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Theory Only[]

AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts (no deadline listed, posted 6/8) Sight Singing Faculty

Appalachian State University (deadline 12/5) Instructor/Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (1/17) Request to contact references.
  • (1/31) Request for campus interview
  • (5/21) Search concluded without hire per email from SC. New search planned for next year.
  • Did they actually hold campus interviews? Or they cancelled search before they took place?
  • They held interviews and made offers but no one accepted.
  • I had an on-campus interview in May and was not offered the job.
  • (6/2) Job offered and accepted (one year contract): Robert Komaniecki (ABD Indiana)

Appalachian State University (deadline 11/22) Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor (Spring 2018)

  • (1/3) Offer made and accepted (Alyssa Barna, Eastman)

Aurora University (no deadline listed, posted 5/21) Adjunct Faculty – Music Theory

  • 6/6 Reposted on MTO
  • 6/11 FYI, according to the job posting this is a one semester position

Bethesda University (no deadline listed, posted 1/23) Director of Doctor of Musical Arts

  • "The position of Director of Doctor of Musical Arts program requires an individual with excellent teaching skills for teaching any Music Theory class."

Chestnut Hill College (review begins immediately, posted 5/9) Instructor/Assistant Professor of Music

  • (5/17) Appears to be a dead link, but I looked earlier today and it was working. Must have been taken down in the last few hours. Does anyone know if this position has indeed closed?
  • (5/21) I'm not sure. I sent an application on May 10 but haven't received a response. Given that it was posted for a very short period of time, I wonder if it was posted by mistake.
  • (5/21a) I also submitted my application on May 10. I received a confirmation email the following day. I don't think a follow-up message would be inappropriate.
  • (5/22) Skype interview scheduled.
  • (6/1) Second Skype interview (model teach) scheduled.
  • (6/19) Finalist named and on-campus interview scheduled
  • (7/27) Offer made and accepted: Ian Gerg (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2015)

Christopher Newport University (deadline 10/27) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory)

  • (11/15) Colleague had interview
  • (1/17) Position has been filled: Chelsey Hamm (Asst. Prof., Missouri Western State University; Ph.D. Indiana University 2016) 

Cleveland Institute of Music (deadline 1/12, but review begins immediately) Music Theory Faculty (x2)

  • (10/25) The ad is unusually vague on what materials to submit: "vita and relevant materials". Hopefully this gets updated for clarity.
  • (12/3) Request for additional materials (3x)
  • (1/19) Phone interview requested (x1)
  • (1/23) Campus visit requested (x1)
  • (3/23) Offer accepted.
  • (3/31) Phone and Skype interviews requested for the second opening (x2)
  • 4/13 Any update on this?
  • (5/7) I would also love an update. It's been crickets so far.
  • (5/7) Position offered and accepted.
  • (5/15) Do we know who got the job?
  • (6/20) Sam Bivens and Alan Reese (both Ph.D., Eastman, 2018)

The Colburn School (open until filled, posted 1/8) Department Chair

  • Appears to be continuation of failed (?) search from last year.

The College of St. Rose (review begins immediately, posted 5/22) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music/Core Curriculum.

  • "The successful candidate's responsibilities include teaching undergraduate courses in theory and aural skills. The selected candidate will also be expected to work with the core curriculum faculty in matters relating to the department's core curriculum and may be asked to teach additional music courses as needed and based on the candidate's experience. "

Dalhousie University (deadline 5/27) Instructor in Music (Musicianship)

Duquesne University (deadline 1/10) Assistant Professor of Music

  • (2/2) Skype interview held
  • (3/28) Offer accepted (Paul Miller, VAP Duquesne University, Cornell, CU-Boulder, Ph.D. Eastman 2009)

Elon University (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor, Music (Music Theory)

  • (12/04) Has anyone received an acknowledgment of their application?
  • (12/04) I did not--but I don't think that's atypical. Recall that this position had you send applications to an email address rather than use Interfolio or one of those services where the acknowledgement is built in. They probably don't have time to email an acknowledgment to everyone who applies.
  • (12/16) applications under review during winter break.
  • (1/23) Request for Skype interview. (x3)
  • (2/5) On-campus interviews scheduled
  • 3/22 Offer made and accepted.
  • (6/5) Do we know who got this job?
    • Allison Wente (SUNY Fredonia)

Friends University (no deadline listed, posted 4/17) Visiting Lecturer of Music

  • (6/5) Email stating the position has been filled.

Grand Canyon University (no deadline listed, posted 7/2) Adjunct - Aural Skills I

Grand Canyon University (no deadline listed, posted 7/2) Adjunct - Fundamentals of Music Theory for Contemporary Worship I

Green River College (deadline 3/8) Music Instructor - Tenure Track

  • "Green River College seeks a music instructor to teach first year music theory and aural skills (ear training), and courses in MIDI technology including music notation and sequencing programs."
  • 3/23 Request for campus interview

Hobart & William Smith Colleges (deadline 3/8) Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 2/28 Comments moved to School-Specific Discussion below
  • (4/4) Request for Skype Interview
  • Any movement?

Indiana University (deadline 10/2) Assistant Professor, Music (Music Theory)

  • (10/23) Request for additional materials
  • (12/6) Request for Skype interview
  • (1/24) Request for campus interview (x2)
  • (5/15) Any updates on this one?
  • (5/16) My interview was in February. Not a peep since! (x2)
  • (5/21) If it helps the applicants to this one, the IU student body has not been informed of anything either.
  • (5/22) I've heard that they've been trying to court their top choice since sometime in March.
  • (6/4) That information is incorrect.
  • (6/5) @ the 6/4 commenter, do you have any information, just out of curiosity?
  • (7/5) @ 6/5, they have hired a 2-year VAP (something they have always done) who has not yet signed the contract so it has not been announced. I have heard nothing about a TT hire and am not sure this VAP hire was part of that search.
  • (7/5) VAP hire participated in on-campus interview (as a finalist?) for TT position early in the year.
  • (7/10) So I suppose there was no actual TT hire?
  • (7/11) As of today, the position is still open on the "Faculty Careers at IU" website. So I imagine there has in fact been no hire at this point.
  • (7/11) Position offered and accepted (as a two-year contract): Anabel Maler (ABD, University of Chicago)

Indiana University-Purdue University Ft. Wayne (deadline 3/31) Continuing Lecturer in Music Theory

  • Job posting PDF has title listed as "Visiting Instructor of Music Therapy" but I think that's an error. See also the posting on
  • (4/2) Request for Skype Interview
  • (4/17) Campus interview scheduled
  • (5/8) Offer accepted: Andrew Selle (Ph.D., Florida State University)

Lee University (open until filled, posted 18 January 2018) Faculty Position in Music Theory

  • nb: "Qualifications of the ideal candidate include...a commitment to Christian higher education and the integration of faith with teaching/learning."
  • (2/2) Request for phone interview
  • (2/20) Skype interview
  • (5/4) Any news? It has been quite a while for this one.

Mahidol University (open until filled, posted 1/10) Lecturer in Music Theory (starts May 2018)

  • "Teaching responsibilities will include undergraduate and graduate courses in music theory, as well as coordination of theory and aural skills curricula."

Metropolitan State University of Denver (deadline 6/12) Music Theory Lecturer - Category II

Missouri Western State University (open until filled, posted 4/23) Assistant Professor or Instructor of Music Theory and Aural Skills

  • "Responsibilities include: teaching first-and second year undergraduate courses in music theory and aural skills and coordinating the music theory and aural skills areas. Additional teaching assignments may be chosen from orchestration, post-tonal theory, form and analysis, music fundamentals, and other courses related to the candidate’s interests and background."
  • (5/14) Request for phone interview
  • 5/24-6/5 Onsite interviews
  • (7/9) – Position Offered and Accepted: Aaron Grant (ABD, Eastman School of Music) 

Morgan State University (deadline 6/1) Contractual Faculty Position in Music--Ear-training and Aural Skills

Mt. Allison University (deadline 5/4) Instructor of MUSC 1001: Fundamentals of Music (Winter 2019)

New England Conservatory (open until filled, posted 2/5) Music Theory Faculty

  • Required materials include a sample syllabus for "Solfege I" for undergraduates
  • Rumor that campus interviews were several weeks ago. Any news?
  • Accepted: Andrew Schartmann (PhD, Yale 2018)

New York University (deadline 12/1, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music Theory, non-tenure track

  • 11/16 Deadline extended to 12/1
  • 01/07 Skype Interview Scheduled (x2)
  • 02/06 Contacted for on-campus interview (x2)
  • 4/30 Position offered and accepted

Northwestern University (deadline 9/15) Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Music Theory and Cognition

  • Does anyone know why this position is available? Are they expanding or has someone retired?
  • Someone is retiring in the program. 
  • The position was changed to open rank on 1 September.
  • 9/1 Changed the above link to point to the updated position description on the Northwestern website.
  • 11/19 No movement on this in the two months since the deadline?
  • 12/18 Apparently they're looking for a senior scholar - heard they had on-campus interviews (can anyone else confirm?)
  • 12/29 On-campus interviews have not yet taken place.
  • 2/20 Anything recent?
  • 4/26 News?
  • (6/5) I'm also interested in hearing who got this one.
  • (8/20) Danuta Mirka (Univ. of Southampton; PhD, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland)

Ohio State University (deadline 11/8) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (11/20) Request for additional materials (X2)
  • 12/6 Skype Interview
  • 12/28 On-campus interview scheduled
  • 2/14 Received email that job was accepted by another candidate
  • Job accepted: Daniel Shanahan (Asst. Prof. LSU; PhD, Univ. Dublin) 

Ohio University Lancaster (deadline 7/8) Adjunct Instructor in Music

Open University (deadline 5/29) Lecturer in Music

  • "OU Music is recruiting a lecturer to assist in redesigning undergraduate offerings that develop core skills in notating and analysing the materials of music. The successful candidate will have expertise in music theory/analysis and in popular music, and will contribute to the production and maintenance of current and future OU music modules."

