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This seems like a much more civilized way to do this. There's no risk of wholesale deletion, and it seems to section off venting from job information more efficiently.

If you build it, we will come. Anyone? Anyone?? (5/15)

That site looks kind of confusing. And someone has to shell out for a domain! The Economics folks have a good system


  • If you are applying for academic jobs in history during the 2008-2009 school year, this wiki is for you. Since history departments do not always do a good job of notifying applicants about the status of their search, this wiki allows job applicants to share their updates with each other. Through this collaborative effort, job searchers can provide the latest news on the dates and status of phone interviews, conference interviews, campus visits, job offers, and acceptance of job offers. As we work together, we can help keep search committees more honest. If you are unsure whether a search committee has acted inappropriately, review the AHA guidelines and standards that are linked below.
  • Our goal is to list below all known open searches, by regional and topical specialization. Please check the below job listing web sites frequently and add new searches as they appear on the Internet. Try to match, as closely as possible, each job with one or more of the below categories. In some instances, an open search may need to be listed in more than spot below. Consider adding a link to the job announcement so that other users can find the job description quickly. Please start each new sub-entry with a "star." When adding news about a search, finish your note with the date in parentheses. This keeps entries easy to read and makes development over time more clear. Thanks!
  • Salary data is taken from the AAUP Faculty Salary Survey. Calculations for history are based on the fact that, in 2007-2008, the average assistant professor of history at a private institution earned 90.7 percent of what the average assistant professor at the same institution earned. Similarly, the average assistant professor of history at a public institution earned 84.1 percent of what the average assistant professor at the same institution earned. See "Barely Keeping Up?" by Robert B. Townsend for more details.
  • For some idea of the teaching load at these institutions, the student/faculty ratio from the web site is included.
  • As a measurement of student quality, median SAT scores are included. These were calculated from data available at the web site. The writing portion of the SAT score was excluded from this calculation and converted ACT scores were included.
  • Important note to all posters: do not update these sites from a campus computer or wifi signal. All additions and edits record an IP address, and the IP addresses for all colleges and universities can be looked up very easily. Post from home or another wifi signal that is not traceable. It is unlikely that SC members would bother tracking down such information, but some are definitely opposed to the wiki, so just post sensibly.You have a schlong joke you have a piny lololols

Job Listings[]

AHA Guidelines for Job Market[]

Click here for guidelines and standards on hiring, interviews, job offers, etc.

Status of Job Searches[]

  • I don't mean to be a pain, but do we really want a few thousand jobs on this one page? (As it is, the page is 38KB long, which is already longer than suggested.) Breaking it down in the AHA categories would make sense, though I have no idea how to do it.
  • I agree, and I think others do, too. Are we really locked into this page? Someone already started a wiki for North American fields, using the old format. Can't the North American folks just stick with that? Anyone with me? Here's the link: [1]
  • what is the third site after this one and the old wiki?
  • Three sites, different content:
  • 1-Seems most up to date thus far/best?[2] NEW, UPDATED LINK! Just click it!! Disappearance was simply a wiki address change...or so it seems.(12/8)
  • 2-This one-see below[3]
  • 3-Old version of this one?[4]
  • Can we find consensus and select just one?
  • I think most people seem to agree that the original one is the best and most user-friendly, and most of the chatter seems to be settling in on that one. Also, one poster on that site pointed out that it's easier to figure out the IP addresses of posters on this site and thus harder to protect one's privacy. That's a big vote for the original site. Anyone want to make an executive decision?
  • I agree as well - thanks for providing the link.
  • Thanks! That one is much better.
  • The problem (last year) with the old wiki page was that it was much harder to restore once the deleting began. I've started a sub-page for all Americanist-oriented jobs. Please move anything I missed (I'm getting bored doing this...)



Deletes or not, the discussion has begun again. Go to the Discussion Tab.

  • Who deleted all of the conversation here? Absolutely and utterly not cool.
  • I didn't delete anything, but for what its worth, there is a link to a discussion page in the upper righthand corner, though someone has to create the page. Placing discussion there will keep the "reference" part of the wiki a little cleaner and more friendly.
  • One of the worst parts of the wiki experience is how much needless (sometime malicious) deleting goes on.
  • Perhaps it might make more sense to move the discussion/complaining/venting section to the bottom of the page?
  • Click on the history tab above to find all those deleted comments and then just click on the "undo" link which will restore all of them. Then you can decide what to do with them.
    • Discussion page created. Click on the tab in the upper right-hand corner of this page. We can vent, complain, and discuss to our heart's content.
  • Should the list of cancellations be moved here to the "jobs" page?

- HOW CAN WE RESTORE THE MISSING PAGES??????????????????????????????

- Whoever did it changed the address to from a scratchpad address. So ridiculous.

- To whoever deleted several pages' worth of information: If you think this is a joke, you are the only one laughing. Quite a few of us actually depend on the job information listed here to plan our short- and long-term futures. So thank you for making our lives so much more difficult than they already are.


