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Aarhus University (Denmark) - History of Science Post doc - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • ~2 year reserach position on the “Exploring Greenland: Science and Technology in Cold War Settings” project
  • to work on the “Geo-politics of the inner earth: Cold War seismological ventures in Greenland” sub-theme "Candidates with research experience in the history of Cold War science and technology are particularly encouraged to apply. Experience with and a good knowledge of Danish or Greenlandic history will be an advantage".
  • Applicants must speak Danish, or be willing to learn whilst in Aarhus.
  • Short Deadline: 15 Aug. 2011
    • (have posted this in 2011-12 rather than 2010-11 as the start date is unclear).

ACLS New Faculty Fellows 2011-12 - AWARDEES NOTIFIED[]

NOTE (1/19/12): NEW PAGE for ACLS NFF UPDATES after January 19, 2012: ACLS New Faculty Fellows 2011-2012 UPDATES. Please post your questions and updates on this new page.

  • Renewed for 2011-12. The New Faculty Fellows program was created in response to the increasingly “jobless market” that confronts recent Ph.D.s in the humanities. The foreseeable impact of such circumstances on the rising generation of young scholars, in whom so much had already been invested, impelled ACLS to rapidly develop and implement this initiative in the fall of 2009. It is thus with great pleasure ACLS announces that, with the continuous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the New Faculty Fellows program is being offered for a third year in 2011-12. The New Faculty Fellows program will allow recent Ph.D.s in the humanities to take up two-year positions at universities across the United States where their particular research and teaching expertise augment departmental offerings.
  • Approximately 40 New Faculty Fellow awards will be made for appointments that will begin in fall 2012. New Faculty Fellows will receive an annual stipend of $50,000 plus a research/travel allowance of $5,000, health insurance, and a $1,500 one-time moving allowance. The teaching load is three courses over two semesters of the academic year, the majority of which will be in the undergraduate curriculum. Additionally, mentors at the receiving institutions help integrate Fellows into their scholarly communities.
  • Applications are accepted by nomination only from participating institutions. Applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
    • Ph.D. in a humanities discipline or humanistic social science, which includes history, anthropology, and such areas as political theory, historical sociology, and economic history.
    • Ph.D. awarded between January 2010 and December 2011. Candidates must have Ph.D. in hand by December 31, 2011.
    • Ph.D.s who have already secured tenure-track positions are not eligible.
    • Candidates must be willing to relocate to take up offered positions.
    • ACLS does not accept applications from candidates whose work is primarily creative (e.g. music composition or performance).
    • There is no citizenship requirement.
    • Previously unsuccessful applicants may be nominated again if they still fulfill the eligibility requirements.
  • The deadline for nominations to be received by ACLS is October 7, 2011. Candidates who are nominated by their Ph.D.-granting institution will receive an email from ACLS with a link to the online application by October 14. Applications are the equivalent of a job dossier, consisting of a completed application form, two-page cover letter, two-page curriculum vitae, twenty-five-page writing sample, and three reference letters. Further specifications and formatting instructions for all uploadable documents will be available through the application portal. Please note that applications not complying with any part of the guidelines will not be reviewed. Only applications submitted online by 5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on October 27, 2011 will be considered.
  • Please note that applicants to the 2011 NFF competition and any other ACLS Fellowship programs will not be eligible for the 2011 Public Fellows competition.
  • Has anyone received an email from ACLS yet granting them access to the "application portal?" Do we know how many nominees there are this year? Looks like last year there were ~800 nominees for 65 spots, but this year there are only 40 positions available.
  • I was just typing that I hadn't gotten my link yet either, but lo and behold, there it is now.
  • Yeah, I just got my access link and also see there are only 40 spots. Anyone know how many nominees are competing for those positions this year?
    • FAQ says about 700 applicants for about 40 positions.
  • They have a "no Intefolio" rule... ugh....And the same overly precise rules about writing sample format as last year...
  • When did you get your e-mail link? I haven't received mine yet.
    • I received mine on Thurs. Oct 13 from Lauren Birnie (, who I presume is an administrator, because the letter was signed Nicole Stahlmann, Director of Fellowship Programs. If your PhD granting institution notified you that you were among those they nominated to the ACLS for the fellowship, then you should contact them or the ACLS to follow up. Good luck!
  • I realise I'm too late for this (nominations were due on Oct 7), but I have a question about the eligibility rules and process. Are the nominating instutions those from which a doctoral student graduated or those at which she/he would like to work?
    • Nominations are from your PhD granting institution.
    • Thanks. So as I understand it, your PhD granting institution needs to be one of the US universities they list as "participating institutions." Is that correct? A: Yes.
    • This is elitist BS, ain't it?
  • I am putting together my materials now, and I wonder what people think about the instructions for the writing sample. I planned to send a published article, but it seems strange to cut out the endnotes. (If I don't it won't be 25 pages.) Also, I am wondering if they don't require the notes, do you think that applies to the references as well?
  • A: I don't think losing endnotes is a big deal. Losing references on the other hand, seems impossible (and is not mentioned in the guidelines). Another Q: is it possible to say anything remotely original in the section of the Cover Leter where we are to spell out "how this fellowship, if awarded, will contribute to your professional growth and advance your career." A: No, not in my opinion. I just accepted that and said that it would provide a wonderful opportunity to work with stellar faculty.
  • The instructions say that endnotes and footnotes are not essential, so I'm planning to cut them. But it does feel odd. Above poster: I would imagine that the green light to cut out citations would apply to references and bibliography as well.
    • Thanks. I was the original poster on this, and I ultimately read it this way as well. Hopefully we're right.
    • A: I emailed the ofahelp and they reply very quickly. They repeated that notes/biblio are not required. (And reminded me about the 25 page limit, TOTAL).
  • Just submitted my application; for anyone running late, please beware that there is a strict character limit on your diss. abstract (including spaces). Good Luck Everyone! (10/27)
  • Does anyone know when the letters letting people know whether they've gotten through the cut go out? I had it in my head (for some reason) that I read "late December" somewhere, but I can't find that timeline anywhere. I've called often, but can't ever get through. Any ideas? (12.21)
  • I saved the application information (although I cannot now locate it online). This is all it said: "Notifications will be sent by the end of January 2012." No promise, as far as I know, of notifying applicants about the first cut.
  • Judging by last year's process (I took a look at the 2010-11 Wiki) the notifications will probably go out around Jan 15, which is a Sunday, so maybe Fri 13 or Mon 16 I'm guessing. 12/23
  • Any sense of how large the applicant pool is from which the 40 are drawn? 12/26
    • Read the whole thread above. FAQ said they anticipated around 700 applicants.
      • Overlooked that -- thanks.
  • I have a random question and would appreciate any thoughts. What if you are lucky enough to get this fellowship, and one or more of the participating institutions also has a TT job opening in your field that you didn't apply for (not enough time, strength, LOR-writer resources/patience to put out 50 job apps). What would you do? What _could_ you do? Would it be advisable to contact the department chair and ask him/her to take a look at your NFF dossier? I mean, if we are qualified for the NFF, that means we are good enough to get a TT asst. prof job, because the NFF is supposed to position us inside an institution to receive a real job that will eventually open up after the crisis, right? (12/29)
    • No, my understanding is that the NFF is supposed to inflate the number of available teaching positions to help compensate for the (hopefully temporary) current dirth of TT positions. Please correct me if I am mistaken, but I never read anything that suggested the the goal was to help you get your foot in the door at institution X -- it's just to help you stay in the field in case you don't get a TT position.
    • This post, directly above me, is correct. The NFF program is basically a two-year hovering position until something opens up somewhere else. There's probably a chance you could secure a lecturship should nothing work out, but it's not a gateway to TT at that institution. I have a few friends in these programs now and they assure me that, at least in their experince and given the prestige of the institutions at which they are housed, precisely no one pays any attention to them. It's basically your chance to get your book out and swing for the fence on your own.
      • I am a current NFF and my experience is not like that at all. The NFF program really varies by institution. I know 3-5 of my cohort who last I knew have indeed had their positions converted (or offered to be), but yes, many more who haven't. It really, really depends on the instition. It's a question of perceived 'prestige' versus actual good fit, which is a discussion for after the awards are given out and the speculation goes to Defkon 5. As far as "no one pays any attention" to NFFs...again, that varies. I am by and large treated as close to regular faculty as possible for someone in my position (ie. I can't go to promotion & tenure meetings or vote on committees or anything like that). To the original poster of this thread: if/when you do get the award (btw the request for degree verification means bupkis, sorry), there will be a web seminar where these and other questions will be answered. I don't speak for the ACLS and don't know how they are doing the program this year, but in my own experience I would strongly caution against contacting any department on your own behalf; it may even be against the rules, but again I don't guarantee anything. If you do get the award you will learn a lot more about the incredibly complex (and exilherating!) process of the "clearinghouse" in a week or so...good luck! (1/7) ETA: as you can imagine any competent staff would, some ACLSers do from time to time check this wiki out, so make sure to keep your discussion as professional as it currently is and don't make any of the dumb wiki-mistakes some of my cohort did last year. Good luck! (1/7)
      • btw the request for degree verification means bupkis, sorry -- Are there NFF fellows that were ABD when they applied who did not receive requests to verify their degree? Or do you primarily mean that a request for verification does not necessarily mean you will be selected as a finalist?
    • Ok, thanks for the responses! I really appreciate this forum. Good luck to all! (12/30)
  • Request to verify degree, 1/4/12 via email. (x2) Was ABD when nominated. -- Was it a mass email or personalized? (And congratulations--sounds like you are very much in the running.)
    • Personalized. And thanks, although last year's wiki entry makes it sound like verification doesn't necessarily correlate with making the final cut.
    • Was there a deadline for your confirmation? That might be of some help in guessing when the final notices might be given out, by correlating w/last year's dates.-- January 11th.
    • Re correlation with making final cut: perhaps not, but it does seems your chances are greater than those of us who applied ABD and have not received email asking for verification of degree.
    • If you're bored and looking for fun, read last year's thread for this postdoc. Man, they were freaking out by this time last year. I have to say, we're all looking cool as cucumbers, by comparison. (Personally, I've just learned to stop hoping.)
    • We have our dignity! The best cucumbers in town.
    • Aw, there's no need to freak out (yet), because decisions have been made, and what's done is done. I personally will save my tearful breakdown for after getting accepted or rejected. Degree confirmations are due tomorrow 1/11, then judging by last year's schedule, a couple days later (Friday the 13th, yikes!) we should hopefully get the notices. That's when I expect this spot to officially blow up.
    • A friend of mine who got this fellowship last year says he heard back in late January.
    • God, I hope it's sooner than that. Do we think it will be Friday the 13th?! or Tues 17th?
    • According the very lengthy wiki from last year, in 2010, the degree verification deadline was Tuesday, January 11th and both acceptances and rejections were sent on Friday, January 14th.
    • [To the tune of Chorus Line] God, I hope I get it. I hope I get it. I got no interviews this yeaaaaaarr (x3 on no interviews this year).
    • I will be checking my email every 30 seconds today. Good luck, everyone!
  • No word yet, almost 3pm EST. I can't believe the ACLS is gonna leave us hanging over the long weekend. Oh well, nothing else to do but wait. (1/13)
  • Fellowship awarded. (email, 1/13)
  • Fellowship awarded. The subject heading reads "ACLS New Faculty Fellows: Award Notification" 50 out of 700. (1/13 2:30 pm EST) (x4)
  • Rejection email 2:54 pm 1/13 (x3)
  • Congrats to those who got a fellowship! Was the notification personalized, or a mass email to all awardees at once? (I haven't received an acceptance OR a rejection so if you got a mass acceptance email I'm thinking I can rule myself out!)
    • It was a personalized acceptance. Good luck!
    • Thanks for the info!
  • I'm an alternate and it says we'll be notified by 1/30. Can someone who was accepted explain under what conditions the acceptance letter says awardees should decline the award?
    • The letter states: "...if you have been offered or have already accepted a tenure-track position, you are no longer eligible for the NFF award." Apparently this is also the case if you are offered a TT job between now and March.
  • Anybody else not heard anything yet (i.e. no acceptance, no rejection, and no alternate email, just silence?) I dont know what the delay would be . . .
  • Rejection email 3:16 pm -- must be sending them out one by one...
  • rejection email 3:20 pm
  • rejection 3:30pm
  • rejection 3:45. Even with the ridiculous odds, it's hard not to feel a little down in the mouth about this -- but congratulations and all best to those who were awarded the fellowship!
  • you're right, it's disappointing, especially since the odds for a TT are even more ridiculous--e.g. 250 applicants for one position--and this actually seemed possible.
  • Man this is sad; that's why I don't know if I am even applying next December 2012 cos it seems like basically they are forcing you to defend by Dec of each year without ensuring that anyone will actually get it...oh man...
    • Completely unsolicited response from someone who doesn't know your circumstances, is not your advisor and probably is in a different field, and therefore should likely be ignored: in this job market, being ABD in the humanities may represent anything from an occassional to serious handicap. Someone earlier in this thread suggested that they were now considering another year of grad school that they didn't need, and while I understand the "shelter" that graduate school represents in a variety of ways (deferred loans, eligibility for work study, TAing, library privileges, etc.), what another year in grad school also represents is that you'll be in this exact situation next year -- ABD on the market -- but also a year staler in the market's eyes. My point only is that maybe seeing ACLS as "forcing you to defend" is a little beside the point -- some people would argue that the best thing you can do for your job prospects is to defend, because PhD in hand is one of the strongest things you can do for your resume. Again -- unsolicited, uninformed, and probably best ignored, just one person's perspective on things one can do that might strengthen one's hand. (FWIW, I have my degree, am on the market, was on the market seriously once before as ABD, am now a VAP, and did not get this fellowship.)
    • I agree completely w/ the comment above. Defend your dissertation and take your chances outside of grad school, unless it would be impossible to make ends meet otherwise. I was ABD last year, and got only 2 bites on my applications. I defended over the summer, and I'm already doing 5 times better on the job market. No ACLS, alas, but the rejection email arrived while I was on the phone for an interview.
  • It is sad also because the sense is that always the same disciplines have the lion's share or even monopoly. For example, almost no people in Modern languages (except English of course) last year and I would bet this year will be the same.
    • To be fair, the numbers in English and history may be proportionate to the applicant pool. There are just a whole lot more of them out there. German was quite well represented last year. There are some in French this year. I'm sure part of the luck factor is which languages/disciplines are represented on the committee in a given year.
  • Well, all I can say about this job market: I have my Ph.D., have a book in print, have a teaching price, come from an Ivy school -- and still got ignored by ACLS -- and by all the other postdocs. So that's the deal.
  • Two Ph.Ds, almost two monographs and one edited book, 8 articles,etc., and nothing done as well.
  • Three Ph.Ds, four monographs... I'm just kidding, but I am a double-Ivy ACLS reject too if it makes anyone feel better. (My mind is still reeling from the idea of having a second doctorate -- I can't even imagine the brains and motivation needed to start anew. Nicely done, comment neighbor!)
  • t was not said to show off titles, of course, but just to point out how difficult it is to understand this crazy crazy job market.
  • Three Ph.Ds, four monographs... that made me laugh out loud! thanks for the levity -- another ivy-league ACLS reject
  • Thank you, Ivy Leaguers, for posting about your rejection. This helped me a lot. I hope you don't mind, but I posted this to a blog I just started about making the transition from academia to the real world:
  • Sorry to chime in as an awardee, but anyone who was awarded the fellowship receive confirmation of eligibility from ACLS?
  • Yes, via e-mail on 1/19, also scheduled webinar time.
    • Should people start a separate entry above like they did in 2011 for "UPDATES"? A: To avoid more clutter on this page, I've opened up a new page for ACLS NFF Updates. Awardees should post their updates and questions on this new page: ACLS New Faculty Fellows 2011-2012 UPDATES. Thanks. Una74 23:08, January 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • Didn't get so much as a rejection letter or email from these folks. Had no idea what the status was til someone showed me this wiki. Crushed by the rejection, insulted that I had to hear about it from a third-party wiki.

ACLS Public Fellows - FELLOWS NAMED[]

ACLS is pleased to announce the second competition of its Public Fellows program in the 2011-12. The program will place 13 recent Ph.D.s in staff positions at partnering agencies in government and the non-profit sector for two years, beginning in some cases as early as June 2012. Fellows will participate in the substantive work of these agencies and receive professional mentoring. Compensation will be commensurate with experience and at the same level as new professional employees of the hosting agency and will include health insurance.

  • This program, made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, aims to demonstrate that the capacities developed in the advanced study of the humanities have wide application, both within and beyond the academy.
  • ACLS will seek applications from recent Ph.D.s who wish to begin careers in administration, management, and public service by choice rather than circumstance. Competitive applicants will have been successful in both academic and extra-academic experiences.

Applicants must:

  1. possess U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status
  2. have a Ph.D. in the humanities or humanistic social sciences conferred between January 2009 and the time of application
  3. not have applied to any other ACLS Fellowship programs in the 2011-2012 competition year, including the New Faculty Fellows program

Information on the competition, including partnering agencies and available positions, will be announced in January. Application deadline: March 2012.

Anyone hear anything on this?

  • 4/12: Recieved notifcation that application was forwarded to partner agency in group of finalists. (x3)
  • Re. the above update: via email? Post?
  • via email.
  • 4/19 -- email asking if I still wanted to be considered. It looks like they are doing this organization by organization to see which short-listed candidates they should forward to the organizations....
  • 4/20--I had a missed call from them, but they didn't leave a message.
  • 4/21-- I have a phone interview scheduled next week for one of the positions.
  • 4/22 -- It looks like they are going through each placement seperately. I just got an email yesterday, saying my application was being forwarded to the Human Rights Watch placement. Do folks with interviews mind specifying their organizations? Thanks and good luck to all! p.s. Does anyone know if the organizations with multiple offices let you choose which location you'd prefer? Can any fellows from last year share insights on the interview process once it gets to the organization stage (i.e. in person interviews, phone etc.)? Thanks!!!
  • How was the phone interview scheduled? Did the organization contact you by email, phone? Anyone know if they are interviewing all finalists or if there is another round of cuts after applications are forwarded?
  • I interviewed with Human Rights Watch. It was a screening interview (after getting through the ACLS screening). From here, they will have finalist interviews. So, it looks like there are many steps. Others? (4/28)
  • I had a phone interview with CAORC. My understanding was that was the last step. They indicated that they will probably make the final decision by mid-late May. (5/8)
  • Received notice that the Anvil position was filled (sure took them long enough to get back to me); best of luck to the chosen candidate. Also noticed via Google search that the Oxfam position has also been filled. (5/29)
  • CAORC filled too. (5/29)

Aga Khan University (UK) - Research Fellowships for 2012-13[]

  • One-year research fellowships at the at the Aga Khan University's Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
  • For 2012/13 the theme addressed will be Processes of Social Change in Muslim Cultures and Societies. Within this broad theme, Research Fellows are sought who will carry out research related to the following topic: Minorities in Majority Muslim Societies: Contributions, Challenges and Outlooks
  • Deadline: 10 Jul. 2012
    • Interviews in July/Aug, and fellows in place by Sept. 2012

American Academy of Arts and Sciences - Visiting Scholars Program 2012-2013 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The purpose of the Visiting Scholars Program is to support the work of younger public policy analysts, humanists, and social scientists who show promise of becoming leaders in their field, especially those who work on multidisciplinary topics. The Program offers opportunities for them to carry out their individual research as well as to collaborate with Academy Fellows on shared scholarly or policy-related interests. It also helps to create a national network for scholars in the early stages of their career, assisting them in their research and professional development.
  • The Visiting Scholars Program (VSP) is an interdisciplinary research fellowship housed at the headquarters of the Academy in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Academy conducts the Visiting Scholars Program in association with the Harvard Humanities Center, which provides access to the university’s research facilities and works with the Academy to plan joint lectures, seminars, and informal discussions.
  • Postdocs receive an annual stipend of up to $40,000. The Academy provides office space, computer services, library privileges, and assists with information on locating housing.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have permanent resident status as of the application deadline date and should have completed their Ph.D., J.D, or equivalent professional training within the last 10 years. Graduate student applicants must complete all degree requirements by August 1, 2012.
  • Deadline 10/15/2011
  • Candidates will be informed of the decision in spring, 2012.
    • Do they in practice only give out fellowships to people who study America? They say American topics "are welcome," but does this mean that, say, European topics are not?
    • Has anyone heard anything on this? (3/20)
    • a colleague of mine has received an offer (3/20)
    • Snail mail rejection (dated 3/26)

American Antiquarian Society - Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Scholars within three years of receipt of the Ph.D. are invited to apply for the Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship, a year-long residential fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. The fellowship is intended to provide time and resources to extend research and/or to revise the dissertation for publication. Any topic relevant to the Society's library collections and programmatic scope—all aspects of American history, literature, and culture from contact to 1876—is eligible. The twelve-month stipend for this fellowship is $35,000. Selection is based on the applicant's scholarly qualifications, the appropriateness of the project to the Society's collections, and the likelihood that the project will result in a highly significant book.
  • Further information and application materials are available on the AAS website. Questions may be directed to Paul Erickson, Director of Academic Programs, at AAS does not conduct conference interviews for this fellowship. The deadline for applications is October 15, 2011.

American University of Beirut - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships[]

  • 1-year fellowships with the possibility of extension to a second year
  • "The competition is open to recent recipients of the PhD whose research and teaching interests involve one or more of the following disciplines: Arabic language; Arabic literature; archaeology; art history; English language; English literature; fine arts (visual arts, theatre, and music); history; and philosophy. AUB is particularly interested in innovative work that explores humanistic study from multiple perspectives and pushes disciplinary boundaries"
  • Review begins: 1 Jun. & continues until the positions are filled.
  • Confirmation received (4 June).
  • Has anyone else applied? (4 June) <--Same poster as above.
  • I applied. Is this place safe? The latest travel warning (May 8) says "The Department of State continues to urge U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to Lebanon due to current safety and security concerns. U.S. citizens living and working in Lebanon should understand that they accept risks in remaining and should carefully consider those risks."
  • I've heard that Beirut is safe, and also a wonderful place to live. There are places in Lebanon that are less safe at the moment (for example Tripoli). But I suppose that these problems could possibly spread south into Beirut. It probably isn't worse than LA (which is what I tell my worried partents).
  • Rejection letter 26/6/2012

Amherst College - Mellon Keiter Post-Doctoral Fellow/VAP in Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought - SKYPE INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED[]

  • Amherst College’s Robert E. Keiter 1957 Fund for Postdoctoral Fellows, with matching funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, supports exceptionally promising young scholars for two years of half-time teaching (one course each semester) and half-time research at the College. Fellows will be expected to supervise senior honors projects and participate in the life of the department. As part of the Keiter Fellowship program, Amherst will appoint a postdoctoral fellow as a Visiting Assistant Professor in its Department of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought for the academic years 2012-2014. This Keiter Postdoctoral Fellowship is a full-time salaried appointment with excellent benefits and research support provided and is open only to recent Ph.D.s who have not already held a regular faculty appointment. A candidate must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. by September 2012.
  • We welcome applications from persons with Ph.D.s in the social sciences or humanities and are particularly interested in candidates whose research and teaching is in one or more of the following areas: jurisprudence and modern legal theory, law and literature, law and popular culture, global legality, law and science.
  • Applicants should submit electronically to a cover letter, curriculum vitae, sample of their scholarship, and the names and email addresses of three individuals to whom we may write to solicit recommendations. Review of applications will begin March 15, 2012, and will continue until the position is filled.
    • 2/27 - anyone else apply for this? got to be a pretty small applicant pool, I would think/hope...
    • 3/5 - called and got the schedule: they hope to identify candidates for skype interview by mid-april, and bring finalists to campus before the end of the semester
  • 3/19. They asked for recommendations from my referees/recommenders. I wonder if this means that I passed the first level of elimination. Was everyone asked?
    • 3/19 - Mine, too, I guess about a week after I applied, which I took to be too long to have been automated, but too quick to have been based on any meaningful level of review...
      • Maybe there was not a lot of applicants so it was immediately reviewed? Just a guess. Good luck to us!
  • Anyone with any news yet? 3/27
  • 3/28 email request for skype interview
  • 4/3 Any update? More interviews? Scheduled campus visit? - I emailed and they are done with first round interviews and hope to "make a final decision by May 15" 4/13
  • rejection email, 5/23

Arizona State University - Postdoc in Public Humanities (Natural Resources in American West) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Arizona State University's School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies invites applications for a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in public humanities focused on natural resources (such as water, soil, plants, animals, solar, air, minerals, coal, and petroleum) and sustainability in the American West. The successful applicant will teach one course, engage in research, create workshops, and assist in developing programs related to these topics, especially with the Public History program. Areas of expertise could range from historical analysis of water and aridity to the ethics of land management and to Indigenous peoples and natural resources. The salary for this nine-month position is $41,500, and the successful applicant will receive benefits and have access to travel funds.
  • Required Qualifications: Ph.D. in history, humanities, or social sciences with research related to sustainability and natural resources in the American West and with a strong interest in public engagement. Desired Qualifications: Experience in public programs and teaching.
  • Send a letter of application, a curriculum vita, three letters of recommendation, a course syllabus, and a writing sample of thirty pages or less to: If recommendations are unavailable in electronic format or if candidates prefer to mail applications, please send materials to: Professor Philip VanderMeer, Chair Post-doctoral Search Committee School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies P.O. Box 874302 Tempe, AZ 85287-4302.
  • Application deadline is June 15, 2012. Applications will be reviewed beginning June 15, 2012; reviews will occur every two weeks thereafter until search is closed. The appointment date is negotiable.

Arizona State University - Postdoc in Religion & Science - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2-year research postdoctoral position at the Centre for Jewish Studies
  • "The Postdoctoral Fellow in Science and Religion will explore the interface of science and religion from historical, philosophical, sociological, and/or anthropological perspectives. The successful candidate is expected to continue active research, teach two courses per semester (except in Fall 2012), interact with faculty in relevant academic units, and deliver one public lecture per year...The fellow is expected to help advance collaborative research on Judaism, science and medicine."
  • Deadline: 15 Jun. 2012

Australian National University - Australian Centre on China in the World - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Unstated number of two, three and (PT) four year postdoctoral fellowships "to do research in one of the six research themes - "China Time", "China Urban", "China Justice", "China Texts", "China Everyday" and “China Numbers”.
  • "The appointees will have submitted a PhD in some area of Chinese Studies, know Chinese, English and, preferably, at least one other language (not just another dialect of Chinese), and have cogent and achievable research and publication plans for the period of the fellowship"
  • Deadline: not stated in advert, posted 23 Dec 2011.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship 2011-2012 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: November 2, 2011
  • CAN $70,000 per year, for two years
    • Has anyone heard from the Banting's yet?
  • Nothing yet in Ontario (18/03)
  • Still waiting in Ontario as of 20/03. When will the torture end?
  • 03/23 Does anyone know if they will contact applicants directly? And how?
    • I'm pretty sure they contact us directly, by mail, the same way as the SSHRC. Sounds like it will be down to the wire. End of the week!
  • Still waiting in Belgium (29MAR)...presumably if I haven't heard by now, it's negative as the Banting site says: "The federal granting agencies will notify successful applicants of the competition results by March 30, 2012" (emphasis added)
  • I don't think that means that you don't have it. Last year they didn't send out acceptance letters until the first week of April. If it is the same as SSHRC, they send out all the letters at the same time. March 29, Ontario.
  • I just received an email from SSHRC and they said that the results will be posted on your researchnet account in the beginning of April. Looks like we have a slight delay.
  • Still waiting in QC (29MARS). Does anyone received something?
  • I talked to the Banting people and it sound like they are behind. Looks like first week of April via email through ResearchNet.
  • I got an email Tuesday afternoon to check my ResearchNet account for the results - hope everyone else hears back soon too! (Apr5)

Birkbeck College, University of London (UK) - PostDocs in Italian History -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 4-year research post-docs in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italian History
  • "funded by the European Research Council on “A comparative history of archives in late medieval and early modern Italy.” The project will examine the production, storage and organization of state archives c. 1200-1860. It proposes to break significant new ground by setting a series of cases in a firmly comparative framework and by contextualising the study of archives in a wide social and cultural context."
  • "Applicants must have a PhD with specialisation in an aspect of late medieval or early modern Italian history. Prior experience of conducting research in Italian archives is essential, as is the ability to read and write in both Italian and English, and the ability to work in a team. A particular knowledge of the history of one or more of the case studies highlighted in the job description is highly desirable."
  • Deadline: 31 Mar 2012
    • Interviews in May

Birkbeck College, University of London (UK) - Pears Institute Early Career Fellowship - INTERVIEW INVITATION[]

  • Two year research post-doctoral position on the topic of Antisemitism
  • "Their area of specialism should be European, American or British twentieth century history. Applicants should have completed their doctorate, or be close to completion, and have identified an area for further original research. Their research interests should align closely with the remit of the Institute. Established by the Pears Foundation, the Institute is founded on the principle that the study of antisemitism is vital to the understanding of racism, prejudice and xenophobia more broadly."
  • Deadline: 6 Feb. 2012
    • Interviews: 28 Feb. 2012
  • got interview invite this afternoon, 15 Feb.
  • rejection e-mail, 14 Feb.
  • no invitation, no rejection... interesting. Anyone with the same status? - 17 Feb.

Boston College, History teaching postdoc - SCHEDULING CAMPUS INTERVIEWS[]

  • Deadline: 12 March 2012
  • Is this a genuine search? (judging from the dept site, ALL their postdocs are their own grad students)
  • My thoughts exactly - any updates? (3/21)
  • As I understand it the fellowship was, in the past, reserved for their own grad. students. However, the school is committing money to grow the department, which includes expanding these fellowships to bring in talented scholars from outside the university. (3/22)
    • That is correct. According to the chair of the search committee, this is a national search. (3/24)
  • Any idea when finalists will be announced? (3/26)
  • I think the SCC said they would make decisions in April, but I'm not sure what the process is (whether they interview, etc). (4/4)
  • Phone interviews were completed this week. According to the SCC, campus interviews will take place in the next couple of weeks. By the way, the SCC is very organized and responsive. I am impressed by this search committee. (4/5)

Bowdoin College, Africana Studies Program (deadline passed Jan. 15, 2012) - SKYPE INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • The Africana Studies Program at Bowdoin College is pleased to accept applications for a one- or two-year, post-doctoral fellowship, beginning in the fall of 2012. We invite applicants who relate their research and teaching to intellectual, philosophical and artistic themes in the humanistic disciplines. Those who focus on intellectual traditions in African American and African Diasporic studies are particularly encouraged to apply. In particular, Bowdoin seeks scholars whose research and teaching can connect disciplines across campus with a preference for applicants whose research and teaching includephilosophy, religion, and history. Fellows are expected to teach three courses each academic year and contribute new courses to the Bowdoin curriculum.
  • Applicants for this fellowship must have completed their Ph.D. no earlier than January 1, 2010. Candidates who expect their Ph.D. by June 30, 2012 should provide documentation from their home institution confirming this schedule. Applicants must possess a demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching and research.
  • The fellowship carries a stipend of $50,000 plus benefits, as well as a $5,000 research and travel fund.
  • Review of applications will begin January 15, 2012.
  • 3/31. Any movement on this f/ship?
  • Called office about two weeks ago and was told that first round of candidates had skype interviews. This put me out of the running but hopefully others have had better luck.

Brandeis University Kay Postdoc in Medical Anthropology - OFFER MADE & ACCEPTED[]

  • The Department of Anthropology and the Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) Program invite applications for a two-year, non-renewable Florence Levy Kay Postdoctoral Fellowship in medical anthropology beginning Fall 2012. We seek a scholar who examines health, illness, medicine and/or healing processes from an anthropological perspective, preferably with a research focus outside of the United States. Ph.D. must be in hand by commencement of fellowship and preferably received within the past six years.
  • The Fellow, who will be appointed as a faculty member at the rank of lecturer, will teach one course per semester, receive a salary for 2012-2013 of $55,903 (plus benefits), with moving expenses (around $1,500), and a research fund of up to $4,000 per year.
  • 1/11: request for skype interview to determine short list for campus visit (X2-removed myself from pool due to other offer, fyi. good luck to the others --- congrats and thanks for letting us know!).
  • Offer made and accepted.

British Academy (UK) - Postdoc Fellowships - FINAL OFFER MADE[]

  • The UK National Academy for Humanities and Social Sciences enables outstanding early career researchers to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in a university environment, which will develop their curriculum vitae and improve their prospects of obtaining permanent lecturing posts by the end of the Fellowship.
  • Funding (2008) £184,000 - 243,000 for 3 y.
  • Awards are tenable for three years (not renewable) from a starting date normally in September or October 2011, and certainly no later than 1 January 2013.
  • Up to 45 awards may be available to be taken up in the autumn of 2012 (usual pool is 800 applicants)
  • Deadline: 12 October 2011
  • "Early Career" for the BA means "not more than three years from the PhD" upon taking up the award; the exact date is not yet stated in the online material but based on last years eligibility criteria they mean people who had their vivas on or after 1 April 2009 (with allowances for career breaks etc.)
  • ELIGIBILITY IS RESTRICTED: Documentation from August 2011 says the awards are available to : British citizens; anyone of whatever nationality who has obtained (or expects to have obtained by 1 April 2012) a doctorate from a UK university; and EEA (European Economic Area) nationals (regardless of whether or not they have a UK doctorate). "It is unlikely that anyone who does not fall into one of these categories will be accepted as eligible, but an applicant not otherwise meeting these conditions who can, nevertheless, demonstrate a strong prior association with the UK academic community, may be considered."
  • 30th Jan - Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • According to Egap, it looks like we're meant to hear something today (31/1). Though, judging by past years, a delay wouldn't be surprising.
  • I have not heard anything as yet today (31/1). On Egap my application is marked as 'Assessed' but my status says 'Pending'. I'm also not convinced giving the discussions from previous years on here that we will find out today.
  • Same here: nothing as yet (31/1).
  • Still no outcome, no email to say that there will be a delay either (a.m. 1/2) x3
  • Last year it was 4th February when they sent the first round of e-mails, so I bet they'll leave it for next week :/
  • It's annoying me now, I keep checking my application instead of working! An email to say that there has been a delay wouldn't go a miss. Does anyone know whether we will receive an email informing us of the outcomes or whether it will be posted directly on egap?
  • I don't have the patience for this waiting game - has anyone contacted them to find out how long it might take? Do you think there's even any point trying? Re above comment, from previous years, it seems that they send an email, which should mean that I can stop obsessively checking the egap system, but this isn't going to happen!
  • I feel your pain, although I think my chances are slim I would still like to know the outcome so I can draw a line under it. From comments regarding the delay in previous years it seems that people tried to phone the BA but either couldn't get through or if they did couldn't get an answer about when the results would be announced. As an applicant from a previous year noted, it's crap that as applicants we are bound to keep to their deadlines for submitting but they don't seem to be bothered about keeping to deadlines themselves!
  • They would be better off just saying that applicants will be told the results in early Feb, rather than lulling us into thinking that there's a chance of hearing on 31st Jan! As everyone keeps telling me, you have as much chance as anyone else so don't count yourself out - best of luck.
  • I have been checking my e-mail and egap every half hour today, and it kinda feels nice to know I am not alone in that! I think I have slim chances, but hey, it depends on so many things: what they are looking for, how much money they have, what they have had for breakfast, the movie they saw the other day, whether they have had a good night of sleep... Best of luck to everybody.
  • Still nothing as of 9.00 am (2/2) I have managed to track down an email address for the relevant department at the BA - I'm debating whether to email them
  • Ok, that debate didn't take long! I've emailed them asking when we can expect to receive an outcome - will post on here if I hear anything back from them
  • (3/2) I called the BA's Research Grants department on Tuesday - the original deadline - and was told that there had been a delay until the end of the week. That would be today. We'll see!
  • (3/2) - I posted yesterday re emailing, no one has contacted me as yet with an answer so i'm glad to see that you managed to get an answer by calling. Indeed, we shall wait and see whether today is the day! Good luck everyone
  • (3/2) The Academy is now saying it'll be Monday (the 6th). Fun times.
  • They sent me an email in regards to my enquiry (above) - they said that there has been a delay in decisions but they are "confident" all outcomes will be announced on Monday
  • Thank you for the updates from all of those with enough composure to acually contact the BA! I'm sure that if they had sent one email to everyone explaining the delay, they would have saved themselves a lot of phone answering / email replying. But hey, maybe that's just too much like common sense!
  • Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • (6/2) - Still no news as of 13:00 (x2)
  • (6/2) - Still no news as of 14.30, and (not that it means anything) I'm checking from a slightly-shitty guesthouse in the Nepali Terai where I'm carrying out fieldwork.... Don't you just love being a Dr.?
  • Nothing as of 16:00. I bet we'll hear nothing today.
  • Second stage offer received 16:15 pm.
  • Rejection email received (it was sent at 16:12). It says "A record field of 923 applications were submitted for assessment at the outline stage. Approximately 14% of the total number of applicants, (around 130), have been invited to submit second stage applications, and there are only likely to be around 45 awards at most available at the end of the competition. This means that less than half of those invited to submit second-stage applications are likely to be successful; and the final success rate in the competition is likely to be under 5%." It also affirms that (obviously) there is no specific feedback available on this application - which I suppose applies to all first-stage applications which have been rejected, but may not be the case for the remaining ~130 second-stage applications. (x3 - from Nepal's lovely fly-blown Terai)
  • (06/02) Rejection email received (x2) - on the plus side now I can stop checking my email compulsively and actually do something productive. Good luck to everyone who got through to the second stage.
  • Offer made by email (3pm, 11/05)

Brown University - Pembroke Center Postdoctoral Fellowship - WRITING SAMPLES REQUESTED[]

  • In 2012-13, the Pembroke Center is awarding residential postdoctoral fellowships to scholars from any field whose research relates to the theme of "Economies of Perception". See for full description. Fellows are required to participate in a weekly research seminar and teach one undergraduate course.
  • Candidates are selected on the basis of their scholarly potential and the relevance of their work to the research theme. Recipients must have a Ph.D. and may not hold a tenured position. Brown University is an EEO/AA employer. The Center strongly encourages underrepresented minority scholars to apply.
  • The term of appointment is July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013. The stipend is $50,000, plus a supplement for health insurance. For application instructions see or contact The deadline for applications is December 8, 2011. Selections will be announced in March.
    • Emailed 12-15 for writing sample by 12/21. x 5 -- From what fields?--social science (x1), humanities (x1)
    • Merry Christmas? Rejection letter by snail mail 12/24// I hear you, my friend.
    • Re: rejection letter--did they request a writing sample first?
      • Not from me, no
      • Telephone call notifying selection as alternate (1/20)
    • 3/7 Rejection e-mail (after writing sample request)

Brown University - Political Theory Project - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The Political Theory Project at Brown will be appointing up to five post-doctoral fellows from fields such as Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Constitutional History, American Founding Period, Religion and Politics, Political Economy, Legal Theory, and History of Economic Thought. The Project is particularly interested in candidates whose work synthesizes normative and social scientific/historical aspects of political questions.
  • Fellows pursue their own research, participate in the bi-weekly PTP Working Group, and teach (at most) one small seminar per semester. We are especially interested in candidates who could participate in a team-taught lecture course that combines Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Salary is competitive. Appointment as Post Doctoral Research Associate is for one year, but may be renewable.
  • Applications should include CV, three confidential letters of reference, a one-page research plan, and a writing sample of no more than 20,000 words. Details about the Project’s research and pedagogical missions, and a list of sample courses the Project would like to see developed, can be found in the courses section of our website. On their cover letter, applicants must indicate: 1) how their work advances the Project’s mission and 2) which Project-sponsored course they would most like to teach and why.
  • Applications received by November 1, 2011 will be assured of full consideration.
  • 1/22/12- Anyone hear any news on this?
  • Called on 1/20, the administrative assistant said that once classes restart (1/25), the committee will make a shortlist, probably by the end of the month
  • thanks to the caller above :)
  • Still no news? I bet shortlisted candidates have been contacted by now (x2!!)
  • Is this thread for February 2012? If so, today is February 9th and I have not heard back from them. Has anybody heard anything from them?
  • 2/15/12 Called, no shortlist yet. Administrative ass't will email everyone, on shortlist or not, when the list is made (Hopefully in the next 2 weeks)
    • Sorry, I know this isn't the place for discussion, but doesn't this seem really late?
  • Today is March 4th and I have not heard anything from them. Has somebody been contacted?
  • I enquired. No formal shortlist has been submitted yet, but contacts have gone out to individuals. We'll be notified shortly. I interpret this as somewhat cryptic rejection (5 March)
  • I asked today (March 9) and I received the following mysterious response: "Interviews have been done, but no formal short list has been circulated. Of those interviewed, I believe offers have begun to go out" I interpret this is a partial rejection.

After 5 months, they come up with this? Seriously? (x2!)

  • Offers made
    • Does "offer made" mean that this is the end of the story, or is there something like a wait list?

Brown University - Mellon Fellowship, Global History of Medicine - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Two year Mellon post-doctoral Fellowship in the Global History of Medicine
  • "The field is defined as any sub-set of the history of medicine that explores connections or interactions in more than one region, or that compares the history of medicine between two or more regions. Applicants must have received their degrees from institutions other than Brown within the last five (5) years."
  • Deadline: 3 Feb. 2012
  • 2/8/12: recvd acknowledgement email
  • anyone hear anything (2/28)??
  • any word? (3/5) x2
  • Offer made and accepted [posted 3/20]
  • Congrats! Do you mind sharing your field?

Brown University - Postdoctoral Fellow in Critical Global Humanities - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • two year post doctoral fellowship in Critical Global Humanities
  • "We seek a candidate of exceptional achievement and promise in any field, period, or discipline of the humanities, with the intellectual flexibility to engage in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study and dialogue, as well as a strong commitment to the critical analysis of the humanities in the contexts of globalization and the globalizing university. Scholarly interest in one or more Cogut Center program foci, including Humanities and Science, Humanities and Arts, Medical Humanities, and Religion and Internationalism, is welcome but not required."
  • " Ph.D. must be in hand by 1 July 2012 and must have been awarded by an institution other than Brown University in the previous five years."
  • Deadline: 1 Feb. 2012
  • Ack (email) 1/24
  • Diversity information requested (email) 2/8 X7
  • Diversity information requested (email) 2/8 (x1 - but now the email is gone? I saw it last night but this morning it's not there, was it recalled? lol).
  • Does the diversity info request email actually mean anything? I just assume everyone who applies is asked to fill it out.
  • A: Everyone gets it because they have to (attempt to) collect it from everyone by law. Usually it comes from a different office entirely, which is why you sometimes get the request months after you've already received a rejection notice. The only thing it really indicates for certain is that the university received your stuff.
  • Email request for writing sample of 10 pages (yikes! 10 pages?) Feb 23x 8 --> "Please email one piece of your best and most concise work (10 pages or less would be appreciated)"
  • Does anyone know their next step? Do they plan to hold interviews, or is the next step to make an offer?
  • References have been contacted. 3/8 x3--Thanks for posting. Did you get an email from Brown letting you know this, or did your referees tell you?
    • ​I am a referee for a student who applied, and was sent an e-mail this morning requesting their letter.
    • Does this mean If our referees have not heard from them we are out of the game?
      • Sadly, I'm guessing it does mean we are out.
      • ​For the people who assume they are out because referees have not been contacted: Are you part of the batch that received a request for a writing sample?
      • Yes
      • Hang in there folks-I had counted myself out but then my referees were contacted today (3/12). So maybe they're doing this in waves and some people are yet to hear . . . . who knows.
      • You are really sweet. Thanks for keeping hope alive.
      • Just heard my referees were contacted today as well. (3/14)
  • Does anyone know what the process will be (i.e. interviews, campus visits, etc)?
  • Notification of finalist status sent via e-mail 3/20. (x2). Indicated that there will be phone interviews over the next week or two and then a decision, no mention of campus visits.
  • I called the office today. They said they won't send final notifications before the end of next week, the first week of April. (3/29)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/19)

Bryn Mawr College - Mellon Postdoc in the Humanities -- CAMPUS VISITS[]

  • The Bryn Mawr College programs in Film Studies, Gender and Sexuality, and Latin American, Latino and Iberian Peoples and Cultures seek to sponsor an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities renewable for up to two, one-year terms beginning July 1, 2012. The appointment will begin in the academic year 2012-2013.
  • These programs seek a scholar committed to the theory and practice of film and media studies whose work encompasses Latin America and/or Latino issues in the Humanities or humanistic Social Sciences. The research methodologies and interests of the scholar may be broadly interdisciplinary, although we are especially interested in those who can also offer perspectives on gender and sexuality within these areas. The scholar will help to expand and link the curricular offerings of all of these programs while being situated in an individual anchor department.
  • The successful candidate will teach two courses per year and will also participate in and contribute to the ongoing activities of these programs (such as faculty seminars, workshops and curriculum development initiatives), as well as in the larger intellectual and social life of Bryn Mawr College. Ph.D. required at time of appointment.
  • Please send a letter of application with your CV, a writing sample, and at least three current letters of reference. The committee will begin reading files on March 15, 2012. Please send material to Professor Sharon Ullman, Director of Gender and Sexuality Program, c/o Oliva Cardona, Latin American, Latino and Iberian Peoples and Cultures Program, Bryn Mawr College, 101 North Merion Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010-1022.
  • A contact there has let me know that the invited two scholar/filmakers for campus visits and that the Film department has a lot of influence on this decision (3/30/12)
  • Confirmed invite next week.

Cambridge University - Christ's College JRF - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One four year JRF in "the broad area of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, or non-experimental Sciences (though excluding for this application year any research topics in English Literature or Language)."
  • Deadline: 10 Nov. 2011
  • Anyone heard from Christ's?
  • Nothing (12 Dec)
  • Rejection e-mail (13 Dec) x 3
  • Rejection e-mail (14 Dec)

Cambridge University - Christ's College H Lloyd JRF DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One four-year post-doctoral research position in "Medieval or Modern History; English; Modern and Medieval Languages; and Pre-historical or Medieval Archaeology"
  • Applicants should be near to completion of the PhD, or have been awarded it after 1 Jan 2011.
  • Deadline: 27 Apr. 2012
    • Application Confirmation email recieved 25/4/12
    • Has anyone received an invitation to submit written work? No, not me.
    • I haven't either ^
    • Rejection email 21/5/12 (x4)

Cambridge University - Churchill, Fitzwilliam, Murray Edwards, Selwyn, Trinity Hall JRFS - INVITATIONS TO INTERVIEW[]

  • Total 12 JRF (post-doctoral fellowships) in multiple subjects across five colleges
  • Single online application portal
  • Deadline: 5pm GMT, 20 Nov. 2011; referees reports by 23 Nov.
  • Churchill
    • One stipendary in "Archaeology and Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, History, and Social Anthropology."
  • Fitzwilliam
    • "One stipendiary Fellowship, co-funded by the Isaac Newton Trust in one of the following subjects: English, Classics, Law and Politics"
  • Murray Edwards (was New Hall)
    • "One stipendiary Fellowship in Arts subjects."
  • Selwyn
    • "One stipendiary Centenary Fellowship in the following Arts subjects: Anglo Saxon, Architecture, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Classics, English, History of Art, Linguistics, Modern & Medieval Languages, Music, Philosophy, Theology."
  • Trinity Hall
    • "One stipendiary Fellowship in Arts and Social Sciences subjects."

Does anybody have any idea when they will contact applicants to submit work? Do the colleges do this separately (and at different times), or through a central system/ single interview etc.?

  • 10th January I believe (FAQs on the application pages).
  • Yes: invitation to submit work just received (10 Jan). Interviews would seem to be done separately by each college (except Churchill, who do not interview), and will apparently be in early March. X4
  • I'm still waiting to hear from them so I presume that this means I am not being invited to submit written work. Anyone else waiting to hear? -- Nothing here either (Jan 10). It's possible that they're notifying by discipline, although I guess it's unlikely...
  • I haven't heard anything either (Jan 10) so also presume this means I am not being invited to submit work. Are invites to subit work coming from seperate colleges, or a central system? -- Central system (managed by Churchill College).
    • In fact there is no way to tell from the invitation which college(s) are interested. Does anyone know if it's possible we are being considered by more than one?
    • Found out that it is possible that we may be considered by multiple Colleges in the group.
      Interviews for the various Colleges of the Joint application scheme will take place in the week of 12 - 16 March (as stated on the website, the interviews will actually start on 14 March). Selected candidates will be notified at short-notice prior to these dates if called to interview.
  • Rejection received (11 Jan) x2
  • The website has 10 January, but my confirmation email states "if selected...we will contact you after 12 January."
  • Is anyone else still waiting to hear a response? Yes - 01/15. I asked why I did not hear and they forwarded me an email I never received, notifying me of my rejection on 11/1- darn.
    • Likewise. A brief yet friendly rejection indicating that "the first stage of the junior research fellowship has now been completed" and that they received over 900 applications. 18/1/2012.
  • Still no news regarding interviews for those of us who made the long list? I'm wondering how short "short notice" is. x3
    • The search committee in Trinity Hall will meet on Monday, 5 March; don't know about the other colleges though
    • Invitation to interview at Murray Edwards received 28th Feb.
    • Invitation to interview at Fitzwilliam received 5 March.
    • Anyone heard from Trinity Hall or the other colleges ? (6/3) --x2
    • (Spoke with fellowship secretary 6/3: 'invitations are at the discretion of individual colleges' notification of this 'should be sometime this week')
    • Has anyone received a post longlist rejection from one of these colleges? Perhaps they only notify those who have been called to interview? (7/3) x2
    • Invitation to interview for arts fellowship at Trinity Hall. (7/3)
    • Anyone heard from Churchill or Selwyn? (12 Mar)
    • I enquired and was told that Selwyn shortlisted people.I don't know about Churchill (no interviews). In any case "All candidates will hear either way in the week of 19 March". - Thanks! Does this mean that shortlisted people have also been contacted by Selwyn? I don't know. All I found out at Selwyn was that I'm not on their shortlist.

Cambridge University - Clare College - Santander PostDoc Portuguese Studies -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year (subject to review) post-doctoral position in Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies
  • "The candidate will be expected to hold a PhD. They will have a strong profile, both in terms of research and publications, and with the promise to bring an outstanding input to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. They will be expected to have a native or excellent non-native command of Portuguese and English."
  • Deadline: 26 Mar. 2012

Cambridge University - Clare Hall - Newton/Johnston JRF - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 3-year research fellowship in Economics, History or Law
  • "The Fellowship is open to graduates of any university with no age limit, but is intended to support those at an early stage in their academic careers, and will normally be awarded to a candidate within five years of completing their PhD"
  • "Anyone interested in applying for the Fellowship should note that the standard needed to progress to the later stages of the competition is extremely high. Overseas candidates should also note that the College will not pay for international travel should they be short-listed for interview."
  • SHORT deadline: 30 Dec. 2011
  • Does anyone know when Clare Hall will first contact candidates, or has anyone received any communication?
  • No, but I asked and found out that invitations will be sent out shortly. They said that they hope to hold interviews around the 23rd February (when the non-stipendary JRF interviews are taking place); as both
    results have to go to the Fellowship Ctte on 27th February and then to the
    College Governing Body on 7th March. - Thanks!
  • Has anybody had a first round acceptance / rejection notification yet? (09/02)
  • Nope (12/02); Still nope (16/02) x3
  • I was told they are experiencing delays in arranging assessors, it
    being a new fellowship (17/2)
  • still no word... (5/3) x2
  • I enquired. No shortlist yet, but they are going to contact people very soon (5/3).
  • Does anyone know what's going on with the non-stipendiary competition for Clare Hall? Were the results approved by the College Governing Body on March 7th? Yes, offer made on 8/3. I'm still waiting for news regarding funding and stipendary applications. It may be that this is why they didn't send out rejection letters yet (I might not take the offer at the end. Aha! Thanks for your update :) much appreciated!
  • rejection (email) 27/3 x2

Cambridge University - Corpus Christi JRF - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 3-year research fellowship in one of the following subjects: "British History, Sociology, Materials Science, and Geography"
    • (Note that for previous students at this college there are no subject restrictions)
  • "The Research Fellowship is open to graduates of any university who on 1 October 2012 will have completed not more than five years of research"
  • Deadline: (Noon, GMT) 17 Nov. 2011
  • Rejection email (12/1)

Cambridge University - CRASSH Mellon/Newton Fellows - INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • Two 2-year post-doctoral fellowships at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • "Applicants must have been awarded a PhD by the application deadline (2 March 2012) and should normally have been awarded it not more than five years prior to taking up their fellowship"
  • "Research proposals must relate to the Centre’s theme for 2011-13, Cultures and Politics of the Transregional"
  • Deadline: 2 Mar. 2012 [noon GMT]
    • Interviews: week of the 24th April.
  • 2/4/12 Has anyone heard anything? Thanks and good luck. A: No, still waiting as well [3/4/12 x 2]. A: Same here [11/4/12]. A: Same here (13/4/12)
  • I enquired: Selection committee are meeting this Thursday 19 April to shortlist for interview. Shortlisted candidates will hear by the end of the week. Interviews will be held on Friday 27 April.
    • [20 Apr.] Has anyone had a positive invite? It's 5pm on Friday, and I've had nothing, so I'm assuming no news is bad news.
    • [24 Apr.] Rejection email. X2 (pretty carelessly composed, it seems, which is rather irritating).

Cambridge University - CRASSH/ERC Post-Docs - SHORTLIST NOTIFIED[]

  • 6 five-year [actually 4 years + 9 months] postdoctoral positions working on the European Research Council funded project: "The Bible & Antiquity in Nineteenth Century Culture"
  • "Applications are encouraged with regard to any relevant field including history, art history, classics, literary studies, Jewish studies, history of archaeology, history of education, cultural history, history of scholarship, theology, history of biblical interpretation, philosophy, history of science, Egyptology, Assyriology"
  • "Applicants are asked to submit a proposal on any relevant aspect of the five major themes of the project: the bible in and as history; the bible in and as fiction; the bible and its institutions; the material bible; archaeology and the bible."
  • Deadline: 2 Apr. [Online applications ONLY]
  • Any news (5/5)? Next week, I guess' ("Interviews will be held on 23rd and/or 24th May 2012 (one of either day). Shortlisted candidates invited for interview will be informed by 11 May 2012.")
  • has anyone been informed yet? (10/5)
  • Shortlisted for interview (10/5)
  • Anyone with an offer yet? (24/10)

Cambridge University - Department of History & Philosophy of Science (Science of Human Nature) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 4 year research post-doctoral positions on the "Science of Human Nature: Philosophical Disputes at the Interface of Natural and Social Sciences" project.
  • Candidates must have "an outstanding record in a field related to the project: such fields are likely to include the philosophy of social science, the history of science (especially social and human sciences), and the philosophy of mind" and the PhD in hand by appointment (date not stated, but by implication Aug 2012.)
  • Hard copy applications ONLY
  • Deadline: 10 Feb. 2012
    • Interviews: 9 Mar. 2012

Cambridge University - Department of History & Philosophy of Science ('Economic Journalism') - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 4 year research post-doctoral positions on the project "'Economics in the Public Sphere: USA, UK, France, Poland and Brazil since 1945'"
  • "Candidates must have an outstanding record in a field related to the project (history of social science, communications studies, and sociology of knowledge) and an excellent knowledge of the economic and political history of the country case selected. Preferred applicants will have experience in one or more of the research methods: archival research, oral history, ethnographic observation, content and textual analysis of media. Candidates must have completed their doctorate prior to taking up the appointment"
  • Hard copy applications ONLY
  • Deadline: 1 Mar. 2012
    • Interviews: 22 Mar. 2012

Cambridge University- Department of History & Philosophy of Science; Research & Teaching Associate -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2-year teaching and research post-doc position in the Philosophy of Science
  • "The successful candidate will have completed a PhD (and will hold a PhD certificate) before taking up the post and will be expected to contribute fully to the lecturing, supervising, examination and administration of courses for both undergraduate and graduate students in the Department."
  • Hard copy applications ONLY
  • Deadline: 30 Mar. 2012
    • Interviews: 24 Apr. 2012

Cambridge University - Emmanuel College - FELLOWS ANNOUNCED[]

  • 3 x 3-year JRFs in any subject
  • "Applicants must show promise of being able to pursue research at the highest international level, and should not have completed more than eight years of post-graduate study and research by October 1, 2012."
  • Deadline: 6 Oct. 2011
  • Longlisted, invited to submit written work: Nov. 15, 2011 (x2)
  • Has anyone had a rejection email yet?
  • Rejection email received: Nov. 15, 2011 (x4)
  • I haven't heard anything. Any other applicants in this position?
  • Yes. I do English - how about you?
  • Rejection received 16 Nov.
  • [22 Feb]- Successful candidates announced

Cambridge University - Faculty of Divinity -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year Mellon Postdoctoral fellowship in "Christianity and the Diaspora in a European Contex"
  • PhD must be in hand by 1 October & not obtained earlier than October 2008.
  • Deadline: 23 Mar

Cambridge University - Faculty of Philosophy - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 2-year post-doctoral positions in Philosphy
  • One in: "Philosophy of Physics and/or Foundations of Physics" & for the other "a research interest in pragmatic approaches to modality will be a strong advantage, and suitable candidates are likely to have a background in Pragmatism, Metaphysics, and/or Philosophy of Language."
  • "The primary role of the Research Fellows will be to conduct their own research, and candidates will be expected to provide evidence of exceptional potential for research and publication at an international level. (In most cases, candidates will not be competitive unless they already have publications in leading journals.)"
  • Deadline: 13 Feb. 2012

Cambridge University - Faraday Institute for Science and Religion - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3 year post-doctoral position "working with Prof. John Wood [Imperial College, London] on a project entitled "Restoring Spiritual Values to European Research"
  • "The overall object is to compare the current status of the European Research Area and its underlying values with those of the founders of the concept of European partnership, with particular reference to religious values. The successful candidate will have independent research experience and an interest in international research policy and outcomes, and must be in agreement with the ethos and aims of The Faraday Institute."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Interviews early in Nov.

