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What's your employment status?[]

  • ABD: 15
  • VAP: 3
  • Postdoc: 2
  • Adjuncting with Ph.D.: 3
  • Tenure-track, but looking for a new job: 8
  • Tenured, but looking for a new job: 1
  • Ph.D. Full time at institution w/o tenure: 5
  • Search Committee Member 1
  • Lurker (seeking an academic position, but decline to identify current status) x2?
  • Currently have T-T position, but hoping to go on market next year



Arkansas State University - News of Cancellation in error - offer made and accepted?[]

  • Assistant Professor in History with a specialism in Latin American History

  • Must be able to teach World Civilization survey courses for undergraduates, and Latin American History specialist courses to undergraduates & graduates
  • PhD in hand by date of appointment
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2011
  • Phone Interview on 10/31
  • Campus interview scheduled 11/12
  • received email stating that search has been canceled.x2. (any clue what happened?)
  • I heard that an offer was indeed made and accepted. We received the HR Search Cancellation e-mail in error.

Bard College - offer made and accepted[]

  • Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies
  • Phone interview on 10/27
  • Called to request on-campus interview for late November x 3
  • Any news?
  • Heard from SC chair that offer was made and accepted (2/23)

Bates College - Non-TT 1-YR VAP Latin American History and Politics[]

[no link provided in original posting: PLEASE include links to job adverts when posting!]

  • 1 year VAP in Latin American History and Politics
  • "looking for a candidate who can offer a survey of Latin American History from 1492 as well as upper-division courses covering topics which might include Latin American revolutions, the state and nation, military dictatorships, gender history and politics, indigenous issues, border studies and US-Latin American relations"
  • Teaching load of 5 courses.
  • Review begins: 15 Mar 2012
  • Submit CV, letter of application, graduate transcripts, letters of rec., writing sample and grad school dossier if available to "Please include your last name and R2518 in the subject line of all submissions."
  • Any news on this yet? (4.3.12)
  • any word? 4/16

Bucknell University[]

  • Bucknell University's Latin American Studies Program invites applications for a full-time, tenure track position in Latin American Studies to begin August 2012. PhD at time of appointment is preferred. Please note that this is an open rank position: both junior and senior candidates will be seriously considered and those with sufficient experience may be considered for hire with tenure pending approval of departmental and university committees. The successful candidate will be a Latin Americanist with interests in interdisciplinary work in the Arts and Humanities and/or the Social Sciences, a commitment to undergraduate teaching, potential for excellent scholarly or artistic work in Latin American Studies, research and/or teaching experience in Latin America, and fluency in Spanish and/or Portuguese.
  • Anyone know anything about this search?
  • This is the first place I've seen it. Source? Contact info for committee? (12/9)
  • I saw it listed on The Chronicle of Higher Education website. (12/9)
  • GAME ON!
  • Here is the link on the program page October 15 or until filled. Not specifically a "history" search, but I'm suprised it was was not on h-latam at the very least.
  • skype interviews happened a few weeks back x 2 (12/10)
  • No skype interview here but have rejection letters gone out? (12/26); No rejection letter yet (12/28)
  • My understanding is that an offer was made but may well be declined. (1/9)
  • Did campus visits happen?
  • Just received an e-mail note thanking me for applying, and stating that they hired somebody else. (1/17) x2
  • I had a skype interview and have not received a rejection. I am not imagining that this leaves me in any sort of favorable position -- just venting the frustration of not (yet) having been notified. Once a hire has been made, does it not make sense to let those who still believed they were in the running know?
  • same situation as above poster. maybe the virtual facetime earned us a personalized snail mail letter. hmm? plus start of semester for these profs, so maybe that is to blame

Centre College (Kentucky) - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure Track asst. prof. in World History with specialism in either East Asian or Latin American History
  • (Link goes to posting on World History 2011-12 page, to keep discussion in one place)
  • Deadline: 14 Oct. 2011
  • This is now two positions. One for East Asia and one for Latin America.
    • Received prompt acknowledgement via email that materials had been received. 9/30
    • Has anyone heard anything yet? (11/7)
    • AHA interviewees contacted last week. (11/15)
  • received email stating that an offer has been made and accepted (2/3) x2

Clarion University - Campus Interview Scheduled[]

  • The Department of History invites applications for an anticipated tenure-track Assistant Professor position with specialization in Latin American history required. Applicants must have the ability to teach introductory courses in either Western/World Civilization or U.S. History, desire to develop Latin American History courses, and willingness to collaborate across academic units. This is a tenure-track position beginning August 2012. Ph.D. required, ABD considered, evidence of teaching excellence, scholarly promise, and completion of a successful interview required.
  • Deadline 11/4
  • Call 12/2 to schedule phone interview X10
    • Wow! That's a lot of interviews.
    • did anyone catch if they planned to make the cut before or after break?
    • They said they probably would not make follow-up contact until late January or early February. But definitely after the break.

---Campus interview scheduled 1/9

any news? 2/25

College of New Jersey[]

  • Joint appointment, Tenure Track Assistant Professorship in Latin American Cultural Anthropology and History, starting in August 2012. Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate a specialization in Modern Andean Cultures that complements existing faculty interests.
  • Teaching responsibilities will include introductory courses in Cultural Anthropology; upper level courses in Social Change in Contemporary Latin America and Ethnic Identity; and each year, at least two courses in Colonial and/or Modern Latin American History. The typical teaching load is three courses per semester; two courses per semester will be in Anthropology, one course per semester will be in History.
  • Applicants must have Ph.D. in hand, in Sociocultural Anthropology or Cultural Anthropology, at time of application.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately; applications that arrive after September 20, 2011 may not be considered. Receipt of application will be acknowledged by email. Interviews will be held by phone in early October.
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

Colby College - non TT sabbatical replacement - Offer made[]

  • Latin American Studies / History Sabbatical Replacement
  • Deadline: December 1, 2011
  • Faculty Fellow in Latin American History for the 2012-13 academic year.
  • The ad says: "Review of materials will begin on 1 December 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. All candidates will be notified of the outcome of the search in late spring."
  • For some reason, this position wasn't posted on the wiki until today (01/03): anyone know anything?
  • Contacted (12/21ish) for skype interview x2
  • any news yet on campus visit
  • Rejection email for applicant with no skype interview/campus visit x4 (01/25)
  • Two campus interviews scheduled
  • Offer made

Columbia University[]

  • Assistant Professor in Latin American cultural studies since 1800
  • "Preference given to scholars whose pursuits explore the intersections among the realms of literature, history, theory, and film"
  • Deadline: 25 Nov. 2011
  • Any news?

