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Mixed/Open Specialty[]

Arizona State University - Religion, Science and Technology[]

Cleveland Institute of Art - Asst. Professor, Film Historian and Theorist []

Columbia University (NY) - [Non-TT] Sociomedical Sciences[]

  • Renewable yearly position as Associate Professor of Sociomedical Sciences
  • [not clear in advert if this is to start 2013 or 2014? AFII (talk) 08:41, May 15, 2013 (UTC)]
  • "We seek candidates who have completed doctoral training in history and an MPH in public health for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position"
  • "Candidates should show outstanding promise based on a strong record of research and publication in history and policy with a special emphasis on the relationship between corporate products and the politics of health. Preference will be given to a historian with an understanding of quantitative techniques, GIS, data mining and computer technologies.   Candidates should also have the ability to contribute to a program of research, mentorship, and teaching in history with a particular focus on tobacco products. The successful candidate will be the recipient of the Donald H. Gemson Chair in the History and Ethics of Public Health and will have special responsibilities related to research and writing based on a large collection of documents concerning the history of the American Legacy Foundation and the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement"
  • Deadline: posted 14 May 2013, position 'Open Until Filled' (according to ad. on uni site)

Creighton University (NE)- 18thC - present[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of science, medicine and/or technology
  • "Subject areas within an 18th century to the present timeframe will be considered.  Geographical area open.  Candidates with the ability to contribute to the development of Digital Humanities programs at Creighton are especially encouraged to apply."
  • Teaching Load: 9 hours/semester "includes courses for the core curriculum as well as upper-division courses"
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • 'Applications should include a cover letter, a current CV, and three letters of recommendation.  Cover letter and CV must be submitted electronically at  Letters of recommendation should be sent to Dr. John Calvert, Chair of the SMT Search, at (please write “SMT Search” in the subject line)"
  • NB: "Creighton University, a Jesuit Catholic institution, encourages applications from qualified individuals of all backgrounds who believe they can contribute to the distinctive educational traditions of the University"
  • Review begins: 8 Nov. 2013
  • any news? [12/11]
  • request for a skype interview. [12/16] x6
  • Invitation for an on campus interview (1/20)X2
  • Offer made and accepted 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Modern[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Science and/or Medicine with a focus on the modern period, to begin in the academic year 2014-15
  • PhD must be in hand by appointment date
  • "Graduate and undergraduate teaching and advising are expected. Interest in establishing scholarly connections at MIT beyond the STS Program is desirable."
  • "Applications consisting of a cover letter, current curriculum vita, statement describing current and future research plans, a statement of teaching philosophy, and three letters of recommendation should be submitted via the Academic Jobs Online website... Please, no hard copies.
  • Review begins 15 Oct. 2013 and process will continue until position filled.
  • Any news? (11/15) No, but I have been assuming that they would want to talk to people at HSS in Boston this week, so have assumed that since I haven't heard from them I didn't make the short list. I have no idea if that is true or not though. (11/18)
    • It is also possible that, since MIT is playing a significant role is hosting HSS, they may have decided that they did not have time to do interviews this year.  Interviews at HSS are not all that common anyway.  But, schools scouting out candidate's talks is
  • Any news? (11/20)
  • Still nothing... (12/1)
  • Nobody has heard anything!? (12/3)
    • No, I'm getting frustrated too! (12/3)
    • Nothing here either (12/6)
    • Nothing (12/8)
    • Not one peep from MIT to anybody who has applied and looking at this board?? (12/9)
      • Nothing (12/9)
    • Believe me, when the requests go out for skype interviews, we'll hear about it. People are really great with posting to the board and I'm so glad that we have this kind of critical mass.
  • Just heard a friend got a request for more materials (12/10)
  • Request for a writing sample (12/10) x3
  • I heard that a friend of a friend received a formal rejection.  But maybe that is too speculative even for the Wiki. (12/10)
  • If you didn't get a request for a writing sample, can you assume you're not on the short list?
  • You're still in the game until you get a rejection email/letter or somebody has been made an offer and accepted.
  • Heard that they are still working their way through applications. They received many more than they were prepared for. [12/16]
  • Still nothing? Can't be anymore than other posts with a deadline of 15 October that already have campus invites....
    • Writing samples were not due until 12/19, so I suspect that they will not be contacting anyone about interviews until after the first of the year.
  • Any Word? (1/9)
  • Invitation for on-campus visit (1/13)
  • Offers made (2-25)
    • One offer accepted. (3/6)

NASA/Goddard Space Centre - [non-TT][]

  • Historian required to "document the operational phase of HST, which was launched in April 1990 "
  • "Dr. Robert Smith in his monograph, ‘The Hubble Space Telescope,’ summarized the development of the observatory. Now a follow-up study is desired of the operational phase of the mission. As an example for future science endeavors, we wish to document the motivation and efforts of a large, diverse community--from technicians to engineers, managers, astronauts and astronomers--that led to extraordinary scientific advances which continue today."
  • "The Contractor shall gather materials relevant to the operational phase; interview individuals involved in the day-to-day operations, science oversight, preparation and execution of the five shuttle-based servicing missions; the development of the second- and third-generation instruments; the peer review process; and the observations and dissemination of scientific results both to scientists and the general public. While the research would be centered at GSFC, interactions with the National Air and Space Museum and with Space Telescope Science Institute are expected."
  • "The period of performance will be three years from award."
  • "Proposers should provide a cover letter, a curriculum vita, a plan and schedule for carrying out this project, a proposed budget, and endorsement by a sponsoring institution... A full description of the activity can be obtained through the Acquisition Notice Posting of solicitation number NNG14500087Q at the Federal Business Opportunities website:
  • Deadline: 30 Jun. 2014

