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Offers Made[]

Florida Atlantic University (2/9)

Sewanee (2/11)

James Madison (2/13)

College of Wooster
University of Louisiana at Monroe (3/30; received snail mail saying position filled)

University of Tennessee-Martin (2/19)

Any post-campus visit news from PNC? They finished campus visits last week and said they'd make offers "around 3/6." Anybody heard from them? Any info would be appreciated.

And where art thou, Hobart & Wm. Smith? (3/6) . Letter received 3/8 (dated 2/27) stating that offer has been made and accepted

Kennesaw State University (made and accepted late Feb. or early March)

Campus Visits Scheduled[]

  • Anything new regarding campus visits? (1/21) It seems unlikely that these are really the only campus visit invitations at this point. People just don't seem inclined to share news...
    • I agree, and I plead with people to share information. You can say "they have invited someone to campus" (which could be written by an acquaintance) if you are fearful of saying "I have an on-campus interview." Anonymous accounts cannot be traced. It really can be a relief to know something, anything at all.
      • Even hearing whether other people had heard nothing would be helpful at this stage.
  • I also want to know how lack of basic professionalism became such a commonplace in the world of the academic job search. Search committees really ought to send a proper rejection notice to candidates (especially those they've interviewed at MLA) once they've come up with the short list of those they'll be interviewing on campus. It's really outrageous that they don't. The saddest part is that everyone has come to see this kind of disrespectful behavior as normal. Here we are depending on the wiki, and on people who aren't posting, for information about interviews when the search committees themselves are remiss. In what other field would not hearing back from a committee--sometimes for months, sometimes not at all-- after an interview be considered appropriate? Hopefully the transparency the wiki offers will nudge them, or the MLA to institute guidelines for a more professional way of conducting job searches. Indignant.
    • Agreed. Profoundly disrespectful. It would probably take less than 2 minutes to copy and paste a form rejection notice to the interviewees who didn't make it. Even that would be underwhelming, but at least it would be something.
    • Often, schools hold out to inform all candidates of any decision (to bring people to campus, to inform when a hire is made) until offers have been accepted, sometimes all the way up through receiving the signed contract back from the new hire. Then they send out an email or formal letter. This is protocol, and it actually behooves all involved. Technically, until the position is absolutely filled, the search remains open. Schools may get rejected by their top three candidates (after having to give two weeks of decision time to each), then face the option of moving on to fourth and fifth choices. I'm not saying it's good or bad, just that this is what happens.
  • Any news from U of Louisiana-Monroe?
    • A: Nothing here as of 1/28. (I interviewed at MLA.)
      • A: Ditto here.
      • A: Ditto again.
        • hmmmm . . .
      • A: I called the search committee chair and she explained that because of the financial situation they have not been able to pin down how many folks they can afford to bring to campus. They have made no decisions about campus visits yet because they are waiting to see how much they can afford to spend.
    • email from chair asking if still interested, 2/17 - no word yet on campus visits (x4)
      • Q: are all of you still interested, or some now otherwise employed or uninterested?
        • A: still unemployed, still interested (x 3)
        • A: I'm out, accepted another job offer
    • So, anyone heard anything since they emailed on 2/17 asking if we were interested? It's my understanding they have limited funds and may be asking one person to campus. They may have to wait and see if they have funds to invite a second if that does not work out, etc. I am wondering if that first visit has happened yet... (3/10)
    • Heard nothing here either. I'm beginning to wonder if the issue is not how many but whether they can bring to campus or even make the hire. The whole thing is quite suspicious...
    • I also interviewed at MLA and responded that I'm still interested after the 2/17 email--and also have heard nothing. Not holding my breath! Also not super-impressed with their communication skills...
    • Received letter saying they hired someone (3/30)x2.
  • How about Purdue North Central--any news? A: Campus visit request on 1/29
  • Anyone heard from Christopher Newport? Please do tell if so.
    • A: Nothing here 1/28 (I was interviewed at MLA)
  • Any news from Penn State Dubois? Thanks.
  • Seriously, folks...anybody know what happened to the Penn State Dubois job? Would be grateful for any info or hearsay.
    • A: Hearsay: At least one campus visit has been scheduled for mid Feb. at Dubois. Heard about this from a colleague last week.
    • A: Campus visit scheduled by email 2/3

