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Latin American History[]

any news?
12/07 -- I was contacted a couple of days ago about scheduling an AHA interview
12/10: email rejection letter received
12/09: rejection letter received via email
12/19: rejection letter by email
1/8: Campus visit scheduled
1/21; Rejection email received
Any news?
(12/4) Their deadline isn't until 12/12 (which is annoying considering they're going to the AHA).
(12/16) Apparently this search is still progressing, although ASU Main's searches were canceled--a History Dept. Prof. at ASU West emailed my advisor--apparently the final decision for interviewees will be made on Wed. and forwarded to the dean--I don't know the timeline from there
12/18 Interview scheduled.
1/12 Invited for on-campus interview
3/9 Offer made
3/17 Offer accepted
Any news?
12/15-- no news.
Anyone know who is the SC? There was not one at the time of the application.
12/17 AHA interview scheduled.
Anyone heard about campus interviews?
01/23 Received phone call for on-campus interview. (X2)
3/14 Offer accepted by Jonathan Truitt (identified in letter from SC)
12/3 scheduled interview at AHA today
1/7 Campus visit scheduled
Candidate accepted offer
Any news?
(12/4) I received the AA/EOE form a couple of weeks ago, but nothing other than that
12/6 AHA interview scheduled (x3)
Does the (x3) mean three people have scheduled interviews? Thanks, in advance, for the clarification! Yes.
Does any one know what is happening with Colgate have they sent all of their interview/rejection letters yet (12/20/08)?
No, and I have emailed to ask. No communication of any sort. That is real classy
Campus interview scheduled
4/20 got a letter today saying that no one was hired. And just the other day I noticed that they posted a VAP opening. Any idea what's going on?

4/27 They are hiring for a one-year position, and most likely doing the search again next year.

12/4 phone interview
12/14 from the SC, search is "on hold"
12/15 Any indication why or what the timeline is?
12/16 Few details provided by the SC, but the impression I got was that it is related to financial matters (big surprise).
1/24: Just got the official letter stating the above information. Why did they take so long to tell us that?
Any news?
12/4 Their deadline was the 1st, so it's probably still too early, they haven't even acknowledged that they received my materials yet.
Got an email from them asking for missing letters of rec.
12/10 Received letter acknowledging receipt of my application, says they HOPE to contact candidates this month about interviews. Do you think that means they're not going to the AHA?
the letter I received says: "we hope to begin contacting candidates about interviews in early January" which I took to mean they are not interviewing at the AHA and will not contact anyone unil January
Q: Does anyone know what the teaching load is at E Mich? thanks
12/18: scheduled a phone interview for January (x2)
12/19: from what i can tell on their website, it looks like a 3-3 load. can anyone confirm this?
12/19: I looked at the schedule of classes, and that's what it looked like to me, too
12/22: If I am not mistaken, it is 4-4 but they commonly do double sections (ie, one class of something like 70 students instead of 2 classes of 35 each). It cuts down a bit on the time in class, but really better questions are how many preps, how many students per semester, and how much teaching outside of your field.
1/9: The interview went so fast, I wasn't able to ask about the course load--did anyone else? Also, interestingly enough, tenure review is in the 5th year, not the 6th.
1/9: It's 3-3 the first year with no service and 4-4 after that with service expected. Preps varied between 2 to 3 a semester.