Raritan Valley Community College (open until filled, posted 10/5) Adjunct Instructor, Music Theory/Musicianship (Spring 2018)

Rhode Island College (deadline 12/20) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • 1/24 Phone Interview
  • 2/7 Campus interview scheduled
  • 5/28 Job accepted: Todd Borgerding (currently at RIC: inside canidate; Ph.D in Historical Musicology, U. Michigan, 1997)

Rutgers University (deadline 11/27) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 11/15 Does anyone know what the mysterious "other document" is? I have not received a reply from the search Chair.
  • 11/15 (2) I just uploaded another publication; I'm not going to get the job anyway, so might as well.
  • 12/15 Search suspended per email from Dean.

Stetson University (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 10/31 Skype Interview Scheduled/request for additional materials

SUNY Albany (deadline 12/31) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 2/6 Any movement here?
  • 2/17 Campus interview scheduled
  • 5/16 Position filled per rejection email

SUNY Fredonia (deadline 6/15) Lecturer - Music Theory

Texas A&M University-Kingsville (open until filled, posted 11/7) Music Theory/Ear Training, Part-time

  • No cover letter required? Couldn't see a way to include one with the application.

Syracuse University (no deadline listed, posted 7/12/18) Part-Time Faculty MTC 145.2 Diatonic Harmony I/MTC 146.1 Diatonic Harmony II (F2018/S2019)

Syracuse University (no deadline listed, posted 7/12/18) Part-Time Faculty MTC 125.2 Introductory Music Theory (F2018/S2019)

University of Alabama (deadline 10/16) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 10/27 Skype Interview Scheduled
  • 11/23 On-campus interview scheduled
  • Offer accepted: Matthew Boyle (ABD, Indiana University)

University of Alberta (deadline 2/28) Faculty Lecturer in Theory and Aural Skills

  • 3/23 Any movement?
  • (4/23) Does anyone have any information regarding search status?

University of Calgary (deadline 12/22) Sessional Instructor, Introduction to Music Theory for Non-Majors (Summer 2018)

University of California, Davis (deadline 7/1) Lectureship in Music - Music Theory

University of California, Los Angeles (deadline 5/18) Assistant or Associate Adjunct Professor in Musicianship

  • 6/11 Any movement here seeing as the job is meant to be filled by July 1?

University of Central Florida (deadline 1/16) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • (02/15) On-campus interview scheduled
  • (4/30) Offer accepted: William Ayers (PhD, University of Cincinnati)

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (deadline 5/15) Adjunct Instructor in Music Theory

  • Does anyone know if this is full-time or part-time? It looks like a .75 to me. I emailed the executive assistant who forwarded my question on to the interim director. I don't have high hopes of hearing back. Can someone with more experience at reading job ads let me know what you think?
  • (5/14) CCM faculty member here. It's a part-time position.
  • (7/2) Any movement or info on this? I applied, but have heard nothing - thanks.
  • (7/3) The theory faculty made recommendations to an administrator some time ago. As of June 29, the search had not yet concluded.
  • (7/23) Position filled.
  • (7/30) Any info on who was hired?

University of Delaware (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (12/14) Request for additional materials (X2)
  • (2/15) Skype Interview
  • Offer accepted:  Patricia Burt (Asst. Prof., HCC; PhD, UMCP)

University of Houston (no deadline listed, posted 2/6) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 2/19 Review of applications begins March 1.
  • 3/9 Request for additional materials (x2)
  • 3/25 Request for Skype interview
  • 4/4 Request for on campus interview
  • 5/14 Offer accepted: Ji Yeon Lee (CUNY)

University of Manitoba (deadline 2/28) Assistant Professor in Music Theory

  • If direct link doesn't work, search for Requisition 01111
  • 3/20 Any movement here? (Over 2 weeks for initial review of a TT position this late in the year seems like a lot.)
  • (3/21) On-campus interview scheduled

University of Michigan (deadline 5/27) Lecturer I, Music Theory (50% FTE)

University of North Texas (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (12/8) Request for additional materials (3x)
  • (2/1) Skype interview scheduled (2X)
  • (2/22) On-campus interview scheduled
  • (4/2) Received email: Job offer accepted (unknown)
  • (4/4) Offer accepted: David Heetderks (Assoc. Prof., Oberlin; PhD, Michigan)

University of Northern Colorado (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (12/11) Request for interview (2x)
  • (1/26) On Campus interview scheduled
  • (4/5) On-campus interview scheduled.
  • (5/18) Offer made and accepted.

University of Notre Dame (deadline 3/12) Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor, Music Theory

  • 3/21 Discussion about (possibly changed) deadline moved to School-Specific Discussion below.
  • 4/27 email received that search is complete

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (deadline 1/8) Assistant Professor in Music Theory

  • 02/01 Phone interview scheduled
  • 02/14 On-campus interview scheduled
  • Offer accepted: Katrina Roush (ABD, Indiana University)

University of Utah (deadline 2/4, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor in Music Theory

  • (2/7) Request for writing sample
  • (2/25) Request for Skype interview
  • 2/28 Inside candidate discussion moved to General Discussion section below.
  • (3/16) On-campus interview scheduled.
  • 4/30 Offer accepted: Paul Sherrill (VAP, College of Wooster; Ph.D., Indiana University, 2016)
  • 5/7 - Interesting. Is this a new tenure track position at the U.? It looks like a VAP is leaving to go somewhere else, one search was this the theory only position?
  • (5/8) Yes, this is the theory-only position. It's not that new, the deadline was early February. I think the leaving VAP was more composition/theory.
  • (5/8) I see. So one of the VAPs will keep their job and there are now "TWO" tenure track theory spots? Is the Theory/Comp search still open? 

Wabash College (review begins immediately, posted 6/7) Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor of Music Theory (part-time, Spring 2018)

  • 10/16 Offered and accepted, Chris Renk, D.M. Indiana University.

Western University (deadline 1/8) Postdoctoral Associate in Music Cognition

  • 3/22 Request for Skype interview
  • 4/30 Offer accepted

Theory/Performance, etc.[]

American University (deadline 5/14) Term Faculty: Music Program

  • "The position will require the incumbent to teach three undergraduate courses per semester in music, including, but not limited to music theory, ear training, and General Education courses for non-majors (now called the “AU Core”). Depending on area of specialization, the candidate may teach composition lessons and/or innovative courses that serve a liberal arts program in music."

Ashland University (Open until filled, posted 11/7/17) Professional Instructor - Music

  • "The successful candidate will teach undergraduate courses for majors and non-majors to be selected from music theory, aural skills, composition, music technology and popular music."
  • 12/18 Phone Interview
  • 2/2 On-Campus Interview
  • 3/5 Position offered and accepted

Ball State University (deadline 12/16) Instructor of Music (full-time, Spring 2018)

  • "The School of Music at Ball State University invites applications for full-time semester instructors (beginning 8 January 2018) to teach music coursework in both the online and on-campus environment. Primary assignment will initially include teaching three sections MUHI 100 “Introduction to Music” and one section of Music Theory."

Boston Conservatory at Berklee (deadline 7/16) Part-time Faculty, Musical Theory/Piano

  • "Boston Conservatory at Berklee invites applications for a part-time faculty position in the Theater Division. Teaching duties will include undergraduate and graduate courses in music theory, sight singing, and piano skills."

Bradley University (review begins immediately, posted 6/8) One-Year Instructor/Assistant Professor in Residence Music Theory and Composition/Clarinet

  • "Teaching assignments will include Music Theory I, II, III, IV and advanced coursework in theory/composition that is all offered on a rotational basis. A secondary area of applied studio teaching is also desired with preference given to composition and/or clarinet.*

Bunker Hill Community College (deadline 2/8) Full-time tenure-track instructor of music

  • "Full-time instructor of Music in the Performing Arts Department. Responsible for the teaching and curriculum development of music courses, with emphasis on choral and vocal ensembles."

California Institute of the Arts (deadline 2/1) Conductor-Composer

  • "She/He/They must be a conductor-composer who is able to contribute to the school’s broadly integrated subject areas on all degree levels, including instrumental music as a performer-composer, composition and experimental sound practices, the core curriculum for undergraduates and other areas of the curriculum addressing the diverse range of musical styles and sources of inspiration exhibited among the student body."

Christopher Newport University (deadline 4/9) Part Time Instructor or Lecturer in Music (Music Theory/Composition & Keyboard)

  • "Responsibilities may include applied teaching in piano and/or composition, keyboard class, music theory, ear training, and upper-level curriculum in theory. A Master’s Degree in Theory, Composition, or Piano with teaching experience at the university level in both piano and Theory/Composition and professional performance is required."

Coventry University (deadline 11/9) Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "Successful candidates will undertake teaching assessment and delivery within our BA Music course. A particular focus on new, emerging and innovative forms of music practice and theory across a range of areas such as composition, performance, pedagogy, and musicology."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Earlham College (no deadline listed, posted 10/19) Visiting Lecturer — Music (Spring 2018)

  • "The College seeks a gifted educator to teach the following three undergraduate courses as part of a bachelor-of-arts-in-music program within a liberal arts curriculum: The second and third semesters of Earlham's music theory sequence; and An introductory course in music technology. The position will entail other minor duties, such as making sure the computer-music lab is functioning properly."
  • 10/28 Phone Interview
  • 10/30 Offered and Accepted

Eureka College (review begins immediately, posted 2/22) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Teaching includes undergraduate voice studio for majors and minors and courses in music history and theory. Additional responsibilities include the ability to craft general education music capabilities courses and active participation in music programming and development. Position Requirements: Master’s degree in Music Performance or Music Composition or Musicology, experience in teaching Music Theory and keyboard skills."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • From musicology wiki: (3/21) Request for phone interview

Florida International University (deadline 12/15) Instructor of Music Theory and History

  • "Responsibilities and Expectations: Develop and teach courses in undergraduate music theory, sight-singing, ear-training, and music history; supervise and implement the SOM’s Student Success Initiative."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • This job has an inside candidate.

Fresno City College (deadline 3/12) Music Theory/Instrumental Instructor

  • 4/4 Campus interview scheduled

Georgia College (application review begins 3/16) Lecturer of Music-Voice/Theory/Generalist

  • "Teach applied voice to music majors and minors; Teach aural skills as part of the music theory sequence; Contribute to the Georgia College core curriculum such as teaching topical first-year (GC1Y) or second-year (GC2Y) seminar courses; Vocal direction of the mainstage musical and/or musical theatre scenes class; Occasionally supervise senior recitals"
  • 2/27 Not sure if this job is appropriate for the Music Theory wiki since a Doctorate in Voice Pedagogy or Voice Performance is a minimum requirement.

Jackson State Community College (deadline 4/22) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Preferred: Experience as a classical choral and vocal accompanist. • Experience teaching beginning choir. • Experience teaching class theory, beginning through early advanced levels. • Experience teaching sight singing and ear training."
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.

John Tyler Community College (deadline 5/10) Music Faculty

  • "To teach music appreciation, music history and music theory in face-to-face, hybrid, and/or online formats, in addition to vocal and/or instrumental performance in class, applied, and ensemble formats."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Laney College (deadline 5/4) Music Instructor

Louisiana Tech University (review begins immediately, posted 12/14) Assistant Professor of Music – High Brass and Music Theory

  • "The primary responsibility of the high brass and music theory faculty member is to teach applied lessons for high brass, high brass methods, methods, the secondary year music theory sequence (written and aural skills), and other courses based on the candidate’s qualifications."

Missouri Southern State University (deadline 11/27) Assistant Professor, Collaborative Piano and Music Theory

  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.
  • From piano wiki: 12/14 References contacted
  • From piano wiki: 2/19 Teaching video requested
  • From piano wiki: 2/20 Skype interview requested
  • From piano wiki: 3/12 Campus interview requested

Monterey Peninsula College (deadline 2/20) Music Instructor, Full-Time Tenure-Track

  • "The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching a range of Music classes. This will include conducting a major ensemble (instrumental or vocal) and teaching classes in first and second year Music Theory and Music Appreciation. Additionally, the candidates should have expertise in one or more of the following: Music Technology, Choral, Vocal, Instrumental Conducting, Jazz Studies, or World Music."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Montgomery College (deadline 3/30) Music Full-time Faculty

NUI Galway (deadline 8/10) Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "The Senior Lecturer must have an ability and willingness to provide teaching in at least two of the areas required by Ireland’s Teaching Council: Instrumental and/or Vocal Performance; Harmony; Composition; Aural, Basic Keyboard and Music Technology Skills; Western Art Music and/or Irish Traditional Music"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

National Sun Yat-sen University (deadline 8/31) Full-time Faculty in Music

National Sun Yat-sen University (deadline 11/24) Full-time Faculty in Music

  • This appears to be a different position from the above posting.

New Saint Andrews College (review begins immediately, posted 2/14)

  • "This faculty position is responsible for teaching a part-time academic load to prepare students in biblical centered musicianship alongside applied music lessons in one of the following areas: piano, voice, or violin."
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.

Northwest-Shoals Community College (deadline 5/10) Music Instructor (Full-time)

  • "Instruct students in music theory, harmony, score and sight reading, composition, and music appreciation classes."

Otterbein University (deadline listed, posted 6/12) Part-time Instructor—Music Theory, Aural Skills, Piano Class and/or New Music Ensemble

Piedmont College (open until filled, posted 2/2) Assistant Professor (Music Theory/Piano)

  • "The ideal candidate will have experience in teaching college-level beginning and advanced music theory and aural skills, proven success in teaching group piano classes for music majors, and exemplary accompanying skills."
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.

Rochester Institute of Technology (deadline 8/21) Assistant Professor, Music Studies

  • "DMA or PhD. in Music Studies, completed prior to date of hire. Significant prior teaching experience at the college level. Research interests in music theory, music history and practice, pedagogy and new trends. College level orchestral directing experience. A willingness to collaborate with music related initiatives across the institute including IGM (Interactive Games and Media) and composing for media classes at CIAS (College of Imaging Arts & Sciences) ... "
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Saint Anselm College (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor in Music

  • "Primary teaching responsibilities will depend on the candidate’s area of expertise, but could include introductory music courses, music history and theory sequence (including aural skills), individual music lessons, Computer Music, World Music, and interdisciplinary seminars for non-majors."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • From musicology wiki: Invitation for Skype interview (11/13)
  • From musicology wiki: Rejection email stating that campus finalists have been chosen (12/19)
  • From musicology wiki: Rejection email stating that someone's been hired, alas....(3/2)

Sierra College (deadline 2/14) Music Instructor, Full Time, Tenure Track

  • "Commencing Fall 2018, a full-time tenure-track faculty position will be available in the Music Department. Responsibilities include teaching a variety of music courses which may include vocal ensemble, music theory and music appreciation. Desirable Qualifications: Experience teaching music theory and practice"
  • Rejection email stating interview process will continue with best-qualified candidates. (3/30)

Shasta College (deadline 6/4) Music Theory and Orchestra Instructor

Skidmore College (deadline 3/26) Visiting Assistant Professor (2-year)

  • "The successful applicant will contribute to the core music theory sequence and to other courses in musicology, ethnomusicology, and general education, according to the needs of the Department and the strengths of the applicant."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • From musicology wiki: 3/31: Skype Interview Scheduled

South Puget Sound Community College (deadline 2/23) Music Professor, Choral Ensemble & Music Theory

  • "Direct college/community choral ensembles. Teach a range of courses in the music curriculum, including some combination of the following: music fundamentals, music theory, music history, music appreciation, ear training and sight-singing, class piano, applied lessons."

South Puget Sound Community College (deadline 2/23) Music Professor, Instrumental Ensemble & Music Theory

  • "Direct college and community orchestral ensembles. Teach a range of courses in the music curriculum, including some combination of the following: music fundamentals, music theory, music history, music appreciation, ear training and sight-singing, class piano, applied lessons."

