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Now in alphabetical order!

I'm not sure if I should say this, but congrats to my NYU colleagues...

Who erased the posting for California State University, San Marcos??? and why???

I did - I thought that ad was left over from last year. I should have just noted as much rather than deleted it.

Remember, all, that if material is ever improperly deleted, you can find the old versions of the wiki under the "History" link at the top of the page. Inappropriate deletion appears to me to be a part of the Wiki scene.

Interviews held at MESA, going to conduct video conf. final interviews before end of Dec.
  • I worked in this dept. for two years. It was a complete waste of my time. Atmosphere is toxic. My colleagues throughout the university were unbelievably unprofessional, resentful, bitter, hostile, and in one case I personally experienced even violent. A few also interfered heavily in my private life with the knowledge and acquiescence of the administration, which in that case and many others was/is incompetent, uncaring, and corrupt. AUC has moved to a new, isolated campus far outside Cairo (60-90 minute commute each way). It has been a total disaster (see 10/31/2008 Chronicle of Higher Education article and various Facebook groups/postings). AUC is consequently in tough financial shape. It pays abnormally low salaries and can't support research at realistic levels. I got another academic job and gleefully resigned (mercifully before the campus move), but at age 30, would have preferred private sector work or law school to staying there. I deeply regret ever having accepted the position and would never recommend working there to anyone. If you get the offer, don't go.

NEW POST 1/3/09: My name is W. Matt Malczycki, and I also worked at AUC (2005-8). Although I sympathize with the comments above and can even vouch for their veracity in some cases, I cannot say that my time at AUC was a waste. In the end I left for what I consider greener pastures, but I still think it was a great first job in ME/Islamic history. It is important to know that the job above is in the Dept. of History while the two jobs below are in the Dept. of Arab and Islamic Civ. If anyone has questions about working at AUC, he/she can e-mail me at Good luck!

  • I knew Dr. Malczycki slightly when we were at AUC. He was among the few nice people I met there and I would trust what he has to say about the Arab and Islamic Civilization Dept. To give a broader perspective on the History Dept, though, 5 of the 9 full-time professors working in it when I arrived in Fall 2005 have since left AUC, while another came and went within that time after experiencing a great deal of harassment for political reasons - thus an attrition rate of 60% over three years. Not a fun place.
  • Arcadia University (International Studies) - received a snail mail letter saying the search was put on hold due to financial constraints (12/15)
11/20 - received e-mail that search has been canceled; ditto
received e-mail that position has been canceled (12/5)
  • California State University, San Marcos
please do not erase other people's info!

According to the CSU-SM human resources page (, this position "effective 2008-09" was closed. Since the ad on h-net hadn't been updated even in terms of due dates, I assume it was just left over from that search, and that nothing is happening there this year.
Applications due January 5th
AHA interviews scheduled
  • Furman University
Rejection letter received 11/30; ditto

Two finalists brought in for campus interviews (rumor)

Received email that they hired someone
MESA interview scheduled (11/17); Campus interview scheduled for Jan.
AAR Interviews held; AHA interview scheduled

Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews yet?

campus visits occurring right now (2/09)

Received an email stating that Grinnell was unable to complete their search this year and that they'll try again in the fall. Anyone care to share details?

I've heard that someone has an interview at AHA

11/26 - received rejection letter, snail.; Ditto

received email that they had chosen their three. might choose a fourth later in semester.

I wish more places would send those e-mails. It really isn't so hard.
  • La Salle University
Search cancelled
AHA interviews scheduled

Campus visits scheduled (1/8)

Offer made 2/12
*interview conducted (10/27)

 *three people have been invited for campus visit (11/19)

*Offer made (20 Dec)
  • New York University - Abu Dhabi
"Informal chats" held at AHA. They said that campus interviews will follow in February.

-- any news on this?
  • Northeastern Illinois University
MESA interviews held
AHA Interviews Scheduled 12/12

Received rejection letter that said they've selected candidates for campus visits 1/19
writing samples requested 11/18

campus interviews scheduled 1/13
Which search had interviews at MESA (Middle East center or History Dept?), any word on AHA?

History Dept. interviewed at MESA and has conducted on-campus interviews

Email rejection addressed to "dear applicant" received

Joel Beinin was one of the candidates, but he withdrew his name from candidacy due to concerns about the state of academic freedom at PSU. See,

Received letter that they hired someone. Anyone know who accepted the offer?