Eckerd College (FL)[]

Franklin & Marshall - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Latin America. The Department of History at Franklin & Marshall College invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position, beginning Fall 2012. The successful candidate will teach a two-semester introductory survey as well as upper-level courses. Ph.D. in hand; teaching experience required. Franklin & Marshall faculty are expected to be excellent teachers, active mentors, and productive scholars. Teaching load is 3/2.
  • Candidates should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, teaching and research statements, and teaching evaluation forms to Douglas Anthony, Chair, Department of History, Franklin & Marshall College, P.O. Box 3003, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003. We will not accept application materials electronically. Deadline for applications is November 15, 2011.
  • Anything here? 12/8 x2
  • Letter confirming receipt of application; they have begun review and will invite on-campus finalists in January. They are skipping AHA. (letter received week of 12/8)
  • AHA interview scheduled (12/13)
  • ? Can anyone explain the contradictory info related to the AHA interview info listed in the above posts?
  • This confused me too, so I looked at the letter I received from them again. It said that F&M intends to invite finalists to campus in January, and didn't say anything about the AHA. I am assuming the previous poster misinterpreted that as meaning that they were not doing AHA interviews.
  • thanks for the clarification!
  • Received an email stating that three candidates had been invited to campus
  • Received letter stating they hired somebody. Interestingly enough, it mentions the name and qualities of the person hired. (3/13)

George Mason (Brazilianist search in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences)[]

  • GMU Brazilianist search appears to be posted at Spanish 2011-2012 - no news there, though, as of 12/12/11
  • Thanks for posting this! I've been trying to find this search on the wiki. Anyone know anything?

Georgia State University - Campus Interview Scheduled[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History
  • NB: " Specialization and chronological focus are open, but we especially seek applicants whose research and teaching will contribute to the department’s program in world history and cultures'."'
  • Deadline: 1 Nov.2011
  • Acknowledgment email with link to EO survey received 11/3
  • Any news?
    • Recieved email to schedule AHA interview 11/18 x3
    • Received call to send additional material and schedule AHA interview 11/2
    • Received call to schedule campus interview 1/13

Georgia Gwinnett College[]

  • Caribbean/African Diaspora
  • (1/30) Contacted for phone interview (x2).

Harvard University- offer made and accepted[]

  • Open Rank. 1-2 Latin American Historians.
  • Any news?
  • The small list:
  • My understanding is that this is not the list. Grapevine around these parts says they are down to 6 candidates and the people listed at that link are not them.
  • At these events, they were fairly open about this being a "job talk." Maybe they have additional candidates?
  • Looks to be a different search.
  • Rejection email (10/28)
  • Rejection letter (mailed, 10/26) x2
  • I'm confused. Who's been hired? (11/1)
  • No one has been hired. They have identified candidates and are currently bringing them on campus.
  • Looks from interview lists that Harvard's blowing it again--not a clue about the field
    • Don't know who the candidates are but this is kind of an asshole thing to say about them. Say what you want about Harvard, but leave the 6 candidates out of it.
    • Not that I like the person's comment about the candidates, but they aren't necessarily commenting on the quality of the candidates or their work.
    • Sorry if I'm opening a can of worms, but do you mind explaining what you mean when you say they don't have a clue about the field? I really am just curious - not asking out of any defensiveness or irritation or anything.
    • After four years of searching, they still know nothing about originality or quality in the field, in part because they only look at 1-2 grad programs they find respectable. probably the wrong ones!
    • Thanks for the response!
    • re: the altered heading-- I didn't realize second graders read this wiki.
      • fixed, can't believe I missed it! Someone in Oakland Ca is obv. a bit bitter. AFII 13:23, December 15, 2011 (UTC)
    • Offer made, accepted. (2/28)
    • congratulations!

Lander Univ. (SC) - Phone Interview[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in World History, with area of specialty in African, Asian, or Latin American history
  • Applications must be received by December 15
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
  • Phone interview - week of 1/30

Louisiana State University - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Nine-month tenure-track faculty position at the rank of Assistant Professor. Responsibilities: teaches one course in History and one course in the University's International Studies program per semester. Required Qualifications: Ph.D. or equivalent degree in History by date of appointment; evidence of excellence in research and teaching in Latin-American history.
  • Application deadline is December 15, 2011 or until a candidate is selected. Apply online and view a more detailed ad at: Position #033245.
  • AHA Interview. 12/08 x4
  • Isn't it rather odd (and perhaps unfair to candidates who have not gotten their application in yet) to schedule AHA interviews before the application deadline?
  • Ad says "or until candidate selected." Looks like they got a sufficient pool and contacted the ones that they wanted to speak to. Does not preclude them interviewing someone whose application arrives on Dec 14.
  • Maybe so, but it is not a very elegant way to conduct a search
  • Agreed, and I got my application in weeks ago.
  • Exactly. If you want to have your interview pool settled before the semester ends, that's fine, but make your deadline December 1, not December 15.
  • Totally unethical, if not illegal. Most HR departments require that committee only begin to read files on the deadline.
  • The search could very well be cancelled.
  • For anyone who's interested, the phone number of LSU's HR department is (225) 578-8200.
  • As long as they're considering all applications that arrive by the deadline, I don't see the issue here.
  • Well, are all applications being considered, or did us late-comers get screwed?
  • Re above: Anyone get an AHA interview after 12/08? Draw your own conclusion.
    • I've submitted my application by the deadline and I got an interview very recently. I don't think there is any wrondoing here. (12/20)
  • I know that it's a good job at a state's flagship university, and I know anyone would be happy to get any job these days, but an interesting op-ed piece from the New Orleans newspaper on the drastic budget cuts the current right-wing Republican administration has forced on Louisiana higher education, especially LSU:
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/11)
  • Rejection letter (paper-how quaint) Suprised they only had 87 apps. (1/23)(x3)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/17)
  • Congratulations!!! (x2)

North Dakota State University - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • TT assistant professor job, must have Ph.D. in hand by August 16, 2012 (start date of job)
  • sub-field open
  • will teach undergrad and grad courses
  • Contacted via email to set up phone interview (11/4) x2
  • Invitation for campus visit received (12/13)
  • Any news about the campus visits?
  • Offer made and accepted (2/12)

Northeastern University[]

  • Open Rank hire in any specialism within Latin American History
  • "Successful candidates will help to advance the global focus of undergraduate history programs, will contribute to the Department’s innovative graduate world history program, and will participate in a new, College-wide interdisciplinary initiative on the internationalization of the curriculum. The Department also has a special interest in the following areas: public history; the digital humanities; health and the environment; citizenship, gender and race; war and conflict."
  • Review begins: 15 Oct. 2011, position open until filled.
    • Recieved request for additional writing samples 10/21 x5
    • does anyone know the teaching load? 11/13
    • Any interviews scheduled? 11/30
    • Any news? 12/13 (x2)
    • According to the entry for Northeastern's job in the history of the Atlantic World, interviews are happening this month and next for this search. Can anyone at least confirm if interview requests have gone out? The total silence here is getting a little frustrating.
    • It is odd. My best guess is that, since it's open rank, they went directly to on-campus interviews with higher ranking historians who wouldn't typically post here? But the silence is deafening. I'm curious about what rank the scholars were who had additional materials requested. Does anyone know?
      • I'm ABD and was asked for more materials. My sources say that they are trying to get two hires out of the search, one senior and one junior.
    • Ok, I took the radical step of emailing the search chair. He got right back to me: the search is far from over but they've narrowed their interest down to a "small group of candidates." I assume this means either that they've contacted those people for interviews or that these are the folks who were contacted for more materials. However, he emphasized that the search is far from over and "anything can happen." But I would guess (and this is my interpretation, not the search chair's words) that if you haven't heard about an interview or their desire for more materials by now, then, realistically, you are no longer in the running.
    • any news?2/1
    • three campus visits made in the past four weeks. an offer made. 2/1
    • one or two? I heard they were going to make two as mentioned here before.
    • offer was declined
    • three more were invited to campus
    • According to rumor, offer made and accepted by 20th century Mexicanist leaving an attractive post at another university in the NE

