and/or been invited to campus?
  19. Has anyone heard back from U Minnesota, Twin Cities? It would be great to know.