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American Jewish University: interviewed at AJS

Arizona State University Hebrew language position

Baltimore Hebrew University:

Bates: 11/08 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/05 Has scheduled campus interviews 1/16 One of their finalists pulled out and so they offered that person's spot to someone else. Offer made and accepted

Brandeis Jewish Communal Leadership 1/25 snailmail rejection letter: 229 applicants, 5 finalists. Expect to have winner by early March Some info on the finalists here: Offer made

Brooklyn: 11/16 Has scheduled phone interviews; 1/29 heard that offer made Offer Accepted

College of Charleston: 12/04 Has scheduled AJS interviews Conducting Campus Interviews Offer made and accepted.

Colby: 11/30 Has scheduled phone interviews 12/18 Scheduled campus interviews for mid-February Offer made and accepted

Connecticut Coll.: 11/13 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/3 Week of campus visits begins Offer made

1/10 rejection letter, with my name mispelled

Duke: 11/13 Conducting on-campus interviews (will be completed 11/14) Offer made and accepted.

Franklin and Marshall:

Hebrew Union (Los Angeles): Conducted interview at AAR 11/7 and AJS 12/4

McMaster: 11/07 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/05 Has scheduled campus interviews Offer made and accepted. See:

Miami of Ohio: 11/07 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/10 Notified candidates on short list Offer made and accepted

Missouri State: 11/06 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/7 Has scheduled campus interviews Offer made and accepted.

Moravian College Conducted SBL and phone interviews

Portland State: 11/16 Has scheduled AJS interviews 12/08 rejections emailed

Princeton University (Israel Studies job): 3 finalists. Interviews in late Feb.

Purdue history job interviewed at AJS 12/24 campus interview scheduled Offer made and accepted

Southwestern: 11/10 Has scheduled AAR interviews. 11/28 has scheduled campus interviews 2/18 offer made 2/11 and declined today for family reasons

St. Olaf: 11/7 Has scheduled AAR interviews 12/21 got letter saying they've identified 3 for campus visits Offer made and accepted

Stanford University: 2/18: offer made

Trinity Univ.: 11/13 Has scheduled AAR interviews 11/30 Has mailed rejection letters

University of California-Davis: 1/16 Currently conducting campus interviews

University of California-Riverside

University of Denver: Has scheduled MLA and AJS interviews

University of Manitoba (deadline 1/15/09): 1/25 Called to schedule campus interview Campus interviews being conducted in February

University of Notre Dame: 11/13 Has scheduled AAR interviews Offer made and accepted.

University of South Carolina: 11/7 Has scheduled AAR interviews 11/24 Has scheduled campus interviews Has made an offer Q on 1/22 anyone know what field it was offered in (Bible, Second Temple, Rabbinics or Medieval)? Medieval history

University of Western Ontario: Is scheduling campus interviews

University of Wisconsin 11/12 Has scheduled AAR interviews; 1/10/08 Has sent out rejection letters. Campus interviews through the end of February Offer made and accepted Hey! Who got it?

Vanderbilt: Did on-campus interviews; offer made and accepted.

Virginia Tech: 12/18 Has scheduled phone interviews 1/18 Has scheduled campus interviews offer made and refused for family reasons


Any news on these postdocs post-AJS? What are the timelines for these things?

American University, Schusterman postdoc:12/09 Has scheduled AJS interviews. Did anyone get news about this postdoc after AJS? Still no campus visits for this postdoc? It appears that there are postdoc finalists' talks listed on website.

Columbia University IIJS Postdoc: 3/5 emailed office on 2/28 to see when decisions were going to be made and one week later still no resposne. 3/11 rejection email received

Delaware, Schusterman postdoc: 01/10 Scheduled phone interview Conducting campus interviews through mid-March

Harvard Starr Fellowship: offer made

Northeastern, Schusterman postdoc: 12/03 Has scheduled AJS interviews. Anyone interviewing in Boston? Yup. I overheard them saying that they're interviewing 3 or 4 people in Boston and 3 or 4 at AJS. They'll be conducting their last first round interviews in early January apparently. Do you think they'll do multiple rounds? Yes; they said they would do full on-campus interviews, I would guess no earlier than February.

  • Currently in the process of bring 3 candidates for campus visits
  • 3/6 offer made and accepted.

Ohio University, Schusterman postdoc: 12/11 AJS interview scheduled 1/17 Campus visit scheduled

Penn Center for Judaic Studies Fellowships Due 11/1 1/16 Anyone heard yet? They might be on a different schedule this year, but I recall that two years ago mid-January, right after MLK day, was when they sent acceptance offers 2/5 Notification received.

Princeton Society of Fellows, Jewish Studies postdoc: 1/12 rejection letter recieved in the mail According to the Humanities Post-Doc page, offers were made 2/15.

Princeton University Tikvah Fellowship 2/28 emailed office and was told it will be at least another two weeks before decisions are made

Towson University, Schusterman postdoc 2/4 Called to set up phone interview

UCLA Mellon Fellowship in Jewish American Literature Offer made and accepted

Univeristy of Michigan Any news on the research positions at the Frankel Institute?

University of Toronto Wolfe fellowship

University of Washington Cole fellowship interviewed at AJS Any news on this one?

Anyone know anything about the Targum Shlishi grant?