Northwestern University - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History
  • "No geographical or temporal restrictions, but applications from scholars of the 19th century will be especially welcome"
  • 15 Oct. 2011
  • Email to all applicants from search chair; on-campus interviews will be conducted before AHA following a close reading of files. Applicants in the running will be asked for more materials at some point in next month. 10/19
  • Anyone heard anything? 11/2
    • Received email requesting chapters and teaching materials 11/7
    • Any news? 11/30
  • Received rejection via personal email. Committee has chosen 2 finalists. 12/13 (X8)
    • Just for the record, this search was handled very well (x4) Agreed. Best to all concerned here.
    • Prompt, courteous and personal interaction even for those who didn't make "the short list." A class act. (x4)
    • Disagree, never received any confirmation, was never contacted, no rejection received either
  • Does anyone know what happened here? Was an offer made and accepted?
  • Offer made and accepted 2/17/2012.
  • Congratulations!!! (x2)
  • who's the lucky person?
  • i heard they already have a sweet TT job elsewhere at a private institution ...and their are no plans to rehire for his previous position !

Presbyterian College - 1 yr Visiting Professor - offer made and accepted[]

  • The position is a one-year (with possibility for renewal) visiting position in Latin American History to begin Fall 2012. Candidate will share with other departmental members responsibility teaching World Civilization courses in the general education curriculum as well as upper level courses in area of specialty. A Ph.D. and teaching experience are preferred.
  • There is no deadline, applications are being reviewed right away.
  • Had Phone Interview (6/5)
  • Any news?

Queens University of Charlotte (North Carolina) - offer made and accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Latin American History
  • "Regional specialty and time period is open, but additional areas of interest include Atlantic world, environmental, and indigenous history."
  • Deadline: not stated
  • What does the "movable" closing date imply about this search? I've not seen a listing like this before and it rather baffles me.
  • The new listing on H-Net lists a closing date of February 5.
  • Another baffling feature: the "salary requirement" requirement.
  • "When you want a Latin Americanist but don't want to pay too much, call us!"
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education listed them as one of the best colleges to work for, so this comment seems a little overly jaded to me - also does an observation cease being sarcastic when it applies to all except a select few rich institutions?
  • Application acknowledged via e-mail
  • So, what does it mean when one submits an application (some time ago) and has not received an acknowledgement of receipt via email as the above poster noted? I used Interfolio.
  • Phone interview - week of 1/30 x 2
  • Does anyone have a campus visit?
  • Request for campus visit (2/8)
  • Offer made and accepted

Samford University - 1 yr non TT - on-campus interview[]

  • Latin American History: The Department of History at Samford University invites applications for a one-year position at the assistant professor level in Latin American history, beginning August 2012. Candidates will be expected to teach in a two semester freshman core text sequence and advanced courses in Latin American history.
  • On-campus interview scheduled.

St. Lawrence University - non TT 1 yr Offer Accepted[]

  • The History Department at St. Lawrence University invites applications for a one-year, Visiting Assistant Professor position in Latin American History (potentially renewable for up to three years), beginning August 2012. Though the area of specialization is open, those candidates with a secondary field in the history of the Atlantic world, Europe, or Africa would be especially welcome.
  • Posted 3/27, no set deadline
  • Have received letter from search committee acknowledging application x1
  • Offer accepted
  • One wonders whether this was a "real" search, or simply a pro forma effort to ratify a previously identified candidate or foreign national requiring a visa.
  • You can stop wondering. It was a real search.

Southern Methodist University[]

  • Associate or Full Professor to apply or be nominated to the the Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in History: Latin American History with a preference for Mexican history
  • For full consideration: 1 Oct 2011.
  • Heard from faculty member at SMU that two finalists were invited late January/early February, but nothing since

State University of New York - New PaltzOffer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, open sub field
  • Deadline for full consideration: 15 Nov. 2011
  • anything yet? Only got the eoe card. x5
  • Called to set up Skype interview (12/9).
  • Has anyone heard anything regarding Skype interviews?
  • On-campus visit scheduled.
  • Ad just reposted to Inside Higher Ed. Did the search fail? Are previous submissions still under consideration?
  • Ad reposted after skype/campus interview. What's going on here? 2/20
  • Apparently we were a pretty sucky group of candidates? 2/21
  • Offer accepted.
  • Since an offer has been made and accepted, the re-posting probably means the HR department went rogue. Not unheard of.

State University of New York - Plattsburgh - Campus Interview Scheduled[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, open sub field but "preference will be given to those candidates with transnational research and teaching interests that complement the department's current strengths. Such fields include but are not limited to: political economy; slavery and indigenous people; African and Caribbean history; and pre-twentieth century global history"
  • "ability to teach survey courses in colonial and modern Latin American History."
  • Deadline: 2 Jan 2012
  • Anything new here? Nope.
  • Received a phone call to request a telephone interview (1/24) x3
  • On-campus interview scheduled (2/1) x 2
  • Offer declined 3/30

Stephen F. Austin State University - Offer made and accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History
  • "The successful candidate must be able to teach upper-level and graduate courses in Latin American history and in Mexico as well as both halves of the U.S. history survey. Ability to teach world history is a plus."
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2011
  • see "universities to fear " (nothing there about history dept.- care to elaborate?)
  • See "Current Issues"; section specifically on History has just been added (10/29)
  • I'd be hesitant to make a decision on whether to apply to a job based on "current issues" like the ones described. It sounds like personal conflicts that got ugly, with the losing faction wanting to stick it to the department by poisoning the well for the search. Conflicts between junior and senior faculty are hardly restricted to SFA. Pay, teaching load, and the remote location may indeed be valid concerns, but I could have guessed all three of those on my own.
  • Contacted by email to schedule phone interview (12/20) x2

