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Your Status[]

PhD in hand, currently in TT job: 6

PhD in hand, currently in non-TT job (lecturer, etc.): 10

PhD in hand VAP: 3

PhD in hand adjunct: 4

PhD in hand postdoc fellowship: 3

PhD in hand, unemployed: 1

PhD in hand, non-academic job: 1

ABD, looking to defend this year: 8

ABD in non-TT job: 3

Your Field[]

Italian literature

Italian language: 1

SLA/Pedagogy (language and culture): 3

Linguistics and sociolinguistics:1


19th-20th century: 2

Ecocriticism: 1


Auburn University (AL) - Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures[]

Responsibilities: Teaching undergraduate level courses in Italian language, literature, and culture/civilization; and establishing an independent research program in Italian.

Requirements: Must have a Ph.D. in Italian.  Must be able to communicate effectively in English and Italian.  Position requires evidence of successful teaching at the college level and of potential for successful research and scholarly/professional activities. Must have authorization to work in the U.S. indefinitely. 

Send letter application, curriculum vita, official transcripts, three recommendation and sample teaching evaluations to Chair Search Committee, Italian Position, Department of Foreign Languages & Literature, 6030 Haley Center, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5204 (Ref:1716).

See more at:

Deadline: September 18, 2014.


  • Any news? Auburn University posted another tenure-track position in Italian years ago (2012)...what happened?
  • (9/28) Something is weird here. I wanted to share with this community my recent experience applying for this job. My application was in on time, however I wrote to the office ahead of the deadline to let them know that one of my refs needed a bit more time, but that I would have a dossier service send the letter ASAP. They politely enough responded thanking me for letting them know. (This was to a generic department email address, and whoever wrote the email only signed "FLL" for Foreign Lang & Lit -- lack of transparency already a bit odd.) The letters of ref went out postmarked by the deadline and should have arrived within a couple days. Surprisingly, I recieved an email from the dossier service saying the letters were returned. All of this was less than a week after the deadline. I forwarded the email right away asking for someone to verify the address and if they would like me to have the service resend via post, or email the letters at this point. I was shocked to receive a terse response from the chair stating that the address was correct but "unfortunately" it was too late to do anything at this point. I wrote back saying there might have been a miscommunication: MY application materials (that I sent) arrived on time and were presumably with the committee. The letters, for reasons unknown to me and out of my control, were returned to the service. I can have them sent via email at this point, or post again. She wrote back within an hour to say she understood the situation, and that "unfortunately" it was too late. This is reprehensible behavior. Several faculty members that have served on many new hire committees at a variety of institutions with whom I have shared this experience are utterly aghast at the chair's dismissive officious decision. After the hours spent preparing an application, thinking about the uni, how we could fit in there, improve it, gathering the specific materials they want, etc., to have such disregard for a candidate's efforts, scholarship, work -- it's really horrible. Given the paucity of options we have this year, and for many years now, of course if you get an interview, campus visit, and offer (!)  from these people you will have to seriously consider it. But this is the type of person (type of people?) with whom you will be working. For my situation, the bottom line is that they were probably not interested, but it is hard to believe that within four business days the committee had read the applications and deliberated to the point where they would have communicated a long list to the chair. It was an odd, unfortunate, and upsetting experience.
  • -I guess this time they are receiving 500 applications.
  • - In 2014, they accepted only paper applications. Their commodore 64 couldn't keep up with the high volume of applications.
  • - "Must have authorization to work in the U.S. indefinitely." Assholes. 
  • about US authorization: internationl candidates hardly have this; is not this discrimination, I wonder? Plus, I emailed them for info and they got back to me after 2 weeks - 1 day before deadline - what kind of professional people are they? I don't want to waste my precious time with this type of departments anymore. Expelled from my future list.
  • Any news?
  • I'm sure they started interviewing at this point, any news???
  • What happened here? 
  • I heard it maybe a 'green card' search to solidify the current candidate's position
  • how can this be, if according to the posting the candidate needs to already have it

- They advertised a Lecturer position, now. 

Boston College (MA) - TT Asst. Professor of Italian, Modern and Contemporary[]

Boston College invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Italian specializing in the modern and contemporary periods. This is a full-time, tenure-track appointment with a 2/3 teaching load. Contract begins July 1, 2015.

QUALIFICATIONS: The position entails the teaching of courses in nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century literature and culture (including film and other visual culture) at both the undergraduate and graduate (M.A.) levels, as well as upper-level language courses. We seek a candidate with native or near native fluency in Italian and English, with Ph.D. in hand and evidence of excellence in teaching at the college level, as well as a vigorous research and publication profile. We are especially interested in candidates who can participate effectively in interdisciplinary programs affiliated with other departments within the university.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit letter of application, CV, three letters of reference, and teaching evaluations via Interfolio by November 14, 2014. Interviews will be held at the January 2015 MLA Convention in Vancouver, Canada.


  • - Am I cynical (or jaundiced, as you like) if I think we have already a winner here (current VAP)?
  • - You are realistic. 
  • - Yep. This is the classic search where the poor candidates kill themselves (and even pay a uselessly expensive flight) while Boston faculty just wanna have a paid trip to Vancouver already knowing who the winner is. In any case, here it is uber-obvious at least.... but all universities already have their candidates. Wake up everyone!
  • A rischio di apparire di un'ingenuita' disarmante, vorrei domandare: c'e' qualcuno ben informato e in buona fede in grado di dire se varrebbe veramente la pena recarsi a Vancouver in caso di offerta di un colloquio da parte di BC? La ragione della domanda e' ovvia: salvaguardia del peculio, dato che ci si asterrebbe volentieri dallo sperperarlo.
  • I don't know if anybody can give you a definite answer on this. The truth is that, even in searches where all seemed aldready decided, it has happened that another candidate was chosen instead. So you have to make a judgment call and decide if you feel like giving it a try and investing your money/time. In bocca al lupo! 
  • Thank you for your opinion, which makes perfect sense and is wise. Buona fortuna anche a te! 
  • Any news?
  • They started scheduling interviews today (12/5)
    • No Skype allowed! 
    • WTF?
    • Yeah, WTF!!
  • Dato e concesso che i Search Commitee possono (purtroppo) fare quello che vogliono, è quasi immorale chiedere a dei graduate students, ABD, Ph.D. in posizioni precarie di pagare quasi un migliaio di dollari (forse meno se abitate più vicino al luogo della convention) per una preliminary interview che può essere benissimo condotta via Skype. Forse i candidati scelti per la preliminary che non vanno alla MLA per dare un paper dovrebbero tutti chiedere una Skype interview e fare così pressione sulla commissione. 
  • I have been in the job market for quite some time now, so my suggestion to my fellow candidates/competitors who got the invitation to the MLA for this position is the following: The committee is going to MLA, so this means that they have set aside the money for this position and they are serious about it. If you wish  to continue to progress in your career you must show collegialety and cooperation...this means investing in going to the MLA even if you have only one interview. It is like playing the lottery, and with this market, if you got the MLA invitation, you got a lottery ticket. If you decide not to go, they will just cross out your name, it will make actually their job easier, since they will have less candidates to choose from. Let's not be naive, there is no unity in the candidates, we are all competitors, why should we unite and boycott the MLA? If we are truly united, why don't we found our own university: "Unemployed State University"! I am sure that it will be a hit! joke aside...I did not receive any MLA invitation this year for any positions, otherwise I would be renewing my passport and getting prepared for the interview. In bocca al lupo to whoever is going!
  • This is they have a very strong internal candidate and they fear ( also thanks to this wiki) that nobody would go to the MLA just for their they make it mandatory ( because why missing a chance of a paid trip?). Now, think for 1 sec. If they were really interested in you ( instead of curious to discover Vancouver), wouldn't they try to arrange a 15 minutes Skype meeting to talk to you? Do they really need to see the shoes you are wearing? This is active discrimination (what about people in financial need, disabled people, citizens of countries that cannot travel to Canada without a Visa?) Write to the Dean of Boston College and explain the situation! This is absolutely unprecedented!!
  • you are right, but with this job market they just do what they want, period. Just don't apply.
  • We should collectively apply pressure to the MLA to stop this insanity. And this includes tenured faculty. Some schools have begun avoiding the conference all together. Let's face it, times have changed and it's time the MLA recognizes this. That's my two-cents...
  • You are absolutely right. Let's stop this insanity. I was involved in another search.They sent me a wonderful email to invite me to Vancouver and I decided to go. I travelled from Europe for almost 24 hours in total. When I was there the search committee was composed of 2 people instead of 3 and one was half sleeping. This means having no respect for people and these are not scholars. Never again. 
  • Any news? 
  • I assumed they had the campus visits at this point. Anybody knows more?
  • This search is concluded (2/3)
  • Did they even have candidates on campus? Answer: yes, the search is over: they picked their candidate and he or she accepted the job
  • I wonder who he is... 
  • Yeah, me too (being sarcastic)... This search was not necessary. I don't understand why Departments have to go through this (and put us through it) when they already know who they want to hire. It'd be easier and more fair if they hired directly. 
  • And, I would add, make you pay thousand of dollars for a preliminary interview when they know where they are going... Sorry, but I find it disgusting...
  • Welcome to the new world of Caccademica

Bronx Community College (NY) - TT Assistant Professor - Modern Languages (Italian)[]

This is a full time tenure track position in the Department of Modern Languages.

Perform teaching, research and guidance duties in area(s) of expertise. Share responsibility for committee and department assignments including administrative, supervisory, and other functions as may be assigned. QUALIFICATIONS Ph.D. degree in area(s) of experience or equivalent. Also required are the ability to teach successfully, demonstrated scholarship or achievement, and ability to cooperate with others for the good of the institution.

Knowledge of instructional technology is required. Minimum of 3 years college teaching experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Earned Ph.D. degree in Italian, Applied Linguistics, Bilingual Education, Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Teaching or a related field.

Native or near-native fluency in Italian and English to teach language courses. Scholarly record and research agenda, ability to teach a variety of courses in Italian, from beginning to advanced, and knowledge of new developments and technologies used in higher education.

Interest in collaborative research, working in a multidisciplinary and community environment, and teaching experience in a diverse urban college environment is strongly preferred. Expertise in translation and/or interpretation is preferred. COMPENSATION CUNY offers faculty a competitive compensation and benefits package covering health insurance, pension and retirement benefits, paid parental leave, and savings programs. We also provide mentoring and support for research, scholarship, and publication as part of our commitment to ongoing faculty professional development.

Assistant Professor salary range: $42,873 - $74,133; commensurate with qualifications and experience. HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must apply online by accessing the CUNY website at and navigating to the following links: "Employment", "Search for job listings", Job # 12880. Please attach resume, cover letter and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three professional references. Please do not include any other documentation.

Candidates should provide a CV/resume and statement of scholarly interests. CLOSING DATE: 6/14/2015.


  • Wouldn't count on this one...
  • Why? Is it for an internal candidate? Pretty much...
  • What type of University is a "Community College"? Is it just for undergraduate degree? A sort of Liberal Arts Colleges? Moreover, what's the rating of BCC? Is it a good College?
  • -Had an interview on 7/1. Through inside information, there is not internal candidate. In fact, the Italian faculty were not on the search committee.
  • - Did they extend invitations for campus visits?
  • - I haven't heard anything yet. Should hear something by Wednesday July 15 they said either way.
  • Rejection letter received (7/14)
  • Any news? Did they extend invitations for campus visits?
  • Job was cancelled, I believe due to lack of funding.

College of Staten Island, CUNY (NY) - TT Asst. Professor - Italian[]

The Department of World Languages and Literatures at The College of Staten Island (CSI), a senior college of The City University of New York (CUNY), invites applications for a tenure-track position in Italian at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning Fall 2015. The successful candidate will teach courses ranging from introductory Italian language to upper-level literature, and culture courses in his/her area of specialization from a multidisciplinary perspective. Responsibilities include: advising and mentoring students, performing departmental and college service, coordinating multi-section courses and developing initiatives for program growth. A candidate should demonstrate a concrete record of research and publication, excellence in teaching, and the performance of department and college service. The successful candidate will present credentials appropriate for possible appointment to the doctoral faculty of the CUNY Graduate School.

Required: a Ph.D. degree must have been conferred at the time of appointment. The area of specialization is 19th and 20th century Italian literature. An interest in early 20th century narrative, poetry and theater is highly desirable. Candidates should demonstrate native/near-native fluency in English and Italian, a commitment to undergraduate education, competence in foreign language pedagogy, and the ability to participate in a number of interdisciplinary programs on campus. Salary range is commensurate with experience.

To apply and view complete job description and requirements, log on to Find Job ID 11463. To be considered for this position, applicants must submit a letter of application (outlining research agenda and teaching experience), curriculum vitae, a writing sample, and three letters of recommendation, at least one of which must comment on teaching. This job closes December 1, 2014. EO/AA Employer


  • Staten Island has been all over the news for the case of Eric Garner...who wants to live there?
  • Wow. I can't believe the arrogance and ignorance of this commenter. Grow up.
  • I wanna live there. And teach there.
  • One could even live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens and teach there! Or Jersey City!
  • That's a hell of a commute...
  • news?
  • Any news?
  • Yeah I got some news...the grand jury has cleared the NYPD officer of criminal wrongdoing in the chokehold case of Eric Garner...avoid Staten Island at all cost!!!
  • --are you serious?  between ignorant crap like this (the grand jury is not made up of the profs and students of the school necessarily) and people asking "what is the deadline?" (look it up! you're a researcher!), some of the comments on here make me wish that people could be immediately disqualifed for them.  
  • I saw a post yesterday about skype interviews. What happened to that post? Are the skype interviews scheduled? 
  • Yes!
  • The search is concluded
  • Congratulations to the person hired!

Columbia University (NY) - TT Assistant Professor of Italian[]

The Department of Italian at Columbia University announces a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor specializing in Mediterranean Studies post-1700, to begin July 1, 2015. Screening of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled. We welcome applications from scholars whose formal training is in Italian literature, history, anthropology, or a related interdisciplinary field. Beyond teaching in the field of specialization, the successful candidate will be expected to teach in Columbia's Core Curriculum. Ph.D. is required to be in hand at the time of appointment.

All applications must be made through Columbia University's Recruitment of Academic Personnel System (RAPS) and must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae and list of references. Applicants also should arrange for three letters of reference to be uploaded into RAPS. For more information and to apply, please go to


  • What happened to the person they hired two years ago?
  • - The professor they hired two years ago is still teaching at the Department. He specializes in the Middle Ages. Now they want someone who also does Mediterranean Studies, but post-1700.
  • Any word on this position?
  • Any news? 
  • A candidate is giving a talk next week, so I assume that finalists have been chosen.
  • From the grapevine and confirmed 5/1: There were two finalists, neither of the finalists were italianists. Someone was hired. Person hired is not an Italianist at all. This one is a done deal. 

Ithaca College (NY) - Assistant/Associate[]

Tenure-eligible position in Italian at the Assistant or Associate Professor level, starting in the Fall semester of the 2015-2016 academic year. The successful candidate must demonstrate a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and be willing to teach Italian courses in language, literature, and culture at all levels. Applicants with an expertise in translation studies are strongly preferred. The successful candidate will be expected to develop new courses for the Italian program and for the Ithaca College Integrative Core Curriculum ( Qualifications: Native or near native fluency in Italian and English. Completed Ph.D. in an appropriate field, at least three years of teaching excellence at the undergraduate level, and a record of scholarship are required. Interested individuals should apply on-line at and attach letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation (letters of recommendation may be sent separately to: Dr. Julia Cozzarelli, Chair and Associate Professor, Italian Search, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 14850).

