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Tenure-Track Jobs[]

Arizona State - Jewish History and Culture in Eastern Europe - Modern Period

  • Any word/rumor here?
  • I wrote to the department last week and did not receive a reply (3/8). Does anyone know if this position still exists?
  • The department is conducting campus interviews this month
  • how many are they bringing out?
  • 3 candidates
  • Has an offer been made?X2
  • So what happened with this?
  • Offer made and accepted some time in April

Arizona State - Hebrew and Near Eastern Cultures

  • (1/24) contacted about campus interview

Brite Divinity School: Rosenthal Chair - Early Judaism

  • early October - received request for writing samples
  • 10/29 - Skype interview
  • 10/30 - Invitation for campus interview
  • 11/30 - campus interview
  • search cancelled

Brown University: Early Modern

  • Late October received request for additional material
  • Anyone receive an acknowledgment?
  • Offer made.
  • Was this an assistant or associate hire?
  • Associate.

Cambridge University: Polonsky-Coexist Lectureship

  • 11/10: invited for on-campus interview
    • 12/9: Offer made and accepted.

Case Western Reserve

Claremont School of Theology: Inter-religious Education

Anyone heard anything about this position?

  • (From the Religious Studies page):
    • Acknowledgment of receipt via email (10/2)
    • 11/11 Any updates?
    • 12/7: Rejection letter received (dated 12/2). 14 were interviewed by phone or at AAR, 3 invited to campus.

Emory University: Modern European Jewish History

  • Rumor has it that Emory is interested in Eastern Europe
  • How did you hear about this?
  • Senior person in Eastern Europe elsewhere
    • Received letter confirming application 11/11
    • Any word on interviews?
      • No word on interviews as of Dec. 4  
    • request for AJS/AHA interview by email 12/8 x2
    • Any word on Emory?
    • on-campus interviews scheduled 01/16 -- all of them either in graduate school or on post-docs. Why bother interviewing others?
    • totally unclassy of them not to let those interviewed that campus visits were scheduled. Not surprising, given their rep
    • You think Emory is alone in doing that? It's one of three interviews I've had for which I didn't get campus visits. Not obe school has informed me. This video aptly sums things up:
    • What is the geographic region/research topics of those chosen for on-campus interviews?
    • Sorry to hear that, dude. Hang in there. The field is still growing despite the recent mess. One can read about the job talks on the Emory website, Jewish studies page. It seems like they are just raiding the Institute at UPenn.
    • Rejection letter--snail mail--received
    • Offer made and accepted
    • What specialty? Out of curiousity . . .
    • Nineteenth-Century Russia

Franklin and Marshall College: Modern Hebrew Language and Literature

campus visits scheduled

Gustavus Adolphus College: Hebrew Bible

Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Humanities

Kalamazoo College: Hebrew Bible

King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario: Jewish Studies

    • 10/20 received e-mail confirming they got my application
    • 11/1 request for AAR interview
    • shortlist invited for interviews in January (12/7)
    • Offer made and accepted.

Lehigh University: Chair in Holocaust Studies and Ethical Values

Has anyone heard anything about this one?

Rejection letter received 2/11 x 2

Did the letter mention anything? Possible time frame, # of applicants, etc.?

Offer made & accepted.

Loyola University Chicago: Assistant Professor of Theology (Judaism)

    • interviewed at AAR
    • 11/20 references contacted
    • 12/4 Skype interview scheduled.
    • you also interview at the AAR?
    • No
    • 12/ 29 Short list contacted. February on-campus Interviews.
    • 1/13 - Rejection received.
    • Q: Out of curiosity, what fields are the shortlisted candidates in?
    • A: Modern Jewish Thought.
    • 3/19: Offer made and declined (only because a better fit was offered somewhere else. This is an excellent school with brilliant people).
    • Offer accepted.

