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Brandeis University (MA)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor or early career associate professor of Latin American History, to begin Fall 2014
  • "We especially encourage applicants with research expertise in the Caribbean, or in the African Diaspora in any part of Latin America. The successful candidate will teach surveys in colonial and post-independence Latin America as well as classes in her/his areas of specialization, and will also play an important role in the university's interdisciplinary Latin American and Latino Studies Program. S/he must show exceptional scholarly promise and a serious commitment to teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels."
  • "Candidates should submit a letter of application, c.v., a writing sample of no more than forty pages, and three letters of reference AcademicJobsOnline."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2013
    • 12/4 - Any Updates?
    • 12/5 Skype interviews scheduled
    • Rejection email 12/12. Says they were surprised by the number of applications that they got. I guess nobody on the committee has been on the job market in a while. 
    • I was surprised by the language of the rejection email as well: guess it shows that those who have been hired thirty years ago are completely clueless
    • Campus visit scheduled
    • Any updates to share?
    • I heard from a reputable source that an offer was made and accepted

Brown University - 1780s-1920s[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor working on Latin America from the 1780s to the 1920s, to begin 1 Jul. 2014
  • "The Department is interested in scholars who can bridge colonial and modern Latin American history and who have expertise in such fields as the Haitian or Cuban independence movements; the circulation of trans-regional intellectual currents throughout Latin America; European and/or Asian migration to Latin America and the Caribbean; on-going African legacies in the region; United States-Latin American relations in this period; and Latin America’s changing position in the global economy, among other topics."
  • Ph.D. or equivalent is required by time of appointment.
  • Interested candidates should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference via Interfolio
  • Review of applications will begin 1 Oct. 2013.
    • I'm not on the search committee or part of the department, but heard from a very reliable source that if you applied for this job you should ABSOLUTELY confirm receipt of your materials with the department. "Interfolio is a disaster" 10 Oct. 2013
    • Writing sample requested (10/20)
    • Skype interview scheduled (10/30)
    • Offer accepted

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) (Mexico) - Modern Mexico and/or Americas[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Mexican and/or History of the Americas, to begin Aug. 2014
  • "Preferred candidates will have a research agenda linked to any of the following sub-disciplines: economic history, environmental history, regional comparative history, borderlands history, historical demography and geography, or digital history. Candidates must have completed their Ph.D. degree before 1st August 2014."
  • "Candidates must send the following documents in PDF format to the address below ... a covering letter; three references and some written assessments of their teaching skills (if they have them); an example of their written work (for example, a published or accepted article, or a book chapter or Ph.D. thesis chapter); and a project outlining their future plans for research and teaching.
  • Search Committee, División de Historia, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, Carretera México-Toluca #3655, Colonia Lomas de Santa Fe, México, D.F. 01210, México, Tel. (0052) 5557279826, Correo electrónico: /
  • Deadline: 31 Mar. 2014
  • Received a very helpful email confirming receipt on April 4. They will notify those going on to the next round on April 22.

City University of New York - Baruch College - Excl. Brazilian[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, excluding Brazil, to begin Aug. 2014
  • "Specialization open. Preferences for economic or business history and/or for transnational or global approaches"
  • "Please send a letter of application addressing research and teaching interests and experience, CV, three letters of recommendation, sample syllabus and/or teaching evaluations if available, and an article length writing sample to: Latin American History Search, Department of History B5/200, Baruch College, 1 Bernard Baruch Way, New York, NY 10010 - OR - Email:
  • Review begins: 4 Oct. 2013 and continues until filled
    • Skype interview scheduled (11/26)
    • Campus visit/job talk scheduled (2/8)
    • I got a weird email saying I wasn't going to be offered an interview (3/31, I think). I had guessed that already, but thanks for the update!!1!!
    • Offer extended and accepted

City University of New York - Staten Island[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, to begin Fall 2014
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • "In addition to responsibility for teaching introductory and advanced History courses, the successful candidate will also be expected to teach general education History courses, upper division and graduate courses in his or her area of specialization, and support the college's and university's interdisciplinary priorities; pursue an active research and publication program; and perform departmental and college service. The successful candidate will be required to teach courses in both colonial and modern Latin American history. Ability to teach courses on Caribbean History a plus."
  • "From our job posting system, select "Apply Now", create or log in to a user account, and provide the requested information. If you are viewing this posting from outside our system, please log on to Navigate to Employment, then Job postings on line. Find Job ID # 9216. In order to be considered for this position, applicants must submit a letter of application (outlining research and teaching experience), curriculum vitae, and at least three letters of recommendation. Please attach each referee's contact information to your letter of application.If you have difficulty with uploading multiple documents to the web site please send them to
  • Deadline: 2 Dec. 2013
  • Received phone call to schedule Skype interview (12/13) x3
  • Did they say when they would be making decisions about campus visits?
  • Received phone call to schedule campus visit (12/23)
  • Campus visits are currently underway (February), but they may be interviewing more than the standard three candidates
  • Any information about how many candidates there are? <<<  I think 3 people have already been interviewed, perhaps 2 more this week, so maybe as many as 5 to 6. (2/17)
  • I wonder if they're just interviewing an unusually large pool of people, or if the first three turned out to not be what they were looking for. (2/23) It's not the latter, as they planned to campus interview at least 6 candidates from the very start. From what I can tell from the previous posts, the campus interviews may be concluded this week or very soon. (2/25)
  • Any word on this? (3/13)
  • Would anyone care to give an update, since apparently the university is never going to? 3/25
  • Heard that offer was accepted 3/25 (Pitt PhD)