Rhodes College (TN) - [non-TT;VAP][]

  • Three year assistant professorship in history of science/medicine/technology to begin Aug. 2014
  • All geographical areas, periods, and subfields are welcome. 
  • Ph.D. required, full-time teaching experience and scholarly publications desirable
  • Teaching Load: 3/3 " The successful candidate will teach survey courses, seminars in the his/her area of expertise, and contribute one course per year to the College’s interdisciplinary humanities program, the Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion ("
  • "Please apply online at; only online applications will be accepted.  A complete application is composed of a cover letter (which should include a statement of the candidate’s interest in teaching in a liberal arts college environment), current c.v., and three letters of recommendation."
  • Review begins 1 Apr. 2014 and continues until position filled
  • Skype interview 04/07.
  • Campus visit scheduled 04/11.
  • Offer made and accepted 04/28.

Tulane University - 19th/20th C US History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in 19th or 20th C US History, with specialization in Environmental History, the History of Medicine, or the History of Science and Technology
  • Candidates must complete the requirements for the Ph.D. no later than June 2014.
  • Applicants should submit letter of interest, CV, and three letters of reference to Environment/Medicine/Science and Technology Search Committee, Department of History, Tulane University through Interfolio. Letters of recommendation may be submitted via Interfolio, email or hard copy.
  • Review begins 1 Nov. 2013 and continues until position is filled.
  • Any news on this one?

University of California, Berkeley - [non-TT] Associate Director of Research[]

  • Associate Director of Research for the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, & Society, to begin 15 July 2014 or after.
  • Must have PhD in STS, History of Science, or related field
  • "The Academic Coordinator’s (AC) position is designed specifically to collaborate and coordinate with the Center’s Director and the Steering Committee to realize Center’s mission through four main duties: 1.Maintaining a cohesive identity for CSTMS, including physical and virtual representations. This includes representing the Center among several University departments, affiliated academic, governmental, and private institutions, as well as professional societies, and the publi; 2.Building and maintaining a vibrant intellectual program for the CSTMS community, including colloquia and working groups; 3.Grant-writing, which entails developing longer-term visions for CSTMS’s institutionalization and intellectual trajectory; 4.Building research programs that capitalize on the AC’s own interests, including being a Co-PI on grants and co-author on publications with other members of the CSTMS community."
  • Additional Required Qualifications: Experience writing grant proposals; At least one semester’s experience developing and running an academic speaker series or a conference; A capacity to develop long term visions, including concrete 3-to-5 year plans for fundraising and academic output.
  • Preferred Qualifications: One year experience in institution-building, e.g., developing institutional linkages and forging consensus; Experience in web design
  • Applicants should submit: Curriculum Vitae; Statement of purpose Cover Letter; Statement about the range of ways candidate might encourage further STS, History of Science, and Medical Humanities development at Berkeley (Optional); 3-4 references required (contact information only)
  • Review of applications begin 30 Jun. 2014, but post will stay open until filled.

University of California - Santa Barbara  - Modern Biological/Life Sciences[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Modern Biological/Life Sciences since the seventeenth century
  • "We are open to a wide variety of research specializations, including, for example, genomics/genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, the biological field sciences, and evolution/Darwinism. Scholars whose work offers a comparative or transnational perspective and who will contribute to department and campus strengths are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants should be able to teach a variety of graduate seminars and upper division courses related to the history of the modern life sciences, as well as contribute to the department’s lower-division history of science, technology, and medicine survey."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2013
  • Skype Interviews scheduled (11/21) x3
  • Rejection email, finalists have been invited to campus (1/13)
  • Received rejection also, emailed an inquiry, and learned that rejection was a "system error" and applications are still under consideration (1/14).
  • Any official updates? (1/30) 
  • Any updates?

University of Cambridge - Starbridge lecturer in Theology & Natural Sciences[]

  • Starbridge Lectureship (5 year probationary period) in Theology and Natural Sciences, to start January 2014
  • "Candidates should have a doctorate in a relevant field and a high level of expertise both in Theology/ Religious Studies and in a specific area of the Natural Sciences or the History and Philosophy of Science."
  • Deadline: 24 Jun. 2013
  • Rejection received by mail, 11/9

University of Edinburgh (UK;Scot) - Lectureship History & Sociology of Science[]

[Search for job ref. 028568]

  • Lectureship or Senior Lectureship (~tenured Asst/Assoc or Assoc/Full Prof.) in the History & Sociology of Science, to begin  1 Jul. 2014
  • "We encourage applications from candidates with demonstrated teaching and research excellence and leadership in the history and sociology of science and technology."
  • It is essential that the successful candidate present a research profile which is at the forefront of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS), and particularly in the application of historical research to illuminate and advance wider themes in STIS. In addition to contributing to achieving the highest possible REF grade, the successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to provide leadership in developing and delivering research programmes in this area, and in achieving wider impact through knowledge exchange and engagement.
  • "The successful candidate will demonstrate experience, achievement and outstanding potential in delivering and developing excellent teaching and supervision at all levels of university study. S/he will be expected to contribute to existing taught offerings provided by the subject group. Specifically, s/he will be expected to deliver an introductory first-year undergraduate course in the history of science, as well as contributing to other undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and playing an active role in developing and delivering new teaching programmes, including the development and delivery of e-learning and online teaching initiatives. The candidate will also assume a significant supervisory role in respect of postgraduate students"
  • Deadline: 5pm GMT [pres. BST] 1st Mat. [sic, presumably May!] 2014
    • [11 July] job has been offered & accepted (word of mouth). AFII (talk) 08:30, July 11, 2014 (UTC)