Carleton U request by phone for interview/campus visit 12/9

  • any word from Carleton?
  • super weird, probably well-intentioned but almost insulting rejection email received at the end of February (oh no, I've been rejected by

that school I that I put out of my mind months ago when they didn't respond to my application!). Addressed me by first name (maybe permissible in an email requesting materials or interview but iffy in a rejection letter), the SCC apologizes for delay in response (they wanted the process to "resolve itself" before contacting anyone) then wraps up the email with an empathic 'chins up' gesture: it's hard, but after all, he ended up finding a job! Well congratulations on a successful job search, Chair. Well played.

  • Agreed. Very weird rejection letter received 2/23.

'College of Wooster' Campus visit scheduled by phone, 1/15


Christopher Newport U Campus invitation by email 1/29; campus invitation by phone 2/2

Hobart and William Smith Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/8 Congrats. Do they happen to tell you how many candidates will be interviewing on campus? Any info appreciated. A: They said 3 or 4. A2: I asked again and they said definitely 4. Thanks so much for the info. I don't suppose you know whether they've already contacted all 4? A: I'm not sure; couldn't really tell. Q: Any updates on campus interviews at Hobart? And to the person above who has one scheduled, am I correct in assuming that you also interviewed at MLA? I interviewed at MLA and was told that they would be in touch by late January. Does anyone else have any information or updates? A: They are meeting next week to make the final decision for the job. All candidates will have been interviewed on campus by the end of this week/beginning of next week. Follow-up question to the above: Thanks for the information--can you clarify whether these on-campus interviews were follow ups to MLA interviews (ie. a second round)? (I'm wondering if, given the economy, those who were interviewed on campus might simply have been unable to interview at MLA.) Thanks. A: The campus visits were for people who were interviewed at the MLA. One of the three people brought to campus will be offered the job. A: Thanks for the information!

      • Q: Does anyone know if Hobart and William Smith has made an offer?? ANY information would be greatly appreciated. (2/9)
  • Interviewed with them at MLA and have heard narry a peep from them since. A thanks-but-no-thanks note might have been in order.

Surely they've made an offer by now. Maybe they'll inform us soon.

James Madison Q: Did they call or email? And when? Thanks. Campus visit scheduled 1/8 (according to 20th C American page) (x2)

Rec'd a nice, personal email saying position had been filled, apologizing for delay in notification, etc. Thumbs up on their professionalism! (3/6)

Kennesaw State University Campus visit scheduled by email 1/14

Florida Atlantic UCampus visit scheduled by phone, 1/2

  • Offer made 2/9

Manhattan College They have started on-campus interviews (1/29)

McMaster U Campus interview scheduled by phone 12/23

Purdue U North Central Campus interview invitation by email 1/29

Sewanee Campus interview invitation (phone) 1/9

U Chicago date?

U of Tennessee-Martin 1/21

Virginia Commonwealth University Sad news: the British early 20th-century search has been cancelled due to budgetary constraints.

MLA/Phone Interviews[]

(please also update in regular section)

Carleton U (Ottawa, ONT) request by phone for interview/campus visit 12/9

Christopher Newport U MLA interview request 12/18 (x2)

College of Wooster MLA interview request 11/24 (x4)

Columbia MLA interview request 12/11

Florida Atlantic U MLA Interview Request (phone 12/5) (x3)

  • Campus visit scheduled by phone, 1/2
  • When did they call? Any info on how many they're bringing and whether all the calls were made at the same time?
  • Called around 10:30 am PST. I don't have any info about how many visits they're scheduling, unfortunately.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges MLA Interview Request (phone 12/18) (X6)

James Madison University MLA interview request by email 11/23 (x5)

Kennesaw SU phone interview scheduled by email 11/25 (x2)

McMaster U Campus interview scheduled by phone 12/23

Manhattan College MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/12

Missouri Southern Phone interview scheduled 11/24. Search cancelled 12/12.