Fairfield University (CT)[]

  • [18 Sept] this advert is no longer on Chronicle or H-Net - has the search been cancelled? AFII (talk) 08:21, September 18, 2013 (UTC) // [19 Sept] I don't think so, ad is still there at University's Faculty Opportunities page
  • "Specialization is open, but candidates should be able to teach area and survey courses in Latin American history, courses in their specialization, as well as the introductory history core course, Origins of the Modern World Since 1500."
  • "Fairfield an independent Jesuit comprehensive university"
  • Intend to interview at the AHA
  • Review will begin 1 Nov. 2013

Ad is no longer on their web page--November 5 [Nov 6 - yes it is, the URL just changed, I've updated the link]

  • 12/4 - Any news on this one? -- None 12/5
  • Received courteous rejection email - 12/10
  • Email request to interview at AHA - 12/11 x3
  • Invitation to campus interview-01/08
  • Offer has been extended 02/25

Franklin College (IN)[]

  • "Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate courses in Latin Ameican History with a specialization in the 20th century or the contemporary era."
  • Will teach modern world history and historiography course for juniors, load is 4/4
  • "Preferred qualifications: specialization in the 20th century or contemporary era South America; and experience in teaching world history."
  • Open until filled
    • I can't find an ad for this position anywhere.  Checked AHA, H-net, and Franklin College employment opportunities.  Is the job for real?  Didn't Franklin College just hire someone to teach Latin American history within the last couple of years?
    • They had someone and she left maybe two years ago.    They did a search last year for that person's job description.  They did not make a hire.  This search has a narrower geographic and chronological emphasis than last year's. 
    • Thanks for the answer.
    • But there is someone there from last year's hire, no? This person is still listed as faculty on their site and I believe teaching currently. Is this faculty member leaving in the spring?
    • any movement on this? 1/9
      • Email confirmation on Nov. 18 & nothing since (1/9)
      • Has an offered been extended?

Haverford College (PA) - [Non-TT; VAP][]

Posted to the wiki after the deadline AFII (talk) 15:20, April 29, 2014 (UTC)

  • One year leave replacement position in History
  • "The successful candidate will teach one introductory course on early modern global or trans-regional history, two thematic or chronological surveys of Latin American history, one advanced research oriented seminar and will advise history majors completing their senior theses."
  • Deadline: 7 Apr. 2014
  • Rejection email, 5/7

Indiana University - Southeast - 1500-1900[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, 1500-1900, to begin Fall 2014
  • "To be considered for the position, a candidate must have the following minimum qualifications: a PhD in history with major field in Latin American history at time of application, college teaching experience, effective oral and written communication skills, and an active research agenda.  A minor field in African or Atlantic World history is desired"
  • Teaching Load: 3/3 "consist[ing] of freshmen survey courses-The World in the Twentieth Century each semester; and Issues in Latin American history every year-and upper level courses in area of specialization"
  • "Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, transcripts, and three letters of recommendation... to: Dr. Yu Shen, Search Committee Chair-History, School of Social Sciences, Indiana University Southeast, 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN 47150."
  • Deadline: 6 Dec. 2013
    • Skype Interview scheduled for 1/9
    • Campus Interview scheduled
    • Any update here? 3/18
    • Any News? This is taking way too long 3/27
    • Offer extended and accepted
    • Worst rejection letter ever, especially for an on-campus candidate. Says a lot about the organization of the School.

Johns Hopkins University - Homewood (MD) - [Tenured][]

  • Tenured Associate Professor in Latin American History
  • "Area of specialization and chronological period are open. Candidates whose research makes broad thematic connections and/or spans regions are particularly encouraged to apply."
  • Review begins 1 Sept. 2013 and continues until search is completed
    • Campus interviews scheduled (10/21)
      • Congratulations and good luck!

Lindenwood University (MO) - Atlantic World with Latin American focus[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Atlantic World with Latin American focus
  • "Responsibilities include teaching upper and lower division courses, advising, and engaging in University service. Full-time faculty teach a 4-1-4 load (which includes a January Term course) but may request course reductions for research." 
  • For full consideration, materials should be received by November 11, 2013.
    • See full advert (posted above) on World/Global History 2013-14 page
    • Phone interview requests sent (11/21).
    • 3/5 Received snail mail rejection that, if I recall correctly, stated that search had concluded.

Loyola University Maryland - [Senior] Spanish America[]

  • Doehler Chair in History (Modern Spanish America), to begin July 2014
  • "Loyola University Maryland is a...Jesuit Catholic institution"
  • "Applicants should be senior scholars at the associate or full professor rank."
  • "The successful applicant will teach two Spanish American history courses per semester, maintain an active agenda of research and publication, and give occasional lectures on campus.  The applicant will be associated with the interdisciplinary Latin American and Latino Studies program"
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2013, extended to 1 December.

