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Good luck to everybody with their search![]

Visitor Type:
*ABD, not defending soon: 5
*ABD, defending within 4-6 months: 20
*ABD, I have a set date for my defense: 5
*ABD, no defense at my U: 2
*Depends on job hunt when I file: 4
*Ph.D. in hand, no job currently: 2
*Ph.D in hand, not currently in an academic position: 2
*Visiting Professor, Lecturer (North American meaning), Adjunct, other fixed-term position: 17
*Postdoc: 13
*Research Scientist:
*Assistant Professor: 4
*Associate Professor: 2
*Member of a Search Committee: 4
*Just browsing:
  • Specialty:
    *Historical Linguistics: 1
    *Theoretical Linguistics: 2
    *Syntax: 9
    *Morphology: 1
    *Phonology: 8
    *Phonetics: 5
    *Sociolinguistics: 12
    *Psycholinguistics: 3
    *Language Acquisition: 6
    *Semantics and Pragmatics: 7
    *Documentary/Descriptive: 10
    *Cognitive Linguistics: 1
    *Other: 4
How many applications have you sent out this year?:
*0: 1
*1-10: 39
*10-20: 10
*21-30: 1
*31-40: 1
*41 and above:

Arizona State University[]

Deadline: 09-Nov-2010

Field(s): Morphology; Phonology


11/16/2010 -- Invitation for phone interview, to take place 11/23 (x5)

11/23: They will have campus interviews in Jan/Feb.

12/10: Has anyone heard from them since the phone interview?

12/16: Heard someone was contacted regarding the delay in response (x2)

1/13: Contacted (for second time) regarding delay in response. (x2)

2/2: Notified by email that the search has been postponed until fall.

Arizona State University[]

Deadline: 09-Nov-2010

Field(s): Syntax


11/18: Contacted for phone interview, scheduled for 12/7. The position has been narrowed to 6 phone interview candidates, then they will fly out 2 for campus visits.

Q: Phone interview happened 12/7, anybody hear anything?

A: Also interviewed on 12/7. No news for me either.

1/23 Notified that syntax search has been postponed due to 140 million dollar budget cut to ASU. (x2)

Arizona State University[]

Deadline: 09-Nov-2010

Field(s): Phonetics/Phonology

Notes: 11/24: Called to schedule phone interview

11/29 was the phone interview. I believe they were going to interview other candidates till Friday, Dec 03. Anyone hear anything more?

Nope, they must have lied to you; I don't think they can find so many people for a job that specific and in Arizona. So most probably, you will get the job. Congrats! ;)

12/8: (not 11/29 person) I got an EEO request on the 8th. why? just taking out the trash? [x6]

12/16: Contacted regarding the delay in response.

02/05: Search postponed. Informed via email. (x2)

Boise State University[]

Deadline: 22-Oct-2010

Field(s): General Linguistics, Morphology/Syntax


11/10: Called to schedule a phone interview

11/15: Completed phone interview. The schedule is same as the TESOL post (see below); they will announce finalists by the end of the month and conclude campus interviews by the middle of Dec.

11/18: Invited for campus interview

11/18 Received rejection letter by email. [x6]

An offer has been made and accepted.

Boise State University[]

Deadline: 22-Oct-2010

Field(s): TESOL, Applied Linguistics

Notes: Not posted on LinguistList - posting found here:

Had phone interview 11/12/10. They are also having phone interviews on 10/15, and will contact shortlisted candidates in late Nov. or early Dec. Campus visits to be completed by Dec. 12.

11/19: campus interview scheduled x 2

An offer has been made and accepted.

Boston University[]

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Language Acquisition


Receipt of application acknowledge around 11/1/2010. (x2)

Anyone hear any news during November? I know they're planning on doing LSA interviews in Jan.

Ans: Nothing :( Seems like you and I won't be getting it? <= What makes you say that? Based on previous search time frame, I wouldn't get pessimistic until Dec

No news still? Are they really planning interviews at LSA?

I'm curious how many people following this wiki applied to this job to get a sense of how likely updates and information will actually be posted here . So, if you've applied for this job, please add one: 7

Apparently the search got cancelled. CONFIRMED--email received 12/14.

Bucknell University[]

Deadline: 15-Oct-2010

Field: Psycholinguistics/Experimental Linguistics


Request for phone interview received on 11/2/10 x2

Q:has anyone heard from them yet after the phone interview?

A: Not me. (x3)

A: A colleague of mine was invited for a campus interview about a week ago 11/18

1/1/11: Any word on this search? Just curious.

1/21/11: received rejection email (x3)

Cal State Fullerton[]

Deadline: 29-Oct-10

Field(s): Phonetics/Phonology


Received confirmation of application: 11/12 [x5]

[was this separate from affirmative action form?]

