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Visitor Type:
  • ABD, not defending soon: 1
  • ABD, defending within 4-6 months: 13
  • ABD, I have a set date for my defense: 3
  • ABD, no defense at my U: 2
  • Depends on job hunt when I file: 4
  • Ph.D. in hand, no job currently: 3
  • Ph.D in hand, not currently in an academic position: 2
  • Visiting Professor, Lecturer (North American meaning), Adjunct, other fixed-term position: 5
  • Postdoc: 10
  • Research Scientist: 1
  • Assistant Professor: 5
  • Associate Professor: 1
  • Member of a Search Committee: 2
  • Just browsing:
  • Historical Linguistics: 7
  • Theoretical Linguistics:
  • Syntax: 4
  • Morphology: 2
  • Phonology: 10
  • Phonetics: 5
  • Sociolinguistics: 12
  • Psycholinguistics: 4
  • Language Acquisition: 5
  • Semantics and Pragmatics: 2
How many applications have you sent out this year?:
  • 0: Just browsing, I'll be on the job market soon enough
  • 1-10: 32
  • 10-20: 9
  • 21-30: 2
  • 31-40: 1
  • 41 and above:
  • Wishes schools would get off their asses and schedule MLA/LSA interviews already: 11
  • Wishes everyone would just chill out and realize that stressing out about this stuff doesn't make anything happen faster: 7
  • Realizes what the previous comment says but just needs something to keep going: 7

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Arizona State University

Deadline: 5-Nov-2009
Field(s): Second Language Acquisition; Syntax
Notes: Phone interview (12/1) (x2)
Questions: Did you have the interview or did they call to schedule it?
A: I had an interview. The interview was scheduled on 11/20.
Q: Was only one person requested for an interview?
A (posted on 1/21): I also had an interview on 12/1. They told me they were hoping to have their short list by the winter break. I haven't heard anything else from them though.
Q: Is this search still going on or did they freeze it again?
Interviews have been completed.

Received an email rejection. It said that the position has been filled. (3/2)

Yes, someone has definitely been hired for this position. (3/05)

Arizona State University

Deadline: 16-Nov-2009
Field(s): Historical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Typology
Notes: E-mail acknowledgment of application (11/16) (x4)
Request for writing sample and references contacted for letters of recommendation. (12/07) (x3)
Call on 01/12 to set up telephone interview for following week. (x3)
Questions: Does anyone know anything about this position? ASU already has someone (Elly van Gelderen, a full professor) who more or less fits this description. Is she leaving, or are they trying to expand their program?
All indications that I know of are that Elly's not leaving, so they must be trying to expand.
Yes, I think they are trying to expand. See
Does anyone know if they will be interviewing at MLA or LSA or neither?
I know nothing, but I have tentatively inferred neither. The letters of rec aren't due until Jan 4, and I'm assuming the committee will use these in deciding how to narrow the list of applicants further. The SLA/syntax position above appears to have made use of phone interviews. Anyone with actual knowledge may correct me.
Q: Has anyone heard anything? Have they already invited candidates for campus visits?

Is there no word at all on this search?

I finally broke down and sent an email to the committee chair. She said that all she could tell me was that the search was progressing and hasn't been cancelled. I assume that they have already invited candidates to campus but can't prove that.

Still no word on the search?

I had a phone interview ages ago, sent thank you emails to all the committee members and then never heard another word from them.

The search committee has extended an offer to someone (not me) and when that contract is signed, it is all over. I had to push for that information -- can't believe they couldn't have told us more earlier.

Apparently, the top candidate turned the job down, and the second candidate accepted it.

Bangor University (Wales)

Deadline: 2-Jul-2010
Field(s): (2 jobs) Phonetics/Phonology, Sociolinguistics and/or anthropological linguistics
Notes: Fixed-term 01-Sep-2010 - 30-Jun-2011 in the first instance, 'with ambition to extend for a further two years at least'

This webpage previously stated the closing date was 05-Jul-10; this was wrong and has now been corrected.

Received invitation by e-mail (9th July) to invterview for one of these positions on 13th July.

Boston University

Deadline: 2-Nov-2009
Field(s): Morphology
Notes: Rejection email received 30-Nov-09
Invitation for LSA interview received Nov 30 2009.

Just got rejection re: short list and was told they identified a set of finalists - Jan-15

Who are the finalists? > An educated guess would be that 2 of the candidates are the person they offered the 1-yr to last year who then turned it down, and the one that eventually got the 1-yr.

Has an offer been made? To Luc Baronian.