University of Freiburg (Ger.) - Full Prof of Science & Technology Studies[]

  • Full Professor of Science & Technology Studies
  • "The professorship covers the field of Science and Technology Studies, focusing on the interface and interplay between technology and science on the one hand and society, politics and economics on the other. This explicitly includes fields such as Sociology, Anthropology and History of Science,Technology Assessment and Innovation Studies. Candidates must have an excellent international academic record, an empirical research focus and the ability to cover, in teaching and research, methodological, theoretical and empirical questions concerning the role of knowledge, science and technology in contemporary societies."
  • "Please direct any questions as well as your application (including CV, certificates, teaching record, list of publications, grants awarded, research profile) ... to:  Prof. Dr. Hans-Helmuth Gander, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, University of Freiburg, D-79085 Freiburg;
  • Deadline: 3 Feb. 2014

University of Kent (UK) - Modern Science & Tech[]

  • Lectureship [~tenured Asst/Assoc Prof] in the History of Modern Science and Technology (c.1700-present)
  • The successful candidate will hold a PhD in History or Science Studies and will have experience of working in a Higher or Further Education context as well as evidence of substantial research activity, with plans for outputs of 3* or 4* quality for REF 2020. The ability to teach a range of history of science and/or technology modules at all undergraduate and postgraduate stages, and Science Communication at Masters level, is essential."
  • Please see the links [bottom of original ad] to view the full job description and also to apply for this post (please do not send your application directly to the department).  How to apply - for posts of this nature you will be required to fill in the main details section as well as upload your CV, a one page summary (this should include details of experience and other information in support of your application with direct reference to the advertisement and further particulars) and any supporting documents.  If you are invited for an interview, we will request references for you at that stage. Please include contact details of three referees in your CV. 
  • Deadline: 30 Apr. 2014
    • Intend to interview 4 Jun.

University of Oxford (UK) - [non-TT; VAP equivalent], Science & Religion[]

  • Three year Departmental Lectureship in Science & Religion
  • "This lectureship is intended to develop the career of a highly promising junior scholar by providing opportunities for research, teaching, and collaborative work in a particular area of the broad field of science and religion. The lecturer will be qualified to lecture and give tutorials in this field, initially at undergraduate level and later at Master’s level. The appointee will be expected to contribute to undergraduate examining for the Final Honours examinations."
  • "he successful candidate will hold a postgraduate qualification (which would normally be a doctorate) in a field of research falling within the broad area of science and religion (details of which are expanded upon in the Further Particulars), the potential for producing distinguished research in the field of science and religion, a demonstrable aptitude for teaching and some prior teaching experience at undergraduate level. Competence to lecture on one of the science and religion courses in the current Final Honours School in Theology and Religion would be an advantage"
  • Apply online
  • Deadline: 6 Jan. 2013

University of San Diego (CA)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in the history of science, technology, and medicine.
  • "In addition to specialized upper-division courses, the department will expect the successful applicant to teach relevant topical and other lower-division survey courses."
  • Candidates should specify all areas in which they could teach. The department greatly values research, publication, and a teaching agenda that considers the breadth of human experience. While the period and research specialization are open, we seek applicants whose work will resonate with the university's increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary programs, including a new major in behavioral neuroscience; three dual B.S./B.A. engineering majors; a full complement of majors in the social and hard sciences; an honors program; and first-year Learning Living Communities built around such themes as sustainability, the natural world, and globalization, to name a few.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of interest, a c.v., an example of published or other written work, a sample of teaching materials and evaluations, and three confidential letters of recommendation. All materials should be in PDF and sent via e-mail to Maureen Byrnes, Executive Assistant, Department of History, at Applicants must also register at Apply Now, job number IRC11085.
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2013
  • Does anyone know what the teaching load is for this position? (9/4)
  • Query: would a 2/2 versus 3/3 or even (gasp) 4/4 load really make a difference in your decision to apply for this job?  This seems like something that someone applying for a tenure-track job should be able to figure out pretty easily.  Not meaning to be snarky, but c'mon.
  • Snarky, there are good reasons to gasp at a 4/4. Unless, of course, you have no plans to do substantial scholarly work outside teaching. Last I heard, if you can't find time to get research done and published, than no tenure for you. A 4/4, especially with 4/4 prep, is a full time job and then some. Throw in a family, and your career prospects upon accepting a 4/4 job are pretty slim. I mean, c'mon.
  • I second that, Snarky. The difference between 2/2 or 2/3 versus 4/4 basically amounts to a matter of career tracks. A school that requires 4/4 cannot really expect much in the way of productive scholarship out of its faculty. 
  • Snarky here.  Given the derth of jobs, which is more important: a job in academia?  Or no job at all?  A heavy teaching load is a burden, no doubt, but given a choice between a 4/4 load and no job, how many of us would choose unemployment?
  • Interviews requested at AHA (11/17)
  • It's a 3-3 load, usually with a maximum of 2 preps per semester. With an active research agenda, it's possible to get a course release at least every other year.
    • Sounds like a great job! (Sorry I didn't get an interview)! Congrats to those who did.
  • Request for dissertation materials (1/3) (x 1)
  • Anyone Contacted? (1/9)
  • Still Nothing?  The search committee suggested a quick turn-around. (1/13)
  • Does anybody know what happened with this search post-AHA? (1/30) (x1) 
  • Campus interviews are in progress
  • Search failed (3/22)
  • So what happened here? I know they interviewed lots of great people.