A: I never received an affirmative action form from them, but I did receive a confirmation of application.

[was this snail mail or email?]

A: Email.

I received a formal letter of confirmation directing me to provide information about my ethnic background, etc. Other schools have provided me with two contacts: one confirming my application and one asking for ethnic info. I was worried that I'd missed an additional contact from CSUF.

I got an email from them confirming my application. In that email was a link to the affirmative action form, which you can fill out online. [x5]

Anyone heard anything from Fullerton?

12/2: received request for MLA interview [x2]

12/22: Phone and MLA interviews scheduled for early January.

1/15: Was told during phone interview that selected candidates will be invited for a campus visit in February. No date given for when the selection announcements will be made.

3/11: Any updates??

3/26: Got my rejection letter last week.

Cleveland State University[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-10

Field(s): General, but Sociolinguistics or Applied Linguistics preferred

Notes: Visiting Assistant Professor position only

11/16- Recieved Affirmative Action Applicant Data form by snail mail

12/22- Received request for phone interview via email

1/26- Has anyone heard anything since the phone interviews?

1/31 - I've heard nothing since my phone interview.


Deadline: 22-Nov-10

Field(s): Phonetics


Received affirmative action form link 11/24/10

Does anyone know if there will be LSA interviews for this job?

12/20: Notified of being in a "group of candidates who we are looking at more closely", which I assume means the long list. (x4)

12/20: Also got that notification - they specifically asked for additional materials, so I was guessing this is the long-long list (before a first round of interviews).

I was not asked for additional materials (whatever that means). My impression is that this is the long list because I doubt that there'll be a first round of interviews - somehow I think they'll be going straight to job talks.

12/23: Received a nice rejection letter. Very classy, Cornell. Other search committees could learn from you.[x4]

Just curious (I didn't apply for this job): what's a classy rejection letter like?
looks like this--> Dear XXX,

Thank you for the interest you expressed in our phonetics search. The search committee was faced with an exceptionally qualified application pool and we thus faced the difficult task of identifying a smaller pool for further consideration. While your qualifications are impressive, we regret to say that your application is no longer under consideration. Nonetheless, we are grateful for your application and have appreciated the opportunity to learn about your scholarly accomplishments. We wish you all the best in your career.

It's not so much the content of the letter which is classy, but its timeliness! (Posted by someone who also received the rejection).

COMMENT: Kudos to Cornell -- very classy, indeed. (Though, as a PhD alum, I supposed I'm biased.) But in defense of search committees that "could learn from [Cornell]," I feel compelled to inform readers that sometimes life just isn't that simple: sadly, many institutions have hiring policies that explicitly prohibit notification of candidates until the search is completely closed. Hence, I would urge my job-seeking colleagues not to read too much into the (in)action of search committees that don't provide these sorts of updates. In most cases, they can't. I say this as somebody who, in the past, has gotten the pointy end of the "dissed-on-the-wiki-stick." You can imagine that I am much relieved that my own university has finally abandoned this sort of "no news 'til the very end" policy: we are now empowered to notify non-selected candidates once we have compiled a list of finalists, which is a far more civil policy. In cases where such policies are not in effect, well, thank goodness for the wiki and those who take the time to contribute. Good luck to all you job seekers out there. (01/05/2011)

1/19: Received a formal request for an interview (via skype). (x2)

2/2: After having interviewed in January, received formal rejection letter via email. The shortlist candidates are now apparent from the colloquium series speakers listed on the departmental website.


Deadline: 01-Oct-10

Field(s): Syntax

Notes: Visiting assistant professor position starting spring 2011.

Received rejection e-mail last week of October. (With note that they're also sending a rejection by mail.)

East Carolina University[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field(s): open

Notes: Anyone hear anything?

A: I've heard nothing, not even a confirmation or AA form. (2x)

12-10: I received an email inviting me for a skype interview. (4x)

Q: For those who have interviews, what is your field?

A: Syntax/Semantics/ some Psycholing

12-16: Invitation to visit campus in January

12-21: Search put on hold

1-17: Search cancelled/ hiring freeze

Eastern Kentucky University[]

Field(s): General Linguistics (Grammar/ESL Writing)

Notes: Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


3/3: Anyone get a response to application yet?


4/15 any idea what's up with this position?

You can check Applied Linguistics/TESOL wiki for more information on this position. It's crosslisted.

Eastern Michigan University[]

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Notes: Assistant Professor

11/29: Contacted for LSA interview. Anyone else? (x2)

1/14: Invited for campus interview.

3/30: Offer made and accepted.