The International Studies search held interviews at MESA and invited three candidates to campus. They recently sent out an email rejection.

received a letter today stating that they have extended an offer to a "young scholar" who has accepted. Congrats!
phone interviews held in October

received e-mail that they hired someone - 12/16
Phone interviews conducted dec 19
Campus visits scheduled for January

Offer made and accepted
MESA interviews held

12/26 - Received e-mail that search has been canceled due to the economy, and that the university is suspending most of its searches this year.
phone interviews held in October

invitations to campus made Nov.
anyone heard from them yet?
A system-wide hiring freeze was lifted in mid-December (reconstructed via Google News)

They were looking to fill 2 positions. One position went through, but not the Middle East position. That one is gone, for now.
  • SUNY - New Paltz
A system-wide hiring freeze was lifted in mid-December (reconstructed via Google News)

Can someone explain what this means? It does not make any sense, as I got a letter from them a month ago that they had all my application materials. No talk of freeze whatsoever.

If this is right ( it may have been "widespread within the system" rather than "system-wide."

Received snail mail letter saying that search has been suspended until next year - 12/18 (x2)
Interviews took place at MESA, they claim they intend to turn 3 year position into TT (they have claimed this before and not done so, watch out) -- I was aware of this, maybe I should have written "claim"

on-campus interviews - invited.

Offer made 2/18

AHA interview scheduled, 12/5/2008

Campus interview scheduled, 1/14/2009

Offer made
Received an email that the position has been canceled due to budgetary reasons.
any word on this?

They hired in-house

not to challenge anyone but if you do not have the details, this is probably a rumor. there are not too many "in-house" options, and it is more likely suspended or cancelled
AHA interviews scheduled, 12/5/2008

Received e-mail that a short list for campus visits has been made, 1/14

Offer made and accepted 2/2
AHA interview scheduled

Canceled - received snail mail letter that search has been canceled due to budgetary problems (1/12)
writing sample requested 11/28

AHA interview requested 12/13
Phone interviews scheduled for week of December 15

Campus interviews scheduled (12/23)

Any updates on this job?

Campus interviews began (1/27)

Job has been offered, not sure if he/she accepted (2/16)
Candidate accepted.
AHA interviews scheduled, early December

Campus interview scheduled, 1/9
writing sample requested 10/28

11/20 - rejection letter received via snail

12/5 invited for AHA interview

1/9 invited for campus interview
phone interviews held in November, will decide campus visits in January
MESA interview scheduled (11/19) MESA interview scheduled (11/16)-- they also told me in interview that they would also be interviewing at AHA; ditto (11/25)

I don't know who erased my question and why, but I would like to know if anyone has heard from them - AHA was over a week ago (1/12)

Campus interviews have begun (1/13)

Offer made and accepted (2/11)
  • US Naval Academy (North Africa)
any word on this? I had a telephone interview mid-Nov but haven't heard anything since - are they still planning to do campus visits in Jan?

just got an answer to my own question. Search cancelled.
shortlist for AHA made 12/1; candidates will be contacted once admin and HR approval is rcvd

despite budget cutbacks throughout the UW system, this search is apparently still on; will interview at AHA

on-campus interviews scheduled, 1/9/09

3 campus interviews scheduled for last week of Jan/1st week of Feb, decision to follow immediately

After a good AHA interview, I did not hear anything -asked what was happening, and was told the search is still going on (1/20/09). As per the info above, I'm now starting to think they might be just "keeping their options open." I wish this entire process was more transparent.

3 on-campus interviews conducted; department has met and come to a recommendation; final decision now up to the dean. 2/10/09

offer made 2/11/09
position has been canceled - received an e-mail from the SCC sometime in October
 **preliminary interviews MESA scheduled

ditto - has been scheduled a while ago(11/19)-3 candidates have been invited for campus interview.

There's contradictory information out. On the discussion page for all history searches, this is listed as having been cancelled.

The search was not canceled. An offer has been made and accepted.
  • Western Kentucky University
F/T T-T position just announced February 2, 2009. Job ad on H-Net to follow.

Ad posted to H-Net
any news on this position, interviews, phone calls ??


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