Brown University

Deadline: 5-Jan-2010
Field(s): Phonetics/Phonology
Questions: Has anyone received confirmation from them? (1-13)

A: I emailed a request for confirmation; otherwise I think they will contact you if something is missing from your app. (1/14)

There is a short list; I don't know who's on it. (1/26) Q: How do you know there is a short list, and were those people contacted?

A: The short list has to be approved before the candidates can be notified. No idea what the time frame for this process is. (01/27)

Q: Was there a 'long-list' at some point and was anyone contacted/interviewed or did they move directly from applications to campus visits? (x2)

Q: I still haven't heard a word about my application - anyone else? (x6) nothing (2/17)

Q: Does anyone have any word about campus visits for this position? It's strangely late now for nothing to have been scheduled (2/24).

I've heard that the candidates have been contacted.

Brown University

Deadline: 15-Dec-2009
Field(s): Semantic/Pragmatic/Syntactic Language Processing (open rank)
Questions: Has anyone heard anything yet? (1/15) - rejection received in response to an email inquiry. (1/25)

Rumor has it they have a shortlist (2/5).

Any info available on the origin of this rumor? Has the shortlist been notified? (2/6)

a colleague of mine has been contacted about making a campus visit. (2/8)

snail mail rejection letter received. (2/22 x 3)

Concordia University

Deadline: 1-Nov-2009
Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Questions: I have not heard a word from them (as of 1/14) (x3). Has anyone?

Answer: Had a job talk there in December; a candidate has apparently been recommended for the position (but don't know who).

Got a rejection letter. (3/1)

Georgia Southern University

Deadline: 1-Oct-2009
Field(s): General Linguistics, Writing
Notes: They are just starting to look at applications now.  Week of 11/9/09
Questions: Do you mind my asking how you know that they just started looking at applications?
A: Last year there were SCs that communicated openly through this page with the candidates. It might be that.
It looks like GA Southern may have already interviewed candidates by phone and may have even invited two for campus visits; look on the Rhet/Comp 2010 page:

Received an email today (Jan 25) saying the position would not be filled this year.

This is incredible! I applied for this position in 2007-2008 and they did the same thing: wrote back that they weren't gonna fill the position (after they had claimed that one of my letters was missing and so had my ref re-send, etc. etc. etc.). What a joke. Good thing I didn't waste time this time.

Got "search canceled" e-mail on 1/25 and 1/26, which probably means that both searches were canceled. (They had two similar tenure-track searches going this year.)

Georgia State University []

Deadline:  Dec. 1, 2009; applicant review begins Nov. 15, 2009
Field(s):  Applied Linguistics / TESOL notes: 

Phone interviews conducted around 1/15

Has anyone been contacted after the phone interview? (2/8) (x3)

Anyone heard anything (2/24)? -- Nope. (2/25)

Received an email rejection telling me that this position has been offered and accepted by somebody. (3/2) (x2)

Johns Hopkins University

Deadline: 15-Oct-2009
Field(s): Psycholinguistics; Vision
Questions: Has anyone heard anything yet?  I haven't, as of 12/17 --> me again--contacted on 12/18!

Colleague got LSA interview (dec-17ish)

Me too, and two others that I know of. (12/18)

Any word on campus visits? 1/16

--Had LSA interview; re: their timeline, was told that they had other phone interviews to conduct, and that nothing would happen re: campus interviews until 1st weeks of Feb at the earliest.

I had a phone interview on 1/22 (couldn't make it to the LSA). I assume that I was probably the last, so I was expecting something pretty soon ... (1/27)

--A friend of mine was contacted about a campus visit. (2/2)

Any info on who's on the short list?

Job talks are posted on their colloquium schedule:

Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne[]

Deadline: 16-Nov-2009
Field(s): Linguistics
Notes: Email acknowledgement of application 11/19 (x4)
Email request for interview in January at LSA or by webcam 12/2 (x2)
Questions: Only one person was requested for an interview?

Had LSA interview with SC by webcam 1/8, Received 'Dear John' e-mail from Dept Chair 1/13

They may have an internal candidate.

Had LSA interview in the flesh...17 Jan and no word... (x2)

Contacted about campus visit 1/26

Has an offer been made? (2/24)

Had a campus interview, haven't heard anything yet. (3/2) Received rejection, told an offer has been made. (3/10)

Marshall University []

Deadline: 30-Nov-2009
Field(s): Linguistics/ESL Writing
Notes: campus interview arranged, not for me though
Questions: Has this one been filled? (2/15)

McGill University

Deadline: 15-Nov-2009
Field(s): General Linguistics and German Studies, Hispanic Studies, Italian Studies, or Russian and Slavic Studies
Questions: They confirmed (over e-mail) that my app. was received, but I haven't heard about an interview -- any word on interviews? > No word yet. Anyone know when the decisions will be made? (x2)

Spoke to a friend in the department at the LSA meeting, not on the search committee, who said they hadn't heard anything yet.

