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Mixed/Open Specialism[]

Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College [non-TT][]

(I know it's not a tt position, but we're a bit short of those this year! AFII 11:14, January 14, 2012 (UTC))

  • Non TT faculty positions in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics including History of Science
  • 9 month post: "A PhD in any field of the natural sciences or mathematics that complements the academic focus of the existing faculty members. Candidates whose work integrates views from multiple areas of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and/or the humanities (e.g. historians of science) are encouraged to apply as well. Experience in leading discussion seminars and/or teaching argumentative writing skills is required."
  • Review begins: 13 Feb. 2012

Drexel University[]

  • 2 tenure track positions in History, Assistant or Associate Professor level
  • " While the particular sub-field is open, we are primarily interested in candidates who can add to our existing strengths in the history of science, technology, medicine and the environment. Candidates at the associate professor level may also be considered to direct Drexel's Program in Science, Technology & Society. For that position we will consider historians as well as candidates in sociology, anthropology, political science, and other STS-focused fields. For both positions research centered on Africa or Asia may be viewed favorably."
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
  • anyone heard anything yet 11/28
  • Nothing here, 11/29
  • Nor here 11/30. Is it still a little early to hear from mid-Nov jobs?
  • Maybe, but you would think they would want to interview early next year, thus mid-December notification?
  • A point of clarification: Does this mean they have not yet requested any letters of recommendation either?
    • No requests for recs on my end. I would imagine that they'd request recs from someone before moving to the next round of phone/skype/AHA.
    • 12//8: have heard nothing as well, and assume the above post has it right; I'm guessing they're still working through the applications.
      • Especially given the breadth of the call, I'd imagine they have an entire ocean of applications to sift through.
    • Likewise here--nor has someone else I know who applied.
    • 12/12: no word here; (x3)
    • Still nothing (12/21)? Nothing on my end. (x2) and have heard nothing from friends who also applied.
    • so can we assume no AHA interviews? Maybe they will conduct phone/skype interviews in January.
    • I think that sounds highly reasonable with an STS search and a department that's not an AHA style program, so to speak.
    • Still no word (1-6)
    • I think this search is toast.
    • Yep, I agree. (Although I have no hard information. Just a feeling.)
    • Failed search, in other words?
    • 12/28 letters were requested (Thanks for clarification.)
    • Really? Over the holidays and on such short notice? Very strange. I'm assuming candidates were notified when their letter writers were asked to submit on their behalf (assuming you are not a letter writer for this job, in other words). Thanks in advance.
      • Can anyone else confirm this info? I agree it sounds odd.
    • Ok, I'm confused. Someone posted a week or so ago that letters had indeed been requested over the holidays, apparently speaking from direct personal experience. Now that post has been deleted. What gives?
      • [18 Jan] It appears that one of the original posters deleted their contribution. The additional information was that the deadline for references was 3 Jan. Obv. we can't know why they deleted - an error, nervous about being identified, etc., so you may not want to rely on this info. AFII 07:59, January 18, 2012 (UTC)
      • This whole thing just keeps getting stranger.
      • I agree that this is very strange. If anybody picks up any reliable information on the status of this search, it would be much appreciated to have the situation clarified.
      • 1/18. Committee has now met and made short list from applicant pool of over 350.
    • 9/27 I was one of those who had a request for letters last December (I was asked to get my recommenders to sent them the letters by 3 January). Curious who got the position/s.

Maryland Institute College of Art - History & Philosophy of Science since 1800[]

  • The department welcomes applications from candidates specializing in the History and Philosophy of Science since 1800. While a generalist in the History and Philosophy of Science is preferred, the department particularly encourages applicants whose teaching and scholarship offer a global, transnational perspective on the development of modern science. Preference may also be given to candidates specializing in one or more of the following sub-fields: 1) Science and Imperialism; 2) Environmental History; 3) History of Medicine; 4) Industry and Technology.
  • See full details of position at History and Philosophy of Science since 1800
  • Also advertised in the Chronicle (11/28/11)
  • Apply: The College will review applications as received. Although materials received before December 10, 2011 are best assured of receiving full consideration, the position will remain open until filled.
  • Any word? (2/2)
  • Not here (2/3)
  • On campus interviews in progress
  • Curious, given the breadth of issues covered in the phone interview, how the final candidates "fit". What do you think helped you make the cut?
  • Any news?
  • Position is filled

Mississippi State University - Two Positions[]

  • [link goes to university's job search page]
  • Two tenure track assistant professorships; one in 19th or 20th C US history, one in 19th or 20th C European history.
  • Relevant to this page because: "Ability to participate decisively in one or more of the department's three Nodes of Excellence: Agriculture, Rural and Environmental History; International Security/Internal Safety; and History of Science and Technology." is desired
  • deadlines: 28 Oct. 2011
  • original postings at US History 2011-12 and European History 2011-12
  • From US History: "Request for materials (11/16) x4 <--email/snail mail? email"
  • The History of S&T asked me for some written material last week.
  • Assuming campus visits underway?

