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===SCHOOL (Deadline: DEADLINE)===

* Field(s):

* Department: (if not Linguistics)

* Rank:

* URL:

* Notes:

RECENT ACTIVITY on Linguistics 2014-2015 Wiki[]

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Good luck to everybody with their search![]

Visitor Type:

  • ABD, not defending soon: 1
  • ABD, defending within 4-6 months: 13
  • ABD, I have a date set for my defense: 1
  • ABD, no defense at my U:
  • Depends on job hunt when I file: 1
  • Ph.D. in hand, no job currently:
  • Ph.D in hand, not currently in an academic position:
  • Visiting Professor, Lecturer (North American meaning), Adjunct, other fixed-term position, or postdoc: 16
  • Research Scientist: 1
  • Assistant Professor: 3
  • Associate Professor: 1
  • Professor: 1
  • Member of a Search Committee:
  • Other faculty:
  • Just browsing:


  • Historical Linguistics: 1
  • Theoretical Linguistics:
  • Syntax: 6
  • Morphology: 3
  • Phonology: 4
  • Phonetics: 1
  • Sociolinguistics: 2
  • Sociophonetics: 2
  • Psycholinguistics: 4
  • Language Acquisition: 3
  • Second Language Acquisition: 4
  • Semantics and Pragmatics: 5
  • Documentary/Descriptive: 3
  • Cognitive Linguistics:
  • Text/Corpus Linguistics: 2
  • Applied linguistics: 4
  • Other:

How many applications have you sent out this year?:

  • 0: 2
  • 1-10: 17
  • 10-20: 7
  • 21-30: 1
  • 31-40:
  • 41 and above:


  • University of California, Riverside (general linguistics) - offer made and accepted, 5/20/2015
  • Queens College (CUNY) (general linguistics) - offer made and accepted, 4/30/15
  • Ohio State (phonology) - offer made and accepted, 4/1/15
  • Old Dominion University (applied linguistics) - offer made and accepted, 3/26/15
  • Indiana State University (TESL/Linguistics) - offer made and accepted, 3/23/15
  • University of Kentucky (phonetics) - offer made and accepted, 3/17/15
  • UC Santa Barbara (sociocultural linguistics) - offer made & accepted as of 3/6/15
  • Emory University (general linguistics) - offer made and accepted, 2/27/15
  • University of Ottawa (syntax) - offer made and accepted, 2/23/15
  • Emory University (Japanese linguistics) - offer accepted, 12/23/14
  • University of New Mexico (sociophonetics) - offer made, accepted 12/1/14
  • University of Toronto (psycholinguisitics; limited-term appt.) - Acceptance of Offer noted 10/31/14

Campus Interviews[]

  • Northeastern Illinois U: Campus interview request 3/13
  • Queens College (CUNY): 2/28
  • University of Central Florida (invite received 2/11)
  • Old Dominion: 2/3 (x2)
  • San Francisco State: On-campus job talk schedule posted 1/30
  • Queen Mary, London: 1/28
  • University of Tennessee: 1/15
  • University of Washington: 1/14
  • Ohio State: 1/12
  • University of Louisville: 1/10 (x2)
  • Emory: Campus interview request 1/8 (x4)
  • U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: Campus interview request 1/5
  • Carnegie Mellon University: Campus interview request 12/22
  • Toronto: campus inverview request 12/3
  • UC Davis: Campus interview request sent 11/6
  • U Ottawa (Syntax): Campus interview request sent 11/30

LSA Interviews[]

  • CUNY Grad Center - Syntax: signed up for LSA "pre-interview/info session," 1/5
  • UC Berkeley: LSA interview request, 12/22
  • SUNY Albany: LSA interview request, 12/18
  • Simon Fraser University: LSA interview request, 12/18
  • Indiana State University: LSA interview request, 12/16 (x2)
  • University of Kentucky: LSA interview request, 12/15
  • San Francisco State: LSA interview request, 12/10 (x3)
  • Nevada-Reno: LSA interview request, 12/9 (x2)