To apply:


- It seems like there could be an internal candidate. Does anybody know anything about this?

  • --simply that if this year's market has taught us anything it is to not worry about internal candidates. So far 2 TT jobs rumored to stay internal have not...

- do you know if it is possible to send the reccommendation letters afterwards? Or would this mean to be rejected a priori?

  • Emaill the contact person first but I don't see why they would say no
  • Recommenders should definitely email and they could reach out to dept assistants and not necessarily search committee members, if they were worried about a priori rejection. It may be helpful to know that the automated, computerized collection systems that most searches are using, that collect candidates' applications, have some flaws. One of them is that they do not send an automated request to recommenders to upload letters until the applicant has actually submitted her/his materials. Typically, recommenders can still send references to the automated system after it 'closes' and accepts no more applications, but this will vary. The searches I have been involved with anticipated this issue and did not meet until 1 week following the deadline, when applicants could no longer submit materials, so as to give recommenders the best chance to submit letters and give the fairest chances to the applicants. Recommenders know that late letters certainly affect applicants' chances, but applicants should know that they don't make the best conditions for themselves by submitting materials at the last minute (because of the way that systems sometimes work). It migt be useful to know, in addition, that systems also 'manage' responses, depending on how they are set up. This can affect when/if/how you hear from a post you may have applied to. It could also affect the tone of that acknowledgement, since it will almost certainly be impersonal and automated.

-Interview via Skype today (4/27) x2

  • - did they mention the timeline for decision?

Any news? 

  • -On campus interviews happened. The internal candidate and one other got invites. Both are over...decision should be made soon (5/6)
  • I've just received the 'rejection email' for my application :-)

James Madison University (VA) - TT Asst. Professor of Italian[]

The Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures at James Madison University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Italian at the level of Assistant Professor, beginning August 2015.

The teaching load is three courses per semester which includes courses in their field of specialization and language courses at all levels. Ability to teach courses serving the general education curriculum is highly desirable.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in hand by August 2015 with native or near-native fluency both in Italian and English and specialization in Italian studies and culture. Special consideration will be given to candidates with expertise in Medieval through Contemporary Italian Literature. Candidates should have an excellent record of prior teaching experience and show evidence of strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, service and scholarly activity. Also desirable is a willingness to organize cultural activities for students both in and outside of the classroom. The successful candidate will demonstrate excellent collaborative skills and a strong commitment to the enhancement of the Italian Program.

LINK to Apply:

MLA JIL 12/05/14 -


  • when is the deadline for this? january 30?
  • According to the link, February 1.
  • Their website says that preference will be given only to Contemporary Italian Literature. 
  • The department is still accepting applications as of 2/18/2015 even though it seems that the application review process began on 2/1/2015.
  • How do you know? Did you contact the dept? Thank you.
  • Answer: Yes, I contacted the HR person.
  • Any news here? Did they start contacting people for preliminary interviews? Thank you in advance.
  • No news good news? (03/09)
  • Contacted for Skype interview (3/08)
  • On Sunday!? Wow... anyway, thank you for letting us know.
  • It is not unusual to be contacted on the weekend or on Sunday. Search committee members are probably juggling many demands on their time during the week.
  • Have they started to contact finalists yet for the campus visit? Thanks in advance!
  • Campus invite (3/27)
  • Offer made and (I assume) accepted. (5/6)
  • Congratulations on the offer (and I hope the appointment)!

Miami University of Ohio (OH) - TT Asst. Professor of Italian[]

Assistant Professor of Italian to teach undergraduate courses in Italian; advise students; maintain an active research program; participate in study abroad program; provide service to the university and profession. Require: Ph.D. or equivalent in hand by August 2015, possess native or near-native fluency in Italian. Desire: Expertise in literature and related fields such as visual and media studies, gender, theory, philosophy, cultural studies, eco-criticism, post-humanism, politics, the Mediterranean, and/or migration. Period open. Successful candidates will demonstrate promise for outstanding scholarship and teaching in literature and/or culture and will be prepared to teach a broad innovative range of courses at all levels of the curriculum. Submit cv, cover letter, and three letters of reference to

If candidate does not have access to letters, please have them submitted via to Nicolette Utsinger's attention at Screening of applications begins November 20, 2014 and will continue until the position is filled. Miami University, an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with smoke- and tobacco-free campuses, is committed to a multicultural environment and strongly encourages applications from minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Miamis Annual Security and Fire Safety Report with information on campus crime, fires, and safety may be found at: Hard copy available upon request. Employment will require a criminal background check according to University guidelines.


  • -- I heard through the grapevine that they are looking for someone with a very strong theoretical profile (biopolitics, Italian theory, continental philosophy).
  • -- It seems very plausible to me that this job will go to the longstanding internal candidate there.
  • Have they contacted any applicants yet?
  • Request for additional material (12/10) x4
  • Called for MLA interview (12/11) x3
  • --I'm curious about the turn-around time for additional material requests.  Based on the dates here, it looks like additional materials must have been sent immediately.  Are the additional requests typically immediate ones?
  • you are right, it looks quite weird it usually takes few days or a week (without considering the time they need to actually read it)
  • they probably already have their candidate and do not really need to read the additional materials... 
  • finalists will be contacted by the end of next week (10 Jan 2015)
  • contacted for campus visit (13 January)
  • any news? did they send rejection emails yet?
  • I did not get anything yet. (2/18)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/26)
  • congratulations, successful hire!
  • Did the internal candidate get the job here?
  • No

Texas Christian University (TX) - TT Asst. Professor of Italian[]

The Department of Modern Language Studies welcomes applications for a full-time tenure-track Italian Assistant Professor, beginning in August 2015. Duties include teaching undergraduate level Italian language, literature, film and culture, and participating in service at departmental, college, and university levels. Candidates should be interested in developing the program and will co-ordinate and participate in extracurricular Italian activities and events. Teaching load is 3/2.

Position Requirements:


Candidate should have a Ph.D. degree in Italian literature and/or culture in hand by August 2015.
Applicants must have at least two years successful teaching experience at the university level and evidence of successful research agenda.
Native or near-native fluency in Italian required.

Applicants should submit a letter of application and a current CV on line at https:/tcu, Applications not submitted online will not be considered. Contact Jacqulyn Curry, TCU Employment Manager, for any questions or problems with your application at 817-257-5255 or

Application Deadline: November 3, 2014


  • Any news?
  • Request for additional materials (12/4 x7)
  • Any news here? Are they extending invitations for preliminary interviews?
  • They gave until last Thursday (12/11) to turn in additional materials, so it may be a few more days until they do so.
  • news?
  • Request for MLA interview (12/25) x2 
  • Any news on this position? Thank you in advance!
  • Since they were inviting only one candidate to campus, it is likely that information will surface only once an offer has been made and accepted. (Provided that they don't go to the second candidate.) My guess is that the other semi-finalists will be contacted in a few weeks, after the process has played out, as is customary.
  • Who said they will only invite one candidate on campus? According to proceed, there should be at least TWO candidates for an Assistant Professor position...I hope they realize that because in theory they can be sued.
  • Does anyone know how many candidates were invited for the interview at the MLA?
  • I am not aware of any US law or statute wherein a private university can be "sued" for inviting one, none or ten candidates for an on-campus visit. While it is not common to invite only one candidate, in my experience it does happen, and again, it is not something for which a university can be sued. As for the number of candidates invited to MLA, given the interview schedule that was offered I would guess no more than 5-6, but that information was not disclosed by the SC.
  • Campus interview invite sent (2/14)
  • Does anyone know if an instructor with a M.A. is legally elgible to be a chiar of a search committee for a TT position?  This is what's happening I thought is a good question to ask to whoever knows the legal implications of this...something fishy is going on with this position...State attenti!
  • As far as I know it is not 'illegal', but I do agree that it was a very strange interview, especially given the (what I regard as excessive) emphasis on research expressed by the committee member mentioned above. (After which they took care, again strangely, to stress that TCU was a teaching institution and undergraduate-focused.)
  • Something fishy? Why?
  • It is a pretty fucked up place in general for languages. The chair of the search committee knows nothing about tenure track positions, nor research and her Italian is actually embarassing. During the interview, the first sentence expressed in Italian had literally two Elementary 101 grammatical errors, and NO I am not a native speaker. Good luck whoever gets that position!
  • I hear that a candidate was chosen and accpeted through the grapevine (4/27)

University of Arizona (AZ) - TT Assistant Professor of Italian-Italian Cinema[]

The Department of French and Italian at the University of Arizona invites applications for a faculty position beginning in Fall 2015. The area of specialization is Italian Cinema, with critical, trans-disciplinary, and/or comparative approaches to film and media studies. A secondary area of expertise in modern Italian literature and theatre is highly desirable. Candidates whose research and/or teaching would advance one or more of the College of Humanities’ strategic initiatives: global studies, border studies, digital humanities, visual cultures, multilingualism are especially encouraged to apply. Ph.D. required by 5/30/15. The successful candidate will teach 2 courses per semester. Review begins on 11/15/14. Preliminary interviews will be conducted at the MLA Convention annual meeting January 8-11, 2015. The University of Arizona is an EO/AA employer. For further information on this posting and its application requirements, the department and the benefits of working for the University, visit the following links:

MLA JIL 10/10/14


  • -any news?
  • - MLA invitation extended (x2 12/4)
  •  finalists will be contacted by the end of next week (10 Jan 2015)
  • any news?
  • any, any news?
  • job talks have been scheduled [posted 1/19]
  • any news here? 
  • Offer made and accepted (3/3)
  • Congratulations to one and all, the successfully hired person and to the university. It is so refreshing to see no unnecessary chatter here concerning searches, their legitimacy, and the way they are conducted!
  • Agreed.

University of California at Berkeley (CA) - TT Assistant Professor of Renaissance/Early Modern Visual Culture[]

Departments of History of Art and Italian Studies, University of California at Berkeley. Assistant Professor of Renaissance/Early Modern Visual Culture in the Mediterranean world (tenure-track). Appointment effective July 1, 2015; candidates must have Ph.D. dissertation or equivalent underway at time of application. The Departments seek a specialist within the period (approx. 1300-1600) with strong interdisciplinary and/or comparative interests extending geographically beyond the boundaries of the Italian peninsula and the ability to contribute to the curricula and research profiles of both History of Art and Italian Studies. Areas of interest might include the relations between visual, verbal and material culture; travel studies; architectural history; cultural exchange between Europe and the East and/or Africa, or the New World. Teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels is expected, including the ability to teach in the Italian language where relevant.

Ph.D. or equivalent must be completed by July 1, 2015.

The Departments seek candidates whose research, teaching, and/or service has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and inclusion in higher education. Applications must include cover letter, brief statements of current research and teaching interests, current CV, writing sample (ca. 25 pages), and three letters of reference. Following University of California policy and California state law, all letters will be held in confidence. Even when letters are provided by a third party (e.g. dossier service), please refer recommenders to the UC Berkeley statement on confidentiality at All application materials should be uploaded to the secure search portal at by September 15, 2014. Questions can be addressed to Beate Fricke, Chair, Renaissance/Early Modern Visual Culture Search Committee, Department of History of Art, University of California at Berkeley, 415 Doe University Library, Berkeley, CA 94720-6020 at


  • Candidate Picked. Job offer to be extended soon.
  • Congratulations to the person hired!
  • 3 finalist have been picked/job talks have been scheduled

University of Chicago (IL) - TT Assistant or Associate Professor in Modern Italian Literature[]

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago invites applications for a faculty position in modern Italian literature and culture (1850 to present) at the assistant (tenure-track) or associate (tenure-track or tenured) level, with a preferred start date of July 1, 2015.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate serious scholarly promise, commitment to excellence in teaching, native or near-native Italian and English, and a willingness to participate fully in a vibrant program with strong ties to neighboring disciplines in humanities, arts, and social sciences. For assistant-level candidates, PhD or defended dissertation by June 30, 2015, is highly preferred.

Applications must include a letter of interest/cover letter, CV, and writing sample. Applications must also include three letters of recommendation for applicants at the assistant level and a list of three referees for those applying at the associate level. If the writing sample is in Italian, a second one in English would be welcome, although not required. All materials, except letters of recommendation for assistant-level applicants and a list of referees for associate-level applicants, must be submitted online via the University of Chicago Academic Career Opportunities website at, posting #02292.

Recommendation letters for assistant-level applicants must be submitted by your referees or a portfolio service (such as Interfolio) either through the Academic Careers website (strongly preferred) or by email to A list of referees for associate-level applicants must be submitted through the Academic Careers website (strongly preferred) or by email to

For full consideration, all materials must be received by November 1, 2014. Review of applications will continue until the position is filled; no materials will be accepted after December 15, 2014.