Murray State MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/12

Penn State Dubois MLA interview scheduled by phone (x5)

Purdue U North Central MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/24

Sewanee, University of the South MLA interview requested (v-mail) 12/9

University of Chicago MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/11

U Louisiana, Monroe 11/28 MLA interview scheduled (phone 12/9)(x3) (12/10 x2)

University of Nebraska MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/05)

U of Tennessee-Martin MLA interview scheduled by email (12/16)(x3)

University of Tulsa MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10)

Virginia Commonwealth University MLA interview scheduled by email (12/11 x2)

Modern/Contemporary British[]

Shall we do a headcount?

Add a number for yourself beside the appropriate category.

ABD (early):

ABD (nearly done - will defend by spring): 9

PhD in hand(defended in last six months): 8

PhD in hand (for a year or more, lecturer/adjunct non-tt position): 6

Visiting Asst Prof: 3

TT Assistant Prof: 6

Associate Prof: 1

Independent Scholar: 1

Demoralized: 6

Indignant, with intermittent moments of something that resembles, yes, boredom: 2

Watchin' It Like A Trainwreck: 1

Regrets choosing modernism as their field: 1

Arcadia Univ. (Glenside, PA) 19th and 20th, postcolonial theory send by Nov. 1st

  • Ack sent by snail mail 11/1
  • Ack sent by snail mail 9/18
  • does anyone know if this search is still on?
  • It doesn't seem to be listed on their own job site (while other fac. positions are). But you'd think they could have the decency to notify candidates.
  • It never was posted on their HR page, even before the deadline. I have seen that happen at a few unis, though.
  • Hmm. Then do you think it's still on? It seems weird that they haven't made any moves if that's the case.
  • Called HR 12/15 and was told the search is being postponed; they're planning to send a letter, but I haven't received one yet. 12/17

Arkansas State university -- Jonesboro Due 1/11

  • Has anyone who applied heard anything about this job?
  • No, no acknowledgment of materials either (x 2)

Boise Due 11/1

  • rejection received by mail 11/28
  • rejection 11/19 due to late application
  • rejection by mail 12/1

Boston U Due 11/1

  • rejection received by email 11/21 (me too)
  • rejection by mail 12/8
  • Has anyone received a request for more materials? Writing sample? Letters of rec?
  • A)Yes, they're posted on the Anglophone board (assuming this is the same job).

Carleton U (Ottawa, ONT) 14 Nov. Ack 11/17, Email Ack 11/20

  • request by phone for interview/campus visit 12/9
  • May I ask if you are a US citizen? That feels like a horrible INS question, and I totally understand if you don't want to answer it, but I'm just wondering if the rumors about Canadian schools preferring Canadian citizens is true... Thanks
  • No problem. I'm totally a US citizen. Born and bred. It's true that in their ads Canadian schools always say that they give preference to Canadians, but as it turns out, that doesn't rule out US citizens, apparently.

Christopher Newport Due 11/7

  • Ack 11/13
  • Ack 11/12
  • Writing sample requested by email 12/6. Also says "due to budgetary constraints" teaching load for this position is now 3/4 (x7)
  • just curious--will the "teaching load" news deter anyone? i set out determined not to pursue jobs with teaching loads higher than 3/3, and yet here i sit fairly certain that i will send them something.
  • I'm sending -- it's just an email .pdf file, after all, and I don't have to dip into my $5 savings. At least they're honest.
  • I'm sending mine too, although it does make me less enthusiastic about the job. I wonder if the extra class would be just for the first year, or permanently.
  • It seems like the dept's climate might not be too good down the line if faculty have such different workloads.
  • I'll send the pdf but I'm unlikely to take the position if offered. If they have the funding line, they have the funding line, no? So why would the economy increase the teaching load by one class?
  • Possibly because they are only able to afford to keep the line by cutting non-tt positions, either temporarily or permanently. I'm sending them my sample, and I'd probably take the job if offered. Next year's market, after all, is likely to be even worse than this one...
  • Friendly response to writing sample submission says that MLA Interviews will be requested on or just after December 17th (12/8) (X5)
  • Anything, anyone?
  • Nope. I really hope they contact us for MLA interviews today, because I am beginning to lose all hope.
  • Hang in there...
  • MLA interview request 12/18 (phone)