Lika123- Is there an interview that you do not have? Good for you! Can I ask what university you are from?
1/19: Any news?
1/20: I haven't heard anything yet, but they did say it would take a couple of weeks to be approved.
1/25: on-campus scheduled. As to the above, could you clarify, for what to be approved? Thx.
1/25: congratulations on the interview. Did they call you today on a Sunday?? Anyway, I just meant for their top choices to be approved by diversity and anyone else in administration.
1/26: I was also invited for an on campus interview.
2/20: offer made
11/25: Search possibly postponed - waiting for go-ahead from Univ admin
Anyone have an update about the search going through or not?
12/11: Called for AHA interview.
Weird. Other searches have been canceled because of a hiring freeze. What is going on here?
1/16. They haven't scheduled campus visits yet, apparently.
1/24 Invited for on-campus interview.
Have they invited all the candidates for campus interviews? How many?
yeah, pretty sure they have -- three
I heard they got a ton of applications from advanced Assistant Profs. Anyone know if this is true? Are they even interviewing fresh PhDs?
I believe they have four on-campus visits - two 'fresh' phds, two advanced asst profs
Offer Extended to one of the advanced asst. profs.
  • The 35th member of the University System of Georgia.
  • PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Position requires local travel. Ability to lift and carry files and materials. Ability to move from one office to another office on campus. Adequate vision, hearing and manual dexterity to interact with people in person, on the phone and in writing. Job takes place in normal environmental conditions.
  • I just had to add this. It is the 35th member and the PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS are so minimal. I really want to talk to someone about this job. Do you have to demonstrate your physical prowess in an interview? That would be great.
11/22: rumor - job search canceled
11/26: That rumor is absolutely 100% untrue. Both senior searches are ongoing.
12/9: Harvard Crimson claims all Harvard searches canceled except a "small number of exceptions". Make of it what you will... (
12/9 Posted on BRASA yesterday: "Historians of Brazil encouraged to apply: Tenured Professor of Latin American History Harvard University" Lists job as open until filled.
4 candidates invited to give job talks.
Who? (These are senior faculty positions and are public information--so no need to remove the question.)
1/28: could you please explain what you mean by public information? that is not how i understand the job search process. i know that the names of candidates leak through casual conversations. but do departments actually make these names public? i have never heard of this.
The searches that I have been involved with, as candidate and committee member, have all publicly announced candidates. There has never been anything secretive about the process. Job talks were announced (circulated on list-serves and posted with fliers). They have been open to campus members. Is the process different at Harvard? These are senior positions and ALL the senior hires that I have seen have been openly discussed at home and potential institutions.
In my institution job talks and candidates are generally treated as a semi-confidential event. Announcements go out on our email list-serves, which specifically state it is a job talk. But in flyers in the department the job talk aspect is not mentioned. Nor is the talk listed on the department news website or the Latam Studies website. So it's somewhere in between a public and private event. Any other experiences?