New Jersey Institute of Technology[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Legal History with preference given to "applicants who can contribute to the department’s M.A. concentration in the history of technology, environment, and medicine/health."
  • Review begins: Jan 2012

Northwestern University[]

  • Tenure track asst. prof. or tenured assoc. prof. in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Acknowledgement / receipt of application e-mail, 11-3. (3x, with EEO link)
  • Any news?
  • request for additional materials, 11/28
  • any more news?
  • Contacted for additional materials 11/28, and told not to expect further word until January.
  • if you hear anything, please post. Nothing yet here, but awaiting word this week or next.
  • Candidates have been invited for on-campus interviews. [comment posted 17 Jan]
  • polite e-mail rejction [February 23rd]
  • Does anyone know if they ended up hiring someone for this position? 8/31/2012

Rutgers University - Women, Gender, and Science (Search Failed.)[]

As part of its ongoing commitment to leadership in women’s history, the History Department at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, is pleased to invite applications in a field related to Women, Gender, and Science for a tenure-track assistant professor position to begin in July 2012, subject to the availability of funds. This position is designed to build on the momentum created by the hiring of three new associate professors in women’s and gender history in 2010-2011.

The successful candidate for this assistant professorship will join a vibrant department deeply committed to the historical study of gender and its role in shaping the world we now live in. As part of his/her teaching and research duties, s/he will be expected to contribute broadly conceived courses at the undergraduate level and to be actively involved in the training and mentoring of graduate students. Area of specialization for teaching and research in this position is open and can include historians with interests in the life sciences, the physical sciences, the environment, medicine and technology, as well as other areas related to women, gender, and science.

Geographical and temporal specialization is also open with preference for work that is broadly cross-cultural and comparative. PhD must be in hand by June 30, 2012. Review of applications will begin on Dec. 1 and preliminary interviews will be conducted at the AHA annual meeting. Applications should be addressed to Professor Bonnie Smith, Search Committee Chair, and submitted electronically via Interfolio.

Applicants should include a CV, three letters of reference, and a 3-5 page statement of research and teaching accomplishments. PDF files of a candidate’s PhD thesis and publications are also welcome. Rutgers is an AA/EOE with a deep commitment to promoting faculty diversity.

  • So anyone know when they might contact candidates for AHA interviews?
  • are they doing AHA interviews or just doing phone/skype?
  • any news on this job?
  • They said in the ad that they would do prelims at the AHA, so has anyone heard anything? (12/21)
  • yeah that's what I was wondering as well. I havent heard anything (12/21)
  • If they are still going to conduct interviews at the AHA, what is the latest date that they would contact candidates? (12/22)
  • any news? (01/06)
  • I forgot to look at the AHA, to see if they held interviews for this position. Does anyone know if they did?
  • so is this job a no go? have they already done interviews?
  • I emailed the department and was told that they decided not to conduct interviews based on the poll of applicants that they received. There is a possibility that they will revise the ad and repost it.
  • 02/06 received e-mail stating: " In the end, the Department of History decided to terminate this search for the time being. In one to two years we hope to re-advertise for a history of science position or a cluster of positions."

University at Albany, SUNY - Global Environment[]

University of California, Irvine - History of Knowledge (c. 1400 - 1800)[]

  • Tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor rank in the history of knowledge during the period from ca. 1400 to 1800, with a preference for eighteenth-century Europe. However, those working on other areas of the world, excluding the Americas, will be seriously considered. The candidate’s area of expertise could include: the history of science, history of medicine, systems of knowledge and classification, magic and alchemy, scientific investigation and exploration, the Enlightenment in a global context, political economy, circuits of knowledge, religious thought, or secularism. The ability to contribute to the department’s curriculum in World History is desirable.
  • Please submit a letter of application, c.v., article or chapter-length writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. Applications submitted on-line at by November 30, 2011, will be guaranteed consideration.
  • Also posted at European History 2011-12 & World/Global History 2011-12
  • From the "European History" page: "Received email request for additional materials (12/05) x3."

University of Hull[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in Global History
  • "Applications are particularly welcome from specialists in the history of regions beyond Europe, who have research interests in environmental, animal or medical history, or the history of science."
  • For details: see original posting on World/Global History 2011-12 page.