Q: What time did you receive the call? Has anyone else heard yet? Q: I have the same question. I'm bummed about this one and am trying to remain somewhat hopeful. It seems these interview requests usually come in bunches. Anyone else get one?

  • A: I got the call yesterday late afternoon.

College of Wooster Due 11/10

  • Writing sample requested 11/10 (x6)
  • Writing sample requested 11/19
  • MLA interview request 11/24 (x4)

One wonders why they stated a 11/10 postmark deadline in their ad, when clearly their own deadline was much earlier.

  • Email rejection 12/18 (x5) -- I thought it was a nicely worded one, FTR.

Columbia Due 10/31

  • Writing sample requested 11/13; ditto, 11/18
  • MLA interview request 12/11

East Tennessee Due 12/15

  • 11/5: got an email saying that the job search has been canceled

Evergreen SC Due 11/3

  • email from recruitment coordinator stating that they would be holding phone interviews mid-late Jan, not MLA. 12/3
  • Website says search is cancelled

Florida Atlantic U due 11/7

  • Ack. by snail mail (11/15) and directions for uploading letter and cv to Human Resources Dept. website
  • I'm confused, since letter and CV were requested up front. Could you explain the circumstances of your directions for uploading letter and cv to HR website?
  • Sure thing. I received a letter saying that even though I had already sent letter and cv to the search committee, I would also need to upload it to the HR Website. This letter also stated, quite specifically, that if I hadn't received word by December 16th I could safely assume that the committee had found candidates more suited to their needs. (Btw, the letter provided the exact URL for the HR website).
  • Thanks for the info.
  • writing sample request 11/24 (x4)
  • I just got the general applicant ack with the directions for uploading letter and CV to HR website (11/21).

WS request 11/24 person: could I ask when you got the ack letter (just wondering whether they're requesting WS's on a rolling basis, or whether they're done requesting).

  • I'm one of the writing sample people from above. I received ack letter on 11/15

MLA Interview Request (12/5) (x2) Q: How--phone? email? A: Phone

Florida SU Due 11/1

  • Writing sample requested 10/3, 10/10, 10/23, 10/27

One wonders why they bothered with a 11/1 due date, since they've only requested WS's from apps sent in before that date.

  • One also wonders how many more schools you're going to wonder about.

wow. are we really going to get snarky and smart-assed about colleagues' postings here? come on, people. we're all wondering about these searches, that's why we're here, no?

I second. History shows that the snarky person was wondering about other jobs just a day or so ago. One wonders what hu's problem is, with the gratuitous comments and all.

Not meaning to turn things snarky. Sure, we're all stressed and wondering what's going on. But I don't think the 4 people asked for samples were asked b/c they turned their apps in early. Nor do I think they appreciate the suggestion.

  • I don't think the person was being snarky towards the people who received requests or suggesting that their early submission was the only reason they received requests. The commenter was simply noting, as I have, FSU's failure to solicit materials from anyone who submitted their materials close to the deadline of November 1st. If FSU continues to fail to do so, I will feel similarly cheated.

Oh yeah, I wasn't suggesting anything untoward about applicants, just that it's a bummer for those of us that applied close to the deadline that the only writing sample requests happened during the month before the deadline and then never again after that. Seems like they might have done better to state an earlier closing date in their ad. I was commenting on the choices of the search committee, certainly not the applicants who had requests.

