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Searches for academic positions in Piano and Piano Pedagogy in 2012-2013.

This page is for jobs that begin in 2013.

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Schools with Accepted Offers[]

Format for this section:

University: Name (Current Position [if applicable], DMA-GRANTING INSTITUTION, and year, if known)

Bloomsburg University: Charisse Baldoria (MICHIGAN)

Central Methodist University: Melissa Loehnig (Whitman College, FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, 2012)

Fayetteville State University: Amanda Virelles (Vanderbilt/Belmont, U. SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI)

Illinois Wesleyan: Ilia Radoslovov (Truman State U., WISCONSIN-MADISON)

Lincoln University: Susan Ha (U. OF CINCINNATI, CCM, 2013)

Loyola University: Brian Keng-Lun Hsu (MICHIGAN, 2012)

Martin Methodist College: Melissa Martiros (UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2012)

Miami University of Ohio: Frank Huang (College of Wooster/Cuyahoga CC, CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF MUSIC)

Millikin University: Silvan Negrutiu (SHENANDOAH)

University of Alabama-Huntsville: Ka Man "Melody" Ng (WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2013)

University of Idaho: Roger McVey (U. of Wisconsin River Falls, KANSAS)

University of Memphis: Cathal Breslin (MICHIGAN, 2008)

University of Oklahoma: Stephen Beus (Miami U. of Ohio, SUNY-STONY BROOK)

University of Southern California: Stephen Pierce (U. of Northern Colorado, U. OF CINCINNATI, CCM)

University of Southern Mississippi: Ellen Elder (MICHIGAN)

Warner University: Jonathan Reed (U. OF CINCINNATI, CCM, 2012)

Western Kentucky University: Zachary Lopes (U. OF CINCINNATI, CCM, 2013)

Jobs for 2013[]

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Piano[]

  • Feb. 14: references requested
  • Feb. 19: References contacted
  • May 13: hired Dr. Charisse Baldoria

Central Methodist University[]

  • March 13: Phone calls
  • March 26:  Campus interviews scheduled
  • May 7: Position filled

Christopher Newport University  - Lecturer in Piano and Collaborative Arts (Deadline: Mar. 1)[]

  • March 19:  Phone interviews scheduled

Clarke University - Assistant Professor of Piano/Music History[]

  • Feb. 3: Request for more materials
  • Feb 15: Phone interviews scheduled

Coker College - Assistant of Visiting Professor of Music[]

Davidson College - Artist Associate of Piano[]

Position filled.

East Carolina University  - Artist Teacher of Piano (Deadline: Nov. 28)[]

East Central University - Assistant Professor of Piano and Music History (Deadline: Feb. 20)[]

  • May 3: job was reposted on the Music Vacancy List and on their website without an application deadline

Eastern Illinois University []

  • May 13: Phone interviews scheduled
  • May 28: Search concluded

Fayetteville State University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano=[]

  • Feb. 7:  phone interview scheduled (Feb. 28)

Illinois Wesleyan[]

  • Job was offered
  •  "Schools with Accepted Offers" updated.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania.[]

  • Feb. 12: Phone interview.
  • Feb. 23: Campus interviews scheduled

Linfield College[]

  • Feb. 22 - Finalists have been notified
  • Position filled.

Loyola New Orleans - Artist/Teacher of Piano[]

  • Feb. 20. Phone interviews scheduled.
  • Feb. 25. Finalists scheduled.
  • April 5. Congrats to Brian Hsu!

Marshall University[]

  • Feb. 19: was informed by the dean that they are "close to concluding their search"
  • does that mean they have already had on-campus visits, have made a decision, and are now moving through administrative channels for approval?
  • I don't know. That was the extent of the message from the dean. 

Martin Methodist College - Assistant Professors of Music (2 positions) (Deadline: "early April")[]

  • June 29: one of the two positions was offered and accepted by musicologist Michelle Meinhart (PhD Cincinnati) - I think she may have an undergrad degree in piano. Not sure about the second position.
  • August 25: Melissa Martiros accepted the piano/theory position (DMA, University of Wisconsin Madison).

McLennan Community College - Assistant Professor of Music (Piano)[]

  • Position filled

Millikin University - Assistant Professor of Piano[]

  • March 16: Rejection email. Position was offered to and accepted by the candidate.

Miami University of Ohio - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: March 18)[]

  • Just attached the Miami employment page - it says applications reviewed beginning March 11, not March 18. Anyone have a link that lists the other date?
  • It's on -
  • March 20: Request for recordings x3
  • April 1: References contacted x3
  • April 4: Skype interviews scheduled. 
  • May 15: Received email search is concluded. Anyone know who got it?
  • June 3: Like I'd tell you!
    • Let's keep this civil and the snark to a minimum, please. This forum was established in the interest of helping one another and providing transparency in the job search process. If you know who got the job (or if you did) please share so we can congratulate them. If not, please refrain from posting these type of comments. In return I'm certain the other party involved will refrain from deleting posts. Truce.
  • August 29: See details above. Congratulations to Frank Huang!

Murray State University - Piano/Collaborative Piano (Deadline:  Dec 1)[]

St. Olaf College - Class Piano Term Position (Deadline: May 31)[]

  • Position filled.

SUNY New Paltz[]

Texas A&M - Commerce - Instructor of Music, Piano (Deadline: Feb. 15)[]

  • Position filled.

Troy University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: June 25)[]

Truman State University - Temporary Assistant Professor of Music, Piano (Deadline: Mar 1)

University of Alabama Huntsville - Artist Teacher of Piano[]

  • Feb 26: Received a letter saying the search had concluded.

University of Idaho - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: May 13)[]

  • May 20: Skype interview scheduled
  • July 16: Position offered and accepted

University of Memphis - Assistant Professor of Applied Piano (Deadline: Jan. 14)[]

  • Feb. 11.  Additional materials requested.
  • March 4 - 5. Skype Interviews.
  • March 18 - 30. On-campus interviews.
  • April 8. Dr. Cathal Breslin offered and accepted position.
  • May 13. Announced officially!

University of Miami[]

  • Feb. 28:  Heard rumor that the search is on hold for funding reasons......
  • Feb. 4: Yep, officially on hold until next academic year. Doh!

University of Oklahoma (Norman)[]

  • Feb. 20:  Position awarded.
    • Any idea who this is? I'd like to update the "Schools with Accepted Offers" above
    • Stephen Beus, I believe. 
    • Yes.

University of Southern California  - Assistant Professor of Keyboard Pedagogy (Deadline: Dec. 15)[]

  • Jan. 25: Additional materials requested (due 2/8)
  • April 24: Rejection emails received, no other information on the search given
  • May 7: Congratulations to Stephen Pierce! See above in Positions filled.

University of Southern Mississippi - Assistant Professor of Piano/Piano Pedagogy[]

  • Search concluded.
  • Music buildings ravaged by tornado.

University of Trinidad and Tobago - Assistant Professor of Piano[]

Valley City State University []

  • Feb. 11: SKYPE interview. 
  • Feb 22: On-campus interview scheduled. 
  • =Geraldine Ong was hired.=

Western Kentucky University - Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory (Deadline: Feb. 15)[]

  • March 3: Phone interview. 
  • March 18: Campus interview scheduled. 
  • Congratulations to Zachary Lopes!

Whitman College (Deadline: Oct. 1)[]

  • Jan. 25: Whitman offered position to a candidate and candidate accepted.
    • Anyone know who this is so we can add them to the jobs accepted list above?