Cambridge University - Girton College JRF - INTERVIEW INVITATIONS[]

  • One 3-year research fellowship in "Architecture, Art History, Education, Human Geography, Law, Music, Philosophy (inc. Philosophy of Science), Politics, Psychology, Sociology or Theology"
  • "The Fellowship is open to graduates of any university with no age limit, but it is intended to support those at an early stage in their academic careers, and will normally be awarded to a candidate who has recently completed a Ph.D. or is close to completion."
  • "Those interested should note that the standard needed to progress to the later stages of the competition is extremely high. Overseas candidates should also note that the College cannot be responsible for payment of air fares should they be short-listed for interview."
  • Deadline: 11 Jan. 2012
    • Work to be submitted early-Feb
    • Interviews: 13 Mar. 2012
    • Invitation to submit work (26/1); fellowship meeting 6 March; interviews 13 March
    • invited for interview (6/3)

Cambridge University - Gonville & Caius JRF - OFFERED & ACCEPTED[]

  • WARNING ABOUT CAMBRIDGE AND OXFORD JRFs: (if you have different experiences please comment below). The most common word used about all JRF fellowships at Oxbridge is nepotistic (this is from people at the institution). I have been advised that if you do not have a strong personal network at Oxbridge, either undergraduate or PhD from these institutions, and/or letters of recommendation from Oxbridge professors in the department you are aiming for, it is not worth applying. This advice is relevant for JRF positions not for seperate Oxbridge postdoc positions.
    • (The Talk Page is a good place to have these sorts of discussions. AFII)
    • Thx, have re-posted on the talk page
  • Four year Research Fellowships in all fields now being considered
  • "Candidates should be university graduates or research students and should not have been engaged in full-time post-graduate research for longer than four years, or the equivalent in part-time research, by 1 October 2011."
  • Deadline: 30 Sept. 2011
    • Decision: 20 Jan. 2012
    • N.B. Interviews and decisions are made on the same day and candidates will need to make a decision whether to accept or decline within 24 hours.
    • Hello! Has anyone heard anything about their Caius JRF application? -- Nothing here (11/16)
    • Just got an email saying applications are currently being evaluated by fellows. (11/16, x 3)
    • Found out that no decisions are expected to be made before mid January.
    • Has anybody heard that they have an interview? (11th Jan)
    • No, nothing (13th Jan)
    • On the basis of past wikis, G&C seems to give less than a week's notice to interviewees so this is not suprising. Presumably the shortlist will come in the next couple of days (16th Jan).
    • Invitation to interview received (16 Jan) Congratulations! Could I ask what your field is?
    • Has anyone received a rejection? I'm assuming that those not contacted for interviews are out, but rejection letters provide a nice sense of closure, in the sense that they definitively squash all hope of success (16 Jan).
    • Fellowship offered and accepted (20 Jan). Congrats!

Cambridge University - Homerton College JRF - SHORTLIST MADE[]

  • Two 3-year Research Fellowships in Modern Languages; History (British and European History from 1500 to present day); Psychology, Politics, Economics, Geography; Biology (in particular, Biomedicine), Chemistry, Physics
  • "There is no age limit for eligibility, but the College will not normally appoint Junior Research Fellows who are more than three years beyond the award of a doctorate"
  • Deadline: 9 Dec. 2011
    • "Selected candidates will be invited, in the second week of January 2012, to submit further written work online.
    • Interviews: 2 Mar. 2012
    • Invitation to submit written work received today (11 Jan)
    • Likewise, rejection email (11 Jan) x2
    • Anyone invited for interview? (16 Feb) Nothing here (18 Feb)
    • Shortlist made today. Rejection email received (24 Feb)
    • Invitation to interview received today (24 Feb)

Cambridge University - Jesus College JRFs - ELECTIONS MADE[]

  • Two, 3-year stipendiary Research Fellowships from 1 October 2012, one in an Arts subject and one in a Science subject.
  • Candidates who have undertaken more than four years of full-time research are unlikely to be considered.
  • "To be eligible for a Research Fellowship you must pass all the following eligibility requirements:
    1. You have completed an undergraduate degree at a University or equivalent institution.
    2. You graduated for your first undergraduate degree after 1 June 2006."
  • Applications, including two referees' reports, must be submitted online by 1pm on Friday 09 September 2011.
  • Short-list in October 2011.
  • Elections will be made no later than November 2011.
    • Short listed. Invitation to submit written work (11th Oct 2011).
    • has anyone received a rejection email? (10/11)
    • Just got a rejection email this morning. (x7, 10/14)
    • Rejection email received (10/21)
    • Short list rejection e-mail received (28/11)

Cambridge University - King's College JRFs - INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • Two, 4-year post-doctoral positions "in the field of Historical Studies, interpreted broadly"
  • Your PhD must not have been awarded before 30 Sept. 2010
  • Applications through the online system only, including references, and "we will also need the names of two further readers for your work and...we depend on the referees to provide us with that information."
  • Deadline: 16 Sept. 2011
    • Interviews: 23 Feb. 2012
  • Has anybody heard anything yet? They said 2/3 weeks didn't they? Should I assume I'm out? (14/10)
    • Rejection e-mail received (17/10) x8
    • longlist email received 10/17.
    • rejection email received 20 Jan
  • [25 Feb] Interviews were held in the past week (via a friend with an interview).

Cambridge University - Magdalene College JRF - APPOINTMENT MADE[]

  • Lumley Fellowship, endowed through the generosity of H R L Lumley, in the Humanities

Applications are invited from graduates, male or female, from any university. Candidates should normally have completed two or three years of research and may have written a PhD dissertation. Short-listed candidates will be called for interview; and the expenses of travel within the United Kingdom only will be paid by the College.

The deadline for applications is noon on 21 November 2011.

  • Invitation to submit written work (Jan 10th)
  • Found out that next meeting will take place on Thursday 26 January. They will let those who
    have been successful know that day. The interviews take place on Thursday 2
  • Invitation to interview received this morning (26 Jan)
  • Has anyone received notification that they have been unsuccessful?
  • Yes, also on Jan 26, but I think the reasons why I was notifified is because I had been invited to submit written work on Jan 10th.
  • Interviews held and appointment made (2 February).

Cambridge University - Newnham College - INTERVIEW INVITATIONS[]

  • Junior Research Fellowship (3 years) in 'Classics, Archaeology and Anthropology, Modern and Medieval Languages, Philosophy, Geography, History and Philosophy of Science' (posting states 2011/12, commencing 1 Oct. 2012)
  • Female candidates only
  • Deadline: Nov. 2011
  • Second round notification Dec 2011 with submission of extra material by end of Dec 2011
  • Decision to be made by Mar. 2012.
  • Any news on this one? (Dec 8)
  • Nothing (Dec 8) - results to be communicated by 16 Dec.
  • Has anyone heard anything? (14/12) - No (15/12), expect to hear this afternoon or tomorrow.
  • Rejection (15/12) x3
  • Rejection (15/12). Would be interesting to know the subject areas of those asked to submit written work.
  • Rejection - History of Science, Oxbridge, internal referee...
  • Longlist (15/12 - modern languages) x2
  • Rejection (15/12) - Classical Archaeology; also Oxbridge graduate with internal referee...
  • Rejection (15/12)- History of Art, internal Oxbridge
  • Does anyone know when they will be notifying people who have interviews? They are to be held Feb 17, so should be fairly soon. --- I was told the committee meets on February 9th (1/30). <-- Thank you!
  • Rejection from longlist (9/2)
  • Invitation to interview (9/2)

Cambridge University - Pembroke College - Trebilcock/Newton Trust Fellowship - INTERVIEWS INVITED[]

  • 3 year postdoctoral research fellowship in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • "Candidates should have recently completed or be about to complete a doctoral degree."
  • Deadline: 23 Sept. 2011
    • longlist email received 10/18.
    • rejection email received 10/18 (x7).
    • interview (of 6 candidates) and rejection 11/14.

Cambridge University - Peterhouse College - INTERVIEW INVITATIONS[]

  • 2 Junior Research Fellowships open to men and women in any discipline, one in Arts, and one in Sciences (posting states 2011/12, commencing 1 Oct. 2012)
  • Candidates must be graduates of, or current students at, universities in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. Candidates must, by the 1st October 2012, have passed all examinations required for a first degree at a university and would be expected to have gained at least a 2.i classification, or equivalent. Candidature is also restricted to those who commenced full-time research work on a PhD degree not earlier than the 1st October 2008.
  • Deadline: 14 Nov. 2011
  • Second round notification Dec 2011 with submission of extra material by end of Dec 2011
  • Candidates will be short-listed on 25 November 2011.
  • Interviews will take place on 20 January 2012.
  • Rejection email received 24 November (x4)
  • Shortlist email also received 24 November
  • Interview; successful and rejected candidates notified: 20 Jan

Cambridge University Smuts Research Fellowship African Studies - FINALISTS CHOSEN[]

  • Three year research post-doc in African Studies
  • "Ideally applicants will have gained a PhD (or equivalent) within the last five years or will have gained a PhD by the time of the appointment. Candidates should have excellent research ability in a field which fits with the interdisciplinary ethos of the Centre. The Role holder will be expected to carry out an approved programme of research relating to Africa, to participate in the life of the Centre, and to contribute a small amount of teaching for the MPhil in African Studies."
  • Deadline: 9 Mar. 2012
  • Rejection letter received; states that finalists have been chosen (3/29)

Cambridge University - Sidney Sussex JRF - RESULTS ANNOUNCED[]

  • Deadline: Monday 7 November
  • Has anyone heard from them? (Dec 9) --- Nope (12/9)
  • I believe they are interviewing today (12/12)
  • Can I ask on what basis? Does anyone know whether unsuccessful applicants will be contacted?
  • No, interviews will happen in January.
  • Have successful applicants been contacted? Or unsuccessful ones? I don't think they have interviewed yet - they were interveiwing for undergraduates in December! They ask for work to be submitted before interviewing anyone for JRFs.
  • Interview scheduled (Jan 5) for January 16.
  • 9 Jan: rejection received (x4)
  • Has anyone else not heard either way? I assume a rejection is forthcoming, but just in case... (1/10)
  • Awaiting reply as well (11 Jan)
  • Still waiting... (14 Jan)
  • Results came out today (16 Jan) -- The winner has been announced?

Cambridge University - St Catharine's JRFs - SHORTLIST MADE[]

  • 'Up to' one 3-year stipendary JRF (!) open to "graduates of any University who (i) are members of the College, or (ii) not being members of the College, are engaged in research in the Humanities and Social Sciences"
  • "Fellowships are intended to support those at an early stage in their academic careers, and will normally be awarded to those who have recently completed their PhD research, or are close to completion. Candidates should not ordinarily have had more than one year of post-doctoral experience, nor have already held a Research Fellowship elsewhere."
  • FYI, the college application form (one of the required uploads) is here:
  • "By mid-November 2011 the Electors will construct a list of candidates who will be invited to submit dissertations or other written work by 30 November 2011. Any candidates who have not heard from the College by the end of November can assume that they have not been placed on this list. Separate letters will not be written in view of the large numbers involved."
    • Has anybody had a request for written work yet? (14 Nov) -- Nope (11/14)
  • Deadline: 2. Nov. 2011
  • Anyone heard anything by now? (11/18) No (11/18), but it might have to do with the fact that they don't want to give you too much time to revise and submit your written work. Perhaps I'm overinterpreting, who knows. I expect them to inform people on Monday 21st.
  • Has anybody heard anything today? (11/21) No, unfortunately not (11/22) No (11/25)
  • It probably means we didn't get shortlisted.
  • One can only be certain by going to the application website, and seeing whether it says 'this application was deselected on'... Mine doesn't say this yet (11.28)
  • Do you know someone whose web app status has changed to "deselected" on a specific date?
  • For what it's worth, I wonder whether the slightly unclear wording just means 'you will be _sent the invitation_ to submit written work by 30th November' - rather than Nov. 30th being the actual deadline for submissions.
  • I don't know anyone whose status has changed. May well be the case that 30th Nov is date by which one will hear-otherwise shortlisting process would have been very quick.
  • If no one's application does say 'deselected' vel sim. I wonder if that's apocryphal. Because if someone did something to an application to deselect it, the system would very probably send out an automatic email. But we know for sure that we _won't_ hear anything if we haven't been shortlisted. So I'd say the only sure way to know how you've done is if you've heard from them (or not) by the end of... today...
    • Nope. We are OUT. This is what I found on here about 2009/10: "11/19- Received email of making the long short list and requesting that written work be sent by email by November 30th x2."
  • Rejection email received (11/30). x5 (Finally put out of our misery!
    • ... well, that answers that question!
    • Shortlisted - email received 30th November
    • Has anyone on the shortlist heard anything further yet? (5 Feb)
    • Final stage rejection email received (10 Feb)

Cambridge University - Trinity College - JRFs 2012 - FELLOWS ELECTED[]

  • Junior Research Fellowship (up to 4 years), to start 2 October 2012.
  • The Fellowships are available in all branches of University studies.
  • The competition is open only to those for whom this Fellowship would be their first substantial paid academic or research appointment, discounting (i) any scholarship or studentship to assist study for a degree and (ii) up to nine months of post-doctoral work, counted from the date of submission of their PhD thesis to the date of the final meeting of the Fellowship Electors.
  • Deadline: 12.00 noon (GMT) on Thursday 1 September 2011
  • A shortlist of candidates will be drawn up by 3 October 2011. Candidates will be told as soon as possible thereafter whether they have been short-listed. Those on the short-list will be invited to submit a dissertation and a statement, in about 2,000 words.
  • There are NO interviews.
    • Rejection email received (10/4). (x10)
    • shortlist email received (10/4) (x1) invited to submit work by 31/10, awaiting decision of fellowship on 20/1/12
    • rejection email received 16 Jan (x2)
  • Congratulations to the elected Fellows:
  • An outstanding group!

Cambridge University - Queens College JRF - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2 JRFs in East Asian History and Physics
  • Posts are for up to three years, and for the history position: "Applications...should note that the College proposes to elect a JRF in a field defined as the study of: Japan, the People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea (South Korea), or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)."
  • Deadline (online applications): noon GMT 9 Sept. 2011
    • Interviews 26th Nov. 2011

Cambridge University - St John's College JRFs - FELLOWS APPOINTED[]

  • 3 year post-doctoral positions for graduates of a UK university only
  • ABD or PhD awarded no earlier than 1 Oct. 2010
  • Deadline: 3 Oct. 2011
    • No Interviews: appointment in January
  • Rejection email received (10/11)
  • Have shortlisted candidates been notified?
    • Yes, email received (10/11)
  • They appointed 4. The list of lucky research fellows is here: (22/1)

Carnegie Mellon University - African/American Urban Collaboration... -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Nine month post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for African american Urban Studies and the Economy (CAUSE) " in the humanities and/or social sciences doing history-related research in African American urban studies. "
  • "The fellow will pursue his/her own research project; collaborate with the director on current center projects (particularly the Heinz History Center’s exhibit, From Slavery to Freedom: Pittsburgh and the Underground Railroad)"
  • Deadline: 20 Mar. 2012
    • Decision by 15 Apr.
    • has anyone heard anything?
    • I heard that a decision has been made and that letters will be going out at the end of this week. I don't know if the winning candidate has been already notified by email or phone though. Perhaps.

Carnegie Mellon - A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities - WRITING SAMPLE REQUESTED[]

  • Carnegie Mellon University, with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is pleased to accept applications for two A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities for the 2012-2014 academic years. These fellowships are designed to foster the academic careers of scholars who have recently received their Ph.D. degrees by permitting them to pursue their research while gaining mentored experience as teachers and members of one of Carnegie Mellon’s four humanities departments (English, History, Modern Languages, and Philosophy) in which they will be housed.
    • The Department of English is interested in candidates whose research is in Transnational American Studies or American Culture in Transnational perspective. Specific research interests might include film and media, literature, performance studies, global studies, cultural theory or discourse analysis.
    • The Department of Modern Languages is particularly interested in candidates whose research focuses on an area of Second Language Acquisition (e.g. literacy development, social or cognitive dimensions of second language learning, contexts of second language learning, cultural dimensions of language acquisition, technology-enhanced learning, language assessment) and has native or near-native proficiency in one or more of the areas of language and cultural studies offered in the Department (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish).
    • The Philosophy Department seeks a scholar who specializes in the philosophical study of decision making including but not limited to research in decision and/or game theory. Scholars should have a strong background in the philosophical aspects of decision making, but special consideration will be given to interdisciplinary scholars that focus on philosophical, mathematical, and scientific theories of decision making.
    • The Department of History seeks a historian in one of the following areas: World War II, European or Pacific theater, with focus on partisan movements, migrations, or other social mobilizations and impacts; history of epidemics and historical epidemiology, especially in Europe or East Asia; or history of Chinese science, technology, or medicine.
  • Terms of appointment: Fellows will teach two courses in their home department(s) in each year of their residency. They will have the opportunity to teach in their existing areas of expertise to prepare themselves for a competitive academic job market. Fellows will be encouraged to take part in the many cross-departmental colloquia, conferences, or seminars though the university’s Humanities Center, the Center for the Arts in Society, and the undergraduate Humanities Scholars Program. A 2012–2014 Fellow will receive an annual stipend of $50,000 plus benefits, an annual research allowance of $2,500, and, for the first year of the appointment, three summer months salary.
  • Application and selection process: Applicants for the 2012–2014 fellowships must have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than January 1, 2010. Candidates who do not yet hold a Ph.D. but expect to by June 30, 2012 should supply a letter from their home institution corroborating such a schedule.
  • Applications for the 2012–2014 fellowships must be received in the Administrator's office by November 15, 2011. Incomplete dossiers will not be reviewed. Candidates should submit a cover letter, CV, personal statement (of no longer than 2000 words) outlining their complete research (including dissertation), work in progress, professional goals and plans for publication, proposed major field(s) of teaching, and the Carnegie Mellon department in which you would want to be based, and three letters of reference. (Note: reference letters may be sent with the candidate’s application materials in sealed signed envelopes or directly by the referees.)
  • Fellowship applications and departmental requests to house a fellow will be evaluated by Carnegie Mellon’s Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship Advisory Committee, in consultation with the Dean and Associate Dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences. Strong fellowship applications will be circulated to relevant departments.
  • Should you have questions, please direct them to All application materials and other correspondence should be addressed to:
    • Administrator, A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships
    • Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Office of the Dean
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Baker Hall 154
    • 5000 Forbes Avenue
    • Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • I'm having a little trouble sussing this one out: are they looking for applicants in English and Modern Language only, or are they open to those of us who hail from History and Philosophy, as well?
    • I've emailed them about this, trying to figure it out. I haven't heard back yet.
    • Here's what I found out, from the administrator: "The Department of History seeks a historian in one of the following areas: World War II, European or Pacific theater, with focus on partisan movements, migrations, or other social mobilizations and impacts; history of epidemics and historical epidemiology, especially in Europe or East Asia; or history of Chinese science, technology, or medicine."
      • thanks to the above poster for their inquires. It seems that Carnegie Mellon's history department should have been a lot more transparent about this earlier. Would have saved those of us who don't fit the description the bother of applying.
      • Note: there is a better posting available at the Chronicle of Higher Ed (
    • Anyone receive contact on this yet? Or a general idea of when they'll have results?(1/13 x2)
    • Writing sample request over e-mail. (1/20)<-- Would you mind saying which department?
    • Rejection received by email. It was one of the more nicely phrased rejections I've received, though. 3/8
      • Same. English.
    • ...echo...echo...echo...this Mellon seems hollow. What gives?
    • Any news? Have awards been made?

Carnegie Mellon University - Residential Fellowship - Media and Social Change - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2012·2013. The Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University is offering a residential fellowship, junior or senior, as part of its yearlong program entitled "Media and Social Change." Candidates for the junior fellowship must have the Ph.D. in hand at the time of application. Candidates for the senior fellowship must have a record of scholarship in an area relevant to the themes and hold a continuing academic post. The fellowships include stipends of $35,000-$40.000 and an office with a computer. Please go to for further information and application instructions.
  • Deadline for applications: Must be received by January 15, 2012. Apply Here:
    • Anyone hear anything here? (4/6)

Christopher Newport University - 2 post-docs in American Constitutional Studies- OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Center for American Studies at Christopher Newport University invites applications for one or two post-doctoral fellowships in American Constitutional Studies, beginning in August 2012. The Center seeks to hire one or two post-doctoral fellows for one year with the possibility of renewal for up to three years. CNU's Center for American Studies, housed in the Department of Leadership and American Studies, is an interdisciplinary initiative that promotes teaching and scholarship on America's founding principles and history, economic foundations, and national security. The successful candidate will hold a concurrent title as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership and American Studies.
  • The successful candidate will have a teaching and research focus on America's founding principles; the history of economic thought, constitutionalism, and democratic culture; America's leadership and interaction on the world stage; or the American capitalist system. Teaching responsibilities will include courses on one or more of the above topics. We have a particular need for candidates who can teach AMST 300 - our American Studies core course on world views of America and America's view of the world - and/or courses related to economics within America's constitutional system. The post-doctoral fellow will be expected to maintain an active research and scholarly agenda and teach a 2-1 course load in the University's American Studies major during the academic year. Candidates will also assist in the planning and development of activities in conjunction with the Center for American Studies. Candidates must have documented evidence (including letters from their dissertation committee) that they will have a Ph.D. in-hand by August 1, 2012.
  • To apply, please send a letter of application, current curriculum vitae, copies of graduate transcripts (photocopies acceptable for initial screening), syllabi and other evidence of teaching style and effectiveness, and three letters of recommendation to: Director of Equal Opportunity and Faculty Recruitment, Post-Doctoral American Studies Faculty Search, Search #8397, Christopher Newport University, 1 University Place, Newport News, VA 23606.
  • Review of applications begins January 10, 2012. Applications received after January 10, 2012, will be accepted but considered only if needed.
  • Also posted at American Studies 2012
  • 1/20 Email for Telephone interview, scheduled for 1/27
  • 2/3 Campus interview requested
  • 2/28 Offer made and accepted

Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellowships, UC-Berkeley - FINALISTS NOTIFIED[]

  • Deadline: December 9, 2011
  • Natural Resource Economics and Political Economy, defined broadly to include environmental resources. The fellowship encourages, but is not limited to, policy-oriented research. Applications are open to scholars from any social science discipline, and related professional fields such as law and planning, who will make significant contributions to research on natural resource economics broadly defined. Preference will be given to proposals whose orientation is broadly institutional and/or historical, and which are conceptually and theoretically innovative.
  • A one-year postdoctoral award with a salary of $54,192, renewable for a second year. It is expected that the applicant will possess a doctorate or equivalent conferred within the past five years.
  • Fellowships include $2,000 toward research-related expenses and one-way economy airfare to Berkeley for each fellow and his/her immediate family.
  • Just curious if anyone has heard anything about this one? (2/29)
  • nothing, and it seems late.... (3/17)
  • called and asked Mr. Gilstrap - committee was planning to meet today or tomorrow (3/19)
  • Any new news??? (3/22)
  • nope... (3/30)
  • ....has anybody heard anything yet?? (4/10)
  • called office and was told that finalists have been notified, have one more week to accept; in past, have had to go to second/even third lists to fill all the spots (4/10)

Collegium Carolingium, Munich (Ger.) 20th C History post docs - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 3-year research postdocs on the topic: "Ordering Diversity. Concepts of Federalism in the Habsburg Monarch and its Successor States."
  • Deadline: 15 May 2012

College of William and Mary - Mellon Faculty Fellow in European Studies - SKYPE INTERVIEWS REQUESTED[]

  • The European Studies Program at The College of William and Mary invites applications for a Mellon Faculty Fellow position in the Humanities or social sciences. European Studies is a concentration within the interdisciplinary major of Global Studies, and is supported by a dozen faculty affiliates in multiple departments. The qualifications are Ph.D. in hand at the time of appointment and a demonstrated interest in blending undergraduate teaching with research in European Studies. An interest and expertise in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies will also be helpful. As a liberal arts university dedicated to the joint pursuit of research and teaching, The College offers the successful candidate a unique platform for professional advancement: research-based teaching, mentorship, and support for independent scholarship and conference travel. Successful candidates will have a two-year appointment, a reduced three-course load per year, and a salary of $50,000.
  • All application materials must be submitted online at Items required include a letter of interest, current CV, copies of any significant publications, course syllabi and teaching evaluations, and three letters of reference.
  • Review begins November 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Has this position been pulled? If not, could a direct link to the application be provided? (10/24)
    • This position was advertised in the MLA Job Information List on 10/21/11. The Wm & Mary job site does not seem to allow direct linking, but you can still find this position posted there if you search for Position Number F0009L. The web page for European Studies is but there does not seem to be any information on this position there at this time.
    • The position might not longer exist or has been filled as of 11/6/2011. Searching via the Position Number returns no results and the only Mellon-related positions are in Global Studies and Africana Studies.
    • Has anyone heard from them? (12/03/11)-- Not me (12/08/11) -(12/9) confirmed "you're on the list" when asked if they received my applicaiton.
    • I haven't heard hide nor hair. (1/2)
    • Anyone followed up on this one? Just curious..
    • As of January 23rd, haven't heard anything. Beginning to wonder if this even exists...
    • To the person above who got confirmation that "you're on the list" - was that via email or phone?
    • e-mail sent 12/8, they replied next day, nice people (1/23)
    • As of 1/26, I haven't heard anything from W&M. Does anyone know if they awarded their other Mellon Fellows? The European one was one of three. If they have decided on the other 2 awardees, would make me wonder if indeed this fellowship has been pulled. This is all highly suspect....
    • Request for Skype interview, 1/30 x2
    • Rejection letter received 3/10. "Dear : " At least have the decency to put my first and last name on the rejection. Assholes. x2
    • Since this is an interdisciplinary position, does anyone have an idea of what the eventual hire studies?

Columbia University - Lecturer in Discipline, Writing Program - INTERVIEWS CONDUCTED[]

  • The Columbia University Undergraduate Writing Program in the Department of English and Comparative Literature invites applications for lecturer in discipline to begin in July 2012. Lecturers will teach first-year writing and provide leadership as we develop new theme-based writing courses in collaboration with Columbia's faculty from its many interdisciplinary programs. Initial term of appointment is one year with the possibility of renewal for a second year contingent on satisfactory performance.
  • Applications from candidates in interdisciplinary fields of the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences and from candidates with TESOL certification and expertise in teaching writing to English Language Learners are welcome. Candidates in the areas of gender studies, sustainability development and American Studies who can demonstrate excellence in teaching and writing in these areas are especially welcome.
  • Lecturers teach two sections (no more than 14 students each) of first-year writing each semester, and mentor current graduate student instructors and support teachers' professional development in workshops, conferences, and class observations. UWP Lecturers act as liaisons as we revise, update, and pilot new courses. They also provide editorial support for our program's internal publications, assessment materials, and undergraduate journal of student writing.
  • The Undergraduate Writing Program is located in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. Information about the UWP and the first-year writing course is available at Information about Columbia's interdisciplinary centers and institutes can be found at
  • Applicants should apply to and submit a cover letter directed to Dr. Nicole B. Wallack, Director, Undergraduate Writing Program. A complete application will comprise a cover letter, a statement of teaching philosophy, a c.v., a writing sample of no more than 20 pages, a syllabus from a recent writing course, and a sample of strong student writing from that course. Candidates for the ELL Lectureship position should clearly identify themselves in their cover letters.
  • Eligibility: To be considered for a UWP lectureship, applicants must have fulfilled the requirements of their terminal graduate degree by July 1st, 2012. Two years of teaching writing at the college level is also required. Applicants for the English Language Learners position must be certified in TESOL and have experience teaching dedicated courses in academic writing for ELL and ESL populations.
  • Preferred qualifications: A PhD is preferred, however, a candidate with another terminal graduate degree and exceptional experience will receive full consideration. Ideal candidates will also demonstrate experience with writing program development and evidence of leadership within a writing program.
  • Deadline for applications is May 10, 2012
  • 5/12 note: they mixed up their application process and sent an apologetic email about how to re-submit necessary materials, which means decisions may take longer than expected. Oh well, at least they're not charging application fees for this one, unlike most of Columbia's other positions! (x99% - see discussion for the INTERACT and Society of Fellows postdocs)
  • 5/18 Interview requested. Interviews were conducted from 5/22-5/29.

Columbia University, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellow -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship through the International Network to Expand Regional and Collaborative Teaching (INTERACT) program at Columbia University, which was launched in 2010. The fellowship will cover a 10-month period beginning August 1, 2012, and comes with a stipend of $45,000 plus benefits.
  • About INTERACT: INTERACT is a pioneering program at Columbia University that focuses on developing global studies in the undergraduate curriculum through a network of postdoctoral scholars focused on cross-regional, trans-regional, and interdisciplinary study. Several Columbia University INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowships will be offered in the 2012-2013 academic year, with candidates selected by centers and institutes across the University. Candidates will function as liaisons between their home office and the INTERACT network of scholars with other regional and disciplinary specializations. INTERACT’s primary goal is to improve global literacy among Columbia students and equip them to be leaders in a globalizing world. The objectives of this overarching goal will be met creatively by the INTERACT Fellows, for example through innovative courses; participation in institute programs and events; and/or workshops organized collaboratively by INTERACT Fellows.
  • Requirements: The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society’s INTERACT Fellow will devote half their time to teaching and working with other Fellows on INTERACT programming, and half time to his or her own research and writing. The Fellow’s tentative curricular responsibility would be to develop one course each semester (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013), preferably in coordination with Columbia’s developing Global Core Curriculum. Each Fellow is required to be in residence in the New York City area and participate in all activities of the INTERACT program collaborative.
  • Eligibility: As one of the Institute’s primary goals is to provide institutional support for the best in cross-disciplinary and cross-regional comparative work, we encourage applications from a wide variety of humanities and social science disciplines. Recipients of the Fellowship must have received their Ph.D. degree within the past four years (Spring 2008 and after). Recipients must complete all their Ph.D. requirements (completed and filed the dissertation) by June 30, 2012.
  • Application Process: The following list of materials is required for all applicants:
    • Instruction Sheet
    • Completed Application Form and Application Fee
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Course proposal: 2-3 page proposal for two undergraduate courses to be offered at Columbia University. (1-1.5 pages per course.) These courses are to be offered without prerequisites, and must emphasize cross-border, trans-regional, and interdisciplinary approaches. These course proposals are meant to convey a sense of your teaching interests beyond the special field of your research.
    • Research proposal: 2-3 page statement describing the research project you would pursue at Columbia University if awarded a fellowship, indicating its relation (if any) to your doctoral dissertation, as well as its relation to the mission of ICLS.
    • Letters of recommendation: 3 letters of reference (signed and sealed) that include an evaluation of your research and teaching proposals.
    • Previous Education: Indicate on your curriculum vitae each college and university you have attended, with the inclusive dates. Have a copy of the transcript of your graduate record sent to INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowship, mailing address is below. If you have not been awarded the Ph.D. your dissertation director is expected to provide assurance that you will have the doctorate by June 30, 2012.
  • All application materials (including letters of reference) must be received by the Institute on or before February 10, 2012. Late, faxed, or emailed applications will not be accepted. Candidates may be invited for a phone interview. All evaluations made in connection with applications received are confidential.
  • Awards will be announced in April 2012. Please see the ICLS website for application form and mailing instructions:
    • NOTE: Application requires "non-refundable application processing fee of $20.00."
    • Fee=immoral. ABDs/PhDs are the most vulnerable members of the academic community, and taking advantage of them like this to make a buck is indefensible. (x99%)
    • I just checked and they do accept Interfolio letters
    • Any news?? (4/17)
    • nothing here....(x2--and they cashed my check, so I know they got the application).
    • Message on website says that "Awards will be announced later in April" (4/20)
    • thanks for this update ^ -- has there been any other movement -- requests for more material, etc?
    • ^--total radio silence on my end--other than them taking my money, of course (4/20).
    • The website now says that awards will be announced by May 10.
    • 5/1 received email confirming that awards will be announced by May 10.
    • Anyone hear anything? I'm still waiting. (5/10) <-- Nothing here (6pm on May 10th).
    • Looks like they've missed a second deadline....I wonder what that $20 application fee was for besides profiteering? It costs a lot more than a lottery ticket; you'd think it would at least pay for a timely response.
    • I have had dealings with CU before and they are not into the whole promptness thing. Well, not when it involves them giving you things. When it involves you giving them money, they are very prompt.
    • Twenty dollars is not that much money in the end, but it's symbolic of the privatization of higher education that's been going on nationally and globally, and it does add to the many other costs of being "on the market," such as travel and hotel expenses, letter services, mailing and postage, transcript requests, and so on.
    • Columbia may well be the only private, Ivy League university to charge fees for postdoc applications, even though some of the more elitist ones (such as Harvard and Princeton) actually offer free rides rather than teaching jobs. Charging prospective employees to apply for work is unethical and exploitative, and it should probably be illegal, as it limits the applicant pool to those who can afford to pay for being on the market for what often lasts many years, instead of remaining open to those who actually need the work and financial support. Columbia has made thousands of dollars from application fees this year alone, and they’ve been doing it for years already (in addition to charging people for applying to their graduate programs). It's ironic that many of their faculty members are at the same time known for their influential critiques of capitalist globalization, though at least some of them recognize and point out this ironic predicament, which ultimately affects us all in some way or another. For now, the least we can do in this forum is defend and assert our own rights and interests. Ultimately, it is the extremely vulnerable, contingent, and precarious workforce of continuing students and recent (or not-so-recent) graduates that has had to literally pay the price for the private endowments of universities like this one to keep flourishing. At $7.79 billion, Columbia’s endowment was ranked 8th in the country in 2011, whereas most postdoc applicants are struggling to make ends meet. Some public universities also maintain large endowments while at the same time blaming their layoffs and budget cuts on the loss of state funding, so this is not only a question for technically "private" institutions. Let’s hope that universities like Columbia will change their alientating, exploitative practices instead of adding to the list of “universities to fear,” and that educators who do end up getting tenured positions or administrative power can help put an end to these practices. Universities should be open spaces for learning, not profiteering business enterprises.
    • Website now no longer has information about an expected timeline for announcing awards. I haven't heard anything from them either way since May 1st. (x2, 5/19)
    • Has ANYONE recieved a rejection of any kind? (5/29) <--Not yet, but the day is still young (5/30).
    • 6/4 rejection by email.

Columbia University, Committee on Global Thought - POSITIONS FILLED[]

  • The Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University invites applications for the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • Scholars from any discipline may apply.
  • The fellowship is open to scholars who have or will obtain their doctorate between August 2010 and August 2012, and who have not held tenure-track positions.
  • Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University brings together an innovative group of interdisciplinary researchers from around the world and encourages interdisciplinary, transnational research. The fellowship provides emerging scholars the opportunity to work with distinguished faculty and a figurative space for collaborative research and publication
  • Apply online:' Application Deadline: October 31, 2011
  • Full Competition Announcement:
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • For more information on the Committee on Global Thought:
  • Applications closed. Over 560 received.
    • Well, my heart just sank....
    • ? (x3) I think ^ was a response to the number of applications.
    • Has anyone heard back from CGT yet? (dec 8)
  • Shortlisting coming soon...
    • Will all applicants be hearing about shortlist or will only those who are moving on be notified?
      • And how soon is soon? A couple weeks? Couple days?
      • According to last year's competition, the shortlist was announced DEC. 8, 2010 (Wednesday)...
      • 12/12: Anyone hear back from them? Looks like interviews already scheduled for the other Columbia Society of Fellows postdoc.
        • Sure, but their deadline was a month earlier. I haven't heard anything.
  • Invitation for phone interview; notified by email (12/16) x2
    • Haven't heard anything yet (12/19) so I can probably assume I won't hear anything going forward. I think this is one of those -- "if you don't hear from us by X please assume you will not be hearing from us." Best of luck to those with interviews!
  • Rejection via e-mail (1/11/12) x5
    • At least they provided some closure with an e-mail. (x2)
    • It was a very kind rejection letter. They had 567 applicants.
    • Query to those who received rejection emails: Were you among those interviewed? Thanks. (No)
  • Inside scoop: Committee has completed a round of phone interviews, made at least one offer, and rejected the bulk of the candidates. Some applicants, including a few not interviewed, have not yet been rejected. Committee hopes to settle matters quickly as it issues offers and candidates claim (or fail to claim) spots, but it has left itself room to return to the small pool of unrejected candidates and to conduct more interviews if appropriate. All of this is a reaction to the fact that, if you run a search of 567 applicants, the people you end up choosing turn out to be highly desirable on paper and likely to be snapped up by t-t jobs. The CGT seems committed to filling all available spots rather than to making some offers and taking however many come. (1/12/12)
  • Process still ongoing (1/31/12)
  • Fat lady has sung, rejections going out (2/7/12). Congratulations to Astra Bonini, Bilge Erten, Sanjay Pinto, and Darryl Li.

Columbia University Society of Fellows in the Humanities - OFFERS MADE[]

  • Will appoint a number of post-doctoral fellows in the humanities for the academic year 2012-2013. "We invite applications from qualified candidates who have received the Ph.D. between 1 January 2010 and 1 July 2012. Fellows are appointed as Lecturers in appropriate departments at Columbia University and as postdoctoral research fellows. The fellowship is renewable for a second and third year."
  • The annual stipend will be $59,000. Each Fellow will also receive a research allowance of $5,000 per annum.
  • Deadline: Postmark October 3, 2011.
  • Note from application form: "I agree to pay $30 in order for this application to be processed"
    • If you want confirmation that they have received your materials, they also require that you include a self-addressed, stamped postcard with the words "Application materials received" written on it. The $30 application fee couldn't be used to cover the cost of a postcard?
    • Are they serious about the "no Interfolio" rule? Seriously, if anyone believes we can use Interfolio after all, speak now. Otherwise I've got half a mind to spend the $30 shipping them some dirty laundry and call it a day. Ridiculous.
    • The $30 fee was bad enough, but the fact that they don't accept Interfolio and then want both an electronic submission and two collated hard copies was enough to make me scratch this one off the list. Now they want us to pay for the privilege of doing free secretarial work for them?
    • F these people. My letter writers have lots more to do than constantly upload letters for me every day in different formats. I have them in Interfolio, they are confidential, they are good, they are the same ones they are going to get if I bother my committee, so what's the point? I'm sending them a postcard of a middle finger instead of a check, and instead of my application, so good luck applicants! The field is smaller now.
    • I couldn't believe the no Interfolio rule. I sent interfolio letters anyway. We'll see what happens... (x2)
  • Question: has anyone received the postcard saying their materials arrived?
    • Yes, materials sent 9/27 and postcard stamped 9/30.
    • Has anyone who sent in an application with a 10/3 postmark received their postcard?
    • I sent my materials off about a week before the deadline and haven't receive my postcard back yet (10/19). I'll be really angry if something has gone wrong, given the $30 fee.
    • Same here - no postcard yet (10/20); x 2 (as of 10.23)
    • Sent my docs by mail 10-3, postcard stamped "received 10-10" arrived 10-18. I live in the NY/NJ/CT area FWIW.
    • No postcard still, and it's the second year in a row that they took my stamp as well as my money without the decency to reply. (x99%)
  • 10/ 26 Any News here?
  • 11/28: Has anyone heard anything? I still never received a postcard (but they did take my money...).
  • Nothing here (11/28). According to last year's wiki, interview invitations went out on 12/17.
    • 12/9: Invitation (by email) for campus interview on January 20. (x3)
    • Anybody got a x2 for that? Trying to decide if they are sending out interview notices by field of study or if I can cross this one off my list now.
    • Would the 12/9 poster share his/her field of study?
      • "x3"'s field is History, broadly speaking
  • I am not sure if there is a reason to think that people are invited by field of study. If I am not mistaken, last year they invited only 15 people for an interview over a few days. The fact that only 2 people registered here the fact that they were invited is an indication, I am guessing, of the limited number of people using the wikis.
  • Did anyone who interviewed get a firm idea of how many slots there are? Also, if anyone hears a decision, please please post.
  • The entries here are confusing. It looks like only History has heard about campus interview. Maybe most of their hires will be only in history. I do not see other fields saying anything here.
    • The Columbia SOF has completed their interview day, and there were a variety of different fields represented among the interviewees. They didn't interview fields separately. (I think the the above "History" reference was just one poster indicating their field.)
  • ​Offer made by phone (1/26).
  • By the by, Columbia, that application fee should really cover the expense of a reasonably timed rejection email. Seriously. (x99%)

Cornell Diversity Fellowships - FELLOWS SELECTED[]

  • This post is cross-listed in "Dissertation Fellowships: Tenure Year 2012-13"
  • "The fellowships come in two forms. Applicants who expect to complete their Ph.D.'s in 2012-13 are eligible for three-year fellowships consisting of a doctoral completion year followed by two postdoctoral years. Those who expect to complete their degrees in 2011-12 may apply for two-year postdoctoral fellowships. There is no teaching associated with the doctoral completion fellowship year. Postdoctoral fellows teach one course per year."
  • Deadline November 1st. Sixteen Departments participating, they will award 4 fellowships.
    • ​Who applied for this? What Department? Receipt of Application received?
    • I applied to STS, and emailed them to confirm that they receieved the materials, which they did (x4).
    • I applied to History, but did not receive receipt (and i did not email to confirm) yet. (x1)
    • I applied to Romance Languages and received an e-mail confirming receipt of application 11/10 (x2) (I applied also, got 2 e-mails confirming receipt... Go figure)
    • I applied to CompLit and got an e-mail confirmation 11/9.
    • I applied to Anthropology, no email confirmation (x3).
    • I applied to Government, and received an e-mail confirmation.
      • 11/29 Anyone hear anything here? Are they going to interview? A1: The website says nothing about interviews, just that a decision would be announced by Dec. 23. And the e-mail confirmation I received stated the foloowing: " We will contact you shortly if your file requires additional material to complete it. We expect the final decisions on the applications to be determined no later than the third week in December." Nothing about an in-between stage. This suggests to me that they're just making the decision based on the dossier.
        • Thanks! I applied to a department that did not send out receipt confirmations so all info appreciated! Good luck
        • I applied to history and no news yet, anyone? [11/30]
    • I applied to Philosophy, and received an e-mail confirmation. [12/2]
    • I applied to Philosophy and STS, no email confirmations and no news [12/2]
    • E-mail rejection received from Department of Romance Studies [12/7] (x3)
    • news anybody????
    • I applied in history and no news yet--anyone? [12/13] I also applied in history and no news 12/13
    • Rejection (via e-mail) from Govt Department 12/13
    • does anyone know what the process for this is? do departments nominate and then another committee makes the final decision?
    • I'm still waiting too (12/13), I wonder whether we should really wait until around Dec. 23 to hear from the school or everything will have been decided by finals week. Sometimes schools state a crazy date just to stop applicants from emailing them to ask how far they are into the process. It's tough searching for a job etc. At this point I've all but given up.
    • I applied to English in late Oct, never got a confirmation, requested one by email yesterday, and received confirmation immediately but with no further info. ~Stress~
    • I don't know what the process is. I do think they're going to push it to the 23rd. They might actually want to get it done earlier (I would so I could on vaca), but there might be too many rungs. I actually don't mind them letting us know by the 23rd. I mean, most postdocs don't let you know if you've survived the first cut by January, if that. Mostly you hear in March/April. I applied to a fellowship once with a Jan 3 deadline. Got a rejection in June. Mmmkay?
    • I applied to STS and they said that I only needed to submit names of references, and if they needed them, would ask for them. Since they haven't requested any additional materials at this point, I am assuming the worst. Merry Christmas!
    • I applied to the anthropology confirmation and thus far no information...I guess if we knew how the process went about we would be less stressed. Good luck to everyone!
    • I applied to Linguistics and got a confirmation on Nov 7 telling me: "We are in the process of developing a pool of applicants before determining whom we will be including in the interview process. We'll be back in touch as the search progresses." They also included a link for me to fill in my race/gender/disability stats at their Human Resources website for info/admin purposes. I have not heard back from them since then, and being so close to the Dec 23rd award notification date without having been invited to interview, I don't think I'm gonna get this fellowship. Oh well, all is not lost. Their date was way too early in the hiring season. I applied for other postdocs and TT asst. prof. jobs that won't make offers until Feb/Mar/Apr, and, assuming/hoping I get shortlisted for those, it puts me into a terrible negotiation position to be forced to say yes to Cornell without knowing my other options. Am I alone in feeling that their Dec. 23 date of giving out these awards is too early and they're trying to undercut competition by forcing successful candidates to accept them out of fear of not getting anything else? 12/17
    • Responding to the above poster. I think you are right. I think the interview thing probably depends on the department. A lot of postdocs in the humanities are simply based on your "dossier" meaning your writing sample and letters of rec. Given that no one else has heard about interviews from anyone in this process, it is very likely that they are basing their decisions solely on our dossiers. And you are completely right, if they do announce on Dec 23, they are trying to do the early bird and get the best candidates before TT positoins from other schools get them.
    • For what I understand this diversity postdoc is fearly new (first or second year?) so I imagine that they are still figuring out the process. The responses from the different departments have been so uneven to say the least that I am starting to doubt that they will have a decision made by the 23rd.
    • In my field it is late in the TT hiring season.
    • We're all speculating right now because it's the only thing we have to do while we wait. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I do think Cornell is trying to do the early bird thing. But if they do contact us by 12/23, it seems unlikely that they will force their selectees to agree to the postdoc immediately. Furthermore, and this might sound unethical (but it's not because it's what people do in the every other employment field), nothing prevents us from accepting a postdoc position and then turning it down if we get a TT offer. Who could blame us for turning down a postdoc (even at Cornell) if we got, like, a real job with a real future? If they let us know by 12/23, we couldn't even reply (yay or nay) before the MLA (for those of us in lit.) The deadline would have to be in mid-Jan. Personally, if I went to the MLA with a postdoc at Cornell in my pocket--or the option for one--I'd walk into interviews really confident. My fears of what to do post graduation would calm down, and I would probably perform better at the interviews. It's kinda like dating: whenever you're single, no one's into you. The moment you're in a relationship, people start flirting with you and want to date you. Because you're more confident and don't have the desperation edge. So folks, let's chill out. Good luck to all, especially to those for whom the hiring season is ending.
    • Rejection email received from anthropology. They said they had received many applications, but no fellowships were allocated to anthropology. (12/19) x2
    • I am the applicant above in Linguistics. I got the rejection email this morning. One less Wiki to check, lol! Good luck to everyone, and I hope we all get something good for next year. Fortunately, my hiring season won't begin in earnest until mid-January, so I'm hopefully still in the running for one of the other postdocs and TT jobs I solicited. Cheers! 12/19
    • rejection email (history) this morning 12/19 (x3)
    • rejection email (Linguistics) 12/19
    • Did anyone here anything? Didn't hear from my home department. Aren't rejections sent after awards are announced? I want to get done with this (rejection). I am tired and stressed. 12/19. Please post any news.
    • I applied to one of the department that hasn't had rejection news yet. I feel like they might be simply cutting applicants from departments that they know for sure won't get a fellow for next year because there are only 4 awards to give. So I guess basically we won't find out till Friday...let's just wait for 4 more days...
    • Gosh, everytime I check wiki I skip a heartbeat. Wow! Not selecting anthropology is a bit uncommon. Don't you think? I was sure one of the fellows to be from Anthropology. (12/19) May tomorrow be good for all of us!
    • Anthro nominated three applicants and then later found out that they will not be allocated a position. 12/19
    • I consider this fellowship to be slightly different from the general mass because of their stipulation that it "will be awarded only if the home dept believes the applicant would make a very strong candidate for a tenure-track position the dept expects to have open in the next 2-3 yrs." I think a rejection is less 'personal' since there's questions of tenure-lines, dept funding, and forthcoming job vacancies that are completely outside applicants' influence. This fellowship is even more appealing, though, because of the possibility of its permanency. This is a huge consideration for those of us with spouses/families/edler care.
    • Rejection email (English) this afternoon 12/20
    • Have not heard anything from them. Out of desperation I sent an email to my home department to see if they had any news. Didn't hear from them either. I think they will announce it on the 23rd. Just want to get done with it.
    • Rejection email Art History (no fellowships awarded to dept.) 12/21 (X1) ["University awarded no Doctoral/Postdoctoral Diversity Fellowships to the Department of the History of Art and Visual Studies"]
    • Anybody heard from any other departments. It seems like they are just looking at individual applicants whom they are shortlisting as finalists, and then the rest of other departments won't get fellows. Man, this totally feels like we are awaiting the death sentence :) Come what may! I am ready for this!
    • Rejection email (Comp Lit) 12/22. (x5)
    • To the above speculative poster: maybe so maybe no. As was mentioned previously, much depends on projected openings in these departments; there is no use making unfounded suggestions that the strongest individual applicants beat out all the others regardless of field--hardly makes anyone feel good.
    • any news? I have received nothing so far (no confirmation, rejection, and no offer obviously...I start to wonder if they have missed my application.......=.=)
    • Yeah, no word here either. What departments are people waiting on? I applied for Soc, got an email confirmation awhile back, but haven't heard a peep since... Sociology (x2)
    • waiting on history
    • Mind is philosophy. No news yet....
    • Waiting on Philosophy and STS [12/23] STS x2
    • asian studies. I wonder if the four fellows are not on the wiki. I expect final rejections to happen after the holidays when department admin returns.
    • Waiting on Film-- no confirmation, nothing. Anyone hear anything from Film? (12/23)
    • Waiting on Africana Studies and Theater (12/24)
    • Ugh so what's the consensus on this one??
    • So any news on this fellowship at all? Is there a winner by now?
    • I emailed relevant dept (sociology) on Thursday (1/5) to ask for an update and was met with complete radio silence.
    • I emailed dept of sociology on Monday (1/2) to ask for an update and I haven't heard back from them either.
    • Let's hope that the departments that haven't responded are the ones that are still considering fellows! Anyway, hope everyone is off to a good quarter/semester!
    • still nothing here. anyone else hear anything??
    • I asked for a status update from the STS Dept. (1/9) and have not heard back.
    • Spring semester at Cornell doesn't seem to begin until 1/23, so maybe the relevant decision makers aren't back on campus yet.
    • I called (1/16) the STS Dept. and was told "letters went in the mail Friday" (The 13th! It will be a lucky day for four people anyway!)
    • So the winners are being sent hard copy acceptances? And what about the rest of the rejections? I'm still waiting on Soc.
    • Finally got an email response form Theatre, Film and Dance, saying I was not one of the selecetd four. And that the outcome of the search process should have been communicated to me several weeks ago (for which he apologized for the miscommunication and very tardy notification). Good luck to everybody else!
    • In that case, it looks like they have settled for winners and now just sending out rejections (if they remember to even do that)...job market 2012...
    • Rejection letter received from STS (1/18); also applied to Philosophy - nothing from them.
    • Rejection email from Sociology (1/19) x2 ("The response was enormous and we had a huge field of talented candidates. This forced us to make difficult choices. In the end I am sorry to report, your application did not make it into the pool of finalists.")
    • Am I the only one who still hasn't gotten an answer either way from a department (Philosophy)? (1/29)
    • I also have not yet recieved any notification (STS).
    • Called Philosophy today (1/30) and learned that they did not receive a fellow.
    • Received rejection e-mail from Philosophy. "no philosophy applicants were selected from the extremely impressive pool of applicants." (1/31)

Cornell Society of Humanities Fellows - OFFER MADE[]

  • The focal theme for 2012-2013 is “RISK @ Humanities." Six to eight Fellows will be appointed. Selected Fellows will collaborate with the Director of the Society for the Humanities, Timothy Murray, Professor of Comparative Literature and English and Curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, an international research center on new media. The Senior Scholars in Residence will be William Leiss, Scientist at the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, University of Ottawa and Professor emeritus, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University and Michael Warner, Seymour H. Knox Professor of English, Yale University.
  • Applicants must have received the Ph.D. degree before January 1, 2011. Applicants must also have one or more years of teaching experience which may include teaching as a graduate student.
  • The fellowships are held for one academic year. Each Society Fellow will receive $45,000. Applicants living outside North America are eligible for an additional $2,000 to assist with travel costs.
  • Deadline October 1st (postmarked); must be nominated to apply.
    • I didn't see anything in the application instructions calling for "nominations." Is this true? (10/19)
    • As I undersand it, they do take nominations, but you can also "self nominate" by sending in the form that's on the website. I was nominated, but all that meant was that I received a letter in the mail inviting me to apply.
    • Offer made by phone (12/7)
    • Congratulations!

CUNY Postdoc in Interdisciplinary Science Studies, 2012-13 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the Ph.D-granting institution of CUNY, announces a postdoctoral fellowship for the academic year 2012-2013 in the field of Interdisciplinary Science Studies. This field includes any research intended to foster dialog between humanists and scientists, such as humanists who use science to reinvigorate their work, scientist who apply their findings to traditional questions in the humanities, and social theorists who critically examine scientific practices. Candidates will be considered from any discipline (e.g., anthropology, art, history, literature, neuroscience, psychology, sociology and women’s studies), provided they show a commitment to crossing disciplinary boundaries.
  • The successful candidate will be housed in the Graduate Center’s new Committee on Interdisciplinary Science Studies ( In addition to pursuing her/his own research, she/he will participate in a weekly research seminar with other Committee faculty and fellows; and either teach one graduate course, or organize, convene, and lead a research seminar or small conference. A fellow is also expected to participate more generally in the administration and programming of the Committee. S/he will have shared office space.
  • Position will begin on September 1, 2012.
  • Candidates must have a Ph.D. in one of the disciplines in the humanities or humanistic social sciences. Candidates who have received the Ph.D. in 2009 at the earliest, or who have completed all the requirements for the Ph.D. by the application deadline of February 1, 2012,are eligible. The September 1, 2012 appointment requires that the Ph.D. has been awarded. Also required are an interest in productive scholarship in one of the above fields, interdisciplinary interests, and the ability to work collaboratively.
  • Contact: Please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, one sample publication or dissertation chapter, and the names/addresses/email addresses for at least three references to
  • Please note we will contact references for shortlisted applicants.
  • Application deadline is February 1, 2012. Salary: $55,000 plus benefits and a small research/travel allowance.
  • Any news?
  • 3/29. X2?
  • Still waiting. Isn't this a drag?
  • 'Tis. Are we the only applicants?
  • 4/5 Rejection email.
  • 4/6: Has anyone received an offer?
  • 8/4 FINALLY! Rejection email (You know things are bad when you are excited to have received ANY email, even if it is just a rejection.)
  • 4/28 No news....not even rejection. (I applied on CUNY's online system and only got confirmation of my that why I didn't get a rejection email?)