  • Most probably they want a woman (all the professors there are currently men). 
  • You will NEVER find a job in Italian studies if you are not a woman and if you do not know well THE professor (male or female) who will make the choise for this Department. Unless of course, your supervisor can work the magic for u. Such a sad system....
  • I am wondering where are you getting this truth from.
  • To poster on men/women two posts back: not at all true.  I'm a relatively recent male hire in a full-time Italian Studies position and know of at least one job where a search committee could not reach a consensus because one faction was insisting on hiring a man.  I'm not saying it's easy (for a woman or a man) and consider myself extremely fortunate to be where I am, ma calmiamoci un po'!
  • Well, I kind of agree with the second post - I am a recent female hire and I know they hired my because they were all men and my advisor knew the chair of the Department. I am not saying I didn't deserve the position - but I feel we at least owe some honesty to the other candidates who didn't make it.
  • Notwithstanding our different areas of emphasis, nearly all of us with PhDs are suitably qualified for most positions advertised in the last few years. We're a cool bunch (imho), but for most Italian Studies tasks, we're pretty interchangeable. So the choice often comes down to other factors, and unfortunately, the who-knows-whom thing plays a disproportionate role among them. It came into play for my current (adjunct) position, and I hate that part of it—i.e., that one phone call by another academic counted for more in my selection than my years of study, research, and teaching. The testimony of those of you who have earned positions in truly open competitions in encouraging, but frequently that doesn't seem to be the system in play.
  • Guys, of all the places to be having this debate about, UChicago seems like the unlikeliest. It's the ultimate pointy-headed school, more so even than the Ivies and Stanford. They will hire the pointest-headed person they can find, male, female, or genderqueer. As for phonecalls from senior colleagues deciding jobs: it happens for visiting/adjunct positions, where the resources to stage a search are often scanty, but my experience with the tenure-tracks is that getting a barone on the line will harm your case rather than help it.
  • In years that I follow this wiki, the previous poster is one of the few people who actually ever game me the impression they know how the hiring procedure works. If your application is rejected, I'm sorry but someone else was a better candidate. If blaming race and/or gender makes your frustration more bearable, go ahead, you're welcome. As far as I'm concerned, I have no advantage from hiring an incompetent candidate so I can adjust some statistics on diversity among faculty members. I wish you success and good luck for this year's market.
  • With such a backlog, visiting or adjunct are often the only positions a recent graduate can obtain - especially if they don't know anyone. That was my case. I am ambivalent about what was said before. Truth is somewhere in btw, but it is certainly very depressing for the thousands of "pointest-headed" phds who never found a job.
  • All the above comments are rather interesting. As someone who was at UChicago for awhile, the last hire was an ABD at the time of hire. When he was hired, the graduate director at that time announced that when he/she would retire the faculty promised to replace that position with a woman because UC has had a long history of strong female professors. The reality: they will hire whoever they want! Apply! Don't let the associate title frighten you either. It's all a crap shoot and a lot of the time beyond a strong research record, they are looking for a fit. That is unprescribable.
  • I too spent time at Chicago, and I would say that in this specific case, there is a lot of momentum there for the hiring of a female Italianist. That doesn't exclude the possibility that a male professor will be hired, but it's simply untrue that in this case the odds are stacked evenly. 
  • I too spent a lot of time at the UofC so we probably know each other pretty well. I agree with the above post: they might hire a male professor, but it's really really unlikely.
  • Any updates? 
  • At this point, I imagine the decisions will be made next week (the application deadline specified no materials after Dec. 15), which obviously leaves fewer than 3 weeks to book travel to Vancouver. But if we had to send in our applications by November 1st, why did they spend so long twiddling their thumbs? Just to make us wait to book expensive flights and hotels?
  • Usually they don't contact those who haven't made the MLA. That's the new world order...
  • What does the previous post mean?
  • I mean that if you have NOT been selected for an MLA interview, you will most likely not be contacted. 
  • And what is new about that? It was one of the key reasons that the Wikis were created in the first place. It's unfortunate, but it's also the way things have worked for years. In this case, it may also be that they're not even going to the MLA. The job ad doesn't specify one way or another.
  • Exactly. They also don't contact rejected applicants because in case the selected applicants don't work out, they have backups. I'm still waiting for some schools to contact me from two years ago!
  • another FYI...for the associate level, they only have to invite ONE candidate at campus! Most tier one research schools try to find an associate because they are not held to the 'typical', 'expected' MLA guidelines, even though they are only just that guidelines. Hence, presence at the MLA will probably not be occurring.
  • I've never seen that happening, but it may be the case for some schools running a purely associate search. However, this is a search open to both assistant and associate, and in such cases I have always seen a mixture of tiered candidates (and certainly more than one) invited for the final on-campus interviews. There is no reason to expect in any case that Chicago will do away with preliminary interviews, whether MLA and/or Skype.
  • Actually, this department has routinely gone straight to campus visits (with no preliminary interviews) several times in the past, even when all the candidates are assistant-level. That is what they are doing this year with the Brazilianist position.
  • Called for skype interview in early Jan
  • Rejection email received (Jan. 7x2) -
  • Do they send a rejection email?
  • Wondering if this is all done?
  • I'd say so. A new name is listed on the website as teaching courses for the 15-16 year. It's safe to assume it's the new hire. Congratulations to the hired person!
  • congrats all around!

University of Kansas (KS) - Assistant Professor of Italian[]

The University of Kansas seeks to fill an assistant professor of Italian position in the area of 20th/21st century Italian language, literature, culture, and film. This is a tenure-track, faculty position expected to begin as early as 18 August 2015. Required qualifications: Ph.D. in Italian studies is expected at the time of application; specialization in 20th/21st centuries, language, literature, culture, or film; significant publications or strong promise of scholarly productivity; native or near native command of Italian and English; teaching experience at the university level in North America; and demonstrated ability to direct or co-direct the Italian Summer Language Institute program in Florence, and to assist in outreach activities, such as the Tavola italiana.

For a complete position description and to apply on-line, go to: or and search openings by keyword [Italian]. Submit online a letter of application, curriculum vita, statement of teaching experiences and interests, teaching evaluations, and writing samples (article or chapter length, 3 MB limit), and the contact information for three references.  In addition, arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent separately to Prof. Caroline Jewers, Chair, Search Committee, Department of French and Italian, University of Kansas, Lawrence KS 66045 (785 864 4056;

Application deadline is March 2, 2015. - Extended to March 4, 2015 per KU website (2/11)

See more at:


  • - Am I the only one who never received any automatic confirmation message by the website (or less automatic by the dept, despite I sent them an email asking whether or not they received my material)?
  • - I applied a few years ago for a VAP position and NEVER heard back from them despite repeated emails. Good luck!
  • Any news here?
  • News??

University of Maryland (MD) - Assistant Professor of Italian and Film Studies []

The School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (SLLC) at the University of Maryland in College Park invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in Italian and Film Studies beginning in Fall 2015. The area of specialization should be Italian Cinema with a strong interest in global and transnational film cultures. We seek a scholar with the ability to teach a wide range of courses in Italian language, literature, and film as well as post-war Italian culture and intellectual history. The successful candidate must be committed to undergraduate education and ready to contribute to existing initiatives in SLLC and in the College of Arts and Humanities such as the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies and the Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity (CRGE). The candidate should also be committed to working within the expanding Program in Film Studies. Evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarly promise required. Publications are preferred. Requirements include: native or near-native fluency in Italian and English, and a Ph.D. in hand by May 15, 2015. This position is contingent on the continued availability of funds. For full consideration, applicants should submit a letter of application, including a short description of current research plans, a CV, the names and email addresses for three references, and a 25-30 page writing sample (published article or work-in-progress). Applications must be uploaded to the University of Maryland web-based employment application system at Please address inquiries to search committee co-chairs Joseph Falvo (Italian) and Hester Baer (Film Studies and German).

MLA JIL 10/24/14 -


  • Reference Letters requested (12/4) (x8)
  • Isn't the closing date Dec. 24?
  • Has anyone heard any updates on the budget crisis in MD that has caused other schools to implement a hiring freeze? Is UMD College Park affected by this?
  • anyone heard anything here? are they doing MLA interviews? if so: d'oh
  • They didn't do MLA. Maryland's Spring semester begins the last week of January, so I suspect that they will be meeting this week to determine candidates for preliminary interviews.
  • any news??
  • Looks bleak:
  • The story is dated Dec. 10. I spoke to a friend at Towson University (also on a freeze) who is on a hiring committee. Towson, like all Maryland state schools, is under a freeze, but some searches will go through and others won't. My friend's search is going forward but they have no guarantee as to whether or not they will actually get the funding to make an offer. I imagine most MD state schools with ongoing searches are in a similar situation.
  • any news?
  • Received an email from the committee chairs stating that the process has been slower than anticipated, the search is ongoing, and they will be moving ahead in the coming weeks. (1/30/15) (x4)
  • any news? anybody contacted?
  • Received an email stating that the position has been postponed, which I assume means cancelled. (2/16/15) (x3)

University of South Carolina (SC) - TT Asst. Professor, Renaissance Literary and Cultural Studies[]

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures ( at the University of South Carolina announces a tenure-track assistant professor position in Renaissance Literary and Cultural Studies. The successful candidate must be able to teach a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses in Comparative Literature, Italian language at all levels, and will be expected to have an active research agenda connecting the Italian Renaissance to other regions, especially France and/or Spain. Special consideration will be given to candidates who have secondary interests in art history and/or interdisciplinary studies. Teaching responsibilities include two courses per semester, and offer the opportunity to teach in the nationally-ranked Comparative Literature program. A Ph.D. is required, in hand by August 1, 2015. Evidence of teaching experience at the collegiate level is also required. Applicants should submit a letter of application, current CV, and three signed letters of recommendation to: For full consideration by the search committee, complete applications should be received through the Interfolio website no later than October 15, 2014. The University of South Carolina is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply. The University of South Carolina does not discriminate in educational or employment opportunities or decisions for qualified persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Job Announcement (RSA)


  • MLA interview invitations sent yesterday (15/11).
  • any news here?
  • Any news yet? (2/1)
  • On-campus invitations sent (2/2) Q:Invitations were sent today, or is that just the date of your post? Thank you in advance. Just the date of the post.
  • Boilerplate message informing the position has been filled (2/24)
  • What was your MLA experience here?
  • two people in the committee out of three announced, one of the two half sleeping
  • All three announced committee members there, though it sounded like the same committee was also running the French search. At 30 mins, shorter than many TT MLA interviews.
  • Congratulations to whoever was hired.

University of St. Thomas (MN) - TT Asst. Professor of Italian[]

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages at the University of St. Thomas is seeking a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Italian. The successful candidate will teach courses for our newly-developed core language sequence (first three semesters). Although the initial appointment will only involve teaching the elementary and intermediate levels, there is a possibility for program growth. Other duties include student advising, department and university service, community engagement and involvement in study abroad programs. Innovative approaches to teaching, demonstrated excellence in teaching, knowledge/use of technology in the classroom, and an established, or potential research agenda are essential. 3/3 teaching load. Salary is commensurate with qualifications.

Submit the following documentation ONLINE: 1. Cover letter 2. Curriculum vitae 3. Statement of teaching philosophy with description of research agenda 4. Unofficial transcripts 5. Writing sample/sample publication 6. Evidence of teaching effectiveness (three complete sets of student evaluations with accompanying data sheets and written comments). In addition, please have three letters of recommendation sent to" . Priority will be given to applications received by December 1. Preliminary interviews will be conducted at the Modern Language Association Convention in Vancouver and/or by phone/Skype.

Ph.D. preferred, ABD considered (with initial appointment at rank of instructor). Native or near-native fluency in Italian required. Area of specialization is open.

Established in 1885, the University of St. Thomas is located in the major metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and is Minnesota’s largest private university. Its 10,000 students pursue degrees in a wide range of liberal arts, professional, and graduate programs.

Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the University of St. Thomas educates students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely, and work skillfully to advance the common good, and seeks to develop individuals who combine career competency with cultural awareness and intellectual curiosity. The successful candidate will possess a commitment to the ideals of this mission. The University of St. Thomas has a strong commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion, to equal opportunity policies and practices, and to the principles and goals of affirmative action. In that spirit, the University welcomes nominations and applications from a broad and diverse applicant pool.

MLA JIL 10/17/14 -



  • - I've heard this position was created for their current adjunct instructor. Does anybody have information about this search? Is that just a rumor? 
  • - I have heard that this position was created for someone specific. Not sure if s/he is the current adjunct, but yes it seems that they have already someone in mind.
  • - It seems plausible given that the current adjunct instructor is the wife of a professor (different department) there.
  • Any news?
  • Contacted via email for an MLA interview, with option to do Skype. (12/12) - x2
  • Good for them for making this option available! To me, this speaks volumes about the kind of colleagues they would make.
  • Any news here? They said that they will contact finalists by mid January or so.
  • Anyone have a update?
  • Normally after two weeks I would not be so sanguine, but since they were conducting two other concurrent searches, and since finalists for these positions were not contacted separately but piecemeal, there is still a chance that no one has been contacted.
  • Any post MLA news?
  • Invited for campus visit on 2/2
  • Any news after campus interviews?
  • So what's going on here? Did they offer the job to the adjunct instructor (wife of the theology professor)?
  • ^ No: offer extended to and accepted by an external candidate.

University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) - Lectureship / Senior Lectureship in Italian[]


STARTING DATE: 02 January 2015

Italian Studies invites applications for a Lectureship / Senior Lectureship in Italian from suitably qualified candidates with experience in teaching language as well as literature at university level and is a keen researcher with an established publication record. An interest in Comparative European literatures or literary theory, Medieval and Renaissance literature, Gender, Postcolonial or Mediterranean studies would be an advantage.

Applicants should have native or near native competence in Italian, proficiency in spoken and written English, supervision and leadership skills.

Qualifications required: Ph.D in Italian Language or Literature 

The successful applicant will be required to: lecture and tutor a wide-ranging curriculum across all years of study, teaching language, literature and culture; be an active researcher in areas related to teaching or personal field of interest and keen to participate in and promote interdisciplinary research; supervise postgraduate students; participate in the administration of the department and at School level and take part in the intellectual life of the School and University.

Remuneration will be commensurate with qualifications and relevant experience.

To apply: Register your profile on the Wits i-recruitment platform located at and submit your application with a covering letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae, names and contact details of three referees in the profession.

Closing Date: 31 August 2014

Enquiries: Prof. Libby Meintjes ( and Mrs. Claudia Gianoglio ( )

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


  • This one should appear with the TT jobs. Lecturer and Senior Lecturer are roughly equivalent to Assistant and Associate Professor in systems that follow the UK model. [moved 09/19/14]
  • Rejection email Oct. 2

Villanova University (PA) - TT Asst. Professor of Italian[]

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Villanova University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor of Italian Studies beginning in Fall 2015, with a specialization in Italian Medieval or Renaissance studies.

Villanova University is a Catholic University sponsored by the Augustinian Order. Diversity and Inclusion have been and will continue to be an integral component of Villanova University Mission. The University is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative employer, and seeks candidates who understand, respect and can contribute to the University Mission and values.

Job Requirements: Ph.D. or equivalent in hand by August 2015, native or near-native fluency in Italian and English, a commitment to undergraduate education, competence in foreign language pedagogy.

Link to Apply:

Deadline: Review of applications will begin March 10th, 2015 and continue until the position is filled.


  • -Didn't they do a search last year? What happened? 
  • --Yes, they did do a search last year, and it was successful. They are now hiring another professor, with a different specialization.
  • - Somebody left. They did have another full-time faculty member who's not there anymore. 
  • Skype interview scheduled (3/9) x 3
  • It looks like there may be an internal candidate. Does anyone know anything about this?
  • Interviews have already been scheduled? Seriously?! The deadline is tomorrow. (3/9)
  • I've heard there is an internal candidate.  
  • You mean they started contacting candidates before the deadline? Wow.
  • Any news? Have they invited finalists on campus yet? 
  • Campus invite (3/17)
  • Congrats to the finalists, but this is ridic.
  • How many finalists made it to the campus visit?
  • Someone cancelled the comment I made yesterday about the fact that skype interviews were scheduled before the deadline and about the actual state of Italian studies in the US. A confirmation of what I was saying. 
  • Get over it! You have no evidence that applications submitted on the deadline day were excluded, only that they called some people a day early. If you think that premise leads logically to the conclusion that Italian studies is a rotten discipline then you need to go back to the Posterior Analytics.
  • Aristotle is indeed a great philosopher, whose works everyone quotes but very few really read and understand today (particularly his logic). He teaches us to read carefully, understand thoroughly, and finally comment on what we read. 
  • That's Augustine you're thinking of, with a smattering of Petrarch. Aristotle doesn't teach us to read, he teaches us to demonstrate.
  • He teaches both, of course, but you can learn what you wish/ like, or nothing at all
    • Of course, let's collapse every author and every historical period into one flat model of hermeneutics so we can "learn what we wish." Then we can lecture others about how few people "really read and understand" texts that we are ourselves mischaracterizing. Because who cares that Aristotle pre-dates big changes like the rise of commentary culture in the Hellenistic period, and Christianity's establisment of the Bible, and therefore reading, as the ultimate source of wisdom? What matters is what we want to see.
    • The second part of my sentence was clearly ironical and referred to a non-method (you seemed to me exactly the one who picks up things). And Interestingly enough, you did not get it. In any case, there is too much confusion here and no intellectual ground for a discussion. Good luck everyone. 
  • So, how many finalists? Was an offer made already?
  • 3 finalists, I think. Any new developments?
  • What's going on here? An offer has been made?
  • Offer made & accepted. I just got my kindly-worded rejection. (5/7)
  • so, congratulations all around, then, to the person who was hired, and to the search committee who has impressed at least one candidate with its civility.

