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Next year's page here: Mechanical Engineering 2015-2016[]

University of Hartford[]

- Onsite interview in Feb.

- Any news?

University of Central Florida[]

- Phone interview (Late Feb.)

- which direction? Bioengineering.

Lafayette College[]

- Phone interview (Early Feb.)

Lawrence Tech University[]

- Onsite interview scheduled (Feb).


Any news?.


Any news?.


Any news? Any updates? Did any one get offer?

Georgia Tech[]

Onsite interview scheduled. -Which area, please? Nano-micro-manufacturing

Caltech []

Any news?

Checking for letters from referees 12/31

candidates talk can be found on website;

The job ended up going to a senior hire with an inside track, former student of search chair.


Reject --- energy material 1/30

United States Naval Academy (Systems Engineering)[]

Reject 1/28

Iowa State University[]

Phone interview the first week of December

Invitation for on-campus interview

Which area? Complex Fluid Systems

Official offer recieved and accepted - Complex Fluid Systems

University of Massachusetts-Lowell[]

Phone interviewed. - Which area? Sensing.

University of Massachusetts-Amherst[]

Reject - 01/28/2015  (x2)

Missouri University of Science and Technology[]

Phone interviewed in Dec, 2014.

On-site interview in Feb, 2015.

Decision should be made in the middle of March, 2015

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[]

rej 2/8 (x2)

Phone interview, 3rd week of Feb - which area? nano/manufacturing - interview invitation

University of Utah[]

Any news?

Phone interview Dec, 2014

Which direction?

Phone interview Feb 2015 (area of whole body biomechanics and design)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities[]

Any news? 

Rejection 3/10/2015 -which area?

Penn State University[]

Any news?

Reject 26 Jan (Nuclear Eng.)

San Diego State University[]

any news?

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor[]

Any news?

Purdue University[]

Any news?

Reject Dec 2014

University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign[]

Any news?

Princeton University[]

Any news?

University of Texas Dallas[]

Any news?

Campus interview invited, early March

Texas A&M University[]

Any news?

Phone interview Feb/2015

Boston University[]

Any news?

University of Pittsburgh[]

letter requested Jan-2015

Rochester Institute of Technology[]

Reject Jan-14-2015

Johns Hopkins University[]

Any news? Letter requested by end of Jan

Cornell University[]

Any news?

asked for rec. letters 1/15 fluid mechanics

University of Nevada, Reno[]

Phone interview scheduled for 2/4 (x2)

Congrats. Which area, please? Materials; Energy

Invitation to interview came on 2/9 in the Materials area.

University of Washington[]

Any news about ME/ISE search?

Arizona State University[]

4/6 on-site interviews conducted for the wearable robotics position. 

Clemson University[]

Phone interview Jan 2015, solid mechanics

Duke University[]

Any news?

North Carolina State University[]

reject 01/2015

Seattle University[]

reject 01/2015

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

reject 02/06/2015

Washington State University[]

Phone interview - early Feb; invited for on-site interview in March


any news?

University of Rochester[]

any news?

University of Nebraska–Lincoln[]

any news?

Binghamton University[]

any news?

Illinois Institute of Technology[]

any news?

Wichita State University[]

any news?

City College of New York[]

any news?

Kettering University[]

any news?


any news?