Florida International University[]

Deadline: 10-Dec-2010

Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Notes: Assistant Professor

The FIU online application template asks for materials which are different from those specified in the job-advertisement. The Department chair has advised me to submit through the online system everything which is asked for there, and to e-mail other materials to them directly ( The materials which are asked for in the job-advertisement but not in the online application template are the research sample and teaching evaluations, so these should be e-mailed directly. Also, I had given details of my research and teaching interests in the cover-letter, which I had written before I saw the online application template (which asks for separate research and teaching statements); I was advised to submit the cover-letter with the details, but also to submit shorter summary research and teaching statements so that all the documents asked for by the online system were submitted (since you can't complete an application if you don't submit all the documents it asks for).

12/20--Received request for phone interview by email (x2)

Has anyone been contacted since the phone interview?

Yes, request for campus visit. (x2)


Offer extended and accepted.

Georgetown University[]

Deadline: 01-Nov-2010

Field(s): Linguistics/Language, Technology and Politics

Notes: Dept. of Communication, Culture and Technology

I submitted my application before Nov. 1 and haven't even received a confirmation email. Has anyone else heard from them? <--- Finally got a confirmation email. They report having over 300 applications.

-11/30. They have 4 positions open, so I wonder if the 300 is for this one or for all of them? I never got a confirmation email. (x3)

12/1. Don't know. I saw that they just reposted the ad w/ a Dec. 21 deadline on LinguistList, so I have no idea what that could mean in terms of the applicants they already have or have not received.

12/27 If they got 300 apps for this position why would they reopen it? It must have been one of the other positions.

1/28 Did anybody hear anything? It's been a long time, even since the second deadline.

2/10 Nothing yet.

2/14 Email invitation for phone interview. (x2)

2/16 Campus visit scheduled for March.

2/25 There's more information about these Georgetown jobs on the Communications and Media Studies job wiki, FYI.

2/28 One job talk appears to be up on the CCT calendar (presumably there are others, though?).

4/4 Rejection email.

4/6 No appointment made; they're going to refine their search and try again next year.

Grinnell College[]

Deadline: 08-Nov-2010

Field(s): Open

Notes: Automatically requested letters from all references uploaded 11/8

12/9: Contacted to schedule phone interview (x4)

Q: Any update on this search? 1/7

A: My colleague (who had a phone interview) was told that people would be notified in late January.

1/10: Invited for a campus visit (via email) (x2)

1/21: Invited for a campus visit via email (I was not one of the people contacted on 1/10)

For those invited, what are your specialties? <--I'm in Documentary/Descriptive (x2); Semantics & Pragmatics

--- Has a finalist been selected for this position?

2/22: An offer has been extended and verbally accepted.

^ to/by whom?

3/30 rejection email

Harvard University[]

Deadline: 15-Dec-2010
Field: Phonology

12/20: contacted via email for LSA interview (x12)

1/24: Has anyone heard from them after LSA interviews?

A: Nope . . . though they did tell me at the LSA that it would be a while before I heard anything either way.

1/27: Invited for campus visit (phone call)

1/28: Rejection email

2/23: I didn't notice prior, but the prospects are listed explicitly under Events. I missed the first couple - it looks like 2 are left.

Date??: Offer accepted

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[]

Deadline: 15 Jan. 2011

Field: Syntax, Semantics.

This is a Visiting Assistant Professor position (1-2y.)

03/08 - Received email rejection, 1st round.

McGill University[]

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Syntax


Dec. 16: Any news? It's been a while now.

12/17: received email informing me that I was on the short-list, and inviting me for a campus visit (two days sometime in Jan/Feb) (x4)

12/17: received an email informing me that I was not on the short-list (x7)

2/18: an offer has been made

Metropolitan State College of Denver[]

Deadline: 31-January-2011

Field: Open (Assistant Professor in English Department)


3/25: received rejection email.

4/20: received rejection email

Northwestern University[]

Deadline: 15-Dec-2010

Field: Language Acquisition/Disorders


Q: Has anyone heard anything??

Offer turned down. Search failed.


Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Phonology or Semantics


Has anyone heard from them? Do they prefer a phonologist or a semanticist?

Answer: Hi! This is Chris Barker and Maria Gouskova, writing for the NYU search committee. We are looking for either a phonologist or a semanticist. We are pleased that the applications are roughly half and half across the two subdisciplines, and are currently reading through them carefully. There is no a priori preference for one area over another. We won't be interviewing at the LSA this year, by the way. We hope to make some preliminary decisions (i.e., a short list) by the end of January, or early in February.

12/9: Thanks, Chris and Maria! I think it's great when search committees use the wiki this way - much appreciated! (x2)

12/12: Ditto. Thanks for the update! (x2)

12/24: Contacted to schedule phone interview in the first week of January. (x8)

Which field are you in?

phonology (x3)

semantics (x4)

1/18: Received letter stating that, although a decision has not yet been made, my application is "no longer under active consideration". Sorry about that...Field ? <-- A:I'm in Phonology. According to the email there were 113 applications, split about evenly between the two fields. Q: Did you do a phone/Skype interview ? <-- A: No interview at all. Thanks for sharing and Good Luck with other job offers !