Southwestern Oregon Community College (deadline 4/29) Music Instructor, tenure-track

  • "Teach music performance, theory, and history, as well as courses in studio recording and production as they are developed."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Stony Brook University (deadline 11/3) Tenured or Tenure-Track Position in Music History/Theory/Ethnomusicology

  • "We have a particular interest in applicants whose research specialties intersect with one or more of these areas: music before 1600, gender and sexuality, critical race studies, or digital and new media practices. Candidates must hold a Ph.D, or have advanced ABD status, in Music History, Theory, or Ethnomusicology, and should be well-versed in both historical and theoretical domains."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • 10/26 Updated link to direct to the posting on Stony Brook jobs site, since it has slightly different instructions than the posting.
  • From musicology wiki: 12/1: Request for more materials (x2)
  • From musicology wiki: 2/5: Campus visits underway

University of Chester (deadline 11/14) Lecturer in Music

  • "The successful applicant will have a proven track record of lecturing in music, preferably in HE. It would be desirable if this teaching could span genres (across classical and popular) and a specialism in one or more of the following is desirable: popular music performance and practice; music production; performance studies; music theory; ensemble/choir directing; arranging; or musical theatre."

University of Dayton (deadline 12/1) Lecturer in Music (Music Theory and Technology)

  • 1/24: Phone interview scheduled
  • 02/14: On-campus interview scheduled
  • 04/22: Offer accepted - Stefanie Acevedo (Music Theory ABD, Yale)

University of Florida (deadline 12/15) Assistant/Associate Professor in Bassoon/Music Theory-Aural Skills

University of Montevallo (open until filled, posted 3/20) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Essential: Teach undergraduate classes in the music history sequence, applied instrumental music, music theory, and music appreciation/technology. Preferred: Secondary area based on candidate’s strengths, with particular emphasis on the ability to teach woodwind, brass, or percussion applied, undergraduate music theory, and/or music technology."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • From musicology wiki: 6/1 - Offer extended and accepted

University of Northern Iowa (deadline 12/4) Assistant Professor of Double Bass and Music Theory

University of Valley Forge (no deadline listed, posted 12/1) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Education & Music Theory

  • "Teaching areas may include: Music theory (4 levels), aural skills (4 levels), fundamentals of music, music education courses, graduate music technology courses, oversight of graduate research projects (Theses), some applied teaching in area of expertise, other courses as needed based on qualifications."
  • Included in qualifications: "A member of an Assemblies of God church."

University of Valley Forge (no deadline listed, posted 12/1) Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano & Music Theory

  • "Teaching areas may include: Music theory (4 levels), aural skills (4 levels), fundamentals of music, applied piano, class piano I & II, piano pedagogy, other courses as needed based on qualifications"
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.
  • Included in qualifications: "A member of an Assemblies of God church."

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (deadline 4/14) Artist/Teacher of Saxophone and Music Theory

  • "This full-time tenure-track position will include teaching applied saxophone, music theory, aural skills, and other duties assigned by the chair"

Washington & Jefferson College (deadline 11/17) Visiting Artist/Scholar in Residence for Inclusion Initiatives

  • "Washington & Jefferson College seeks an experienced artist or scholar who can contribute to our inclusion and diversity initiatives on campus through teaching, dynamic out-of-class interactions with students and faculty, and a public event during a one-semester full-time residency. Candidates should possess a Master's degree or at least 5 years of professional experience; college level teaching experience preferred; a body of artistic work, research, or scholarship; and a willingness to engage with Washington & Jefferson students and colleagues on issues of inclusion and diversity."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Western Illinois University (deadline 11/1) Music Assistant Professor, Theory/Class Piano

  • "RESPONSIBILITIES: Teach written and/or aural theory and class piano. Additional teaching assignments dependent upon qualifications and departmental need."
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.
  • From piano wiki: 12/14 Additional materials requested
  • From piano wiki: 2/19 References contacted

Theory/Composition, etc.[]

Appalachian State University (deadline 3/1) Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory

  • 3/15 Additional Materials requested
  • 4/10 Any updates?
  • 4/26 Updates?
  • 4/26 (2) Campus interviews held mid-April
  • 5/24 Offer(s)?
  • 6/1 Offer made and accepted (Andrew Hannon, Lecturer, Appalachian State University, DMA University of South Carolina 2014)

California State University, Bakersfield (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Music (Theory/Composition)

Centenary College (open until filled, posted 2/1) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory and Composition)

Clark University (deadline 5/4) Visiting Instructor/Visiting Assistant Professor, Music Theory/Composition

  • 5/17 Rejection received, position has been filled

Columbia University (deadline 10/10) Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow/Lecturer

George Fox University (review begins immediately, posted 5/10) Adjunct Professor of Music (Spring 2019)

Georgia State University (deadline 12/15, but review begins immediately) Lecturer in Music Theory/Composition

  • (2/14) Skype interview requested

Gonzaga University (deadline 11/1) Assistant Professor, Music

  • (10/23) If I am reading the ad correctly, it looks like they're asking for a total of 6 references. Any thoughts on this?
  • (12/4) Skype interviews scheduled
  • (12/21) Campus interviews scheduled
  • (4/2) At least one offer was turned down in late Feb.

Grambling State University (no deadline listed, posted 2/22) Associate Professor/Computer Technical Director

  • "A Masters of Music; Doctorate preferred. The desired candidate must have a background in Music Technology Software. A strong background in ear training and sight singing. The successful candidate will be expected to: Teach music computer classes, Teach harmony, Teach ear training and sight singing"
  • (5/31) Skype interviews scheduled
  • (6/12) Second interview (on-campus) scheduled

Harford Community College (deadline 5/22) Music Faculty, Full-time, Theory and Composition

  • (5/31) Phone interviews scheduled

Hong Kong Baptist University (deadline 1/1) Assistant Professor in Music (Theory/Composition)

Kenyon College (deadline 2/1) Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor of Music

  • (3/6) Request for Skype interview
  • (3/12) Skype Interviews Held
  • (3/26) Rejection via-email, Three finalists invited to campus interviews

Longy School of Music (review begins immediately, posted 10/5) Chair, Composition and Theory Department (part-time)

Mahidol University (open until filled, posted 1/10) Lecturer in Music Theory(/Composition) (starts May 2018)

  • "Teaching responsibilities will include undergraduate and graduate courses in music composition and theory."
  • (2/11) Request for additional materials (2x)
  • (2/15) Request for video interview (x2)

Rhodes College (deadline 1/12) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Technology and Composition)/Director of Instrumental Studies

  • "The successful candidate will have a terminal degree in instrumental conducting or composition. Preference will be given to candidates whose creative practices include some of the following: teaching in Songwriting, Popular Music, Audio Engineering, Arts Entrepreneurship, and/or Ethnomusicology (African American Music in particular)."
  • (2/2) Request for video interview (x4)
  • (2/21) Campus interview requested (x3)
  • (5/2) Offer made and accepted (Evan Williams, Lecturer, Lawrence University, DMA University of Cincinnati 2016)

Syracuse University (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor, Composition/Theory

  • (11/7) This exact job was posted last year. Anyone know what happened?
  • (11/7) (2) I don't remember this from last year but the language in the ad strikes me as a bit odd. "The successful candidate is expected to have an emerging portfolio leading to the development of an international reputation, along with substantial public performances and recordings."
  • 11/8 Syracuse University did have a job posting for "Assistant Professor/Composition & Theory" open for Fall 2017, though nothing was posted on the wiki after "3/2 Additional materials requested" so I don't know what happened.
  • (11/15) It looks like a hire was made last year (Harold Meltzer), so this appears to be the rare case of a search two years in a row.
  • (2/22) Any update on this?
  • (3/20) Received an email on 2/3 requesting scores and recordings.
  • (4/2) Rejection via email. (x5)
  • (4/24) Natalie Draper (DMA Peabody Institute 2017) 

Texas Tech University (no deadline listed, posted 10/28) Assistant Professor of Composition & Music Theory

  • Posting on MTO says the deadline is December 1:
  • If you get the "Cookies required" error, go to the Faculty jobs page and search for Requisition ID 12130BR
  • 2/1 Request for Skype interview
  • (5/14) Offer made and accepted (Jennifer Jolley, Assistant Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University, DMA CCM) 

University of Glasgow (deadline 7/17) Teaching Assistant

  • "Job Purpose: To contribute to the delivery of an excellent student experience by undertaking a range of teaching, assessment and administrative duties, principally at undergraduate level, in relation to Music, particularly in Composition, Theory and Analysis and Musicianship, "

University of Southern California (no deadline listed, posted 5/16) Part-Time Lecturer in Music Theory and Composition

University of the Pacific (open until filled, review began 1/16) Assistant Professor of Composition/Music Theory

  • (1/22) this posting seems to have been removed from their website- any idea what's going on?
  • This job was not very widely advertised. It was posted on Inside Higher Ed on Friday which is where I saw it when I put it on the wiki, but has already been taken down. If I remember correctly, on the University of the Pacific HR site it looked like the posting had been up a while already, so maybe they aren't accepting any more applications, since review began the 16th. Or, maybe there was an error in the posting and it will come back up. -5120j
  • 1/25 Looks like option B, since the posting is back up, but it's now listed as Assistant/Associate.
  • 1/26 does anyone have information re. application deadline? The mention of review beginning 1/16 is removed from the job ad, as far as I can tell.
  • On 1/30, I still see "Application review begins January 16, 2018; position is open until filled." in the ad on the University HR site.

