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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering advertised during the 2020-2021 hiring season.

RECENT ACTIVITY on Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering 2020-21 Wiki[]

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Phone interview (12-15-20)

Applied here? (X2)

Offer made

UCLA (multiple open rank)[]

Have they contacted anyone? (1-19-21)

Applied here? (X3)

Interview done


Have they contacted anyone? (1-19-21)

Applied here? (X2)

Position canceled

Rejected 03-08-2021

U Washington[]

Phone interview (1-29-21)

Applied here? (X2)

5 minute video asked to submit by 3-5-21 for Energy and Environment search

U Michigan, Ann Arbor[]

Sent rejection emails in early Jan

May not apply to all candidates - joint application to Robotics and neither phone screen or rejection as of 1-28-21

Aero seminars are up

Oklahoma State University[]

Any news?

U Wisconsin, Madison[]

Phone interview late Dec

Texas A&M[]

Any news?

U Pennsylvania[]

LORs requested 1-21-21

Rejected 13-04-21

U Utah[]

Any news?


Any news?


Any news? All seminars have been posted: I assume any seminar posted from 9-10am is for a full-day virtual "onsite" interview.