Texas A&M University - Commerce - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professorship in Latin American History
  • "specialization in Latin American History required, any time period and/or focus"
  • Deadline: unstated, possibly 5 Dec. 2011
  • Can anyone tell what other courses the candidate would teach? (i.e. US and/or World?)
  • {Edited to add: I relalize now that I should have identified myself as SC} Yes, I can. At Commerce we have two undergraduate courses in the catalog on Latin America, and would expect whomever is hired to redescribe them depending on his/her interests. We also have a master's level course on Latin America--the focus can shift each time it's taught. On the undergraduate level we have an early world survey and a modern world survey. The Latin Americanist would probably take turns with one of those--which one would depend on his/her chronological focus. The two freshman introductory courses are both US history--early and late. (Texas state law requires that everyone who earns a degree from a Texas state university must take two US courses.) Just about everyone teaches some of the freshmen courses, although new non-US hires sometimes wait until their second year to do so. There is a topics course in world history that is part of the core curriculum, and a topics course in world in the undergraduate major. We also have scope & method courses on both the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, there seem to be more master's students interested in working in Latin America, so I expect the Latin Americanist would do some thesis direction too. [Thanks!]
  • The deadline is December 5th.
  • SC here again. Commerce has moved to an online application system, which has an application form to be completed in addition to the document file requested in the H-Net ad. The online application is here: HR Employment page So if you haven't sent anything in yet, you can upload your entire file to the online application system. If you read the H-Net ad and have already mailed hard-copy documents, NO PROBLEM! HR will contact you to direct you to the online application, and will scan your documents and upload them for you. [May I just say that this is the smartest use of the Wiki by a SC that I've ever seen?- And no, I'm not just sucking up, although if it's working, my application is the one that uses a copperplate font.]
  • [Not sure about Texas law, but a SC member posting on a Wiki site would be possible and likely grounds for a search to be declared compromised (and, as a result, canceled) for most state institutions. I hope that's not the case here.]
  • What "law" are you talking about? I have never heard of such a thing; search committee members have posted to wiki pages on this site in the past, and never once has it resulted in a cancelled search. It seems an exemplary policy and should be encouraged. The wiki is basically a public message board and offers another way for committees to communicate with potential applicants (not so different from buying an ad really, except that it is free and enables two-way communication).
  • The laws and policies vary from state to state. I am currently on a search committee for a regional state university and our HR department informed us of a variety of practices that are not allowed, most of which have to do with the university's interpretation of fair hiring practices law, and which would lead to a canceled search. This is among them. Most of them seem ridiculous to me as well, but policy is policy, and I can assure you that were I to post on the Wiki for the field that our search is in, our Dean would cancel the search, because of fear of a potential lawsuit. Of course, these policies vary from state to state, and I'm sure in some cases from university to university. But I understand from some other colleagues that these policies are quite common.
    • FYI: according to your own posts, you yourself are now in violation of your state's very important law on this matter. ["were I to post on the Wiki for the field that our search is in"--lrn2reed]
  • Seems like an over-zealous interpretation of employment law, but I can believe some state university HR departments might promulgate such policies. Still, it seems to me that it is useful for SC members to post in this venue to clarify basic information about the position and/or application process (as has been done above) or to dispel rumors or misapprehensions about a given position (see discussion about a job at Northern Colorado on the European History page). It seems in such cases that a strict HR policy such as you describe might not be serving either jobseekers or SC's well.
  • Oh come on! SC did nothing more than provide a detailed desc of job (would have been better in a paid ad, but that is often posted by HR without a clue as to what the search is actually for) and covered for HR's implementation of a new application system which seems to have been rolled out AFTER the job was posted. (If an extant program, someone in the HR or Provost's office should have caught this before the ad went out.) They would have had to provide the same information in letters to individual applicants or answer a bunch of anxious "I sent a paper application, now do I need to do an electronic one." There has been nothing untoward here and there has been no ex parte conversation that would privelege one applicant over another. It's all in the public domain and above board. As noted above, this is a very smart way to use these blogs and the SC should be praised for this. x2
  • Wow! Who'd have thought that a Texas A&M regional campus would generate more discussion than Berkely and Harvard combined? Way to go wikiworld! PS. I think this is why a lot of non-academics think we're all neurotic. They might be right.
  • Any objections to deleting everything after the 7th bullet? This is a lot to wade through and of marginal value. If not, I'll delete it on December 6. (Posted 12/5)
    • Value is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I'm generally inclined not to delete other people's comments - unless they can be usefully relocated to another page/section - & that approach seems to be the accepted practice on this wiki. I would not delete (and I'd be likely to reinstate it if you did ;) ) AFII 15:11, December 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/9) for next week (12/12-12/16)
  • Had a complicated problem with my Interfolio/confidential letters of recommendation. TAMU's online system simply can't accept confidential letters. I ended up sending non-confidential ones, but no word back yet.
    • Same here. This is rather odd. Makes me question whether this is a place that I want to work. (12/14)
    • Right. But in this market, do we really have a choice in the matter? No.
    • I had the same issues with letter writers and confidentiality. Considering I have not heard back, I'm going to just chalk it up to the letter issues :) (12/16)
  • Any news?
  • on campus interview arranged
  • Offer extended to candidate, counteroffer made and accepted. Awaiting contract.

Texas Southern University - Offer made and accepted[]

  • Tenure track associate/assistant professor in Latin American History
  • "Successful candidates should be able to teach World Civilization or U.S. History Survey courses"
  • Deadline: None Stated (and note advert says position will start in Autumn 2011)
  • From the SC chair: "The search is for the selected candidate to start teaching from Spring 2012. If the department is not successful then it will be for Fall of 2012."
  • Offer made and accepted (late March/early April)

University of Alabama - Huntsville - 1 yr VAP - offer accepted[]

  • The History Department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is seeking a colleague for a one-year position as a visiting assistant professor in Latin American history. It is possible that the appointment may be extended for a second year. Eventually we expect to convert this to a tenure-track position. Teaching responsibilities include freshman-level world history surveys and upper-division and graduate courses in the candidate’s specialty.
  • Email from Chair indicating they have hired someone for this position, 5/10/2011

University of Calgary - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Assistant Professor, Spanish American History
  • Deadline: February 21, 2012
  • Application acknowledged as complete via e-mail 2/6
  • On-campus interview scheduled 3/7
  • Offer made and accepted 3/30

University of California, Berkeley - Campus Interview Scheduled[]

  • The Department of History at the University of California, Berkeley seeks applications for a full-time faculty appointment at any rank (tenure-track assistant professor, associate professor with tenure, or professor) with a start date of July 1, 2012. The period and field of specialization in Latin American history are open.
  • All items must be submitted electronically no later than October 3, 2011. Review of applications will begin immediately. For instructions about submitting materials, please visit
  • Received email confirming that all materials needed for consideration had been received. Very prompt. (x3)
  • Any news here? (10/28)
  • grapevine from "people who know people" was that this is actually a process to confirm department's pre-selected candidate and and not a "search." (11/1)
    • I have no inside info but this sounds wrong. If this were true, why wouldn't they have tailored their ad to that person instead of having a search which is open field and open rank (meaning they will receive 200 applications that they have to sort through plus various "star" candidates they have to reject)?
    • stupid rumor--berekely doesn't operate that way
    • I was forwarded an email in which they stated that they were looking to rebuilt the department, since three professors (Latin American History) left last year (no idea about the reasons). So, I do not believe they had a pre-selected candidate, since they are looking to hire more than one person.
    • This is a genuine search and is being conducted with a great deal of integrity. I have no investment in the outcome but I am in a position to know.
    • So have finalists already been identified?
  • anyone know anything about the timeline for this search?
  • request for additional materials for an assistant professor position - 11/16
    • Congrats!!! Good luck! (x3)
    • Any more news on this?
  • AHA interview scheduled - 12/6
  • On-campus interview scheduled - 1/13
  • any news?
  • Rumor has it that Berkeley made an offer to a prominent Brazilianist with a post at another elite research university.