University of Utah (deadline 1/7, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor in Composition/Music Theory

  • (1/26) additional materials requested (2x)
  • (2/6) Skype interview scheduled
  • 3/20 Search canceled

Valparaiso University (deadline 12/11) Assistant Professor of Music (Theory/Composition)

  • (12/18) Email stating that review of applications has begun & applicants could expect contact again in mid/late January. (x2)
  • (1/21) Request for phone interview
  • (1/23) Rejection via email (X2)
  • (2/14) Request for campus interview
  • (3/18) Offer made and accepted (Sky Macklay, ABD Columbia University)

Wheaton College (deadline 2/22) Assistant Professor, Music

  • "We seek competencies in industry-standard software platforms, knowledge of hardware, and possibly a background in commercial music, to teach in our theory/analysis curriculum and to help develop course(s) in multimedia composition/recording."
  • (3/11) any updates?
  • (3/18) Skype interview (x2)
  • (4/3) Campus visit scheduled
  • (4/24) Offer made and accepted (Will Mason, VAP Oberlin Conservatory, PhD 2018 Columbia University)

Williams College (deadline 11/3) Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition and Music Theory

  • (1/14) Campus visit scheduled
  • (4/10) Dylan Schneider (Lecturer, Amherst College, University of Chicago PhD 2013)

Western Illinois University (deadline 11/1) Music Assistant Professor, Theory/Composition

  • (11/6) Request for additional materials (x3)
  • (11/7) Has anyone else had an issue uploading the additional materials to their system? It seems to have a limit of 10 documents.
  • (11/8) New email sent requesting materials to be sent directly to an email address (instead of the application system)
  • (12/6) References contacted
  • (12/10) Campus Interview Scheduled
  • (2/7) Rejection via email
  • 3/27 Offer made and accepted (Hong-Da Chin, BGSU 2018, according to press release)

Western Washington University (review begins 1/8) Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory

  • 2/17 Any info on this one?
  • 2/20 Email stating that references were being contacted for the remaining candidates.
  • 3/2 Skype interview scheduled.
  • 4/16-4/26 campus interviews 
  • any news of offer?
  • 5/30 Offer made and accepted (Charles Halka, Visiting Lecturer, University of Nevada Las Vegas, DMA 2013 Rice University)

Composition Only[]

Berklee College of Music (deadline 10/2) Full-time Faculty, Composition Department

  • (11/27) No one has an update on this one? Almost 2 months after deadline...
  • (11/28) Rejection received (x2)
  • (2/12) Derek Hurst (PT faculty converted to FT), Brandeis PhD 2006

Boston Conservatory at Berklee (open until filled, posted 6/19) Part-time Faculty of Composition

California State University, Northridge (deadline 1/8) Assistant Professor - Music

  • "The successful candidate will be expected to teach a variety of courses in media composition that may include film composition, songwriting, arranging and orchestrating, and directing a studio lab band. "
  • (2/21) Received email that a position has been offered to a candidate.

Colgate University (deadline 10/21) Assistant Professor of Composition

  • (10/24) Request for additional materials
  • (10/30) Phone interview scheduled
  • (11/8) Request for campus interview
  • (11/27) Rejection received, position offered to another candidate

Guildhall School of Music & Drama (deadline 4/10) Associate Head of Composition (permanent, .5 FTE)

Kent State University (deadline 3/15) Assistant/Associate Professor of Composition

  • (3/23) Request for additional materials
  • (4/10) Phone interview scheduled
  • (4/20) On-campus interview scheduled

Knox College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Composition

  • (12/1) Skype interview scheduled (x3)
  • (12/23) Request for campus interview
  • (3/2) Offer made and accepted (Pierce Gradone, ABD University of Chicago)

Harvard University (deadline 11/17) Assistant Professor in Composition

  • (4/5) Any progress on this search?

King's College London (4/17) Lecturer in Composition (full-time, permanent)

  • (5/14) Rejection email.

Louisiana State University (deadline 11/15) Assistant/Associate Professor - Composition

  • (12/8) Video interview scheduled
  • (2/9) Job offered and accepted (Mara Gibson, VAP LSU, PhD SUNY Buffalo 2001)

MacEwan University (deadline 2/1) Assistant Professor, Composition

  • (4/17) position offered and accepted

Penn State University (review begins immediately, posted 9/21) Interim Instructor in Music Composition (Spring 2018)

Royal Northern College of Music (deadline 6/8) Composition Tutor (part time)

Stanford University (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor of Composition

  • (10/17) Request for additional materials
  • (11/13) Skype interview scheduled
  • (11/17) Campus interview schedule
  • (11/20) Rejection received
  • Any updates on this?
  • (Mid-February) Offer made and accepted, Patricia Alessandrini (Lecturer in Sonic Arts, Goldsmiths)

Stony Brook University (deadline 2/15) Assistant/Associate Professor of Composition

  • (3/6) Has there been any progress on this search?
  • 3/23 Still nothing?
  • (4/5) Has there been any movement on this?
  • (4/7) Colleague had a Skype interview on 4/3
  • (4/18) Four finalists announced, invited to campus
  • (9/14) Does anyone know if a hire was made? Their department website doesn't list anyone new.
  • (9/17) A July 18 rejection email says an offer was made and accepted, but no name listed.
  • (5/18) Offer made and accepted, Nirmali Fenn (Yale-NUS Singapore)

University of Arizona (deadline 6/8) Assistant Professor of Music in Composition (1-year, non-tenure-track)

University of Bristol (deadline 5/15) Teaching Associate in Music (.6 FTE)

University of Calgary (deadline 12/29) Sessional Instructor, Composition IV (Winter 2018)

  • Offer made and accepted.

University of California, Riverside (deadline 7/19) Visiting Assistant Professor of Composition

  • Offer made and accepted (Dana Kaufman, DMA 2018 University of Miami)

UC Santa Barbara (deadline 11/27) Temporary Part Time Lecturer in Music Composition

  • "The University of California Santa Barbara, College of Creative Studies (CCS), seeks a composer/scenic designer to be appointed as a temporary part-time lecturer at 33% time to teach during the winter quarter of 2017. This is a non-renewing, non-tenure track, non-ladder position, one-quarter appointment with the possibility of reappointment in future academic years depending upon performance and programmatic needs."

University of Central Florida (deadline 12/14) Assistant Professor, Music (Composition)

  • (2/8) Request for phone interview (x3)
  • (2/9) request for more material
  • (2/13) Phone interview scheduled
  • (3/3) Request for in-person interview
  • (4/19) Offer made and accepted
  • (4/24) Alex Burtzos (DMA Manhattan School of Music)

University of Chicago (deadline 11/15) CCCC 2018-2019 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Music Composition

  • 1/19 Posting canceled, please re-apply below.

University of Chicago (deadline 2/28) 2018-2019 Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition Postdoctoral Researcher

  • 1/19 This appears to be a 2nd postdoc position at the CCCC and not just a repost with a new deadline, since the title is slightly different. Anyone have inside info otherwise?
  • 1/19 (2) This is a repost with a new deadline, but the site for applying changed. Received email asking everyone who applied to re-apply because the official job title and University process changed. "After all applications were submitted but before they were under consideration, we were informed that a change was required to the type of appointment. We need to launch a new search using a different web platform and cannot consider any of the materials you have already carefully submitted to us."
  • (4/5) Is there any update on this?
  • (4/23) Has the committee made any moves on this search?
  • (6/7) Tonia Ko (DMA Cornell,

University of Edinburgh (deadline 4/20) Teaching Fellow in Composition (.5 FTE, 3 years)

University of Liverpool (deadline 8/31) Lecturer in Composition Grade 7 (0.25 fte)

University of Melbourne (deadline 5/20) Lecturer in Music (Interactive Composition)

University of Missouri (no deadline listed, posted 10/17) Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Assistant Director of the Mizzou New Music Initiative

  • (12/20) Request for additional materials
  • (1/10) Skype interview request
  • (3/15) Carolina Heredia (current Mizzou Postdoc, DMA University of Michigan)

University of North Texas (deadline 2/15) Assistant Professor - Media Arts and Composition

  • "The Department of Composition Studies is searching for an Assistant Professor whose duties may include but are not limited to the following: teach applied composition lessons and related courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels with an emphasis in music for film, video games, and other media."
  • (2/28) Request for skype interview

University of Northern Colorado (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor of Jazz Composition

University of Oxford (Bodleian Libraries) (deadline 2/12) Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellowship in Music, 2018-19

Composition/Music Technology[]

Aalto University (deadline 3/13) Professor of Practice in Sound in Virtual Reality

  • This is a fixed 5-year term position in Finland with the title of Professor of Practice. Typically, that position relies more on creating new work than teaching/research duties. No skills in Finnish are required.
  • "Merits in development of spatial audio technologies will be emphasized in the selection process: the applicant is expected to have significant achievements that, in terms of qualifications, are comparable to a doctoral level degree. A good knowledge of signal processing, psychoacoustics, and room acoustics is assumed. In addition, a good knowledge of contemporary artistic and design practices is beneficial, as well as practical experience in the fields of sound design and virtual reality. Excellent communication skills in English are required."