University of Toronto - St George (Can) - Social/Psychological Science or Hist Tech.[]

  • Tenure stream assistant professorship in the history of social or psychological science, or the history of technology, to start 1 July 2014
  • "Candidates must demonstrate excellence in, and commitment to, both research and teaching. The successful candidate will be expected to develop an externally funded research program and undertake graduate supervision as well as teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. in the History of Science or the History of Technology by July 1, 2014 or shortly thereafter. We seek candidates with an established record of excellent scholarly research and publication as well as a demonstrated commitment to teaching and evidence of excellent teaching"
  • For full consideration: 30 Sept. 2013 although position open until filled.
  • Heard from several people (including faculty) that this is an inside hire
  • No such thing as an "inside hire" at a major research university.  And if there was, no faculty member would ever admit it to the sort of person who would run off and post it on the internet.  What, exactly, is this tidbit of "information" supposed to achieve, besides spreading paranoia.
  • Has anyone heard anything from the search committee?
  • Not yet (11/01) (x4) 
  • Still nothing? (11/18) 
  • Anything......? (11/28)
  • Invited for on campus interview (12/4)
  • rejection received via email (12/16)
  • candidates invited to campus
    • Is this for Toronto or San Diego?
      • Toronto
  • Was it an inside hire after all?
  • Yes, it was...
  • Hired existing assistant professor, PhD Univ. Wisconsin-Madison (1996)

University of Toronto - Film and Media History[]

History of Medicine[]

Bristol University (UK) - Health & Medicine & Tech/Environment[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in the History of Health and Medicine/Science and Technology/ Landscape and Environment (1000 to the present), to begin Sept. 2014
  • The successful candidate will have a PhD (or completion by August 2014), a record of publication or well-developed plans for publication, and clear potential to achieve international excellence in research
  • Apply Online
  • Deadline: December 17
  • Longlisted candidates will be contacted by 3 Jan and asked to submit 10,000 word writing sample by 15 Jan; shortlisted candidates should be informed by 24 Jan and interviews will take place on 4 Mar.
  • Long-listing (12/23)
  • Interview invitation received (24 Jan)
  • Rejection email (24 Jan). Poster above, do you mind me asking what your sub-field was?

Harvard University - Tenured[]

  • Professorship in the History of Medicine [start date not stated, I presume 2014?]
  • "We are particularly interested in candidates who work in global contexts and will complement and extend the department’s existing strengths. Candidates should have an exceptional record of research and proven excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring"
  • Deadline: 1 Jul. 2013
    • The committee will request additional materials as needed from candidates over the summer

McMaster University (Ontario, Can) - Hannah Chair[]

  • Tenure track appointment as the Endowed Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine, anticipated start date Jan 2014
  • "The individual will fulfil the intent of the Hannah Chair endowment by developing scholarship in the history of medicine and encouraging medical students, as well as other health professional students in the Faculty of Health Sciences to be interested in the history of their discipline and be a resource to them.  The successful candidate will provide a regular lecture/rounds series in the history of medicine open to the wider university throughout the year, as well as acting as a resource to the MD Program Curriculum Committee and the History of Medicine Interest Group.
  • In the Department of History in the Faculty of Humanities, the successful candidate will be expected to teach one undergraduate course per year, commensurate with the cross appointment.  The individual will also participate in graduate supervision and education to further scholarship in the history of medicine.
  • Candidates should hold a PhD in History with demonstrated research productivity in the History of Medicine.  Candidates should submit a detailed statement of research, teaching and outreach interests, Curriculum Vitae and one sample publication.  They should also arrange for 3 letters of reference to be sent by the application deadline
  • Deadline: 1 Sept. 2014
    •  Anybody heard anything? Wonder what the timeline is on this job search.
    • Nope. Haven't heard anything. Wondering the same.
    • Seriously? Anybody heard from them? It's been 2 and 1/2 months (11/20)
    • Any updates? The posting said start date Jan 2014, so I'm wondering if interviews have already started. Time to cross this one off my list? (11/28)
    • Anything? (12/11)
    • Interviews set. (12/12)
    • Since this job was to start Jan 2014, did they hire somebody, I wonder? (1/30)
    • Interviews in Jan/Feb 2014.
    • Any news? (3/23)
    • What happened with this search? (5/22)
    • Heard through grapevine that post is filled (6/02)

University of Exeter (UK) - post-1700[]

  • Lectureship (~tenured asst/assoc prof] in Medical History, post-1700
  • "The successful applicant will hold a PhD in Medical History, post-1750 area and have an independent, internationally-recognised research programme in an active field of research related or complementary to existing Exeter strengths."
  • "Informal enquiries can be made to Prof Henry French (tel: 01392 264184, email: You may also wish to consult our web site at for further details of the College."
  • Deadline: 12 May 2014

University of Northern British Columbia (Can.)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of the modern world (regional specialisation open) 'Strength in history of health preferred'
  • See original posting (link above) at World/Global History 2013-14

Yale University - [TT Assistant or Jr. Associate Professor][]