Northern Arizona University - Non-TT, VAP[]

  • The Department of History at Northern Arizona University invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American history to begin fall 2014 on a two-year appointment. 
  • "We seek a scholar-teacher specializing in Latin America with research and teaching strengths in themes such as colonialism, gender, race, class and/or nationalism."
  • The successful applicant will be expected to teach survey courses in colonial and modern Latin American history, Mexican history, and other courses in their area of expertise.
  • This position will be open until filled or closed.  Review of applications will begin on March 29, 2014.
  • any word?
  • Any news? 05/12/2014
    • No news here 5/12
    • Received snail mail rejection ~6/10

Oakland University (MI)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, to begin Aug. 2014
  • Teaching load: 3/2   "teaching responsibilities include an introductory course in Latin American history/culture, upper-level courses in area of specialization, and an undergraduate or graduate (M.A.) seminar in historical methods."
  • PhD must be in hand by 15 Aug. 2014
  • "Application materials should be submitted online at and should include the following: a cover letter, curriculum vitae, an article-length sample of scholarship, graduate transcripts (official or unofficial), syllabi
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2013 and continues until position filled
    • Email to schedule Skype interview 12/12 (x4)
    • Received phone call to schedule campus interview 1/15 (+1)
    • Heard reliable report that offer has been made and accepted. 
    • Just received rejection letter in the mail yesterday (3/11), and did not get interview at any stage.
      • Received my rejection letter today (3/14). It was very charming, and I'm pleased that it included some info about who they chose. Congratulations Professor S!

Oberlin College (OH) - Colonial to Present[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, colonial to present
  • "The incumbent will teach courses in the general area of Latin American History from the Colonial Period to the Present. Subfields are open. Course work is expected in both the Colonial and the National Periods, and in both Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking Latin America, excluding the Caribbean. Teaching expectations include a two-semester Latin American survey, and upper level courses across Latin American History"
  • Phd must be in hand by first semester of 2014-15 academic year
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2013
    • Intend to interview at AHA
  • Does anyone know if the esteemed faculty member who is currently there will be leaving? Is this position to complement those strengths or to replace?
  • This position will be a replacement...the faculty member to whom you refer will soon be going into phased retirement.  
  • Any word on this search yet?
    • Received EEO form in mail [12/3]
    • Anybody else? I haven't received an EEO form [12/7]. I realize that they should go out to everybody and that it shouldn't mean anything, but with so little information, the mind does get to wondering. 
    • I received an EEO form as well, around the time the other received it. Nothing since, but my advisor says that some schools will be very last-minute in asking for AHA interviews.
    • Yeah, I've been doing this for four years and I think I got scheduled for an interview once on Dec 17.
    • 12/12 AHA interviews scheduled
    • I heard a rumor they were focusing their search on colonialists. Anything to that?
    • Got an AHA interview and do later 19th c.  
    • Campus interviews being conducted
    • Offer accepted by colonial Mexicanist
    • Received generic rejection letter in the mail (3/20), thanks for applying, position has been filled, good luck in your search, etc.

Presbyterian College (SC)- Latin American/Caribbean[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American and Caribbean History, to begin Fall 2014
  • "Ability to teach upper-level courses in Latin American and/or Caribbean history, teaching experience and a commitment to undergraduate teaching required. Specialty open.  Ph.D. preferred; ABDs considered.  Outside field in an area that complements the department preferred.  Candidate will share with other departmental members responsibility for our two course World History sequence in the general education curriculum"
  • "Presbyterian College is a very selective national liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA"
  • "Send letter of application, three letters of recommendation, c.v., and transcripts (copies acceptable) to Dr. Anita O. Gustafson, History Department, Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC 29325. (864) 833-8499.  E-mail: .  Electronic submissions acceptable. "
  • 3x4 teaching load
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2013 and continues until filled
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
    • AHA interview scheduled (11/26) x 3
    • Any word on this search? 1/30
    • Friend of mine took it, so offer accepted I think (2/19)

Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School (UT) - Non-Academic[]

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale[]

  • 9-month continuing Assistant Professorship in Latin American History
  • "Ph.D. in History with focus in Latin American History; area of specialization within Latin American history is open. ABD applicants will be considered if all degree requirements will be met by August 15, 2014.  If all requirements for the Ph.D. are not completed by August 15, 2014, a 9-month term appointment may be offered at the rank of Instructor at a reduced rate of pay."
  • "Applicants should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation (directly from referees) to Kay J. Carr, Chair, Department of History, 1000 Faner Drive, Mail Code 4519, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, IL 62901. Materials can be submitted as email attachments to Dr. Carr at"
  • Deadline: 16 Dec. 2013 or until position filled.
    • Email to set up phone interview 1/10 (x3)

Southwestern University (TX)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, to begin Aug 2014
  • "The area of specialization is open, but the department especially encourages candidates whose research and/or teaching specialization includes the history of science, medicine, or the environment"
  • Teaching Load: 3/2 "Responsibilities include teaching sections of world history (either broad surveys or thematic courses), both halves of the Latin American survey, other thematic courses on Latin America, and rotating with colleagues in the teaching of historiography and our senior research seminar"
  • Also encouraged to participate in interdisciplinary programs (including Environmental Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, and Feminist Studies)
  • PhD must be in hand by appointment date
  • "To be assured of consideration, a letter of application, CV, a writing sample (chapter or article), and three letters of reference should be"
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2013
    • intend to interview at AHA
  • Very nice rejection email. 11/22 (x5)
    • said they had over 120 applications!
    • Prompt and courteous rejection. Good job sesarch committee, that's how it's done.
      • I could not agree more. Kudos to Southwestern for being good about that.
    • AHA interview invitation 11/26 (x2)
    • rejection email; very professional and complimentary. 12/11
    • I nominate Southwestern University for the Latin American History Wiki Award for Most Professional Rejections.
  • Has someone been offered this job? I intereviewd at the AHA and I am just waiting for my official rejection (4/2)
  • Job was offered and accepted.