CUNY Center for Place Culture and Politics Postdoctoral Fellowship -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The theme of the fellowship is “Uprising,” referring to social change in the context of understanding processes of uneven geographical scales.
  • Candidates should have their doctoral degree in hand by September 1, 2012 and must have received their degree within five years of taking up the appointment. The salary is $55,000 and includes comprehensive benefits. Applications are invited from international scholars as well as U.S. nationals.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is MARCH 1st, 2012
  • Final decisions to be made by May 1
  • rejection by email 04/24

Dartmouth College, Leslie Center for the Humanities Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - CAMPUS VISITS SCHEDULED[]

  • With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Dartmouth is pleased to accept applications for two postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities and humanistic social sciences for the 2012–2014 academic years. These fellowships foster the academic careers of scholars who have recently received their Ph.D. degrees, by permitting them to pursue their research while gaining mentored experience as teachers and members of the departments and/or programs in which they are housed. The program also benefits Dartmouth by complementing existing curricula with underrepresented fields.
  • Applicants must focus on materials customarily associated with research in the humanities or employ methods common in humanistic research. This year, we shall not be accepting applications in the following areas/disciplines: Anthropology, Art History, Film & Media Studies, French, History, Italian, Music, Native American Studies and Religion.
  • The annual stipend for the 2010–2012 fellow was $51,500 plus benefits, a research allowance of $2,000, and a first-year only computer allowance of $2,500. The terms of the 2012 – 2014 fellows will be similar.
  • Applicants for the 2012–2014 fellowships must have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than January 1, 2010. Application materials, letters of recommendation, and transcripts (hard copy only) must arrive at Dartmouth before must be received in the Administrator's office before October 1, 2011.
  • View a more detailed description and details about how to apply at

Has anybody applied for this fellowship? There is no activity here. Have you heard from them?

  • Hi I applied for this too. I am guessing that they are probably still reviewing materials. This year everything seems to be slow.
  • I applied for it; I have not heard from it yet. Why are wiki updates so quiet this year? Is everyone afraid that someone will track them? lol
  • Nothing here, either (11/17), though on their website, they say that they'll let the successful and the, uh, unlucky, know in January. (X2)
  • Rejection letter came in the mail. (11/25) :( (x4) (happy thanksgiving...)
  • Oh shoot, I live in the West Coast, so I guess mine (probably) will come next week? oh no oh no...
    • Oh, man, sorry to those who got The Letter already: I'm awaiting the arrival of the post man with fear and trembling. I've got a question, though: does anybody have any inside knowledge about the selection process, other than what was posted on the Dartmouth site? I assumed none of us would hear, one way or the other, until January. Are these first round cuts? Might there be good news to post to this page sometime soon?
    • From last year record on wiki, it seems like they tend to cut people according to alphabetical orders; so those of us who haven't received the letter in the West Coast could be just because of the alphabet lol. Of course, let's hope for the best :)
  • Would any of the unlucky comrades offer us the first letter of their last name? (11/30)
    • mine is "C"
      • Are people still getting rejections from the initial cut? Have we made it through the alphabet yet? Or are they just sending them out at a leisurely pace?
      • I am late the alphabet but got my rejection same time as the others.
      • I don't think there's an obvious pattern we can detect... Judging from last year, rejections go out over the few weeks before Christmas, and not in alphabetical order necessarily. Maybe it has something to do with the departments that are reviewing candidates.
        • I think you're probably right. It sounds like, from the website, the Leslie Center makes some cuts, shops the remainders to the various departments, which then make cuts, and then send what's left back to the center for more cuts. It said on last year's page that campus visits get arranged for the finalists? Is this true? There was no mention of it on the website.
    • Rejection received, 12/9 (East Coast, last name starts with M). Bummer.
    • Rejection received. 12/10. (Midwest, last name M.) Women & Gender Studies.
    • Would any of you with letters indicate your field of study? (12/9)
      • Sure thing. Enviro studies. Good luck to those of you still in the game.
    • Insider info: Leslie Center shopped short listed applicants to departments a couple of weeks ago, and departments should be making their recommendations presently. Good luck! It seems that these postdocs go to candidates who best fit the departmental teaching needs for the upcoming year.
    • 12/22 Notified of finalist status and invited to campus for visit / public lecture. (Department: English.)
      • Email, snail, phone? --> Phone call. - Thanks.
      • Do you mind broadly stating your field in English? If you do not I understand. Thanks
      • I wonder if invitation gets sent out on a rolling basis through departments, or they have been all sent out at the same time by the fellowship committee. Oh well, this is probably a missed chance I guess.
      • So are there still people out there who haven't heard anything? I never received a rejection letter but have no idea if I'm still in the running...
      • Same as the above, I thought I might have made it to the shortlist since I have not received rejections from proposted host departments. If English already set up campus visit, it is possible that other departments have decided as well? Let's wait and see. (x2, social science) (x1 gov't/polisci)
      • still nothing here, fwiw (english, 1/12)--me too (history, 1/13)
    • Finally got my rejection via snail mail (last name near end of the alphabet, FWIW) on 1/14/12
    • Also just got my rejection letter via mail (last name at the end of the alphabet, located on the West coast, dept: Gender and Women's Studies) 1/13/12
    • Also received a rejection letter (last name at the end of the alphabet, East Coast: sociology) on 1-18-12
    • 1/3 Notified of finalist status by phone and email. Invited to campus to give lecture. (Comp Lit)
    • rejection 1/26 (letter, east coast)
    • Anybody in History hear anything?
      • My understanding is that they were not accepting applicants to the history dept. this year (I would have applied, if they were". Here's the relevant line from the website: We are currently NOT accepting applications for Anthropology, Art History, Film and Media Studies, French, History, Italian, Music, Native American Studies and Religion. Was I mistaken (it'll break my heart if I was)? --No, my bad. I applied under the rubric of Mathematical Social Sciences and my rejection letter was lost in the mail.
    • rejection letter 3/2
    • Kindly worded rejection letter 3/9

Dartmouth Fellows in US Foreign Policy and International Security - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College invites applications for the 2012-13 (September -June) Dartmouth Fellows Program in U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security.
  • Applicants from all disciplines working on research that bears directly on U.S. foreign policy and international security are welcome to apply. While scholars at all stages of their careers will be considered, applications from recent recipients of the Ph.D or equivalent degree are especially welcomed. Fellows must be in residence during their Fellowship and are asked to participate in Dickey Center seminars and events and invited to take advantage of other Dartmouth activities.
  • Fellows receive competitive stipends and benefits, comparable to those offered by other fellowship programs. Faculty on leave from their home institutions will receive half of their annual salary, up to $50,000. Dartmouth is an EE/AO employer.
  • Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the quality and significance of the proposed research and its relevance to U.S. foreign policy and international security, and the ability of the applicant to benefit from interaction with and mentoring from Dartmouth faculty.
  • Application materials are due by Jan. 17, 2012.Submit application materials to:
  • View a more detailed description and details about how to apply at:
  • rejection via email (2/28)

Drew University - Post Doc - Composition[]

  • Drew University, a selective liberal arts college 30 miles outside New York City, seeks applications for a one-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship. The Fellowship is designed to provide additional teaching and administrative experience for a candidate with a recent PhD in composition/rhetoric and a desire to build a career at a small to mid-size undergraduate or a liberal arts college.
  • Fellows teach a 2-2 equivalent, including College Writing (class size 12-15) and Writing Center hours; and serve as co-assistant director of College Writing. Depending on interest, fellows may also work on writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, Writing Center, or assessment. PhD must be completed by submission deadline. Strong teaching record, and evidence of scholarly potential required, publication preferred. Administrative experience in writing program administration preferred.
  • Cover letter, CV, and 3 letters of reference to Melissa Nicolas, Associate Dean of Academic Services, Drew University, Madison NJ 07940 by June 13th, 2012. Electronic submission of materials strongly preferred:
  • Also posted at Rhetoric/Composition 2013

Drexel University - Visiting Fellow for Great Works Symposium - Theme: "Sport" -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University is seeking a scholar with expertise and interest in sport, for a one-year appointment as a Visiting Fellow for the Great Works Symposium, commencing September 1, 2012. The theme for the Great Works Symposium 2012-2013 is "Sport." Anticipated courses taught under this theme are Sport in Society, The Business of Sport, Contemporary Controversies in Sport, and Baseball in American Life.
  • The Great Works Symposium organizes interdisciplinary courses, focused on exploring subjects of the broadest possible interest and greatest societal impact, and is designed to bring a wide array of Drexel University students, teachers, and visiting expert lecturers into collaboration. Through an intense examination of one theme (with four distinct course topics) over a year, students are encouraged to see the University as an interconnected enterprise, and to imagine the University as one part of a larger spectrum of scholars in the communities of the city, the nation, and the world. Past themes have included: Health and Society, Democracy, Energy, and Cities. (Learn more about the Great Works Symposium here:
  • The salary is $45,000, plus faculty benefits, and this appointment also includes funds to support travel and research. This is an anticipated non-renewable, one-year appointment, pending final funding. Qualifications expected are Ph.D. in the social sciences or humanities, Sport Management and related fields.
  • The Visiting Fellow will teach two Symposium courses in the 2012-2013 academic year. In addition, the Visiting Fellow will teach three courses (on the quarter system, roughly equivalent to two courses on a semester system) for the Department of Sport Management. In addition to teaching, the Visiting Fellow will be encouraged to develop her/his research portfolio, and will perform some administrative duties relevant to organizing the symposia.
  • Pending final budgetary approval we anticipate that review of applications will begin January 15, 2012 and will continue until the position is filled. Please upload a letter outlining qualifications, curriculum vitae including names/contacts of three references, and statement of teaching philosophy to the following link (Requisition #4485). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Duke University - Lecturing Fellows, Thompson Writing Program - TWO OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • We anticipate offering several postdoctoral fellowships on a multidisciplinary faculty charged with teaching an innovative first-year course in Academic Writing. We seek candidates with a Ph.D. in any field and a demonstrated commitment to undergraduate teaching. Fellows are asked to draw on their disciplinary training and interests to design a seminar-style course introducing students to academic writing. Teaching load is five sections of Academic Writing per year, with each section limited to 12 students. Appointment is at a level of Lecturing Fellow (non-tenure-track), starting July 1, 2012. Contract is for an initial three years, renewable after successful review for two more years. Salary is competitive with a strong benefits package, and with opportunities for professional development.
  • To apply use our online application form at: Send us your CV, a letter in which you discuss your aims in teaching Academic Writing, a brief proposal for a writing seminar modeled on course synopses posted on our Web site: We may subsequently ask you to provide other supporting materials, including a more detailed course outline, and teaching materials. If you are unable to apply online, you may mail hard copies to Denise Comer, Chair, Lecturing Fellows Search, Thompson Writing Program, Duke University, Box 90025, Durham, NC 27708-0025.
  • Applications received by 11:59 p.m. EST (eastern standard time) October 15, 2011, will be guaranteed consideration.
  • Cross-posted to Rhetoric/Composition 2012
    • Application Acknowledgement: Auto-Email on 10/10/11x3
    • Any word on this one yet? (12/15/11)
    • no. per their website: "Search Update: Applications are currently under review. Candidates will be notified in mid-December 2011 about the status of their applications."
  • I know two people who have been notified that they are being brought to campus to interview in person in January.
    • Phone call on December 14 to invite for a campus visit (X2)
    • What disciplines are those recieving campus visits?
    • Phone call invites for campus visits are still happening as of December 19, so don't give up hope just yet.
  • Q: Salary - Does anyone know what the projected salary for this position is? I thought I had seen something in the low $50s on the website at the time of application, but I can no longer find that information.
  • Q: Was this rejection a particularly nice one? Just wondering what not having heard might mean.
  • rejection but active/waitlist 12/20 x7
  • I also haven't heard one way or another....
  • What's going on with this? Any thoughts? Their rejections/acceptances are so staggered...
  • Wait--Has anyone gotten a rejection yet?
  • Rejection (12/21, email) x4 600+ applications. Merry X-Mas!
  • Still no news either way here--wonder what that means? (12/21)
  • Did anybody else get a rejection letter that addressed them by their first name (no Dr. or Professor or even Ms.)? Its not a big deal in the grand-scheme of things. Still, its rather unprofessional - particularly since they are supposed to be teaching writing. Also, it undermines the overall tone of the rejection letter - which emphasized how qualified their applicants were. People who have offered me interviews in the past have never used my first name right-off-the bat. Why should somebody take that liberty in a rejection letter. (x2)
  • They probably thought they were giving a "personal touch" to the rejection. Doesn't make it feel better, though.
  • Duke is oddly informal in my experience, many professors go by their first names, even to undergrads.
  • For those of you who, like me, received the "active/waitlist" email, some heartening news: a colleague who applied for this program last year did in fact get an interview in late April off the waitlist.
  • Has anyone who interviewed heard back?
    • I haven't as of 2/1, but I don't expect to hear for a while. I think they only just concluded interviews last week and spots are contingent on what current fellows are leaving. That all means you could hear tomorrow or you could hear in five months, and you probably won't hear until sometime in-between.
    • I haven't heard either. (2/2) x2
    • Any word? (2/13)
    • 2/21 - I checked in before accepting another offer, and TWP wasn't ready to make offers yet.
    • Has anyone received an offer yet?
    • (crickets chirping) anyone? any news? (3/15)
    • Does anyone know if offers have been made? (3/23)
    • A colleague of mine heard back from them well over a month ago with an offer, which she has accepted. I don't know much else about it (how many applicants, how many offers, etc) but thought I'd post on here seeing that there's quite a bit of anxiety on this thread from having not heard. Hopefully it's useful. I'll see her again today and can ask if anyone wants specifics. (3/23)

Duke University - Women's Studies, 2 Postdoc Fellowships - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Program in Women's Studies at Duke University invites applications for two residential postdoctoral fellowships for the 2012-13 academic year. Applications will be considered from colleagues working on Feminism and Freedom. We conceived the topic in response to the recent uprising in North Africa and West Asia, but are interested in an array of investigations, including how feminism has fought for various forms of freedom, scrutinized its historical emergence, and deployed the term in a variety of discursive contexts. Also relevant are analyses that address the anti-feminist dimensions of freedom projects. We are interested in transnational, intersectional, and interdisciplinary research that take(s) an innovative approach to understanding the social, political, economic, and cultural implications of freedom. We welcome empirical, textual, philosophical, and theoretical projects from a diverse array of academic fields, political and cultural contexts, and historical periods. The aim of the 2012-13 Women's Studies Postdoctoral Program is to provide a space for generative intellectual conversations between visiting scholars and Duke faculty in different disciplines. Successful proposals will be interdisciplinary in nature and demonstrate the applicant's knowledge of gender studies. Postdoctoral fellows will be included in a faculty-graduate seminar on the theme and are expected to be in residence for the academic year. Fellows will teach one course. The fellowship includes a stipend, health insurance, office space, and clerical support.
  • Applicants should be no less than two years and no more than ten years past the Ph.D. Applications (including all letters of recommendations) must be received by November 18, 2011. Send letter of application, C.V., 5-page project proposal, writing sample (25 pages), 1-page course proposal (undergraduate), and 3 letters of recommendation to: Ranjana Khanna, Director, Women's Studies, Box 90760, 210 East Duke Building, Durham NC, 27708. Our program information is available at Duke University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Duke University - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marxist Theory - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Program in Literature at Duke University invites applications for a postdoctoral fellow in Marxist theory for the 2012-13 academic year. We welcome candidates with doctorates in all disciplines and who specialize in any aspect of Marxist theory. Fellows will teach two courses related to their scholarship.
  • Applicants must have completed the PhD by August 2012 and be no more than 5 years past the PhD. The annual stipend is $50,000 plus $5,000 in research funds.
  • Candidates should submit (electronically) a curriculum vitae, letter of application, a one-page course proposal, a writing sample (20 pages maximum), and 3 letters of reference. To submit materials follow the link for 'postdoc application' at
  • Applications received by February 15, 2012 will be given full consideration.
  • Posted at Academic Jobs Online
  • Anyone hear any news on this one? (3/20)
  • Skype interview scheduled (3/24)
  • Anyone know if an offer has been made? (4/5)
  • An offer has been made (4/13)

Duke University Provost's Postdoctoral Program - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The 2006 strategic plan at Duke University, Making a Difference, upholds diversity as a core value of our institution. Not only does diversity at our university best prepare our students for a global world, a robust learning environment can occur only when people of different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups and experiences are brought together to exchange ideas. Duke recognizes that we need to continue our efforts to enhance diversity in our student and faculty populations, as well as in leadership positions. To that end, the Provost has created the Provost's Postdoctoral Program, with competitive postdoctoral research appointments for two years. The goal of the program is to increase the diversity of scholars who have potential for becoming tenure track faculty at Duke University or peer institutions, particularly in fields where there are fewer women and/or underrepresented minorities. Postdoctoral awardees are expected to devote their full efforts to research, and may teach a maximum of one course per year.
  • Fields of Discipline: Any discipline available at Duke University, but preference will be given to those where other options for postdoctoral funding are limited.
  • Application Deadline and Notification Schedule: All materials must be postmarked by January 18, 2012, and will not be returned to the applicant. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. All candidates will be notified of our decisions no later than March 15, 2012.
  • (3/2) Called today to see if they've made any decisions; office says to wait until 3/15.
  • thanks for doing that.
  • Received a rejection, at 5 pm-ish (3/13)

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, DC -Post-Doctoral Associate, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA)[]

  • Application Deadline: May 18, 2012
  • This is a limited term appointment of three (3) years
  • PhD in Art History, Architecture, or Archaeology, with a specialization in Byzantine, ancient, or medieval art
  • Dumbarton Oaks Research Library is within walking distance of Georgetown and George Washington Universities.
  • The Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA; support scholarship in Byzantine Studies by preserving and providing access to images of art, architecture, and archaeology in a variety of media and archival collections that document fieldwork and research projects at Byzantine sites and monuments. ICFA is also the repository for the Pre-Columbian Photographs and Fieldwork Archives and Garden and Landscape Photographs and Design Archives.
  • See details also HERE

Durham University (UK) - Addison Wheeler Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three-year research postdoc to pursue research in any field which in part fulfills the requirement of the bequest to encourage "efforts for increased knowledge of people and their make-up so as to enable them to make better use of their life here on Earth'."
  • "before applying, applicants MUST seek the agreement of a Durham academic to act as their host."
  • Deadline: 20 Jan. 2012

East Tennessee State University - Post-Doctoral Fellowships in English - OFFER MADE & ACCEPTED[]

  • East Tennessee State University invites applications for several post-doctoral fellowships in English to begin August 15, 2012. Fellows are one- to two-year appointments with salary and benefits and a 4/3 teaching load for the academic year. Teaching includes composition and literature surveys. Ph.D. in English by August 2012, experience in various fields a plus.
  • This position pays about 24K/year.
  • Submit letter of application, ETSU faculty profile, teaching statement, CV, and 3 references through by May 1, 2012. For questions, contact Dr. Judith Slagle, Department of Literature and Language, Box 70683, Johnson City, TN 37614. AA/EOE. Position contingent on funding.
  • (5/18) Received phone call inquring about search status and was informed short list has been made.
  • Note: the actual job app site also asks for graduate transcripts. It doesn't look like a requirement, but there's a space to upload it labeled "Transcript."
  • Calling this a "Postdoc" is absolutely ridiculous. This is basically a full-time adjunct position! 4/3 and 24K salary? False advertising, East Tennessee State.
    • Seconded; shame on them. We all know that the university system as a whole has been under financial strain, but ETSU should at least be upfront about what it's offering and asking for.
    • I don't think the problem is that they aren't "upfront" about what they are asking for. At least, they were honest and answered all the questions I knew to ask. They are, however, taking advantage of green junior faculty who don't know the right questions to ask before taking the job. Like the previous commentor said, "Postdoc," this ain't. The composition courses you teach have a cap of 25, which is regularly exceeded. Literature classes cap at 35 and usually have more. No upper division courses will be assigned to you if you teach British or American Lit (they will work you like a mule in 1000 and 2000 level classes). And don't even ask about faculty mentorship. Another thing: students are admitted here with scores as low as a 14 on the ACT in reading and writing. Add to this: after I left, new funding regulations were imposed that award money to schools based on number of students who matriculate instead of number enrolled. All this= "Diploma Mill."
    • Offer made and accepted week of 6/4.

Einstein Forum Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Benz Foundation are offering a fellowship for outstanding young thinkers who wish to pursue a project in a different field from that of their previous research. The purpose of the fellow- ship is to support those who, in addition to producing superb work in their area of specialization, are also open to other, interdisciplinary approaches – following the example set by Albert Einstein.
  • The fellowship includes living accommodations for five to six months in the garden cottage of Einstein`s own summerhouse in Caputh, Brandenburg, only a short distance away from the universities and academic institutions of Potsdam and Berlin. The fellow will receive a stipend of EUR 10,000 and reimbursement of travel expenses.
    Candidates must be under 35 and hold a university degree in the humanities, in the social sciences, or in the natural sciences.
  • Applications for 2013 should include a CV, a two-page project proposal, and two letters of recommendation. All documents must be received by May 14, 2012. Please send applications to:
Prof. Dr. Susan Neiman
Einstein Forum
Am Neuen Markt 7
14467 Potsdam

Or email to: fellowship(at)
phone: +49-(0)331-271780
fax: +49-(0)331-2717827
  • At the end of the fellowship period, the fellow will be expected to present his or her project in a public lecture at the Einstein Forum and at the Daimler and Benz Foundation. The Einstein Fellowship is not intended for applicants who wish to complete an academic study they have already started work on.
    A successful application must demonstrate the quality, originality, and feasibility of the proposed project, as well as the superior intellectual development of the applicant. It is not relevant whether the applicant has begun working toward, or currently holds, a PhD.
  • Rejection email 7/5/12.

Emory University - Bill & Carol Fox Centre for Humanistic Inquiry - OFFER MADE[]

  • 3 one-year post-doctoral positions
  • "The FCHI Fellows Program offers research opportunities to those trained in the humanities as traditioanlly defined and to others seriously interested in humanistic issues; reserach projects must be humanistic, but fellows may hold the Ph.D in any discipline."
  • Applicants must have the PhD in hand before applying, but be no more than 6 years from the award of the doctorate.
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2012
  • Email conf. of receipt (just a "thanks" from the submission email address)
  • Rejection letter received 4/12 -- by email or post? Thanks!-- Post.
  • At least one offer made (4/13/12) Otherwise than by post, I take it?
  • Rejection letter by email (4/16)
  • Strange that they inform different candidates by different means -- I still have not heard either way (4/16) x3
  • Anyone receive an answer (either affirmative or negative) since Monday (4/16)? I received the original "thanks" message confirming receipt of my application, but still have received no yay or nay at the end of 4/19. (x2)
  • Any further news? (4/24)
  • Rejection today (5/7) said some had been lost in the mail. - x2 (5/8)

Emory University - Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Poetics - OFFER MADE & ACCEPTED[]

  • The Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry at Emory University is accepting applications for one Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Poetics for an academic year of study, teaching, and residence in the Center. Funded by a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fellowship highlights the importance of the ongoing critical, theoretical, and creative engagements with poetry across Emory University, as well as marking the emergence of the Robert W. Woodruff Library’s Manuscripts, Archives, and Rare Books Library (MARBL) as a major center for research in poetry.
  • The deadline for submission of completed applications is February 15, 2012; awards will be announced in early-April 2012. Application forms and further information are available from the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry at 404-727-6424 or, on the web at, or write to: FCHI, Emory University, 1635 North Decatur Road, Atlanta, GA 30322.
    • Also posted at CreativeWriting 2012
    • Anyone know what they might mean by their 'early-April' announcement date in the application material, or if this will go to 'mid-April' like the other Fox Center Fellowships?
    • Any news? (4/11) zeros here. Still nothing for me (4/16). Rejection 4.16 after inquiring. Letters in the mail.
    • Offer accepted (4/17).

Emory University - Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Practical Theology and Religious Practices - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Candler Postdoctoral Fellowships in Practical Theology and Religious Practices are intended for persons with recently completed doctorates (Ph.D. or equivalent) in practical theology, or persons with recent doctorates in other fields who wish to strengthen their research in religious practices and equip themselves to teach practical theology in schools of theology. This fellowship program provides both teaching and research opportunities.
  • Fellows teach two courses in the Candler School of Theology and/or in the Department of Religion of Emory College of Arts and Sciences. Normally, one of these is a course in practical theology or religious practices co-taught with an Emory professor in the fall semester, and the other, an advanced elective course, is taught in the spring. Fellows also participate in the spring core seminar for doctoral students in the Concentration in Religious Practices and Practical Theology, which provides an opportunity for fellows to share their own research and to engage in interdisciplinary conversation. Fellows are able to participate in consultations of the Concentration as well as seminars throughout the Graduate Division of Religion and Emory University more broadly. In addition, the program provides significant time and resources for research and preparing dissertations or other scholarly work for publication. The Emory University library system, and especially the Pitts Theology Library, as well as other resources of the University are available.
  • Fellows are appointed for nine months, with a stipend of $36,000 plus benefits and $1,750 for research and travel. Up to $5,000 reimbursement is available for moving expenses. The deadline for applications is Friday, February 17, 2012. Applicants will be notified of their status during the month of March.


  • The aim of the Future Research Leaders Scheme is to support outstanding early career researchers to carry out excellent research and to develop all aspects of their research and knowledge exchange skills.
  • Application process: A call for outline proposals was issued in June 2011. The call is now open for those who have been invited to submit a full proposal. The closing date for full proposals is 16.00 on 22 February 2012.
  • Awards will be for a maximum of three years with an overall limit of £215,000 (at 100 per cent full Economic Cost). We aim to fund around 70 awards.
    • Application results: Any news from the second stage submission?

EURIAS - European Institutes for Advanced Study - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • For the 2012-2013 academic year, EURIAS offers 36 fellowships (19 junior and 17 senior positions).
  • All IAS have agreed on common standards, including the provision of a living allowance (in the range of € 26,000 for a junior fellow and € 38,000 for a senior fellow), accommodation (or a mobility allowance), a research budget, plus coverage of travel expenses.
  • DEADLINE:The deadline for application is June 7th, 2011.
  • APPLICATION RESULTS: The results will be communicated to applicants by email; preselection results, mid-October 2011; IAS final selection mid-December 2011

European University Institute - Max Weber Programme - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The overall aim of the Max Weber Programme (MWP), the largest postdoctoral training programme in the Social and Human Sciences in the world, is to support the fellows in the development of a successful academic career. The most important benefits of the programme lie in the professional schooling it offers fellows. To this end they are affiliated with one of the EUI teaching departments, where they participate in seminars and workshops. Within the MWP, a broad variety of activities are organized for the fellows throughout the year with an individual focus on really developing to be internationally competitive. The Max Weber Programme is geared to developing the academic skills of postdoctoral fellows, while leaving ample time for individual research agendas.
  • The deadline for applications for the academic year 2012-13 has now passed. The next deadline will be 25 October 2012 for the academic year 2013-2014.The deadline for applications for the academic year 2012-13 has now passed. The next deadline will be 25 October 2012 for the academic year 2013-2014.
  • Any news yet? (12/10)
    • Looks like notifications were sent out on 12/18 last year. Getting close...
    • Talked to someone tonight (12/16) who said he'd been offered last week via email and was asked to reply by early Jan
    • rejection by email: 1022 applications for 43 fellowships (12/19) (x6)

Florida State University - Post Doc in Hist Sci/Env Hist - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • 1-year post-doctoral position in the History of Science/Environmental History of the North
  • "Thee successful applicant will be pursuing research in the history of recent science involving northern regions, broadly conceived, including intersections with environmental history, diplomatic history, Arctic history, U.S. and Canadian history, and the history of technology. In addition to pursuing research, the successful applicant will teach two sections of an undergraduate history of science survey."
  • Deadline: 1 Apr. 2012
  • [teaching can be concentrated in one semester--allowing all remaining time for research travel. --Ron Doel, FSU]
  • Offer Accepted - May 2012

Georgetown - Qatar Postdoctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) at Georgetown University is pleased to announce the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship.The Qatar Post-Doctoral fellowship supports recent PhDs working on the topic of US-Arab relations, or Arab or Islamic studies for a period of one academic year for the purpose of finalizing their dissertation into a book manuscript. The fellow will receive a stipend of $40,000 – $45,000 – plus benefits.
  • Applicants must have completed a PhD between January 1, 2010 and August 31, 2012 from a university in the United States. The fellowship requires residence at Georgetown University for the duration of the academic year. The fellow will be given library privileges at Georgetown University and shared or part-time office space at CCAS. During the fall term the fellow will be expected to deliver a lecture at CCAS about his/her research; and the fellow will teach a small seminar of his/her choosing broadly related to the subject of US-Arab relations, Arab Studies or Islamic studies in the spring term.
  • For further information about the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship, please visit
  • Applications must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2011.
  • Has anyone heard anything from them yet?
  • nope (2/23)

George Washington University - Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Middle East Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • George Washington University, the Institute for Middle East Studies invites applications for the position of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Middle East Studies. Fellows may come from any academic discipline, as long as their primary substantive specialization is in the Middle East, North Africa, or Iran. Candidates should receive their Ph.D. on or before September 1st of the fellowship year. The Fellow must be in residence at IMES for the duration of the grant period (September 1 – May 31), and is expected to take an active part in the intellectual life of the Institute, including giving a research presentation. This position offers a salary of $40,000, medical benefits, access to the GW library system, a computer, and an office.
  • To Apply: The candidate is required to submit the following to CV; statement of research; writing sample (an article or a chapter); and contact information for 2 references
  • Deadline: We will begin reviewing applications on January 31, 2012.
  • Rejection via email (2/23)

Georgia Tech - Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship - Composition, Technical Communication, and Digital Pedagogy - OFFERS ACCEPTED / SKYPE INTERVIEWS ONGOING[]

  • The Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech seeks recent PhDs in English, literature, rhetoric, composition, technical communication, film, linguistics, visual rhetoric/design, and related fields for the Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship. The fellowship, renewable up to three years, includes a 3/3 teaching assignment, Instructor rank, and benefits. Fellows teach multimodal composition, technical communication, and design courses informed by their research interests. Candidates who express an interest in writing and communication center research, pedagogy, and/or practice may be offered positions that combine work in the program’s communication center with a 2/2 teaching assignment. Writing and Communication Program courses emphasize multimodal communication, digital literacy, and humanistic perspectives on a technological world.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, teaching portfolio, and three letters of recommendation to Only digital applications will be reviewed. Applications will be accepted beginning January 3, 2012. Review of applications will begin on February 1, 2012, and will continue until all positions are filled, though earlier applications receive more consideration.
  • The Georgia Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The Writing and Communication Program is especially interested in considering applications from minority candidates.
  • For more information about the Writing and Communication Program, see For more information about the Brittain Fellowship, see To review the application process, see
  • Advertised in the MLA JIL, 23 December 2011 - Also posted at Rhetoric/Composition 2012
  • From Rhet/Comp page: "Sykpe interview requested (3/1)" (6/14)
  • Skype Interview Scheduled: (3/5) (4/5) (6/3)
  • Any updates? (3/20)
    • One early offer extended and accepted (3/20)
    • One offer extended and accepted (5/3)
    • Offer extended and accepted (5/9)
    • Did a Skype interview in March, but have since heard nothing. I heard that last year they hired 18 people...any info? (6/1)
    • I don't know how many people they hired last year, but I do know that somebody was offered a job in late August.
    • According to Rhetoric/Composition 2012, another Skype interview was recently scheduled: "Skype interview requested (6/14)"

Gettysburg College - One-Year Civil War Era Post-Doctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Civil War Era Studies Program at Gettysburg College announces the availability of a one-year post-doctoral fellowship from the Thomas W. Smith Foundation in the CWES program for the new holder of a PhD inthehistory, literature, or material culture of 19th-century America (or those about to receive the PhD prior to June, 2012) to begin August 2012.
  • The Smith Fellow will report to the Director of CWES, and will have as responsibilities (a) a teaching expectation of three courses during the academic year on aspects of the history of the American Civil War era, (b) participation in student recruiting efforts for The Gettysburg Semester (Gettysburg College’s immersion semester in Civil War studies for students from other colleges and universities), (c) follow-up research on the Fellow’s dissertation with a view toward acceptance of the dissertation for publication, and (d) presentation of the dissertation’s research at the annual summer Civil War Institute on the Gettysburg College campus.
  • Letters of interest, a current c.v., and a letter of recommendation from the chair of the candidate’s doctoral/dissertation committee should be submitted by February 2, 2012 to Mrs. Catherine Bain, Administrative Assistant, Civil War Era Studies, 300 North Washington Street, Campus Box 413, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA 17325. For further information on the Civil War Era Studies program at Gettysburg College, visit
  • EEOC statement and acknowledgment of receipt of application by snail mail. Nothing else. (2/10)
  • Anything? (2/28)
  • Still nothing. (2/28)
  • Any news? Im assuming that by this point no news is bad news (3/28) I haven't heard anything one way or the other. (3/28) (x2)
  • Anything? (4/11)
  • Rejection received by letter (4/30)

Hampshire College Reproductive Politics Postdoctoral Fellowship - CAMPUS VISIT STAGE[]

  • Hampshire College invites applications for a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in Comparative Reproductive Politics of the Americas. This Mellon-funded position is one of five to be filled in 2012-13 in cooperation with the Five College Consortium (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith colleges and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst).
  • The candidate should have expertise in comparative reproductive politics in the western hemisphere, including the countries of the Americas, with a particular interest in political and juridical aspects of reproductive and sexual rights movements. Applicants should have research and teaching interests in one or more of the following themes: transnational social movements that seek to achieve as well as to contest sexual and reproductive rights; factors that facilitate or impede policy reform, legislative action, and grassroots social movements; comparative methodologies; the relationship of political parties and NGOs to reproductive and sexual rights movements; and new forms of social activism that emerge in the wake of civil war and military dictatorship.
  • The successful candidate must have completed all requirements for a PhD before assuming the fellowship.
  • Deadline: March 16, 2012
  • Submit a letter of interest, CV, writing sample, and two letters of reference at
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
  • I got a rejection email (4/8)
  • I haven't heard anything yet. Could be first cut, or maybe they are going through applications by date? I submitted mine a bit late.
  • (4/16) First campus visit has been announced.

Harvard Academy of Scholars - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 4-5 two-year appointments to both Pre and post-doctoral Fellowships
  • "The competition for these awards is open only to recent Ph.D. (or comparable professional school degree) recipients and doctoral candidates. Those still pursuing a Ph.D. should have completed their routine training and be well along in the writing of their theses before becoming Academy Scholars; those in possession of a Ph.D. longer than 3 years are ineligible"
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2011
  • Interviews 9 Dec. 2011
    • Has anyone heard back from this one?
    • A: Acknowledgement of receipt of app on 17 Oct. Decisions about semi-finalists are made in early to mid-November
    • Rejection email 10/28/11 (x8)

Harvard College Fellows Program -- OFFER MADE[]

  • Applications and letters of reference must be received by March 15, 2012
  • College Fellowships are one-year positions with the possibility of renewal for one additional year, starting August 15.
  • College Fellows will receive a salary of $50,300 plus benefits.
  • College Fellowships are open to scholars who have completed, or will complete, all requirements for the Ph.D. by July 1, 2012. The program is limited to applicants who have received their Ph.D. no earlier than 2008
  • This program is for exceptional scholars who have recently completed their doctoral work and have demonstrated excellence in teaching. College Fellows will teach within an area of specialization (in Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences) while given ample time to pursue their own research
  • Offer made, History [April 10]
  • Any word on the Romance Languages specialization? I heard the decision was going to be made this week or the next...[Apr. 13th]
  • campus interview (medieval English) 4/20
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures has recently posted an opening. Applications due June 8.
  • Psychology dept rejection on May 23rd

Harvard Divinity School - Women's Studies in Religion - Research Associate - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: Oct 1st, 2011
  • Harvard Divinity School announces five full-time Research Associate and Visiting Faculty positions for 2012-13 in its Women's Studies in Religion Program. Proposals should utilize both religion and gender as central categories of analysis. They may address women and religion in any time, place, or religious tradition, and may utilize disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches from across the fields of theology, the humanities, and the social sciences.
  • Research Associates are required to be in full-time residence at Harvard Divinity School while carrying out their proposed research projects during the 2012-13 academic year. Associates meet together regularly for collective discussion of research in progress. Each Associate teaches a one-semester course related to the research project, and the Associates present their research in a public lecture series.
  • Positions are open to candidates with doctorates in the fields of religion and to those with primary competence in other humanities, social science, and public policy fields who demonstrate a serious interest in religion and hold appropriate degrees in those fields. Selection criteria emphasize the quality of the applicant's research prospectus, outlining objectives and methods; its fit with the Program's research priorities; the significance of the contribution of the proposed research to the study of religion, gender, and to its field; and an agreement to produce a publishable piece of work. Applicants must have received their PhD by October 1, 2011.
  • Salary for 2012-13 will be $50,000. The appointment is full-time, lasting ten months, and includes health benefits and reimbursement of some expenses.
  • Within the online application, the following documents are required and must be uploaded in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or .txt format:
    • A description of your proposed research project, not to exceed 1,250 words;
    • The title and description of a women's studies course related to your project, not to exceed one page;
    • A description of your background in women's studies, not to exceed 750 words;
    • Curriculum vitae, not to exceed 10 pages;
    • Writing sample, either a chapter or article, in electronic format.
    • Two letters of recommendation are also required.
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
  • Q: Anyone receive acknowledgement of receipt of application?
  • Any word yet? (2/6)
  • Same here, any word yet?
  • Rejection letter (3/2)

Harvard University, Prize Fellowships in Economics, History, and Politics - INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED[]

  • "Harvard University is delighted to announce a new program of three-year postdoctoral Prize Fellowships in Economics, History and Politics, tenable at Harvard over the period 2011-2016. The fellowships are intended to encourage outstanding scholarship in any field of economics, history, politics and related subjects, with a special emphasis on scholarship which crosses the frontiers between disciplines, and which addresses questions of lasting importance."
  • [Deadline Passed; but posting for the purposes of updated information]
  • Applications are by nomination only, and nominations of fellows for the 2012-2013 academic year should be submitted by Monday October 10 2011.
  • The deadline for applications and letters of reference for the 2012-2013 Fellowships is Friday, October 28 2011.
    • News?
    • (11/27): Interviews for the 3rd and 4th were scheduled approx. a week ago.
      • Friday Dec. 2nd/Saturday Dec. 3rd, correct?
    • How were they scheduled? By phone? --
      • By phone and email
    • Any idea how many interviews?
    • Has any one recived a rejection, or know if all interviews have been scheduled?
    • Received a rejection today (Dec. 1) via email (X2).

Harvard University, Society of Fellows - FELLOWS ACCEPTED[]

  • "Candidates are nominated for Junior Fellowships, generally by those under whom they have studied. Applications are not accepted from the candidates themselves."
  • Nomination letters accepted until September 2, 2011.
  • If contacted, completed application material deadline September 28, 2011
    • Any news? Has anyone received a phone call?
    • Interviews are under way.
    • Any sense of which deadline those applicants were assigned -- Sept. 3, 15, or 28? Any particular disciplines represented?
    • Confused by deadlines listed above: mine was on September 30?!
    • Sorry to worry you -- I meant the 30th.
    • To the person who said interviews are underway – do you mean that phone calls for interviews are already going out? Surely the interviews themselves haven't begun yet?
      • 10/12/11 - received call 10/11 and invited to interview on 10/31 or 11/7 (30 min interview with all 15 Senior Fellows; seemed to be a few interview slots available each day; the Senior Fellows only meet to interview on Monday afternoons)
      • Which discipline? -Literature (poster above)
      • I received a call mid-September and offered a 10/3 interview slot. (I'm the one who originally said interviews are underway.) I think interviews are rolling, depending perhaps on your deadline---my deadline was in the first week of September.
      • Is anyone from the people who got interviews from History or Anthropology? I understand that to some extent the date of the calls can be affected by discipline because it depends who reads your application.
    • Scheduled for 11/7. Anyone know how many people are interviewing? If interviews span at least 6 Mondays (10/3 through 11/7) and have around 5 each Monday, does that mean they have around 30 for app 10 slots? Or does anyone have more reliable numbers than my guesswork?
    • Did anyone with the Sep 28 assigned deadline receive an interview call?
    • They interview about 50-60 people-- the interviews go straight into the first week of December. The September 28-30 folks won't get a call until next week. (I interviewed in a previous year, so I got some insight into how many people are interviewed, and how perfected their scheduling system is after all these years. It goes like clockwork, and unless something goes seriously awry, you can probably determine exactly when offers will be made from previous years' wikis. They are very timely and professional in all respects.)
      • so here's a small question I don't see answered in past year's wikis: if you do get an interview (for SOF or any other similarly fancy postdoc), is it kosher to indicate it on the CV? And is there a convention for doing so? (ie, nominee, finalist, fellow, etc.)
      • To answer your question. I mention it myself and see it mentioned several times in some other people's CV. But you can ONLY have reasons to do it when you are a finalist that means when they are seriously considering your candidacy (i.e. fly you out for the final interview). Also, some people also say that if your crendential on the CV is enough to get you to the finalist stage, it doubtless will get you somewhere next year or the year after so there is no reason to overly advertise yourselves. Despite all these reasons I still list it :)
      • Maybe this varies discipline to discipline. In mine it would be a big faux pas to list any job you failed to get, no matter how close you got to it. If you received an offer and turned it down, then it would be acceptable to list the fellowship. I therefore don't list it.
    • So if you were assigned an earlier deadline of the 3rd or the 15th, then presumably they've passed on your application and you won't be receiving a call?
      • There were a couple of late interview requests a couple of years ago, but I don't think that's usual. I wouldn't totally write it off, however, because it's possible that one of the two fellows reading your file might have been out of town on one of the previous interview decision days.
    • Has anyone here been to the interview? What are they like?
      • 11/11 - Since there's not a lot out there from previous years thought I'd answer this for posterity...Interviews are 30 min with all 15 Senior Fellows (you sit in a circle in comfy chairs). They basically begin with "tell us about your project" and you're off, with questions coming from whomever/whenever, cordial but challenging/skeptical. Prepare a five-minute version of your project for a super-smart but general audience that with a couple of exceptions won't have read more than your 200-word abstract (I got four sentences out before the first question). My sense is that the best interviews are lively, enthusiastic demonstrations of novel projects showing you'd be the kind of person with whom they'd enjoy having intellectual conversations over lunch/dinner for three years. I thought my interview went great, and while I'm sure there is the occasional bad interview the other interviewees I met at dinner were all smart, articulate, confident people and I have to think once you get to the interview stage it's really a crapshoot.
    • Any sense of whether they group these by disciplinary area? It seems like people going early would be at a disadvantage if they interview two months before decisions are made and they are practically forgotten by the time the horse-trading begins.
      • so if I haven't received a call for an interview yet, it's basically over?
      • Not necessarily. My guess is that people with a late September deadline will get interview calls this week. After those calls go out, it might still be possible to be called for an interview, but the chances would be vastly slimmer. Also, to the other poster above: they don't group the interviews by discipline, unless something has changed in the past two years. When I was interviewed, I was in the same group as an economist and a mathematician, along with a couple other Hum/SocSci types.
    • So, did anyone with an end-September deadline hear back this week? (x4)
    • I suppose those of us with end-September deadlines should assume they've already contacted all interviewees? My own deadline was September 22, and I have yet to hear anything...
      • Maybe we should wait until the end of this week. No one here with an end-September deadline seems to have heard back, and there were phone calls on 10/27 last year (cf. last year's edition of this blog).
      • Well, on their website they say interviews go until early December and that notifications are sent until the end of November. Is that really the case?
      • I have a friend who was notified in mid-late November last year (can't remember exactly). Her interview was in early December.
      • Still, no one on this board with an end-September deadline heard back? Odd. x5
        • Received phone call to schedule an interview today (11/3) x2
        • If you haven't recieved a call by now 11/14 its pretty much over right?
    • So is Dec 13 the big day?
    • for decisions?
    • I thought it was usually Sundays? So the 11th?
    • My understanding is they deliberate Sunday and call on Monday (presumably Dec. 12)
    • It would be much appreciated if the lucky winners can PLEASE post on Sunday if they get the call, as it would be nice to be able to sleep on Sunday knowing whether Monday is to be another long day of waiting for the phone to ring, or if the calls went out and a little card is on its way in the mail.
      • Notified of acceptance (via call) -- Dec. 11 x2
        • Does this mean it's over for those of us who haven't heard? Can I still hold on to a glimmer of hope that they haven't contacted anyone in Europe yet because of time difference, or was that done yesterday? - Ha, I'm still crossing my fingers they've only called West Coast people and that us East Coasters are still in the mix. Good luck everybody and congrats to the lucky invitees...
        • good luck to everyone who still might hear!
        • Has anyone heard anything today, 12/12? I too am hoping that it might not be all over...
          • Received the predictable tiny envelope of rejection (12/13, 12/14 (argh))
    • Congratulations to those accepted! Any of you pondering taking a different position?
      • There's always the chance someone will get/accept a diff. job that won't let the candidate defer (i.e., keep the fellowship) -- so for alternates, it's too soon to give up hope, I think! But you might not find out 'til well into the spr. semester (when jobs wrap up)
      • Just curious ... Did some candidates get word that they are alternates instead of outright rejections? -- Yes
      • As I understand it, some applicants are informed they are "alternates," but there are very few of these. (1, maybe 2)

Harvard University, Mahindra Humanities Center - OFFER MADE[]

  • 2012-3 postdoctoral fellowships, open to those who graduate(d) May 2009-June 2012
  • "Fellowships will be awarded to support projects that share the Center’s commitment to interdisciplinarity and internationalism. The Center welcomes applications from all fields within the humanities and the allied social sciences"
  • $35 Application Processing Fee
  • Deadline: (postmark) 15 Nov. 2011
    • Was anyone a finalist for this last year? Was there a campus interview/job talk? How competitive is this? Is the $35 worth it? Why are so many postdoc asking people to pay now? :(
    • There is no job talk or interview. Last yeare there were ~900 applications for 3 positions.
    • Thanks for providing the stats from last year. In that case I am really not sure whether I will shell out the $35. I'm pretty disgusted by the fact that this is becoming a trend. So inconsiderate and tacky! (Editing to say I am not the person who initially asked about last year's numbers.)
    • Do other people find the application form SUPER SUPER hard to type on? They won't let you save the form. If they gather $35 from everyone already for several years, is it rude to ask them to at least have an application form online? lol. Harvard Harvard....
    • The application form was maddening. It's not terribly difficult to build a writeable PDF that can save changes. Maybe they should invest a small sliver of the $1000s they will rake in from "processing" fees in delivering a better application system next year.
    • Email confirmation of receipt of application and supporting documents (11/19) (x2, although 11/28)
    • no email confirmation of receiving materials - but they did cash my check which was with the materials :) (11/24)
    • Has above contributor still not received confirmation of materials? I have yet to hear about my application arriving.
    • Email confirmation said that they would announce decisions mid-late February
    • They finally cashed my check today lol; maybe that means I am rejected? Man, this whole job market thing sucks big time!
    • Arg! So much waiting.They're almost definitely down to the finalists already... Wish they would just send out rejection letters for everyone else.
      • Right on.
      • It's February 22...any news?
      • Someone could call the center and ask where things stand...
      • Wrote them a few days ago to find out when they might make a decision, as I'm considering another fellowship. Radio silence.
    • Word is the search committee meets Tuesday the 28th and then they contact people over the next few days.
    • Offer made by email (2/28)
    • rejection email!
    • has anyone else not heard anything? (2/29)
      • Me too. No word yet (and I even e-mailed to ask about my status because of another offer!) (2/29)
      • Same here. I wrote and they did not answer. Need to know asap because I have another offer (2/29).
      • No contact yet (2/29) x4 - getting anxious. Was that only one offer made so far?
      • Rejection e-mail (2/29) x2
    • Should the four of us (and, no doubt more) be taking this as a good sign? Maybe we made it close? Thoughts?
      • Smile crept acrss my face after reading that. Dare I get up my hopes?
      • not to thwart everyone's hopes here - but maybe the decisions (rejections mainly) are going out in batches, especially given the number of applications each post doc position recieves?
      • In my contact with them today, they stated that the offers had been made.
      • to the above poster - could you please tell whom did you email? call? They never replied to my email - I emailed the person who wrote to confirm the recipt of the application back in november
      • Yes, it was the administrator for either the postdoc or the center itself, Shannon Mackey. The contact was via email.
      • Thanks - it was the same person to whom I wrote mid morning - and never heard back the whole day!
      • has anyone else tried contacting them?
    • Rejection email (3/1) Yea! I was beginning to feel left out :)
    • Still nothing (3/1)
    • Rejected (3/1). I must note that learning about the unbelievable number of applications they receive leads to a very simple conclusion: this application was a waste of time (and of money) in the first place. In any case, I congradulate those that got accepted, and wish us all good luck.
    • Rejected, and though i feel disappointed, it's not bad with Homi Bhabha writing to wish you good luck with your teaching and research, as they convey the unfortunate news! ;)
    • Anyone else out there still neither accepted nor rejected? (3/2) x2
    • I have still heard nothing (late 3/1) x2
    • Rejection by email (3/2)x2

Harvard University - College Writing Program Preceptor - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Harvard College Writing Program at Harvard University is now accepting applications for preceptorships. The Writing Program is accepting applications for multi-year positions, with appointments beginning July 1, 2012. The application deadline is December 1, 2011. Applicants should visit
  • Deadline: Dec. 1, 2011
  • Please refer to the post at Rhetoric & Composition 2012 for updates.

Haverford College Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow - OFFER MADE[]

  • The John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities of Haverford College is accepting applications for its two-year Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Humanities to begin Fall 2012. The needs of the 2012-13 Faculty Seminar, The Affective Turn, led by Gustavus Stadler of the English Department, were an important part of developing the search criteria.
  • Deadline: January 31, 2012
  • Candidates who have received the Ph.D. in 2007 at the earliest, or who have completed the requirements for the Ph.D. by the application deadline of January 31, 2012 are eligible. Please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, two course proposals and a writing sample of no more than 25 pages, and arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to:

    Emily Carey Cronin
    Associate Director
    John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities
    Haverford College
    Haverford PA 19041
    610-896-1336 (for queries only; please no electronic applications)
  • AA/EOE card and receipt of application confirmation received by mail (1/27)
  • Any news on this one? (2/28)
  • No word yet (2/29)
  • No word since receipt of application and AA/EOE card. (2/29) x 1
  • any news? (3/9)
  • no news yet (3/10)x1
  • on 2 /24, i wrote both emily cronin and the faculty organizer to give them an update about a change regarding my application. Ms. Cronin wrote back to say "The committee is still working on reading the materials and deciding on who they wish to bring to visit." So, it seems like they are going to do the full on campus visit for shortlisted folks. I have not yet heard back as of 3/11.
  • Thanks for posting the above insights. I have heard nothing too and am extra anxious to hear from them.
  • any word? (3/13)
  • still nothing! anyone else? (3/16) x3
  • Request for campus interview (3/21) x2
  • Offer made 4/19

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) - George L. Mosse Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Gender and Sexuality - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The fellowship is granted for one year with the possibility of renewal for an additional year. The late Professor Mosse was a pioneer in the history of Gender and Sexuality and was the first to teach these fields in the Department of History. The fellowship honors his legacy. The recipient of the George L. Mosse Fellowship will be ask to teach one course in the history of gender or sexuality in the Department of History during the fellowship year.
  • The starting date of the visit should not be later than five years after the completion of the recipient's doctoral degree. The yearly fellowship is $25,000.00. Housing and transportation expenses will be paid by the recipient.
  • Interested candidates are requested to send:
    • curriculum vitae
    • short description of their Ph.D. dissertation
    • writing sample
    • and ask for two letters of recommendation to be send on their behalf to:
Professor Moshe Sluhovsky, Chair
Department of History
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus Campus
Jerusalem, 91905 Israel
Or to:
  • Application deadline is March 1, 2012
  • April, 24. Any news? Thanks.
    • Heard from people who should know that they were still considering several candidates. As far as I know no firm decisions have been made. A: Thanks so much!
  • April, 30. Any news? Thanks.
    • Offer has been made and accepted. (May 10th)

Heidelberg University (Germany) - Pre-modern China Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two Research Scholar positions (Lecturer/Assistant Prof. equivalents)
  • pre-modern Chinese History
    • Three years, with possibility of renewal; teaching and research duties; fluidity in German ideal at start and essential within 2 years.
  • early Chinese manuscript Studies
    • One year, with possibility of renewal; teaching and research duties. " She or he should have demonstrated expertise in early Chinese manuscripts through substantial published or forthcoming research on the subject and is also expected to have sufficient IT and social skills."
  • "Candidates should hold a doctoral degree (ABD considered, but with adapted salary) in Chinese Studies, History, or a related discipline with a focus on pre-modern China, have excellent skills in pre-modern and modern Chinese as well as a clear research agenda, and be willing to teamwork. Skills in Japanese, French, or Russian will be advantageous but are not required."
  • "the university seeks to increase the number of women in teaching and research, and encourages qualified females in particular to apply. Under the condition of equal professional qualification physically challenged applicants will be preferred."
  • Review begins: 15 Feb. 2012

Humboldt University (Ger.) - Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Thee-and-a-half year postdoctoral fellowship in "Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History"
  • Topic has three related themes: "Work" , "Human Life Course", and "Global History"
  • "Requirements: Completed university degree and PhD in History, Social or Cultural Sciences; research focus on the history of work, and African history desirable; very good language skills in English and an additional language (French, Portuguese, Arabic); knowledge of an African language desirable; research experience in Africa, archival work experience. We especially encourage qualified women to apply in order to guarantee equal treatment. If eligible, applicants with a disability will be privileged. The research centers working language is English.@
  • Deadline: 5 Jan. 2012
  • Is there an any other information for this postdoc, i.e. address or link to a website in English?

Humboldt University (Ger.)- Department of History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3 x five year research postdoctoral positions
    • Jewish Studies/Medieval Jewish History
    • Byzantine Studies
    • Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic Studies, Iranian Studies or Turkish Studies
  • To work on the "FOUNDMED. Foundations in medieval societies. Cross-cultural comparisons"
  • Requirements vary by post but generally include: relevant PhD and language skills (including German)
  • Deadline: 3 Mar. 2012

Imperial College London (UK) - Research Associate in History of Science/Medicine - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • (In case the link is unreliable, posting can be found via the Imperial vacancies page: with ref. no SS 2012 073 TAA)
  • Three year post-doctoral research position on the Wellcome Trust funded project "One medicine? Investigating human and animal disease circa 1850-2015".
  • "You will have a PhD in the modern history of science, technology or medicine. You will be actively researching the twentieth century history of the biological or medical sciences, broadly construed, and have knowledge of at least one of the following national contexts: Britain, France, Germany, Canada and the USA. You will also have a strong publication record, and be committed to engaging with a range of academic and non-academic audiences"
  • SHORT deadline: 26 Apr. 2012
    • Interviews: 23 May.

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca (It.) - post-doctoral fellowship in Contemporary History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 1 year research post-doc in Contemporary History "specifically in the fields of 20th Century German History and state formation in Prussia and Germany"
  • "The Post-Doctoral Fellow will be a part of the Economics and Institutional Change research area, and will perform research, tutorship and mentoring of Ph.D. students, limited teaching of graduate courses and participation in the development of the research activities of the Institute"
  • Deadline: Noon 20 Apr. 2012

Institute of Fine Arts, New York University - Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012-2014 -- POSITION FILLED []

  • The Fellowship is held in conjunction with the IFA/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation review of research and teaching in the fields of art history, archaeology and conservation.
  • Applicants for 2012 – 2014 must have received the PhD degree between October 1, 2006, and October 1, 2011.
  • Applications must be received by November 1, 2011.
    • After a preliminary selection, finalists may be interviewed in February 2012. The fellowship award will be announced by April 30, 2012
  • Email to request interview (1/26)
  • Nice! Is your interview at CAA in LA? ..or at the IFA?
  • Interviews were at the IFA. Offer made and accepted.

Institute of Historical Research (UK) - Junior Research Fellowships -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

[NB: at time of posting, 1 Feb., not all the links on the IHR homepage work so I'm providing links to job adverts as well]

  • Economic History Society postdoctoral Fellowship - up to five positions available
    • Deadline: 2 Apr. 2012
  • Alan Pearsall Postdocrotal Fellowship in Naval & Maritime History - one position for one year on the topic of " any aspect of Naval or Maritime History, anywhere in the world, from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West to the present day."
    • Deadline: 2 Apr. 2012
  • Past and Present Postdoctoral Fellowships - up to two one-year fellowships "given to applicants who demonstrate in their study a broad interest in processes of social, economic, political and cultural change."
    • Deadline: 2 Apr. 2012
    • Shortlist expected to be ready before the end of May. Interviews on 13 June.
  • Is there a timetable on the decision process? (x2)
  • 31/05/2012 - I haven't heard anything yet.
  • 31/05/2012 - Short-listing meeting is taking place between 2.30-4.30pm GMT today. Institute of Historical Research Diary
  • 04/06/2012 - Any news?
  • 04/06/2012 - No news yet, presumably sometime this week? (I applied for Past and Present)
  • 05/06/2012 - The Institute has been closed for both Bank Holidays, so hopefully decsions will be announced when they re-open on Wednesday 06/06/2012.
  • Email confirming advancing to next round received 01/06/2012. Wish I'd been on here a few days ago so that those of you still wondering weren't left in the dark over the weekend.
    • Congrats! Would you be willing to say which competition you applied for?
  • 07/06/2012 - Contacted the Fellowship Officer regarding all junior fellowship applications ealier today. His reply: 'The competition is ongoing, and I will contact all applicants, successful and unsuccessful alike, by the start of July.'
  • 19/06/2012 - Rejection e-mail received.

Johns Hopkins University - Postdoctoral Fellowships in East Asian Studies -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in East Asian Studies for two fellows, who will be appointed to a one-year term renewable for a second year, beginning July 1, 2013
  • One position requires a specialization in early modern or modern Japanese history, the other in East Asian humanities, including social or cultural anthropology, art history, literature, or philosophy. The fellowship period will be for two years, from fall 2012 until spring 2014.
  • Fellows will teach one course each semester and are also expected to pursue research that will make a significant contribution to the field of East Asian studies. Candidates should have a recent Ph.D. (received between January 1, 2009 and June 30, 2012). Application deadline: January 15, 2012
  • To apply, send a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, a dissertation outline or writing sample, and a sample course syllabus to EAS Coordinator Tyree Powell at Please also ask three referees to send letters of recommendation to Mr. Powell.
  • Rejection received (Fe 28 2012) (x2)

Johns Hopkins University - Andrew W. Mellon Fellows in the Humanities 2012-2013 - "Concepts of Diaspora" - OFFERS EXTENDED[]

  • The JHU Zanvyl-Krieger School of Arts and Sciences is currently accepting applications for the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities for three fellows, who will be appointed to a one-year term renewable for a second year, beginning July 1, 2012.
  • Each fellowship carries a departmental affiliation and the responsibility of teaching one course per semester.
  • Stipend is $53,218, with an additional $1,000 available for research and travel expenses. Health insurance and a one-time moving allowance of $1,500 are also provided
  • Deadline: Thursday, November 3, 2011.

Q: I'm confused; the ad for this on the MLA job list doesn't specify anything about a theme, but when you go to the website it does have a heading of "concepts of diaspora" but doesn't say anything else about that theme in the postdoc description. Is this definitely a theme-based fellowship, or open to everyone in the humanities?

A: Definitely on the theme of diaspora:

  • May I just note, free delivery through Interfolio---thank you Johns Hopkins! (x2!, very cool)
    • I submitted this via Interfolio on the 3rd, but the application wasn't "delivered" until the next day. Did anyone else have this problem? Do you think that application will be disqualified?
    • Interfolio was late for me too. Happened now twice :-( Perhaps they should fund an Interfolio postdoc for the folks whose career took a hit because of their frequent and egrgious failuer to send an e-mail on time... Hope srpings eternal, I know.
    • Not to be a jerk, but Interfolio does clearly state that processing for all deliveries, incl. electronic, can take up to 3 days.
    • The interfolio option to apply closed at 11:59PM on the 3rd. If you were able to apply, I would assume it was fine. Unless others have gotten a confirmation email?

Anyone hear anything either way on this yet? 1/5

  • Not me, looking at past years they seem to have about 450 applicants and send the decision in February (1/6)
  • I agree, we should have some info in mid Feb.
  • Rejection via email 1/27/12 (field: Modern European History x2). No info on number of applicants given.
  • Any other folks from other fields hear back yet? (1/29)
  • Rejection received via email on 1/29 (modern European history) with 'africana studies' in the title.

For those who've heard back, did you submit well before the deadline? I sent my application, and that may be why I haven't gotten my rejection yet. <-I sent it on the deadline, maybe they just don't like Europe? --Seriously, why open up the competition to all fields when it is clear that they want an Africanist? -- I'm an African Americanist and haven't heard back either way yet - I submitted on the deadline. --I work in Europe and haven't been rejected (at least not yet) so I doubt they have a blanket rule against Europeanists. They're going to choose three people out of probably 500-800, so I think it'll be even more of a random crapshoot than that. I'd be wary of looking for a pattern

  • Any news (x5!)
  • Just curious-is there a reason people expect to hear now? Are you going off of last year's wiki, or did someone ask them when decisions would be made and hear back that it'd be mid-Feb? I can't remember if their materials listed a decision timeline . . . R: probably because the awards were made mid-Feb. last year, and for the past couple of years, there seem to have been rolling rejections starting around early Feb.
  • Called Africana Studies today and was told that fellowship recipients would receive notice by late February or early March. Not sure if this also means that those who are not finalists will also be notified. Either way, within a couple of weeks some notifications should go out. 2/16
  • Any news? (2/22) (x3)
  • Notification of acceptance via email 2/24. (x3)
    • Congrats! Would you mind sharing your field?(x3)
    • sorry, but just to be clear--does that mean all 3 ppl emailed above accepted the fellowship offer? Or only that offers were extended to them? congrats!(x3)
    • In my case, the offer was extended and I am most likely to accept. Reluctant to post my field until it's been decided one way or the other, but I will soon. Thanks for the congrats and tons of luck to everyone else out there. Fyi, this is my second year on the market.
    • thanks, above poster. Good to know.
    • in my case, I'm also likely to accept, and I also feel reluctant to post my field, simply b/c it comes close to breaking the anonymous spirit of the wiki. But you'll be able to see fields on their website soon enough, and I just saw that it's now possible to see the current fellows and what their fields are (that link has been dead previously). Good luck to everyone; I'm obviously happy, but definitely have the sense this was more of a crapshoot than anything else. For what it's worth, this is my second year on the market, and I have yet to be offered a campus visit of any kind...
  • Anyone else still not heard? (2/29) I mean, I understand they made offers, but... still would like a note, y'know? (x2)
  • Still nothing (3/1)
    • Has anyone received a rejection letter since the posters in late January? Echoing the above, I would just like to receive a NO note, so that I can close this chapter. (3/19)
    • Rejection received 3/27(x3)
    • Rejection received 3/28 (email via Interfolio)

KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies) - Digital Humanities/Asian Studies[]

  • Two or more 2-year (possibly 3-year) research postdocs on the Elite Networks Shifts research project
  • "Candidates will have a PhD and a proven research record in one of the following three fields, and a demonstrable affinity with another one:
    1. Social sciences (preferably historical sociology, history, sociology, anthropology or political science), specialised in research about Indonesia (preferably elites, and history of Indonesia) (see subproject 2). Reading ability of the Indonesian language.
    2. Social network analysis, computational and statistical methods, computational sociology, digital research methods (see subproject 2).
    3. Complex systems, background in either mathematics, physics, or engineering. Specialised in socio- and econophysics or internet and web science; with a focus on evolving complex networks (see subproject 3).
  • Deadline: 30 Jun. 2012 [to start Feb 2013]
  • Also posted at Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2012-13

Kings College London (UK) - Postdoctoral Research Associates in History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • two 3-year research positions on the "AHRC-funded project 'The Making of Charlemagne's Europe, 768-814'."
  • "The post-holders will collaborate in creating a database gathering all the surviving documentary evidence dating from the reign of Charlemagne"
  • "Applicants are expected to have completed or be near completing a PhD in History on a topic related to the Carolingian period; to have a sound command of Latin; to have experience of using charter and documentary materials for research purposes; and to be able to work independently. A reading knowledge of French and German, and experience of working with digital humanities resources, would also be highly desirable."
  • SHORT Deadline: 28th Nov. 2011 [interviews 12th Dec.]
    • Note: start date Jan 2012

Kings College London - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chinese Humanities[]

  • one 3-year research position on the ERC-funced project "China and the Historical Sociology of Empire"
  • "A Ph.D. in Chinese history and a strong interest in comparative history and digital humanities are required. Further requirements include reading competence in classical Chinese and prior research in imperial Chinese history. Experience in digital text analysis is desirable but not necessary as training will be provided"
  • Deadline: 10 Jun. 2012

Leon Levy Center for Biography - CUNY Grad Center, Biography Fellowships 2012-2013 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Interdisciplinary Biography Fellowships, 2012-2013, see:
  • Postmark Deadline: October 3, extended to October 15, 2011 -- results to be announced in April 2012
  • Full time in-residence writing fellowship, stipend of $60,000, plus additional resources

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships - OFFERS MADE[]

  • Leverhulme Trust posdoctoral fellowships to be held at any UK institution in any discipline
  • c. 80 Fellowships available in 2012
  • Deadline: 8th March 2012
  • Applicants will be notified by the end of May 2012
  • 4/18 Is anyone else waiting to hear back about one of these?
  • Yes, I applied.
  • Just called. They said that they now have a shortlist of around 100 (from 725 applications). There are 80 places. Results to be announced 21st May.
  • 5/14 That's so helpful to know - thank you! When did you call them? I'm wondering if because I haven't heard that means I'm on a shorlist, or whether I might be about to be contacted to be told I'm not on a shorlist. (I'm anxious about this one - would love one of these)
  • Does anyone know if it will be e-mail or letter?Did anyone get word already? Good luck to all!
  • Offer made (e-mail) (5/21)
  • Congratulations!
  • (5/21) I'm still waiting to hear either way. Given that an offer has already been made I presume this is a bad sign. Anyone else still waiting to hear either way?
  • 5/21 - 12:43 I'm still waiting to hear too! And I also assume that it's a bad sign for those left waiting that an offer has been made. *So depressing* Will post if I hear anything.
  • 5/21 - 12:52 Also still waiting...fingers crossed. Congrats to the person that got the offer! (x3)
  • 5/21 - 15:00 Contacted them and they said all successful candidates had been e-mailed this morning, and the unsuccessful candidates would be e-mailed soon today.
  • 5/22 - I haven't heard anything either way, so I'm going to wait a little bit longer, and then contact them.
  • 5/22 - 9:06 I also haven't heard either way--I phoned them, and they said they are releasing the results all this week, with emails and letters going out gradually.
  • 5/22- Maybe they're waiting to see if all their offers are accepted before they send us our rejection emails/letters...
  • 5/22 - 14:06. I called this morning and I was told directly that my application was unsuccessful. Better luck next year!
  • [23 May] - Have positive offers continued through the week, or was the original commenter on the 21st correct in stating that they'd all been sent out?
  • 23rd May - I couldn't take the suspense anymore so I emailed to ask about my application. It was unsuccessful. He said that "you should receive a letter this week confirming this." Hope this is helpful to others.
  • 5/24 - Rejection letter received in post.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - Research Fellowships -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München is one of the leading research universities in Europe, with a more than 500-year-long tradition. As part of the “LMU Academic Career Program”, LMU Munich will award
    10 Research Fellowships to excellent junior academics. Applications are welcome from all candidates who have completed their doctoral studies within the last three years with outstanding results. Applicants must present an independent research project as part of their application. The project must be supported by a professor of LMU Munich. The fellows will become members of the Young Center of the Center for Advanced Studies and be able to make use of its services.
  • Endowment: Research fellows will receive an attractive salary according to the German “Tarifvertrag der Länder (TV-L)” (typically TV-L grade E 14). Applicants may apply for an additional start-up funding up to the amount of € 25,000 as well as for material and travel expenses of up to € 10,000 per year. In the first two years after the completion of their research fellowship, the fellows may be granted up to € 5,000 for continuing cooperation with LMU Munich. The fellowships are tenable for two years.
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity and therefore explicitly encourages women to apply.
  • Closing date for applications is 5 February 2012. The prospective starting date of the fellowships is 1 September 2012. For all information regarding your application please consult:

Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages - Postdoc in Buddhist Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages in Berkeley invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from recent Ph.D.'s in Buddhist Studies or closely related fields. The positions are for one year, starting in August 2011, and are potentially renewable for a second year. Advanced language training in Sanskrit and at least one other canonical language is required. A strong interest in Buddhist philosophical developments and in digital humanities is desirable. Applicants must have been awarded the Ph.D. prior to commencement of the Fellowship.
  • Mangalam Research Fellows will be responsible for advancing Mangalam Center's Buddhist Translators Workbench research project, working with Center staff and Senior Scholars in residence, and supervising Research Associates. They will also be available to teach short courses and workshops and potentially to teach summer language intensives in Sanskrit or Tibetan. Fellows may also be called upon to assist in the organization, design, and smooth functioning of seminars, symposia, and academic conferences, working under the supervision of the Academic Directors and Director. It is expected that Fellows will continue to carry on their own research programs while in residence. Housing, some meals, and medical insurance are provided as part of the compensation package. Fellows will have the status of Visiting Scholars at the University of California, Berkeley, which gives them full library privileges.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than December 16, 2011 and should be sent via email attachment. Applications need take no particular form, but should Include the following:
    • A detailed description of your academic credentials and language skills (official transcripts are not required);
    • Statement of purpose describing your interests and research plans and any other information you consider relevant;
    • Three letters of reference from academic advisers or persons in the field who know and can evaluate your work.
  • Applicants with suitable credentials will be invited for interviews in person or over the internet. Decisions will be announced by January 31.

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin (Max Planck Research Group Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe; Director: Prof. Dr. Sven Dupré) announces three postdoctoral fellowships for up to three months between July 1 and December 31, 2012. Outstanding junior and senior scholars are invited to apply.
  • Candidates should hold a doctorate in the history of science, the history of art, technical art history or related field (with a dissertation topic relevant to the history of knowledge) at the time of application and show evidence of scholarly promise in the form of publications and other achievements.
  • Research projects should address the history of art and knowledge up to the eighteenth century (with a preference for the period between 1350 and 1750), and may concern any geographical area within Europe, and any object of the visual and decorative arts.
  • Possible topics include: The mediation of the transmission of knowledge in and beyond the artist’s workshop; The appropriation of other than artisanal bodies of knowledge (such as geometry, optics and alchemy) in the context of the artist’s workshop; Concepts and typologies of knowledge in early modern art theory and their possible relation to material artistic practices and artisanal knowledge. Also welcome are projects falling within the scope of the history of optics and perspective, the history of alchemy, or the history of collecting (up to 1750), but those relevant to the writing of an epistemic history of art will receive preference.
  • Visiting fellows are expected to take part in the scientific life of the Institute, to advance their own research project, and to actively contribute to the project of the Max Planck Research Group Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe.
  • The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science is an international and interdisciplinary research institute ( The colloquium language is English; it is expected that candidates will be able to present their own work and discuss that of others fluently in that language. Fellowships are endowed with a monthly stipend between 1.900 € and 2.300 € (fellows from abroad) or between 1.468 € and 1.621 € (fellows from Germany), whereas senior scholars receive an honorary commensurate with experience.
  • The Max Planck Research Group Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe is also accepting proposals for non-funded Visiting Fellowships from one month to a year. These are normally open to junior and senior post-docs who have external funding. For projects highly relevant to the research platform of this Max Planck Research Group, Sven Dupré will support a limited number of applications for funding at organizations such as Fulbright, DAAD, and the Humboldt Society.
  • Candidates of all nationalities are encouraged to apply; applications from women are especially welcome. The Max Planck Society is committed to promoting handicapped individuals and encourages them to apply.
  • Candidates are requested to submit a curriculum vitae (including list of publications), a research proposal on a topic related to the project (750 words maximum), one sample of writing (i.e. article or book chapter), and names and addresses of two referees (including email) who have already been contacted by the applicant to assure their willingness to submit letters of recommendation if requested, to: Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Max Planck Research Group Dupré, Boltzmannstr. 22, 14195 Berlin, Germany. (Electronic submission is also possible: by March 1, 2012. Successful candidates will be notified before the end of March.
  • For questions concerning the Max Planck Research Group on Art and Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe, please see or contact Sven Dupré (; for administrative questions concerning the position and the Institute, please contact Claudia Paaß (, Head of Administration, or Jochen Schneider (, Research Coordinator.

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Modern Geometry & Concept of Space - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin (Independent Research Group on Modern Geometry and the Concept of Space; Director: Vincenzo De Risi) announces Two Post-doctoral Fellowships for one year in the academic year 2012-2013 (with the possibility to begin as soon as Summer 2012).
  • Research projects should concern the history of geometry, the history of mathematical epistemology or the history of the concept of space from the Ancient to the Early Modern Age. Possible topics include:
    • The history of elementary geometry and Euclid’s Elements in Antiquity and the Renaissance.
    • The philosophy of mathematics from Antiquity to the 18th century.
    • The conception of space from Descartes to Kant.
    • The beginnings of projective geometry.
    • Optics and the theory of vision.
  • A fuller description of the topics and aims of the Research Group can be found here:
  • The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science is an international and interdisciplinary research institute. The colloquium language is English; it is expected that candidates will be able to present their own work and discuss that of others fluently in that language. Applications may however be submitted in German, English, French, or Italian.
  • Candidates should hold a doctorate at the time the position begins, and show evidence of scholarly promise in the form of publications or other achievements. The position is primarily devoted to research, with no teaching and minimal administrative duties. Fellows are expected to take part to the cultural and scientific life of the Institute, to advance their own research project, and to actively contribute to the Group researches.
  • Fellowships are endowed with a monthly stipend between 1.900 € and 2.300 € (fellows from abroad) or between 1.468 € and 1.621 € (fellows from Germany). Please address specific questions to Ms. Claudia Paaß, Head of Administration (
  • Candidates are requested to submit a curriculum vitae (including list of publications), a research proposal on a topic related to the project, a sample writing representative of the candidate’s work (such as a chapter of the doctoral dissertation or a scientific article), and names and addresses (preferably including email) of two referees who have already been contacted by the applicant to assure their willingness to submit letters of presentation if requested, to Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte Verwaltung, NWG De Risi Boltzmanstr. 22, 14195 Berlin or by email to: by February 15th, 2012.

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Postdoctoral Fellowship (Latin) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year (renewable) post-doctoral fellowship for a scholar in Classics specialising in Early Modern Latin
  • "This fellowship is awarded in conjunction with the research project, “The Writing of Deaf- Muteness and the Construction of Norms."
  • Deadline: 24 Apr. 2012

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Research Scholar - INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED[]

  • Three year (renewable for a further three years) post-doctoral research position for a scholar in the History of Science
  • "Candidates from all areas within the history of science are welcome to apply, but current research interests should be relevant to ongoing projects in Department II (directed by Lorraine Daston)"
  • "The colloquium language is English; it is expected that candidates will be able to present their own work and discuss that of others fluently in that language. Applications may however be submitted in German, English, or French"
  • Deadline: 30 Apr. 2012
  • [30 Apr.] (personalised) email ack. with timetable for search.
  • [May 21] Interviews have been scheduled.

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology - 6 Postdoc Positions - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 6 Postdoctoral positions for a new Research Group: Industry and Inequality in Eurasia, led by Catherine Alexander, Chris Hann and Jonathan Parry, starting 1st September 2012 (or as soon as possible thereafter).led by Catherine Alexander, Chris Hann and Jonathan Parry, starting 1st September 2012 (or as soon as possible thereafter).
  • General requirements: good field research skills, the ability to work in a team, and a good command of written and spoken English are required. Applicants should either be in possession of a PhD in anthropology, sociology or a related discipline or submit evidence indicating that such a dissertation will be finished before 1st September 2012. We anticipate that some researchers will return to the fieldsite where they carried out their PhD fieldwork, but proposals to open up a new site will also be considered. Acquisition of the German language is encouraged, especially if there is relevant literature in German. The workplace is Halle/Saale.
  • These positions are formally awarded for two years initially, but an extension of one year is normal. It is thus anticipated that the group will work together in Halle until September 2015.
  • Deadline: March 30
  • Anyone know anything about the timeline for this? (5/10)

McMaster University (Can) - LR Wilson Post-Doctoral Fellowship - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • two year research post-doc in Canadian History
  • "The fellowship is open to junior scholars who have received their PhD no earlier than 1 January 2009 or who are scheduled to receive their PhD by 1 June 2012"
  • "All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and Permanent Residents will be given priority"
  • Deadline (for full consideration): 30 Apr. 2012
  • Department administrator indicated that news would be released in mid-June. Anyone heard anything?
  • Nothing here, even after a polite email to the department. Anyone with updates?
  • Offers have been made and accepted: 3 July 2012.

MIT - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Two Mellon fellows will be selected for a two-year appointment, effective July 1, 2012. Fellows will teach one course in Spring 2013 and one per semester the following year. Applicants should have received their Ph.D. no earlier than July 1, 2009, and no later than July 1, 2012. The successful candidates’ work will be truly interdisciplinary in nature, within the humanities, or bridging from the humanities to science, technology, or architecture.
  • Detailed information regarding application materials and how to apply can be found here:
  • Applications can be submitted starting on Thursday, September 1st and must be received no later than Monday, December 5th. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • Informed that the applications will be turned over to the search committee on Dec 12th
    • Was there an e-mail to this effect? Did anyone else not receive notification/acknowledgement?
    • I have not gotten any kind of confirmation, and I applied well before the deadline
    • ^ I was informed that the applications will be turned over to the search committee on Dec 12th when I e-mailed the adminstrator to ask for clarification about the deadlines for letters of recommendation. Otherwise, I do not believe that information was made public in any way. I didn't receive confirmation of the receipt of my application either.
      • That's helpful. Thank you and good luck!
      • 1/9: Just called to inquire. They hope to make decisions by late February. Over 800 people applied. There's no interview process.
        • My god...I'm off to buy a lotto ticket.
        • 800 applications! What kind of screwed up world do we live in? <<Very screwed up indeed; let's hope we will all get jobs in this screwed up market.
    • I wrote to ask for a timeline and they said it would be the first week of March. (2/9)
      • Bah, I hate waiting. But thanks for posting this.
    • 2/9 - rec'd email asking about my status (had I accepted an offer elsewhere)
      • What was their point in asking you that? Were they offering you the postdoc or what?
      • I assume they are putting together a shortlist and crossing off people who have already accepted jobs.
        • Thanks for that. Good luck!
    • Any news? [02/27/2012]
      • Nope. I wonder if, instead of rejecting us in waves, there will be one giant burst of "No, thanks" letters? 2/28
      • I'm assuming, based on the above poster's 2/9 comment that he/she had been asked about availability, that they must have sent a similar enquiry to all shortlisted cadidates. So I'm guessing all of us who did not receive such an email are out of the running . . .
        • I think it depends who called that person. The deans sorts and then distributes the applications to the depts. The depts then send back their list of nominations (ranked, I assume) for final selection by the dean's office. I'm assuming a dept called that person and not the dean's office. It's a bit inappropriate but then ... that's life and I guess the various depts want to improve their changes of getting one of the two postdocs. (2/29)
      • I called the office today (I have a deadline, so needed to know their timeframe). nominations went to the dean's office today, and they say expect to hear in a couple weeks. . .(2/28)
        • A "couple of weeks" -- that's both vague and later than what they told us before ("first week in March"). Argh!
      • Person above: were you by chance able to discern whether the assumption in the comment above yours is correct? I.e. whether there was in fact a short-list of people who had already been contacted to confirm availability?
        • Could that same person above divulge what department they applied to? (2/29)
        • I am the one who called on 2/28 -- I responded, but it seems like my comment got erased. no matter: I couldn't tell, based on the response that I got, whether all short-listed candidates got some sort of inquiry. sorry!
    • Any news?
    • 3/9 Offer Accepted
      • Troll alert?
      • What do you mean "troll alert"? Would you please specify what makes you think the post above is false?
        • Offer made and accepted in the same day; no details. I could be wrong, but something smells funny. It'll become clear this week.
        • I am the person who posted "offer accepted" above. I assure you the offer was genuine. Received an email from the dean in SHASS who subsequently sent the official offer letter. Was told there were over 500 applications (not 800 as mentioned above). It actually transpired over a few days. As this is an anonymous wiki I don't see what other details need to be included.
          • Thanks for the details! They are all helpful.
          • Did anyone receive a rejection letter/email? Was a second offer accepted?
          • No, but I wrote on Monday asking for whatever they could tell me, as I have another offer. I didn't get an answer, so I assume that they are waiting for the second offer to be accepted or rejected before they make any other announcements.
    • Rejection by email (3/20). (x3)

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships - AWARDS ANNOUNCED[]

  • Online applicaiton deadline 03 May 2011.
    • Applicants will be notified of the results of their applications by e-mail in early December 2011.
    • "NEH announces $21 million in awards and offers for 215 humanities projects" (Dec 1, 2011)

National Humanities Centre Fellowships - Research Triangle Park, NC - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 40 residential fellowships for advanced study in the humanities during the academic year, September 2012 through May 2013.
  • Young scholars as well as senior scholars are encouraged to apply, but they must have a record of publication, and new Ph.D.s should be aware that the Center does not support the revision of a doctoral dissertation.
  • In addition to scholars from all fields of the Humanities, the Center accepts individuals from the Natural and Social Sciences, the Arts, the professions, and public life who are engaged in Humanistic projects.
    • Areas of Special Interest: Most of the Center's fellowships are unrestricted. Several, however, are designated for particular areas of research. These include one fellowship for a young woman in Philosophy and fellowships for Scandinavian Studies; Environmental Studies; English Literature; Art History; Asian Studies; and Theology.
  • The Center is also international and gladly accepts applications from scholars outside the United States.
  • Application deadline, October 15, 2011
  • The Center will notify you in mid-February 2012 of the results of the competition.
  • Snail-mail rejection letter: 436 applicants for 30 slots (2/15)

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) - Rubicon Postdoctoral programme - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Rubicon programme offers talented researchers from abroad the opportunity to obtain grants to spend a maximum of two years in the Netherlands to conduct research.
  • The program includes Humanities (GW) and Social & Behavioral Sciences (MaGW) in the Sep. 2011 round.
  • In the case of a period at a Dutch institute, it is assumed that this institute shall act as the
    employer. A lump sum of maximum € 59,000 per annum shall be paid to the institute concerned
    for this purpose. € 56,400 is the annual basic salary and the rest - research costs. A moving alowence will also be issued (twice for a fellowship >1y.)
  • Postgraduates who are currently engaged in doctoral research or who have been awarded a doctorate in the twelve months preceding the relevant deadline can apply. Applicants who are still engaged in doctoral research may only apply if their supervisor provides a written declaration approving their thesis.
  • Women are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Closing date for submitting applications is 1 September 2011, 23:59
  • Desicion by 1 December 2011, will be announced on the NWO website.
  • Additional rounds in December 2011 and April 2012.
  • Programme no longer open to applicants from abroad. This is what it says at the NWO website: "as of 1 January 2012 Rubicon will no longer be open to applicants from abroad. Only applicants that have been either employed at a Dutch academic research institute or conducted academic research at a Dutch research institute with a scholarship for at least three years within the five years directly preceding the submission deadline, will be accepted. The deadlines in 2012 are on 3 April, 30 August and 29 November. " See:

New School for Social Research, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - POSITION FILLED[]

  • Interdisciplinary two-year Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship, deadline passed (9/19)
  • deadline was actually 10/19 ("one month from date of posting" on their website). Was this one advertised? If so, where? How did people find out about it? -->
    • This was a carryover from last year. I had applied last year and been informed late spring that the search was cancelled. In September I received notice from the administrator that it was reactivated and requesting resubmission of all materials.
    • I'm not sure this is closed-- one posting said it would be open until the position is filled, and the application is still open online.
    • Has anybody heard anything back yet? Or are they forever keeping this search open?
    • Not a peep, not a confirmation...
    • They have a way of keeping applications online sometimes, even after a position is filled. It doesn't have to mean it's still available...
    • I applied for a material culture faculty position in September, and received an email saying the job was cancelled, but my app could be put into the 'post-doc' pile if I wanted; I said yes... but I'm not sure if it's this post-doc, and I haven't heard anything as of 1/25/12.
    • Same situation re: material culture position (both in terms of the original application shift and in the silence since then) 2/3
    • Just received an email after an inquiry on my part: they expect to make a decision by April. Patience...
    • Received an email from Parsons on 2/2 that the material culture postdoc has been cancelled.
    • request for three letters of rec (2/21) (x2)
    • For those who received letter requests, would you mind saying what departments/areas are you in and how you received notification?
    • Hi, the request for letters came by email and I am in interdisciplinary studies (Ph.D. in American Ethnic Studies)--I submitted with a literary-historical project.
    • Yes, request by letters on 2/21. Also a decidedly interdisciplinary project. Does anyone know anything about the propsed timeline?
    • Request for letters on 2/17. Yes, again, very interdisciplinary project. No idea about the timeline; grateful for any information on that!
    • (3/8) Received an email request for a telephone/skpe interview to be scheduled for next week.

New York Historical Society & The New School Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellowship - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The successful candidate will be a recent Ph.D. (within past three years of starting date), with a strong record of previous teaching (as a TA or otherwise). Candidates must submit a 2-3 page proposal, describing the theme of the major research project the fellow will undertake, and stating specifically why the resources of the New-York Historical Society are critical to the project. Candidates must also submit a C.V., two letters of recommendation (which may be sent directly), a short writing sample, and two detailed syllabi outlining the undergraduate courses they envision teaching at the New School’s Eugene Lang College. While all areas of American history will be considered, the College has a particular interest in imaginative approaches to the teaching of U.S. history, in topical courses which address, for example, intellectual history, material culture as history, America in the Age of Revolutions, slavery and its consequences, patterns of leisure and consumption, urban history, and history of communication.
  • The fellowship requires residency in New York for the academic year, September 1, 2011–June 30, 2012. Fellows will receive $60,000 plus benefits.
  • Applications must be emailed by 11:59 pm on January 3, 2012.
  • Email to: and Please put “Schwartz Fellowship” in the subject line of the email.

No news as of 3/25. Has anyone heard back on this?

  • My friend got an offer and accepted it, mid-March.
    • Thanks.

New York Historical Society, Mellon Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: December 15, 2011
  • Two Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowships will be awarded to candidates who have held a PhD for three to five years. Research projects may include conversion of dissertations into publishable manuscripts or the initiation of new research, based on the resources of the New York Historical Society. The nine-month residency will carry a stipend of $60,000, plus benefits.
  • I was told decisions would be made by early Feb, any news? (2/3)

New York University - Postdoctoral Lecturer, English - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of English at New York University invites applications for a postdoctoral lecturer position, effective Fall 2012. This is a full-time, non-tenure track, one-year appointment. Over the course of the academic year, lecturers teach six course sections or their equivalent within the undergraduate English program, including contributions to the department's core curriculum. Successful applicants will have demonstrated effectiveness as college-level literature teachers, and will have completed all the requirements for the Ph.D. by September 1, 2012.
  • Review of applications will begin on June 22, 2012, for September 1, 2012 appointment and continue until position is filled, subject to budgetary and administrative approval.
  • To apply please submit cover letter; current CV; dissertation abstract; and statement of teaching philosophy via the "Employment" link on the NYU Department of English web site:
  • NOTE: According to, "Review of applications will begin on June 25, 2012."
    • 6.22 What do we think? Is this for real or just covering bases when they've got an inside hire for an NYU Grad student?
    • 6/23: No inside info. here, but while the short deadline does give one pause, the Chronicle is a pretty high-profile (and expensive) place to advertise a position that would be a merely internal appointment.
    • 7.12: Email after Inquiry says committee has stopped accepting new applications and is currently deliberating. They should have a list of finalists by the end of next week.

New York University - John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Masters Programme (3 posts: Literary Cultures; Global Histories - OFFERS MADE; Gender Politics - PHONE/SKYPE INTERVIEWS HELD)[]

  • (Visiting) Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in Gender Politics
    • Initially one year with possibility of renewal to three years
    • " We seek an outstanding interdisciplinary scholar whose work is grounded in gender studies, women’s studies, feminist theory, or queer theory. The successful candidate may come from any of several disciplines but must be prepared to teach the politics, economics, and cultural representations of gender with interdisciplinary breadth and depth"
    • Candidates must "have completed the Ph.D. no more than three years before the application date"
    • DEADLINE: 2 Apr. 2012
    • NOTE: also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
  • (Visiting) Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in Literary Cultures
    • Initially one year with possibility of renewal to three years
    • "We seek an outstanding interdisciplinary scholar whose work focuses on intersections among specific literary practices and other forms of cultural production. A strong background in literary theory, philosophy, or cultural studies is essential; an interdisciplinary focus on questions of ethnicity, gender, class, post-colonialism, visual culture, or social space is an advantage"
    • Candidates must "have completed the Ph.D. no more than three years before the application date"
    • DEADLINE: 16 Apr. 2012
  • (Visiting) Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in Global Histories
    • Initially one year with possibility of renewal to three years
    • "We seek an outstanding interdisciplinary scholar whose work engages transnational perspectives and local history, cultural studies, and world politics since ca. 1500. We are open to a wide range of research interests, including colonialism and post-colonialism, gender, state formation, geography, environmental sustainability, and/or migration and diasporas, but particularly welcome specialization outside Europe."
    • Candidates must "have completed the Ph.D. no more than three years before the application date"
    • DEADLINE: 1 May 2012
  • ​Anyone applied?
  • Yes (literary cultures.) Can anyone who applied for gender politics tell us what the timeline for turnaround is? Is there any movement yet for that one?
  • Wondering if the staggered due dates mean Gender Politics will be decided/announced before Global Histories. Also curious if they will actually be reviewing the applications in April and May.
  • Anyone willing to call/email and ask about timeline?
  • I applied to gender politics - no word yet, but will update if/when I hear anything. (--->Thanks the info!)
  • I also applied to gender politics and have not heard a peep. Does anyone have the courage to email? Hopefully since our application deadline was first, we will know sooner rather than later. Also, does anyone know if they conducted on-campus interviews for this position last time around? Thanks!
  • 4/29 - Did you (all applicants) get an email confirmation of your applications? I am a bit worried that I did not get any email confirmation - only a confirmation number on the application website itself
  • No confirmation. Given the lateness of this search, and the fact that, I think, classes at NYU wrap up soonish, I think it would be totally fine for someone to call/email and ask about a timeline. But I'm shy. 4/29
  • 4/30. I inquired and here is some info: Applications for Gender and Literary Cultures are now being reviewed by committees. Applications for Global Histories, which closes tomorrow, will be reviewed shortly thereafter. Although their timeline is a bit uncertain because they are conducting three searches, they hope to complete all them before the end of June.
  • 5/1 E-mail confirmation for application to Gender Politics. E-mail timeline reads: "The search committee has begun reviewing applications and anticipates contacting short listed candidates to schedule interviews within the next month." <--Anyone else?
  • 5/11 Anyone heard anything yet? For which position?
    • 5/15 - got an email from the dept asst today confirming receipt of my application for the Lit Cul position, with same timeline info as above (search committee is reviewing applications and they will contact me in the next month if they are going to pursue my candidacy further)[x6]
      • 5/18 - got the same email, also for the Lit Cul position [x2]
    • Received a similar e-mail as the above in regards to the Global Histories position 5/18 [x3]
  • I wish they'd hurry up and tell us already. This is my last hope for this year's round! Makes you wonder what the point of a PhD is. --> I hear that. Solidarity. --> Yes, going a little crazy over here.
    • 5.24. Brief phone interview (seems preliminary) requested. (Lit Cultures) [x3]
    • Phone interview for Gender Politics position also requested 5/24, (x4) according to Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
    • Have Global Histories people been called for interviews, too?
    • 5.30 I applied for the Gender Politics position and just completed the initial phone interview. Was told they would likely have a list of candidates to invite to campus by the end of next week.
    • 6.1 Next week?! I was told it would be this week. Are there any other phone interviewees who can confirm the timeline? Thanks. (Lit Cul person) [x2]
    • 6.1 Invited to flyout interview (via phonecall) for Lit Cultures position [x2]
    • 6.3 How many candidates have been asked for a campus interview for Lit Cul? I applied for Gender Politics and am trying to get a sense of how many candidates they're considering. It seems like that search is a week behind the Lit Cul one. ----> (I'm one; the same poster from above.)
  • 6/7 Any news on Global Histories?
  • 6.8 Skype interview requested for Gender Politics, happening next week.------>Anyone else get a Skype request for Gender Pol? ------> Looks like someone has one scheduled for the 20th or 21st. (per the gender studies page: Is this a different one that the poster above?-----> Same as poster from the gender studies page.
  • Anybody received actual rejections for any of the positions?
  • Response to above: received rejected for Lit Cult position via email on 6/13. Rejection letter said they had made a short list of finalists at this stage. (x2)
    • sorry to hear that. (x2)
  • 6.18: Did the Lit Cul candidates asked for flyouts go through a second Skype interview first? I have a Skype interview for Gender Pol and am trying to figure out if this is my final interview, or just a second preliminary.
  • 6.18 No, we just went straight to fly-outs. Got my rejection after campus visit today. (It's agony.) My advice to interviewees: Sell yourself! Modesty doesn't pay!
  • Who is doing the interviewing in these meetings? Just people from the Draper program? Or also members of relevant departments in NYU proper?-----> I was told that my Skype interview would be with the two program directors, plus a "Master Teacher" from the senior faculty of a relevant department.
  • Yes, for me (lit cul reject from above) it was the director, the assistant director, and a prof from comparative literature.
    • sounds reasonable, although it is interesting there's only one external to police the candidate's actual work. I guess it is definitely a teaching job, just one where they give you good lots of space to do your own research.
    • It was explained to me that these positions are hybrid VAP/postdocs, so there is some service attached.
  • Literary Cultures offer made.
  • Anybody hear anything on Global Histories... I'm hoping the silence is just that they're busy with the other two searches!!!!
    • GH shortlist created. Email from them says I, for one, am not on it.
    • GH offer made and accepted. [posted 6/28]
  • 6.21 Just completed Skype interview for Gender Politics. They said there should be an offer by Monday next week.---------->Any idea how many applicants there were for this position?

NYU Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity Fellowship - FINALISTS SELECTED[]

  • Deadline: November 15
  • Announcement of award February 15, 2012
  • Ok....should have posted this before the deadline right?
  • I found out about this here, actually, then when I came back, it was gone. I reposted it. I don't know what happened.
  • 1/16 Did anybody else apply to this? Any news yet?
  • 1/18 I applied. No news yet...
  • 1/29 Nothing yet.
  • 1/29 Did anyone check if their application has been forwarded to a particular division you indicated in your application? I checked mine and it was forwarded sometime on the 2nd week of January. Anyone else?
  • 1/29 I just checked and same as previous comment--mine was forwarded to a particular division as well around the same time.
  • 1/30 Me too. I'd love to take that as encouraging, but probably it's just procedure. Sigh. I could use some positive news this time of the year.
  • 1/31 I just checked mine again and it was again, forwarded to a different school end of last week. I imagine that it was not chosen in my preferred school? But this new other school is a bit off from my research track. I wish I could tell what's up with this. Anyways...good luck everyone!
    • 2/2 No further action on mine. I guess that means it's dead.
      • This could also mean that your application was already well-received in that school so it did not have to go to another division.
        • Here's to hoping! Thanks for such optimism :)
    • I think that it matters a lot for these fellowships that there is a faculty member who is willing to mentor us or a department to host us. It is not really a reflection of our qualifications but much of it is determined by those mentor-mentee relationship possibilities.
    • Are other people seeing their applications forwarded to entirely different schools - e.g., social work? (2/3)
      • Yes, and my research is not even close or relevant to the college. 2/4
    • Anyone heard anything? Please post if you did. Thanks! 2/15
    • I just checked online and nothing has changed. Still says "in progress." I think last year the winners received phone calls, and the rejections were sent via e-mail? Please do post if you hear good or bad news. It's such a great way to help each other out where otherwise we'd all be in limbo feeling alone and forgotten.
      • Even after the application cycle has completed, those online statuses still say "in progress," so unfortunately that's not much help. In the past did acceptances & rejection notifications take place on the same day? I guess at this point no news is good news. Or the agony is being prolonged.
    • 2/16 I wrote to ask for an update on my app and was told that the schools are still reviewing applications. Decisions may not come for another two or three weeks.
      • Thanks for this update, it's greatly appreciated! (x2)
      • (2/27) Wrote for update and was informed that there were more applications than usual this year so decisions are taking longer than expected. Final decisions should be made by the second week in March.
        • Uh-oh. I am guessing that if the UChicago's PCEPS got 450 applications, this one is probably around that number, too. Not very good news for me. Thanks for the update though.
        • I do wish they had done this in rounds (finalists, etc.) so they could at least notify people to let them know if they were still in/out of the running. One would think by now, they are not still considering the 100s+ applications they received, but have narrowed it down a bit.
        • I talked to the office last week (2/25). The guy was really nice, and he said that they are doing it in rounds. By about Monday the 6th, the office will have received the finalists from each school, and then decisions will be made from the finalists that week. Yes, this delay has been rather inconvenient.
          • Thanks for the update/explanation of the process.
          • Any news? I know that in the past people who did not receive the fellowship were never informed, but I need closure here. (3/6)
          • Nothing yet on my end (3/6). I emailed the manager at the Provost's office 2 wks ago and he told me that final decisions on awards will be made via email and that all participants will be notified.
          • Emailed and was told final decisions will be made "in about a week or so." (3/7)
  • 3/9 Received email rejection. <--- Does the status online change any? Mine still says "In Progress," and I haven't received a rejection, although it's possible they do them in batches.... <--no status change, app still says "in progress" in their online system.
  • 3/9 I also received a rejection email about 20 minutes ago, though online application still says "In Progress."
  • 3/9 - Yup. Also received a rejection email.
  • It states above that finalists have been selected. Have any of the finalists been informed?
  • I still haven't been notified. Any idea how many applied?
  • over 600 applications. No notice yet. I think I may be on the bottom of the reject list...sooner or later my number will be up. Congrats to the finalists.
  • Anyone on alternate status?
    • I don't think there are notifications yet. I haven't gotten any news yet - neither good nor bad. Anyone with any news today?
    • Talked to the office today (3/12). Informed that everyone should get an email by tomorrow. Would not (or could not) say whether finalists have been notified. Keeping my fingers crossed, but fairly skeptical that any good news is on its way.
    • Just got a rejection letter (3/12 - 2:30PM est). Good luck everyone...
    • Thanks for the updates. I wonder if they have already notified the finalists and they just don't post on this wiki. It seems unusal that rejections go first. Usually it happens the other way.
    • Odd that so many on here haven't received rejections, though, although it does look like they're doing them in batches, perhaps by schools. How many of us are left? (x2)
    • I'm still in limbo.
    • Anyone have experience re-applying for this fellowship?
    • Rejection received this morning (3/13). Congratulations to the finalists! (x2)

North Carolina State University - Postdoctoral Fellowship in French - POSITION FILLED[]

Any area of French studies will be considered, with expertise in French culture and instructional technology.

Applicants must have the PhD in hand by time of appointment with an earned PhD no earlier than 2009. 50% teaching and 50% research. Teaching responsibilities entail two undergraduate classes each semester in language, literature or culture, as needed, with the possibility of graduate teaching in the second year.


  • FILLED (rejection e-mail stating this, received 03/16)
  • I haven't heard anything, one way or another. Anyone else? Do they send rejections in batches? I guess not, but I got a rejection e-mail telling me it was filled by the search chair.

Northwestern University, Department of African-American Studies Postdoctoral fellowship -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • This two year fellowship is residential and provides a competitive stipend and benefits, a visiting appointment in the Department of African American Studies (including teaching of one or two classes in the Department), and participation in the intellectual life of the Department and University.
  • Recent Ph.D.s (degree granted during or after 2010) with a commitment to the field of African American and/or African Diaspora studies are encouraged to apply.
  • Deadline: December 30, 2011
  • Any news? [02/14/2012]
  • Snail mail rejection, dated 2/8, received 2/16 [x2]
    • Mine came to my campus mailbox rather than my home address, oddly.

Northwestern University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows in Dance Studies - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • A consortium of three research universities - Brown, Northwestern, and Stanford - seeks to appoint Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows in Dance Studies for the academic year 2012-13. Fellows will be associated with humanities centers on each campus and will teach two undergraduate courses. In addition, fellows will attend intensive week-long seminars, held the summer before and after the fellowship year, devoted to strategies for interdisciplinary research and teaching. International applicants are welcome, as are applicants from Ph.D.s in all fields in the humanities and humanistic social sciences that border dance studies.
  • The initial appointment is for one year, renewable for a second year. Applicants must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. no later than July 15, 2012 and no earlier than July 15, 2008. Campus placement and departmental affiliation will be determined by the Search Committee.
  • Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, writing sample, a sample syllabus for an introductory course in dance studies, and three letters of recommendation to Dance Studies Search Committee, Northwestern University, University Hall 215, 1897 Sheridan Road, Evanston IL 60208-2240. Electronic applications (in Word or pdf) may be emailed to project assistant Jennifer Britton ( with the subject line "Dance Studies Search." AA/EOE. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
  • Deadline for applications is February 15, 2012.
  • Receipt of Materials 2/15 (x2)
  • Received word that I am a finalist. More than 40 applications in dance and allied fields.
  • Also received word as finalist. Of...?
  • Offer extended 4/2, and offer accepted 4/4; Offered and accepted 4/10.

Northwestern University, Department of Performance Studies, Black Performing Arts Postdoctoral Fellowship -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year fellowship: "PhD must be completed by September 1, 2012. Recent Ph.D.s (degree granted during or after 2009) with a research focus on, or who do creative scholarship within black performance (broadly defined), are encouraged to apply."
  • Applications must be postmarked no later than March 16, 2011
  • (From email): "This fellowship is residential and provides a competitive stipend and benefits, a visiting appointment in the Department of Performance Studies, and includes teaching one or two classes in the
    Department and a scholarly or creative presentation of the research, as well as participation in the intellectual life of the Department and the University."
  • Applicants should submit one copy of: 1) a current curriculum vitae, 2) a letter of application detailing the research project to be undertaken during the fellowship year, 3) a sample of scholarly writing, 4) evidence relating to the quality of teaching (syllabi and teaching evaluations), 5) three letters of recommendation (including one letter from the dissertation advisor)
  • Mail applications to:
    Black Performing Arts Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Department of Performance Studies
    1920 Campus Drive
    Northwestern University
    Evanston, IL 60208
  • Does anyone know when they plan to tell us? Has anyone tried to contact them?

Northwestern University - Science in Human Culture - FINALISTS NOTIFIED[]

  • Two 2-year postdoctoral fellowships "in the contextual study of science, technology, or medicine, to run September 2012 - August 2014".
  • "Applications are welcome from scholars who study science, technology, or medicine from a variety of historical, philosophical, sociological anthropological, or literary perspectives."
  • Deadline: 15 Jan. 2012
  • Acknowledgement 1/23
  • Notified of selection as finalist (out of 14, for 2 fellowships) via email, 2/18. No word on further timeline or request for interviews yet.
  • It's been a month--any news? (13 March)
  • Not that I've heard (13/3)
  • Me neither -- I'm assuming they've made offers and are waiting to finalize them before notifying the other finalists, or going down the list (but this is just speculation). (March 13)
  • I wrote in - apparently the process was unavoidably delayed and it is hoped that there will be news next week.
  • Could the last poster please indicate when you wrote in / heard back? Thanks!
  • Nice personal rejection today, via email. (April 12)

Oberlin College - Mellon Postdoc in British Literature and the Visual Arts - POSITION FILLED[]

  • The English Department at Oberlin College invites applications for a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in British Literature and the Visual Arts for a two-year term 2012-14. The incumbent will teach one course per semester and coordinate a faculty study group. Many faculty work on the intersection of literature and the visual arts in conjunction with the Curator of Academic Programs at the Allen Memorial Art Museum.
  • Requirements: Ph.D. in English or Comparative Literature required, with specialization in British Literature and visual arts in any period from Early Modern to Modern, earned no earlier than 2009, in hand by July 1, 2012. See and
  • Send application, C.V., graduate transcript adn three letters of reference to Professor Nicholas Jones, Department of English, Oberlin College, 10 North Professor Street, Oberlin, OH 44074 by March 5, 2012.
  • Q: Is anyone applying for both this and the 19th c. British VAP position? Since both applications ask for exactly the same materials, do we really have to send them twice (esp. dossier materials)?
  • A: I applied to both and sent two separate applications. It looks like the search committees for each position are led by different people, so it's probably a good idea to submit materials twice.
  • Request for more materials, 3/12 (X1)
  • Position has been filled (email notification on 4/25)

Penn State Institute for the Arts and Humanities - Postdoctoral/MFA Fellowships: Being Humans - SKYPE INTERVIEWS COMPLETED[]

  • Penn State Institute for the Arts and Humanities. Postdoctoral/MFA Fellowships: Being Humans. 2012-13
  • For artists and humanists, these are extraordinary times: our sense of “the human” is undergoing remarkable transformations, with implications for the future of all life on the planet. But has “humanism” been part of the problem all along? How should we think differently–about the species and the biosphere–if we are going to avoid realizing our deepest dystopian fears?
  • Applicants should have received their terminal degrees (PhDs in the humanities, MFAs in the fine and performing arts, Masters or beyond in design fields such as architecture) within the past three years. Applications should include a cv, two letters of recommendation, a project description of 1000 words, and (for applicants in the arts or design) a sample of work on a single DVD. Fellowship stipends are $42,000 plus benefits and a $2,000 research fund; fellows will be required to teach one course each semester in their discipline. Fellows will be given office space at the Institute. It is expected that fellows will take part in the intellectual life of campus, working with faculty and students, attending symposia and events, and contributing to meetings and discussions presented by IAH.
  • All application materials must be received at this address by February 15, 2012: The Institute for Arts and Humanities, Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Penn State University, Ihlseng Cottage, University Park, PA 16802.
  • Also posted at CreativeWriting 2012
    • Any news on this one? (3/23)
    • just emailed the admin, she said the board was meeting at that moment and that they would hopefully have a decision within the next week (4/4)
    • Skype interview requested (4/4) set for next week
    • Anyone heard news on their final decision? (4/23)
    • Rejection received after interview (4/24)

Penn State University -- Postdoctoral Fellowship--Jewish Studies (Israel Studies) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Research specialization in any area of Israel Studies pertaining to the modern State of Israel.
  • The appointment will be for one year (Fall 2012 through Spring 2013), with possible renewal for a second year upon review.
  • Applications received by January 31, 2012, will be given full consideration, though applications may continue to be considered until the search is concluded.
  • In order to apply, please upload letter of application and CV to . Under separate cover, please have three letters of recommendation sent to Sandi Moyer via email at

Pomona College - Chau Post-doctoral Fellowship - FINALISTS SELECTED[]

  • Pomona College seeks applications for the Fred and Dorothy Chau postdoctoral fellowship, a two-year position, beginning August 2012.
  • The field is open within the humanities and social sciences, but we are especially interested in scholars who focus on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and transnational studies.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 21, 2011
  • Finalists selected
  • Finalists selected when? Notified how?
  • And any information about which disciplines will be hosting these postdocs?
  • I was told that finalists might be selected in mid-December or else early January. Has anyone else heard about finalist notifications, etc?
  • I assume everyone got this notification by now, but was told by email last week that two finalists will be having on-campus interviews at the end of January. (1/13)

Princeton University Center for Hellenic Studies -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. Stanley J. Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships in Hellenic Studies, academic year 2012-2013, for early career scholars in Hellenic Studies, with a special emphasis on Modern Greek Studies, Byzantine Studies, or Late Antique Studies, including their relation to the Classical tradition. The salary will be $46,400 for the academic year (September 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013).

Princeton University - Center for the Study of Democratic Politics - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Princeton University's Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP) seeks visiting scholars and/or post-doctoral research scholars for the 2012-13 academic year. The Center supports empirical research on democratic political processes and institutions. Applications are welcome from political scientists and scholars in related social science disciplines at any career stage, but candidates should expect to complete the PhD no later than May 2013.
  • The deadline for receipt of complete applications is November 30, 2011.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications for 2012-2013 CSDP fellowships has now passed, and applications are no longer being accepted. Applicants can expect to receive notification of decisions by the end of February 2012. In the interim, should your contact or other pertinent information change, please email
  • Rejection e-mail received 2/9/12

Princeton University Center for the Study of Religion - Visiting Scholars in Religion and Religious History - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Small number of ten-month academic year positions for pre-tenure scholars and recent Ph.D. graduates. For 2012-2013, scholars will be appointed in the area of Christian Thought and Practice with special emphasis on the religious life of American Christians, congregations or clergy.
  • Scholars will conduct own research, attend a weekly interdisciplinary workshop and participate in Center-sponsored events.
  • Applicants' doctorates may be in any relevant field. Princeton University Ph.D.s are not eligible.
  • Apply at - requisition number 0110611. Applications, including letters of reference, must be received by January 6, 2012.
  • For more information, visit
    • Rejection email (1/30)
    • Offer accepted

Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative, Center for the Study of Religion – Faith and Work Initiative Visiting Scholar - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Princeton University's Faith and Work Initiative (FWI), within the Center for Study of Religion (CSR), announces the possible availability of a one or two semester position, during 2012-2013. The position is open to pre-tenure scholars and recent Ph.D. graduates interested in studying the area of Faith and Work. Possible research focus might include, but not be limited to, organizational impact of workplace spirituality, historical or current issues in the faith and work movement, and methods, models, or scales regarding the integration of faith in the workplace.
  • Scholars will conduct own research, work closely with FWI’s director, attend a weekly interdisciplinary workshop with other CSR post-doctoral fellows, and participate in FWI and CSR-sponsored events.
  • Applicants' doctorates may be in any relevant field. Princeton University Ph.D.s are not eligible.
  • Apply at - requisition number 0110714. Applications, including letters of reference, must be received by January 6, 2012.
  • For more information, visit .

Princeton University - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Values and Public Policy - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Princeton University Center for Human Values and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs invite applications for postdoctoral positions in Values and Public Policy. We aim to support highly promising scholars trained in moral and political philosophy, political theory, normative economics and related areas to develop a research agenda in the ethical dimensions of public policy.
  • Candidates selected will undertake a research project exploring a normative problem arising in an area of public policy in which the Woodrow Wilson School sponsors research. They will be affiliated with a unit of the School that can inform and support their work. They will also be invited to participate in programs of the University Center for Human Values. In most cases, candidates will be expected to contribute one course each year to the School’s undergraduate program on a topic related to ethical issues in public policy.
  • Applicants must have completed the requirements for the Ph.D. by September 1, 2012 and must not have held the degree for more than three years by that date. They may not be employed by another institution during the term of their Princeton appointment. Applicants’ dissertation research need not be specifically in values and public policy, but they will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to developing a research project in this area during their time at Princeton. Projects related to environmental policy, population, health and wellbeing, democratic institutions and processes, information technology policy and global governance may have an advantage, although we will consider proposals related to any area in which the School sponsors research. For more information about these areas, please consult
  • Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the applicant’s previous accomplishments and the promise of the proposed research project in values and public policy. The capacity to contribute to the University’s teaching program will also be taken into account. The term of appointment is one year, normally beginning September 1, 2012, with the expectation of renewal for one further year assuming good performance. Applicants are expected to be in residence for the duration of the appointment. Princeton offers competitive salary and employee benefits.
  • Candidates should submit an online application by December 15, 2011 at, requisition #0110665. For more information about the fellowship and full application details, please visit
  • Still no news on this one? x2
  • I called their offices and was told that decision making is in process and the deadline for mid March is when we should expect to hear
  • So, website says today is the day for the announcement. Anyone?
  • Haven't heard anything either (17/3)
  • Rejected today (3/21) via emailed letter (looked like Scan of paper later) - spurred by a call this morning.
  • Thanks for the update. still nada over here.

Princeton University - Society of Fellows - OFFER MADE[]

  • Four three-year postdoctoral research fellowships, for the period 2012-2015
  • Two fellowships in humanities and social studies, one in humanistic studies, and one in east asian studies
  • Deadline: Sept. 30, 2011
  • The stipend for academic year 2012-13 will be approximately $76,000. Fellows are provided with a shared office, a personal computer, a research account of $5000 a year, and access to university grants, benefits and other resources.
  • All candidates will be informed of the status of their application by the end of January 2012. Interviews will take place in early February. The Society will reimburse the cost of travel and lodging associated with the interview. Names of fellowship winners will be posted on the Society of Fellows' website in July 2012.
  • "If you have already applied to the Society of Fellows, you may not apply a second time. We therefore recommend that candidates wait until they have completed a substantial portion of the dissertation (approximately half) before applying."
    • Is this a new rule? I don't remember this from before? Meaning even if we didn't get on the short list we can't apply again?
    • Not a new rule . And yes, it seems pretty clear that you only get one shot, no matter where you placed last time.
    • It was a new rule last year.
    • It's required that each letter of rec be sent individually with the letter "addressed to: Director, Susan Stewart" - if I'm sending via Interfolio without this particular salutation should I not even bother to apply? I'm applying for 50+ jobs and post docs and don't want to overburden my letter writers every week with individually crafted statements.
    • Seems they changed this letter writing policy, they mention your dossier service now.
  • 10/20: A postcard arrived acknolwedging receipt of my "dossier." (I'm in CT.) X5 (without the CT part)
  • 10/27: has anyone outside of the US received a postcard? I know my package got there on time, so I'm not too worried, but just curious...
  • 10/29: I applied from the UK and just got the postcard
  • Any news about interviews yet?
  • To relieve everyone's anxiety. From my last year experience of interviewing with them, they don't really schedule interview request until early January, for an early Feburary on campus interview. So just wait another month here.
    • Thanks. That is good to know.
    • Yes thanks. I got the postcard too and if I remember well (I'm away from home where I left it), it said interviewees would be contacted in late January.
    • The postcard did state a late January contact period for interviewees. It also stated that names of winners would be posted on the relevant website in July. Why so late?????
    • Just a guess, but the winners will probably know long before July. Their names just won't be officially, publicly posted until then. Again, just guessing about that.
    • Thanks - you are probably right. Last year rejection letters were received during roughly what approximates to next week this year. There were about 850 applicants for 4/5 positions. It's really tough and of course it would be nice to get an interview. However, I'll just be happy to see my rejection letter before anyone else does and I have to explain what it is Princeton sent me...
    • My guesstimate is that email to the finalists will go out this Friday (13 January) or during the weekend. Search committees tend to do these things on Fridays or over the weekend. It's a long shot. I've tried not to invest too much hope in this one but it is so hard when you have no other jobs or interviews lined up...
    • FWIW, in years past, emails have gone out on Tu, W and Th of this week. Not that I'm keeping score, or anything... ;)
      • Erp. I think I was happier not knowing that. AH, the double-edged sword that is Wiki.
        • Sorry ;)
        • Oh well, Tu and W are already gone. That leaves Th-tomorrow! I hope one of the finalists will visit this website to let all the unlucky ones know so this can be shelved once and for all. Things were really ugly for me. I'm already planning another year in grad school that I don't need...
      • So, anybody with good news want to put those of us expecting bad news out of our misery? It's Thursday, after all.
      • I'm thinking perhaps it is really meant to be Friday or Saturday (just going by my job hunt contact experiences thus far). Whatever the case it won't be much longer before we know...I can't believe I let myself remember I even applied for this one. It is such a wild card...
      • For what it's worth, I was in touch with someone at the Society before Christmas and they said that people would be notified about interviews by "approximately Thursday, January 19th." That is about 1 week later than last year, but perhaps they have a new schedule?
      • Quite possible. I suppose peope are just anxious - understandably of course.
        • Indeed. I think we all need to remind ourselves to hold this one verrrry lightly. I'm a pretty good scholar, and I'm positive you guys are rockstars in your respective disciplines. Given the number of applicants, rejection is not a reflection on our abilities, or even our employability, I dare say. Best wishes to all!
    • Request for interview received via email (3:15pm Central time). I applied for the two open fellowships and the humanistic studies fellowship. The email didn't indicate if I was competing in the interview for one category in particular. [posted 1/18] (+2, East Asian Studies Fellowship) (x2)
      • to the poster above, what is your area?
      • Congratulations.(x3)
      • Request for interview received via email (1/19 4:50pm EST)
        • to above poster -congratulations, and was your category open or East Asian Studies/humanistic?
        • Thanks -- I applied for the open and humanistic fellowships
    • Rejection received by mail 1/23 (x5, letter dated 1/19)
    • Interview letter states that they're bringing 6 people in to interview for the East Asian Fellowship. Not sure how many applied in the first place. Any numbers on the other fellowships?
      • My generic rejection letter (addressed to "Dear Applicant": I wonder if I misspelled my name?) mentioned 800 applicants, overall.
      • The interview letter said they're bringing 20 people to campus to compete for three postdocs, not including the east asian fellowship (2 open, one humanistic studies).
      • If they can reject me with "Dear Applicant" wth can't I apply to them w. "Dear Academic Institution" ? Their application had like 8 parts and required hard copy, didn't it? I feel like that earns a mail merge in MSWord before you hit the reject button.
    • Did anybody NOT get any notice (like me)? No rejection, certainly no acceptance. I did get that postcard while back, so my application should be in the system. Anybody in the same situation?
      • I'm in the same boat. Got the postcard and nothing since (1/26). Maybe the mail is slow? I'm on the west coast. (x2 and I'm in Canada so I assume it's just slow mail.)
      • Received a hard copy rejection letter indicating that I was one of 75 semi-finalists but that I was ultimately not selected for an on-campus intereview. It was a very nice rejection letter, as these kinds of letters go. And they addressed it directly to me by name, not "Dear Applicant."
    • 2/7: still no word (field: History). Anybody else in the same boat? (x2 - also History)
    • finalists: any word? have offers been made yet? (2/21)
    • I haven't heard anything yet....(2/21) (x3)
    • They are famous for making offer RIGHT AFTER the last day of interview. Last year my fellow interviewee got a call from the director during the early evening of the last day of interview. Needless to say, almost everyone accepts the first offer. Just fyi.
    • Has anyone heard back today? Please share! (2/21)
    • Still no offers? Surely some people have heard back by now? (2/23)
      • Still nothing for me (2/23) x 3
      • How many finalists are checking this?
        • me (x2)
        • and me
    • I'm afraid that is probably not a good sign for those of us still waiting to hear back. They said they would inform candidates of their decision from February 17th to the 24th, so in theory tomorrow is the last day....
    • Yeah, I just have the feeling that the people who have been selected are unlikely to spending much time on academic jobs wiki - so it doesn't seem likely that we will hear anything from them...
    • A friend announced that she received an offer (2/23)
    • Today or earlier in the week?
    • Thank you for posting! Hopefully the rest of us will hear by the end of today...Good luck to all of those still waiting!
    • I had the very last interview on Friday afternoon, and to my horror, interviewers from earlier panels were arriving to deliberate and make decisions as I left the room. I assume they contacted people right away, though if someone turns them down then it's possible that the next candidate might hear later in the week. A friend who is a current fellow said that this sometimes happens. Sigh. So close...
    • just received a very kind and personalized rejection email from Susan Stewart. Congratulations to the new fellows. (x2) 2/25

Princeton University - Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Department of Near Eastern Studies - OFFERS MADE[]

Applications are invited for postdoctoral positions in the study of the Middle East, broadly defined, since the First World War. The Department intends to make up to two postdoctoral research associate appointments. Initial appointment is for one year with the possibility of renewal for up to an additional two years based on continued funding and satisfactory performance. Applicants must have the Ph.D. by September 1, 2012; discipline is open. Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the life of the Department in several ways (participating in a seminar on the modern Middle East, organizing occasional small conferences, teaching a limited number of courses (subject to approval by the Dean of the Faculty), advising some undergraduates in their independent work, and participating in outreach activities). However, the bulk of their time is to be devoted to research and publication, and to broadening their knowledge of the Middle East, including its pre-modern heritage where this is relevant to their research interests. Competitive salary plus benefits; each appointee will have a small research fund. Applicants should apply online at by November 1, 2011, and submit a current C .V., a two-page personal statement, a three-page description of research and writing projects in which you would engage while at Princeton, and two sample papers or chapters, as well as contact information for three references.

  • Any news?
  • Haven't heard anything
  • any news? (12/15)
  • no word (12/17) x2 (12/19) (1/13)
  • (1/19) still no word. anyone hear anything or contact anyone?
  • (1/26) no word
  • (2/3) I emailed the department manager and she told me that they have already made offers.--Thanks (2/4)

Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program (Harvard) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Terms and Conditions: Stipends are funded up to $70,000 for one year with additional funds for project expenses. Some support for relocation expenses is provided where relevant. We work with fellows with families who have particular issues connected to relocating to smooth the transition. If so directed, Radcliffe will pay the stipend to the fellow’s home institution. Fellows receive office or studio space and access to libraries and other resources of Harvard University during the fellowship year, which extends from early September 2012 through May 31, 2013.
  • Fellows are expected to be free of their regular commitments so they may devote themselves full time to the work outlined in their proposal. Since this is a residential fellowship, we expect fellows to reside in the Boston area during that period and to have their primary office at the Institute so that they can participate fully in the life of the community.
  • Eligibility for Individual Humanists and Social Scientists - Supporting Material. Scholars in any field with a doctorate or appropriate terminal degree at least two years prior to appointment (by December 2010) in the area of the proposed project are eligible to apply. Only scholars who have published at least two articles in refereed journals or edited collections are eligible to apply. Applicants whose projects draw on the resources of the Institute's Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America (the country's foremost archive in women's history) are looked on favorably, but such a focus is not a requisite for applying. In addition, because of collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, topics related to research in this area are of particular interest.
  • Selection Process: Each application is reviewed in a dual-tiered process by peers in relevant disciplines. Applications are judged on the quality and significance of the proposed project and the applicant’s record of achievement and promise. Applicants are notified of the results of the selection process in March.
  • Individual applications for the fellowship year 2012–2013 are available on-line. Before beginning an application, please review eligibility requirements. The deadline for applications in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts is Monday, October 3, 2011 (11:59 PM EST).
  • Email rejection (3/12)

Queen's University (Can.) - Marjorie McLean Oliver Post-Doc in History[]

  • 3-year research post-doc in Medieval European or Classical Greek or Roman History
  • Female candidates only
  • "For 2012-2013, however the successful applicant will need to teach a year-long survey course in Medieval womens history"
  • Deadline: 25 Jun. 2012 [to start July 2012]

Rhodes College - Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Rhodes College invites applications for a two-year post-doctoral position in the history and culture of Memphis, the Mid-South region, or the Lower Mississippi Valley. Teaching load is 2-1. The position is not confined to any specific academic department, but candidates from history, literature, musicology, art history, religious studies, and anthropology are particularly encouraged to apply. The College is in the process of creating The Memphis Center at Rhodes College, which will promote faculty and student research relating to the unique history and culture of Memphis and the surrounding region.
  • The holder of the position would be expected to work closely with the Center in planning a major conference for 2013-2014 focusing on issues relating to public memory. For several years the College has hosted a digital archive, Crossroads to Freedom, which focuses on the Civil Rights Movement in Memphis, and recently the College has acquired the personal papers and library of Shelby Foote, the Mississippi-born novelist and Civil War historian. Other local and regional libraries and archives are rich in holdings pertaining to Memphis, one of the most culturally significant but least studied cities in the nation. Information on specific departments and the College can be found at Enthusiasm for teaching and the ability to teach well at the undergraduate level will be important criteria for selection. In the letter of application, candidates should discuss how their specific research connects to the history and culture of Memphis and the surrounding region. An earned Ph.D. is expected to be in hand by August 15, 2012.
  • Please apply online at . Submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, graduate transcript, and the names and email addresses of three references. For additional information, contact Professor Milton Moreland, We will begin reviewing completed applications on January 5, 2012 and continue until the position is filled.

Rice University - Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality -- PHONE INTERVIEW STAGE []

  • The Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Rice University announces two postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities or social sciences for scholars pursuing research and publication projects that focus on gender and health; gender and urban studies; women in the global economy; sex, race, and nation; or sexuality studies. The Center is particularly interested in applicants who demonstrate a record of innovative teaching and the potential to make a contribution to the Center’s program in engaged feminist research.
  • Ph.D. is required prior to appointment. Each fellowship has a term of two years beginning in August 2012. Recipients will teach two courses in women’s/gender/sexuality studies per year and will play an active role in the intellectual life of the Center. Rice will provide an annual salary of $40,000 plus benefits. Rice University is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.
  • Please send letter of interest, curriculum vita, dossier with a minimum of three references, and a writing sample (about 25 pages), plus a sample syllabus (including a detailed course outline and recommended reading list) for the course SWGS 101 “Introduction to the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.” This course surveys issues in the study of gender, such as women's social, political, and legal status in the US and globally; feminist perspectives on the body, sexuality, race, globalization, labor, and culture; and the implications of these perspectives for social and critical theory. In addition, the course introduces the concept of engaged research and the public service components of feminist activity.
  • Send materials to Postdoctoral Search Committee, Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality MS-38, Rice University, P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251-1892. Postmark deadline for applications is Tuesday, January 17, 2012.
    • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
    • any news?
      • (2/21/12) Nothing here, but a couple of years ago, when this post-doc was open, rejections came as late as late April.
      • (3/5/12) Got an email request for a phone interview (judging from the times offered there seems to be about 6-8 slots)
      • anyone else get interview requests?

Rice University - Mellon Postdoc - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship program awards three 2-year interdisciplinary fellows $40,000, benefits and research/relocation allowance.
  • Deadline November 30, 2011. Details and to apply:
  • (Has anyone received confirmation from this one? Nothing here... 12/14 (x4))
  • I never got a confirmation of my app. Not sure what that means ...
  • Got an automatically generated confirmation that my app was received (11/30), but nothing since.
  • Skype interview scheduled for February 13 -
  • could the above poster let us know what your field is? Urban history
  • Rejection email received: Feb. 9 (x3 - actually we can probably dispense with this since there were 700 applicants; X680?)
    • 700 applications for $40K! What's the world coming to? It was open to all fields, so not that surprising really.
    • x680-1: No interview scheduled, but no rejection (and I did get the confirmation earlier). Anyone else? (x2). No interview, no rejection, no confirmation. (x1)
    • rejection email received, Feb 10 x6 (I actually got two emails, so if you didn't get one, maybe I got yours). - perhaps that was mine (no interview, no rejection).
    • They're coming in waves. Rejection email Feb. 11.
    • Are the waves still coming? I still haven't heard anything yet (usually a sure sign of rejection)..(.x3)
  • Offer made via phone call, 2/20/20
    • I'm wondering if the above was made by a troll (3/10)
    • I also got an email about being one of 20 finalists last week, but I have had no other contact from them. Looking at the phone interview and offer already made, I didn't think it was a troll but just assumed that I was being held in reserve until they had acceptances from their first choice candidates. We will know soon enough (3/13)
  • So, are they done? I have still not heard anything ever from these folks. (2/29)
  • No confirmation, no rejection, nada nada nada. Are there still two spots open? (3/5)
  • Received email today that I am one of 20 remaining finalists and that decisions will be made by the end of this week. (3/8) Correction: it said "late next week" (i.e., the week of March 12). (3/9)
  • Any news, anyone? (3/17)
  • Rejection by email. (3/19)

Rice University - Mellon-Sawyer Humanities and Energy program - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Mellon-Sawyer Humanities and Energy program awards one 1-year fellow $50,000, benefits, and research/relocation allowance.
  • Deadline November 30, 2011. Details and to

Rutgers University - Center for Historical Analysis - 2012-13 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Race and Gender History - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis at Rutgers University announces a post-doctoral fellowship for scholars pursuing research in race and gender studies. The successful applicant must have the doctorate in hand at the time of application, be no more than six years beyond the Ph.D., and be able to teach history courses. The fellowship of $45,000 is of one year duration and includes benefits and a $2,000 research stipend. The recipient will teach at least one small course in the history department and, if appropriate, participate in the seminar series at the RCHA. For information regarding the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis see:
  • Please send a letter of interest, c.v., dossier with at least three letters of reference and research proposal to: The deadline for applications is March 1, 2012. Questions regarding the post-doc should be addressed to Professor Deborah Gray White at
  • NOTE: Despite the same deadline as "Networks of Exchange" postdoc (below), the application process seems slightly different, so (I assume) this is yet another, distinctly different Rutgers History fellowship. Advertised in the Chronicle 1/5/12, but not (yet) posted on RCHA website (1/6)
  • Rejection email sent (4/7)
  • offer made and accepted [posted 4/29]

Rutgers University - Center for Historical Analysis - "Networks of Exchange"- OFFER MADE[]

  • The theme for 2012-3 Fellowships is "Networks of Exchange"
  • "This project welcomes applications from all disciplines and regional specializations."
  • "Postdoctoral fellows are selected in an annual competition on the basis of relevance of their projects to the research topic, the excellence of their proposals, and their records of scholarly achievement"
  • Deadline: 1 Mar. 2012
  • The completed application should be postmarked by March 1, 2012 and mailed directly to the Project Directors, Center for Historical Analysis, Rutgers--The State University of New Jersey, 88 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901 USA, or email applications to
  • See for application form and guidelines.
  • NOT to be confused with Mellon Postdoc in History (see below).
  • anyone know how long the statement should be? am i missing this info somewhere?
  • Says 3-5 pages on the application form
  • Does anyone know the likely timeline for this one? Are they interviewing?
  • 3/29. Nope and its kinda late. Wonder how many applied? 1...
  • 4/6: Received offer via email on 4/3. 119 applications, 2 postdocs awarded.
  • 4/6. Thanks. Any news on regional specialization of awardees?
  • 4/19 Apparently not all offers made, or accepted? I was told they will let me know next week. (x2)

Rutgers University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in History- OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of History at Rutgers University are pleased to announce the availability of a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of History, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  • Fellows will receive stipends of $51,500 annually as well as an annual research allocation of $2,000; they will also receive Rutgers University health benefits. Fellows will teach three courses during the two-year term, pursue research, and participate in seminars and other activities at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis.
  • Applications, consisting of a CV, a 2500-word description of their research and its significance, and 3 letters of recommendation, should be submitted electronically on this site ( Applications must be received by January 6, 2012. Candidates must have received the Ph.D. after August 31, 2007; applicants must have finished all requirements for the Ph.D. by July 1, 2012.
  • Should this be written with the "Networks of Exchange" emphasis in mind? Or is this a completely different thing?
  • deadlines/funding sources different, so i assume diff searches entirely
  • "Networks" postdoc now posted above (12/13)
  • I'm finding this a bit there really a postdoc, separate from the Center for Historical Analysis and its theme "Network of Exchange?" Not only are none of the above links working, I can't find any mention of this postdoc anywhere, except here. As far as I can tell, the posting that appears on this wiki page is from Inside Higer Ed ( Here's the key 'graph: "Fellows participate in seminars and other activities at the center associated with the department of their appointment, the Center for Cultural Analysis (English), the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (History), and the Institute for Research on Women (Women’s and Gender Studies). Information on past and current programs of the centers can be found on their websites:,, and" When you follow the link for us History folks, it takes us to the Center for Historical Analysis and the Networks of Exchange fellowship (with a March 1 deadline[sweet!], and a $42K [boooh!] stipend). If anyone has any clarifying information, I'd be much obliged.
  • To clarify again, the "Networks of Exchange" History postdoc with the March 1 deadline appears to be a separate postdoc from the Mellon postdoc with the January deadline. The Networks of Exchange postdoc is posted under a separate heading directly above^^^. It would indeed be very helpful if this link ( worked so we could confirm this once and for all (and also so people could actually apply!), but yes, as of 12/30, it seems to be down. I think anyone interested in applying for one or both of these fellowships probably ought to email an administrator there to to inquire about the broken link and confirm the status and deadlines of these postdoc programs. Maybe whoever answers the emails at could shed some light on the situation?
  • Did anybody else have problems using their online system? I just applied (I think; 12/31), but the system actually never let me submit infos/ email addresses of my letter writers. (And now, when I tried to simply re-do the whole thing again, trying to check if I missed something, I doesn't even upload my CV anymore....)
    • Hey, there: I think your application hasn't gone through until you've gotten an e-mail from them (after submitting everythign and hitting the "register" button) with a login name and password. The pages didn't upload my CV/letter etc. until I had everything filled in, and hit register. Then it took a few minutes. Good luck!
    • Thanks! But I DID get an email from them (the system), and did register (the uploading issue only happened when I tried to re-do the whole thing.) But as I said, in the first, "succesful" round, it never asked for recommenders' names. When did that come up for you? (Thanks for your help!)
    • Oh, bummer. The recommendation form had 4 or maybe 5 tabs across the top: I'm going to forget the exact titles, but it was like one for "personal information," one for "cv/research statement," and the last one was for recommendations. When I pressed the register button, a pop-up screen, well, popped-up, and it said something like, "Attention! Do you really want to register! Once you do, you can't change anything, add, or delete recommenders' contact info." So maybe you'll need to contact the history department/SAS directly? Just what you need, right: more frustration.
    • Ha - thanks, your reply was actually very helpful, since you metioned tabs. Turns out there were no tabs for me earlier (i.e. no way to enter infos for references) bc I used the wrong browser (explorer); mozilla worked fine, though. For everybody: USE MOZILLA FOR THIS ONLINE APPLICATION :-).
  • 12/30/11 UPDATE: the link is now working again, so it can be confirmed that this Mellon postdoc does indeed have a January deadline-- "Applications must be received by January 6, 2012"--which means it must be distinct from the March 1 "Networks" postdoc.
    • Ok, thanks for this. Sets my mind more at ease.
      • What might one do if one wanted to apply to more than one Rutgers postdoc using this system? I would not like to use identical application materials for each... anyone tried this? [self-edit: I see, you are logged into a different system and start at the beginning for each one, just that the sites look almost identical, and after you "register" for each you must still apply. Ay.)
      • ^^^Perhaps, but see cautionary note about dual applications on this system under the Mellon Women's Studies Postdoc (below). FYI.
      • Yeah, to any who come after me...this is the case. It seems you would have to re-register w. a new email address in order to tailor to each postdoc. another problem is that some apps seem to want recs no matter what as a first step, but the system says the folks will only be contacted if the want to pursue your application...and in my case at least, that would change what contact info I gave (interfolio or direct...) Sigh.
        • FYI - For this application, they ask for the references names now, but will contact if they want to puruse the application.
          • Yes, but 1 day after I applied, my references were contacted...sooooo, I'm left to conclude that either a) I'm an insanely hot commodity, or b) the Rutgers system just has a nice 12-18hr delay built in before contacting recs.
            • Yes, I had the same experience.
          • Wow, that's interesting to hear. This application interface is really quite clunky. ugh.
  • I know it's early to even ask this, but anyone know around when they're planning on alerting finalists/fellows? You know, just so that I can make sure to have my special, sting-of-rejection-healing drink on hand.
    • I second that - any ideas when we can expect to hear back?
    • 2/2: Don't know, but note that skype interview requests for Mellon postdocs in Women's Studies and English have already been made (see below)
    • It looks like last year notifications for History went out around the end of February, a bit later than for English and Women's Studies. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything for this year.
  • Received email request for Skype interview (2/12).
    • Wow, on a Sunday! Well, best of luck to you.
  • Anyone else heard anything?
    • nothing as of 2/25
  • Anyone have any news? Finalists?
  • Yes, offer received and accepted.
    • Congrats! Mind posting your subfield?
    • Ditto??
      • Russian/Soviet
    • Rejection received 4/3 by mass email, apparently.

Rutgers University - Center for Cultural Analysis - Formalisms - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • What does formalism look like now? What should it look like? In recent years, literary study has seen a fledgling attempt to define a new formalism in contrast to the widespread historicism of the discipline. How is this formalism different from what has preceded it? Can one identify a new formalism in ethics, law, or the social sciences? Can we generalize about the desires that drive the emergence of form as a concern or value? The CCA invites applications from all disciplines, including the literatures, art history, music, philosophy, and law.
  • In 2012-13, CCA will sponsor two external fellowships with awards of $45,000. CCA also awards non-funded associate fellowships. All fellows will have access to the Center's resources during the tenure of the fellowship and will be expected to participate in and to present their work to the Center seminars, which meet regularly throughout - the academic year.
  • Applications are invited through our new online portal: .
  • Application Deadline: January 2, 2012
  • Does anyone know whether letters of rec are automatically requested for all applications, or only for those that make it past the first cut?
    • An answer from Mellon Postdoc in History post directly above^^^^: "1 day after I applied, my references were contacted...sooooo, I'm left to conclude that either a) I'm an insanely hot commodity, or b) the Rutgers system just has a nice 12-18hr delay built in before contacting recs." Since "Formalisms" is using the same application system, I would assume this would be the case for this postdoc as well.
  • Q: Any movement on this? (2/5) A: interviews on 2/7 and 2/14; final decisions March 2nd (2/10).
  • There were no interviews for this postdoc; that was misinformation; decisions will be reported imminently.
  • Still no word? (3/4)
  • I haven't heard anything either (3/4)
  • Rejected via email (3/15) "With our apologies for the delay in getting this message out to you, please be advised that the competition for postdoctoral fellowships at the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers University for 2012-13 has concluded. Candidates have been selected and have accepted fellowships." (x2)

Rutgers University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in English - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of English at Rutgers University are pleased to announce the availability of a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of English, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Fellows will receive stipends of $51,500 annually as well as an annual research allocation of $2,000; they will also receive Rutgers University health benefits. Fellows will teach three courses during the two-year term, pursue research, and participate in seminars and other activities at the Center for Cultural Analysis. We are looking for new or recent Ph.D.s in English with interdisciplinary approaches to literary study. These approaches might include, but are not limited to, cognitive science, digital humanities, legal studies, new media, and visual culture.
  • Applications, consisting of a CV, a 2500-word description of their research and its significance, and 3 letters of recommendation, should be submitted electronically at (search for “Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship” for listing under English Department). Applications must be received by January 6, 2012. Candidates must have received the Ph.D. after August 31, 2007; applicants must have finished all requirements for the Ph.D. by July 1, 2012.
  • Note: Although this appears to be a distinctly different fellowship from the CCA fellowship above (including different deadline), it does not yet appear at the application link given above (only CCA does) [9/17/11].
    • Online applications are available, as of 9/30/11. Please note that there was a typo in the original advertisement for this position. The due date for applications is January 7. 2012. - CCA Administrator
    • Thanks for the clarification -- but the link above actually says "January 6, 2012"!
    • As of Dec 28, the deadline is January 17, 2012 (on their website) --> NOTE: this link now says apps. are due on January 7.
    • 12/30: According to the link to the Rutgers application portal ( the deadline remains January 6: "Applications must be received by January 6, 2012."
    • Q: Discussion above re: the Rutgers postdoc in History says, "1 day after I applied, my references were contacted...sooooo, I'm left to conclude that either a) I'm an insanely hot commodity, or b) the Rutgers system just has a nice 12-18hr delay built in before contacting recs." Are people finding this to be true for the postdoc in English as well? Did anyone NOT have their refs contacted shortly after applying? I think this is a really bizarre way for Rutgers to handle things, especially since their ads make it seem like your refs will ONLY be contacted if you are long-listed. I submitted my applicaiton Dec 29 and my refs were contacted on Jan 3. So I was happy for about 5 minutes til I read the posts here under the History post doc. (Jan 5)
    • Jan. 7: Although the application links for the other 2 Mellon postdocs (History and WGS) have disappeared with the passing of the Jan. 6 deadline, the English application remains available, although it's not entirely clear if it will disappear on Jan. 7th or 17th ...
    • 01/07: History is still there (last time I checked at noon PST). I submitted on Jan 2 for the English postdoc and my referees were contacted on Jan 3. Maybe Jan 3 was "get the references day." Who knows..
    • 1/8/12: Both English and History links are no longer available on Rutgers site. Actual deadline must have been Jan. 7.
    • 1/10/12 I too saw the Jan 17th date before they revised the announcement and the site is now closed.
    • 1/13/12: Due to the overwhelming number of persons who were misled by the typo that circulated in October, the search has been extended to the 17th. We will do our best to contact those who have contacted us and for whom we have information. Please do make this information available. - CCA Administrator
      • Thank you for the update!
    • Our applications have to be note-perfect. But they can make all the mistakes and messes they like. Ah, buyers' market, fie on thee!
      • notified of semi-finalist status and scheduled skype interview (2/2)x2 Was it by phone or email? <-- they both emailed and called.
      • Anyone that's had a phone/skype interview for the English postdoc open to offering pointers on the kinds of things they ask? I'm new to the process and have a phone interview for the WGS Mellon postdoc. Do they focus on research/teaching? Or are they more concerned with how you will fit into the dept?
      • You might get responses from people who've interviewed for the English postdoc in years past, but this year's skype interviews aren't being held until Feb. 7th and Feb. 14th. So we'll see!
      • Thanks for the note - interview not till Thurs, so anything before then would help!
    • have the finalists been announced? (3/2)
    • Rejection received in email 3/15. "If you were contacted for an interview, thank you for your time, a candidate has been selected and has accepted the fellowship."

Rutgers University - Postdoctoral Fellowships, African American Literature and Literature of the African Diaspora (Dept. of English) - OFFER EXTENDED[]

  • The Department of English at Rutgers University, which has a long history of scholarship and teaching in African American Literature and Literature of the African Diaspora, announces two Postdoctoral Fellowships for scholars pursuing research in these fields. Applicants must have the doctorate in hand at the time of application and be no more than six years beyond the Ph.D.
  • The Fellowship is for one year and includes a salary of $45,000, health benefits, and a $2000 research stipend. Each recipient will teach one course, serve as an informal mentor to graduate students in the field, and participate in the intellectual life of the department.
  • Please send letter of interest, c.v., dossier with at least three letters of reference, and research proposal to: Professor Cheryl A. Wall, Postdoctoral Search Committee, Department of English, Murray Hall, Rutgers University, 510 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.
  • The deadline for applications is February 15, 2012. [Advertised in MLA Job Info. List 11/18/11]. Also posted at African American 2012
  • Offer Extended <---If you don't mind my asking, when exactly was this offer made? Do you do Af Am lit in particular or more diasporic work? And, have you yet accepted? Thx.

Rutgers University - Sawyer Seminar Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Rutgers Center for Race and Ethnicity - OFFER EXTENDED[]

  • The Center for Race and Ethnicity at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, invites applications for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship beginning August 1, 2012. The fellow will take a leading role in a Sawyer Seminar entitled “Race Place and Space in the Americas: New Questions and Comparative Analysis.” Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the seminar is dedicated to the interdisciplinary and comparative study of racial formations in the Americas. We seek a scholar whose work emphasizes the spatial dimensions of the social and historical processes that produce race. The postdoctoral fellow may come from any discipline in the humanities or social sciences.
  • The fellow will receive a stipend of $50,000, and be eligible for Rutgers University health benefits. Applications, consisting of a CV, a 2500-word description of their research and its significance, and 3 letters of recommendation, should be addressed to Mia Bay, the Director of the Center for Race and Ethnicity, and submitted electronically at (search for “Sawyer Seminar” for the listing). Applications must be received by January 6, 2012. [DEADLINE UPDATED: "Applications must be received by January 20, 2012"]
  • Candidates must have received the Ph.D. after August 31, 2007; applicants must have finished all requirements for the Ph.D. by July 1, 2012.
  • skype interviews scheduled. 2/22 (x2)
  • Q: when was offer made?

Rutgers University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Women's and Gender Studies - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Women’s and Gender Studies Department, in collaboration with the Institute for Research on Women (IRW) at Rutgers University, is pleased to announce a two-year postdoctoral fellowship supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The selected fellow will receive a stipend of $51,500 each year as well as an annual research allocation of $2,000 and Rutgers University health benefits. The fellow will pursue research and teach three courses in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department during the two-year term of her/his appointment. The fellow also will participate in seminars and other activities organized by the IRW.
  • The Women's and Gender Studies Department has particular interest in scholars of Asian-American Feminist Studies; Feminist Science Studies; New Media, Arts and Technology; Religion, Sexuality, and Gender; and Gendered Violence but welcomes applications from all scholars who feel that their work would benefit from affiliation with our department and with the IRW.
  • The broad interdisciplinary nature of both the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the IRW will allow the selected fellow to become fully integrated into the life of the university. Rutgers is an institution with a deep commitment to scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality. Both the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the IRW are part of the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL), a consortium of eight different Rutgers units focused on women and gender, constituting the most extensive collection of resources on these issues at a university in the United States. Rutgers, therefore, is a unique and stimulating environment in which to situate feminist research.
  • Candidates should submit their applications, consisting of a CV, a 2500-word description of their research and its significance, and 3 letters of recommendation, electronically on this site ( Applications must be received by January 6, 2012. Candidates must have received the Ph.D. after August 31, 2007; applicants must have finished all requirements for the Ph.D. by July 1, 2012.
  • Did anyone else find the application portal really odd? I registered put in all the details and then I was asked to log in. After I logged in I clicked to apply, but there is no way to confirm that everything uploaded as it should.<--- YES. My work is interdisciplinary, so I'm applying to two Rutgers postdocs. I tailored my materials to the first discipline and its key theme, submitted it, then returned a week later to submit a second app tailored to the latter. The portal automatically sent my saved materials from the first to the second after I clicked "Apply." No possibility to enter new materials. I called all day trying to reach tech support, finally reached a nice man who said the system wasn't set up to save more than one set of materials (Notice the identical reqs for each), and that they're working on changing this given that they overlooked interdisciplinarity. He sounded as frustrated as I was about the portal.
  • Anyone know how receptive this one is to queer stuff (in this case MSMs)? Or does this tightly hue to the stated fields and yearly themes?
  • Did anyone else apply by emailing the material to the faculty directly (as the online system indicated)? Still have no confirmation of receipt and getting worried.
  • I did not see that we had to email the material to the faculty. I used the online application form (though it was a bit confusing). I have not received a confirmation either.
    • Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012 page reads "Phone interviews scheduled (1/29)" This seems really fast.
    • Agreed - has anyone else heard anything? I see that the English dept has already contacted people, but nothing yet for History either...
    • Phone interviews have indeed been scheduled for next week
    • phone interview scheduled for next Thurs.
    • Received an email rejection today (2/22).
    • Finalists selected 2/18
    • From Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012: "Offer made 3/4"

Santa Clara Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship - FINALISTS NOTIFIED[]

  • Two two-year teaching and research fellowships working with a faculty mentor, in the areas of Anthropology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, English, Ethnic Studies, History, Music, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies.
  • Teach three courses in the first year and four courses in the second year (quarter system, not semesters).
  • Ph.D. granted within three years of September 1, 2012 in one of the areas of specialty identified above; evidence of superior academic achievement; demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse constituencies in a collaborative and constructive way; and likelihood of using the diversity of human experience as a resource in teaching, scholarship, and/or service.
  • $45,500 plus benefits, relocation allowance, annual professional development funds and one summer research stipend.
  • Interested applicants should submit a letter of application, including a brief statement of teaching philosophy, a statement describing experience working with diverse communities and the importance of diversity in liberal arts education, CV, graduate transcript (unofficial), and letters of recommendation from three references. Send completed application by March 23, 2012 to: Lisa Osteraas, Executive Assistant to the Dean; College of Arts and Sciences; Santa Clara University; 500 El Camino Real; Santa Clara, CA 95053-0310. E-mail:
  • SCU does not sponsor any visa applications for this position. The successful candidate must be able to provide evidence of identity and legal authorization to work in the United States. (I believe this will exclude non-U.S. citizens or those without a green card.)
  • So "cool": they want diversity but will not sponsor a visa. (useless info/opinion)
  • I guess "inclusiveness" doesn't go beyond U.S. borders in this case. (useless opinion)
    • (4/24) To the poster who wrote "useless opinion", it may not be of significance to you if you don't have citizenship restrictions, but it is to those of us who do. Your tone smacks of precisely the sort of entitlement that a fellowship like this should theoretically counter. (i wish you the best of luck and am fully behind you on how frustrating the academic system is, and i'm sure it is worse if you do not have a work visa. i was just pointing out that this is a site for news on the fellowship, not commentary on its ethics...dang, i'm doing it too now!) (useless discussion)
  • 4/5 -- Acknowledgment received. Will contact potential candidates in late April for interviews, according to email. (valuable info, thank you.)
  • 4/30- email received says 150 applications. Timeline has been pushed back: interviewees will be contacted between mid and late May. (x2)
  • Has anyone been asked for an interview?
  • I just got another offer. I emailed Lisa Ostaraas to see if she could share any information on the timeline and / or if candidates had already been invited for interviews. I will let you know if I learn anything.... (awesome!)
  • I just emailed Lisa: my reply: "Thanks for checking in. I know they have just recently put together a list of semi-finalists. Have you been offered another position so that you need to know about the status of this position in order to help make your decision? If that is the case, I could check in to see who is on that list for you.
    We typically like to wait for the process to be complete before we notify people about the position's status. Sometimes the people on the semi-finalist list may not be available any longer and we do have to go back to the pool (and it was a very competitive one, as I mentioned in a previous e-mail there were over 150 candidates). We understand, however, that this process has been and extended one and individuals may need certain information to make future plans. Please let me know how you would like me to proceed. Thanks very much!" Happy Holiday weekend! It sounds like we won't know anything today (5/25)
  • A friend is "one of four finalists," as of today. All the info I have, sorry! (5/29)
  • 6/15 - Email rejection letter received

Smithsonian Institution Libraries - Margaret Henry Dabney Penick Resident Scholar Program 2013 -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The stipend for this long-term fellowship is $45,000 for nine consecutive months.
  • Topics: the legacy of Patrick Henry and his political circle, the early political history of Virginia, the history of the American Revolution, founding era ideas and policy-making, as well as Science, Technology, and Culture in colonial America and the Early National Period.
  • Application Deadline: March 15, 2012

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012-13 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

Wiki page for 2012-13 SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship: LINK

Stanford University - Clayman Institute for Gender Research - FINALISTS NOTIFIED[]

  • The Clayman Institute for Gender Research invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships for the academic year 2012-13. Eligible candidates include recent PhDs from all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences whose research focuses on gender.
  • The postdoctoral fellows will focus on the Institute's current theme: Beyond the Stalled Revolution: Reinvigorating Gender Equality in the Twenty-first Century
  • While in residence, fellows will write articles for our research publication, Gender News, in addition to pursuing their own research.
  • Online applications due by January 31, 2012. For more information:
  • Received letter yesterday stating I am one of 22 remaining finalists. This group will be narrowed to 5 by March 26th. Final 2 will be selected by April 2nd. <--- Anyone else get this letter? - yes (x2)
    • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012
    • Anyone else intimated about being a finalist?
    • Is this position meant to invoke specifically US-centric gender research or did anyone send in proposals on gender related topics outside the North American region?
  • Has anyone heard anything from them? March 27th at 5pm and no indication of the group of finalists being narrowed down.
    • Not yet. (3/28). Perhaps we won't be notified about the narrowed group of finalists and will only be notified after recipients have been chosen. Or maybe they've notified those who were selected for the narrowed group of finalists and will send rejection letters to all the rest of us after the process is complete.
    • I think one of people who accepted is a student of the director of the institute.

Stanford University - Lecturers in Liberal Education (LILE) [previously IHUM & SLE] - OFFER MADE[]

  • Deadline: March 6, 2012.
  • In 2012-13, Stanford will transform the Introduction to the Humanities (IHUM) program to include a broad range of disciplinary areas of study.
  • Courses offered in this curriculum will span such diverse fields as American studies, physical chemistry, environmental studies, biological sciences, social psychology, and political philosophy as well as the traditional humanities disciplines. This is a one-year position.
  • Lecturers teach two seminar discussion sections (averaging 15 students each) that meet twice weekly and coordinate with course lectures given by Stanford faculty.
  • Lecturers are appointed September 1, 2012 for a one-year term.
  • Starting salary will be at least $53,500 with a supplemental stipend of $2,000 for research and scholarship.
  • Eligible candidates will be asked to provide evidence of teaching excellence and proof of intellectual flexibility as well as a strong record of scholarship. Other desired qualifications are: experience teaching first-year university students; familiarity with team teaching; and demonstrated experience with developing students’ skills in critical thinking, writing, discussion, and quantitative analysis.
  • Phone interviews for semi-finalists will be conducted after April 15, 2012.
  • Campus visits for finalists will be arranged thereafter.
  • Decisions are expected to be announced by late May.
  • This position is also posted at Rhetoric/Composition 2012 & American Studies 2012
  • Note also two different deadlines are given at the link above; the first deadline is stated: "Applications will open January 16 and close March 9, 2012. " Potential applicants might want to seek some clarification.
  • Any news? I haven't even received confirmation. (x4)
  • I called today.(4/11) They are still reviewing files and one of the main "deciders" is on vacation. So not this week, it seems. (<-- thank you!)
  • "Today" when? (question asked on 04/17) <---- That post was from last week, I believe. (answer given 4/17)
  • Still no word from them? (x2)
  • Bad news, guys. I got this email in response to clarification about the timeline. More waiting! "We expect to begin making calls on a rolling basis in May, once faculty teams have finished reading files." (4/20) (<-Argh, but thank you for checking!) (thanks x4)
  • has anyone heard anything about their timeline in May?
  • I wrote and received a response (5/2): "Faculty are currently reviewing files on a rolling basis by course, and we expect to begin conducting interviews over the next several weeks." (<- Thank you!)
  • Nothing yet? 5/11 (x9)
  • Wrote and got a response 5/14, it also said they are reviewing files on a rolling basis but added: "we have just begun to schedule interviews for candidates from the earliest pool of faculty reviews." (thanks - alas, this could still take a while...)
  • Does anyone know if indeed they are conducting phone interviews for semi-finalists and then campus interviews for finalists, as stated originally on their website?
  • Got an email a few hours ago (5/15) for a half-hour phone interview *tomorrow*...he hasn't emailed back to confirm. If it goes through I will find out about timeline/process and post. Thanks to all for the updates, will return the kindnesses as I can...Fingers crossed for ALL of us, too rough out here :O (thanks!) <--Good luck!
  • Good luck to those with interviews. Would they mind revealing for what classes they are being considered? 5.16
  • Ok. Seems from the interview like apps are passing through several administrative channels, not necessarily on the same schedules/pages which is holding things up--so don't give up hope if you haven't been contacted yet! Depending on the classes for which you're under consideration, it seems like where they are in the process could be different for each (as other posts have already indicated). They *are* doing campus visits still, to meet the faculty for whom you'd be TAing. Timeline is vague, but they had reviewed my app extensively enough to extend an invitation to visit right away--no set date but soon. Don't know any more yet...Also, since the program is in transition this year, it's not exactly straight-forward. They are keeping me in mind for gigs in Winter and Spring (Filial Daughters and Re-Imagining America), but don't have anything lined up for me (yet?) for Fall...All that to say, there could be several potential directions any single app could go. So hang in there. Oh, also FYI: 470 apps. (5/16) –>Wow, thanks. Hang in there!
  • Thanks for the info ^ and good luck!
  • Thank you, you rock for sharing all that with us! (And it's good karma, too.)
  • Does anyone know anything about the timeline/process for SLE? I found no info on this on the website. I was extremely surprised that their application deadline was so late, so I was curious if there was even going to be an interview stage.
  • Other than the poster above, has anyone else heard from Stanford? Trying to figure out if most people have been contacted by now or not. (5/24)
  • I have not been contacted. An acquaintance has also not been contacted. (5/24) So that is x2. <--Me too (+1), so x4.
  • 5.24 email response to query (yesterday) said still deciding who to invite for interviews and said "could still be two more weeks" but i'm not sure I believe that....
  • I had my campus visit this week. From my experience I'm inclined to say that you should believe anything they're telling you and not think they're just stringing you along/pulling your chain. They're in the midst of finalizing serious structural changes to the program which seems to be affecting the hiring process for 2012-2013. In my case, even though I had a campus visit, they're still unsure what kind of offer they can make me, if they do end up extending me one...But they were extremely ethical towards me, and I think that they're genuinely doing the best they can to be fair to applicants despite all the obstacles on their end. Fwiw! [posted 5/24]
  • Thanks for this info! Are you the same poster from above (the one with the phone interview and good karma) or are you new to the feed? [<--same poster as before!]
  • 6.1 Radio Silence? (x4)
  • The headline now reads "campus visit completed," but I don't know what this means. Is the search still open or not? (6/5)
    • "campus visit completed" refers to the campus interview described 2 bullet points above, posted on 5/24. Whether more campus visits have occurred or are on-going is not clear. Perhaps, as suggested below, someone might contact the program to ask?
  • There have been so few posts here that it's hard to tell what, if anything, is happening. Anyone willing to call/email and check on their progress? (6.5)
  • Rejected today (6.5) by email, which included the following: "Our search yielded a highly competitive field of nearly five hundred highly qualified applicants vying for only fifteen positions." Those odds aren't good! Hope others are more fortunate.
  • Rejection email at 4 on 6/5, at least the wait is over :( (x2)
  • Offer made by email (6/13) with a hard copy to follow. Received 2 quarters of teaching, which I think will be the norm.
  • Congratulations to the above! Are you the same person who informed about the only interview long time ago? Anyone (else) who has got neither a rejection nor an interview? (6/14)
  • To the poster above (from the person who received the offer): I had two brief phone interviews (I was living in France during the interview stage) in late May and a final via interview via last week. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a Stanford PhD and two members of my committe were offering classes, so I am something of an "inside hire," even though the "inside" only got me a 6 month contract. I have the impression that the courses are more or less fully staffed now. > Thanks very much for taking the time. It's not that I was expecting anything else - I just have not received a rejection like some others, but I guess that happens too.

Stanford University Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities - FELLOWS ANNOUNCED[]

  • Up to 4 2-year postdoctoral fellowships. Must have received the PhD between January 1, 2009 and June 30, 2012.
  • The stipend for 2011-12 will be $60,000. In addition to the stipend, Fellows are eligible for a full package of employee benefits, and are also provided with a research account to fund research-related expenses.
  • Eligible fields:Art and Art History, Asian Languages and Culture, Drama, English
  • Applications due November 15, 2011.
    • 11/4: I'm assuming that general Film scholars are not eligible unless one works in Asian studies? Others?
    • 11/7: I bet some film scholars could apply for drama, some for English, and some for art history depending on how they frame their proposal,
    • Also, they ask us to send letters to; did anyone see the udpated statuses of their letters on the application form? It asks us to still enter the professors' emails but also ask us to email to the other email separately; I find it a bit confusing...
    • Any news on this? (1/11)
    • No news. According to last year's wiki, we won't hear back before February. (1/12)
    • Someone from Stanford pinged my online profile (tracker) over the weekend so they're working on this still. (1/23)
      • To the last poster: I'm a little confused. How exactly did you determine that your profile was pinged? Yes, I'm also curious.
      • I have a couple of online academic profiles, including a personal research blog with a tracker that shows where hits come from and search terms that got them there if they're using a search engine. <-- that is amazing! wow.
    • Any word? (2/6)
    • finalists announced?
    • Any word on this??? Is this over?
    • Either the finalists are not obsessed wiki-checkers or they just aren't announcing any finalists?
    • Just emailed to ask a few hours ago. Response: "Thank you very much for your interest in the Mellon Fellows program. We will be announcing the final selected Fellows during the first week of March." [2/17] <--Thanks for asking for the rest of us! (x3)
    • Rejection received via email so vague and formulaic that I had to double check the names signing the letter to make sure it was Stanford and not another rejection! (2/28)
    • same here. they don't say which university! (2/28) x12
    • I am checking this wiki now to see which university rejected me!
    • Given how long it takes us to prepare these applications, you think they could put a little more thought into their rejection letter, which was mass-mailed to "nearly 600 applicants" minus four. Sheesh. (2/28)
    • (2/28) I didn't get a rejection today, but I also didn't get notified of any other status. Anyone else?
    • I thought I was in that category too... then it came [8:13 PM EST] :(
    • Mine was at 3:54 PST, had to check which university was rejecting me too. You would think Stanford would add their name, unless it's fake and Stanford are really going to mail us acceptances!!
    • Did everyone else's generic rejection letter say "But you may be pleased to know that your application was considered genuinely competitive by our selection committee. We enjoyed reading your work and are grateful for the opportunity to have reviewed your application"? If so, that's kind of a false compliment -- you may be pleased to know that we considered EVERYONE'S applications to be genuinely competitive! (x1) <--- Got the same line. I assume, then, this means they had a tiered system of finalists, semi-finalists, etc., and the semis got this line copied and pasted in?
    • For what it's worth, my rejection letter (also received 2/28) didn't include the 'But you may be pleased to know...' line.
    • Mine didn't say that either, it said - "we appreciate the opportunity to have read your work as we considered your application." - does this mean they didn't actually read it? They just had the opportunity?
    • 3/22 Can someone tell me what the rejection email's heading was? I haven't gotten anything so I'm going back and forth through my inbox but can't see anything. Also, they were supposed to announce the finalists the first week of March -- did they?
  • 3/23 - the email subject was "Your application to the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities"
  • [17 Apr.] Fellows have been announced

Stanford University Postdoctoral Research Associate (SHEG) - POSITION FILLED[]

  • One year post-doc beginning in Fall 2012, working with the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG).
  • Applicants must be interested in how history is taught and learned, either in schools or in digital environments.
  • Candidates must have a doctoral degree by the start date. Well-qualified candidates will have a strong background in one of the following fields: history (or related humanities discipline), web design, learning sciences, or education.
  • 2011-12 stipend $60,000, plus employee benefits and research funds.
  • Applications due February 1, 2012.
  • To apply, submit a CV and a one-page cover letter to:
    Sam Wineburg
    Margaret Jacks Professor of Education
    Professor of History (by courtesy)
    Stanford University
  • any news? (2/24)
  • offer extended, but declined. Internal hire as replacement (4/13)

Stanford University - Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellowships in Contemporary Asia - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies is pleased to announce its 2012--2013 Walter H. Shorenstein Fellowships. Made possible through the generosity of Walter H. Shorenstein, awards will be made to two junior scholars (recent PhDs must have degree conferral by August 31, 2012) for research and writing on Asia.
  • The primary focus of the program is contemporary political, economic, or social change in the Asia-Pacific region (including Northeast, Southeast, and South Asia), or topics in international relations and international political economy.
  • Fellows must be in residence for the duration of the appointment, which begins the fall quarter of the 2012 academic year. They must take part in center activities throughout the academic year, and are required to present their research findings in center seminars. Fellows also participate in the center's publication program.
  • The fellowship includes a stipend rate of $50,000 plus $3,000 for research materials. Applicants should submit: (1) a brief research statement (not to exceed five typed pages), which describes the research and writing to be undertaken during the fellowship period as well as the proposed publishable product; (2) curriculum vitae; and (3) three letters of recommendation.
  • Has anyone been asked for more documents?
  • Any word on this???
  • Is this over? Have they made an offer? 2/10
  • I haven't heard back yet. I called the office and they said that the review process is still going on and that they would get back to us in "late February". 2/13
  • harrassed the office today: notifications should be going out tomorrow via email -- so they say. I guess we'll have to wait one more day and see (2/28)
  • ^ thank you for that. good luck!
  • Rejection received by email (as promised!) 2/29 (x2)
  • Has anyone else still not received word from them? (3/1) (x3)
  • I know that at least one position has been offered and accepted (3/1)

Stanford University, Literary Lab - Postdoctoral Research Associate - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One-year, fixed-term position (with possible renewal) in Digital Humanities and Computational Criticism, starting September 1, 2012., working with the Stanford University Literary Lab
  • A Ph.D. degree is required (filing by August 2012).
  • The work of the Literary Lab develops at the interface of Literary History and Computer Science
  • Experience in text mining and/or corpus linguistics/natural language processing is required.
  • Must possess expertise, familiarity, or willingness to learn computational techniques in humanities research, including software programs such as Tableau, Gephi, R, SPSS, TEI-XML, MySQL, and Python.
  • Candidates must have programming experience and be eager to learn new software programs and adapt to the research projects of the Literary Lab as needed.
  • Applications due May 9, 2012.
  • Qualified applicants should send 1) a current curriculum vitae, 2) a brief statement of research interests, and 3) names and contact information of three references to Franco Moretti ( as soon as possible.

Swansea University (UK;Wales) - Research Post-docs in Disability History[]

  • Two 3-year research postdocs
  • "The successful candidate[s] will work on a project entitled 'Disability and Industrial Society: A Comparative Cultural History of British Coalfields, c.1780-1948'. This project is funded by a Programme Award for £972,501 from the Wellcome Trust. It is a collaborative study with partners at Aberystwyth, Northumbria and Strathclyde Universities."
  • "The post would suit ambitious candidates educated to PhD level with an excellent first degree in History or a subject relevant to the research project, together with experience in historical research methods. The successful candidate must also have excellent knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural history of medicine and health and have a sound knowledge and understanding of British history for the period"
  • Deadline: 19 Jun. 2012

Texas A&M University (Postdoc, Political Ecology of Sanitation in India, expertise in gender theory desired) -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly (Department of Geography, Texas A&M University, is seeking a postdoctoral researcher for a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Global Development: Water, Sanitation, Health Program) funded project entitled “Successful Sanitation Habits in Rural India.” This 12-month position is available starting January 2012 and runs through December 2013. The initial appointment will be for a one year term and is renewable for a second year term contingent upon excellent performance and continued funding.
  • The project is a two year study in West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh, India that will identify the social and environmental factors influencing toilet usage habits of families in rural India. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected over an extended field period. The project will contribute to our understanding of sanitation adoption among all family members in a household.
  • The postdoctoral researcher will assist Dr. O’Reilly with a range of research activities, including travel to India for data collection over four months in 2012-2013, and assisting with: 1) data review, coding, and analysis of collected quantitative and qualitative data; and 2) writing of scholarly products (e.g., manuscripts and presentations) in College Station, TX.
  • The position requires a completed PhD in geography or a related field or a letter certifying that all requirements for the doctoral degree have been met and stating the conferral date. The ideal applicant will have field experience, training in quantitative and/or qualitative methods, and expertise in political ecology, gender theory, and/or South Asian studies. Language proficiency in English, Hindi, and/or Bengali is desired. Salary is $40,000 annually, including benefits.
  • Please send 1) cover letter describing research interests and experience; 2) complete curriculum vitae; 3) writing samples; and 4) names of three referees to Write “postdoctoral position” in the subject line please. Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2012

Tufts University Center for the Humanities Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows - POSITIONS FILLED[]

  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has generously provided Tufts University with funding to bring two postdoctoral fellows to campus each year to pursue new research projects in the Humanities. Two fellows will be appointed in fall 2012. The stipend for fellows will be $46,500 plus benefits, and a research allowance of $5,000 per year. Please Note: This year, we will only be accepting applications in the following fields:
    • Anthropology
    • Art/Art History
    • Drama and Dance
    • History
    • Philosophy
    • Romance Languages
  • Fellows will be housed for two years at the Center for the Humanities At Tufts (CHAT) and affiliated with the department or interdisciplinary program most germane to their field of research. Fellows will teach one course in the spring semester of their first year and two in the second year of their residency through their home department or program. It is expected that fellows will take part in the intellectual life of campus, working with faculty and students, attending symposia and events, and contributing to meetings and discussions presented by the Center for the Humanities. Applicants whose research will benefit from the research environment and faculty at Tufts are especially encouraged to apply.
  • The application deadline will be Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. At this time, applications cannot be submitted electronically. All application materials will be competitively evaluated by the Mellon Postdoctoral Committee. Applicants for the fellowships must have received their Ph.D. within the past five years. There is no requirement that the fellows be U.S. citizens. For further information, guidelines, and to download application materials, please visit . Please contact Khalilah Imani Tyre by email at or by phone at 617-627-3342 for any other questions.
    • Did anyone receive a confirmation of receipt from Tufts? - Nothing here. (x4)
    • Just called -- they're not able to confirm receipt because of the volume of applications they received ("around several hundred"). They're apparently still opening applicants' packages. A decision should be made by late March - early April.
    • Does anyone know if they did interviews? A: I've still heard nothing-no confirmation of receipt or anything.
      • I emailed for status or timeline about a week ago because of another offer and got no response. For what it's worth, they didn't have interviews last year and didn't notify until around the first week of April.
    • Emailed for status and got a reply saying they are reviewing applications and "expect to announce the top candidates in the next three weeks". (3/22) (Thanks for the info!)
    • Any word on finalists? I heard that this week is the time for nominations to come in and finalists to be selected. (4/5)
    • Does that mean that all candidates have been notified today? (4/6)-- I just called and have been told that the two candidates have been notified. Congratulations!

Tulane University - Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellows - POSITIONS FILLED[]

  • TULANE UNIVERSITY. Department of English, 122 Norman Mayer Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118. Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowships
  • The Freshman Writing Program at Tulane University seeks post-doctoral teaching fellows for Fall 2012. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in any Humanities discipline in hand before start of fall term 2012 as well as experience teaching composition. The teaching load is three courses per semester in small classes of approximately fifteen. Additional duties include active participation in pedagogy discussions as scheduled by the Director. Fellows receive an initial three-year contract with annual review, and the contract is renewable, pending successful review, through a terminal fifth year. Salary: $35,000 plus benefits. A computer will be made available for the fellow’s use during his or her tenure. For more information on the Freshman Writing Program, please visit
  • Please submit a letter of application, a CV, and a sample composition syllabus with the names of three references to by March 30, 2012. Review of applications will continue until all positions are filled. Women, minorities, and veterans are encouraged to apply. Tulane University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.
  • Does anyone have a link to the actual posting for this job? I can't find it in any of the usual places (H-Net, the Chronicle, HigherEdJobs, etc).
  • This position is advertised in the MLA Job Info. List (expires March 23); haven't seen it advertised elsewhere, but if you have access to the MLA JIL, you will find it there now (3/14).
  • Rejection letter via email saying that all available openings have been filled (5/4).

Tulane University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities - OFFER RECEIVED[]

  • The School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University invites applications for a two-year contract, renewable annually, as Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows in the Humanities beginning in August 2012. We expect to appoint two or three fellows for AY 2012-13. Candidates must have received the PhD by June 30, 2012 and not before September 1, 2009. They must demonstrate successful teaching experience and an interesting research agenda.
  • Fellows will be assigned to one of six departments within the School of Liberal Arts: Communication, English, French and Italian, History, Philosophy, or Spanish and Portuguese. Fellows will teach mid-and upper-level courses in their field of expertise, and these courses will be cross-listed with one or more of eighteen interdisciplinary programs. The teaching load will be one course per semester, with the remainder of the fellows’ time devoted to strengthening their research profiles. Fellows must be in residence at Tulane during the tenure of their fellowship. Preference may be given to applicants who intend to make use of Tulane’s and New Orleans’ rich cultural and archival resources, such as the Amistad Research Center, The Gulf South Center, the Hogan Jazz Archive, the Newcomb Center for Research on Women, the Southeastern Architectural Archive, the Latin American Library, the Historic New Orleans Collection, the Louisiana State Museum, and the archives of the New Orleans Public Library. The stipend is $45,900 per year, with some funding also available for research and travel.
  • Tulane University is a privately endowed institution located in New Orleans, one of the world's unique urban centers. The University holds membership in the Association of American Universities and is a Carnegie Extensive Research University. Tulane is composed of nine academic divisions and home to over ten thousand graduate and undergraduate students. The School of Liberal Arts provides undergraduate students with an outstanding education in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, developing skills of analysis, research, and written and oral expression that will serve them in their chosen profession. Students work closely with faculty who are distinguished research scholars or creative artists and who are eager to engage students in their work. Additional information on the School of Liberal Arts and its departments and programs can be accessed at
  • Applicants should provide a one-page summary of their dissertation and a few sample titles of courses they would like to teach. Electronic submissions only, including cover letter, curriculum vitae, dissertation summary, and sample courses, along with a list of three recommenders whose letters of recommendation are due by the deadline are due online via Interfolio by December 15, 2011. Applications will be accepted starting October 25, 2011. To apply please visit:
  • Did anyone receive a confirmation of receipt from Tulane? (Beyond the delivery notification from Interfolio)
    • Received confirmation email today from Tulane re: application. Email stated they had over 500 applicants for 2-3 positions. (12/16) (X2) - 500? Ouch! [There were 700+ last year! ]
    • Received an email that I am on a shortlist; they are confirming that all of the shortlist people are still interested. (1/27) (x3)
    • Has anyone received an interview request? (2/10)
    • Interview request (2/10)
    • offer received (2/27)
    • rejected (email) - (3/28) x2

United States Naval Academy - History Research Fellow -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 1 year (2012-3) research fellowship: "Class of 1957 Fellowship in naval or marine corps history"
  • "Applications will be considered for any period or aspect of naval or marine corps history. To be eligible, an applicant must hold a Ph.D. in history earned within the past five years or be an advanced Ph.D. candidate. The Fellow will conduct research, participate in the History Department’s research and teaching seminars, deliver an address on his/her research, and teach one class each semester on naval history"
  • Deadline: 1 Mar. 2012
  • Has anyone heard anything?

University of Aberdeen (UK;Scot) - Research Fellow, Northern Colonialism[]

  • One 3-year research post-doc on the "Northern Colonialism: Historical Connections, Contemporary Lives programme"
  • "You will be expected to undertake research that will address the history and/or politics of northern colonial enterprises. In addition to developing your own research profile, you will have a key role in supporting the activities of the Northern Colonialism programme. You will be expected to contribute to the organisation of academic events and public outreach and to assist with securing external funding which will develop the reach and scope of the programme, both nationally and internationallyThe regional and temporal specialties of the successful candidate can be open, but should fall within the remit of the programme as a whole. You will be encouraged to take a broad-based approach to northern colonialism and to focus on the ways in which it has been understood across various academic disciplines. We welcome proposals with a wide geographic frame to enable comparative analyses. Topics could range from resource extraction, governance, Arctic geopolitics, histories and philosophies of science to exploration, mercantile histories or migration histories. Time frames examined could span the 17th century through to the 21st century.

You should have a PhD degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, History or related discipline."

  • SHORT Deadline: 16 Jul. 2012
    • To start: Oct. 2012

University of Adelaide (Aus.) - ARC Senior Research Fellowship[]

  • FIve-year research position in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of the Emotions
  • "The successful candidate's research will focus on the Centre's 'Change' Program, investigating collective emotions and change in medieval Europe (1100-1500)"
  • PhD should be in hand, awarded not more than 10 years ago
  • Deadline: 6 Jul. 2012

University of Alabama - 2 yr. Post-Doc in Digital Humanities - SKYPE INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • The Alabama Digital Humanities Center at the University of Alabama ( ) is pleased to invite applications for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in Digital Humanities. The post-doctoral fellow will hold a joint appointment in the University Libraries and the History Department in the College of Arts & Sciences. The fellow will conduct his or her own research and work in conjunction with the ADHC staff to promote and develop the digital humanities community on campus.
  • The committee welcomes all applicants with an active research agenda in History or a related discipline (such as Classics, Middle Eastern Studies, American Studies, or Religious Studies). The successful applicant will have attained a Ph.D. by June 2012 and will bring an historical research project whose strong digital component could serve as a model for other faculty at the University of Alabama.
  • Candidates should consult the full position description posted at and then apply at . Inquiries may be directed to Prof. David A. Michelson, Search Committee Chair,
  • Review of applications will begin January 4, 2012 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Initial Interviews have been held via skype.
  • Rejection 3/29/12 (via email)

University of Birmingham (UK) - Birmingham Fellowships - SECOND ROUND COMPLETED[]

  • 50 five-year postdoctoral research fellowships, some of which will become tenured positions
    • There are 20 'priority areas' covering arts, social sciences, humanities and sciences, but other 'exceptional' candidates will be considered
    • priority areas: Cognitive Psychology; Computation, Mathematics and Theory; Environmental Pollution; Engineering and Physical Sciences for Biomedicine and Imaging; Europe; Genetics and Personalised Medicine; Global Economy; Health and Population Sciences; Health, Well-Being and Ethics; High Energy Physics; Hormones/Metabolism; Household Wealth and Personal Finance; Immunology; Liver and Blood-Related Cell Therapy; Materials & Manufacturing; Memory & Exile; Microbiology; Molecular Cell Biology; Public Services and Third Sector; Security and Conflict; Socio-Legal Studies and Criminology; Sustainable Energy; Transnationalism and Superdiversity; Twentieth Century Music.
    • As well as a PhD, candidates should have "Extensive and successful research experience and scholarship within subject specialism. Proven ability to devise, advise on and manage research"
  • Effective Deadline: 1 Sept. 2011
    • Rejection received 09 Sept. (by email)
      • x2 - claimed over 1400 applicants overall, though no idea what the ratio Arts & Hums: Science was, or how the 20 topic areas fared
    • 2nd round rejection received 29 Sept by email. "Many candidates disappointed at this round were very good but did not demonstrate the world-leading potential and quality in their applications as the short-listed candidates. In some instances candidates had excellent CVs but the research proposal was not judged to be as strong against the criteria we had provided. There were also a considerable number of candidates who were clearly on the right trajectory but for whom it is just a year or so too early. Depending on how many appointments we make this time round, we hope to be able to launch a second round of the Birmingham Fellows next year and we would encourage these individuals to consider re-applying."

University of Birmingham (UK) -'Responsibilities, Ethics & the Financial Crisis' -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year AHRC funded Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • "The post-holder will work closely with Prof. Sorell to deliver the philosophy and ethics component of FINCRIS. This will entail: (a) establishing an agreed narrative of how the financial crisis developed, based on literature review; (b) identifying the main institutional agents involved; (c) describing some of the behaviour of individuals involved, e.g. individual borrowers (especially in the mortgage market; individual heads of banks requiring rescue, e.g. Fred Goodwin); (d) assigning responsibilities for the crisis based on (a) through (c); (e) identifying obligations of the agents involved, given (d), and given general considerations about the assignment of responsibility in complex interactions between many agents."
  • "The post-holder will have a first degree in philosophy or political theory and will have a PhD either completed or about to be examined in analytic applied ethics, or analytic applied political theory."
  • Deadline: 10 Mar.

University of British Columbia - Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Medieval European History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • "This position is aimed at enabling innovative and collaborative teaching between the postdoctoral fellow and an outstanding professor-supervisor at the same time as it helps to launch the career of a new scholar showing early promise as an excellent university teacher and researcher."
  • The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow will be appointed for one year, beginning July 1, 2012, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year subject to approval from the Department and budgetary availability. Applicants will normally be within 3 years of being awarded the Ph.D. Successful candidates will be expected to continue to pursue their research program and to teach three single-semester undergraduate courses per year under the supervision of their professor-supervisor.
  • Complete applications received by February 15, 2012, will be given priority; however, the position will remain open until filled.
  • Has anyone heard anything? (3/23)
  • Rejection letter received and dated April 4, but just arrived today (4/17)

University of Bristol (UK) - Postdocs in Philosophy -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 3-year Research Associateships on the ESRC project 'Darwinism and the Theory of Rational Choice'
  • SHORT deadline: 12 Mar. 2012
    • Interviews 19 Mar. 2012

University of British Columbia- Liu Institute Energy Security Postdoctoral Fellowship -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Liu Institute for Global Issues, at the University of British Columbia, invites applications from outstanding researchers for the Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science, Technology and Global Nuclear Security. The position is open to scholars who have recently completed a Ph.D. to hold a Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF) at the Institute, beginning as early as April 1, 2012 and no later than September 1, 2012. Application review will begin as early as February 1, 2012 and continue until the position is filled.
  • The Institute regards global energy security as a multi-dimensional problem, incorporating science and technology on the one hand and the social sciences on the other. We are particularly interested in scholars that are researching energy aspects of nuclear security. Possible areas of research could include: proliferation risks of current and proposed nuclear fuel cycles, nuclear power and other alternate low-carbon technology solutions to deal with climate change (including application of energy models), and risk assessment as applied to nuclear fuel cycles and nuclear power plant operations.
  • We invite applications from promising scholars with doctorates in either the social or natural sciences whose work fits within the Institute’s three broad themes of Social Justice, Sustainability and Security and especially encourage applications from scholars in developing countries.

University of California - President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - AWARDS ANNOUNCED[]

  • Outstanding women and minority Ph.D. recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California.
  • 15-20 postdoctoral fellowships annually in all fields for research conducted under faculty sponsorship on any one of the University of California's ten campuses.
  • The annual award provides a salary of $40-50,000, depending on the field and level of experience. The award also includes health insurance, vision and dental benefits, 4 weeks of paid "time off" and up to $4,000 for research-related and program expenses.
  • Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents and must hold or receive a PhD from an accredited university prior to the start date of the fellowship. Applicants should expect to have earned their Ph.D. degree by June 30th of the year for which they are applying.
  • President's Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to (1) establish residence at the campus of their postdoctoral appointment, (2) focus full-time on research and avoid other commitments such as teaching, (3) meet regularly with their faculty mentor, (4) attend the annual Academic Retreat.
  • Deadline: November 1, 2011.
  • Any word? Wondering how many people applied for this one.
  • Looking at postings from past years, it looks like we'll hear about decisions in mid-February. As for how many people applied, I hate to think about it. Several hundreds probably.
  • Has anyone been asked for graduate transcripts? As I recall they ask finalists for transcripts prior to March 1
  • 500 applicants; no word here on transcripts.
  • Nobody heard anything today? I saw that a couple of years running, they notified people by phone on Feb. 8. So, it might be soon.
  • I got a missed call and voice mail from the administrator of the postdoc today. Gonna call back again in the morning. 2/8
  • Anyone else heard anythign or talked to the administrator? 2/9
  • @Missed Call (above): Please let us know: are they notifying, asking for transcripts, or confirming graduation? Thanks much!
  • received acceptance by phone 2/7.
  • I just called the office. Very nice woman said we can make inquiries via email and she will respond with notification of your application's status. Here is her email:
  • I was rejected after inquiring. I got the sense that all the winners have already been notified, but you might still be an an alternate...(2/9)
  • Just got word from Ms Adkinson that I got ruled out completely. Good luck to all those that are still being considered. (2/10)
  • Has anyone received a rejection email without inquiring? (2/13)
  • No I haven't yet. Since this fellowship is for fellows across the disciplines, and because this is still the season when candidates and job seekers are accepting, doing campus visits, and turning down offers. I think they are still waiting for some candidates to decide before they can move down the list, etc.
  • Thanks for the response. I just think it's odd there hasn't been widespread rejection letter of applicants who are definitely out of the running yet because in past years they did this and only alternates were left without a call or email.
  • Any word today (2/14). Has anyone emailed Ms. Adkinson this week and received info. on whether all winners have been notified? I think I will send an email to see my status - gulp.
  • "Dear applicant" rejection via email. 480 applicants total. I'm in anthropology. (2/14)
  • Sorry to hear that. They really shouldn't send out rejections on Valentine's Day...I am already depressed that I am still (STILL) single on V Day...well at least it is not 900 applicants this time around...
  • To above person, was rejection emailed out or received in mail?
  • Email - it's always sent via email.
  • Rejection on Valentine's Day - seriously? Those days of handing out candy to classmates and eating cupcakes seems so long ago...
  • Did anyone in social sciences get a rejection email today (2/14)?
  • Anyone from social sciences waiting to hear back? any idea how many alternates are selected? trying not to get excited about no news. (2/14)
  • I definitely would not get excited about no news if you're in social sciences. It doesn't seem like they have had their round of rejection emails.
  • I'm in humanities and I haven't received any notification either (2/14) (x2)
  • @don't get excited, it looks like someone from anthro got email notice today, so some social science applicants have been notified.
  • lol...I just realized anthro is in the social sciences. sorry anthro people. but I still wouldn't get 'excited'
  • So what's the word today (2/15)? Are we under the assumption winners were notified last week, some have received rejection emails this week, and others, like me, are just sitting around waiting for news? I suspect a lot of people are in my state, just clinging on to slight hope for something (x6)
  • Does anyone know when the UC Berkeley Chancellor's Awards are announced? I know that if you apply for the President's for Berkeley, you're automatically entered into that process as well...
  • Notified on 2/17 that they can't offer me one now but i am a finalist (sounds like i'm an alternate) and they will let me know in the next few weeks. they also put me in the chancellor pool and said finalists get on a list of incentive hires circulated to depts who get lines. fyi. (i am in social sciences).
  • Congrats! Did you contact Ms. Adkinson, or did someone contact you? A: They contacted me.
  • You know, there is only 1 reference of someone actually getting notified they received the postdoc (2/7 - notified of acceptance by phone). I'm really wondering if all finalists who are guaranteed a postdoc (not alternates) have been notified across the 3 divisions. I hope that a few of you who have been guaranteed the postdoc will confirm this for us.
  • 02/16/2012: was notified by email from Ms. Adkinson that I am a finalist (in humanities).
  • Just got a response from Kimberly Adkinson that all presidents awardees and alternates have been notified (I am not in either category) but that highly reviewed applications who didn't make that cut were forwarded on to the chancellors offices (I am in that category--also it was unclear to me whether alternates for the presidents were also forwarded on to chancellors or not). They have no specific deadline to make decisions but the president's office people are asking them to make decisions by March 1, which is the notification deadline for the Presidents. I don't know about the other campuses, but at UC Davis, there are 25 in the chancellor pool. I also asked about the hiring incentive and she said that you only get on the hiring incentive list if you are awarded and accept a fellowship, which contradicts what a poster above said about finalists being on the incentive list. Good luck everyone! 2/21/12
  • So more hope for the rest of us then.
  • to above poster--I don't think that's true. If you have heard nothing it seems that you are in the group in the running for a chancellor's fellowship. I think that all definite rejections have already gone out as well.
  • Not sure, I think people in the humanities just haven't received rejection letters yet. I applied to a campus that does not have the Chancellor's Fellowship.
  • I didn't receive an email at all. Like the above poster, I also applied to a campus that doesn't have a Chancellor Fellowship. It is really frustrating that they didn't just send me an email rejecting me. They know that people check this Wiki so not sure why they aren't letting me know something if all finalists and alternates have been notified.
  • How many of you are in humanities and not heard anything as of today? (2/21) x1
  • anyone like me in the social sciences and no notification? Yes. It sounds like we've been left behind. Can I ask, are you at a school with a chancellor fellowship? I'm not.
  • yes, at a school with a chancellor's. def. seems like an inconsistent process. tho according to previous entry, all awardees and alternates are notified, so im going to assume its a rejection.
  • I'm not sure if it matters whether you applied to a school with a Chancellor's, as Ms. Adkinson informed me last week that I am still in the running for it (and the school I applied to doesn't have them). Also, I was an alternate for the President's Postdoc a couple years ago and don't think I was ever put on any hiring incentives list--maybe I should check on that!
  • I also heard from Ms. Adkinson informing me that I am still in the running for the Chancellor's, although my school doesn't have this either. I'm confused about that because I would assume you need to be at Berkeley, San Diego, or Davis to take part in this fellowship. I'm not optimisticat all, but it's nice of them to still consider my application for the Chancellor's.
  • Anyone else emailed Ms. Adkinson but not heard back? (2/23) x1
  • Waiting on the alternate list. Talked to Ms. Adkinson today. FYI, she will be on vacation 3/1-3/12. News of declines, waitlist movement, etc. will be on hold during that period. Also, previous hopes that UCSD and Davis would make Chancellor's decision before 3/1 are dashed. But Berkeley may decide by then. Enjoy your anxiety dreams everyone! (2/27)
  • Well, just got a rejection today (2/28) from Ms. Adkinson, so apparently someone's still working at the office.(x2). The x2 was part of the uc Davis chancellors pool.
  • Sorry to hear about the rejection. Would you be willing to say whether the email mentioned if finalists have also been notified?
  • Nope.
  • Has anyone who applied for UCLA not yet been notified either way? I'm still waiting to hear back. YUP, I am waiting to hear something as well. I still don't really know if UCLA has a Chancellor Fellowship or what Chancellor Fellowship I was put into consideration under - do you? I emailed Ms. Adkinson but haven't heard - she is probably not back yet.
  • Anyone heard about the Berkeley Chancellor's? (3/7)
  • I'm curious about that too. If anyone hears from Berkeley, can you please post? (3/8)
  • Yesterday I talked to the other administrator for the Berkeley Chancellor's. She said that they had made offers to one person in the Social Sciences and one person in the Humanities, and unfortunately, that's all they can fund right now. If you haven't heard, and are in those fields, you are still "under consideration," and your application was well received, but there is very little likelihood that they will be able to make an offer, unless those two people with offers were to decline. If seems that in the life sciences, however, they are still figuring it out in terms of securing funding. Sorry for the uninspiring news. (3/9)
  • Plea from the waitlist: if you're going to decline, could you do it by Friday? Pretty, pretty please. (3/13)
  • For those lingering on this thread, how many of you are still 'under consideration' for a Chancellor's (i.e., you haven't heard an acceptance/rejection after you were told that you did not get the President's Postdoc)? x1
  • This is for next year's applicants and for some people still hanging out on this board. It's long, but you'll appreciate seeing one applicant's experience that left her with a sour impression of this process. When there was news that President Postdoc awardees and alternates had been announced, as well as rejections, I emailed to find out my status, as I hadn't heard anything. A few days after Ms. Adkinson emailed back. I wasn't officially told anything about being rejected for the President's Postdoc (there wasn't any yes we announced winners and alternates and you aren't one of them). All that was stated was I was still under consideration for a Chancellor's Fellowship and that had a deadline of March 1st. Ok, well it was apparent the President's was out from reading Wiki, but maybe I had a small chance of getting the Chancellor's, although I wasn't at one of the three schools that have listed the Chancellor's on the website. Well whatever, I think, I'm sure there is more to it then I know. Forward a month later. I emailed Ms. Adkinson to see what the status was since it was two weeks past March 1st. I get this email "Dear (my name), We are currently making appointments on a rolling basis as funding is identified. We will contact you to provide updates when more information is available. We appreciate your patience and understanding." All right, so I am still in the running for a Chancellor's and get a little bit excited because it sounds like if funding comes through I really have a chance (I knew that chance was very low but was flattered I was still in the running). LITERALLY 5 minutes later I get this email "Dear Applicant (this time no personalization), Thank you for applying for a University of California President's and Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs. A panel of faculty members in your discipline has carefully reviewed your application. I regret to inform you that you were not among the group of Fellows selected from over 480 applicants who sought awards this year. There were many qualified and deserving applicants who, because of limited funds, were not chosen. Thank you for your interest in the University of California. We wish you the best in your future pursuits." Wow, so after you bring my hopes up you completely stomp on them - there really was no reason to send two emails - one personalized rejection would have been really appreciated. Now that ladies and gentlemen, is how you f*ck with someone.
  • I was pushed into the Chancellor's pool, but just received my rejection yesterday. This was for UCI. (3/16)
  • wow, i'm up late (3am) looking for more job and postdoc postings (since i've been rejected again this year to everything i've applied for) and stumbled upon this wiki - and very glad i did! i've been depressed since 3/14 when i received my rejection email as described above. i had been really hopeful and the news combined with exhaustion really hit me hard for some reason. but reading these postings it sounds like i may have gotten relatively far in the process, which is a nice consolation. sorry to ramble here but at least knowing the rejection was later than it could have been helps. this was my third time applying for this postdoc and i'm realizing that i'm not eligible for a lot of postdocs anymore because i graduated several years ago. good luck to others in a similar situation! oh, and i'm in sociology.
  • The official list is now announced: (5/8/12)

University of California, Berkeley - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities, 2012-14 - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The Dean of Arts & Humanities is now accepting applications for the 2012-14 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities.
  • Four new fellows will be appointed for 2012-14, to teach and carry out research in a sponsoring department in the humanities.
  • Appointment will be for two years, effective July 1, 2012, as a Visiting Assistant Professor.
  • Fellows will be expected to teach one course per semester, for four consecutive semesters (not including summer sessions).
  • Salary will be approximately $60,000 a year, with standard medical benefits. New Fellows will receive a $1,500 computer and technology allowance, and in each year of their appointment, Fellows will receive a flexible research fund of $5,000 to cover such costs as travel and research assistance.
  • This year’s eligible applicants must have received the PhD no earlier than July 1, 2009 and no later than June 30, 2012.
  • UC Berkeley PhDs are not eligible for this fellowship.
  • Applicants may not hold an appointment in a tenure-track position, and Mellon Fellows may not hold any other appointment during the period of the fellowship. Applications from international scholars are accepted, but fellowship awards are contingent upon eligibility to work legally in the United States.
  • The dean will route applications to each candidate’s designated host department for evaluation. Potential host departments will then nominate no more than two candidates to the dean, who will supervise the final selection of Fellows. Criteria for selection include excellence and potential in research and teaching; some consideration may also be given to the ways in which outstanding candidates might strengthen or enrich the humanities at Berkeley.
  • Applications must include a statement on research experience and proposal (1000 word maximum), a statement on teaching experience and proposal (1000 words maximum), a C.V., and three letters of recommendation (in the interest of fairness, applications are limited to three letters only).
  • Application deadline: March 2, 2012. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Fellows will be announced in April, 2012.
  • Questions:
  • Anyone is having problems using Interfolio to upload reference letters?
    • 2/22 - Mine didn't immediately get picked up by interfolio either (applied yesterday but still no action on interfolio's end); yours ever go through? / yes, in the end they did but it took a couple of days. Good luck!
  • Anyone know if there is a time cut-off, or is it close-of-business in California on March 2?
    • Deadline is 3/02 at 11:59pm PST.
  • FYI: It takes Interfolio several days to upload letters to an application website. When you arrive at the reference letter section of the Berkeley application, however, there is a note stating that if the letters are not uploaded by Interfolio before the deadline, you can send them via e-mail to:
  • Does anyone know when do they expect to send their proposals?
    • Offers will be made in early-Apri
  • Does anyone know if individual host departments notify the applicants they nominate to the dean's office? Or will no one hear back until final acceptance/rejection notices?
    • Some departments notified those they were going to nominate, yes, but that doesn't mean all of them did. Departmental nominations were due Friday March 23, so they should all be in now. You can email the address listed above to find out your status, the asistant is really responsive and helpful. Q: Any info about the Spanish & Portuguese Dept. nominations? Thanks and good luck.
    • Thanks to the above poster for explaining. So, what is the process after the departmental nominations? Does the dean's office make the final decisions on which appointments to accept and make the offer? Or do all the nominations get offers?
    • 25 departments can make nominations and there are only 4 spots. As far as I understand it, a committee at the dean's office makes the final decisions. Unfortunately, the departmental nomination is only the first step.
    • To the above poster - thank you so much for explaining this - fingers crossed!
    • Anyone know if anthro let their nominees know they were nominated?
    • Did History contact their nominees directly?
    • FYI: Departments can nominate 2 people maximum and I've heard that they often nominate only 1, so it's likely that those nominated either don't want to say (if you say which department you've basically lost anonymity) or aren't on the wiki. Awards should be announced next week, so not much longer to wait in any case.
    • Can anyone who is familiar with the whole postdoc process tell how possible it is that departments who got fellows last year will do so this year too?
    • Berkeley has its past fellows going back four years or so on its site, you can look there to try to see if there's a pattern.
    • news? (April 3, 2012) x2
    • does "x2" in this case mean two people had news yesterday, or merely that at least 2 people are (like me!) still on pins and needles waiting to hear anything at all? I had to email the assistant in the Dean's Office to find out that my department had nominated me, but I've had no news at all concerning the status of the Dean's review.-- It means that we're still waiting... Congrats on the nomination!
    • Has anyone written to the dean's office to find out by when can we expect the results of the final review process? Thanks!
    • I emailed the Mellon contact person (who was very nice) and he said that i was a "finalist" and we would hear by the end of this week. (April 4, 2012) congrats! from what dept. are you, if i may ask? thx and congrats again
    • Many congratulations to the poster above. Could you tell the email to which one should send their query? Thanks!
    • Yes, it was that email address, best of luck. - thanks! I sent a mail, but got no reply (it was still 3 in the afternoon). I guess it might mean that I am not a finalist, and they would send out all the rejections together!
    • Rejection email after inquiry about status of nomination (4/5). Good luck to all the applicants!
    • I just want my rejection: I've checked my e-mail and this page, compulsively, all day today, in case Berkeley takes Good Friday off...Probably tomorrow, eh? Good luck to everyone.
    • To the above poster - sorry about your rejection - I hope something equally promising works out for you! I do not know what to make of the process - I too emailed them today, and was told that the committee is still reviewing and discussing nomations! (4/5)
    • Ok, who got an e-mail (or phone call)? Would the lucky folks also mind posting their field?
    • I just emailed them and as of 2:30 California time the committee was still deliberating.
    • Sorry to ask this, but they're not required to make a decision today are they? I don't have any inside info, but it seems like it might be a few more days before we hear.
    • I'm the one who posted just above the last poster. I don't' know if they're required to make decision today, but I was told to "stay tuned," so I think it'll be sooner rather than later.
    • Any news? (4/9)
    • Anyone brave enough to contact them to see if awards have been annouced yet?
    • I don't understand why it's taking the committee forever to decide the finalists - after all it can't be more than 25 candidates to choose from!
    • Has anyone contacted the gentleman today (4/9)? I contacted him two times Friday when they were still deliberating.
    • Rejection email just in (8:59pm EST) - 541 applications. (x3)
    • To rejection email posters above, was it in responce to you emailing them?
    • Nope, just a rejection, out of the blue (x3)
    • I also just received the rejection email (5:47 PDT, 4/9), and no, it was not in response to emailing them. Does anyone know if all the finalists will at least be notified of having gotten that far? Or do we have to inquire directly to find out? (I'm also one of the x2 above.)
    • I emailed them last week and was notified i was a "finalist" but have still not heard anything one way or the other.
    • I'm a finalist and I just heard that decisions will be made within the next day or day two. I can't say for sure, but it looks like they've sent rejections to those who weren't nominated first. If you haven't heard, hang in there, we still have a little waiting to do. (4/9) (x2)
    • I can confirm part of what the last poster said: rejected by email, 10:30 pm EST. Good luck to those still waiting for word.
    • I also got the email tonight (8:48p EST) saying to hang in there and that decisions would be made in the next "day or two," but I never got an email saying I was a finalist. I only know I was nominated by a department. Is that the same thing? - Yes, finalist/nominee, same thing.
    • Any one else heard nothing, at all? (4/10) - Since the mails went out quite late (as reported by many above), probably they are still reviewing the nominations to shortlist the 4 finalists!
    • I may have heard from him (as a finalist) because I had already emailed him a couple of times (last time on Friday) asking for updates. I don't know if all finalists were emailed or just those who have been in contact. Others would have to give some feedback to know...(4/10) -
    • are you sure you are not confusing "finalist" with "nominated"?? - there's no substantial difference between finalist and nominee in this case. There will be no finalists after the stage we're at now, they're already working off the shortlist, next step is 4 awardees. -
    • No, I meant when on Friday they told you that you are a "finalist" - did it indicate that you are one of the final 4 or one of the 25 nominated? - Finalist means that you're in the last and final stage of the competition, it doesn't mean you've won it. All of us that are left at this point are finalists. The last four will not be "finalists" but the winners of the competition and, no, they haven't made that decision yet.
    • Ofcourse, everyone knows that. If you are the one who posted on April 4th announcing that you emailed the administrator at the Mellon postdoc office, and you were told that you are a "finalist" - it seemed that you were suggesting that you are one of the 4 nominees!!! Your post left the nature of your email to the Mellon office ambiguous. Most people knew of their nomination on March 23rd when the departments notified them, or in subsequent couple of days when they contacted the department or the Mellon office!! - Poster, I don't really see what the problem is, but for record, yes, I am using the terms nominee and finalist as synonyms. I'm not trying to create ambiguity for anyone, on the contrary, I'm trying to help, in whatever small way I can, make this process as transparent as possible for all of us. My last post was merely to suggest to the person who hasn't heard anything that perhaps that's because he or she hasn't contacted the office. If I were to be given the fellowship, I would post notice of being given the award, not any kind of finalist status. And, by the way, I'm not the person who posted on April 4th. - Thanks for clarifying your intent and the post - I didn't mean to personally attack you or anything - there is so much mis information that gets posted here, that I was merely indicating that people need to be more responsible in what they post!
    • In response to the earlier question, "Any one else hear nothing at all?"... I have not heard anything from Berkeley since I submitted my application in February, but I have not attempted to contact them either. I doubt I'm still in the running, but I have not received a rejection e-mail or any other type of correspondence either from the department through which I applied or on behalf of the committee members currently debating. Hope this info helps. (4/10)- x2
    • Any news? (6.30 PM EST)-x2
    • I was one of the people contacted by the Admin late last night and told that final offers would be made within the next day or two. I assume at this point they must be down to 10, or possibly 15 people, given that they also sent out a handful of rejections last night, but I have NO evidence to back up this assumption. I haven't heard anything today, so presumably the decision has to happen tomorrow. (Although, their track record on predicting the timing of their own decision-making hasn't been very successful so far :)
    • This whole process is excruciating slow!-- Yes, i think it is the slowest and most painful I have yet to go through.-- Can't agree more! Hope today is the d day - now, I just want to know either way, and get on with my concentration restored!
    • Notification of award 7pm EST time via email.
    • Congratulations! That must feel wonderful. For the rest of us who are still constantly refreshing their inboxes, can you provide any info? Was it a personal message from the Dean (in which case, he/she might still be writing the rest of them), or did it seem like a pro forma letter Bcc'd to all the award winners?
    • Thanks, it's been a tough application season. It was an email from the administrator saying something like "i'm pleased to tell you you've been selected etc. and a formal offer letter will come via email soon." I had been in contact with him and it was a reply to an already existing email thread, so individualized. It was literally 40 minutes ago so he could still be in the process of sending out emails as I write this. Good luck to everyone.--- Thanks for the info, and congrats!
    • Congrats to the above poster! Were you among those who were notified two days ago that they would announce the awards in a day or two? Thanks! --- Yes, I was one of the people notified late Monday that they would be annoucing in a day or two. ---- Thanks for the info! Congrats again!
    • Has anyone else been notified by the administrator with good news, or gotten the official email? I'm one of the people who made it as far as the email about "a day or two" on Monday, but it's been radio silence since then. Somewhat confused... --X3
    • Admin person said all offers went out today.
    • I also emailed the admin person, and he said that they made their initial 4 offers today, and I am on their waiting list! In case any one declines the offer, the committee will again review the waiting list and make more offers next week! (10 PM EST)-- Yes, he told me the same thing, i think however, that all the "finalist" are on the waiting list.---- Given that some "finalists" were sent out rejections (as reported on 9/4), I would imagine that they shortlisted about 10 candidates, and made offers to the top 4! It seems a real long shot for those on the waiting list - also, they have not told where one stands in the waiting list! I am considering this application closed, and done with for myself! [posted 4/11-12]
    • I also got the notice about waitlisting last night (10pEST). Given the unlikelihood that one of the awardees actually turns down an offer, and the fact that (as pointed out above) none of us knows our actual ranking in a wait list pool that includes at least 4-5 people, it seems like a lost cause at this point.
    • Apr. 16th - Some accepting laureates: Musico-linguist
    • To the poster on April 16 - thanks so much for the information, and congrats on your award!! Sorry to be daft, but I'm not sure what you mean by laureates: were you one of the people offered the award right away, or off of the waitlist? (I'm one of the people still on the waitlist :)
    • I'm on the "waitlist" too and am still awaiting my glorious official rejection letter to complete my 2012-2013 collage!

University of California, Los Angeles - Mellon Postdoc, “Cultures in Transnational Perspective" - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Division of Humanities at the University of California, Los Angeles, is currently accepting applications for the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities “Cultures in Transnational Perspective”. We expect to appoint two or more fellows for a 1-year term renewable for a second year beginning in the fall of 2012. Fellows must have earned their doctoral degree no earlier than January 2007 and no later than June 2012. The Mellon Fellowship provides a salary of $53,000 a year plus benefits, a one-time moving allowance of $1,500, and a research budget of $3,500. All fellows will have the title of Visiting Assistant Professor and will be housed in relevant home departments for which they teach two courses. Appointments begin on July 1, 2012 and visas/work authorizations must be effective by that date. Fellows are required to be in residence during fall, winter and spring quarters and participate in the monthly Mellon Seminars and annual Mellon Conference, as well as the on-going intellectual life of their home departments. Fellows will also write a progress report due on June 15th of each year of residence.
  • Designed to explore the emerging field of Transnational Studies, the aim of the Mellon Program at UCLA is to broaden the study of minority cultures from its national focus to global and comparative perspectives. We seek innovative scholarship that explores minority cultures as major components of world culture and history, generated by immigrant and minority writers, artists, filmmakers, playwrights, and musicians residing in metropolitan centers across the world and thereby reshaping the canons of literature, art, and music in their respective countries.
  • To apply, please visit our website at All application materials are due by December 1, 2011 (please note new application deadline). The program is co-chaired by Professors Françoise Lionnet (French and Francophone Studies; Comparative Literature) and Shu-mei Shih (Asian Languages and Cultures; Comparative Literature).
  • I wanted to apply for this fellowship but it looks like you need to upload all of your documents before you can get to the request letters of recommendation page. I am still working on my proposal. Is there a way to circumvent this. I want to post letters of rec from interfolio, but if I wait until tomorrow it will be way too late. I guess this one is a lost opportunity.
  • Anybody know about the decision timeline on this one?
  • Any news? 2/4 none yet (2/6)
  • Any news? (2/10) nope. Any requests for written work? (2/10) Nope, did you (person who asked that) get a request for written work? Nope, just idly wondering (read on the old 2010 wiki that some people were asked to send written work).
  • Any news? (x3)
  • called 2/16; Ms. Imakura said the committee was meeting Feb. 21st and that it might take some time after that, but eventually everyone would receive notification of their status. I did not ask whether the committee expected to ask for more materials, do interviews, etc.
    • Thank you so much for doing this (and for letting us know!)
    • Any news? (2/21) Alas, not here... I guess the lucky ones have now been notified. (2/21)
    • Really? I didn't take the post from the caller on 2/16 to mean that the final decisions would be made on Feb 21st, just that they were meeting. They may have decided on finalists, or on the fellowship winners, but that doesn't mean those people will necessarily get contacted today, the same day as the meeting . . .
    • well, in that case, tomorrow is d-day.
    • Any news? (2/22) (x3)
    • Offer made by phone on Tuesday (2/21). Congratulations! x2
    • Has anyone else heard back? Their description states "two or more felllows" will be selected. (3/8)
    • Rejection letter dated 3/19 and received 3/20 stating that the committee has drawn up their list of finalists. --> mine via email (x2)

University of California, San Francisco - Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education - Postdoctoral Fellowship -- OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • The fellowship supports two years of postdoctoral training in tobacco related research. Our program stresses the skills needed to conduct research in diverse, collaborative transdisciplinary settings. We emphasize leadership in catalyzing the integration of multiple disciplines and translating science to policy and clinical practice. Postdoctoral fellows will have exposure to diverse training including both didactic coursework and individualized mentoring to build a personalized research program. Fellows have come from medicine, public health, nursing, economics, anthropology, political science, law, sociology, psychology, and cell biology. Prior tobacco research experience is relevant, but not necessary for acceptance.
  • Academic Background Required: Doctorate/Equivalent Degree. Postdoctoral trainees will receive an annual salary commensurate with their experience, approximately $37,740-$52,068, according to the NIH stipend scale.
  • Applications are due January 25, 2012 for fellowships beginning July 2, 2012.
  • Learn more about the Center, the fellowship program, current fellows, and faculty and their research interests at

University of California, Santa Barbara, Center for Nanotechnology in Society - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The National Science Foundation's Center for Nanotechnology in Society at the University of California, Santa Barbara has immediate openings for 1-2 postdoctoral research positions for scholars interested in societal aspects of emerging technologies, with a particular focus on nanotechnology. Successful candidates will contribute to one of three collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) addressing: 1) the historical context of nanoscience and technology; 2) the effects of nanotech R&D and policy on economic development in the global economy, with regional focus on East Asia and Latin America; or 3) multiple party risk perception and public deliberation in US, Europe and Asia. Applicants may either propose a new project within the scope of the IRG or, in some instances, apply to join an ongoing project.
  • Academic Background Required: must have completed the Ph.D. by December 31, 2011 in a field such as anthropology, communication, environmental studies, history of science and technology, political science, science and technology studies, social psychology, sociology, or other related discipline. Prior work in nanotechnology research is desirable but not necessary. You must have a record of achievement in conducting independent research and in communicating research results via publications and presentations, and be willing to participate in collaborative, interdisciplinary research activities.
  • Postdoctoral trainees will receive an annual salary commensurate with their experience, approximately ?, according to the NIH stipend scale.
  • Applications are due November 15, 2011 for fellowships beginning January 1, 2012 (but negotiable).
  • See for further information about CNS-UCSB activities and application procedures.

University of Chicago - Disciplines & Technologies Project Mellon Postdocs - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The Disciplines & Technologies Project at the University of Chicago invites applications for two Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar positions, each of which will last for two academic years (2012-14). Each Postdoctoral Scholar will be expected to propose and pursue an in-depth study of how some technology has, over more than one generation, interacted with the changing disciplinary structure of universities. "Technology" is interpreted broadly, and we anticipate that one project will touch on natural science disciplines and the other on humanistic disciplines; the broader the range of disciplines and uses of the technology the better. This research will be performed in residence at the Franke Institute for the Humanities throughout the academic year (late September to mid-June). Our hope is for these projects to interact with and contribute to our larger, ongoing project to understand the co-evolution of technologies and disciplines.
  • Each Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar will be paired with a Faculty mentor relevant to the project. Investigators from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have filed their PhDs between 7/1/07 and 7/1/12, and may not hold any other appointment during the period of the Postdoctoral Scholar position. A complete application includes cover letter, c.v., and 3-5 page project description, and it should be submitted via email to (Ms. Mai Vukcevich). No application materials will be accepted after January 20, 2012.
  • Additional information:

20 Feb. Request for two letters of recommendation. Anyone else? (x3)

1 Mar. Request for interview. Anyone else?

6 Mar. Yes, me too. (x2)

23 Mar. Any news? Offers made?

  • Yes, offers made. [posted 3/23]

University of Chicago - Provost's Postdoctoral Scholarships - OFFER MADE[]

  • As part of an effort to promote a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences among its faculty as set forth in the University of Chicago Diversity Statement, the University of Chicago invites applications for the Provost's Career Enhancement Postdoctoral Scholarship (PCEPS).
  • Number of Scholarships: This year the Office of the Provost will award two 2-year postdoctoral scholarships to promising junior scholars in all fields.
  • Salary and Other Support: Each postdoctoral scholarship will carry an annual salary of $60,000 and an annual research fund of $5,000. Postdoctoral scholars will be eligible for designated health-care and other benefit plans through the University of Chicago Postdoctoral Researcher Benefit Program.
  • Eligibility: Candidates must have completed the Ph.D., M.D., J.D., or foreign equivalent by September 1, 2012 and must have received their degree no earlier than November 1, 2008.
  • Application Deadline: November 1, 2011. For additional information or to apply please visit
  • 12/20: Any movement here?
    • I wish, but last year's wiki doesn't show any activity until late in January (some people had requests for additional materials at that time) and no decisions until late February, so I think we'll have to wait.
  • Any news? 1/29
  • Nope.
  • Email request for writing sample (due Feb 6). 1/31 x7
    • Did you already send a writing sample with your initial application? Were they requesting additional samples? No, the initial application didn't ask for a writing sample. [You're right; my bad. All these stupid apps run together in my mind]
    • Well...I guess it's over for the rest of us request for additional written sample means no.
    • I wonder how many people were asked for writing samples, since there are two fellowships and no interview round/campus visit judging from last year. Anyway, congrats to those asked!
  • (2/13) Official rejection received, email, there were over 450 applicants (X4)
    • above poster(s), if you don't mind saying, were you asked for a writing sample before you received that email? Thanks
    • (2/24) Got my official email rejection today
      • Me too (2/24)
      • Were you asked for writing samples? Thanks
    • (2/24) It seems like no one ever comes back to this site to answer this question. Maybe we can try it a different way. I was asked for a writing sample, and I have not received an e-mail rejection yet. (x5)
    • (2/23) Offer made via telephone Q: were you asked to be part of their center for race and ethnicity?
    • Anyone else not asked for writing sample and not rejected? (2/24) x1 (2/28)
    • Finally gotten rejection after request for writing sample. Committee said application was strong and should reapply. x2 (sigh.) Q: When did you receive your rejection? On (2/28).
    • Alternate notification by email, final decision before March 14 (3/2) x3
    • Any further news here? I am sure the 3 recipients have to decide and negotiate. 13 days will hopefully go by fast!
    • I suppose no news is sad news for the alternates! :( Congratulations to the 3 recipients! 3/14
    • (3/16) I was a receipient who declined the offer, so I imagine they would move on to others on their alternate list. [Thanks for the info! Did you have a deadline by which to decide?]
      • Were any alternates contacted since the posting above? No. x3 (3/27) Which probably means that the third alternate was contacted, i.e. all spots are filled again. [Ohhh, well. So close! Good luck with your future endeavors!]
      • Maybe there was a fourth alternate who does not check this wiki page.
      • Has anyone contacted the Provost's office to check whether the search is over?
      • It's probably too late to post this news, but my sense is they were only going to be offering two of these not three. (4/5) [Interesting, alternate letter said they had met to choose 3 fellows, but who knows!]

University of Chicago Society of Fellows - OFFERS MADE (HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES)[]

  • Four-year postdoctoral teaching appointments as Harper and Schmidt Fellows who hold the rank of Collegiate Assistant Professor.
  • The annual salary for 2012-2013 will be $58,500.
  • Fellows teach two courses (usually of identical preparation) for each of three quarters. Each Fellow also has the opportunity to design an independent course and each is eligible for one quarter of research sabbatical in the third year of residence.
  • Fellowships are open to scholars in all disciplines and areas of specialization who will have completed all requirements for their Ph.D. degree no later than August 31, 2012.
  • Online applications must be completed by November 1, 2011.
  • Ack. 11/15 (email)
  • Double Ack. Received a pointless email that tells me my application is now under committee review. Gee thanks! 11/16.
  • Received the same thing. 11/16. Nice to know I'm at least getting a review, but would guess that everyone gets this as a matter of form.
  • fyi--I have yet to be reimbursed for my campus visit in March 2011. Have posted more details under "Universities to Fear "
  • any news?
  • I haven't heard anything yet. 12/14 (x7) Same here. 12/15
  • Request for additional materials received 12/16 (email). (x5)
    • Did the above poster apply under humanities or social sciences?
    • Humanities. (x5 -- deadline for materials 12/28)
    • Any idea how many people made the additional materials long list in humanities?
  • I'm going to choose to believe they just haven't gotten around to e-mailing social sciences folks, yet. One can hope. Or have any social sciences people already heard?
    • In previous years, humanities have heard back in December and social science folks in January.
  • Request for additional materials recieved 12/20 -- social science application. (x6)
  • Any idea of how big the social science shortlist is?
  • Shame, I was really hoping for the shortlist in the social sciences
  • For Social Sciences, did people hear from the Power, Identity, Resistance sequence or Self, Culture and Society? I was wondering as well. I put down Classics of Social and Political Thought as my first choice. Has anyone with this sequence heard yet?
    • I haven't heard. I put down Power, Identity, Resistance as my first choice and Classics of Social and Political Thought as my second. (12/23)
    • I put down social science inquiry as my only choice and am on the shortlist.
    • I put down Classics of Social and Political Thought as my preferred choice and got a request for more materials. (12/23)
    • I put down Self, Culture and Society as my first choice and Power, Identity, and Resistance as my second choice, and got a request for more materials (req rec'd 12/20)
  • Did anyone else applying for a Humanities sequence get a deadline of the 23rd (rather than the 28th)?
    • Yes, my deadline was also for the 23rd, by 5:00 p.m.
  • Has anyone gotten a rejection from the Social Sciences track? I haven't received either a request for additional materials or a rejection, yet. (12/23)
  • Not sure if we are going to get rejections this early. I will be curious to know if anyone who put down PIR as their first preference have heard back. If not, my sense is that they will let people know in January.
    • I selected PIR #1; SC&S #2; rec'd req 12/20, deadline 12/28; however, the request did not in any way indicate which sequence is interested in seeing additional materials
    • Just called Society of Fellows. I believe most of the requests for writing samples have gone out (including PIR). The search is not completely closed yet. However, if one hasn't heard so far, then chances of hearing for additional materials are pretty "slim." (12/29)
    • email rejection (1/6) x4. Suprisingly, the letter stated that there were only about 300 applicants.
    • Is this figure of 300 applicants for both humanities and social sciences in total or just for one of the two?
    • Are the above rejections humanities or social sciences? I applied in humanities (Media Aesthetics) and received neither a request for additional materials nor a rejection.
    • Does anyone have news about Human Being and Citizen? I applied but have neither been asked to give more info or received a rejection.
      • I applied with HBC as my second choice and got a request for more materials on 12/16 (deadline 12/23).
      • Can anyone provide some insight as to why rejections come out in a piecemeal fashion? I understand that each section does its own accept/reject, but how is it that some applicants from the same section receive a clear "no" and others are left on the hook?
  • Anyone hear about interviews?
    • Was in contact with the progam coordinator today and was told that the committee is due to meet tomorrow and that they should be sending "updated statuses" soon. Also, if you haven't received a request for a writing sample already, the coordinator said it's "unlikely" (read: not going to happen). [1/19]
      • Was this committee for Humanities or Social Sciences? Thanks! (x2)
        • Humanities
  • On-campus interview requested by email, 1/23, Humanities.
  • Anyone else – request or rejection? (1/24) Nothing yet (social science 1-25)
  • rejection by e-mail (1/25) x5
    • Sorry about the bad news. Were the rejections likewise from the Humanities?
    • Yep, was rejected and am in Humanities (x2).
    • Did these rejections go out to people who had gotten the further materials request in Dec.?
    • Not in my case; I was rejected and did not have a request for further materials.
    • Email said there were over 700 applicants (someone else above was told 300?)
  • Has anyone else in the Humanities received neither an interview request nor a rejection? (1/25) - yes, still waiting! yes x3, and I had a request for further materials in Dec. (x3)
  • What I understand from the admistrator is that if you have not received an invite for an interview (Humanities) it's a no. So sorry to bring bad news. –Thanks for clarifying, but I would hope they would tell us officially and directly, rather than leaving us to rely on word-of-mouth!
  • The committee for Social Sciences will meet by the end of this week (February 3d). Don't know if the short list will be notified right away or next week.
    • Thanks for letting us know! That's very considerate.
    • The committee meets Friday and the administrator will let people know on Monday.
    • Just received a campus visit invitation (2/6) (x5, social sciences)
    • Were invites by email or phone? (2/6)
    • Email.
    • Can anyone confirm if people in the Humanities who received writing sample requests in December, but who still haven't gotten a rejection, are indeed supposed to give up at this point (as the one poster suggested above)?
    • I can confirm that those who have not been invited, but were asked for writing samples, are on a tiered waitlist. Based on previous years, unfortunately, they have not often, if ever, made it to that list.
  • Anyone know what the status is on this one? Any offers been made? (I was told (Social Science track) that offers would be made at the end of this week)
  • 3-5-12: I can confirm this. I was told I'd be notified "around 3-8" during my interview (Social Sciences track). Good luck everyone!
  • Rejection by email (3/8, social sciences).
    • Sorry about that. Can I ask, did you have a campus visit? (x2)
    • I got that email this morning. I didn't have an interview, but did send in additional materials.
    • Original Poster here- I did not have an interview, but did send in add'l materials in December.
  • Social Science committee has met and made initial offers and rejections to finalists via phone (3/8)
  • Any other finalists heard nothing either way?
    • Yeah, I didn't hear from anyone today. I assume the silence means "welcome to the waitlist." (x2)
  • Any news about Humanities?
    • None on my end. Does anyone know when the humanities committee is meeting?
    • You should ask the administrator, Julia Klein. If the humanities meeting has been scheduled, or has already happened, she can probably tell you. This has been an unusually humane search.
    • The Humanities Committee met and the offer has been made. Just received my rejection letter
    • May I inquire if, when, and how (email or phone) offers were made for Humanities folks?
    • Offers were made by email on 3/9.

University of Chicago - Humanities Collegiate Division - Instructor - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Humanities Collegiate Division at the University of Chicago is now accepting applications for one or more one-year teaching appointments at the rank of Instructor to teach in the Humanities Core to begin on September 1, 2012.
  • Responsibilities include teaching six courses per year - two courses per quarter. Classes are based on intensive discussion of fundamental issues and texts, with an emphasis on critical analysis and written argument. The position requires a completed Ph.D. in a relevant humanities discipline and evidence of teaching excellence. The salary is $48,000 plus applicable University benefits.
  • To apply for these positions you must submit your application through the University of Chicago Academic Career Opportunities website, select requisition #01289, and upload a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, no longer than 3 pages in length, that describes your research specialty and teaching interests, and teaching evaluations. We will contact short listed applicants for letters of recommendation. Preference will be given to applicants who have taught courses to undergraduates in a research university.
  • Applications must be completed by Friday, June 15, 2012.
  • Has anyone been contacted for letters of recommendation? It's only been a few days, but it's hard to tell what kind of timeline this search is on, given the late-seeming application deadline.
  • I haven't heard anything. I'm guessing they've already contacted the short list, even though it has only been ten days since the deadline. It seems like the kind of thing they'd want to settle quickly.

University College London (UK) - Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three Research Association positions, tenable for 2 or 3 years, "within the newly created UCL Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Humanities"
  • Candidates must have PhD in hand at point of application, not hold a permanent or faculty position, and be no more than 5 years from the award of the PhD.
  • Successful applicants will "be appointed in interdisicplinary fields within the arts and humanities with the possibility of working in fields beyond them. [They] may be based in individual arts and humanities disicplines, but in their proposed projects they will be expected to use their expertise to address reserach questions that extend beyond their own immediate disciplines."
  • "Applications from candidates who work in the context of an interdisciplinary theme that allows for future funding will be especially welcome. The AHRC, for example, has or has had the following strategic research interests: Translating Cultures; Connected Communities; Digital Transformations; Care for the Future; Science and Society. Other externally funded arts and humanities themes might include: the proposed EC FP8 ‘Towards more inclusive, innovative and secure societies’ challenge. Within UCL, strategic financial support is also available for thematic research under the ‘Grand Challenges’ and ‘Research Frontiers’. Equally, applications will be welcomed from ECRs who help to build critical mass in relation to the AHRC’s Block Grant Partnership 2 research groups in the broad core areas of: History and Thought; Creative and Performing Arts; Culture and Heritage; and Languages and Literature."
  • Deadline: 27 Apr. 2012
  • For those submitting at the last minute like me: the link above will take you to an expired page, but I was able to access the application by going to the "UCL Jobs" site and entering in reference # 1234701. <--Thanks!
  • Rejection email received (12 May)
  • Confirmation of receipt of application (11 May--I think I am several time zones behind the above post). x2
  • Rejection email received 5/14/12.

University of Edinburgh - Chancellor`s Fellowships (College of Humanities & Social Science) - FINAL CLOSING DATE PASSED[]

  • CHANCELLOR`S FELLOWSHIPS (5-year, full-time, tenure-track). SALARY SCALE: £36,862 - £44,016 GRADE: UE08
  • The University of Edinburgh intends to appoint up to 100 Chancellor`s Fellowships across the University`s 22 Schools as an investment in the future of teaching and research. These prestigious awards are aimed at early career individuals of the highest potential who have begun to establish a reputation for the highest quality research at the forefront of their discipline and who have a commitment to learning and teaching at university level.
  • The Fellowship may be held in any discipline or interdisciplinary area that fits within the strategic aims of the University and the hosting School (see ANNEX 1 for Priority Areas). It is essential that the successful candidate`s research furthers the high international reputation of the School and the University and that she or he has a strong commitment to postgraduate and undergraduate training. The Fellowship is held for 5 years, subject to satisfactory review at the end of year 3, and the Fellow will then move to a standard University academic open-ended contract.
  • COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE: The College, led by Vice-Principal Professor Dorothy Miell, is the largest in the University, with 11,000 undergraduates, 4,000 taught postgraduates, 1,800 research students, over 900 core academic staff, about 540 professional support staff and comprising 11 Schools: Business School, Divinity, Economics, Edinburgh College of Art, Health in Social Science, History, Classics and Archaeology, Law, Literatures, Languages and Cultures, Moray House School of Education, Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science and Social and Political Science. Ranked among the world`s leading centres for the arts, humanities and social sciences research and teaching, the College of Humanities & Social Science has been investing strongly in recent years. These Chancellor`s Fellow appointments will join more than 100 new academic posts which have been created in the College since our excellent performance in RAE2008, which assessed almost 60% of our research as world-leading (4*) and internationally excellent (3*). We are interested in making Chancellor`s Fellow appointments across the broad range of our disciplines, but also welcome inter-disciplinary applications.
  • Candidates should apply online via the University of Edinburgh recruitment website ( and enclose a detailed CV and a one page outline of a proposed research programme. Please indicate clearly in your application which College you are applying to by quoting the relevant reference number as below: College of Humanities and Social Science - Reference: 3015150CHSS
  • This is a rolling recruitment process so please submit your application by one of the following closing dates:
    16th January 2012, 29th February 2012, 16th April 2012.
  • IMMIGRATION: Should you require a visa to undertake paid employment in the UK you will be required to fulfil the minimum points criteria to be granted a Certificate of Sponsorship and Tier 2 visa. As appropriate, at the time an offer of appointment is made, you will be asked to demonstrate that you fulfil the criteria in respect of financial maintenance and competency in English.


  • Online application system somewhat confusing. Support staff extremely helpful.
    • Ditto. The thing that tripped me up was figuring out how to upload the supporting document.
    • Yeah, it was that and how to indicate what department you want your application to go to. But the three different people I've been corresponding with have been amazing in helping me put everything together
    • Does anyone know about the SELECTION PROCESS on this one? Do they plan to invite finalists to Edinburgh for in person interviews? Has anyone heard anything about their timeline for selection?
    • My understanding is that it is largely up to the school and/or department. It is better to apply early rather than late, because a hire can be made after any of the deadlines if a suitable candidate is found. Onsite interviews would appear to be the order of the day, yes. (Source: grapevine)
    • I inquired about the selection timetable just after applying, and this was the response from one of the administrators: "I'm unable to advise exact time scales as these will depend on the individual department's arrangements. However, you should hear the outcome of your application before the second closing date which is 29 February."
    • [2 Feb] Got a request for further materials, but no indication of what that means (eg they did not say I was on any kind of long or short list, so perhaps they request materials from all applicants)
      • [2 Feb] Since these applications are apparently being handled by schools/departments it might help lf you could give a rough idea of your discipline? (and possibly what they asked for?)
      • Q: What other materials were asked for?
      • A: School of Social and Political Science, and they asked for writing sample. But again, not sure if that means anything
      • [2 Feb] Good news: Humanities hasn't completed its shortlist yet & no one should freak out if they haven't been asked for extra materials - it doesn't mean you've not been championed by your topic area. (wild guess: materials might be asked from more junior scholars with fewer publications available online/in press already?)
      • It might also be the case that folks, like myself, submitted writing samples with the orginal application, and, therefore, would not be asked for more materials.
      • Q: Have recommenders been contacted?
      • A: Not to my knowledge [as of 2 Feb] - assume that will be done when the CHSS draws up its short list.
      • A: No references contacted yet. I'm the person who posted the request for more materials, and I agree with the poster above-it's likely because I'm a junior person, so no one should be alarmed if they've not been asked for materials. I only wanted to post a helpful update, not sound the alarm!
      • A: As far as I understand UK standard practice, it is generally the case that references, unless asked for upfront, are only requested once the candidate is called to interview. No idea whether they will be doing that, obviously.

Which department did people apply to?

  • Linguistics and English Language x3
  • Anthropology x3
  • Divinity x3
  • History
  • Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Rejection letter received from the college (07/02) x1 --sorry to hear it! Do you mind sharing your disciplines? And good luck with other job searches!

  • Email from school of PPLS: "The PPLS appointment panel made decisions about shortlisting for all Fellowships in the School. The strenght of the applicant field was such that we shortlisted only candidates already submissible for the REF. This meant that everyone shortlisted is some years past their PhD and already in a research or teaching post. We were obliged to choose the people with the strongest records, which simply meant that recent PhDs were not competitive". Frankly, I found this a bit surprising as the scheme sounds like it is aimed more at junior-level applicants but I guess considering the current state of the job market they'll take the highest possible qualified applicants.
    • [7 Feb] This won't be reassuring, but the point of these large scale fellowship sweeps (see also Birmingham, Southampton, Manchester) is at least in part to hire strategically for the REF.
    • Yep, I suppose that's the reality of the REF (and the RAE before that): time is running out fast for publications that will make the deadline, so they will have to make a safer bet and go for somebody whom they know to be submittable (isn't it a great word when applied to people?) rather than gamble on high-potential ABDs/recent PhDs. And who can blame them.
  • Does anyone know if they are holding slots for each application deadline or will those just be leftover slots in case they don't fill with the first round?
    • Apparently they are free to hire now or wait until the next batch, but I've heard there is grumbling about the fact that the whole procedure was verging on the incomprehensible to the rank and file. So nobody really knows. (But that's just grapevine, so take it with a pinch of salt.)
    • Has anybody heard anything in relation to history? Any rejection emails or letters? Anybody get an interview/shortlist etc.?
  • Have heard that shorlisting and rejections for history are almost finalised and to follow shortly (monday/tues next week? 13/14 Feb?) Also through the grapvine a pretty large number of applicantions, and I suspect if you don't already have a REF along with lecturing and admin experience (and on your way to having a REF for 2018-19, if they even have one after 2013, lol), then, as said above, it might be tough to get to the next stage. But one can always hope!

Anyone apply to the Edinburgh College of Art?

Can anyone offer any insight into what exactly they mean by "outline of research program"? I assume this is different from the usual research proposal? Thanks!

  • A: My advice would be to get in touch with the relevant people (either those indicated on the priority areas list, or a likely looking contact in the right department) and ask for advice. The outline is exactly what it suggests - a one page summary of a proposal for a five year research programme to fit with the Fellowship scheme - but it's also clear that different departments prefer different emphases (so one might want specifics, another more general outlines).

2/11: received a rejection letter by snail mail - I had applied to the linguistics & English language department.

2/14: Rejection letter History. I had a full REF submission (3 star average estimate) along with full time teaching and administration experience post PhD. I did not have an impact study. But further to above comments by others, I suspect shorlisted candidates in humanities will not only have a REF, but be bringing tranfsferable grant/fellowship money to the table as well. One of the expectations is the candidate would apply to grants while on the fellowship, and if the candidate already has money AND a REF, it would make sense to choose them over only those with a REF. With a huge number of applications (and who wouldn't want a 5 year fellowship, with minumum teaching and admin for 3 years, and made permanent at the I am sure they had a few really ripe candidates bursting with not only publications but money!

  • Ditto this [2/14] - I've had informal info that I've been rejected (no formal letter yet). I had a full REF with 3/4 star average estimate, but no portable funds. see update, below.
  • I'm sorry to hear that. Did the rejection letter arrive by email or by post? Best of luck with your other applications.
    • I would also appreciate knowing if you heard by email or post. Not that I think I have a chance based on what was said here, but still
  • More rejection letters (15 Feb): also by post..
  • Sorry to hear it! Do you mind sharing your department or school? (I'm curious if anyone is hearing anything back from the School of Social and Political Science . . .)

[16 Feb] Email invite to interview, from History, despite informal info that I'd been rejected! (FWIW, I applied across two fields, and my insider was not from History but the other field; I wonder if another candidate dropped out this week?)

  • [21 Feb.] letter dated 17 Feb rejecting me for the School of Social & Political Science (but apparently I still have an interview with History...)

[17 Feb] Has anyone been invited to interview in departments other than history?

Rejection letter for History made it across the Atlantic. (Feb. 17th)

[15 Feb] Letter from CHSS indicating the high volume of applicants is slowing down the process. Divinity plans to hold interviews between late Feb. and the end of March.

  • What was the nature of said letter? It sounds odd that a letter would be sent just to let you know about high volume etc.
    • [21 Feb] A: received a letter that had to travel a bit: Thank you ... large number of applications ... and then "The School of Divinity is intending to hold interviews on a number of days between the end of February and the end of march 2012 and your application remains under consideration at this time." Am I long-/shortlisted? Any rejection letters from Divinity out there? This entire search is pretty confusing. Maybe we're just not used to conscientiousness, since many places don't give updates at all?
    • [22 Feb] Same letter, re: Divinity. I also received a rejection letter a few days later from the School of History, Culture and Archaeology. (Didn't realize my app would be sorted to two different schools.) Confirmed by e-mail that Divinity is still in process and has not short-listed yet, so all hope is not lost. Just most.
  • [19 Feb] Q: Has Divinity shortlisted, then?
  • [21 Feb] A simular letter about my application for LLC made its way across the Atlantic. LLC plans to conduct interviews at the end of March. Letter also stated my application "remains under consideration at this time". IDK if this is just an update or if I'm shortlisted. Perhaps it's intentionally vague?
  • [22] I've received the same letter from LLC and Divinity today (dated 15 and 16 Feb respectively), stating they are "intending to hold interviews on a number of days between the end of February and the end of March 2012 and your application remains under consideration at this time." I am really not sure what it means, considering that "the end of February" is not far now...
  • [24] I emailed them about my LLC letter and they responded immediately saying they didn't yet know who was short-listed. They apologized for the delay as well, how conscientious!

[20 Feb] Rejection letter received by post (Anthropology).

Is anyone applying for the second deadline, or did all of you try your luck for the first round?

I think it is practically impossible that they do interviews for Divinity in late February. Did anyone get anything positive from Divinity? Or just the "delay letter" to everyone?

  • I received a rejection letter by post from Humanities and Social Sciences 2-23 (dated 2-13), but nothing from Divinity yet. The letter had to come across the Atlantic, but it seems like it was slower than others.
  • Q [27 Feb] Has anyone actually recieved an invitation to interview from Humanities and Social Sciences yet? Still waiting for any response at all....
    • [27 Feb] Yes - see above dated 16 Feb. I have an interview for History tomorrow! As far as I know both History and Classics are interviewing/presenting on the 28th & 29th, so if you haven't heard it's probably bad news, sorry.
    • [9 March] Did you get the post in History? If so, what do you work on?
      • [9 Mar] No word yet; there may be multiple hires - the process is compliated & we've no timetable for decision making. And stating my topic(s) won't help: interviewed candidates ranged from Ancient (Classics) to ultra-Modern, global and national focuses & all sorts of methodological approaches!
      • 22 March: It appears that CHSS has already appointed one fellow (Classics). See February deadline discussion below. Have you heard from the department? Is it just one appointment from the first lot or is there another?
        • [22 Mar] It's complicated. Some interviewed History candidates have been rejected, others remain 'under consideration'. Despite the wording of some adverts, the exact number of hires in each subject and in CHSS overall does not seem to be firmly fixed; what happens in one area will not necessarily affect other areas (e.g. Classics hire does not necessarily affect future History hires, except to make Ancient Historians less attractive, I guess?)
        • Yeah, I suppose. At the very least it really may mean they will not take another Classics fellow. The number of fellowships across the schools is so small in comparison to the number of applicants that it is unlikely any department will allow a program to double dip.
    • [5 Mar] Has anyone heard from LLC at all? Yes, see above
    • I emailed them on the 29th of Feb. and they confirmed they were still reviewing applications for LLC, no news since then.
    • [24 Mar] - Second publicized acceptance in CHSS, PP&L [Cognitive Science – Psychology], most probably January deadline. See HERE
      • (28 Mar) Thanks for the update and yes, January deadline is most probable. Things don't look good for those who applied after it (me included). They just don't seem to be able or willing to sift through another wave of applications...
    • [28 Mar] And here's a third - Philosophy hired back in February.
  • [02 Apr] Divinity application, January deadline, received letter of 29 Mar 2012 today: 'The School of Divinity held an initial round of interviews between the end of February and the end of March 2012. Further interviews may be scheduled after the final deadline and your application remains under consideration at this time. [...] will confirm your own outcome as soon as possible. This may be after the final deadline.' -- Any news about hiring in Divinity? Did they also sent our rejections? Or do they keep all applications on file until the end?
    • [24 Apr] Received Divinity rejection today
  • [16 May] rejection from History (interviewed candidate)


  • anybody know anything about the February deadline, I suppose still too early to expect anything, 16.3
  • I applied shortly after the first deadline (19 January). No news of any kind yet. My guess is that we'll hear something between late March and early April. What do you think?
  • [19 Mar] If you haven't already I'd chase it up and make sure a) application was received and b) the rejection letter wasn't lost in the post.
    • [19 Mar] Why? No one has posted that rejections/invitations have gone out for the Feb deadline yet (and the poster above *missed* the January one so won't have been in that batch).
    • [20 Mar] Apologies, misread the above as before Jan deadline. If nothing heard before April deadline may still be worth checking so there is still a chance of resending application for April deadline if any mishaps with the application occurred.
  • How does this thing work? What does it mean to be in the second lot when they are already interviewing candidates from January?
    • [17 Mar] Hi; as posted above and below - for CHSS, School of History/Classics/Archaeology, candidates from the first round have been interviewed and either rejected or told they are still 'under consideration'. It may be that no decision will be made until all three rounds of interviews have been completed. Other departments within CHSS seem to be doing similar things, but it's quite hard to get definite answers from anywhere..
    • I agree with poster of 17 March as that is the only way it can be fair; develop a shortlist and interview some candidates from each lot then make a selection later otherwise the February and April deadlines would be deceptive and utterly useless.
      • [18 Mar] On the other hand, later candidates have had an additional 3 months to work on their applications & add material to their CVs, and will be 'fresher' in the mind of the search panel. If it makes no difference what deadline you go for, why bother working hard to make the first one?
      • (19 Mar) There is definitely a disadvantage to applying after the first deadline. I say this with a heavy heart as I applied after it. Scouring the internet, I came across a page by the head of the Divinity School urging applicants to apply as soon as possible. No explanation is given. I have tried to look for that page using a variety of search words on google so I could post the link here but I can't find it!
      • (20 March) I think it's on the Divinity School's webpage - click on the Chancellor's Fellows link there and it takes you to - second last paragraph states that it would be best to apply by the first closing date. Have you heard though if anyone's been appointed?
        • No I haven't (I'm the one who posted on 19 March as well as the link below). But my feeling is that even if they have settled on 3 candidates, they will not announce them until sometime after the April deadline..
      • According to this link, the Divinity School will appoint 3 fellows: . It is not the first one I saw but even in this one, application by the first date is encouraged. As the 3 fellows are for 3 different areas of specialization, it is quite possible that all 3 could be selected from the first group.
  • (20 Mar) Rejection letter for February deadline application (Edinburgh College of Art) received by mail in Europe -- x2 (received by mail in US)
    • I'm sorry to hear that. Do you mind disclosing what region of the US you're in? It is interesting that you got your letter on the same day as the applicants in Europe. No news for me yet via email or letter...
      • East Coast -- letter was dated 16 Mar
      • (22 March) Thanks I guess that explains it and it appears that the decision was made in less than two weeks. If no one posts an interview invitation under the February deadline here, I think it will be an indication that it was after all better to apply before the first deadline. I dread the thought but they may just be sending rejection letters to all other applicants.
        • But with 800 applications as 21 March says below, one has to be extremely lucky to get an interview. It's just as if you are applying to the Princeton Society of Fellows. Can you imagine what the elimination process is like when a school receives so many applications?
        • [21 Mar] Hold your horses! All that we know from the CHSS is that History have interviewed Jan-deadline candidates and now have some on a 'wait list'. We've no report that Divinity, the College of Arts, or anyone else has actually held any interviews yet, and absolutely no one has been appointed to any position in any department so far. There's no reason at all to believe that later candidates are being, or will be, unfairly treated.
        • (21 Mar) I think that there have been appointments made although I don't exactly know how many, but I do know that Durham Uni have announced that one of Edinburgh's Fellowships (from the CHSS/School of History, Classics and Archaeology) have been given to Mirko Canevaro. See Durham Department of Classics and Ancient History on FB, or look up their website. This was announced on 1st March so must have been from the January deadline! I also have an e-mail from someone at CHSS which states the following :- "A further imposition is the rolling deadline. Interviews are to be held after each deadline and appointments may be made at each stage of the process." So I certainly get the impression that it is better to have applied earlier (although like the above poster for Divinity, I didn't) but that doesn't mean that all is lost. It looks as though they will appoint someone if they feel they've found the right person but if not then they will wait and see who else applies!
          • That's interesting. Classics had a two day process on the 28th/29th Feb, so a 1 Mar decision was quick! (And they've also just advertised a lectureship).
          • Yes, just seen the news on Canevaro. CHSS is definitely down to two fellowships. Who is to say that another hasn't been given out to somebody from a department that is slower as far as horn tooting is concerned?
          • Again, if no one posts an interview invitation here from the February lot...yes, it may be an unscientific survey but it will be very telling...
    • They sure are making their decisions really fast. Given the number of applicants they probably spend less than a minute skimming through the C.V. and only go through the application letter and research plan if they like what they see in your funding and research sections.
    • I'm in the British Isles and still haven't heard either way.
  • [21 Mar] FWIW, CHSS had received over 800 applications by the first deadline (Jan).
  • [29 Mar] thread seems to have gone dead on this, anyone with any news. still waiting to hear either way
    • (29 March) Hi, I was just thinking the same thing until I saw your post. I too haven't heard anything by post or email. Poster from the British Isles, have you heard anything since you last communicated? It is puzzling because the first rejection decisions appear to have been made within two weeks of the February deadline. What has happened since then?
    • British Isles poster here; no haven't heard anything. Might email the department to see what the situation is.
    • [31 March] February folks, allow me to speculate. Me thinks U of E heard about Academicwiki, visited this website and saw how closely their search procedures were being followed and discussed. This could have shocked them resulting in an information blackout. If this is so, perhaps none of us will get letters or email until they are released in one large dispatch. On the other hand, I may be inflating Academicwiki's influence!!
  • [02 Apr] January candidate here, reveiced letter today, see above for update!
    • (3 Apr) Thank you January candidate for the update and for making sure we February applicants saw it!!! I doubt I would have seen it if you didn't add a cross reference. If there's anything encouraging about your update from Divinity, it is that the department does appear to be shortlisting from each deadline despite its stated preference for applicants to apply within the first deadline. If your letter is not generic i.e. sent to other Divinity applicants too, you appear to have made it to a shortlist of some kind and perhaps you keep moving up or down depending on other applications that are coming in. I applied to History and I still haven't heard anything. I have a nagging feeling that if they intended to interview me, I would have heard something by now. I have already launched myself into the non-academic job market and will see what comes along first...
    • [Apr 03] Another January candidate here. I also have received a latter from Divinity dated to March 29th saying that my "application remains under consideration at this time." I do not think this is a good sign, but I do find their effort at keeping us informed quite remarkable.
      • [06 Apr] 'January candidate' here again. The letter seems to be generic, and I agree with 'Another January candidate' in that it is not a very good sign. What we can gather from this, though, is that Divinity has not yet hired or at least not filled all three positions. There still is hope.
    • (4 Apr) Lucky are those who applied to Divinity. At least you get to hear from the program. All the others appear to have run out of paper. Perhaps somebody should tell them that email is an acceptable means of communication for these issues (February applicant from a group experiencing defeaning silence).
      • Couldn't agree more re email, in particular for non-UK candidates. In the end they will not hire at all because they have spent all the money on stationery, toner, postage, HR persons' salaries... ;-)
    • (13 April) Applied to History - eventually e-mailed on Weds and received a reply on Thurs saying that there had been 336 applications and the review process had just finished and letters were getting sent out - received the rejection letter on Friday! Good luck to anyone still waiting!
      • (14 April) Thanks for the advanced warning. I applied to history too and since I haven't received an email it is most probable that my letter is in the mail too. It looks like we were actually in the smaller pool i.e. 336 Feb applications as opposed to 800 in January. I just wish they would send email instead of letters. I really don't like explaining every letter I receive to the people with whom I live (kinder to the environment too!!!)
      • [15 Apr.] Was that 336 applications to *history* specifically? The figure of 800 was across the whole of the College of Humanities & Soc Sci (of which I think History got about 150-ish applications at the Jan. deadline). If that's representative of the overall level of applications then I think we're seeing why this process is slow! (and, if it helps, History clearly have a template they're using to shortlist candidates, so it should make no difference if there are 150 applications in a pile or 336).
      • Both the e-mail (from the SHCA) and the letter (CHSS) stated that it was the School which had received the 336 applications. Also, the initial shortlisting takes place at College level and then the interviewing and choosing etc takes place at School level - this information came from an HR administrator dealing with the Fellowships and from the School itself, therefore I assume that it's correct.
        • [15 Apr.] The individual schools still have input at the shortlisting stage though, stating preferences and giving details for ideal candidates (see the discussions above, where extra writing samples and so on were sent). Once the shortlisting is done then the process of winnowing to interview, interviewing and selecting is entirely school based, but that doesn't mean they didn't have input before that stage. Or, at least, that's how it happened at the first stage, not just in history/classics/arch but also in SPS.
        • (18 April) got rejection letter in the post today from history.
          • (18 April) Sorry to hear that. I've been looking out for mine (History) but perhaps it's taken longer now that I'm farther away from the East Coast.
            • (21 April) I received a rejection letter from HR Personnel of CHSS yesterday dated 12 April. My department was History and my application was for the February deadline. I bow out. Time to move on.
          • Is there anybody out there from February who has got an interview?
          • (April 20) Has anyone actually received a rejection letter from Divinity? Has anyone heard any news about Divinity naming any Fellows?
            • [24 Apr] rejection from Divinity; they have appointed two (not three) fellows: Naomi Appleton (Buddhism) and David Grumett (Christianity) (see website)
  • [25 April] Any other February applicants still not heard a thing? I'm based in Europe and applied through both History and the science studies program, and haven't heard a peep. Should I just assume the rejection letter got lost in the mail? It sounds like they must have made all appointments off the round one applications, or...?
    • [25 Apr] History haven't made *any* appointments yet! They interviewed some of us from Jan, but we're still waiting around for a final decision. No one has reported having an interview invite from the Feb or Apr round for History (and I've seen nothing about STS at all) so I wouldn't give up on it yet. In fact, I'd be inclined to call them and ask.
      • Oof, sorry you are being kept hanging-- that's rough. Thanks very much for the info and advice, though. I'm not holding out too much hope, it must be said-- I have some very high-level publications, but don't have portable funding, which looks like it might be important to them.
      • (same poster:) a couple of the interviewees for Jan, myself included, didn't have portable funding either - REF-ability and teaching capacity seemed to count, fwiw!
        • That's very hopeful news-- thanks!
  • [3 May] Seems Philosophy is the PP&L (CHSS) current lead, with ANOTHER hire (see 28 Mar., above; Can this one be a February deadline??)


  • Call for applications for April deadline was just posted.
  • [14 Mar] The School of History, Classics & Archaeology just advertised a lectureship (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in Classics.; if you're planning on applying in this area it might be worth checking with the department about its hiring priorities. Some candidates for this school from the first round (Jan deadline) have been interviewed and rejected; some remain on a 'wait list'. [21 Mar.] Durham Univ. School of Classics have announced that one of their recent PhD students was offered a Fellowship in Classics on 1 Mar (see above)
  • (23 April) Received a polite rejection letter from Divinity.
    • [24 Apr] same from Divinity, applied for January deadline
  • [26 Apr] See below: the school of History/Arch/Classics just advertised FIVE temporary positions in what's clearly a REF-sweep. I really hope this isn't what they're doing *instead* of making a permanent hire :(
  • [posted ~11 May] Snail mail rejection (French/Comp Lit) <- Was this from the April deadline? Yes
  • Anyone from the April deadline hear anything?
  • [16 May] I had an interview with History on the 29th Feb and *just* recieved a snail mail rejection letter (this was for the Jan deadline). I assume this means things are being wrapped up for everyone now?
  • [18 May] Rejection letter from ECA

University of Edinburgh (Scot.) - Career development post-doctoral Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2 year post-doctoral Fellowships at the Scottish Centre of Diaspora Studies at the University of Edinburgh
  • "Applications are invited from scholars of the highest calibre with a strong record of publication and research in SCOTTISH Diaspora History or Diaspora Studies who hold a doctorate or will be awarded their doctorate by December 2011."
  • Centre wants to specialise in "the historical study of the Scottish diaspora, a process of human mobility which has had significant effect on the histories of Northern Ireland, North America, the Caribbean, South Africa, Asia and Australasia".
  • Application details here
  • SHORT Deadline: 14 Oct. 2011

University of Edinburgh - School of History, Classics & Archaeology Post-doc -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year postdoctoral research fellowship to work on a Leverhulme project: "'Police and Community in Twentieth-Century Scotland - a Social History"
  • "The project is a collaboration between the School of School of History, Classics and Archaeology and the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh (a research fellow post is advertised in each School). It will combine historical archival research with oral history interviews involving former police officers to produce a social history of policing in the twentieth century and to enable better understanding of the dynamics shaping police/community relations today."
  • Deadline: 26 Mar. 2012

University of Edinburgh - Early Career Fellowships, School of Hist, Classics & Arch - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Five two-year postdoctoral positions (of which 3 are earmarked for history, according to posting)
  • Require four publications (i.e. you must be REF-able); any area, period or topic
  • Deadline: 23 May 2012
  • 22/06 - Has anyone heard anything yet? ...> Not shortlisting until this month July, with interviews being held in August.
  • 30/07 - Still haven't heard anything. Anyone?
  • 02/10 - FINALLY received rejection e-mail.

University of Exeter (UK) - Associate Research Fellows (History) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three 2-year postdoctoral research fellowships to work on an ERC-funded project "on a comparative study of the contractual conditions and economic treatment of sailors active in the Mediterranean in the long seventeenth century (1570-1700)."
    • First post (linked above) "will work on collating and analysing English documentary evidence, mainly in archives of Courts of Justice, such as the High Court of Admiralty (London)."
    • Second post Requires fluency in French' '"The successful candidate will work on collating and analysing French documentary evidence, mainly in archives of Courts of Justice, such as the Court de Sénéchaussée (Archives départementales des Bouches-du-Rhône) (Marseille); Fonds de la Marine, (Archives Nationales, (Paris)). For this purpose a research mission of 6 months to France with all the relative research expenses shall be funded as part of the appointment."
    • Third post Requires fluency in Dutch "The successful candidate will work on collating and analysing Dutch documentary evidence, mainly in archives of Courts of Justice, such as the Hof van Holland; and also in the Archief van de Notarissen ter standplaats (Amsterdam). For this purpose a research mission of 6 months to the Netherlands with all the relative research expenses shall be funded as part of the appointment."
  • Deadline: 23 Apr. 2012

University of Exeter - Associate Research Fellows, Medical History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three posts on the project "The Medical World of Early Modern England, Ireland and Wales, c.1500-1715"
  • Deadline (for all three posts): 6 May 2012
    • Interviews planned for week of 28 May.
    • 04/06/2012 - Any news on this?

University of Freiburg (Germany) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 12 x 1-year Research Fellowships in History at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studiies
  • 18th - 20th C history addressing the theme of Comparative European History
  • PhD must be in hand by the time of application and applicants must have "an international research profile, and a substantial publication record."
  • Deadline: 24 June 2011

University of Glasgow (UK; Scot) - Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellowships -INTERVIEW COMPLETED[]

  • Unspecified no. of 3-5 year research fellowships, with the possibility of transfer to tenured faculty positions (lectureships)
  • In addition to the open call, there are dedicated fellowships in the following thematic areas: Cultural Industries & Cultural Policy (1); Sensors and Sensor Systems (8); Digital Economy & Culture (1); Social Sciences (6); Music as a Cultural Practice (1) ; Synthetic Biology (3); Religious Studies (Islam) (1)
  • Deadlines: 28 May & Sept 2012; 28 Feb 2013
  • Anyone applied for this post?
  • I'll be applying for the Religious Studies position. Probably for the September deadline. (16 May)
  • NOTE: Cross-posted at Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2012-13
  • Applied for the May deadline, yet to get a response from them, positive or negative. Anyone else applied and got an interview at least? (05/07/12)
  • I haven't heard anything at all (16/07/12)
  • A friend of mine had an interview last week (16/07/12)
  • Rejected by email this morning (23/07/12)
  • I had an interview in early July for the open call. Not heard outcome yet (01/08/12)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Asian American Studies, Postdoctoral Research Associates -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Asian American Studies Program (AASP) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks two postdoctoral research associates for the 2012-2013 academic year. Applicants should conduct research germane to Asian American studies. Proposed research projects should have the potential to make a significant contribution to the field.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, must have received a doctorate or appropriate terminal degree within the past five years or have completed this requirement by July 31, 2012. They must demonstrate promise for a tenure-track appointment at a research college or university and their primary research focus must be Asian American, and/or transnational Asian populations in the U.S. and across the Asian Diaspora.
  • Appointments have a target start date of August 16, 2012, and are for a nine-month period, August 16, 2012 - May 15, 2013. Contingent on review, recipients may be eligible for a second year appointment. Recipients must be in residence full-time at the University's Urbana campus for the duration of the appointment, and may not hold other fellowships or awards during the appointment period. During their stay at Illinois, postdoctoral research associates will be expected to participate in research, teaching, and service. While research and participation in the intellectual life of the program is the primary responsibility, research associates will be expected to teach a course in Asian American Studies. The specific teaching duties will be decided in consultation with the Director.
  • The associates will be housed at the Asian American Studies Program, but will also be provided opportunities to build a supportive on-campus community with the associates from African American Studies, American Indian Studies, and Latino/Latina Studies.
  • Postdoctoral research associates will receive a $42,000 salary paid over a 12-month period (August 2012 - August 2013), $5,000 in research funds, and a comprehensive benefits package. The program will provide the research associate with office space and routine office support for photocopying, faxing, mailing, etc.
  • To apply, candidates should electronically submit a cover letter that describes qualifications for the position and current research and writing plans, an up to date curriculum vita and a 20-25 page writing sample to Official graduate transcripts and three letters of recommendation (including one letter from the dissertation advisor) should be sent to: Post Doc Review Committee, Asian American Studies Program, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1208 West Nevada Street, MC 142, Urbana, IL 61801.
  • To guarantee full consideration, application materials should be submitted to the AASP office by 5:00 p.m. on February 24, 2012. For further information on the Asian American Studies Program, please visit our web site: Questions regarding the postdoctoral research associate positions and application process should be directed to Pia Sengsavanh (

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Latina/ Latino Studies, Postdoctoral Research Associates -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign invites applications for two postdoctoral research associates. These are non-renewable one-year appointments with a target start date of August 16, 2012. Associates are expected to be in residence for the duration of the appointment (August 2012-May 2013). Each associate will be expected to give a presentation on his/her research project and to teach one of the department’s regularly offered undergraduate courses for one semester. The associates will be housed at the Department of Latina/Latino Studies, but will also be provided opportunities to build a supportive on-campus community with the associates from African American Studies, American Indian Studies, and Asian American Studies.
  • Stipend and Benefits: $42,000 salary over a 12-month period. Additional $5,000 for research expenses. Comprehensive benefit package.
  • Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree is required. Individuals working toward a Ph.D. will be considered, but candidate’s dissertation must be defended and deposited prior to August 15, 2012. The primary focus of the successful candidates’ research must be U.S. Latinas/Latinos. Research from all disciplines and interdisciplines are eligible and will be considered. Candidates who specialize in the following areas are encouraged to apply: the Afro-Latina/o diaspora, Latina feminism, and Critical Legal Studies.
  • To Apply: Create your candidate profile through the University of Illinois application login page at and upload your application materials:
    • Curriculum vita; Statement of the research project to be undertaken during the appointment; Scholarly writing sample (20 page minimum); Graduate transcripts (copies are acceptable, but official transcripts may be requested at a later date); and Contact information for three professional references- who will be contacted electronically to submit a letter of reference (for candidates who have not yet completed their Ph.D. at the time of application, one of these letters must be from the chair of the dissertation committee addressing the likelihood of completion by the starting date of the associateship). Referees will be contacted electronically upon submission of the application.
  • For full consideration, applications must be submitted by December 16, 2011. Additional materials may be requested at a later date.
  • For further information about the associateship, contact the Department of Latina/Latino Studies at (217) 265-0370.
  • Additional materials requested (1/30)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Mellon Post-Doc in the Humanities 2012-14 - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, seeks to hire two Post-Doctoral Fellows for two-year appointments starting in Fall 2012.
  • The Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellows in the Humanities will spend the two-year term in residence at Illinois; will conduct research on the proposed project; and will teach two courses per year in the appropriate academic department. The Fellows will also participate in activities related to their research at the IPRH, in the teaching department, and on the Illinois campus.
  • The search for Mellon Fellows is open to scholars in all humanities disciplines, but we seek applicants whose work falls into one of the following broad subject areas:
    • Race and Diaspora Studies
    • History of Science/Technology
    • Empire and Colonial Studies
    • Memory Studies
  • The fellowship carries a $45,000 annual stipend, a $2,000 research account, and a comprehensive benefit package. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must have received their Ph.D. between January 1, 2007 and August 30, 2011. Application Deadline: October 28, 2011
  • Detailed eligibility requirements and application guidelines can be found at
  • Submitted today, close to the 5 p.m. deadline, and received almost immediate email acknowledgement. Nice of them to do this. 10/28
  • Any information about results? We were supposed to be informed by 31 January. (2/3)
  • Anyone heard? (2/12) No (2/13)
  • Offer made (2/21)
  • For what it's worth, rejection letter received via postal mail (2/27) (X approximately 798).

University of Leeds (UK) - PostDoc in Early Modern Italian Studies[]

  • Two year research post-doctoral position to work on the project "Oral culture, manuscript and print in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700"
  • You will be expected to work on an aspect of the use of orality in relation to politics, such as:
    • The uses of formal speeches in civic contexts, and the circulation of these speeches in manuscript and print.
    • Spoken or sung performance, on its own or in conjunction with manuscript and print circulation, of texts celebrating political events or commenting on political topics in public and in private.
  • You will be expected to have obtained or expect to shortly obtain a PhD with specialisation in an aspect of Italian studies, and have experience of studying Renaissance/early modern Italian culture and/or history.
  • Deadline: 24 Jun. 2012

University of Maine - Postdoc in Digital Humanities[]

  • May 30th, 2012: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the University of Maine Humanities Initiative seek a Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities for a one-year position (with the possibility of two years). The Fellow will work closely with the administration of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the advisory board of the UMaine Humanities Initiative to develop research topics, courses, and workshops pertinent to one or more of the University’s humanities units (Art History, English, Franco American Studies, History, Modern Languages and Classics, Native American Studies, and Philosophy) and/or humanities programs (Canadian-American Center, Maine Folklife Center, and National Poetry Foundation). In addition, working in partnership with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment, the Fellow will help orient UMaine faculty, staff, and students to Digital Humanities research, pedagogy, and learning. For a full job description with both required and preferred criteria please visit:
  • To apply, please send a letter of application, a current curriculum vitae, links to online projects and portfolios, all transcripts and the names of three professional references to the Digital Humanities Search Committee at Please submit all application materials electronically. The letter of application should explain your qualifications for the position, describe your research plans, discuss courses you would like to teach, and suggest some possible themes for workshops/seminars to be held at the University of Maine. Proposed Salary is $35,000 per year, plus benefits.
  • Application review will begin immediately and continue until a suitable pool of applicants is found.
  • Position posted in Chronicle on May 29, 2012

University of Manchester (UK) Research Associates (Medieval Arabic) -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 4-year Research Associate positions to work on Medieval Arabic Manuscripts
  • "an exciting opportunity to work on a major ERC-funded project to edit and study the Arabic commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms in a variety of innovative ways. You will compile provisional editions of the extant Arabic commentaries on the basis of medieval manuscript copies, and enter them as XML into a database that is to be constructed during the project"
  • Experience with similiar manuscripts essential, knowledge of Greek and/or Syriac an advantage
  • Deadline: 14 Mar. 2012

University of Manchester (UK) - Research Associate Scottish/British History[]

  • One 3-year research post-doctoral position to work on "a number of topics focused on early modern Scotland and Britain, especially in relation to Scottish migration to England and the Scottish parliament"
  • Deadline: 29 Jun. 2012
    • Intend to interview 24 Jul.

University of Maryland - Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships in Israel Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, invites applications for the 2012-13 academic year. Appointments will be one or two semester positions. Full health benefits are included. Eligibility:
  • Applicants must have completed their Ph.D. by August, 2012.
  • We are less interested in the Israeli Palestinian conflict and more in other aspects of Israel Studies.


  • Fellows will be expected to be at College Park full-time, teach two courses each semester, and participate in the Institute's activities. Some teaching may be at the post-graduate level.


  • Applicants should submit a detailed letter of interest, C.V. (including publications - with links if possible - and teaching experience), the names and emails of 3 references, and at least 3 descriptions (2-3 sentences each) of courses they would be qualified to teach. A sample syllabus is welcome but not required. Applications are due by February 15, 2012. All materials should be emailed to Jennifer Cornejo at For more information about Israel Studies at UMD visit

University of Maryland, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) Social Science and Humanities Scholars,Postdoctoral Fellows Program - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: April 20, 2012
  • Research topic will advance actionable knowledge on the structure, function, or sustainability of socio-environmental systems
  • Postdoctoral Fellows applicants may have received their PhD in one of many social science or humanities areas of research including sociology, history, economics, geography, political science, public policy, planning, philosophy, anthropology, and psychology, as well as in interdisciplinary programs.
  • Annual stipend for up to 2 years, full University of Maryland employee fringe benefits, and an annual allowance to attend meetings or collaborate.
  • Postdoctoral scholars will be in residence at the center in Annapolis, MD

University of Massachusetts - Boston - Medieval English Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship[]

  • The UMass Boston English Department is offering one non-renewable Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship of two years, beginning Fall 2012. The Teaching Fellow will receive guidance from a dedicated mentor in the development of a reflective pedagogy for teaching English Studies to the global student body of the 21st century. Some of the unique features of this program are: an opportunity to teach at an urban, public university with the most diverse student body in New England; development of increasing skill in teaching at the introductory and advanced levels; and professionalization through participation in the university's annual teaching conference. Responsibilities include: a 2+3 course load, participation in departmental pedagogy meetings, and one teaching presentation in the second year.
  • Specific qualifications include: Ph.D. in English granted within three years of the start of the postdoctoral fellowship; expertise in Medieval literature and ability to teach advanced courses in the Medieval period; ability to teach history of the English language; interest in teaching two of our gateway to the English major courses: "Five British Authors" and "Understanding Literature;" ability to work effectively with a diverse student body in discussion-based classes; and commitment to the values of a reflective teaching practice.
  • Applications must be received by July 13, 2012. Please apply online with your cover letter, CV, and writing sample of no more than 20 pages. File size is limited to 2MB each.Letters of reference will be accepted via email only to with file size limited to 2MB or less.
  • The fellowship includes a $45,000 salary plus benefits. We regret that we cannot provide travel reimbursement.
  • Contact: University of Massachusetts - Boston Online App. Form:
  • - Also posted at Medieval 2013.

University of Michigan Society of Fellows - OFFER MADE[]

  • Postdoctoral fellowship in the Humanities and Sciences (1:1)
  • Each Fellow has a three-year appointment as Assistant Professor in an affiliated department of the University and a three-year appointment as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Society of Fellows. This appointment is not tenure-track. The current annual stipend is $52,000. Each fellow is expected to teach the equivalent of one academic year, i.e., a total of two terms during the period of the fellowship.
  • Must have "received the Ph.D. or comparable professional or artistic degree between June 1, 2009 and September 1, 2012."
  • Application fee of $30.
  • Applications due by 1pm Eastern Time October 3, 2011.
  • Final review will occur at the end of January 2012, and applicants will be notified in writing by February 28.

Q: Is anyone else having trouble viewing documents once they are uploaded to the application website? I'm uploading them in .pdf format but keep getting an error message when I try to view them, and then am asked to log in all over again.

A: You should be fine. Try open your docs using a different browser, like Google Chrome

A: I uploaded my last two documents the morning of the 3rd without any issues--since it's already past 1pm EST I hope you were able to get everything submitted! Also, what's up with midday deadlines? I think a lot of these postdocs have deliberately arcane rules designed to winnow down the number of eligible apps.

Q: Any updates so far?

A: Heard they got >1000 apps, so probably not til after Christmas (as they themselves say)

According to the wiki discussion from last year, rejections should start going out around the end of Nov (assuming its the same process again this year).

Q: Still no updates? Are we assuming that the soonest we'll hear anything is after the holidays?

A: Mich is on reading week 12/11 to 12/16 and then finals, so they are still working. Their semester ends really late. Personally, I suspect they will still pull out a longlist before they adjourn. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part...

Rejection received, by mail, 12/14 (x7)

  • Letter stated that they received 932 applications and that I was not selected as one of the 240 semi-finalists.
    • This is the first and last time I ever blow thirty bucks on an "application fee".
    • They made an easy $28,000

Q: Does anyone have positive news (email, whatever)? I didn't receive a letter today, so wondering if this is meaningful or else my local postal service is just slow. (Wondering the same thing--I'm in the same situation as you are, in Chicago.)

  • Looking at last yr's wiki helps to get a sense of the process. Seems like they send out rounds of rejection letters over a month or so. And eventually we all get to hear about our individual fates one by one.
    • Or, if you're like me, your mail is slow. Rejection received 12/15 (x3)
  • Rejection by mail (to home address) 12/15 (x3)
  • Just called the Society of Fellows and confirmed that I made it to the final 240. Sounds like the people reviewing applications are supposed to provide their choices for the top 40 finalists in the next few days. The administrator made it sound like that info is already trickling in, but that it's not complete and so she couldn't/wouldn't tell me anymore. She also seemed to doubt that the reviewers would actually get things done before she leaves for the holidays early next week.
    • Were these rejections sent to your home or office address?
    • mine was home (x2) Really annoying. I like rejection at the office not on my doorstep.

Rejection received 1/9, dated 1/5. Letter indicates that 37 finalists have been identified. (x4)

  • Any rejections received in Europe yet? 1/15
  • FYI - Michigan uses bulk mailing to cut down costs on international mail (letters all go to Germany before being forwarded to their destinations). This can add significant time to overseas delivery - usually at least a week.
    • Thanks for the head's up. Knowing the Italian post, I will get my rejection in July, dated December...
  • Are the finalists notified by email or post?
  • I live in Europe and I emailed SOF in regards to the status of my application, and was told that a rejection letter was sent out 1/5, but it is 1/20 and I still haven't received it. So that bulk mail to Germany does seem to be pretty slow, especially as I live on the border of Germany.
  • Offer made by phone (1/19)
  • Has anyone else heard anything?
  • Rejection letter, dated 1/5, received in Europe on 1/23. It had traveled through Germany.
  • A message to next year's applicants in Europe: apparently, it can take much more than an additional week for this bulk mailing business to sort itself out. Rejection dated 1/5 received 1/30. Weirdly, mine had gone through the UK.
  • Have any of the 37 finalists received a rejection? I've stil heard nothing from these folks. (2/13)
    • I received a letter in early February saying that I was one of the 37 finalists but that had not been selected for a spot.

University of Michigan President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • "In this program, the University of Michigan offers postdoctoral research fellowships in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and social, behavioral, and economics (SBE) fields, coupled with faculty mentoring, professional development and academic networking opportunities."
  • Deadline November 1, 2011
  • 12 months w/ possibility of renewal
  • "The University seeks applicants whose research, teaching and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education. The program is particularly interested in scholars with the potential to bring to their academic careers the critical perspective that comes from their non-traditional educational background or understanding of the experiences of groups historically underrepresented in higher education."
      • Received an email asking "to confirm that you would still like to be considered for the program...let us know if you have made other plans." [1/9/12] Q: Are you in STEM or SBE? A: PhD in SBE [Anthro] and Proposed home is in STEM [Natural Resources and Environment] ...Thanks! Btw: I did not get it, despite that inquiry about my availability!
  • really nice rejection letter [2/6/12] x2. 114 applicants.

University of Nevada (Reno) - Postdoc in the History of European Early Modern Medicine[]

  • One year post-doctoral position in the History of European Early Modern Medicine
  • "Desirable specialties include a focus on natural history and/or the history of medicine is preferred. Ph.D. must be in hand by June 15, 2012."
  • Deadline: Not Stated in Ad [posted 5 May]

University of New South Wales (Aus.) - Post-Doc in Jewish History -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year, largely research oriented, post-docotral position in Jewish History
  • Deadline: 2 Mar. 2012

University of Nottingham - Advance Research Fellowships 2012 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 6 x Two year research fellowships
  • "One Fellow will be recruited to each of the University's five Faculties, with a sixth excellent individual also being recruited." - so at least one in Arts (includes Humanities) and one in Social Sciences Faculty info:
  • "Candidates must have submitted a PhD (viva does not need to have taken place) and have had no more than six years full-time postdoctoral experience by 1 October 201"
  • Deadline: 7 Nov. 2011
  • Rejection email received (1/9). Those chosen to advance have multiple monograph publications. Fair enough.

University of Oslo - Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3-5 three-year research post-docs in the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature
  • PhD in Philosophy or related discipline, to work in one of three branches: Linguistic Agency, Moral Agency and Rational Agency.
  • Deadline (with research proposal): 10 Jan. 2012

University of Oxford - Christ Church, Merton and St. John's Colleges JRF - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • "Up to 11 JRFs" between the three colleges.
  • Deadline December 9, 2011
  • Link
  • Anyone heard back? (Jan 14)
    • Merton shortlist (9 Jan)
  • Still not heard anything (16 Jan) - does that mean I'm not shortlisted?
  • Any news about St John's? (Jan 16)
  • Or Christ Church? (Jan 16)
    • ChCh rejection received by email 20 Jan
  • St John's notification is going out this week (23 Jan)
  • Still no news about St John's?! (27 Jan)
  • Still no news from Merton (27 Jan)
  • St John's rejection received by post (27 Jan)
  • Has anyone heard that they *have* been shortlisted at St John's? (30 Jan) - Yes, 24 Jan
  • Has anyone actually had a rejection from Merton yet? (5 Feb) - No (Feb 23)
  • The Merton shortlist committee met today- finalists will be notified by tomorrow (10 Feb) and interviews will take place on 21/22/23 Feb - JRF offer accepted 27/2

University of Oxford - Albert & Rachel Lehmann JRF (St Peter's) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year Junior Research Fellowship in Jewish history or culture in the early modern or modern period, in western and/or central Europe
  • "[O]ffered by the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford. The post is also associated with a Junior Research Fellowship at St Peter's College"
  • Doctorate should 'normally' be in-hand
  • Deadline: 15 Jan. 2012

University of Oxford - Alexander Tamas Research Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year research post-doc on "Machine Superintelligence and the Future of AI with the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology."
  • "The postholder will research topics related to the long-term future of machine intelligence, focusing on impacts, risks, current technical developments and foundational issues. The post does not involve developing specific AI applications. Possible backgrounds include (but are not restricted to) computer science, mathematics, or philosophy."
  • Deadline: noon, 27 Feb. 2012

University of Oxford - Bennett Boskey Career Development Fellowship in History DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two year post-doc, with possibility of renewal for a third year, based at Exeter College
  • Any specialisation in History after AD 285 will be considered
  • Deadline: Noon, 27 Feb. 2012
  • Invitation to interview (16/3)
  • Rejection via Post (March 22).

University of Oxford - Christopher Tower JRF (Christ Church) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3 year research post-doc (with possibility of fourth year) in Greek Mythology
  • "The Fellow's proposed research may be into any aspect of ancient Greek mythology or in its reception (e.g. in fields such as Literature, Ancient History, Archaeology, History of Art, Music, and Philosophy). "
  • "Candidates must have a good Honours degree and be approaching the end of their doctoral research or have begun post-doctoral study."
    • Deadline: 10 Feb. 2012

University of Oxford - Department of International Development JRFs[]

  • Two 2-year Junior Research Fellowships in International Development
  • "We are looking for the candidate who most fully meets the following criteria: completed doctorate in an appropriate discipline (e.g. international development, anthropology, economics, politics, international relations, sociology, geography or modern history) with specific focus on developing countries; fieldwork experience in one or more developing countries (or international development institutions); evidence of carrying out independent research and of developing a track record of high quality publications in highly ranked, peer-reviewed academic journals and/or major presses, excellent communication skills and the ability to teach at a postgraduate level."
  • Deadline: 24 May 2012
  • 6/13 Anyone heard anything yet?

University of Oxford - Department of Public Health[]

  • Senior Reserach Fellow (3 year position) in Ethics and Global Health
  • "Ethox and its partners have been awarded a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award to carry out ethics research and build ethics capacity across the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes (MOPS) in Kenya, Vietnam, Malawi, Thailand, and South Africa. As part of this post you will carry out a programme of research on professional ethical standards and values in collaborative global health research networks, taking the MOPs as its focus"
  • Deadline: 1 Jun. 2012

University of Oxford - Mellon Postdoc Fellow in Early Modern Catholicism - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two year research postdoc "on the institutional history of the Catholic Church in the early-modern period and/or its wider devotional life"
  • PhD must be in hand at time of appointment [Sep 2012 to Jan 2013], but not awarded before Oct. 2008
  • Deadline: 10 Apr. 2012
    • Has anyone else following this wiki applied for this???

University of Oxford - Mellon Postdoc Fellow in History of Architecture -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two year research postdoctoral position, jointly held at the History of Art Department and the Ashmolean Museum.
  • "The successful applicant will pursue a research project on the history of architecture and architectural drawings...He or she will make use of the rich holdings of architectural drawings of the period 1550 to 1850 held in the Ashmolean Museum."
  • Must have a Masters degree and have completed or be close to completion of a PhD or equivalent; should not have finished the PhD before October 2008 (career breaks will be taken into consideration).
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2012

University of Oxford - Corpus Christi College, M G Brock JRF in History -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • three-year Junior Research Fellowship in Modern British History (from 1800)
  • PhD should be in-hand before taking up the post (Oct 2012)
  • Deadline: 6 Apr. 2012
    • Interviews: 20 Apr. 2012
  • Did anyone hear anything about this yet? If the interviews are on Friday I'm assuming they've emailed people already, but my college email was down since last week... (15/4)
    • Rejection by email (16/4). Besides, interviews are today, 20 April.

University of Oxford - New College, Juliana Cuyler Matthews JRF in Modern Languages - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • three-year Junior Research Fellowship in Modern Languages
  • Deadline 18 November, 2011

University of Oxford - New College, Herbert Nicholas JRF in Modern History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three-year JRF in Modern History
  • "The person appointed will be expected to undertake advanced research in Modern British History, to give up to four hours of teaching per week in term, and to help with the administration of Modern History in the College."
    • Intended for those who have recently submitted the PhD or are close to completion.
    • Deadline: 5pm 24 Feb. 2012

University of Oxford - Nuffield College, Prize Research Fellowships in Social Sciences/ Political Philosophy - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3 year post-doctoral positions for graduates of any country wishing to undertake research in any area of the social sciences except Economics, for which there is a separate competition
  • Applicants who wish to undertake research in Economic History, or interdisciplinary research which includes Economics will be considered.
  • To be eligible, candidates should hold a bachelors and/or masters degree and should by 1 September 2012 have completed, or be close to completing, a doctorate. Candidates must not have spent more than a total of eight years in postgraduate study, teaching or research in the social sciences by the date of taking up the Fellowship, and should not have previously held a research fellowship similar to that advertised.
  • The Fellowships are to be taken up on 1 September 2012. The appointment will be for 3 years.
  • Deadline: Monday, 7 November 2011
    • Receipt of application confirmed by email (11/17)
    • news?
    • again, news? (Dec. 21) --nothing so far (Dec. 23) --nada (Dec. 30)

In the past few years, people have been invited for interviews by mid-January.

