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For more information and answers to some questions about timing, materials requests, application numbers and fields, offers, etc. see previous years' postdoc wikis at: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2011-12 and Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2010-11


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Aberystwyth University (UK;Wales) - Post-Doctoral researcher, Anglo-Norman Dictionary - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year post-doctoral researcher on AHRC-sponsored project "mainly to carry out two specific tasks: overhaul of usage and domain labels and the introduction of cross-references to relevant dictionaries"
  • Deadline: 10 Dec. 2012

ACLS New Faculty Fellows - AWARDEES NOTIFED[]

  • ACLS invites nominations from participating institutions for the fourth competition of the New Faculty Fellows program. The program, made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, was created to assist recent Ph.D.s in the humanities who are beginning their careers in an inhospitable job market. During the three previous competition cycles, from 2009-2010 to 2011-12, the program supported 146 New Faculty Fellows at 50 participating institutions.
  • Approximately 25 New Faculty Fellow awards will be made for appointments that will begin in fall 2013. New Faculty Fellows will serve two-year appointments at universities across the United States where their particular research and teaching expertise will augment current departmental offerings. The teaching load is three courses over two semesters of the academic year, the majority of which will be in the undergraduate curriculum. Additionally, mentors at the receiving institutions help integrate Fellows into their scholarly communities.
  • The New Faculty Fellows program has a two-stage application process: In the first stage, participating institutions may nominate a limited number of recent Ph.D. recipients from their institution for participation in the competition. (ACLS does not accept nominations either directly from recent Ph.D.s. or from non-participating institutions.)
  • Nominees must fulfill, furthermore, the following eligibility criteria:
  • Ph.D. in a humanities discipline or humanistic social science, which includes history, anthropology, and such areas as political theory, historical sociology, and economic history.
  • Ph.D. awarded between January 2011 and December 2012. A candidate's degree must have been conferred prior to December 31, 2012.
  • Candidates must be willing and able to relocate to take up offered positions.
  • There is no citizenship requirement.
  • Previously unsuccessful applicants may be nominated again if they still fulfill the eligibility requirements.
  • ACLS does not accept applications from candidates whose work is primarily creative (e.g. music composition or performance).
  • Ph.D.s who have already secured tenure-track positions are not eligible.
  • The deadline for nominations to be received by ACLS is October 5, 2012. Nominations consist of the following information: candidate’s name, department, Ph.D. conferral date, email address.
  • In the second stage of the application process, nominated candidates need to fill out an online application that is the equivalent of a job dossier, consisting of a completed application form, two-page cover letter, two-page curriculum vitae, twenty-five-page writing sample, and three reference letters. Further specifications and formatting instructions for all uploadable documents will be available through the application portal. Please note that applications not complying with any part of the guidelines will not be reviewed. Candidates will receive access to the online application via email sent by ACLS no later than October 11, 2012. Only applications submitted online by 9 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on October 24, 2012 will be considered.
    • NOTE: see 2011-12 updates on ACLS NFF Awards and ACLS NFF Offers for insights into the particular process of this fellowship.
    • 10/10 - rec'd email from ACLS with notification of nomination and link to upload application matls (x4)
    • 1/2 - rec'd email from ACLS with request for degree verification <--Great news! It sounds like you're still in the running for a fellowship. Thanks for letting the rest of us know. Looking at past Wikis, NFF awards were announced a few days after the deadline for degree confirmation. (1/7)
      • I was the OP above, so fwiw (and for posterity because it seems to be an open question every year): I was ABD at the time of application, graduated in December, got a request for degree verification in January, and was awarded a fellowship (1/22).
    • Did the request for degree confirmation have a deadline? - the deadline for degree verification was 1/10 (1/11)
    • [In previous years, fellowship award announcements have followed shortly after the requests for degree verification. Has anyone heard anything?]
    • wow... compared to past years, this thread is positively minimalist. The other thing that pops out is that they tend to send out their offer/rejections on Friday afternoons... fingers crossed. 
    • I have my fingers crossed, too, both for the fellowship and to find out today. Let's hope!
    • I just called the ACLS, and the person I spoke with said that the committee hasn't yet met, didn't know when it would, and gave no indication of when we will eventually be notified. (1/11)
    • Well... that makes today's nervousness and lack of productivity perfectly futile. a wag of the finger at the ACLS!(x2 for today's nervousness and lack of productivity)
    • D'oh! Thanks for calling ACLS, posting neighbor.
      • Where are the (many) updates that were posted within the past 24 hours? Erased? (1/11)
      • Edits that were erased have been restored. (1/11)
    • Were the degree verification requests only for ABD candidates? Or should those of us with degrees in hand also assume we're out of the running if we didn't get a request? <-- I think it's important to note that only one person posted they got a degree verification request (there's no extra "x"s next to it), so I wouldn't assume that this was a universal request already made to all selected ABDs, or one that excludes prior notification of non-ABDs. Also, someone was genereous enough to telephone and posted that the commmittee has not conclusively met/decided/notified yet.  
    • In response to the above note, it looks like in past years only people whose graduation paperwork had not yet gone through by the time they applied got requests for degree verification. Some awardees specifically mentioned that they did not receive a request for degree verification. <As an awardee with a PhD in hand when I applyed, I can confirm that I hadn't got any requests for degree verification. Just got the email saying I got the NFF.  
    • Has anyone else been notified?
      • To above poster asking "has anyone else been notified?" A: I applied this year, but I have not heard from ACLS as of 1-16-2013. Did you receive notification from ACLS? It seems odd that we would not all hear on the same day, but the wording of your question sounds as if you have. Thanks in advance for any clarification.
      • Not the above poster, but maybe s/he is referring to the degree verification request as being "notified"?
      • I am the above poster. I haven't heard anything from ACLS. My question referred to the person who wrote "Just got the email saying I got the NFF" (see the sentence posted before my question) <<- I am not the original poster, but I think that poster was referring to what happened last year... can't be sure though.<<--Yeah. I think that was meant to read something like "When I got the award last year, I only got the email saying I got the award. No prior request for degree verification." < Sorry about the confusion; Indeed, I was referring to what happened last year. Best of luck to you all!
    • Received rejection email (1/17) (x8) ~500 apps.
    • It's hard not to be disappointed. Best of luck to those who did receive the fellowship.
    • Having recently received an offer, this rejection almost feels welcome. No subterfuge necessary.
    • Placed on a "short list of alternates." Any idea how large this list is?
    • Notification of award. FWIW, I have empathy for those of you who didn't get this; I was in the same position last year. Honestly not much has changed on my CV: I was qualified then, but I'm no more qualified now, and yet I got lucky this go-round. 
    • I haven't heard anything either way-- anyone else in the same position? (1/17)
    • Webinar scheduling info received (1/24)
    • We go live today!  Good luck everyone. (2/5)
    • Yes, good luck to all indeed. And if any of you are willing to post when you start getting nibbles from schools, that'd be great. Curious what the timetable will be like for this. 
    • I've had a "nibble."  A very generously worded email asking if I'd be interested in the institution and outling what resources they have to offer (faculty, programs where I'd fit, etc.), and suggesting they'd be happy to talk with me further. (2/6)
      • In an unexpected turn of events, the expression of interest I noted above was withdrawn!  Inter-departmental squabbling, the apologetic email said.  In the meantime, a skype interview followed by a note committing to make an offer when the time comes, and a cold call to my cell to express interest and set up a more formal skype interview. (2/12)
    • Oh, congrats, how lovely! I haven't had anything so direct, but I did get 24 hits on my website yesterday divided among four hosting universities' IPs, so I can only assume it's ACLS-related poking-around. (2/7)
    • First contact, a nice email and Skype interview request. (2/11) x2
    • Three nibbles as of today (2/11)
    • First contact, via email.  Thank goodness!  I was getting antsy. (2/14)
    • Still haven't heard anything--anyone else in the same boat?
      • I've gotten one nibble, but am still a bit nervous that I haven't heard more. Still, looking at previous years' posts, it looks like a lot of places make cold offers, so I guess we have to keep that in mind.
    • Email contact. I think the schools must simply operate on different timetables, so fingers crossed we will all be swimming in offers March 11. (2/22)
    • Contact by and requests for interviews with several places today. (3/1). Hope everyone is getting a lot of attention, and that multiple offers will be forthcoming for all.
    • So, four of the five places that have contacted me have pushed me to tell them whether I'd be likely to accept an offer from them.  My sense is that they want to maximize their chances of getting a fellow by reaching out to someone else, if I'm unlikely to accept.  Has this been happening to you?  And do you have ideas about how to respond?  My inclination is to decline the places that I definitely wouldn't accept, but not to narrow it down too much - since it's not entirely clear which offers will materialize. (3/3)
      • One department asked me whether I was interested in being nominated to the dean's office, but didn't require me to say whether I would definitely accept an offer. I'm sure departments don't want to "waste" an offer, but that doesn't mean you should narrow your options. After all, the webinar made it clear that we should decline as early as we can--once we've received official offers. Also, indicating disinterest graciously would be pretty tricky (it could easily seem like you're saying "I would rather decline the ACLS NFF than come to your school"). (3/3)
      • I've had the same experience.  Four of the schools that I've talked with have closed with something along the lines of "Let us know whether you want us to nominate you."  I've been fortunate to have a few pretty strong expressions of interest from schools that I would love to be at, and I've told these other schools as much - while also being gracious about the chance to learn more about their department and making it clear that I have a lot of thinking to do to make my decision.  Two have said thanks for being frank and in that case we won't pursue your candidacy; and two haven't responded at all.  One of the big benefits of this process seems to me the fact that we are getting our name out there with people and departments we hope to come into contact again down the road.  At this point I'm hoping to introduce myself to as many people in my field as possible while also being straightforward with them about my situation. (3/3)
  • Has anyone started (informal) negotiations?  As in, "If I'm lucky enough to get an offer from your university, will you offer subsidized housing/dependent health care/private helicopter"? (3/6)
  • Today's the day. Good luck, everyone. Please do post when offers start coming in-- I'm sure it'd be helpful both for us and for future NFFs (if the program continues) to know when and how offers arrive, and whether any of them are "cold" offers.
    • 3/11 - One offer by phone with promise of official email soon from a school I was in touch with; three other offers by email from schools with whom I had Skype/phone interviews.  [3/12 update: a fifth offer by email from a school I had a Skype interview with.]
    • 3/11 - Formal offers (by email) so far from 3 of the schools I had previously talked with, and one cold offer (my degree is in English lit).  [3/13 update: seven so far, including another cold offer today that arrived by fedex.  So odd.  I have said no thanks to all but two.]
      • 4/1 - Ended up with 11 offers, including 3 cold offers (two of which were from top schools and very compelling).
    • 3/11- Two offers by email from schools I had been in touch with. Wondering what the timetable will be on this-- specifically, whether all schools will make offers to their first choices today, or if a few of them will take longer to issue offers. 
    • 3/11 -- Two offers by email and one "you will receive an offer soon" email, all from schools that had contacted me already.
    • 3/11 - Three offers by email, all from schools I have been in touch with. (Update: one cold offer as well, 3/13, and a request for an interview (!), 3/14)
    • 3/11 - One offer by email, one promise of an offer by email, both from schools I have been in touch with.
    • 3/11 - Two offers by email, both from schools with prior contact.  Two other schools said they lost the ACLS slot to another department, and one other school said they decided to make an offer to another ACLS candidate.
    • 03/12 - One cold offer, and three offers from schools I've been in touch with. 
  • A question: My one cold offer is somewhat harder to take seriously, since I've been gathering information and deliberating a lot about the schools that got in touch early.  Do you think cold offers indicate any less accommodation and enthusiasm than what we'll receive from the schools that wrote to us right away?  Or is the timing more likely due to different administrative procedures, and not indifference on the part of the department?
    • Same here - had it down to two places I'd talked to before the offer date, and was thrown off by a cold offer that is a place that would be really nice to be.  So I told most of the offers no thank you, and I'm going to use a little time now to get to know this new place.  I don't think it's a reflection of anything other than timing, though I do get the sense that for the schools - for obvious reasons - the process can be pretty self-interested.  And that they might not be as careful or deliberate as we are in the decision-making.  But that's not surprising, I don't think, and I've been fortunate to talk with some schools that have been really conscious of what factors I need to be paying attention to (what courses do I want to have taught when I go back on the market, etc.) and have tried to help me think about how they can help.
  • Started the process of writing rejection emails. So odd to be sending them for once, rather than receiving them.
  • 3/21: So is this it? Has anyone received any additional offers this week?
  • Fellows' names and affiliations posted: Looks like Columbia made a lot of offers this year.


  • ACLS invites applications for the third competition of the Public Fellows program. The program will place 20 recent Ph.D.s from the humanities and humanistic social sciences in two-year staff positions at partnering organizations in government and the nonprofit sector. Fellows will participate in the substantive work of these organizations and receive professional mentoring. The fellowship provides a stipend of $65,000 per year as well as individual health insurance.
  • This program, made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, aims to expand the role of doctoral education in the U.S. by demonstrating that the capacities developed in the advanced study of the humanities have wide application, both within and beyond the academy. Now in its third year, this innovative initiative allows talented humanities Ph.D.s to gain valuable, career-launching experience in areas such as arts management, development, communications, public administration, and digital media.
  • ACLS seeks applications from Ph.D.s who have received their degrees in the last three years and who aspire to careers in nonprofit administration and public service by choice rather than circumstance. Competitive applicants will have been successful in both academic and extra-academic experiences.
  • Applicants must: possess U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status*; have a Ph.D. in the humanities or humanistic social sciences conferred between January 2010 and the application deadline; and not have applied to any other ACLS fellowship programs in the 2012-2013 competition year, including the New Faculty Fellows program.
  • Prospective applicants should read through all the positions listed below and be ready to choose one when beginning the online application process. Applicants may apply to only one position. The deadline for submitted applications is Wednesday, March 27, 6pm EDT, and applications must include: (1) completed application form; (2) cover letter tailored to a specific position; (3) résumé (4) candidate’s personal statement; and (5) one nomination letter. Applications for these positions are accepted only through the ACLS Public Fellows program. Only complete applications, submitted through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application system ( by the deadline, will be considered.
  • Submitted applications will undergo ACLS’s standard rigorous peer-review process, which may include interviews by ACLS and by the hosting organization. Reviewers will look for: applicant’s academic accomplishment and success; demonstrated relationship between past experience and specified position; and commitment to the public and/or nonprofit sector.
  • Participating Agencies and Positions: for full list and LINKS, see:
  • Do not contact any of these organizations with questions (on the position, benefits, etc.). ACLS will field only questions about the fellowship program itself and not on the positions or the organizations. Please carefully review the program description, the positions, and the sample application before contacting ACLS. Questions about the fellowship program can be directed in writing to (no calls please).
  • Fellowship Details: Stipend: $65,000 per year, with health insurance coverage for the fellow. Tenure: Two years; start date in mid-July or early September 2013, depending on the position. Applications accepted only through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application system ( The system will open on January 24, 2013. Please do not contact any of the organizations directly. Application deadline: March 27, 2013. Notification of application status will occur by email starting May 2013.
  • Does anyone know how intense these guys are about having your phd in hand by the application date? Is it worth applying if I will defend in may and have degree in hand by summer?
  • - They're serious. You have to have the degree in hand by the application deadline (March 27).
  • Has anyone heard from any of the hiring organizations? Or does anyone know when they will be contacting people for interviews? (4/15)
    • No on both counts. (4/16)
    • Nothing yet. (4/20)x2
    • Got an e-mail from ACLS today informing me that I was named a finalist and that my materials were being forwarded to the partnering organization.  (4/25)
      • Since there are 20 different partnering organizations involved, would you be willing to share the name of the one you applied for? (4/26)
      • Last year's wiki suggested that they were contacting finalists, one partnering organization at a time. Do we have a sense that they are doing things differently this year? (4/26)
      • Sure. I applied for the Program Officer position with the Center for Global Education at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. I don't know if the process is any different from last year (didn't apply last year).  (4/26)
        • Thanks! 
    • Email rejection received. I'd applied for the ISEP Associate Director position. (4/26)
    • Haven't heard either way, no rejection, no notification - anyone else in the same boat? (4/30)
      • Also in the same boat. I applied to the L.A. Dept. of Cultural Affairs. (4/30) 
      • Same boat (Feminist Press -- Development Associate). (4/30)
      • ditto re no rejection & no notification -- applied to AAS (4/30)
    • Received an email inviting me to a first-stage preliminary interview with ACLS staff.  I applied to the Department of State. (5/2)
    • Email inviting preliminary interview with ACLS staff for the Digital Public Library of America position (5/7) x2
    • Rejection Email for Department of State (5/14)
      • If you happen to check back (or anyone in a similar situation), did you have a 1st stage preliminary interview?
      • Deadline for organizations to submit final preferences to ACLS is May 17th, with selections announced shortly thereafter.
        • Thanks.
      • Received an email inviting a first-stage preliminary interview with ACLS staff for Amnesty International track. [posted 5/15] x2
  • Received an email for a preliminary interview for LA Dept of Cultural Affairs [posted 5/18] x2
  • Has anyone heard anything after having a preliminary interview? (5/22)
    • No word yet.  I had my preliminary interview with ACLS on 5/8.  I asked about their timeline during the interview and was told that this process could theoretically take all summer, but that they hoped to know more by mid-May. (5/22)
    • I had a second interview with my host organization last week and was told they had to make a decision by 5/17 and that I would likely hear something from ACLS this week. No word yet. (5/22)
    • Had a skype interview with staff at the Digital Public Library of America on 5/17.
    • Rejection email (5/22) for Amnesty International position
    • Received an email that my application has passed the preliminary interview and will be forwarded on to the Department of State, but that I need to submit some revised materials by the end of the week. (5/22)
  • Accepted offer of HWS gig (5/24).
  • Congrats! Anyone else here anything? Any ideas as to when they will notify the new public fellows?
  • Anyone hear anything in regards to the position with the Feminist Press? (5/29)
  • Rejection email received for Digital Public Library of America (I had finalist interview) [posted 6/5]
  • Anyone hear anything in regards to the position with Amnesty International, or any other positions? (6/12)
  • I had an interview via skype with my host organization (LA Dept of Cultural Affairs) today.  I was told there might be a second interview, but they would determine a finalist by the end of June.  According to the interviewer, they are down to three candidates.
  • Rejection email received for U.S.Department of State/USAID--this was the first and only correspondence I received from ACLS (6/18).  Best of luck to the finalists!
  • I've been told that the final list of awardees is supposed to be posted in early July, so it sounds like things are wrapping up with the decision-making... (6/28)
  • 2013 Fellows Announced: (7/13)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scholars Program Fellowship - OFFER MADE[]

  • The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, an international learned society located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, invites applications for its Visiting Scholars Program. Preference will be given to untenured junior faculty. Qualified postdoctoral scholars are also invited to apply. Candidates who are completing scholarly manuscripts are especially welcome. The Academy seeks proposals that relate to American history, culture, and public policy from the founding period to the present.
  • Visiting Scholars are based in Cambridge and have the opportunity to participate in seminars and other Academy events.
  • Terms of Award: The stipend is $40,000 for postdoctoral scholars; $60,000 for junior faculty (not to exceed one half of salary).
  • For Further Information: Contact the Visiting Scholars Program, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 136 Irving Street, Cambridge MA 02138 ( Application information is available on the Academy's website (
  • DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15, 2012
    • Any word?
    • offer made. They said I was one of the first that was contacted. [posted 2/21 <---but when was the offer made exactly?]
    • Offer was made on 2/21
    • Any news on this? Did anyone get a rejection from these people? (3/29) All silence for me (3/29)
    • Rejection in the mail. (3/30)
    • I didn't hear anything from them one way or another (4/7)x2

Amherst College Copeland Fellows, "Catastrophe and the Catastrophic" - SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The 2013-2014 Amherst College Copeland Colloquium seeks four or five Fellows from varied disciplines to explore the theme of "Catastrophe and the Catastrophic." We hope to explore the social, cultural, and historical meaning of catastrophe and to examine the role and representation of catastrophe in religion, the visual arts, literature, law, and politics as well as understandings of catastrophe that emerge in the natural and physical sciences and in the study of the environment.
  • We are seeking applications from both senior and junior scholars from the various disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and natural or physical sciences including anthropologists, literary scholars, historians, sociologists, philosophers, legal scholars, environmental scientists, and others whose work illuminates, directly or indirectly, the role of catastrophe in art, literature, religion, law, science, and politics. We welcome candidates whose work examines the history of catastrophe and responses to it within multiple cultural, political, and religious contexts and legal, political, scientific, and humanitarian responses to catastrophe during times when the sudden, discontinuous, and disastrous event has become, perhaps paradoxically, a structural component of our political imagination.
  • Fellowships range from $30,000-$50,000, depending on rank and include a $2,500 allowance for professional travel and research support and additional support for moving expenses. Fellows are expected to be in residence from September to June. Fellows will be expected to participate in workshops and conferences organized to explore the theme of the Colloquium.
  • Interested individuals should submit to a cover letter, CV, statement of purpose describing their research interests and how they speak to the theme of the Colloquium, writing sample, and the names and e-mail addresses of three individuals to whom we may write to solicit recommendations by October 15, 2012.
    • 10/15 - request for letters (x2)
  • 10/30 - request for Skype interview
    • Has anyone else heard anything about this one? Other people with Skype interviews?
    • I'm told at the latest they'll make their decisions by end of December
    • 1/25 - rejection by email.

Arizona State University - Postdoctoral Fellowships, Comparative Global Borders - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Comparative Border Studies welcomes applications for yearlong research fellowships from scholars not affiliated with Arizona State University. We prefer applicants whose subjects fit into the annual theme for a given year; however, we will consider applicants whose work explores the consequences of borders from any time or place. The theme for 2013-2014 is Beyond North America: Global Borders.
  • A fellowship is offered at a minimum of $30,000 per year and will be awarded to scholars outside of ASU to be in-residence at the School of Transborder Studies on the ASU Tempe campus for the academic year (August-May) or for the fiscal year (July-June).
  • Scholars of all ranks are invited to apply. Applicants must have their Ph.D. in hand starting at the time of residence. Recipients will be required to present their work in a colloquium and attend the colloquia series throughout the year. Recipients will receive office space and ASU faculty privileges.
  • Eligibility: We invite applications from scholars in the social sciences and humanities not affiliated with Arizona State University. We expect scholars to be in the final stages of a work for publication.
  • Application: The fellowship application can be found at The submission deadline is January 18, 2013. Fellowship applicants must submit a two-page description of their project and a brief curriculum vita (no more than two pages).
  • Sometime at the end of January 2013, applicants who advance to the next round will be asked to submit written materials, such as an article and letters of recommendation. Final decisions will be announced by the end of February 2013.
  • For more information on the Comparative Border Studies fellowship, please visit or e-mail Comparative Border Studies at
  • Rejection via email 1/30
  • Rejection via email 2/27

Australian National University - Postdoctoral Fellow - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Five year post-doctoral position on the project “Informal Life Politics in the Remaking of Northeast Asia: From Cold War to Post-Cold War”.
  • Position dependent on funding decision
  • "The applicant should have a PhD in a relevant discipline. S/he will pursue both independent and team-based research consistent with the project, which focuses on “informal life politics”: local level grassroots movements in which individuals or groups act to protect their health or livelihood from threats seen as emanating from economic and environmental change, state action or the failures of state policy. The appointee will identify and research relevant case studies from Taiwan, and collaborate with other project members in cross-border analysis of informal life politics in the Northeast Asian region as a whole. S/he will work under the supervision of the Laureate Fellow, and also assist in project management, in supporting the work of other members of the research team and in supervising and mentoring postgraduate students. With other project team members s/he will communicate ideas and findings generated by the project to a wider audience though high quality publications and through project conferences and workshops."
  • "Applicants should submit a full CV, a statement addressing each of the selection criteria, a 3-page research proposal and three referees' reports due by the closing date"
  • Deadline: 24 Sept. 2012.

Bard Graduate Center - Mellon Foundation Post-graduate Fellowship: “Cultures of Conservation”  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Bard Graduate Center invites applications for one two-year post-graduate fellowship funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation designed to help bridge the gap between objects as studied by conservators and objects as studied by academics in the human sciences (Art History, History, Archaeology, Anthropology). The fellowship is part of “Cultures of Conservation,” an initiative designed to model a new graduate curriculum at the B.G.C. The five years of the grant (2012-17) will see the development of new courses, new seminars and new research and teaching positions all of which aim to bring the knowledge created by conservators into the intellectual apparatus of humanities graduate students and professors.
  • The Mellon Fellowship will be awarded to a scholar wishing to pair on a project with a conservator or conservation scientist in the New York area. Candidates will be judged on the merits and scope of the proposed research. Fellows must have at least a Master’s degree, and preference will be given to emerging scholars. The Fellow will teach at least one course in the second year of the fellowship on his or her project together with the partnering conservator or conservation scientist. Fellows will receive an office, salary of $40,000 and free accommodation in midtown Manhattan. The conservator or conservation scientist will receive $10,000 for their full participation in this project. Appointment will be as of 1 July 2013 and will continue through 30 June 2015.
  • The BGC is a graduate research institute committed to studying the cultural history of the material world, drawing on methodologies and approaches from art and design history, economic and cultural history, history of technology, philosophy, anthropology, and archaeology. For additional information about the BGC, see
  • Applications should include from (a) the prospective fellow: a cover letter, curriculum vitae, project description, sample publication (SASE), and a list of three references; from (b) the collaborating conservator or conservation scientist: a curriculum vitae and a letter indicating their willingness and ability to participate in the project, including the teaching component, and an assessment of the feasibility and desirability of the conservation project. All these materials should be gathered together and sent by 5 January 2013 to Dean Elena Pinto Simon/Mellon Fellowship Search Committee, Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture, 38 W. 86th Street, New York, NY 10024. No electronic applications. The BGC is an AA/EOE employer.

Berlin Centre for the History of Knowledge (Ger.) - 8 Postdoctoral Fellows - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Eight three-year Postdoctoral Fellowships in the History of Knowledge
  • The Berlin Centre for the History of Knowledge is a joint enterprise "between the Freie Universität Berlin, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Technische Universität and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science"
  • "postdoctoral fellows...will: actively work towards the establishment of the Berlin Center for the History of Knowledge; cooperate with the partner institutions in the areas of research and teaching to entrench the history of science in Berlin; and contribute their reflections on the relationships between the histories of knowledge and science."
  • "The announcement is intended for promising junior scholars with a record of excellent research in the history of knowledge. Candidates must hold a doctorate at the start of the fellowship. Proposed research topics should demonstrate an interest in theoretical questions and straddle the histories of knowledge and science. Examples might include the relationship of practical to scholarly knowledge, narrative knowledge, the visualization of knowledge, the history of interdisciplinary work or the penetration of science into daily life (and the reverse)"
  • Deadline: 15 Apr. 2013

Bowdoin College - Post-Doctoral Fellow, Digital & Computational Studies, Fall 2013, Humanities Emphasis - POSITION FILLED[]

  • Bowdoin College, in support of its Digital and Computational Studies Initiative, invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellow position in the humanities starting Fall 2013. The appointment will be for two years with the possibility of renewal for one additional year. The ideal candidate could come from any humanities discipline but must have a commitment to using digital and/or computational methodologies in their scholarship or artistic creation, and instruction. Responsibilities will include (1) assisting in the creation of new courses that introduce students to multi-disciplinary approaches to digital and computational studies, (2) offering courses in his or her own discipline or area of specialization, and (3) helping to craft and launch the new program in digital and computational studies. The first digital and computational studies course to be offered in Fall 2013—with the Post-Doctoral Fellow’s assistance—will be Gateway to the Digital Humanities, to be team taught by Pamela Fletcher in Art History and Eric Chown in Computer Science.
  • The rising importance of digital and computational methods is transforming higher education and, in particular, the traditional view of the liberal arts. The liberal arts, broadly speaking, also have the power—perhaps the responsibility—to participate in and shape the development, use, and interpretative capabilities of these tools. Bowdoin’s Digital and Computational Studies Initiative invites faculty from across the College to work together to integrate new technologies and forms of creative expression and knowledge production into our curriculum and our scholarship. The new Post-Doctoral Fellow will be both a resource and a catalyst for these efforts. More information on the Digital and Computational Studies Initiative will be found at our website:
  • Bowdoin values a strong commitment to research and a promise of successful scholarly engagement as well as a dedication to teaching excellence in a liberal arts environment. The teaching load will consist of one course each semester in addition to assisting with the introductory digital and computational studies course. Ph.D. preferred, but the quality of the applicant is more important than the extent of his or her credentials.
  • Bowdoin College accepts only electronic submissions. Applications should consist of a completed application profile, cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of research and/or professional activity plans, statement on teaching philosophy, and the names of three references who have agreed to provide letters of recommendation. Please visit to apply. Review of applications will begin Monday, April 8, 2013, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Founded in 1794 on the Maine coast, Bowdoin is one of the oldest and most selective coeducational, residential liberal arts colleges in the country. Bowdoin’s reputation rests on the excellence of its faculty and students, its intimate size, strong sense of community, commitment to diversity (30% students of color, 4% international students and approximately 15% first generation college students), and treasured links with the people, history, and natural beauty of Maine. Bowdoin College is committed to equality and is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage inquiries from candidates who will enrich and contribute to the cultural and ethnic diversity of our college. Bowdoin College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, color, religion, marital status, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, or disability status in employment or in our education programs. Bowdoin College offers strong support for faculty research and teaching. For further information about the College and Midcoast Maine please see our website at
  • Has anyone who applied to this heard anything? (5/22)
    • Nothing here. (5/22) (x2)
    • This position was filled by a colleague in June. (7/9)

Brandeis University - Florence Levy Kay Fellowship in Film and the Digital Humanities - CAMPUS VISIT SCHEDULED[]

  • from the MLA JIL: Interfolio link:
  • Florence Levy Kay Fellowship in Film and the Digital Humanities: Brandeis University invites applications for a two-year, non-renewable Florence Levy Kay Fellowship in Film and the Digital Humanities, beginning Fall 2013. This interdisciplinary appointment will be shared between the Department of English and Film, Television and Interactive Media. The Fellow, who will be appointed as a faculty member at the rank of lecturer, will actively pursue his or her own research interests and teach one course per semester. Ph.D. must be in hand by September 2013. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in film and any of the following fields as they relate to the digital humanities: (i) the history of consciousness; (ii) print culture and the history of the book; (iii) globalization; (iv) the construction of class, racial, sexual, and gender identities.
  • The position, which is benefits eligible, has a salary of $55,903 for the 2013-14 academic year and includes a research fund of $4000/year.
  • Applications will be accepted electronically through Interfolio at the above link. Please include letter of interest addressed to Paul Morrison, Search Chair, CV, brief description of research project, and three letters of recommendation. Brandeis University is an equal opportunity employer, committed to building a culturally diverse intellectual community, and strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.
  • Applications must be received by Thursday, November 1, 2012.
  • Also posted at New Media and Digital Humanities 2013
  • Email request for writing sample (November 29) (X3)
  • MLA Interview scheduled by phone (12/17)
  • Q: Any word here (timeline at MLA was for mid-to-late-January contact)?
    • I'm also still waiting to hear.  After the interview I was told the timeline was 7-10 days…
  • Invitation for Campus Visit received by email (1/27)

Brandeis University - Mellon Seminar Postdoctoral Fellow in Caribbean Age of Revolution - PRIORITY DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Brandeis University invites applications for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship. We seek a scholar of the Caribbean in the age of revolution, preferably with an emphasis on Haiti. The successful candidate will take a central role in the University’s 2013-2014 Sawyer Seminar, “Rethinking the Age of Revolution: Rights, Representation, and the Global Imaginary.” Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and directed by Professors Jane Kamensky (History) and Susan S. Lanser (Comparative Literature), this faculty seminar will explore the American, French, and Haitian revolutions in transnational and interdisciplinary terms. The fellow will receive a stipend of $52,000 and a research fund of $3000 and is eligible for University health and dental insurance.
  • Please send letter of application, curriculum vitae, a research statement of no more than 1500 words, and three letters of recommendation to . Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2012. Ph.D. should be in hand by the commencement of the fellowship and preferably received within the past six years. Brandeis University is an equal opportunity employer, committed to building a culturally diverse intellectual community, and strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.

British Museum (UK) - Postdoctoral Researcher - SHORTLISTING[]

  • Three 4-year research post-doctoral position on the project "Religious imagery and material culture c.200 to 800 CE"
  • Appointees will "carry out research on different aspects of religious imagery and material culture, and their political and social contexts, in the time period c.200 to 800 CE, in one or more religious traditions and polities from the Mediterranean to South Asia. This research will support the broad objectives of the Leverhulme Trust funded Empires of Faith research programme which is a unique research programme bringing together the British Museum with Wolfson College in the University of Oxford to understand the creation of religious iconographies and their relationships with state formation within this context"
  • "You will be educated to doctoral level or equivalent in a subject relevant to the role, for example Archaeology or Art History, with focus on religious traditions, cultures and polities from the Mediterranean to South Asia or alternatively in a related subject that can inform the study of religious and political imagery c.200 to 800 CE. You will have experience or demonstrable knowledge of material culture and/or academic perspectives that can inform the study of appropriate material and/or visual culture. Excellent teamwork and communication skills are essential for this role, as well as previous experience working on a research project as a Research Assistant."
  • Deadline: 10 Dec. 2012
    • Interviews likely to take place in Oxford on 21 & 22 Feb. 2013.
    • Any word on this?  The automatic email upon application submission said responses might take "up to 6 weeks"... (1/31)
    • Request for written materials and invitation to interview (6 Feb)
    • 14/03/2013 - Rejection received by email.  Apparently, I wasn't shortlisted because candidates with more suitable skills and experience were.  Imagine that.

Brown University - Cogut Center -Modern Arab Culture and Society - OFFER MADE[]

  • 2 yr. appointment
  • Deadline:  "Applications received by January 15, 2013 will receive full consideration, but the search will remain open until the position is closed or filled."
    • updates?
    • I have heard nothing since sending in my application (2/13)
    • A friend just received a message this afternoon (2/15) that they hope to have word the first week of March.
    • Offer made (3/6)

Brown University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - “Crime and the City” - OFFER MADE AND ACCEPTED[]

  • The Urban Studies Program of Brown University seeks applications for a two-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship beginning in September 2013 in the area of “Crime and the City.” We welcome applicants from all fields at the intersection of the Humanities and Social Sciences (e.g., History, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, Urban Studies, American Studies, Law and Society). The successful candidate will be able to bridge disciplines and analyze the discursive, ideological, and historical dimensions of crime, transgression, disorder, deviance, gangs, delinquency, policing, punishment, incarceration, and related subjects in a specifically urban context. Expertise in the urban, racial, ethnic, and other social connotations of crime and punishment is desirable. Applicants must have Ph.D. in hand by 1 July 2013. The degree must have been received within the previous five years, and must have been awarded from an institution other than Brown University. The successful applicant will teach one undergraduate course per semester on “Crime and the City” in the interdisciplinary Urban Studies Program and must be willing and able to participate in the weekly humanities fellows seminar and other activities of the Cogut Center for the Humanities as appropriate to his/her scholarship. The Cogut Center provides a stimulating scholarly environment in which to pursue research, develop new interdisciplinary connections, and network with others in the Humanities. The Urban Studies Program provides a congenial setting in which to pursue research in both social science and humanities, teach talented and engaged students, and participate in the broader Brown and Providence communities. Fellows receive stipends of $52,000 and $54,080 in their 1st and 2nd years, respectively, plus standard fellows' benefits and a $2,000 per year research budget.
  • Applications should include (1) a cover letter describing research completed and planned, (2) a curriculum vitae, (3) a teaching statement including ideas for courses on “Crime and the City”; and (4) the names, positions, and email addresses of three references who can write letters of recommendation. Applicants should submit their materials to
  • Review of applications will begin February 1, 2013.
  • Applied x3? 
  • Did anyone receive confirmation that your materials were received? or any other communication from the dept? (2/25)
  • Nothing here, but Interfolio confirms it was sent...will they contact us if they want letters, or just contact our references directly? Has anyone had references contacted?
  • Interviews were held this past week (3/23)
  • Received (unsurprising) nice and informative rejection after interview, 5/17, stating I was one of three finalists out of 70 candidates, informed me of the person they chose to hire who accepted. Person seemed like a better fit than me (more urban studies background). Was just about to email them to formally withdraw having accepted another postdoc...

Brown University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Multilingual Literatures of Early England - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Brown University invites applications for a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Multilingual Literatures of Early England, with expertise in Old English and at least one other early medieval language used in the North Atlantic, such as Latin, Welsh, or Old Norse. This position is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to be held jointly at the Cogut Center for the Humanities and the Department of English, in conjunction with the Program in Medieval Studies, effective July 1, 2013. Our goal is to appoint an exceptional scholar of multilingual literatures of pre-twelfth-century England whose research is informed by the cultural and theoretical issues of multilingualism and by linguistic expertise in Old English, plus at least one other early North Atlantic language. We look favorably on those who can teach History of the English Language as well. The successful candidate will teach two courses per year in the Department of English cross-listed with courses in the Cogut Center and the Program in Medieval Studies. The Fellow will also be affiliated with the Cogut Center and is expected to participate in the seminars, lectures, conferences, and other research activities of the Center. Applicants must have received a Ph.D. from an institution other than Brown in 2008 or later. Fellows will receive stipends of $52,000 and $54,080 in the first and second years, respectively, plus benefits and an annual research budget of $2,000.
  • Candidates should apply online at and upload a letter of application, curriculum vitae, writing sample, two sample course descriptions, and three letters of recommendation. (All documents must be in PDF format.) Applications will be reviewed beginning February 15, 2013 and accepted until the position is filled. Brown University is an EEO/AA employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
  • Also posted at Medieval 2013

Brown University - Pembroke Center Postdocs, "Socialism and Post-Socialism"  - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • In 2013-14, the Pembroke Center is awarding one-year residential postdoctoral fellowships to scholars from any field whose research relates to the theme of Socialism and Post-Socialism. Fellows are required to participate in a weekly research seminar and teach one undergraduate course.
  • Candidates are selected on the basis of their scholarly potential and the relevance of their work to the research theme. Recipients must have a PhD and may not hold a tenured position. Fellowships are awarded to postdoctoral scholars who received their degrees from institutions other than Brown University. Brown University is an EEO/AA employer. The Center strongly encourages underrepresented minority scholars to apply.
  • The term of appointment is July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. The stipend is $50,000, plus a supplement for health insurance.
  • For a full description of the postdoctoral fellowship see Apply online at The deadline for receipt of applications is December 7, 2012. Selections will be announced in March.
    • The last couple of years they've notified some candiates by this time for writing samples. Has anyone heard anything?
    • Does anyone know whether they would perform any forms of interview before making decision, phone\campus in the last two years? (1/12/2013)
    • Heard nothing as of 12/26/12
    • Not sure why the update was erased, but request for writing samples was received 1/11/13 (+1, yeah, the erasing is strange.) (+1 - any idea how many are shortlisted?)
      • These are the posts that were deleted (probably accidentally - please use "PREVIEW" when editing!):
        • Haven't heard - but they say "award date - March 2013"
        • Request for writing sample 1/11/13 (x4)
    • Any idea of how long it'll take them to make a final decision? Also, any idea of how many finalists there are?
      • Was told today that the committee won't meet until Feb. 20th to make its final decision. Also, there were about app. 150 applications which were narrowed to around 25-30.
      • Has anyone heard anything from the committee? Today is their decision making day.
    • Are we to assume that we are no longer being considered if we did not receive a request for a writing sample? (1/29)
      • If I had to guess, I'd say it's safe to assume that if you didn't get a request for a writing sample then you're no longer under consideration. (This comment is not intended snarkily.)
    • I posted the original 2/20 date, but after calling the Pembroke Center today (2/21), I learned that the decision making meeting has been pushed back to the end of next week. Not sure when the actual announcements will go out...
    • The shortlist seems a very long one. 25-30 people!
    • Any words from the search committee? It is such a long and torturing process of waiting in the darkness!
    • offer made (3/1), by phone.
    • Congrats! Did they call you or email you to make their offer? Thank you!
    • Does anyone know if all 25-30 shortlisted people were asked for writing samples? I've decided to torture myself by wondering if I possibly made it to the short list before getting rejected (I was not asked for a writing sample).
      • Why don't you email the Pembroke Center and ask them if you were shortlisted?
    • Do we know if all three offers have been accepted? I assume so, but I was selected as an alternate, so it would be nice to know for sure. (x2: also, does anyone know how many alternates there are?)
      • I emailed the Center - as of this week, all 3 offers have been accepted (4/18).

Brown University - Public Humanities, Post-doctoral Research Associate []

  • The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage at Brown University invites applications for a postdoctoral research associate in public humanities for the academic year 2013-14. While the nature of an applicant’s specific interests and areas of expertise are left open, these should be complementary to the present makeup of the Center.  Areas of interest: documentary studies, community memory, digital public humanities, cultural heritage, cultural policy, informal education, public art, and historic preservation. More information about the Center for Public Humanities is available at
  • Applicants must normally have received their Ph.D. from an institution other than Brown within the last five years and have expertise and experience working in the public humanities, and an interest in working with students in an interdisciplinary and public context. In addition to pursuing his or her own projects, the successful candidate will be expected to teach one course per semester, and participate actively in the ongoing development of the Center, via organization of reading or working groups or community projects that extend or develop new university-community connections. This will be a one-year position, beginning August 1, or August 15, 2013, with possibility of extension to a second year.  Annual (12 month) salary is $45,000 plus benefits.
  • For full consideration, candidates should submit a cv, 2-3 page statement of interests, and potential syllabus via no later than June 15, 2013.  The search will remain open until the position is closed or filled.
  • Also posted at New Media & Digital Humanities 2013

Brown University - Religious Studies (International Humanities) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Brown University's Deparmtent of Religious Studies invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in the area of "Religion, Secularization, and the International." The fellow will collaborate closely with the Religion and Internationalism Project. We welcome applicants from across the humanities and social sciences, provided they have a strong background in the academic study of religion. We are particularly interested in candidates with critical and historical perspectives on the construction of domains such as "the religious," "the secular," and "the political" as well as on the formation of international political regimes. The fellow is expected to pursue research and publications and is required to teach one course each semester. The fellow is also required to participate in the academic life of the department as well as in the Fellows' Seminar of the Cogut Center for the Humanities. The fellowship is offered through the Cogut Center for the Humanities and its Postdoctoral Fellowships in International Humanities. Fellows receive stipends of $52,000 and $54,080 in their first and second years, respectively, plus standard fellows' benefits and a $2,000 per year research budget. Applicants must have received a Ph.D. from an institution other than Brown within the last five years. The appointment will begin July 1, 2013.
  • A letter of interest (including a research statement), a statement of proposed courses, a curriculum vitae, a brief writing sample, and three letters of recommendation should be submitted online at
  • Review of applications will begin on February 15, 2013. Please send general inquiries to Nicole Vadnais, Academic Department Manager ( Brown is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply.
  • Originally posted on AAR job website
  • Q: Any word? (4/15)
  • nothing yet 18/4 (x4)
  • I have emailed Nicole Vadnais several times in an attempt to figure out where they are in the process, but no response.  I assume that means they have chosen someone but haven't contacted anyone yet.
  • It would be nice to hear back...this is taking too much time. My sense is that they have given out an offer and are now waiting to hear back before sending out rejections.
  • Email rejection (4/18 x2): "Thank you for your inquiry about the postdoc. I apologize for taking such a long time to respond, but we were in the midst of the final stages of the search. This has been a particularly difficult process, with a remarkable number of excellent applicants. We wish we could bring many of you to Brown. Unfortunately, we have decided to move ahead with another candidate. I will to write again more formally soon, but I did not want to delay my response any longer."  Nice of them to respond finally!

Brown University - Ruth J. Simmons Post-Doctoral Fellow in Slavery and Justice - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University invites applications for a one-year position (2013-2014) as the Ruth J. Simmons Post-Doctoral Fellow in Slavery and Justice. The Center is devoted to interdisciplinary scholarly research, with a public education mission. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in any humanities or social science discipline (or will obtain a Ph.D. by June 2013) and work on questions concerning the historical formations of slavery in global or comparative terms; issues concerning contemporary forms of indentured servitude; or philosophical, historical, and theoretical questions concerning slavery and justice. Applicants working on questions of gender, public history, and memory are welcome. The successful applicant would be expected to offer one course in a department to be agreed upon at the time of hire. He/she will be expected to be a regular participant in the Fellows seminar at the Cogut Center for the Humanities. The fellowship stipend will be $45,000- $50,000.
  • Applicants should apply online at:
  • Please include a current CV, a writing sample and three letters of reference.
  • Search Opens December 15. Deadline is February 15, 2013.

Caltech/Huntington Fellow in Materialities, Texts and Images - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • The Research Division of the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens (The Huntington) and the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) invite applications for a one-year fellowship under their new joint research program, Materialities, Texts and Images (MTI), a description of which is available at: The position is open to post-doctoral scholars and faculty without tenure and is tenable from September 1, 2013. Fellows are expected to conduct their own research at Caltech and at The Huntington; to participate in the MTI program’s events; and to organize a two-day workshop on a topic of their choice relevant to the MTI program.
  • Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, vita, a two-page description of their research project, a plan of their proposed workshop, as well as three letters of recommendation by email to: or mailed to: MTI Fellow Search, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, MC 228-77, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125. Application deadline is February 15, 2013.
    • Does anyone know whether current, soon-to-file graduate students are eligible to apply?
  • Ackn. recceived 2/18
  • Has anyone heard? I've heard absolutely zero since I got the above acknowledgement.
  • Notification of shortlisting last week - 4 shortlisted candidates in total. *Decision to be announced (hopefully) by Friday 5th April. [posted 4/2]
  • Offers made (2) and accepted. [posted 4/10]

 Carnegie Mellon University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities, 2013-15 - POSITIONS FILLED[]

  • Carnegie Mellon University, with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is pleased to accept applications for two A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years. These fellowships are designed to foster the academic careers of scholars who have recently received their Ph.D. degrees by permitting them to pursue their research while gaining mentored experience as teachers and members of the academic department (English, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy) in which they will be housed.
  • The Department of English is interested in candidates whose research specialty is in rhetoric or in literary and cultural studies as it intersects with one or more of the following fields of study: race; new media, digital humanities; intercultural communication, globalization; and medieval and early modern England. APPLY to English
  • The Department of Modern Languages seeks a candidate in one of the following areas: second language acquisition, cultural dimensions of language acquisition, sociolinguistics, literary and cultural studies, preferably with an interdisciplinary concern with language or linguistics. Candidates should have native or near-native proficiency in one or more of the languages offered in the Department (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish). APPLY to Mod. Langs.
  • The Department of Philosophy seeks a candidate doing careful analytic research on any philosophically motivated topic. We will give particular attention to applicants specializing in Normative Ethics or Political Philosophy. Candidates with non-philosophical degrees are welcome to apply APPLY to Philosophy
  • The Department of History seeks an American historian of the environment or of public policy. APPLY to History
  • Fellows will teach two courses in their home department in each year of their residency. They will have the opportunity to teach in their existing areas of expertise to prepare themselves for a competitive academic job market. Fellows will be encouraged to take part in the many cross-departmental colloquia, conferences, or seminars through the university's Humanities Center, the Center for the Arts in Society, and the undergraduate Humanities Scholars Program.
  • A 2013-2015 Fellow will receive an annual stipend of $50,000 plus benefits, an annual research allowance of $2,500, and three summer months salary for the two-year fellowship.
  • Application and selection process: Applicants for the 2013-2015 fellowships must have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than January 1, 2011. Candidates who do not yet hold a Ph.D. but expect to by June 30, 2013 should supply a letter from their home institution corroborating such a schedule.
  • Applications for the 2013-2015 fellowships must be received by November 1, 2012. Incomplete dossiers will not be reviewed. Candidates should submit a cover letter, CV, personal statement (of no longer than 2000 words) outlining their complete research (including dissertation), work in progress, professional goals and plans for publication, proposed major field(s) of teaching, and the Carnegie Mellon department in which you would want to be based.
  • Fellowship applications will be reviewed by the relevant departments. Strong applicants will be contacted and asked to provide three letters of recommendation and a writing sample.
    • THE WORST online application portal I have ever seen, ever. It makes me yearn for AJO. Really, the portal is a tremendous waste of time, and the preset fields they have don't allow for half of the answers I'd give. Save some time for this one. It sucks. [posted 10/27]
    • Anyone requests for recs (12/18)? - I haven't heard anything - you? (12/20) Silence here (English, 12/21)
      • nuthin from history.
      • a continuing eerie silence from English
      • nothing from Modern Languages. (x2)
      • Last year indicated they didn't request more materials until 1/20
      • I wrote to English, and they said they hope to be able to notify candidates about their status by mid-Feb (response received 1/20) - bless you sir or madame.
      • Does it mean that they would request additional materials by mid February?
      • Modern Langauges (from the chair's e-mail) will be still working on their applications through March.
      • Still all quiet on the English front (3/12). Anyone else? Nothing from History, either (3/12), nothing from Modern Languages (3/17) (x2) nothing from English, 3/22
      • Received Faculty Applicant Invitation to Self-Identify, 3/21 (English)
      • Which department?
      • What is an 'Invitation to Self-Identify'? Since I didn't get one, am I out of contention? (3/25)
      • The positions in Modern Langauges and English have been filled. The letters of rejections will be arriving this week.
      • Rejection letter received from English via email (4/3)
      • Rejection letter from Modern Languages via snail mail (4/4) saying the position has been filled.
      • History? Nothing here. (4/9)  It looks like they are only offering two positions, which means not each of the four departments will get somebody this year. If they've already filled English and Modern Languages, my guess is that we are out of luck. (4/21)
        • Ahhh, that makes total sense. Still, it would be nice if they'd condescend to actually reject us. But I suppose that's asking quite a lot from very busy, very important people.

Carnegie-Mellon University - Residential Fellowships in the Humanities, 2013-2014  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Humanities Center at Carnegie Mellon University is offering a residential fellowship, junior or senior, as part of its yearlong program, “Humanities and the Global University.” Candidates for the junior fellowship must have the PhD in hand at the time of application. Candidates for the senior fellowship must have a record of scholarship in an area relevant to the themes and hold a continuing academic post. The fellowships include stipends of $35,000-$40,000 and an office with a computer. Please go to for further information and application instructions.
  • Application deadline: January 15, 2013. Human Resources Apply Here:
  • Rejection: by email, 04/22

CASVA A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, 2013-2015 - INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts announces a postdoctoral fellowship supported by a grant from the A. W. Mellon Foundation. One fellowship is awarded each year for two consecutive academic years. The A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow will reside in Washington. During the first year the fellow will carry out research and writing related to the publication of a dissertation or appropriate articles or books. The fellow will also design and direct an intensive weeklong seminar for the seven predoctoral fellows at the Center, focusing on a topic related to the applicant's field of interest and with a special emphasis on methodological issues. In the second academic year, while continuing research and writing in residence, the A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow will be expected to teach one course (advanced undergraduate or graduate) by arrangement at a neighboring university.
  • Field of Study: The A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2013–2015 will support research in the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts of any time period or culture.
  • Residency: The A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow will be in residence at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts for two years and will participate fully in the activities of the Center throughout the fellowship period. The fellow will be provided with housing in an apartment near the Gallery, subject to availability. The postdoctoral fellow is also provided with a shared study. The fellow has access to the notable resources represented by the collections, the library, and the image collections of the National Gallery of Art, as well as to the Library of Congress and other specialized research libraries and collections in the Washington area.
  • Qualifications and Selection: Applicants for 2013–2015 must have received the PhD degree between October 1, 2007, and October 1, 2012. The fellowship is awarded without regard to age or nationality of applicants. Applications are reviewed by an external selection committee composed of scholars in the history of art.
  • Applications: Candidates for postdoctoral fellowships must complete an online application that includes brief proposals for the topic of the predoctoral seminar and the university course and a copy of an article or a chapter of a book, to be submitted on or before October 15, 2012. Three letters of recommendation in support of the application are required. After a preliminary selection, several candidates will be invited to Washington in January 2013 for interviews. The A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship may not be postponed or renewed. 
  • Any updates?
  • interviews were held 1.18
  • was an offer made?
  • today is a federal holiday. They won't be calling anyone until (at least) tomorrow.
  • Are you sure?
  • Presumably an offer has been made since the alternate has been informed (1.25)

CEU Institute for Advanced Study Junior Fellowships 2013-14 - AWARD LETTER EMAILED[]

  • The CEU Institute for Advanced Study (CEU IAS) is pleased to invite applications for its core junior fellowship program for the academic year 2013/14. Fellowships are available in all research areas of the social sciences and humanities, broadly defined. Fellowships are available for the full 9-month period (Oct- June) or for either the 3-month Fall semester (Oct- Dec) or the 5-6 month Spring semester (Jan- June).
  • Scholars receive accommodation in the Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse and a monthly stipend. Fellows are expected to reside in Budapest during their fellowship year, participate in the intellectual life of the Institute and pursue their research agenda.
  • CEU IAS provides a stimulating environment in which the fellows can devote themselves to their research and share their work with peers through weekly seminars and other community programs. Fellows have access to all CEU facilities, including seminar and conference space, computer services, and library resources. They also benefit from CEU’s vibrant international atmosphere, its strong ties in Hungary, and its location in culturally rich Budapest. CEU IAS facilitates the fellows’ engagement with the CEU and the Hungarian scholarly community by encouraging collaborative projects, organizing joint public lectures, establishing student mentorship programs, and related activities.
  • Qualifications, experience, eligibility: Fellowships are highly competitive and fellows are chosen through a rigorous selection process. The Selection Committee will primarily consider the quality of the research proposal as well as the applicant’s proven track record or promise of scholarly productivity. We are looking for projects which are innovative and intellectually promising.
Fellows must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent in the social sciences or humanities at the time of their application.
Junior fellows must have a Ph.D. degree issued in 2006 or later (otherwise they should apply for senior fellowships.)
Full time CEU employees and students are not eligible to apply for 6 years after the ending of their studies/contract (degrees must be received and contracts must have ended in 2007 or earlier.)
Part time/temporary employees of CEU are not eligible for 3 years after their contract ended (their contract must have ended in 2010 or earlier.
All nationalities are encouraged to apply and for this type of fellowship we have no thematic restrictions (other than expecting proposals in the social sciences and humanities only.)
Recent (past 5 years) fellows of CEU IAS or Collegium Budapest are eligible to apply but will only be considered in exceptional cases.
  • Terms and conditions:Junior fellows receive a monthly stipend of 1,200 Euros to help support their stay in Budapest. In addition, all fellows and their families receive free housing (minus utilities) at the Wallenberg Guesthouse ( Fellows are responsible for their own travel and health care costs.
  • Deadline for application: November 4, 2012. Please submit all materials electronically to:
  • The application package should include:
The application form
a full CV including the most important publications (max. 2,000 words)
a description of your research project (max 1,000 words without references)
an abstract of your research project (max. 150 words)
1 recommendation letter, sent directly from the recommender to the email address:
  • Award letter received via e-mail [1/14/13]

Chemical Heritage Foundation - Post-doc in History of Sci, Tech, Med & Industry - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 9-month residential post-doctoral position
  • "CHF supports roughly 18 fellows each year (usually 3-4 long-term post-docs), creating a vibrant community of scholars whose work is in some way tied to the history of chemistry, science, medicine, technology, and engineering. Applications come from people in a wide range of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences"
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2013

Colby College - Mellon Postdoc in Comparative World History, 2013-15 - CAMPUS VISITS HELD[]

  • The History Department at Colby College invites applications for a two-year appointment as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in comparative world history, beginning September 1, 2013. We seek an individual with evidence of commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching and scholarship. The fellowship carries a two-course load per year (one course each semester). One of these courses must be HI 276: Patterns and Processes in World History, which is a required course for all History and Global Studies majors. The other course will be determined in consultation with the department chair. The Fellow will conduct individual research and work with assigned department faculty mentors to develop a strong teaching and research profile. The Fellow will also advise undergraduate students on research and will have the opportunity to work on his/her scholarship. Research and travel funds are provided. Applicants must have received their Ph. D. (in history) within the last four years and not have held a tenure-track position.
  • Please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, brief (1-2 pp) statements of teaching and research interests, teaching evaluations if available, and a writing sample of approximately 25 pp in length to Inquiries may be directed to Elizabeth D. Leonard (chair, Department of History) at Review of applications will begin on January 7, 2013, and will continue until the position is filled. Preliminary interviews will be conducted via telephone or Skype, and finalists will be brought to campus in late February or early March.
  • ~any movement on this? (2/6)
  • Interviews held via Skype first week of February
  • Campus visits held in March.

Columbia University, Committee on Global Thought[]

  • The Committee on Global Thought will not be accepting applications for post-doctoral research positions in Fall 2012, as all available positions are filled through Spring 2014. The Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition will next convene in September 2013, for positions available Fall 2014. Please refer to or join the Global Thought mailing list for updates next year.
  • Eligibility: Eligible applicants for the 2013 competition will have obtained their doctorate between August 2012 and August 2014, and will not have held tenure-track positions at the time of their application.
  • About the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition: The Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University brings together an innovative group of interdisciplinary researchers from around the world and encourages interdisciplinary, transnational research. The post-doctoral fellowship offers promising young scholars the opportunity and resources to pursue their research, and engage with leading intellectuals at one of the most influential and publicly engaged universities. Fellows are also expected to teach one course a year, either of their own design or in conjunction with a Committee member. Scholars from any discipline may apply, provided that they successfully indicate how their work will contribute to Global Thought's research and teaching agenda.

Columbia University - INTERACT/Weatherhead East Asian Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

2013-2014 INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • The Weatherhead East Asian Institute invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship through the International Network to Expand Regional and Collaborative Teaching (INTERACT) program at Columbia University. This fellowship is for the academic year 2013-2014 and is open to scholars conducting research on East Asia and Southeast Asia within a global context. The fellowship will cover a 10-month period beginning August 1, 2013, and comes with a stipend of $45,000 plus benefits.
  • About INTERACT: INTERACT is a pioneering program at Columbia University that focuses on developing global studies in the undergraduate curriculum through a network of postdoctoral scholars focused on cross-regional, trans-regional and interdisciplinary study. Columbia University will offer several INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowships in the 2013-2014 academic year, with candidates selected by centers and institutes across the University. Candidates will function as liaisons between their home office and the INTERACT network of scholars with other regional and disciplinary specializations.
  • The Weatherhead East Asian Institute is pleased to offer one INTERACT Fellowship to an outstanding scholar of modern and contemporary East Asia with a demonstrated emphasis on global context and connections.
  • INTERACT’s primary goal is to improve global literacy among Columbia students and equip them to be leaders in a globalizing world. These objectives will be met through innovative courses, participating in Institute programs and events, and an annual outreach event organized collaboratively by INTERACT Fellows.
  • Requirements: The Weatherhead East Asian Institute’s INTERACT Fellow will devote half of their time to teaching and working with other Fellows on INTERACT programming, and half time to his or her own research and writing. The Fellow’s curricular responsibility would be to develop one course each semester (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014), in coordination with Columbia’s Global Core Curriculum, focused on East Asia in a global context. The Fellow is required to be in residence in the New York City area and participate in all activities of the INTERACT program collaborative.
  • Eligibility
    • Candidates from all East Asian disciplines and areas of study are welcome to apply. Geographically this includes China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Tibet, and Mongolia.
    • Recipients of the Fellowship must have received their Ph.D. degree within the past five years (Spring 2008 and after).
    • Recipients must complete all their Ph.D. requirements (completed and filed the dissertation) by June 30, 201
  • Application Process: The following list of materials is required for all applicants. Application information and forms are available on the Weatherhead East Asian Institute website:
    • Completed Application Cover Sheet
    • Curriculum vitae, including a list of classes taught (if any)
    • Course evaluations for classes taught (if any)
    • A statement not exceeding 300 words that conveys your personal outlook on trans-regional and global approaches and their role in the undergraduate curriculum
    • Two undergraduate course proposals to be offered at Columbia University. These courses are to be offered without prerequisites, and must emphasize cross-border, trans-regional, and interdisciplinary approaches that connect back to the East Asia region. These course proposals are meant to convey a sense of your teaching interests beyond the specialized topic of your PhD research. Please see “Constructing a Course Syllabus” for format guidelines here.
    • 3 letters of reference (signed and sealed) that include an evaluation of your research, proposed courses and prior teaching experience.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: All application materials (including letters of reference) must be received by the Institute on or before January 22, 2013. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted. Candidates may be invited for a phone interview or interview in person at AAS. All evaluations made in connection with applications received are confidential.
  • Awards will be announced no later than March 29, 2013. Acceptance of award is due no later than April 5, 2013.
  • Please return completed applications to: INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowships, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, 420 West 118th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10027. For more information on the INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowship, please contact Kim Palumbarit, Student Affairs Officer, at (212) 854-9206 or
  • Rejection email(3/30)

Columbia University - 2013-2014 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modern Southeast Asian Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Weatherhead East Asian Institute (WEAI) invites applications for its 2013-2014 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modern Southeast Asian Studies. The Fellow will devote half of their time to teaching one course on Southeast Asia per semester and half time to his or her own research. The Fellow will also participate in initiatives such as the INTERACT program aimed at improving global literacy specifically with regard to Southeast Asian studies among Columbia students, and will be an integral participant in day-to-day activities at the WEAI.
  • Candidates from all social science disciplines, including history, are welcome to apply. The fellowship will cover a 10-month period beginning August 1, 2013, and comes with a stipend of $45,000 plus benefits.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have completed all Ph.D. degree requirements (completed and filed the dissertation) between July 2008 and July 2013. Applicants must have completed their Ph.D. in a social science discipline, including history, working on modern Southeast Asia. Applications from individuals who hold or have held regular faculty positions will not be considered.
  • Application Procedure: Applicants should submit the following:
    • Application Cover Sheet (available at
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Research Proposal (2-3 pages)
    • Graduate-Level Southeast Asia Course Proposal (2-3 pages)
    • Three Letters of Reference (signed and sealed) [Letters of reference may be those included in a placement dossier and may be enclosed with the application (if signed and sealed) or sent directly by the referee.]
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: All application materials (including letters of reference) must be received by the Institute on or before January 22, 2013. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted. Candidates may be invited for a phone interview or interview in person at AAS. All evaluations made in connection with applications received are confidential.
  • Awards will be announced no later than March 29, 2013. Acceptance of award is due no later than April 5, 2013.
  • Return completed applications to: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modern Southeast Asian Studies, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, 420 West 118th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10027. For more information about the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modern Southeast Asian Studies, please contact Kim Palumbarit, Program Officer, at 212-854-9206 or
  • Complete information and an application form are available at:
  • rejection received via email (4/25)

Columbia University Society of Fellows - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The Columbia Society of Fellows in the Humanities, with grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the William R. Kenan Trust, will appoint a number of postdoctoral fellows in the humanities for the academic year 2013-2014. Fellows newly appointed for 2013-2014 must have received the Ph.D. between 1 January 2011 and 1 July 2013. The Fellowship Stipend for 2013-2014 is $60,000. Medical benefits are provided, and subsidized housing is available. There is a $5,000 research allowance per annum.
  • Fellows are appointed as Postdoctoral Research Scholars (Mellon Fellows) in the Society of Fellows at Columbia University and as Lecturers in appropriate departments at Columbia University (see list of Humanities Departments). This one-year fellowship is renewable for a second and a third year. In the first year, Fellows teach one course per semester. At least one of these courses will be in the undergraduate general education program: Contemporary Civilization, Literature Humanities, Music Humanities, Art Humanities, Asian Civilizations, Asian Humanities, or Global Cultures, including those of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. For more information on Columbia’s Core Curriculum please visit The second course may be a departmental course, the design of which will be determined jointly by the Fellow and the Fellow’s academic department. In the second and third years, Fellows teach one course per year, leaving one semester free of teaching responsibilities. The courses taught in the second and third years of the fellowship may be departmental courses or Core courses as described above; however, at least two of the four courses taught over the three Fellowship years must be in the Core.
  • Application: The Online Application Form can be accessed at Please follow the instructions carefully, noting that the deadline for submission of hard-copy materials is Monday, 1 October 2012. A select number of candidates will be invited to interview in January 2013. Fellowship decisions will be announced by 1 March 2013. Applicants who have not been contacted for interview by 4 January 2013 should assume that their candidacy is no longer active.
    • NOTE: "$30.00 application processing fee. This fee must be paid online via Visa or MasterCard payment."
    • The Society of Fellows received 813 applications for the two fellowships available for 2011–12. A 0.25% chance of success. (Source: Annual Report 2011)
    • It is IMMORAL to make applicants pay a fee. Columbia is one of the richest institutions in the world, and most of us are scraping by.
    • If each of the 813 applicants paid a $30 application fee, that's a total of $24,390 for Columbia.
    • To pile on a bit, the CU SoF application portal is also incredibly primitive. For $25k you could at least let applicants save their application while they work on it.
    • also ridiculous that they refuse to accept reference letters from a dossier service.
  • Self-addressed, stamped postcard received, acknowledging receipt of materials (9/15).
  • They are behind schedule, some departments haven't submitted yet their candidates to the Governing Board to proceed with the second round of the vetting process.
  • How do you know this information? Also, is there any indication as to when the departments that are purportedly behind schedule will submit their candidates to the Governing Board?
  • Does ANYONE know anything legit about Columbia's SOF schedule this year?
  • For what it's worth, last year's candidates were notified of interviews on 12/9; 2010 candidates on 12/17; and 2009 candidates on 12/26.
  • Invitation to interview sent via email 12/15, for 01/2013. (x3)
  • Kudos! Would you mind sharing your field? - ha, nothing personal.  just don't want to jinx myself ::fingers crossed:: From what I hear, those of us invited to interview rose to the top of individual department lists-- so revealing field/s might also reveal identities. -- lol @ "rose to the top," but yes, it's true that with interviews divided among fields, identities might be revealed.  [haha!! at the interview party, i'm definitely going to make a joke about Borges' reading of Angelus Silesius "Rose Ohne Warum."  We'll be like spies identifying each other in a crowd.]
  • Any updates? It sounded like we might hear late this week (2/2).
  • Offer made by phone (1/31) x1

Cornell University - Doctoral/Postdoctoral Diversity Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of English at Cornell University solicits applications for doctoral/postdoctoral diversity fellowships from scholars who show promise of distinguished research careers. Eligible applicants might be from underrepresented groups, have faced economic hardship, be first-generation college graduates, or work on topics related to these areas. Both three-year combination doctoral-postdoctoral fellowships and two-year postdoctoral fellowships are available. A fellowship will be awarded only if the department believes the applicant would make a very strong candidate for a tenure-track position that the department expects to have open in the next two-to-three years. 2013-14 award levels—doctoral: $31,000; postdoctoral: $56,000. Applications should include a cover letter discussing both research and teaching, a curriculum vitae, a dissertation abstract, a writing sample, and letters of recommendation.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically to by November 5, 2012.
  • For more information, see
    • I applied to the STS department. Anyone else?(x3)
    • I applied to Africana Studies. (x2)
    • Received rejection from Sociology 12/5
    • rejection via email or snail mail? 
    • Received rejection from English via email 12/7 x2
    • 12.19 -- Any news?
    • no news here.  Anyone else? 
    • 01/04/2012 -- Does anyone have new intelligence to offer?
    • I haven't heard anything, but I suspect we'll hear news by the end of the month. Has anyone mustered the courage to contact the individual departments directly? I'd appreciate any news.
    • 01/09: Rejection received via email from Africana Studies (x2)
    • I am still waiting to hear news.  Anyone else? (x3)
    • Rejection letter received on 1/25. Applied to STS. Good luck to those still in the competition.(x2) 
    • 1/28 -- Was it an email or paper rejection? What did the letter say? It sounds like the winners have already been selected. (I applied to Classics)
    • 1/28. It was a letter mailed to me (USPS). It said that STS had decided to forward another applicant to the next stage of the process. Very gracious in form and content. It gave me a good feeling about the program and about the care they took in considering my application.  

Cornell University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Comparative Media Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • With the sponsorship of the Society for the Humanities, the Department of Comparative Literature seeks a two‑year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow whose main area of expertise is in Comparative Media Studies. We are particularly interested in candidates who attend creatively to the intersection of old and new media and who work across languages in a transnational and comparative framework. Possible areas of emphasis include: emerging modes of textuality and reading, theory, screen arts, sound, digital and analogue inter‑faces, the electronic arts and public memory, the history of the book, network theory, critical game studies, biomedia, virtuality and embodiment, inter‑activity and the haptic, and the boundary between the human and the machine.

The successful candidate will teach one upper‑level and one general‑interest undergraduate course suited to his/her expertise each year.

  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants for the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship for the 2013/14‑2014/15 academic years must have received the Ph.D. degree after September 2007. Mellon Fellowships are no longer restricted to citizens of the US and Canada: international applicants are welcome to apply. Applicants who will have received the Ph.D. degree by June 30, 2013, are eligible to apply. Applicants who do not have the Ph.D. in hand at the time of application must include a letter from the committee chair or department stating that the Ph.D. degree will be conferred before the term of the fellowship begins.

Applicants should submit the following materials for consideration by January 7, 2013:
 1. cover letter 
2. curriculum vitae 
3. detailed statement of research interests 
4. writing sample 
5. proposals for the courses the Mellon Fellow will teach while in residence at Cornell University
 6. three letters of recommendation
  • Applications should be sent to: Megan Dirks, Program Administrator, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University, 27 East Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14853.

Cornell University (NY) - Society for the Humanities Fellowships - POSITIONS FILLED[]

  • Six to Eight 1-year research fellowships on the theme "OCCUPATION: From Space and Time to Practice and Politics"
  • "The Society for the Humanities invites scholars to reflect upon the theme of “Occupation: From Space and Time to Practice and Politics“ in order to further understanding of historical and contemporary practices of occupation within physical, professional, and virtual territories and practices. What does it mean “to be occupied” or “to be in the time of occupation”? The Society wishes to open the question of how occupation has shaped the humanities in relation to patterns of thought and artistic representation. Equally important is how historical events of occupation, as well as the establishment of intellectual professions and institutions, have relied on or shaped the humanities. The Society encourages applicants to investigate the cultural, social, artistic, philosophical, and political implications of the theme."
  • Applicants must have completed the PhD by 1 Jan 2012; they must also have at least two years' teaching experience (inc. teaching as a graduate student)
  • Fellows include scholars from other universities and members of the Cornell faculty released from regular duties. The fellowships are held for one academic year. Each Society Fellow will receive $45,000. Applicants living outside North America are eligible for an additional $2,000 to assist with travel costs. Fellows spend their time in research and writing, participate in the weekly Fellows Seminar, and offer one seminar related to their research. The seminars are generally informal, related to the Fellow's research, and open to graduate students, suitably qualified undergraduates, and faculty members. Fellows are encouraged to explore topics they would not normally teach and, in general, to experiment freely with both the content and the method of their courses.
  • HARDCOPY applications only
  • For further information:
    Phone: 607-255-9274
  • Deadline: postmarked 1 Oct. 2012
  • Last year's wiki suggests phone offers were made on 12/7 (a Wednesday, first full week of December)--has anyone heard anything? I'm assuming if we haven't been contacted by now, it's probably a no-go...
  • I haven't heard either, but I'm sensing that for a position like this, not a lot of applicants are checking the wiki. They're taking faculty... So I'm assuming you are probably right. They've offered it.  
  • When I had applied back in October I had received an email acknowledging the receipt of my application, which also stated that the awards would be announced on December 21st via mail.
  • Fellows announced:

Dartmouth College - Dickey Center Post-doctoral Fellows Program in U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security - ACCEPTANCE EMAIL[]

  • The Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College invites applications forthe 2013-14 (September -June) Dartmouth Fellows Program in U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security. Applicants from all disciplines working on research that bears directly on U.S. foreign policy and international security are welcome to apply. While scholars at all stages of their careers will be considered, applications from recent recipients of the Ph.D or equivalent degree are especially welcomed. Fellows must be in residence during their Fellowship and are asked to participate in Dickey Center seminars and events and invited to take advantage of other Dartmouth activities.
  • Fellows receive competitive stipends and benefits, comparable to those offered by other fellowship programs. Faculty on leave from their home institutions will receive half of their annual salary, up to $50,000. Dartmouth is an EE/AO employer.
  • Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the quality and significance of the proposedresearch and its relevance to U.S. foreign policy and international security, and the ability of the applicant to benefit from interaction with and mentoring from Dartmouth faculty.
  • Applicants must submit all of the following by Monday, January 14, 2012: NOTE: All documents must be in Portable Document Format (PDF)
    • A curriculum vitae
    • A statement of up to 1,500 words describing the proposed research project
    • A writing sample prepared
    • Two letters of reference sent directly to: by January 14, 2012.
    • A confidential financial statement on a separate page indicating the applicant’s other sources of support available during fellowship period and --for current faculty only – current salary.
  • Website:
    • received acceptance via email (1/29)
    • That was quick. Anyone else receive an offer?
    • nope, told they'd know in a couple weeks. they've got several slots to fill.

Dartmouth College - Leslie Center for the Humanities, Mellon Postdoc 2013-2015 - ACCEPTANCE EMAIL[]

  • With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Dartmouth is pleased to accept applications for one postdoctoral fellowship in the humanities and humanistic social sciences for the 2013–2015 academic years. This fellowship fosters the academic careers of scholars who have recently received their Ph.D. degrees, by permitting them to pursue their research while gaining mentored experience as teachers and members of the departments and/or programs in which they are housed. The program also benefits Dartmouth by complementing existing curricula with underrepresented fields.
  • Applicants must focus on materials customarily associated with research in the humanities or employ methods common in humanistic research. This year we are currently NOT accepting applications for Anthropology, Art History, Film and Media Studies, French, History, Music, Native American Studies, Philosophy, Religion and Theater.
  • The 2011–2013 Fellows received an annual stipend of $53,045 plus benefits, an annual research allowance of $2,000, and a first-year only computer allowance of $2,500. The terms for the 2013–2015 fellow will be similar.
  • Applicants for the 2013–2015 fellowships must have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than January 1, 2011. Application materials, letters of recommendation, and transcripts (hard copy only) must arrive at Dartmouth in the Administrator's office by October 1, 2012.
  • For the official application form and a more detailed description and details about how to apply go to
  • Please address applications to: Administrator, Leslie Center for the Humanities, 6240 Haldeman Center, Room 263, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755-3526.
  • DEADLINE - Hard copies only to be in the office of the Administrator by October 1, 2012
    • Has anybody heard back from them at all? Even just to acknowledge submissions?
    • Rejection letter (hard copy) 11/10 (x2). Last year I didn't hear back from them until March...; rejection letter (hard copy) 11/13(x2)
    • Anyone with positive news? (Or news on why the rejections are coming at a different time than indicated on the Leslie Center website?)
      • The website suggests that we shouldn't hear anything positive until some time later this month.  Though purely speculation, my guess is that early rejections were due to missing application materials (could be letters of rec), the field not matching what the committee wanted, materials not arriving before the deadline, the PhD being earned outside of the stated window, or concerns about ABD candidates finishing on time.  (12/2)
      • Invitation to campus in Jan (12/13)
      • Would the above poster feel comfortable sharing what dept/field you applied to? I notice on last year's wiki that invitations went out on different dates depending on the host dept. Thanks!
      • Only one invite so far of everyone updating this board?
      • There were three finalists: one in Italian/French, one in Russian, one in Comparative Literature. The administrator I spoke to said that some people haven't heard back yet because they keep files open on a wait list (1/18)   [Thanks--have been waiting to figure this one out! 01/18]
      • Acceptance email (1/30)
      • Rejection by postal mail (02/26)

Dartmouth College - Neukom Fellows 2013-2014 - SHORTLISTING[]

  • Neukom Fellows 2013-2014. Neukom Fellows are interdisciplinary positions for recent Ph.D.s whose research interests cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries, but has some computational component, whether it be a framing concept for intellectual exploration or an explicit component of the work that is pursued. The successful candidate should have a history of collaborative work across disciplines, but still show good evidence of independence and initiative. The Fellowships are two- to three-year appointments, with the third year extension considered upon request after a review early in the second year. Neukom Fellows will be mentored by faculty in two departments at Dartmouth College, take up residence in one department, and will teach one seminar course each year on a subject of their interest. Beyond that there are no additional duties. Neukom Fellow stipends are $60,000 for 2013-2014. Additional funds are available for equipment, travel, and research materials.
  • Requirements: Ph.D. in any discipline (or expected Ph.D. by September 2013). Research interests that strongly intersect the theme of computation. A proven ability to work independently and collaboratively. A demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary research. Evidence of the ability to think outside traditional paradigms.
  • Application Materials: Interested candidates are encouraged to contact prospective mentors at Dartmouth College and must submit the following materials: Curriculum vitae (including publications list).
 Statement of research interests (max. 2 pages) including a short description of the research you would like to pursue and why.
 Description of which departments (and even better, which Dartmouth faculty) you would be interested in working with and why the opportunity to engage with multiple departments would enhance your work. Three referees whose letters of recommendation speak to the aims of the Fellowship. (Optional) A copy of one paper you have written in English, either published or unpublished. Applications must be submitted to: Position ID: Neukom Institute for Computational Science-NF #1950
  • Completed applications received by December 1, 2012 will receive first consideration. Materials received after that date stand the chance of not being considered. Applications from women and minorities are encouraged. Dartmouth College is an equal opportunity employer. For more information on The Neukom Institute see:
  • The initial deadline was January 6. What happened to that??
  • shortlisted today; arranging Skype interview (1/22)

DeMontfort University (UK) - Post-doctoral fellow (Oral History & Theatre)[]

  • Two year post-doctoral position in Oral History on the DMU/British Library Theatre Archive Project
  • "The person appointed will take a leading role in the development of the Theatre Archive Project, a collaborative undertaking between DMU and the British Library which provides a unique resource for research into British Theatre from 1945-68 through interviews with performers, practitioners and theatre-goers.In addition to contributing to the Project through his or her own research, the person appointed will (with administrative help) assume responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Project, ensure that interviews and recordings meet British Library standards and coordinate conferences and other events associated with the Project."
  • "Candidates should have a track record of relevant research, a completed PhD and experience of teaching within a Higher Education environment."
  • Deadline: 6 May 2013

Dickinson College - Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities - SKYPE INTERVIEW[]

  • With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Dickinson College invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in Digital Humanities in the academic year 2013-14, with the potential for an additional year of support. The Fellow will work as a catalyst for faculty innovation by planning, promoting, and implementing strategies to encourage faculty discourse about pedagogy, e-learning tools, and the integration of digital media into teaching and scholarship. The postdoctoral fellowship is an academic appointment reporting to the Dean of the College through the faculty chair of the Digital Humanities Advisory Committee, but the Fellow will be housed alongside the Academic Technology staff in the Library and Information Services division. The Fellow will a) teach one or two courses each year within his or her area of academic specialty; b) guide and participate in workshops for arts, humanities, and humanistic social science faculty regarding disciplinary use of digital tools for curricular and research purposes; and c) work with LIS staff to train students to use digital tools and technologies in order to prepare them for significant student-faculty research collaborations. The Fellow will be eligible for internal grants for pedagogical innovation, as well as standard faculty support for travel and professional development. The salary will be $50,000 plus benefits. Dickinson College is a private, highly selective, liberal arts college located within two hours of major research institutions and metropolitan areas.
  • The Fellow must normally have received the PhD by July 1, 2013, and within the last three years, and not have held a tenure-track position. Candidates should be conducting research that requires demonstrated expertise in the use of Digital Humanities in their scholarly field.
  • Review of applications will begin on March 8, 2013, and will continue until the position is filled. Please apply to with a letter of interest and CV that includes the names and contact information of three references. Questions may be directed to Christopher Francese, chair of the Digital Humanities Advisory Committee, The College is committed to building a representative and diverse faculty, administrative staff, and student body. We encourage applications from all qualified persons.
  •  Also posted at New Media & Digital Humanities 2013
  • skype interview 4/2

Duke University - Postdocs in Women's Studies (Gender and Science) - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • The Program in Womens Studies at Duke University invites applications for two residential postdoctoral associates for the 2013-14 academic year. Applications will be considered from colleagues working on Gender and Science. We welcome empirical, textual, philosophical, and theoretical projects from a diverse array of academic fields, political and cultural contexts, and historical periods. Applicants will be considered from diverse fields including feminist science and technology studies, in areas that link feminist analysis with the life sciences, history of science, work on new conceptions of the human, genomics, biomedicine and biotechnology, biocapitalism, evolution, ecology, neuroscience and cognition, science as social practice, sexuality and race, global health, and age. Candidates are expected to have a background in interdisciplinary Feminist Studies. The aim of the 2013-14 Womens Studies Postdoctoral Program is to provide a space for generative intellectual conversations between visiting scholars and Duke faculty in different disciplines. Successful proposals will be interdisciplinary in nature and demonstrate the applicants knowledge of gender studies.
  • Fellows will teach one course, will jointly run a faculty/graduate student reading group, and will organize a symposium on the topic of gender and science. The fellowship includes a stipend, health insurance, office space, and clerical support. Applicants should have completed all PhD requirements by June 2013 and be no more than ten years past the PhD.
  • Applications (including all letters of recommendations) must be received by November 19, 2012. Submit letter of application, C.V., 5-page project proposal, writing sample (25 pages), 1-page course proposal (undergraduate), and 3 letters of recommendation to Cover letters can be addressed to Interim Director, Anne Allison. Our program information is available at

Duke University - Provost's Postdoctoral Program - OFFER MADE[]

  • In support of Duke University's strategic plan for enhancing diversity in student and faculty populations, as well as in leadership positions, our Provost has created the Provost's Postdoctoral Program. The program seeks to increase the diversity of scholars who have potential for becoming tenure-track faculty at Duke or peer institutions. Particular focus is on fields in which women and minorities are under-represented. The program establishes competitive postdoctoral research appointments as Postdoctoral Associates. Each will be two years in duration. Awardees will devote their full efforts to research and may teach a maximum of one course per year.
  • To qualify, candidates are required to have completed a doctoral degree between July 1, 2010 and July 1, 2013 and must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. It is imperative that you have a record of academic excellence, a history of accomplishments, and proven ability to interact successfully with a great diversity of faculty and students. Candidates must be prepared to start the position between July 1 and Aug. 31, 2013. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience and will be supplemented with an attractive allowance to cover various expenses associated with opportunities to enhance the research experience. Additional information can be found at:
  • To apply, please send your CV, sample publications or dissertation materials, a supporting letter(s) from the proposed mentor(s) at Duke University, and your own cover letter. Your cover letter must include your actual or anticipated date of PhD, a declaration that you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and a statement of your research plans/goals. Materials must be postmarked by Jan. 18, 2013, and will not be returned to the applicant. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. All candidates will be notified of decisions no later than March 15, 2013. Three letters of recommendation, signed by their authors, may either accompany your application in separate sealed envelopes or may be mailed directly to us by their authors. Send all materials to: Provost's Postdoctoral Program, c/o Gwendolyn Purnell, Office of the Provost, Box 90004, Room 127 Allen Bldg., Duke University, Durham, NC 27708, Phone: 919-684-4940. Email:
  • offer extended 3/4
  • Congrats! Do you mind if I ask what field? A: History 
  • Congrats!  Anyone know if they're taking multiple awardees, and if so, anyone else hear anything?

Duke University - Thompson Writing Program Fellows - OFFER MADE[]

  • Lecturing Fellows, Thompson Writing Program, Duke University. We anticipate offering several postdoctoral fellowships on a multidisciplinary faculty charged with teaching an innovative first-year course in Academic Writing. We seek candidates with a Ph.D. in any field and a demonstrated commitment to undergraduate teaching. Fellows are asked to draw on their disciplinary training and interests to design a seminar-style course introducing students to academic writing. Teaching load is five sections of Academic Writing per year, with each section limited to 12 students. Appointment is at a level of Lecturing Fellow (non-tenure-track), starting July 1, 2013, Ph.D. required at time of appointment. Contract is for an initial three years, renewable after successful review for two more years. Salary is competitive with a strong benefits package, and with opportunities for professional development.
  • To apply use our online application form at: Send us your CV, a letter in which you discuss your aims in teaching Academic Writing, a brief proposal for a writing seminar modeled on course synopses posted on our Web site: We may subsequently ask you to provide other supporting materials, including a more detailed course outline, and teaching materials. If you are unable to apply online, you may mail hard copies to Denise Comer, Chair, Lecturing Fellows Search, Thompson Writing Program, Duke University, Box 90025, Durham, NC 27708-0025. Application period begins September 15, 2012 and ends October 15, 2012. Applications received by 11:59 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) October 15, 2012, will be guaranteed consideration.
  • Cross-posted to Rhetoric/Composition 2013
  • Interview request 12/12 (x3), on-campus in January
  • Rejection email but application remains "active." I'm curious how many other people are on this list, or if anyone received a flat-out rejection. 12/14 (x3)
  • Flat out rejection. 12/14 x3
  • Have any offers been made? --Yes, my friend got an offer. [posted 2/18] -- What is her/his field?
  • Presumably there will be multiple offers in different fields. Does anyone feel the need to help those of us on the waitlist out and start making a list including: offers, field, accepted or declined? Being on the waitlist sucks -  I'm ready for this job season to be done & all application materials nested in their correct folders and subfolders. :) (3/12) 
  • Not sure if this helps, but I checked in with them at the end of February before accepting another award. They told me they couldn't make me an offer at that time, but asked me to check in again right up to the other fellowship acceptance deadline. I took the other thing, but from the exchange got the feeling that stuff is still really in limbo there as they figure out who of the instructors in the program will get TT jobs. My field is arts/humanities. (3/12)
  • Any updates on this? (5/24)

East Tennessee State University - Post-Doctoral Fellow in History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of History at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN invites applicants for a post-doctoral teaching position in History beginning August 2013. This is a one year appointment with possible renewal for a second year. Area of specialization is open. The successful candidate will teach a 3/3 load which includes undergraduate auditorium survey courses in U.S. or world history and upper-division and graduate classes in the candidate's area of specialization.
  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. in hand by August 2013, along with a clear evidence of teaching effectiveness and an active research agenda. The salary is 24,000 plus benefits.
  • Advanced ABDs will be considered, but must have Ph.D. in hand by August 2013.
  • Closing Date: 02/28/2013.
    • 24K for what what is simply a VAP position masquerading as a post-doc.  Not only exploitative, but exploitation under the guise of altruism.  Sickening.
    • Agreed. Salary is a joke. Won't be surprised if they don't manage to get to double digits in terms of applications. 
    • Whoa. please tell me the benefits include free housing in a mansion.
    • I also love the 6 courses which the person will teach alongside purusing an "active research agenda". Wow, what generous terms. Agree with first poster--exploitation of the 1st degree.
    • Yes, I agree.  This is absurd.  I'm sorry, it ain't worth it.

East Tennessee State University - Post-Doctoral Fellowship in English - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • East Tennessee State University invites applications for post-doctoral fellowships in English to begin August 15, 2013. Fellows are two-year appointments with salary and benefits and a 4/3 teaching load for the academic year. Teaching includes composition and literature surveys. Ph.D. in English by August 1, 2013, or proof from applicant's dissertation committee chair that applicant has fulfilled all requirements for the Ph.D. by hiring date; experience in various fields a plus.
  • Submit letter of application, ETSU application, teaching statement, CV, and 3 references through by April 26, 2013. For questions, contact Dr. Judith Slagle, Department of Literature and Language, Box 70683, Johnson City, TN 37614-1709. AA/EOE. Position contingent on funding.

Emory University (GA) - Fox Center Post-Doctoral Fellowships - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry of Emory University is accepting applications for up to three Post-Doctoral fellowships for an academic year of study, teaching, and residence in the Center.
  • The deadline for submission of completed applications is February 15, 2013; awards will be announced in mid-April 2013.
  • Application forms and further information are available from the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry at 404-727-6424 or, or on the web at
  • From application form: "Post-Doctoral Fellows...must have the Ph.D. in hand before the submission of their applications"
  • Weird question. The application asks for "Timeline for Project (double-spaced): A one-page outline of plans and goals for the project during the Fellowship year, including expected dates of completion for each, should be included. Applicant should be as precise as possible about activities during the Fellowship period." Am I right in assuming that they don't want a literal timeline, but rather a prose narrative of your plans?
  • Difficult to answer your question, as the application language is a bit ambiguous.  I described the tasks I planned to complete and estimated the time it would take to do so.  More generally, I think the application forms are oddly phrased, perhaps bordering on aggressive.  Did anyone else find the application directions a bit excessive?
    • I see what you mean.  They include the entire list of required documents twice, the send-to email thrice, the deadline five times, and the various requirements and expectations several times in different ways.  They seem to have low expectations of the reading retention ability of their applicants.
  • Any word? Nothing here. (3/17)
  • No word on 3/24. Anyone hear anything?
  • Website says 'mid-April' for decisions.  Not sure if they'll do interviews or just announce. (3/23)
  • Called today and was told that the selection committee is deciding and decisions will be communicated to all by the end of this week. (4/15)
  • Any news? (4/19)
  • Offer made. (4/23)
  • By email or post?
    • By phone (I'm the original poster, offer was declined 4/24)
    • Well, for those of us still in the running, thanks for declining! Kidding aside, I assume you got a job or another postdoc? Congrats on the offer.
  • No news here (4/20)
  • To those still waiting to hear:  Emailed today to ask about when the rest of us would hear and was told that the decision commitee would be releasing decisions any minute. (4/25)
  • NEH poetics postdoc--offer accepted

Freie Universitat Berlin (Germ.) - Post-doc European Astroculture - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year Research Post-doc (with possibility of renewal) to work with the Emmy Noether Research Group "The Future in the Stars: European Astroculture and Extraterrestrial Life in the Twentieth Century"
  • "Candidates should hold a doctorate in History or Cultural Studies with a specialization in History of Science, History of Technology, Cultural History or Art History by the time the appointment begins. Applicants should be fluent in English. The ability to work in German would be an asset. Applicants without any knowledge of German are expected, if appointed, to acquire within one year a sufficient level of proficiency."
  • "The successful candidate will be expected to conduct academic research in a field related to the research interest of the group, and to produce a study of wider scope. Furthermore, he/she will be actively engaged in all activities relevant to the research group including the organization and realization of workshops and conferences as well as the participation in its operation and activities. There is the opportunity to teach in the area of his/her specialization. Applicants are asked to outline the intended post-doctoral research project related to the History of European Astroculture in the twentieth century that they wish to realize as members of this research group at the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut of Freie Universität Berlin."
  • Deadline: 1 Dec. 2012
    • Intend to interview in January 2013.

Freie Universität Berlin, John F. Kennedy-Institute, Graduate School of North American Studies - 2 Postdoctoral Grants - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Graduate School of the John F. Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies invites applications for the academic year 2013/2014. The School's program is interdisciplinary in its approach and focuses on the social, economic and cultural changes impacting the United States and Canada at the beginning of the 21st century. Special attention is given to the crisis-prone transformations running through American society today. Areas of emphasis include domestic and foreign policy, economic development, ethnic identity and relations, as well as recent transformations in media, art, literature, culture, and religion. The language of instruction is English.
  • Applicants interested in pursuing a doctoral or postdoctoral research project with an emphasis in North American Studies must have a completed degree (Master or the equivalent/Doctorate) with above average marks in one of the following disciplines or closely related academic programs: American Cultural Studies, American Literature, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics. Grants are awarded for a maximum of three years for doctoral candidates and for two years for postdoctoral reseachers. Continued funding past the first year is based upon a positive annual evaluation of progress.
  • Postdoctoral stipends amount to 2.000 € per month.
  • All application materials must be sent by January 31, 2013 at the following address: Freie Universität Berlin, John F. Kennedy-Institute, Graduate School of North American Studies, Dr. Katja Mertin, Managing Director, Lansstrasse 5-9, 14195 Berlin, Germany. For further information on application requirements and materials, for the application form and on the graduate program, please see Please address all inquiries to our Program Assistant:

Fulbright Post Doctoral Fellowships to Israel For Americans, 2014-2016[]

Georgetown University - Jamal Daniel Post-Doctoral Fellowships (Study of the Levant) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Established by a generous grant from the Levant Foundation, the Jamal Daniel Post-Doctoral Fellowships for the study of the Levant support two recent Ph.D.s working on the greater Levantine region defined as Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey in the study of the history, culture, society, religion and current political context of the region. Applicants must have completed their doctoral degree between January 1, 2011 and August 31, 2013. The fellows will receive a stipend of $40,000 - $45,000, plus benefits. Please visit for more information.
  • The fellowships require residence at Georgetown University for the duration of the academic year. The fellows will be given library privileges at Georgetown University and shared or part-time office space at CCAS. During the fall term the fellows will be expected to deliver a lecture at CCAS about their research; in the spring term, the fellows will teach a seminar of their choosing, broadly related to their field of study.
  • Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, course proposal, three letters of recommendation and a sample chapter and outline of their dissertation. Applications must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2012.
  • --Any word on this fellowship or the Qatar on? Invitations to visit campus, etc.?
    • No word on the Jamal Daniel Postdoc yet (2/19).
    • I emailed the administrator, and she said it could be early April before selections are made.
    • Thanks for calling & for sharing the information! Good to know. Wow, though, April - you would think they'd be worried about losing their picks to other jobs/postdocs.
    • Rejection email received (3/22): "The Center received a very large number of applications this year. The search committee struggled to draw its list of finalists from an exceptionally competitive pool of applicants.  Although your application was particularly impressive, we regret to inform you that you were not selected for the fellowship...." (x5) (quite a few "particularly impressive" applications!)

Georgetown University - Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Established in 2004 by a generous annual grant from the State of Qatar, the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship supports for one academic year a recent Ph.D. working on the topics of U.S.-Arab relations, Arab studies, or Islamic studies. Applicants must have completed their doctoral degree at a university in the United States between January 1, 2011 and August 31, 2013. The fellow will receive a stipend of $40,000 - $45,000, plus benefits. Please visit for more information.
  • The fellowship requires residence at Georgetown University for the duration of the academic year. The fellow will be given library privileges at Georgetown University and shared or part-time office space at CCAS. During the fall term the fellow will be expected to deliver a lecture at CCAS about his/her research; in the spring term, the fellow will teach a seminar of his/her choosing broadly related to the subject of US-Arab relations, Arab Studies or Islamic studies.
  • Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, course proposal, three letters of recommendation and a sample chapter and outline of their dissertation. Applications must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2012. Georgetown University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. Women and minority candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Georgia Institute of Technology - Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship - OFFER MADE / STILL CONDUCTING SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech seeks recent PhDs in English, literature, rhetoric, composition, technical communication, film, linguistics, visual rhetoric/design, and related humanities fields for the Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship. The fellowship, renewable up to three years, includes a 3/3 teaching assignment, Instructor rank, and full faculty benefits. Writing and Communication Program courses emphasize multimodal communication, digital literacy, and humanistic perspectives on a technological world. Fellows teach multimodal composition, technical communication, and design courses with common outcomes but informed by their own research interests. Candidates who express an interest in writing and communication center research, pedagogy, and/or practice may be offered positions that combine work in the program’s communication center with a 2/2 teaching assignment.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, teaching portfolio, and three letters of recommendation to in pdf format. Only digital applications will be reviewed. Review of applications begins on February 1, 2013, and continues until all positions are filled, though earlier applications receive more consideration.
  • The Georgia Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The Writing and Communication Program is especially interested in considering applications from minority candidates.
  • For more information about the Writing and Communication Program, see For more information about the Brittain Fellowship, see To review the application process, see
  • Also posted at Rhetoric/Composition 2013
    • From Rhet/Comp page: " 3/18 (Google Hangout interview)"
  • 3/26: Email request for Skype Interviews
  • Anyone have any idea why some interviews were requested earlier and on Google Hangout, and others on Skype? (3/30)
  • Received a mass email from them (3/29) saying that they were still in process due to a large number of applications that said "don't take not hearing from us yet as a negative sign about the status of your application." 
  • Offer Made (4/9) Would you mind sharing if you had an interview and, if so, how long after the offer was made? Any info much appreciated! (4/15)
  • How many rounds do these typically go through?
  • The email I received said "We know we will have several openings to fill." I've long since given up the hope that communication from search committees means anything in particular though.
  • I know it's redundant to ask, but has anyone heard anything? The suspense is killing me. (5/15)
  • They are doing another big round of interviews this week and next week.  (5/16)
  • Huh. So anyone have a sense of what happened with first round of interviewees? Have finalists from the first group already been notified, or will all positions be offered after this round? Wild speculations welcome! (5/17)
  • Any word on the second round of interviews?

Georgr Augustus Universitat Gottingen , Modern India Postdoc - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year postdoctoral fellowship on the Society and Culture of Modern India 
  • applicants must have a PhD in anthropology or allied fields, including sociology, media studies, religious studies and history
  • apart from their postdoc project, fellows will aisst in the design and organizaiton of international conferences on culuture and society in modern India and the in teaching of anthropology and sociology courses at teh Centre for Modern Indian Studies 
  • Complete applications should be received by 18 Jan 2013.
  • letter of application, CV, writing sample, 1000 word postdoc proposal, and three letters of reference should be sent  by email to Susan Bunte( no)
  • or by post to 
  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen,Centre of Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS), Frau Susanne Bünte, Waldweg 26,  D-37073 Göttingen
  • 3/06 - Has anyone received news? Since it could start as early as Apr 1 I thought the decision would be made quickly...
  • 3/12 -- Rejection by e-mail.

Goldsmiths University (London) - Researcher, History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year post (with possible 8 month extension) " working on the Panacea Society funded project, 'All in All': the prophetic thought and legacies of Jacob Boehme."
  • "Your duties will involve researching the social networks that disseminated Boehme's writings, identifying Boehme's English-speaking readership and finding evidence for its reception. Primarily this will consist of locating, photographing, transcribing, translating and editing relevant documents as appropriate"
  • Deadline: Not stated in Ad, posted 4 Oct. 2012.
    • Posting has expired, no longer listed on the institutional website.

Hamilton College - 2 yr. Postdoc in Japanese History - AHA/SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The Asian Studies Program of Hamilton College invites applications for a two-year teaching post-doctoral fellowship for a scholar working on Japanese history to begin July 1, 2013. PhDs by the time of appointment, as well as ABDs,will be considered. Applicants must possess a demonstrated commitment to excellence in research and teaching and fluency with an Asian language. The successful candidate will teach three courses a year. The annual stipend is $50,000 for the candidate with degree in hand and $5,000 to support scholarship.
  • Please submit letter of application, curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract, transcript, course syllabi, and arrange for submission of three letters of recommendation to Interfolio at . Address materials to Lisa Trivedi, Director, Asian Studies Program, Hamilton College. We will begin consideration of applications on November 1. Hamilton ( is a residential liberal arts college located in upstate New York.
    • any news? 
    • contact for interviews at the AHA, more materials requested (12/12)
    • Request for more materials, skype interview scheduled (12/13)

Hampshire College - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Translation  - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Hampshire College, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation "to make Hampshire College into a 'language-learning community, where students are motivated to integrate the exploration of a world language into their individualized program of studies," seeks to hire a postdoctoral fellow in Translation for a year appointment starting in fall 2013.
  • To be eligible, applicants must have received their Ph.D. (or terminal degree in their field) between May 1, 2008 and June 30, 2013.
  • We are seeking a candidate who works on the intersections of translation with other fields in the Humanities.  Primary training in comparative literature or related discipline preferred. The successful candidate would be expected to help in developing our emerging curriculum in translation, which at Hampshire College includes among other fields world literature, philosophy, religion, poetry and history. The desired candidate would connect the theory and the practice of translation in their teaching.
  • Requirements: The expectations for the position would include mentoring student projects in translation, and assisting faculty in incorporating translation studies into their courses as well as coordinating various events with guest speakers. Successful candidate will teach one course per semester. Candidate should be prepared to co-teach a course on the task of the translator as a literary, ethical and political problem.
  • Qualifications: Native or near-native fluency in English, high proficiency in at least one other language (including but not limited to Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Latin, Sanskrit, or a less-commonly-taught language). Ph.D. in related field by date of appointment is required. MA in Translation Studies would be valued.
  • Application should include cover letter, CV, examples of translation projects, names of three references with email contact addresses and teaching portfolio submitted via our website at  No hard copies will be accepted.
  • Hampshire College is committed to building a culturally diverse intellectual community and strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates. Review of applications begins January 15, 2013 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • The link seems to be dead.
  • Actually, here it is:
  • Contacted via email to schedule preliminary skype interview 1/22, 1/23
  • Contacted to schedule campus interview 2/19
  • Offer made and accepted 3/10

Harvard Business School - Harvard-Newcomen Post Doc in Business History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Announcment said they would make decision and notify all applicants by mid-January.  But still no word on Jan 24.  Did anyone else apply for this, and have you received any kind of information since?
  • See posting here Harvard-Newcomen
  • Deadline: Oct. 15, 2012

Harvard College Writing Program - Preceptor in Expository Writing - INTERVIEW REQUESTS[]

  • Application Deadline (for positions beginning in Spring 2013): October 22, 2012
  • See full posting at Rhetoric/Composition 2013. Please post updates on the Rhet/Comp page.
  • NOTE [11/26]: Ad for Preceptor positions beginning in July 2013 has now been posted. See full details at Rhetoric and Composition 2013 - please post updates on the Rhet/Comp page.
  • DEADLINE for July 2013 position applications is: JAN. 7, 2013
  • Email request for more materials (1/23) x5
  • Any updates? -- Yes (3/6) wrote for an update, response was: The committee is still deliberating & will schedule interviews toward the end of March.
  • Thank you for the update
  • Interview request by email (3/19) x4
  • Has anyone received a rejection email? I emailed them to ask about my application status (no response) and am wondering if there is some sort of waiting list.
  • 3/26: Huh. I just called them to ask if they had scheduled interviews, and the person I spoke to said that the committee is meeting this week to decide on finalists and will schedule interviews this week or next week. Not sure what to make of the discrepancy between what I'm seeing here and what the Harvard person had to say.
  • Rejection email (5/1) 
  • Any news anyone? I'm still waiting... (6/11)

Harvard University - College Fellows (Arts and Sciences) - OFFERS MADE (ANTHRO; GOVERNMENT)[]

  • The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University is pleased to announce that the College Fellows Program is now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 academic year. This program identifies exceptional scholars who have recently completed their doctoral work and have demonstrated excellence in teaching. College Fellows teach within an area of specialization while given ample time to pursue their own research. The program provides College Fellows with mentoring on both pedagogy and career development. College Fellows are full-fledged members of the Harvard community.
  • College Fellowships are one-year positions with the possibility of renewal for one additional year. In 2013, they are expected to be on campus starting August 15. College Fellows will receive a salary plus benefits.
  • Candidates are required to have a Ph.D. or an equivalent terminal degree by the expected start date. The program is limited to applicants who have received their Ph.D. no earlier than 2009.
  • To see the list of areas of specialization and to apply, please visit Applications and letters of reference must be received by March 1, 2013.
  • Is anyone else unable to see a list of open postings for the Humanities? I just get a page saying that open postings are TBD. Is there anywhere where humanities people can check for open postings?
  • I don't see anything either. All I see is "Please check back soon for open positions..." Does anyone know what the teaching load is like for these fellowships?
    • Depends, but it's usually 2:1
    • Last year they didn't actually start posting the positions until well into the spring/summer.
      • does that mean people just had to apply blind, hoping that their field would be considered at all?
      • Last year you had to wait and see if something in your field would come up.  A lot of the positions were posted after the March 1 deadline, but they extended the deadline.
    • from administrator's e-mail (01/30): "Thank you for your interest in the College Fellows Program.  Openings from Arts & Humanities should be posted within the next week or so."
      • Emailed for more info today - administrator says to just keep checking the website. Was unable to tell me whether the March 1 deadline would still stand if they hadn't actually announced what positions or areas of speciality would be open.
      • Just spoke with them on the phone; they said that as of right now they have no updates as to Arts & Humanities positions. They said that the deadline will absolutely be extended (no March 1 for A&H), and that when they have a list of open positions, they will post them on the website and announce the new deadline for applying for those. Very friendly and helpful, and apologetic for the vagueness. I assume the delay is because these are all one-year positions extendable for a second year, so they're scrambling trying to figure out who's staying and who's going, and resultant budget-y things ...  Hope that helps, everyone!
  • Applied to this (in Social Sciences Category)... anyone else? (3/15)
    • Still waiting for the Arts & Humanities to post open positions ....
  • Interview request for Anthropology on 3/18
    • Anyone heard from Anthropology (Media & Visual Studies) yet? 4/1
      • Anyone heard from Sociology? (3/21)
      • Received rejection email from sociology. Said the search had concluded. This came directly from the soc. dept. (4/1)
  • Arts & Humanities positions (East Asian Languages & Civilizations and Germanic Studies) now up on the website
  • Positions in Classics and Linguistics also posted (3/29)
    • Any news from Government?  (3/29)
    • Heard a few days ago from an administrator that faculty was still reviewing applications. Decisions should be out soon. (3/29)
  • Offered the Anthropology postion, but not sure if I'll accept! Aghhhh (4/2)--> why is that?
  • Any movement on Government or other social science positions? (4/2)
  • (4/5) Rejection from Anthro via e-mail: "It was a difficult decision for us, since you were one of the strong applicants for this fellowship [along with every single other applicant, whose rejection e-mails presumably also include this line]."x2
  • Any news from English?
  • Rejection from Government; both offers were accepted.  Email mentioned the committee needed to weigh "department curricular need" even more heavily than is usually the case.
  • Any news on social studies?
  • Any news on Classics and Linguistics?

Harvard University - Mahindra Center Postdoctoral Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Applicants for 2013-14 fellowships must have received the Ph.D. after May 2010. Applicants without the Ph.D. must demonstrate that they will receive the Ph.D. in or before August 2013. Applications must be completed by November 15, 2012.
  • Fellowships will be awarded to support projects that share the Center’s commitment to interdisciplinarity and internationalism. The Center welcomes applications from all fields within the humanities and the allied social sciences. Despite the great diversity among humanities disciplines, they are joined in their commitment to the spirit of informed and independent interpretation—for individuals and groups—as a process crucial to making judgments about the relationship between facts and values. The Mahindra Humanities Center has taken on the role of exploring this important ethical and epistemological dimension of the humanities.
  • Fellows will be joined at the Center by postdoctoral fellows from Germany, who will be coming as part of a collaboration between the Mahindra Humanities Center and the Volkswagen Foundation. Fellows are expected to be in residence at Harvard for the term of the fellowship.
  • Fellows will receive stipends of $60,000, individual medical insurance, moving assistance of $1,500, and additional research support of $2,500.
  • Click here to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Mahindra Center.
  • Please mail your $35 application fee in the form of a check made out to "Harvard University" to: Shannon Mackey, Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard, 12 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please contact Shannon Mackey with questions about applying for a fellowship.
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (1/21/13)
  • Not yet (1/28/13)
  • Last year, if I recall correctly, nothing was heard until March.
    • Contacted the Mahindra Center to see what the timeline for decions is and was informed that they'll pick the winners this coming week sometime (that is, the week starting Feb. 24)
    • received email, informing me that I am an alternate (3/1)
    • rejection via email (3/5) x5
    • rejection via email (3/5)
      • "finally, something Homi Bhabha wrote that I understood!" <3
      • hahaha...that hilarious! i bet it was his administrative assistant who wrote it.

Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School) - Postdoctoral Fellowship in STS - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One-year (with possible extension to two-years) postdoctoral position in Science, Technology and Society
  • Joint hire by "Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Science, Technology and Society (STS) and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)"
  • "The one-year position will carry a teaching load of one course in Technology and Society; the successful candidate will also assist in STS Program activities and build links between STS and SEAS. Renewal for a second year may be possible contingent on satisfactory performance and available funding. Candidates should preferably have some background in physical sciences or engineering and be qualified to carry out research on the social implications of one or more aspects of engineering or applied sciences, such as information and communication technologies, biotechnology, or nanotechnology. Areas of specialization might include studies of innovation; risk and regulation; intellectual property; new research partnerships and research governance; and ethical issues in technological R&D. Research experience on comparative, international and global issues is especially welcome."
  • "Interdisciplinary teaching experiences are highly desirable. Candidates should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in an appropriate field, including STS, sociology, law, political science, economics, or engineering. Interested candidates should submit a curriculum vitae, a cover letter with a statement of research interests, a writing sample or representative publication, and names of three referees via the form on the STS Program website:"
  • Review begins: 28 Jan. 2012 and position remains open until filled.
  • - received email rejection (x2)

Harvard University - Society of Fellows (Junior Fellowships) - FINAL SELECTION MADE[]

  • To be eligible for a Junior Fellowship, a candidate must be at an early stage of his or her scholarly career. Men and women interested in any field of study are accepted. Most Junior Fellows receive the Ph.D. just prior to the start of the fellowship. If still pursuing the Ph.D., Junior Fellows should be at the dissertation stage of their theses and be prepared to finish their degrees within a year of becoming fellows. If already a recipient of the degree, they should not be much more than a year past the Ph.D. at the time the fellowship commences.
  • During 2012/2013 the stipend for Junior Fellows in their first year will be $65,000. The facilities of most branches of the University, both for instruction and for research, are open to Junior Fellows. Candidates whose research requires substantial laboratory space or extensive equipment should explore arrangements with the appropriate members of the faculty at Harvard for the necessary support. If there is any problem in this regard candidates should inform the Chair.
  • Candidates are nominated for Junior Fellowships, generally by those under whom they have studied. Applications are not accepted from candidates themselves. A letter of nomination should include an assessment of the candidate's work and promise, the candidate's complete contact information, including current residential mailing address and email address, and the names, mailing addresses, and email addresses of three addtional people who have agreed to write letters of recommendation by the end of September.
  • Upon receipt of the mailed nomination, the Society will request letters of recommendation from the referees and ask the candidate to submit samples of written work (i.e. dissertation chapters, articles, papers) along with a one or two-page proposal describing the studies he or she would like to pursue while a Junior Fellow. The candidate is also requested to provide official transcripts of both undergraduate and graduate records.
  • The Society will request that the letters of recommendation be submitted electronically - not by email, but through an upload to a secure portal site. After receipt of the nomination, the three referees will be contacted by our office both by regular mail and email and will be provided with a link to the submission portal. (This is why full and accurate email addresses are necessary to process the nomination.) Full instructions for uploading letters will be provided to each referee, along with a password to enter the secure site. On the basis of the materials submitted, the Senior Fellows select a certain number of candidates for interview. It is from this number that the final selection is made. (The Society pays the traveling expenses of those candidates interviewed.)
  • The deadline for receiving nominations for Junior Fellowships which begin July 1, 2013 is Friday, August 31, 2012. No nomination will be accepted with a postmark past the deadline. Nominations will not be accepted by email. All letters should be sent to: The Society of Fellows, Harvard University, 78 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138, 617-495-2485.
    • Notice of receipt of nomination and request for materials, 8/29 - due 9/19 (x2, 7/12 due 8/31) (received 8/28, due 9/18) (received 9/3, due 9/21) (received 9/10, due 10/1) (received 9/11, due 10/2)
    • To those posting above: I assume this is not a step beyond the original request for materials? If so, does this mean that the 8/31 deadline for materilas is not uniform for all applicants? Please advise.
      • The 8/31 deadline was for nomination letters from professors. They process those on a rolling basis and send out requests for full applications by the deadlines mentioned above.
      • This is all partly correct and partly incorrect. Each candidate is given an automatically generated, unique three-week deadline to submit materials, based on the date the Society inputs the information given by the nominator. Doubtless they are inundated with letters, so nobody should be worried yet if they think they have been nominated, but haven't heard from the Society. Once materials are sent by the candidate, the application is live, and the Society may or may not contact him/her requesting an interview. Good luck everyone! (09/14).
    • "The materials requested should be postmarked by October 1, 2012 (by Express Mail)" Er, do they have to be sent Express Mail, or can I send them (earlier?) using Normal Mail? I am a slave to application instructions and if there's any doubt I will send express but it seems gratuitious considering I also have to submit everything electronically by that date.
      • In the instructions they suggest that you send it in some way that will provide a tracking number. So if you send it earlier, I imagine you could send it priority or any other way that allows for you to track it, I think this is a measure to make sure it gets there and that no one says it got lost in the mail more than anything else.
    • 10/1 Phone call. Request for Campus Interview.
      • Right on, and congrats! For those of you who get the calls, would you mind posting the date on which your materials were due?
      • And if you can, let us know your discipline; last year at least the interviews were reported to be ordered by areas of resarch.
      • [My fields are Folklore and Anthropology (dual degree); Submitted my materials Sept 21; Got the request for an interview Oct 10; Interview in early Nov; I wasn't able to make the original date they asked me to interview, and requested a specific alternate date and was granted it, so I'm not sure the interviews are ordered by discipline -- I was told 4 interviewees per day for the 30 min interview and dinner afterwards]
    • To add some clarity (as someone who went through the interview process last year): As it appeared to me last year, each application is distributed to two (perhaps more) of the Senior Fellows (probably in fields close to your own, but maybe not), who make the decisions regarding whether you get an interview. When a decision gets made depends on when both of those people get to reading your application. If one of the people is slow to get through their pile, you might get a late notification. Decisions aren't make by "field" exactly, because two people in the same general field (say, English) might have their applications read by different pairs of Fellows. For example: English Lit Ph.D. #1 might have their application read by a Senior Fellow in English and another one in Art History, while Engish Lit Ph.D. #2 might have their materials read by a Senior Fellow in English and another in Anthropology or German or even Math. (The Senior Fellows are, almost by definition, not only eminent but also polymathic, and so your application may get read by someone in a seemingly unrelated field because they happen to have a side interest in something that touches on your research). The punchline: Don't worry about trying to infer your fate from what other people have heard, even if they are in the same field or had the same application deadline.
      • Any news here?
    • Anyone with a late-September deadline get a call yet (10/24)?
    • Did anyone have a deadline of 10/05, and if so have you received a response? I am anticipating/hoping for a response this week.
    • I would guess if we haven't heard we aren't going to hear, but maybe I'm wrong?
    • I am not sure I agree. The person who posted about an interview above had a deadline of 09/21 and heard 2.5 weeks later. So, if you had a deadline of, say, 10/05, you could conceivably hear something, say, tomorrow if HSOF is keeping with similar timelines. Now, I think if we get through the end of this week and into next, and there is no response, then it is more likely we will not hear anything positive.
    • The past two years, there has been a lot of activity around this time. It's been quiet this year. Time to worry?
    • I had an October 1st deadline and haven't heard anything yet (10/24), one can only speculate of course, but should I assume I will not receive a request for a campus interview?
    • I had September 18th as the deadline. Have not heard anything. Am I out of the race? (10/27)
    • I wonder what impact, if at all, will Hurricane Sandy have on the process. I felt strongly that this would be the week when we could expect some major activity. It has been mentioned that the Senior Fellows meet on each Monday. But I think with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, I wonder if that pushes things into early next week. Does anyone have any additional insight?
    • In past years, even those with a late September deadline heard in early October. If you haven't heard about an interview yet, you're not going to get an interview.
      • I want to not believe this, but looking at last year's wiki, I think it's probably right. I'm crossing through it in my jobs folder right now.
      • There are two issues I see with this statement. First, my deadline was not late September; I had a deadline of October 5. Second, I have seen in the past where people received calls as late as November 3. So, do you think those of us with an early October deadline are out of the running?
      • These things are impossible to get, so just assume you aren't going to get it. It's really helped me, mentally, to adopt this attitude. If you get it, great; a pleasant surprise. But checking this Wiki 10,000 times a day, comparing this year's Wiki to last year, etc., isn't healthy. No one here knows (unless they are a Senior Fellow or on the search committee), and that is the truth. But still, good luck and who knows? maybe it'll work out!
      • I do agree with ^this^ perspective. (x2!)
      • I had a 10/5 deadline, have not heard anything (10/30), and yes, I'm moving on with my life...
    • Has anybody with an October deadline heard back yet? Odd.
    • I had a 09/27 deadline and I got a call to schedule an interview today (10/30)
      • Great news! Congratulations!! Hopefully, this bodes well for those of us who have deadlines in early October.
    • I had a 9/25 deadline and received the call today (11/6) for an interview.
      • Great news, and a huge congratulations. Maybe they're just slow this year? Back to staring at the telephone....
      • Congrats on the interview. I am crossing off this from my list. Mine was Sep 18th as the deadline. Have not heard anything, so the game is over for me. Back to that dissertation. Not disappointed even a bit. Good luck to all!
    • So has anybody with an early October deadline heard back? I had a deadline of 10/05, and I have not heard anything. At this point, I don't know whether or not any of us are still under consideration.
    • Has anyone heard back about final decisions?
    • I heard we are supposed to hear tonight. As it's nearly 9pm, looks like I'm probably out. 
    • Where did you hear that we'd be finding out tonight?
    • Is it even remotely possible to be selected as a fellow without having been invited for an interview? No, not possible.
    • Did anyone get a phone call yesterday?
    • no.  and please clarify how you heard we'd be receiving a call Sun. night?  Thanks. 
    • Has anyone heard anything?  Can you please let us know if you have?  Thank you!
    • Rejection via mail (12/11). They are dated 12/10. I live in the area so mine arrived quickly. (x2)  My rejection (mail) arrived 12/12. [x5 - and a very dainty rejection note it is, too]
    • Did anyone get offer yet?
    • Whoa, was it possible to submit materials after September 10th? I thought everyone had the same deadline?

Harvard University - South Asia Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Harvard University South Asia Institute (SAI) will offer postdoctoral fellowships in South Asian studies to recent PhDs in the humanities and social sciences for the Academic Year 2013-2014. The Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant:
1. Each postdoctoral fellowship will cover a 10-month period, beginning September 1, 2013, with a stipend of $50,000, health insurance coverage for the grantee, and roundtrip travel funds.
2. Postdoctoral fellows will be provided office space, access to the libraries and resources of Harvard University.
  • Responsibilities of Postdoctoral Fellows: Residence in the Cambridge/Boston area and participation in SAI activities are required during the appointment. Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to present through the SAI Seminar Series. During the term of appointment, postdoctoral fellows will have the option to teach one course, or co-teach an existing course with a current faculty member.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have received their PhD degree in 2008 or later in South Asia Studies in any area of the humanities or social sciences. Those who are chosen to receive fellowships must have completed all requirements for the PhD degree by July 1, 2013.
  • Deadline: March 1, 2013
  • Application Process: Cover Sheet: You may download the Cover Sheet from our website, and include the following information: 1. Name (First and Last) 2. Primary Email 3. University and Department of PhD 4. Field of Study 5. Thesis Title 6. Date of PhD (or, if pending, give specific timeline) 7. Names and Contact information of 3 recommenders 8. Short Summary (~40 words) of research plan at Harvard 9. Brief statement of teaching interests 10. Do you have a continuing teaching position? If yes, where? N.B. If teaching, have you obtained approval from your department to accept a postdoctoral position for 2013-2014? 11. Have you previously applied for a Harvard Postdoctoral Fellowship? If yes, when? 12. Are you currently applying for other postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard University?; Cover Letter; Curriculum vitae: please include citizenship, Social Security number, current and permanent addresses, telephone number(s), email address; academic degrees with dates of conferral, discipline and institution; List of publications (this may be included in your CV); Official transcript of grades; Writing Sample (approximately 1,000 words); Plan of research (approximately 1,000 words): What do you plan to do at each stage of your research during the fellowship? What particular resources do you intend to use at each stage? What are the advantages of doing your postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard; are there specific individuals you hope to seek out while in residence?; Statement of Teaching Interests (approximately 500 words), including syllabi/description of possible courses you might teach; Three letters of recommendation (signed and sealed), these must be enclosed with the application.
  • Contact: Mail completed applications to:
South Asia Institute
Postdoctoral Fellowships
Attn: Nora Maginn
1730 Cambridge Street, Room S427
Cambridge MA 02138 USA
  • For further information: contact the South Asia Institute, Nora Maginn,, (617)-496-4862. Website:
  • Whatever happened with this fellowship? I never heard a thing. 5/1/13

Harvard University - Warren Center - American Environmental Studies Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • HARVARD UNIVERSITY’S WARREN CENTER invites applications from scholars of any field with interests relevant to “The Environment and the American Past: Hot Topic.” This 2013-14 FELLOWSHIP and workshop will examine how the American past has been situated within its natural contexts. Nature in art, environmental history, and ecocriticism have each been established as an important topic or mode of scholarly inquiry. But these subfields have typically flourished in isolation from each other and have quite often been on the margins of the dominant narratives within art history, history, and literary studies. We convene this workshop to facilitate dialogue among scholars of the American environment from different disciplines, and to encourage them to make explicit challenges within their home fields, so that environmental and ecocritical perspectives might become more centrally located within scholarly inquiry.
  • We welcome applications for comparative and transnational projects that take North American developments as a point of departure. Fellows will present their work in a seminar led by Lawrence Buell (English), Joyce Chaplin (History), and Robin Kelsey (History of Art and Architecture). Applicants may not be degree candidates and must have a Ph.D. or equivalent. Fellows have library privileges and receive a private office which they must use for at least the 9-month academic year. The Center encourages applications, otherwise consistent with the Workshop theme, relating to the nation’s life during and as a consequence of wars, and from qualified applicants who can contribute, through their research and service, to the diversity and excellence of the Harvard community.
  • Stipends: individually determined according to fellow needs and Center resources, up to a maximum of $53,000. Application (from website) due Jan. 15, 2013; decisions in early March. For more information: .
  • Rejection via mail (03/12).

Harvard University - Warren Center - Global American Studies Fellowship - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Charles Warren Center, Harvard’s research center for North American history, is pleased to announce a new postdoctoral fellowship. This new postdoc, distinct from the Center’s long-standing faculty fellowship, will commence in the academic year 2013-14. Appointments will initially be made for one year, and are renewable for a second year.  Two such appointments will be made.
  • We seek scholars with research interests in Global American Studies: the history of the United States in the world, and the world in the United States.  Applications are welcomed from scholars with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds who bring a historical perspective to topics such as empire, migration, race, indigeneity, and ethnicity, and whose work investigates and/or interprets the history and experience in the United States of native peoples, or peoples of African, Asian, or Hispanic descent.
  • Along with access to Harvard’s library and other resources, the fellowship includes the requirement to teach one course per year (ideally in the fall term), to participate in a fellowship program conference each spring, and an organized faculty mentorship component.  Residency at the Warren Center for the term of the appointment is therefore required.
  • The Ph.D. must be in hand before the fellowship term begins on July 1, 2013, and the program is available for up to four years after receipt of the Ph.D.  We are interested in applications in Global American Studies which relate to the nation’s life during or as a consequence of war, and/or concern the history and promotion of ideas and practices of social justice.  The Warren Center especially welcomes qualified applicants who can contribute, through their research, teaching, and service, to the diversity and excellence of Harvard’s academic community. 
  • Any news on this one? [posted 2/11]
  • Offer made 2/4 and accepted 2/11

Harvard University - Women's Studies in Religion - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Harvard Divinity School announces five full-time positions as Research Associate and Visiting Faculty for 2013-14 in its Women's Studies in Religion Program. Proposals for book-length research projects utilizing both religion and gender as central categories of analysis are welcomed. Priority will go to book projects for which most research has been completed. They may address women and religion in any time, place or religious tradition, and may utilize disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches from across the fields of theology, the humanities, and the social sciences. Full-time residence at Harvard Divinity School during the 2013-14 academic year is required. Associates meet together regularly for collective discussion of research in progress; each Associate teaches a one-semester course related to the research project; and the Associates present their research in a public lecture series.
  • Salary for 2013-14 will be $50,000. The appointment is full-time, lasting ten months, and includes health benefits and reimbursement of some expenses.
  • Letters of recommendation should be addressed to the WSRP Search Committee and submitted electronically in word, rich text, or PDF format to Information and application may be accessed at
  • Completed applications must be submitted online by October 15, 2012. Applicants must have received their Ph.D. by October 1, 2012.
  • Received automatic confirmation of application 15 Oct 2012.
  • Was anyone called and told that she received this award?  Though I haven't yet received one, I heard from their office that letters were sent out on this past Friday and am not sure if those were "rejection" letters only or also "winning" letters.  (3/12)
  • Received neither a phone call nor a letter by COB today - 3/13
  • I still didn't get a letter (or call) either (3/14). 

Haverford College - Mellon Postdoctoral Program - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Haverford College is pleased to have the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in establishing an endowed fellowship program designed to nurture the professional potential of an emerging generation of young humanists. As a liberal arts college dedicated to the complementary pursuits of excellent teaching and advanced scholarship, Haverford has a profound stake in ensuring continuity in the tradition of scholar-teachers. We likewise believe that an institution such as ours, with its opportunities for faculty development through intimate interdisciplinary exchange and innovative pedagogy, provides an ideal setting for cultivating the creative energies of young scholars. At the same time, Haverford has much to gain from the steady infusion of fresh intellectual and pedagogical perspectives brought by the Fellows from their recent university training and experience.
  • Haverford's program for Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellows is organized to provide five key instruments of professional advancement: meaningful teaching (Fellows teach one course per term, with the expectation that they will supplement the curriculum with innovative course designs); collaborative intellectual exploration (through participation during the first year in the year-long John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Seminar); interaction with the broader world of scholarship and public life (focused in the Fellowship's second year through the staging of a symposium connected to the Fellow's teaching and research interests); mentoring (through association with host departments and programs, as well as the Faculty Seminar); and the time and resources for scholarly endeavor (a reduced teaching load, support for research, and funds for travel to professional conferences).

2013 John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities Mellon Post-Doc Search

  • The John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities of Haverford College will start accepting applications for its two-year Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Humanities to begin Fall 2013 as of early November 2012. We expect to post the search charge by November 1st. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2013. The search criteria will reflect the topic of the Faculty Seminar for 2013-14 and desirable possible areas of specialization.

Faculty Seminar 2013-14: The Anarchist Tradition, Revisited, led by Craig Borowiak (Political Science)

  • Most commonly associated with adolescent rebellion and conspiratorial bomb throwers, the anarchist tradition proves to be far more complex and influential than caricatures of urban guerrillas, monkey-wrenching eco-terrorists, and nihilistic punks suggest. Anarchist thought has inspired many cultural formations and political experiments around the world. It has shaped the environmental, feminist, cooperative, anti-colonial and labor movements. It has influenced artists from Picasso to Duchamp and novelists from Tolstoy to Leguin. Anarchist currents can be found in theater and dance, as well as in a variety of musical genres, including punk, afrobeat, hip hop, heavy metal and techno rave, as and in classical compositions by John Cage. Anarchism has even left its mark on the natural sciences, as evidenced in the epistemological anarchism of Paul Fayerabend and in the contributions to evolutionary biology and geography made by early anarchists such as Kropotkin and Reclus. This seminar will explore some of these threads, providing relief from the reductive treatment anarchism commonly receives in popular media and academic scholarship alike.

How to Apply

  • Candidates who have received the Ph.D. in 2008 at the earliest, or who have completed the requirements for the degree by the application deadline of January 31, 2013 are eligible. The application should include a cover letter addressing the seminar topic and its connection to your research, interests, and scholarship; a curriculum vitae; two brief course proposals related to your field ( one a broad-based introductory course, the other a more specialized or advanced course), and a writing sample of no more than 25 pages. Applicants also should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to: Emily Carey Cronin, Associate Director, John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities, Haverford College, Haverford PA 19041, 610-896-1336 (for queries only; please no electronic applications).
Q: Does anyone know -- are ABDs eligible? What do you think is meant by "who have completed the requirements for the degree by the application deadline"? ALL requirements? Or all requirements except filing the diss?
  • No idea; that sounds like an appropriate query to make to the email address given above.
  • My sense is that if you are ABD by 1/31, then you haven't completed all the requirememnts. If you've defended your diss, but haven't gotten around to filing yet, then it's a bit of a grey zone: not abd, but not PhD. They'd be pretty petty bastards if the dinged you because you hadn't filed. I mean, it's a fellowship about (A).
  • Has anybody received a confirmation of the materials received for the application?
  • 2/17/13 - No, I have not received confirmation of receipt or any further word about the process. (x4)
  • Thanks! I emailed asking a week ago and still no reply. Please keep posting since there are many of us really looking forward to hear from this postdoc.
  • Finalists have been invited for campus visits according to the college calendar of events. 
  • Offer accepted (second-hand, early April).

Haverford College - Writing Fellows -  CAMPUS INTERVIEW HELD[]

  • The Writing Program at Haverford College is seeking two Writing Fellows for the year 2013-14. Women and members of underrepresented minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Ph. D. required at time of appointment or ABD with plans to complete and defend by the conclusion of the first year of the appointment. We are particularly interested in candidates who might bring expertise in developmental writing, ESL, science writing, public speaking, writing as social practice, etc., and who are ready to teach a diverse student body. These fellows will teach four first year writing seminars—text-based and thematically unified—two in each semester in a seminar required of all first year students. Fellows will also offer workshops through the Writing Center in different kinds of writing practice, i.e., workshops for senior thesis writers, etc. and participate in other on-going writing projects (assessment, etc.). The fellowship is for one year, renewable for up to three years (inclusive); the salary is competitive and the position is fully benefitted. The successful applicant will have held the degree for no more than six years.
  • Please send a letter of application, a current CV, three letters of recommendation, and a brief writing sample through the interfolio link above by April 20, 2013. Haverford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer with a longstanding commitment to diversity rooted in values of inclusion, social justice, peacemaking and conflict resolution. Interfolio link:
  • Rejection (email) 5/21
  • NOTE the following updates from Rhetoric/Composition 2013:
  • Campus interview scheduled: 5/27
  • Rejected after campus visit 6/5

Humboldt University (Ger.) - "Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History" - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 10 to 15 research fellowships for up to one year on the research theme "Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History" withing the International Research Centre
  • "We welcome candidates especially from the disciplines of history, anthropology, law, sociology, political science, and area studies. Applicants should be at the postdoctoral level or senior scholars. We would like the proposed projects to employ a historical and transregional perspective. Also, please do not only focus on work/ labour, but also on life course. Possible topic areas are, among others, the household, loss of work, the relationship between work and non-work, as well as free and unfree labour. We welcome proposals about all regions of the world and especially those that look at comparisons, conflicts, relations between different regions. A global history perspective is not required; keeping an open mind to such ideas, however, is highly desirable."
  • Deadline: 31 Aug. 2012.

IFA | NYU - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship  - INTERVIEW SCHEDULED[]

  • Interview: Any updates (1/25)?
    •  email to set-up interview (1/30)
  • Offer: ??

Indiana University - Postdoctoral Fellowships - Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society (CRRES) - FINALISTS SELECTED[]

  • Indiana University, Bloomington is pleased to accept applications for two Postdoctoral Fellowships for scholars in a broad range of fields, including anthropology, economics, folklore, history, political science, sociology, and area studies (e.g., American Studies, Asian American Studies, African American and African Diaspora Studies). Postdoctoral fellows are an important component of the intellectual life of CRRES. The CRRES fellowship program aims to create a legacy of qualified scholars who will be positioned to address the broad issue of race and ethnicity through a multidisciplinary lens. These fellowships are designed to nurture the academic careers of scholars by allowing them the opportunity to pursue their research while gaining mentored experience as teachers, CRRES fellows, and members of the faculty in host departments. We are looking for self-motivated and highly-organized individuals who can work independently and as members of a team.
  • Appropriate areas of specialization include: (1) immigration, immigrant politics, and/or immigrant experiences; (2) race in electoral politics; (3) race, ethnicity, and religion; (4) health disparities, health policy, and health economics; (5) racial attitudes; (6) U.S. minorities and social movements; and (7) social inequality.
  • Terms of Agreement: Fellows are expected to pursue research activities associated with their primary area(s) of work, as demonstrated by conference presentations (including CRRES) and published works. Fellows will also teach two courses in their home departments in each year of their residency; are expected to participate in CRRES activities; and take part in their home departments’ colloquia and/or seminars. The positions are available for two years beginning August 1, 2013 through May 31, 2015, at a 10-month starting salary of $51,500. Each postdoctoral fellow will also receive $3,000/yr. in research support and Indiana University health benefits. Fellows are allocated office space (with basic office supplies), a computer, and printer.
  • Application Process: We invite applications from qualified candidates who are at the beginning of their academic careers, having received the Ph.D. in 2011 or 2012 but who do not hold tenure-track academic positions. Candidates who do not hold a Ph.D. but expect to by June 30, 2013 must supply a letter from the chair of their dissertation committee, confirming the proposed timeline for completion. To be eligible, all applicants must file or deposit their dissertations no later than June 30, 2013.
  • Send completed applications to the CRRES office by January 30, 2013. Candidates should submit a cover letter, CV, personal statement (approximately 3000 words describing their dissertation project, work in progress, professional goals and plans for publication, and proposed major field[s] of teaching), and three letters of reference, which must be sent separately and received by the January 30, 2013 deadline. If available, applicants may also submit materials demonstrating their aptitude as teachers. Incomplete dossiers will not be reviewed. Following review by the CRRES postdoctoral committee, strong applications will be circulated to relevant departments.
  • We prefer materials to be sent electronically Materials sent by mail should be sent to Pamela Braboy Jackson, Search Committee Chair, Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society, Indiana University - Schuessler Institute for Social Research 209, 1022 E. Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405. Information about the center can be found at: .
    • Last minute applicants - watch out if you're using the links in the center's posted ad - the email address is listed as, but if you click on the link or copy it to your clipboard, it directs you to, which is not a valid email address.  Double check your interfolio orders!
    • Should we expect to recieve confirmation of our application from CRRES if we did not send via interfolio?
      • Unclear.  I sent in the application over email and recieved a request to fill out a diversity form 2/13.  I assume that email was supposed to double as confirmation.
      • I sent via email and I just received the request for the diversity form today, 2/15. (x2)
      • any word about offers?
        • I was told via email that they would wait until 2/27 for a missing letter of rec, so my guess is that they won't start reviewing applications until the end of the week at the earliest.(x2)
        • Any further updates? (3/6)
        • I heard from somebody who is at IU that this Center is fairly new and is understaffed, so that could be why things are proceeding slowly.
        • I just called the office and heard that applications are still under review and that we should find out in a week or so. (3/12)
        • Thanks for the intel: did the office person indicate if they had started long/short listing?
        • No, the admin. assistant seemed to leave that intentionally vague. (3/12)
        • what is going on? any word? (3/22)
        • Emailed the Center this week and the person told me that they are still reviewing apps and won't make a decision until the first week of April (3/23). They are so late in the game! 
        • rejection via email (3/25) x3
        • Any word about a decision? Have not received a rejection letter at this point (04/03)
        • recieved email stating that they have selected their finalists - they will continue to debate final round until next week (4/8) 

Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (Social Sciences and other disciplines) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse aims to be the home of academic freedom and experimentation, where top-flight researchers are able to explore new territory in a multi-disciplinary direction and interact with visitors in a stimulating. environment.
  • The Research Program of the Institute is organized around 5 broad themes:
    • Individual and Social Networks
    • Governance and Markets
    • Society, Globalization and Public Policy
    • Individual motives, Actions, Innovation and Well Being
    • The Nation State and Global Public Goods
  • We welcome contributions within these themes from researchers within a large range of disciplines: anthropology, biology, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology, though motivated applications from outside these disciplines will be given full consideration. Applications from economists are also encouraged, but successful applicants will have demonstrated an interest in, and a commitment to, at least one of the other non-economics disciplines of the IAST.
  • Eligible applicants: Active researchers who have or will have completed their PhD after January 2011 and before September 2013. The IAST offers candidates an opportunity to devote themselves full time to their research at the start of their careers.
  • Conditions: Fellows are provided with office space, computer facilities and a salary (currently 25 000€ per year) for one year, renewable under certain conditions for a second year.
  • Deadline: The closing date for applications for the 2013-14 academic year is 31st December 2012. In the course of February 2013, the applicants will be informed by email of the decision taken by the IAST committee regarding their application. To apply:
    • Has anybody heard from IAST re this position?
    • Rejection email (3/13)
    • No news either way (3/15) -> Rejection email 3/22

Institute for Historical Research (London, UK) - Economic History Postdoc - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Up to 5 one-year post-doctoral fellowships in Economic History
  • "The Fellowships will be awarded to postdoctoral candidates who have recently completed a doctoral degree in economic/social history, or who will have submitted their thesis for examination by 1 October in the academic year in which the Fellowship is to be held. It is the intention of the Economic History Society to promote work of a kind that might be published in the leading refereed academic journals in economic/social history. Fellows will be expected to pursue research in economic/social history at an advanced level with a view to publication"
  • "The Fellowships are open to candidates who are British citizens and/or holders of a degree from a British university. They must be affiliated to a British university for the period of their Fellowship."
  • Applications open: 1 Feb. 2013 and deadlne is 5 Apr. 2013

Institute for Historical Research (London, UK) - Pearsall Fellowship in Naval & Maritime History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One-year postdoctoral fellowship in Naval and Maritime History
  • "Applications are encouraged for work on any aspect of Naval and Maritime History, in the broadest sense, anywhere in the world, from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West up to the present day."
  • "Applicants may be of any nationality, and their PhD (or equivalent) may have been awarded in any country. Applicants must already have submitted their doctoral thesis for examination, or be prepared to do so by 1 October of the academic year in which the award is to be held. Applicants who already hold doctorates must have been awarded them in the five years prior to October 2013."
  • "This Fellowship is intended as a first academic post for recent doctoral graduates. Those who have previously held another postdoctoral research Fellowship will not be eligible"
  • Applications open: 1 Feb. 2013 with a deadline of 5 Apr. 2013

Institute for Historical Research (London, UK) - Past & Present Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Up to 2 one-year postdoctoral fellowships in History
  • "Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate a broad interest in processes of social, economic, political and cultural change, as manifested in their particular field of study. The Society wishes to promote work of a kind that might be published in the journal Past & Present and its book series, which is published by the Oxford University Press."
  • "The Fellowships will be awarded to postdoctoral applicants who have recently completed a doctoral degree in history, or who will have submitted their thesis for examination by 1 October in the academic year in which the Fellowship is to be held. It is a strict condition of the Fellowship that the thesis should have been submitted by that date. Applicants may be of any nationality, and their PhD (or equivalent) may have been awarded in any country.  Those who have previously held another postdoctoral research fellowship will not be eligible"
  • "A condition of the award is that Fellows should undertake further historical research and writing. Fellows will be encouraged to submit their articles or books to the editors of Past & Present for consideration."
  • Applications open: 1 Feb. 2013 with a deadline of 5 Apr. 2013
  • Does anyone know when we'll hear about interviews?

James Cook University (Australia) (3 yr. postdoc, English/ Comparative Literature) - DEADLINE PASSSED[]

  • The Margaret and Colin Roderick Foundation for Australian Literary Studies has provided funding for a postdoctoral fellow in comparative literature beginning in May 2013 for a three-year term. Designed to explore the emerging field of transnational literary studies, within a broad perspective that centers on writing in and about the tropical world, this research role will involve projects that interrogate middlebrow writing about the Pacific between the wars.
  • Research will be centered on exclusions in national literatures, canon formation, histories of reading, the brow wars, magazine writing, interwar cosmopolitanism, travel and colonialism.
  • SELECTION CRITERIA 1. Completion of a PhD in an appropriate area of literary studies (at least two of the following areas: Canadian, American, New Zealand or Australian Literature; middlebrow publishing; postcolonialism; travel writing; literature of the 20s and 30s; canon formation; or histories of reading). 2. Demonstrated experience in archival research. 3. A track record of publication. 4. Some experience in successful grant writing. 5. A capacity to work and publish independently as well as collaboratively. 6. A capacity to build, foster, and participate in collegial research networks. 7. Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Applications close on 6 Jan. 2013. For further information, please contact Dr Victoria Kuttainen:

Johns Hopkins University, Patrick Henry Scholar (2 yr. postdoc, History/Political Science) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Johns Hopkins University is pleased to invite applications for the position of Patrick Henry Scholar, a two-year postdoctoral fellowship offered jointly by the Departments of History and Political Science. The fellowship alternates between the two Departments, and this year’s competition is being conducted for a two-year appointment in the Department of History. We invite applications from scholars of the world of colonial America and the early republic who have demonstrated excellence in their research and who will have completed their PhDs in history between 2009 and June 30, 2013. The fellowship term will begin on July 1, 2013, and will end on June 30, 2015. The Patrick Henry Scholar will teach one undergraduate course per semester and will have an opportunity to participate fully in the intellectual life of the department. The fellowship carries compensation of $50,000 a year and, funds permitting, a small research/travel budget. Hopkins is an equal opportunity employer and actively encourages women and minorities to apply.
  • Candidates should upload a letter of application, curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract and sample chapter or article to the Interfolio website [1] no later than February 1, 2013. At least two letters of reference should be uploaded independently by the referee. Questions contact: or
  • Anyone heard anything from this one? (2/20)
  • email rejection received, saying a candidate had been chosen. (3/20)

Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen - International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (Postdoctoral Researcher, 3 yr., social scientist especially sought) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 2-3 year (tenable for two, renewable for up to three) Research Tem Member position at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
  • "Candidates must have completed an undergraduate university degree with honors; received an outstanding doctoral degree in the humanities, social sciences or cultural studies; and developed an excellent research project (exposé) related to the study of culture that correlates with the GCSC’s research profile. Applications from scholars within the social sciences are especially sought for this application period. An international research perspective, i.e. international academic experience, is an advantage. The GCSC’s working languages are German and English. Applicants must have a firm command of one of these languages and are expected to learn the second language by reaching the B1 level within the first 6 months of the research period."
  • Deadline March 1, 2013 (to start 15 Oct. 2013)

Kenyon College - Postdoctoral Fellowship in International Studies - PHONE INTERVIEW[]

  • Kenyon College seeks applicants for the Kenyon Mellon Post-doctoral Fellowship in International Studies. The post-doctoral program is a one-year teaching fellowship in the humanities or humanistic social sciences for holders of PhD's who come from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds. The program seeks to attract recent recipients of doctoral degrees whose research focus is in international fields of study, including comparative or cross-cultural scholarship. The fellowship program places its greater emphasis on the Fellow's teaching while encouraging mentorship of junior faculty, as well as allowing time for research activities. The Fellow will be expected to teach three courses over the term of the year, including one course that incorporates the teaching of writing as practiced in the disciplinary field(s) of the Fellow. Other potential and desirable course offerings include a course on qualitative methods and a class designed for first year students as an introduction to global exploration and engagement.
  • Kenyon College, located on an idyllic campus in the beautiful village of Gambier (50 miles NE of Columbus), enrolls approximately 1650 students and is ranked in the top tier of national liberal arts colleges. Kenyon prides itself on its reputation as an excellent teaching environment enriched by small classes, close contact with highly motivated and engaged students and an excellent faculty of dedicated teacher scholars.
  • For more specific information regarding this fellowship and for application instructions please visit: To learn more about Kenyon, visit:
  • Review of applications will begin March 1, 2013 and continue until the position is filled.
    • Has anyone received confirmation that their application was received (3/14)?
    • a phone interview is scheduled next week (3/29)

KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies) - Digital Humanities/Asian Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two or more 2-year (possibly 3-year) research postdocs on the Elite Networks Shifts research project
  • "Candidates will have a PhD and a proven research record in one of the following three fields, and a demonstrable affinity with another one:
    1. Social sciences (preferably historical sociology, history, sociology, anthropology or political science), specialised in research about Indonesia (preferably elites, and history of Indonesia) (see subproject 2). Reading ability of the Indonesian language.
    2. Social network analysis, computational and statistical methods, computational sociology, digital research methods (see subproject 2).
    3. Complex systems, background in either mathematics, physics, or engineering. Specialised in socio- and econophysics or internet and web science; with a focus on evolving complex networks (see subproject 3).
  • Deadline: 30 Jun. 2012 [to start Feb 2013]

King's College London - Three 4-year Postdocs relating to London, 1800-1850 - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Part of an interdisciplinary project, funded by European Research Council, on the history of London
  • Run by Music Department but open to scholars from "any relevant field, including aesthetics, art history, cultural history, geography, history, history of science, literary studies, musicology, sociology, etc"
  • Deadline 19 April 2013
  • Updates / news / progress reports? (6/16)

Kings College London (UK) - Post-doctoral research associate (scrambled messages)[]

  • One 4-year research post-doc on the AHRC-funded 'Scrambled Messages: The Telegraphic Imaginary 1857-1900'
  • Joint project between Cortauld Institute, Kings College London & University College London
  • "A post-doctoral researcher is required to work on the Wheatstone Bequest Collection at King’s College London, and to propose and conduct a personal research project on the sourcing and processing of materials and/or their deployment in communications technology"
  • "to divide time as follows: 40% on research on the Wheatstone and telegraphy materials and coordination of the project and 60% on research activities for his/her personal (embedded) project and publications. On the basis of work done by the professional cataloguer and archivist on the project, the post-doctoral researcher will produce detailed interpretations of selected items in the Wheatstone Bequest Collection.  Please see job description for further information"
  • Deadline: 24 May 2013

Kings College London (UK) - Research Associate (Dept. of History)[]

  • One 3-year Research Associateship 'to work on the AHRC-funded project, ‘The Redress of the Past: Historical Pageants in Britain, 1905-2016’', beginning 1 Oct. 2013 "or as soon as possible thereafter"
  • "The Research Associate will carry out archival research and will contribute to the outputs of the project, which will include a monograph, journal articles and a large interactive website. The successful applicant should either hold, or be on the point of completing, a PhD in History or a cognate discipline (such as English literature/drama, or cultural studies). S/he should have research expertise in some area/s of modern British history/culture, but prior knowledge of historical pageants is not required. S/he should have experience of archival research in the United Kingdom, and of using electronic databases for research. The post will involve significant amounts of travel to libraries and archives in England and Wales"
  • Deadline: 1 Jul. 2013
    • Intend to interview 23 Jul.