Phone / Skype Interviews[]

  • Penn: Skype interview request 5/5
  • CUNY Graduate Center - Semantics: Skype "pre-interview" request 2/23
  • NEIU: Phone interview request 2/18 (x2)
  • CUNY Graduate Center - Syntax: Skype "pre-interview" request 2/13
  • Cal State Northridge: Skype interview request 2/11 (x2)
  • Cal State Fresno: Skype interview request came 1/30, actual interview 2/6
  • Akita International University (Japan): Skype Interview 02/04 x 2 (the deadline was 1/20, interview request came 1/18)
  • Missouri Western State: Phone interview
  • Cal State Long Beach: Phone interview scheduled 1/23 (x5)
  • University of Central Florida: Skype interview request 1/23 (x2)
  • Ben-Gurion: Skype interview request 1/14/2015
  • Harvard: Skype interview request 1/8/2015
  • UC San Diego: Skype interview request 1/6/2015
  • University of Louisville: Skype interview request 12/22; any news after the Skype interview?)
  • UWashington: Skype interview request 12/18 (x2)
  • Colorado Mesa University: Phone interview request 12/15
  • Old Dominion: Skype interview request (+ request for additonal info) 12/5 x4
  • Ohio State: Skype interview request 12/4 x3
  • Michigan State: Skype interview request 12/2
  • McGill: Skype interview request 12/1
  • Ottawa (Phonology): Skype interview request 11/28
  • Oklahoma State: Phone interview scheduled 11/25 X2
  • Carnegie Mellon University: Skype interview request 11/25
  • Tennessee: Skype interview request 11/24 x3
  • Arizona: Skype interview request 11/18
  • SIU Carbondale: "Request for videoconference interview 11/11"
  • UC Davis: Skype interview request sent 10/20, 1/7

Additional Materials Requests[]

  • Old Dominion (+ skype interview), 12/5 x4
  • Simon Fraser University, 11/15
  • University of Nevada at Reno, 10/14 (1), 11/14 (1)
  • University of Tennessee, 10/27

Full-Time / Tenure-Track Positions[]

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Deadline: October 15, 2014)[]

  • request for letters send 12/2
  • rejection letter received 12/3 (x2)
  • Skype Interview request 1/14
  • Campus interviews are happening 2/10 -

California State University, Fresno (Deadline: December 1, 2014)[]

California State University, Long Beach (Deadline: November 10, 2014)[]

  • Does anyone happen to know what the teaching load is at CSULB?
    • Answer: This is Nancy Hall, a member of the search committee. By default, the teaching load is 3 courses per semester in your first three years, going up to 4 courses per semester in subsequent years. However, faculty often receive additional release time for service or research. I have always taught 2 or 3 courses per semester, but some members of the department do teach 4.
  • Any update on this job?
    • I got a letter updating status of application several weeks ago, but nothing since (so the short answer is no, I at least haven't heard anything). (x4)
  • This is Nancy Hall again. We are likely to begin contacting applicants in mid-January.
    • Thank you for the update, Nancy - it's very helpful to know this.(x8)
  • I heard a rumor that this position might not be offered, after all. Has anyone else heard that? Hopefully it's just hearsay.
    • Just a rumor, unless your sources know something the search committee doesn't. --Nancy Hall
  • Has anyone been contacted?
    • I have not heard a word. (x3)
  • Does anyone know if there was an interview at LSA?
    • No, they did not interview at LSA. As Nancy Hall notes above, they were not planning on contacting folks until later in January than LSA.
  • Telephone interview scheduled, January 23, 2015 (x5)
  • Does anyone know who's on the search committee? (x2)
    • Fender, Hall, Kumpf, Lemaster, and Lord.
  • Anyone get a rejection email?
    • CSULB does not send rejection letters until an offer has been formally made and accepted. --NH
  • Job talk series?
  • Did they make an offer yet?
  • Any updates? I'm really curious who they picked.

