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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in Medieval Literature advertised during the 2022-2023 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2023.

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them chronologically by posting date (newest postings at the top).

  1. Example University. Position Title. Specializations. Deadline. TT/NT. FT/PT. Link to Job ad(s).

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

For the sake of user-friendliness, please do not add more detailed content of the job ad on this page. (This is a departure from previous years, when these pages tended to become difficult to navigate. The new guidelines are modeled on more user-friendly Academic Wiki pages serving other disciplines.)

Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2022-2023 .

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Jobs with 2022 Application Deadlines[]

  1. Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI, USA). Fellowship, pre-1700 Europe. Deadline: 10/28.
    • offer received 2/10.
  2. Saint Louis University (MO, USA). Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Medieval Literature. Deadline: 9/15.
    • Request for initial interview 9/22
    • Request for campus interview 10/19
    • Offer made 12/2
      • Was the offer accepted?
        • I believe so, yes
  3. University of California at Berkeley (CA, USA). Assistant Professor, Medieval English with a preference for Old English, Department of English. Deadline: 10/15.
    • Any updates? 12/6
    • References contacted for LOR 12/15
    • request for more materials 12/19 [x2]
    • 1/12: updates?
    • Zoom interview invitation 1/19
    • 2/28: any updates? Thanks!
    • Campus visits were held in late February
  4. Santa Clara University (CA, USA). Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of English: Medieval and/or Early Modern British lit & culture. Deadline: 10/10.
    • 11/7: Zoom interview scheduled (x3)
    • 11/16: Rejection received
      • Were you interviewed for the position?
        • Nope.
    • 11/19- invited for campus visit
      • Did they contact you via phone or email?
      • Email; they made it clear they have their top 3 and interviews will occur in early Jan
    • 1/30 Rejected
  5. New York University (NY, USA). Assistant Professor in Global Middle Ages (Tenure Track) Department of English, NYU Arts & Science. Deadline: 10/17.
    • request for interview 11/23 (x 3)
    • Rejection 12/5 (x3)
    • Invited for campus visit (12/22)
    • 2/28 Any updates?
    • Offer made
  6. Boston University (MA, USA). Assistant Professor of English -- Medieval Literature. Deadline: 11/1.
    • 11/18: Request for more materials (x 8)
    • 12/6: Request for interview (x2)
    • 12/12: Did anyone actually go for an interview yet?
      • 12/12: Not yet. The scheduling email implied they would all take place this week
      • 12/16: Any news? Did they fill this position? Will there be another round of interviews?
      • 12/16 My colleague interviewed yesterday
    • 12/19: Rejection (x2).
    • 12/20: Invited for campus visit
    • 2/28 Any updates?
    • Offer made
  7. University of Miami (FL, USA). Assistant Professor of English: Race and Empire in Literature in English before 1900. Deadline: 11/1.
    • 11/14: Request for more materials
    • 12/5: Interviews scheduled
  8. University of Southern Maine (ME, USA). Assistant Professor of English (British Medieval literature). Deadline: 11/1.
    • 11/22: Invited for interview (x3)
    • 12/3: Has anyone that’s been invited to interview actually have that interview scheduled? Still no firm details..
      • Not yet, email said week of 12th
    • 12/12-12/14 interviews; deciding today (12/16) on finalists for campus visits
    • 12/26 were campus visits extended on 12/16?
    • 12/31: invited for a campus visit
    • 1/4- Rejected
  9. Clemson University (SC, USA). Assistant Professor of Medieval Literature, Department of English. Deadline: 11/1.
    1. Any updates? 11/8
    2. I haven't heard anything yet, also 11/8
    3. Nothing yet, 11/16
    4. 11/18: Request for more materials (x3)
    5. Interview scheduled for 1/3/23
    6. 1/5: Invited for a campus visit
  10. University of Toronto (ON, Canada). Associate Professor/Professor - Old English Language and Literature. Deadline: 11/17.
    • 11/30: Invitation for Initial Interview (via email)
  11. Southeastern Louisiana University (LA, USA). Assistant Professor of English in Medieval Studies. Deadline: until filled.
    • 11/22: Invited for Interview
      • Did they contact you via phone or email?
    • Has anyone received any word on this position? I was told the committee was going to meet when their term started back up but since then they've gone silent. I'm assuming I'm out, but I would like some confirmation.
  12. University of Virginia (VA, USA). Assistant Professor of English (British Medieval, subfield open). Deadline: Nov. 11/24.
    • 12/9: Invited for Interview
    • 12/26: Any updates?
    • 12/28: Haven't heard anything since interview (12/16)
    • Campus invites went out in mid Dec.
    • Form rejection email 3/8.
  13. Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, NS, CA). Assistant Professor of Old & Middle English. Deadline: Dec 15, 2022.
    1. Any news on this job
    2. I'm still waiting on confirmation they received my materials.
    3. 12/21 received confirmation of materials and notice that the committee will meet in early January to determine their shortlist and schedule interviews (update 1/4-- I followed up to ask for confirmation on 12/21 and received it, just fyi)
    4. I never got confirmation. (x3)
    5. Any updates on this position?
      1. They have apparently asked for letters of recommendation for certain applicants. (Not this one, mind you.) This was about two weeks ago.
      2. 2/20 Received a rejection letter (x2)

Jobs with 2023 Application Deadlines[]

13. University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Park (Long Beach, MS). Visiting Instructor or Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of English. Medieval, early modern, or 18th-century British literature; preferred: environmental lit. Review begins immediately (posted May 30, 2023); open until filled. NT. FT (4-4).

15. Whitman College (Walla Walla, WA, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of English. Medieval, early modern, composition. Deadline: January 25, 2023.

  • 2/9 Invited to interview

16. Trinity College (Hartford, CT, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of English. Late medieval. Deadline: February 21, 2023.

  • 3/9: Invited to interview (x2)
  • Offer made

Word on the Street[]

Legitimately asking: does anyone know if any universities are interviewing at MLA anymore, or is everyone doing Zoom then moving to on-campus invitations? I'm thinking about the job market next year and curious what to plan for in a best-case scenario. Thanks in advance!

*Everyone does Zoom interviews now. I think there's no point in planning for MLA interviews-- if you get one it will be an exception, not the rule.