Albright College (deadline 1/31) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Technology/Composition)

  • 2/16 Skype interview

Arizona State University (deadline 11/27) Tenure track Assistant Professor in Art/Science Nexus

  • "Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) in partnership with the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (HIDA) seek an assistant professor (tenure track) scholar/practitioner who works at the art/science nexus. We seek someone who thinks about futures, possible worlds, and the governance of innovation by combining artistic and technoscientific methods, transforming disciplinary practice and considering real-world impacts. We especially seek candidates with professional experience who accomplish these outcomes by inventing new technologies, genres of dialogue, narrative, performance and/or events – imagining futures and creating fresh techniques for imagining futures."

Bates College (deadline 3/1) Lecturer in Music

  • "The Music Department of Bates College announces a one-year four-fifths position as Lecturer in Music for a composer with strong skills in computer and digital music, starting on August 1st, 2018. Other areas of specialization may include sound art, game music, hardware design or instrument making. Candidates should have a strong command of digital and computer music practices, such as programming in Max/MSP, SuperCollider or other programs, audio recording, composition, and other relevant expertise."
  • 3/13 Skype interview (x3)
  • 3/23 campus interview

Berklee College of Music (open until filled) Assistant Director of Technology

Brown University (deadline 4/1) Postdoctoral Fellow in Multimedia and Electronic Music

  • 5/3 Position has been filled
  • 5/4 Who was awarded this position? is contract signed?

California State University, East Bay (deadline 10/2) Assistant Professor of Music (Musicianship/Composition/Technology)

  • (11/16) Any word on this one?
  • (11/20) none. i know two people who applied, both with degrees from excellent schools, and neither one of them has heard a word.
  • (12/04) phone interview scheduled (x4)
  • (1/17) Any update on this?
  • (1/30) Campus interview scheduled
  • (2/15) An errant email to the department chair, apparently sent to everyone that applied but not to the administrator for whom it was intended, states that a single candidate has been recommended to the administration. A separate email requested that readers “disregard this email and be advised that the search is ongoing and the position remains open until filled.”
  • (3/1) Still nothing, huh?
  • (3/13) Nope, still nothing.
  • (3/15) Job offered and accepted (Inés Thiebaut, current VAP University of Utah, PhD CUNY Graduate Center)

Carleton College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music (Composition/Music Technology)

  • (12/15) Skype interview scheduled
  • (12/15) Rejection via email (x4)
  • (1/16) Campus interview scheduled

Colorado College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor, Music Technology

  • (12/8) Skype interview scheduled (x2)
  • (1/19) Campus interview scheduled

The College of St. Rose (open until filled, posted 10/18) Assistant Professor of Music Industry (Songwriting/Composition)

  • "The successful candidate will teach courses in songwriting, applied lessons in the Songwriting/Composition concentration, and facilitate student recording projects and performances. The candidate may also teach special elective courses on topics in the music industry."
  • (2/8) Phone interview scheduled
  • (2/16) Campus interview scheduled

Columbia University (deadline 1/15) Assistant/Associate Professor of the Arts or Assistant/Associate Professor of Professional Practice of the Arts in Sound Art

  • "The successful candidate will have a vibrant studio practice in sound art with a demonstrated ability to teach and mentor graduate students. The incumbent will oversee the Sound Art Program working closely with faculty in the Department of Music's Center for Computer Music and the Visual Arts faculty in the School of the Arts. Candidates may be appointed on professional practice or tenure track at the discretion of the Dean."
  • (2/9) Additional materials requested

Columbia University (open until filled, posted 11/29) Assistant Director of the Computer Music Center

  • "Reporting to the Director of the Computer Music Center (CMC), the assistant director is responsible for supervising and managing the operation of a complex array of uniquely configured computer-music systems necessary to undergraduate and graduate course offerings, and to faculty or visiting researchers and composers."
  • Please note this is a staff/admin job, not faculty.
  • 2/1 offer accepted: Seth Cluett (Assistant Professor - Stevens Institute of Technology/PhD Princeton University)

Cornell University (deadline 1/15) Postdoctoral Associate in Computational Music Theory Pedagogy

  • "We are particularly interested in candidates whose primary research involves music theory pedagogy, who are passionate about improving student learning and exploring new ways of teaching, and who have a strong background in computer science. Fluency in Python and JavaScript is highly desirable, as are strong musicianship skills, proficiency at the keyboard, and familiarity with a wide range of musical idioms and current music-theoretical methods such as schema theory and neo-Riemannian theory."
  • (02/09) Skype interview scheduled

Cornish College of the Arts (open until filled) Director of Music Technology

  • "Provides leadership for the Music Department in relationship to all aspects of music technology. Manages and oversees the recording studio and computer lab. Supports Music Department faculty and students in their music technology needs for classroom and curricular work. Teaching duties as assigned by Chair. Working with Cornish’s Information Technology Department, oversees the acquisition, usage, and maintenance of all computer software and hardware, and audio/visual technology for the department. Please note that this is a hybrid position with both administrative and teaching duties with opportunity for cross-disciplinary work in film, dance, theater, and the visual arts. For more information, please contact"

Coventry University (deadline 4/25) Senior Lecturer in Music Technology

Durham University (deadline 3/16) Postdoctoral Research Associate in Music

  • "A Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available to pursue research in the field of computer music within Durham University’s Music Department. The position is associated with the project ‘MIMIC: Listening to the Future, Learning through Machines: A New Artificial Intelligence Platform for Music Computing’, which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and will see the creation of new web browser based resources for computer musicians."

Georgia Institute of Technology (deadline 5/14) Visiting Assistant Professor in Music Technology

  • Skype interviews (2x) (week of May 21)
  • Second round of Skype interviews (2x) (week of May 28)

George Mason University (deadline 3/23) Assistant Term Professor in Music Technology

  • (04/16) Phone interviews scheduled

Hong Kong Baptist University (deadline 5/15) Associate Professor / Assistant Professor

  • "Preference will be given to those with expertise in one or more of the following fields: i. Scoring for screen and media (film, television and video games), ii. Inter-disciplinary collaboration, iii. Music technology"

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (no deadline listed, posted 11/30) Assistant Professor in Music and Arts Technology

  • "The successful candidate will teach graduate and undergraduate music technology courses, support the integration of music technology and music therapy through an innovative research focus, and develop and coordinate a robust piano/keyboard laboratory program for majors and non-majors. Successful candidates will also work collaboratively with music technology and music therapy faculty to advance research relevant to the departmental mission. Preference will be given to candidates with a focus on education through music technology. Applicants must have a terminal degree (Ph.D. or equivalent)."
  • (02/15) Skype interview scheduled
  • (02/26) Request for campus interview
  • (03/13) Email to say position had been filled

Mahidol University (open until filled, posted 1/10) Lecturer in Music Composition and Theory (Electronic Composition Focus) (starts May 2018)

  • "Teaching responsibilities will include undergraduate and graduate courses in music composition and theory, and coordination and expansion of course offerings in electronic composition."
  • (2/11) Request for additional materials (2x)
  • (2/16) Skype interview scheduled (x2)
  • (3/23) Offer made and accepted (Jason Thorpe Buchanan, ABD Eastman School of Music)

Massey University (deadline 8/23) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music Technology

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (deadline 8/6) Lecturer in Music (Interactive Composition)

Middlesex University (deadline 11/30) Lecturer in Music (Music Technology / Composition) (.6 FTE)

Mills College (deadline 1/15) Assistant Adjunct Professor in Music (Full-time, 1-year)

  • "Candidates should have a strong command of contemporary electronic music practices, such as programming in Max/MSP, SuperCollider or other programs, audio recording, composition, and other relevant expertise. In rotation with current faculty, the subjects taught may include electronic music, computer music, video programming, recording techniques, composition and improvisation."
  • 2/6 Skype interview scheduled
  • 2/26 Rejection e-mail received

MIT (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor - Design and Arts

  • "The Media Lab welcomes applications from candidates interested in establishing research programs in: music, performance, arts, design, food, fashion, architecture, games, narratives, experiences (healing, transformational, connective, etc.), things we have not thought of, or any combination thereof."
  • 2/17 Received rejection email. 