  • Sorry then from the "snarky person" if I read too much into your remarks. If you applied closer to the deadline, they may not have gotten to your applications yet. I wouldn't read any more into it than that. Anyway, best of luck to everybody.
  • email notification that this job search has been cancelled 12/1
  • OMG, I feel like they are mocking us now. Seriously.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Due 10/31

  • Ack. by snail mail 11/7
  • Has anyone heard anything further from them?
  • no, but hopefully it will be soon!
  • ME TOO!
  • Writing sample request 12/1 (x7)
  • Were the requests made via email, phone or mail?
  • Email
  • Any word on MLA interviews?
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/18 by phone

Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/8

Hood Due 11/3

  • 10/28: this job is no longer listed on the JIL, CHE,, or Hood's HR page. Is the search cancelled?
  • UPDATE: Search reopened--see Hood's site.
  • Anyone hear further from Hood? Good, bad, or indifferent?
  • Information for Hood listed under "British Open" category (pace Greg Norman)

James Madison Due 11/5

  • MLA interview requested by email 11/23 (x4)
  • Question: Just curious. Did JMU make materials requests before they scheduled interviews?
  • A: No; they asked for a ws at the same time that they scheduled the interview
  • Q: Does anyone know why this search failed last year?
  • Q:Did anyone who didn't get an interview ever get confirmation from JMU that his or her application was received?

Kennesaw SU Due 11/1

  • phone interview scheduled by email 11/25 (x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything regarding campus visits?

Manhattan College Due 11/17

  • ACK postcard 12/5

McMaster U(Hamilton ONT) Oct 31

  • Has anyone heard anything from them?

Nothing. And I'd really love to hear something.

  • ME TOO!
  • Oh Darling, why haven't you called?
  • does anyone have any idea about the status of this search? Is the search still on? Have they made calls to schedule MLA interviews, but not to people registering it on the wiki? This is such a great job, and yet there's been so little wikiactivity on it. Does anyone know anything?
  • For the 18th century search, McMaster went straight to campus visits, so I expect they are doing the same for this one and that we'll hear *something* at least in the next couple of weeks.
  • I just called the department, and was told that the search was still on, but that the committee hasn't met yet to make final decisions, and will probably not meet until after the new year.
  • Campus interview scheduled by phone 12/23
  • Never heard back from the SC, not even to acknowledge my application. Third-rate university in a polluted steel town. That said, I would gladly have accepted a position there.
  • I did receive a rejection letter (in mid-March?), not having received any interviews or requests for materials from McM.

Missouri Southern Due 11/3

  • Phone interview scheduled 11/24
  • Search cancelled 12/12.

Murray SU 11/14

  • Written acknowledgement sent 11/7

Penn State Dubois Due 11/14

  • Acknowledgment of materials received (11/19) / me too (snail)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (x3)

Q: can you tell me when you were called about the INTs at MLA? Thanks! A: I missed their first call on 11/24; my caller ID indicated that Penn State had called, but I thought it would be creepy to call back given that they didn't leave a message. This drove me crazy for a week, until they called again yesterday (12/1) and scheduled the interview.

  • Thanks for responding! Yikes: they did not leave a message? Note to self: stop screening calls.  ;-)

Purdue U North Central Review begins 10/22 (but it was only advertised on 10/24!)

  • ACK 11/14

Q: anybody heard anything more?!?

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/24

Quinnipiac College Due 11/1

  • Has anyone heard anything from them?
  • No, and I'd really like to.
  • me too -- i hope it's still happening.

TT search suspended. New search for visiting asst prof (email 12/10).