University of Illinois[]

  • ass't/assoc/full professor in Graduate School of Library & Information Science (the iSchool)
  • any area related to the circulation of information & production of knowledge, including archives, "diverse communities" --history of technology, political economy, science & imperialism, classification, information in society
  • any period, any geographical region
  • PhDs from across the disciplines encouraged to apply
  • deadline: 1 December 2011 (rolling; review begins mid-December)

University of Sydney (Australia)[]

  • Tenured appointment in the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science
  • Open topic but "e are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in areas that will compliment the current research efforts of the Unit and of the university. The successful candidate will be expected to cooperate throughout HPS, and ideally will demonstrate an ability to converse with scientists and scholars from other disciplines."
  • Deadline: 16 Oct. 2011
  • as of Nov 1 - heard they received over 135 applications.
  • Any idea of the process / timeline?
  • Request for writing sample and recommendations (11/14)
  • Finalists contacted (11/25)
  • Polite e-mail rejection [Jan. 19]

University of Texas - Dallas[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history and/or philosophy of technology or science
  • Listed as 'mixed' because some hist med candidates can do this "We are especially interested in candidates who specialize in historical or philosophical issues of human or post-human values, ethics, or politics in technology or science"
  • "Duties include graduate and undergraduate teaching, including each semester an upper-division course in the history or philosophy of technology required of certain majors, advising of M.A. and Ph.D. students, usual non-teaching duties."
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Skype interview scheduled (12/17)
  • Campus interviews scheduled

Wichita State University[]

  • Full Professorship (Curtis D. Gridley Distinguished Professorship) in History and Philosophy of Science
  • "The position is a joint position in the departments of History and Philosophy, with a one-course teaching responsibility in each department each semester. The appointment will be made at the advanced associate or full professor level"
  • Review begins: 2 Apr. 2012

Yonsei University - Underwood International College [CANCELLED][]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in the HIstory of Science, Technology and Medicine
  • "Those who specialize in East Asia are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates should have strong research credentials and a firm commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education."
  • Teaching is in English and only non-Korean citizens may apply
  • Review of applications starts: 30 Sept. 2011
    • (Link currently going to posting on Mersenne as I can't find the advert elsewhere yet).
    • Actually job was cancelled since the University cut down on number of lines they offered the College and History of Science was deemed the most expendable. Do I sound bitter? Very well then I sound bitter. (I am large. I contain deep wells of bitterness).

History of Medicine[]

Georgia Gwinnett University[]

  • Open rank position for a historian of US Medicine/Public Health/Disease
  • "The successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties."
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
  • Has anyone heard anything?

Johns Hopkins[]

  • Tenure track position for a historian of 20th C US Medicine (in the Institute for the History of Medicine in the Medical School)
  • "Applicants with interests in the history of clinical practice, history of disease, public health, race, and gender are particularly encouraged to apply, as are MD/PhDs. ...An ability to interact effectively, not only with undergraduates and graduate students in History of Medicine, but also with medical students and faculty, is desirable."
  • Review of Materials begins: Sept 2011.
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Interviews have been scheduled for the spring semester.

National Library of Medicine[]

  • Chief of the History of Medicine Division at NLM
  • SALARY RANGE: $123,758.00 - $155,500.00 /year
  • Just received a press release announcing the new hire. 10/18/2011

New York Academy of Medicine[]

  • Director, Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health
  • NYAM is seeking a founding director to establish the new Center. The director, who will report to the president as a member of the NYAM leadership team, will provide visionary and intellectual leadership for the Center while assuming administrative authority for its operations, budget, staff and extensive library collections. The director will take the lead in increasing exposure of the Library's collections to potential researchers and donors as well as to the general public by overseeing the creation of a host of dynamic scholarly and popular programs, including the organization of conferences, research seminars, online exhibits, workshops and other educational activities in the areas of the history of medicine, public health and the study of the book. The Director will also lead the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of high-quality online and onsite programs. S/he will oversee the creation of the Center's online presence and the enhancement of the NYAM Library's digital profile.
  • The director will be responsible for developing the academic and professional collaborations necessary for the Center's programs. S/he will act as an ambassador for the Center to a varied community of academic, professional and social organizations. A primary responsibility of the incumbent will be fundraising and donor relations, chiefly the cultivation of donors and solicitation of major gifts, as well as oversight of grant writing. The successful candidate will be an acknowledged scholar, energetic and committed to the success of the new Center. S/he must have a distinguished record of scholarship and service in the history of medicine and/or public health. A PhD is preferred, but candidates with an equivalent record of achievement will be strongly considered. Demonstrated success and a progressive record of accomplishment as an administrator and proven fundraising capabilities are essential. An excellent compensation package, including a six-figure salary commensurate with skills and experience, is offered.
  • To Apply: Please email a resume and cover letter with the names of three references to<>. Please include "Director, Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health" in subject line. For more information, visit our website:<
  • [22 Feb] Hired: Dr Lisa O'Sullivan, previously Senior Curator of Medicine at the Science Museum, London.