State University of New York - Geneseo[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, to begin Aug 2014
  • "Ph.D. in history in hand at the time of appointment or expected by August 2014"
  • "Candidates should be prepared to teach a range of introductory- and upper-level undergraduate history courses, including an introductory survey on Latin American/Caribbean history intended for both history majors and general education students, specialized regional or topical courses, and seminars in historical research methods and/or historiography. In addition to history courses, candidates will be expected to contribute to interdisciplinary general education courses by teaching sections of the College's First Year Writing seminar and the Western Humanities general education sequence. Candidates' courses in history will support the College's Latin American Studies minor and candidates will be encouraged to develop courses that support other interdisciplinary programs at the College."
  • "To apply, submit an online application at with a cover letter that addresses teaching philosophy and experience, a cv, and evidence of teaching effectiveness (e.g. sample syllabi, student evaluations or teaching observations). Applicants should also arrange for academic transcripts and three letters of recommendation to be sent directly to Professor Justin Behrend, Department of History, 301 Sturges, SUNY Geneseo, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454.
  • For full consideration: 1 Nov. 2013
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Received email requesting AHA interview (11/27) x 2
    • Just received rejection letter via mail yesterday (2/14), and was not interviewed at any stage. The letter said they received 127 applications, if memory serves me. --> I got the same letter (It was 137, I had to look back at the letter. Your memory is better than mine!). x3.

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi- Latin American/Spanish Atlantic World[]

  • Assistant Professor of Latin American History and/or Spanish Atlantic World
  • ABD’s will be considered, but must have PhD by time of appointment
  • Preference will be given to candidates with an interest in comparative slavery, race, the movement of peoples, or the place of Latin American societies in the broader Atlantic World.
  • The successful candidate will teach an upper division survey in Latin American history and one or two sections of the candidate’s preferred half of the U.S. history survey each semester, as well as periodic undergraduate and/or graduate courses in the area of specialization
  • Apply online at  A completed application file will include: 1.  A letter of interest addressing qualifications listed above 2.  A curriculum vitae, 3.  A copy of academic transcripts, 4.  A writing sample, sample syllabi, statement of teaching philosophy, and teaching evaluations (if available), 5.  A list of three references including name, title, phone number, and email address.  (Finalists may be required to submit three letters of recommendation.)
  • Deadline: 9 Dec. 2013
    • Request for letters of recommendation (12/10) x4
    • Phone interview scheduled by email (12/19)
    • Received cordial rejection email (1/7) x2
    • Skype interview scheduled by email (1/10) (x2)
    • Campus visit scheduled
    • News of finalist chosen, congrats to the new asst. prof!
      • Congratulations!

Tulane University (LA) - [non-TT;VAP] - 19th/20th C[]

  • Two-year Visiting Associate Professorship in 19th or 20th C Latin American History, to begin Fall 2014
  • Teaching Load: 3/3
  • "Please submit a letter of application, cv, sample syllabi, and three  letters of recommendation to Interfolio at"
  • Review begins: 17 Mar. 2014 and continues until filled
  • Any news?
  • None (04/11)
  • Email notification that position has been filled (5/7)

University of Dallas (TX) - Early Modern Atlantic World[]

University of Exeter (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (~tenured Asst/Assoc Prof) in Latin American/Caribbean History, post-1600
  • "The post of Lecturer in Latin American/Caribbean History, post-1600 will contribute to extending the research profile of colonial/post-colonial/imperial history at Exeter, particularly in areas related or complementary to the history of Empire, colonial/post-colonial conflict, slavery and human rights, US-Latin American/Caribbean relations, relationships to the Cold War or broader global transformations"
  • "The successful applicant will hold a PhD in Latin American/Caribbean History and have an independent, internationally-recognised research programme in an active field of colonial/post-colonial/Imperial history research related or complementary to existing Exeter strengths"
  • apply online
  • Deadline: 31 Jul. 2014
  • Any Updates on this?