Wesleyan University (CT) - TT Assistant Professor of Italian[]

Effective July 1, 2015. Assistant professor (tenure-track) in Italian. Primary focus: medieval/early modern Italian studies (literature, culture and the visual arts). Historical, interdisciplinary and intercultural breadth essential. The successful candidate will have a proven record of scholarship in medieval and/or early modern Italian Studies and be eager to teach a broad range of courses on Italian literature and cultural history prior to 1800.

We welcome applications particularly (but not exclusively) from scholars whose research focuses on one or a combination of the following fields: Dante and medieval cultural history; science, culture and society in early modern Italy; early modern Italian cultural studies focusing on Mediterranean and transnational Italy. Candidates must be prepared to teach Italian language at all levels and a wide array of courses on Italian literature and cultural history prior to 1800. They will also be expected to participate fully in the rich interdepartmental culture of Wesleyan University and to strive to integrate the field across the disciplines, on and off campus. Requirements: PhD in hand or very near completion; native or near-native fluency in Italian; demonstrated commitment to scholarship and evidence of excellence in undergraduate teaching. Typical teaching load: two seminars (1 in Italian, 1 in English) and two language courses per year. Assistance in coordinating the multi-sectional language program. Administrative support for Wesleyan’s Program in Bologna and commitment to outreach vis-à-vis the local Italian American community.

Submit cover letter, CV, email addresses for 3 referees, a statement of teaching philosophy, and a 15-25 page writing sample in English or Italian, by midnight, September 30, to Chair, Italian Search Committee, by way of the following link, which will open August 1: Semi-finalists will be interviewed by Skype in the second half of October and finalists will be brought to campus in November, with the aim of concluding the search before the end of the fall semester.


  • Does anybody know anything about this search?
  • What do you want to know?
  • Didn't they hire somebody last year? Internal candidate?
  • They hired a language co-ordinator last year in an unrelated search. There is also a newly hired VAP teaching similar classes to this TT hire. There's no preordained candidate: they'll hire the best and most fitting person for the job.
  • Any news on Wesleyan yet? Have they started Skype interviews?
  • No answer for me yet. Anobody else? 
  • They are interviewing today, Monday, and Tuesday. [posted 10/10/14]
  • Thanks! I guess I did not make the first cut then. 
  • Have they started campus interviews? 
  • Ad says November?
  • At the end of the Skype interview, they said they would let candidates know if they made it to the campus interviews by October 25th. Campus interviews should start around November 15th. Rumor has it that the VAP is pretty much their candidate. 
  • Rumors are pretty much just that. I am wondering what you know that others do not and where you may have heard it from. If you can't demonstrate credibility, it seems less than productive to repeat a rumor. Is this space for circulating information or rumors?
  • It's both, and always has been. Attempting to stifle that is a bit suspect. 
  • Very suspect. Very.
  • It's interesting that someone attempting to shine a bit of light on RUMORS is the one who is suspect.
  • I thought Oct 25 was the "hoped for" date for letting finalists know. I didn't hear any definitive date for campus visits, though they did say they want to finish by December, which is what the ad more or less says.
  • When we talked, they explicitly said campus visits would be around Nov 15. 
  • All consistent with finishing in December. When we talked, they explained that admin has to weigh in and that was why they couldn't give definitive dates for either invites or visits.
  • Visits will take place Nov 11-19. They are not wasting time.
  • Do you know if they considered ABDs or not? Just curious. 
  • They did. At least one of the finalists is ABD.
  • Have they reached a decision here?
  • An offer has been made.
  • Offer accepted.
  • Did it go to the inside candidate in the end or to someone else?
  • At once Rumour runs through Libya’s great cities – Rumour the swiftest of all evils. Speed lends her strength, and she winds vigour as she goes; small at first through fear, soon she mounts up to heaven, and walks the ground with head hidden in the clouds. (Aen. 4.173-77
  • Translation of the translation: there was no inside candidate. The job went to someone who does not currently work there.
    • Not to their current VPA.
    • Would you mind sharing fields? 
    • Is there an official appointment? Is s/he the ABD?
    • Yes, and yes.
    • That's good news for Wesleyan (and for him). I met him many times and read his stuff on Petrarch. He's the bomb.
    • I am very curious now to know whoever this bomb is. There are so many (excellent scholars) around nowadays.
    • Post your email and I'll tell you :)
    • I have a feeling that the winner is from the UK (my understanding was that they favored candidates from that region). Check the history of their department in hiring two consecutives British VAPs.
    • --At once Rumour runs through Libya’s great cities – Rumour the swiftest of all evils. Speed lends her strength, and she winds vigour as she goes; small at first through fear, soon she mounts up to heaven, and walks the ground with head hidden in the clouds. (Aen. 4.173-77)
    • Funny! So much for rumors!
    • He's not British, he's Italian. With an American post-graduate education. 
  • And the plot thickens....the successful candidate is not from the UK.
  • With an ivy league education? 
  • Among other things.
  • I think I know him too. 
  • Supposedly not an Ivy grad. Heard through reliable sources that he graduated from a Big 10 state university. That is good news for a lot of us.
  • Well, you might want to reevaluate the reliability of your sources! He has yet to graduate, and will not graduate from a Big 10 university. The previous posters have it right.
  • Now the search is over, can we call time on this thread for good now please? It has topped all other wikis I've followed for misinformation, confusion, and paranoia. If you're still in doubt about who the successful candidate was and want to know, you'd best wait till the Fall and check the department website because the postings here have been consistently misleading.
  • I agree with the previous post. Much ado about nothing here, in many respects.
  • No more gossip around here? That's too too bad.
  • just a question: was this search really necessary? They should have hired directly.
  • Just another question: could the previous poster please elaborate what s/he meant? Because it seems nonsensical, or, at the least, not to take into account what has been testified to here time and again, that this was an OPEN search that did not have a preordained hire in mind. This being the case, how could the search have been anything BUT necessary? How could colleagues there have gone through any of the steps they went through (and attested to by candidates) and made an appointment without conducting a search? Whom, exactly, were they supposed to 'hire directly'?
  • This search is over. A few posts ago someone asked everyone to stop, observing the rank disinformation that was repeatedly posted here. I'm not helping the stopping part, but I must say that it's sad (a bit pathetic, actually) that there has emerged a preference for rumor over fact as regards this particular search. It's striking. And dispiriting. The search is over and there was no internal candidate. Congratulations to the successful hire. Let's move on.


Clemson University (SC) - Visiting Assistant (One year)[]

Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian. This is a one-year position at the Department of Languages at Clemson University beginning August 2015. The teaching load is 3/3 per semester, which includes language courses at all levels as well as literature and culture courses. 

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in hand by August 2014 with native or near-native fluency both in Italian and English and specialization in Italian studies and culture. Special consideration will be given to candidates with expertise in Medieval Italian Literature. Candidates should have an excellent record of prior teaching experience and show evidence of strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, potential for successful research, service and scholarly activity. Also desirable is a willingness to organize cultural activities for students both in and outside of the classroom. The successful candidate will demonstrate competence in foreign language pedagogy, excellent collaborative skills and a strong commitment to the enhancement of the Italian Program.


  • any news? 
  • NEWS?
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Any rejection e-mail?
  • è una battuta?
  • They should send a few words saying the search is over or not?
  • You should, eventually, receive word. Posts here are very quick. Real, institutional time is longer. There's another useful post somewhere on this wiki about the automated systems being used and how they are not the greatest for responding and how they can leave a lot to be desired as to tone.
  • Thanks for the note

Colby College (ME) - Assistant Professor or Instructor in Italian (3 yr. renewable) The Department of French and Italian is seeking an Assistant Professor or Instructor in Italian for a continuing three-year position, renewable for additional three-year terms, to begin September 1, 2015. PhD preferred, ABD considered. The successful candidate will be part of an energetic department committed to providing the best education possible to talented undergraduates. We are particularly interested in individuals with considerable experience in language instruction and teaching/research expertise in contemporary Italian culture, and especially literature and film. This is a non-tenured and non-tenurable 4/5th position, with a teaching load of four courses per year, at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Applications must include: a cover letter, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, one-page statements of teaching philosophy and research interests, a representative sample of current scholarship, e.g., reprints of recently published work or a sample of work in progress, and evidence of teaching effectiveness, e.g., complete sets of course evaluations for two different classes. Applications need to be submitted electronically in pdf format, by November 15, to Address all inquiries to Arthur Greenspan, Chair of Italian Search Committee ( Review of applications will begin immediately, and will continue until the position is filled.


  • Confirmation of receipt of materials (1x 11/18)
  • Contacted by email for MLA interview (x 4 11/25)
  • any news? 
  • Haven't heard anything yet (01/19 x 3)
  • Contacted for Campus Visit 
  • any news?
  • Offer made and accepted
  • congratulations to whoever got hired!

Harvard University - Director for the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti[]

Harvard University invites applications for the position of Director of the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti. The Center is located on the outskirts of Florence, Italy.

The Center is devoted to the advanced study of the Italian Renaissance in all its aspects: the history of art; political, economic, and social history; the history of science, philosophy, and religion; and the history of literature and music. It supports a community of post-doctoral scholars, and through lectures and seminars provides a unique intellectual community, bringing together academics from across the globe. With 175,000 volumes and more than 250,000 photographs and other visual materials, the Center’s library is a unique scholarly resource in its own right.

The Director will oversee all academic and administrative aspects of the Center, including supervision of approximately 50 staff members.

The University seeks candidates of outstanding scholarly achievements in a field of study covered by the Center and a demonstrated interest in looking at Italian culture in a global context. Demonstrated academic and administrative leadership ability is a requirement.

Individuals who wish to apply are encouraged to submit a current curriculum vitae (including e-mail-address) to by July 30, 2014. Please refer to the Center’s Website at for more information on its activities.


Harvard University: Lauro De Bosis Lectureship in the History of Italian Civilization[]

(Deadline passed)

The Committee for the Lauro De Bosis Lectureship in the History of Italian Civilization at Harvard University seeks candidates who attained their Ph.D. (or equivalent) within the past ten years (December 2004 or after), for a postdoctoral fellowship in any aspect of Italian culture, history, and society, to be held during the academic year 2015-2016. The fellowship may be one or two semesters in length, depending on the proposed research project; it carries a stipend of $25,000 for one semester and $50,000 for two semesters. The recipient of the fellowship will be expected to be in residence in Cambridge for the entire period of her or his appointment, and to use the resources of the University to pursue a project with a substantial Italian component. He or she will also have the opportunity to teach a course or organize a workshop at Harvard, and will be expected to make a seminar presentation of his or her work. Applicants should submit a 1000-word English-language description of their project, a curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation (sent separately by the recommenders) by e-mail to Christopher Brown at All applications should include a facing page including the following information: the candidate's name, current affiliation, mailing address, telephone, e-mail address, the title of the proposal, the month and year the Ph.D. (or equivalent) was obtained, the name of the institution that granted the degree, and the names and e-mail addresses of the recommenders. All queries regarding the fellowship should be sent via e-mail to the following address:

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications must be received by Friday, March 13, 2015.


  • Any News here, or is it too soon?

Dartmouth College - Visiting Faculty Member in Italian (Instructor) - 1-year Position.[]

The Department of French and Italian at Dartmouth College seeks a visiting faculty member for an appointment in Italian for the 2015-16 academic year.  Courses will be in language and literature, with a maximum of five trimester courses available.  Requirements include native or near-native fluency in Italian, experience in college-level language and literature instruction and Ph.D in hand.  Please send letter of inquiry, cv., three letters of recommendation, two complete sets of student evaluations and copies of up to two published articles or conference research presentations. You may also include syllabi from literature courses that you have taught.  Submit all materials electronically to Interfolio  by April 1, 2015. AA/EOE. Dartmouth College is an Equal Opportunity employer and strongly encourages women, minorities and veterans to apply.


  • - It is not clear what specialization they are looking for. Does anybody know anything about this?
  • - I don't know much about it, but I noticed that one of their professors won the I Tatti fellowship for the next academic year (the info is public, on their website). So if they are trying to substitute for her for one year, they may be looking for somebody who does similar stuff. 
  • - The search is open to all specializations. The teaching is three language courses; one "topics" seminar (i.e. create your own syllabus, taught in Italian); and one of ITAL 22 (the Renaissance) or ITAL 25 (Modern and Contemporary). If you can cover those courses and you want the job, you should apply.
  • Have they contacted anybody yet?
  • News anybody?
  • Skype interviews scheduled for week of April 20.
  • Did they email/call you?
  • News?
  • Offer made and accepted (4/30)
  • congratulations!

Kenyon College (OH) - Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian []

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Kenyon College invites applications for a one year visiting full time position in Italian, beginning Fall 2015. Applicants should have completed their PhD (but those in the advanced stages of writing their dissertations may be considered) and show their experience and willingness to teach Italian language, culture and literature at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum. They should demonstrate active engagement in scholarship as well. Native or near-native fluency in Italian is required. Teaching load is 3:2.

Kenyon College offers competitive salaries and a benefits package, including spouse and domestic partner benefits. An EOE, Kenyon College welcomes diversity and encourages the applications of women and minority candidates.

MLA JIL 10/24/14


  • What are we supposed to send here? Cover letter? Writing sample?
  • Any news?
  • Contacted for Skype/tel. interview (12/28). (x 2 12/28)
  • did they hire?
  • Skype interviews are taking place today, January 17.
  • Interviews also took place yesterday, 1/16. The interviews this weekend are first round.
  • Contacted for campus visit.
  • 3/31 Offer made - 4/1 Regretfully declined
  • Received the infamous rejection email (4/13)

Miami University (OH) - Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor (possible multiple positions) in Italian[]

Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor (possible multiple positions) in Italian to teach Italian language and literature courses; advise students; contribute to intellectual environment of department; contribute minor departmental service. Required: PhD or equivalent by date of appointment (for appointment as Visiting Assistant Professor), ABD (for appointment as Instructor); native or near-native fluency in Italian and English.

Preferred: Strong record of scholarship; expertise in Dante, medieval, and/or early modern.  

Submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae to  Three letters of reference are required and should be sent via email to Nicolette Utsinger at  Review of applications will begin on April 17, 2015 and continues until position is filled.  Miami University, an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with smoke- and tobacco-free campuses, is committed to a multicultural environment and strongly encourages applications from minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Miami’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report with information on campus crime, fires, and safety may be found at: Hard copy available upon request. Employment will require a criminal background check according to University guidelines.


  • request for writing sample
  • News?
  • any news here?

New York University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian (Medieval Italian Studies)[]

The Department of Italian Studies of New York University invites applications for a one-year, non-tenure track Visiting Assistant Professor position to begin September 1, 2015, pending administrative and budgetary approval. Applications are welcomed from candidates in all fields of medieval Italian studies.

Candidates should submit a letter of application, a c.v. and three referees, via the “Employment” link on the NYU Department of Italian Studies web site: The deadline for applications is December 10, 2014.


  • There is also a writing sample required through the online application.
  • There is actually no writing sample required or I could not find it. Only two required docs: coverletter and CV. 
  • Also posted at Art History 2014-2015
  • Any news here?
  • Request to schedule interview (2/26)
  • rejection e-mail already sent? (3/6)
  • Sent requested additional materials; haven't heard anything (3/7)
  • Rejection received via email 3/26

Tufts University (MA) - Full-time Lecturer of Italian[]

Full-time Lecturer of Italian beginning September 1, 2015. The Department of Romance Languages is seeking a full-time lecturer in Italian to teach all levels of language (three courses per semester). Review of applications begins November 17, 2014, and continues until the position is filled. Native or near-native fluency in Italian, M.A., and previous college-level teaching experience required; Ph.D. desirable. Participation in extra-curricular activities and other university service, as well as familiarity with instructional technology, expected. Applicants should submit cover letter and updated CV and arrange to have three confidential letters of reference submitted to


-Any news from Tufts? Have they selected finalists yet?