Northwestern University - Global Health Studies [Non TT][]

  • Full time, renewable lectureship in Global Health Studies
  • " We seek scholars with PhDs in Public Health, Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology or related disciplines with international experience and demonstrated teaching excellence. The successful candidate will be expected to teach 6 undergraduate courses per year, and be involved with the ongoing development of the undergraduate curriculum in Global Health Studies"
  • Review begins: 31 Mar. 2012

Oxford Brookes University (UK) - [Non-TT][]

  • 3 year lectureship (~VAP) in the History of Medicine since 1850
  • "International applicants from outside the EU will need to demonstrate their eligibility to work in the UK"
  • Deadline: 16 May 2012

Queen Mary, University of London (UK)[]

  • Wellcome-Trust Award Holder and Lecturer in the History of Medicine
  • This (tenured) post is dependent on the candidate securing funding from the Wellcome Trust for a research project (see the Univ. of Warwick post, below)
  • "The history of medicine grouping within the School has two main foci, both of which have global reputations. One is the Centre for the History of the Emotions...The other is the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group...The successful candidate may have research interests which link closely to one or both of these areas, but conversely candidates offering new directions (including within the field of medical humanities) will be equally seriously considered."
  • Deadline: 11 May 2012
    • Interviews late May/early June
  • [25 May] email invite to interview.
  • [8 Jun.] offered & accepted (no announcement as still dependent on the WT funding)
    • Congrats! [thanks, but sadly it wasn't made to me!]

University College London (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~assoc prof.) in the History and Philosophy of Medicine
  • "For the purposes of this position, medicine may be construed liberally to include clinical practices, biomedical research, public health, or psychological specialities, but with a strong preference for Western approaches. Health and wellness also are themes within the scope of this position."
  • Advert places strong emphasis on integrated HPS/STS/etc.
  • Teaching will involve "survey module in philosophy of medicine" & "module in history and philosophy of medicine as an integrated field of study."
  • Deadline: midnight 10 Jan. 2012
    • notifications by 27 Jan. for interviews in Feb.
    • acknowledgement of receipt of application materials, 11-14.
    • Any word?
    • Received polite rejection email 2/1 (x2)

University of Göttingen[]

  • The Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine at the University of Göttingen Medical School invites applications for a Junior Professorship in History and Theory of Medicine (Bes.Gr. W1). The junior professorship is situated at the interface of medicine and science studies/cultural studies. Candidates who address the following research topics would ideally complement the existing profile of the Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine: History of modern medicine and health care, history of ethical problems in medicine and health care, philosophy of medicine and health care (see ).
  • The candidate's research profile should allow for cooperation with other members of the Department and fit into the research profile of University of Göttingen Medical School. The future professorship holder will be in charge of the department's historical collections and exhibitions on the history of obstetrics and on wax moulages. The junior professor will teach courses in history and theory of medicine as well as courses in medical terminology. Innovative teaching concepts are welcome.
  • The University of Göttingen Medical School trains medical and dental students and runs the programme “Molecular Medicine”. The Department for Medical Ethics and History of Medicine additionally contributes to teaching and research initiatives across several faculties (Philosophical Faculty, international MSc/PhD programmes, DFG-funded graduate programmes).
  • Applicants should be postdocs in their earlier career stages qualified in the field of Medical History or Theory of Medicine. They should submit a promising concept for research and teaching activities (maximum of 4 pages).
  • We offer an excellent competitive research environment, a good working atmosphere and a family-friendly work place.
  • The employment prerequisites for professors is given in § 30 of the Lower Saxony University Law from 26.02.2007 (Nds. GVBI. 2007, p. 69). The University of Göttingen reserves the right of appointment. The University of Göttingen strives to increase the number of females in its scientific staff and therefore especially encourages applications from females. Upon similar qualifications females will be preferentially favoured within the scope of the law. Disabled persons upon similar qualifications will be preferentially employed. Part time employment is possible under certain circumstances.
  • Applications with curriculum vitae, a description of scientific experience including teaching activity, a research plan, a structured list of publications as well as five chosen reprints should be forwarded within three weeks of the appearance of this announcement to The Dean and Member of the Board of Directors for Research and Education of the University Medical School, Robert-Koch-Str. 42, D-37075 Göttingen, Germany. Applications please exclusively online via the following link: Questions regarding the online application please address to

University of Houston[]

University of Kansas[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professorship in the history of public health
  • "The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. in a relevant field and a strong record of research and teaching. Experience with research and teaching in a School of Public Health or a medical center is desirable."
  • "Duties of the faculty position will include teaching responsibilities in public health as well as the medical curriculum."
  • Review begins: 1 Feb. 2012
  • Mar 5: Any news about this one? When they have called interviews, etc?
  • They just posted the ad on the AHA website on March 1st so it seems like they are still looking for applicants.