University of Kent (UK) - History of the Americas[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in the History of the Americas
  • "Applications are welcomed from specialists in any area of North or Latin American history, though preference may be given to those with an expertise pre-1900"
  • "The successful candidate will have a PhD in History with experience of working in a Higher or Further Education context and broad experience in some similar academic-related advisory capacity. Evidence of substantial research activity, including outputs of 3* or 4* quality which might be suitable for submission to the next REF is essential. You will be able to teach a wide range of American history modules at all stages and have excellent communication and presentation skills, being able to communicate effectively and clearly both orally and in writing"
  • for posts of this nature you will be required to fill in the main details section as well as upload your CV, a one page summary (this should include details of experience and other information in support of your application with direct reference to the advertisement and further particulars) and any supporting documents. If you are invited for an interview, we will request references for you at that stage. Please include contact details of three referees in your CV. If you require further information regarding the post or application process please contact Cassy Fry, Resourcing Adviser on 01227 823632 or email Please note applications must be made online via the University website; details sent directly via email cannot be considered."
  • Deadline: 17 Dec. 2013
    • Intend to interview 23 Jan. 2013
    • Crossposted to North American History 2013-14
    • Wow, assistant/associate, North/Latin America? They're going to get like 500 applications...
      • These specialisms are much less common in the UK academic world than in the US, for obvious reasons. Unless there are a lot of people willing to emigrate I doubt they'll have 500 appplicants!
    • North American and Latin American applicants will do well to keep in mind that according to UK law if a UK/EU citizen applies and is deemed appointable, they must be offered the job before a non-UK/EU citizen, regardless of the ranking of applicants.
    • I don't think this should be a deterrent for Americans, Canadians, or Latin Americans. I know several people from the US who have been hired at UK universities, despite the legal requirement. In the end, they'll hire the person they want, regardless of nationality.
  • Rejection sent (Jan. 6)

University of Louisiana - Lafayette[]

  • Tenure track assistant or associate professorship in Latin American History, to begin Fall 2014
  • "Geographical specialization and periodization is open. Teaching responsibilities include undergraduate surveys (in both colonial and modern Latin American history), specialized upper-division, and M.A. level courses"
  • "Send letter of application, current c.v., three letters of recommendation, two syllabi (for a survey and an upper-division course), and a writing sample to Dr. John Troutman, Chair, Latin American Search Committee, Department of History and Geography, P.O. Box 42531, UL Lafayette, Lafayette, LA 70504-2531"
  • For full consideration: 15 Feb. 2014
  • Received email to schedule Skype interview (2/25) (X2)
  • Any news on this?

University of Manchester (UK) - History or Sociology[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~ Asst/Assoc Prof) in Latin American History or Sociology
  • "You will teach Latin American History or Sociology, along with Spanish as a foreign language at undergraduate level."
  • "You will have a PhD in a relevant field, submitted or very near completion, and demonstrable teaching experience in Latin American history or sociology at university level. Fluency in Spanish is essential, while experience of translation and developing online teaching materials is highly desirable. You need excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to empathise with students. We welcome applications from candidates working on any aspect of Latin American culture but, to complement existing expertise, preference may be given to applicants who are not Southern Cone or Cuba specialists."
  • "Applications should be made on line. If you are unable to apply on line please request an application form by emailing quoting the reference number or by calling 0161 275 4499 (HR Services)."
  • Deadline: February 27
  • This is so weird. How many Latin Americanist historians or sociologists have experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language? Isn't it Spanish/Romance Studies/Lit grad students who do that?
    • The history department at U Manchester does not seem to have Latin Americanists. I guess that the Spanish and Portuguese program just wants to advance on that front! (2/23)
    • Received email invitation to campus visit in late March (3/7)

University of the Pacific (CA) - [Non-TT; VAP] Latin American History, U.S. Latino/a Studies, Borderlands[]

  • One-year Visiting Assistant Professor position in Latin American History and U.S. Latino/a Studies, Borderlands beginning August 2014. 
  • Experience teaching a diverse population is preferred. The teaching load is 5 courses per year and includes the university’s Pacific Seminar general education sequence. 
  • Successful candidates will hold the Ph.D degree by the time of appointment and offer evidence of excellence in teaching.  
  • Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest, CV, teaching portfolio, sample syllabi, and three letters of reference to 
  • Send questions about the position to the department chair, Gregory Rohlf at
  • Review of candidates will begin immediately [ad posted 20 May 2014]; the search will remain open until the position is filled

University of South Florida - 16th-19thC, Caribbean & South Atlantic[]

  • 9-month tenure track assistant professorship in the history of the Caribbean & South Atlantic, c.16th-19thC, to begin Aug. 2014
  • Specialisations of interest "includ[e] all sides of the Atlantic but excluding projects focused on England or British North America. Candidates’ work should fall within the 16th through the 19th centuries. Preference will be given to candidates whose work contributes to existing departmental strengths"
  • "In the event that Ph.D. in history is not completed by August 7, 2014, initial appointment will be made at the rank of instructor."
  • "To submit application go to Include cover letter, CV, and a writing sample (a chapter or article). Mail three Letters of Recommendation to Professor Fraser Ottanelli, Department of History USF 4202 E. Fowler Ave., SOC 107 Tampa, FL 33620"
  • Deadline: 17 Jan. 2014
  • Any word on this search?
  • Campus visit scheduled. February 22, 2014.