1/28: contacted to schedule campus visit; Q: Phone or E-mail ? Q2: Field ?

1/31: contacted to let me know I'm no longer under consideration. I'm in phonology. (x2)

1/31: contacted to let me know I'm no longer under consideration. I'm in semantics. (x3)

1/31: Chris Barker here, for the NYU search committee. The faculty has invited two phonologists and two semanticists for campus visits: Scott AnderBois, Lucas Champollion, Gillian Gallagher, and Wendell Kimper.

3/21: I heard that an offer has been made. -- It is already on their newsletter:

3/29: Update: Apparently positions have been offered to two people, one phonologist (who has accepted, see newsletter above), and one semanticist (who may or may not have accepted).

4/19: The semanticist accepted:

Oklahoma State University[]

Deadline: 3-Nov-2010

Field: Phonetics or Phonology


received request for phone interview (11/18): 5

Q: How were you contacted by OSU?

A: Email

contacted to fill out affirmative action form (11/22) [Does anyone know why I'd be contacted to do so four days after others were contacted for phone interviews?] (x3 -- I guess we're not on the shortlist but they have to put us through the process)

Someone who considers him/herself to be on the 'shortlist' recently removed a comment stating that s/he also received the email after having been contacted for an interview. Therefore it's quite possible that most (if not all) of us who received the email without a prior contact for an interview are not necessarily being considered more closely than other applicants. (I tried to restore the removed comment, but the original poster wants it gone. I think it's relevant to those of us who might otherwise imagine we were on some kind of list.)

(Piisrokkhangtboun: I would say it's probably safe to assume at this point you aren't on some kind of additional special list if you didn't make the phone interview list, given the latest information, below.)

12/2: Contacted via email and told a) that I successfully completed 1st round interview (by phone); b) I am now on the department's shorter short list; c) there will be a second round interview conducted via Skype the week of December 13. It was also mentioned via my phone interview that campus visits will ultimately occur in January. [x4]

12/21 campus visit invite extended [x2]

Offer extended.


Deadline: 12-Nov-2010

Field: Semantics; Cognitive Science

Notes: email invite for LSA interview (12/7) (x3)
Question: Do you all have cognitive science background?

A: Not cognitive science per se, but psycho/neurolinguistics.

A2: Primarily semantics, and some psycholinguistics.

Anyone hear about campus interviews?

Invited for campus visit (on 1/14)

I heard that they made an offer.

Reed College[]

Deadline: 1 March 2011

Field: sociolinguistics (a focus on languages/communities outside the United
States is preferred), pragmatics and discourse analysis, historical
linguistics, language acquisition, semantics, or the structure of sign

This is a Visiting Assistant Professor position.

submitted email application, no confirmation of receipt x2

I received acknowledgement of my application in an email on March 9

3/31 Received email saying I had been shortlisted, invited for campus visit (x3)

5-9 An offer has been made and accepted.

Rice University, TX, USA[]

Deadline: 25 March 2011

Field: laboratory phonology and phonetics (of a cognitive, social-interactional, and/or functional nature).

This is a Lecturer (one-year appointment) position.

3/28: Has anyone gotten confirmation that the department received your application?

4/10: No confirmation, but two of my references notified me that they had been asked for letters a few days ago.

4/13 Hello -- Katherine Crosswhite from Rice here. We just sent out email confirmations today. Sorry for the delay.

4/27: Phone interviews have begun.


Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field: Experimental Linguistics


Has anyone been contacted about LSA interviews yet?

We will not be interviewing at the LSA (search committee)

thanks! (x2)

i was told by a little birdie that someone has been invited for a campus visit.

--> received an email inviting me for a campus visit

anyone know whether all short-listed individuals have been contacted? does the faculty have a time table for notifying applicants?

This smells like a targeted search for the/an internal candidate. It seems odd to go straight to campus invites...

It has actually become increasingly common to go straight to campus visits. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with internal candidates, but may just mean the committee has a very specific idea of what they are looking for and are able to identify a small set of appropriate candidates from the application materials.

Four people have been contacted about campus visits. No other visits are planned at the moment. (search committee)

Kristen Syrett was offered the position and she has accepted the offer. (Search Committee)

San Diego State University[]

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field(s): Sociolinguistics; Contact Linguistics

Notes: 11/9 invited to do a phone interview. Was told I was one of 12 semi-finalists chosen from more than 60 applicants. (x6)

11/17: 3-4 campus visits are going to be scheduled fo the first half of December. No LSA interviews.

