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Wiki for academic jobs in Music Studies that begin in 2025. This wiki combines the jobs that were posted separately on Music Theory/Composition and Musicology/Ethnomusicology in years past.

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Always attempt to start from the latest version of the wiki. If you see any red notifications (located in the upper right hand corner), you may be editing an old version of the page.

1. Please place new positions in alphabetical order within their category. Note that "University of X" should be alphabetized by U as first sort, and X as second sort within the U listings. The moderator reserves the right to change or add categories, or move positions around as needed.

2. Please include the deadline and a web link to the ad/website; PLEASE follow the format of other entries. Include the location of the job IF the location is not obvious from the institution name.

3. Please do not include the full text of the ad - a few sentences at most. Full text of job ads will be preserved off-site; link to follow once I get this set up.

4. For logging comments or updates, please begin your entry with a bullet point. Each entry should have a separate line.

5. For substantive comments or updates about status, interaction, etc., please include the date at the beginning of your entry so that users can scan the info quickly for new entries.


N.B. For simplicity's sake, jobs with a "review begins" date but not a hard deadline are listed below with a deadline of one day before the ad states review will begin. Please review the full ad - positions may still be taking applications even if the deadline is crossed off on this list.

Jobs begin in fall 2025 unless otherwise indicated.

  • 15 Jan 2024 - Simon Fraser University: Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Indigenous Contemporary Arts (Assistant/Associate Professor) (Spring 2025)
  • 31 Jan 2024 - Mozarteum University Salzburg: University Professor for Artistic Research (Music) (Mar 2025)
  • 20 Jun 2024 - University of Cambridge: Temporary Assistant Professor in Early Music (Jan 2025)
  • 26 Jun 2024 - University of Graz: Professor of Music and Its Aesthetics (Mar 2025)
  • 22 Jul 2024 - Anton Bruckner Private University: University Professorship for Composition (Jan 2025)
  • 25 Aug 2024 - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Tenure-Track Position in Musicology
  • 31 Aug 2024 - College of Wooster: Assistant Professor of Composition & Music Theory
  • 02 Sep 2024 - University of Victoria: Assistant Professor of Music Technology (Jan 2025 or July 2025)
  • 09 Sep 2024 - University of Oxford: Heather Professor of Music
  • 10 Sep 2024 - Princeton University: Hodder Fellowship
  • 10 Sep 2024 - Princeton University: Lecturer and Princeton Arts Fellow (2-years)
  • 12 Sep 2024 - Oberlin College Conservatory of Music: Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Aural Skills
  • 15 Sep 2024 - Austrian Archaeological Institute: Postdoc Position, Ancient Music
  • 15 Sep 2024 - Charles University: Research Associate in the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (Jan 2025)
  • 16 Sep 2024 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Assistant Professor in Music
  • 16 Sep 2024 - Memorial University of Newfoundland: Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 23 Sep 2024 - Musikhochschule Lübeck: Professor for Composition
  • 30 Sep 2024 - Fitchburg State University: Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Composition
  • 01 Oct 2024 - University of Saskatchewan: Assistant Professor in Composition/Theory
  • 03 Oct 2024 - Franciscan University: Assistant or Associate Professor in Sacred Music
  • 06 Oct 2024 - Newcastle University: Research Associate: Sonic Intangibles (Jan 2025)
  • 31 Oct 2024 - Christendom College: Assistant Professor, Musicology/Voice
  • 01 Nov 2024 - University of Oregon: Assistant Professor of Music Technology

Jobs for 2025[]

Note: in keeping with prior practice, "Jobs for 2025" shall be interpreted as covering jobs that fall into the 2024-2025 application cycle for jobs starting during the North American / UK 2025-2026 Academic Year. Although exact start times will vary, this will generally include any positions starting between January 2025 and April 2026, and can include such things as 1-term visiting professorships, temporary lecturer opportunities, etc. Listings accidentally placed here but belonging to a preceding or following academic year will be moved appropriately.

In keeping with discussion on previous year's wikis, this listing welcomes postings about jobs from institutions around the world (however, we only post international jobs which are advertised in English), including but not limited to: full-time tenure track faculty, full-time non-tenure track faculty, full-time community college faculty, and part-time/adjunct faculty appointments. (We do not currently post listings for part-time adjunct pools, only for specific part-time/adjunct positions.)

Music Studies[]

Jobs that will accept applications from applicants in both music theory/composition and musicology/ethnomusicology.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Deadline 8/25/24) Tenure-Track Position in Musicology

  • "The Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position (open rank) in musicology (including ethnomusicology and music theory) ... The Hebrew University’s primary language of instruction is Hebrew. However, the possibility of teaching one or more courses in English may be considered. Candidates who are unable to teach in Hebrew will be expected to attain teaching-level competence in the language during the initial years following their appointment."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) (Deadline 9/16/24) Assistant Professor in Music

  • "The qualified candidate is actively engaged in original research in musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, or related fields, with a minimum of two years of teaching experience at the university level ... Faculty duties include teaching courses in music history and culture; conducting innovative research that contributes to the humanistic understanding of music; and advising students."

Mozarteum University Salzburg (Deadline 1/31/24) University Professor for Artistic Research (Music) (March 2025)

University of Oxford (Deadline 9/9/24) Heather Professor of Music

  • "The Faculty of Music and Wadham College intend to appoint to the Heather Professorship of Music with effect from 1 October 2025... We are seeking a scholar of the highest international standing with an outstanding record of research and publication in any area of musical scholarship (which may also include composition where this creative work is demonstrably research-led) and the academic stature and intellectual drive to help shape the study of music at the University Oxford for the next generation."

Theory Only[]

Oberlin College Conservatory of Music (Oberlin, OH) (Review begins 9/13/24) Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Aural Skills

  • "One or more years of full-time teaching experience (beyond the graduate assistant level) is preferred, as is a background in performance or composition."
  • 7/11/24 wow how many years in a row are we at for Oberlin theory job postings?
    • I checked back 10 years. They had a posting up for theory in 2023 (TT), 2022 (TT x2), and 2021 (NTT). None in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015 but 1 in 2017 (TT) and 1 in 2014 (TT). And for composition/music technology, 2023 (TT), 2022 (TT), 2021 (NTT), 2020 (NTT), 2017 (NTT), 2016 (TT), 2015 (Senior hire). The only years in the past decade without a position open in one or the other were 2019 and 2018. But as a Oberlin faculty member pointed out on the Talk page last year, they do have an unusually large department. -5120j


College of Wooster (Wooster, OH) (Review begins 9/1/24) Assistant Professor of Composition & Music Theory

Fitchburg State University (Fitchburg, MA) (Deadline 9/15/24) Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Composition

University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK) (Deadline 10/1/24) Assistant Professor in Composition/Theory

Composition Only[]

Anton Bruckner Private University (Linz, Austria) (Deadline 7/22/24) University Professorship for Composition (.5 FTE), Jan 2025

Musikhochschule Lübeck (Lübeck, Germany) (Deadline 9/23/24) Professor for Composition

  • "We are looking for an internationally recognised and well-connected artistic personality with a focus on instrumental/vocal composition as a central area of contemporary creative practice ... Candidates must take residence in the Lübeck region and speak German at a professional level or commit to reaching such level within two years"

Princeton University (Deadline 9/10/24) Hodder Fellowship

  • "The Hodder Fellowship will be given to artists of exceptional promise to pursue independent projects at Princeton University during the 2025-2026 academic year. Potential Hodder Fellows are composers, choreographers, performance artists, visual artists, translators, writers, or other kinds of artists or humanists"

Princeton University (Deadline 9/10/24) Lecturer and Princeton Arts Fellow (2-years)

  • "Eligible applicants are early career composers, conductors, musicians, choreographers, visual artists, film makers, poets, novelists, playwrights, designers, directors and performance artists."

Musicology Only[]

University of Cambridge (Deadline 6/20/24) Temporary Assistant Professor in Early Music (Jan 2025)

University of Graz (Graz, Austria) (Deadline 6/26/24) Professor of Music and Its Aesthetics (Mar 2025)

  • "This professorship ... comprises research and teaching in the field of musicology with a focus on aesthetics and on music of the 19th to the 21st century."


Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John's, NL) (Deadline 9/16/24) Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

  • "Qualifications include a Ph.D. (completed by start date) in ethnomusicology or a cognate discipline."

Ethnomusicology Only[]

Music Studies plus an Applied Area[]

Christendom College (Front Royal, VA) (Deadline 10/31/24) Assistant Professor, Musicology/Voice

  • "The assistant professor position requires an area of specialization in historical musicology and vocal science. Additional areas of competence might include music theory and liturgical studies."
  • "Christendom College is committed to the Church’s theology of sacred music as expressed in such documents as the motu proprio of Pope Pius X, Vatican II and the instruction Musicam Sacram (1967) and the preservation of the music proper to the Roman Rite: Gregorian chant, as well as Renaissance polyphony ... In accordance with the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the candidate must be willing to profess the Oath of Fidelity, which the entire college faculty does annually before the local ordinary as a voluntary act."

Franciscan University (Steubenville, OH) (Review begins 10/4/24) Assistant or Associate Professor in Sacred Music

  • "The candidate will teach music theory, ear training, music history, conducting, and sacred music colloquium. Candidate will also serve as academic advisor for sacred music majors in the organ concentration and may also teach Gregorian Chant, organ lessons, and conduct the Schola Cantorum Franciscana. Experience as a parish musician and the full tradition of Catholic sacred music are essential."