University of Texas - Austin - [Multiple/Tenured][]

  • One or more advanced Associate or Full Professor in History "in any of several areas, including Latin America and the United States, without respect to era."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2013
  • see full details (link above) at Open Field or Mixed Hire 2013-14

University of Texas - San Antonio - pref. colonial period[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History
  • "with a preference for those working on the colonial period.  UTSA’s History Department interrogates historical themes of “Empires, States, and Borders,” as described on our web page at  We particularly invite applications from scholars whose research and teaching interests intersect with these thematic areas."
  • PhD must be in hand by August 2014
  • "Applicants must submit a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, a research-based writing sample, a statement of teaching interests, and three letters of reference (sent separately) to "
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2013 and continues until filled
  • 12/20 Any news? <-- Just acknowledgement of receipt by email on Dec.11.
  • 1/6 Phone interview scheduled (x2)
  • 2/10 Campus interviews scheduled
  • 3/26/14  Finalist accepts position to begin Fall 2014

University of Vienna (Austria) - [Senior] Latin America & Transnational/Global perspectives[]

[the Univ. of Vienna job page is a bit unclear: I found the posting here AFII (talk) 06:55, June 27, 2013 (UTC)]

  • Full Professorship in Latin American History in Transnational or Global History Perspective
  • "Professors are expected to represent the whole dimension of the assignment, and that she or he has a clear profile in Global History as a discipline. Adequate language knowledge (Portuguese, Spanish, English, French) are taken as granted. We expect international experiences in research and teaching as well as the capacity and willingness to teach at all levels of studies (Bachelor, Masters, PhD, teaching degree)"
  • PhD and post-doctoral experience required; Habilitation or equivalent required, as well as publications, etc.
  • Deadline: 25 Sept. 2013

Valparaiso University (IN) - Latin American/Latino[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American/Latino History
  • See full posting (link above) at North American History 2013-14
    • Anyone know if this is a replacement for the current Latin Americanist, or an additional position?
    • Email to schedule AHA interview 12/6 [x6]
    • invitation for the campus visit 1/13
    • Email from search committee chair saying an offer has been extended and accepted.

Washington University - St Louis[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Latin American History, to begin Fall 2014
  • Phd must be in hand by 1 August 2014
  • "Area and chronological expertise are open, but the successful candidate will teach the surveys in colonial and post-independence Latin America, prepare classes in her/his area of specialization, assist in the advising of our majors, be creative in research and publication, and contribute to the interdisciplinary mission of our Latin American Studies Program."
  • review begins: 15 Oct. 2013 and position is open until filled
    • request for additional writing (11/6) x 8
    • will not be conducting AHA interviews
    • Email invite to campus interview, 12/11 (x2)
    • Offer made

Whitman College (WA) - [Non-TT; VAP][]

  • Visiting One-Year Assistant Professorship in Latin American History, to begin Aug. 2014
  • PhD required
  • "The successful candidate will offer an introductory course in modern Latin America, intermediate courses in colonial and/or nineteenth-century Latin America, and courses in his or her area of expertise."
  • "All applications must include the following materials: letter of application as well as separate statements addressing the candidate’s teaching interests and scholarly agenda; curriculum vitae; three letters of reference; graduate transcripts; and teaching evaluations or other evidence of demonstrated or potential excellence in undergraduate instruction. The application should address the candidate’s interest in working at a liberal arts college with undergraduates, majors as well as non-majors, at all levels of instruction. In addition, because Whitman College is committed to cultivating a diverse learning community, the applicant should explain how his or her pedagogy will serve to create and sustain an inclusive learning environment. To apply, go to, click “Faculty” and “Visiting Assistant Professor of History”
  • Review begins: 4 Apr. 2014
  • Any word on this? 5/7
    • None here. 5/8
    • Rejection email: says offer was accepted 5/8


Binghamton University (NY)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Colonial Latin American History, to begin Fall 2014
  • "In addition to helping build the graduate program and undergraduate curriculum in Latin American history, the successful candidate will contribute to our strength in Early Modern history"
  • "Please submit your application via ...The application should include a CV, three letters of recommendation, two article- or chapter-length writing samples, and sample syllabi.  Ph.D. required by start of appointment.  For further information, please contact Dr. Nancy Appelbaum,"
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2013
  • Skype interviews already conducted and finalists invited to campus.  11/15.
  • Offer made and accepted

California State University, Fullerton[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in colonial Latin American history, to begin August 2014
  • "excluding Mexico and the Caribbean...with an emphasis in Andean regions and a preferred subfield in environmental history or indigenous history."
  • PhD must be in hand by Aug. 2014
  • "The new faculty member will teach survey courses in world history, undergraduate and graduate courses in Latin American history and other areas of specialization, and courses in historical writing, theory, and methods. The department has a particular interest in developing its capabilities in historic preservation, digital history, and new media. Those with a dedication to using AACU-defined High Impact Practices are especially encouraged to apply"
  • Postal applications ONLY.
  • Please submit (1) a cover letter describing teaching and research experiences and interest, (2) a vita, (3) original graduate transcripts, (4) a writing sample, and (5) three current letters of recommendation to: Dr. Jochen Burgtorf, Chair, Department of History, CSU Fullerton, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92834."
  • Deadline: 11 Oct. 2013
    • "The search committee will interview prospective candidates during the fall semester of 2013."
    • Any movement on this?
    • They cancelled it
    • How was the cancellation confirmed?  12/5


Iowa State University[]

  • tenure track assistant professor ship in Modern Latin American History,  geographic specialization open to begin
  • Teaching Load: 2/2 to include undergraduate Latin American history surveys, as well as a world history course and other undergraduate and graduate courses in applicant’s research specialty."
  • PhD must be in hand by August 2014
  • "The Department has a general history M.A. program as well as a Ph.D. program emphasizing rural/agricultural, environmental and technological history; ability to participate in this program is preferred."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2013
  • Invitation to Skype interview, 11/29 x 3
  • Very kind and considerate rejection email, 12/16. Good luck to the finalists