[23 November] - Invited for campus visit [x5]

A 5th person invited? Is SDSU having trouble making up their minds what they want? <-- probably a latecomer to the wiki. there were always 5 people invited.<-- Yes, sorry about that. I just remembered about the wiki yesterday. <-- 5 is a lot of peoples' hopes to get up.

Who wants to guess who the five of us are? jk! [lol - i think we could do it!]

This is only slightly off topic. But I love this wiki, even when not on the market.

Too bad SDSU's student association took down the announcements on their SLA facebook page, otherwise you wouldn't even need to guess (I now know 2 of the 5 because of it)!

Offer made.

1/14: Finally got email rejection (lol). (x4) <-- Yeah, "Dear Applicant, As we've both known for more than 2 months now..."

Southern Illinois University[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field(s): General Lingusitics; Applied Linguistics (TESL; ESL)


received acknowledgment and request for applicant data form via smail. (x2)

Anybody hear anything??

I know a colleague has been contacted for an interview to take place at LSA.

Nothing after intervieww at LSA(x2).

Received email rejection 01/27 (x3)

Email rejection 1/28.

1/31 got an e-mail saying they are approved to bring 2 people to campus, but I am not one of them .Yet they want to keep my fie open if they can arrange a 3rd visit.

Stanford University

Deadline: 1-Nov-2010

Field(s): any area of linguistics (2 positions)

Notes: Does anyone know what sort of scholar the department is hoping to hire? The posting is suspiciously broad and I wonder if they have something / someone more specific in mind. (x2)

This is the way Stanford does things, at least, it has been the last couple searches, anyway...

I can't find it now, but got a nice rejection letter last year saying they were impressed with number of highly qualified applicants from diverse areas of linguistics or something like that - last year was a little more specific (socio or syntax). (x2)

Confirmation of application received 11/2 (x5) [10/25 x2]

Q: Has anyone heard anything from them other than confirmations? Or any rumors at this point about what type of people they want?

[Haven't heard *anything* about this position...I'm sure they had apps numbering in the hundreds (x2).]

more than 250, from what i heard

Not bad then. I thought they would have more than that. (x2)

12/13: Contacted for LSA interview [x4]

Which subfield has been contacted for LSA interviews?

A: syntax

A: socio (x2)

A: phonology (x2)

- were you contacted by phone or e-mail? A: email (x3)

I love how the numbers here just don't add up! (x4)

1-13: rejection letter received (email) (x12)

Jan. 14th, 2011 - Since they stated in the rejection letter 250 applications, there's no use keeping-up this "body-count" of rejections! For next years sake - let those who got campus visits do the count, so they'll know how many to expect per offered position next time....And their respective field, off-course... <-- I don't understand this comment at all.

A: Very simple. All the rejectees got the same E-mail stating there were 250 apps. As we NOW know, there were 5 invited for campus visits (see their respective colloquia and 'special lectures' on the Stanford site), but we could have assumed 10-15. So there was no reason for each and every rejectee to add himself (up to 220-230), unless they added from which respective fields they were (and thus we could deduce what Stanford was looking for this year...). The best solution was to wait for someone in the know to post the campus visit numbers and date notified (preferably with respective fields, but the world isn't perfect...) and the rest would get a chance to understand why they weren't chosen (because they already knew they weren't). After 5-6 people there was no use to keep counting rejections, unless they stated fields...Kapish ?

1-26: 5 people are invited for campus visits

Swarthmore College[]

Deadline: 1-Apr-11

Position: 1-year appointment for a Visiting Assistant Professor in Linguistics

Field(s): The ideal candidate should have a specialty in one or more of the following subfields: Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, or Sociolinguistics, as well as experience working with primary data.


Apr 1: applied last week, waiting for confirmation of receipt of application

April 13 - requested letters from referees (x3)

April 26 - campus visit scheduled (x2)

May 12 - offer received and accepted

I never even received a confirmation that my application was recieved - anyone else? (5/21)

Ditto. Get used to it - civility is beyond the capabilities of most search committees. (5/29)

Texas A&M International University[]

Deadline: 22-Oct-10

Field(s): Psycholinguistics

Notes: rejection received 1/25

University of Chicago Harpers Fellowship[]

Deadline: 01-Nov-10

Field(s): Teaching Fellowship: "Language & the Human"


Has anyone heard back yet? "Important Dates" were:

November 1, 2010: Online application deadline
November 11, 2010: Deadline for receipt of recommendations/dossier
December 2010 - January 2011: Additional materials will be requested from selected candidates
February 2011 - March 2011: Selected candidates will be invited for campus visits
April 2011 - May 2011: All candidates will be contacted at the conclusion of the search

If you did apply, what subfield?