Music Technology/Composition[]

Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) (Deadline 10/6/24) Research Associate: Sonic Intangibles (Jan 2025)

  • "You will work on the Sonic Intangibles project with a primary focus on developing research using sonification in the fields of astronomy, materials science, computing, and space weather. You will have a background in contemporary technologically-mediated musical or sonic arts practice"

University of Oregon (Eugene, OR) (Deadline 11/1/24) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

  • "Our new colleague will teach courses in music technology core curricula that may include computer music composition, digital audio workstations, computer-centric instrument design, musical performance networks, history of electroacoustic music, and technologically-mediated performance."
  • Repost (job description slightly revamped - last year's job is here) of failed search from 2024.

University of Victoria (Victoria, BC) (Review begins 9/3/24) Assistant Professor of Music Technology (Jan 2025 or July 2025)

  • "Applicants for this research position will demonstrate research expertise that engages with one or more of the following areas: music and AI, audio signal processing, spatial/immersive audio, psychoacoustics, game audio, AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality). Experience with one or more of recording, music production, performance, composition, or music studies is required."

Community College Jobs[]


Austrian Archaeological Institute (Vienna, Austria) (Deadline 9/15/24) Postdoc Position, Ancient Music

  • "Your profile: A completed PhD in Classical Studies (ancient history, classical philology, etc.), Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Musical Studies (including Dance Studies), or with pronounced music-archaeological focus in another field"
  • 6/27 No start date specified, likely early 2025.

Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) (Deadline 9/15/24) Research Associate in the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (Jan 2025)

  • Qualification: Researcher in the field of Computational Music Processing and Digital Musicology ... Teaching in Czech and English is expected."

Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC) (Deadline 1/15/24) Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Indigenous Contemporary Arts (Assistant/Associate Professor), starts 2025

  • "With the recognition that contemporary Indigenous research and practices often transcend conventional categories in the arts, we are open to a diverse range of candidates in one or more areas, including theatre/performance and production/design, music/sound, film/video, dance, and visual art."
  • "To reaffirm our commitment to increasing diversity and confronting institutional underrepresentation, we are limiting this opportunity to applicants who identify as Indigenous, as permitted by Section 42 of the B.C. Human Rights Code."

Schools with Failed/Canceled/Suspended Searches[]

Schools with Accepted Offers[]

Please add a row to the table and fill in the information under each heading if known or relevant.

Use the following template for entries:

  • If an institution had multiple positions open this year, please indicate the position in parentheses.
  • For "Type of Position," please use "Full-time TT", "Full-time NTT," or "Part-time"
  • For ABDs, please only indicate a graduation year if you've already defended and submitted.
  • The table is easier to edit if you select the Visual Editor from the blue drop-down Edit menu at the top right.
Hiring Institution Type of Position Name PhD Date, Institution Degree (if known) Current Position (if different) (Sub)discipline

Part-time/Adjunct Positions[]

Please list jobs in order by state or country, then sort alphabetically.

Canada: Alberta

  • University of Calgary (Calgary, AB) (Deadline 4/4/24) Sessional Instructors - Winter 2025 - Division of Music
    • Winter 2025 (January 13-April 11): MUSI 325B Musicianship II, MUSI 332 Music History and Literature III, MUSI 343 Composition II
  • University of Calgary (Calgary, AB) (Deadline 7/9/24) Sessional Instructor - MUSI 325B Musicianship II - Winter 2025

Canada: Nova Scotia

Canada: Ontario

  • University of Toronto (Deadline 6/25/24) Faculty of Music Sessional Lecturers, Positions in History & Culture
    • Winter 2025 Courses include HMU326H1 Music under Totalitarianism & HMU319H1 Music, Gender and Sexuality
  • University of Toronto (Deadline 6/28/24) Faculty of Music Sessional Lecturers, Positions in the Faculty of Arts & Science
    • Winter 2025 Courses include MUS302H1 The Symphony & MUS211H1 The World of Popular Music

United States: California

  • Santa Clara University (Deadline 7/26/24) Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer in Music, Cultures & Ideas I and II, Winter 2025 & Spring 2025 Quarters
  • Santa Clara University (Deadline 7/26/24) Quarterly Lecturer in Music, Introduction to Listening: Global, Winter 2025 Quarter

United States: New York

  • Syracuse University (Open until filled, posted 6/17/24) Part-Time Faculty: MTC 551.1 Songwriting (Spring 2025)

Other Positions of Interest[]

This section is for non-academic jobs of interest to readers of this page.


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