California State University, Northridge (Deadline: November 15, 2014)[]

  • The application is "closed" on Linguist List. Does this mean an offer has been made and accepted?
    • Likely "closed" because the deadline has passed, so "closed" to any more applications
  • Any update on this position?
    • I just received the diversity survey in the mail - beyond that I haven't heard anything. (x7)
  • Is there any update on this job? (x2)
  • Was there an interview at LSA?
    • No, they did not interview at LSA.
  • Has anybody heard anything? (02/05/2015)
    • No, not a word.
    • <cricket, cricket>
    • I don't get it.
  • skype interview requested (2/11/15) (x3)
  • campus visit scheduled (3/6/15)
  • rejection email 3/12/15

Carnegie Mellon University (Deadline: October 31, 2014)[]

Colorado Mesa University (Deadline: December 5, 2014)[]

  • Also posted at Generalist 2015
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/15)
  • Seach terminated (3/13)

Emory University (Deadline: December 1, 2014)[]

  • Specialists in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, second language acquisition, language pedagogy or related fields are especially welcome to apply.
  • Rejection email (12/19)
  • Offered position on 12/16; Accepted offer on 12/23.

Emory University (Deadline: Dec 15, 2014)[]

  • 2-3 course load
  • Did they contact anyone?
  • Any news on this one/
    • Nothing after the initial "Thanks for your application" (12/28)
    • Weren't they planning to interview at LSA?
  • There is an adjunct faculty member on their "people" page. Inside candidate?
  • Someone recently got a campus interview
  • Campus interview requests x4
  • Seems there's a PICK...

The Graduate Center, City University of New York (Deadline: January 19, 2015)[]

  • Field(s): Semantics
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Assistant or Associate Professor (tenure-track or tenured)
  • NOTES:
    • Pre-interviews/information sessions will be held at LSA 2015
    • Has anyone been able to actually find this posting through the website, as they suggest? If so, could you paste the link of the actual job in here? Thank you! -- search for the job through this link (after you make an account):
    • Review of applications begins January 20th (in ad from link above)
    • (see note on the syntax job about Den Dikken)

The Graduate Center, City University of New York (Deadline: January 19, 2015)[]

  • Field(s): Syntax
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Assistant or Associate Professor (tenure-track or tenured)
  • NOTES:
    • Pre-interviews/information sessions will be held at LSA 2015
    • Review of applications begins January 20th (in ad from link on CUNYfirst)
    • Just a quick note about this job (as well as the other one, in semantics): apparently these jobs exist because Marcel Den Dikken is leaving CUNY.
    • Does anybody know whether they are still receiving applications for this position?
    • Has anyone heard anything yet?  Skype/phone interview request? Campus visit invitation?  Requests for letters? (1x Skype Interview request: Feb. 13)
    • Campus visits are underway, 3/21
  • Just to make sure. Is the skype interview for the syntax job? (Yes, it's a pre-interview on Skype for the syntax position).
  • Syntax position is FILLED

Harvard University (Deadline: December 1, 2014)[]

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Deadline: November 2, 2014)[]

  • The main language of instruction is Hebrew.

Iowa State University (Deadline: December 3, 2014)[]

Macquarie University (Deadline: March 1, 2015)[]

Marymount University (Deadline: December 12, 2014)

McGill University (Deadline: November 7, 2014)[]

  • Request for Skype interview 12/1
  • Rejection letter 12/18 x4
  • First job talks HERE

Michigan State University (Deadline: October 9, 2014)[]

  • Request for Skype interview 12/2
  • Request for campus interview 12/29

Missouri Western State University (Deadline: Jan. 15, 2015)[]

Northeastern Illinois University (Deadline: December 15, 2014)[]

  • Any news?
    • Nothing for me.
  • Request for phone interview 2/18 x2
  • Request for campus interview 3/13

