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*Also posted at [[Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012]]
*Also posted at [[Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012]]
==Kansas State University (TT Asst. Prof) Oct 15, 2011==
==='''Kansas State University (TT Asst. Prof) Oct 15, 2011'''===
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*Letter of application, CV, & names of three references
*Letter of application, CV, & names of three references
*Submit to <>
*Submit to <>
==='''Rutgers (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 1'''===
==='''Rutgers (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 1'''===

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Cal State San Bernadino (TT Asst. Prof) Dec. 15

  • sociocultural search
  • ability to teach language and culture would be useful
  • geo open, excluding Meso-America, Sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

Franklin and Marshall (Visiting Asst. Prof) Oct. 31

  • language and culture
  • economic anthro
  • visual representation
  • or, race and ethnicity
  • preferred geo: Australia and the Pacific, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean or the Middle East/North Africa
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton. (Full-time continuing position)

  • Wording in AAA ad unclear as to whether review begins Jan 1 or position begins Jan 1.
    • The ad says they invite "applicants for a full-time continuing position in Anthropology, commencing January 1, 2012." Later it says "Consideration of applications will commence October 7, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled." So I think it's safe to conclude that the job starts January 1, 2012.
  • Ability to teach linguistic anthro required. Canadians given priority.
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

Kansas State University (TT Asst. Prof) Oct 15, 2011

Kansas State University, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

  • linguistic anthropologist
  • Ph.D. in anthropology or linguistics preferred, ABD considered
  • undergraduate teaching, research and service
  • teach five courses per academic year including Introdution to Linguistic Anthropology each fall and spring semester
  • active research program
  • Review of applications will begin Oct 15, 2011
  • Letter of application, CV, & names of three references
  • Submit to <>

Rutgers (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 1

Position announcement on departmental website:

  • linguistic anthropology
  • geo open but Europe, Middle East, China, SE Asia preferred
  • language and social inequality
  • language and human rights
  • multilingual communities
  • language and gender
  • the language of politics and public policy
  • language, race and ethnicity

University of Alberta, Sociocultural (TT Asst. Prof) Sept. 15

  • Work in areas of "creativity, performance and communication broadly defined"
  • "contribute to teaching in area of language and culture"
  • Geo open, Canadians get priority
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012

University of California, Irvine (1 TT Asst. Prof, 1 TT Asst. OR Assoc. Prof) Nov.1

  • Two positions
  • environment, science, and technology
  • language and culture
  • urban studies
  • feminist theory
  • Latin America

Also posted at Cultural Anthropology

University of South Carolina (TT Asst. Prof) Oct. 3

  • linguistic anthropology
  • geo open
  • lang other than English preferred
  • lang and inequality in institutional settings
  • globalization and diaspora
  • language, gender, sexuality
  • Also posted at Linguistics 2011-2012

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For those applying to the CSU San Bernadino job, a taste of campus life:,0,5024438.story