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Open Searches[]

Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College[]

  • Full-time, multi-year faculty position
  • Primary responsibility will be to teach the first-year seminar, a two-semester interdisciplinary examination of important ideas from the earliest writing to the present. Special attention is given to critical thinking and argumentative writing skills. Successful applicants will demonstrate experience and openness to teaching a variety of texts using multiple theoretical/disciplinary/methodological approaches.
  • Qualifications: A PhD in any field of the humanities or social sciences (including interdisciplinary and area studies, e.g. African American studies) that complements the academic focus of the existing faculty members. Experience in leading discussion seminars and teaching argumentative writing skills is required.
  • More information at or at
  • Search application deadline: February 13th or until filled.

Cal State San Bernardino (TT Asst. Prof) Dec. 15[]

  • sociocultural search
  • ability to teach language and culture would be useful
  • geo open, excluding Meso-America, Sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012
  • AAA interview scheduled 11/7

Saint Mary's University (TT Asst. Prof) Jan. 6[]

  • Linguistic anthropology
  • "link Canada to the global sphere"
  • interest in indigenous languages preferred
  • "The Department values public outreach, community partnerships, field schools, and student experiential learning"
  • Request for letters of recommendation received via email (1/17)
  • Campus interviews being scheduled for March. (2/20)
  • Campus interviews were conducted in March. (3/17)
  • Still waiting for results... (4/16)
  • Offer accepted (4/27)

University of Alaska Anchorage (TT Asst. Prof) Dec. 1[]

  • Anthropological linguistics
  • Joint position in English and Anthropology
  • Region open, prefer circumpolar or northern Pacific Rim
  • "a record of ethnographic fieldwork, broadly defined"
  • "a record of or commitment to research involving indigenous peoples"
  • 3/3 teaching load
  • Also posted at Linguistics 2011-2012

Very nice acknowledgment of receipt via email w/ schedule for hiring process: long-short by late Dec, preliminary IVs early Jan, finalists to campus in late Jan or Feb (12/3) x3

  • Phone interview scheduled (1/6) x3
  • Campus interview scheduled for Feb
  • Offer made.
  • Declined.
  • New offer made.

University of California, Irvine (1 TT Asst. Prof, 1 TT Asst. OR Assoc. Prof) Nov.1[]

  • Two positions
  • environment, science, and technology
  • language and culture
  • urban studies
  • feminist theory
  • Latin America

Also posted at Cultural Anthropology

University of Oklahoma[]

University of Oklahoma, Department of Anthropology seeks a linguistic anthropologist for a permanent, tenure track appointment at the Assistant Professor level, beginning August 16, 2012. The successful applicant will be expected to work closely with our Native American language program in addition to teaching a broad range of linguistic anthropology classes. Applicants should be committed to a four-field anthropology program.

This posting was up a long time ago on the AAA career center. It's since been long gone, but the university web page still has it ( I'm putting it up now (3/20) because I was curious. I know someone who applied to it, but hasn't heard anything at all. Why wasn't it even on here? Has it been cancelled? I know their archaeologist hiring has been moving forward, so what gives?

Vassar College (March 30)[]

Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology

The successful candidate will teach five courses in 2012-13, including an introductory survey addressing both formal linguistics and linguistic anthropology, three courses on language, culture, and society at the intermediate and advanced levels of the curriculum, and a cultural anthropology course. Geographic area open; PhD preferred, but ABDs will be considered.

Request for additional materials 4/3

Any news?

2 Candidates invited for talks 5/6

Offer made and accepted 5/17

Closed Searches[]

California State University Channel Islands (review begins October 24, 2011)[]

Tenure-track Asst Prof, Subfield open {C}Ad: Chronicle

  • The Anthropology Program invites applications for a tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor, subfield specialization open. Preference is for a candidate with a demonstrated ability to teach courses in at least two subfields of Anthropology, and whose teaching and research has an applied direction within any sub-discipline (archaeology, bioanthropology, cultural anthropology or linguistics). The successful candidate will teach introductory and advanced level courses, including interdisciplinary and general education courses. The candidate will assist with the implementation of the B.A. in Anthropology which is anticipated to open in fall, 2012. All members of the faculty are expected to assume an active collegial role in the planning and governance of the institution through service on campus-wide, divisional, and Academic Senate committees.
  • Please see the employment page on the CSU Channel Islands website for a more detailed position description, the application requirements, and to submit an online application:
  • Also posted at Archaeology Jobs 2011-2012, Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012, Linguistics 2011-2012 & Physical Anthropology 2011-12
  • Received form email stating application no longer being considered 1/6 x2
  • Offer made and accepted according to the Archaeology page 4/27

Franklin and Marshall (Visiting Asst. Prof) Oct. 31[]

  • language and culture
  • economic anthro
  • visual representation
  • or, race and ethnicity
  • preferred geo: Australia and the Pacific, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean or the Middle East/North Africa
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

Heard that this position was filled 3/21

Grand Valley State University (TT Asst. Prof), Nov 1, 2011[]

  • Looking for a "broadly trained" sociocultural anthropologist, but with specialization in language and gender
  • Required geographical area: Latin America
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

Email request to schedule informal interview on site at AAA meetings (10/31) x2

Offer made and accepted (early March)[]

Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton. (Full-time continuing position)[]

Kansas State University (TT Asst. Prof) Oct 15, 2011[]