1/30 Only two of the four candidates are Harvard Ph.Ds this time! What a joke.

  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
11/12: Has anyone heard from them yet?
11/14: received email asking for AA/EOE information
anything new?
12/7: Writing sample requested 12/1
12/8: question: a writing sample was part of the original application. does anyone know if they've moved forward beyond trying to get complete applications?
By writing sample I meant they asked for the whole dissertation and any articles. They won't be interviewing at the AHA but will invite selected candidates to campus in January.
12/8: thanks for the clarification and good luck!
1/12: mass "Dear colleague" email that says that they have a short list and we're not on it.
So have they invited people for campus interviews?
  • Princeton University
11/28: rumor - AHA interviews scheduled
anything new?
12/6: rumor - on campus interviews in progress
12/7: Rumor is true, campus interviews took place first week of December
12/14 that was quick--has a hire been made?
1/14 Hire completed
Who was hired?
heard it was someone from Harvard
Wow, I am shocked. [/sarcasm]
Any news?
12/16: From the SC, they will not be interviewing at the AHAs.
What is SC? Search Committee
Anything new?
1/31: Snail mail rejection letter says that an offer has been made and accepted. How did this happen so quickly, considering that the application deadline wasn't until the middle of December, and they didn't do AHA interviews?
  • Rice University
  • Senior hire completed. (Brazil)
  • Let's dispense with the mystery here: Alida Metcalf hired.
Congratulations to Professor Metcalf!!
Any news?
12/4 AHA interview scheduled
Does anyone else have an interview with Rice?
12/10: Rejection letter received.
12/17- all junior position apps contacted for AHA interviews
how do you know this?
know from email communication that interviews have been set up
1/7: on campus interview set up
3/2 letter rec'd: position filled
11/10: Phone interview scheduled.
11/12: interview scheduled. Details of interview given. Centers on how to teach a eighth-grade Civics Class core class on democracy using readings from US and Western Europe. Readings include US Constitution, Federalist Papers, and George W. Bush's 2004 inaugural.
god, that's absurd!
Interviews have been scheduled even though the application deadline is December 15th?
12/6 - yes, they seem to do a kind of rolling interview process (they're not going to AHA - next step will be on-campus)
12/8 - I was contacted about a phone interview for next week; specifications to follow
This job is a re-post from last year. Odd rumors from last year.
12/09 - Would anyone care to elaborate on "odd rumors"? I'm supposed to have a phone interview with them next week.
12/11- Search Suspended until next year.
12/11- Yes, I just got the same email.
  • Roosevelt University
11/21: received request for portfolio and writing sample
12/16: rec'vd call to schedule an AHA interview
1/22: Received letter stating that candidates have been chosen for on campus interviews.
Offer made.
Offer accepted
12/10 received an email asking for a missing letter of recommendation
12/30 on campus interview scheduled (they're skipping the AHA/phone interview phase)
1/25: Is anyone else on this wiki interviewing with Shippensburg?
2/3: Offer pending
2/5: Offer accepted
  • St. Xavier University
11/23: any word from them? Their deadline was 10/10
12/12- Communication with SC: Interviewees to be named soon
12/15-Can I ask how you found this out? I tried asking for a timeline and the SC wouldn't give me an answer!
-Actually the SC said things are "proceeding as planned" and the department secretary said that nominees should be named soon. (Staff do the real work and know everything).
12/16 phone interview scheduled for first week of January. I got the impression that they are not interviewing at AHA
  • SUNY Buffalo
11/18: rec'd request for dissertation chapters
have interviews been scheduled for this job?
12/13: email rejection received, 3 finalists already chosen
1/16. Have they made a hire?
I hear they made a hire
does anyone have any news on Stony Brook?
(12/19) Just received letter saying search has been suspended due to budget cuts. (Gosh, is anyone at all hiring this year???)
  • Susquehanna University
11/15: Any word yet?
Not a peep!
Still no news? Anyone?
12/10: Set up an AHA interview-sounds like there might be an inside candidate
Why? Please explain
I would appreciate if someone could please explain the rumor of an inside candidate. This is very discouraging...
The SC mentioned that there is someone there already teaching Latin American history. I don't know if she's applying or not, but it is something to keep in mind.
1/7: Campus interview scheduled.
Have they already chosen the three finalists for campus interviews? Does anyone know??
1/10: I did an AHA interview but haven't heard anything, I assume I was passed over.
I know of three people invited to campus visits. They want to make a decision by the end of January or early February.
Offer made.
Does anyone know if the offer was accepted? Has a hire been made?
Yes, offer accepted.
  • Syracuse University
11/20: Has anyone heard from them? Request for more writing a couple weeks ago...
Received the same request at the same time. No communication since. (11/20)
Received request 10/31 and have not heard back.
Does anyone have interviews or other news beyond the writing requests?
12/9 scheduled AHA interview
Myself and others I know from whom they requested more materials never heard back from them.
Campus interview scheduled
1/19 Can I ask when they contacted you to schedule the campus interview?
I believe it was 1/9
Offer made and accepted.

