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  • ... a Ph.D., but still at my degree-granting institution:
  • ... in a post-doctoral position (ABD or with degree in hand): 1
  • ... a visiting assistant professor or adjunct position: 3
  • ... in a tenure-track position:
  • ... in a tenured position:
  • ... in a non-academic position:
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Wow -- really? Nobody received a flyback? Or knows someone who has a flyback? (2/9)

Where is everybody? Why are so few people contributing to the Italian page? Pages for other fields have tons of contributors sharing info., experiences, etc. Dai! Forza, ragazzi! Non avete paura. (2/15)

Maybe it's because there are no jobs in Italian this year...

Seriously, anything? Anyone?




  • Adelphi University (NT lecturer) To teach and coordinate Italian language.

Word on the street is someone was offered the job and accepted it.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Baylor University (NT lecturer)

Phone interview:  2 phone interviews in my department, 12/3, both candidates told via email that we will not have MLA interviews, 12/10.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Borough of Manhattan Community College (TT)

MLA interview scheduled: N/A...Just received a letter that this position has been closed (01/27).

  • Colorado College (VAP)

MLA interview scheduled: Interview scheduled at MLA with colleague in dept (12/14)

  • Columbia University (TT) Professor or Associate Professor with tenure in Modern Italian Studies.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Columbia University - Lecturer

MLA interview scheduled: N/A ....any news at all on this one? Well, although they made a mention of the MLA in the job desc, the final deadline isn't until 01/15...

  • DePaul University (TT Asst. Prof.) Open specialization.

MLA interview scheduled: interview scheduled by email 12/11

Did the person who had the MLA interview ever hear back about this job? Any idea what specialization they were after?

(2/20) Never heard a peep after the MLA interview. Unable to pinpoint what they were looking for, as each interviewer seemed to want something completely different from the others. Heard through the grapevine that on campus interviews were conducted, though.

(3/11) received notification letter that a candidate has accepted the position.

According to the email I received, there were 128 total applicants. And this was an open specialization job so that should represent most of the current field in Italian studies. If only there were 128 jobs, sigh.

  • Georgetown University (TT) Dante specialist.

MLA interview scheduled: By phone 12/08

  • Georgetown University (VAP) Language and Linguistics.

Any idea as to what they're looking for? Do they actualy want someone who can teach linguistics or are they simply looking for a language instructor? The call is vague.

(3/16) No idea, but you're right, the call is vague. Anyone know about how the search for the TT position (above) ended?!

(3/18) Re the previous post: I'm the poster who interviewed with G'town at the MLA for the the TT Dante specialist post. I emailed them to find out what was going on because I hadn't heard from them since 12/2009 and was just offered a postdoctoral position. They said the search is still ongoing but they confirmed I wasn't a finalist.

(3/18) To the previous poster: Thanks for the info. and congratulations on the post doc!!!

  • Elon University (TT) Open specialization.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A -- Got a rejection letter today (snailmail) (12/12).  Was this via snailmail or email? 12/12--also received rejection letter via snailmail. 

Still have not heard from them either way, i.e., no contact or rejection letter.     
Only the email that acknowledged receipt of app., back in Nov.  Anyone else in this situation?

1/08/10 - yes! Strange, isn't it? x4

1/26/10 - got a snail mail rejection, dated 1/20, saying they had interviewed candidates and selected finalists. (x3).

  • James Madison University (Where is this job listed?  I can't find it on the MLA Joblist or on JMU employment page.)

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Johns Hopkins University Visiting Assistant Professor (three-year contract) in "premodern or early modern Italian studies (specialty open)"

Email ack from search committee chair (02/22).

Rejection email (04/16).

  • Lehman College, CUNY (no idea what they are offering...)

MLA interview scheduled: By phone (12/14)

2/15/10. Still haven't heard anything from them after the MLA interview, so I'm assuming they're not sending rejection letters or messages, they're just letting you hang. Has anyone else been rejected or invited to campus?