Kansas State University, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

  • linguistic anthropologist
  • Ph.D. in anthropology or linguistics preferred, ABD considered
  • undergraduate teaching, research and service
  • teach five courses per academic year including Introdution to Linguistic Anthropology each fall and spring semester
  • active research program
  • Review of applications will begin Oct 15, 2011
  • Letter of application, CV, & names of three references
  • Submit to <>
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012 & Linguistics 2011-2012


10/26 application receipt confirmed via email (x2)

  • Skype interviews next week (11/2) (x3)
  • Received affirmative action survey (no interview request) (11/4)
    • A colleague was asked for a campus visit (11/30)
  • Offer made and accepted (Jan)

Rutgers (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 1[]

Position announcement on departmental website:

  • linguistic anthropology
  • geo open but Europe, Middle East, China, SE Asia preferred
  • language and social inequality
  • language and human rights
  • multilingual communities
  • language and gender
  • the language of politics and public policy
  • language, race and ethnicity

Confirmed receipt of materials (10/2) x1

Additional materials requested 10/3

Q: What materials were requested on 10/3? Letters? Writing samples? Syllabi? A: Letters

Q: Wait, so they asked the applicant to have recommenders send letters directly instead of using the requested contact info to get in touch with recommenders themselves? (I did not get this request) A: Yes, but from what I've seen in other searches the last few years this is not unusual.
Rejected out of hand for submitting materials after "review begins" date (so they meant Oct. 1 was the closing date - frustrating!)

Skype interviews happening this week (10/12)

Rejection email - app no longer being considered (10/28)

Finalists have reportedly been invited for campus IVs (10/31)

  • I've heard a candidate has accepted an offer (12/6/11)
  • I received an email from the SC Chair saying that the position has been filled (1/6)

University of Alberta, Sociocultural (TT Asst. Prof) Sept. 15[]

  • Work in areas of "creativity, performance and communication broadly defined"
  • "contribute to teaching in area of language and culture"
  • Geo open, Canadians get priority
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012
  • Heard that two people were hired out of this search.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (TT Asst. Prof) Jan. 30[]

  • "broadly trained sociolinguistic anthropologist"
  • teach 4-field Introduction to Anthropology, Intercultural Communication, electives
  • preferred: experience in applied or public anthropology; geographic focus in the Middle East or China; experience related to digital humanities


- narrowed down to "long short list" 2/17

- How did you learn this? I'm wondering because I haven't heard anything from this sc.

- Not the OP, but they conducted skype interviews last week with a number of candidates. I'm not sure if they've made a decision about campus invites yet. Anyone heard about a campus visit? (2/23)

Any word on campus visits? (3/1)

Any news? (3/14)

They've selected their candidates and are arranging campus visits. (3/19)

Offer made and accepted (3/16)

University of South Carolina (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 3[]

  • linguistic anthropology
  • geo open
  • lang other than English preferred
  • lang and inequality in institutional settings
  • globalization and diaspora
  • language, gender, sexuality
  • Also posted at Linguistics 2011-2012


  • Received email confirmation that materials were received (10/4) x3
  • Received Equal Opportunity paperwork & written confirmation that materials were received (10/8) x3
  • One of my recommenders communicated with a member of the search committee, who reported that they already have their three finalists. (10/29)
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (11/21) x3
  • Job talks posted on USC Ling website (accessed 11/21):
  • Heard through the grapevine that offer has been accepted. (2/17)

Western Illinois University (Macomb IL) (review begins December 16, 2011)[]

Tenure-track, Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology

Western Illinois University seeks a tenure-track assistant professor in Linguistic Anthropology. Requirements: evidence of teaching and research abilities; Ph.D. in Anthropology by time of appointment. Preferences: environmental anthropology or human ecology; a geographic focus that complements current faculty. Submit cover letter, vita with 3 references including contact information, 3 letters of support, official transcripts, and evidence of teaching and research potential to: Chair, WIU Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455. AA/EO employer. WIU has a non-discrimination policy that includes sex, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, national origin, disability, or veteran status. Review begins 12/16/11. More information:

Q: This may betray my ignorance of my own subfield, but - huh? Ling anth + human ecology/environmental anthro? What does that look like? Examples of topics studied under such a rubric? The only thing I can think of is language ecology a la Haugen.

A: There's also the study of ecological/environmental discourse. Though it sounds to me like a departmental wish list -- perhaps they wanted 2 positions but only got 1 and are hoping to cover all current needs with this hire? In any event, it's listed as a preference rather than a requirement.

A: Yes, this is a wish list. The department has always wanted a lingustic anthropologist to round out the four-field approach that is delivered to majors, but also need to replace a faculty member w/ a background in environmental anth. Thus, the separation between required and preferred qualifications.

Note: This ad says review begins Dec. 16 but it has come out rather late (around late-November, in the AAA bulletin). It is likely that they will not start actively reviewing until the end of December...unless, of course, they manage to have amassed dozens of applications within 2 weeks time and had the secretary copied/filed everything. The full ad also says that they will keep reviewing applications until the position is filled.

Any word on whether this search has moved forward? (1/22)

I got an email from Gordon Chang alerting me that my application was incomplete (missing a recc letter) around 2/1. I assume that means they are considering my app, otherwise they wouldn't bother. The email said the committee would be meeting on 2/8. Haven't heard anything since. (2/17) x2

Phone interviews scheduled (2/27)

Any News? (3/14)

4 Candidates invited for talks (3/19)

Heard from reliable source that an offer was made (4/17)

Offer made and accepted (5/4)

Space for random (as the kids say) questions and commentary related to searches[]

For those applying to the CSU San Bernadino job, a taste of campus life:,0,5024438.story