Northwestern University (IL) - [Assoc/Assist.][]

  • Tenure track associate or assistant professorship in post-independence Latin American History, including the Hispanic Caribbean, to begin autumn 2014
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2013
  • General email to acknowledge receipt on 10/24; no AHA interviews (as is standard Northwestern History Dept. practice), but a long shortlist by early December and finalists no later than early January, with campus visits likely in January
  • Also says search is likely the first of two, with another scheduled for 2014-15, pending outcome of this one etc.
  • 11/13 email with link for submitting EEO information
  • any word on this search? Did anybody receive a request to submit additional materials?
  • Nothing here [12/8]. I heard unconfirmed rumors that they solicited some work from mid-career scholars, so maybe that's what's going on.
    • Anybody else heard this? 
    • OP here. Look, I don't know anything real (it's the wiki!) But if they are doing two searches, one this year and one next, the customary thing would be to hire the more senior scholar this year and let them help select someone more junior next year. As a relatively junior candidate myself, I hope this isn't the case, but I've sort of given up hope. For this job, I mean. Well, and in general too.
    • Well I wouldn't assume too much till somebody has some real information. There are a million factors that can intervene to alter how things are being done by the SC. Hopefully somebody will post something as soon as they've heard from the committee. Keep hope alive!
    • I kept it alive for about 3-4 hours there but as it happens my despair was, as usual, fully justified! Hooray!
      • Yeah, that's a bummer. Oh well. Good luck.
  • To confirm that rumor: additional materials requested (assoc prof) 12/8
    • To clarify: did you have materials solicited on 12/8, or are you just posting on 12/8 that you were asked for materials earlier? Thanks.
    • Eh, what difference does it make? The 100 of us who don't get jobs this year will all apply for their assistant position next year. And 'round and 'round we go.
  • They brought in three candidates: two associate, one assistant.
  • Got an email today saying they extended two offers (3/27), so presumably no search next year. Thanks for the false hope earlier in the cycle, chaps. Lovely work.

Pennsylvania State University (PA) - 1750-1900  [Assoc/Assist][]

  • tenure track associate or assistant professorship in Latin American History 1750-1900, to begin Aug. 2014
  • "The successful applicant should be able to enhance the graduate concentration in Latin American history, demonstrate an active research agenda, and be able to contribute immediately to both graduate and undergraduate teaching in the department. Candidate must have a Ph.D. in hand at date of application."
  • "Send a curriculum vitae, a letter of application that describes current and future research, evidence of teaching effectiveness, and the names and contact information of three references. Applications may also include up to three offprints or unpublished papers or chapters...Please go to to apply."
  • For full consideration: 15 Nov. 2013 but dossiers will be accepted until the position is filled.
  • AHA interviews scheduled (11/25) x 1 
  • I heard on campus interviews have already been scheduled (1/13)

University of California - San Diego []

  • Tenure track assistant professor in modern Latin American History, to begin 1 July 2014
  • "with a preference for a scholar of modern Mexico with emphasis on the twentieth century"
  • "Applications, including curriculum vitae, and teaching evaluations will be accepted electronically [here] . Three letters of recommendation should be uploaded electronically by letter-writers familiar with the applicant’s scholarly trajectory, teaching experience, and efforts to achieve equity and diversity. Applicants should include with their cover letter a separate personal statement summarizing research agenda, teaching experience and interests, leadership efforts, and a separate personal statement summarizing their experience and leadership contributions in the arena of equity and diversity (see [here] for further information).
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2013 and position is open until filled.
  • Request for writing sample 11/15 x 2
  • AHA interviews scheduled 12/4 x 4
  • Out of curiosity, can anyone verify whether they went with all Mexicanists for the interviews?
  • They invited a modern Latin Americanist (non Mexicanist) too.
  • Any genuinely junior candidates invited? I know they wanted somebody on the cusp of tenure
  • I've heard at least one ABD is on the interview list.
  • Offer acceped

University College London (UK) - [Non-tt;VAP-equivalent][]

  • Three year teaching fellowship in the History of Latin America since 1830, to begin 1 Sept. 2014
  • "UCL History Department, which is committed to research-led teaching and attracts highly able and motivated students, is seeking a Teaching Fellow to cover undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and assessment, plus the associated administrative and tutorial duties, while a member of staff is away on a research fellowship"
  • "The successful candidate will have a PhD in the history of Latin America since 1830; the expertise required to develop and teach the courses specified in the job description; experience of teaching in a university department or equivalent; fluent written and spoken Englis"
  • "Applicants should apply online. To access further details about the position and how to apply please [apply online]. For enquiries about the application process, contact Claire Morley: For informal academic enquiries contact the Head of Department, Prof. Stephen Conway:"
  • Deadline: 5pm GMT 21 Feb. 2014
    • Intend to interview 6 Mar.
    • Received rejection email 3/3