Is it worth emailing the contact person and asking if the search is still on? I never know if that's bad form or not.

> I'm sure that such an email would not hurt your chances (though I would be surprised if the search were not on).

Rejection e-mail received. (01/27 x2; 01/27 Russian 1x) -- did you email them? No, I never emailed them. The rejection email arrived without prompting.

> What did the rejection say, was it directed to you or mass email? Did anyone recieve a positive letter?

I have not received anything yet (that is, no rejection, but also, no request for interview) x6.

The rejection e-mail said that I was no longer considered for the job. My application was for German/Linguistics.

Question: For those that are still alive, what language do you work on?

> German

> Russian

> Spanish

> Italian

Has the short-list been formed?

> I have not heard anything (2/3)

> I'm on the long shortlist. They expect to have a shortlist by Feb/12.

> Did they contact you to tell you this? or did you contact them?

Yes--they contacted me and asked me to prepare a one-page statement about teaching in the non-linguistics department.

> Any news about a short-list?

2/12: I was invited for a campus visit; they'll contact me early next week to schedule. Q: Did you have a phone interview beforehand?

3/4: For those who were short listed, what language department are you in?

Any word about an offer made?

Metropolitan State College of Denver[]

Deadline: Until Filled (Announced 22 April, 2010)
Field(s): Linguistics
Notes: Visiting Professor position in English Department

Where was this announced? I didn't see it on any of the lists I'm on (for the USA, mainly LINGUIST, but also subdiscipline-specific lists)

-- It was announced on Linguist List.

Received request for phone interview (5/30). (x 3)

Strange phone interview. They only asked one question. Then asked if I had any questions (6/3).

Same for me. This might have been the strangest interview I have ever had (and I have had MANY). Did anyone ask about follow up/timeline?

Contacted for campus interview (6/8)

Rejection email received (6/28 (x2) Did you have a campus interview? --> no, just a very wierd phone interview!

Was an offer made?

(7/6) A friend of mine was offered the position and has accepted.

Penn State University[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-2009
Field(s): Linguistics
Notes: Email acknowledgment of application, 11/17. Request for additional information, 12/03 (x5). Interviews (which have not yet been scheduled) will be held at LSA. 

Contacted about LSA interview (12/16, x5).

Rejection received (e-mail) 1/8

Informed at LSA interview that decisions would be made by first week in Feb. (1/11)

  Did they say whether there would be a 2nd round of interviews?  A: they did not say

Contacted about campus visit (1/14) (x2)

Rejection received (e-mail) 1/28; 2/23; 3/3

An offer has been made to a colleague of mine around 03/01.

Pomona College

Deadline: 16-Nov-2009
Field(s): Cognitive Science; Semantics; Syntax

Had an LSA interview and was told at the interview that notification would be in 1 - 2 weeks. I haven't heard back yet. (1/23)
Q: Has anyone received an application confirmation from them? (12/03).
A: Yes, mid November
A2: No application confirmation, but then an invitation for an LSA interview (12/4)

A3: Contacted about an LSA interview (12/1)

A4: Received a postcard about ethnicity. Anyone else get this?

A5: I received it too last week

Possibly 2 positions, shortlist of 4-5 candidates tentatively chosen.

I was told that notification about campus visits should be within a week or so (1/11)

What happened with this search? Were the shortlist candidates notified?

Campus visits scheduled, 4 candidates (1/25)

Anybody know who they are? (1/27) <-- the names of the finalist should not be announced on a public website, as it can be extremely damaging to them. <--What's the potential damage? Just wondering...<--- some people who apply for jobs are faculty at other institutions. They don't need this information public.

I'd bet that the two current visiting assistant professors are two of the short-listed ones. I.e., two current VAPs = two inside candidates for two positions. >> No, that's not the case.

The syntax job was offered to Mike Diercks of Georgetown.

3/24 - Received a formal rejection via e-mail. According to the e-mail, the position has been offered and accepted.

Queen Mary, University of London

Deadline:  16 April 2010 (by post)
Field(s):  Sociolinguistics

E-mail notification received 28 Apr 2010 that shortlisting would not be completed until 5 May 2010 and candidates would be contacted again after that.

Rejection e-mail received 7 May 2010.

