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[18 April 2018] Most of these pages do not yet exist and/or need content. If you are going to create new pages or postings please follow the format of last year's pages.

NB the European job market runs much later than that in North America, with a shorter hiring process; posts starting in Autumn 2017 may continue to be advertised into the summer & posted on the History 2017-18 job pages.

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African/Middle Eastern History 2018-19

Asian History 2018-19

European History 2018-19

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine 2018-19

Latin American History 2018-19

Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented History 2018-19

Cape Breton University (Sydney, NS, Canada) - History of Capitalism

  • Tenure Track assitant professorship in the histor of capitalism, broadly defined
  • Courses in a secondary area of teaching may focus on thematic, comparative, applied, and/or global subjects.
  • Qualifiactions: PhD in hand; exceptional candidates with an imminent PhD defense date may also be considered.
  • "A willingness to engage in an active research program on the history of Atlantic Canada and/or Cape Breton will be considered an asset."
  • Qualified candidates should send a letter of application quoting the reference number (HIS1805), a complete dossier including curriculum vitae, evidence of teaching effectiveness, a sample of scholarly writing, and three current letters of reference (sent directly to CBU) to the Human Resources Department. Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. June 8, 2018. Applicants who apply by email (in pdf format) will receive a return email confirming receipt.

North American History 2018-19 (inc. Canada)

Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2018-19