Lehigh University - 2-yr. Pre/Postdoc in Latin American Cultural Studies - OFFER  ACCEPTED []

  • The Latin American Studies Program at Lehigh University invites Ph.D. candidates specializing in Latin America, with a clear contemporary Latin American cultural studies focus, to apply for a two-year predoctoral / postdoctoral fellowship, beginning Fall 2013.
  • Applications are welcome from candidates whose research concentrates in any of the following areas: social movements, identity (gender, ethnic, religious, etc.), transnational migration, and/or urbanization. Successful candidates must be within one year or less of finishing all requirements for the Ph.D. They will also demonstrate breadth and depth of cultural and Spanish language experience, and ability to design and offer a Latin American Studies introductory course. The fellow will be expected to contribute to further develop the Latin American Studies Program, establish links with the campus community, and share results of his/her research. The teaching load is one course per year during the first year as a pre-doctoral fellow and two courses per year during the second as a post-doctoral fellow.
  • A detailed description of the fellowship and complete list of application materials can be found at .
  • For first consideration, all application materials should be received by November 28, 2012. Send application materials to: Latin American Studies Program, Predoctoral/Postdoctoral Fellowship, C/O Office of Interdisciplinary Programs, Maginnes Hall, Suite 490, Lehigh University, 9 W. Packer Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18015.
  • NOTE: also posted at Dissertation Fellowships 2013-14
  • Skype Interview Scheduled (12/13)
  • On Campus Interview Scheduled (1/2) (x2)

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships - OFFER MADE[]

  • Early Career Fellowships aim to provide career development opportunities for those who are at a relatively early stage of their academic careers but with a proven record of research. It is anticipated that a Fellowship will lead to a more permanent academic position. Applications are welcomed in any discipline, and approximately 80 Fellowships will be available in 2013. Fellowships can be held at universities or at other institutions of higher education in the UK.
  • Applicants will be notified by the end of May 2013.
  • Any news?
  • Offer made 21/5 (email)

Ludwig-Maxilimians-Universität München - Post-Doc-Position in History, Theology, Jewish Studies or Religious Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The International Research Training Group „Religious Cultures in 19th and 20th century Europe“ (LMU Munich/Charles-University Prague in cooperation with the Collegium Carolinum/Munich) is calling for applications for a post-doc-position. Applications are accepted until February 15, 2013.
  • The Research Training Group is examining religion and its entanglements with secular systems in European modernity. We offer a fixed-term contract of one year, starting from April 1, 2012. The position is paid according to the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) rates for post-docs (i.e. approx. 1.900 €).
  • Admission requirements: Applicants should have a PhD-degree in History, Theology, Study of Religions or Jewish Studies. Good proficiency in English is required.
  • For further information on admission requirements and on the procedure of application see:
  • Please notice: Applications are accepted only via our

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • Thanks to the generous support of the Mellon Foundation, MIT awards two fellowships each year to promising young scholars working at the intersection of humanities disciplines, or between humanities and other disciplines. This Fellowship is especially intended for scholars whose work is truly interdisciplinary in nature.
  • Terms of Appointment: Two Mellon Fellows will be selected for a two-year appointment, effective July 1, 2013. Fellows will teach one course in Spring 2014 and one per semester the following year, and will be in residence at MIT during this time. In addition to teaching and developing courses, fellows are also expected to conduct research and contribute to the intellectual life of the School. Salary will be $50,000 per year with standard benefits, and each Fellow will receive a research fund of $5,000 to cover travel and other costs associated with research and professional development.
  • Eligibility and Selection: Fellowships are awarded to support research projects in the Humanities and applicants must designate the host department where they would like to be located. Units at MIT include Anthropology, Comparative Media Studies, History, Literature, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Political Science, Music and Theater Arts, and the Program in Science, Technology and Society.
1. Applicants should have received their Ph.D. no earlier than July 1, 2010 and no later than July 1, 2013.
2. Fellows may not hold other appointments during the period of the Fellowship.
3. Fellowships are awarded only to postdoctoral scholars who have received their degrees from institutions other than MIT.
  • Applications must be received by Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Fellows will be announced in March 2013.
  • FYI: They will not consider applications with more than 3 recommendation letters attached, so if you have an AJO account, be careful to select only 3 rec letters. <-- I selected 3 of my 4 rec letters saved in the AJO system (by clicking the 3 check boxes next to them), then I got an application confirmation email that reads, "The application material has been submitted successfully. Please note that your application is still incomplete. Some items have not been submitted yet. Please remember to submit the following additional item(s) as requested in the fellowship ad: 1 Reference Letter (to be submitted by your reference writers)." Very confusing.
  • I truly and utterly and profoundly hate AJO. (x3)
  • AJO sent Interfolio 6 requests for the same 3 letters. I ended up having to create two different AJO accounts with two separate e-mail address to get away from the madness!
  • Interfolio sucks too: now it says that the earliest it will deliver my letters to AJO is Jan. 16th, one day after the deadline, which will make my application ineligible. What BS!
  • I had the same issue with Interfolio, but I received confirmation from MIT that my application was complete on 1/16, so I think we may still be eligible, even with the letters submitted a day late. Good luck!
    • Yeah, last year, there was a few-day grace period where they waited for letters to come in before they sent the whole file off to the search committee.
    • Did everyone receive an ack. directly from MIT? I only received an email from AJO indicating that my application is submitted and "appears to be complete."
      • I only got the AJO one as well, at least officially. In wrestling with AJO, I exchanged a couple of e-mails with MIT, and when everything was finally settled they said I was set. BTW, I am not the above poster who mentioned the confirmation.
  • Any news? It was about this time last year that someone got their offer.
  • I called them today, they said decisions will be made in the next 2 weeks.
    • when was it? (x2)
    • (3/17) I seem to recall that the above comment ("next 2 weeks") was posted the first week of March, which would make this coming week the second week.
  • Do you think they will have interviews?
    • I don't think they did last year. I think they just call/e-mail/send the liveried footman with the award.
  • any update?
    • none here (3/20) x2
    • Nor here (3/21).
  • (3/21) Rejection e-mail stating that the positions have already been offered and accepted. (x6)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology - POSITION FILLED[]

  • The MIT Center for Art, Science and Technology offers a two-year postdoctoral fellowship; the recipient will collaborate with MIT faculty and invited guests on the production of an international symposium scheduled for September, 2014, and subsequent publication of the proceedings. Additional duties of the CAST Fellow may include development and teaching of cross-disciplinary courses or workshops, or supervision of undergraduate research opportunities (UROPs) at the intersection of the arts, science and/or technology.
  • Young scholars from any relevant field will be considered, but a demonstrated interest in working beyond one discipline is essential and administrative experience and capabilities are required. Disciplines likely to yield competitive candidates may include (but are not limited to) history of science, philosophy, art history, cultural studies, anthropology, musicology, or performance history.
  • About CAST: The MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) was established in 2012 to facilitate opportunities for exchange and collaboration among artists, engineers, humanists and scientists. A joint initiative of the Office of the Provost, the School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS), the Center is committed to fostering a culture where the arts, science and technology thrive as interrelated, mutually informing modes of exploration, knowledge and discovery. Read more about the Center's leadership and activities:
  • About the Symposium: Art, science, and technology are ways of knowing and changing the world. These disciplines frequently draw from each other yet their devoted practitioners rarely have the opportunity for high-level intellectual and cultural exchange. The planned symposium, "Seeing / Sounding / Sensing," will be an intensive three-day event that will invite creative artists to join philosophers, cognitive neuroscientists, anthropologists, historians, and scholars from a range of disciplines in an open-ended discussion about knowledge production. The goal will be to challenge each domain's conventional certainty about "what is known," "how we know it," or "how we can know more," and to stimulate new issues for possible cross-disciplinary scholarship in the future.
  • Terms of Appointment: Appointments will be for two years, effective July 1, 2013; the Fellow will be in residence at MIT during this time. Salary will be $50,000 per year with standard MIT benefits, and each Fellow will receive a research fund of $5,000 to cover travel and other costs associated with research and professional development.
  • Eligibility and Selection: Applicants must have received their Ph.D. no earlier than July 1, 2010 and no later than July 1, 2013. If you have not formally received your degree at the time you apply for the fellowship, please forward certification from your Department Head or the Graduate Studies Office at your institution to confirm that you are expected to earn your Ph.D. prior to July 1, 2013. A Fellow may not hold other appointments during the period of the Fellowship. The CAST Fellow will be announced in April 2013.
  • Application Materials: Letter describing the applicant's teaching and research experience and potential contribution to the intellectual project of the symposium and the creative mission of the Center; Curriculum vitae; One-page description of an undergraduate cross-disciplinary class; Three letters of recommendation
  • Application due Tuesday, January 15, 2013
  • Questions? Questions about the position should be directed to Questions about the application process should be directed to Anya Ventura, 617-321-4291.
  • Begin the Online Application:
  • For more information:
  • academicjobsonline is beyond frustrating. Why do universities keep using this? SMH (x1000).
    • I've spent, oh, maybe 8 hours over the past week e-mailing with the truly wonderful folks at MIT trying to work out this AJO mess. AJO is really idiotic, and we all ought to get postdocs just for successfully navigating the damn thing. I do have to hand it to the contact folks at MIT, though. They have been really helpful, and really awesome.
  • Any news? Shortlist? anything? A: received an email asking for clarification about one of my documents this week. sounds like they are in the process of reviewing still.
  • What week? Date pls? A: last week of feb.
  • Offers were made 3/13
  • Congrats! Seems like an awesome postdoc.
  • Received rejection e-mail (03/22) cc-ed to *every single applicant.* (SMH)
  • Very nice rejection email (03/25) that my application is no longer considered and the position has been filled.

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - 'Reading & Writing Nature' - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 2-year (with possibility of third year) post-doctoral position working on the "MPG Minerva Research Group “Reading and Writing Nature in Early Modern Europe” lead by Dr. Elaine Leong."
  • (NB: no direct link to specific advert; currently second on the general jobs page)
  • "Further details concerning the project may be found at"
  • We particularly welcome applicants whose research contributes to the working group project ‘Testing Drugs and Trying Cures in Early Modern Europe’ (Project website).
  • Other possible topics include: Cultures (material, social and intellectual) of selecting, collecting, preserving, classifying, and transmitting knowledge and, in particular, notebooks and paper technologies; Histories of reading (e.g. investigations of reading practices and histories of book collections and libraries); Histories of book production including publishing and print, scribal publication and translation practices.
  • "The colloquium language is English; it is expected that candidates will be able to present their own work and discuss that of others fluently in that language. Candidates should hold a doctorate in the history of science, history of medicine or related field at the time the fellowship begins. Outstanding junior scholars are invited to apply"
  • Deadline: 15 Jan. 2013

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - 'Art & Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe' - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 1-year (with possibility of second year) post-doctoral position working on the MPRG "Art & Knowedge in Pre-Modern Europe" directed by Prof. Dr. Sven Dupre, to start 1 Sept. 2013
  • "Candidates should hold a doctorate in the history of science and technology (including art technology) or a related field at the time of application and show evidence of scholarly promise in the form of publications and other achievements. Tenure of a prior postdoctoral fellowship will be to the candidate’s advantage."
  • "Research projects should address the history of knowledge and art up to the eighteenth century (with a preference for the period between 1350 and 1750), and may concern any geographical area within Europe, and any object of the visual and decorative arts. Especially welcome are projects related to the research group projects on 'Art and Alchemy', 'Colour in Art and Colour in Nature', Artist’s Optical Knowledge, Artist Inside Collections, and 'From Cennini to De Mayerne: Artists' Recipes'."
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2013

McGill University (Interacting with Print Research Group) - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Book History and Digital Humanities  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Salary: 35,000 CAD, plus research allowance, Term of Appointment: 1 August 2013 - 31 July 2014
  • The Interacting with Print Research Group at McGill University and the University of Montreal is seeking a postdoctoral fellow with interests in developing digital humanities methodologies for studying the print culture of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe. Candidates may specialize in history, art history, literature or a related discipline, and should have their doctorate in hand by the start date. The ideal candidate has experience in both information design and computer programming; expertise in data visualization, text mining, and designing digital tools is especially desirable. A working knowledge of French is an asset.
  • Interacting with Print researches how print media interact with other media within a larger communicative ecology. One of our primary concerns is how digital interfaces will reorient an extant print-cultural heritage. The postdoctoral fellow will be an integral member of the team, developing his or her own research and working with team members to develop their projects.
  • Review of applications will begin on 19 November 2012 and continue until the position is filled. For further information, see or contact

McGill University (Can.) - 2 Postdocs in Early Modern Europe (Arts/Ideas & Digital Humanities) - PHONE INTERVIEW REQUEST[]

  • Two one-year (with possibility of renewal) Research postdoctoral fellowships in Studies in Early Modern Europe, to begin 1 Aug. 2013
  • "One will have a demonstrable research interest in the public life of arts and ideas (A). The other will have a demonstrable research interest in Digital Humanities (B). The Fellows will join a large, international, interdisciplinary research project entitled, “Forms of Conversion: Religion, Culture, and Cognitive Ecologies in Early Modern Europe and its Worlds.”
  • “Forms of Conversion” will study how early modern Europeans changed their confessional, political, social, and sexual identities. It will consider how these subjective changes interrelated with broader transformations in early modernity—the geopolitical reorientation of Europe in light of emerging relations with Islam and the Americas; the rethinking of the knowledge of Antiquity and the Middle Ages; the reimagining of God. By examining forms of conversion across disciplinary boundaries as a network of movements and transformations, the project will develop an understanding of religious, cultural, and cognitive change that will provide a new account of early modernity and a foundation for a renewed understanding of the present age."
  • "Candidates will have a PhD in a field consonant with “Forms of Conversion,” a research program relevant to the central interests of the project, and a record of work in one of the two fellowship tracks. The Fellows will work on their own research program, collaborate with colleagues in an interdisciplinary context, and may have opportunities to teach courses in their areas of specialty. Fellow A will also take part in the development of the project’s program of public outreach, education, and exchange and serve on the project’s Education Advisory Committee. Fellow B will take part in the development of the project’s Digital Humanities infrastructure and serve on the project’s Management Committee."
  • Deadline: 5 Apr. 2013
  • Also posted at Renaissance 2013
    • request for phone interview for track B received (05/14)

Mount Allison University - Centre for Canadian Studies - Postdoctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Has an offer been made on this posting?
  • The Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University invites applications for a non-renewable two-year postdoctoral fellowship. Applicants should have a recently completed Ph. D., or be near completion by the time the appointment takes effect on 1 July 2013, pending budget approval. Prospective candidates should be developing a research programme in a relevant Canadian Studies field. The field of research is open, but the Centre particularly encourages applications from those whose scholarship focuses on critical issues in contemporary Canadian public life. Canadian Studies at Mount Allison is committed to a scholarly engagement with Canadian experiences that encompass diversity of: indigenety, gender, ethnicity, languages, social class, and regionalism, among others.
  • The successful candidate will teach at all levels of Mount Allison's academic programme in Canadian Studies and will be involved in the Centre's research, publication, and conference programmes. The deadline for applications is March 18, 2013.
  • Mount Allison University welcomes diversity in the workplace and encourages applications from all qualified women and men, including aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. Canadian and permanent residents should indicate their citizenship status in their application.
  • Any news about this posting?

National Institute of Health (Office of History) - Stetten Fellowship in in the History of the Biomedical Sciences and Technology of Medicine - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Up to two years of funding for postdoctoral researchers interested in research into "biomedicine funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 1945."
  • "Fellowships carry a stipend in the range of $45,000 per year and include health insurance and work space, computer and phone in the Office of History. Fellowships may be renewable to a maximum of 24 months, subject to satisfactory progress and the availability of funding. The Fellow will be expected to participate in historical activities on campus, including presentation of one or more seminars and lectures."
  • "The Stetten Fellowship seeks to encourage postdoctoral historical research and publication about biomedicine funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 1945. The Fellowship provides scholars the opportunity to carry out their research in a preeminent biomedical research facility, and to engage with historians, physicians, administrators, scientists and social scientists on the campus of the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. Stetten Fellows have access to the resources of the Office of History at the NIH, the collections of the Stetten Museum, the National Library of Medicine, NIH Library, and historical materials in the various NIH Institutes and Centers relevant to their research projects. Fellows will conduct research on topics of their choice under the supervision of senior staff of the Office of History and assisted by contacts in the relevant Institutes and Centers."
  • Deadline: 31 Dec. 2012

National Maritime Museum (London) - Caird Senior Research Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year research fellowship to support high-quality research on the Museum's collections or in any field of British naval and maritime history.
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2012

National University of Singapore - Research Fellowships at the Asia Research Institute - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Call for applications for a range of positions, including: (Senior) Research Fellowships, One year visiting (senior) fellowships & postdoctoral research fellowships
  • "The positions are intended for outstanding active researchers from around the world, to work on an important piece of research in the social sciences and humanities. Interdisciplinary interests are encouraged. Up to three months of a 12-month fellowship may be spent conducting fieldwork in the Asian region."
  • Majority of positions are allocated to specific schemes but "some will be reserved for outstanding projects in any area outside of those listed. Applicants should mention which category they are applying to or if none, indicate “open category”. Applications which link more than one field are also welcome"
    • For details of the specific 'topics' see here.
  • Deadline: 24 Aug. 2012.

New York University - Academic Diversity Fellowship - OFFERS MADE[]

  • New York University (NYU) is dedicated to ensuring that its scholarly community is ready to compete in a global world and is enriched by individuals reflecting diverse ancestries, perspectives and experiences. Diversity at NYU has historically been broadly defined, encompassing differences across categories of race and ethnicity, gender, age, ability, political belief, economic status, and sexual orientation. NYU recognizes the value of a diverse community in supporting an intellectually challenging and inclusive educational environment. To that end, NYU has created the NYU Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity fellowship program to support promising scholars and educators from different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups, and other under-represented groups whose life experience, research experience, and employment background will contribute significantly to academic excellence at NYU.
  • Eligibility: The fellowship program is open to all areas of study at the University. Individuals who meet one of the following criteria are eligible to apply:
    • Individuals who have completed their dissertation within the last three years or who will have completed their dissertation by September 1, 2013; or
    • Professionals transitioning to academic careers (for those in field for which the doctorate is not the terminal degree)
  • NYU will award up to five in-residence fellowships in 2013. Appointments are for two years and begin September 2013 and end August 2015. Fellows teach a maximum of one course per semester, participate in school and departmental activities, and have mentorship opportunities to prepare them for an academic career.
  • Compensation and Allowances: Fellows will be appointed as "Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow" and will receive a $40,000 nine-month salary; an annual housing allowance ($20,000); a research allowance ($2,000); and reimbursement for one-time relocation fees (up to $3,000). Such compensation will be subject to appropriate taxation. The University also provides a benefits package, including medical and dental coverage.
  • Application Procedure: Required application materials include (1) a fellowship application; (2) a curriculum vitae; (3) a statement of research and goals; (4) a personal statement detailing the reasons for applying for the fellowship; (5) three letters of reference from individuals familiar with your scholarly or creative work; and (6) one of the following: a dissertation abstract (postdoctoral applicants); or a statement of how your professional experience prepares you for a faculty position (professionals). Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Fellowship recipients must provide proof of authorization to work in the United States. Visa sponsorship will not be considered for this Fellowship.
  • All materials must be received by November 16, 2012. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Awards will be announced on or about February 15, 2013.
    • Note: this line: "Fellowship recipients must provide proof of authorization to work in the United States. Visa sponsorship will not be considered for this Fellowship" is remarkably discriminatory considering it's a "diversity" fellwoship. I expected better NYU! 
    • Note, in return: It might be useful to consider that "diversity" initiatives in the US rarely benefit people from historically under-represented/disenfranchised groups who are, in theory "citizens," and that programs that seek to contribute to the redress of these conditions might take this approach.
  • Has anyone got any news? (1/16)
    • Other than being able to see that my application was forwarded to 2 different schools, no. Any insight into what the process looks like? (1/23) (x5)
    • wondering if seeing that it was forwarded is at least a step in the right direction? anyone have any friends who have gotten this before?
    • I have applied to this competition 3 times now, and watching your application forwarded onto various schools and departments is part of their screening process. Don't get your hopes up. Sorry. (x2)
  • Anyone hear from this fellowship yet? (2/8)
    • In the past they have stuck closely to their Feb 15 notification, but last year they announced their decisions weeks after that.
    • I called this morning and they said they were going to be a little late this year, probably announced at the end of next week instead of this week. Hope this helps
    • Phone notification of offer (2/12) x2
    • CONGRATS! Can I ask what field?
    • Same here: Congratulations.
    • If I didn't receive a phone call, should I assume that I didn't get the fellowship?
    • You would think that with phone call offers made last week, they'd get the rejection emails out by now. Thanks, academicjobs wiki for helping to end the unnecessary suspense.
    • Has anyone received a rejection email? Odd that phone notifications were reported on 2/12, but not emails have been sent out announcing the end of the search? (2/28)
    • They're probably waiting for offers to be accepted, to make sure they don't have to make new offers.
    • I e-mailed an official to request further information last Friday, I have been informed that the final decisions will be announced within 2 weeks (around March 8th)
  • Rejection by email x3 (3/5), (3/7)

Northeastern University - Computational Social Science - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three postdoctoral positions in computational social science are available with dual appointments at Northeastern and Harvard Universities, to work in the lab of David Lazer. Candidates will be expected to work on a combination of their own research and collaborative projects within the lab. The collaborative projects are wide ranging, including experimental data on interaction patterns and group performance, large scale, society-spanning communication data, social media data, political contribution data, and large corpora of unstructured political text. Key conceptual foci will range from understanding societal networks, to collaboration in groups and organizations, to political communication and collective action. A wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds will be considered (current/past disciplines represented in the lab include computer science, communication, organizational behavior, psychology, physics, design, economics and political science) but facility with handling and analysis of large data sets, a taste for novelty, and an interest in working collaboratively across disciplines a must. Additional skills of particular relevance include: advanced statistics (especially network related), and experience with experimental research. Compensation will be competitive.
  • If you are interested, please send a cover letter, CV, and two letters of reference to: by September 15 (sooner is better). Questions should be sent to David Lazer at or Please label application materials with POSTDOCAPPLICATION: firstname lastname.

Northwestern University Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science in Human Culture - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Science in Human Culture Program (SHC) routinely has two postdoctoral fellowship positions in the contextual study of science, technology, and medicine, and each position is for a term of two years. Normally the two positions are staggered and we recruit one new postdoc each year.
  • When we recruit postdocs, applications are sought from scholars who received their Ph.D. in the previous five years and who study science, technology, or medicine from historical, philosophical, sociological, anthropological, or literary perspectives. Each fellow is affiliated with both the SHC program and an appropriate disciplinary department (History, Sociology, Philosophy, etc). Fellows pursue a program of independent scholarship and teach two one-quarter courses each year: a seminar and a lecture course. They also help organize the SHC faculty seminar series (the Klopsteg series). Applicants must have completed all the requirements for the Ph.D. before beginning their fellowship.
  • Current Advertisement for Postdoctoral Fellowship – Deadline January 15, 2013
  • no word feb/4/2013
    • Finalists notified (2.10)
    • FinalistS? My understanding was that there were no interviews for this position, only offers. Any further news?
    • There are no interviews.  They just contacted a few people on 2/10 (I don't know how many) to let them know that they are finalists, and to make sure they are still available.  Ultimately one person will be chosen from this group.
    • Offer accepted (3/8)

Northwestern University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship: Latina and Latino Studies - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Northwestern University seeks applications for a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Latina and Latino Studies for a period of two years, beginning September 1, 2013. All requirements for the PH.D. must be completed before the start date. Recent Ph.D. s (granted during or after 2011-12) with a commitment to the field of U.S Latina and Latino Studies are encouraged to apply. Preferred disciplinary fields are anthropology, art, art history, ethnic studies, history, literature, political science, religion, and sociology. the fellow will be in Latino/a Studies with the option of a second home in a department, will teach two courses per year in the Latina and Latino Studies program, and present one colloquium per year.
  • Letter of application, CV, sample of scholarly writing (20- 30 pages maximum), brief research proposal to be undertaken during the fellowship, and teaching record with sample syllabi should be submitted via the electronic application, which can be found at:
  • Please arrange to have 3 letters of reference sent directly through the electronic application. One letter should address the applicant’s teaching qualifications.
  • The deadline to submit all materials: January 25th 2013. AA/EOE. Applications from minority and women scholars are especially welcome. Any questions may be emailed to:
  • Any news? <<--- (x2) ?? 
  • No, not yet (12/03)
  • I called this week and they said that they were going to making decisions by 3/15, we should all find out soon after. any news from anyone yet>> 3/17
  • rejection email 3/18: "The Latina and Latino Studies Program at Northwestern University has recently selected a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow for 2013-15 and she has accepted the position."

Occidental College - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theatre - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Department of Theater at Occidental College invites applications for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship supported by the Mellon Foundation. We are seeking a young scholar, whose research and practice will enrich our offerings in the study of contemporary, culturally based, and/or historical theater, theatrical literature and practice. Areas of specialty may encompass a wide range of possibilities but of particular interest to us are theater and performance outside of the Western Canon; applied theater; and the intersection of performance, theatrical movement, and dance. The Fellow will be expected to teach four courses per year—beginning in Fall 2013—and to participate in the life of the department and of the college. In addition to salary and health benefits, there is a research/travel stipend included. A PhD is required by the time of appointment.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of interest demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence in a diverse liberal arts environment. The letter of application should also describe the candidate’s current scholarship, methods and approaches to the study and practice of theater, and areas of teaching interest and experience. Please submit this letter along with a current curriculum vita, a sample of scholarship, and two letters of recommendation electronically to Professor Susan Gratch, Chair of Theater, c/o Ms. Beatrice Gonzales at Review of applications will begin in early September 2012 and continue until the position is filled.
    • Has anyone heard anything?
    • Nope (10/31)
    • Rejection (11/12) [x2]
    • Anyone else still not heard anything yet? Have they contacted the short list?
    • I also haven't heard anything yet either way (11/15) [x2], (11/19 [x2]), (12/7)
    • Phone Interview requested by email (12/11) [x3]
    • no rejection/no invitation (12/11) (12/13)
    • email rejection (12/12)
    • personalized email rejection (12/22) x3
    • campus visit scheduled (1/12)
    • offer accepted

Ohio State University - Mellon Postdoc - South Asian and/or Balkan Studies - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Ohio State University Sawyer Seminar “Language, Politics, and Human Expression in South Asia and the Balkans: Comparative Perspectives,” funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, seeks candidates for a postdoctoral fellowship for academic year 2013-2014. Focus of research is open within South Asian or Balkan Studies, with a preference for candidates whose work is comparative and interdisciplinary. The postdoctoral fellow will be expected to actively participate in Seminar meetings and to teach one course associated with the Seminar theme.
  • The successful candidate will also have the opportunity to advance his or her own research project and present it at a public meeting of the Seminar. A Ph.D. in a Humanities and/or Social Sciences field in hand by August 1, 2013 is required. Salary and benefits are competitive.
  • To apply, please send a cover letter, a complete CV, two letters of reference, and a research statement of no more than 2,000 words by February 15, 2013 electronically (Word or PDF files preferred) to:
  • For more information, please contact
  • Skype interviews scheduled (3/10)
    • To the poster above--did the committee actually contact you over the weekend?
  • Offer accepted (4/12)

Ohio State University - Social and Behavioral Sciences Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - REJECTIONS OUT[]

  • The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University supports promising scholars who are committed to diversity in the academy and to prepare those scholars to enter tenure track faculty positions. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals who are members of groups that historically have been underrepresented in the American professoriate.
  • Fellows will be affiliated with one of the eight academic units of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Speech and Hearing Science. The Division also houses six interdisciplinary research units: the Cognitive Science Center, the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Imaging, the Criminal Justice Research Center, the Center for Human Resource Research, the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, and the Initiative in Population Research. Fellows may also have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Kirwan Institute for Race and Ethnicity, a multidisciplinary center founded jointly by the Divisions of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Humanities; and the College of Law.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have completed all requirements for a doctoral degree in the social sciences by August 2013. Preference will be given to individuals who are within five years of their degree. Applicants must be committed to an academic career. Applicants must be citizens of the United States.
  • Awards: Up to three fellowships will be awarded. The appointments are intended for two years, with re-appointment for the second year contingent upon a successful performance review. The appointments will begin September 1, 2013. The fellowships provide a $40,000 annual stipend, university medical benefits, and some support for travel and research expenses.
  • Application Process: Required application materials: (1) Applicants should clearly identify a unit within the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences at OSU with which they would be affiliated during the Fellowship period, and are encouraged to suggest one or more tenured faculty members within that unit who could serve as a host and mentor; (2) a curriculum vitae; (3) a one page dissertation abstract; (4) a statement outlining the specific research proposed to be undertaken during the Fellowship period, and the significance of that research (four-page limit, double-spaced); (5) a personal statement describing the applicant’s background and commitment to the goal of diversity in higher education (three-page limit, double-spaced). Applicants should submit all of these materials in a single .zip formatted file. Please name the zip file using your first and last name (e.g., In addition, three letters of recommendation should be submitted via email.
  • All materials must be received by February 15, 2013, and should be submitted to Questions can be directed to Professor Osei Appiah (
    • Any news?  (3/19)
    • Rejection emails sent (3/24)
    • Any follow-up news?  I haven't heard anything either way at this point (4/26)

Oxford Brookes University (UK) - Research Fellowships (various) - INTERVIEW HELD[]

  • Early Career Research Fellows, Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows in all four Faculties - Business, Health & Life Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences and Technology, Design & the Environment
  • "The period of employment is normally one to two years and candidates should have a good record of high-quality relevant research publications. The posts are primarily concerned with research, but successful applicants will be expected to carry out a small amount of teaching"
  • Deadline: 11 Jan. 2013
  • Interview: 8 Feb.

Pennsylvania State University - Postdoctoral Fellowship African-American History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One year postdoctoral fellowship in African-American History
  • "All research interests spanning the origins of slavery through the Civil Rights movement will receive favorable consideration. Proposals that mesh with the Richard Center’s interests in slavery, abolition, and emancipation, as well as comparative or Atlantic history, are especially welcome."
  • "While there is no requirement for teaching, a fellow may request to teach a course in the spring semester. Successful applicants must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. within the previous two academic years"
  • Deadline: 7 Nov. 2012

Pennsylvania State University - Postdoctoral/MFA Fellowships: Being Humans - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • For artists and humanists, these are extraordinary times: our sense of the human is undergoing remarkable transformations, with implications for the future of all life on the planet. But has humanism been part of the problem all along? How should we think differentlyabout the biosphere and the social worldif we are going to avoid realizing our deepest dystopian fears?
  • The Penn State IAH [Institute for the Arts and Humanities] welcomes applications for a one-year fellowship commencing July 1, 2013, from scholars and artists who have received their terminal degrees (PhDs in the humanities, MFAs in the fine and performing arts, Masters or beyond in design fields such as architecture) within the past three years. Applications should include a CV, contact information for two references, a project description of 1000 words, and (for applicants in the arts or design) a hyperlink or other access to a digital portfolio. Fellowship stipends are $42,000 plus benefits and a $2,000 research fund; fellows will be asked to teach one class and lead a faculty/graduate student research group and/or organize a symposium. Fellows will be given office space at the Institute. It is expected that fellows will take part in the intellectual life of campus by working with faculty and students, attending symposia and events, and contributing to meetings and discussions presented by IAH.
  • All application materials must be submitted through by February 15, 2013. For more information, call (814) 865-0495 or write to
  • Decisions are going to be made in early April.
  • Has anyone heard back on this yet?
    • 4/13: Nothing yet...
    • Rejection via Email (4/17) (x2)
    • Those who have not heard back yet have moved on to the next round. The board of directors is meeting next week with final decisions to come after that.
    • 3 finalists emailed for a skype interview next week. I had to withdraw my application. (4/25)
    • Did you withdraw your app because you were a finalist or because you're sick of waiting?(I ask because it seems unfair to keep the rest of us on the hook, and unlikely we'll be picked, when they have 3 top candidates. Withdrawing app seems like a sane way to move on since keeping hope alive until May-ish is killing me, Buster. /end Lucille Bluth voice) . Answer: It's quite possible that other finalists had to withdraw their applications, and so it makes sense from the perspective of the committee to hold on to all semi-finalists' applications. Good luck!
    • I got an email about a Skype interview, but not until late last night (26th). That makes me think that they are moving down the list of semi-finalists if/as other candidates are withdrawing.

Polonsky Postdoctoral Fellowships, Van Leer Institute, Israel - DEADLINE PASSED[]

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute proposes to award six Polonsky Postdoctoral Fellowships in any field of the Humanities or Social Sciences for a period of up to five years, beginning October 10, 2013. The Fellowship offers an annual stipend of $40,000. Yearly renewal of the Fellowship will be contingent upon demonstrated progress in research. Fellows will be expected to be physically present at the Institute for consecutive years during the period of the award.

Although these are postdoctoral fellowships, other candidates may be considered in those fields in which a doctoral degree is not a prerequisite for career progress.

Candidates should submit the following documents in English, in separate files, to the email address below: statement of research plans (3-5 pages, with title); summary of your previous research (3 pages); one published article or equivalent unpublished work; curriculum vitae, including list of publications; names and contact information, including phone numbers, for 3 possible recommendations. The deadline for submission of completed applications is February 1, 2013.

  • Anyone else apply for this? Any word yet?
  • I wouldn't expect to hear until mid-March.
  • Confirmation email said we'd hear back by end of March.
  • I wonder about the references -- since we didn't submit letters but only three names . . . does someone know from past years if candidates are informed first before recommenders are contacted.
  • In the past, I was not.
  • Rejection email received (3/17) x2

Princeton Society of Fellows - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Princeton Society of Fellows, an interdisciplinary group of scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and selected natural sciences, invites applications for the 2013-2016 Fellowship competition.
  • Four three-year Postdoctoral Fellowships will be awarded this year. The stipend for the academic year 2013-14 will be approximately $78,000. In addition, fellows are provided with a shared office, a personal computer, a research account of $5000 a year, access to university grants, benefits and other resources.
  • Fellows are expected to reside in or near Princeton during the academic year in order to attend weekly seminars and participate fully in the intellectual life of the Society.
  • If you have already applied to the Princeton Society of Fellows, you may not apply a second time.
  • All candidates will be informed of the status of their applications by the end of January 2013. Interviews will take place in early February. The Society will reimburse the cost of travel and lodging associated with the interview. Names of fellowship winners will be posted on the Society of Fellows' website in July 2013.
  • Four Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2013-2016: Applicants may apply for one or more fellowship(s) pertinent to their research and teaching [see for more details about each]:
1. Open Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences (OPEN)
2. Fellowship in Humanistic Studies (HUM)
3. Fellowship in East Asian Studies (EAS)
4. Fellowship in the Study of Race and/or Ethnicity (RE)
  • PhD degree requirements. Please note the Society's dates of degree eligibility. These are firm dates with no exceptions:
a) Candidates already holding the PhD degree at time of application:
You must have received your degree between January 1, 2011 and October 1, 2012.
The receipt of the PhD is determined by the date on which you fulfilled all requirements for the degree at your institution, including the defense and filing of the dissertation.
b) Candidates who are ABD (all but dissertation) at time of application:
If you will not meet the October 1, 2012, deadline for receipt of PhD but are expected to have fulfilled all conditions for the degree, including defense and filing of dissertation, by June 15, 2013, you may still apply for a postdoctoral fellowship provided you have completed a substantial portion of the dissertation (approximately half). We ask that you include in your dossier a letter confirming your “progress to degree” from either your Department Chair or your Director of Graduate Studies. Please note that candidates awarded a fellowship will be asked to provide a document from either the Registrar or Dean of their Graduate School by June 15, 2013, to confirm completion of all requirements for the PhD.
  • Recipients of doctorates in Education (EdD or PhD degrees), doctorates of Jurisprudence, and holders of PhD degrees from Princeton University are not eligible to apply.
  • If you have already applied to the Princeton Society of Fellows, you may not apply a second time. We therefore recommend that candidates wait until they have completed a substantial portion of the dissertation (approximately half) before applying.
    • See for full details about application process.
    • NOTE: Application Postmark deadline: October 1, 2012. Application form available online September 3, 2012.
    • Received postcard in the mail today (10/22) acknowledging receipt of my dossier. Really crossing my fingers and praying for an interview and offer later. (x4)
    • Personally, I view these things as winning the lottery, so I'm kind of nihilistic about it at this point. Do people disagree or agree with this perspective?
      • Agree.
      • I want to win this lottery.
    • Just heard from an administrator that my application was missing a letter of rec (promptly got it to them - <3 interfolio so hard right now)! I'm assuming this means they will be reviewing applications soon. (11/6)
    • Remind me, was it this one that sent out postcards saying they would contact those to be interviewed in January? Has anyone been contacted yet (1/11)? 
    • ^ I just checked the website because I was curious myself:  interviewees will be contacted "by late January" and interviews will happen "early February."  Not sure if anyone has been contacted yet (I have not...although I'm not counting on it), but it seems like they have a few more weeks to go yet.
    • It looks like last year the interview notifications went out on 1/18, so my guess is that this coming week we will learn our fate. 
    • According to SOF administrative assistant, "All candidates will be notified in mid January of their status on our search" (1/14).
  • Invitation for on-campus visit received (1/16) [Open]
    • Do you mind sharing your field? It appears those persons who applied last year for the Fellowship in East Asian Studies were notified a day earlier than those who who applied for the Open Fellowship or the Fellowship in Humanistic Studies. I am curious as to whether or not SOF has sent out all the requests today. I appiled for the Open and the Fellowship in R/E
    • I also received an invitation yesterday (1/16) for the Open and R/E.
  • By e-mail?
  • Has anyone who did *not* apply for the R/E Fellowship heard any news on this? (1/17)
    • I applied only for the Open position and received an invite (as noted above)
  • Any word on the East Asia fellowship? (1/19) Nothing here (1/24). I'm assuming this is all over by this point.
  • Any word on the Humanistic Studies fellowship? (1/22)
    • Applied for both Open and Hum; have heard nothing on either account (1/24)
      • Well, I spoke too soon & jinxed myself, apparently. Rejection letter (addressed to Dear Applicant) for both fellowships received via snail mail (1/24)  Said they received over 725 applications for all four fellowships.
  • Rejection via mail (1/24) I applied to both Hum and Open. 725 total applicants.
  • Still no word 1/28. I applied to both Hum and Open. Any idea?
  • I also haven't heard, but I assume it's because it's in the mail.  Rejection, I mean.
  • Hello, I was a finalist for this fellowship before who was invited to the campus. Yes, if you have not heard (even if they didn't reject you yet), there is no point in waiting. They bring in 30 (yes 30 at least) finalists from all over the country (sometimes outside), and each spot has at least has 5 finalists fighting for it. Often times finalists meet each other face to face. Anyway, the point is, they have too many candidates to pick from the finalists at this point so if you have not heard and never got a rejection, I guess perhaps you were a "semi-finalist." 
  • Rejection received - was one of 97 semi-finalists (2/6).  Very kind rejection letter, as these things go. Best of luck to the finalists.
  • Does anyone know when the finalists will be notified?
    • Offer made (and accepted) by phone (2/15)
    • Which one of the four positions was the offer for? 

Princeton University - Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Princeton University's Center for the Study of Democratic Politics (CSDP) seeks visiting scholars and/or post-doctoral research scholars for the 2013-2014 academic year. The Center supports empirical research on democratic political processes and institutions. Applications are welcome from political scientists and scholars in related social science disciplines.
  • Each scholar will pursue research and contribute to the intellectual life of the Center, the Department of Politics, and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. CSDP scholars must be in residence at Princeton at least four days each week during the academic terms, and are expected to participate in the weekly CSDP seminars and related research seminars in the Department of Politics, as well as occasional lectures, conferences, and other events. Successful candidates will receive a competitive salary (those who hold faculty appointments at other academic institutions normally receive one-half their academic-year salaries for the appointment period, but this may vary depending on level of support from the home institution), applicable Princeton University benefits, a taxable moving allowance, and a $5,000 research fund.Princeton University is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable EEO and affirmative action regulations.
  • The deadline for receipt of complete applications is November 30, 2012. To apply, please see the CSDP website for detailed instructions: Questions should be directed to

Princeton University - Postdoctoral Research Associate, History of Medieval Middle East[]

  • The Department of History invites applications for a postdoctoral research associate position in the history of the medieval Middle East. The successful candidate will conduct research under the direction of Prof. Peter Brown as part of a project entitled "Topography and Hagiography in the World of Syriac Christianity." The candidate will assist in the preparation of a digital database of monasteries, centers of learning, production of manuscripts, activities of holy persons and cults in the Syriac world from ancient into early modern times, with a particular focus on the Syriac communities of the Church of the East.
  • The term of appointment is one year, beginning as soon as possible, with the expectation of renewal for one further year assuming good performance. Applicants are expected to be in residence for the duration of the appointment. Princeton offers competitive salary and employee benefits.
  • Candidates must hold a Ph.D. in History and have completed it within three years of the starting date. The candidate must have previous research experience on the history of the Church of the East and the history and geography of the Middle East and Central Asia in the period C.E. 1000-1500. Reading ability in medieval Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Greek, and/or Latin, and in modern languages including French, German, Russian, and/or Turkish is highly desired; graduate or undergraduate degrees in medieval languages and/or computer science are preferred.
  • Applicants must apply online at (requisition #1200705) and submit the following materials: 1. A current curriculum vitae; 2. A scholarly paper or dissertation chapter (not to exceed 12,000 words) representing the applicant's scholarly achievement or potential; and 3. Contact information for two referees, who will be asked to comment specifically on the applicant's qualifications for the proposed research project.

Princeton University - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton and Slavery Project[]

  • The Department of History invites applications for a postdoctoral research associate to work on the Princeton and Slavery Project. The successful candidate, to be known as the Behrman Postdoctoral Fellow, will devote half of their time to the Princeton and Slavery project, working under the direction of Prof. Martha Sandweiss. The candidate will co-teach an undergraduate research seminar with her in the fall, and teach a class of their own the following academic year.  They will assume a leadership role in the Princeton and Slavery Project, helping to assemble data on the slave-holding patterns of Princeton faculty, trustees, and students, researching the direct and indirect economic links between the University and the institution of slavery, and exploring the ways in which debates about slavery found their way into University life. The candidate will help coordinate the work of undergraduate and graduate students engaged in the project and play a leading role in preparing a report and developing public history projects to bring the work to broader audiences.
  • The candidate must hold a Ph. D. in History and have completed it within three years of the starting date. The candidate must have strong organizational skills and previous research experience on the history of North American slavery. A familiarity with database management is highly desired. The term of appointment is one year, beginning September 1, 2013, with the expectation of renewal for one further year assuming good performance.
  • To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter, CV, scholarly article or dissertation chapter (not to exceed 12,000 words) and contact information for three references to (Requisition 1300320). Applications must be received by June 7, 2013. Princeton University is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable EEO and affirmative action regulations.

Princeton University - Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) invites applications for 3 to 4 visiting fellowships for the 2013–14 academic year (10 months), beginning September 1, 2013. The fellowships are open to scholars who would be in residence for 5 or 10 months and would participate in the activities of the PIIRS research community on the theme of “Empires: Domination, Collaboration, and Resistance.” The research community, which consists of a multidisciplinary group of Princeton faculty and graduate students, aims to advance the scholarly study of empires, including land empires, overseas colonial empires, informal empires, or hegemonic inter-state relations. Among the themes of interest are: motives of expansion; mechanisms of rule (including collaboration among core and peripheral elites); resistance to empire builders (leading to repression, accommodation, or modification of ruling strategies); the role of subaltern actors; and the costs and benefits of empires at both the core and the periphery.
  • Visiting scholars would be expected to participate regularly in the activities of the research community and to be engaged in research and writing on a topic related to the research community’s broader theme. Depending on a scholar’s research and teaching interests, there may be an opportunity to teach an undergraduate and/or graduate course, subject to the approval of the Dean of the Faculty. We seek a mix of disciplines and levels of seniority.These positions would be particularly suitable for a scholar on sabbatical leave from his/her home institution or for a postdoctoral research associate. For a scholar on leave, the fellowship may provide up to one-half of the scholar’s academic year salary (depending on the successful candidate’s salary, and subject to a cap that will be determined). Salaries for postdoctoral research associates will depend on the number of years beyond the Ph.D, not to exceed three.
  • To apply for a postdoctoral position, please link to , position requisition number 1200407; to apply for a visiting scholar position please link to, position requisition number 1200408. Applications should include: (1) A cover letter; (2) For scholars on sabbatical leave, an indication of and justification for the level of support requested; (3) A statement of research plans and their relation to the research community’s theme; (4) A current curriculum vitae; (5) Names and email addresses of two persons who can provide confidential letters of recommendation; and (6) One writing sample (article- or chapter-length).
  • Application deadline: December 14, 2012. For more information on PIIRS, see Questions about the application process for these positions may be directed to Rebecca Aguas at
    • Looks like the deadline has been pushed back to January 15, 2013.
    • Crickets on this. anybody?
    • Any news about this at all?
    • Nary a peep.
    • Offer made (3/5)

Princeton University - Postdoctoral Positions in Values and Public Policy - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The University Center for Human Values and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs invite applications for postdoctoral positions in Values and Public Policy. We aim to support highly promising scholars trained in moral and political philosophy, political theory, normative economics and related areas to develop a research agenda in the ethical dimensions of public policy.
  • Candidates selected will undertake a research project exploring a normative problem arising in an area of public policy in which the Woodrow Wilson School sponsors research. Candidates will be expected to contribute one course each year to the School’s undergraduate program on a topic related to ethical issues in public policy.
  • Applicants must have completed the requirements for the Ph.D. by September 1, 2013 and must not have held the degree for more than three years by that date. They may not be employed by another institution during the term of their Princeton appointment.
  • Applicants’ dissertation research need not be specifically in values and public policy, but they will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to developing a research project in this area during their time at Princeton. Projects related to environmental policy, population and health, democratic institutions and processes, information technology policy and global governance may have an advantage, although we will consider proposals related to any area in which the School sponsors research. For more information about these areas, please consult
  • The term of appointment is one year, normally beginning September 1, 2013, with the expectation of renewal for one further year assuming good performance. Applicants are expected to be in residence for the duration of the appointment.
  • Candidates should submit an online application at Search for requisition number #1200508. The online system includes instructions on how to apply. Materials should be submitted online by Monday, December 3, 2012. We cannot accept application materials by any other method. Decisions will be announced by Thursday, March 28, 2013. Princeton University is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable EEO and affirmative action regulations.
    • Anyone heard anything on this one? (3/28)x3
    • Rejection received. 26/4/13

Princeton University - Program in Law and Public Affairs Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Princeton University’s Program in Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) invites outstanding faculty members, independent scholars, lawyers, and judges to apply for appointments as resident Fellows for the academic year 2013-2014. We anticipate naming up to six fellows who are engaged in substantial research on topics broadly related to law and public affairs or law and normative inquiry, including one LAPA/Humanities Fellow for an early career scholar working at the intersection of law and humanistic inquiry. Successful candidates will devote an academic year in residence at Princeton to research, discussion, and scholarly collaboration.
  • Applicants must have a doctorate, J.D. or an equivalent professional postgraduate degree. Further information and the electronic application can be found at . APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 5:00 PM (EST) MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2012.
  • Rejection received by email - 1/15

Rice University (TX) - Rice Seminars (Humanities Research Center Fellowships) - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Humanities Research Center at Rice University offers four residential fellowships to scholars from any rank, postdoc to senior, and all disciplines whose research intersects with examination of materialist philosophy, beginning with classical antiquity and moving up to today. Fellows participate in a yearlong academic think tank, leading to the publication of papers in an edited collection with a major university press. Salary commensurate with rank; includes benefits eligibility and a research/relocation allowance.
  • Applications due November 19, 2012; see for information. Direct inquiries can be made to
  • Anyone heard anything? 1/19
  • 1/24 Request for skype interview
  • Can I ask, how did they contact you? -- via email.
  • Congrats! If you don't mind me asking, did you apply as a postdoc or faculty? -- faculty.
  • Rejection via email (1/28). Over 100 applicants. (x2)
  • no rejection, no interview (1/29). anyone else on the same boat? (x2)
    • actually i just got the rejection. went to spam by accident. even my inbox protects me nowadays from bad news. 
  • Had a skype interview.  Thought they were supposed to have made decisions this week, but haven't heard anything.  Anyone else? -- I was also interviewed on skype and have not heard anything.
  • Snail mail offer 2/22

Royal Holloway, University of London (UK) - 3 year postdoc in Television History[]

  • 3 year post-doc as a Research Assistant in Television History, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "The postholder will be required to assist Professor John Hill and Dr Lez Cooke on the AHRC project ‘The History of Forgotten Television Drama in the UK’. This will involve research into the history of ‘forgotten’ television drama in the nations and regions of the UK during the period 1946-82, the interviewing of television practitioners, liaison with television companies, regional archives and cultural agencies, the organisation of project-related events, and the publication of scholarly work."

"The successful candidate will have a PhD (completed or near completion) in Television, Film or Media History, a proven record of research achievement in media and television history, a working knowledge of British television drama, a familiarity with archival research and a proven capacity to develop relationships with external agencies. An interest in the history of television drama in either Scotland or Wales would be a particular advantage"

  • Deadline: 9 May 2013

Rutgers University (NJ) - African American Literature and Literature of the African Diaspora (2 Postdoctoral Fellowships) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of English at Rutgers University, which has a long history of scholarship and teaching in African American Literature and Literature of the African Diaspora, announces two Postdoctoral Fellowships for scholars pursuing research in these fields. Each recipient will teach one course, serve as an informal mentor to graduate students in the field, and participate in the intellectual life of the department. The fellowship is for one year and includes a salary of $45,000, health benefits, and a $2000 research stipend.
  • Qualifications: Applicants must have the doctorate in hand at the time of application and be no more than six years beyond the Ph.D.
  • Please submit letter of interest, c.v., dossier with at least three letters of reference, and a research proposal.
  • Closes: 2/15/2013 - Interfolio link to apply:

Rutgers University (NJ) - 2013-14 Postdoctoral Fellowships - Center for Cultural Analysis (Objects and Environments) - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

Fellowship Announcement - Objects and Environments - 2013-14 Seminar
  • Speculative realism, actor-network theory, and object-oriented ontology all proceed from nondualist premises in seeking to call attention to the world of things in which we live; as does the appeal to certain strands in phenomenology by literary scholars seeking to grasp the affective dimensions of aesthetic encounter. This theoretical turn has been intensified by new findings in cognitive science, which describe knowing as an activity lodged both inside and outside the body.
  • New thinking about environments likewise proceeds along several interrelated pathways in trying to understand the complex relationship between humans and their surroundings. Contemporary eco-criticism reminds us that humans are themselves a part of the environments they study; social scientists have emphasized “political ecology;” and students of climate change and climate catastrophe have increasingly sought to model human agency within environments that are by definition more than human.
  • What are the political and philosophical reasons for embracing an organism-environment model of cognition rather than one that distinguishes the knower from the known? What are the challenges? We seek applications from scholars working in anthropology, art history, cognitive science, computer science, environmental studies and environmental history, history, literary and cultural studies, philosophy, sociology, and other related disciplines, whose work intersects with these dynamic and overlapping fields of inquiry.
  • Seminar Leaders: Colin Jager, Department of English, Rutgers University and Jorge Marcone, Comparative Literature, Rutgers University
  • In 2013-14, CCA will sponsor two external fellowships with awards of $45,000. CCA also awards non-funded associate fellowships. All fellows will have access to the Center's resources during the tenure of the fellowship and will be expected to participate in and to present their work to the Center seminars, which meet regularly throughout the academic year.
  • External Fellowship Applications - Applications are now accepted through Interfolio. Please visit to apply. Deadline is January 7, 2013 at 11:59 ET.

- Anyone know when we might hear back on this one?

  • For what it's worth, last year the application for the one-year fellowship was Jan 2, and they sent out rejections in mid-March, but who knows if their timeline is the same this year.
  • rejection email, 2/26 x4
  • did the email say if an offer has been made?
  • Offer made and accepted (can you say when the date of the offer was?) Not sure about the details, but a colleague of mine told me on Monday 3/4 (again, only when he told me, don't know when he was initially offered) that he has definitely accepted this position.
  • Anyone know when and how the offer was made?
  • Any further rejections received?
  • Both fellowships now awarded as on the website. Not all applicants were infromed they were unsuccessful.