  • Tenure-track Assistant or junior Associate Professor in the history of medicine beginning July 1, 2014.
  • Field, region, and period are open, but the committee will especially welcome applications from scholars whose work reaches beyond North America and Europe.
  • Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, a statement about their work and professional plans, and a sample of their scholarly writing such as a dissertation or book chapter or article to John Harley Warner, Chair, History of Medicine Search Committee, c/o Ramona Moore, Section of the History of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, P.O. Box 208015, New Haven, CT 06520-8015, USA.
  • Review of applications begins: 30 Sept. 2013
    • Has anyone heard anything from the search committee?
    • Nope.  Also wondering.
    • Emailed 10/28 for an interview with search committee. (x2)
    • Any other interview requests? 
    • Any other interview requests (11/20)?
    • Emailed 11/25 for an interview with search committee
    •       Is this your first interview with the committee?  
    •                Yes.
    • Have any of the interviewees that were contacted on 10/28 heard anything after their interview (HSS)? (12/1).
    •      No (12/1)
    •      Yes (12/12) Email indicating that those interviewed will be informed of a campus invite (or polite rejection!) hopefully before winter recess (12/18) begins. With campus invites taking place in late January/February.
    • Any word? (12/19)
    •      Nothing yet here. Hoping to hear word about a campus invite by the weekend (12/19).
    •      Nothing here (12/29).
    • Anybody receive a campus invite? (12/22)
    •     Nothing yet (1/2) (+1)
    • I do not believe the committe are holding interviews at the AHA, I could be wrong. However, my guess, its only a guess, is that they probably will not send word about a campus invite until after the AHA concludes. So hopefully sometime during the week of 6-10 January campus invites will be made. (1/3)
    • A colleague received a campus invitation during the week of 12/16.
    •     Looks like invites went out, oh well. Is your colleague willing to share their rank/specialty and if they know campus invites are finalised at this point? (1/4)
    • Congrats to the finalists! Would you mind sharing your rank and area of speciality?
    • 2 Specialists in Global Health in Africa, 2 in Medieval Chinese medicine.
    • Job readvertised with expanded focus to include scholars of North America and Europe (2/25)
  • [26 Feb] New advert: "Yale University is expanding the scope of its search for a tenure-track Assistant or junior Associate Professor in the history of medicine, to begin July 1, 2014.  Field, region, and period are open to include scholars working on Europe or North America.  Duties will include teaching in the Program in the History of Science and Medicine (Department of History) and in the History of Medicine at the School of Medicine.  The search committee will consider applications as they are received on a rolling basis up to April 1, 2013.  Yale University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and actively encourages applications from minority and women scholars.  Ph.D. preferred by the time of appointment.  Applicants should provide a CV, a statement about their work and professional plans, and a sample of their scholarly writing such as a dissertation or book chapter or article, to be followed by a graduate transcript and three letters of recommendation.  Materials should be sent to John Harley Warner, Chair, History of Medicine Search Committee, c/o Dismayra Martinez, Section of the History of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, P.O. Box 208015, New Haven, CT 06520-8015, USA, and may be submitted electronically to"
  • If one applied for the first go-around, can one take a second bite at the apple?
  • No point in applying twice...they are looking for *new* applications. Why would apply twice if you are already on file. You could email asking if your application is under consideration still, or update it...
  • I just received an email from the Chair asking for additional materials (dissertation, additional publications and a sample syllabus).  I had submitted my application the first time around (back in October). (3/5)   
  • Any indication that are serious about field, region and period being open?
  • Colleague has been invited to campus (4/13)
  • Offer made to a recent Princeton PhD.
    • A friend of mine there said it actually went to a Princeton ABD who isn't directly in history of medicine. So apparently they weren't joking about the field being open.

History of Science[]

Cambridge University, CRASSH - 3 Postdocs in Renaissance/Early Modern Studies[1][]

CRASSH at the University of Cambridge is pleased to announce three 4-5-year postdoctoral research positions in Renaissance/early modern studies.  The posts are advertised in connection to the ERC-funded project Genius before Romanticism: Ingenuity in Early Modern Art and Science (PI: Dr Alexander Marr).  Applications are invited from all fields pertinent to the project, but especially history of art and architecture, history of science, intellectual history, cultural history, English and modern languages and literatures, and book history.

Application deadline: 30 April 2014

Interviews: Late June 2014

Application procedure:

Applications should be made via the online system by 30 April 2014, and should include:

  • Curriculum vitae, uploaded as a PDF file.  Proficiency in languages must be indicated.
  • A Proposal for a Monograph on early modern ingenuity, commensurate with the project’s scope and aims, typed directly into the field DESCRIPTION.  The proposal, which should not exceed 2,000 words, should indicate suitability for the project, contribution to the field, resources to be used, and research skills required for completion.  It should include a short bibliography and plan for completion of the monograph by the end-date of the RA position. 
  • A Sample of Writing, uploaded as PDF in the field indicated, of no more than 10,000 words.  This should be the work that best indicates the candidate's suitability for this project. The writing sample may be published work, a chapter from the applicant’s thesis, or an unpublished essay/article.
  • Completed form CHRIS 6, Parts 1 & 3 only, uploaded as pdf file in the Additional Material field 3.
  • The names and contact details of two referees who are familiar with applicant's work, and who must submit confidential academic references via the online system by the closing date. It is the candidates’ responsibility to ensure that letters of reference are received by the deadline.

Drew University (NJ) - 19th/20thC[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of 19th and 20th Century science, to begin Fall 2014
  • "Desirable subfields include (but are not limited to) the history of the environment, communications, and science in the non-Western world. We are not seeking specialists in the history of technology or the history of medicine"
  • "The applicant should have a Ph.D. and teaching experience, and should be a publishing scholar.  The successful candidate will contribute to the broader undergraduate history curriculum, participate in the Master of Arts in Teaching program, and teach graduate students in our History and Culture program, which emphasizes modern intellectual and cultural history."
  • "Please send a letter of application, c.v., and at least three reference letters to  Applications should be sent as e-files..."
  • Deadline: 20 Nov. 2013
    • anyone hear anything, or is it too soon? (12/16)
    • Skype interview request (x2)
    • Has anyone heard anything post-Skype-interviews? It sounded like the committee had a quick timeline in mind.
    • I have the same question here
    • Invitations for campus visits have gone out
  • News from a friend of a friend: The job was offered, accepted, and all was considered a completely finalized, done deal... and then the administration killed the job, before the paperwork was finalized. Can you imagine going through this? WTF. They do not have their shit together as a department. AVOID this department and do not waste your time. The academic job market is bad enough without this kind of horseshit. 
  • I have experienced this before and can you believe with a state university? BTW, what was the specialization of the chosen candidate?
  • got an email saying the search was cancelled.