University of Central Oklahoma - Offer Made and Accepted[]

[Posted on 13 Mar. without link to original advert] - ok, the link has been incorporated now (March 13)

  • TT Assistant Professor
  • "Geographic area and chronological period of specialty open. Secondary teaching areas that would be welcome include Atlantic World, Mexico, Spanish Borderlands, and public history"
  • New deadline: April 15
  • Any communication on this? I know that this is a bit soon, but they're going to have to do a FAST turnaround to have someone by fall semester.
  • Had a phone interview yesterday- 27 April.
  • Rats. Not good news, but good to know. Thanks.
  • Campus interviews are scheduled (2 or 3) -May 2
  • So does anyone actually know, is it two or three?

University College London (UK) - Deadline Passed[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Assoc. Prof.) in the History of Latin America since 1830
  • " We are now seeking to appoint an outstanding historian working on any major area of the History of Latin America since 1830, including political, cultural, social, economic or international history."
  • Deadline: 8 Feb. 2012
    • Interviews: 9 Mar. 2012
    • Can someone confirm that the UCL rank of lectureship translates into the US rank of associate professor? That's what's indicated above on this wiki, but it's not in the actual job posting. I thought that lectureship=assist. prof & senior lectureship=assoc. prof.
    • [21 Jan.] You can't translate UK (or EU) posts directly into American equivalents (in my opinion, that is). The blurb, to me, says they're trying for someone with a book already (and the upcoming research assessment period in the UK means that there's pressure on all institutions to hire people with a reasonable publication record). But I've seen tenured lecturships go to people who are ABD, even when the job ad specified that they *must* already have a PhD. "about" an Assoc. Prof. was my best guess, but I'm not on the search committee!. AFII 17:32, January 21, 2012 (UTC)
    • thanks!
    • This is at an Assistant Professor level, not Associate Professor.
      • [24 Jan] Hi, anonymous user! If you have inside knowledge about the hiring preference, it would be really useful to hear it. All I can say is that the hiring grades are 7 and 8, and at 8 I'd expect a hire to have, for example, at least completed the requirements for tenure asked by most US institutions. So it looks more like a hire to associate status than a hire to fresh-from-PhD assistant status. Elsewhere UCL have differentiated between a 'Lecturer' and an 'Early Career Lecturer'. But, again, I'm not on the panel so I've nothing to go on but the advert. AFII 09:24, January 24, 2012 (UTC)
      • any news? (3/1)

University of Chicago (NTT Lecturer) - Deadline Passed[]

  • Lecturer (not tt) in Latin American Studies.
  • 12 month post with the possibility of renewal for a second year
  • "The successful candidate will teach an M.A. proseminar...advise M.A. students and will develop one graduate/undergraduate course and two undergraduate-only courses in their own specialty."
  • Deadline for full consideration: 31 Jan. 2012
    • [nb: only posted 14 Jan; I think because the wiki blurb states *tenured* posts, not VAPs and other appointments AFII 11:05, January 14, 2012 (UTC)]
    • Reply from poster: I have not read the blurb, nor can I find it. However, maybe the definition of the wiki should be expanded to include VAP jobs and other similar positions, since in practice many users of this wiki would benefit if information about those positions were consolidated here. Among other things, this can help all of us to maintain an informal count of the number of positions available versus the number of applicants. Gossip at AHA had it that one explicitly non-Mexico position had 100-150 applicants, so it is a mathematical reality that many wiki users will end up with non tenure-track positions.
      • Not a criticism, an explanation of the late posting. (The front page says 'faculty' positions & the tradition's been mostly to concentrate on TT at least in the History pages, can't speak for the other areas). Personally I don't post all the non-tenure track/tenured posts on all my mailing lists because it would become an epic job! If we wanted to do it systematically, it might be useful to separate them out, just to make it clear. Perhaps we could discuss that on the Talk page? AFII 22:26, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
      • Feel free to move this to Talk ...but just to chime in here. Some non-tenure-track lecturer/VAP/Instructor positions have been posted on history wikis in the past and can be found currently on pages such as US History & European History.  I have sometimes posted them myself, although I usually mark them as such in the header (thus "VAP" or as above). I certainly don't post *all* non-tenure-track jobs I see, only those I imagine to be such that many might be interested in following (because of location, rep. of institution, etc.). They are not currently separated off into a separate section, but there has been a trend toward that on the English Lit pages (see, for example, Renaissance 2012). I don't think it's necessary to do it that way, though (to me, marking the type of job in the header is sufficient). However, if the OP would like to create a separate section for NTT/VAP positions, I think that would be fine, although I don't think Admins. need be expected to do this for all pages, as of course, we have limited time. This is an open-source online venue, so users should feel free to contribute to shaping the given pages they use. Una74 23:03, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
      • I like the title marking, that's a really easy model, although sometimes making the nature of the post clear is probably partly a challenge of an international wiki with non-commensurate systems! I know I've had discussions with users about what 'lecturer' means in the EU context, etc. AFII 10:04, January 15, 2012 (UTC)
      • it would be much more helpful to keep tenure-track and non-tt positions separate. that way people only interested in tt positions don't have to work their way through the (far more numerous) non-tt postings.
      • The easiest solution is to clearly label all non-TT positions as such. If there really is strong opposition to this fix, then adding a non-TT section (along the lines of the already existing "General", "Colonial", "Brazil", "Mexico" could work.

University of Dayton [Non-tt][]

[no link to advert provided with original posting: PLEASE include a link to the original advert when adding jobs to this site!]

  • 1 year lecturer (with possibility of renewal) in History
  • 4/4 load
  • to teach The West and the World and upper-level courses in Latin American History
  • Deadline: 2 Apr. 2012

University of Illinois - Chicago - Hire Made[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Latin American History
  • "We seek a scholar who works on any period and any area of Latin American or Caribbean history, excluding Mexico."
  • Pending Budgetary Approval
  • Deadline: 10 Nov. 2011
  • AHA interview scheduled, 12/3 (x2)
    • Congrats!/Damn!
  • Have they brought finalists to campus yet?
  • On-campus interviews scheduled (1/12)
  • My guess is that they took a decision. I just received a thank you/rejection email today (2/1) X2
  • Rumor has it this went to a Brazilianist x2

University of Manitoba - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor in Latin American History. Applications are invited from specialists in any region, period or scholarly specialization, excluding Argentina; but in keeping with the University's strategic priorities, preference will be given to candidates whose research bears on subjects related to the History of Indigenous Peoples and/or to human rights.
  • Closing Date: 10/15/2011
  • Does anyone know anything about what's going on with this search?
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Thanks for the info, and good luck!
  • Received rejection letter today (2/7) dated 2/1 stating offer has been made and accepted.

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Transnational Spanish-Speaking History[]

  • The History Department and the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) of the University of Massachusetts Amherst invite applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in Transnational Spanish-Speaking History beginning 1 September 2012. Duties include teaching in both the History Department and the CHC. Preference will be given to candidates whose research and teaching specialties focus on the study of Spanish-speaking people in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. We expect the successful candidate to draw upon other existing strengths in the department, including the Public History program, which could provide additional avenues for community engagement and outreach to neighboring Latina/o communities.
  • The department will conduct interviews at the AHA annual meeting. Applicants must submit a letter of application stating research interests and qualifications, CV, three letters of reference, a sample syllabi, and a recent research paper by November 4, 2011 at Letters of reference and complete applications can also be submitted by postal mail to Professor Joel Wolfe, Chair Transnational Spanish-Speaking Search Committee, Department of History, Herter Hall 616, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 161 Presidents Drive, Amherst, MA 01003-9312.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12 & Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12
  • Received request to fill Waiver and AA/EO forms 11/23
  • Can anyone confirm if requests for AHA interviews have gone out yet?
  • Yes, 12/12
  • Rejection letter received. Glad that some universities still have manners and courtesy.
  • Is there an "inside" candidate? Looks like there's a senior lecturer there who fits the job ad.
  • any news???

University of Minnesota - Morris - Offer made and accepted[]

  • Three year temporary position in Latin American History, beginning August 13, 2012.
  • both the History and Latin America Area Studies curricula
  • Teaching responsibilities include introductory and advanced courses in Latin American history and a survey course in world history
  • Geographcial specialization is open; temporal specialization in colonia or pre-colonial Latin America and the ability to offer a course in African history are referred qualifications.
  • For full consideration: 15 Feb. 2012
  • Job talks have all taken place.
  • Any news? (5/10)

University of Northern Iowa - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History; region & period open
  • Deadline for full consideration: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Any news? 12/17
  • Are they interviewing at AHA? 1/3
  • Are there any developments regarding this search? 1/11
  • Received confirmation letter on late december.
  • Contacted for campus visit. 1/23 x2
  • Offer made and accepted 2/28

University of North Texas[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, with a preference for a specialization in Mexican history
  • "The successful candidate will teach undergraduate survey courses of Latin American history and other upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in his or her area of specialty...Preference will be given to candidates who can teach world history courses."
  • Deadline for full consideration: 1 Dec. 2011
  • Does anybody know anything more about this gig? It states that "preference will be given to applicants whose research and teaching interests focus on the history of Mexico." Yet they already have a Mexicanist. Hmmm...
  • The head of the search committee is a specialist in Mexican-American history, but the department's Mexicanist left as of last year. The committee is looking for a Latin Americanist who has the ability to teach modern Mexican history.
  • I've always been confused as to why jobs call something a "preference" when it's really a "requirement." Had the job announcement made it clear that it was more than a preference for a Mexicanist and was in fact just a search for a Mexicanist, it would have saved some of us the work of applying.
  • Although I think this previous comment is generally accurate, I know of examples in which a stated "preference" has been just that, and the search committee hired someone with a different specialty. So, I think it's worth submitting your application.
    • I second this. Last year, I applied for a job that stated a preference for Mexican history. I do the Southern Cone, and although I didn't get the job, I still had a wonderful interview and almost made the final cut. Point being: committees are presented with a diverse pool of excellent cantidates--especially in this market--and their preferences can shift accordingly. Apply for everything!
  • It is worth it, as the committee is considering Latin Americanists of all specialties, but the candidate must be able to teach modern Mexican history. The search has yielded candidates of all different specialties and all are being considered seriously.
  • Thanks for the clarification!
  • List of candidates for phone interviews has been created. Phone interviews being scheduled for next week. (12/7)
  • Any idea when the candidates will be contacted about those interviews? X3
  • Received a call to schedule a telephone interview. x3
  • Phone interviews complete; SC deliberating about the finalists; will inform candidates next Tuesday 12/20.
  • Any news?
  • Contacted for campus interview (12/20) x2
  • Official rejection e-mail. 1/18 x2
  • Is it really appropriate for universities to move to such automated communiqués? 5 lines in gmail.

"Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in the position of: Title: Assistant Professor, Department: History (N14500), Position Number: 00004949 at the University of North Texas. We have decided to pursue other candidates and hope that you will consider future employment opportunities with us. We appreciate your interest in the University of North Texas, and wish you great success in the further development of your career. Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs."

  • They had the courtesy to let us know that we were no longer in the running (not even dragging it out until a contract was signed) as noted with several other schools here and in previous years, no notice was EVER given. Would it really help if they used a nicer font or expensive paper?
  • No, it would not help, but this was still the most automated such message I have yet to receive. Compared to the schools that never acknowledge applications or inform applicants of their status, this is practically a "best practice." Beyond the boilerplate "we received myriad applications from brilliant scholars" it is always useful to know how many people applied, and (once a hire is made) the identity of the person hired. If you know that 143 PhDs and ABDs applied, you can begin to form a picture of the actual competition for a post at North Texas.
  • Some notification is better than none at all, which is what I got after having a phone interview with UNT.
  • must have been a glitch. I had a phone interview and got the above letter. I think they sent it to all applicants (or meant to) as soon as they drew up the on-campus list.

University of Portland - Offer Made.[]

  • The University of Portland invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in the history of Spanish-speaking Latin America to begin August 2012. Specialty open. Successful candidate will be expected to teach both Colonial and Modern Latin American surveys as well as upper-division undergraduate courses in area of specialty. Excellence in undergraduate teaching, ongoing scholarly development, and service to the department and to the university community are expected for promotion and tenure. Ph.D. must be in hand by time of appointment. Demonstrated evidence of superior teaching ability is expected. A background investigation check is required before final hiring procedures can be completed. Founded in 1901, the University of Portland is a private, comprehensive, Catholic university of 3600 students with a mission of Teaching, Faith, and Service. We are an equal opportunity employer striving to employ personnel at all levels who will support and enhance our educational mission and purpose.
  • Applicants should submit a cover letter, c.v., graduate transcripts, at least three letters of recommendation, and supporting materials, including a statement of teaching philosophy, to Mark Eifler, Ph.D., Search Committee Chair, Dept. of History, University of Portland, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR, 97203. Deadline: November 15, 2011. Please visit our website at for more information about the University.
  • any news? (12/4) x3
  • Called to schedule AHA interview (12/6) x6
  • Damn! x4
  • Does anyone know how religious/secular this school actually is? In other words, is Catholicism a prerequisite for employment?
  • Take a look at their religion dept. web page. (A useful litmus test for any religiously affiliated school.) I believe that they have muslims on the faculty even in that dept -but probably not teaching catechism. Respectful agnosticism or devout adherance to another tradition would probably be fine, militant athiests or Christian fundamentalists might want look elsewhere. This is Holy Cross, not Ave Maria.
    • Thanks!
    • Any news? (x3)
    • campus interview scheduled

