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See Dissertation fellowships for 2011-12.

Humanities/Social Sciences Dissertation Fellowships 2010-11

Below each listing, please note any "events," (such as awards or rejections), along with the date, that may be of interest to other applicants.

Middlebury Dissertation Completion Fellowship

  • 3/8/11 - rejection via email

Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship

  • -3/19/10 - Awards announced (via snail mail)

-Did anyone else ask for comments on their application and were denied? (Exact wording: "In your case, unfortunately, reviewers did not designate any comments for release to the applicant.") I was hoping to get feedback, since I'll probably re-apply next year...

  • --Can you apply twice for a "completion" fellowship?
  • 1/15/2011: I think that you can apply twice for a completion fellowship, as a lack of fellowship funding could legitimately slow the writing process (especially if teaching).
  • 1/15/2011: Is this wiki for fellowships taking place during the 2010/2011 year, or for applications submitted during the 2010/2011 year? If the latter, does the Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship notify applicants if they move on to the second stage of review or are we stuck waiting until March to hear anything?
  • -rejection via email (3/8/11); said that 70 fellowships were awarded out of 1101 applications.

ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in Eastern European Studies

  • -rejection via snail mail dated 4/2 (received 4/5)

CLIR/ Mellon Fellowship

  • -rejection via email, 3/31/10 {C}yes, rejections sent by email on 31st march
  • -Anyone notified of being a finalist (but not recipient) for the CLIR? {C}jj
  • -When do rejections/acceptances start coming in? The website says April 1st, but usually they are quicker than that, right?

Charlotte Newcombe Fellowship

  • -12/22/09 - Complete applications forwarded to referees
  • -2/23/10 - first round rejections by e-mail
  • -Final list of those chosen will be sent out "2d week of April"
  • -3/26/10 - received notice via email of Fellowship award (one of 20)
  • -did anyone else receive notice from CN?
  • - I haven't (as of 4/5/10), after the 2/23 email telling me I'd advanced to final selection.
  • --a friend received award letter about 1 week ago (4/9/2010)
  • --rejection by email 4/9/10

Chateaubriand Fellowship

  • -Announcements supposed to be by April 15th? (via email correspondence with committee) {C}-
  • Anybody heard anything from Chateaubriand yet (April 12?) {C}Still no word April 15th WTF?
  • -a friend received a wait-list notification (4/17)

Josephine De Karman Fellowship

  • According to a voicemail recording, the committee will meet on May 1st and awardees will be contacted on that day.

Ford Dissertation Fellowship

Frick Collection Andrew Mellon Curatorial Fellowship

US Institute of Peace Randolph Jennings Dissertation Fellowship

  • -Results announced 5/3/2010 via email.

AAUW Dissertation Fellowship

  • - rejection letter received 4/19

Medieval Academy of America Schallek Fellowship

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  • - to be announced "early April"
  • -notifications posted on the website 4/5

Newberry Library Fellowship

Harvey Fellowship

  • -12/15/09 First round assessment complete

Dartmouth College

5 colleges

  • has anyone heard anything about this yet? they've been telling me announcements will be made next week for three weeks now...

SSRC International Research Fellowship

  • -some people received emails asking for transcripts (1/26/2010)
  • -received rejection letters via snail mail (3rd week of Feb, 2010)
  • - expected next week (Apr. 26-30)

Fulbright IIE

  • - first round rejection/acceptance letters sent 1/29/2010


  • -Germany's announcements went out 3/17/10
  • -France award letters sent 3/22/10


  • -anyone notified of a decision? 4/2/11
  • -no word yet. last year we didn't hear till 4/28/2010.. so it could be two or three more weeks before notices are sent out

WENNER-GREN anthropology fieldwork dissertation grant

  • -first round rejections send via email 2/9/2010
  • -second round rejections sent via email 4/12/2010
  • -tentative funding notification "excellent chance of being funded" with budget request sent 4/13/2010
  • -did you get a confirmation yet?
  • -confirmations promised in early May

Williams College Bolin Fellowship

  • -Email Rejection 3/23

Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship

  • --decisions emailed on June 10, 2010.

Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship