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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in Irish, Scottish, or Welsh Literature advertised during the 2024-2025 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2025.

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them chronologically by posting date (newest postings at the top).

  1. Example University. Position Title. Specializations. Deadline. TT/NT. FT/PT. Link to Job ad(s).

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

For the sake of user-friendliness, please do not add more detailed content of the job ad on this page.

Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street.

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