Marquette University: Hebrew Bible and Rabbinics

  • Q: Has anyone heard anything about this? I just noticed the job re-posted on various sites
  • A: I emailed the chair about this "re-post" right before thanksgiving. She related they were keeping already submitted applications on file but were trying to widen the pool by re-posting with the adjusted description.
  • 1/26 contacted for campus interview.
  • Offer made & declined

Northeastern University: Ruderman Chair

  • Q: Has anyone heard anything about this?
  • Anything?
  • Northing as of Jan 25. It's an entirely messed up program.
  • Finalists listed:
  • Rejection letter received (4/19)


Northwestern University: Medieval Jewish Studies

  • 11/17 received request for additional materials
  • 11/23 request for additional materials
    • phone interview (12/4)
    • May I ask what additional materials they requested?
      • The usual: another writing sample, syllabi
  • 12/14 rejection letter received (saying two finalists already invited)
    • I haven't received an invitation or a rejection letter (12/18)
    • Offer made and accepted
    • Any idea who, or in what specific area he/she works?
    • Looks like it might be David Shyovitz, from Penn

Northwestern University: Hebrew Bible in the context of either Second Temple or Hellenistic Judaism

  • early September--received email saying i had been nominated for the position and inviting me to apply
  • 11/1 received letter saying that had received a large amount of applications and were still processing them
  • 11/25--asked for book-length writing sample
  • 12/9--contacted about on-campus interview

Phillips Theological Seminary: Hebrew Bible

  • I don't understand this entry at all - was all this for Northwestern, or for Phillips? The Northwestern job is still available.

Princeton University: Jewish history since 1500

  • Has anyone heard anything from them, even an acknowledgment letter?
  • Received request for additional materials early November X2
  • Received an acknowledgment letter early this week
  • Anyone hear anything after sending additional materials? No word after submitting materials as of 12-09. Anyone?
  • Campus interviews scheduled.
  • Offer made 5/3.
  • Offer Accepted

Seattle University - Theology and Religious Studies Dept.: Hebrew Bible

    • 11/9 - received rejection email

Seattle University - School of Theology and Ministry: Hebrew Bible

Tulane University: American Jewish history and culture

    • early October - received request for writing sample
    • 11/17 email rejection
    • offer made and accepted

University at Buffalo, SUNY: Early Rabbinic Judaism

  • 11/5 request for conference interview
  • campus interview in February
  • Q: When did they send out invitations for campus visits?
  • Wednesday (1/20)
  • offer made

University of Cincinnati - Judaic Studies

  • 1/16 ack. received (x2)
  • Phone interviews scheduled (1/26)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Rejection e-mail (2/26)
  • Was the 2/26 email after a campus visit?

--No, I didn't even have a preliminary interview.

Offer Made

Offer accepted (3/18)

Congratulations! Any idea in what area, or who it is?

University of Denver: Jewish History (excluding American and modern Western/Central European)h

    • Has anyone heard anything?  I haven't even got an application received confirmation
    • Received request for phone interview (11/19) x5 (11/19)
    • Does anyone know if there is an inside candidate for this position? There is a lecturer in modern Jewish history in the department, but she focuses on Central Europe.
    • If you don't mind sharing, what are the interviewees' specialties? (perhaps that would help answer the previous question).
    • I have an interview.  I specialize in Russian-Jewish 19th-20th centuries. (x2)
    • Jews of Medieval Western Europe
    • Eastern Europe (x2)
    • Received rejection email (x4)
    • Any word on campus interviews?
    • Request for on campus interview
    • When did they call?  Have they invited all finalists?
    • During the phone interview they indicated that they would be bringing only 2 candidates to campus.
    • Do you know their specialties?
    • Offer made and accepted (don't know specific dates, a friend of mine)
    • At what level (asst., associate, etc.)? Do you know the specialty? Any idea who?
    • Assistant. Middle East.
  • University of North Carolina - Wilmington: Jewish History
    • Phone interview (Dec 3). X3 Q: What specialties?
    • Campus visit scheduled (Dec. 11)
    • Anybody else? Or they just invited one person?
    • Apparently invited 4 to campus
    • What specialties? Anyone knows?
    • Offer made and accepted (2/11)
    • Stunning that the other finalists have yet to be notified, although a public announcement was made on the 15th by the Dept. (as of 2/25)
    • Last year I was a finalist for a position for which someone on the search committee posted on this site the name of the person offered the position - but did not notify the other finalists for about another month!
    • Where did the department make the public announcement. Is there a posting on the web?
    • Rejection e-mail (2/24)
    • There was a posting on the Facebook page of the UNC-Wilmington Hillel. It's quite amazing how unprofessional the department is being, and has been for much of this search. They still haven't notified all of the candidates. And using email? Ridiculous.
    • Yes, we should say congratulations to Jarrod Tanny (UC-Berkeley 2008).
    • Those of us in Jewish Studies must keep in mind that Hillel is a separate entity from university departments. Departments (history or otherwise) try to keep Hillel from interfering in the the search process (separation of church and state, etc). Conversely, departments have no control over what Hillel makes public.
    • More important is that Departments conducting searches should recognize that once information is out, it can't be contained. From the moment that it was posted on this page that the candidate was offered a job and accepted, the remaining candidates should have been told (they still haven't been), at least informally. If the local Hillel was privy to the information, then the candidates should have been informed. The longer the Dept waits, the more unprofessional it appears.
  • University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: Medieval/Early Modern Jewish History

