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University of Colorado, Boulder[]

Anyone has updates on their campus visits? (3/15/2018)

Had the Skype interview earlier in January. Got the reject response yesterday. On-site visits are going on now. (3/28/2018)


any updates? (3/15/2018)

South Dakota State University[]

Skype-interviewed last week. Campus invites to be decided by end of next week. (3/15/2018)

Boston University[]

Any updates? (3/14/2018)

Rejected (4/1/2018)


any updates? (3/14/2018)


Any updates? (3/14/2018)

They have started on-site interviews!! (3/15/2018)

UC Irvine[]

any updates? (3/14/2018)


Any updates? (3/14/2018)

Johns Hopkins University[]

Rejected today - (3/14/2018)

ditto x3

Same here, yesterday (3/15/2018)

Ditto, rejected yesterday (3/15/2018)

Villanova University[]

Anybody has any updates from them? (03/07/2018)

Wichita State[]

Any updates? (02/28/2018)

University of Michigan, Dearborn[]

Any updates from them? (02/23/2018)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor[]

Any updates from them? (02/23/2018)

Penn State[]

Apparently, their search is over and they've made a hire. (02/23/2018)

Michigan State University[]

Any updates from them? (02/15/2018)

Phone call to schedule on-campus interview. (03/14/2018)

On-campus interview scheduled for 4/9. (03/20/2018)

Interviewing 2 more candidates for dynamics. Should make a decision in next 2 weeks. (04/11/2018)

University of Massachusetts Lowell[]

Any updates from them? (02/15/2018)

Phone interviews scheduled for 02/23 and they’re also doing interviews on 02/26. Email was sent out on 02/19. (02/23/2018)

^ I see. Thanks!

Request for on-campus interview sent 03/03. They had dates open for interviews up until April 30th. (03/05/2018)

On-campus interview scheduled for 03/28-03/30. (03/12/2018)  --> Good luck!!!

University of Michigan[]

Dynamics: Letters requested-12/13/2017.

Rice University[]

All fields: Got 500 applications. Narrowed down to 80 candidates atm-12/14/2017.

Any updates? - 3/15/2018

University of Arkansas[]

Robotics/Autonomous Systems: rejected-12/07/2017.

University of Notre Dame[]

Any news and/or reference checks? Applications were due November 2017.

Rejected - ~01/10/2018

Any updates? - 01/21/2018

Rejected - 01/03/2018 (references not checked)

Anybody recieved an offer?? - 02/23/2018

Haven't seen any information about hires. There were no seminars visible on the AME department calendar either. This was supposedly going to be three separate hires--anyone have info? - 07/16/2018


Reference letters requested - 01/03/2018

Any updates after reference letters? - 1/11/2018

UPenn Mechanical Engineering[]

Any updates?? How many applicatiions and Video interview? or On campus visit?

Skype/Phone interviews ongoing - 1/8/2018

Really? Am I not selected, then? 1/10/2018

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - 1/10/2018

How did it go?

University of Washington[]

Any updates? - 1/9/2018


Any updates? - 1/9/2018

They are conducting on-site interviews. 3/14/2018 -->which area? are the seminars posted?

Virginia Tech[]

Phone interview scheduled for Dynamic Systems & Control faculty position. 01/10/2018 bio/nano faculty video interivewed among 12 candidtes. 1/30/2018

On campus until the last week of March - 3/7/2018 > Was On campus interview received via email or phone?

University of Utah[]

Any updates? - 1/10/2018

Colorado Mines[]

Any updates? - 1/10/2018

Phone interview this week, it was invited/scheduled on 12/21. - 1/11/2018

University of Nebraska-Lincoln[]

Phone interview - 1/19/2018

On campus interview scheduled for last two weeks of February - 01/25/2018

University of California, Berkeley[]

Any updates???? - deadline was 01/08/2018

University of Florida[]

Phone interview invitation - 01/29/2018

University of South Carolina[]

Phone interview invitation - 01/30/2018 On-campus interview on 02/27, didn't give me a time frame for the decision. - 03/05/2018

Texas A&M[]

Dynamics rejected - 02/26/2018

University of Southern California[]

Skype interviewed today (02/05/2018), was scheduled on 02/02. Said that there will be a faculty next week and that they will inform candidate after that meeting. - 02/05/2018

Rejected via email. - 03/12/2018.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities[]

Skype interviews end of January. On-campus interviews mid-March.  Any updates? —�- Which area?