MIT (deadline 12/15) Lecturer I, Music Technology

Montclair State University (open until filled, posted 8/28) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

New College of Florida (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Digital Media Arts

  • 11/2 Is the deadline really 11/1? The actual job portal says 11/15. Any ideas?
  • 11/3 Yes, the listing on the HR site says review begins 11/1 but the listing on the jobs portal says 11/15. You could email HR or the committee chair to clarify.
    • 11/6 In fact this is what I did! I was informed that the deadline has been pushed to the 15th. Happy hunting!
  • 12/6 received note acknowledging receipt and clarifying timeline
  • 1/9 skype interview scheduled (x4)
  • 1/24 Campus interview scheduled
  • 3/17 Offer accepted, Mark Dancigers (PhD Princeton U., former VAP New College of Florida)

The New School (deadline 12/15) Assistant Professor of Music Technology (non-tenure track)

New York University (deadline 12/1, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

  • 1/10 skype interview scheduled

Northeastern University (deadline 11/03) Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Music Technology

  • 10/27 Anybody know of more specifics with regards to job requirements? The MTech program as it currently stands is focused on composition. However, they didn't state that teaching composition would be a requirement. In fact the job ad is rather nebulous.
  • 12/3 Any movement here?
  • 12/5 NEU Music department will be looking for a computer programming and DSP- hardware software design, rather than a composer, as they already have few senior composers in the department. They will be looking for an engineer.
  • 1/15 On-campus interviews scheduled
  • 5/9 Offer made and accepted (Psyche Loui, Asst. Prof of Psychology, Wesleyan; UC Berkeley PhD, Psychology, 2007) 

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (deadline 9/1) Associate Professor in Music Technology

  • 2/11 Position is no longer active as per site.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (deadline 8/15/18) Associate Professor in Music Technology (50% appointment)

Portland Community College (deadline 12/8) Instructor, Professional Music and Sonic Arts

  • "The Department of Music & Sonic Arts at Portland Community College's Cascade Campus seeks a full-time, permanent instructor. Fusing studies in music, science, coding, and design, Music & Sonic Arts serves traditional and non-traditional musicians excited to explore the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible with new instruments, new sounds, and new methods of performance and composition."
  • 1/31 Phone interview scheduled.
  • 2/19 Campus interview scheduled.

Princeton University (review begins immediately, posted 12/8) Part-time Lecturer (Spring 2018)

  • "The ideal candidate will have demonstrated ability to teach an electronic composition workshop class, in the context of the traditional sound studio. Emphasis will be on the student's creative work, composing both "fixed media" works and live electronic/laptop music. "

Shenandoah Conservatory (review begins immediately, posted 3/2) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Production & Recording Technology

Texas Tech University (no deadline listed, posted 10/27) Assistant Professor of Commercial Music Composition & Production

Towson University (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

  • 2/8 Skype interview
  • 2/16 Campus interview scheduled

Tufts University (review begins immediately, posted 5/30) Part-time Lecturer in Computer Tools for Musicians

  • The Department of Music at Tufts University, through its program in Music Engineering, is looking for a part-time lecturer to teach an undergraduate course, Computer Tools for Musicians, in the Fall semester of 2018. The course covers MIDI, synthesis, sampling, digital audio workstations, MIDI controllers, audio recording, audio/video synchronization, computer-generated notation, and related topics.

Ulster University (deadline 9/8) Lecturer in Music

  • "The postholder will undertake teaching, research, and administrative duties across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, with particular responsibilities in Community Music. S/he will have an additional specialism in at least one of the following: Music Technology, Musicology, Music Psychology, Composition, Performance."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

University of California, Berkeley (deadline 11/20) Assistant Professor - Music Technology

University of California, Merced (rolling deadline 4/10 - 4/26) Lecturer in Global Arts Studies (Electronic Composition)

  • Courses include Songwriting, Making Electronic Music, Recording & Studio Techniques.
  • Develop and maintain a media tech lab/recording studio (for 1 course release/year).
  • Union position, full time (subject to enrollment), $53,402/year with benefits.
  • 6/8 Search reopened with new deadline of 7/8
  • 7/15 Federico Llach (Phd UCSB)

University of Canterbury (deadline 1/28) Head of New Music: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Music

  • Deadline listed as 28 January 2017, but since the job was posted on January 5, 2018 (which you can verify from the main jobs page under "view latest jobs"), this is likely a typo.

University of Edinburgh (deadline 3/12) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Creative Audio Programming and Computer Music Systems

  • "Candidates will have a demonstrable research and teaching expertise in any area of audio programming or computer music systems, with an emphasis on low-level audio programming and/or scripting skills (C++/C Sharp/Python), which will help prepare students both for further study in music technology or success in the industrial audio engineering/ creative music technology sector."

University of Edinburgh (deadline 9/25) Teaching Fellow in Music - Sound and Algorithmic Composition

University of Iowa (deadline 4/15) Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition/Theory

  • "The School of Music and College of Liberal Arts is seeking a Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition/ Theory to teach Fall semester: Electronic Music I, individual composition lessons (both undergraduate and graduate levels), composition seminar. Spring semester: Electronic Music II, individual composition lessons, composition seminar. Required Qualifications: Demonstrated excellence as a teacher, as well as experience with digital sound production and programming (e.g. Max/msp)."
  • (5/8) Skype interview request
  • (6/6) Position has been filled.

University of Nebraska at Omaha (deadline 7/18) Music Technology Manager

  • "The Music Technology Manager is responsible for audio/video recording, post-production, live video streaming for events, and sound reinforcement in the School of Music. This position is in charge of maintaining and managing the computer lab, recording facilities, and the technical facilities in performance spaces. This role also manages student staff, staff scheduling, and supports the technical needs of the UNO School of Music faculty. With direction from the Coordinator of Music Technology, the Music Technology Manager may also teach one music technology-related course each semester and assist in research activities. This is a full-time 12-month position that may include evenings and weekends."

University of Oslo (deadline 2/15) Associate Professor in Music Technology

University of Southampton (deadline 4/24) Lecturer in Music (full-time, permanent)

  • "We are soliciting applications from qualified individuals whose principal research area is in composition—classical, popular or commercial—with additional research interests and expertise in music technology-based creative practice and/or studio techniques."

University of Southampton (deadline 7/20) Teaching Fellow in Composition (.6 FTE, fixed term)

University of Sussex (deadline 11/16) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music Technology

The University of Texas at Austin (deadline 12/1) Artist-Teacher of Composition and Electronic Music and Director of Electronic Music Studios

  • 1/15 Finalists chosen
  • 4/25 Nina Young (Asst. Prof, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, DMA Columbia)

University of Virginia (deadline 4/26) Assistant Professor, General Faculty, Composition and Computer Technologies

  • "Responsibilities include teaching courses in the Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT) program and participating in a vibrant and creative experimental music and sound art scene. This is a one-year position with a possibility for renewal. ... Applicants must possess a terminal degree (Ph.D., DMA or MFA) in music, sound art, audio engineering or a related field at the time of application"
  • (5/10) Skype interview request

University of Virginia (deadline 4/26) Assistant Professor, General Faculty, Composer/Sound Artist in Residence

  • "Responsibilities include teaching courses in the Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT) program and participating in a vibrant and creative experimental music and sound art scene. This is a one-year position with a possibility for renewal. ... Applicants must possess a terminal degree in composition (Ph.D. or DMA) in music or related field, or in sound art (MFA) at the time of application"

University of Wolverhampton (deadline 8/17) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music Technology (.5 FTE)

Wabash College (review begins immediately, posted 6/7) Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor of Electronic Music (part-time, Spring 2018)

  • 10/16 Offered and accepted, Chris Renk, D.M. Indiana University.

Winston-Salem State University (deadline 2/15) Assistant Professor (Music Technology)

  • "Primary Responsibilities and Duties: Teaching undergraduate music major courses in technology. Teaching undergraduate general education courses, and other courses as needed. Teach applied studio in woodwinds or strings."