I've heard that a deal-breaker for a lot of candidates was that they didn't have at least 2 publications with top-ranked journals - many people would otherwise have been worth at least an interview. This is unfortunately likely to be the case with many or most UK Universities, as Departments choose members of faculty to 'submit for review', and their number of journal publications (specifically, not edited-book chapters etc) count for much more in the periodic Governmental review of Higher Education Quality (the Research Excellence Framework assessment). Departments' future Governmental funding depends on that, so Departments are likely to go for people with journal publications (remember these aren't private Universities so a lot of their income is from the Government, as tuition fees are capped). The difference between QMUL and other Universities, though, was that QMUL explicity stated in their job-ad that they were looking for candidates with at least 2 articles in top-ranked journals - others just assume that you know that your publication record needs to be as good as possible, for these very concrete reasons, and that that could be a deal-breaker.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be on 20 May 2010 (this was in the e-mail about when shortlisting would be over).

Dr Esther de Leeuw has been appointed to this position


Queen Mary, University of London

Deadline:  15 June 2010 (by post)
Field(s):  Experimental Linguistics/Psycholinguistics

Queens College/CUNY

Deadline:  open until filled; applicant review begins January 10, 2010
Field(s):  Applied Linguistics / General Linguistics
Notes: Questions:

auto ack. received (1/7), (1/8), (1/10) rejection received (1/30 x2) (1/29 by e-mail)

short-listed candidates notified (1/20) (x2) <--via e-mail? (yes)

any idea how many short listed? < - I was told seven (1/27), and that was a list of alternates as well

any word on this search? (3/6)

rejection email received (3/13) (x2)

anyone know who got the job and whether the offer was accepted?

Offer made and accepted by Bill Haddican.

Reed College

Deadline: 1-Dec-2009
Field(s): sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, discourse analysis, anthropological linguistics, historical linguistics, language contact, and the structure of an under-documented language or language family
Notes: Application acknowledged by email (12/2)

Has anyone heard anything about this search? Is it still on? (x3)

--I received an e-mail this week that they'd received my app materials; it seems to still be *on* (as of 12-Dec).

> I called the office to find out if my application ever arrived and was told that the committee has the applications but that the committee chair is on vacation.

- App. ack. by email (12/17)

 Are they going to be at LSA? Has anyone heard from them? I applied in October and still haven't even received an acknowledgment. (x2) <-- you can ask for an acknowledment by email.

Sorry to deflate anyone who really wants this job, but it will probably go to an inside candidate who has been there for some time.

> This is not likely, from what I have heard, to be an accurate characterization of the situation.

> What is an accurate characterization of the situation?

Response: Big surprise! did anyone else even get an interview?

The job search is still on, it's an open search, and I haven't had a vacation in many months. We did not interview at the LSA, but we are hard at work on our short list and will be conducting phone or skype interviews with candidates shortly, followed by campus visits for the finalists. I apologize for the delay, and for any unresponsiveness or misinformation you may have received from us! -- Matt Pearson, Reed College.

>Dr. Pearson: Thank you for the update! Any news on Skype interviews? Has anyone heard yet? A: Nothing yet. Starting to lose hope. A: Don't stop ... believin'! -- another week gone with no word.

--I had heard "by the third week of January".... that's now!

--I just received an email telling me that I'm on the short list and that they'd like to schedule a phone interview next week. After the phone interviews are conducted, they'll select 3-4 finalists to visit Reed, do a formal interview, and give a job talk. (1/29) (x2)

> Was it directed to you or mass email? < not mass

> I turned down the invitation for a phone interview, so perhaps one more email will be sent out (2/1)

Question: For those that got interviews, what are your specialties? Socio-linguistics?

Answer: Broadly socio, yes.

Q: has anyone received rejection notices yet? - No (2/8). But if you haven't been contacted by them, you would consider yourself 'rejected'. Many search committees act unprofessionally in that sense.

I wouldn't say that it is unprofessional - there are many valid reasons for a search committee to not inform applicants of their status until the search is complete.

Campus visit scheduled for the end of February (2/10)

Offer made and accepted 3/6 (Kara Becker)

Stanford University

Deadline: 2-Nov-2009
Field(s): Sociolinguistics or Syntax
Notes: receipt of application acknowledged (11/3)

Does anyone know the status of this search?

Contacted about LSA interview, 12/14 (x3, syntax).

Contacted about LSA interview 12/14 (X4, socio)

Did LSA interview -- was promised notification about visit to campus in about two weeks.

Just received a letter stating that theypicked one junior candidate out of 80 applicants (1/13) (x4)

> so no campus interviews? who is the candidate?

> to be precise, my rejection email stated that they are only authorized to make a single junior appointment, not that they picked someone (I'm a syntactician).

> Sounds like I got the same rejection e-mail as that (line above). I'm a sociolinguist.

There are 4 people making campus visits.

Received rejection email (for shortlist) on 3/5 (socio)

A syntactician got this job, but I don't know who.

Read in the UCSC department newsletter that it is Vera Gribanova.