2/15: I only ever received a confirmation of receipt of application. No MLA interview. No rejection.

  • Penn State (NT Lecturer) Open specialization
  • SUNY Buffalo (Asst. Prof.) Open specialization.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A Friend had a phone interview before the MLA convention.

  • SUNY Stony Brook. Any news on this job? I can't find it any more but I don't think the deadline's passed.  This is the ad: I bet SB is the 2010 Wake Forest, however, if you know what I mean... "The State University at New York at Stony Brook invites applications for a new, tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level in Italian language, literature and culture. Specialization in the XIX Century, with strong teaching or publishing record in cultural history, travel literature and Italian American culture. Expertise in Italian and Italian American cinema welcome; Ph.D. is required. The successful candidate will teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Italian and in English." From what I hear, there is an inside candidate who was promised position as assistant prof if a tenure-track job opened up there. I received a letter stating that all applicants chosen for interviews would hear by Nov. 15. -- Yes, there is an internal candidate. I wouldn't bother applying to this job. It seems like this is the case almost everywhere, though.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Tufts University (NT; lecturer) Coordinator / Full-time Lecturer.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Tulane University (VAP) Preferred field: medieval through '400.

Phone interview scheduled via email (02/01)

According to search committee member in phone interview, there won't be on campus interviews. A decision will be made based on the one round of interviews and communicated in early March (02/06).

Offer made (3/31) but candidate turned it down because of a previous offer.

  • University of San Diego (Position cancelled on MLA Job List the day after it was posted.   Position reposted on MLA Job List, but now as Asst. or Assoc. Prof.)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/4 (received phone call -- request for interview) Did you receive a telephone call or an email? And would you be prepared to state your status? (12/5) I am not the one who has the scheduled interview, but the question about someone's status not only is inappropriate, it's illegal, at every stage of the hiring process. Whoever typed that in, ought to know better his/her rights before entering the market (it's not that those who are offering the jobs are allowed to do to you whatever come to their mind, in case you are wondering...). My understanding of the question asked above was that "status" referred to professional status, i.e.: ABD, VAP, in a TT position, etc. (12/6)  Even if that's the case, if you are not prepared to talk about this kind of "status," what else are you NOT ready to talk about? Anyway, good luck everyone. (12/7) [12/7] I'm confused--did the first person get a call for an interview, or just ask if anyone had gotten a call/e-mail? Sorry if I'm being dense... --- 12/14 - received a rejection letter via snail mail (x4)

  • University of Toronto, Mississauga

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison (Fixed-term renewable position) Director of Italian Language Instruction.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

  • Wellesley College (Asst.Prof) Medieval and Renaissance, esp. Dante Studies.

MLA interview scheduled: N/A any news about this job search?
I've heard nothing -- twiddling the thumbs. ** I haven't heard anything either.

A colleague in my department is having a video-conf. interview at the end of January. The notification was by email last weekend (Jan 9-10).

My colleague hasn't heard anything official re campus visits, but knows through the grapevine that others have been invited. There are dark rumors of a stitch-up involving one of the Ivies. (I'm not saying that they're true, by the way; I have no way of knowing that.) (2/19)

Intriguing...a stitch-up... (3/9)

Boilerplate rej email received from HR dept (3/16), no mention of who got the job. (x2)

  • Youngstown State University (TT; Asst. Prof.)

MLA interview scheduled: interview at MLA scheduled 12/4

(3/13) received notification letter that a candidate has accepted position.

  • Franklin & Marshall (2 VAPs in Italian: 1 for pre-1800, 1 for post-1800) 2/5 per AAIS listserv.
  • 3/6: ack of application, which says phone interviews will be in March followed by campus visits.
  • 3/9: I received NO ack of application. When did the previous poster apply? And did you use some service such as Interfolio? NOW I did receive ack.(3/10)
  • 3/9: Not previous poster but I also received same ack (3/8) at campus address. Used Interfolio. (x2)
  • 3/17: friend received request for a phone interview, although not sure exactly when request was made.