University of Pennsylvania (PA) - non-Western contexts[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of Science in non-Western contexts
  • "Interested candidates should apply online and submit a letter of application, CV, statement of research, writing sample, and the contact information for three individuals who will be asked by the University to submit a letter of recommendation"
  • Review begins: 15 Oct. 2013 and applications will be considered until position filled
  • references requested on Oct 18
  • first campus visit Nov 18
  • Any other interview/campus visits? (11/20)
  • If you visit the department webpage you will see all the 3 candidates dates and topic of presentation.
  • Skype interview invitation for mid-Jan.
  • New campus visit invitation for late January.
  • The department website shows two more job talks in the coming weeks. Any other skype interviews or campus invitations? (1/27)
  • Snail mail rejection received 4/21

University of Wisconsin-Madison - physical sciences, 1750 to present[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of the physical sciences, 1750-present, to begin Aug. 2014
  • "Ph.D. in History of Science, History, Science and Technology Studies or closely related discipline required before start of appointment"
  • "Possible areas of specialization include history of physics, chemistry, earth and atmospheric sciences, astronomy, climatology, and similar physical sciences in the laboratory or the field. Teaching experience preferred. Must show evidence of outstanding teaching and research potential"
  • "Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, complete graduate transcripts, one article-length writing sample, and three signed letters of recommendation to Eileen Ward, History of Modern Physical Science Search Committee, 210 Bradley Memorial, 1225 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1528. Letter of application should include anticipated course offerings at the undergraduate and graduate levels, along with current and future research. Electronic submission of materials in PDF format will be accepted and should be directed to:"
  • For full consideration: 10 Nov. 2013
  • anyone hear anything about this one? (11/27)
  • Phone Interviews Requested (12/2)
  • Received rejection letter dated (12/16) -- candidates invited to campus.
  • Offer made.
  • Offer declined. Offer to another candidate made. (5/2014).

Utah State University  - [Non-TT][]

  • One year postdoctoral teaching fellow in the History of Science (c.1100-1800)
  • "Fellows will be responsible for teaching two courses per semester that includes one course in modern world or modern European history, one course in humanities, and two specialized courses for majors/minors focusing on the History of Science"
  • "Candidates must have completed a doctoral degree in history between August 2011 and June 2014."
  • See for more information and to apply online
  • Review begins: 13 Apr. 2014 and continues until filled

Science & Technology Studies (inc. philosophy of science)[]

Auburn University (AL) - [Asst/Assoc] History of technology[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professorship in the History of Technology, to begin 16 Aug. 2014
  • " We seek candidates with a specialty in aerospace and / or military technology, though any specialization in the history of technology will be considered...Ph.D. in History before employment date is preferred, but outstanding candidates who are in the final stages of dissertation writing (ABD) will be considered.  However, appointment to the tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor requires the earned doctorate by August 15, 2014. "
  • "To apply for this position: Applicants will be required to attach letter of application, vita, a teaching portfolio including student and peer evaluations (if available) and course syllabi, a writing sample, graduate transcripts, and the names and email addresses of three references."
  • Review begins: 4 Nov. 2013 and continues until position filled
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Any news?
    • "The Committee has studied your application with great care.  Nonetheless, the Committee has judged that your background and experience does not correspond fully to the Department’s needs at the present time." I'd guessed as much, with AHA in a few days, but still nice of them to write. (12/28) x2
    • Phone message from dept. chair: "The department has voted and you were not the faculty's first choice." (3/3)

California Polytechnic State University - San Louis Obispo- gender, race, science, culture & technology[]

  • Assistant Professorship in gender, race, culture, science & technology, to begin 15 Sept.
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • " Candidates must demonstrate the ability/potential to collaborate across disciplines and contribute to the curricular and scholarly development of the interdisciplinary area of GRCST. Although applications are sought from any traditional liberal arts discipline (arts, communications, humanities, social sciences) or interdisciplinary area, we are particularly interested in applicants with backgrounds in or connections to anthropology, ethnic studies, geography, philosophy, sociology, or women's and gender studies. Disciplinary expertise alone is not sufficient; that expertise must intersect in meaningful ways with science and technology."
  • Teaching Load: 3/3/3 "The typical teaching assignment is three, four-credit courses per quarter. For this specific position, teaching and service assignments will be divided between the interdisciplinary program in GRCST and the new faculty member's home department in proportions agreeable to all parties. For applicants in philosophy, expertise in feminist ethics and feminist social and political philosophy is required as is an ability to teach introductory courses in the history of philosophy."
  • "Interested applicants should complete the online faculty application at WWW.CALPOLYJOBS.ORG and submit it to Requisition #103079. Please upload the following required materials as part of the electronic application: cover letter, current vitae, transcript copy, teaching portfolio and evidence of teaching effectiveness (with course syllabi and evaluations), and an example(s) of scholarship. Applicants must also provide names and email addresses for a minimum of three professional references when completing the online application. Cal Poly will directly solicit letters from the people listed by applicants. A transcript copy may be attached to the above application or sent to the address listed for Requisition #103079. Official sealed transcripts will be required prior to appointment"
  • Review begins: 6 Jan. 2014
  • Any word on these? (1/24)
  • phone interview scheduled (2/3)
    • Is this specific to the gender position? Any word on the other three positions? (2/4)
         Yes - phone interview for gender/race position. No word on others.
  • Phone interview request for the Ethics and Public Policy position (2/19)
  • Heard campus interviews in progress for gender, race, culture. (2/22)
  • Offer made.