Stony Brook[]

Deadline: 8-Jan-2010
Field(s): Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics
Notes:  Application for this position is by snail-mail, so get applications in early, given the Christmas rush (or use a courier service)!

Phone interview scheduled (1/19)
Questions: For which position; Language acquisition or sociolinguistics?

Answer: Socio position. Was told to expect to hear back about 10 days after interview (on 1/21).

Request for phone interview (1/24) for acquisition position. (x3)

Had a phone interview (for the Lang Acq position) yesterday. They told me they'd make a decision within 2 weeks. (1/27)

- received campus invite for acquisition position (2/5) (x2)

what's up with this search? Was an offer made?

- I was there for a campus visit (acquisition position) and haven't heard anything yet. I know there were three candidates... (3/16)

Offers were made and accepted for both positions..(3/17)

by who?

SUNY, New Paltz[]

Deadline: 1-Nov-2009
Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics; Semantics
Notes: Acknowledgment received by snail mail, 11/28

Is this search still on? Has anyone heard anything?

Did anyone apply for this job?

I did and as of 01/02 I have not heard a word from them. (x6)

And still nothing, as of 01/15. (x3)

I heard someone on the search committee has passed away. Who knows how the search will be affected. I'm not holding my breath! Q: How do you know this? A: From someone going to the services. But thankfully we can stop speculating: I was contacted for a phone interview yesterday (1/20), so the search seems to be ongoing. Q: So only one wiki user was contacted about an interview? Has anyone heard anything on this search?

If we look on their website, we will find a list of adjuncts and lecturers who will probably get first consideration for this position. Oh, well!

In my experience, adjuncts and lecturers who are already at an institution are not necessarily favored in tenure-track searches. In some ways they're even at a disadvantage. It's often more exciting for a department to bring in someone new than to just change the status of someone already there, especially if the adjunct / lecturer is likely to stick around regardless.

(02/06) I had a phone interview a couple of weeks ago. I received an email this week saying that I was not being brought to campus, but that others were.

(04/07) Rejection letter received, says a candidate has been chosen.

Teachers College, Columbia University

Does anyone know the status of this search? Thanks!

Haven't heard a word either...

Two job talks have been announced. Should be a third (4/20).

University of Alaska, Fairbanks[]

Deadline: 12-Jan-2010 (by web-application)
Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Applied Linguistics/ESL

Anthropological Linguistics job:
Notes: (source was the named faculty contact) they would prefer someone to start in Fall 2010;  see

Contacted for a Campus Visit (Mar 7)

After seeing the updates above, a long time ago, I assumed I hadn't been successful with this job, but I've just got an e-mail from them confirming it (16 July 2010).

Applied Linguistics/ESL job:
Note: phone interview (12/11) (said they'd be bringing candidates out to campus in mid-Feb) Questions:

Did anyone hear anything after the phone interview for the AL/ESL position? (2/24)

University of Canterbury[]

Deadline: 26-Feb-2010
Field(s): Sociolinguistics
Notes: In Christchurch, New Zealand to start Semester 1 of academic year 2011. (Jan/Feb)

Email notification of being 'longlisted' - received 12 March 2010 (x2)

Email notification of being shortlisted - received 12 April 2010

Email notification of not being shortlisted, but they would like to keep my application on file and review it after the interviews in June - received 3 May 2010 (x2)

The job has been offered and accepted.

On 7 July 2010 I got e-mail notification of application previously kept on file (see note from 3 May 2010) not being successful.


University of Chicago

Deadline: 15-Nov-2009
Field(s): Experimental Linguistics (open rank)
Notes: Hard copy of application acknowledged via e-mail 4-Nov (x2); 18-Nov (x1)

E-mail states that interviews will be at LSA-Baltimore and scheduled before 20-Dec.

Is there anyone else who submitted an application but has not received any acknowledgment at all?

Any news about interviews? I haven't heard back yet. (12/17) (x2) According to, contacted for LSA interview 12/8

Is it correct to assume, based on the above, that if you haven't been contacted by today (dec-20) it's a rejection? How were you told that interviews would be sched'ed before dec-20?

-- I think that's safe to assume.  The form email that everyone probably got confirming receipt of application says that they will have scheduled LSA interviews by 12/20. <-- thank you for that - i hadn't noticed the date in the original email.

Does anyone know (with a fair degree of certainty) whether anyone has actually been contacted about an interview (other than the one reported on the generic page above)? One would expect that, on this page, at least 1 person would have reported getting an interview, or knowing someone who has one.

