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phone interview 11/2010


reference check

Rejection email received on 4/21/2011.

Brown Univ.[]

rejected (postal mail)


rejection email received on 3/11/2011 (x3)

no news


reference check january 2011


reference check January

Carleton College[]


Rejected, Dec, 2010

Phone interview started on Feb. 15, onsite list was made on Feb. 24. Offer made in March.

Columbia University[]

interviews start second half of February

Cornell University[]

Onsite interview finalist decided,

rejection email 03/11/2011 (x3)


got rejection e-mail. 03/08/2011 (x2)

Florida International Univ[]

GA Tech[]

There are four candidates interviewing.

George Washington University[]

phone interview starts.


reference request jan 2011

Iowa State University[]

Phone interview 2/2011



Onsite interview is going

rejection email on march



onsite interview 1/2011


phone interview 2/2011


Any updates?

Phone interview this week (3/25/2011)


received a nice package in mail introducing their department last week.

Any updates?

Oklahoma State[]

Oregon State[]

12/23 received an e-mail stating that there were 300+ applicants. I don't know if that is for the one position that I applied for if it is for the two positions in the department. They said that they hoped to begin the process of contacting people in mid to late January.

got rejected in Feb. x4 by email

Penn State[]

onsite interview 2/2011

offer made 3/2011

Ryerson College[]

Sherbrooke University[]

Temple University[]

Rejected, Jan, 2011

Texas A&M[]

Univ of Alabama[]

rejected, Feb 2011

Univ of Alabama - Birmingham[]

Univ of Arizona[]

University of British Columbia[]

email rejection (02/23/2012)

University of California-Irvine[]

University of California-Merced[]

University of California-Riverside[]

reference check

Onsite interview finalist decided

Any offer has been made?

Univ of Central Florida[]

Phone interviewed, August, 2010

Onsite: October, 2010

Offerd were given to two people in Dec 2010

University of Colorado at Boulder[]

rejected Feb 18 2011 (x2)

Univ of Colorado - colorado spring[]

position filled

Univ of Colorado -Denver[]

ask for phone interview April 8

Rejection email received on 4/29/2011.


University of Florida[]

University of Idaho[]

University of Kentucky[]

University of Massachusetts-Lowell[]

Univ of Miami[]

Univ of Michigan[]

onsite interview started in Jan. 2011.

Univ of Michigan Flint[]

Phone interview, rejected.

Onsite interview finalist decided.

rejected by email mid. April 2011

Univ of Minnesota[]

University of Nebraska[]

University of Nevada-Reno[]

University of North Texas[]

University of Pittsburgh&nbsp[]

reference check Feb

University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)[]

University of South Alabama[]

reference and transcript check

Phone interviewed Feb 4,2011, onsite interview scheduled in March, 2011.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville[]

finalists selected

Postal mail says the review has been started on 1st March (not sure for the info above)

Univ of Texas Austin[]

reference check january 2011 (X2)

Univ of Texas Dallas[]

University of Toronto[]

reference request jan 2011

Onsite interviews are on going

rejection email on march

Univ of Utah[]

phone interview january 2011

rejection february 2011

Onsite interview is going on. Feb 15, 2011

Univ of Virginia (UVA)[]

Univ of Washington[]

reference check, Jan 2011

Onsite interview finalist decided

Utah State University[]

University of Wyoming[]

rejection by postal mail, Feb 28, 2011


rejection email march 2011 (x3)


Phone interviewed, Jan 2011

Washington State University - Pullman[]

Washington State University - Vancouver[]

onsite interview finished - Feb 2011

West Virgina University[]

rejected Feb 2011