Cornell University - Science and Technology Studies[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies
  • The Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University seeks an outstanding scholar for a tenure-track assistant professor or tenured associate professor position in Science & Technology Studies.  The area of specialization and geographical focus is open. 
  • A Ph.D. in science & technology studies or a closely related field, such as anthropology, history or sociology of science, technology, or medicine, is required.  The STS Department has a very active Ph.D. program and runs two undergraduate majors:  “Biology & Society” and “Science & Technology Studies.”  The successful candidate will have an active research program in STS, will be expected to play an important role in both graduate and undergraduate programs in the department, and will be expected to offer courses of interest to Cornell undergraduates.  
  • If you are interested in this position, please apply on-line through the following website:  Applicants should submit a cover letter outlining research and teaching interests, a curriculum vitae, a sample of written work, and one paragraph descriptions of two or three courses.  Candidates applying at the assistant professor level should arrange for three letters of reference to be submitted separately, as described on the website; candidates applying at the associate professor level may submit only names of references if preferred. 
  • If you have any specific questions about the position, please contact Debbie Van Galder,
  • Review of applications will begin 15 Oct. 2013
    • Any news? (11/15)
    • Nothing here (11/18)
    • Any news yet? (11/20)
    • Nope (11/25)
    • Hope springs eternal! (11/26) x2
    • Additional writing samples requested 11/26 x4
    • Have the committee made interview requests yet? (12/3)
    • No interviews made yet?? (12/9)
    • Spring of Eternal Hope Freezing in the Polar Vortex (1/7)
    • Yeesh. I'm now going to assume that they are running the search in secret, and that they have no intention of announcing the results. Ever. (1/23)
      • lol. That, or none of us watching the wiki have moved on. Nope, on second thought, I think I prefer your secrecy version!
      • Are we really still waiting on them to schedule first-round interviews? I guess being Cornell helps; if you get a call from them, drop all else! (1/24)
      • I heard that they hired someone for this already, but I don't know if it's true or not. I never heard a peep since submitting my application on Oct. 15th.
      • They are conducting campus visits/talks now. (1/25)
      • They've had one job talk and have a couple more to go. (1/30)
  • Offer made and accepted (5/2014).

Drexel University (PA) - Pref. for Energy & Environment[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in [?] History & Politics, to begin 1 Sept. 2014
  • "Applicants' degrees could potentially be in science and technology studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, or other relevant fields"
  • "Although the particular sub-field is open, we are primarily interested in candidates who investigate the social dimensions of environmental issues. Faculty expertise could, for example, investigate the historical, cultural, political, and social dimensions of the development and use of new energy sources such as wind power, biofuels, smart grids, and hydraulic fracturing; citizen-science efforts to monitor and improve the environment; community responses to environmental exposures related to energy sources; changes in regulatory structures; and/or inequalities, energy, and environmental issues"
  • PhD in hand by 15 Aug. 2014
  • "To apply for this position, please apply online...or visit and search for Assistant Professor, History and Politics.  The requisition number is 5511.
  • Review begins: 25 Oct. 2013 and position is open until filled
    • Anybody heard anything yet? I would imagine they have made a short list at this point (and I'm obviously not on it...)
    • Letters of recommendation requested (10/29)
    • Has anyone been invited to set up an interview yet?
    • Any news? (11/26)

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Science & Technology Policy[]

  • Assistant or associate professor in Science and Technology Policy, to begin 1 Mar. 2013
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • "We are particularly interested in candidates who explore the public dimensions of science and technology with a focus on issues of wellness and quality of life. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, human ageing and life course, the social and ethical aspects of assistive technology, right to health, and the role of information technology in social care. We are seeking highly qualified candidates trained in social welfare studies, disability studies, urban studies, sociology, political science, anthropology, and science and technology studies (STS)."
  • "To be considered for this position, please send the following application materials to Jin Yeong Park, Administrative Coordinator, the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy, at Cover letter describing research and teaching interests, One or two writing samples (e.g., publications or dissertation chapters), List of three referees, Transcripts (from undergraduate and graduate schools)
  • Questions may be addressed to Professor Yoon Jung Lee, STP Search Committee Chair, at
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2013 and continues until position filled
  • Any news? (12/31)

Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor of Science and Technology Studies, to begin Fall 2014
  • PhD (in STS or related field) must be in hand by 1 Aug. 2014
  • Teaching Load: 6 courses/year
  • "While the area of specialization for this position is open, we are especially interested in someone who has both research and teaching expertise in at least two of the following areas: science communication; healthcare policy; environmentalism; risk studies and cognitive theory; media studies; technical writing; emerging technologies. Strong preference will be given to candidates who have a record of accomplishment in or demonstrate a potential for the fields of public engagement and/or the digital humanities. Most important, the successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to work in a dynamic and interdisciplinary environment and a willingness to work collaboratively and collegially across the Institute"
  • "Candidates interested in applying should prepare an application that includes a letter of intent, current C.V., and the names and contact information for three referees. Please combine all materials into a single document (MSWord or PDF) for submission. ...All applications must be submitted electronically through the HR website at Use Requisistion # COAL10181."
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2013 and position is open until filled
    • I just looked at the course lists in the STS department here... looks like they are teaching psychohistory at this institution like its an actual thing! Even the classes in the history department seem ahistorical, never mind the STS department. I was hoping for something more... thoughful. :/ Does anyone have any knowledge of this place?   (10/28/13)
    • It's a nice small place that overlooks Manhattan.  The department was recently overrun by Post-Mods with big ideas, but a thoughtful Rocker might find a serene spot to study some history and science.  (10/28/13)
    • I almost applied... the website is difficult to use and wants four password questions, none of which I would be able to answer again in the future. I took it as a sign... no application here. 11.5.13
  • Request for phone interview (12/16) x4
  • Has anyone else been contacted?
  • Phone interviews were Jan 17, 22 & 24
  • Actually, I think due to the storm several of them were delayed until the following week. In any event, has any one been contacted about campus visits yet (2/4/14)?
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/25)
  • Two positions were offered (one to an anthropologist, one to a historian of science). Both were accepted AFAIK. (As of early April.)