    • request for AHA interview (x3)  Q: When were the interviews requested? A: 12/3
    • Campus visit scheduled
    • Offer made
    • Was it accepted? Does anyone know who it is?
    • Yes, it was accepted

University of Nottingham: Lecturer in Religious Studies (Jewish Studies Concentration)

  • University of Puget Sound: Jewish Studies or Islamic Studies
    • late October: received acknowledgment of application
    • Any other news on this position?
    • (From the Religious Studies page):
    • Acknowledgement of receipt by mail (11/2)
    • interview request (11/3)
    • Follow-up: are you Islamic or Jewish Studies? (11/3)
    • What specialty did they go with?
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Any news?
  • Ursinus College: Jewish Studies
    • Has anyone heard anything?
    • Nothing here--I was wondering myself.
    • I emailed them.  The committee is meeting on friday Dec. 4.  So they will expect selected candidates to come to the AJS with only two weeks notice.
    • Any word since then?
    • Request for interview at AJS (12/7)
    • Any updates? Nothing yet. Did they indicate to anyone when they would be deciding on campus interviews?
    • They made it sound like they would be deciding first week back after the holidays.
    • Yes, that was the impression I got.
    • Campus visit scheduled (x3)
    • When were these scheduled?
    • Several weeks ago.
    • Out of curiosity: what fields were the interviewees in?
    • Any news about this job at all? Has an offer been made?
    • Offer made

Visiting Positions[]

  • Boston College: Judaism and Christianity
  • Colby College: Biblical Studies
    • notified of interview at SBL 10/23
  • Colgate University-Shusterman Teaching Postdoc-due Feb 15th
  • any word on this?
  • rejection e-mail received, noting that they have invited two people to campus (3/17)
  • Did anybody else receive neither a rejection email, nor a campus invite?
  • Neither a rejection email, nor a campus invite
  • I heard from a friend that campus invite went out last week and the interview is to take place in the beginning of Aprilish (3/23)
  • I (the one who posted on 3/17) had actually inquired, and they sent me a rejection e-mail. Thus, it was not unprompted. If you have not heard anything at all, you may want to inquire. I've noticed that several places are very bad at responding, and do not do so unless pushed for an answer...
  • offer made
  • Does anyone know who the lucky post-doc is going to be?
  • a modern Jewish historian specializing in western Europe.
  • Indiana University: Visiting Scholar
  • 12/3 contacted for AJS interview
  • Johns Hopkins: Crane Family Postdoctorate
  • Oberlin College: Visiting Assistant Professor - Judaism and Jewish Thought and Expression
  • Oberlin College: Schusterman Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship - Jewish Literatures and Cultural Studies
  • Princeton University: Fellowship - Jewish Thought
  • Rutgers University: Jewish Studies
  • email ack. of application (12/1)
  • offers (two positions) made and accepted
  • St. Mary's College of Maryland: Judaism and World Religions
  • Syracuse University - Shusterman Teaching Postdoc, due March 1
  • Rejection e-mail (18/3)
  • Offer made and declined (4/26). Most considerate and professional, search committee, though.
  • Temple University Mirowski Visiting Appointment
  • any news here?
  • Union Theological Seminary: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Biblical Languages
    • 11/10 - SBL interview scheduled
  • University of Arizona: Schusterman Teaching Fellowship
  • Rejection e-mail (5/4)
  • Rejection e-mail (5/10), said they interviewed three candidates
  • University of California Santa Cruz--Schusterman Teaching Fellowship
    • Rejection e-mail (5/3)
  • University of Colorado at Boulder: Jewish society and civilization
  • University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign): Assistant Professor of Judaism
    • search canceled - hiring freeze
  • University of Pennsylvania: Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • University of Washington: Research Fellowships
  • Washington University in St. Louis: Visiting Israeli Scholar
  • The Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths (CMJR): Academic Director
  • Yale Divinity School: Lector in Biblical Hebrew
  • Yale University: Lector In Modern Hebrew Language And Literature