University of Southern Mississippi - Caribbean or Latin American History - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Caribbean or Latin American History
  • ("contingent upon funding")
  • "Applicants with an emphasis on slavery studies who will contribute to the department's existing strengths in Southern studies are especially encouraged to apply."
  • "In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of expertise, the successful candidate will teach introductory courses such as World Civilizations, survey courses in Latin American and Caribbean History, and direct theses and dissertations."
  • Deadline: 1 December 2011
  • Received email confirming receipt of materials from search chair 12/6
  • AHA interview scheduled 12/14 (x5)
  • Received rejection email from search chair 12/14 - It was nice of them to be so prompt, at least!
  • Campus interview scheduled. x2
    • When were you contacted to schedule the interview? within the last 2 weeks
  • Offer made and accepted. (2/3)

University of Texas at Tyler - World History w/Latin American History - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in World History with a specialism in Latin America
  • ("contingent upon funding")
  • "The successful candidate will have the responsibility for courses on Colonial and Modern Latin America as well as both U.S. freshman surveys"
  • Deadline: 31 Dec. 2011
  • How is this "world" if most of one's time will be spent teaching US? It's not even LA and World Civ and US. It's just 2 parts US/1 part LA.
    • I'm beginning to conclude that although there are a growing number of historians who practice something called "world history" in ways that are interesting, useful, and serious, the vast majority of hires in "world history" are actually intended to hire someone who can teach European/US and African/Asian/Islamic/Latin America, so that they can meet a broader range of teaching needs without having to pay for it.
  • "crossposted at World/Global History 2011-12
  • Any news?
  • 30 January- Received email to set up phone interview
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Toronto (Mississauga) - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Tenure-stream assistant professor in Latin American History
  • "he candidate's research may focus on any aspect of Latin American History, but interests that complement and enhance existing departmental strengths would be an asset."
  • "The successful candidate will have the ability to teach a broad range of courses from the introductory to advanced levels about diverse aspects of Latin American history, contributing to the undergraduate program on the Mississauga campus, and will hold a graduate appointment at the Department of History on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto."
  • Deadline: 21 Oct. 2011
    • Phone call to schedule Skype interview 11/4 (x6)
    • does anyone know the timeline for this search? 11/8
    • There will not be further interviews beyond the Skype ones, it appears. They would like to bring in finalists for campus visits no later than early January, possibly before winter break. 11/8 x2
    • have they already contacted the finalists? x2: Any word?
    • Has anyone been contacted to set up a campus visit? 11/29
    • The three finalists have already done their campus visits. 11/30
    • Oh, well. They were so nice, too!
    • Offer made and accepted.
    • Awesome, congratulations!
    • Who's the lucky person?
    • I'm curious as to whether the job was ultimately offered to a Canadian citizen; Canadian jobs always say that Canadians get preference, but I've wondered if that's followed in practice.
    • I've got a good friend with a degree from a top Canadian school in PoliSci (and who is Canadian). For what it's worth, he claims that for research jobs in Canada, people with degrees from Canadian schools are at a disadvantage due to the perceived superiority of the US Ivy League and other top US schools, but that Canadians have a significant advantage for non-research positions. UT is a top school. My friend gave me the impression that Canadians with degrees from US Ivy schools have the best shot at top jobs in Canada.
    • Either 2 of 3 or all 3 of the 3 short-listed candidates for this job were Canadian citizens.

University of Warwick (UK)[]

  • Assistant Professor of Latin American History
    • (NB: Warwick uses US-style position names, despite being in the UK)
  • Deadline: 15 Mar. 2012
  • Any news here?

University of Wisconsin - Parkside - Search Suspended, Budget Cuts[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of Latin America and the Atlantic World
  • " We are seeking a candidate who can effectively teach introductory and upper division courses on topics in the history of that region, along with introductory courses in our World History sequence. Candidates with expertise and the ability to teach a combination of courses in the subfields of Mexico, Central and/or South America, the Caribbean, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and Colonialism are preferred. "
  • Deadline: 20 Jan. 2012
  • Any updates here?
  • Ditto? 3/01/12.
  • Just getting around to reviewing applications according to SC chair. Mar 2, 2012
  • Glad I hurried up and got that in by January 20.
  • Phone interview scheduled 3/15
  • 3/26. Updates?
  • just received email (3/30) that the search is suspended for budgetary reasons
  • 1 diasppointment...

Washington & Lee University - OFFER MADE AND ACCEPTED[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History
  • Specialism open, Colonial and/or Modern Era
  • For full consideration: 10 Dec. 2011
  • there's a VAP Latin Americanist there already, anyone know anything about this position?
  • My assumption was that the VAP came for a one- or two-year position but that the department now wants a tenure-track Latin Americanist. No idea if the search is being done with the intent of perhaps bringing in the VAP as a permanent hire or if they're looking for someone different.
  • It's a serious search for a tenure track Latin Americanist with no preconceived notion of who will be hired.
  • Application acknowledged via e-mail 12/13-committee supposed to arrange AHA interviews 12/15
    • This search is also being conducted well. Transparent. Prompt. Courteous. (x2)
  • Received a call to schedule AHA interview 12/15 (+2)
  • Rejection e-mail (12/21) x2
  • Received an e-mail stating three candidates had been invited to campus (1/24)

West Virginia University - [Non TT][]

  • 1 year VAP in Latin American History
  • "Teaching responsibilities include introductory and advanced courses in Latin American history. Geographic and temporal specializations are open. Annual teaching load is 6 courses"
  • ABD conidered but PhD in hand preferred
  • Review Begins: 24 Feb. 2012 [note; only posted to wiki on 25 Feb]
  • Phone interview week of 3/12 (x2)
  • any news? Campus visit? (4/4)
    • nothing here. Didn't they want to bring someone to campus on April 12?
    • SC said all interviewees would be contacted by 3/23, either way. Still waiting...
  • Campus visit (4/10-11)
  • any offers?


Cornell University - Offer Made and Accepted[]

  • Historian of Colonial Latin America, from pre-contact to c. 1850, who works on the Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking world.
  • Full-time, tenure track at the assistant professor level, to begin July 2012. Applicants must be strong in both research and teaching and have the Ph.D. in hand by Fall 2012.
  • Applications deadline October 7.
  • Email from search chair saying that they will not be interviewing at the AHA--phone interviews will be conducted this fall with those on the long short list, and finalists invited to campus after Thanksgiving. 10/14
  • rejection received via email (10/29) X5
  • any news?
  • finalists have been contacted and campus visits are underway (second hand info) (11/30)
  • received form email that an offer has been made and accepted (12/22)

Johns Hopkins University[]

  • The Johns Hopkins University Department of History seeks a full-time, tenure-track assistant or tenured associate professor of early modern Spanish history (including the Spanish Empire). Please submit a cover letter, c.v., writing sample, research statement, and three letters of reference to Early Modern Spain Search, Dept. of History, Johns Hopkins University, 301 Gilman Hall, Baltimore, MD 21218. Johns Hopkins is an AA/EOE committed to recruiting, supporting, and fostering a diverse community of outstanding faculty, staff, and students. Women and minorities are especially invited to apply.
  • November 15 is the application deadline
  • Request for additional materials, 12/3