Rutgers University (NJ) - Critical Caribbean Studies Postdoc -  WRITING SAMPLES REQUESTED[]

  •  Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers, in collaboration with the Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies is pleased to announce a one-year competitive postdoctoral fellowship for a scholar pursuing research in Caribbean Studies. Scholars working on comparative cultural studies especially the Dutch or the French Caribbean, with focus on transnationalism, migration and/or queer feminist studies are encouraged to apply, but we welcome applications from all scholars who feel that their work would benefit from affiliation with Rutgers. The selected fellow will receive a stipend of $65,000 as well as an annual research allocation of $3,000 and Rutgers University health benefits.
  • The Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean studies ( was founded in 1973, and offers interdisciplinary courses in Latino and Caribbean studies at the undergraduate level. The department’s mission includes the study of the Anglo, French and Hispanic Caribbean. Department faculty include 12 core, and 32 affiliate members, enriched by specializations in Africana Studies, Art History, Anthropology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Sociology Women’s and Gender Studies, and Comparative Literatures in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers aims to foster multi-disciplinary research about the Caribbean to allow a better understanding of the region and its people from a variety of perspectives. Affiliates conduct research on such diverse areas as diaspora and transnational studies, migration and immigration, cultural and performance studies, critical race theory, gender and sexuality studies, psychoanalysis, colonial and postcolonial studies, decoloniality, political theory, critical epistemology, intellectual history, history of New World slavery, social movements and revolution, eighteenth century studies, the urban Atlantic, contemporary urbanization, environmental studies, insularity, and the archipelagic Americas.
  • There will be opportunities for the postdoctoral fellow to connect with broader academic and community-minded research units at the University, including the Center for Cultural Analysis, the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, the Center for Race and Ethnicity, and the Institute for Research on Women.
  • Qualifications: The successful applicant must have the doctorate in hand at the time of application (defense date no later than May 31, 2013), be no more than three years beyond the Ph.D., and be able to teach one course during their tenure at Rutgers. Candidates should submit their applications, consisting of a CV, a 1,500-word statement and 3 letters of recommendation, electronically to The statement should address the following: (1) the significance of the candidates research and the specific project that will be developed during the one year postdoctoral fellowship, (2) a brief description of the course the candidate could offer, and (3) how and why Rutgers can advance the candidates areas of research. Applications must be received by Friday, January 12, 2013.
  • Salary Range or Pay Grade: $65,000 plus an annual research fund of $3,000
    • Email asking if still interested, and requesting additional materials (all diss chapters submitted) 2/4

Rutgers University (NJ) - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships - Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, Institute for Research on Women  - OFFERS ACCEPTED []

  • The School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University is pleased to announce the availability of three two-year postdoctoral fellowships supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, one each in the Departments of English, History, and Women's and Gender Studies. Fellows will receive $50,000 annually as well as an annual research allocation of $2,000; they will also receive Rutgers University health benefits. Fellows will pursue research and teach three courses during the two-year term in the department of their appointment.
  • Fellows participate in seminars and other activities at the center associated with the department of their appointment, the Center for Cultural Analysis (English), the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (History), and the Institute for Research on Women (Women’s and Gender Studies). Information on past and current programs of the centers can be found on their websites:,, and
  • Applications, consisting of a CV, a 2500-word description of their research and its significance, and 3 letters of recommendation, should be submitted electronically at (search for appropriate department). Applications must be received by January 7, 2013. Candidates must have received the Ph.D. after August 31, 2008, and must have finished all requirements for the Ph.D. by July 1, 2013.
  • Rutgers University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The institution values diversity in its faculty, staff, and students and especially encourages applications from women and underrepresented minorities.
  • Usually this fellowship starts to shortlist within a month: has anyone heard anything?
    • Not yet... (2/1)
    • Request for further materials (2/1)
      • Which department did you apply to?
    • Skype interview request for History (2/6)  <---- Was this for the Mellon?  Or the post-doc at the CHA (below this entry)?  (3/12)
    • Rejection via email (applied to Women's and Gender Studies) (x3)
    • Rejection via e-mail (applied to English) (02/19)
    • no rejection letter but no interview request-anyone have a contact for the Women's and Gender Studies?
  • Any ideas what's happening with the history position?  Have rejections been sent? 
  • History position offered and accepted
  • I know the person who was offered and accepted the Women's and Gender position (3/18)

Rutgers University (NJ) - Postdoctoral Fellowship, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (Networks of Exchange) - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences and The Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis invite applications from all disciplines for post-doctoral resident fellowships to be held during the academic year of 2013-2014 from individuals working on topics related to Networks of Exchange: Mobilities of Knowledge in a Globalized World. How have science, technology and medicine been shaped by global movement, and how has global movement been shaped by science, technology and medicine? The second year of this two-year seminar program explores the relationship between varieties of knowledge and practice centering on the natural world and the formation of networks that transcend single cultures, nations or regions. If we include Western Europe and North America but deny them the status of "centers," and suspend judgment about what forms of knowledge should count as modern, western or scientific, what other stories emerge from world histories in which the production of knowledge points us to its multiple consequences? The concept of the network helps ground global histories as a series of connected, local interactions across distance, while exchange helps us understand such interactions through attention to differential power relations, unpredictable reciprocities, and multi-directional outcomes that are also political, economic and cultural in character. Specific attention will be paid to cross-cultural intermediaries; non-human environmental actors (plants, animals, objects, substances, technologies); long-distance and short-range relationships between political, commercial and other institutional entities; and the production and projection of images of global order.
  • Applications are warmly invited from scholars across all disciplines, whose research actively engages with these questions. Rutgers University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. The institution values diversity in its faculty, staff, and students and especially encourages applications from women and underrepresented minorities. Not limited to recent Ph.D.s.
  • The deadline for applications is February 1, 2013. Applications consisting of a curriculum vitae, a 3-5 page description of research project, and 3 letters of recommendation should be submitted electronically to: Those interested in presenting a paper related to this project during 2013/2014 should contact the project directors: Profs. James Delbourgo and Toby Jones, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, 88 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8542 USA or e-mail Also visit
  • Offer made 5/4; to be accepted by 5/15. <---can you clarify? It is currently March. Are you saying offers won't be made until May? Or do you mean offers made "3/4"? Thanks for elucidating. [3/6] <-- Yes, could someone please add to this? I assume the poster has somehow confused the date and offers have indeed been made, but it would be good to have a confirmation, or even details: were there interviews? Has anyone received a rejection letter? [3/7] I'm also wondering if there were interviews for RCHA or just a straight offer. [3/7] Interviews were conducted for the two year fellowship. There also seems to be a bit of confusion here. I think there are several positions, two years and one year. May/March Confuser - which position did you apply for?
  • Not the "5/4" poster, but that person is a friend and confirmed that the date was a typo. Offer made March 4. Do you know whether your friend is planning to accept? (You might not want to share that of course)
  • I have not received a rejection letter but was told a few weeks back that they typically will send those very last, as they work down their list of candidates for making offers. In other words, telling the rejected ones is last priority. So it would be helpful to know if the offer made so far is for two-year, one-year, etc. Thanks.
  • Yikes. I didn't mean to cause so much turmoil. Here's the correction and answer to questions: Offer for the one year RCHA Networks of Exchange postdoc made 3/4 via email and accepted this week (2nd full week of March). No interviews. Just the offer. The email stated 2 offers were being made and I am not sure if the other was accepted.
  • Congratulations on a successful search, my friend! This has been a confusing thing to track, given the existence of two year and one year positions. There were interviews for the two year position, so I think that one is still on the table. Anyone apply for that? 
  • I interviewed for the Mellon in History and received a rejection e-mail today saying the offer had been made and accepted.

Smithsonian Institution - James Smithson Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The James Smithson Fellowship is an exciting new early career opportunity exploring the interface between research/ scholarship and policy through a Smithsonian lens. Open to post-doctoral scholars in the fields of science, the humanities, and the arts, this fellowship - tailored to each individual's interests, field and talents - provides an immersion experience with Smithsonian scholars and relevant collections, while developing an inside view of how policy is crafted and resource plans designed by direct experience internally with Smithsonian leaders, and externally with leaders throughout the Washington, DC network. This new program is the Smithsonian's first to combine the best of the Institution's vast scholarship and collections and its unparalleled access to the nation's capital in a year-long learning experience.
  • Deadline: January 15, 2013. Contact: Office of Fellowships and Internships, Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. 202-633-7070; E-mail:

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship for AY 2013-14 - DEADLINE PASSED []

  • Deadline: Oct. 4
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships provide stipendiary support to recent PhD graduates who are:
undertaking original research;
publishing research findings;
developing and expanding personal research networks;
broadening their teaching experience; and
preparing to become competitive in national research grants competitions.
  • Fellowships will normally be awarded to candidates affiliated with a university other than that which awarded the PhD. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship awards are tenable at Canadian or foreign universities and research institutions.
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships are valued at $38,000 per year, plus an accountable research allowance of up to $5,000 per award. These are taxable, non-renewable fellowships, tenable for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months.
  • The award may begin on the first of any month between May 2013 and January 2014.
  • Rejection letter received. 

Stanford University - Clayman Institute for Gender Research Postdocs - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships for the academic year 2013-14. Recent Ph.D.'s in all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences whose research focuses on gender are eligible. We encourage scholars with a strong interest in interdisciplinary methods to apply.
  • The postdoctoral scholars will focus on the Institute's theme, "Beyond the Stalled Revolution: Reinvigorating Gender Equality in the Twenty-first Century.” Postdoctoral scholar responsibilities will include writing articles for our research publication, Gender News, working with Graduate Dissertation Fellows, and attending our regularly scheduled faculty luncheon discussions.
  • The appointment is for two years. Applicants must have their doctoral degree in hand no later than 30 days prior to the appointment start date, and the start date must be no more than three years after the awarding of their degree. Postdoctoral scholars must be in residence for four academic quarters, beginning in the fall quarter of the 2013-14 academic year.
  • The Clayman Institute is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and fair and open competition. Applications must be submitted online by January 7, 2013.
  • Application Details
    • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2013‎
    • (3/6) - any updates on this one?
    • Rejection e-mail received (3/8)
    • any offers made? (3/12) x3: Same question. No rejection, but no word either way here...
    • no word either(3/12)
    • Rejection email (3/12) x2 stating that I had not made the finalists' round-- best of luck to those who have!
    • Rejection email (3/13) 
    • request for skype interview (3/14)
    • have not received either a rejection email or a skype invite- anyone else in this boat? (3/18)
    • yeah--no rejection, no skype invite (3/19)
    • Email rejction received saying I had made it to the "final round" but another candidate was chosen. I guess they didn't skype all the finalists? (3/27)
    • I called last week and was told I made it to the final round. As of today, April 3, I still haven't gotten a rejection email. Did they just forget? Does this mean that they are just waiting on paperwork to go through for the chosen candidate? Anyone?
      • I wouldn't put it past any organization to forget about a notification or lose an application - I've seen it happen internally and externally. Not a great thing to have happen to the person applying, but application readers are human, too.

Stanford University - Immersion in The Arts: Living in Culture (ITALIC ) Postdoctoral Lecturer - POSITION FILLED[]

  • Working closely with the teaching team of Stanford faculty and two additional lecturers, the ITALIC post-doctoral lecturer will lead two discussion sections of 15 students per quarter and offer individualized instruction to their students. The lecturer will work with freshmen in probing the nature of artistic and aesthetic invention, discovery and problems. Through a series of close investigations and analyses of major works of the visual, performing and filmic arts, as well as less considered instances of the aesthetic in daily life, this class will question what the cultivation of aesthetic perception, analysis and experience in art can bring to creativity and perception in important areas of human endeavor outside of art.
  • The successful candidate will demonstrate evidence of distinction in relevant scholarship and research and hold a Ph.D., M.F.A, M.A., or DMA in one of the Arts or affiliated performance studies fields (e.g. Art History, Cultural Studies, American Studies, Music, Dance Studies, Film Studies, and related arts and humanities disciplines), conferred no later than June 2013. Demonstrated excellence in college-level teaching is required.  Experience working with first-year students is a strong plus.  Knowledge of the special opportunities created by a residentially-based academic program is also desirable. 
  • Deadline: March 18, 2013
  • Any news received one way or another?
  • I emailed early last weeking, inquiring about the review schedule, but received no reply. (4/22)
  • I called today (4/22) because I got an offer somewhere else and wanted to check the status of applications. The administrator told me that applications were still under review, and it was expected that the committee would not be contacting candidates until at least another two weeks. There would then be Skype interviews, and then campus visits.
  • Heard through the grapevine that a friend of a friend accepted this position. (5/9)
  • Are you sure your friend accepted this position and not the one listed below? It seems unlikely that they could have conducted phone interviews and campus visits given the timeline they gave the person who called on 4/22.
  • Received email saying that the search has concluded and the position has been filled. (6/4)

Stanford University - Immersion in The Arts: Living in Culture (ITALIC ) PWR Lecturer - POSITION FILLED[]

  • This ITALIC PWR lecturer will teach one 15-student section per quarter in the three-quarter sequence, lead writing workshops for the teaching team to shape the writing curriculum, and offer individualized and group writing and revision assistance to students.  
  • Deadline: February 2, 2013
  • Email sent informing me the position had been filled (4/23)

Stanford University - Lecturers for Program in Writing and Rhetoric - DEADLINE PASSED[]

Stanford University - Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities - OFFERS MADE[]

  • Stanford University invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships in the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities, a unique opportunity for the best recent Ph.D. recipients in the humanities to develop as scholars and teachers. Up to four fellowships will be awarded for a two-year term (with the possibility of a third). Fellows will teach two courses per year in one of Stanford's humanities departments, and are expected to participate in the intellectual life of the program, which includes regular meetings with other fellows and faculty to share work in progress and discuss topics of mutual interest. It is expected that Fellows will be in residence during the term of their appointment. Fellows will also be affiliated with the Stanford Humanities Center and will have the opportunity to be active in its intellectual life.
  • Eligible fields for the 2013-15 competition (for fellowships beginning in 2013):
Comparative Literature, French and Italian, German Studies, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, Religious Studies, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Candidates for this years competition must have received their Ph.D. between January 1, 2010 and June 30, 2013. Fellowships will begin on September 1, 2013.
  • The stipend for 2013-14 will be approximately $62,000, and compensation will include additional support for computer assistance, research, and relocation expenses, depending on the needs of individual fellows.
  • Deadline: Applications must be submitted by November 16, 2012. To apply, complete the online application process at .
  • Only complete applications will be considered. All applications will be acknowledged. Finalists may be interviewed. For more information, please visit , or contact us at or by phone at (650) 723-3316.
    • DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 26, 2012. Letters of Recommendation may be sent to
  • Any news on this (02/11)?
  • last year rejections were sent out at the end of feb. i think we'll have to wait a few more weeks (02/11)
  •  I understand from previous years' wikis that this is a two stage selection process.  Any one know if any finalists have been notified? (2/19)
  • I wrote to them this morning and received the following reply: "No notifications have gone out yet, and decisions should be made in the next few weeks." (2/20)  <---  Thank you for sharing what you've learned!
  • Any news yet (3/6)?
    • I called yesterday and they said to call back early-mid next week for updates (3/6).
    • Phone call with an offer 3/9 (x3)
    • Any email rejection received? 
    • email rejection this morning. 3/19 (x5)
    • I received an email on 3/18 informing me that I'm an alternate. 
    • did we all received the same paragraph stating that our application was considered?

Stanford University - Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellows in Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University is pleased to announce its search for two 2013-14 Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellows in Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies. Made possible through the generosity of Walter H. Shorenstein, awards will be made to two junior scholars (recent PhDs must have degree conferral by August 31, 2013) for research and writing on Asia.
  • The primary focus of the fellowship is on contemporary political, economic, or social change in the Asia-Pacific region (including Northeast, Southeast, and South Asia), or topics in international relations and international political economy. Fellows must be in residence for the duration of the appointment. They must take part in center activities throughout the academic year, and are required to present their research findings in center seminars. Fellows will also participate in the centers publication program. The fellowship is a 10-month appointment with a stipend rate of $50,000 plus $3,000 for research materials. Appointments will begin in the fall quarter of the 2013-14 academic year.
  • Applicants should submit: (1) a brief research statement (not to exceed five typed pages), which describes the research and writing to be undertaken during the fellowship period as well as the proposed publishable product; (2) curriculum vitae; and (3) three letters of recommendation.
  • DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF ALL MATERIALS IS DECEMBER 31, 2012. Submit all materials and queries to:
  • rejection by email (3/4)
  • rejection by email (3/4)-- noted that there was an overwhelming number of applications, but they were only able to offer two positions.

Stanford University - Postdoctoral Lecturers for the Program in Structured Liberal Education (SLE) - SKYPE INTERVIEW[]

  • Stanford University seeks two full-time post-doctoral Lecturers for the Program in Structured Liberal Education (SLE), a program in the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE).
  • Founded in 1973, SLE is a residential "great books" program for freshmen; at eight credits each term, the curriculum fulfills several requirements, including the Thinking Matters (THINK) and Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) requirements. Instruction includes three lectures each week, usually by Stanford faculty members; two weekly seminar meetings of one hour and forty-five minutes each; ad hoc meetings between the freshmen and assigned upperclassmen who serve as their writing tutors; a weekly film or special event; and a considerable amount of informal contact in the SLE dormitory environment.
  • The position of Lecturer is a full-time position that involves leading the two weekly seminars (with the same group of about fifteen students in both), attending all of the lectures, commenting on three papers each term both in writing and in one-to-one meetings with the students, assuming some administrative tasks, and participating in a general way in the life of the program. From time to time a Lecturer may be called upon to deliver a lecture to the class. The Lecturers work closely as a team with the Director of the Program, a Stanford faculty member, with the upper-class tutors assigned to their seminars, and to some degree with the participating Stanford faculty. The syllabus is developed collaboratively by the group to offer a wide-ranging introduction to the disciplines of the humanities represented at Stanford.
  • Qualifications: Candidates should have a Ph.D. (filed no later than June 30, 2013), a strong record of humanities scholarship; and evidence of teaching excellence.
  • Initial appointments of lecturers will be made for a term of one year beginning in the 2013-2014 academic year, with a start date of September 1, 2013. The appointment may be renewable for up to three additional years, contingent on satisfactory performance and programmatic need. Starting salary will be at least $55,000. Supplemental stipends of $2,000 are provided to support fellows' research and scholarship. As full-time employees, SLE Lecturers are eligible to participate in the Stanford University Educated Choices benefits program. For information on Stanford benefits, see
  • To apply for a SLE lecturer position, follow the directions on this website:
  • Further information about the program can be found at
  • Please include the following:
1. A letter of application that addresses all aspects of your qualifications and describes your preparation for teaching in a "great books" curriculum and your experience with writing instruction.
2. A Teaching Statement that describes your teaching philosophy.
3. Student, peer and/or other teaching evaluations.
4. Curriculum vitae.
5. Three letters of reference, with at least one reference describing the status of your dissertation progress.
  • Submit all application materials by May 1, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time. Stanford is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity of staff.
  • any news? (5/21)
  • Skype interview the week of 5/20 
  • Any further news?  Also had a Skype interview, but never heard anything thereafter.

Stanford University-Thinking Matters Fellowship - INTERVIEWS UNDERWAY[]

  • The Fellowship offers an opportunity for recent recipients of doctoral degrees to teach in an innovative liberal education program with a cohort of like-minded colleagues from a wide variety of different disciplines. Thinking Matters fosters the development of intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry skills in a student-centered environment designed to help students in their transition to college-level learning.  Fellows who will thrive in this program find professional gratification in providing support for student learning in a collaborative exchange with peers about effective strategies for freshman pedagogy.  About 35 fellows each year create a vibrant interdisciplinary community dedicated to liberal arts education. Thinking Matters Fellows will continue the long tradition of providing discussion seminars led by post-doctoral scholars, which was established at Stanford in 1919 for the pioneering “Problems of Citizenship” required course for all freshmen.
  • The application process is complex; please be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before applying. The application requires you to create a free account with Interfolio and identify a course cluster (see below). Please be sure to include in your application a curriculum vitae, a letter of application, a teaching statement, a summary of teaching evaluations and three letters of recommendation. 
  • Because of the range and breadth of the 2013-14 Thinking Matters curriculum, we have organized the various courses into clusters that are grouped by topic and method.  As a part of the application process, you will be asked to choose a single course cluster for which you would like to be considered.  A full-year fellowship position will require placement in three courses from your chosen cluster—one each in autumn, winter and spring quarte
  • Applications due February 28
  • Has anyone received confirmation of their application being received (3/14?)  No, I didn't, but I emailed to confirm that they'd received my materials.  Someone replied within a few days.
  • has anyone heard anything? (4/10) i called and the person i spoke with said that candidates would hear this coming week/week of april 15 (4/12)
  • Email: "Dear Applicant, We are still in the process of fellowship selection and are a bit delayed. We thank you for your patience, and expect to complete the search in early May. If you have any further questions you may email me directly, or email" 4/17 x4
  • I'm, like, dying here. When will they let us know??? Today is early May. 5/2
  • This one is not worth dying over; the shots for anyone are very long.  Treat it as you would a lotto ticket. 
  • Anything? (5-8). Still nothing. 5/8 And still nothing here (5/14)
    • I've heard from someone involved with the search that interviews have been underway. (5/16)
    • Do you happen to know for which course cluster they are interviewing?
  • Rejection (email) 5/22 saying that the search was complete.  400 applicants/15 slots!

Tufts University - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • The February 1, 2013 application deadline has now passed. Only applications received on or before the deadline will be considered. Due to the high volume of applications received, we will be unable to verify receipt of your documents via phone or e-mail.

Only those selected for the fellowship will be contacted by the end of March, 2013. Your patience is greatly appreciated at this busy time. [posted 2/13]

  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has generously provided Tufts University with funding to bring two postdoctoral fellows to campus each year to pursue new research projects in the Humanities. Two fellows will be appointed in fall 2012. Please Note: This year, we will only be accepting applications in the following fields:
German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature
  • Applications that do not specifically name one of these Humanities disciplines will not be considered.
  • Fellows will be given office space for two years at the Center for the Humanities At Tufts (CHAT) and affiliated with the department or interdisciplinary program most germane to their field of research. Fellows will teach one course in the spring semester of their first year and two in the second year of their residency through their home department or program.
  • It is expected that fellows will take part in the intellectual life of campus, working with faculty and students, attending symposia and events, and contributing to meetings and discussions presented by the Center for the Humanities. Applicants whose research will benefit from the research environment and faculty at Tufts are especially encouraged to apply.
  • All application materials must be received by February 1, 2013 and will be competitively evaluated by the Mellon Postdoctoral Committee. Applicants for the fellowships must have received their Ph.D. within the past five years, and may have ABD status at the time of applying provided their dissertation will be successfully defended by the fall 2013 appointment of the fellowship. There is no requirement that the fellows be U.S. citizens. For any other questions, please contact Khalilah Imani Tyre by email at or by phone at 617-627-3342.
  • Application Form
  • Q: The application states that rec letters must be sent by the recommenders directly? Does anyone know if they accept letters through Interfolio?
  • A: Yes, it specifically mentions Interfolio in their FAQ.
    • Does anyone know: which address do we enter into Interfolio for the delivery?  I'm assuming the mailing and e-mail addresses on the application form?  Thanks.
    • I had Interfolio mail my letters to the address on the form:
      Center for the Humanities At Tufts, Mellon Postdoctoral Program in Humanities, Tufts University, 48 Professors Row, Medford, MA 02155    (01/28) <-- I also had Interfolio postal mail to this address, since I didn't see an email listed on the instruction/cover form.
    • Q: Does anyone know which document should be letter-like (addressing "dear search committee etc."? It doesn't mention the cover letter among the documents, is it implied that one should make one or could it be the research statement? Sorry it's my first postdoc application...
    • I don't think you need any "letter-like" document in addition to the research and teaching proposals. Especially since there's that cover sheet that you have to include, which will have all your important information.
  • Anyone heard anything? (03/29)
    • Nope, but last year's wiki says an offer was made April 6.
    • I have no specific information about whether an offer has been made, but I did call the Humanities center earlier this week (on Tuesday, 3/26). I spoke with Khalilah, who said that the selection committee had met that morning, and expected to have notified all finalists by Friday 3/29. 
    • I called this morning (4/1) and was told by Khalilah that, indeed, the two recipients had been notified last week. 

Tulane University - Mellon Postdocs in the Humanities - SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University invites applications for Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships for a period of two years, to begin August 2013. We expect to appoint two or three fellows for AY 2013-14. Candidates must have received the PhD by June 30, 2013 and not before September 1, 2010. They must demonstrate successful teaching experience and an interesting research agenda. Fellows will be assigned to one of six departments within the School of Liberal Arts: Communication, English, French and Italian, History, Philosophy, or Spanish and Portuguese. Fellows will teach mid-and upper-level courses in their field of expertise; these courses will be cross-listed with one or more of eighteen interdisciplinary programs. The teaching load will be one course per semester, with the remainder of the fellows’ time devoted to strengthening their research profiles. Fellows must be in residence at Tulane during the tenure of their fellowship. Preference may be given to applicants who intend to make use of Tulane’s and New Orleans’ rich cultural and archival resources, such as the Amistad Research Center, the Gulf South Center, the Hogan Jazz Archive, the Newcomb Center for Research on Women, the Southeastern Architectural Archive, the Latin American Library, the Historic New Orleans Collection, the Louisiana State Museum, and the archives of the New Orleans Public Library. The stipend is $45,900 per year, with some funding also available for research and travel.
  • Tulane University is a privately endowed institution located in New Orleans, one of the world's unique urban centers. The University holds membership in the Association of American Universities and is a Carnegie Extensive Research University. Tulane is composed of nine academic divisions and home to over ten thousand graduate and undergraduate students. The School of Liberal Arts provides students with an outstanding education in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, and helps them develop skills of analysis, research, and written and oral expression. Students work closely with a faculty of distinguished research scholars and creative artists who are eager to engage them in their learning. Additional information on the School of Liberal Arts and its departments and programs can be accessed at
  • Applicants should provide a one-page summary of their dissertation and a few sample titles of courses they would like to teach. Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, dissertation summary, sample courses and three letters of recommendation by December 1, 2012. All application materials must be submitted electronically via Interfolio. To apply, please visit: . For information, contact Kevin Gotham, Associate Dean, School of Liberal Arts, at
    • Phonecall asking if candidates are still on the market (1/14 - x2)
      • Which department did you apply? (1/17)
      • communication (x2)
      • no word yet (1/25)
      • No word (2/4)
      • Request from English Dept + Comm Dept. for a writing sample (2/4 - x2)
      • any word from other departments (2/20)
      • 2/20 - skype interview requested via phone (x2 - 2/20)
      • Congrats on the skype inverviews. What Dept.(s)? 
      • does anyone know if there are other offers/ rejections based on different departments? (3/6)
      • Awhile back I emailed English with a status update and was informed that the dept had selected another candidate to put forward to the university's Mellon postdoc committee and that official notifications would be sent out in a few weeks. (3/31)
      • did anyone ever hear anything from history? (4/3) I have heard nothing. Me neither (4/10)
      • Any news from any department?
      • I emailed the dean yesterday and received a cordial email rejection this afternoon. Over 500 applicants and only three fellowships. My discipline is history, btw. (5/1)

Tulane University - Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Freshman Writing Program at Tulane University seeks post-doctoral teaching fellows for Fall 2013. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in any Humanities discipline with degree in hand by July 1, 2013 as well as experience teaching composition. The teaching load is three courses per semester in small classes of approximately fifteen. Additional duties include active participation in pedagogy discussions as scheduled by the Director. Fellows receive an initial three-year contract with annual review, and the contract is renewable, pending successful review, through a terminal fifth year. Salary: $35,000 plus benefits. A computer will be made available for the fellow’s use during his or her tenure. For more information on the Freshman Writing Program, please visit
  • Please submit a letter of application, a CV, and a sample composition syllabus with the names of three references to by March 31, 2013. Review of applications will continue until all positions are filled. Women, minorities, and veterans are encouraged to apply. Tulane University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.
    • God, the salary for this is depressing. Also, pedagogy discussions do not a fellowship make. (x2)

University of Alabama - Digital Humanities Postdoc - NEW JOB POSTING[]

The University of Alabama's Digital Humanities Center is still accepting applications for a last minute replacement search for a DH postdoc with a joint appointment in English and the Libraries. Please share and repost widely and encourage anyone who might be suitable to apply.

Job ad here:

  • Don't be scared off by the "Review of applications will begin July 24, 2013" part for a Fall 2013 start date. They really do mean that the the job is open until filled and they are actively seeking applications. [posted 8/5/13]

University of Birmingham (UK) - Birmingham Fellowships - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • 25 positions available across the university; these five-year research posts are intended to convert into tenured positions at the end of the project
  • 35 Fellowships were awarded last year (see last year's page), out of ~1,400 applications
  • This year's priority areas:
    • Cell Signalling Towards Drug Design; Sensing Environmental Stress; Experimental Psychology and Neurotrauma; Virology and Bacteriology; Nutrition and Ageing; Genetics, Epigenetics and Stratified (Personalised) Medicine; Tumour Immunology and Cell Therapy; Urban Resilience; Vascular Biology; Biomedical Applications of Engineering and Physical Science; Mathematics, Biostatistics and Life Sciences Modelling; Energy storage; Quantum Matter; Transport Engineering; Justice, Conflict and Society; Communities in Transition; Language, Text and Performance; Markets and Behaviour in a Global Economy; Health, Well-Being and Value; Europe's Role in the World ; Humanity and the Environment
  • Applicants *must* be submittable to the REF2014
  • Deadline: 27 Aug. 2012.
    • [10 Sept]: notification (email) of shortlisting & request for further materials (deadline 17th Sept)
    • [1 Oct.]: (same poster) email invitation to interview.
    • [22 Oct.]: Any news on this? I heard decisions were supposed to be announced today.
    • [22 Oct.]: Yes, a friend of mine was awarded this!
    • [22 Oct]: Offer made (and accepted!) by phone. Phew. Been a looooong job hunt (8 years!) AFII (talk) 08:00, October 23, 2012 (UTC)
      • Congrats!!!

University of California - President's Postdoctoral Fellowship - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established in 1984 to encourage outstanding women and minority Ph.D. recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California. The current program offers postdoctoral research fellowships, faculty mentoring, and eligibility for a hiring incentive to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at the University of California
  • Contributions to Diversity and Equal Opportunity  — These contributions may include public service addressing the needs of our increasingly diverse society, efforts to advance equitable access to higher education, or research focusing on underserved populations or understanding inequalities related to race, gender, disability or LGBT. The program is seeking applicants with the potential to bring to their academic careers the critical perspective that comes from their non-traditional educational background or understanding of the experiences of groups historically underrepresented in higher education.
  • Faculty Appointments — The goal of the program is to provide research opportunity and career development for scholars whose work will enhance the diversity of the academic community at the University of California. Approximately 75% of UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellows have received tenure track faculty appointments. Since 2003, over 90 former fellows received faculty appointments at University of California campuses.
  • Partnership for Faculty Diversity — The UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program partners with sister programs sponsored by the President of the University of Michigan and by the Chancellors of individual UC campuses. Please see the links below for information about these programs.
  • LINKS:
  • Deadline: Nov. 1 2012
  • Has anyone heard any information on this postdoc?  Seems like an important one to miss.
  • rejection via email (2/7)
  • Offer made (2/11) via phone. Phone call from Ms. Kim Atkinson. Applied last year and got rejected, much more exciting outcome this year. Good luck to everyone! (Social Science-original poster) (humanaties, other poster)
  • Offer made (2/11) via phone, from Ms. Kim Atkinson, first time applying. (Humanities)     
  • Could those of you who are receiving information put the fields that you applied for.  This information would be appreciated to those of us waiting.
  • Offer made (2/11) via phone call from Ms. Kim Atkinson, first time applying (Social Science)
  • Rejection received via email (2/13). 520 applicants. Rejection applies to both President's and Chancellor's (x2) and 2/14, after sending email inquiry 
  • Were the rejections only after email inquiry? 
  • No. Mine (OP, 2/13) was received without inquiry.
  • I still havent heard either way--are there others out there who havent heard anything yet?
  • Yes. I wonder if we're on some kind of waiting list.
  • Just received an email stating that I am a finalist and will be considered for a postdoc if one opens up (2/27 x4)
  • Does anyone happen to know how many people are on the "finalist" list? Or, the size of Chancellor's pools at different schools? It's hard to assess how promising it is to be on this waitlist or in the chancellor pool. :-/
  • If you go to this page, the finalists from previous years are listed by year. That should give an idea of how many finalists each year:

University of California, Berkeley - Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Program: The Chancellorʹs Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers postdoctoral research fellowships and faculty mentoring to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching,and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at the University of California.These contributions may include public service addressing the needs of our increasingly diverse society, efforts to advance equitable access to higher education, or research focusing on underserved populations or understanding inequalities related to race, gender, disability or LGBT. The program is seeking applicants with the potential to bring to their academic careers the critical perspective that comes from their non‐traditional educational background or understanding of the experiences of members of groups historically underrepresented in higher education.
  • Award and Tenure: Awards will be made to applicants who show promise for tenure‐track appointments on the Berkeley campus. The fellowship will be for up to two academic years, in residence at the Berkeley campus.
  • Salary: The annual award provides a salary of $41,496. The award also includes health insurance, vision and dental benefits, four weeks paid time off and up to $4,000 for research related and program travel expenses. Each award is for a 12‐month period, renewable for one year upon demonstration of academic productivity and participation in program events.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents at the time of application.
  • Application: All applicants for the Berkeley Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program should submit their application to the University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at:‐to‐apply.html. The mentor’s letter should address the department’s future hiring plans and the applicant’s potential for appointment at UC Berkeley. Applications must be completed online by November 1.
    • Last year notifications were sent in late Feb/early Mar.
    • Rejection via email 02/07.
    • Any updates on this?

University of California, Berkeley - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships - OFFER MADE[]

  • Now accepting applications for 2013-15.  Application deadline April 12, 2013.
  • The Dean of Arts & Humanities is now accepting applications for the 2013-15 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities, established with a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Four new fellows will be appointed for 2013-15, to teach and carry out research in a sponsoring department in the humanities.
  • Appointment will be for two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Should you in the future be appointed to an Assistant Professorship at the University of California, please be advised that your time in the visiting title would count on the tenure clock.
  • Term of Appointment
    • For a two-year appointment, effective July 1, 2013, four Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows will be selected from among the applicants. Fellows will be expected to teach one course per semester, for four consecutive semesters (not including summer sessions). Salary will be approximately $61,000 a year, with mid-level benefits. New Fellows will receive a $1,500 computer and technology allowance, and in each year of their appointment, Fellows will receive a flexible research fund of $5,000 to cover such costs as travel and research assistance.
  • Eligibility and Requirements
    • This year’s eligible applicants must have received the PhD no earlier than July 1, 2010 and no later than June 30, 2013.  UC Berkeley PhDs are not eligible for this fellowship.
    • Applicants may not hold an appointment in a tenure-track position, and Mellon Fellows may not hold any other appointment during the period of the fellowship. Applications from international scholars are accepted, but fellowship awards are contingent upon eligibility to work legally in the United States.  If necessary, Berkeley will sponsor the scholar for a J-1 visa.
      • FYI despite what it says in the ad and on the homepage, once you click the 'Apply Now' button you'll be asked for a cover letter in addition to the rest (just so you're not caught out at the last minute!
  • The deadline this year is much later than it has been in past years (last year's was March 2). First question: anyone have any sense of why the announcement was made so late and the deadline pushed back so far? Does it have to do with funding issues, or were they trying to get a smaller pool of applicants, or what? Second question: Anyone have a guess as to when announcements will be made? Looking at past years, it seems that it has often taken quite a while for the finalists to receive notification. Any sense if they will be on a quicker timetable this year?
  • I have been told  (by the administrator) it will be by the end of April
  • I was one of the finalists last year and it took roughly 5 weeks for them to let me know I had been selected by a host department, and then another 3 weeks for them to make final offers. If they follow a similar timetable this year, there will be radio silence until at least mid-May. Here's hoping they don't!
  • I was told today by the administrative assistant that I was not nominated by the English Department. Oh well, another dream crushed.
  • Do you mind sharing whether you received a rejection letter or e-mail, or whether you reached out to the adminstrative assistant? Thanks so much.
  • Would you also mind sharing if they told you any sorts of information as to how many applicants there were? thank you
  • I sent an email to the administrative assistant today (4/30), and I was told to expect an update tomorrow (English Department). ----> I sent an email as well, and I was told the same thing (History Department)
  • Any updates received? (5/1)
  • None here (5/1)
  • Received an unofficial email from someone in my prospective department 2 days ago (4/30) telling me I had been nominated by the department. This means the decisions have been made in some departments; maybe others are lagging behind, but nothing is official yet. In any event, at least we know they're moving on this - and faster than last year. 
  • Would you mind saying what department?
  • rejection received via email (5/2) x4
  • Rejection received via email (3/2) Theatre Dance and Perf did not nominate me
  • Rejection received via email 5/3 Slavic Languages and Literatures did not nominate me.
  • Rejection received via email from History (5/3). Almost 300 applications in History alone. Yikes. x2 ------> I also received a rejection but not from the History department that quoted the same number of application (287 or something like that), so I think that count was university-wide, not department specific. If so it means there was a smaller pool this time around, which is understandable considering the very late application cycle. (5/3)
  • Rejection from music department (5/3) x2
  • notification of fellowship received by email (5/8)
    • were you notified that you received the post-doc or that your department has nominated you?
      • The Dean's assistant sent an email to let me know I'd received the fellowship, and then got the official letter (late last night) from the Dean.
      • Congrats! And thank you for letting us know. x3
  • Anyone else hear anything? There are supposed to be 4 fellows chosen. Still 3 unaccounted for. The department I applied for (South and Southeast Asian Studies) hasn't sent anything to me yet.

University of California, Los Angeles - Mellon Postdocs: "Cultures in Transnational Perspective" - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • The Division of Humanities at University of California, Los Angeles is accepting applications for the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities "Cultures in Transnational Perspective." We expect to appoint two or more fellows for a 1-year term in the Fall of 2013, potentially renewable for a second year, pending funding. Fellows must have earned their doctoral degree between January 2008 and June 2013. The Mellon Fellowship provides a stipend of $56,000, plus benefits, a moving allowance of $1,500, and a research budget of $3,500. All Fellows will be housed in home departments for which they teach two courses. Designed to explore the emerging field of Transnational Studies, the Mellon Program at UCLA aims to broaden the study of minority cultures from its national focus to global and comparative perspectives.
  • To apply, please visit our website at All application materials are due by December 3, 2012 (please note new application deadline).
    • Does anyone have any idea whether or not they accept applications from Anthropology PhDs? Seems very vague which disciplines are considered and it's hard to see if they've had any anthropologists as fellows...
    • YES. it is open to anthropology. I emailed the contact and she confirmed.
    • So it sounds like they'll accept applications from anthropologists, but I'm still wondering if they are considered "competitive" for this particular fellowship. Looking at current and previous fellows, most are in comp. lit. or related fields. Also, there are no anthropologists on the faculty advisory committee and the co-directors's fields are in comp. lit. Even though they say that anthropologists can apply, I'm skeptical as to whether they'd be considered a good "fit" for the program (putting aside the particularities of their projects). Any thoughts on this?
    • I think they are thinking about culture as music, literature, visual and performing arts, etc. instead of through an anthropological version of "culture" as general sense-making framework. Thus, they say "We seek innovative scholarship that explores minority cultures as major components of world culture and history, generated by immigrant and minority writers, artists, filmmakers, playwrights, and musicians residing in metropolitan centers across the world and thereby reshaping the canons of literature, art, and music in their respective countries." Most anthropologists probably do not fit this focus, which is why there are mostly more comp-lit scholars in this postdoc. There are, however, anthropologists who work on such issues and they would likely be competitive candidates.
    • Has anyone had a notification on this one? <--OP here: received a reply to emailed query, and SC has now begun to review applications, but likely will not be able to make an offer for several weeks. (2/19)
    • Any news on this one (3/6)?
    • not a word(3/6)
    • Just contacted them and they said decisions will be made in the next couple of weeks. (3/8).
    • Any update (3/15)?
    • After a second email inquiry, I was told that the SC is aiming to make their decision by 3/25, after which time all applicants will be notified. (3/18)
    • 3/25...
    • I called today, and was told that they're behind schedule but should be done by the end of this week, at which point we will be contacted.  I was also told that the winners may have already been contacted.  [3/25]
    • So strange! I wrote and was told "I am stil waiting to hear the final decisions from the selectio committee, which I am hoping will happen by the end of this week. I will send an email to all applicants as soon as I have the information." Bummer if that actually means that those not selected will hear at the end of the week, but they've called the winners already??  (3/25)
    • Also heard a rumor that winners were contacted by phone this weekend...maybe not all said yes yet...(3/25)
  • I just got an email from SC (probabley) like this "At this time, the selection committee is in their final discussions. I will be emailing all candidates once the decisions have been made, hopefully by the end of this week." This could mean that they have made job offers?(3/26)
  • --was this email in response to an inquiry, or was it supposed to be sent to all applicants?--> it was a response to my inquiry (x2, I didn't get this email either).
  • the offer was made? no news to me so far(3/30)
  • The office told me that offers have indeed been extended to candidates, but that they are waiting to hear if those chosen will accept. And so everyone is encouraged to move on, as they probably will accept...
  • Rejection email(4/3) x2: What would " the insituttional priorities" would be like? 
  • Yeah, so because I've been wondering this about all the form rejections I've received, and the ironies of making you feel special but still not having selected you: Did all applicants here receive rejections that say "As you can imagine, we received many very strong applications, including yours?"
  • yes, most probably we all got the same email
  • it would save everyone a lot of trouble if they could have made those "institutional priorities" clear from the beginning (i don't mean this as a critique of this postdoc only because this sort of rejection language has been used by used by many programs)

UCLA (Los Angeles, CA) - Two-Year Visiting Fellowship in History of the Material Text - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The UCLA Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies announces two two-year visiting positions in History of the Material Text, to be housed in the Departments of History and English, respectively. These positions are designed to enable participation in the life of the Center and the appropriate Department, as well as fuller use of the riches of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library and the Special Collections of the UCLA Libraries. We seek scholars of early modern studies (16th-18th centuries), broadly defined, whose expertise includes but is not limited to book history, history of the material text, and print cultures, in Europe and beyond. Applicants should have received their doctorates in the last six years (no earlier than July 1, 2007 and no later than September 30, 2013).
  • Visiting fellows will teach two courses per year in their respective Department, one of which would be at the Clark Library. Fellows are also expected to make a substantive contribution to the Center’s working groups and other research initiatives. Fellows will receive a stipend of $50,000 per year, plus benefits for the fellow and dependents and a $3000 research fund.
  • Candidates should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae,20-page writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to: Barbara Fuchs, Director, Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies, 310 Royce Hall Box 951404, UCLA, Los Angeles CA 90095-1404 
  • Letters of recommendation may also be submitted electronically to:
  • Application dossiers are due by Feb. 1, 2013.
  • Also posted at Renaissance 2013 and Restoration/18th-Century 2013
  • Rejection received 27 March.
  • Any news? (4/1)

University of California, Merced - Center for Humanities, 2 Postdocs - SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The University of California, Merced is a dynamic new university campus in Merced, California, which opened in September 2005 as the tenth campus of the University of California and the first American research university in the 21st century. In keeping with the mission of the University to provide teaching, research and public service of the highest quality, UC Merced offers research-centered and student-oriented educational opportunities at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels through three academic schools: Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences/Humanities/Arts.
  • The Center for Humanities will appoint two Postdoctoral Scholars for two years from the humanities and descriptive social sciences to participate in the Center academic program for 2013-15. Postdoctoral Scholars should have research projects which engage the Center's theme, "The World Upside Down: Topsy-Turvy," and that fall in the areas of Digital Humanities or Public Humanities. During their two-year appointment, they will continue their research programs; participate in the Humanities Center seminar, offering a paper at least once during that time; do one public presentation in an off-campus location; and work with faculty to plan the final conference of the period. It is expected that Scholars will have the opportunity to teach one course each year in an area of their research. Upon final determination of course offerings, the Postdoctoral appointment would be reduced to allow for a teaching appointment. We anticipate that this position will be 83% Postdoctoral Scholar and 17% Lecturer; the combination of both appointments will not exceed 100% time. A full description of the research program and theme can be found on the Center website at
  • The University of California, Merced is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer with a strong institutional commitment to the achievement of diversity among its faculty, staff, and students. The University is supportive of dual career couples.
  • Qualifications: 1. PhD in a humanities discipline, or in an interdisciplinary program with a humanities focus granted between 2009 and 2013. PhD must be in hand by July 1, 2013. Disciplines may include but are not limited to: Anthropology, Art History, Cultural Studies, History, Literature, Music, American Studies, Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Women's Studies. 2. A record of scholarship and publication appropriate to the time since the PhD. 3. Research related to the Center theme, as well as an interest in either Digital Humanities or Public Humanities. 4. Experience in collegial and collaborative working environments is highly desirable.
  • Salary: Negotiated based on University of California Salary Scales
  • Closing Date: 05/09/2013
  • To Apply: Interested applicants are required to submit 1) a cover letter 2) curriculum vitae 3) statement of research 4) a list of three references with contact information including mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. Please do not submit individual letters of recommendation.
  • Applications must be submitted via this website. Apply Online
    • Invitation for Skype interview 5/29 x2
    • Any news here? Know they said they wanted to make a quick decision, so presuming I am out.

University of California, Santa Barbara - Mellon-Sawyer Postdoc (2013-14) in Marine Environmental History - SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The University of California, Santa Barbara, invites applications for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship (2013-14) in marine environmental history, broadly conceived. Applicants should have interdisciplinary interests but may specialize in historical or political ecology or geography, cultural, contemporary, or environmental history, or the histories of science, art, or literature. The fellowship will be part of a temporary research center in marine environmental history funded through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s John E. Sawyer seminar series, which supports collaborative and comparative scholarship on the “historical and cultural sources of contemporary developments.” The fellow will not teach courses but will assist in the organization of public events, study groups, and symposia, as well as the production of publications related to the center’s activities.
  • UCSB is one of the world’s leading institutions for ocean research and teaching. The university’s extraordinary programs and resources in this area include the Marine Science Institute, Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans, Digital Ocean project, Blue Horizons program, Sustainable Fisheries Group, Outreach Center for Teaching in Ocean Science, four coastal nature reserves, and two marine oriented, National Science Foundation funded Long-Term Ecological Research(LTER) sites. The UCSB campus is located one hundred miles northwest of Los Angeles on coastal bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands.
  • The postdoctoral fellow will receive a salary of $41,364-44,340 (depending on experience) plus benefits, as well as up to $3,500 for research and travel expenses.
  • Applications should include a cover letter, CV, and the names and contact information for two recommenders. All materials should be submitted by email to by January 15, 2013. Include the words “Mellon Sawyer” in the subject heading. Please send any questions about the position to Peter Alagona at UCSB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
    • Anybody have any news on this one? (2/18)
    • Nothing 2.21
    • Q. [3/4]: When were Skype interviews scheduled?
    • still nuffing. 3.7 (x2)
    • this is killing me. 3.14
    • rejection email 4.4

University of Cambridge - Churchill College JRF - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: 5 PM on 18 November 2012
  • Any news?

University of Cambridge - Clare College JRFs - OFFERS MADE[]

  • 3 three-year Junior Research Fellowships, two in Arts, to begin Oct. 2013
  • "Successful candidates are expected to be either graduate students, probably in the latter stages of their research leading to a PhD Degree, or post-doctoral researchers who have recently been awarded their PhD Degree. Successful candidates will have excellent academic records and the potential to continue their research at the highest level."
  • "Candidates who have undertaken more than four years full-time research in the Arts or five years full-time research in the Sciences are unlikely to be considered. Such candidates will have the opportunity to present their case during the application process and the College is prepared to consider exceptions"
  • "Shortlisted candidates will be asked to provide samples of their written work in early 2013. It is recommended that the work for submission should not exceed 20,000 words. The College will look for the quality, rather than quantity, of the work submitted."
  • Deadline: 5pm, 10 Dec. 2012
  • (1/30): Rejection letter. (x2)
  • Shortlisted; writing sample requeested (email 1/30 x3)
  • Final rejection (email 3/14); was told that over 650 applied and fewer than 25 were shortlisted

University of Cambridge - CRASSH Mellon/ Newton Post-Docs - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two two-year Mellon/Newton Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral Research Fellowships at CRASSH, University of Cambridge
  • CRASSH offers two 2-year interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research Fellowships starting in October and based at CRASSH. The five-year programme, funded jointly by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation and the Isaac Newton Trust,  is aimed at researchers working in any field of the arts, social sciences or humanities. The fellowships enable postdoctoral fellows to consolidate their research and publication record while developing a related project or initiative at CRASSH during their two-year fellowship. 
  • Applicants must have been awarded a PhD by the application deadline
  • Deadline: 12.00pm GMT midday Friday 1 March 2013
  • Terms and conditions of employment
    Appointment will be made for two years from 1 October 2013 and is non-renewable. The pensionable scale of stipends for a Mellon/Newton Post-doctoral Research Fellow is currently £27,428-£35,788.  A travel and research expenses allowance of up to £3000 per annum will be available.
  • Interviews will be held at the end of April .

University of Cambridge - CRASSH/Leverhulme Post-Docs - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 6 five-year research post-docs based at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities on the Leverhulme project "Conspiracy and Democracy: History, Political Theory and Internet Research"
  • Project areas:
    • History:
      • 1. Conspiracy theories in 19th C Europe
      • 2. Cultural transfer and comparison: Europe and America
      • 3. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in the contemporary world
    • Political Theory
      • 4. Rational choice and Democratic conspiracies
      • 5. Ideals of transparency and suspicion of Democracy
    • The Internet
      • 6. The impact of global networking on the nature, dissemination and impact of conspiracy theories.
  • Relevant PhD must be in hand at start date [1 Jan 2013]
  • "Applicants should propose a project broadly based on one or more of the strands of the project. It is anticipated that one post will be awarded in each of the six areas."
  • Deadline: noon, 19 Oct 2012
    • Interviews scheduled for 21 and 22 Nov.

University of Cambridge - Department of East Asian Studies/Faculty Asian Middle Eastern Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two 3-year post-doctoral positions in modern Japanese/East Asian History, to start after March 2013
  • "Applicants are invited to apply for two fixed-term full-time posts (three years) of Research Associates to the project, “The Dissolution of the Japanese Empire and the Struggle for Legitimacy in Postwar East Asia, 1945-1965.”This project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC)."
  • "The postdoctoral researchers will examine East Asian relations concerning the dissolution of the Japanese empire and war crimes, widely defined. Each researcher will mainly focus on collecting, organizing and analyzing Chinese, Japanese or Korean related archives dealing with this topic. They will also examine relevant published texts and secondary research in related languages and any appropriate bibliographical references. Researchers will be expected to work toward producing their own monograph within their contract time and perhaps an additional peer-reviewed article. In addition to their own research, researchers will be required to assist in the administration of the project, especially with regard to organizing an international workshop and editing its proceedings. The topic of the first international conference will be the “Breakdown of Empire and Legitimacy in East Asia.” Light teaching of up to one class or supervisions may be required as well."
  • "Research associates should have completed their PhDs, submitted their thesis and had their viva (if necessary) by the time they arrive at Cambridge for the start of their position...Research associates will be expected to have thorough knowledge of at least one East Asian language, and score at least a 7 on the IELTS English language proficiency exam, or the equivalent."
  • Deadline: 1 Feb. 2013
    • Intend to interview week commencing 18 Feb.