University of North Carolina - Charlotte[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor of Modern Latin American History, to begin August 2014
  • "A research and teaching focus on modern Latin American history is required, with an emphasis on the period since 1930. The field of specialization and the regional focus are open, although we particularly welcome applications from candidates interested in the areas of ethnicity/diaspora, human rights, environmental history, gender, and/or digital humanities."
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • " Applications must be made electronically at and should include a cover letter, CV, and a writing sample not to exceed 30 pages. Three letters of recommendation should be mailed separately, addressed to Professor Daniel Dupre, Chair, Latin American History Search Committee, Department of History, UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223. Informal inquiries can be directed to the department chair, Professor Jurgen Buchenau, at"
  • Review begins: 31 Oct. 2013 and continues until position is filled
    • phone call to schedule AHA interview - 11/27 (x14)
    • phone call to schedule on-campus interview - 1/10 (3 candidates invited to campus)
    • Very nice rejection email. Around 100 applicants. The things we take comfort in amidst an unending stream of rejection and disappointment... 1/14
    • Candidates will be notified of their ranking on 2/19
    • Job offered and accepted 2/17
      • Congratulations! Out of curiosity, did anyone else who was not interviewed not get a rejection? I heard nothing back from this one after confirmation of receipt of application.
        • Neither did I. (x2)
    • Received a basic rejection notice via email from the HR Department (3/18)

University of Toronto - Scarborough (Can.) - [Associate/Full][]

  • Tenure stream appointment at the Associate or Full Professor level in Latin American History, to begin 1 July 2014
  • "The successful candidate will expand the department’s present strengths in one or more of social, cultural, intellectual, and comparative history as well as histories of gender, race, colonialism/empire, foodways, urban, labour, diaspora and nationalism. The department particularly encourages applications from scholars who can contribute to interdisciplinary teaching, research, and programming. The candidate will be responsible for the development of a range of undergraduate courses, including a thematic course in global/world history to be taught occasionally and a creatively designed Latin American survey course. As a full member of the integrated tri-campus Graduate History Department of the University of Toronto, the successful candidate will supervise graduate students and their masters and doctoral theses. S/he will be expected to provide leadership in relevant trans-disciplinary programs, initiatives, public events, and in the potential development of graduate programs. S/he will develop an independently funded program of research. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience."
  • "All qualified candidates are invited to apply [online] (Job# 1301023). Applications should include a cover letter, current curriculum vitae, a writing sample, teaching dossier (including a statement of teaching philosophy and sample syllabi relevant to the position), and a statement outlining current and future research interests.  If you have questions about this position, please contact Prof. Daniel Bender, Chair, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies. All application materials should be submitted online." "Applicants should also ask three referees to email letters directly to the Department at"
  • Deadline: 21 Oct. 2013
  • Email received stating the search was cancelled. 12 December 2013

University of Toronto - St. George (Can.)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor working on the History of Modern Latin America, to begin 1 July 2014.
  • "The candidate’s research may focus on any topic within Latin American historical studies, but should show familiarity with a range of scholarship and methods outside of the specialization. We seek a candidate who will complement our existing strengths. The successful candidate will have Ph.D. by July 1, 2014 or shortly thereafter, a record of excellent scholarly achievement and promise, and evidence of excellence in teaching."
  • Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online by clicking on this link, then clicking on “Faculty”, and seeking Job Req. ID: 1300776 under Faculty of Arts & Science, Department of History, “Assistant Prof – History of Modern Latin America.”
  • Applicants should also ask three referees to send letters directly to the department via e-mail to (putting “Latin American History Search” and the applicant’s name in the subject line)
  • Deadline: 18 Oct. 2013.
  • Invitation to Skype interview 11/11
  • Rejection Email [11/29], 3 candidates invited to campus
  • Appointment made. An assistant professor elsewhere in his second year at that job.
  • And a Canadian.



Arizona State University - US/Mexico Borderlands[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in US/Mexico Borderland History, to begin Fall 2014
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • " We seek a scholar whose orientation to the subject is from a Mexican, U.S. Southwest, or comparative U.S.-Mexican perspective. We especially welcome candidates who demonstrate a commitment to public history; have dealt with the major themes of the field that include but are not exclusive to: immigration, urbanization, trade relations, and cultural formation; and who incorporate technological innovation in all aspects of their work, from research to teaching"
  • "Submit the following application materials: 1) curriculum vitae, 2) three letters of professional recommendation, 3) a writing sample, and 4) a cover letter stating qualifications, experience, research plans, and teaching interests to: with “Borderlands Search” in the subject line."
  • Deadline: 31 Oct. 2013  if not filled, reviews will occur every two weeks thereafter until search is closed.
  • Has anyone heard anything on this job? (11/18)
  • They already found their three final candidates. As far as I understand they are being called for interviews this month (12/4)
  • May I ask how you heard this? Did they already do phone interviews?
  • Information gathered from a personal conversation with a member of the hiring committee. I did not ask about more details.

Michigan State University - Chicano, Latino or Mexican History[]

New Mexico State University[]

  • Assistant Professorship in the history of Mexico, to start August 2014
  • PhD must be in hand by start date
  • "The successful candidate will be prepared to teach survey courses in Latin American history and upper-division courses on Mexico.   We are also seeking candidates interested in developing innovative courses addressing one or more of the four themes described on our Web page."
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2013 (though applications recieved after this date may be considered)
  • Request for writing sample 11/21 x 2
  • Invitation to AHA interview 12/6 x 3
  • any movement on this? 2/10
  • I've heard through the grapevine about some people (not me!) who were invited to campus visits. My understanding is that they'll make a decision soon.
  • Offer accepted, I hear (2/19)