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Note: Anyone looking ahead to the next job season and needing a good laugh might like to check out this MLA spoof. It's ongoing and borderline brilliant.


Where was this position advertised?


Interviews at AAS in Philadelphia


Interviews at AAS in Philadelphia

UC Davis campus invites extended

Heard that they hired someone in Edo literature


Applications acknowledged 11/23/09.

Invitations to campus sent 1/8/10.

rejection letter received 03/15/10

search completed

who was hired?

Portland State U phone interviews conducted in early January


First-round interviews during the week of Jan. 4, at the AHA and by video link for those not attending the AHA.

Invitations to campus sent week of Jan. 18.

Bates College

Invitations to Skype interviews sent 1/13/10.

Illinois College (Japanese/Asian Studies)

Position offered to and accepted by Reiko Itoh, Ph.D. Univ of Pitt. 3/10/10