Has anyone heard anything?
12/4 scheduled AHA interview
Has anyone heard about campus interviews yet?
Yes, campus visit scheduled on 1/9
Congrats! That's a great job. Anyone know if they called all three candidates?
2/9 offer made and accepted
  • Texas A&M - Commerce
11/13: Phone interview.
11/19: Campus interview scheduled
Anyone heard anything?
12/10: received rejection letter
12/11: scheduled AHA interview
Anyone heard about campus interviews?
1/23: They have apparently selected their finalists and made invitations to campus. I am among the uninvited.
1/23: I received a call back yesterday (1/22) evening.
3/23: Offer made and accepted.
  • United States Naval Academy
11/12: phone interview
11/17: requested on campus interview
Any more news?
Campus interview completed.
12/26 email rejection. offer made to and accepted by another candidate.
  • University of Alberta
has anyone heard?
12/20 Rejection letter received
1/8 Received request for campus visit
letter sent to history lists saying deadline is Dec. 15th not the 1st as previously listed
12/17 Email to set up AHA interview
2 candidates invited for on-campus interviews
Just two? Isn't that odd?
2/26 offer made and accepted by Sylvia Sellers-Garcia (identified in letter from SC)
12/3 AHA interviews scheduled
12/22 rejection letter received
2/6 offer made and accepted
12/8 AHA interview scheduled
12/9 AHA interview scheduled
1/25 on-campus interview scheduled
2/24 offer made & accepted
  • application deadline is 17 Nov 2008
Search suspended due to budget restraints; probable reopening of search in 2009-2010
Anyone heard yet?
Received email ack.
12/8: AHA interview scheduled.
1/12 On-campus interview scheduled.
Anyone know if they have contacted all the on-campus interviewees?
Received email saying three candidates were chosen for campus visits.
2/4: Offer made.
Offer accepted by candidate #2.
  • Deadline Feb. 1, 2009
  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
11/10: rejection received; letter said that the list of finalists to interview has been determined
11/19: yes, i received the same letter a couple of days ago.
11/21: Manuscript requested @ 1st of Nov, heard nothing since.
11/22: search canceled, possibly reopen next year
11/25: Notified that I was a finalist, but the search has been suspended (but not yet canceled). SC stated that the search may move forward later in the year (but I wouldn't count on it).
jeez, that sucks. 12/02
I never heard anything from them--no rejection, no request for more materials, nothing.
Got the same as above: request for materials, confirmed short list, search suspended.
  • University of Richmond
11/19: received email re: an AHA interview; they also requested writing sample.
11/19: received email scheduling AHA interview and requesting writing sample
1/7: on campus interview scheduled (X2)
Congrats! That was an absolutely brutal interview.
Rejection letter received. Details that an offer accepted by Manuella Meyer from Yale.
  • application deadline is 8 Nov 2008
11/14: rec'd call to schedule AHA interview
11/17: Also rec'd call for AHA interview
12/15: I never heard from them. (12/17: rejection letter received)
12/15: rejection letter received
Anyone heard about campus interviews?
1/14: scheduled campus interview
Anyone else? Have they called all of their candidates?
1/19: Generic (Dear Dr/Mr/Ms ... it is a cliche to say we had outstanding candidates, but we had outstanding...) rejection message received.
2/11 offer made.
Anyone know if the offer was accepted?
Offer accepted
  • Villanova University
11/17: Search Canceled due to budget constraints
got the same confirmation
  • William Patterson University
11/12, the search has been canceled b/c of budget constraints
pretty scary. i assume we'll be seeing more cancellations as the economic crisis rolls on?
--yeah, you're probably right

Caribbean History[]

  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
Anyone hear anything?
12/11 - Contacted about scheduling AHA interview; also asked for more written work
  • Naval Academy
  • application deadline is 7 Nov 2008
12/3 scheduled interview at AHA about two weeks ago
Campus Interview Scheduled 1/5

Mexican History====I would be leery of the prospects of these universities actually hiring. AZ, CA, & FL are all in a miserable financial position these days--the worst in the country in fact. The University of Arizona has an official hiring freeze and ASU seems headed in that direction. FSU canceled the search last year because of financial constraints. </sadness>

--I guess one thing we need to figure out is: are these hard or soft freezes? My understanding is that hard freeze means that no positions will be approved at all. A soft freeze is that each position will be reviewed individually for their "importance" and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
From what I've heard from my "sources" at ASU, things are bad but they're leaning more toward the soft freeze you just described... 12/2
12/3:- any ideas which jobs at ASU would go and which would be cut? They have 4, 3 of them related to Latin America (Mexico, Latino/a, Judeo-Hispanic Diaspora, and US Native Americans)
12/08:- no, my "source" is a close family member who works in one of the science departments. so it could be a completely different animal. sorry i can't help more.
12/10:-that's ok, better than no info at all-thanks for sharing!
  • Arizona State University
Any word?
Nothing yet
Canceled last week
  • Just this job? Anyone know if the other history searches at ASU have been canceled too? And what of ASU-West?
How did you hear?--I haven't gotten a call, letter, or email
I'm not the person who posted that the job was canceled--I'd still like to hear where you heard, just to be sure--but according to a History Dept. Prof. at ASU West, who emailed my advisor, ASU lost its lines, ASU West did not.
12/18 I just heard that I got an on-campus at ASU, but for the Judeo-Hispanic Diaspora job, not the Mexican job.
Wow, congrats on that. Has anyone applying to the Mexico search heard anything official? If it was canceled a week ago, why haven't they told us?