Ohio State University (Deadline: November 17, 2014)[]

  • did this deadline change at some point? It's listed here and on linguistlist as November 17, but the academicjobsonline listing has it a day earlier...
  • The official ad says they start reviewing on the 17th, so I take this to mean that the deadline is the 16th; might account for the discrepency
  • Skype interview request 12/4 x3
  • Thanks but no thanks email December 18th x 5
  • Was this after a skype interview? Or are they just slow in sending negative notifications?
  • Mine was a response to my application (no interview) and I thought it was pretty classy.  Well done, the OSU!  (interviewing me would have been BETTER done, but whatevs...)
  • ^like (x2)
  • Campus interview request 1/12
  • Offer made and accepted, 4/1/15

Oklahoma State University (Deadline: November 1, 2014)[]

  • Phone interview scheduled 11/25 x2

Old Dominion University (Deadline: November 1, 2014)[]

  • no online application allowed; traditional post only
  • has anyone heard anything from ODU?
  • Skype interview and additional materials request 12/5 x3
  • any news on this position?
  • Campus interview, 2/3 (x2)
  • Any news on this position?
  • Offer accepted (3/26)

Queen Mary University of London (Deadline: January 5, 2015)[]

Queen's University (Deadline: February 2, 2015)[]

Queens College, City University of New York (Deadline: January 15, 2015)[]

  • Field(s): Linguistics
  • Department: Linguistics & Communication Disorders
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (tenure track)
  • URL:
  • NOTES: Is the position still open? Are they still receiving applications?   Any word on interviews?
    • No word; position canceled or search still on?
    • As of last week (week of Feb 9th), search still on, but no word on interviews.
    • Campus interview request, 2/28
    • Rejection email received (after campus interview), 4/30
    • And HERE's the news...

San Francisco State University (Deadline: November 12, 2014)[]

Simon Fraser University (Deadline: October 31, 2014)[]

  • request for letters and additional materials, 11/15
  • received letter of 'thanks-but-no-thanks', 11/19
  • LSA interview request sent 12/18
  • post-LSA rejection received 1/15
  • Any updates? 
  • Still no news?  I imagine they've probably decided by now - very curious who they picked.

Southern Arkansas University (Deadline: November 1, 2014)[]

  • Field(s): specializing in Linguistics or English with an emphasis in Linguistics; teaching courses in comparative grammar and the history of the English language is required
  • Department: English & Foreign Languages
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (tenure track)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Deadline: October 31, 2014)[]

  • Request for videoconference interview 11/11

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Deadline: November 17 2014)[]

  • Field(s): General linguistics, with secondary specialization in applied linguistics. The successful candidate will teach in the MA TESL program, plus undergraduate courses in linguistics and in composition (ESL and regular). A record of ESL/EFL and TESL experience is desired.
  • Department: English
  • Rank: TT Assistant Professor
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
  • Is this search still on?
  • Postponed or cancelled. Notice came by email.
  • Received email stating funding for position has caused delay (01/16/2015) x 2
On hold; may know more in 'six to eight weeks'. (email 1/25/15) x 2

University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY) (Deadline: November 30, 2014)[]

  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2014-2015
  • LSA interview request: 12/18
  • Has anyone heard from Albany after the LSA interviews?
  • Still no news? Their events calendar shows tentative candidate dates, but no names.
  • And a name SURFACES...

University of Arizona (Deadline: Nov 24, 2014)[]

  • Field(s): Applied Linguistics/TESL
  • Department: English
  • Rank: Asst Prof
  • NOTES:
  • Any Skype or phone interviews? 12/04
  • Skype interview request 12/11

University of Arizona (Deadline: November 3, 2014)[]

  • rejected via email 12/17

4 'Special colloquiua' (??) in Jan-Feb 2015 HERE

The die has been CAST

University of California, Berkeley (Deadline: November 5, 2014)[]

University of California, Berkeley (Deadline: December 1, 2014)[]

  • Field: semantics and pragmatics
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Ranks: assistant professor (tenure-track) or associate professor (tenured)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
  • Rejection received via email, 12/23
  • Rejection after LSA interview 1/16
  • 4 new sequential colloquia in February 2015...I wonder...