Socioling [x2]

Comp ling

If you haven't heard back, I think you're out of the running (which would include me). See:

1/10: received e-mail indicating that my application was not being considered further. [x2] <-- which is weird b/c I already had withdrawn my application

1/12: Hmmm. I still haven't been contacted at all--not for materials or rejection. I do have a confirmation that they got my application, though. Anyone else?

  • Got the rejection on 1/14.

UC Berkeley[]


Field(s): Phonetics

4/12 - confirmation of application receipt via e-mail

5/11 - Any updates??

UC Irvine[]

Deadline: 15-Jan-11

Field(s): Computational Linguistics, Assistant Professor

Notes: This is actually in the Cog Sci department, but I thought I'd add it here since it was announced on LINGUIST.

1/15: Application submitted; no notification.

2/9: Received email invitation for campus visit.

UCLA (UC Los Angeles)[]


Field(s): Semantics

Notes: Open Rank Position in Semantics

12/9 - app material confirmation (e-mail)

Hi from the search committee. Despite what was initially posted on the Linguist List call, we will not be interviewing at the LSA this year. We will be contacting those on the short list sometime in early 2011.

1/24 - Invitation for campus visit.

1/28 - 5 colloguia originally stated as "Special Colloquia" or "Semantics Job Search" filled (most are still TBA or no title, except Francez)

4/21: I heard that an offer was made and turned down.

4/25: I received an official e-mail rejection saying that the position has been filled.

UC Santa Cruz[]

Deadline: 09-Dec-10

Field(s): Syntax, Assistant/Associate Professor


For what it's worth: I have heard a strong rumor (from two or three people) that they are under pressure to hire a female.

They basically have to hire a woman, since they're getting the money from some fund to promote women in academia. The person would also be replacing a woman (Aissen).

Is this really true? Does anyone else know about it? Which fund is it?
Ans: Don't know about funding situation, but their recent hires have been men, and now with Aissen retiring, they are left with a pretty unbalanced department

Additional rumor that they would prefer to hire someone to bridge the gap between the half of their faculty who are very young, and the other half who will retire soon

If it's true that they basically have to hire a woman, it would be nice if they announced this explicitly to save the rest of us the hassle and stress of applying!

That would be discriminatory. Don't you love the system? :)

Is that the "system" that resulted in them currently having 13 men and 4 women on faculty?

12/17: contacted for LSA interview (x7)

12/17: ditto, and for what it's worth, I am not a woman (x4)

1/15: received invitation for campus visit (x2)

Hi, Jaye Padgett, Chair of the UCSC department, here. Just to clear a bit of the air here: the funding for this job is no different from the funding for any of our jobs. I don't know where the false idea of funding for women came from. It's true that the department is concerned about its gender balance, as we should be. But our plan is to hire the best person for our department - as the law requires. Finally, there are 12 non-retired permanent faculty here, not 17. Of those, 9 are men.

University of Edinburgh[]

Deadline: 03-14-2011

Field: Pragmatics; Cognitive Science.

Job ad:

4/1/2011: Received rejection e-mail (saying I will not be interviewed).

20 April: Interviews concluded. Job offer has been extended, see:

University of Essex[]

Deadline: 07-Nov-10

Field: Sociolinguistics

Notes: [[1]]

11/23. Invited for campus interview. All applicants will speak & be interviewed on same day (12/3). (x2)

I got that e-mail on 24 Nov.

10 Dec - just got an informal e-mail from the Head of Department telling me that someone else had been offered this job and had accepted it.

14 Dec - received official rejection from their HR office.

University of Hawaii[]

Deadline: 14 January 2011

Field(s): Language Documentation and Conservation


Jan 7: applied. waiting for confirmation of receipt of matierals. (x2)

1/26: Notified by email to be one of four finalists. More information about proposed courses and experience requested. (x2)

2/1: One of the four finalists is giving a job talk on 2/1, but I have not yet been invited, despite being notified as one of four finalists (see note above) (x2).

2/2: Invited for campus interview and job talk. (x2)

2/10: Received rejection letter by mail.

2/28: Offer made and accepted.

4/17 r'cd rejection letter in the mail

University of Hawaii[]

Deadline: Ongoing until position is filled. Review of applications will begin on January 7, 2011

Field(s): Language Acquisition / L2 Structure - Meaning Interface

Notes: received invitation for skype interview (1/21/11)

2/8/11: invited for campus visit

offer made (3/14)

University of Mary Washington[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field: Sociolinguistics (Discourse Analysis)


12/7: Haven't received a confirmation of my application. Did anyone get confirmation? Any other news?

12/8: I did receive an email confirmation. Have heard nothing else. (x2)

12/20: Phone invitation for an LSA interview. (x4)

Chair of search committee phoned to organize either LSA interview or phone interview.