12/22: Just got the official email stating that the Modern Mexico search was canceled for budget reasons. There is no indication if they think they'll get the green light next year. The email also stated that they had created their long list, but it didn't say if I was included. Just curious: did anyone ever get an indication if they were on that list?? Thanks!

  • Cal State Fullerton
12/3: AHA interview scheduled

Cal State Fullerton has had on-campus and made an accepted offer.

  • Cal State Los Angeles
  • What is happening with CSLA? Anyone know?

Offer made and accepted in late Jan.

  • application deadline is 1 Nov 2008
--Hiring Freeze Rumored on this job.
12/6: AHA interview scheduled

Rumors & Rumors of Rumors[]

  • I am seriously scared that only a handful of these universities are going to hire. The existing cancellations from major universities, such as Villanova and Pitt, and supposed freezes at others, including Emory and ASU, combined with the silence from other schools, like Central Michigan and Susquehanna, have me rattled. Big State, Small Private, Big Private, Small State--it seems to be tough across the board.
  • Anyone know of any other freezes that are pending?
I have heard rumor that the UDenver job is in limbo because the US has been/is being canceled.
  • I'm at a medium sized comprehensive university (a few years in) and our dean just cancelled 1/3 of the searches this year, so it looks like this is across the board in the profession.
OK, cancel that earlier happy thought (i.e. only some searches cancelled). Things are indeed looking extremely dire. Our provost just froze all hires--just in time for the holidays. Nice. and Classy too!
  • Do you all think places would cancel searches even after going to the expense of an AHA trip?
  • Unfortunately it is possible, budgets are related to projected enrollments for one thing.
  • Enrollment is but one issue. State budgets and private endowments are down everywhere, which often directly affect the funds for new hires, particularly tenure track.
  • One thing I've heard is that some schools may interview at AHA, but send a smaller team -- maybe even one person! -- to conduct the interviews. Don't know about canceling after AHA though. My real fear is that this recession will be so long and serious that some places will simply move to adjunct labor and stay there.
  • Yes, it is not uncommon for departments interview at the AHAs, but then not hire. This was the case for the FSU job last year.
  • I am on a search committee for my big state university. The President announced a hiring freeze this week, but the 4 open searches in the whole of our College of A&S are still in limbo. It appears we may still be able to make a hire, but I will ultimately be surprised if it happens. As much as I'd like to have had interviews at a few of the searches that were cancelled, I'm just thankful to have a job. I also wouldn't be surprised if searches went as far as campus visits, offers made and accepted, and then had those positions revoked as the true depths of the coming years budget shortfalls. One last thing-- we are likely losing all of our adjuncts and lecturers, who do significant teaching, so it's not as simple as moving to adjunct labor. We're moving to fewer seats.
The previous post is depressing...Can we update this wiki and inform everyone when/if any offers are made?? Thanks in advance.
  • Are we going to identify the people who accept offers? It is common on the other Wikis (see: Art History for example)
  • I don't think we need to identify people who accept offers. We're in a job market that lacks transparency and a streamline process. These factors and the current recession doesn't help us. I'm suggesting that we alert each other when offers are being made, in negotiation or rejected (as was done last year) so that we know how to best proceed in these tough economic times.
1/21. I don't see that there's anything wrong with writing the names of those who have accepted jobs. It's information that is now public if not yet publicized. It's useful to know, for instance, who is no longer a likely a candidate for another job that may not have made a hire yet.

1/21: I am with you. Once there is a hire, it is public knowledge. Transparency does not end when there is a pending offer.

1/28: I would urge everyone to err on the side of caution here. It's hard for anyone except the people directly involved to know when a contract has been finalized. It may be the case that the candidate hasn't yet informed his/her home institution about the offer or even that he/she is on the market this year. It would be very unfortunate for this to be revealed because of wiki discussion or speculation. I think it's best to limit the information here to whether an offer has been made, accepted, rejected. We don't get much from knowing who the lucky candidate is (compared with the damage that might be done). We'll all know soon enough, when the faculty profiles are updated.

  • Florida Gulf Coast has an inside candidate for the job they advertised.
  • -that makes sense was in Fla over Xmas; offered to visit campus -they didn't show any interest-maybe they weren't interested in my file, but I think it's pretty good since I got interviews at other places...