-Yes, I know someone who has an LSA interview scheduled, as of a couple of weeks ago.  (written 12/28)

Q: did anyone have an interview with them at LSA? (1/14)

- I had an interview at the LSA, but haven't heard anything yet (1/16). (x2)

- They have a short list and people on it were already contacted (1/19)

List of candidate talks on U of Chicago website (1/28):

University of Edinburgh

Deadline: 6-April-2010
Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Questions: have shortlisted candidates been notified yet? There were 5 candidates this week at Edinburgh. Candidate is supposed to be notified on Friday

Presumably (?), they have been: those of us (or, at least, this one of us) who made it past the 1st round of eliminations but not past the 2nd round of eliminations and onto the shortlist have been informed of the bad news; and interviews were planned for June 7th/8th, so if the interview dates haven't changed, the lucky few must have already made their travel arrangements.

9-Jun-10: This job has been offered and (I understand) accepted, but I haven't had the lucky person's permission to say who got it.

I believe the job went to Lauren Hall-Lew.

That's correct, but who gave you permission to say so before Lauren herself had revealed the truth to a waiting world? She only did that on 8 July 2010, after you had posted this.

I wasn´t aware we needed ´permission´ to speak the truth.

You don't, but what you do need permission to do is to reveal potentially sensitive information about someone's career to whomever might be reading this page. What if, for example, Lauren's employer had found out from this page and not from Lauren herself that she would be leaving? What if Lauren was in a sensitive situation juggling two job-offers and one of the offerers found out in this way that they had been rejected? These are hypothetical situations - I have no idea what Lauren's situation was coming up to this offer - but you get the point: don't be indiscreet. How would you like it if someone let the cat out of the bag on you?

I wasn't the one who posted any of the preceding information, but I think all of the secrecy about jobs has gotten out of hand. People have deleted info from this page on numerous times on the grounds of it being sensitive, but the point really doesn't stand up to argument. If a candidate's employer doesn't have any idea that their employee is leaving, well, I think that's the employee's business to take care of, especially if many other people know. Not taking sides, but if the issue of sensitivity is being raised, then sensitivity to employers has to be respected just as much as employees. As far as the second scenario goes, who cares? Applicants get bad news all the time and so do departments.

I totally agree with the preceding comment! The person who's concerned with keeping everything "hush-hush" really needs to lighten up. First of all, Lauren was leaving a post-doc. Second of all, everyone knew she had accepted the job, and - sorry to say - there is simply no way you're going to stop people from (verbally) talking about who got what job. This wiki is just a written reflection of normal job gossip, which is, in my opinion, totally harmless.

University of Edinburgh

Deadline: 16-April-2010
Field(s): Phonetics
Notes: shortlisted candidates notified by email (5/11)

Questions: anyone know how many candidates?

Answer: I think there are 5. (6/8) No, there were 4. (6/25)

Question: I think interviews were 6/21 and 6/22 -- has an offer been made?

Answer: Yes, an offer has been made to James Kirby.

University of Georgia

Deadline: 31-March-2010
Field(s): Phonology/Phonetics
Notes: Application acknowledged via e-mail 25-March

Application never acknowledged... god forbid

-ha, it wasn't just you. They were actually quite determined to ignore me.

Request for phone interview (4/2)

Received rejection e-mail (4/12) (x 3)

seems like campus invites for the syntax position have already gone out...anyone been invited for a campus visit for the phon. position?

rejection e-mail received (4/21): 3 people invited for campus visit

University of Georgia

Deadline: 31-March-2010
Field(s): Syntax

Request for phone interview (4/2)

Invitation to visit campus (4/12) (x2)

Looks like they don't even bother to send rejections to others...

Rejection letter received (4/21)

They invited people for campus visits. Apparently, however, they were looking for someone with an expressed interest in Second Language Acquisition. Wish they had put that in the job announcement! --> Well, they did. The ad listed a secondary area in SLA/socio as desirable. The fact is though that out of the 3 campus invites 2 were theoretical syntacticians and one was syntax/SLA. At least, that's what I was told.

A friend of mine got an offer for this job (5/7)

University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

Deadline: 25-May-2010
Field(s): English linguistics, sociolinguistics
Notes: Two-year position, possibility of extension to five years

Rejection e-mail received 11-Jun-10 (paper copy received subsequently by mail)


University of Kentucky

Deadline: Open until filled (appointment begins August 2010) Field(s): Computational Linguistics, Computational Modeling of Linguistic Systems
 Notes: application acknowledged by email, 28-Dec

LSA interview scheduled, 05/01

A short list will be formed around 25/01, then notifications will be sent out.

- anyone notified?

- Not yet (01/25) -any news? Nope (01/28), Nope (1/29 x 2), Nope (2/1 x 2)

-rejection received via email (2/2 x 2)

- who is on the short list for campus visit?