The College of William and Mary - offer made and accepted[]

  • The Department of History at The College of William & Mary invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor in the field of Colonial Latin American history, to begin August 2012. Regional specialization is open. The Department seeks applicants who demonstrate excellence in research and teaching, and who will contribute to the College's strengths in colonial history. Faculty teach two courses per semester. The successful applicant will be expected to teach a survey of colonial Latin American history, freshman seminars, upper-level courses in Latin American history, and occasional graduate seminars.
  • Applicants must hold the Ph.D. by the time of appointment. To apply, submit your letter of application, curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information for three references via William & Mary’s online recruitment system at Review of applications will begin on October 15, 2011. The College of William & Mary is an EO/AA employer.
  • More materials requested, 10/30. Semi-finalists will be contacted the week of Nov. 21 to arrange AHA interviews.
  • AHA interview scheduled 11/20 x4
  • On-campus interviews have been scheduled for late January (1/12)
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Mississippi - offer made and accepted[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Colonial Latin American History
  • Open Until Filled
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Rejection email 12/9
  • Emailed to set up AHA interview (12/9) x 3
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Any news on who accepted?

University of North Carolina Charlotte (2 positions - both filled)[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor
  • 2-2 load, graduate and undergraduate classes
  • Latin American and African Diaspora
  • Screening will begin on 12/11
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/13)
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/20)
    • Campus interview scheduled (1/5)
  • Has an offer been made? (2/3)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/6)
    • It looks like there's been a confusion with this job. I have posted as a candidate for the job in Latin America and African Diaspora, but there is a job search of a Colonial Latin Americanist in the same institution ...
    • Offer made and accepted for Africana Studies job; offer extended for Colonial Latina Americanist
    • Who accepted?
    • There are two jobs in two different departments: one in Latin America and African Diaspora, and one in colonial Latin American history. Both have now been filled.


Franklin College (IN)[]

  • Deadline 11/30.
  • "preferred specialization in the 20th century or the contemporary era. Ability and willingness to teach a modern world history course is essential; experience in teaching world history is desirable. The successful candidate will also be expected to teach the history department's annual historiography course for junior majors"
  • Application acknowledged by email early December. x2
  • Skype interview invitation issued week of 2/6.
  • Shucks, but congrats! I was hoping to get back to my hometown.
  • Emailed me (and other applicants in the CC line) to let us know that search is ongoing and "did we want to remain in the search or w/draw?" We now know that there are six active candidates and (based on e-mail addresses) can infer the names of at least five of them and the institution of one. (3/19)
  • I got the email as well. One of the "candidates" is a VAP there I guess.
  • campus visit schedule 3/30/12

Grand Valley State University - offer made and accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor of Modern Latin American History
  • Deadline: October 28, 2011
    • Received phone call to schedule a phone interview (11/17 & 11/18) x2
    • on campus interview scheduled. x2
    • e-mail stating position has been filled 3/5

Stanford University - offer made and accepted[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Latin American History
  • " Candidates with expertise in Modern Mexican history are especially encouraged to apply"
  • Deadline: 3 Oct. 2011
  • any news?
  • Email sent to candidates who will interview at the AHA. Time slots to be scheduled within the next week (11/7)
    • They must have my email address wrong or something because for some reason I didn't receive that message.
    • Bwahahahahaha!
    • There must be some mistake here indeed, for nor was I contacted
  • Invitation for campus interview.
    • Congrats!!! Good luck!
  • offer declined
  • offer accepted by Mexicanist doing environmental history

University of Maryland, College Park - CANCELLED[]

  • Tenure track associate professorship in Modern Latin American History
  • Region & specializaiton open, but "Candidates are encouraged to articulate potential contributions to existing and emerging areas of strength in the Latin American history and Latin American studies programs, including social and cultural history, transnationalism, race and ethnicity, labor, gender and sexuality, the African Diaspora, slavery and emancipation, colonialism and empire, and nation-state formation"
  • Soft Deadline: 14 Oct. 2011
  • No news?
  • received request for additional material a few weeks ago (12/4)
  • They cancelled the search; anyone know why?
    • They probably caught one of the SC members posting on this wiki and had to cancel the whole thing
    • get over it! seriously. there is nothing wrong with a SC posting on the wiki. it is helpful. it is transparent. and it is NOT unethnical. the discussion above (A&M Commerce) is absolutely ridiculous and, in my humble opinion, should be deleted. the SC posted no revealing information and in no way did s/he compromise the search. x2
      • It was just an attempt (apparently failed) at humor.
      • (well, I thought it was funny ...:) x2
  • is it definitely cancelled? did anyone get a message from SC about this? (12/8)
    • a letter from the Dept chair
    • what a shame, but thanks for the info
  • I heard from someone who was in a position to know that the search was cancelled due to internal disagreements over the parameters for the hire. This is good news in the sense that the search may well be green-lighted next fall. (12/24)

Scripps College -offer made and accepted[]

  • History of Modern Latin America, four-course sabbatical replacement, 2012
  • Historian in the field of Latin America and the Caribbean to teach four courses from January 2012 to December 2012.
  • Review of applications will begin September 15, 2011.
  • Any news?
  • I had a skype interview about three weeks ago and they informed me last week that they had hired someone else.

Brazilian History[]

Florida International University - position filled[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor in Brazilian History and African & African Diaspora Studies
  • "Historical period and specific area of focus are open but the ideal candidate will address the history of Afro-Brazilians. Interest for Transatlantic exchanges will be considered a plus"
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2011

11/03-A comment: about 3 years ago they hired an assistant professor who did Brazil and Cuba (slavery), who apparently left. And earlier another faculty who did Brazil and the Atlantic left as well. Apparently they are not able to retain who they hire in this area.

  • Reponse: Any idea of why?
  • Anyone heard anything here? 11/20
  • Nope (11/28) Any news?
  • News from the grapevine: they already selected people to be interviewed and sent out invite I think. So don't hold your breadth if you're still waiting as I was. But there seems to be powerplay over who/what they want at this place which confirms the comment above regarding the inability to retain faculty hired in this area.
  • (12.19.11) I just got word the position has been filled. They did not follow the human resource procedure, at least what was advertised (according to human resources if you were not going to get an interview, you would be notified not left in limbo), but what can you do. All the best to whoever was chosen. Also all the best to who was not chosen, I hope we all get jobs. Cheers.

Mexican History[]

Boise State University - offer made[]

  • full-time, tenure-track position of Assistant Professor in Mexican History starting August 2012
  • All time periods and geographical specializations considered.
  • Applications should be postmarked by September 30, 2011. UPDATE: Application Deadline has been extended to October 31, 2011. (Per search committee chair)
  • Any update here? AHA interviews?
  • Any news? (11/29)
  • Any news/rumors/guesses about this search?
  • Email requesting Skype interview next week. x2
  • Any word on campus interview? (1/13)
  • On-campus interview scheduled (1/12) x2
  • contacted by email or phone? Phone.
  • Rejection letter (paper) received (1/30)
  • Have heard that an offer has been made (2/23)