University of California, Davis (Deadline: October 10, 2014)[]

  • Does anyone know when we should expect to hear back? Through the grapevine, I heard the dept wanted someone working in Spanish-English bilingualism. May just be a rumor.
  • Skype interview request sent 10/20
  • Campus interview request sent 11/6
  • Job search canceled 01/23
    • Does anyone know why the job search was cancelled?

University of California, Los Angeles (Deadline: December 15, 2014)[]

  • Field: Indo-European Studies
  • Department: Indo-European
  • Ranks: Open rank
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • Has anyone heard anything about this job? - Job talks are listed on the Ling Dept (not the hiring dept) calendar, seem to run through mid-April
    • Offer made and accepted about 4/15/15. 

University of California, Riverside (NEW Deadline: February 1, 2015 (was Dec 10, 2014))[]

  • Field(s): "We seek a linguist who does innovative and important research on the intersection of linguistics and literature, possibly in semantics, historical linguistics, or other areas that bridge the two fields. Research may, for example, include translation theory, aesthetics, semiotics, or syntax. This person would interact with colleagues who work in fiction, poetry, film, or other texts. Applicants’ language areas should be in at least two of the languages represented in our department. Candidates should have demonstrated experience in teaching linguistics courses, and should have in hand by the time of appointment a PhD in Linguistics or in a closely related field with a solid foundation in linguistics."
  • Department: Comp Lit & For Langs
  • Rank: TT Asst. Professor
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • Does anyone have an LSA interview? I'm wondering because the ad never appeared in the LSA or even on linguistlist, just on the MLA list and MESA.
      • not on the market yet so don't know. but the job was also on the aas site. guess they're sending a message. good luck to all!
      • It was just posted to linguistlist on jan 16th, says the close date is May 31! Maybe they want a bigger pool?
      • does anyone know if they actually want an external candidate? they have a linguist working there as a lecturer -- the position may be for her, but advertised publicly due to institution rules.
      • Skype interview on 05 Feb 2015 (x2)
      • They said they will invite people over in 2-3 weeks]
      • campus visit scheduled (3/6/15)

University of California Santa Barbara (Deadline: November 7, 2014)[]

  • Also posted at Linguistic Anthropology 2014-2015
  • 11/21/14: Interview invitations have begun to be sent by email
  • 12/10/14: Campus interviews scheduled
  • 12/12/14: Rejection emails sent
  • 3/6/15: Offer made & accepted

University of California San Diego (Deadline: December 1, 2014)[]

  • Field(s): Language evolution and/or development
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (tenure track)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • Any update on this job? -- Skype interview request 1/6/2015 (x 2)
    • Campus interview request - 1/27/15 (x 2)
    • Job talk list (with one entry so far) posted here: - 2/13/15
    • Rejection notice received (after giving job talk) - 3/18/15
    • No hire made. 
    • Anyone know who the candidates were? The link to the job talk list is broken.

University of Central Missouri (Deadline: 15 Nov. 2014)[]

University of Cologne (Deadline: September 30, 2014)[]

University of Erfurt (Deadline: October 12, 2014)[]

University of Kentucky (Deadline: November 15, 2014)[]

University of Louisville (Deadline: December 15, 2014)[]

  • Field(s): semiotic theory or cultural semiotics
  • Depatment: Linguistic Program in the Division of Humanities
  • Rank: tenure-track Assistant Professor
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
  • Skype interview request 12/22
  • Campus interview request 1/10
  • Has anyone heard from them after the campus interview? I haven't, but was told they would decide this week.
    • I haven't heard from them either.
  • Still haven't heard from them (3/4). Anybody else?
    • I still haven't heard from them either.
    • Rejection after campus interview, 3/10

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Deadline: January 2, 2015)[]

  • "Under exceptional circumstances, highly qualified candidates at other ranks may receive consideration." Does this mean it's really an Assistant/Associate opening?
  • This is Joe Pater, the chair of the search committee replying. The quoted portion is language required by our administration so that if we do want to hire at a rank other than associate, we don't have to redo the search. In answer to the quesiton: we are considering applications from candidates at all ranks.