University of Maryland[]

Deadline: 1-Dec-2009
Field(s): Computational psycholinguistics
Notes: application acknowledged by email, 1-Dec (x2)

campus interview invitation, 1/6

Shortlist announced to the UMD department, all campus visits planned.

Anyone care to share the contents of the short list for this and the next one?

Might check the UMD website. Looks to be two job talks for now.

Email rejection 3/16 ( there were 54 applicants for both positions)

University of Maryland[]

Deadline: 1-Dec-2009
Field(s): Neurolinguistics

app acknowledged via email, 12/1

Interview request via email, 1/6

Shortlist announced to the UMD department, all campus visits planned.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Deadline: 22-Jan-2010
Field(s): Psycholinguistics, Phonology
Notes: In conjunction with two additional searches in Psychology and CS.

Got snail mail letter confirming receipt of application, and ethnicity questionnaire, 1/15 (for the Linguistics job) (x2)
Questions: Does anyone have links to the searches in Psych and CS?

Psychology search:
CS search:

Email acknowledging application received (1/21, Psych)

Q: Any news? (2/6) - nope (2/8) (x2) no (2/17 x 2)

I emailed the dept on the status of my application a few days ago (middle of Feb) and they kindly provided me an answer. Unfortunately for me, a 'no', but they indicated they have a short list.

- they have a top list of candidates and i'm not one of them. (2/18) <-- is this for the Linguistics dept job? <-- yes.

- Campus visit scheduled with Psych department (2/23). Any invites for a campus visit from linguists?

- Campus visits have now been scheduled for all three positions, CS, Linguistics and Psychology.

- Rejection letter received for the Linguistics position. (2/27) -- Weird, I haven't yet (3/10); has anyone else who applied for this not received a rejection letter?

- and an email rejection for the Psyc position. (3/2) x2

- About the linguistics position: Snail-mail rejection letters have been sent to everyone not invited for a campus visit. The schedule of campus visits is here:

University of Missouri[]

Deadline: 2-Nov-2009
Field(s): Phonology
Notes: request for further information, 2-Dec (x3)

LSA interview scheduled 12/23 (x4)

10 LSA interviews + 3 phone interviews this week (01/11), notifications forthcoming within a week.

Contacted re: campus visit 1/14 (x2).

Offer made 2/3.

University of Nevada, Reno[]

Deadline: 22-April-2010
Field(s): General Linguistics; Phonology; Syntax
Notes: Two-Year Non-Tenure Track Lecturer Position

Additional material requested 4/20

Additional material requested 4/26

request for interview 5/17 (4x)

so did anybody get hired?

The first offer was turned down.

And the second offer...? (6/25)

2nd offer also turned down (took another position)

7/9-Did anybody get hired yet?

I accepted the position on 6/23. (Brook Lillehaugen)

University of Oregon

Deadline: 1-Dec-2009
Field(s): Sociolinguistics

This position has been offered to - and, as far as I have been told in mid-March 2010, accepted by - a candidate. I won't name them just in case, for whatever reason, they would prefer me not to.

Please, whoever deleted this update yesterday, don't do it again; or, if you have a good reason for doing so and reinstating the (therefore now out-of-date) information here where it talked about interviews, the shortlist and campus visits, at least have the guts to write on the talk page as to exactly why you would rather the page were not absolutely as up-to-date as it can be,

>I don't know who deleted everything else, but I received a snail-mail rejection letter dated 22 March stating that the position has not yet been filled, but that I was not selected as a finalist. I thought that was pretty considerate since I believe most Univ.'s don't bother.(x4)

University of Otago

Deadline: 26-Jul-2010
Field(s): Linguistics (in English Department)
Notes: Referees have been contacted.

21 September: Three people have been shortlisted and invited to interview

5 October: rejection letter received by mail

LINGUIST: - University page:

Preferred start in February 2011 (beginning of NZ academic year)

Vacancy for 'Lecturer in Linguistics (Confirmation Path)' - required to teach 200-level Phonology and a 300-level course, and to contribute to 100-level intro to linguistics. 'The successful candidate will teach papers in phonology/phonetics, and two of the following areas: sociolinguistics, semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, child language acquisition, and historical linguistics. The successful candidate will also undertake tutoring and postgraduate MA and PhD supervision, and may be asked to provide co-supervision in areas outside their own specialisation. Preference will be given to candidates with evidence of good teaching skills and a track record of relevant research and publications, particularly in one or more of the following areas: phonology/phonetics, sociolinguistics, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, psycholinguistics, child language acquisition, and historical linguistics.'

'Confirmation path' is the NZ equivalent of 'tenure track'.


University of Salford[]

Deadline: 21-May-2010
Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Notes: Rejection e-mail received 1-June-10 (2x)

Heard from faculty member that the reason I was not shortlisted was a lack of major peer-reviewed publications (UK institutions are very keen on this because their Governmental funding indirectly depends on numbers of publications by faculty, and the quality of the journals they are published in).