Can you share when you got the invitation and how (phone or email or letter)? Thanks.

Jan 26. Haven't heard anything. (x2) is there any action?

Jan 27. Anybody know how many people were interviewed? 3 seems like a pretty small number. And does anybody know whether there will be campus visits?

Jan 27. Phone invitation for a campus visit (Jan 26) (x2)

2/4 Campus visit. Was told committee is making decision late February.

2/15 from someone who wasn't invited for a campus visit: Good luck all!

2/24 Offer made.

3/8 Offer accepted.

UMass Amherst[]

Deadline: 15-Dec-10

Field(s): phonology


I've heard they're targeting minorities and women for this search. Profs were asked to forward on the names of any potential women candidates.

I've also heard they're interested in people with a serious research agenda in experimental phonology.

I've heard the same about minorities, women, and research agendas in experimental phonology. I've also heard that computational approaches to phonology are also welcome (I guess they're starting a new research center: Institute for the Computational and Experimental Study of Language after this hire and the three hires they made last year).

This is John McCarthy writing. We have no a priori preference for one kind of phonologist over another. This year's search is very different from last year's.

Received letter asking to fill out diversity form, dated 12/16. (x4)

1/19: The shortlist was decided. <-- How do you know? Are you a candidate who received an invitation for a campus visit? Did they already do a round of phone interviews? -- Answer: I received an email saying that I didn't make it to their shortlist from their long list of 9. No initial interview.

1/20 Invited for campus visit. <-- Was it an email invite? <-- Both an email and a phone call.

1/24 John McCarthy here again. The shortlist has been decided, candidates have been invited, and talks have been scheduled. The shortlist consists of Gillian Gallagher, Abby Kaplan, Kevin Ryan, and Kristine Yu. Letters (or email messages in a few cases) have been sent to all other applicants.

Thanks for the update! Your openness is much appreciated. Good luck to the candidates! (x4)

University of Massachusetts Boston[]

Deadline: January 15

Field: Applied Linguistics or related field is required and areas of specialization include English as a foreign language (EFL)/English as a second language (ESL) theory and pedagogy and supervision of language teachers

Feb. Invited for campus visit.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)[]

Deadline: 28 March , until filled

Field(s): Any core area / phonology

Notes: from the posting on linguistlist, "two-year position, beginning September 1, 2011... involves half-time teaching responsibilities (2 courses per year) and half-time research."

3/30 Q: has anyone gotten confirmation of application materials being received?

A: Yes, got email confirmation on March 21st (2 days after I had submitted my app by email)

4/6 Contacted for Skype interview

24 Apr. Rejection recieved via E-mail. Shortlist was compiled.

University of Michigan-Flint[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field: Sociolinguistics


11/23--Received confirmation of receipt of materials email (x3)

initial interviews wil be held at LSA, applicants still being selected

12/2: Contacted via email for an interview at LSA [x5]

12/7: Contacted via email to send additional materials for committee to review before LSA interview

mid-January: they are checking references by phone (a university requirement)

interviewed at LSA - campus visits to be scheduled in Feb.

1/24: Contacted via phone and email to schedule a campus interview.

Has more than one person heard re: scheduling campus interviews?

1/31: Nothing here. My references were still being contacted last week.

3/2: email notifying me that search was over and I had not been selected (I had a skype interview, but did not make it to shortlist). This was also a pretty classy rejection (see Cornell entry above); the message mentioned specific things about my phone interview that they liked, such that when we reached the inevitable 'The selection process was a difficult one and the selection of another candidate should not be construed as a negative reflection on your accomplishments.' bit, I actually believed them! So, props to Flint for not sending the usual form letter.(x2)

University of New Mexico[]

Deadline: 1-Dec-2010 ("Date for Best Consideration")

Field: Sociolinguistics


12/13 - contacted for phone interview (x3)

Q: Were you contacted via phone or email? By email.

I know a person who has a job talk scheduled for this job.

Q: I see you posted this on 1/17. Do you know what day the person who has a job talk heard? <=No sorry

This position has been offered and accepted.

to and by whom?

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill[]

School of Education, ESL/Education for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners

Application deadline: October 11, 2010

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Deadline: 1-Oct-2010 (Preferred, although search is technically open until filled)

Field(s): any area of linguistics (2 positions; English Dept.)


10/19: Rec letters requested (x7)

10/25: phone call to schedule phone interview later this week (x7)

week of 10/26: completed phone interview (x7) [Anyone know how many ppl they're interviewing?]

Ans: I didn't ask, but they did tell me they would be interviewing people this week and next.