University of New Mexico - Albuquerque[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Medicine
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
  • Do you think they will interview at the AHA?
    • They are. See the posting below-- this section is a repeat. Notices went out late Nov/early Dec.
    • That's not strictly true. These are two different jobs--one medicine, one science, technology, and environment. Probably two different search committees, so perhaps two different timetables.
    • I had actually written the chair about these two jobs--they are in fact two different searches with two different committees.
  • AHA interview request via email (12/7)
  • Campus interview request (1/18)
  • Offer made.
  • Can I double-check with the above poster? Was the offer made for the history of medicine or for the history of science position?

Second offer made, declined. Medicine search failed

University of Texas, Medical Branch - Institute for Medical Humanities[]

  • Tenured or tenure-track Associate Professor in Health Policy
  • "The candidate should be interested in teaching and research in health policy within a setting of interdisciplinary scholarship in medical humanities, public health, and the social sciences. Willingness to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration, ability to teach both health professional and graduate students, and potential to secure external grant funding are essential qualifications. Interest and experience in one or more of the following is highly desirable: health care for the underserved; health disparities; history of medicine; comparative or international health policy studies"
  • Deadline: not stated in ad.

University of Warwick (UK)[]

  • Assistant Professor (lecturer) in the History of Medicine (since the Renaissance)
  • note: this job does NOT have secured funding: it is a Wellcome Award scheme, so the chosen applicant will have to successfully apply to the Wellcome Trust with a "funding application, outlining a major research project resulting in high quality outputs to be conducted within the University Award period. [5 years]"
  • SHORT Deadline: 26 Aug. 2011
    • 7 Sept. request for further materials (deadline 18 Sept.)
    • 3. Oct. Invite to interview
    • 14 Oct: decision's been made. Award won't be confirmed until the summer though, so no names yet...

University of Wisconsin Madison[]

  • Tenure Track assistant professor in the History of Medicine and/or Public Health
  • "Specialization outside the United States and Europe preferred. The department is particularly interested in seeing applications from candidates with research specializations in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, or East Asia."
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2011
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012
  • Rejection letter received 11/12 (x2); received December 12th (x3)
  • Visits scheduled as of 27 Nov. 2011

Yale University[]

  • Tenure track assistant/associate professor OR tenured associate/full professor in the History of Medicine.
  • "Applicants with interests in the history of the biomedical sciences, experimental life sciences, or clinical practice since 1800 are particularly encouraged to apply."
  • (note: the department ran a similar search in 2008-9)
  • Deadline: 15 Oct 2011
  • [Nov. 9] Heard they did some interviews at HSS/4S
  • [Nov. 10th] 2x, heard the same
  • [Dec. 1] campus interviews scheduled for January
  • [Dec. 3} Congrats to those invited to campus; I'll assume I'm out then.

History of Science[]

Arizona State University[]

  • Tenure track associate professor in the History of Science and/or Technology
  • "Time period and geographical focus are open. Teaching load is 2/2 with significant research agenda"
  • SHORT DEADLINE: 14 Nov. 2011 (or 'every monday until position filled')

CUNY—Staten Island - Early Modern Science and Technology[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Early Modern European History
  • "Applications documenting research in European Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-reformation, Scientific and Cultural Revolution and that complement existing departmental specialties will receive particular attention."
  • Teaching will include: "a course in World Civilization until 1500"
  • Review begins: 7 Dec. 2011
  • Contacted 2/6/12. Letter says that they made a hire.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Esp.)[]

[link is to general call for applications; text from Mersenne mailing lists re. specific call for Hist Sci.]

  • Senior Researcher (Permanent) in History of Science
  • "Minimum requirements for the application are a Ph.D. degree obtained preferably before 2008, with four years of international exposure at pre-doctoral and/or post-doctoral level. Only very strong candidates with an outstanding research record and excellent leadership capabilities will be considered"
  • " Potential History of Science candidates should contact Dr. Agustí Nieto-Galan [], director of the CEHIC, before 17 April 2012, including an updated CV as an attached file, and a short statement of research interests for the next five years."
  • Deadline: 17 Apr. 2012 (for expression of interest), 7 May (formal applications)

University of Cambridge[]

