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Japanese Language and Literature, 2008-2009 job cycle[]

After last year's bumper crop of positions, this is looking like a far less promising job market (if you're a modernist, and don't have Chinese under your belt, even more so). So, please add any positions (TT, VAP, or otherwise) as you become aware of them!

This year's jobs[]

Lang/lit TT

  • MLA interview scheduled
  • phone interview (mid Dec)

Chinese and Japanese lang/lit TT

  • Auburn (Chinese and Japanese lang/lit; deadline 5 November)
  • Denison (Chinese and Japanese lang/lit; deadline 21 November)

Linguistics/pedagogy TT

  • phone interview (early Nov)
  • campus interview (end of Nov)
  • Loyola Marymount (applied linguistics, Japanese or Chinese + either French, German, Italian, or Spanish; deadline 31 October)
  • phone interview (early Dec)
  • MLA interview scheduled


Last year's successful candidates![]

  • U of Alberta: Mikael Adolphson (Ph.D. Stanford; from Harvard)
  • Bridgewater State: Minae Savas (Ph.D. Ohio State)
  • Brown: Samuel Perry (Ph.D. Chicago)
  • UC Riverside: Annmaria Shimabuku (Ph.D. Cornell)
  • UC Santa Barbara: Ann-Elise Lewallen (Ph.D. Michigan) and Michael Emmerich (Ph.D. Columbia)
  • Carthage College: Yan Wang (Ph.D. Wisconsin)
  • U of Chicago: No hire
  • Colgate: Kristina Vassil (Ph.D. Michigan)
  • CU Boulder: No hire
  • Connecticut College: Sayumi Takahashi (Ph.D. Penn; from University of the South)
  • Cornell University: Janice Kanemitsu (Ph.D. UC Berkeley)
  • Gustavus Adolphus: Lianying Shan (Ph.D. Princeton)
  • McGill (lit): Adrienne Hurley (Ph.D. UC Irvine; from University of Iowa)
  • McGill (pop culture): Yuriko Furuhata (Ph.D. Brown)
  • Middle Tennessee State: Priya Ananth (Ph.D. Ohio State)
  • Montana State: Peter Tillack (Ph.D. Oregon)
  • UNC Charlotte: no hire
  • Oregon: Jason Webb (Ph.D. Princeton; from University of Tokyo)
  • Penn State: Jonathan Abel (Ph.D. Princeton; from Bowling Green)
  • San Jose State: no hire
  • Skidmore: Masami Tamagawa (VAP) (Ph.D. CUNY)
  • Vermont: Kyle Ikeda (Ph.D. Hawai'i)
  • Washington State: William Brecher (Ph.D. USC)