This is Joe Pater again. We are currently reviewing applications, and might not be in touch with candidates until we send out invitations for campus visits, which should happen toward the end of the month (January). 

^Thanks for the updates, Joe - always nice to see a search committee making positive use of the wiki.

Rejection received 2/2

Any updates?  It looks like all the visits have happened, so I'm curious who they picked.

  • Word on the street is that Gaja Jarosz got it.

University of Memphis (Deadline: November 1, 2014)[]

University of Mississippi (Deadline: October 31, 2014)[]

University of Nevada Reno (Deadline: November 1, 2014)[]

  • Also posted at New Media and Digital Humanities 2015
  • Requests for additional information 10/14 (1), 11/14 (1)
  • LSA interview request 12/9 (x2)
  • Rejection following LSA interview 1/12
  • "Alternate" campus interview following LSA interview (aka rejection) 1/12

University of New Mexico (Deadline: September 15, 2014)[]

  • Appointment begins January 2015

University of Oklahoma (Deadline: Jan. 2, 2015)[]

  • Field(s): Second Language Acquisition/Applied Linguistics
  • Department: Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (five-year, ranked, renewable term appointment)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
  • Requirements: "2) native or near-native fluency in Italian or Spanish; 3) a demonstrable commitment to excellence in teaching Italian or Spanish language and culture. First preference will be given to candidates with a specialization in Italian."
  • Also posted at Italian 2014-2015

University of Ottawa (Deadline: November 15, 2014)[]

  • The ability to teach in French at the time of appointment would be an important asset but is not required. However, active competence in French will be a condition of tenure.
  • Skype interview request 11/28
  • Result has been twitted lately HERE

University of Ottawa (Deadline: November 15, 2014)[]

  • The ability to teach in French at the time of appointment would be an important asset but is not required. However, active competence in French will be a condition of tenure.
  • Campus interview request sent 11/30
    • Did you already have a skype interview?
  • 5 job talks in Jan-Feb 2015, 4 syntacticians, one phoneticist. See HERE (copy the WHOLE link to your browser):[0]=occasion_parent%253Afield_event_organization%3A72
  • Took them 2 weeks to DECIDE

University of South Carolina (Deadline: November 1, 2014)[]

  • Field(s): Latino/a Studies, Border Studies, or Hispanic Sociolinguistics (especially Bilingualism or Languages in Contact)
  • Department: Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Spanish Program
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (tenure track)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:

University of Tennessee (Deadline: October 1, 2014)[]

  • Field: Assistant Professor of Language/Applied Linguistics with expertise in sociolinguistics who can teach courses in discourse analysis, pragmatics, American English, and other areas within English language studies.
  • Department: English
  • Rank: Asst. Professor (tenure-track)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
  • Has anybody heard from them and was asked for additional materials?
  • Not a word. Not a single word.
  • Not a word either.
  • Request for more materials on 10/27 6X
  • Any word on interviews yet?
  • Not a word. Not a single word.
  • Email requesting skype interview received (11/24) (x3)
  • Rejected by email (12/2) X3
  • I have received neither an interview request nor a rejection email. Good luck to the ones who made it to the short list. 12/4
  • Campus interview request 1/15

Does anyone know what happened with this position? Did the inside candidate get the position after all?

Good question, did anybody got the job? Accepted? 4/25

University of Toronto (Deadline: October 24, 2014)[]

  • campus interview invitation: 12/3
  • 12/5: rejected via email.
  • First job talks?
  • Yes, the last job talk is this week. (1/29)
  • Actually, the last talk is next week. There are four short listed candidates. (1/30)
  • The 'incoming faculty member' HERE is a semanticist...