  • - Yes, strange rejection letter : "your odds at this point are fairly low" (12/22) (x3)
  • --(that was cold, right? A simple "We have selected finalists" would have sufficed.)
  • -- My first rejection letter. I am sure there will be more to come but it's nice to know that such a poor choice of words is not the norm!
  • - it's just a new kind of rejection email.
  • -well, new or old, it's still weird.
  • -- or maybe they created three different groups. I didn't receive anything. So, I might think that my odds at this point are "totally" low.
  • - I did not get anything either, have not heard from them since the Skype interview
  • Any news here?
  • Did you get the rejection message after a Skype interview or after applying?
  • ---the weird rejection email was after the application--our odds were so low, in fact, that we got no interview.
  • No news for me after Skype.
  • Has anyone been invited to campus interviews yet?
  • Yeah, nice wording... How was your skype interview? Just curious...
  • Skype interview was good, all the search committee members were very nice and professional
  • OK skype interview
  • Any news?

I interviewed with them few years ago. 5 minutes in the interview, and the Italian language coordinator started to talk s#it of all her colleagues, the Chair, even the Dean and the administration. It honestly did not transmit the idea of an ideal place to be, but I might be wrong and hope whoever they hire proves me wrong.

  • - I majored in Italian at Tufts, being Latin American with an Italian heritage. Throughout the years, all of my teachers complained about how unreasonable and unbearable their coordinator was. In the last 3 years, this is the fifth lecturer Tufts hires, because teachers just wanna run as soon as  they figure the situation. Very good school, though.
  • -I don't have anything to do with these people, but I believe these kind of students' comments should not be part of this wiki, there is already the infamous for that stuff. Please leave out of this wiki personal attack and just focus on the search...
  • - I agree with previous poster. 
  • - I don't know, it's kind of important to know what the work environment is like. Then it's up to you to decide if and how to use that info...
  • - Of all the ways to get a sense of what the work environment at a given university is like, heeding malicious (and anonymous) gossip here is one of the worst I can think of.  
  • - In addition to being maliciuos gossip, it is also inaccurate information. It is not true that this is the fifth lecturer they hire in 3 years! (Unless the poster was talking about adjuncts?)
  • - I also think it's important to know the work condiditons in advance. But the info has to be accurate. That's the hard part to figure out.
  • - I had an interview with them a whiiile back and remember thinking, at the end, whether I really wanted to have one of the interviewer as a colleague. The malicious gossip above, to me, is less of a gossip that someone else may think. That said, it's up to you to believe it or not, and, as someone said, what to do with that info.
  • - Has anybody been contacted for campus visit yet?
  • - News anyone?
  • -I understand they are currently down to the final 3 candidates, one of whom is an adjunct already teaching there (only M.A. no Ph.D.).  The other two finalists have Ph.D. in hand.  They are conducting campus interviews this week.
  • - Is the search over? Did they send rejection letters? 
  • A friend has an on campus interview today (2/19)
  • Have they made an offer yet? 
  • News anyone?
  • Nobody knows what happened here?
  • Mamma mia, after reading all the negative posts above, I wonder who would be so eager to work there!! I am so glad that I did not apply here.  I think having the possibility to read comments about the disfunctionality of this department is something very valuable for a job seeker. Kudos for the colleagues who wrote these useful comments. Let's keeep in mind that  even though we are job seekers, this does not always mean that we are desperate and open to be abused just for the  sake of being employed, we too are interviewing (while being interviewed) and can decide if a place is a good fit for us or not (and this wiki can definitely help in this process especially in cases we regret accepting a job offer that turns out to be a living nightmare...and we always end up thinking  "If I only knew!"... well now you know...or at least have been bocca a lupo a tutti
  • Does anybody know if the job went to a candidate with a PhD or not? 
  • They picked their internal candidate. Not sure if s/he has a PhD. 
  • No, she has an M.A. 
  • That says a lot on how much a PhD in Italian Studies is worth nowadays... 

University of Georgia - Instructors of French, Italian, and Spanish[]

The Department of Romance Languages at the University of Georgia ( seeks to hire non-tenure track instructors of French, Italian, and Spanish beginning August 2015. Typical teaching load is four courses per semester at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Position renewable indefinitely based upon annual performance evaluations, student demand, and instructional funding.

Qualifications: M.A. or Ph.D. (preferable) in the target language, or a related area, in hand at time of appointment. Native or near-native fluency in target language and English. Knowledge of classroom technology necessary; ability to develop and teach hybrid and/or online courses desirable.

Applications should include cover letter, CV, and three confidential letters of recommendation. Review of completed applications will begin on January 15, 2015, and will continue until positions are filled. Please apply online via Interfolio ByCommittee (will include three links for different positions). Interviews will be conducted by video call.

The University of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Vet/Disability Institution. The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, its many units, and the University of Georgia are committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty and students, and sustaining a work and learning environment that is inclusive. Women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Instructors are expected to support the college’s goals of creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment.

Georgia is well known for its quality of life in regard to both outdoor and urban activities ( UGA is a land and sea grant institution located in Athens, 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, the state capital (;


  • News?
  • Contacted for Skype interview (02/12)
  • Post-interview news?
  • Did they make an offer?
  • Offer extended, but not accepted

University of Melbourne (AUS) - Cassamarca Lectureship (4 year fixed term)[]

The Italian discipline within the School of Languages and Linguistics at The University of Melbourne teaches a broad suite of undergraduate and graduate courses, maintains a vigorous research higher degree culture, and has an internationally-recognised research profile. It contributes to interdisciplinary teaching within the School, the Faculty of Arts and the wider University.

The School now seeks to appoint a Cassamarca Lecturer (Level B) in Italian Studies for a four years fixed term position to consolidate and further develop the School's teaching and research programs.

Salary: AU$89,955 - AU$106,817 p.a. plus 17% superannuation.

This is an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic academic with an interest in leadership in teaching and research.

The successful applicant is expected to contribute to overall teaching and research excellence within the Italian Program. They will be expected to develop, teach and coordinate Italian and European Studies subjects and to enhance the visibility of Italian Studies program at the University of Melbourne and interact across disciplines within the wider School.

The successful candidate is expected to continue building research capacity in the Italian and European Studies program. S/he will be active in supervising honours research, will have a demonstrated ability to initiate new research projects. The appointee will also be expected to perform administrative duties appropriate to the position.

The closing date for applications is 20 November 2014.

More details on this position can be found on where you can also apply.

For formal enquiries please contact Professor Alfredo Martinez-Exposito: Tel +61 3 8344 4742,


  • - Rejection letter (11/27)

University of Miami (FL) - Visiting Assistant Professor in French and Italian[]

Deadline: Closes: Apr 2, 2015 (according to Interfolio link:


University of Notre Dame - Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Dante’s Florentine Vernacular Culture[]

The Notre Dame Devers Dante Program, which is part of the Italian section of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Notre Dame, invites applications for one Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to be held from September 2015 for up to 36 months (as permitted by Italian Labour Law) in setting up and doing preparatory research for a major research project on Dante's Florentine vernacular culture (Italian, Old French, and Occitan), 1280-1300, under the leadership of Professor Zyg Barański and of Professor Ted Cachey. The successful candidate will be primarily based at the University of Notre Dame Gateway in Rome, of which Professor Cachey is the inaugural Director.

The deadline for applications is 29 March 2015. Further information is available at:

MLA JIL 03/20/15


  • Skype interviews on May 5? Any news?

University of Oklahoma - Asst. Professor (Second Language Acquisition/Applied Linguistics Five-Year Ranked Renewable Term Appointment)[]

Second Language Acquisition/Applied Linguistics Five-Year Ranked Renewable Term Appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor

The University of Oklahoma announces a five-year, ranked, renewable term appointment in Second Language Acquisition/Applied Linguistics at the rank of Assistant Professor. In order to be considered, applicants must have: 1) a Ph.D. in second language acquisition, applied linguistics, or a related field, in hand by time of appointment; 2) native or near-native fluency in Italian or Spanish; 3) a demonstrable commitment to excellence in teaching Italian or Spanish language and culture.   First preference will be given to candidates with a specialization in Italian. The successful candidate will teach six courses per year, serve as the Liaison to the College of Education and the Liaison to the Oklahoma State Board of Education, and provide graduate teaching assistant training. Salary is competitive. The successful candidate will teach courses in language and culture at various levels, Techniques of Teaching a Foreign Language, and Second Language Acquisition Theory, and other related courses as needed.  The appointment will begin August 16, 2015. After an initial review of dossiers, interviews will be conducted by Skype. Please send/have sent (by email or in hard copy) a letter of application; three confidential letters of recommendation; a curriculum vitae; graduate transcripts; at least two full sets of recent student teaching evaluations; and other elements of the teaching dossier such as peer teaching reviews, syllabi, etc. to Dr. Joseph Sullivan (, Chair of SLA/Pedagogy Search Committee, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, 780 Van Vleet Oval, Room 202, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019. Review of materials will begin December 1, 2014 and will continue until the position is filled. Women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution


  • Review of materials will now begin on January 02 2015.
  • Also posted at Linguistics 2014-2015
  • Campus visits scheduled for early March.
  • Campus interviews have concluded as of March 10. Decision being made Tuesday, March 24. Candidates will be notified several days afterwards.
  • Offer made 3/24.
  • Were informed of not being in final three, have asked for feedback on application but no reply yet. Still contracting? (04/10).
  • The position was offered and accepted in late March/early April.
  • congratulations to the person hired!
  • Thank you! :) 

Virginia Commonwealth University (VA) - School of World Studies Instructor-Italian[]

The School of World Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University invites applications for full- time Italian language instructors non-tenure track. Qualified candidates will have a M.A. or Ph.D. in Italian language or a related field and an established record of teaching lower and upper-level university courses. Demonstrated experience working in & fostering a diverse faculty staff and student environment or commitment to do so as a faculty member at VCU is required. This position will begin August 2015.

For more information please see

The closing date for this position is May 1, 2015.

The School of World Studies uniquely combines faculty in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences whose research and teaching explore humanity’s origins, evolution, and diverse forms of cultural, linguistic, religious, and social expression. Offering degrees in Anthropology, Foreign Languages and Culture, International Studies, and Religious Studies, and emphasizing intercultural communication, research and critical thinking, and international perspectives on real world issues, the School provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in our globalized world.

We encourage applicants to explore the School of World Studies’ website at

Virginia Commonwealth University is an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer.



Any news on:

UVA: skype interview 05/31

Anyone else confused by the Skype interviewers being only Spanish Specialists? Was this a search they had to do to re-hire their current Lecturers? Just curious...

Ohio State VAP: Was a first cut made here? It's important to know. contacted for skipe interview (05/31)

  • Offer made and accepted (06/15)


Miami VAP: here too. Any news here? 

thank you!

Recently, I saw some job postings (Oxford-lector; New Hampshire, Penn State, Hamilton College). Any news about these positions?

  • – Received a rejection for Oxford-lector 04/28
  • New hampshire has hired somebody apparently, Penn state is interviewing now....any other news?
  • Penn State has hired.
  • What about Ohio State? 

What about Syracuse and Kansas State?

  • Contacted just today (30/4) by Kansas State for a Skype interview to take place next week. x2
  • K-State: they said they were going to make an offer by the end of last week (mother's day). who got it?
  • Technically K-State said they would make a decision late last week or early this week, but you are correct that an offer is likely to have been extended. I have not heard anything. (12/5)
  • Just contacted K-State and they replied they got delayed and have not made a decision yet (5/19)

what about Hamilton? Miami Ohio? Hamilton has selected finalists1/3

  • Beware of Hamilton, it is a very weird place.
  • Why?
  •  are the finalists Phds or MAs? Probably MAs...

Do you know anything about the one and three year positions at the University of Virginia? They look like the 2 lecturer positions they posted last year.  -I guess who was hired last year got the TT position at the nearby University, and now that position needs to be filled again...

  • Has the University of Virginia contacted the short-list candidates for the skype interviews? Any news?
  • skype interview 5/31
  •  Any news on PENN state? hired somebody.
  • News on Syracuse? -Nop- skipe interview with Syracuse University 05/11

-Any news about the "University of North Carolina School of the Arts" position in Italian (Full-time Faculty Position in Italian Language and Culture at the rank of Associate or Assistant Professor starting August 15, 2015)?

- Maybe is too soon. - what /who are they looking for? [you're a researcher! why are you asking about what they are looking for!?!] <-what did you smoke, bro?
  • North Carolina School of the Arts campus visit invitation extented on 2/6
  • Has anybody heard from the search committee? I thought this was supposed to be a quick decision...
  • Offer made. 

-any news, too, about Virginia Commonwealth University? -I was wondering the same thing...

-from e-mail today (Feb. 27): "An administrative decision has been made to cancel the search for an Italian language instructor.  The position has been closed and no hire was made. Thank you for your interest in employment at VCU.  Please continue to check our website for future opportunities." (x3)
-it's been reposted, deadline May 2015.
-so we need to reapply? this is weird

-what about Kansas? what the story here?

  • what about Kansas? I don't see any post on Kansas (there was one last year) !!
  • is their Visiting A.P. the internal candidate?
  • Obviously!
  • Not so much! Read the threads: on more than one count the doomsayers and know-it-alls have been wrong. Worse, they have been misleading. Is it true that some search committees receive applications from candidates on campus at the time of the search? Undoubtedly. Does this mean they always get appointed? Absolutely not. Morale? Apply for positions in your field. The only applications that tend to get immediately discounted, in my experience (I have served on numerous committees, in and outside of Italian Studies), are from candidates who do not tally with the position advertised. I know some diss advisors encourage their grad students to 'apply for everything. You never know.' A position in a specific field will require a plausible application. If you cannot plausibly apply for a specific position, it might be wise to save your energy. The only 'edge', so far as I can tell, for 'inside' candidates is that they may match the search criteria. Bear in mind, positions must be approved by an array of campus personages. Often, these positions are proposed before a VAP is even on campus. 
  • Agree to large extent with above post. It is tempting to see a VAP as a preferred candidate. It can easily go the other way.
  • Except that he is THE preferred candidate.
  • and that would be according to...? Is this someone on the search committee talking? (god, I hope not.) so many wrong and misleading posts here claimed knowledge that the posters knew something, they swore it was true, and then it turned out not to be the case.

Where things stand (as of March 13, 2015)[]

The idea above was a good one but it seemed more helpful to sort the invitations received into categories. Please add the dates if you know them and move any schools that are in the wrong category. -I am the one who had the idea, and I totally agree with you. then, could you erase the portion below "please offer dates as well" to avoid confusion?

Accepted (congratulations!)

  • Boston College (2/3)
  • UC Berkeley Visual Culture
  • Wesleyan (12/5)
  • South Carolina (2/24)
  • Arizona (3/3)
  • Colby (6/3)
  • Cuny - Staten Island (13/3)
  • St. Thomas (20/3)
  • Miami U (3/25)
  • Tufts
  • Kenyon College 
  • The University of Oklahoma

Offered, not yet accepted

  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts 

Campus Visits held or scheduled Can we add dates to these?

  • Columbia
  • TCU (?)
  • UChicago
  • Colby Coll 4/5ths position
  • St. Thomas (2/2)
  • Kenyon VAP
  • Miami U
  • NYU (2/26)
  • South Carolina

First round interviews (e.g. MLA or Skype) held or scheduled:

  • Georgia 
  • James Madison (3/8)
  • Villanova

Further materials requested:

  • Maryland -(really? when? what?) THIS POSITION WAS CANCELED

Yet to move:

  • Auburn (??)
  • James Madison U
  • Kansas (deadline 03/04)


  • I though it will be useful to have a thread on the AAIS conference and the topic of jobs; I remember that Dr. Valerio Ferme wrote a post on this Wiki inviting people to attend a session. How did it go? Anyone would like to share any feedback and briefly mention what was said during the session (if it was put together)? Thank you in Advance.


Dico di sicuro un'ovvietà: nuovi assetti economici, equilibri geopolitic e orientamenti culturali hanno determinato una grave crisi delle umanità, con ricadute di portata tanto sociale quanto individuale. Scontato che le culture romanze dovessero pagare per prime perdendo in prestigio e attrattiva, soprattutto quando non sostenute - come accade nel caso dell'Italiana - da politiche di promozione dei rispettivi paesi d'origine. A questo, tuttavia, negli Stati Uniti va ad aggiungersi una preoccupante tendenza delle università alla chiusura e alla sclerosi culturale, evidente nell'insegnamento delle culture altre, mutiliato di quel vitale canale d'accesso che è il medio linguistico in cui le culture altre vivono e si esprimono: "Resistance will be futile". Ecco, quindi, che gran parte dei corsi di letteratura e cultura italiana è condotta in lingua inglese, richiedendo - quando pure è richiesta - una conoscenza  puramente passiva della lingua italiana finalizzata alla mera lettura del materiale bibliografico. Non credo che ciò risponda solamente all'intento di attrarre (brutto termine!) un maggior numero di studenti, quasi l'accademia sia non un luogo di formazione e maturazione del pensiero critico e della personalità, ma un supermercato. Se queste sono le strategie di rilancio delle discipline umanistiche, be', sono stentatelle.

Un sito come questo, senza dubbio utile alla diffusione gratuita delle cattedre disponibili di contro a quella a pagamento della gilda MLA, si è via via trasformato in un anonimo sfogatoio di frustrazioni e, a volte, risentimenti di giovani studiosi intenti a divinare le mire reali leggendo tra le righe dei bandi, denunciare politiche di selezione e assunzione del personale docente poco trasparenti e favoritismi d'ogni genere, esprimere la propria disperazione davanti a un futuro precario e incerto e alla perdita di valore di un alto titolo accademico. Frustrazioni e recriminazioni hanno spesso un fondamento, è vero, ma in un contesto di anonimato che lascia ognuno nella propria solitudine non possono che sortire un esito nullo, a parte quello di assomigliare i candidati a indigenti un tantino mentecatti che si gettino rabbiosamente sui miseri avanzi delle imbandigioni accademiche. E anche in questa involuzione dei propri allievi le università hanno le loro serie responsabilità, prima di tutto civili, che non possono lavare semplicemente allestendo dipartimenti di sostegno alla carriera professionale degli ex-studenti.

Di fronte alla crisi, le umanità hanno l'imperdonabile colpa d'essersi miserabilmente arroccate nella torre d'avorio per difendere il loro esiguo valore superstite, alla fine assecondando l'esistente e ignorando i picconatori che vanno minando le fondamenta della torre. Ormai, chi nella torre è dentro è dentro (anche se magari rischierà la fine del conte Ugolino e dei suoi figli); chi è fuori è fuori, e tanto peggio o - chissà -, stante così le cose, tanto meglio, se nel peggiore del casi potrà vivere d'accattonaggio anziché far finta di nulla per poi sbranare gli altri.

Buona fortuna a tutti. E su la testa, nonostante e a dispetto di tutto.

-Parole molto eloquenti, grazie per averle condivise.

-Parole penetranti ma sarebbe bello porsi un'altra questione. Ho notato anch'io che si prediligono i corsi in lingua inglese così come si prediligono gli insegnanti di madrelingua inglese, soprattutto qui in America; basta solo dare un'occhiata alla lista di docenti italianisti nei vari dipartimenti, la strada non è molto larga per i docenti di madrelingua italiana...Avete notato chi ha conseguito la maggioranza dei posti di ruolo (tenure track) negli ultimi anni? i docenti di madrelingua italiana sono sempre un'esiguissima minoranza; questa è una scelta chiaramente motivata da molti fattori (economici, politici, nazionalistici, etc.), ma io credo che un buon dipartimento debba almeno avere una rappresentanza di italiano a livello nativo (e da qualsiasi regione); gli studenti stessi lo richiedono, dato che ricercano quel livello di auteniticità dagli insegnanti  madrelingua (con tutto il rispetto per i non madrelingua) ma dovendo essere corretti bisogna anche dire che neanche gli italiani madrelingua possono allocarsi il diritto di auteniticità (non credo infatti che esista l'italiano vero...come diceva Toto questione è in realta molto complessa, ma cerchiamo di rimanere imparziali almeno). In ogni modo la questione è che trovo che molti dipartimenti d'italiano siano poco aperti (o forse, chissà, anche intimiditi  dai madrelingua). Sicuramente qualcuno sarà pronto a smenitire tutto questo, e certo esistono le eccezioni, e sono d'accordo. Però, cerchiamo di essere almeno trasparenti su questo...siamo poi in America dopotutto, ed è giusto che questo accada....o forse non dovrebbe accadere? È questa una forma di pregiudizio? Che ne dite voi? Mi rivolgo sia ai docenti di madrelingua italiana che a quelli di madrelingua inglese. Che ne pensate? O il problema non si pone? Sto forse esagerando? Mi scuso in anticipo se questo post abbia offeso qualcuno. Non era assolutamente nelle mie intenzioni.

- stai esagerando. e non e' vero che ci siano pochi italiani nei dipartimenti di Italiano negli US o addirittura una "esiguissima minoranza." il problema, come sempre se parliamo di insegnamento, e' la qualita' dei docenti, siano essi madrelingua italiani o inglesi or whatever. ma in questa wiki si parla di jobs, o almeno mi pare.

-- Il punto non è l’italianità dell’italianista, ma la sua competenza sia linguistica sia scientifica in materia. Non conta affatto che l’italianista sia di nazionalità italiana o marziana. Non ho spulciato statistiche, quindi ignoro se attualmente gli italianisti italiani siano o meno una sparuta minoranza; mi pare soltanto che l’insegnamento in lingua italiana stia progressivamente venendo meno quale requisito tutto sommato fondamentale, in particolare in quelle aree culturali più lontane nel tempo quali la letteratura medievale e quella rinascimentale. A me francamente duole vedere (e l’ho visto!) insegnare Dante da chi a malapena parla e/o legge l’italiano standard contemporaneo, figuriamoci quello dantesco o ariostesco!

--- are you sure you wanna go this route? ... well, let's do it. Non credo che questo sia il luogo opportuno per parlare di cio', ma il tema in se' e' della massima importanza. Non me ne voglia nessuno - inclusi i miei carissimi amici americani - ma le cose vanno dette senza troppi fronzoli, anche perche' la sitazione e' grave. Io non ho statistiche alla mano, quello che ho visto negli ultimi anni e' una prevalenza di italiani - specialmente provenienti da certe universita' - nei posti TT. Il problema della conoscenza o meno della lingua (e vogliamo dire anche della storia della letteratura, della storia tout court, della cultura ecc.?) italiana ha a che fare con il passato di chi aspira a fare il professore di intalianistica. Cerchiamo di non eludere la questione centrale: chi cresce in Italia - nonostante il sistema educativo vada a pezzi e letteralmente anche gli edifici scolastici, mentre i praticelli dei campus fioriscono con rigore geometrico - pasteggia a terzine dantesche, pagine manzoniane ed epica antica in lingua originale molto prima di raggiungere il primo anno universitario - e scusatemi la metafora mangereccia ... sara' l'ora di cena! Come fa un non madrelingua con una storia scolastica tipicamente americana a recuperare tutto cio'? Lo chiedo candidamente, veramente senza dietrologie. Francamente, siamo sinceri, servirebbero come minimo mesi e mesi di studio - non ricerca, dico proprio studio - in Italia, una massiccia dose di corsi di lingua, letteratura, storia, filosofia e... tanta buona volonta' per recuperare il recuperabile. Il sistema educativo universitario dovrebbe evitare che i carissimi colleghi americani - che non me ne vogliano, parlo a difesa del loro stesso futuro di docenti in US! -  si ritrovino a insegnare Dante (Boccaccio, Ariosto, ecc.) in inglese perche' loro stessi non lo capiscono in lingua originale; per evitare che una lezione su Vico si trasformi in una giostra di opinioni di chi la spara piu' grossa, invece che una interpretazione del testo - per la filologia creativa c'e' il caffe' dopo la lezione. Prego tutti di scusare la mia franchezza, se mai cio' possa avere offeso qualcuno, non era mia intenzione, ma in questi anni ne ho viste veramente di cotte e di crude e di tutti i colori... prima di approdare qui non immaginavo cosa potesse diventare una lezione di letteratura italiana. Che i migliori, di qualsiasi nazionalita' siano, ci salvino. Vale.

- Quindi, secondo questa logica, i professori di letteratura americana (per dire) nelle universita' italiane, dovrebbero essere nati negli USA, giusto? suvvia... La questione, come gia' detto da altri, sta nella qualita' dei docenti, siano essi madrelingua o meno. Che poi ci siano cattivi docenti o che gli italiani possano avere un vantaggio ad insegnare la lingua e la letteratura d'Italia anche grazie alla loro educazione filologica, mi sembra talmente ovvio che non ci sarebbe neanche il bisogno di ripeterlo. Buon per loro (ed evviva la filologia!). Tuttavia, anche gli italiani talvolta arrivano con un bagaglio culturale che non sempre li aiuta ad aprire i loro (e quelli dei loro studenti) orizzonti, anzi. Dunque, di nuovo, la questione (se parliamo di assunzioni, visto che siamo su wiki jobs) dovrebbe vertere sulla qualita' dei candidati piuttosto che sulla loro nazionalita'. Punto.

-- non ho detto che solo i madrelingua e provenienti dall'Italia dovrebbero insegnare in US, ma piuttosto che per insegnare seriamente non si puo' scavallare il problema preparazione durante l'univ. e il dottorato. E ovviamente la logica va seguita senza facili simmetrie: il sistema universitario italiano e americanino non sono comparabili (nel bene e nel male) e i professori di letterature anglofone in Italia meriterebbero un discorso a parte, piuttosto che quello svolto sin qui rovesciato da capo a piedi - magari fosse cosi' semplice risolvere i problemi delle competenze piu' adatte ad ogni luogo. E' chiaro che stiamo parlando della qualita' dei docenti e della loro preparazione e sono d'accordo che questo non e' il posto adatto per la discussione iniziata qualche post fa, dunque si torni pure con gaudio - per chi lo ha - a discutere di jobs.

-- C'e' una spia dell'insostenibile alleggerimento dell'italianistica negli USA, ed e' la vaghezza di "cultura" nei bandi, nei quali ai candidati si richiedono competenze multiple con crescente marginalizzazione della letteratura: cinema, teoria e pratica della navigazione in eta' comunale, storia della fanteria, didattica della lingua italiana, ricezione del pensiero derridiano a Bovolone, biopolitica e produzione del Casolet, operistica e repertorio alpino, cronaca delle traversate a nuoto del Mediterraneo tra Tunisia e Sicilia con soli braccio destro e gamba sinistra, ecc. ecc. ecc. E si' che anche la filmologia e la storia del cinema imporrebbero una perizia altamente specialistica... Tra qualche tempo, tra le competenze richieste ai candidati, figurera' pure la preparazione del caffe' secondo la ricetta di Edoardo e la didattica per telepatia attraverso un apposito strumento (che il MIT non manchera' di mettere a punto) chiamato "culturasmatico" (culture diffuser), tutto in grafene e presumibilmente di forma sferica, da collocarsi al centro dell'aula, con docente e studenti seduti in circolo per terra tenendosi per mano.

- Tutto molto divertente, e anche molto vero. Con una aggiunta: non negli USA ma nel mondo. Della letteratura italiana - o se è per questo europea - non importa più un fico secco a nessuno. (Probabilmente della letteratura tout court). Ho visto le stesse cose raccontate nel post precedente in tutti i posti dove sono stato. Poi, se un margine di competenza rimane per coloro che si occupano di Dante o Boccaccio - ed è un margine minimo - lascio immaginare ciò che succede con la letteratura moderna e contemporanea. Stendiamo un velo pietoso sui cosiddetti "cultural studies", ormai l'ombra di ciò che furono; ormai semplice scusa per ignoranti allo sbaraglio. Ad maiora.

-- Vero, non e' solo un dato USA. Comunque, ogni mission statement universitario negli USA recita che scopo dell'universita' Beautiful Lies e' coltivare e promuovere e accrescere il critical thinking, la responsible citizenship, ecc. ecc. ecc. Forse pecco a pensare che siano balle? E belle grosse? "L'America e' il paese dove tutto e' possibile" (Sergio Staino). Ad minora?    



-- "And when there was nothing left to eat, they ate each other."

-- Ahi serva Schola, di pochezza ostello, / nave sanza nocchiere in gran tempesta, / non sede d'intelletto, ma bordello!

-- "Anime grette, vi detesto. In voi nulla di buono, e di cattivo, quasi nulla".

-- In genere, quando i fessi non hanno competenze in nulla e sono praticamente analfabeti, che fanno? Aho', se occupeno de cinema, no?, con grande e vibrante giramento di balle dei filmologi veri. Il bello e' che le universita' li richiedono... Immaginate colloqui brillanti sul cinema neorealista e il ruttino per indigestione nella cultura italiana a cavallo del boom economico... Oppure uno su Alberto Sordi, la ribollita e il senso di colpa... Che spasso! Il bello e' che in Italia nun se li caga nisuno. Ben che vada, pubblicheranno qualche loro ghirigoro a pagamento con University of Toronto Press. A paga' semo boni tutti...

- Or, you are not as good as you think you are.

-Comments such as this last one are not only mean spirited, they deny the current state of the job market. When there are 5 tt jobs per year, does that mean that all the ABT, unemployed and underemployed PhDs who do not make the cut are somehow less than? I think not.
(-- SIncere apologies if my comment offended you. It was meant as a reaction to this endless rant by one specif poster who is going on and on and on re: how inept everyone getting a job is.  I mean, "Anime grette, vi detesto. In voi nulla di buono, e di cattivo, quasi nulla" - I find this unaceptable speech.)
--Really? This wiki has become overrun with largely (though not exclusively) one person's rants against a) non-native Italian speakers/ American institutions, b) women (in a post that was subsequently deleted), and c) now cinema studies scholars ("illiterate"?). I believe the commentor was just calling someone out on *his* highly mean spirited posting(s).
-- The job market is brutal, this is out of the question. Alas, a lot of very prepared candidates will struggle to land a job. At the same time, I find it very unprofessional, uncool, and inappropriate to discredit anonymously the people who got jobs in the past. Who are these imposers and charlatans that stole jobs from PermettePappaleo last year? Giulianna Minghelli? Rebecca Falkoff? Gaoheng Zhang? They seem very qualified to me. I THOUGHT WE WERE NOT NAMING NAMES HERE..COME ON PEOPLE!

-- Persona in malafede che sei, io non ho scritto "against a) non-native Italian speakers/ American institutions," dato che io ho pubblicato il post che dice che "Il punto non è l’italianità dell’italianista, ma la sua competenza sia linguistica sia scientifica in materia. Non conta affatto che l’italianista sia di nazionalità italiana o marziana." Riguardo al punto b), la mia era una reazione di scandalo nei confronti di un rettrice che in un'universita' estera sopprime le umanita', poiche' chi piu' di una donna dovrebbe difendere la diversita' e la sua dignita' come valore civile? Riguardi a c), cioe' ai filmologi, confermo quel che ho scritto, non a discapito dei filmologi autentici, ma contro i filmologi fasulli. How come you're so well informed about names and people, posts and posters? I never mentioned any names. Have you signed your post instead? "They seem very qualified to me"; ha parlato Zarathustra! Mi sa che ho pestato una coda di paglia! Proprio non c'e' limite all'indecenza! Believe me, I might not be as good as I think, but you're just a mediocre hypocrite, mon lecteur!

-Honestly, this is the only list on Academicjobs where we can't to keep it professional. We should talk about jobs, not petty politics. Maybe this reflects very well why the discipline is in its current state. Be professional! No name calling. E se vi volete insultare, andate da un'altra parte, per favore!

-- Some political incorrectness may contribute to enliven a stale site that is not professional at all but only pretends to be so.

-- This is a level of snark and backbiting that has not existed on this wiki in past years—and it's quite at odds with my in-person experience with most of my colleagues in the field, who have largely been both encouraging and helpful. Is the job market awful and frustrating? Absolutely. Are there hidden differences of opinion (and sometimes prejudices) among us? Senz'altro. But while the market won't reward us all as much as we would like or as much as we deserve, I still believe that it has a way of weeding out those whose attitudes make them bad colleagues and worse advisers. Indeed, in at least one case here, it appears to have already done so.   




--really want to second the post immediately above. Thank you. Everyone, stay focused and stay professional. Do not let the (mean-spirited) rants of some interfere or distract.

-- So convenient for you!

-- Vi piacera' giorgio gaber, no?

-- Guardate la figura in movimento di sotto: quale essere normale e dotato di maturita' psicofisica pubblicherebbe una figura degna di un giornalino di Walt Disney? Certo da Altan a una cosa del genere il salto e' notevole, e chi l'ha compiuto ne andra' giustamente proud. Ma guardate la figura: precocemente obesa, con tratti infantili, capelli con scriminatura laterale, fattezze regolari seppure rigonfiate da corpulenza preadolescenziale, movimenti bulleschi da asilo nido. Certo un essere del genere avra' gia' passato notti all'addiaccio su una sedia per accaparrarsi l'ultimo modello dell'ipad. Capite che tipo d'individuo puo' aver messo li' una ridicolaggine di questo tipo? e che tipo d'individuo puo' avercela lasciata? Chiunque siano, devono essere 'cresciuti' con il mito di Hannah Montana.

-- Sei cosi' spiritoso e affascinante - ma come e' possibile che i search committees non cadano tutti ai tuoi piedi?

-- He just close-read a gif!!! Get a fucking life dude, because you're obviously not getting a job.

--- I find all this discussion extremely funny, and even funnier the fact that people are getting mad. But I believe there are also some points of serious interest. If I may I would like to say just a couple of things: 1. It is undeniable that working mostly (if not only) on topics like "popular cinema in Italian culture", "cinepanettone" etc. shows a lack of knowledge and interest in more serious, complicated, and important topics of Italian literature, cinema, and culture. Personally I consider offensive that someone whose main research is on such themes gets jobs when there are so many better candidates out there. 2. I don't know all the names you mentioned but looking at some of their CVs I also wonder what is going on. If you consider someone "very qualified" to teach in a big University with just a few minor articles, than I beg to disagree. Especially because there are many other candidates with many more articles, in better journals, and some monographs. 3. Did you notice that you mention only women? This doesn't seem to work in favor of your argument. It is an undeniable fact that right now there is the so-called positive discrimination. (As if "positive" could peacefully stay with "discrimination"). There are reasons for that - sometimes good reasons - but it is undeniable that if a man and a woman are both considered good fits for a job, it is the woman that gets hired. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Personally I am not going back to the US unless some things change radically. Like institutions start being interested in literature and not trivialities again. Ad

-- Looking holistically at Italian departments throughout the states, it's mendacious to argue that female academics are being hired more than males, especially in medieval / early modern time peridods. (Gaoheng Zhang is a man, by the way). Simply because some women were hired last year for major TT-track job does not imply that they were under-qualified. We do not have access to the selection criteria used by the search committess. The job market is a depressing gauntlet for all academics, male and female alike. Departmental hires frequently come down to a question of shared methodology/questions (i.e., philology vs. Anglo-French theory) -- i.e., what do you mean in your scholarship when you say "gender" and not what sex is your body.

--It seems like there could be some confusion about what it might take to make the case for discrimination in appointments in the field of Italian in US institutions (referring to what is now second to last post). There is no "national" univ system in the US, so, in considering appointments that are made, you will always run up against local needs. This would make it difficult to be able to compare appointments across institution type. It seems to me that it would be impossible to compare some of the institutions listing positions on this wiki: so many of them are substantially different. This is a political reality. The needs of a large, research-1, public university will not be the needs of a private university.

-- Don't get me started on cinepanettoni... For the rest, I noticed the tendency here to think of the job market as analogous of the concorso, where titoli and publicazioni should be summed up to figure out who is the most qualified candidate. I don't think it works that way. From my experience, I would say that committees - at least in R1 - are looking for "potential" in a junior faculty, and are much more interested in getting someone with a promising research agenda rather than someone with a lot of "meh" publications. I mean: it can take a couple of years to get an essay out in the States, so it is natural that junior scholars only have a couple.

-- Actually…can you please get started on cinepanettoni? I’d love to hear what you think. I’ve always figured Italian studies was conservative, but hoped that young folks like us would be able to actually challenge this if/when we get into the academy, so I’m really shocked at this pre-1968, socially distinct value hierarchy that you guys are imposing. The ‘standard’ and unchallenged view here is a complete dismissal of popular italian film(/media, internet, TV, I suppose queer, colonial, eco or animal too, anything post 1980s) studies? what just happened? It’s so offensive to suggest that someone working in a field that is vital in every other side of the academy doesn’t deserve a job! 

To consider yourself an italianist but be completely dismissive of THE major form of cultural production (here I’m not just talking about film but convergent media) in Italy, by Italians, is an absurd contradiction. I thought the humanities were valuable as one of the few spaces left in the world where we can be critical and discursive, and not just dismissive? Can we stop and think for a moment about the fact that Italian studies is a dying discipline? Interdisciplinarity is the only way that people like us can really hope to get a decent, valuable tenured job, and working in cultural studies is one of the only ways we’ll be able to take the study of Italy forward (this applies to ALL culture). Let alone the fact that we’re training students to go to Italy and study in a place where they can only interact with people who know something about Marsilio Ficino, and not Massimo Boldi, Mara Maionchi or Maria de Filippi. If that’s the only way one ‘deserves’ a tenure job in Italian, then I’m out.

I also am deeply suspicious of the anonymity of these messages, which tells me that a lot of colleagues would be a lot less forthcoming in public about their views, e.g. at conferences, which then maybe illustrates that there is a conservative shame in there somewhere. (This could be the subject of a study in itself, if we weren’t so opposed to popular media studies…). So as not to be hypocritical, and so that maybe we can actually have this convo face to face some day, let me sign my name: Dom Holdaway

Il post che difende lo studio (esclusivo) dei cinepanettoni veramente mi fa disperare. Davvero siamo ancora a questo malissimo interpretato postmodernismo secondo il quale tutto è uguale a tutto? Davvero possiamo credere che studiare seriamente, non dico Dante Petrarca e Boccaccio o, che so, Parini, ma autori contemporanei (che ne so, Affinati, Tuena, Tarabbia etc.) abbia lo stesso "peso", lo stesso valore che studiare l'influenza di Alvaro Vitali o Massimo Boldi nella "cultura" italiana? Questa è semplicemente una sciocchezza. E una sciocchezza pericolosa. Di questo passo avremo solo studiosi di Boldi e nessuno che sa più cos'è un sonetto. E questa gente insegnerà agli studenti Boldi, non Petrarca. O come si studia il romanzo italiano rispetto alle sue fonti e influenze straniere. E poi, mi sembra così ovvio: se acquisisci gli strumenti (e le conoscenze, e l'abitudine etc.) adatti studiare i grandi della letteratura puoi poi dedicarti anche allo "studio" di cose pop (e francamente oramai venute a noia) come il cinepanettone o i film trash, mentre il contrario è un po' più difficile... Che tristezza.

--Did I miss something? "Il post che difende lo studio (esclusivo) dei cinepanettoni veramente mi fa disperare." Certainly there was no post defending the "studio (esclusivo)" of cinepanettoni!  
-- I'm getting to this conversation late, but I would like to add my two cents. That students of Italian study tv series, comedians, cinepanettoni, etc, is a problem. It is a problem because I want my students to know Dante, Leopardi, Levi, Morante, etc. I have to admit that it is difficult to accept that we cannot make a distinction between high and low culture. I do not object to students knowing about low or popular culture, but I do object to having them study it as though it were high culture, or in the place of high culture. We don't study Italian to be able to talk about Dario Argento, we study Italian (semmai) to be able to study Rossellini, Fellini, and Pasolini. Yes, Dario Argento might be more famous now in Italy among a certain generation, but that is not a reason to have students study him to the exclusion of neo-realism, for example. As a researher, you can study Italian culture from a sociological or historical perspective - and this can truly be beneficial in any number of ways. But to have your students study what you research to the detriment of traditional Italian literature is a grave mistake, in my opinion. This regularly occurs both in the US and the UK. Should we have English students study Stephen King and not Shakespeare? Yes, they can study both, if they have time; but there needs to be priority given. The fact is that when we deal with lower cultural productions, it is easier to talk about them and study them; it is not nearly so easy to discuss Dante. Moroever, with the cult of originality involved in the tenure system, it is easier to talk about some unknown writer or director, because there is so little bibliography about the topic.
--So now not only is the subject (cinepanettoni) no good, but the research carried out on it and other "low" and contemporary (low because contemporary?) phenomena is also poor because there is no bibliography to account for? I have the sneaking suspicion that some of the people posting have not set their eyes on, let alone read, some of the scholarship that's being so denigrated here.
-- Two cents more: I disagree entirely with the above post re teaching popular culture. First, set aside the massive ethical dilemma, universities worldwide are demanding research-led teaching (this is a jobs wiki!) so if we can't teach our research, because its hierarchically less valuable, we stand a smaller chance of getting a job: thanks. Second, and here comes that ethical dilemma: indicate to me one Italian department worldwide that doesn't claim to teach Italian culture. The Italian cultural system, industry to aesthetics, is inter-dependent. To truly teach the culture means to represent it fairly. Teaching only Dante, Fellini etc. (actually I'd also add Argento to your high culture group ormai) means misrepresenting that cultural programme, it's inaccurate. Dante is only one part of Italian culture. Today, rightly or wrongly, the television is the most significant cultural product in Italy. Worse, by unfairly skewing syllabi toward high culture (or high culture ONLY, I can't stress enough that we should teach comprehensively, Shakespeare AND King, and how certainly possible it is to do that across an entire degree) we only instill cultural hierarchies that promote, as Bourdieu has amply illustrated, class distinction (let alone race, gender, age, ability and sexuality). We're also not providing students a full set of critical tools to engage with the society that they/we actually live in today.

I think the users of this wiki who are taking the need to study and teach popular culture as an affront to 1200-1700 Italian history & cultural studies, or 19/20th C literary studies, are misunderstanding the point and what's at stake. Our time with students is restricted, but ultimately they do and will take different courses, none are mutually exclusive, and it is our duty to make sure syllabi are representative. 

^^ Wow!! There is a true cultural conflict here! And a big one. We should organize a conference about this - why not, considering that there are conferences on everything: "Dante as a medieval version of a punk," "cinepanettone with or without champagne?", "Sex and pistols in Cavalcanti poetry (yep, there is a verse of his proving that this type of weapon was already there - available only in English translation, of course)," etc. 

No kidding, our conference will be the most serious of the last decades - and that's why nobody would be there, because it would not be a funny-learning thing, right? But even with 2 or 3 partecipants that would be the most important meeting around. Why? Because we would have to explain to ourselves why the States is (almost?) the only country in the world were teaching must be fun and if it is not it's considered waste of time; why people bring flowers and chocolates in classroom to please students; how freedom can become an embarassing word when it's used as a shield against any kind of distinction between Classics and Boldi, De Filippi, Argento, etc.; why not to be able to read Boccaccio in original language IS a problem if one wants to become a professor of Italian anywhere in the world; why a History undergraduate (and not a bad one at all!) at the end of his majoring places the scientific revolution in the 15th century without being thrown out the classroom and adviced to dedicate his Thanksgiving time on a history textbook of "quinta elementare" (right, there is no textbook of this kind in the US; my bad!). 

--- my two cents here: if we are truly interested in this debate (and it is not just a way to blow off our various frustrations), why don't we use h-net to talk and articulate our positions without the screen of anonymity, which transforms all of us in potential trolls?  (or am I the only one who feels sometimes "trolled" by some comments on this page?) For the sake (and the tradition) of this wiki, I am not going to write my name here, but I would have no problem to help organizing such a virtual space if there are enough colleagues interested in continuing such debate in a more constructive way (especially because I have no dog in this fight, but I am curious to get to know the full extent of each side's position). So, let me know.

  • I find it particularly disheartening that this conversation has become less about collegiality and mutual solidarity in the waste land of the current job market, and more about asserting certain research fields as more valuable than others.  I entirely agree that being able to read, understand, and analyze literary texts in their historical and cultural context (which includes being able to understand how Dante rewrites Virgil, etc.) should be fundamental to our students' education.  I do not know of any Italian department in the U.S. that does not have a strong core of faculty who teach primarily literature, and I hope this will not change.  But to suggest that colleagues whose research is focused on television, or film studies, or even contemporary writers, have chosen these fields of research because they are lazy or intellectually incapable of engaging with more weighty subjects is ludicrous and offensive.  Two more things I have read here have bothered me: 1) a poster's suggestion that women are privileged on the job market.  In fact, even in the PC-oriented U.S., a woman will (occasionally) be asked during interviews whether she is married, has children, has a "moveable" spouse, etc.  And even if and when women are hired, there are plenty of studies that demonstrate how much more difficult it is for them to obtain tenure.  2) Another poster's comment about lengthy publication lists that are ignored by search committees who, according to the same poster, make decisions based on political motivations.  As another commenter wrote, the hiring process is not the same as an Italian concorso.  A long list of publications, especially when they have appeared in journals or volumes that are not peer-reviewed or in collane whose editors are connected to the PhD-granting institution of the candidate, will not be considered as valuable as a couple of articles in double-blind peer-reviewed journals.  I could write more, about the value of academic innovation and the possibility of paving new intellectual roads, which have led me to choose to study and work in the U.S.  But I think that a simple in bocca al lupo to everyone, despite our differences of opinion, may be a better conclusion here.
  • Hear, hear! Evviva! A rational voice in the wilderness! Crepi lupo e in bocca al lupo per tutti! 
  • YES. I couldn't agree more. Bring back solidarity!
  • I find it curious that all this attention has been given to the cinepanettone while none has been given to the panettone!  In a language-culture department, do we privilege research that concerns primarily cultural representations, in film, texts, popular song, and so on, or should we also be studying the things (in) themselves?  And what kind of panettone exactly?  I mean if I have limited space in my stomach, what kind should I be eating?  with pieces of fruit or choccolate?  Bauli or Balocco?  
  • LOL, and grateful of the light touch. I say: go for the Pandoro.

