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If anybody wants to know about salaries but doesn't want to ask, a handy website is : they list averages for faculty at each rank.

Further on this topic: Don't forget that some states require that the budgets of all state institutions be publicly disclosed; as such, for some state universities, you may be able to find the complete budget and pay scale of an entire department. Go google.

On last year's wiki, I remember a link to AAUP information that gave averages of salaries at institutions. I search AAUP briefly but didn't find it. Anyone have this info?

Caveat re: researching salaries: the amount schools require you to contribute to health insurance can vary from $0 to 7,000 / year. Also, averages are misleading if they are not discipline-specific: business and engineering types make a lot more: its a supply and demand thing.

While waiting for job ads, try working on some publications, and update this page:

I've moved the discussion that was here onto the "Discussion" page for this Wikia article, since the discussion was getting a bit long (and slightly depressing, though that's not a good reason to move it). See the "Discussion" tab at the top right of this page? That link is to the discussion page for this article. Click it, or click here, to go to the discussion. Click the "Article" tab to come back here. Remember, the discussion is the best part . . . Requests for Native American and diplomatic history sub-sections moved to "Discussion" for reasons of elegance and OCD.