This position has been filled.

University of Utah - Salt Lake City

Deadline: 24-Nov-2009 Field(s): Phonology
Questions:  Does anyone know what's up with this job?  They're also advertising a 1-semester temp job for this spring; same details but an April 1-2010 deadline.

For tenure-track job, request for LSA interview 12/14 (x3).

Notified of on-campus interview 1/10 (x2)

is the interview for the tenure track or temporary position? --> The temporary position is already filled.

4 campus interviews. The tenure track position was given to the person they hired for the temporary position.

University of Texas at Arlington[]

Deadline: 30-November-2009
Field(s): Language Documentation and Syntax
Notes: receipt acknowledged (12/4)

Has anyone heard from them about LSA interviews yet? (12/19) (x2)

Yes, they offered to interview at the LSA (12/22) (x2)

Notification about campus visits should be within a week (1/11)

Invited to visit on campus in the next few weeks (1/15)

Shortlist has been contacted and three campus visits are scheduled.

Who is on the shortlist?

Strangely, out of the blue, received notification that the search was cancelled (5/18)

University of Texas at Arlington[]

Deadline: 30-November-2009
Field(s): Second Language Acquisition
Notes: offered an LSA interview (12/22)

Shortlist has been contacted and three campus visits are scheduled.

Question: Who are the finalists? (x2) One from Michigan State

Does anyone know who got the job?

Jeff Witzel from Arizona: <>

University of Texas at Brownsville

Deadline: 1-Dec-2009
Field(s): English Linguistics
Notes: Acknowledgement of application by snail mail (postcard) 12/21
Questions: I heard they have been trying to fill this position for the past 3 years.  What's the problem?

Has anyone heard anything at all about this position? (1/12) Nothing yet (1/13)

Received e-mail request for phone interview from Search Chair 1/15

Had 25 minute phone interview with SC and 3 other faculty members 1/20

Received e-mail request from Dept Chair for campus visit in early Feb 1/22

Anyone know who the finalists are?

Campus visit scheduled.

Campus visits completed.

Received notice of hiring another candidate (3/12)

University of Toronto Mississauga

Deadline: 23-Oct-2009
Field(s): Theoretical Linguistics
Notes: Receipt acknowledged 10/23
Questions: Any word about interviews? I have not heard anything yet (as of 12/17) (x4)

Still nothing as of 1/15. (x3)

I was informed that they were awaiting authorization from the university before forming a short-list. They did not conduct interviews at the LSA.

Rejection email received (1/29) (1/28 - by e-mail)

Offer made and accepted by Arsalan Kahnemuyipour.

University of Washington[]

Deadline: 6-Nov-2009
Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Notes: Email acknowledgment of application (11/10)
Email acknowledgement (11/13)
rejection emailed 10/29, 11/17, 12/16 (x2), 1/8
Request for full dossier: 11/20
Questions: Does anyone know the status of this search? Thanks!

A: Got a rejection by e-mail about 6 weeks ago. Looks like the candidates for on-campus interview were selected in Dec./early Jan.

University of Washington[]

Deadline: 20-Nov-2009
Field(s): Computational linguistics

Did anyone else here apply for this? Anyone heard anything? (2/6)

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee[]

Deadline: open until filled
Field(s): Phonetics
Notes: shortlisted candidates notified by email (5/27).

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh[]

Deadline: 13-Nov-2009
Field(s): Linguistics
Notes: Application complete and Equal Employment Opportunity Request received by snail mail (Letter dated 11/17) (x6)
Phone and email request for interview December 27-29 at MLA (12/8) (x4).

Questions: Has anyone received the letter that the chair had promised? When will the names of the finalists be made public?

- I received the promised letter on 12/21; 12/22; 12/22

Who were the finalists?

At MLA interview, the committee stated that they will determine finalists (for campus interviews) by the 3rd week in January. (1/04)

Q: Any news regarding campus visits? (1/25) Q2: At my MLA interview, I thought they said they would contact finalists in the 3rd or 4rth week in January. (1/28)

Campus visit was scheduled on 1/15 Q: Anyone get a rejection letter or e-mail yet? (1/29)


I emailed them 3/4 and received the following response 3/5: "Our search is still open and on-going but progressing. We will be in contact as the search continues." (3/23)

By doing a little digging, I was able to find that they brought two (at least) candidates to campus: Tammy Gales from University of California-Davis and Stephen Mann from the University of South Carolina. They presented their research on February 19th and 22nd, respectively. Not sure if an offered was extended. (3/26)

Gales got it (3/28):