  • Tenured Lectureship (Assistant/Associate Professorship) in the History of Modern Science and Technology
  • This is a reopening of a cancelled search held earlier this year (Original posting & discussion) for a Peter Lipton Memorial Lectureship
  • "Candidates must have obtained a PhD (or equivalent) and have an outstanding record of excellence in teaching, research and publication in the subject."
  • "Through this appointment the Department seeks to recruit new expertise in the field of the history of science and technology since the First World War so as to enhance its teaching programme and its research work. Though the period to be covered by this post is restricted to that since the First World War, the field is unrestricted as to the form of science and technology and the geographical area studied."
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2011
    • Interviews: 9-10 Jan. 2012
  • [2 Nov] Email acknowledgement of application with search timetable.
  • [14 Nov] References requested from longlisted candidates (via email).
  • [17 Nov] e-mail, rejection, polite notification
  • [7 Dec] rejection; interview short list has been drawn up.
    • [22 Dec] Job talks scheduled for Jan. 9 2012. [link to talks list removed by user - see discussion below AFII 17:09, December 29, 2011 (UTC)]
    • Thanks.
      • I think there should be a policy of NOT posting information about specific job candidates. This information seems to have been taken from a listserv, and isn't publicly posted. I think candidates' privacy should be protected in these instances. You never know if people want it generally known that they are on the market.
      • Hmm: not sure what you mean - the listserv archive is publically visible & you can easily google links to the archive, and the list itself is not internal, so it's not really 'private' in any meaningful sense. I've restored the link but perhaps we should share thoughts on the General History Talk Page? AFII 16:00, December 22, 2011 (UTC)
      • What do I mean? Some people might not want the fact that they've applied for jobs to be public information (e.g., if they already have a job). On past instantiations of these wikis, it was policy not to discuss names of individual candidates. And I fail to see how knowing the names of individual candidates helps any job seekers--it's just gossip. You can split hairs about whether an archived listserv is "public" information, but this wiki certainly doesn't need to be making that information more widely available. Seriously, this kind of thing can really put someone in a very bad position--don't you see that? I'm not going to get in an edit war with you, but I hope you'll do the right thing and take the link down. It doesn't serve anyone being up there.
      • I've responded at the General History Talk Page because it doesn't make sense to have this discussion in two separate places. AFII 22:13, December 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • [10 Jan] Offer made and accepted - ABD, Yale - details in the same place as the job talk announcements.

University of Minnesota[]

  • TT Assistant/Associate Professor in the HIstory of the Physical Sciences before 1800
  • Required to teach undergraduate and graduate courses, "and interact well with both scientists and historians"; PhD must be in hand by 1 Aug 2012.
  • Review of Applications begins: 11 Nov. 2011.
  • Has anyone heard anything? (Dec 22)
  • No word so far (12/26)
  • I presume (without any evidence) that this search has moved on. Can anyone confirm? (1/13)
  • Yes, finalists have been contacted

Vanderbilt University[]

  • Open rank tenure track or tenured position in the History of Science
  • Preference for nonphysical sciences before the 20th C
  • Review begins: 17 Oct. 2011
    • Rec. ackn. on 20 Oct. "The search committee has begun the review process. We will be in touch again as soon as there are any new developments." Nothing since then. I presume there have been no new developments? But does anyone know if they're interviewing at AHA, OAH?
    • [Nov, 18] A shortlist has been drawn up and candidates have been asked for additional materials.
    • Candidates have been invited to campus
    • [23 May] I think this hire was announced on H-Net last month?

Science and Technology Studies[]

Drexel University [Non-TT][]

  • Drexel University's Department of History & Politics invites applications for a one-year, full-time, Assistant Teaching Professor in the history of technology to begin September 19, 2011. Ph.D. and teaching experience preferred. We seek an instructor willing to teach a variety of undergraduate courses in history, but who must be able to teach general world history and the history of technology. The workload is 36 credits of courses over 3 quarters (fall, winter, and spring). A full-time benefits package is included.
  • Applications MUST be submitted online via Drexeljobs. Visit: and search within faculty positions for requisition number 4233. Mailed, faxed, or e-mailed applications will not be accepted.
  • Your submission should include a letter of application, c.v., and evidence of teaching effectiveness. Please arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to: Donald F. Stevens, Department Head, History & Politics, Drexel University, 3250-60 Chestnut Street, 3025 MacAlister Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104

George Washington University[]

  • The Department of American Studies at The George Washington University seeks to appoint a tenure-track assistant professor in "Science, Technology and American Studies" beginning Fall 2012. Basic Qualifications: All requirements completed for Ph.D. in American Studies or related discipline by August 1, 2012.
  • Research experience/potential as demonstrated by works in progress or scholarly publications, and teaching experience at the college level. Preferred Qualifications: Research and teaching interests in the history and/or meaning of science or technology in American culture, environmental history, urban sustainability, medical humanities, environmental anthropology, ethnography of science, or the geopolitical impact of American scientific enterprise.
  • Please send a cover letter, CV, three letters of recommendation, and a thirty-page writing sample to: Science and Technology Search Committee, Department of American Studies, The George Washington University, 2108 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052.
  • Review of applications will begin October 15, 2011, and continue until the position is filled. Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Also posted at American Studies 2012
  • anything?
    • Nothing here....(11/17).
    • Request for further materials and phone interview received via email (12/1).
    • Campus interviews are set (12/20).