A parte qualche tentativo di mediazione, la divisione mi sembra chiara e netta: gli italiani difendono una posizione umanista in senso largo mentre gli anglosassoni assumono il ruolo degli iconoclasti portatori però di giustizia (tutta la solita solfa sulle classi etc.). I secondi dimenticano però che il vero gesto rivoluzionario sarebbe oggi quello uguale e contrario a quello compiuto da Fantozzi quando disse: "la corazzata Potemkin è una cagata pazzesca!". Ovvero dire  apertamente che "i cinepanettoni (et similia: li si usa perché sono l'emblema di una non-cultura dominante) sono una cagata pazzesca!" e passare oltre. I tempi cambiano: il gesto di Fantozzi aveva un senso proprio perché si opponeva alla cultura intesa come dominio. Oggi la "rivoluzione" è perfettamente compiuta e la non-cultura è diventata strumento di dominio molto più pervasivo e oppressivo. 

Entrando poi un poco più nel merito: non credo che si pensi che il concorso italiano e il processo di selezione americano abbiano le stesse regole. Eviterei però di dare per scontato che chi parla di molte pubblicazioni parli necessariamente di "meh publications"... In Italia ci sono ancora alcune tra le migliori riviste di italianistica del mondo; che so: Lettere Italiane, Italianistica, Studi Novecenteschi, Allegoria... Non sarei così tanto sicuro della superiorità delle riviste anglosassoni. Il problema è sempre chi  giudica la pubblicabilità o meno di un intervento, e perché (è scientificamente attendibile? E' ben documentato? E' solo "alla moda"?) , piuttosto che il come. Personalmente sono stato chiamato a fare il blind reviewer in Italia, in Francia e negli USA e, volendo, avrei potuto più o meno sapere chi mandava gli articoli, ma ciò che mi interessava era la qualità degli articoli. E infine la nota dolentissima: l'affermazione "Today, rightly or wrongly, the television is the most significant cultural product in Italy" è da una parte semplicemente falsa, dall'altra pericolosissima. E' falsa perché - e stupisce che un contemporaneista non lo sappia - in Italia la televisione non se la caga più nessuno da almeno una decina di anni; al massimo qualche film (straniero), la partita e sempre meno i talks show... I tempi sono cambiati. E' pericolosissima perché "wrightly or wrongly" indica che c'è una nolontà di giudizio imbarazzante da parte di un intellettuale. Sembra di essere in "Bianca" di Moretti ("quante volte glielo devo dire: lei deve informare questi ragazzi, non formali). Porre le questioni in questi termini significa semplicemente accettare lo status quo; significa avere un'idea di uguaglianza sociale che abbassa il livello di tutti invece che cercare di alzarlo per tutti. E no: non tutto è "cultura". Sono patronizing? Certo, se esserlo significa fare ancora delle distinzioni e pensare che la cultura (non alta, la cultura tout court) debba essere accessibile a tutti non tramite la sua negazione ma grazie allo sforzo di fornire a tutti gli strumenti necessari per comprenderla e apprezzarla. Nisciuno nasce imparato. Continuare a formulare un'equivalenza di valore e di importanza tra Maria de Filippi (che, tra l'altro, usa un format americano... la specificità nazionale del suo show è minima) e Filippo Tuena (per citare un contemporaneo: il problema non è il contemporaneo, come si vorrebbe adombrare. Chi scrive si occupa, guarda un po', soprattutto di autori viventi) significa condannare il nostro ruolo all'irrilevanza e distruggere dall'interno l'idea stessa di cultura. Una notazione finale: gli economisti e i pubblicitari hanno già cominciato il lavoro (con metodi e mezzi differenti) da un po' e con molto successo. Interessante, e un po' triste, è che si debba morire di fuoco amico. Per il resto in bocca al lupo a tutti, cinepanettonari o meno, filologi o tematici, strutturalisti o realisti, donne o uomini, etc.

Invece di scannarci a vicenda dicendo che le pubblicazioni degli altri sono meh...dobbiamo capire che ci sono 5-6 posti, di cui la metà per ragioni più o meno ( un po' meno) giuste sono già assegnati ( in molti altri dipartimenti si puo' avere un tenure-track job senza aver pubblicato proprio niente, sad but true).....a questo punto bisognerebbe mobiltarsi all'interno delle nostre istituzioni, all'AAIS e ovunque possibile per cercare di fare sopravvivere il nostro settore...per esempio, ci potrebbe essere una campagna per fare pressione su tenured prof. di oltre 60/65 anni ad andare in pensione chiedendo un nuovo posto come condizione del pensionamento, campagne nazionali per la difesa degli Italian Studies...e mille altre iniziative possibile....this might sound mayb naif, but it is better to start work together than kill eachother...

  • All for starting work together and what you are suggesting is not so much naive as, at least in the US, probably illegal. I wish colleagues would retire, making way for younger scholars, too. However, there are a few of considerations. 1. These profs have also undergone the financial crisis and their pension plans have suffered as a result. I know several senior profs staying on for a couple of years to regain some financial strength. They would probably like to retire, too. 2. Profs can make suggestions as to the necessity of a replacement hire, but they frequently don't have the leverage. Universities would love to be able to hire younger scholars because they pay them less and it would represent a savings. 3. There would be no guarantee that that open position would go to an Italianist. There are very few autonomous Italian depts in the US (please forgive the parochial nature of this post). Say Italian is nested within a department of foreign languages or some other such configuration. Sure, there may be a position that could accrue to the department, but there would be no saying, necessarily, that it would be for an Italianist. That's why I would like to pick up the conversation about the constitution of Italian Studies and what (and how) we train our students. Formare/informare is a terrific topic that we could pick up again. It is a political reality that in the study of foreign national languages in the US, and from what I gather, elsewhere, some languages are felt to be more "critical" than others. I could well imagine a position liberated by a senior scholar going to one of these languages, unless of course the colleagues in Italian had done a very good job of making the replacement in Italian appear necessary and inevitable. 

Disfattismo, comprensibile, ma in buona fede? What exactly is illegal? Is it really the 'financial strength' of senior colleagues that have made for decades ridiculous salaries really a consideration when there are thousands of young scholars on the street? And really, how do you want 'formare' a young scholar in a different way? Can you really do that and make sure it is gonna produce results? Or is it just an easy way out to feel good about yourself? Of course, it is hard to renounce to a position of privilege. Very few people would do it naturally. That's why people who are not in that position should come together and start exert some pressure ( in totally legal ways) and at least try to shake the 'status quo'. It is true that Italian is not considered a 'critical' field at the moment, but the Departments and those senior colleagues have a responsibility for having accepted and granted way too many PhDS. They have to face it, rather then escaping it. Other initiatives could be planned as a way to promote the Italian Studies within each single university...and who knows, maybe some new blood might help to make the field a bit more critical again...We do not need disfattismo ( we have already enough of that)!! My need a slogan...something like '65? tenured? Mayb time to retire? Put new position as a condition. Make the responsible choice' This seems cute to me :)

  • I do not see that post as disfattista. And is 'cute' what we need? Depending on where you are from, not everyone makes inflated salary. Certainly, there are baroni (and baronesse) in all univ systems everywhere. But from what I understand about the US (yes, imperfect understanding), the pension plan skidded post-2008. It is hard to believe that only young scholars working on their degrees at the time were affected by a financial crisis that was global and capillary, affecting many different strata simultaneously. I was happy to see some informed realism about academic posts but was too tailored to the US: what is happening elsewhere? Precarieta' cannot look so different in othe locations. As to the formare/informare, it did not seem like that post was opting for a particular way, just asking us to take up the challenge from a few posts back. I can't help but think of the old saw 'divide and conquer'. What if 'new' blood is not new at all, but also caught in the same tired conservatism and cultural colonialism we have seen on this wiki? 
  • Suggesting that anyone retire because they've passed a particular age is truly abhorrent (a comment I make as a jobseeking, underemployed PhD myself). Nondiscrimination on the basis of age is a basic tenet of law and culture in the United States in 2014. If you don't understand that, you shouldn't be here, in any field. "Cercasi commessa max 23 anni" may be acceptable in Rome, but it has no place in a professional field or in in the U.S.

What is truly abhorrent is this policing on the part of professors on a site for job seekers (although it ironically attests to unspoken fears and bad conscience). What is truly abhorrent it is that people care of the pension-plans of senior colleagues in a time when PhDs and adjuncts who have been exploited for years by their institutions have literally no money to survive, no health insurance, and suffer the psychological repercussions of a system which has become increasingly brutal. Yes, do blame it on them, do say they were not as good as you, that if they are broke and desperate it must be their fault. What a great lesson for the humanities! There are many fields when people have to retire at a certain age. It does not mean they cannot maintain certain functions and a position of prestige within their respective institutions. It would be great if professors in their 80s could work next to younger scholars, but that is simply illusory. It is important that these people know that any extra year they are spending in rounding up their pensions is having a direct impact on the lives of other, the annihilation of hope and the destruction of the field.

  • Non-ageist jobseeker here: I don't think the point was topping off pensions plans. I also can't tell who's a professor and who isn't. Do you need to be a professor to think that age discrimination is wrong? I hope not. 

Someone's ideas on ageism are very similar to the white minority's ideas of racism during the apartheid....ageism can work both ways...and you 'jobseeker'( that you are not), would you really be ok with your 80 years old full professor making btw 110K-200K for teaching 1 or 2 courses a year, while publishing nothing...while you are homeless, sleeping outside the same building where other phds like you are killing themselves to end up doing just the We are not proposing to kick the prof out. We just want to make him a useful and if he/she wants still working emeritus. What's ageist about that?

  • No, I'm a jobseeker without quotes, thank you very much. Boy, aren't you brilliant, with your supernatural powers to divine who people are and whether they belong somewhere or not, be it as a member of a departmental faculty or as a commenter on this wiki.
  • I would love to hear more about the similarities between white privilege and anti-ageism. In the meantime, I have started penning the conditions of my retirement: so far I have - hiring of young faculty under 35; emeritus status for myself.

December 2, 2015: Hello, I spent the better part of two hours reading the arguments and counterarguments on this thread, after I had been informed of this by someone else who wished me to take up these issues as organizer of the AAIS conference in Boulder in 2015 (so the issue of confidentiality is out of the window with me, my name is Valerio Ferme). I am one of the "lucky" ones who got in when jobs were still fairly available. I think the idea of discussing the current situation of Italian and Italian Studies is a very good one, and I would like to have some input from people as to the topics that they would like to hear discussed, by whom and in what format, in a possible meeting at the AAIS. While I think there is a lot that could be said for most of your comments, I just want to say that the issue of teaching high and low culture in a variety of means/media/formats is an important one, one that some of us older faculty do grapple with on a semester-by-semester basis, without hiding in our ivory towers of high culture, but without abdicating complete control to the cool, the new, the fashionable. While this has meant adapting to teaching Dante and Boccaccio in English, and scaling back the amounts of books/films we teach in courses in Italian, while also offering courses about the "Introduction to Italian Culture through Cinema," solutions can be found. I have taught Dante and Boccaccio to classes of 70-100 students (in English), and not an edulcorated version, and students have been attentive, smarts and have grown very much from the experience. I have also taught classes in Italian to 7-9 people and I thought the students "non ci capivano un'acca ed erano completamente disinteressati," only to discover at the end of the semester that they were able to write smart and careful essays on the material. I do agree that the level of preparation that American students come to these texts with is lower than Italian students of a comparable age, but I also find that the top students are very good whether they come from Italy or the United States (otherwise we wouldn't have people like Robert Hollander and Giuseppe Mazzotta, who are trained in the United States and Canada respectively, being able to reach the levels of scholarship they did).  Anyway, please let me know, either by commenting here or by writing me directly at my email ( about ideas for a conversation/forum on the state of the profession at the next AAIS conference. Thank you

Thanks Valerio Ferme for this wonderful post, which contributes greatly to this discussion, that turned out to be rather confrontational and cynical. It is important to observe  the high level of frustration. However, I am not sure if it will be a good idea to have an open forum at the AAIS about this, because the issue is too divisive; there is too much tension between the tenure-track/tenured faculty and the untenured junior faculty (even if people will not admit it, I have seen it with my own eyes): From one side we have the tenure-track faculty members with their merits, benevolence, hard work, and experience (which all led to the positive outcome of job security  and privileges) and from the other side we have the visiting untenured faculty with their equal merits and hard-work (but with less positive outcome; they are in fact underpaid, frustrated, depressed and exploited). If you will have an open forum at the AAIS I am not sure if it will be so "open" because the junior faculty/job seekers could be hesitant to express so openly their views and be too critical in front of tenure-track faculty members (who will potentially give them job opportunities in the future). The idea, however, is very valuable and I do not recall having seen an open discussion about this topics at the AAIS (only something very mild at the MLA). I would also suggest to start a discussion about the possibility of temporary suspending accepting new Ph.D candidates at various Italian graduate programs nationwide. Graduate programs like Berkeley, Columbia, etc. "sfornano" 10-15 PhD students in their respective Italian departments and although are all great institutions, they contribute (volenti o nolenti) to the current crisis that we are alla facing in this stagnant market. Yes, there are a few tenure-track jobs this year, but I have a feeling that there are too many PhD/ABD students majoring in Italian Studies encouraged by their TT mentors to a market that will likely offer them either low paid adjunct positions (and the current salary for these positions is much lower than the average high school or community college salary, even with a PhD in hand!), or worse...unemployment!  And I know way too many colleagues/friends (Italian and American) who are currently unemployed or in low-paid positions...And many of them have children to feed. Initiating  a serious discussion about these topics is a moral responsibility, as we should all attempt to constructively try to change things for the better. The current situation may even get worse. We need to work together on this, whether we are tenured or untenured, Italian or American, old or young...whether we feel guilty, resentful, or depressed.

  • Enthusiastic approval for previous post

~The question then becomes, though, who teaches all the classes that grad students teach when there aren't any more of them for a while? Because the answer is going to be "more poorly paid, exploited adjuncts" and that helps no one. Or it becomes "we stop offering them for a while," and that sounds like a death sentence for graduate--or even undergraduate--studies in Italian. More administrations are going to decide that we're irrelevant, costly and not worth maintaining in our STEM-dominated culture, because let's be clear, it's not a new characteristic of academia that we exist in order to auto-propogate ourselves. Nor should it be news to anyone that as amazing as much of the literature we study can be, and as valuable a part of our literary heritage it is, it's becoming harder and harder for us to convince anyone that "just because it's beautiful and teaches us something about humanity" is enough. That's not fair or right, and probably deeply upsetting for many or most of us, but it's the way it is, and we have to deal with it. So no, I don't think that suspending admissions for any period of time is going to help anything at all. "Easy" solutions are rarely the right answer, and that one certainly isn't. There's a lot of problem solving to be done, and none of the solutions are going to be quick or simple. Most of it is probably going to be on the level of cultural shifts, and that moves about as quickly as glaciers. But it also won't happen at all until the discussion starts, so we have at least gotten that far. 


Any news yet?