University of Cambridge - HPS/Selwyn - Philosophy of Psychology & Cognitive Sciences[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) in the philosophy of Psychology & Cognitive Sciences, to begin 1 Sept 2014
  • "This post is part of the Trinity Scheme for Joint Lectureships and will be held in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) in conjunction with a Fellowship at Selwyn College
  • "Applicants must hold a PhD (or equivalent) and have an outstanding record of excellence in teaching, research and publication in this area"
  • "Please note that this is not a post in the philosophy of mind, although relevant expertise in that area is welcome. The successful applicant will be a philosopher who engages closely with the content and practice of psychological and cognitive sciences. Preference is likely to be given to applicants with research interests and teaching expertise that complement existing strengths within the Department and with the potential to develop further the links between HPS, Philosophy and Psychology."
  • Deadline: 5pm GMT 7 Mar. 2014
    • Intend to longlist by ~17 Mar and shortlist by ~25 Mar, job talks & interviews on 23/24 Apr.
    • Interview shortlist announced: Oxford (2012), Yale (2013), Cambridge (2004), UCSD (2013), UCL (2009)
    • Marta Halina (2013, UCSD).

University College London (UK) - Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies[]

(search for job ref. no 1398903)

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) in Science and Technology Studies, to begin 1 Sept. 2014
  • "The field of specialisation is open. For this post, the department has a preference for expertise in contemporary science and technology. This should be understood to include science and technology policy research, sociology of science and technology, or related fields. It also should be understood to include a preference for expertise complementing existing staff in the department and across the university"
  • PhD must be in hand by start of appointment
  • "As part of their application, candidates may submit (1) one sample publication (or one unpublished manuscript or chapter not to exceed 15,000 words), and (2) one sample syllabus from a module either previously taught by themselves or proposed for teaching within STS. Applicants must also submit a research plan covering the next three to five years. The online application system will accept only one attached document, so multiple submissions should be combined into one document to upload. Where this is not possible additional documents should be emailed to Two letters of academic recommendation will be required from candidates who have been shortlisted. These will be requested following an invitation to interview and should not be submitted with the initial application."
  • "For informal enquiries, please contact Prof. Joe Cain (Head of Department) by phone (020 7679 3041) or email (
    Additional details about the position, and information about the Department, can be obtained from the STS website:
    If you have any queries regarding the vacancy or the application process, please contact Kate Hickson (STS Department Manager), e-mail, phone: 020 7679 4371. Please quote reference number 1398903 in all correspondence.
  • Deadline: 5 March 2014
    • Shortlisted candidates notified by week beginning 24 Mar. and intend to interview in the week beginning 31 Mar.
    • [discussion about tenure in the UK moved to HSTM Talk page]

University College London (UK) - Lecturer in Science Communication[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Assoc/Asst Prof) Science Communication, to begin 1 Sept. 2014
  • "Applicants are required to demonstrate expertise in science communication, public engagement and science and technology studies. Applicants must hold by the time of appointment a PhD in an appropriate field (for instance, science communication, journalism, communication, science and technology studies), and must be able to demonstrate their ability to conduct high-quality research. Applicants must demonstrate commitments to high-quality teaching and to fostering a positive learning environment. For further details of the requirements of the role please consult the person specification and job description"
  • "Applicants must apply online via the UCL website <>. Additional information about the Department and its programmes can be obtained online <>. Applicants are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with current departmental activities prior to proposing their candidature. Applicants from outside UK/EU should consult the UK Border Agency or UCL Human Resources for information on eligibility. As part of their application, candidates may submit (1) one sample publication (or one unpublished manuscript or chapter not to exceed 15,000 words), and (2) one sample syllabus from a module either previously taught by themselves or proposed for teaching within STS. Applicants must also submit a research plan covering the next three to five years. The online application system will only accept one attached document, so multiple submissions should be combined into one document to upload. Where this is not possible additional documents should be emailed to <sts->. Two letters of academic recommendation will be required from candidates who have been shortlisted. These will be requested following an invitation to interview and should not be submitted with the initial application.
  • Deadline: 14 Apr. 2014
    • shortlisted candidates should be notified by week beginning 12th May, and interviews will take place week beginning 26 May.
    • Any news (13 May)?

University of Virginia - [non-TT; Lecturer] - STS/History of Technology[]

  • One year lectureship, with possibility of renewal, in STS or History of Technology, to begin Aug. 2014
  • "We are especially interested in candidates with a proven record of excellence in teaching, research, and publication in history of technology, STS, applied ethics, or technology policy. The candidate will teach the senior thesis sequence, with three sections eachsemester. Like other STS classes, these courses combine STS themes with writing and professional ethics."
  • "Please include a CV/resume, cover letter, statement of research interest, one recent publication, and contact information for 3 references - name, affiliation, email, phone."
  • Review begins: 3 Jul. 2014 and continues until position filled
  • Skype interviews held 8 Jul. 2014