  • I wonder if all applicants received this email. They ask for notification by March 1st if you want to be considered for the visiting position, and say their decision will come shortly after. So have they narrowed the pool already? Or does this mean they just start the search from scratch?
  • well, it depends on how long they've known about the cancellation, and how long they've already spent making decisions. Since they never requested writing samples, etc., I'd imagine they stopped at some point in the process when the search began to look threatened and didn't proceed to the materials requests stage. If they'd already met and narrowed the pool, then I suppose it would make sense for them to start with the long-list first when trying to fill the VAP position. But they're also responsible to inform anyone who applied for the tt job that it isn't one any longer. So I would imagine all applicants received this email. We are probably not special (something this truly awful job market year as made crashingly clear to pretty much everyone). Happy holidays.
  • Sounds about right. Happy Holidays to you too. Others who received the same email? (x 5)
  • Q: Do you think the March 1st deadline means they want their applicants to wait and see what shakes out at MLA, or do they want interested parties to be in contact right away?
  • A: See what shakes out.
  • Which actually seems quite decent of them, giving us a chance to try for the right TT job first, but keep this as a backup plan.
  • Q: So, did only 5 people get this e-mail from Quinnipiac? Did anyone on the wiki *not* get it? A: This is not at all scientific, I know, but everyone in my department who applied for this job (6 or 7 of us) received the email. I took this to mean that everyone got it.

Sewanee, University of the South Due 11/10

  • Has anyone heard anything from them?
  • MLA interview requested (v-mail) 12/9, 12/10
  • Had they made materials requests?
  • ---no materials request before MLA interview request
  • Q. Did they ask for anything at the time of the interview request?
  • Q. Has anyone who didn't get an interview get any kind of acknowledgment?

Tennessee State U Due 12/5

  • See Generalist page for a detailed response.

Texas A&M Due 11/1

  • Written ack. sent 11/7
  • rejection by mail 12/15

Tulsa 11/7

  • Writing sample requested 11/6, 11/13
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10)
  • Search suspended

U Chicago Due 11/3

  • Email Acknowledgment (11/17) x4
  • Has anyone heard anything further from them?

nothing here. I bet we're all waiting for some word from them...

  • Writing sample request 11/24 by email (x3)

Are they done with materials requests? Does anyone know?

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/11
  • May I ask if the person who received an interview request had also received a WS request?
  • Yes, writing sample request 11/24 prior to interview request.
  • E-mail rejection (12/16). Crap. (x2) or Double Crap!
  • Has anyone who received neither a ws request nor an interview from Chicago NOT yet gotten a rejection e-mail?
  • Yes, I am in the same boat (12/20)
  • I suspect the email rejections went only to those who had received writing requests
  • The rest of us being beneath notification. That seems about right this year.
  • Email rejection. Very graciously worded though! (12/31)

U Louisiana, Monroe 11/28

  • Ack (11/24)(snail 12/5 x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled (phone 12/9 x 2) (12/10 x2)
  • Q: Phone? Email? A: phone, sorry!
  • email from chair asking if still interested - no word yet on campus visits (2/17 x2)
  • Received letter saying they hired someone (3/30).

U Nebraska, Lincoln 11/1 Writing sample requested 11/10, 11/12

  • Go look at the American 20th c. and 21st c. wiki. Supposedly someone was contacted a week ago for an MLA interview. I REALLY wanted this job, so I hope that this is incorrect info. Hey, one can hope when hope is all one has (except for a dossier request), right? 12/12
  • 12/13: well, it's a bit confusing. There are two different brit/am 20th c searches at Nebraska this year. One is the poetry job, which is the one listed on the American 20th=21st c page, for which they seem to have scheduled interviews. The other one is a search for a specialist in literary and critical theory with interests in 20th and 21st century brit am and anglophone. I guess no one ever specified which of the two they were referring to on this page. I got a dossier request for the lit crit theo search, and get the impression they haven't scheduled interviews for that one, although it does seem strange, esp since the american wiki registers an interview for the poetry job. I'd keep hoping.
  • 12/14 the lit theory sc scheduled interviews on 12/2 (see critical theory page)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Due 11/14

  • Got a letter saying that the search has been canceled 11/17

University of Oxford (University Lecturers in English Literature of the 20th-21st centuries)

Deadline: Noon on Dec. 12th (apply at:

  • Note: the longer job description for this specifies post-1832
  • 12/1 Q: I'm unfamiliar with the British system. Are they looking for what would be an associate prof in the U.S.?
  • 12/1 A: I believe that the lecturer position is equal to the assistant professor position.
  • 12/8 A: I was told (by someone from the English system but not on the SC) that this is more like an associate or advanced asst. prof job (i.e., someone with a book)
  • 12/14 A: Although "lecturer" is technically an entry-level position equivalent to assistant professor here, I was told by a professor at Oxford (though not necessarily one on the SC--I didn't ask) that they are likely to look for someone "further along" in his/her career. Since I've been TT since 2004, I can only assume that "further along" is a reference to scholarly output, not time since grad school.
  • 1/13 A: I did my doc in Oxford (though I'm in the US now) and keep up with people there. I'm not applying for this job, but my understanding is that the job is not entirely equivalent to any one situation in the US. It's not tenured, but the tenure clock is about three years and getting it is pretty much a given (though they're getting to be more stringent on this because of the Research Assessment Exercise by which all British Universities receive their government funding). So in that sense it's like an advanced associate position in the US. But they don't anymore hire people early in their careers for these because of the competition, which includes many people from the UK at later stages of their careers. That is to say that many applicants will have two books or even more, though it's possible they would hire someone with a book out and another one on the way or under contract if the fit was right and that person looked like a star in the making.

Univ. of South Carolina, Beaufort (19th & 20th) Review begins Nov. 10

  • 10/28: this job is no longer listed on the JIL, CHE,, or USCB's HR site. Is the search cancelled?
  • I noticed the same thing. If you search for jobs on USCB's HR site, you find nothing. I'm getting worried that the tanking economy is making quick work of our job possibilities.
  • I received an acknowledgement last week that didn't mention anything about it being cancelled.
  • So confusing, because now (10/29) you can't even apply for the job as it's no longer listed on their HR site, and the ad requires online apps! USC Central HR says it's probably canceled, but I can't get a human on the phone at USC-Beaufort to confirm.
  • Ok- I just checked the status of my app and it says "on hold for hiring Freeze."
  • UPDATE: Search reopened per email from SCC.
    • Any word? Is this search pining for the fjords, or has anyone heard additional news?

Univ. of South Carolina, Salkehatchie (Late British, African American, or Generalist) Review begins Oct. 26

  • This job isn't listed on the USCB's HR site? Has it, like the Beaufort job, been put on hold for hiring freeze?
  • 12/14: email with more info about the job asking if I was still interested (and stating there won't be interviews until after the holidays)(X2)
  • 2/9: Job cancelled for lack of funds. there goes another.

Univ. of Tennessee, Martin (19th & 20th) Review begins Nov. 1

  • Ack, snail, sent 11/10, with a note saying they will have a list of MLA interview candidates by the week after Thanksgiving
  • e-mail requesting more materials 12/01 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled by email 12/16

Virginia Commonwealth Due 11/13

  • Written acknowledgments sent 9/17, 11/6, 11/20
  • MLA interview scheduled by email 12/11

Yale University Due 11/1

  • ACK via snailmail 11/18
  • Has anyone heard anything further from them?
  • A: For what it's worth, last year Yale did a similar search and requested materials in waves: first a dossier, then writing sample, then the call for interviews which did not come in until something like 12/23. Since this year Yale has asked for everything up front (letter/dossier/sample), I personally would not expect to hear until Christmas Eve. But that's me...

I wonder if they'll make contact earlier this year, since they've broken with their search methods this year and have requested everything up front.

  • Noticed today that Yale English has an ad in this week's London Review of Books, looking for two tenured professors in C20th British, appointments beginning July '09. I could be wrong, of course, but this doesn't bode well for an assistant search in the same field ...
  • 12/18 rejection by pre-printed postcard (how classy...) me too ... lamest rejection ever
  • The 19th 20th c American list and the Anglophone/World Lit. list show that Yale scheduled interviews with 20th C Americanists and Anglophonists. Are they no longer looking for asst. profs in British 20th now that they seem to be running a search for two tenured professors in that field? Has anyone on this list scheduled an interview with Yale?
  • Can anyone provide a link for Yale's senior British search ad? I've been unable to find it after much googling...