  • I was able to restore the Ancient History and World History pages by going directly to the old URLs (e.g., copying everything from the edit-page, and pasting in to the new wiki page. I just restored the African History, Asian History, Latin American History, and Middle Eastern History pages following the same process. I'll leave it to someone else to restore the other pages. Just substitute "Your_Discipline" in place of "World_History" in the URL I posted above and you'll find the old page which you can copy.
  • Thanks to the above poster. I restored Non-geographical/Methodologically Oriented.
  • Thanks also to the poster who restored the "Russian/Soviet history" section under "European history" too. I am beginning to suspect that the pages may have disappeared due to technical problems associated with the website upgrades and not to malicious intent.

African History[]

Ancient History[]

Asian History[]

European History Jobs 2008-09[]

Latin American History[]

Middle Eastern History[]

Non-Geographical/Methodologically Oriented[]

North American History - U.S. & Canada[]

World History[]

General History (no regional or methodological focus)[]

  • Washburn University, Topeka KS (World Survey, Non-Western Specialization)
    • 3/4 full time lecturer (3/3 load); Health benefits
    • Look for Job Description on School Website, as it won't be on any of the major job sites
    • Review begins 24 April
  • Jesus College, Cambridge (history since 1500).
  • College teaching officer and fellow. Deadline 02/26.
  • Rejection email, 03/05. They had 100+ applicants.
  • These are usually internal jobs.

Atlantic History[]

  • request for materials and AHA interview (12/15)
  • request for AHA interview (12/22)
  • on-campus scheduled 1/15
  • offer made (2/8)
  • offer accepted (2/22)
  • Dalhousie University
  • short list decided. At least one candidate has on-campus scheduled. (11/12)
Anyone know more about this?
  • Offer pending.
  • application deadline is 1 Nov 2008
  • field has been narrowed down to top 10, who will be contacted this week to answer interview questions via email
  • finalists invited to campus- offer made and accepted.
  • application deadline is 15 Nov 2008
  • Deadline is 28 February 2009

Diplomatic/International History[]

  • LSE, 2 Teaching Fellows in International History
    • application deadline 17 April 2009
    • interviews scheduled for 28 May 2009
    • has anyone been invited for interview yet?
    • When they put the interview date in the ad, they normally often don't give much notice when they send out the invitations. I'd expect to hear around the 20th.
    • I understand the shortlist has been made. Have they invited anyone yet? (05/14)
    • I've heard nothing, but if you know they've made a shortlist perhaps you can ask!
    • Yes, what does that mean: someone told you that someone told them the shortlist is done, but you don't know anyone who has been contacted?
    • Yes, something like that. Hearsay.
    • So aside from "hearsay shortlist rumour dude", has anyone actually received any communication (interview invitation or rejection letter) from LSE? (05/15)
    • I just telephoned the HR department at LSE. They have not yet finalised the shortlist. Should be done sometime this week. (05/19).
    • Anyone received an interview invitation? It's Thursday afternoon.
    • Has anyone received any news? With two days to the scheduled interviews, it seems likely that those who haven't yet been contacted haven't made the shortlist (5/26)
    • I called the department on Friday and heard I hadn't made the shortlist; I don't know about their plans to contact those that did. At that stage, they hadn't finalised the shortlist for the Middle Eastern search (which was apparently running at the same time). Hope this helps.
    • Anyone know who got these jobs?
  • application deadline is 1 Oct 2008
  • - application confirmation received [early Oct]
  • - any news on this? I haven't heard anything since getting the application confirmation (12/3)
  • application deadline is 15 Nov 2008
  • this one has an inside candidate on a one-year VAP
  • email ack 11/14
  • Really, an inside candidate? Oh well.
  • Position filled (3/10)

* Ohio State - Newark - US/Internation with focus on Middle East Due date Nov. 1

  • Any ideas if there is an inside candidate here?
  • Stanford - International History
  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
  • has anyone heard anything? (11/11)
  • seriously, nothing?? that online app thing was weird too (11/25) X 2
  • it's Dec 3, has anyone got an update? are they interviewing at AHA? X2
  • Spoke to Naimark a few weeks back. He did say they'd be interviewing at AHA. Beyond that no details or dates.
  • 12/4 A Stanford history dept faculty member told me today that a hiring freeze has been implemented at Stanford. Not sure if this is true or not, but that might explain the delay in moving forward with this search.
  • Search Cancelled (email 12/6)
  • -was this a personal email to you, or a general email to all applicants? (I haven't heard anything) (12/6
  • personal message, response to my enquiry. A general notification will be sent.
  • -thanks for the reply. Too bad.
  • more pressure on other positions, then
  • application deadline is 1 Oct 2008
  • - application confirmation received [early Oct]
  • - Campus Interviews [late Nov]
  • - How many candidates are being interviewed? When are they happening?
  • - Three candidates, just got done interviewing (12/5)
  • - What are the candidates' specialties?
  • - Middle East
  • rejection letter stating there had been 82 applicants and offer has been made and accepted (2/2)
  • History of Empire, open rank
  • application deadline is 17 November 2008
  • received email ack. 11/18
  • anyone heard anything else? Are they interviewing at AHA? (12/1)
  • Got a request for more information.
  • When?
  • AHA interview invitation (12/12)
  • nice rejection email, 1/15. they are "moving towards agreeing on a shortlist"
  • Anyone know who got this position?