Ans: They also said they would be having campus interviews before Thanksgiving. They want to fill these two positions fast before the budget is yanked. (x3)

10/28: Got background check forms to fill out.(x5)

11/1: Writing sample(s) requested [I was asked for a writing sample at the end of the phone interview on 10/26]

11/3: Invited for campus visit

[those of you who got interviews--what subfields are you in? What areas are they interested in?]

Ans: I'm in documentary/descriptive. I've also taught English grammar and history of English, which they seemed interested in. I've just had a phone interview so far.

Ans: I'm in socio- and psycho-, have also taught comp which may have helped.

Campus visits are already underway. Department to vote by the end of next week. [Did you have a visit? Are they bringing 6 candidates?]

Have offers been made yet?

Ans: I believe both offers were made last week (11/22). [they were planning on making offers last week, but apparently did not. still waiting] They definitely made offers already, and at least one has been accepted.

Both positions have been offered and accepted.

One is Lauren Squires:

12/14-Rather humorously, UNCW finally sent me an email today saying "sorry, you didn't make the cut for our interviews". (x5)

University of North Texas[]

Deadline: 05 Oct, 2010

Field(s): second language acquisition


Q: What is this position and where is it advertised?

on Linguistlist

12/27 contacted via email to schedule skype interview

1/13 search has been suspended

1/19 Campus visits were held in December. Q: Was the search suspended because of funding, or because of the quality of the candidates?

1/22 A: I was told that it was because of funding. Note: If visits were held in December, they must have gone back into the candidate pool. My skype interview was to take place in January. R: Yes, visits were held in December.

University of Ottawa[]

Deadline: 15-Nov-2010

Field(s): Syntax

Notes: Preference given to candidates able to teach in both English and French.

12/1 Invited for a 2-day visit to the department, to take place sometime in January. Note that they received 80 applications for the position (x3).

2/4 rejection email (x3) > (and the note states that the selection procedure is complete)

University of Southern California[]

Deadline: 1-Dec-2010

Field(s): phonology (experimental and/or theoretical)

Notes: 12/3: received confirmation of application

Anyone get any word since?

Haven't heard anything from them, but I did hear on good authority that they were going to do LSA interviews so if that's correct, something should happen soon. (12/27)

12/28: Contacted to schedule LSA interview. (x3)

1/28: Contacted to schedule campus visit (x2)

3/9: Confirmed: there were six visitors on the shortlist. All have visited.

Offers made to two candidates.

University of Texas at Arlington[]

Deadline: 01-Dec-10

Field(s): Language documentation + specialization in one of: syntax, semantics, pragmatics, or phonology


Received email confirming application and asking for affirmative action data (11/29)

Received email requesting 45-50 minute interview at LSA (12/21). (x4)

From David Silva (chair of the search committee): We have, indeed, extended invitations for initial interviews to a subset of the candidate pool. Many thanks to all those who have applied.

From David Silva (chair of the search committee): We have extended invitations for on-campus interviews. Again, many thanks to all those who applied. I found this year's candidate pool to be very deep, indeed. There is much going on in the areas of fieldwork and documenation that's remarkable! (01/11/2011)

Received invitation for campus visit between 1/23 and 2/3. (1/11/11) (x2)

Does anyone know if an offer has been made?

2/22 An offer has been made

University of Utah[]



Notes: Received confirmation of application (November) (x3)

Also received on-line affirmative action questionnaire around 11/16. (x2)

Received rejection letter dated 12/17. (x2)

[Q: was the rejection letter mailed or emailed?] A: mailed.

Q: If the U of U search committee is monitoring this, did you mail all rejection letters out at the same time? If so, have you already extended interview invitations?

What's up with this search? Has it been suspended or are they doing on-campus interviews??

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee[]

Deadline: Open until filled

Field(s): Syntax, typology


Q: Has anybody heard from them?

A: Nothing

A: I have heard that at least one job-talk has already taken place. Not only that, but I know for a fact that the candidate in question is somebody who reads this wiki. Apparently, this person is fine with consuming the information we aggregate here, but "too good" to share their information with the rest of us... Classy.

A: I gave a job talk at UWM. Honestly, I only look at this wiki page when someone told me something new is on it. Last time I saw it, UWM was not on the list. This was even after I gave the job talk. I was just made aware of its new presence here by a friend, who read the last Answer. I apologize. Best wishes to you all. And please ask me any question you would like, and I will answer them the best I can.

Q: What sort of syntax do you do? I received my rejection about two weeks after submitting my application. Am curious what sort of syntactician they were looking for.

I have it on good authority that there were at least two job talks by very strong candidates and that an offer has already been made. Have no idea whether it's been accepted, but I assume it has or will be.

1/14 - received rejection email (x2)

Q: Does anyone know who has accepted the offer?

Nick Fleisher, I believe.