University of Washington (Deadline: November 15, 2014)[]

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Deadline: October 24, 2014) - CANCELLED[]

  • Field: Linguistics
  • Department: English
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (tenure track)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
  • 11/7: Search canceled due to university budget cuts
  • I strongly suspect something other than budget closed down this search. It seemed to be badly run from the start.

University of Wisconsin - Madison (Deadline: November 10, 2014)[]

  • Field: Language and Education / ESOL
  • Department: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Rank: Assistant Professor (TT)
  • URL:[1]
  • NOTES:
  • Skype Interview 12/15

Visiting Positions / Limited-Term Appointments[]

Haskins Laboratoreis (Deadline: opne until filled)[]

  • Field(s): Phonetics
  • Department: Haskins Laboratoreis
  • Rank: Post-doc
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • Ph.D. in linguistics or related field at time of hire.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
    • Experience with EMA or ultrasound data acquisition and analysis.
    • Strong analytical and statistical skills.
    • Strong computer and data management skills.
    • Send a CV, letter of interest and names of 3 references to

Grinnell College (Deadline: March 4, 2015)[]

  • Field(s): Semantics, Phonetics/Phonology, or Language Acquisition
  • Department: Linguistics 
  • Rank: Assistant Professor/Adjunct Instructor (replacement position)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • For Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
    • Prefer research experience in minority or endangered language and ability to teach syntax
    • PhD preferred, ABD considered
    • Offer made 4/29/15; offer rejected 5/6/15.

Queen Mary University of London (Deadline: January 5, 2015)[]

  • Field(s): Syntax
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Lecturer - 2 year appointment (equivalent to Visiting Assistant Professor in North America)
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • The search is for 2 positions at the Lecturer level, one permanent (see above) and one with a 2-year appointment. "Please note that you only need upload a single application. We will consider your candidacy for both positions unless you inform us otherwise in your covering statement."

Queen's University (Deadline: February 2, 2015)[]

Swarthmore College (Deadline: February 2, 2015)[]

  • Field: Theoretical Linguistics
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Visiting Assistant Professor for 2015-2016
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • Some Skype interviews took place last week, 3/21
    • Has anyone heard back? 3/24
    • Yes, on-campus interviews have been scheduled. I was contacted mid March. — 4/3
    • Just in - someone is happy HERE

University of California, Los Angeles (Deadline: March 15, 2015)[]

  • Field: General Linguistics (courses may include phonology, syntax, semantics, computational linguistics, and introductory linguistics, but there are multiple openings)
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Lecturer for 2015-2016
  • URL:
  • NOTES:

University of Pennsylvania (Deadline: April 21, 2015)[]

  • Field: Language Variation (courses in syntactic variation, language contact, and/or multilingualism)
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Lecturer for 2015-2016
  • URL:
  • NOTES:
    • Skype interview request, 5/5 (x2)
    • Rejection received on 05/26

University of Toronto (Deadline: Sept. 30, 2014)[]

  • Offer made and accepted. [posted 10/31]

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (Deadline: April 1, 2015)[]

Word on the street[]

Announcement: “Thriving as an Early Career Faculty Member” mini-course at LSA meeting – Thurs., Jan. 8 10:00am to 3:00pm

The Linguistics in Higher Education Committee of the LSA is proud to host a 4-hour mini-course for advanced (post-qualifying) graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, providing them with a toolbox for thriving as early career faculty members. During the mini-course, participants will reflect on their identity as scholars, educators, and community members, taking into consideration best practices for thriving in these three areas. We will interweave the theme of thriving as an early career faculty member while focusing on the following key elements:

  • Identifying and developing your teaching philosophy
  • Integrating teaching, research, and service
  • Jump-starting your research program
  • Designing goal-oriented and student-centered courses

To register for the course, please go to: