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Anyone know about OSU, Berkeley, Delaware, or the other Maryland positions? Berkeley did not hire anyone for phonetics. OSU seems to have hired Jessica Kantarovich ( I'm curious about Delaware, I heard they were hiring someone senior

Maryland (semantics):

Maryland (phonology):

George Mason University (Phonetics/Lab Phonology): someone accepted an offer by 4/26 =

CUNY Grad Center (Computational/Experimental): offer accepted (

Cornell (Phonology);

Kansas (Phonetics):

University of Toronto (Phonology): position filled (3/29) --

University of Toronto Mississauga (Teaching/Computational): offer accepted (3/17)

University of Hawaii (phonetics): offer accepted (

MSU Denver:


U Washington syntax:

SUNY Cortland: Offer accepted 3/27

UCLA syntax:



Campus Interviews[]

Berkeley (Phonetics). Five finalists on campus in Feb/Mar: Baese-Berk, Henriksen, Holliday, Sonderegger, and Yu.

CUNY Grad Center (Computational/Experimental): campus visit invitation received (Mar 2nd)

George Mason (Phonology/Phonetics): notified shortlist was made (Feb 13)-- (02/17) Was the notification an invitation for campus visit, or a rejection after the Zoom interview? // (2/19) Notification said shortlist was made and full visit invite would be coming soon after working out scheduling details.

Toronto Scarborough (computational): campus invitation (no Zoom interview) received Feb 6th

Stanford (open field): first colloquium scheduled []

Maryland (meaning): campus invite sent Jan 26

Boston College (general/phonetics/phonology): campus invite sent (Jan 25)

Ohio State (fieldwork): three colloquia now listed on their website - seems like shortlist (Jan 23)

Cornell (Phonology): received rejection after being on longlist, so I assume shortlist has been made - Jan 19 [Colloquium schedule:]

Yale (Historical): campus invitation received Jan 18

Wayne State University (Phonology): campus interview invitation received Jan 18

Delaware(Phonetics/Phonology): Short list has been made, campus invites sent out for Feb

UIUC (Computational): Campus interview invitation received Jan 5th (no Zoom interview)

Kansas (Phonetics): Campus interview invitation received Dec 15

Montclair State (Computational): campus interview invitation (for the final week of January)

University of Toronto Mississauga (Teaching/Computational): campus invitation received Dec 14 (no Zoom interview)

Toronto (Phonology): Short list has been made, campus invites sent out for Jan/Feb (department calendar shows talks but not names of speakers)

UCLA (Syntax): Campus interview invitation received 12/16 (for Jan/Feb) - “talks” (not colloquia) on department calendar look like shortlist

Rutgers (Syntax): Campus interview invitations have been sent to five short list candidates 1/3 (for Jan/Feb)

University of Washington (Syntax): Campus interview invitation received (1/17)

LSA/Phone/Skype Interviews[]

UCL (computational): rejection received 3/14

Brandeis (Computational): rejection received 2/28 x2

CUNY Grad Center (Computational/Experimental): Zoom interview (first round) invitation 2/15 x2

York (Phonology): Rejection received 2/8 x2

George Mason (Phonology/Phonetics): Zoom interview invitation received 1/30 x2

SUNY Cortland (TESOL): Zoom interview invitation received 1/19 x2

University of North Texas (General): Zoom interview invitation received 1/16 x2

Hawai'i (Phonetics): rejection received 1/10 / Zoom interview invitation received 1/10 // shortlist made 1/23, rejection after long list received 1/24 // campus visit scheduled for 2/10

UC San Diego: Rejected (1/9) after Zoom interview (This is the Socio Position, not the NLP position)

Johns Hopkins: rejection received 1/5 x2

Yale (Historical): zoom interview invitation received 12/22

Cornell (phonology): rejection received 12/21 / Zoom interview invitation received 12/21

Wayne State (phon): Longlist interview request, Dec 15

Ohio State (fieldwork/indigenous languages): Zoom interview invitation -- 12/13

Stanford (open field): Zoom interview invitation received on 12/13 // Rejection received 1/24

MSU Denver (computational): Emailed on 12/13 to say interview requests would go out late Jan/early Feb

UCLA (syntax): Zoom interview invitation received 11/28

Boston College (phonology): rejection received x3 // Zoom interview invitation received 12/09 x2

UC San Diego (Sociolinguistics): Zoom interview invitation received (12/06) x3

Delaware (Phonetics/Phonology): Zoom interview invitation received (12/1) x3

Kansas (Phonetics): Zoom interview invitation received (11/30) *4 // Rejection received 12/14

Utah (Computational): Zoom interview invitation received (11/27) x2 // Received notification of no-job-talk 1/06

Berkeley (Phonetics): Long list has been made (11/21) // rejection received 11/21 x2

Chicago (Phonology): Short list has been made // rejection received 12/1 x4

Illinois State: Zoom interview invitation received 11/23. x2

Montclair State: Zoom interview invitation received (11/9)

Elon University: Zoom interview invitation received 11/7. Scheduling for this week and next (11/11-11/18). Secondary materials requested.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: Zoom interviews done the week of 10/24. -- Has anyone heard back from them after the interview? // Not me, I assumed they chose other people. // I also have not heard back.

Georgetown (Provost's Fellow and Assistant Professor Position in African American Language): medium list invited for Zoom interviews the week of December 12th

Rutgers (Syntax): Long list has been made, and candidates have been invited for zoom interviews (12/14). // Zoom interviews have concluded. Campus interview invitations will be made early January 2023.

University of Washington (Syntax): Invitation for Zoom interview received (12/27)

Full-Time / Tenure-Track Positions - 2022-2023[]

Boston College: Assistant Professor in Linguistics (Deadline: Nov. 1, 2022)[]

The Department of Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies at Boston College invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor rank in Linguistics to teach and conduct research in a program offering undergraduate degrees in Linguistics and serving students from several other departments.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: English and Modern Languages, Assistant Professor, Linguistics/TESOL (Deadline: Oct 3, 2022)[]

The Department seeks a tenure-line faculty member in Linguistics and TESOL with the primary areas of expertise in Second Language Acquisition and Second Language (L2) Pedagogy. The successful candidate will teach a lower-division General Education introductory course in Linguistics as well as upper-division linguistics and research methods courses in the English BA program (particularly in the Applied Language Studies option) and graduate courses in TESOL.

Elon University, Elon, NC: Assistant Professor of English, Linguistics (Deadline: October 21, 2022)[]

Elon University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in language/linguistics, with a position start date of mid-August 2023. Requirements: PhD in English, Linguistics, or related field by start date; a record of innovation and excellence in teaching; experience teaching courses that foster a deep understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion; and a demonstrated commitment to teaching first-year courses in the core curriculum. Applicants whose teaching and scholarship focus on social justice in linguistics, English pedagogy, and/or the history of the English language are especially encouraged to apply.

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA: Assistant Professor of Linguistics in Laboratory Phonology and/or Phonetics (Deadline: January 8, 2023)[]

The Linguistics Program in the Department of English at George Mason University invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Linguistics in laboratory phonology and/or phonetics, beginning fall 2023. The successful candidate will be able to teach graduate and undergraduate courses in phonology and/or phonetics, and to offer graduate seminars in their areas of specialization. The candidate will also be expected to direct the phonetics lab, supervise the research of MA and PhD students, and provide advice and mentoring to graduate and undergraduate students. Service responsibilities at the assistant professors rank primarily involve contributions to administrative processes and initiatives at the program and departmental level.

A secondary specialization in a related subfield, including but not limited to second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, or experimental methods, is strongly favored, as are research interests that can provide the basis for externally-funded grants, and participation in collaborative interdisciplinary research projects and program development.

Georgetown University: Provost's Distinguished Faculty Fellow & Assistant Professor of Linguistics (Deadline: November 15, 2022)[]

The Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University invites applications for a tenure-line Provost’s Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Linguistics whose research focuses on any aspect of African American Language, from any research perspective within linguistics.

Georgetown University: Postdoctoral Position in Syntax (Deadline: December 15, 2022)[]

The Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral position in Syntax to begin in August 2023.

In addition to research, the responsibilities of the position include teaching one course per semester and participating in the intellectual life of the department.  Potential course offerings include a graduate seminar in the successful candidate’s area of specialization, core syntax courses at the graduate or undergraduate level, and elective courses on specific topics for graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  Participation in the intellectual life of the department will likely include opportunities for advising and mentoring students at all levels, involvement in reading groups and departmental events, and research collaborations with students and faculty.

Candidates with additional research interests at the syntax-semantics interface and/or syntax-morphology interface are encouraged to apply.  We also encourage candidates to apply who have empirical expertise in understudied languages, especially understudied languages spoken in Africa.

Lehigh University: Assistant Professor of Anthropology: Southeast Asia (Deadline: Dec. 1, 2022)[]

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology, the Center for Global Islamic Studies, and the Asian Studies Program invite applications for a tenure- track faculty position as Assistant Professor of Anthropology, effective Fall 2023. Candidates for this position will work within or across any of anthropology’s subfields (Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, or Linguistics) and must have a primary research focus on Muslim communities of Southeast Asia. To be considered, candidates are required to have at least one scholarly work accepted for publication or have secured extra-institutional research funding. Candidates must possess a Ph.D. in anthropology or a subfield of anthropology by the effective starting date of employment.

Candidates should submit the following via 1) a cover letter which includes a dedicated section on how the candidate will contribute to an inclusive, antiracist, and safe environment for Lehigh’s diverse communities, 2) a curriculum vitae, 3) a statement on past and future research contributions, 4) a statement on teaching philosophy and effectiveness, and (5) the names and contact information for three individuals prepared to submit letters of recommendation. Please do not submit additional materials at this time. Only electronic submissions made through AJO will be accepted. Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2022 and will continue until the position is filled. Questions concerning the position should be directed to Dr. Allison Mickel, Search Committee Chair, at

Montclair State University: Assistant Professor of Linguistics: Computational Linguistics (Deadline: Nov 1st -first round of reviews, posted Sep. 9, 2022)[]

Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Linguistics, with a primary specialization in computational linguistics. We seek candidates who are active researchers in a core linguistics area that complements existing departmental strengths.

Ohio State University: Assistant Professor of Linguistics -- Fieldwork and Indigenous Languages (Deadline: November 15, 2022, open until filled)[]

The Department of Linguistics at The Ohio State University (USA) seeks to hire an Assistant Professor specializing in linguistic fieldwork and researching a signed or spoken indigenous language (anywhere in the world), with a commitment to engagement with that language’s community of speakers. Particularly interested in applicants whose research focuses on languages often excluded from social institutions, associated with racial or ethnic minority communities, and/or subject to language loss. Contributions toward development of documentary resources and advancement of linguistic theory (in any subfield) are valued.

Rhodes University: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor (open area) (Deadline: 13 Oct. 2022)[]

Will Bennett here, on behalf of the search committee. This is a permanent (~tenured/TT), full-time, position in Linguistics, with a specialty in (any of ) phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics.

The first deadline for applications is October 13th. Rhodes University employment equity policy calls for a second round of applications if there aren't enough applications from South Africans belonging to historically-disadvantaged demographic groups, so there will likely be a second call after the first deadline. I am also happy to field questions from prospective applicants by email, and my address can be found on the department website.

In case the link above breaks, the ad can also be found at:

Rutgers University: Assistant Professor in Linguistics - Syntax (Deadline: December 7, 2022)[]

The Department of Linguistics at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick invites applications for a tenure-track position in Linguistics with a focus on Syntax, at the level of Assistant Professor. Salary will be commensurate with experience. The position will begin on September 1, 2023. Search Committee Members: Mark Baker, Viviane Déprez, Troy Messick, and Kristen Syrett.

Stanford University: Assistant Professor in Linguistics (Open Area) (Deadline: Oct. 14, 2022)[]

The position is open to all areas of specialization in linguistics. Applicants will be expected to teach courses in linguistics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and to maintain an active research program. We value candidates whose research engages with multiple subfields of linguistics and applies methodologically rigorous empirical work to significant theoretical questions.

York University: Assistant Professor of Linguistics (Quantitative Linguistics) (Deadline: Dec 9, 2022)[]

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University invites highly qualified candidates to apply for a professorial stream tenure-track appointment in Linguistics at the Assistant Professor level, to commence July 1, 2023.

University of California, Riverside: Assistant Teaching Professor of Linguistics (Deadline: Nov 25, 2022)[]

Assistant Professor of Teaching, Linguistics (JPF01663) - AP Recruit (

The Department of Comparative Literature and Languages at the University of California, Riverside seeks to fill a position of Assistant Professor of Teaching in Linguistics beginning in fall, 2023. We are looking for candidates with (1) demonstrated excellence in teaching introductory survey courses in linguistics as well as upper-division courses in core subfields such as syntax, morphology, phonology, and semantics and (2) a research specialization in second-language acquisition or heritage language acquisition. Interest and aptitude in teaching computational linguistics would also be welcome.

University of Chicago: Assistant/Associate Professor of Linguistics - Phonology (Deadline: Nov. 1, 2022)[]

Applicants must specialize in phonology, broadly construed, but a wide intellectual engagement in linguistics is desirable. The department welcomes additional research interests or skills that will contribute to the intellectual life of a broad linguistics community (e.g., in alphabetic order, cognitive science, computational or statistical modeling, fieldwork, language documentation, phonetics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, etc.).

University of Maryland: Assistant Professor (open area) (Deadline: Dec. 1, 2022)[]

We seek to make three hires distributed across the domains of linguistic theory (syntax, meaning, and sound/sign). Candidates may use diverse methodologies for addressing research questions including: formal theory construction, language description and analysis, fieldwork, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, language acquisition, computational modeling. Candidates will have the opportunity to interface with one or more other university strengths in infant studies, computation, neuroscience, philosophy and the language sciences. Candidates with a strong research program in the cognitive neuroscience of language will be considered for a joint appointment with the Brain and Behavior Institute (BBI).

University of Michigan: Postdoctoral Research Fellow- Computational Linguistics, Phonology (Deadline: Mar. 20, 2023)[]

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Michigan invites applications for a two-year position, beginning August 28, 2023. We seek exemplary applicants who hold a Ph.D. in Linguistics or a related field who apply computational methods to research in linguistics. Applicants with primary or secondary specialization in computational linguistics and/or phonology are especially encouraged to apply, although we will also strongly consider outstanding applicants in other subfields.

The position, partially endowed by the journal Language Learning, involves teaching two courses per year and continuing an innovative research program. Strong consideration will be given to applicants who can develop and teach introductory and upper level courses to help students learn and apply programming and other computational methods and tools to language.

University of Toronto: Assistant Professor - Phonology (Deadline: Oct. 17, 2022)[]

We are looking for a candidate in Theoretical Phonology. A secondary specialization in morphology, computational phonology, prosody, or Indigenous language documentation and revitalization will be considered an asset.

University of Washington: Assistant Professor - Syntax (Deadline: Nov. 15, 2022)[]

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington-Seattle invites applications for a tenure track Assistant Professor position in Linguistics, with a specialization in syntax.

N.B. The LinguistList advertisement says, "Application Deadline: 15-Oct-2022 (Open until filled)", while the Interfolio portal says, "Priority will be given to applications received before November 15, 2022".

Word on the Street[]

UNT (semi-open; phon/phon, NLP, forensic, or socio) search cancelled. Notified on 5/22.

Does anyone have any updates about the Michigan postdoc (computational)?

Has Brown University sent out interview invitations yet? Does anyone have any updates about their two positions? >>> Interview request received 4/5. Interviews scheduled 4/17 through 4/27.

^ anyone hear anything after the interview?

Any word from University of Victoria (syntax/semantics)? >>> Search cancelled/postponed due to budget cuts (03/21)

Any word from MSU Denver? They sent an email in Dec saying that they’d send out zoom interview invitations at the end of this month or at the beginning of Feb. -- (2/11) Received a finalist invite for a virtual interview in late February

Has anyone heard anything from Oregon (

Has anyone heard back from Boston College (Phonology/Phonetics)? Zoom interviews were at the beginning of January, but I haven't heard of anyone being invited for a campus visit.

  • Campus visit invitations went out in late January (don't know the exact dates.)
  • [ march 31 -- failed search :( ]

Has anyone heard from George Mason (Phonology/Phonetics)? The call said that first-round interviews would take place remotely in January.

  • Nothing yet, though I think planning initial interviews for January when the application was due Jan 8 was probably a bit overambitious. (1/24)

For the University of Toronto Mississauga computational linguistics, when is your campus visit?

  • As far as I'm aware, campus visits were Jan 27, Feb 6, and Feb 13

Has anyone heard from Emory? Had an interview in December and silence since.

Any word from UW (Syntax)?

  • Shortlist has been made (1/17)

Anything from Illinois State (TT, English Dept.)?

- they invited at least one person for a campus visit.

Any word on campus visits for UC San Diego? (in progress for socio it seems, no word on NLP position)

Any word from Elon University? Campus visits already happened.

Any word from CSU Fullerton?

  • Any news? (01/24)
  • honestly, I am not sure if this is a legitimate search. Or they are looking for a white woman. I emailed the search committee chair twice and he ignored me every time. My friend (white, female) asked if she could submit her application late and got a reply right away.
  • Got an email from them saying that the search has been postponed.

Any word from UC Riverside?

Anyone hear from Wayne State (Phonology)? Has anyone received reference requests from Wayne State (Phon)?

  • My letter writers received a request for letters of reference on 11/27
  • As I understood the application, they won't be requesting references; your writers should have emailed their letters to them by the deadline

Anyone hear anything from Arizona State? (x2)

  • (12/6) heard that an interview has already been scheduled for this week.

Anything from Kansas phonetics?

For the Toronto Phonology job, which week did they conduct interviews? (R1) unclear, but the shortlist has been made.

Maryland promised their semantics job to an internal candidate.

  • Wow--any word on the other two jobs they are advertising?
  • Has anyone heard back from Maryland? Do we know if they have a longlist?
  • Bumping this again--wondering if anyone has any concrete info?
  • I heard that they are scheduling 14 campus visits (for their 3 positions) (1/30)