University of Cambridge - Dept. of Hist & Phil Science - Research & Teaching Postdoc, History of Modern Medical/Life/Human Sciences - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year Research and Teaching Associateship (postdoc) in the history of modern medical, life or human sciences, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "...funded by a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award on the theme 'Generation to Reproduction' and by the Department. The successful candidate will teach history of medical, biological and/or human sciences since 1800 and conduct research in that field, preferably in the history of reproduction broadly understood. S/he will be expected to contribute to lecturing, supervising, examining and administration of courses at all levels"
  • PhD must be in hand at start date
  • Deadline: 5pm GMT 27 Mar. 2013
    • Shortlisting 19 Apr & interviews 1 May

University of Cambridge - Dept. of Hist & Phil Science - Research Associate, History of Reproduction - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year Research Associate on the 'Generation to Reproduction' project, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "The successful candidate will carry out independent, full-time research on a topic within this broad theme in a historical period between 1550 and the present day. From this research s/he is expected to produce at least one substantial published article a year. The postholder will be based in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and expected to participate fully in activities under the strategic award, including organizing an academic workshop and contributing to other events and outreach. There will be opportunities to undertake undergraduate and, if appropriate, postgraduate teaching"
  • PhD must be in hand at start date
  • Deadline: 5pm GMT 27 Mar 2013
    • Shortlisting 19 Apr & interviews 3 May

University of Cambridge - Emmanuel College JRF- LONGLISTING[]

  • Three 3-year stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships in any subject (and one non-stipendiary position in Maths/Science)
  • "Applications will be accepted from any graduate of a university within or outside the United Kingdom. Eligibility is restricted to those for whom the Research Fellowship would be their first substantial paid academic or research appointment (other than as a doctoral student). Candidates holding a fellowship or other post-doctoral stipend awarded by a Research Council or other similar body may apply and will be considered for the non-stipendiary Fellowship. These Fellowships are intended for outstanding researchers early in their careers: successful candidates are likely to be in the latter stages of their research leading to a PhD degree, or post-doctoral researchers who have been awarded their PhD degree after 1 October 2011. Candidates should note that these Fellowships are extremely competitive."
  • Deadline: 5pm 4 Oct. 2012
    • Notification of shortlisting in the week of the 12 Nov, and further writing samples required by 20th Nov.
    • No interviews; final decision by 29th Jan 2013.
  • Notes:
    • Any news? I thought that they would be contacting shortlisters soon, since they only give a week for writing samples (Nov 20). Anyone know if it is by phone or e-mail?
    • I haven't heard anything yet either. It looks like other JRF shortlisting notifications have been by e-mail, though.
    • (14th Nov) Just heard I've been shortlisted (by email). Good luck everyone!
    • Rejection received (14th November) x 5
    • Also shortlisted (I think it is actually a longlist, according to the email). Are you in the UK or US? I'm in the US - very hard to get writings there by the 20th!
    • Sorry, longlist, you're right. I'm in the UK. I had to email the secretary with a question, s/he seems nice - and even said that most readers just want digital copies anyway. Maybe as long as you upload the documents on time and have proof that you posted it before the 20th it'll be ok? But prob best just to email and check.
    • Anyone on the shortlist heard? The deadline is today.
    • On the shortlist. Still waiting to hear back.
    • (30/01 X 2). Rejection by email having been on the shortlist.

University of Cambridge - Faraday Institute/St Edmunds Post-Doc - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Research post-doc to start immediately [Oct 2012] to Jan 2015, to work on 'the sea in scripture'
  • "The research associate will conduct a study of the biblical material on the oceans and seas, following the trajectory through scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The aim will be to develop a biblical theology of the sea and seek to apply this to how we should treat the ocean, which covers 70% of the Earth, the creatures living in it and the resources it contains. The post will be under the supervision of Prof Meric Srokosz, associate director of the Faraday Institute (who is also an oceanographer working at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)."
  • "The successful candidate will have, or will soon complete, a Ph.D. in biblical studies and must be comfortable handling both New and Old Testament material. The applicant must be in agreement with the ethos and aims of The Faraday Institute."
  • Deadline: 23 Nov. 2012
    • intend to interview mid-December.

University of Cambridge - Gonville and Caius College JRF - OFFER MADE[]

  • Four-Year Junior Research Fellowships, "open to men and women in any academic discipline in Arts and Sciences."
  • "Candidates must be graduates or research students, who have completed not more than four years of full-time research (or part-time equivalent) by 1st October 2012."
  • "Fellowships are tenable for four years from 1 October 2013."
  • Deadline: 5.00pm on Friday 28th September 2012 *note this is UK time.
    • "Interviews for short listed candidates will be held in the College on 14 January 2013."
  • Notes:
    • Awfully quiet here—has anyone been contacted?
    • Still no word. Anyone? (12/20)
    • No, nothing yet. (Dec 20) x2.
    • I haven't heard anything. The website actually says interviews will be on 18 January. "The election will be held on 18 January 2013 and candidates should ensure that they will be available for interview that day if so required. Candidates who are offered a Research Fellowship at Gonville & Caius College will be required to accept or decline the offer within 24 hours." But I think they must have told the shortlisted people only. Cambridge usually closes from today until 4 January and two weeks is pretty short notice for foreign candidates!
    • Not necessarily--last year they informed people of interviews in January 1-2 weeks before the interview!
    • Overseas candidates shouldn't worry about the short notice--the college generally pays for your travel expenses for the interview.
    • Still no word I guess? (Jan 2).
    • No, nothing here. (Jan 2)
    • Still no word. Anyone? (Jan 8)
    • No, nothing. (Jan 8)
    • I asked the secretary and they said the final decision on interview short list will be 14th jan (monday I think) - so not much time between decision and actual interview then! (jan 8)
    • I guess it is normal to not to have a long time between interviews and decisions. They can let you know next day (at least this true for PhD scholarships). That said this doesn't give people enough time if you need to apply for a visa. Maybe they will do phone interviews for those who can't fly with such a short notice. Not the most organized system I have ever seen. Well after all it is Cambridge. They are famous for that.
    • I think they're actually extremely organised - but they organise things to make it convenient for themselves, rather than the applicants. Thanks for info though! (9 Jan)
    • Maybe beneath the messy facade, they are extremely organised. I guess it is possible. But during my 4 years there, I always asked myself how the hell they survived for 800 years. Well, good luck to all.
    • I hear shortlisting will be done Monday and calls to shortlisted candidates will go out Tuesday (not an applicant, just saw this discussion).
    • 1/14 request for interview made by phone
    • 14 Jan - invitation to interview (on the 18th), by email.
    • Offer made by phone (18th Jan)
    • Rejection email (28th January). only me? -- Nah, me too. But we all already knew this one was done thanks to the wiki, anyway.

University of Cambridge - Jesus College JRF - SHORTLISTING[]

  • 3 three-year Junior Research Fellowships, in "one to be held in Sciences, including scientific studies in the fields of Geography, Archaeology and Anthropology, and two in the Arts and Social Sciences"
  • "The Fellowships are intended for researchers early in their careers. Successful candidates are expected to be either graduate students, probably in the latter stages of their research leading to a PhD Degree, or post-doctoral researchers who have recently been awarded their PhD Degree. Candidates who have undertaken more than four years of full-time research are unlikely to be considered. The College is prepared to consider exceptions to these criteria and candidates have the opportunity to present a case for this during the application process."
  • Deadline: 1pm 12 Sept. 2012 [note: online details will not appear until 13 Aug.]
    • "Short-listed candidates will be asked to submit two copies of written work up to a maximum of 40,000 words by Thursday 25 October 2012"
    • Any news?
    • No news yet!
    • I guess we should have heard by now if we were shortlisted.
    • I was thinking the same too but wouldn't they send a rejection after the shortlisting?
    • 18/10 1pm GMT I emailed the secretary. The shortlisting meeting was yesterday and they will email today or tomorrow.
    • Still no news!? Jesus!
    • 22/10 Still heard nothing - anyone else? UPDATED TO ADD: Rejection email just received - ah well! Good luck all!

University of Cambridge - St John's College JRF - SHORTLISTING[]

  • Approximately four 3-year Junior Research Fellowships
  • "The Fellowships offer an opportunity to carry out independent research in a stimulating and supportive academic environment. Applications will be accepted from any graduate of a university within or outside the United Kingdom. All candidates should note that these Research Fellowships are extremely competitive and in 2012 less than one candidate in 100 was successful."
  • Successful candidates are expected to be either graduate students, probably in the latter stages of their research leading to a PhD Degree, or post-doctoral researchers who have been awarded their PhD Degree after 1 October 2011. Candidates who do not fulfil these criteria are unlikely to be considered. Candidates holding a fellowship or other post-doctoral stipend awarded by a Research Council or other similar body may apply. No person who holds a Fellowship at a Cambridge College (other than a Fellowship without stipend) may apply."
  • Candidates who are shortlisted by the College Council in November 2012 will be required to submit their writings in electronic format to the College. No interviews are held and the rigorous assessment of written work is of primary importance.
    • Shortlisted candidates in the sciences will be required to provide a statement on headed notepaper signed by the prospective Head of Department signifying his or her willingness to accommodate the Research Fellow, if elected. This statement must accompany the written work submitted by the candidate.
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2012
  • 8 Nov - I got a shortlist email. Writings requested by 15 November.
  • Congratulations! Are all of the shortlisting e-mails sent out at the same time? I'm pretty sure I'm out of the running, but am holding on to faint hope :P
  • Rejection received (9 Nov) - Linguistics.
    • Decision: Jan 2013
  • Rejection by e-mail (x3). (9 Nov)
  • Rejection by email after having been shortlisted (16 Jan)

University of Cambridge (UK) - Kings College - JRF in History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 'up to four year' Junior Research Fellowship (research post-doc) in History, 1441-1890, to begin 1 Oct 2013
  • "A Junior Research Fellowship is a faculty-level, postdoctoral position that is tenable for up to 4 years. Applications are welcome from graduates of any university. Candidates will usually have completed their PhD, and must not have undertaken more than 2 years of postdoctoral work by 1st October 2013 (i.e. your PhD cannot have been granted before 30 September 2011)."
  • Deadline: 28 Apr. 2013
  • Rejection received, noting that I didn't make it past the longlisting stage. (5/9)

University of Cambridge - Kings College JRF - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • Four-year Junior Research Fellowship in 'Literary Studies', 'Language' and the Biological Sciences
  • "In addition to pursuing research, a Fellow is required to live in Cambridge or close by and to participate in College life and activity. Privileges include all meals, limited financial support for expenses associated with research, the possibility of an office and accommodation in College properties. Although this is a research post, teaching is likely to be made available if desired"
  • "Graduates of any university are eligible. Candidates will usually have completed their PhD and must not have undertaken more than 2 years of postdoctoral work by 1 October 2013 (i.e. your PhD cannot have been granted before 30 September 2011)."
  • Deadline: 15 Sept. 2012
    • Provisional interview dates, 21 & 22 Feb. 2013.
  • (20 Nov 2012) Has anyone heard anything from King's yet? Do you know when they might contact people to request work/ organise interviews?
    • (23 Nov) They told me I was shortlisted and requested work 16th October (for the Language position). I'm surprised they haven't got in touch with everyone yet.
    • (23 Nov) That's interesting - I wonder if there are different dates for the different positions (Literary/ Language/ Biological Sciences). Has anyone else heard? Maybe they don't contact people who haven't been shortlisted?
    • (26 Nov) I applied for the Language position and have not heard anything.
  • (27 Nov) I received an email on 26th October telling me I was long-listed for the Literary Studies JRF and requesting samples of written work.
  • (25 Feb 2013) Offer accepted.

University of Cambridge - Newnham College JRF - INTERVIEW INVITATION[]

  • 3-year stipendary or non-stipendary Junior Research Fellowship in the Humanities
  • "Applications are sought this year from graduates working in a field covered by one of the following Faculties of Cambridge University: Economics, English, Education, Business & Management, Land Economy, Music, Law."
  • "There is no age limit but the research fellowship will normally be awarded to candidates who have recently completed their PhD or are close to completion."
  • Newnham is a women-only college & the appointment is only open to women
  • Deadline: 2 Nov. 2012
    • short listed candidates will be contacted by 14 Dec. & asked to submit written work by 21 Dec.
    • Decision should be made by 22 Feb. 2013
  • (11, Dec)- Email Rejection. (x2)
  • (11, Dec) - Email request to submit written work by 21 Dec
  • (4, Feb) - Email invitation to interview on 15 Feb

University of Cambridge - Sidney Sussex College JRF - INTERVIEW SCHEDULED[]

  • Three year research post-doc, starting 1 Sept 2013
  • "The Fellowship is offered to researchers in the Arts and Social Sciences, and is primarily intended to provide an opportunity for a scholar at an early stage of their academic career to establish a successful research profile"
  • Deadline: 5th Nov. 2012 (references by 7 Nov.)
    • "Short-listed applicants will be required to submit two pieces of written work prior to interview, together with a signed copy of the original application"
  • (16 Dec) email request to submit written work received
  • Has anyone received an email rejection? I've got neither a rejection nor a request, which I'm assuming means a rejection.
  • (26 Dec) Same here. and I am afraid you are right. if history is any judge (I am a historian you see), it means a rejection.
  • (9 Jan) email invitation to interview on 16th
  • (11 Jan) rejection received by e-mail (I had not been asked to submit written work.).
  • Any news from those who were interviewed? (16 Jan)

University of Cambridge - Trinity College JRF -  OFFERS MADE[]

  • At least one four-year post-doctoral position in any subject.
  • "The purpose of Junior Research Fellowships is to offer men and women of exceptional intellectual calibre, for whom the fellowship would be their first substantial paid academic or research appointment, an opportunity to pursue research for up to four years."
  • "The competition is open only to those for whom this Fellowship would be their first substantial paid academic or research appointment, discounting (i) any scholarship or studentship to assist study for a degree and (ii) up to nine months of post-doctoral work, counted from the date of submission of their PhD thesis to the date of the decisive meeting of the Fellowship Electors on 14 January 2013"
  • Deadline: 31 Aug. 2012
    • Shortlisting 5 Oct, final decision 14 Jan. 2013.
    • Invited to Submit Written Work (5 Oct)
  • Notification of short-list received (05/10/2012)
  • Rejection by email (14th Jan x 2)

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) - Guild Research Fellow (History) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Five year research post-doc to research "in the field of modern labour history broadly defined (post 1750)."
  • "It is anticipated that the Guild Research Fellow's work will complement the History research group's existing expertise in working class social and labour history, spanning the British co-operative movement, post-war Labour Party history, industrial relations, the Fenian movement, and Canadian Communism. The History Group also have a very strong commitment to Public History and public Engagement. Experience of, and commitment to, public engagement will be a distinct advantage. As the Fellowship develops, Fellows will be increasingly expected to undertake research student supervision and deliver research informed teaching."
  • "The Guild Research Fellow will be expected to apply for external grants and to submit high quality research outputs to the Research Excellence Framework 2014, the majority of these to be at 3*(international quality) level and above."
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012

University of Chicago - Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in Early Modern Japanese Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The University of Chicago's Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations is pleased to announce a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in Early Modern Japanese Studies. We invite researchers pursuing innovative work in the fields of history, literature, religion, and visual culture with a focus on the Edo period to apply. The successful candidate, appointed at the rank of Instructor, will teach two undergraduate courses over the course of the academic year and will be expected to participate actively in the graduate workshops, symposia, and other events associated with the Japanese Studies program. A University of Chicago faculty member will serve as a mentor to the Fellow. Applicants who have earned their Ph.D. no earlier than 2007 will be considered. The initial appointment is for two years, and renewal for a third year is possible, contingent upon budgetary approval and satisfactory review of performance. Salary is competitive and includes benefits. The anticipated start date for the appointment is September 1, 2013.
  • Applications must be received by the closing date of March 1, 2013. Materials received after this date will not be considered. Applicants should submit: 1) a letter of application, 2) abstract and one chapter of the dissertation (or other suitable writing sample), 3) syllabi of two proposed courses, 4) a current curriculum vitae, and 5) two letters of recommendation.
  • All materials except letters of recommendation must be submitted online at the University of Chicago's Academic Career Opportunities website at
  • Letters of recommendation can be sent in any of the following ways: 1) uploading at the University of Chicago’s Academic Career Opportunities website 2) emailing a signed pdf to 3) using Interfolio 4) mailing a signed original letter to EALC, The University of Chicago, 1050 E. 50th Street, Wb. 301, Chicago, IL 6063, attn. D. Brennan.

University of Chicago - Provost's Career Enhancement Postdoctoral Scholarships (PCEPS) - FINALISTS NOTIFIED[]

  • As part of an effort to promote a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences among its faculty as set forth in the University of Chicago Diversity Statement, the University of Chicago invites applications for the Provost's Career Enhancement Postdoctoral Scholarships (PCEPS).
  • Number of Scholarships: Two two-year postdoctoral scholarships will be awarded for the term beginning fall 2013. Salary and Other Support: Each postdoctoral scholarship will carry an annual salary of $60,000 and an annual research fund of $5,000. Postdoctoral scholars will be eligible for designated health-care and other benefit plans through the University of Chicago Postdoctoral Researcher Benefit Program.
  • Eligibility: Candidates must have completed the Ph.D., M.D., J.D., or foreign equivalent by September 1, 2013 and must have received their degree no earlier than November 1, 2009. Individuals currently holding a postdoctoral or faculty position at the University of Chicago are ineligible. Selection Process: A selection committee appointed by the Provost and the Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues will recommend appointments to the Deputy Provost who will approve all appointments.
  • Application Process: Please visit the Provost's Postdoctoral Scholarship website at Applications will be accepted September 1, 2012 through November 1, 2012. Contact Us: Provost's Postdoctoral Scholarships at the University of Chicago, 5801 S. Ellis Avenue, Suite 514, Chicago, Illinois 60637,
  • NOTE: "We have extended the application deadline to 12 am CST, Monday, November 5, 2012, to aid applicants affected by storm damage. The extended deadline for reference letters is 12 am CST, Monday, November 12, 2012. Please contact us at with questions or concerns."
  • Request for writing sample via email 1/29 x 9
    • "We expect to notify finalists by the mid March 2013."
    • I received my notice on 2/3, so it's possible they're still working through the list  ((Notice that you were selected, or notice that you weren't?))
  • Received an email (2/27): "As we move to the final selection round, I am pleased to share you are among the top candidates. The Committee will select the four recipients on March 14th, and we will contact the finalists to extend the offer on the morning of March 15th." (Can anyone else confirm this??? I thought there were only two recipients)
    • I got the same email. Yup, it said 4 finalists.
  • Received rejection email: "...We received over 475 excellent applications from around the world and had very difficult decisions to make..." x3 (3/6)
  • I was asked for writing samples earlier, but I didn't get the finalist or the rejection email. Anyone else?
    • Yes. I am assuming this means that we didn't make their short short list after they received our writing samples.
  • Any news? (the morning of March 15th has now come & gone)
    • Was asked for writing sample earlier, just received rejection letter today (3/15)
    • 4 finalists notified, 4 alternates also chosen (3/18)
    • Any news for alternates?
      • None here (4/2). I think this ship has sailed, but it doesn't hurt to email and ask.

University of Chicago Society of Fellows (Harper and Schmidt Fellows) - CAMPUS VISITS SCHEDULED[]

  • The University of Chicago Society of Fellows is now accepting applications for four-year postdoctoral teaching appointments as Harper and Schmidt Fellows who hold the rank of Collegiate Assistant Professor. The Fellows are members of the College Faculty whose primary responsibility is to teach in the general education (Core) program.
Core courses in the Humanities typically deal with fundamental issues and texts in history, philosophy, and literature. Currently, the Core is organized into seven year-long sequences: Readings in World Literature; Human Being and Citizen; Greek Thought and Literature; Philosophical Perspectives on the Humanities; Media Aesthetics; Reading Cultures; and Language and the Human. For a description of these sequences see:
Core courses in the Social Sciences explore, on the basis of significant works, the fundamental concepts and the different modes of inquiry that have defined the social sciences in the modern period. Currently, Fellows teach in four of the year-long sequences into which the Core is organized: Self, Culture and Society; Classics of Social and Political Thought; and Power, Identity, and Resistance; and Social Science Inquiry. For a description of these sequences see:
Some Fellows also teach in the History of European Civilization Core sequence. European Civilization is taught on the basis of intensive readings of significant primary source documents. For a description of the sequence see:
  • The positions are open to scholars in all disciplines and areas of specialization who will have completed all requirements for their Ph.D. degree no later than August 31, 2013. Candidates must demonstrate excellence in their original scholarship as well as in teaching.
  • In most years, Fellows teach two courses (usually of identical preparation) for each of three quarters. Each Fellow also has the opportunity to design an independent course and each is eligible for one quarter of research sabbatical in the third year of residence. The annual salary for 2013-14 will be $61,000. The effective date for these teaching appointments is September 1, 2013.
  • To apply for these positions, please see our Web site at The web site will be available to accept applications beginning September 10, 2012. On line applications must be completed by Thursday, November 1, 2012. Letters of recommendation must be submitted online or received in a dossier by Thursday, November 15, 2012.
  • QUESTION: How many references does this application require? I can't seem to find the number anywhere. Thanks! (10/31)
    • The application requires three letters of reference.
    • 10/31 - Deadline extended until Nov 15 (per application website). Deadline for letters of rec extended until Nov. 23.
    • Request for more info received 12/16 (x3) Q: for humanities or social sciences? Humanities.
    • Request for writing sample and syllabi 12/16. Humanities.
    • Anyone know how many people are still in the running at this stage?
    • Has anyone heard about the second round for the Social Sciences one? No but according to the previous years' Wiki, the Social Sciences did not hear until January. - - Not true. I applied last year and we heard around this time of the year; a day or two later than Humanities, but def. before Christmas.
    • Has anyone else had troubling logging on to their account to check the status of the application? (12/20)
    • Have writing samples and syllabi been requested from anyone in Social Sciences yet??
    • Writing Sample requested for Social Sciences (12/29 x3, 1/7 x4)
    • I'm assuming the request was made by email? (12/29)
    • Request for campus visit (humanities) (1/18).
    • Any news for social science applicants? --> I've heard that social science applicants may not know for another few weeks.
    • have any of the social science candidates who were asked to submit writing samples been contacted? (2/7)
    • was asked to submit samples but still no news (2/8, x3)
    • Invitation by email for on campus interview, social sciences (2/11 )
    • oh well, ours not to reason why...
    • I just called the administrator. They have not yet finished sending out campus invites. They seem to move incrementally. So dont give up hope yet, you may still hear from them. [posted 2/12]
    • Does anyone have any news? Were more people invited in the Social Sciences (02/20).
    • Not yet, but hope winters mortally...
    • Any offers made for Humanities yet? (3/21) and for the Social Sciences (3/21)?
      • No but I was told to expect to hear back by the end of the month (SS)
      • Rejection via phone (3/25; Social Sciences) x2
        • (I had been interviewed on campus and got this call. I don't believe they are phoning rejections to everyone. Those will probably follow via (e)mail)
      • i have not heard A WORD (3/25; SS); no rejection, no interview, no news. x2 (I assume we'll get rejections via e-mail once the folks with offers accept.) x3 (still – and it's 5/8!)
      • Rejection via email: Social Sciences (5/13)
      • Rejection via email: Humanities (5/13).  1200 applicants!
      • Offer made (and accepted) (20 March)

University College London - Research Associate - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 3-year post-doctoral position on the AHRC project 'Cultural Memory and British Cinema-going of the 1960s'
  • "The Research Associate will engage in original research on the history of cinema-going in Britain in the 1960s and publish the results of his/her work, normally co-authored with the Principal Investigator (PI), through papers at scholarly conferences and in academic journals and a book arising from the project."
  • "Applicants must have a PhD (by December 2012) written in English on history or cinema studies. Other key requirements of the post are a research expertise in either oral history techniques or in ethnographic research into cinema audiences and/or the construction of stardom; experience of running and maintaining a website; and a commitment to the meticulous collection and conservation of data, including paper files and sound recordings."
  • SHORT Deadline: 8. Oct. 2012
    • Intend to interview 19 Oct. 2012

University of Edinburgh (UK;Scot) -  Chancellor's Fellowships - OFFER ACCEPTED (1)[]

  • Multiple 5-year fellowships, acting as tenure track into a permanent contract, across all schools and disciplines, to start 1 Sept. 2013
  • "These 5-year Fellowships are intended to support outstanding candidates at the start of their independent academic careers"
  • "We are looking for outstanding candidates who already show the ability to conduct world-leading research and exhibit clear potential to become an international leader in their discipline. Candidates already holding an externally-funded fellowship are encouraged to transfer this to the University of Edinburgh if the sponsor permits. International candidates are welcome and will be supported through the process of visa application if required."
  • Deadline: 18 Apr. 2013
    • This scheme was run last year too.  It is REF year in the UK, which means there is a heavy emphasis on publications.
      • Forgive my ignorance – as an outsider, I understand the REF system as evaluating the various institutions on their research outputs (esp. publications) and allocating funding accordingly. Are you suggesting that the U. Edinburgh will be particularly interested in hearing about publication plans?
        • [17 Apr] Not plans so much as actual publications.  The REF is a retrospective assessment of the research of faculty members, so they'll be interested in what you've already put out.  A very recent graduate will need one or two good articles to be competitive, while faculty a couple of years into their careers need to submit four articles (or 1 book + 2 articles.  Oh, and a baby counts as one article if you've had one!).  There's a brief discussion of it on last year's Talk page but if you're applying for jobs in the UK it's a good idea to be up to speed with the latest dates/deadlines/submission guidelines, etc. AFII (talk) 14:00, April 17, 2013 (UTC)
          • Thank you very much for the link and explanation - they were very helpful, and I hadn't seen that Talk page before.
  • Does anyone know when we'll hear something? x4
  • An adminstrator informed me that all notifications will be sent out after May 3. Interviews will take place between May 20-27.
  • Does anyone know whether international candidates are flown to interview or are they interviewed via Skype? Thank you. x2
  • Anyone contacted for interview yet? And if so, via email or phone? Thanks!
  • 6 May: Invited for interview, postal letter received on Saturday, e-mail received today. This is for School of History/Archaeology/Classics; other schools may have different deadlines.
    • Is the interview via Skype, or on campus?
    • On campus.
  • Anyone heard anything for Psychology?
  • Any interviewees heard any news? Either positive or negative? Nothing either way here.
  • 14 June: I was offered and accepted a Fellowship in History/Archaeology/Classics a week or two ago. I expect most appointments have been made now (at least in this School), although if you haven't heard, it's perhaps because you're on a waiting list. Also, other Schools have different timetables. I think technically they are not allowed to send formal rejections until all the Schools have gathered to discuss their choices. Good luck to everyone still waiting!

University of Edinburgh (UK;Scot) - Research Fellows[]

  • Three 4-year Research Fellowships to work "on a four-year Wellcome Trust-funded project entitled “Making Genomic Medicine”, starting 1 Oct. 2013
  • "The project will examine the historical development of three key areas of genetic and genomic science and practice that have converged to give rise to the current ferment of activity in the field of genomic medicine. The three strands of this research will be: 1. Making genomic risk; 2. The rise of rare diseases; 3. Genomicising drug discovery and development.  Each Research Fellow will take responsibility for researching and authoring high-quality publications on one of the three strands of the project"
  • Deadline: 5pm (BST) 23 Jul. 2013

University of Glasgow (UK; Scot) - Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellowships - INTERVIEWS HELD[]

  • Unspecified no. of 3-5 year research fellowships, with the possibility of transfer to tenured faculty positions (lectureships)
  • In addition to the open call, there are dedicated fellowships in the following thematic areas: Cultural Industries & Cultural Policy (1); Sensors and Sensor Systems (8); Digital Economy & Culture (1); Social Sciences (6); Music as a Cultural Practice (1) ; Synthetic Biology (3); Religious Studies (Islam) (1)
  • Deadlines: 28 May & Sept 2012; 28 Feb 2013
  • Anyone applied for this post?
  • I'll be applying for the Religious Studies position. Probably for the September deadline. (16 May)

University of Glasgow (UK;Scot) - Research Associate, History[]

  • 3-year Research Associateship on the AHRC-funded project ‘The Redress of the Past: Historical Pageants in Britain 1905-2016’
  • RA's duties include "carrying out archival research and oral history interviews, and contributing  to the outputs of the project, which will include a monograph, journal articles and a large interactive website" & "You will be seconded to the University of Strathclyde, working with Dr Angela Bartie, for the third and final year of the post."
  • "With a PhD in History, Economic and Social History or a cognate discipline, you will have experience of archival research and oral history interviewing, and ideally some knowledge of historical databases and expertise in twentieth-century British and/or Scottish history. The post will involve significant amounts of travel to archives in Scotland and the north of England."
  • [See also post at Kings College London, above]
  • Deadline: 8 Jul. 2013

University of Haifa - Open-Rank, Tenure-Track Fellowship in English Literature - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • From the MLA JIL [09/14/12]: Open-rank tenure-track position in literature
  • Israeli open-rank tenure-track fellowship: The Department of English at the University of Haifa, Israel, invites applications from Israeli citizens of all ethnic and religious sectors to be nominated for an open-rank tenure-track fellowship—“Allon”, “Maof” or “Yad-Hanadiv”. These fellowships are awarded and administered by the Israeli Council of Higher Education and the Humanities Fund, and designed to facilitate the absorption of outstanding scholars in tenure-track academic positions.
  • The successful applicant will be initially granted a 3-year university fellowship with full faculty privileges and responsibilities, and is guaranteed subsequent tenure evaluation by the University.
  • Candidates holding a Ph.D. with teaching experience and an excellent record of publications should submit a cover letter, a CV including the names of three referees, and a brief research profile. Preference would be given to candidates specializing in Poetry, or Drama, or Early Modern Literature.
  • Application materials or queries should be sent to Dr. Ayelet Ben-Yishai, head of the Search Committee: or posted c/o The Department of English University of Haifa, Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel. The Deadline for receipt of applications is October 10, 2012.

University of Illinois at Chicago - Institute for the Humanities Postdoc, Food Studies- PHONE INTERVIEW REQUEST[]

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago Institute for the Humanities and the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are pleased to announce a Post-Doctoral Research Associate position in the Humanities with a focus on Food Studies for 2013-14. This position is part of the UIC Chancellor’s Initiative in the Humanities.
  • Applicants must have received their Ph.D. within the past four years (2009). The degree may be in any discipline, but applicants’ work should focus on some area of food studies related to the humanities. The Post-Doctoral Research Associate will be housed in one of UIC’s humanities departments, will teach one course per semester and will participate in the Chicago Area Food Studies Working Group sponsored by the UIC Institute for the Humanities and the Chancellor’s Initiative in the Humanities.
  • We offer a stipend of $55,000 plus benefits. For fullest consideration applications must be received by November 30, 2012.
  • Application Process: Applicants need to complete an online application via: - Check Job Board, and locate the listing: “UIC Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Food Studies, 2013-14“
    • Recieved nice email from chair to let me know that they were still waiting on one reference. (x2)
    • Just for the hell of it, how about a little survey? How many people checking this wiki applied for this post? Update number --> 8  (good luck everyone!!) x8
    • Since I am updated that number above, figured I would ask.  I am confused about the comment about waiting on one reference.  Did they request your letters already?  Was it before Nov 30? --> I received the email on 11/26.
    • Any updates on this one, anyone? Thanks! (12/13) x2
    • No news yet. I don't think they indicated a timline for the search in any of the published job ads so this mights be a waiting game! ...Surely they want to inform people before they potentially take up TT offers ...(12/15)
    • Notified that I am a finalist for postdoc and request for phone interview in January (12/17)
      • Congrats! Do you know how many finalists? I have not heard so assuming I am out of the running. Anyone else hear? (12/20)
    • Rejection received by e-mail; over 90 applications (1/25)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Asian-American Studies - Postdoctoral Research Associates, 2013-2014 - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Asian American Studies Department (AAS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks two postdoctoral research associates for the 2013-2014 academic year. Applicants should conduct research germane to Asian American Studies. Proposed research projects should have the potential to make a significant contribution to the field.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, must have received a doctorate or appropriate terminal degree within the past five years or have completed this requirement by July 31, 2013. They must demonstrate promise for a tenure-track appointment at a research college or university and their primary research focus must be Asian American, and/or transnational Asian populations in the U.S. and across the Asian Diaspora.
  • Appointments have a target start date of August 16, 2013, and are for a nine-month period, August 16, 2013 - May 15, 2014. Contingent on review, recipients may be eligible for a second year appointment. Recipients must be in residence full-time at the University's Urbana campus for the duration of the appointment, and may not hold other fellowships or awards during the appointment period. During their stay at Illinois, postdoctoral research associates will be expected to participate in research, teaching, and service. While research and participation in the intellectual life of the program is the primary responsibility, research associates will be expected to teach a course in Asian American Studies. The specific teaching duties will be decided in consultation with the Department Head. The associates will be housed at the Asian American Studies Department, but will also be provided opportunities to build a supportive on-campus community with the associates from African American Studies, American Indian Studies, and Latino/Latina Studies.
  • Postdoctoral research associates will receive a $42,000 salary paid over a 12-month period (August 2013 - August 2014), $5,000 in research funds, and a comprehensive benefits package. The program will provide the research associate with office space and routine office support for photocopying, faxing, mailing, etc.
  • To apply, candidates should electronically submit a cover letter that describes qualifications for the position and current research and writing plans, an up to date curriculum vita and a 20-25 page writing sample to Official graduate transcripts and three letters of recommendation (including one letter from the dissertation advisor) should be sent to: Post Doc Review Committee, Asian American Studies Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1208 West Nevada Street, MC 142, Urbana, IL 61801.
  • To guarantee full consideration, application materials should be submitted to the AAS office by 5:00 p.m. on January 18th, 2013. For further information on the Asian American Studies Department, please visit our web site: Questions regarding the postdoctoral research associate positions, and application process should be directed to Sherry Clayborn (
  • Has anyone had any follow up from them since the deadline? (2/18)
  • No word yet. (2/19)
    • [Offer noted in header above on 3/16]

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Associates (Latino/a Studies) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign invites applications for two Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Associates. These are one-year appointments with a target start date of August 16, 2013. Associates are expected to be in residence for the duration of the appointment (August 2013-May 2014). Each associate will be expected to give a presentation on his/her research project and to teach one of the department’s regularly offered undergraduate courses for one semester. The associates will be housed at the Department of Latina/Latino Studies, but will also be provided opportunities to build a supportive on-campus community with the associates from African American Studies, American Indian Studies, and Asian American Studies.
  • Stipend and Benefits: $42,000 salary over a 12-month period. Additional $5,000 for research expenses. Comprehensive benefit package.
  • Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree is required. Individuals working toward a Ph.D. will be considered, but candidate’s dissertation must be defended and deposited prior to August 15, 2013. The primary focus of the successful candidates’ research must be U.S. Latinas/Latinos. Research from all disciplines and interdisciplines are eligible and will be considered. Candidates who specialize in the following areas are encouraged to apply: the Afro-Latina/o diaspora, Latino Politics, and Critical Legal Studies.
  • These are external appointments- Current University of Illinois faculty members and graduate students at the Urbana-Champaign campus are not eligible to apply. Scholars who received their Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are also not eligible for these appointments.
  • To Apply: Create your candidate profile through the University of Illinois application login page at and upload your application materials:
    • Letter of intent
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Statement of the research project to be undertaken during the appointment
    • Scholarly writing sample (20 page minimum)
    • Graduate transcripts (copies are acceptable, but official transcripts may be requested at a later date)
    • Contact information for three professional references- who will be contacted electronically to submit a letter of reference (for candidates who have not yet completed their Ph.D. at the time of application, one of these letters must be from the chair of the dissertation committee addressing the likelihood of completion by the starting date of the associateship). Referees will be contacted electronically upon submission of the application.
  • For full consideration, applications must be submitted by December 14, 2012. Additional materials may be requested at a later date.
  • Any news yet on this one???

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellows in the Humanities - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks to hire two Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellows in the Humanities for two-year appointments starting in Fall 2013.
  • Fellows spend the two-year term in residence at Illinois; conduct research on the proposed project; and teach two courses per year in the appropriate academic department. Fellows also participate in activities related to their research at the IPRH, in the teaching department, and on the Illinois campus. Each Post-Doctoral Fellow gives a public lecture on his or her research.
  • The search for Mellon Fellows is open to scholars in all humanities disciplines, but we seek applicants whose work falls into one of the following broad subject areas:
- Race and Diaspora Studies
- History of Science/Technology
- Empire and Colonial Studies
- Memory Studies
  • The fellowship carries a $45,000 annual stipend, a $2,000 research account, and a comprehensive benefits package. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must have received their Ph.D. between January 1, 2008 and August 31, 2012.
  • Application Deadline: October 29, 2012
  • Detailed eligibility requirements and application guidelines can be found at Applications must be submitted online through the secure application portal. No paper or emailed applications will be accepted. The submission period opens September 1, 2012. Please do not contact IPRH about the status of an application; we are unable to answer questions about individual applications.
    • Is the requirement that your recieved a PhD by Aug. 2012 accurate? I find it strange that they won't take applications until you've had your degree at least a year.....
      • It is accurate, I checked.
        • Thanks.
    • Rejection (email) 12/18. x2 12/20

University of Kent (UK) - Research Associate (History) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year research post-doc on the Leverhulme Trust-funded project "An Antique Land; Geology, Philology and the Making of the Indian Subcontinent, 1830-1920’"
  • "The successful applicant will conduct archival research in UK, India and the USA, co-author research papers, and assist director of the project Dr Pratik Chakrabarti on the history of Indian geology. The candidate will also work closely with the PhD student appointed for the project who will be working on the links between geology and ethnology in India. The expected start date of the post will be 1 January 2012."
  • "The successful candidate will have a first degree or equivalent in a relevant subject area and a PhD or equivalent in a relevant area, or at least have submitted their PhD. It is essential for the role to have a proven record of archival work and of giving research papers at conferences and seminars. Experience in writing and publishing research articles and specialised knowledge of the history of science and/or geology are also of critical importance to the role."
  • Deadline: 28 Oct. 2012
    • Intend to interview 7 Nov.

University of Konstanz - 2 post-doc positions: “Europe in the Globalized World” - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The “Cultural Foundations of Integration” Center of Excellence was established in 2006 at the University of Konstanz with funding from the German Federal and State Excellence Initiative. The Center views itself as an interdisciplinary, globally integrated network supporting original research projects centered on questions of integration and disintegration in a framework of cultural studies and method. At the Center of Excellence, research is brought together from the fields of history, literary and media studies, political science, administration, and law, and from philosophy, sociology, social and cultural anthropology, and cultural theory.
  • The Center of Excellence invites applications for the following positions, to be filled as soon as possible: 2 post-doc positions in the doctoral program on “Europe in the Globalized World.” The positions are limited to an initial 3 year period, with an option for a 2 year renewal. Depending on personal requirements, classification extends to salary scale EG 14 TV-L (100%). In principle, this position can be divided into two half-time positions.
  • Research subject: Global shifts of power have meant that Europe’s position in the world is under discussion in a fundamental way. In line with this development, the focus of the program’s research will be on the premises and scope of transnational cohesion-development in the tense field comprising cultural diversity and economic, political, social, and (media-)technical global interrelations. A central goal of the program is to contribute to a differentiated understanding of Europe’s positionin global transformative processes.
  • Responsibilities include: Alongside individual research (possibly aimed at “Habilitation,” i.e. promotion to university lecturer), coordination of research in the doctoral program in close cooperation with the professorial steering team. Readiness to further develop the international visibility of one’s own research and to deepen its interdisciplinary orientation in the program’s framework is assumed.
  • Required application documents as two separate PDF files:
Ø Exposé (maximum 12 pages) containing (1) a summary of applicant’s research intentions; (2) a description of the applicant’s approach to successful support for early career scholars. This exposé will be pre-evaluated in an anonymous procedure. For this reason, please refrain in the exposé from any references or information of a personal nature (age, origin, gender, etc.).
Ø Cover letter, curriculum vitae, publication list, and brief abstract of Ph.D thesis. Please include a description of your particular motivation and competence for taking up a post-doc position in the framework of the doctoral program. In the publication list, please indicate the three most important publications.
  • For questions concerning the job profile,please send an e-mail to: Further information on the “Cultural Foundations of Integration” Center of Excellence can be found at:
  • Please send your application together with completed documents, in German or English, in electronic form (2 separate PDF files, the exposé without identification of applicant’s name), specifying reference number 2012/105, by 1 August 2012 at the latest, to:

University of Leeds - Postdoctoral Research Fellow history/philosophy of Genetics - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year Research post-doc "Does the Teaching of Mendelian Concepts Promote Genetic Determinism? The Differential Effects of Mendelian and Non-Mendelian Pedagogies"
  • "You will be expected to have obtained, or expect to obtain by the beginning of the project, a PhD with specialisation in an aspect of History and Philosophy of Science or other field relevant to the project." and to have a first degree in Biology or a related subject.
  • Deadline: 9 August 2012.
    • Intended start date is 1 Sept. 2012.

University of Leeds - Research Fellow, Arts - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three-year research post-doc on the AHRC project "Cultures of Intelligence: Military Intelligence Services in Germany, Great Britain and the USA, 1855-1947 (Britain, 1918-1947)"
  • "Working on this AHRC-funded project, you will play a key role in the research by (i) carrying out archival research, (ii) co-authoring the main project output, a monograph on British intelligence culture, (iii) contributing to a joint Anglo-German study on military intelligence cultures with project partners, (v) liaising with PIs and researchers at the London School of Economics, the German Historical Institute, London, and the University of Augsburg, (vi) taking part in dissemination and public engagement activities."
  • "With a PhD in late modern or contemporary history, you will be able to demonstrate the ability to work on your own initiative alongside excellent interpersonal and organisational skills."
  • Deadline: 19 Oct. 2012

University of Leuven (Belg.) - Postdoc in Cultural History of Science & Medicine[]

  • Three year postdoctoral position in the cultural history of science and medicine, to begin 1 October 2013
  • To work on two projects " ‘Anatomy, scientific authority and the visualized body in medicine and culture’ investigates the ways in which human anatomy gained and/or lost prestige and visibility within the medical and the broader educational and cultural field in Belgium between 1780 and 1930. The postdoctoral researcher will focus his/her research on a transnational aspect of the research project and organize an international conference on the transnational circulation of anatomical knowledge and visual representations...The second project, which has its main seat at the University of Stockholm and a partner research center at the University of Groningen, is entitled ‘Scientific Personae in Cultural Encounters in Twentieth Century Europe’ (SPICE). The main objective of this project is to analyze the historical construction of scientific personae through scientific travel and international exchange in a sample of representative countries from the European ‘periphery’, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. The candidate will be the main researcher for the Belgian case..."
  • PhD required in "History, Cultural History, History of Science or Science and Technology Studies, or an equivalent degree in which a historical perspective played a prominent role. You have a track-record of international journal publications.", plus excellent written French and knowledge (or willingness to acquire knowledge) of Dutch.
  • Deadline: 28 Jul. 2013

University of London - Warburg Institute (UK) - Cultural/Intellectual History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two or Three year Frances A. Yates Fellowship, beginning Oct. 2013
  • "Fellows' interests may lie in any aspect of cultural and intellectual history but, other things being equal, preference will be given to those whose work is concerned with those areas of the medieval and Renaissance encyclopaedia of knowledge to which Dame Frances herself made such distinguished contributions."
  • "The Fellowship is generally intended for scholars in the early stages of their careers. Candidates may be pre- or postdoctoral but must have completed at least one year's research on their doctoral dissertation by the time they submit their application for a Fellowship and, if postdoctoral, must normally have been awarded their doctorate within the preceding five years, i.e. after 1 October 2007. If their doctorate was awarded before this date, they should explain the reasons for any interruption in their academic career in a covering letter."
  • SHORT deadline: 30 Nov. 2012
    • "Shortlisted candidates only will be contacted in late January to invite them to send samples of their written work. Shortlisted candidates will then be informed whether they will be invited for an interview, which will be held in March 2013."
    • Any word on this (28/01)?
    • I applied for the "Frances A. Yates" Fellowships and received a request for materials from their short-term fellowships - I don't know if the fact that there are, as it turns out, short-term and long-term "Frances A Yates" fellowships created confusion, or if I wasn't passed on for the long-term fellowship but was moved into teh short-term stack.

University of Manchester (UK) - History of Childhood and Youth in Modern East Asia[]

  • Two year Research Associateship on the project 'History of Childhood & Youth in Modern East Asia', to start 1 Aug. 2013
  • "This project investigates the experience of childhood, education, and youth in Japan between 1925 and 1945. It will record the memories of about 100 people who lived through this momentous period as children and adolescents, as well as examining surviving diaries of juveniles and other contemporary documents. These oral history and documentary records will be used to build up a picture of juvenile life and education in the period as experienced and remembered. The project examines: social and personal relationships of juveniles; the aims, content, and style of learning in schools; the development of consciousness (especially national consciousness) in juveniles; and the relationship of historical memory and consciousness to ideology and historical discourses"
  • "Applicants who are interested in part-time work during an initial period (with a view toward moving to full-time work at a later stage in the project) or in a later start date will also be considered."
  • Deadline: 4 Jun. 2013

University of Manchester (UK) - Research Associates in Science Communication Studies[]

  • Two 3-year Research Associateships  "to work on a Wellcome Trust funded project, exploring the interactions between the biosciences, religion and entertainment media"
  • "This post would suit scholars from Science Communication Studies, Science & Technology Studies, the History of Science, Technology or Medicine, or Science Fiction Studies. You will be actively involved with all aspects of the project and will be expected to develop publications closely related to the aims of the grant. You will also have the opportunity to engage in related independent research. Additionally, you will be actively engaged in other activities relevant to the project including the organization and realization of workshops and conferences. In addition, the successful application will be expected to participate in all activities as a member of CHSTM. You must hold, or shortly complete, a PhD or equivalent in a relevant area and a commitment to postdoctoral research."
  • Deadline: 30 Jun. 2013

University of Manchester (UK) - Research Associate in History of Biology and Medicine[]

  • Two year post-doc "on a Wellcome Trust funded project on the dog in science and medicine in the twentieth century, focusing particularly on genetics and physiology.", to being 1 Sept. 2013
  • "This post would suit scholars with a background in the history of biology, the history of the biomedical science, or the history of medicine. You must have completed or shortly hold a PhD (or equivalent) in the history of biology, or the history of the biomedical science, or the history of medicine, or cognate area. You will have demonstrable capacity for post-doctoral level researching, preparing and writing high-level outputs in print and other media."
  • Deadline: 21 Jul. 2013

University of Maryland Baltimore County - Postdoctoral Fellows Program for Faculty Diversity - CAMPUS INTERVIEW[]

  • The University of Maryland Baltimore County invites nominations and applications for the UMBC Postdoctoral Fellows Program for Faculty Diversity. UMBC is dedicated to ensuring a diverse, scholarly environment and encouraging outstanding individuals to enter the academic profession. The purpose of the Program is to support promising scholars who are committed to diversity in the academy and to prepare those scholars for possible tenure track appointments at UMBC. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals who are members of groups that historically have been underrepresented in the professoriate.
  • UMBC will appoint recent recipients of the Ph.D. as Postdoctoral Fellows for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2013. The fellow will receive a starting stipend of $40,000, health benefits, $3,000 for conference travel and preparation of scholarly work, office space with computer, library and other privileges at the university. During the two-year term of appointment, the fellow will teach one course a year in the host department. All fellows are expected to be in residence during the academic year and participate in departmental seminars and related activities. Each fellow will be provided teaching and research mentors and specialized professional development opportunities across the campus. The remainder of the fellow's time will be devoted to pursuing research.
  • Successful candidates for the Program will be selected on the basis of scholarly promise and potential to add to the diversity of the UMBC community. Applicants must have completed their doctoral degree when the term of appointment commences and must be no more than three years beyond receiving the Ph.D. Individuals currently holding a postdoctoral or faculty position at UMBC are not eligible.
  • Fields: Applications for study in any discipline represented on the campus are welcome. Please specify your discipline of interest. Stipend: $40,000 a year. Eligibility: Applicants who will have completed the doctoral degree no later than July 1, 2013 and no earlier than July 1, 2010 are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
  • Application material: • Cover letter addressed to Ms. Autumn Reed, Program Coordinator for Faculty Diversity Initiatives • Current curriculum vitae • Writing samples (e.g., publications and/or dissertation chapters) • Names and contact information for three references • A statement of research agenda (2-3 pages) • A personal statement that includes why you should be selected for this program and which department/programs should review your application (1-3 pages) • A list of UMBC department(s)/program(s) of interest
  • Deadline: Full consideration will be given to those applicants that submit all materials to Ms. Autumn Reed ( by November 16, 2012. A complete submission will consist of a cover letter, curriculum vitae, writing samples, names of three references, a statement of research plans, and a personal statement. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Review and Selection: Applications will be reviewed by the appropriate department(s)/program(s), Dean(s) and the Provost's Selection Committee. Semi-finalists will be announced in mid-January and finalists will be invited to campus for interviews in mid-February. Awardees will be notified by the first week of March.
    • How many awards are available? (8/20) --> in the past, 2 positions
    • Received rejection email 1/25 (x4 1/29)
      • is your name at the beginning or end of alphabet?
      • which department did you apply?
      • did the email say how many applications they received?
    • Received rejection via email 1/29, last name in middle of alphabet, applied to American Studies, email did not contain information on the number of application they received.
    • Received email today (1/29). Applied to history. 
    • Received invitation for on-campus interview (1/30). (Application reviewed by Philosophy Department.)
    • Rejection email (2/05). Applied to Geography

University of Melbourne (Aus.) - Postdoctoral Fellow, History of the Emotions - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One 3-year research postdoc with the Centre for the History of the Emotions
  • "The Centre seeks to appoint a postdoctoral research fellow to contribute to research projects in the history of emotions (Europe,1100-1800). Working together with Professor Charles Zika and the Change Program of the Centre, the successful candidate will develop a project exploring the emotions created through practices of exclusion and rejection in early modern Europe.In addition to publishing his or her own research in this area, the Fellow will collaborate in jointly-authored publications and be involved fully in the life of the Centre. The Fellow will also assist with the co-ordination of relevant symposia and engage in public outreach. There is an expectation that the postdoctoral fellow will be involved in some Honours/postgraduate supervision or teaching, but this is primarily a research-only position."
  • Deadline: 19 Aug. 2012.

University of Michigan - NCID Postdoctoral Fellows and Scholars Program - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) at the University of Michigan (U-M) is accepting applications for its Postdoctoral Fellows and Scholars Program for the 2013-2014 academic year. This university-wide, interdisciplinary initiative seeks to advance the Center’s national commitment to institutional diversity, as well as its strategic agenda to bridge exemplary diversity scholarship with multilevel engagement and innovation. Guided by the NCID mission, the Postdoctoral Fellows and Scholars Program is designed to promote the outstanding work of early career diversity scholars throughout the nation. Therefore, a successful applicant will be attractive as both an NCID fellow and a tenure-track or research faculty member at U-M or other major universities. While we welcome new Ph.D. applicants, successful candidates may also currently hold early career tenure-track positions. This Postdoctoral Fellows Program provides a unique opportunity for a one-year fellowship at NCID to become more competitive for tenure at a major university.
  • Applications will be evaluated by representatives from both NCID and a relevant U-M academic unit, including a potential faculty mentor. We anticipate awarding two NCID Postdoctoral Fellowships for a duration of one year during 2013-2014. In addition, a select group of applicants will also receive one of three citations—Exemplary Diversity Dissertations, Exemplary Diversity Scholars, or Emerging Diversity Scholars. In line with our national mission and our value of diversifying faculty in all institutions of higher education, the NCID features the work of both our fellows and citation recipients within an online National Diversity Scholars Network.
  • The fellows and scholars recruitment process will begin in May 2012, with an application deadline of November 1, 2012, for a possible Fall 2013 start date.
  • Information on priority areas is available at
  • Applicants may directly apply to the program. In addition, senior faculty members from U-M or other major universities are invited to nominate candidates who demonstrate outstanding scholarly promise and commitment to diversity. Nomination letters should include the candidate’s curriculum vitae and contact information as we will ask nominees to submit application materials.
  • All postdoctoral applicants are welcome, and we are especially interested in attracting national scholars who received doctoral degrees outside the U-M. Detailed information regarding the application process is available at Send materials to
    • Received generic email with information on review process (2/12), indicating "should expect some correspondence by early to mid-April at the latest." Email also indicated higher number of applications for the two positions than in the past.
    • Rejection via email (2/25) <------- any other information about the process / # of applicants? 
    • Rejection via email (4/10)
    • Email notification of rejection and of "emerging diversity scholar" citation (4/18). Re # of applicants, letter says, "The NClD receives over 100 applications annually" (x2)
      • Two fellows selected. Also, letter suggests more than the typically "100 applications annually" (I think that's language from letters sent out in previous years), because it says "This year, we received a tremendous response and the selection was especially difficult because of the large number and extremely high quality of applications." Or I'm reading too much into it.

University of Michigan Society of Fellows Postdocs - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The Michigan Society of Fellows invites applications to its postdoctoral fellowship program for recent Ph.D.'s in the humanities, arts, sciences, and professions. These three-year positions at the University of Michigan are open to recent Ph.D.'s who wish to pursue research opportunities while teaching at a major research university. Eight fellowships are available, with an annual stipend of $52,000. Four of these fellowships will be awarded in the humanities, with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically by October 2, 2012, 1 p.m. EDT. The online application is available at Questions may be submitted to
  • NOTE: $30 Application fee
    • Really? What a pack of opportunistic jackals. x2
    • At probably want to keep the pool to only serious applicants.
      • Or wealthy ones.
      • In this market, who counts as an applicant who is not "serious?" We are not applying for fun! And listed qualifications ensure applicants are qualified...
      • The fellows have already been selected. Their pictures and bios are on the web site. Shouldn't $30 at least cover a rejection letter? 
      • Where do you see the 2013 fellows?  I can only find the cohorts up to 2012.  In "Helpful Information" it says everyone will be notified of the outcome in writing by 28 Feb.
      • I also don't see the 2013 fellows.
      • I think this must have been a false alarm.... otherwise, will you please link?
      • Email saying my file is no longer being considered (12/4). Best of luck to those who remain!
      • Did anyone else get a rejection email? This seems a bit earlier than usual compared to previous years. To the person above, did the email indicate how many persons applied this year?
      • Just spoke with an adminstrator; they have indeed moved from about 850 applicants to 240.
      • In my email they said 896 applicants, now down to "about 270 semi-finalists." Pretty competitive.
      • Does anyone know whether they will be sending some kind of notification to semi-finalists, or is just that everyone who hasn't received rejection e-mails can assume they're still in the running?
        • I doubt they will out any notifications to those persons still in the running. I logged into my account to check my status and it still reads "submitted for review." I do find it curious, however, that more people have not posted rejections though maybethat is an indication that us wiki watchers are doing well this season.
      • I was just going to ask if those who have rec'd email rejections might mind sharing where they fall in the alphabet? So that those of us waiting might be able to discern whether or not they are  still sending them out? TIA.
      • I would suspect that the process is automated, no?
      • Du, on 12/4. Email from Donald Lopez via Linda Turner. Don't want to get anyone's hopes up unnecessarily, but despite the doubts expressed above, this email was sent to me yesterday, and I doubt that they only sent one.
      • I also got the standardized rejection email yesterday (12/4). FYI, my last name starts with a G. Best of luck to the remaining semi-finalists!
      • Both email reports are from abroad--could it be that they are sending post letters (as they have in the past) to US applicants but emails to foreign applicants? Any U.S.-based applicants receive the email?
      • Since it appears that the Michigan Society of Fellows will be sending out postal letters to US applicants, I have one question for those persons abroad who have received rejections: Has your online application status changed to reflect that your application has been denied or does it still show "completed and submitted for review?"
      • I'm afraid it still says completed and submitted for review. 12/5
      • I've checked my mail for today; nothing yet. I do not know if to feel a sense of relief or to wonder if my fate is only a day or so away. The next or two should be telling for all of us.
      • Where do you get that those rejected via email were from abroad? (Answer: You can tell from the IP addresses that post the revisions) THANKS!
      • Rejection letter in snail mail (12/7) I live in the Southwest, far from Michigan. Good luck to those 240 semi-finalists. (x3) (12/8 x4
        • my posting date is 12/5 and I live in the Mid-Atlantic; middle of the alphabet (x2)
      • Those who rec'd letters, was the post date 12/4 and are you all in the SW? Wondering if those who have yet to hear are just waiting for UPS to get it together....helpful to know the geographic spread.
      • Rejection arrived (in California) by snail mail, 12/8.  Don't spend my $30 all in one place!
      • Folks getting the snail mail rejection letters - is it to your home address, or office? 
      • rejection letter by snail mail arrived at my home address a couple days ago, and I'm in Chicago. 12/9
      • This means that they made nearly $30,000 on applications. We should take up our own fellowship fund at this rate
        • it's not exactly free to have people read 900 applications.
        • It doesn't exactly cost $30,000 either. I also suspect that they're clever enough to figure out sources of funding that don't involve fleecing recent PhDs.
      • thought i was in the clear…then checked my mail. in NY. (12/10) (x2)
      • Made it to the finals last year; rejected in the first round this year. Can I get a refund? (x2)
      • How many rounds are there? Also, does anyone know the committee's process? (Reply: Look at last year's wiki lazy bones, there's a link somewhere near the top). Touché! --> "does anyone know the committee's process?" seems like a reasonable question to me. My friend is a fellow this year and from what I understand the current fellows go through the applications for their department and pick the finalists they think best match their department. So, in a sense your application is subject to how well it fits the previous fellow's interests and priorities as well as the department's.
      • Any people from Canada who got the rejection letter?
      • I am yet to receive the letter. Not that I have any hopes of getting selected. But it seems I made it to the semi-finals. Happy holidays everyone! (12/13 x2 12/14 from abroad)
      • I emailed the administrator and she replied: "I am sorry to tell you that your file is no longer being considered, and you will receive formal notification within a couple weeks." (12/13). Received the same response. (12/18)
      • I emailed the administrator and she wrote that the finalist list will probably be ready by the end of this week. (12/18)
      • Still haven't had a rejection - anyone have any official word on this? (1/2)
      • I emailed on 12/21 and was informed that I didn't make the finalists. (1/2)
      • Any word on how many finalists there are and whether semi-finalists will be notified of their finalist status? Seems annoying that there are so many layers of rejection...(1/2)
        • Still nothing on my end. I can't bring myself to contact UofM's SOF. Anyone else heard anything? (1/8) - I feel the same! I haven't written to them, but I'm beginning to wonder if that is going to be the only way to find out in a timely manner. - Just call. The administrator who picks up is extremely nice and will even tell you if you made it to the semi-finalist round.
      • I called and was told that I had been a semi-finalist but did not make the list of 35 finalists. Good luck to those who did! (1/9)
      • Were finalists notified by e-mail or post?
        • Per the page for last year's postdoc, it appears that phone calls will go out to winners then finalists will get letter letting them know of rejection.  Semi-finalists who were not selected as finalists should be getting a rejection letter.  Have any of those gone out?
        • Rejection letter received today 1/17 (postmarked 15th) (x4)
        • Rejection letter (1/17) says "The Senior Fellows and Fellows of the Society reviewed the applications of some 896 candidates in order to identify 35 finalists."
        • Emailed administrator. Finalists will be selected at the end of this month.
      • OFFERS MADE [posted 1/27] <--by letter, email or phone? (x1?) (Answer: By phone, letter AND email.)

University of Newcastle (Australia) - Post-doc in the History of Violence - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three-year research post-doctoral position in 'a topic broadly related to the history of violence in the modern era'
  • To be eligible, candidates must be "within five (5) working years since completing their doctoral qualification" [sic]
  • "Applications will be assessed on the quality of the proposed research project, its fit with the Centre for the History of Violence, and the track record (relative to opportunity) of the applicant"
  • Deadline: 30 Jan. 2013

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- Postdoctoral Research Associate in ELSI Research  - NEW POSTING[]

  • This is a new posting (7/13) for a position that starts 09/01/2013. 
  • Deadline: 31 August 2013

This is a postdoctoral appointment for research and policy training in the ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) related to large-scale genetic/genomic research.

Appointees will work closely with an interdisciplinary group of CGS investigators to conduct social science, public health, philosophical, policy, and/or legal research onELSI issues related to targeted genome sequencing of asymptomatic adults for preventable health risks. Post-doctoral fellows will participate in CGS seminars and workshops as well as training tailored to individual interests, with opportunities for teaching experience, co-authorship on CGS manuscripts, grant writing experience, and independent grant submission and publication.

Candidates should have a strong interest in ELSI research, and have recently completed doctoral training (PhD, JD, MD) before beginning the program. Degrees can be in a variety of disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences, genetics or other basic sciences, epidemiology, nursing, medicine, law, or one of the humanities.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

As part of a continuing commitment to building a culturally diverse intellectual community and advancing scholars from underrepresented groups in higher education, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity is pleased to announce the availability of postdoctoral research appointments for a period of two years. The purpose of the Program is to develop scholars from underrepresented groups for possible tenure track appointments at the University of North Carolina and other research universities. Postdoctoral scholars will be engaged full-time in research and may teach only one course per fiscal year.

  • Fields: Applications for study in any discipline represented on the campus are welcome. Please specify your discipline of interest.
  • Stipend: $39,874 per calendar year for 2013 application term. Funds are available for research expenses, including travel.
  • Eligibility: Applicants who will have completed their doctoral degree no later than July 1, 2013 and no earlier than July 1, 2009 are eligible to apply. The primary criterion for selection is evidence of scholarship potentially competitive for tenure track appointments at the University of North Carolina and other research universities. Preference will be given to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill strongly encourages applications from African American, Native American and Hispanic scholars.
  • Application materials: The Carolina Postdoctoral Program application web site requests the following:
  • Cover letter addressed to Vice Chancellor Barbara Entwisle
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Writing samples (e.g., publications and/or dissertation chapters)
  • Three references for letters of recommendation
  • A statement of research plans (1-3 pages)
  • A personal statement on why you should be selected for this program (1–3 pages)
  • Deadline: The application site is accepting applicant submissions now. The deadline for applicant submissions will be January 3, 2013, 11:59pm EST.
  • Received email acknowledging receipt of application and supp materials 12/29 (x3, 1/3/13)
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (2/8/13)
  • has anybody heard about the decision? (2/15/13)
  • What decision? (Doesn't sound like anyone's heard back from them yet - is that correct?)
  • I haven't heard anything yet.. (2/15)
  • Four finalists have just finished job talks (2/15)
  • Are you refering to the Digital Fellow position below?  The diversity fellowship has 10 positions and the job talk doesn't follow the timeline according the program FAQ
  • The job talk post is wrong. On-campus interviews are not part of the selection process. 
  • Rejection, group email (2/18) x3. Said 700+ applicants. Good luck to (semi-) finalists!

University of North Carolina, Chapel HIll - Postdoc in Digital History - PRIORITY DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year postdoctoral position in digital teaching and education, to begin 1 Jul. 2013
  • " Applicants should have received the PhD in History or a related discipline within the last five years, but the position is not limited to a specific chronological era or field of research"
  • "We seek a scholar who applies digital technologies to research, graduate and undergraduate teaching, and engaged scholarship. Such technologies might include the use of large data sources, database creation and management, data visualization, digital mapping, text mining and mark-up, and other related activities. Duties for the position will include the teaching of one graduate and one undergraduate course per year, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the sharing of scholarship with non-academic audiences. The person in this position will also contribute to ongoing projects in the Digital Innovation Lab"
  • Review begins: 14 Dec. 2012 and continues until the position is filled.

University of Oxford - All Souls - SHORTLISTING[]

  • Four 5-year post-doctoral positions in the Humanities.
  • PhD must be in-hand by October 2013, and candidates should normally not have started graduate studies before August 2005 ("If you believe there are special reasons why this is not appropriate in your case, please submit your reasons with your on-line submission in the appropriate space provided.")
  • "If you intend to spend part of the Fellowship preparing your thesis for publication you should say so in your statement of proposed work submitted as part of your application(see below), and should give an estimate of how much time that may take."
  • "The primary duty of a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow is to pursue the programme of advanced study and research in Oxford approved by the College at the time of election and at a level of achievement acceptable to the College...Fellows are required to report regularly to the Academic Purposes Committee on their progress towards completion of their approved research programme within the term of the Fellowship. The College does not, however, regard Fellows as tied indissolubly to that particular programme and will be willing to entertain applications to vary it. Post-Doctoral Research Fellows are full Fellows of the College and members of its governing body. As such, they are expected to attend and participate in all College meetings and may be required to serve on College committees and assist with the annual Examination Fellowship examinations. As the College is a charity of which the Fellows are trustees, the successful applicants must be eligible to be Charity Trustees and discharge this responsibility effectively."
  • Deadline: 7 Sept. 2012 [with referees reports by 21 Sept.]
    • "There will be a viva voce examination of candidates selected from the long short-list in the presence of the Fellows of the College on Saturday, 9 February 2013."
  • Request for dissertation draft by email 26/10
  • Nicely-worded rejection received by email. Over 270 applicants. 10/29

University of Oxford - Christ Church, Merton, St Johns - JRF - SHORTLISTING[]

  • Three year research post-doctoral positions
  • "Research Fellows are expected to undertake original research in some branch of Arts, Science or Education. They may, with the permission of the appropriate Governing Body, undertake a limited amount of teaching. Depending upon their field of study, successful candidates will be based at one of Christ Church, Merton College or St John's College."
  • "The fellowships are normally awarded to those who are approaching the end of their doctoral research or who have begun postdoctoral study. The successful candidate must have a good Honours degree (either First or 2:1), or an equivalent qualification. They must also have research expertise in their chosen field as demonstrated by a completed doctoral thesis and/or published or forthcoming books, or articles in refereed journals, as relevant to the candidate's field; or promise of such achievement, as relevant to the candidate's field."
  • Deadline: noon 30 Nov. 2012
  • 4/12/12: acknowledgement of receipt from ChCh; notification that those applicants shortlisted will be notified in January.
  • 5/12/12: has anyone got an acknowledgement of receipt from Merton? I haven't got anything and wondered if they had acknowledged anyone else's? I know it arrived as I sent a tracked parcel.
  • 17/12/13: email request to submit written work from Merton (Philosophy)
  • 10/01/13: email request to submit written work from Merton.
  • 15/01/13: shortlisting email received from ChCh.
  • 17/01/13: email request to submit written work from Merton (in Economics)
  • 28/01/13: any word from John (Modern Languages)?
  • 30/01/13: interview invitation sent + written work (St. John's, Humanities JRF)
  • 01/02/13: any shortlists from Merton in non-economics subjects? And any word from them on interviews?

University of Oxford (UK) - Drapers' Company Junior Research Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year research post-doc in the Humanities, to begin 1 Oct. 2013
  • "The Fellowship is open to graduates of any University who are of post-doctoral or equivalent standing and are already engaged in independent research. Eligible candidates should normally have submitted their doctoral thesis and have fewer than five years of post-doctoral research experience by the closing date; they should not normally already hold, or have held a Junior Research Fellowship in the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge."
  • Deadline: noon 12 Apr. 2013
    • Intend to interview 10 May.

University of Oxford - Faculty of English Language & Literature, Mellon Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year teaching and research postdoc in England in Europe, c.950 - c.1250', to begin Sept or Oct 2013
  • "The Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships are designed to give their holders supported experience in a broad range of academic duties. The scheme aims to find some of the ablest and most promising academics, at the stage at which they have completed their doctorates and are starting out on a second research theme, and to equip them for an academic career."
  • "At the time of taking up the appointment, applicants must hold a masters degree and either have completed a PhD or for candidates in national education systems where the PhD does not apply, be a candidate for the appropriate doctoral examination. If holding a doctorate, applicants must have completed it no earlier than 1 October 2009."
  • Deadline: noon GMT 1 Feb. 2013

University of Oxford - Faculty of Oriental Studies - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two-year research postdoctoral position "in Early Modern Indian Cultures of Knowledge: Persian and Sanskrit in Mughal India", to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "The successful applicant will pursue a research project in Early Modern Indian Cultures of Knowledge: Persian and Sanskrit in Mughal India; produce significant publication(s) in a field that is not a derivative of the Fellow's doctoral work; and teach for an average of 2-3 hours per week (with a maximum of 6 hours per week) across the two years of the fellowship"
  • "Candidates must hold a PhD or equivalent and be at an early stage of an academic year; be working on, or proposing to work on, a new line of research that is not derivative of their PhD thesis; be proficient in Indo-Persian literature, preferably with some proficiency in Sanskrit; show outstanding promise in their field; and have a commitment to their own professional development."
  • Deadline: noon 14 Nov. 2012

University of Oxford - Magdalen College - Fellowship by Examination (JRF) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Up to two 3-year research post-docs (JRF equivalents)
  • "Candidates should have an Honours degree or an equivalent qualification and have completed, or be near to completing, a doctorate or other post-graduate research. The successful candidates will already have demonstrated outstanding promise in their chosen field. Candidates must not have completed more than four years in aggregate of research-based graduate study, including any postdoctoral study, by 31 July 2012. Years spent taking taught courses as part of a Master's or Doctoral programme are not included in this total."
  • Deadline: 18 Oct. 2012
    • Referees reports needed by 23 Oct; Interviews 30 Jan 2013; final decisions in Feb 2013.
  • Notes:
    • Any word?
    • (Nov 27) Haven't heard anything yet but I guess since we had to submit work up front that we won't hear anything until January. 
    • Rejection email 1/21
    • Rejection email 1/21

University of Oxford - Nuffield College - Experimental Social Sciences Post-doc - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Five year Research Fellowship ("The Fellowship is an equivalent to an Assistant Professorship in terms of academic standing")
  • "Applications are invited from post-doctoral researchers who are in the early years of an active research career and wish to undertake research in any area of experimental social sciences."
  • "The main interests of the College are in Economics, Politics and Sociology, but these are broadly construed to include, for example, social science approaches to history, social and medical statistics, international relations, social psychology, public policy and social policy. The College has an initiative in Experimental Social Sciences that includes a 25 station experimental lab that is dedicated to experimental research by scholars and students at the University of Oxford."
  • Deadline: 15 Jan 2013

University of Oxford - Nuffield College - Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Three year research post-doc " for scholars in the social sciences (e.g. economics, politics and sociology)"
  • "Applications are invited from graduates of any country wishing to undertake research in any area of the social sciences except Economics, for which there is a separate competition. Applicants who wish to undertake research in Economic History, or interdisciplinary research which includes Economics will be considered. The main interests of the College are in Economics, Politics and Sociology, but these are broadly construed to include, for example, social science approaches to history, social and medical statistics, international relations, social psychology, public policy, and social policy."
  • "The Fellowships are intended for scholars from any country. To be eligible, candidates should hold a bachelors and/or masters degree and should by 1 September 2013 have completed, or be close to completing, a doctorate. Candidates must not have spent more than a total of eight years in postgraduate study, teaching or research in the social sciences by the date of taking up the Fellowship, and should not have previously held a research fellowship similar to that advertised."
  • Deadline: 5 Nov. 2012
  • Rejection via email 28 Jan.
  • Rejection via email 11 Feb.      Did you have campus interview? I still heard nothing. Thanks a lot!

University of Oxford (UK) - Oriel College - JRF in Early Modern History[]

  • Three year Junior Research Fellowship in Early Modern History, to begin 1 Sept. 2013
  • "Applicants should hold, or be very close to completing (within the next two months), a doctorate in any field of Early Modern History, broadly conceived (including interdisciplinary work between History and any other discipline). Applications are welcome from historians working in any field of History, and on any part of the world, between 1450 and 1750. The purpose of the Fellowship is to advance the scholarship of the holder through a programme of original research. The Fellow would be permitted to teach Early Modern History within the College up to a maximum of 4 hours a week during term time, and would be asked to assist with other administrative tasks such as undergraduate admissions. The main purpose of the Fellowship is to pursue research."
  • Deadline: 2 May 2013

University of Oxford - St Annes - Global Justice Research Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • One-year, with possibility of renewal to a second year, research fellowship in Global Justice
  • "Applications will be considered from graduates or equivalent, women or men, in their second or subsequent year of doctoral research. Candidates registered for doctorates at other universities are eligible. Those candidates who have not completed their doctorate or equivalent, should provide evidence that they are likely to be in a position to submit their thesis within the first year of the Fellowship. The Research Fellow will have completed, or be close to completing, a PhD in Law, Politics, International Relations, Development Studies, Area Studies or another relevant discipline. The Fellow will have expertise in the broad field of transitional justice, which concerns the processes and institutions employed by societies in transition following large-scale human rights violations such as mass conflict and/or repressive rule"
  • "The purpose of the Fellowship is primarily to foster research but it is expected that the Fellow will undertake 3 hours of teaching for the College or the Centre for Criminology per week."
  • "The Fellow’s principal duties will be to: Conduct individual research into transitional justice issues and publish monographs, peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters in edited volumes; act as convenor of Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR), (which entails managing the OTJR executive committee and overseeing the general work of OTJR, including events, working papers and policy projects); collaborate on joint projects with the Global Institute for the Crime of Aggression (possibly in the form of joint event organisation, in consultation with Don Ferencz, Director of the Institute); contribute fully to the life of St Anne’s College, including the delivery of academic seminars and acting as a College Adviser to graduate students."
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2012

University of Oxford - St John's College -Publishers and Writers in Shakespeare’s England[]

  • One-year Reseach Associate on the 'Publishers and Writers in Shakespeare's England', to begin 1 Oct. 2013
  • Project is "a study of the economics of book production in early modern England, exploring the relationship between publishing, writing, and social status."
  • "The successful applicant will have a doctorate in early modern English history or literature, with particular reference to print culture and book history (applications will be considered from candidates who have submitted their doctoral thesis by the date of the appointment). He or she will be numerate, know how to use a database, generate spreadsheets and keep good records of calculations, be capable of detailed examination of type and settings of early modern books and able to work independently. The Research Associate will also contribute to the project’s development in other respects, by assisting with the preparation of a monograph and by drafting applications for developing and funding the project beyond 2014."
  • Deadline: 26 Apr. 2013 - HARDCOPY APPLICATIONS ONLY.
    • Intend to interview week beginning 20 May.
  • Also posted at Renaissance 2013

University of Oxford - Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 4 two-year Research Associateships (with possible extension to a third year) to "take part in a two-year assessment of the impact of urbanisation and globalisation on human health. The research will focus on two different very [sic] contexts: the rapidly industrialising cities of India (principally Delhi and its environs) and the more settled but increasingly multicultural cities of South Korea."
  • "The successful applicant will hold a doctorate in a cognate subject by the time of appointment; have experience of archival and/or oral research (as appropriate); have excellent communication skills in relevant languages; and have a proven interest in the main themes of the research project. Applications are encouraged from those with experience of the history, anthropology or sociology of health/medicine, or relevant areas of public health"
  • Deadline: Noon 28 Aug. 2012

University of Oxford, Wolfson College - JRF in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • two year (with possibility of extension to third year) Junior Resarch Fellowship in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, Textual Sources and Material Culture, to begin 1 Oct. 2013
  • "Wolfson College seeks to appoint an outstanding scholar with a broad background in the history, literature and culture of Tibet and the Himalayas, preferably working on topics related to the interface between textual sources and material culture. The person elected will pursue research in this field and make the results available to the public. We are looking for a person with excellent language skills in literary and/or spoken Tibetan who can demonstrate the ability for original research and enjoys engaging with students and colleagues."
  • "He/she is expected to devote an average of about five hours per week to support for Tibetan and Himalayan Studies in the Oriental Faculty during full term, which will include some teaching."
  • Deadline: 18 Mar. 2013 (4pm GMT)
    • Intend to interview 25 Apr.

University of Pennsylvania - Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Social Sciences and Humanities 2013-2014 - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism (DCC) invites applications for one (1) one-year postdoctoral fellowship in the social sciences or the humanities. Applicants’ research should be relevant to the DCC Program’s 2013-2014 theme, “Citizenship and Social Rights.” The DCC Fellow will teach one undergraduate seminar. $53,800 stipend and health insurance.
  • "The Program welcomes both empirical and normative scholarship, focused comparatively or on particular nations, regions, or communities, that explores the various ways that social policies concerned with health, education, housing, the unemployed, children, the disabled, women, ethnic minorities and others have structured capacities for achieving and exercising full and equal citizenship in different contexts"
  • Qualifications: Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within five years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (May 2008 or later).
  • Closes: 3/15/2013.
    • Any word?
    • Rejection email (4/4) Email indicates offer has been made and candidate accepted.

University of Pennsylvania - McNeil Center for Early American Studies, Postdoctoral Fellows - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania will appoint two postdoctoral fellows for terms beginning 1 July 2013. A two-year Barra Foundation Fellowship is open to scholars dealing with any aspect of the histories and cultures of North America in the Atlantic world before 1850. A one-year fellowship is supported by an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures, on the theme of “Race, Across Time and Space,” and is open to scholars exploring those themes during the Era of Atlantic Revolutions, 1750-1850.
  • Applicants for either fellowship must have earned the PhD no later than 2008. Proposals dependent on the use of Philadelphia-area archives are particularly welcome. Starting stipends are at least $43,000; health insurance and funds for travel and research are available.
  • The application deadline is 1 November 2012. DEADLINE EXTENDED: "Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy in our area, the postmark deadline for the MCEAS postdoctoral fellowships has been extended to November 5, 2012."
  • For more information and application instructions, visit
  • [The requirement that applicants "must have earned the PhD no later than 2008" is clearly an error, right? The website suggests "Applicants must have earned the PhD no earlier than 2008".]

University of Pennsylvania - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The School of Arts and Sciences invites applicants for three two-year postdoctoral teaching fellowships in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Fellows will teach one course per term. Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within two years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (August, 2011 or later). $50,923 stipend. Application deadline: November 30, 2012.
  • We are especially seeking fellows in Africana Studies (Africa, especially religion or South Africanist, or early African American history, especially slavery, black Atlantic), Philosophy, and Religious Studies (specialist in the study of Islam and gender in Asia).
  • For guidelines and application, see the School of Arts and Sciences website or write: Office of the Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1 College Hall, Room 116, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6377.
    • -- any word or idea on when one might hear a response? I believe these sorts of teaching postdocs usually respond later in the semester, but just curious! (1/23)
    • Campus interview invitation (1/17) (1/18)
    • Offer made (2/15) (Religious Studies)
    • Congratulations!! Would you mind letting us know which field? (2/15) (x2- still waiting here)
    • Field?
    • Rejection 3/20. (x4)
    • FYI info from my rejection (received 3/20, dated 3/13). It said I was "not one of the final three candidates" from "hundreds of applicants."

University of Pennsylvania, Penn Humanities Forum - Mellon Postdocs in the Humanities - OFFERS MADE[]

  • Five Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities are available for the 2013-2014 academic year on the general theme of Violence, which the Penn Humanities Forum has set as its topic of study for that year. Open to untenured junior scholars holding a PhD by December 2012. (no more than eight years out of doctorate, but not before Dec. 2004). Humanists and those in related fields (e.g., anthropology, history of science) are invited to submit research proposals on any aspect of this topic. Exclusions are projects in social science disciplines, educational curriculum building, and work by performing artists (n.b., scholars of performance are eligible). The PhD is the only eligible terminal degree.
  • Fellows teach one undergraduate course during the year in addition to conducting their research (must be in residence at Penn during fellowship year: September 1 - May 31). Stipend: $46,500 plus single-coverage health insurance and a $2,500 research fund.
  • Full fellowship guidelines, Violence topic description, and downloadable application available online: Applications are accepted via secure online webform only. (Do not email your application; those submissions will be ineligible.) Please note that the committee cannot comment on the appropriateness of proposals in advance. A careful reading of the Violence topic description and the application form itself generally answers most questions.
  • Application deadline: October 15, 2012.
    • 9/16--Does anyone know if it is possible to use Interfolio for the recommendations?
    • I asked and they said they will accept Interfolio if it's confidential. I am not sure to which address we would need to send it though.
    • I also contacted the Penn people about Interfolio. They will accept letters from interfolio, but they won't accept them via e-mail. You need to call Interfolio and ask them to guide you through the steps for sending them the url to upload the letters, and then they will upload them on your behalf. It can be done, but it's a bit complicated [10/8]
    • It's actually not very difficult (especially for all of us future scholars of the digital humanities). What you do, is go to Intefolio; log in; click "start a delivery"; click the tab that says "upload application to website"; this will take you to a page with email links to all of your letters. So, copy the email link for the lelter you want to send, and paste it into the box on the website that asks for your commitee members' email address. Then, submit the application. Wait 10-20 minutes, and you'll get an email from Interfolio telling you you have a pending delivery. Go back to Interfolio, click on the deliveries tab at the top of the page, click pending deliveries, and then it will give you an option to have Interfolio send the emails. Then click on the box of the school, click on the box that says they can fill out "n/a" if they ask for specific information, and, voila, emails sent.
      • Actually, the previous point is not applicable for this online application (it does work for many of the systems out there, just not this one). Interfolio does have a workaround, though. Contact them to take you through it.
    • Offer made via phone (12/14) x3
      • Mind saying what your fields are?
    • Rejection via email (12/17) x4

University of Pennsylvania - Postdoctoral Fellowship for Academic Diversity - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its Postdoctoral Fellowship for Academic Diversity. The Academic Diversity Fellowship Program seeks to attract promising scholars and educators from different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups, and other diverse groups whose life experience, research experience and employment background will contribute significantly to our academic excellence. Fellowships are available for postdoctoral training in all areas of study at Penn. Successful candidates will receive highly mentored scholarly and research training as well as courses and workshops to enhance their research success skills and prepare them for a faculty position in a major university.
  • Eligibility:
Graduate students from PENN and other institutions who have completed, or will complete their requirements for Ph.D. by the Fellowship start date.
Postdoctoral scholars from other institutions who have completed their dissertation within the last three years.
Professional applicants (M.D., D.M.D., V.M.D., J.D., etc) within a year of completing their post-degree professional training.
Candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents.
Postdocs, residents and fellows who currently have a position at Penn are ineligible for this program.
  • Awards:
The three year fellowships will begin as early as January 2, 2013. Fellows receive a stipend of $43,000 in year 1 with $2,000 increments in years 2 and 3, as well as annual allowances for travel ($2,000) and research ($5,000), and a one-time relocation expense of $5,000. The University also provides a medical, vision, dental and life insurance benefits package. Successful candidates will receive highly mentored scholarly and research training as well as courses and workshops to enhance their research success skills and prepare them for a faculty position in a major university.
  • Application Procedure: Required application materials include:
(1) A completed fellowship application form
(2) A curriculum vitae including current and pending publications
(3) A personal statement, no longer than three pages, which addresses the following:
reviews your previous research accomplishments, outlines your future research goals ::and proposed research, describes your commitment to pursuing an academic career, ::includes academic, employment or other life experiences that would bring new ::perspectives to the University community and your chosen field
(4) Three letters of reference from people acquainted with the applicants work. One reference letter should be from the applicants thesis advisor or faculty mentor.
(5) In addition, applicants are encouraged to a submit a letter from a Penn faculty member having similar research interests confirming that s/he is willing to serve as the applicants primary mentor during the fellowship period. The letter should be submitted with the application form.
  • Complete details and application materials can be found at
  • Application Deadline: August 1, 2012.
    • Has anybody heard anything about this postdoc as of Sept. 10?
    • emailed to ask- decisions will be made in late fall (9/14)
    • ^ Thanks for asking/posting this. Transparency (even minimal) is always good.
    • Has the search been concluded as of Oct 5? Any news?
    • I've heard that it will be announced by or on November 30
    • ^ Where did you hear this?
    • Any news as of 11/30?
    • i haven't heard anything - as of 4:30 PM on 11/30
    • I don't understand how can they plan to have somebody start in january and not have made any offers yet... (x2)
  • Rejection via email, Dec. 6 (x2)

University of Pennsylvania, The Lauder Institute - Postdoctoral Researcher in East Asia or Africa - CAMPUS VISITS SCHEDULED[]

  • Name of Position: Postdoctoral Researcher in East Asia or Africa
  • Institution: Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management & International Studies, School of Arts & Sciences and Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Description: This post-doctoral position involves undertaking research, coordinating teams of student-researchers, and teaching a small semester-long seminar. The stipend for the academic year will be $42,000.
  • Deadline:Applications will be considered beginning February 15, 2013.
  • Minimum Requirements: (1) Completed PhD or doctorate by the time of appointment. (2) Field open to any social-science discipline, e.g. anthropology, economics, history, political science, or sociology. (3) Empirical research focus on either East Asia (preferably China or Japan), or Africa.
  • Preferred Qualifications: Fluency in foreign languages.
  • Documents Required: A brief letter summarizing the applicant’s qualifications for the position, a current CV, and three letters of recommendation. Contact Information: Director, Lauder Institute, c/o  Please submit all files electronically.
    •  Campus visit schedule for 3/15                                     
    • does this mean that finalists have been contacted for a campus visit for 3/15? 
    • Any word? 5/9

University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Fellowship Program - POSITION FILLED[]

  • The University of Pittsburgh Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is offering approximately five postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities and social sciences for the academic year 2013-2014. Fellows will teach one course each semester, complete scholarly work, and participate in the academic and intellectual communities of the departments with which they are affiliated and across the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.
  • To foster interaction within the group of fellows and with ongoing concerns of the Humanities Center, the World History Center, and other programs on campus, we seek applicants with projects that engage the concept or practice of comparison—across time, space, language, genre, discipline or other category. How do we, at this moment, compare? Why do we compare? What can be compared? What do we gain by comparing? What do we lose? We welcome any proposal relating to these issues.
  • We invite applications from qualified candidates in the humanities and social sciences who have received, or will receive, the PhD between September 1, 2011 and April 1, 2013. As part of the application, applicants who have not already received the PhD must submit a letter from their dissertation chair with the scheduled defense date. The annual stipend will be $45,000. Fellows may apply for an additional year renewal.
  • Applications will open November 1, 2012 and submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST on March 1, 2013. We expect to announce the awards by April 15, 2013.
  • Upon submission, did anyone else get a blank "Postdoctoral fellowship application" confirmation email? I'll just assume it went through.
    • Yes, and I know it went through because subsequently I received a very kind and helpful email from the program administrator telling me to choose a new host department because the one I had selected (despite being on the list of Dietrich School departments) was a non-degree granting program and thus did not count.  Did anyone else think that the application portal left a bit to be desired?  It wasn't until after I had already created all my materials that I realized specific instructions for each required document appear if you hover over the name of said document.
    • Yes, I noticed that as well and it would have been helpful to know before creating the documents. Yesterday I confirmed that the blank email is normal with the very nice administrator. She also mentioned that over 150 applicants submitted on March 1st and that she will follow up with everyone whose documents are missing early next week (3/2).
    • Much obliged for the blank email confirmation update. Good luck everyone.
    • Email Rejection 3.27 (x2)
    • has there been any further movement? Have heard nothing (4/9)
    • any news from Pittsburgh? (4/16)

-all quiet here too (4/19)

  • Finally got a rejection email 4/29. No mention that I had been shortlisted, although this email apparently came a month after an earlier round of rejections.
  • 5/14: I'm one of the postdoc recipients. I received confirmation that I'd been given the fellowship on 4/17. Prior to that, I hadn't received any confirmation that I was on a short list-- so it was a nice surprise (after already having given up on it), as you can imagine!

University of Pittsburgh - World History of Science Post-Doc - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two year post-doctoral fellowship in World History of Science to begin fall 2013
  • Teaching load: 2/2
  • "This position is supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. We seek candidates who can demonstrate strong training in global historical studies, and who have a specialization in history of science. The successful candidate will direct a conference (on the history of science in the post-World War II era), will co-edit a collective volume based on the conference, and will participate in research, teaching, and other activities of the center and the department."
  • "Candidates must have completed their Ph.D. before June 2013"
    • Send letter of application, full CV, a dissertation chapter, and three letters of recommendation to Patrick Manning, Chair, World History of Science Postdoc Search Committee, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Application materials may be submitted by e-mail to
  • Deadline: 8 Feb. 2013

University of Pittsburgh - 2 yr. Postdoc in World History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The World History Center ( and the Department of History ( at the University of Pittsburgh seek applicants, pending budgetary approval, for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in World History beginning fall 2013. We seek candidates who can demonstrate strong training in global historical studies. The successful candidate will participate in research, teaching, and other activities of the center and the department. Teaching will include three world history courses each year. Salary and benefits are competitive. Candidates must have completed their Ph.D. before June 2013.
  • Send letter of application, full CV, a dissertation chapter, and three letters of recommendation to Katie Jones, World History Center Administrator, by e-mail to
  • Deadline for applications is February 15, 2013.
  • Email rejection received (4/10).

University of Southampton (UK) - Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 20th Century Business History/Middle Eastern History[]

  • One 1-year post-doctoral fellowship as part of a new project investigating the life of Calouste Gulbenkian (1869-1955)
  • Based for the majority of his life in London and Paris, Calouste Gulbenkian (1869-1955) was a businessman, diplomat, art collector and philanthropist who helped to create such modern industry names as Shell and Total.  Working closely with the Principal Investigator, Dr Jonathan Conlin, you will be undertaking archival and other research into this enigmatic individual and his activities. You will have a PhD (or equivalent) in business, economic or diplomatic history as well as experience of independent working in state and business archives.  We would particularly value a detailed understanding and knowledge of the late 19th/early 20th-century history of one or more of the areas in which Gulbenkian had personal or professional interests (Ottoman Empire/Middle East, Russia/Caucasus, Mexico, Venezuela)."
  • Deadline: 12 June 2013.

University of South Florida - Postdoctoral Scholars, 2013-14 - OFFERS MADE[]

  • The University of South Florida has embarked on an ambitious program to enhance its rising stature as a pre-eminent research university with state, national and global impact, and position itself for membership in the Association of American Universities through: (1) Expanding world-class interdisciplinary research, creative and scholarly endeavors; (2) promoting globally competitive programs in teaching and research; (3) expanding local and global engagement initiatives to strengthen sustainable and healthy communities; and (4) enhancing revenue through external support. Details are available in the USF Strategic Plan (
  • As part of this initiative, the University of South Florida is pleased to announce the fifth year of its Postdoctoral Scholars program in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The over-arching theme for this years scholars is Global Change in a Dynamic World. Potential themes include (but are not limited to) sustainability; sustainable development; hazard and disaster management; climate change; population changes; technology and information issues; communication and language development; cultural diasporas; ethnicity, gender, and aging issues; cultural heritage and histories; citizenship; identity; health, economic, education, and environmental disparities; political economy; ethics; human rights; animal rights; peace and conflict studies; injury and violence; security and surveillance issues. Specific research and geographical areas are open, and applicants may consider both past and contemporary perspectives.
  • Postdoctoral Scholars will: (i) contribute to one or more of the priority goals of the strategic plan; (ii) work closely with distinguished faculty; (iii) participate in an interdisciplinary project with the cohort of postdoctoral scholars; (iv) teach two courses over a twelve-month period; and (v) continue to build an independent research record and engage in publishing refereed articles and creative scholarship.
  • Postdoctoral Scholars: At least six twelve-month postdoctoral scholarships will be awarded in Spring 2013 with appointments beginning August 5th, 2013. Appointments are for full time employment (40 hours per week) and will be continued for a maximum of 2 years contingent upon satisfactory performance. The salary is $40,000 per year and the University contributes to a health insurance program for postdoctoral scholars and their dependents (up to $6,000). Support for travel to academic conferences will also be available. Scholars will be responsible for relocation and housing expenses.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must have a doctoral degree in one of the following disciplines: Anthropology; Communication; English; Geography, Environment and Planning; Government and International Affairs; History; Philosophy; Sociology, or an affiliated program, earned no earlier than 2010. Candidates who will have successfully defended their dissertations by May 1, 2013 will also be considered, however the doctoral degree must have been conferred prior to the first day of employment. Note: applicants must have received their doctoral degree from an institution other than the University of South Florida.
  • Letters of application and supporting material must include the following: A cover letter stating your interest in this Postdoctoral Initiative. It must provide details on (i) how your research and teaching expertise would contribute to the theme of Global Change in a Dynamic World and the goals and aspirations of the USF Strategic Plan (; (ii) the department with which you would like to be affiliated; (iii) your teaching experience and courses that you would like to offer; and (iv) your long-term goals.
A Curriculum Vitae,
Two letters of reference,
Scanned copies of your published papers/scholarly works or book chapters (maximum of 3).
Scanned copies of current academic transcripts from all degree awarding institutions. [Official transcripts will need to be supplied by those individuals who receive formal offers.]
Copies of teaching evaluations.
  • Send all application materials to: Final application submission deadline is Friday December 7, 2012.
    • Has anyone heard anything? - The email acknowledgement sent upon receipt of app materials said that they'd notify in February.
    • Shortlisted in Department of Communication.  Notification said that three candidates were selected from each of seven departments and that of these at least six would be awarded a postdoc. (1/23)
    • Have people in departments other than comm also get notified? I'm in Soc, haven't heard anything. 
    • Haven't heard anything either (in Anth).
    • Shortlisted in Department of Sociology. Email notification came two weeks ago.  Said same thing, 3 candidates were selected. (2/6)
    • Has anyone shortlisted heard back yet? (2/18) <-- Nope. (2/19)
    • Was the shortlist made by each department? (no news in anthropology here so far; any anthropologist has heard anything?) (2/20) Not a word
    • I emailed the person in charge of postdoc search for Sociology Deptartment (2/20).  Her response is that they are close to selecting candidates.  
    • Has anyone heard about people being contacted for interviews? (2/22)
    • Political science job rumor site reports an offer was made to someone near the end of last week. No idea if it's true (it wasn't me) but that would fit the decision timeline. (2/24) 
    • Offer made and accepted - no interview.  Have been asked by the chair not to reveal department until details are finalized.  [posted 2/24]
    • Rejection e-mail (2/25)x3- email said 400 applicants
    • Any sociologist been made an offer? (2/26)

University of Southern California - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in Japanese Religions - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Center for Japanese Religions and Culture (CJRC) and the School of Religion at the University of Southern California invite applications for an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship, beginning Fall 2013. The fellowship is for one year and is non-renewable. The fellowship has an annual salary in the first year of $60,000, plus a research/travel allowance of $2,000 annually, and fringe benefits. The field of specialization is Japanese religions. The Fellow will teach one course each semester in the School of Religion, will be given research space at CJRC, and will be expected to participate in CJRC research relevant to his or her interests. The Fellow must have a Ph.D. in hand, and should be within 5 years of receiving the Ph.D., at the beginning of the appointment.
  • To apply, please submit an application letter, a CV, a brief description of your research (including both the dissertation and current/future projects), and a dossier of three letters of recommendation to Kana Yoshida at The letters should be sent directly by the referees, and one must speak to the candidate's teaching abilities.
  • In order to be considered for this position, applicants are also required to submit an electronic application through the USC Jobs Web site, Please reference requisition #016384 to locate the job posting for this position. Review of applications will begin on Jan. 1, 2013, though applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

University of Southern California - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in the Study of Immigrant Integration - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) and the USC Department of Sociology announce a two-year post-doctoral Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship, beginning Fall 2013. The fellowship focuses on immigrant populations and the potential impact and/or need for Comprehensive Immigration reform (CIR) for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years. While we would prefer a post-doctoral teaching fellow looking at the populations likely to benefit from CIR in order to help us build a research project looking at the longitudinal effects, we would also be open to candidates who would study the politics of change. We would prefer an interdisciplinary researcher who could utilize and teach mixed methods approaches (i.e., both quantitative and qualitative) to Sociology graduates and undergraduates in his/her teaching role.
  • The fellow will teach one course each semester at USC and is expected to conduct research with CSII. For more on CSII, please visit more on the Department of Sociology please visit
  • The fellowship will offer a competitive salary, a yearly $2,000 research allowance, and fringe benefits. The fellow must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. by mid-August, 2013.
  • Review of applications will commence on May 03, 2013, with a decision expected approximately May 17, 2013. In order to be considered for this position, you must apply by visiting the following website
  • Click "Search Postings" on the left, and search by Requisition ID 018495. Please follow the application process and upload the following materials: (1) a C.V., (2) a detailed description of the nature of the research to be undertaken during the fellowship period, (3) a relevant writing sample of no more than 30 pages, and (4) contact information for three references (they will be asked to directly submit on your behalf).

  • Has anyone heard any news on this one? The posting says they were aiming for 5/17. Any news? (5/19)
  • Any news on this one? (5/31)

University of Southern California - Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholars in the Humanities - OFFERS MADE[]

  • USC is now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 cohort of USC Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholars in the Humanities. Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholars play a pivotal part in fostering the strengths of the humanities at USC, linking the expertise of USC faculty and doctoral students with the knowledge and insights gained from their own research and scholarship.
  • These appointments are for two years, and begin in August of the academic year to which candidates are appointed. Provost’s scholars will teach three courses over four semesters, with one semester free for full-time research. The salary for Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholars is $50,000 per year plus fringe benefits, with a research and travel account of $6,000 per year.
  • To apply, please visit:
  • Deadline: Thursday, November 15, 2012 at noon PST

Required Documents: The following documents are required and must be uploaded by Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Time as separate PDF files:

  • Cover letter including explanation of desired program affiliation
  • CV
  • Writing sample of one chapter or one article (up to 30 pages double-spaced)
  • Research proposal describing applicant’s plans for the period of the grant. This may include revising the dissertation for publication and/or plans for the candidate’s next academic project (up to three pages double-spaced)
  • Teaching statement (up to two pages double-spaced)

To upload a document, select the document type from the drop-down menu. Using the "Browse" button, identify the location of your PDF document and then click “Upload”. You will then see in the Uploaded Documents Summary section the uploaded file. If you wish to delete the file, then click “Delete” and upload a new document. Be sure to click “Final Submit”.

  • Has anyone heard anything about this one? I applied, haven't heard anything yet.  Getting a bit late for hope.  - Jan 23rd
  • No news here either, but I got the impression from previous years' wikis and their email that they're on a late timeline.  I don't believe they interview, and the email ack promised a response by March.
  • I think last year they didn't start getting back to people until April or May.
  • The e-mail acknowledging receipt of my application stated that recipients of the fellowship will be notified on March 15, 2013.
  • -notified by phone on march 7
  • Congrats!! Which department? X2 (3/9)
  • any 3/15 responses yet? You still have hope?! -- nope, haven't heard anything x4 (3/16)
    • Nothing here yet... but it is only 11 am in CA. (3/15)
    • I already assumed: No phone call, no fellowship. <-- a prudent assumption, but my (unwarranted) optimism tells me it ain't over til the reject hits my inbox. => Last year they didn't send out rejections.
    • FWIW, the confirmation letter I received says that recepients of the award will be notified on March 15th.  So I figure if we haven't received anything, we should assume it's a rejection.
  • Offer made via email: dept of Comparative Literature (3/19)
  • So from posts here, two of the six spots are taken (Comp Lit and Mystery Dept from above). Any more word? (3/20)
  • And did anyone else get the random 'request to connect with USC Postdocs via LinkedIn' and is trying not to read anything into it? (3/20) - Yes (X2 [sigh] - Yes x 3)
  • There is no full list of the new postdocs, and so far still only the aforementioned two spots are taken. Anyone have confirmation that all six spots are full?  (I have no hope that they're going to miraculously make offers at this late date, but maybe they're still waiting on acceptances?  Unsure!) (4/10) -- 4/11 English has been accepted. -- According to a department website, Slavic Languages and Literatures has been accepted.

University of Southampton (UK) - Positions in the Humanities - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Unspecified number of posts in the Humanities (these have been advertised twice before, see the Humanities and Social Sciences page from last year)
  • These posts are for scholars who:
    • are established world-class scholars or rising stars with the potential to be international leaders in their field.
    • will lead and develop areas of strategic academic importance.
    • will bring substantial funded research to the University and continue to generate substantial grant income.
    • will return strong 3* and 4* outputs for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in 2014.
    • will be in post by 30 January 2013.
  • Deadline: 2 Sep. 2012
  • Rejection received (11th July!) I think it must still be a rolling recruitment...

University of St Andrews (UK;Scot.) - Research Fellow in 19/20th C scientific publishing - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Four year research postdoctoral position working within the AHRC-funded ‘Publishing the Philosophical Transactions’ Project
  • "You will have responsibility for that part of the project dealing with the social, cultural and economic history of the journal in the later nineteenth and twentieth centuries"
  • "The successful candidate is likely to have experience working within the field of history of science and/or the history of publishing, and to have prior experience of working with archival materials.  There are no teaching duties attached to this post, although opportunities to obtain teaching experience may be available by agreement with the Project Director"
  • Deadline: 20 Feb. 2013
    • Intend to interview mid-March

University of Stirling (UK;Scot) - Research Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • 8 two-year Research Fellowships across all Schools in the University
  • "Candidates will normally hold a doctorate (in exceptional cases, candidates may have submitted their PhD thesis but not yet have undertaken their viva) and will normally have a maximum of six years postdoctoral research experience, whether in a University or industrial setting.

The Fellowships are designed to assist Fellows in embarking upon an independent research career, with the prospect of transitioning to a lecturing position at the end of the Fellowship (subject to availability of suitable positions and relevant HR processes). During their appointment, Fellows will be expected and supported to secure significant external research funding with which to continue their research programme after the end of their Fellowship."

  • Deadline: 19 Jul. 2012.

University of Sydney (Aus.) - Post-doctoral Research Associate/Electoral Integrity - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Four year research position on the " Electoral Integrity Project," run jointly by the Department of Government and International Studies, Univ. Sydney & John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
  • Essential qualifications: A PhD dissertation (defended before September 2012) in Comparative Politics, Political Science, or a related field; Skills in research methods and use of standard statistical packages (Stata or SPSS); A publication record in peer-reviewed international journals; Excellent English language skills.
  • Deadline: 30 Aug. 2012

University of Sydney (Aus.)- Post-doctoral Research Associate/Democratic Ideals - POSITION FILLED[]

  • Three year research post-doc at the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, to work on " the future of democratic ideals and institutions in the Asia and Pacific region"
  • Essential: "a completed PhD in any area of the human sciences, preferably in one or more of the following fields: politics, political theory and international relations; media and communications; history; sociology and anthropology; political economy and environmental politics; a background in research centred on the theory and practice of democracy, with special reference to the Asia and Pacific region."
  • Desirable: "information technology skills including experience with basic web-design, online editing and social media; previous experience contributing to grant applications and submissions; competence in at least one of the major languages of the region."
  • Deadline: 28 Aug. 2012
  • is this a postdoc fellowship, during which you would conduct your own research?
    • Doing independent research would clearly be part of this job; how much of that would be self-directed, and how much part of a group project/at the direction of a senior member of staff is unclear from the advert. AFII (talk) 15:45, August 9, 2012 (UTC)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Postdoctoral Fellow in Medieval and Renaissance Studies - POSITION FILLED[]

  • The Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, invites applications for the 2013-2014 Jimmy and Dee Haslam Postdoctoral Fellowship, a one-year fellowship to be held August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014 and renewable for one year. The Haslam Fellowship is open to untenured scholars in any field of late antique, medieval or Renaissance studies whose work falls in the period 300-1700 C.E. The Fellow receives a $1,000 travel stipend and is eligible to apply for additional travel and research funding through the Institute. Salary is $40,000 and includes full benefits.
  • Online application form, curriculum vitae, detailed research plan (2 single-spaced pages), and two letters of reference must be submitted by April 1, 2013. To apply, please visit the link: Please ask referees to send recommendations under separate cover by email attachment to Heather Hirschfeld, Riggsby Director, Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, at
  • Also posted at Medieval 2013 and Renaissance 2013
  • They've received approximately 150 applications and expect to announce their decision by mid-late May.
  • Any news? (5/15)
  • Emailed the Director today (5/20) and received word back that "The Committee met late last week and chose a candidate."  -- Thanks for posting. (5/21)
    • Did they even have interviews, or was the decision based purely on applications? 

University of Texas at Austin - CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship for Digital Curation in Medieval Studies []

  • The University of Texas at Austin (UT) invites applications for a two-year CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship for Digital Curation in Medieval Studies. UT is a home site for the innovative MAPPAMUNDI project and various projects in the digital humanities. The UT English Department, Libraries, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center together offer a unique opportunity for the selected fellow to build skills as a global medievalist and digital humanist. The Fellow will acquire training in a global Middle Ages, and help to build MAPPAMUNDI—a digital entity that will constitute a planet-wide gateway to all the digital resources available on a global Middle Ages, and offering customizable interactions with data. The fellow will also collaborate with UT Libraries staff to research and propose the next steps for digital humanities at the Libraries, and serve as a liaison between the Libraries, the English Department, and other UT academic unit partners in digital collaboration. The fellow may teach one course a year on an appropriate subject. The successful candidate will hold the doctorate in a relevant field of medieval studies and exhibit some familiarity and expertise in digital humanities. Familiarity with multimodal applications, talents in aesthetic design, and experience in digital graphic design, are highly desirable skill sets, though not absolutely required.
  • Annual salary is $60,000, with benefits. One or two samples of work, preferably with at least one digital sample requested (links acceptable).
  • A full position description and application information are available at: An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer 

University of Texas at Austin - Post-Doctoral Fellowship in English - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin: Two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship for the academic years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 ($50,000 a year plus benefits and $2,000 moving expenses). The field is open and the strongest candidates will be appointed regardless of specialization. The successful candidate will demonstrate a compelling reason to engage in postdoctoral teaching and research at the University of Texas, such as a commitment to the teaching mission at a large public institution, or a scholarly orientation that will benefit from the University’s distinguished archival collections.
  • Annual Teaching Load: One upper-division English course each semester. This position is subject to final funding approval.
  • To apply, please send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract, and brief description of current research agenda to Interfolio. The University of Texas uses Interfolio to collect all job applications electronically. Email and paper applications will not be accepted. Three letters of recommendation must be sent separately through Interfolio.
  • Deadline: January 1, 2013.
  • Interfolio Link:
  • Acknowledgment via Interfolio (12/28). Will be requesting writing samples after the first round of evaluations.
  • Sent my application on 12/29 and realized Interfolio will be closed until Jan. 2. Drat!
  • Does that mean that the application is now closed?
  • I uploaded my materials last night and got a confirmation email today. I think everything's automated if the institution is using Interfolio on their end too. (12/31)
  • Has anyone received a request for a writing sample? (2/7) Last year I got my request for writing sample on 2/13, so I'd say next week (2/8)
  • Saw someone on Twitter saying he'd accepted a postdoc in Austin. Not sure if it was this one. (2/16).
    • my understanding is that he had a campus visit for their contemporary US lit job; when the position went to someone else, he was offered a postdoc instead. i can't imagine that they would have given him this particular postdoc, given that there was a formal application process and I'm sure countless applications.
  • Writing sample requested, 2/26 (x2)
  • Anyone else? Any idea of how many short-listers they tend to ask for writing samples? (2/27)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/21)
  • Rejection via e-mail (4/09).

University of Texas at Austin - Institute for Historical Studies  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Deadline: January 15, 2013.
  • Fellowship application info:
  • This year's theme is Trauma and Social Transformation
  • To apply, please send application materials (project proposal, CV, letters of recommendation, cover sheet) electronically to the Director, Julie Hardwick, at
  • rejection (2/20) email  stated that "Unfortunately we are not able to offer you a fellowship for next year, but know that this speaks to the intensity of the competition and not at all to the quality of your work with which we were very impressed." Would be a little interested to know if they said this to everyone, or if it reflects some kind of tiered rejection letter, as is apparently in vogue. --> I received the same email. x1--me too, are tiered rejection letters really in vogue? only tiered one ive received was from Harvard SoF, where it was a bigger.
  • They're certainly not universal, but I've gotten them, and others on wikis from previous years have received them.

University of Toronto - Jackman Humanities Institute, Mellon Postdoc - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • The Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto seeks 3 Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows for a two-year appointment 2013-2015 with research relevant to the 2013-14 theme: Translation and the Multiplicity of Languages. What are the implications of knowing more than one language? From mythic reflections on the Tower of Babel through contemporary philosophical reflections on the question of translation, the multiplicity of languages has been an ongoing focus of inquiry. How is translation possible, both in the specific sense of translating speech or texts, but also in the larger sense of bringing meaning from one system to another, including from speech to writing? How do we conceive of languages of music, as well as song; icons and symbols as well as scripts? How best can we interpret the exchanges between languages in a world of multilingual interactions? In the ancient Near East, for example, a number of written bilingual texts sometimes reflect a local language and lingua franca, other times reflect a political orientation and appeasement or defiance. Translation between cultures and languages produce unintended results, often creating new originals. Amidst these multiple languages, what is the impact of the untranslatable?
  • Fellowships begin 1 July 2013. Eligibility: Ph.D. awarded between 1 July 2010 and 30 May 2013. Apply at by 1 December 2012.
    • Curious about previous years' time frames; anyone know when candidates normally begin to hear from these folks? Thanks!  (1/13)
    • I wrote to Toronto a few weeks ago about the time frame, and they said that interviews should happen in "late March or early April." (1/14)
    • Interviews have occured in February and early March. In previous years finalists have been notified in late January. (1/24)
    • Wow, that's late this year... And makes it difficult if we are lucky enough to have other options to consider!
    • I was told 15 Feb - 15 March they will begin scheduling visits. Offers start happening the end of April, roughly. Fun times! 
    • Interviews are being scheduled according to insider information. Could any of the people contacted confirm that? 
    • Perhaps the above poster could tell us a bit more about the insider information, if that's possible?
    • the first job talk has been scheduled for the first week of february. the rest 3-4 are on the way. i would guess that this means they have decided on the finalists and have contacted them. that's all i know. 
    • Are you sure the job talks are for the postoc? It seems very odd, given that they want to fill three positions and that they did do interviews in previous years. There is a TT job opening at the U-Toronto English dept., so maybe that's what they're for.
    • the interviews include a jobtalk. jobtalk-interview-dinner with fellows.
      • Well then, they sure got on the stick, since an above poster said they told him/her that interviews would be in late March ... especially when no one's mentioned having been contacted for more information yet, even.
      • It seems very odd indeed: I was the poster who originally mentioned that Toronto told me that interciews should happen in 'late March or early April' -- and this was in an email from the Associate Director of the Jackman Humanities Institute.  So it would seem quite bizarre that they should have moved the interviews up to the first week of February.
    • I don't see the need for all the doubting of the above poster. I'm sure they're telling what they know, and if you don't want to believe that your chances are gone, it's also very possible that not ALL campus visits have been scheduled yet, so there's still hope. People miscommunicate with each other all the time within departments/institutes, so perhaps that's what happened re: the associate director. Perhaps they aren't directly involved in the search. In any case, thanks to everyone for contributing what they know.
    • Campus visit scheduled (interview + jobtalk as indicated above) [posted 2/5]
    • Has anyone else received more news? Rejection letters? More interviews?
    • Nope, not a peep. 
    • It's late March now - any more movement here?
    • Nothing yet. Weird. 
    • Nothing weird... all visits have been scheduled, or have happened by now. 
    • ok, but what about rejection letters? 
    • Well, isn't the point of this wiki that schools tend not to send rejection letters until the last minute (if they ever), so you gauge from here your status, based on if the process is moving ahead without you? I think many schools tend not to send rejections until not only have they made offers, but the offers have been accepted, and they have all people they were looking for. That process can be lengthy (based on all the ridiculously belated rejections I'm still receiving). 
    • Offer accepted. [posted 4/16]
    • Offer accepted [04/26]
    • Rejection letter [6/17]
    • Announcement of fellows:

University of Winnipeg - Postdoctoral Fellowship In Digital Humanities & New Media, Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies (IWGS) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies (IWGS) at the University of Winnipeg invites applications for a half time Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Humanities and New Media starting as soon as possible, and lasting up to two years. The successful candidate should have received a PhD within the last three years or have a defense date set at the time of application.
  • General Duties: The IWGS Postdoctoral Fellow will consult and collaborate with faculty members on digital and new media projects.
    • S/he will also be expected to develop and publish original research.
    • The IWGS is in the process of building HIVE (Hub for InnoVative Exchange) and the Postdoctoral Fellow will be central to its development and success.
  • HIVE is a partnership between the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at the University of Winnipeg (hereafter WGS) and IWGS. This research partnership works to expand traditional humanities knowledge practices through the innovation of digital environments. By incorporating digital advancements in collaboration, visualization, social media and dissemination, we will use our research to productively explore and gauge the impact of digital media in community building. In particular, we will experiment with, and innovate within, the rapidly evolving tools of social media and networking, to examine how digital media can enhance and encourage research, artistic mobilization, and public engagement. Eventually, HIVE will become a multi-purpose performance, exhibition, training, and consultation facility that works with interdisciplinary teams including individual artists, community members, academics, and undergraduate and graduate students and their organizations in developing, implementing, and disseminating research in theoretical and applied components. Understanding our research as critically and simultaneously within and beyond the academy, we build on existing partnerships worldwide.
  • Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have a PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies or a related field and a research program that includes extensive work within the digital humanities and new media fields. S/he should also have experience in project management and be comfortable managing research assistants and coordinating deadlines and projects. S/he should have extensive experience with digital scholarship projects and initiatives, advanced humanities research experience, technology skills, subject expertise, and strong written and verbal communication skills. Experience with some or all of the following is desired: Wordpress; Omeka or other CMS; Data visualization tools and methods; Programming (ideal).
  • To Apply: Please forward your cover letter, C.V., three letters of reference, and writing sample or portfolio to: Dr. Fiona Green, Associate Dean of Arts and IWGS Co-Director, University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9. Email: - (204)786-9409
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the post is filled. [position posted 8/16/12]
    • Posting removed/expired; presumed applications closed. (30 April 2013)

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Inst. For Research in the Humanities, Robert M. Kingdon Fellowship - OFFERS MADE[]

  • One or Two 1-year research Fellowships open "to scholars outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison working in historical, literary, and philosophical studies of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition and its role in society from antiquity to the present"
  • "Projects may focus on any period from antiquity to the present, on any part of the world, and in any field(s) in the humanities; can range widely or focus on a particular issue; and can explore various forms of Jewish and/or Christian traditions; the interaction of one or both of these religious traditions with other religious traditions; and/or the relationship of one or both of these religious traditions to other aspects of society such as power, politics, culture, experience, and creativity"
  • "Fellows are expected to be in residence throughout the academic year (except for short research trips, lectures, conferences, etc.) and may extend their residency through the following summer on a non-stipendary basis."
  • Must have Ph.D. in hand at time of application. "We will not accept applications from graduate students expecting to have a degree at the start of the academic year."
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2012.
  • did anyone get answers back?
  • nothing here
  • I called early in January and was told there likely wouldn't be a decision until late February
  • Thanks very much!
  • Rejection received by mail (3/11).
  • sorry! so what does no rejection yet mean?
  • got rejection by mail, in Romania...quite the effort (18/3)
  • Offers made (3/18)

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities and Humanistic Sciences - OFFER ACCEPTED[]

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison invites applications for its postdoctoral fellowship program in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, it will provide 3 two-year postdoctoral fellowships for recent PhD recipients starting on August 26, 2013. Fellows will be affiliated with a department in the College of Letters and Science, as well as the Institute for Research in the Humanities and the Center for the Humanities. They will teach one undergraduate course per semester in one of the humanities or humanistic social science departments in the College of Letters and Science.
  • The theme for 2013-2015 applicants is DEMOCRACY. We invite scholars to reflect upon democracy as a focus of historical, philosophical, literary, cultural, or aesthetic analysis. We seek projects that consider democracy from within the humanities and that understand democracy as concept, practice, or mode with bearing on politics, law, and society, as well as literature, language, and the arts. Democracy—whether conceived as the legitimation of power or its exercise, as the reign of the limitless desire of individuals in modern mass society or the opening of politics and society to a plurality of voices—is at once contested and coveted. Democracy is implicated in nationalism and cosmopolitanism, war and peace, justice and reconciliation, and freedom and enslavement, that is, who is included in or left out of the social contract and civic life.
  • We welcome cutting-edge work from scholars across the humanities and humanistic social sciences focused on any aspect of democracy, from Ancient Greece to the contemporary Middle East; from the emergence of print to the rise of digitization; from social movements (new and old) to liberalism (new and old); from the avant-garde to popular culture. Research may focus on any region of the world, any period of history, and any language, medium, genre, or form. We especially encourage work that challenges disciplinary or methodological boundaries. Applicants should explain in their proposals how their research relates to this theme.
  • The competition for 2013-15 fellowships is open. All application materials, including reference letters, are due no later than November 20, 2012. Application Information.
    • Ack received (12/6) (x4)
    • Anyone know when a decision is expected?
      • Last year, the apps were due 11/14, and an offer was made 2/8. So I figure we've got at least a month....
      • email rejection received (not in the finalist pool) 1/17 x2
        • Sorry about the rejection. Any word on number of applicants/number of finalists?
          • My rejection email said "over 250 applications."
        • No rejection so far, but no word on short list or next step. 1/23
        • For most of these, they send out the rejections as they narrow the field but don't send out any official notification that you are on the short list. This usually means that a full committee is considering a smaller pool of applicants but there won't be any more steps since the application required so much material. That being said, I have no first-hand knowledge of this particular search.
        • I had not yet received a rejection so I emailed to check the status of my application. The email stated that they are currently reviewing finalists and I am not one, and that a rejection had been sent via email on 1/17. I checked spam and trash and never received the 1/17 email. Just FYI.
    • Program administrator confirmed by email that semi-finalists have been selected, though not contacted.  The committee is expected to meet next week to select finalists and will make offers shortly thereafter, pending institutional paperwork.  (1/31)
      • Not sure whether to say thank you or damn you ;) ...looks like at least a week of the howling fantods.
      • Received today: "Although the Selection Committee has not yet finished the appointment
        process, I'm sorry to tell you that you were not in the finalist pool." (7/2)  (x2)
    • Offer received this morning, via e-mail (2/11). This offer was accepted.
    • Congratulations. Have offers been accepted? Anyone else who's heard nothing--neither rejection nor offer? (2/27)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Provost Post-doctoral Fellowship, "Changing Climates," Center for 21st Century Studies - OFFER MADE[]

  • The Center for 21st Century Studies (C21) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee leads the way in imagining, defining, and creating the burgeoning field of 21st century studies, focusing on the intersection of the humanities, arts, and sciences (social and natural) with issues of compelling concern. C21 organizes its research and public programs around themes that change periodically. Each year C21 constitutes a group of six to eight UWM faculty fellows, and at least one UW System fellow, whose research interests relate to the theme. Nationally and internationally known scholars are brought to campus to address the topic of the years research in seminars, lectures, and conferences.
  • For 2013-14, C21 is offering a Provost Fellowship in interdisciplinary humanities to a post-doctoral candidate from beyond UWM and the UW System. This fellowship provides a $40,000 stipend plus benefits, with additional travel stipend available (international applications welcome).
  • Applications due: March 1, 2013
  • ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must have received their doctorates within five academic years previous to the year of award. The Provost fellowship is designed to further broaden the academic networks of the group of faculty in residence at C21, and is thus unavailable to UW-Milwaukee and UW System faculty. The fellowship is awarded to support interdisciplinary research projects in the humanities, which include, but are not limited to, philosophy, history, literature, religious studies, and art history. Proposals employing humanistic approaches from the social and natural sciences and the arts are also welcome. Applicants should be working on research topics related to the 201314 theme, Changing Climates. A detailed description of the theme is available on the C21 website:
  • TERMS: The Provost fellow is expected to be in residence for one academic year and participate in bi-weekly fellows seminars, public events and lectures, and the Centers major annual conference in the Spring. There is the possibility of teaching a course related to the fellows research. The fellow is expected to make a public presentation of research at some point during the year. The fellow is provided with office space and library privileges. The Provost fellowship may be held concurrently with other grants, and with sabbatical or other support from home institutions.
  • TO APPLY: Please email application materials (ideally as a single .pdf attachment) to C21 director Richard Grusins attention,
a three- to four-age description of your research project (maximum 1,000 words). Explain how the project fits into your past research and plans for future research, and how it connects to the C21 theme, Changing Climates
a curriculum vitae
a recent offprint or manuscript (article length)
In addition, please arrange for three letters of reference from senior scholars familiar with your work and the project you are proposing to be sent directly to C21 director Richard Grusins attention,
  • RESIDENCY: August 19, 2013-May 14, 2014
  • 3/15 email request for skype interview on 3/26 X2
  • Offer made ...(Was it accepted?) 

Valparaiso University, Lilly Fellows Program - OFFERS MADE[]

  • Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 46383. We offer up to three two-year residential postdoctoral teaching fellowships in the areas of Humanities and the Arts for 2013-2015 for scholars seriously considering academic vocations in church‑related institutions. Ph.D., D.M.A., D.F.A., M.F.A., or equivalent terminal degree must have been received within 20 months up to and including August 2013. Fellows will teach seven courses over a two‑year period, engage in scholarship or creative work, participate in a two‑year colloquium, work with a VU faculty mentor, and interact with representatives from a national network of church‑related institutions. Faculty privileges, $46,800 stipend per year plus benefits, professional fund. For more information, visit and go to “Postdoctoral Fellows Program” or call 219-464-5317.
  • Application deadline: November 1, 2012.
  • Received rejection. Close to 200 applications. Best of luck to those still in the running! (12/20)
  • Semifinalist notification email. (12/18 x2)
  • Invitation to campus via email (1/16/13 )
  • Notice of being an alternate should a finalist not accept a campus visit (1/18/13)
  • Offers made and alternates notified. (2/13/13)

Villanova University - Arthur J. Ennis Postdoctoral Fellow - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Augustine and Culture Seminar Program seeks scholars in the Humanities to apply for the Arthur J. Ennis, OSA Post-doctoral Teaching Fellowship, starting in the Fall Semester 2013. This is a one-year fellowship renewable for up to three years.
  • Villanova is a Roman Catholic University sponsored by the Augustinian Order. An AA/EEO employer, Villanova seeks a diverse faculty committed to scholarship, service, and especially teaching, who understand, respect, and can contribute to the University’s mission and values.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: Ennis fellows teach three courses of the Augustine and Culture Seminar each semester, a two semester writing intensive interdisciplinary seminar program, required of all first year students. Each class is capped at sixteen students. The students are expected to write a minimum of thirty pages a semester. Fellows participate in the ACSP faculty development program as well as in the lecture series. There are no other service requirements.
  • Applicants must apply on-line at All material must be received by March 15, 2013. Questions about the position can be directed to Dr. Marylu Hill, Director, Augustine and Culture Seminar Program. (
  • Minimum Qualifications: Candidates must have a Ph.D. in a Humanities discipline, a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching in the Humanities, and an interest in teaching the thought and influence of Augustine. Applications are to include:
•Application letter.
•Current and complete curriculum vitae.
•Copies of unofficial transcripts (undergraduate and graduate).
•Contact information for three references.
•Writing Samples.
•Statement of research interests.
•Statement of Teaching Philosophy.
any ideas on what the process and turn around for this post will be? 4/8 (they seem to have asked for refs? 4/9)
  • Please note that official transcripts are required if you are a finalist.
  • Optional Documents include:
    • rejection by mail (17 April)
      • I know the text above was misplaced next to an incomplete entry, but that's a sucky optional document. :(
  • anyone contacted for an interview? 4/23
    • I haven't heard anything. 4/30

Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (Jpn) - Positions in the Humanities - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • "The Institute seeks to broadly recruit researchers who will undertake highly creative research themes that have the potential to identify issues for the future, and carve out new fields of study in the areas of Humanities."
  • "Travel expenses to the interview (Waseda Campus, Waseda University) are to be borne by the applicant"
  • To start Apr. 2013
  • PhD in hand by 1 Apr. 2013, recieved not earlier than 2003.
  • Deadline: 11 Jul. 2012
    • Decision by Dec. 2012
  • Cross-posted at Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2011-12
  • Every onsite interview I've had this year has been paid by the University, so I found this odd: "Details will be notified by one week before the interview date. Travel expenses to Waseda University shall be borne by the applicant" Is this normal? Purchasing a plane ticket to Japan one week before traveling will be out of reach for most unemployed (or barely employed) recent graduates.
    • I experienced a similar issue with Brunel University, UK, about 2 years ago - I was notified they would only reimburse up to £400 for travel. I was in North America at the time, on a salary that barely sustained me there. I was dismayed that they didn't even suggest a Skype interview possibility, and withdrew - they didn't give me much option, really

Washington University in St. Louis - Postdoctoral Fellowship in African and African-American Studies (AFAS) - SKYPE INTERVIEWS[]

  • The African and African American Studies (AFAS) program at Washington University in St. Louis invites applications from recent Ph.D. graduates in the humanities and social sciences for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship, with the option to apply for a second-year renewal. The fellowship is intended to assist junior scholars whose research focuses on topics related to Africa, African Americans, and/or the African Diaspora in furthering their careers by providing them with opportunities for mentorship, advancing their research, and enhancing their teaching.
  • AFAS postdoctoral fellows are provided a competitive salary, support for research and research-related travel, office space, and computer equipment. They will also receive a reduced teaching load, teaching one course a semester based on their scholarly area of expertise and with the approval of the AFAS curriculum committee or the Director. In addition, Fellows will participate in the intellectual life of the AFAS program and University by giving and attending public lectures, mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, and participating in program activities. The fellowships begin July 1, 2013 and extend until June 30, 2014.
  • Applications are evaluated against a broad set of criteria, with special consideration given to contributions the candidate can make to diversify the University community and to deepen the scholarly inquiries of the program in AFAS and its curriculum. Applications should include: (1) a letter of interest that briefly explains the applicant’s proposed research and scholarly interest; (2) a detailed statement of proposed research that will be pursued during the fellowship period (up to 5 pages); (3) a curriculum vitae; (4) one writing sample (a scholarly publication or dissertation chapter (maximum 30 pages); (5) an official graduate transcript; and (6) three letters of recommendation, including one from their dissertation adviser.
  • Washington University in St. Louis especially encourages applications from women, members of racial/ethnic minority groups, and disabled individuals. Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States and must have received a doctorate after July 1, 2009 and before July 1, 2013.
  • The search committee will continue to review applications until the positions are filled, but priority will be given to applications received by February 15, 2013. Send application materials to: Search Committee, The Program in African & African-American Studies, Washington University in St. Louis, CB 1109, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899. Further inquiries regarding the fellowship should be made by e-mail to
  • Also posted at Cultural Studies/Ethnic Studies 2012-13
  • any movement on this?-- (3/16)
    • contacted for Skype interview by email [posted 3/16]
    • rejection letter received by mail 4/3

Washington University in St. Louis - Postdoc in East Asian Religions - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and the Program in Religious Studies at Washington University in St. Louis invite applications for a one-year full-time postdoctoral teaching fellowship in East Asian religions, beginning in August 2013. The successful candidate will be asked to teach two courses per semester and should be prepared to offer both introductory and more advanced courses in the textual and ritual traditions of one or more East Asian religions: teaching interests that include modern and contemporary religious movements in East Asia and/or East Asian religions in the global context would be highly desirable, as would a solid familiarity with methods and theories in the study of religion. Candidates should be able to demonstrate prior successful teaching experience, and must have a Ph.D. in Chinese or Japanese religions or related field prior to the start of the appointment.
  • Applicants must apply through the Washington University HR website: Job ID number: 25117. Applications must include a cover letter with descriptions of the courses you would be prepared to offer, a CV, and a statement of up to 1,500 words describing your research interests. Three letters of reference should be sent under separate cover directly to: Beata Grant, Search Committee Chair, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Campus Box 1111, Washington University, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899. Inquiries may be addressed to Application review will begin by February 15, 2013. Washington University in St. Louis is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action employer, and encourages women, minorities, and persons with disabilities to apply. Employment eligibility is required upon appointment.

Washington University in St. Louis - Mellon Fellowship, Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry - OFFERS ACCEPTED[]

  • Washington University announces the thirteenth year of Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry, a postdoctoral fellowship program endowed by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and designed to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching across the humanities and social sciences. We invite applications from recent Ph.D.s for the position as Fellow. In September 2013, the selected Fellows will join the University’s ongoing interdisciplinary programs and seminars. Fellows will receive a two-year appointment with a stipend beginning at $46,950 per year. Postdoctoral Fellows have an opportunity to plan and pursue their own continuing research in association with a senior faculty mentor at Washington University, and, over the course of their two-year appointment, to teach three undergraduate courses and to collaborate in leading an interdisciplinary seminar on theory and methods for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in the humanities and interpretive social sciences.
  • There is no application form, but further information on Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry is available on the web at Applicants should submit a cover letter, a description of their research program (no more than 1800 words), a brief proposal for the seminar in theory and methods, and a curriculum vitae. Applicants should also arrange for the submission of three confidential letters of recommendation.
  • Submit materials by email or post by November 30, 2012 to Joseph Loewenstein ( The mailing address is: Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Washington University, Campus Box 1029, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899. For express mail, please send materials to: Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Washington University, Umrath Hall, Room 231, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899.
    • Ack received (11/28) (x3). And from the e-mail: "The review of applications will begin on December 1, 2012 and the committee will contact you by March 15, 2013 regarding their final decision."
    • Email notifying me that one of my letters is missing. Grrrr!! (12/6)
    • Last year, folks started getting rejections right around now...Maybe we'll hear something this week?
    • Got request to forward my application to relevant dept. (1/17) (x7)
      • Congrats! I assume this means that the rest of us are out, right?
      • No, it doesn't.
    • Rejected (by mail) 1/22/13 (x10), 1/23
    • 350 applicants.
    • Anyone who has neither received an email request to forward their application nor a rejection letter? 1/25
    • To the poster above: yes.  I have received neither a request to forward my application nor a rejection letter.  Don't know what it means, though! (x3)
    • probably they are making sure that if their first choices disappear to other postdocs and jobs, there is still a pool to chose from. i wouldn't count on it.
    • Yes, the above response is almost certainly right.  They did this last year and sent separate rejection letters to a group of about 45 who made it past the first cut, but weren't interviewed.  That said, as far as I know, they didn't ask anyone to forward dossiers to departments last year.  Could be wrong on that though; no inside info here.
    • I was not asked to forward a dossier, did not receive a rejection, did receive a call on 2/15 scheduling an interverview for 2/22.
      • [deleted posted indicated interview requested by phone on 2/15 -- can anyone clarify or confirm?]
    • Rejection received by mail today (2/15) saying that I did not make the "very short list."
    • Received phone call request for an interview. We didn't discuss how short the "very short list" is, but this is my first form of contact with the program. [posted 2/15]
    • Phone interviews are happening this week (2/21)
      • are we sure that ALL interviews are happening now? I heard an initial email but haven't received a call for intvw. (2/21) --> Same question here--i.e. if the apps are being vetted by various departments, perhaps the timeline will be somewhat staggered? Although, if the post below is any indication, it looks like more rejection letters are going out now. (2/21)
      • just received the rejection mail today (2/21), which indicats the "very short list" is a dozen. (x2)
      • I do think all the interviews are happening right now (I haven't had any contact with a department or word that my application was being vetted before I got a phone call to schedule the interview), but, like most searches, I'm sure they've placed some people in the "reserve" category in case they don't find what they're looking for with the intial batch of interviewees.
      • Question for people who also got the email request to forward materials on 1/17: was it a standard form letter from the program explaining your current status?  Or was it unusually informal and personalized? 
      • No request for interview, no request for materials, yet no rejection mail. I guess I'm in Limbo. (2/24)
      • Did anyone who was interviewed get a timeline for when the final decisions will be made?  In other words, how long might this "limbo" last?  (3/1)
      • A colleague of mine was offered the position around 2/25. I'm not sure of their decision, and I don't think they have decided whether or not to accept it yet. (Just FYI because I know how uncomfortable limbo can be...)
      • There's more than one fellowship being offered this year.
      • Position offered (different from "colleague" above) (3/9)
    • Two offers have been made and accepted.  There were delays on the candidates' ends, which is why rejections couldn't be sent out in a more timely fashion.  Rejections to be sent by snail mail on 3/15.

Wellesley College - Mellon Postdoc in Modern Japanese Literature  - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Wellesley College announces a search for a two-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the field of modern Japanese literature. Preference given to candidates in late Edo, Meiji and/or Taisho periods, with a focus on gender/queer studies, colonialism, visuality, ethnography, media or translation studies. Competence in another East Asian literature is desirable. The fellow will teach four courses over a two-year period, including one upper-level language course and one first-year seminar. Teaching experience is highly desirable. Candidates must have received a Ph.D. between July 1, 2009 and July 1, 2013. Please submit a cover letter, CV, writing sample of 10-15 pages and three letters of recommendations (the online application will request name and email address in order for recommenders or dossier services to submit letters directly) electronically through our online application system at: .
  • If circumstances make it impossible to submit materials online, please email us at
  • Application Due: December 15, 2012.
  • Also posted at Japanese Langugage and Literature 2012-2013

Wellesley College, Women's Studies - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - Reproductive Health - POSITION FILLED[]

  • Wellesley College invites applications for a two-year MellonPostdoctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Health with an emphasis on Reproductive Rights or Reproductive Justice, to begin Fall 2013. Candidates should have received the Ph.D. within the past three years. Preference will be given to candidates in the fields of women’s and gender studies, history, ethnic studies, American Studies, anthropology, political science and sociology, as well as candidates with international experience. The Fellow will be associated with Wellesley’s Newhouse Center for the Humanities and take an active role in its intellectual community. Throughout the Fellowship, the Fellow will be a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and as such expected to participate in Department programming and other activities. In both years, the Fellow will teach one course each semester, includingan introductory course in reproduction and a course related to their specialization. The Fellowship includes research and travel support.
  • Please submit the following in electronic form: a letter of application, a c.v., a graduate school transcript, three letters of recommendation, a brief statement of teaching experience and research interests, and a writing sample (25 pages max) to (The online application system will request names/email addresses so that recommenders or dossier services may submit the letters directly.) Applications must be received by February 15, 2013. If circumstances do not allow the candidate to submit materials through our on line application system, please email us and make it clear it is for this position.
  • Also posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2013
  • Rejection email - says position has been filled. (3/11)x2

Wesleyan University - Center for the Humanities 1-Year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - OFFER MADE[]

  • Scholars who have received their Ph.D. degree after June 2009 in any field of inquiry in the humanities or humanistic social sciences - broadly conceived - are invited to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship, made possible through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to Wesleyan University.  (Candidates do not need to have their PhD in hand at the time of application, but will need to have it by June, 2013)  The purpose of this Fellowship is to provide scholars who have recently completed their Ph.D.'s with free time to further their own work in a cross-disciplinary setting, and to associate them with a distinguished faculty.
  • One Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow will be appointed to the Wesleyan University Center for the Humanities for the whole academic year, 2013-2014, and will be awarded a stipend of $40,000.  He or she will teach a one-semester undergraduate course; participate in the collegial life of the Center for the Humanities, which sponsors conferences, lectures, and colloquia; and give one public lecture.  The Fellow will be provided with an office at the Center for the Humanities, and will be expected to work there on weekdays while the university is in session, and to reside in Middletown.  The themes for 2013-2014 are “Justice and Judgment” and “Audience(s)”. Scholars whose interests bear upon one of the chosen themes are encouraged to apply for the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship.
  • Online applications should include:
    a) a letter from the applicant, including a statement of current research interests and a brief proposal for
    a one-semester  undergraduate course related to the Center for the Humanities theme
    b) a full curriculum vitae
    c) three letters of recommendation   
    d) copies of published work, extracts  from the dissertation, or drafts of  work  in progress (not to exceed  25 pages)
  • There is no official application form. Applications should be completed online by January 10, 2013. Preliminary interviews will be held by telephone. Finalists will be brought to the Wesleyan campus for longer interviews during February or March of 2013.
  • email notification of time line (I'm assuming this doesn't mean anything about applicant status, but it is much appreciated!) 1/28 (x5) (I received my notification a bit after the last edit, so they might be staggering the emails)
  • email invite for skype interview next week 2/18 (x2)
  • email invite for campus visit at end of March (x2)

Westminster College (UT) - Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in English - PRIORITY DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Westminster Teaching Fellows Program is currently offering a multi-year fellowship in English Composition and Literature for recent doctoral graduates. We seek candidates who will flourish in a program that is dedicated to student learning and who will help the College provide an inclusive learning environment for our increasingly diverse student body, integrate diversity issues into the curriculum, and/or provide a focus on global consciousness in the curriculum. Candidates with experiences, skills, and potential to provide mentoring and academic support to historically underrepresented students (students of color, LGBT students, students with disabilities, first-generation college students) and to help develop Westminster’s curricular and co-curricular offerings in these areas are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Two year appointment with the possibility of a third-year extension. Regular 24-hour teaching load usually translates into a 3-3 course load. Majority of teaching responsibilities will be in Composition & Research and Introduction to Literature, two courses required of all Westminster students. Upper-division courses in the candidate’s field of study may be available, especially during the second year of the fellowship. Fellowship recipient must provide proof of authorization to work in the United States. Visa sponsorship will not be considered for this fellowship. Dissertation must be completed by June 1, 2013. Review of applications will begin on March 15, 2013. For the complete position description and application information, please go to
  • Also posted at Generalist 2013
  • Does anyone happen to know the salary for this position?
  • Rejection Letter (5/30) X2

Williams College - 2-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, History of the Middle East - AHA INTERVIEW[]

  • The Department of History at Williams College seeks to appoint a two-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the history of the Middle East, beginning in the fall of 2013. Period and specialization are open, but scholars trained in the premodern Middle East and the Ottoman Empire are particularly encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will teach one course per semester and be expected to offer survey courses on the Middle East as well as specialized courses based on their interests. Ph.D. in hand or expected by September 2013; new Ph.D.s are especially encouraged to apply.
  • The Fellow will be included in the activities of the History Department as a regular junior faculty member. They will work closely with a faculty mentor; participate in Williams’ Project for Effective Teaching; and receive feedback on pedagogical skills and teaching effectiveness through our standard evaluation procedures.
    The fellowship includes a salary of $42,500 plus benefits and funds to support research and travel. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States, or expect to pursue a teaching career in the United States. The position is made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  • Please send a letter of application, c.v., summary of current research, short description of suggested courses, and three letters of reference by December 1, 2012, to Professor Eiko Maruko Siniawer, Chair, Department of History, Williams College, 85 Mission Park Drive, Williamstown, MA 01267.
  • 12/19: Email invitation for AHA Interview.

Williams College - Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation and Post-MFA Fellowships - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Eligibility: The Bolin Fellowships are awarded to applicants from underrepresented groups, including ethnic minorities, those who are first-generation college graduates, women in predominately male fields, or disabled scholars. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents who intend to pursue a professorial career in the U.S. Ph.D. candidates must have completed all doctoral work except the dissertation by the end of the current academic year. MFA candidates must be recent recipients of the degree; only those with degrees granted in 2012, or to be granted in 2013, are eligible to apply.
  • Terms: The annual stipend for the position is $36,000. The College will also provide health and dental benefits, relocation and housing assistance, academic support including office space and a computer, and an annual allowance of $4,000 for research-related expenses.
  • During the period of residence at Williams, the Bolin Fellows will be affiliated with an appropriate department or program and will be expected to teach one one-semester course each year, normally in the fall semester of year one and the spring semester of year two.
  • Candidates should apply via Interfolio (see below) before November 15, 2012 with:
  • a cover letter with a description of your teaching interests; this letter should also explain how you fit the eligibility criteria for the fellowship;
  • a full curriculum vitae;
  • an official graduate school transcript and three confidential letters of recommendation;
  • PhD applicants: a copy of the dissertation prospectus, preferably limited to 10-15 pages and a timetable for completion of the degree.
  • Post MFA applicants: project description, as described below:
    • Writers: 2-3 short stories, 10-15 poems, or novel passages not to exceed 50 pages;
    • Visual Artists: 20 images;
    • Theatre Artists: sample of design portfolio;
    • Musicians: complete list of works or significant performances;
    • Choreographers/Dances: documentation of performance;
    • Film and Video: links to works.

Yale Center for British Art (YCBA) - Postdoctoral Research Associateships (PRAs) - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Yale Center for British Art (YCBA) is offering two Postdoctoral Research Associateships (PRAs), one each in the following departments: 1) Exhibitions and Publications, and 2) Paintings and Sculpture. These PRAs are for recent recipients of the PhD (degree granted within the last three years) in a field related to British art. The PhD must be in hand by the time the position begins.
  • The PRA may be held for up to three years. It is expected that the post-holder will be pursuing long-term professional employment during the period of hire. The PRA will receive an annual salary of $45,000, plus standard Yale benefits. Funding to allow the PRA to attend one professional conference annually, and modest travel funds for undertaking work on behalf of the department as well as for personal research, as determined by the departmental head, will also be provided. A preference for either position may be stated in the application but is not required.
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is August 6, 2012. Interviews are expected to take place in early fall 2012. Please see detailed job descriptions and submit an application at Applicants should complete the online application form and upload a cover letter, CV, and writing sample. Three letters of recommendation should be forwarded under separate cover to

Yale University - Postdoctoral Fellow in History of Representative Institutions - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions, in conjunction with the Jack Miller Center, seeks to appoint one Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Representative Institutions for a one-year period beginning January 1, 2013. Areas of specialization include any aspect of the theory and practice of representative government in Britain or America between the British Revolutions of the seventeenth century and the American Civil War. The salary for the Postdoctoral Fellow will be $50,000 for the year. The teaching load will consist of two courses, one per semester. Yale University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and actively encourages applications from minority and women scholars.
  • Applicants should submit a cover letter stating qualifications and field of interest, a CV, a writing sample of no more than 100 pages, and a sample syllabus of a proposed course.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until position is filled. [ad posted 09/28/12]
  • Applications can be sent directly to Keith Wrightson, History Department, P.O. Box 208324, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520-8324.

Yale University - Postdoctoral fellow in the History of Sexuality [US History] - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two year Cassius Marcellus Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship, which supports research in U.S. history with a specialization in the history of sexuality
  • "The fellow will be affiliated with the Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities and is expected to participate in its activities and to teach one course in the second year of the fellowship. Salary is $54,000 plus benefits and a research budget. Start date August 1, 2013. PhD requirements must be completed by the beginning of the appointment and the PhD must have been awarded after spring 2010."
  • "A cover letter (including a statement of qualifications and research interests), a CV, a chapter-length writing sample, a one-page proposal for a course, including illustrative readings, and three letters of reference should be submitted to"
  • Review begins: 25 Feb. 2013
  • Rejection via email, 4/9

Yale University - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Early American History - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • Two year Cassius Marcellus Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship, which supports research in U.S. history with a specialization in the history of early America
  • "The fellow will be affiliated with the Yale Early American Historians group and is expected to participate in its activities and to teach one course in the second year of the fellowship. Salary is $54,000 plus benefits and a research budget. Start date August 1, 2013. PhD requirements must be completed by the beginning of the appointment and the PhD must have been awarded after spring 2010"
  • "A cover letter (including a statement of qualifications and research interests), a CV, a chapter-length writing sample, a one-page proposal for a course, including illustrative readings, and three letters of reference should be submitted to . "
  • Review begins: 15 Feb. 2013

Yale University - Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Ethnicity, Race, Indigeneity, or Migration - OFFER MADE[]

  • Two year Cassius Marcellus Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship, which supports research in U.S. history with a specialization in the history of ethnicity, race, indigeneity or migration.
  • "The fellow will be affiliated with a relevant reading or research group in the History Department and is expected to participate in their activities and to teach one course in the second year of the fellowship. Salary is $54,000 plus benefits and a research budget. Start date August 1, 2013. PhD requirements must be completed by the beginning of the appointment and the PhD must have been awarded after spring 2010"
  • "A cover letter (including a statement of qualifications and research interests), a CV, a chapter-length writing sample, a one-page proposal for a course, including illustrative readings, and three letters of reference should be submitted to ."
  • Review begins: 25 Feb. 2013.
  • I know its a bit early, but any movement on this one (3/10)?
  • Has anyone received confirmation that their app was received (3/14)?
  • recieved email confirmation through academicjobsonline system (3/16)
  • Has anyone heard anything about this search? (4/3)
  • Nothing yet - I'm dying to hear something, though!! (4/3)
  • Received email this morning that postdoc has been offered to someone else (4/9)x1

Yale University - Inter-Asia Program, Postdoctoral Fellow - FINALISTS SELECTED[]

  • The Inter-Asia Program at the MacMillan Center, Yale University, invites applications for a post- doctoral position. This is a 12 month appointment with the possibility of extension for up to another 6 months, beginning no earlier than April 1, 2013 and no later than Sept. 1, 2013. Duties, in addition to pursuing your own research, will include:
Serve as primary programmatic liaison with the two co-PI’s, Helen Siu (East Asian Studies) and K. Sivaramakrishnan (South Asian Studies), the principals at the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Program’s researchers around the world.

Work with SSRC staff to document and analyze existing materials from completed and planned Inter Asia Connections conferences and the work of scholars and researchers associated with the Program since its inception in 2008. Facilitate faculty and student interest in Inter-Asia Program activities overseas (conferences, AAS panels, etc…); engage and expand Inter-Asia Program networks on campus.

  • All applicants should have completed their PhD by the time of appointment. The post-doctoral fellow will teach one course during the appointment related to his/her interests, and participate in the activities of the Inter-Asia Program. Applicants should submit a cover letter including proposed start date of the fellowship (between April 1st and September 1st); a CV; a one-page description of research plans; a draft course syllabus and a title.  Two letters of reference should be sent directly and should explicitly address your teaching credentials. Please provide names and contact information for your two referees. Compensation includes an annual salary of $55,000 and health coverage.
  • We will accept applications immediately with review beginning on January 10, 2013 and continuing until the selections are final. Yale is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.
  • All information from the applicant should be submitted electronically through Academic Jobs On-Line Uploaded PDF copies of signed reference letters will be accepted but signed hard copies should be mailed to the address below.
  • Contact:  Ms. Kasturi Gupta, Program Manager, South Asian Studies Council, The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, P.O. Box 208206, New Haven, CT 06520-8206, USA. Email:
  • Has anyone heard anything from this? A: I was personally told mid-February that I was not a finalist, but I did not receive the official rejection yet. I know they selected finalists at that time from a strong pool, many of whom already work on Inter-Asia topics.
  • rejection email 3/26

Yale University - South Asian Studies Council Post Doctoral Fellowship - WRITING SAMPLES REQUESTED[]

  • The South Asian Studies Council (SASC) at the MacMillan Center invites applications for post- doctoral positions at Yale University for AY 2013-2014. The Council expects to make one or two appointments. Candidates must have research and teaching experience relevant to modern and contemporary South Asia, in the humanities or social sciences. Candidates with a PhD in South Asian History and other Humanities including Cinema, Literatures, Music and History of Art are especially encouraged to apply.
  • All applicants should have in-depth knowledge of at least one SA-related language and fluency in English; and must have completed the PhD by the time of appointment. The post-doctoral fellow will teach one course in each of two terms related to his/her interests, pursue his/her own research, and participate in the activities of the South Asian Studies Council. Applicants should submit a cover letter, one-page description of research plans; a draft of a course syllabus and a title and brief summary of a second course; a CV; names and contact information of two references. Compensation includes an annual salary of $55,000 - $60,000, depending on rank and seniority of the selected individual, and health coverage.
  • We will accept applications immediately with review beginning on January 10, 2013 and continuing until the selections are final.
  • All information from the applicant should be submitted electronically through Academic Jobs On-Line . Uploaded PDF copies of signed reference letters will be accepted but signed hard copies should be mailed to the address below:
    • Ms. Kasturi Gupta, Program Manager, South Asian Studies Council, The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, P.O. Box 208206 New Haven, CT 06520-8206 USA. Email:
  • NOTE (10/22): Slightly different version of this position announcement posted at Chronicle - application url given as but deadline still stated to be January 10, 2013.
  • Writing Samples Requested (2/5)

Yale University - International Security Studies - Postdoctoral Fellowship - DEADLINE PASSED[]

  • The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, which operates under the auspices of International Security Studies, awards one or more Henry Chauncey Jr. '57 Postdoctoral Fellowships each spring.  These fellowships begin each September with a term of one academic year.  By mutual agreement of the fellow and ISS, the fellowship may be renewable for a second year.
  • These fellowships will provide opportunities for research and teaching in the field of “grand strategy” broadly defined.  Fellows must be in residence at Yale, and must have successfully defended their doctoral dissertation before the appointment begins.  The Program welcomes applications from both mid-career and junior scholars.  Scholars who have previously held an ISS fellowship are eligible to apply.
  • Fellows will be expected to conduct their own research and to teach at least one course on a subject relevant to grand strategy during each year in which they hold the fellowship. The stipend will be at least $50,000.  The fellowship will provide shared office space and access to Yale facilities as well as membership in the Yale Health Plan.
  • Please submit vita, a 5-page research proposal (describing how the fellowship will be used), transcripts, a short (no more than 50 page) writing sample, and three letters of reference to: Igor Biryukov, Senior Administrative Assistant, International Security Studies, Yale University, P.O. Box 208353, New Haven, CT 06520-8353.
  • The deadline for receipt of application materials is the first Friday of April.  Finalists may be asked to visit Yale for an on-campus interview, or to participate in a telephone interview.  Yale University is an AA/EOE.  Female, minority, and handicapped candidates, and veterans are encouraged to apply.
  • Predoctoral Fellowships also available for those who have not yet completed their dissertation. Please see our website, link below.
  • For more information e-mail Igor Biryukov <>


Can anyone tell me how taxes work for postdoc research fellowships?

This is my second year of this increasingly miserable process - all ending in rejection. Do any successful candidates have any tips for those of us still looking for postdocs?

NOTE: New blog based at U. of Chicago listing postdoc opportunities related to gender / sexuality studies:

Please refrain from posting "any news?" comments. The point of this wiki is to post news.

General question about postdocs: Do all postdocs have interviews and campus visits? Are these interviews usually done via phone/skype? This is the first time I am applying to any postdocs. Thank you for your help. 

  • Many do, but not all. Some do phone/skype, then campus. Occasionally, there will be conference interviews and then campus. Some only do campus. Some will make offers without any preliminary interview stage. It's really hard to generalize. Often the specific process of the fellowship is detailed in the ad. Sometimes it's not, so you might want to inquire with an administrator (usually given in contact info. in ad). If the fellowship is established (has run for multiple years), it's likely to have been tracked on this wiki before, and you can consult past years' pages (see very top of this page for links) to get some insights into their specific practices. This wiki exists precisely because fellowship processes are so various and often less-than-transparent. When/if you do have some word from a particular fellowship, it is very helpful to everyone if you share it on the wiki.
  • Thanks for your response. It was very helpful. I can't see anything about interviews or campus visits on previous year competitions for this postdoc, so maybe the selection is done through materials alone for this particular postdoc.