    • Rejection via email (1/18)--letter stated that there was a "very large number of applications, and the field has been very strong..." No specifics as to the number of applications of finalists given. (x2 (1/20), x4 (1/23))

University of Oxford - Research Fellow in Global History - INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • 2 year post-doctoral position, open specialism within Global History
  • Candidate will "be expected to play a major role in the organisation of the centre's two founding conferences on 'New Directions in Global History' and 'Transnationalisms: ancient, medieval, early modern and modern'."
  • SHORT Deadline: Noon GMT 23 Aug. 2011
    • To Start in October 2011
    • No word; how many here applied for this?
    • Email received 9/12. Shortlisting will be completed 9/16. Interviews will take place during the week commencing 26th September.
    • Any word? (16 September)
    • Email received 19 September, invited for interview September 28

University of Oxford - Sanderson JRF in History - EXTRA WORK REQUESTED[]

  • 3-year post-doctoral position at University College "in any period of History which falls between circa 500 C.E. and circa 1900."
  • "Candidates must be confident that they will have obtained their doctorates by the start of their appointment. Conversely, this position is not intended for those who have already held another stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship or equivalent (such as a Career Development Fellowship), or for those who obtained their doctorates more than two years prior to the application date"
  • Deadline: Noon 19 Dec. 2011
    • Anyone had any news? (24 Jan)
    • Request for extra work (27 Jan)
    • Rejection letter by post (1 Mar)

University of Oxford - Trinity College - English JRF - WRITING SAMPLE REQUESTED[]

  • three-year Junior Research Fellowship in "the field of English Literature"
  • "The Fellowship is open to candidates working on any period of English literature from the Middle Ages to the present day; however the criteria of the JRF exclude research mainly or wholly focused on American literature or on other world literatures in English."
  • Deadline: 16 Jan. 2012
    • Interviews: 28 Feb. 2012
  • email - on "long shortlist" (request for writing sample) 1/31
  • Still not heard anything - has anyone had a rejection yet? (5th Feb)
  • Sent in my writing sample, which the administrator confirmed was received/printed out successfully ... not sure when they'll announce interviews (Feb 12th)
  • rejection after writing sample sent (email, Feb 22nd)
  • 02/22 rejection (but I was never asked for a writing sample... so I guess they're sending out all rejections today)

University of Oxford - Worcester College - JRF & Lectureship in French Literature DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3-year (with possibility of renewal to 4 years) research & teaching post in 16th & 17th Centur(y French Literature
  • (must also be able to teach language classes)
  • Deadline: noon 16 Apr. 2012

University of Oxford - Dept of Social Policy and Intervention Postdoc Research Fellowships DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of Social Policy and Intervention is offering Postdoctoral Research Fellowships to begin in October 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter. These offer an exciting opportunity to join the Department as a independent researcher with the freedom and facilities to develop your research portfolio and strengthen your position in the academic job market.
  • You will have a doctorate from a major research university (awarded by December 2012), and a track record of excellent publications or papers accepted for publication in highly-ranked, peer-reviewed academic journals or with major presses, commensurate with the stage in your career. You will have the ability to innovate and work effectively with colleagues, and to present research findings effectively to fellow professionals and other informed members of the public
  • Each post is fixed term for a period of two years to enable career development and progression. You will be responsible to the Head of Department. Deadline April 16
  • email rejection (4/26)

University of Pennsylvania - Integrated Studies Program Lecturer in the Humanities[]

  • The Integrated Studies Program at Penn invites applications for a full-time one-year lectureship in the humanities, with the possibility of renewal. The successful applicant will join a team teaching an innovative freshman-year curriculum across the broad liberal arts. Lecturers from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences will be expected to collaborate on all aspects of the delivery of the course, and influence its design and direction. They will facilitate seminar sections, grade assignments, and be expected to contribute to the overall intellectual life of the program. The position is eligible for University benefits.
  • Applications are encouraged by June 29, 2012.
  • Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within five years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (August 2007 or later). Application materials are to be submitted online at: Please include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, short writing sample, and the names and contact information of three individuals who have agreed to provide a letter of recommendation (one of which must be about strength in teaching). Recommenders will be contacted by the University with instructions on how to submit a letter of recommendation to the website.
  • For more information, see
  • Any udpates on this search? Have interviews been scheduled?

University of Pennsylvania - Browne Center for International Politics Postdoctoral Fellowship- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Christopher H. Browne Center for International Politics at the University of Pennsylvania invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship during the 2012-2013 academic year. The Browne Center supports research on all aspects of international politics. Applications are welcomed from political scientists who have received their Ph.D. or equivalent degrees in the last two years, or who expect to complete their degree by June 2012.
  • Fellows at the Browne Center will pursue their own research, as well as teach one course in Penn's Political Science Department. The position pays a stipend of $44,000.
  • Deadline: February 15, 2012.
    • To apply, send a C.V., a research statement, a writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to: Postdoctoral Program
      Browne Center for International Politics
      University of Pennsylvania
      Political Science Department
      223 Stiteler Hall
      208 S. 37th St.
      Philadelphia, PA 19104-6215

University of Pennsylvania - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The School of Arts and Sciences invites applicants for four two-year postdoctoral teaching fellowships in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Fellows will teach one course per term. Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within two years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (August, 2010 or later). $49,440 stipend.
  • Application deadline: November 30, 2011.
    • We are especially seeking fellows in Anthropology (specializing in medical anthropology and Africa), English (specializing in Anglo Saxon language, literature, and culture), French (specializing in Renaissance literature and culture), Music History, and Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory (with some knowledge of Trans Studies).
    • For guidelines and application, see the School of Arts and Sciences website or write: Office of the Dean School of Arts and Sciences University of Pennsylvania 1 College Hall, Room 116 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6377
      • Note: "This program is separate from the Penn Humanities Forum Mellon Postdoctoral program."
    • Q: When it says "we are especially seeking" English fellows "specializing in Anglo Saxon lang, lit, and culture," does that mean they're only looking at people who do medieval stuff, do you think? Or do people from other English subfields still have a chance?
    • How painful is that dumb-ass form? // I hear you, my friend! It has the letterhead. This should solve all the problems:)
      • So, are we supposed to type everything on the form itself, or is this just the template? And do we still submit the usual materials (CV, cover letter)? Very confusing.
    • The ad states four positions and lists five specializations.
      • Re question above: I have heard that not every specialization listed is guaranteed a fellow, which may account for the mismatch.
      • That is probably true, and is not unusual. For example, there are 16 departments participating in Cornell's Diversity Fellowship, but only four fellowships to award. I guess they'll let the departments duke it out. :) Good luck everyone!
    • Did anyone receive confirmation of application receipt? I have not. (12/9)
      • Neither have I, but if you look at last year's wiki, it doesn't look like anyone hears anything until they start making offers (last year that was in early February). (12/12)
    • Any ideas/rumors about when we might hear about decisions this year? (1/31)
      • Reading the post above yours, I would say early February since that was the time the decisions were made last year.
      • Today (2/3) was the day last year that awardees were contacted by phone, but that doesn't mean that will happen this year. If I had to guess, I would think we'd know for sure by mid-February.
      • (2/6/12) I called the Dean's office, and was told that a decision would be made "shortly," and we should hear something in "the next week or so."
        • Yay for calling, brave soul! x2
      • Offer made (2/8)
      • Congratulations! Do you feel comfortable sharing which field you are in? Since it's sort of a small specialization pool, I understand if you don't. :)
      • This is over for the rest of us then...
      • Probably, although you never know until you receive a rejection letter.
      • At this point, I count myself lucky if they bother to send me a rejection letter.
        • So true - I can't imagine doing this before the wiki. You'd think you were still in the running long after.
      • Has anyone actually received a rejection letter? Or any info thus far? (2/16)
      • I have not received anything. I don't consider it over until I receive a rejection letter since I've seen misinformation too often on these wikis.
      • Has anyone received a rejection letter? Has anyone heard if all four postdocs have been awarded? Since the above poster received an offer on 2/8, I'm guessing all decisions have been made, but you never know... (2/24)
      • I asked the same thing on 2/16. I haven't heard anything and the poster hasn't responded.
      • Maybe we need another brave soul to call and get more information (2/24)?
      • (2/29) I am the person who called the Dean's Office on 2/6. I contacted the same person and was told that no decisions have been made, but that they plan to "within a week." I don't know why there is a post about an offer made on 2/8 though.
      • Thank you, brave wiki-checker. (x3)
      • I called the Dean's Office too today. The administrator said that they have not made a decision and will do so within a week. So the previous poster who has heard from them seems bizarre.
        • Perhaps that poster accidentally posted for the wrong post-doc?
        • I know (second hand) of an offer that was made in early February. It was definitely for this postdoc. Perhaps certain departments contacted their applicant of choice before the dean's office signed off officially.
          • Actually, that seems very possible, since departments rank their potential fellows, so if a certain department had ranked a candidate #1 *and* knew informally that they would be granted a fellow, they might have contacted the applicant sooner rather than later in order not to lose them to another position.
        • Do you happen to know which department this candidate/fellow is in? Hopefully we'll all receive official news in the next week, but the ongoing uncertainty is starting to take its toll on me... (x3) --- As much as I would like to help (I'm in job limbo myself), I don't think I could share this information without putting the person who received the offer/the Penn department making the offer in an uncomfortable position. Sorry!
        • No problem. You're absolutely right - especially if it was an informal/preemptive offer, it's probably best to keep schtum. I should have thought of that. Best of luck everyone!
    • 3/9: Rejection letter received, dated Feb 21. Stated that there were "hundreds" of applications. I'm sorry to here the bad news. Would you mind sharing what department you applied for?
    • Has anyone else not received a rejection letter? When I saw the date of 3/9, I expected to find mine in the mail.
    • Maybe different departments are on different schedules?
    • 3/10 rejection via mail, also dated Feb 21. Subfield English, but the letter came from the Dean's office, so I would assume that, regardless of department, they are all making their way through the USPS!
    • 3/12 Indeed, my rejection letter came today, dated Feb 29th, subfield French. Poop!
    • 3/12, rejection letter, dated March 7th, subfield Music History.
    • 3/14, rejection letter via mail, dated March 7th, subfield English.
    • 3/18, still no word. Can I ask if anyone has gotten letters in their campus mailboxes? Or have people received them in the address that they used when applying?
      • A: mine came to my home address
      • Mine also came to my home address. Maybe you are an alternate? You could try calling the Dean's office to ask.

University of Pennsylvania - Penn Humanities Forum Mellon Postdocs - OFFER MADE[]

  • Topic for 2012-3 is 'Peripheries'
    • For "untenured scholars in the humanities who received or will receive their Ph.D. between December 2003 and December 2011."
    • Deadline: 15 Oct 2011
    • anyone heard anything on this? A: according to the job listing, notification will be made by the end of December.
      • offer made via phone (12/16)
      • rejection by email (12/20) (x6)
      • shortlisted, decision in Jan, informed via email (12/20) x2

University of Pittsburgh - Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowships- AWARDEE NOTIFIED[]

  • The University of Pittsburgh Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is offering up to eight postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities and social sciences for the academic year 2012-2013. Fellows will teach one course each semester, complete scholarly work, and participate in the academic and intellectual communities of the departments with which they are affiliated and across the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.
    • To foster interaction within the group of fellows and with ongoing concerns of the Humanities Center and other programs on campus, we seek applicants with projects that engage the concept or practice of comparison—across time, space, language, genre, discipline or other category. How do we, at this moment, compare? Why do we compare? What can be compared? What do we gain by comparing? What do we lose? While we welcome any proposal relating to these issues form all humanities and social science disciplines, we are also seeking to establish a research sub-cluster addressing the general topic in relation to the theme of “Enlightenments/Counter-Enlightenments.”
    • We invite applications from qualified candidates in the humanities and social sciences who have received the PhD between December 1, 2009 and January 1, 2012. The annual stipend will be $45,000. Fellows may apply for an additional year renewal.
    • Applications must be received by 5 p.m. EST, March 1, 2012. We expect to announce the awards by April 15, 2012. For more information, visit or email
    • Question: Anyone else receive a request for resubmitting references? 3/5 - Yes, two of mine had not sent their letters in quite yet.
    • Has anyone been contacted for an interview? I heard rumors that some candidates had been contacted but consider the source shakey. 4/6
    • Can you tell us anything about the source of the rumors? I called twice today to inquire but could never get a hold of a person. 4/6
    • It is a graduate student that is a friend of a friend, so not entirely reliable. The soruce could be right, since we are approaching the deadline, although, I was under the impression there would notbe an interviewing process for this fellowship. Does anyone know more? 4/6.
    • A friend of mine won this fellowship a couple of years ago and received word out of the blue, no interview, nothing else in advance. That doesn't mean they'll absolutely follow the same procedure this year, but it is a precedent.
    • 4/10 I just called. They said they would likely be notifying last week. Couldn't get a straight answer on whether or not there would be interviews.
    • 4/10 Thanks for the info., but when you say "last week," do you mean "next week," or that they have already notified the recipients?
    • Whoops! Sorry to freak everyone out. They said "NEXT" week. 4/10
    • If they want to notify next week then there's really no time for them to do interviews, unless they've already done them, though it doesn't sound like that's the case.
    • With all of the awful threats in the news at Pitt, I wouldn't be surprised if they were a bit hard to reach. There have been around 60 threats which have crippled daily life at the University.
    • 4/13--received email saying I'm an "alternate." Congrats to the winners, and really, you don't want this fellowship!
    • 4/13 7:30 p.m. Eastern. No word pro or con for me. Guess I'm going to have to wait until next week for this. Has anyone else (other than the previous poster) heard anything?
    • Nothing yet (8:35PM); also nothing (9:25PM)
    • 4/13 email received that I won the fellowship, official letter will be send out next week
    • Has anyone been offered the fellowship? [according to poster above, yes, on 4/13]
    • Rejection letter received by email. Nice one, though. 4/16 (x2) Q: out of curiosity, did all rejection emails say "your application materials and letters of support were exceptionally strong and in the final instance I only wish I had more postdoctoral awards to give out"? If so, "exceptionally" might not have been the right word to use... A: Well, mine said that. And since it is unlikely that we two got special letters, I suspect that was the standard reject language.
    • I haven't received any word at all, not even a rejection. To the poster above, maybe they sent out rejections to those who were highly ranked first (hence the exceptionally strong part)? (4/17)
    • My rejection, received 4/16, had the same "exceptionally strong" language. They also misspelled my last name, which is not particularly hard or tricky. So -1 for that.
    • Just out of curiosity, has anyone else not heard anything?
    • Received my rejection yesterday 16 April. I was "exceptionally strong" too! x2
    • 5/1 I had to decline my offer (4/13). Good luck alternates!

University of Pittsburgh Humanities Center Early Career Fellowship - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Humanities Center at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications for a residential fellow for the academic year 2012-13. We seek a colleague of outstanding promise, at work on a major project in any area of the humanities or allied areas of inquiry. Applicants must have PhD in hand at time of application. We especially encourage applications by scholars who are women or minorities.
    • Stipend will be $40,000, plus benefits, with a fund of $5,000 available for research and relocation expenses. The fellow will be provided with an office and assisted in finding housing in Pittsburgh. The fellow will be required to reside in Pittsburgh while holding the fellowship, to present a lecture and colloquium, and to participate regularly in the activities of the center. If there is a course the fellow wishes to develop and teach, this is welcome, but it is not required.
    • APPLICATION DEADLINE: November 18, 2011 for the academic year 2012-13.
    • Anybody heard anything about this fellowship?
    • Informed that I'm an alternate -- so an offer must have been made.

University of Pretoria (South Africa) Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Human Economy Group - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Applications are invited for Post-Doctoral Fellowships in an interdisciplinary research program on the ‘Human Economy’ in the Faculty of the Humanities. This program will be entering its second year in January 2012 and is open to researchers in disciplines such as Economic Sociology, Economic History, Economic Geography, Economic Anthropology, Political Economy or Development Studies. The Faculty especially encourages applications from the ‘global South’.*One year postdoctoral fellowship starting January/February 2012), with possible renewal for a further year.
    • Fellows are expected to publish and to undertake research in southern Africa
      • A tax-free stipend of up to R175 000 per annum
      • A return air ticket between their country of residence and South Africa
      • Funding for research in southern Africa
      • Funding to attend one international conference outside South Africa during their tenure
    • Access to the facilities of the University of Pretoria, including office space.
    • Applicants must complete the University of Pretoria Post-Doctoral Application Form by 12th September 2011. For further information, please contact the co-directors of the program: Professor John Sharp ( and Professor Keith Hart ( Check out the human economy program at:, especially About Human Economy.

University of Pretoria (South Africa) - Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowships[]

  • Unspecified number of post-doctoral positions
  • Applications particularly welcomed from PhD graduates working on topics relating to the University's Research Themes: " Energy; Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing; Genomics; Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology and Management of Animal and Zoonotic Diseases; Sustainable Control of Malaria and International and Comparative Law in Africa."
  • Deadline: not stated [may vary by department; posted 26 Apr.]

University of Queensland (Aus.) - 'Science, Progress and History' -- OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • 3-year post-doctoral research fellow to work on the "Science, Progress and History" project
  • Project considers "questions of progress and order in the historical sciences (history, geology, evolutionary biology, cosmology). It will deal with the manner in which ideas of historical progress came to inform the emerging natural sciences from the seventeenth onwards and, conversely, on how notions of order and progress in the natural sciences have subsequently been applied to human affairs. "
  • "Applicants require a PhD in Intellectual History or History and Philosophy of Science. Candidates with doctorates in other fields (e.g. Religious History, Economic History) will be considered if their area of research expertise is relevant to the project."
  • Deadline: 22 Jan. 2012
  • Received an email that my references would be contaced: 01/30.
  • Interview scheduled: 02/28
  • Offer made: 03/13; Accepted: 03/20

University of Saskatchewan - British History - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Two-year (Elizabeth and Cecil Kent) Post-doctoral fellowship in British History and/or the History of the British World
  • "Applicants must have completed all the requirements for a PhD in history between 2007 and August 31, 2012. "
  • Deadline: 2 Mar. 2012
  • Any word? (4/16)
  • Offer made & accepted (5/2)

University of Saskatchewan (Can.) - Hist & Phil Sci. -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year (with possible renewal to two year) research post doctoral position on the grant “Situating Science”
  • "The successful candidate should have completed a PhD in History, Philosophy or Science, Technology and Studies by September 2011. Applicants exploring sub-themes of epistemology and/or history of experimentation are preferred"
  • Deadline: 1 Apr. 2012

[26 Apr. This posting seems to have been deleted & replaced with a copy of the De Velling posting below. I think I've recovered the original material AFII 12:59, April 25, 2012 (UTC)]

University of Sheffield (UK) - De Velling Willis Fellowships - SHORTLIST MADE[]

  • 2 x two-year research post-docs in any area covered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Archaeology, Biblical Studies, History, English, Modern Languages & Linguistics, Music, Philosophy)
  • Topic is open but "particular emphasis will be given in the recruitment process to applicants who work across more than one discipline and who will be able to contribute to and invigorate the research life of the Faculty more broadly"
  • Outreach activities & possession of a 'strong external profile' desirable
  • Deadline: 17 Feb. 2012

23/2 Email received: "Thank you for your interest in working at the University of Sheffield. Please be aware that the deadline for submitting an application for the De Velling Willis Fellowships has been extended to 29 February 2012. Due to the large number of applications received, it is anticipated that it will be the end of April 2012 before we are able to inform you whether or not you have been shortlisted for interview." Presumably they didn't get the people they were hoping in that 'large number'?

3/13: any news? Thanks and good luck to you all.

Apr. 24: Any news?

April 25 2012: I had emailed in mid-March to ask if I was still under consideration for the fellowship, and I was told that they had over 600 applications, and that applicants shouldn't expect an answer before 30 April 2012. Good luck to everyone!

Apr.30: Any news? A: Nothing here (x2)

April 30: rejection email, boo! Best of luck everyone else. (x4)

University of South Florida - OFFERS EXTENDED[]

  • Renewable Postdoctoral Scholarships for 2012‑13 beginning August 6. Teaching 1‑1. Salary $40,000. Doctoral degree 2009 or later. Candidates who defend dissertations by May 1, 2012 considered.

  • Application should include:
 1. Letter stating interest. Say (i) How your research and teaching would contribute to theme “Global Change in a Dynamic World.” Possible subtopics include technology and information; communication and language development; cultural diasporas; ethnicity, gender, and aging issues; cultural heritage and histories; citizenship; identity; economic, educational, and environmental disparities; peace and conflict; ethics; and human rights. Both past and contemporary perspectives may be considered. (ii) How you would contribute to goals of USF Strategic Plan ( ). (iii) Department with which you would like to be affiliated. (iv) Teaching experience and courses you would like to offer. (v) Your long‑term goals.
 2. A curriculum vitae.
 3. Two reference letters.
4. Scanned copies of up to three published papers.
 5. Scanned copies of all transcripts.

  • Send by December 9 to:
 USF Graduate School at
 See for full information.
  • Has anyone heard back from them yet?
    • (2/1) Nothing yet other than the initial receipt acknowledgement, which said they'd be contacting people in February for interviews.
    • (1/25) Was told I was in the top five in Dept. of Comm to see if I was still available to accept; a few days later, I was told I was cut from the top 5; top 3 were advanced to the next stage. So, most likely, if you were advanced (at least from Comm Dept) you already know it.
  • Any news from the History Department?
    • No news for me, but I do know a bit about how this fellowship is chosen: members from various departments submit candidates to the wider interdisciplinary group, then they vote to see who should get interviews, chosing the best from all disciplines. Which is just to say, that I don't think every dept. has the policy of notifying finalists, since they are just their finalists for the vote. So, not maybe yet the end for those of us who haven't heard, unless other depts have notified?
  • Response from Office of Postdoc Affairs said they are meeting with all department heads next Weds to select finalists and that we could expect to hear back from them next week. More sleepless nights ahead...
    • ^ date? Which Weds? Which week is "next week"?
    • 2/10 I just called. Meeting is next Tuesday, 2/14. You can inquire about finalist status by contacting the chair of the dept. to which you applied.
    • 2/16: Two offers have been made; it is possible more may be made in the coming weeks.
    • 2/28: An offer was made to me today, which I declined (already accepted another position). So there's still hope on this one.
    • I think these are still the first 2 offers. Seems that there was a delay in officially extending these offers. So you were probably among the top 2!
  • 3/2 Rejection email: "Thank you for applying to the 2012/13 Provost’s Postdoctoral Initiative at the University of South Florida. As is typical, the program received a large volume of applications and the decisions were difficult for the selection committee. Unfortunately, many excellent applicants were not selected, but I want to thank you for considering the University of South Florida and applying to the program."
  • Were offers made after interviews or were the interviews never conducted? (3/8)
  • Anyone else not receive a rejection? Is there a waiting list for this one? (3/18)
    • There is a wait list. You should be able to call the chair of the department you submitted to and ask about your status.
    • Yes. You can also call the postdoc office (3/19)

University of Southern California - Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Early Modern Visual Studies - OFFER MADE[]

  • The USC's Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute (EMSI) and the Visual Studies Research Institute (VSRI) invite applications for a two-year Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in Early Modern Visual Culture. Scholars investigating any aspect of visual culture in the period ca. 1500?1800 from any disciplinary perspective are encouraged to apply. The fellow will teach one course per semester in Dornsife College and participate in relevant EMSI and VSRI programs. EMSI, founded in 2003, is a partnership between the University of Southern California and the Huntington Library. The Institute sponsors 75 to 90 scholarly presentations each year, has an annual conference, an annual workshop with the William and Mary Quarterly, and together with the University of Pennsylvania Press sponsors a book series on "The Early Modern Americas." The VSRI is a new initiative that brings together faculty and graduate students investigating visual culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. It draws on the existing strengths of the Visual Studies Graduate Certificate at USC, and on the rich collections in the larger Los Angeles area,including those of the Huntington Library, Getty Research Institute, Getty Museum, and LACMA. For its initial three years (2012?15), the VSRI will focus on the theme "Visual Evidence."
  • Deadline: Friday, March 30, 2012
  • Any news? I know the deadline has just passed, but .... A: None here (4/10).
  • Any updates? (4/21) X2 (05/04)
  • Applications are still being reviewed (4/19)
  • Still nothing? (05/08)
  • Nothing on my end (05/08) x2
  • offer was made last week (not to me) (05/09)

University of Southern California - Provost's Postdoctoral Scholars Program in the Humanities - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The University of Southern California (USC) Provost's Postdoctoral Scholars Program in the Humanities is a key element in USC's distinctive contribution to scholarship and academic excellence in the realm of the humanities. Postdoctoral Scholars are appointed for two years beginning August 2012 and will teach three courses over four semesters, with one semester free for full-time research. The salary is $50,000 per year plus fringe benefits, with a research and travel account of $6,000 per year.
  • Application Information: Deadline: Friday, December 16, 2011 at 5:00pm PST.
  • email acknowledgment (11/14), 12/16 (x2)
  • (12/2) Is anybody else having trouble with the College of Arts & Sciences website? If not, what browser are you using? I have had trouble all week, from it not opening at all last weekend to not being able to look at the department/program websites more recently. Difficult, because they want you to name a home department, and I fit between two... (UPDATE: It looks like they fixed it.)
  • So...the deadline for applications is 12/16. But the letters of rec need not be sent until 1/17. So basically we're asked to scramble to get applications in at the busiest time of the year so that they can sit on a shelf for a month.
  • Confirmation of completed application (1/18). In email, they said decision would be announced mid-April.
  • Is there any sort of interview process before they announce decisions?
  • (2/6) I've been notified that I'm a finalist (philosophy). -- How were you notified (e-mail, telephone call, etc.)? --> By email. Depts make nominations to a humanities selection committee by Mar. 2.
  • I put the status back to "deadline passed" because there's no need to make people panic. If you look at last year's wiki, each department handles this fellowship differently. Philosophy may have already notified their finalists, but that doesn't mean that those from other disciplines should give up. Last year, some departments did not notify finalists at all. Most notified much later than the beginning of February. I would wait to change the status until Mar. 2 or at least until we hear from finalists in a few more departments. YMMV.
  • (3/1) Just a warning: Don't try emailing the Office of Postdoc Affairs to ask about the status of your application, even if you have a legitimate reason (like another offer). They won't be able to give you any information. "Unfortunately, all applications are in the departments for review. Also, I am not privy to this information nor am I authorized to provide a status on your application." --> You could contact the department directly if you have another offer.
  • Any news? (3/9) Thx
  • 3/13: any news? Thanks and good luck to you all.
  • 3/26 Somebody seems to have deleted the latest updates. What I remember is that as of 3/26, no one had heard from French, Slavic or English...
  • 3/28 -- nothing yet for me (english)
  • 3/28--also nothing (cinema)
  • Any word from history? - nope, nothing yet (4/4)
  • 4/1--nothing yet for me (art history x2)
  • 4/3 Nothing yet for me either (French x2)
  • 4/4: offer received via email but will be declining. Congrats! May I ask what department? A: I think this is NOT accurate. Hang in there people.
  • 4/5: got anyone any rejection? No (4/6)
  • OK, any reason why we should think that this info isn't correct? Decisions were supposed to come mid-April, which is right about now...
  • Offer made by phone and then e-mail on 4/4, and will be accepting (music). So seems likely that the above comment about an offer on 4/4 is accurate.
  • Offer made on 4/4 over phone and declined. They aim to take 6 people total.
  • I heard they generally have a very long waitlist. Has anyone been notified of alternate status? (4/9)--Nope...
  • I called today and was told that they would NOT be notifying applicants they were rejected, and that offers had indeed been made. Grrr. They really could at least let folks know that they did *not* get it...
  • I am trying to think of something witty to say about their policy of non-rejection-rejection, but I think I spent all of the necessary energy doing the application for this position in the first place...
  • Thank you to the poster for calling. That's such bad form on USC's part, I don't even know what to say. Really, how long would it take to send a mass email, I wouldn't even care if it was addressed "Dear applicant"...
  • I'm sure that the person who called in accurately reported what they were told. But I'm not sure it is true. Let's just wait until they have finished notifying the recipients of the postdocs before we get too upset. (We know just from this board that two people have declined. And the date is so late that many people may have already accepted TT jobs by now.)
  • Apr. 11th - Philosophy spreads the word fast...see HERE
  • Anyone else now getting email ads from USC? Real classy, no rejection email, just use our emails for publicity...thanks...-----I got that too. Such garbage.

University of Southampton (UK) Positions in the Humanities -- [RE-ADVERTISED][]

  • 100 tenured positions for 'world leading' researchers in the Humanities
  • Established scholars or 'rising stars' with potential to bring funding and students to the university
    • Note: as discussed above for the Edinburgh Chancellor's Fellowships, these are hiring sweeps intended to (in part) boost the university's submission to an assessment exercise (REF) which will dictate the size of some of their funding for the next five or more years. The standard 'entry' for a tenured member of staff is four published items (published by ~Autumn 2013), ideally one or more books; these items cannot overlap in terms of content, and will be ranked by assessment of a jury of academics. The grades Southamptom are aiming for are 'nationally significant' or 'internationally significant' work - that is material in the top ranked journals for your discipline. The application form asks for evidence of 'post doctoral work'.AFII 08:58, February 8, 2012 (UTC)
      • (Should this go on the talk page?) I have heard (from more than one source) that the minimum viable submission for a new PhD is two rather than four publications. Although this probably varies by field and by university, and in any case in this job market search committees will probably be inundated by clearly superior applications. But a glimmer of hope nevertheless.
        • Hi there; the submission does not vary by university or discipline - it's standard across the UK, and it is defined as 'up to' four submissions. No one *has* to submit four, although if you submit fewer and do not have 'mitigating circumstance' it will devalue your submission. Mitigating circumstances include career breaks, maternity leave, and graduating after August 2009. However, no university *has* to submit mitigated applications, and there's no rule that says that 'two items' is the 'correct' submission for a new PhD. My experience is that with these sweeps they get enough full submission people, with books in hand, that they are unlikely to take a mitigated submission or a person who has material in potential or in press. Individual departments may, obviously, differ. AFII 12:46, February 8, 2012 (UTC)
          • I don't think we differ very much in substance, but you obviously have a better grip on the formal side of things. Thanks!
          • (There are *days* of my life I won't get back, dedicated to REF meetings, & it's still a mystery. I've put something up on the Talk Page too).
  • Deadline: 29 Feb. 2012
  • Did anyone else receive an email about being shortlisted for an interview, followed by another email -hours later- saying that there was a system error?
    • [8 Mar.] nothing here. How odd!
    • Nothing here, either. What a cruel system error.
  • Any news? [12 Mar]
  • Saw that they readvertised. Does anyone know if they are still looking through the applications for the one with the Feb 29 deadline? [18 Mar]
  • New Advert Here (same as old advert!), with new deadline of 1 June 2012 (although applications will apparently be considered 'on a rolling basis'; given that they want people 'in place' in Sept 2012 and many academics have a 3 month notice period, they're cutting it fine...) [18 Mar]
  • Yes, they are (I wonder if it means that they feel the applications they got during the round in Feb weren't good enough). The question is: just when are they going to interview? [19 Mar]
    • [20 Mar] I emailed on the 19th to ask what was happening. If I hear I'll let you know, but no response so far...
    • [2 Apr] No response to the email, so I called - HR say that if you have not heard and you applied by the Feb deadline, you have been rejected. You should not expect formal notification due to the number of applications :/
    • [4 Apr] Classy...
    • [16 May] Email rejection (Feb deadline)
    • [16 May] Email rejection -- applied 7 May (x2)
    • [14 June] Email rejection - applied 1st June deadline
  • [5 Jun] third dealine posted - ad put on the page for Next year's Hum & Soc Sci Post Doc page

University of Sussex (UK) - Postdoctoral Research Fellows (Bionetworking in Asia) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two research post-docs, one 2-year, one 3-year on the ERC sponsoered project 'Bionetworking in Asia'
  • "The post holders will conduct collaborative research and fieldwork in the project Bionetworking in Asia. The post holders will be in possession of a PhD in the social sciences with knowledge of the life sciences, or a PhD in the life sciences with knowledge/experience in the social sciences. S/he will be expected to show initiative and creativity in conducting research. S/he should have the ability to work independently, and a proven record of fieldwork experience and publications. East Asian language skills and research experience in East Asia are required"
  • Deadline: 1 Jun. 2012

University of St Andrews (Scot.) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 4 year postdoctoral research fellowship in late-modern European History
  • To contribute to the AHRC funded research project: "Heirs to the Throne in the constitutional Monarchies of Nineteenth-Century Europe (1815-1914)."
  • Deadline: 28 Oct. 2011
    • Interview date: 23 Nov. 2011

University of Sydney (Australia), Postdoctoral Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3 year postdoctoral fellowships in any field
  • To "allow outstanding researchers within 1-6 years of the award of their PhD to undertake research in any Department or School at the University of Sydney."
  • You need a sponsor at the university & endorsement from the head of department
  • NB: contacting a potential sponsor sooner rather than later is better, sponsors & heads may need short CVs & research proposals by early September at the latest.
  • Deadline (but see NB above!): 23 Sept. 2011

University of Sydney (Aus.) - Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Hist of Sci - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2 year research post-doc on the John Templeton Foundation funded project "New Agendas for the Study of Time: Connecting the Disciplines,"
  • "This particular Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PRF) will work on the history and philosophy of time, focussing on the way time is understood across a wide variety of disciplines, including economics, psychology, anthropology, cognitive science, and biology. "
    • Looking for those with a PhD in HPS or related subject.
  • Deadline: 1 Mar. 2012

University of Sydney (Australia) - Postdoctoral Research Fellows (History/Hist Med/Hist Sci) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 2x three-year research fellowships, with the possibility of renewal for two further years, in "the comparative or transnational history of racial thought and practice in settler societies of the Global South"
  • "...part of Professor Warwick Anderson's ARC Laureate Fellowship project 'Southern Racial Conceptions: Comparative Histories and Contemporary Legacies'...The historical research project will investigate how biological and anthropological sciences shaped what it meant to be human in the southern hemisphere during the 20th century-from skull measuring to early genomics. Through comparative study, we aim to reveal active and influential debates over racial difference conducted by scientists and anthropologists within the southern hemisphere, often distinct from those occurring in the North Atlantic. It is expected that each Postdoctoral Research Fellow will investigate specific and distinctive southern racial formations, networks, and influences. Research on non-Anglophone southern scientific networks and on Indigenous perspectives or impacts would be particularly appealing."
  • Deadline: 4 Dec. 2011

University of Texas at Austin - Black Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012-2013 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) Department and the John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies (WCAAAS) at The University of Texas at Austin are pleased to announce a one year postdoctoral fellowship in humanities and social science research pertaining to Black experiences. Scholars specializing in Africa, U.S.-based African American topics, and Black experiences in other parts of the globe (i.e. the African Diaspora) are encouraged to apply. The field of specialization is open. The fellowship is open to junior scholars who have received their Ph.D. no earlier than June 30, 2008 and no later than June 30, 2012. This appointment is for the 2012-2013 academic year (September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2013) and carries a stipend of $50,000 plus medical benefits. The Fellow is obligated to be in residence in Austin during the entire 2012-2013 academic year and will receive a moving allowance, research funds, shared office space, and logistical office support.
  • Depending upon the successful applicant’s field, efforts will be made to pair the scholar with an appropriate senior faculty mentor affiliated with AADS. The Fellow will pursue his/her own research, teach one undergraduate course in either the Fall or Spring semester in his/her area of specialty, give a public presentation, and submit a report on his/her activities at the end of the year to the WCAAAS Director
  • Completed applications must include:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Cover Letter
    • Short sample of scholarly writing (such as a manuscript chapter or article)
    • Project proposal
    • Three (3) letters of reference
  • Note: Project proposals should clearly discuss the applicant’s plans for the fellowship year, as well as his/her research. The proposal should not exceed five (5) double-spaced pages.
  • All applications must be submitted as e-documents to: The items should be submitted as a single PDF file in the order listed above. The name of the file must be the applicant’s name followed by the words “postdoc app” (e.g. John Doe Postdoc App.pdf). The subject line of the email should be the applicant’s name in all capital letters and “Postdoc Application.” For example, “JOHN DOE Postdoc Application.”
  • Three letters of reference should be sent from the recommenders directly to In the subject line of the email, the recommender should write the applicant’s name in all capital letters and “Recommendation.” For example, “JOHN DOE Recommendation.”
  • Alternatively, you may submit your entire application (CV, Cover Letter, Project Proposal, Writing Sample, and Letters of Reference) as ONE file using interfolio.
  • Questions regarding the Postdoctoral Fellowship can be directed to Frank Guridy, WCAAAS Director and Associate Professor of History and AADS:
  • Website:
  • Deadline: January 15, 2012
  • Any movement on this fellowship? Interviews, etc.? 2/29
  • Any news regarding this fellowship? 3/6
  • no news here, anyone else? 3/14 (x2)
  • Rejection email received 3/19

University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Historical Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

University of Texas at Austin: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in English - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Department of English, University of Texas at Austin: Post-Doctoral Fellowship ($48,000 a year plus benefits and $2,000 moving expenses). Field is open and strongest candidates will be appointed regardless of specialization. The successful candidate will demonstrate a compelling reason to engage in postdoctoral teaching and research at the University of Texas, such as a commitment to the teaching mission at a large public institution, or a scholarly orientation that will benefit from the University's distinguished archival collections. Annual Teaching Load: 1:1. One upper-division English course each semester. This position is subject to final funding approval.
  • To apply, please send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract, and brief description of current research agenda to Three letters of recommendation must be sent separately through Interfolio or a similar service. Deadline: December 15th 2011.
  • Has anyone heard anything here? (1/18) still nothing (1/22) still nothing (2/7)
  • Just curious if anyone has any information on this position; according to last year's wiki and timetable some sort of notices for additional materials should be going out. (2/6)
    • Received email notification of short list, request for writing sample (2/7) (x3 - also wanted to know if we'd accepted other offers)
    • Rejection email 2/14 (x2)
    • Any more news? (3/2)
    • Email request for writing sample stated that offers would be made mid-March
    • Have there been any updates since the e-mail request? (3/28) still waiting (3/29)X3(4/2) seriously no news??? anyone???(4/5)
    • Heard second hand that an offer has been made. (4/6)
    • done. got rejection so offer must have been made and accepted. (4/9 x2)
    • Offer accepted (4/9)

University of Texas at Austin: Jefferson Center - Religious Thought - CAMPUS VISITS COMPLETED[]

  • The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas at the University of Texas at Austin invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in religious thought, beginning August 2012. The appointment will be for one year with a possible renewal for a second year. The Thomas Jefferson Center is an interdisciplinary center for the teaching of the great books. Our academic program is a 6-course certificate program in Core Texts and Ideas, which introduces undergraduates to the major texts and ideas that have shaped the Western world, including courses in the history of literature, philosophy, political philosophy, and religion. The fellow will teach one course each semester, including one section of our introductory course “The Bible and its Interpreters,” which includes readings from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and discussions of them from more than one religious or philosophic tradition. The second course will be chosen by the fellow in consultation with the center.
  • Applicants should have a broad background in the interdisciplinary study of the great books. Their graduate studies may be in the field of religious studies, theology, intellectual history, medieval studies, political theory, or philosophy, with a concentration in Biblical, Christian, or Jewish thought. Applicants should have received their Ph.D. on or after August 1, 2005 or should complete it by August 1, 2012. They may not hold a tenured position elsewhere. The stipend is $37,500 plus benefits and the term of appointment is September 1, 2012-August 31, 2013.
  • To apply, please send one copy each of: a CV, a letter explaining research interests and plans, a statement of interest in teaching the great books in a multi-disciplinary setting, evidence of excellence in undergraduate teaching, and a research paper or other suitable evidence of scholarship. Three letters of reference, in envelopes signed over the seal, should be enclosed within the application or may be sent through a dossier service. Please also fill out and include an application form available at our website: All materials should be sent to: Post-Doctoral Search, The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas, 1 University Station, C4100, Austin, Texas 78712. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2012; any materials received after this date will not be accepted. Please address any questions to:
  • anyone heard anything? anything at all?
  • Looking at previous years' wikis on this one, I'm not particularly hopeful that prompt notification (good news or bad) will be a priority in this search. I hope I'm wrong.
  • In an e-mail exchange with the Center last week, I was informed that candidates were chosen for visits in late March (cannot confirm that they've been contacted, though my sense is that they have), but nothing was final yet. If they're like most places, they will not send rejections until someone accepts an offer.

University of Toronto - Faculty of Information - Postdoctoral researcher in Media, Communication, and Sensory Information Processing - DEADLINE PASSED[]

The Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto seeks to employ a postdoctoral researcher for a funded project within the Inclusive Design Institute. The successful applicant will play a key role in designing and conducting research on a funded project in Inclusive Design focused on sensory information processing. The project is a longitudinal study of the influence of tactile and haptic perception on information processing. Focusing on the communication challenges of persons diagnosed on the Autism spectrum (AS) the project will use a multi-method perspective to examine constraints of, and opportunities afforded by, touch input hand-held devices. The project is focused on expanding information theory by considering the roles that sensory systems and media technologies have on communication. In the project we will develop new and/or analyse existing datasets that combine data from interviews, observations, and experiments. Using this data the successful applicant will investigate behavioural and contextual effects of touch-mediated communication for individuals with AS related disabilities. The project will include collaborations with researchers in haptics labs in other Ontario universities, and with researchers considering social implications of information theory at the University of Toronto.

The successful candidate is expected to:

  • Collaborate with the lead researcher of the Media, Communication and Sensory Information Processing project, the principal investigator and other researchers within the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Cluster and the larger Inclusive Design Institute, as well as with other investigators at the University of Toronto and other institutions carrying out work related to autism and sensory information processing
  • Act as liaison and coordinator for the Media, Communication and Sensory Information Processing project
  • Publish and present the resulting research findings in leading academic journals, national and international conferences, as well as in public forums
  • Contribute to the generation of additional research funding from national and international funding agencies and other organizations
  • Develop and maintain close contacts with relevant organizations and professionals for the project
  • Participate actively in the Inclusive Design Research at the University of Toronto and relevant Canadian and international academic networks, associations and organizations
  • Assist in the daily management and administration of the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Lab


  • A PhD in a relevant area, in hand by the position start date
  • Strong skills in quantitative data analysis, and an interest in mixed-method research design
  • Proven track-record for successfully engaging in self-directed research
  • Prior work in or knowledge of information theory and/or disability studies is an asset
  • The working language is English
  • The successful applicant will be expected to be in residence in Toronto, Canada, for the duration of the postdoctoral appointment and be an active colleague within U of T as well as the IDI project. The salary for this position is competitive in the Canadian context, and is governed in part by SSHRC practices.

How to Apply:

  • Applications comprising a brief cover letter, CV, recent writing sample, and the names and contact information for three referees should be sent electronically to . Please use the subject line “Application: IDI Cluster – Sensory” when replying to this posting. The contract can begin as early as 1 September 2012; it is for a two-year term, with possibility of renewal.
  • Interviews will be conducted via phone or Skype. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled. The application deadline is Monday, April 23rd, 5PM EST.

University of Toronto - Jackman Humanities Inst. Mellon Postdoc - INTERVIEWS OFFERED[]

  • The Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto is pleased to announce Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities. Three Fellows will be selected for a two-year fellowship on the basis of accomplishment, promise of excellence, and relevance of their research to the 2012-13 theme, Food: Food is a basic human need. It shapes desires and yields many kinds of enjoyment. The humanities explore food from diverse perspectives seeing it both as an object produced and consumed and also as the means and symbol of our human relations. The diversity of what we eat (and don’t eat) and of how food is produced and shared shapes cultures, communities, nations, and empires. Refracted through literature, religion, and art, food is a central lens for exploring human history and the patterns of our interaction. Hunger, as an index of poverty and of environmental disaster, provides a reversed lens with which we can explore justice and ethics. How humans get what they eat, from near and far, is basic to ways of inhabiting places on the earth and relating to other species. From hunter-gatherers to communal gardens, feudal farming to agribusiness, food and the systems that provide it are matched by a diversity of the tables at which we eat--food for celebration, sustenance, display, competition, joy and sorrow.
  • Fellowships begin 1 July 2012. Eligibility: Ph.D. between 1 July 2009 and 30 May 2012. Apply at by December 1, 2011:
    1. userID registration
    2. online application form (click Funding, select Post-doctoral Fellowships)
    3. Uploads:
    a. 2-4 page letter of application explaining the link(s) between your research and the 2012-2013 theme, outlining the research to be undertaken during the fellowship
    b. full curriculum vitae
    c. published work, dissertation chapter, or work in progress (not to exceed 25-30 pages)
    d. 2-4 page statement of teaching interests including course proposals.
    4. Names and email addresses of three references (we will send an automatic reference letter request).
  • Only completed electronic applications submitted through the website will be considered (no paper, faxes, or email submissions please).
  • Has anyone heard anything on this one yet? Not yet...last years wiki suggests nothing happened until end of Jan (1/24)
    • My friend got an interview offer, yesterday I think (1/26) [x3]
    • Has anyone received a rejection letter on this? Yes--rejection letter received via email (5/7)

University of Toronto (Can.) - Petro Jacyk Post Doctoral Fellowship -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year research fellowship in "Ukrainian Politics, Culture, and Society"
  • "The successful candidate must have completed his/her PhD not more than three years prior to the start of the fellowship period and before taking up the Fellowship. There are no restrictions with respect to citizenship"
  • Deadline: 1 Mar 2012

University of Warwick (UK) - Research Fellow -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • two year research post-doctoral position to work on the ESRC funded project 'Migration, human capital and labour productivity: the international maritime labour market in Europe, C. 1650-1815'
  • "The successful candidate will assist Dr. Van Lottum with the statistical analysis of the data collected in the project, will be responsible for coding databases and linking spatial information using ArcGis software, and will help with the organisation of an international workshop."
  • "The successful post holder should have a PhD in History or Economics, or in any other relevant field in the Social Sciences. The candidate will need to evidence experience with quantitative methods, in particular with statistical analysis of large datasets. Experience of working with econometric and statistical software like EViews or Stata (or equivalent) is therefore essential; familiarity with ArcGis software is desirable"
  • Deadline: 16 Mar. 2012

University of Warwick & Queen Mary University, London (UK) - Research Fellows -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Eight 3-year 'strategic alliance' postdoctoral research fellows (four based at Warwick, four at QMU)
  • To work on one of the following projects:
    • Advances in Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
    • Ethnicity and Mental Health in Post-War Britain
    • Functional Molecular Materials for Energy and Sensor Applications
    • Renaissance Cultural Networks and Information Technologies, 1300-1800
  • PhD must be in hand.
  • Deadline: 11 May 2012
  • Any word on this one?

University of Warwick (UK) - Post-Docs in Art History[]

  • Two 2-year research fellowships in Art History
  • "You will complement and enhance the research profile of the department; the department would therefore be particularly interested in candidates working in the following areas: Italian art and architecture from the Middle Ages to the Baroque; British art and visual culture; aesthetics and the philosophy of art; modern and contemporary art and architecture. However, we welcome applications from candidates working in other fields of study"
  • Deadline: 26 Jun. 2012
    • Intend to interview: week starting 16 Jul. 2012

University of Washington - Seattle - Mellon Sawyer Post-doctoral Fellow - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year post-doctoral fellowship relating to the seminar “B/ordering Violence: Boundaries, Indigeneity and Gender in the Americas"
  • Seminar organised by Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS), the Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Sexuality (WISER), and the Simpson Center for the Humanities
  • "seminar will convoke a set of distinguished, internationally-recognized scholars whose work considers the complexities of external national borders in the Americas as well as the multiple internal borders that characterize the politics of belonging for diasporic and Indigenous communities in South, Central and North America. The seminar will also explore the dynamics of migration and the social and political implications of migration across the Americas."
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2012
  • Email confirmation that application materials were received, 2/21

University of Western Sydney (Aus.) - Career Development Fellow (Research) DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 2-year (possibility of extension to 4-year) research post-docs
  • "you must have recently completed a PhD qualification in Humanities, Arts or Social Sciences or a related discipline; and are required to submit a research and scholarly activity plan"
  • SHORT DEADLINE: 27 May. 2012

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mellon Postdoc - "Media" - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison Mellon Postdoctoral Program invites recent PhDs to apply for its three two-year postdoctoral fellowships. The theme for 2012-14 applicants is “Media: Cuneiform to Digital and Beyond.”
  • From discourse networks to print culture; from semiotics to graphic systems; from codex to video; from radio to radiography; and from data mining to the culture industry, the interdisciplinary humanities have produced a wide range of theories and histories of media. We invite applications for excellent, cutting-edge work focused on any media (verbal, visual, audial, kinetic); on any forms (oral, print, performance, digital); and on any media systems (local, global, private, mass market). We encourage both a long and broad view of media studies and welcome applications from researchers across the humanities and humanistic social sciences whose work reflects upon or has significant implications for ancient to contemporary conceptions of media and mediation in any region(s) of the world. We seek work that challenges disciplinary or methodological boundaries.
  • The stipend for this fellowship is $55,167 per academic year, plus additional monies for research, travel, and technology. Fellows will be affiliated with a department in the College of Letters & Science, as well as the Institute for Research in the Humanities and the Center for the Humanities. They will also teach one undergraduate course per semester.
  • See the website for additional information and application guidelines. Application materials are due no later than November 14, 2011. Questions: Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows Coordinator,
  • Did anyone else find the "send-as-one-pdf" requirement to be extremely obnoxious and cumbersome? (Yes!) As soon as I incorporated their "application form" with all its funky formatting into my document, it screwed up my formatting as well and made it near impossible to get my CV looking presentable. And the things we had to type out on the application form were all things that would be covered on a regular CV -- why oh why do postdoc evaluators insist on wasting job seekers' valuable time?? Meanies.
    • Totally agree about the annoying app form. I turned all my docs into separate pdf's and then merged them in acrobat so as to avoid the dreaded autoformat disasters I suspected Word to perpetrate. On top of that, it's the only such site I've dealt with yet that doesn't generate an automatic e-mail confirmation.
  • No word as of 12/14/2011 (x2)
  • No word as of 12/30/2011 - has anyone heard anything?
  • No word as of 1/3/2012 (x3)
    • I was told that they hope to start contacting people in February and March.
  • Does anyone know if this postdoc includes campus interviews as part of the decision making process?
  • No word as of 2/3/2012
  • Offer made by phone (to a friend of mine) (2/8/12)
    • If you don't mind sharing, which department made the offer?
    • No dept. It was a dean. (2/9)
    • Were all three offers made or just one? (2/10)
  • Email received that I'm on a list of alternates. Email specified that they plan to be making offers throughout the month to selected candidates (2/17/12) (x2)
  • Offer made on 2/8 accepted (3/15)

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Center for 21st Century Studies, Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2012-13 - OFFER MADE[]

  • One year postdoc relating to Center's Theme: "What should 21st Century Studies do?"
  • Applicants must have received their doctorates within five academic years previous to the year of award.
  • The Provost fellowship is designed to further broaden the academic networks of the group of faculty in residence at C21, and is thus unavailable to UW-Milwaukee and UW System faculty. The fellowship is awarded to support interdisciplinary research projects in the humanities, which include, but are not limited to, philosophy, history, literature, religious studies, and art history. Proposals employing humanistic approaches from the social and natural sciences and the arts are also welcome.
  • See the website for additional information and application instructions. Deadline: March 16th, 2012
  • Skype interview requested. (4/10) Set for next week. x5
  • Rejection after interview (4/19) by email.
  • Offer made (4/19)

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Health Innovation Communication PostDoc DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: May 18, 2012
  • The Department of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee seeks to hire a postdoctoral researcher (pending funding) to work on an NIH funded study entitled, “Assessing the efficacy of multidisciplinary CME credit-granting cancer care conferences: A mixed methods protocol.” This project is aimed at investigating the link between required continuing medical education and innovation adoption in multidisciplinary cancer care.
  • A PhD in hand by time of appointment is required. Degree must be in rhetorical studies, technical communication, science and technology studies (broadly conceived), or a related field.
  • $45,000/year plus benefits. A computer and office space will be provided. Start date: September 1st, 2012. The initial appointment is for one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.
  • See website for additional information and applicaiton instructions.

University of the Witwatersrand - Mellon Indian Ocean/Global South Postdoc 21 November - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (CISA) and the Mellon Chair in Indian Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand is looking for one postdoctoral fellow around the themes of the the Indian Ocean and Histories of the Global South. The Centre is interested in promoting interdisciplinary and comparative transnational work looking at the connected histories of colonialism, capital, labour, religion, as well as post-colonial ideologies and formations in Africa, Asia and South East Asia
  • The postdoctoral fellowship (for individuals who have obtained the PhD in the last 5 years) is tenable for one year and will be to the value of 144,000 Rand, in addition to airfare and medical insurance. Wits does not normally recruit its own doctoral graduates
  • Applicants should send a CV, 1500 word proposal and 3 letters of reference to before 21 November 2011
  • Don't be put off by the CISA website - it is being updated! For further information please contact Prof Isabel Hofmeyr or Prof Dilip Menon

University of York, UK - Anniversary Research Lectureships -- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: 22/03/2012
  • "To mark the occasion of York’s 50th anniversary, the University intends to create up to twenty new
    Research Lectureships, to be available competitively across the following Departments [I chose H&SS depts. only]:
  • Archaeology, Economics and Related Studies, Education, English and Related Literature, History, History of Art, Language and Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Social Policy and Social Work, Sociology, Theatre, Film and Television
  • Salary: £35,938 - £44,166 a year
  • Anniversary Research Lecturers will spend a three year period establishing a strong personal research profile, followed by a transfer to an established academic post, comprising teaching and research.

Valparaiso University - Lilly Fellows - SEMI-FINALISTS NOTIFIED[]

  • We offer three two-year residential postdoctoral teaching fellowships in the areas of Humanities and the Arts for 2012-2014 for scholars seriously considering academic vocations in church-related institutions. Ph.D, D.M.A., D.F.A., M.F.A., or equivalent terminal degree must have been received within 20 months up to and including August 2012. Fellows will teach seven courses over a two-year period; engage in scholarship or creative work; participate in a two-year colloquium; work with a VU faculty mentor; and interact with representatives from a national network of church-related institutions.
  • Faculty privileges; $45,000 stipend per year plus benefits, professional fund. For more information, visit or contact the Lilly Fellows Program at 219-464-5317.
  • Application deadline: November 1, 2011. EOA/AA
  • Rejection email Dec. 21, 2011. Just under 200 applicants. (x6)
  • Received email that I am a semi-finalist (x4). Will find out in early January whether I am a finalist. Five finalists will be chosen from the semifinalist pool and brought to campus. Anyone have any idea how many semifinalists there are?
  • Any updates on this? (March 10)

Vanderbilt University - Mellon Postdoc, "The Age of Emancipation: Black Freedom in the Atlantic World.” - FELLOWSHIP AWARDED[]

  • One year residential research postdoctoral fellowship for a scholar interested in participating in a broadly interdisciplinary seminar funded by the Mellon Foundation’s prestigious Sawyer Seminar program and entitled “The Age of Emancipation: Black Freedom in the Atlantic World.” The postdoctoral fellowship pays a stipend of $50,000 and offers additional benefits. The seminar is co-directed by Vanderbilt University faculty members Richard Blackett (history), Teresa Goddu (English), and Jane Landers (history).
  • Applications must be submitted by January 16, 2012. For more information, see our website:
    • Also posted at African American Studies 2012
    • Heard this has been awarded.
    • 3/9 - Yup. Just received a nice rejection letter. One more for the collection!

Villanova University - Arthur J. Ennis Postdoctoral Fellows- DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Villanova Center for Liberal Education seeks scholars in the Humanities to apply for the Arthur J. Ennis, OSA Post-doctoral Teaching Fellowship, starting in the Fall Semester 2012. This is a one-year fellowship renewable for up to three years.
  • Villanova is a Roman Catholic University sponsored by the Augustinian Order. An AA/EEO employer, Villanova seeks a diverse faculty committed to scholarship, service, and especially teaching, who understand, respect, and can contribute to the University’s mission and values.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: Ennis fellows teach three courses of the Augustine and Culture Seminar each semester, a two semester writing intensive interdisciplinary seminar program, required of all first year students. Each class is capped at sixteen students. The students are expected to write a minimum of thirty pages a semester. Fellows participate in the Center’s faculty development program as well as the Center’s lecture series. There are no other service requirements.
  • Applicants must apply on-line at All material must be received by April 21, 2012. Questions about the position can be directed to Dr. Marylu Hill, Director, Villanova Center for Liberal Education at
  • Minimum Qualifications: Candidates must have a Ph.D. in a Humanities discipline, a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching in the Humanities, and an interest in teaching the thought and influence of Augustine.
  • Statement of teaching philosophy and research interests, curriculum vitae, official graduate and undergraduate transcripts, three letters of recommendation, writing samples, and evidence of teaching effectiveness are required.
    • 5/23 - Any news on this?
    • 6/11 - Rejection letter received