Johns Hopkins University[]

  • Bo Jung and Soon Young Kim Professorship in East Asian Science and Technology
  • "Rank is open and we encourage applications from scholars at all levels. At the Assistant Professor level, the position is tenure-track, and at the Associate Professor level or above, the position will carry tenure. Ph.D. required; junior scholars should complete all Ph.D. requirements by the summer of 2012."
  • Review begins: 15 Dec. 2011
  • [cross posted at Asian History 2011-12]
  • Same search was conducted last year, see pages for 2010-2011; applicants might want to know the prior histiory to this search. (Caveat Emptor.)
  • Heard through the grapevine an offer has been made.
  • After two-three years, that's presumably good news.

Rochester Institute of Technology - STS/Policy[]

  • Tenure track associate professorship in "the Science, Technology, and Society/Public Policy (STS/PP) Department."
  • "The area of specialization for this tenure-track position is in public policy; preference will be given to candidates with training and scholarship whose work reflects an integration of science, engineering, public policy, and STS. Preference will be given to candidates who can teach the core public policy curriculum including policy analysis. Candidates with backgrounds that integrate the science and engineering fields with the social sciences and humanities are encouraged to apply."
  • Deadline: 5 Jan. 2012
  • Any word on this?

Stevens Institute of Technology[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the Science, Technology and the Humanities programme
  • "Candidates must hold a Ph.D. in a field relevant to Science & Technology Studies including, but not limited to, Sociology of Science; History and Philosophy of Science and Technology; Public Policy; Science, Technology and Society, etc"
  • "While the area of specialization for this position is open, strong preference will be given to candidates whose scholarly work engages emerging issues in areas such as energy and natural resources policy; information and communications policy for the digital age; sustainable global development; innovation policy for fields such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc."
  • For full consideration: 15 Mar. 2012
  • On campus interviews already underway (3-19)

University of Cambridge[]

  • University Lecturer (tenured) in the Philosophy of Public Health
  • (I realise this isn't strictly a History job, but we're a broad church in STS, right? AFII 08:36, August 31, 2011 (UTC))
  • Specialism is open, "Candidates must have obtained a PhD (or equivalent) and have an outstanding record of excellence in teaching, research and publication in the subject."
  • Deadline: 30 Sept. 2011
    • Longlisted candidates' references due by: 16 Nov. 2011
    • Job talks/interviews: 8-9 Dec. 2011
    • 9 Dec: Offer made & accepted.

University College London (UK) - Hist & Phil Science[]

  • [posted under STS because the blurb seems to empasise a heavy Philosophy/ STS approach]
  • Lectureship (~tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in the History and Philosophy of Science
  • "preference will be for (1) those with subject expertise complementing existing staff in philosophy of science and integrated HPS, or (2) those with historical expertise in the sciences since 1700. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in graduate level teaching and supervision."
  • Deadline: 5pm 23 Apr. 2012
    • Notifications of shortlisting by 7 May & interview 16 May.
    • [8 May] Did they keep to this timetable? Has anyone heard from them?
      • Well, I haven't heard a peep from them, but there were hits on my website from them a week ago-- so my fear is that they did all their checking up and have indeed made the list. But I'd be totally happy to find out they're running late and there's still some hope!
      • [9 May] email rejection.

University College London (UK) - Social Studies of Science[]

  • Lectureship (~tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in Social Studies of Science
  • "We are particularly interested in appointing a scholar with research and teaching expertise at the interface of science and technology governance with sociology or social studies of science. A strong preference will be for UK and European research interests in subject areas covered by the UCL BEAMS School and research interests that complement existing staff."
  • Deadline: 5pm 23 Apr. 2012
    • Notifications of shortlisting by 9 May & interview 23 May.

University College London (UK) - Science Policy[]

  • Lectureship (~tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in Science Policy
  • "For the purposes of this position, science policy may be construed liberally to include theoretical, practical, and empirical dimensions of the subject. A strong preference will be for those with research interests in UK science policy in subject areas covered by the UCL BEAMS School and research interests that complement existing staff. The post holder will be expected to contribute to the department’s broader programme in science and technology studies"
  • Deadline: 11 May 2012
    • Interviews in the week of 11 Jun.

University of New Mexico - Albuquerque[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Science, Technology and Environment
  • "Minimum requirements include: (1) PhD in History or comparable degree in the histories of science, technology, and environment with expected completion by August 2012; (2) ability to teach an undergraduate survey that meets the department's needs ; (3) ability to teach upper-division courses and graduate seminars in the candidate’s research fields; (4) ability to mentor undergraduates and graduate students at the MA and PhD levels; (5) an active research agenda in the candidate's field. Preferred qualifications include: (1) Teaching experience at the university or college level; (2) a record of publication, or demonstrated potential to publish in the fields of the histories of science, technology, and environment; (3) interests in nuclear science and the atomic age are welcome."
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
  • AHA interview requested by email, Nov 28
    • Can I ask what your subfield of HSTE is?
    • I also got a request for an AHA interview on 12/1 - subfield is 20th century science and politics, particularly the atomic age
    • Campus visits are scheduled (1/15).

University of Pennsylvania[]

  • The Department of History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania invites applications for a tenured position at the Associate Professor or Professor level in the history of technology, beginning July 1, 2012. Scholars with an interest in the 20th century and in the intersection of history of technology with environmental history, global history, the history of information technologies, or the history of the sciences (including the biomedical sciences) are particularly encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will participate in the department's undergraduate and graduate teaching mission.
  • Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, cv, and statement of research at:
  • Review of applications will begin October 1, 2011, and continue until the position is filled.

University of Puget Sound[]

  • The University of Puget Sound program in Science, Technology and Society seeks to hire a tenure-track assistant professor of Science, Technology and Society, with a starting date for fall, 2012
  • The professor will teach undergraduate courses in STS. The candidate should be able to teach effectively across the range of courses required for the STS major, including either semester of the sophomore-level historical survey and the senior research seminar. STS also participates broadly in the university's core curriculum and the successful candidate will have a demonstrated commitment to this broader aspect of university education. Standard teaching assignment is three courses per semester. Other duties include continuation of a strong program of research and publication, directing senior theses, advising students, and participation in departmental and university governance.
  • Candidates should have a Ph.D. in History of Science or an allied discipline. A year or more of teaching and research experience beyond the Ph. D. is preferred. We seek a candidate with training and a record of research in issues relating to technology and society. The successful candidate will be able to continue several courses already in our curriculum, such as Technology and Culture, and Science and Politics, but will have the freedom to develop new courses in his or her own areas of special interest.
  • submit date September 15, 2011
  • NB: Maybe this warrants a listing under History of Technology instead of History of Science, but I am not clear on how to add a new category
    • [done: and I've added a direct link to an advert, as the Puget Sound job site doesn't allow direct linking to individual posts AFII 13:08, July 27, 2011 (UTC)]
  • Anyone received word, one way or the other? Bueller? Bueller?
  • Nothing on my end 10/31/2011.
  • Nothing on 11/1/2011
  • Also heard nothing (11/3). Any idea if they were interviewing at HSS/SHOT/4S?
  • UPS did interview this weekend at HSS/SHOT/4S in Cleveland.
  • I talked to faculty member of another university at HSS/SHOT in Cleveland who knew of this search and confirmed that it was indeed someone in History of Technology that they were looking for, despite the ad stating "should have a Ph.D. in History of Science." Apparently, the Basic/Applied distinction does apply when it comes to employment, even if problematized in general (11/7)
    • Well best of luck to those who got interviews. I'll admit to being pretty disappointed that I'm not one of you, but, just the same, mazel tov.

University of Texas- Austin - Science and Medicine within the Social Sciences[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professor in 'Science and Medicine within the Social Sciences' with a preference for specialization in Africa.
  • "We are seeking outstanding scholars with a strong background in Science and Medcine (public health, medical anthropology, pharmacy, bioethics, history of race in science and medicine) within the Social Sciences (Economics, Education, Environment, Geography, Law, Medicine, Sociology, Political Science, and Psychology), with a preference for specialists in African Studies. We are especially interested in outstanding candidates who focus on critical theories in an instersectionality of race, gender, sexuality and social class."
    • NB: posting this as STS rather than HoM as history is not listed here as a relevant topic. AFII 09:01, January 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Review begins: 15 Jan. 2012
  • Also posted at African American Studies 2012, Bioethics & Medical Humanities 2011-2012 & Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

University of Texas - Galveston - Health Policy[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Health Policy
  • "The candidate should be interested in teaching and research in health policy within a setting of interdisciplinary scholarship in medical humanities, public health, and the social sciences."
  • "Interest and experience in one or more of the following is highly desirable: health care for the underserved; health disparities; history of medicine; comparative or international health policy studies"
  • Open until filled [posted 20 Mar. 2012]