General Discussion[]

2018-2019 wiki
  • 5/25, from 5120j: Heads up to the Music Theory/Composition community - due to changes in life circumstances, I have decided that I will not be moderating/monitoring the theory wiki for next year. I will create the new page for 2018-19 in mid-June and get it set up, but that will be the end of my involvement. Since I've been the one adding most jobs to the wiki for the past few seasons, I wanted to let everyone know so you all can be more pro-active about adding them yourselves. If anyone is interested in stepping into the unofficial moderator position (it's best if someone NOT on the job market does this), email me at 5120janon at gmail and I can share the list of bookmarks that I use to find postings.
  • 5/27: Perhaps you could share your list of bookmarks here, so that we all could benefit from not missing out on any potential resources in the job hunt. After all, isn't the point of this Wiki to make this process as open and transparent as possible—to level the playing field a bit, so to speak?
  • 5/27 Not sure why I didn't think of that in the first place - thanks for the suggestion. Here are my bookmarks. These are basically in priority order - most positions show up on one of the first 5 or 6 sites, so it's fairly quick to click through the rest of the list.
  • 5/10 Western Washington University: any news on the candidates and whether an offer has been made?
  • 8/10: In case anyone is wanting to keep track there's a music administration wiki now as well.
  • 8/13: Question: is there a collated list of music fields with a jobs Wiki?
  • 8/14: The most complete list is here (all disciplines): Application Year 2017-18. For music, there are wikis for Theory/Composition, Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Piano, and now Music Administration. Last year there was a Percussion wiki but it didn't get used much and I'm not sure if it will continue into this year.
  • 9/25: Question: Can we add a counter like the Musicology Job Wiki for demographics?
  • 9/25: Done - added below. Please add any other categories that you would find useful to track. -5120j
  • 9/26: Could guidelines be given for what counts as "a recent PhD"?
  • 9/27: The musicology wiki has never spelled this out specifically so I'm not sure ... maybe, degree granted within the last three academic years? -5120j
  • 10/5: I've updated the counter to distinguish between DMAs and PhDs. You may need to change your response if you assumed "PhD" included all doctorates.
  • 10/6: From the moderator: Since there is no way that all 30-something people who have already voted are going to come back and update their votes, I've changed the wording to show that "PhD" included/includes both PhDs and DMAs. For next year's hiring cycle, I will separate out the degrees from the beginning, but for this year, trying to change it at this point will render the numbers meaningless. -5120j
  • 1/18/18: Any new ideas about getting reimbursement for travel expenses? I’m still trying to get reimbursed for traveling for a job interview over the summer. I submitted receipts immediately and this has worked in previous searches (except one). In this case, once in person and twice by email, the search chair said my request would be submitted to the dean.I followed up by email once a month for four consecutive months.  All of my correspondence has been friendly and cordial in both directions. Yet my last two emails received no response. Is there any way to go about this that does not seem pushy, or cause more embarrassment or awkwardness? Looking at it the other way: is there any reason that a college/university should stick by a commitment to an individual (a job applicant) who has absolutely no leverage over them? There's no such thing any more as expecting people or institutions to actually do what they're supposed to do? Is that the situation now?:  that candidates are expected to pay the expense of travel even when the opposite is claimed? 
  • 1/18/18 (2). The next time you follow up, I'd cc the dean and department chair.
  • 1/19 Sorry this has happened to you! They absolutely should pay if they promised reimbursement of your expenses. Have you been corresponding just with the search chair or with their or the department's admin assistant? If the former, I recommend trying to find the contact info for either the chair's/department's assistant or (better) the dean's assistant. Processing reimbursement requests/receipts is (likely) their job, not the search chair's. Maybe the assistant never got your receipts from the faculty member, or they got mis-filed/stuck in a pile of papers, or the office that cuts checks is waiting for some obscure piece of paperwork from you but no one thought to tell you. And at this point I'd try calling over email - though if it's someone you haven't contacted before, maybe email once and then follow up on the phone 1 or 2 days later. An email is too easy to ignore or let fall by the wayside. If it's awkward (and it probably will be), remember they are the ones making this awkward; you're making a perfectly reasonable request. Good luck!!
  • 1/19 (2)Thanks for your advice. But look, you people really don’t get it: once you are somehow neglected (by being thus “ghosted” for instance) in a professional situation, there’s no way out, because making anyone else aware of the neglect (or other mistreatment) is bound to make someone else look bad, and that will eventually come back to bite you. Those of us on the fringes can’t afford to even slightly irritate or even subliminally ruffle the feathers of anyone. If we did offend anyone (even while being “in the right”), we’d suffer the consequences probably without ever finding out how and when we suffered them.  (It’s all kept secret, including the passive aggressive abuse.) What a beautiful world. 
  • 1/22 I get feeling despondent and powerless, but in my experience, what you said 1/19 is simply not true. First of all, usually, the people in charge of reimbursement have nothing to do with the search at all—don't feel like this is a test. The search committee, and even accountants (har har), are human beings—they'll probably be moritifed that you were overlooked for so long, and will just feel apologetic to you, not angry for being uppity. This level of deference to the people in charge of the search is definitely a symptom of how much people in contingent and marginalized positions are often abused and traumatized for sure. But channel the most white-dude-entitled-senior-professor-emeritus you know, and (without being rude) stand up for yourself. <3
  • (4/9) - Copied my comment from Musicology/Ethno job board: Today I received a rejection email from the Oslo job. While, as always, sadenned, I was extremely/pleasantly surprised at their process. They sent a PDF to every candidate (it appears) that contained the ranking of all applicants (including names and summary of credentials) into three categories. This gave me some sort of feedback insofar that I was able to see the competition and what I lacked. Why is something like this so hard to do? I understand there are sometimes 100s of applications but even some modicum of communication that includes basic statistics (i.e. "120 applications, 10 skype interviews, 4 on-campus candidates. Top candidates included blah") to allow us to be able to weigh our applications in context. In many cases, I see graduates from top institutions with multiple years of teaching and research just squashed in the market. Talk about lowering morale. I want to say BRAVO to Oslo for transparency and a really great model that many other institutions should/NEED to follow...(Note: they also opened the report up to comments from all candidates until a specific date). 
Inside Candidates
  • Moved from University of Utah discussion above.
  • 2/25a There are two VAPs in music theory there now. Anyone know the scoop with the inside candidates? Is this search just for show?
  • (2/26) I really do not see the wisdom in posting this. You can never control the committee's decision about inside candidates (or their job prospects elsewhere), and you are much better off as an applicant treating every search as a real search with a professional decision.
  • (2/26a) I've gone back and forth on this over the past few years. I understand that this type of information can be needlessly discouraging to applicants. However, this wiki is predicated on the notion that information that committees will not publicly share is helpful in estimating the likelihood of receiving employment and planning for the future. To 2/26's point, use this information with caution.
  • (2/27) Well, 2/26a, I admit that your point is well taken. However, I have a tenure-track job where the inside candidate was not hired. It's very difficult figuring searches out from the outside, and perhaps even from the inside if you're the inside person. Skype or campus interviews might be valuable experiences in professionalization even if the search is highly favorable towards the inside person or even rigged altogether. If you're on the job market in earnest, you probably have to spend the 30-60 minutes on researching the institution and changing a few sentences in your cover letter to fit in, even if Mormonism or the desert are not so appealing to you. We all have to deal with ego blows--article rejections, application rejections, and the consolation that it's all rigged (for the inside candidate, the top-X-number of schools, or whatever) is not going to help anyone in getting out of the adjunct proletariat in neoliberal academia within a country led by an anti-intellectual fascist oligarch who tweets.
  • (2/27a) At my institution, I have firsthand knowledge of two searches (one in my department and one in my partner's) from the past few years, that both had VAPs as apparant inside candidates. Reading the job ads, both VAPs appeared to match almost exactly in terms of research/teaching areas. So I'm sure there were good candidates who didn't even bother to apply. However, though one of the searches was basically a fake and the department was planning to hire the VAP (and did), in the other, the VAP didn't even make the short list. There's just no way to figure these things out from the outside.
  • 2/27b: So what you're describing means that in search #1 no outside candidate had a real shot, including the 2 individuals brought to campus; in search #2, each outside candidate had more chance of making it, because some candidates didn't even apply when they read on the wiki that there was an inside candidate. Bottom line: treat every search as if it's real.
  • (3/15) Missouri just internally hired their postdoc, and did a press release heavily emphasizing how the postdoc was "the best fit for the job" and the "top candidate." Protesting too much?
  • (3/15b) Well, she likely got the postdoc because she was indeed a good fit for their program to begin with. What bothered me about the press release was the mention that she brings a "Latin influence" to the program... as a South American composer, I'm tired of how often US institutions caricature Latin composers. 
    • That was certainly incredibly frustrating to read as well. I wish the institution actually respected their applicant pool enough to acknowledge that there were probably 10 other equally qualified composers that they could have hired, rather than advertising her status as an inside candidate and the role that diversity concerns played in the process.
  • (3/15c) ¡Ay, Caramba!
Read the fine print
  • (3/19) General PSA...if you receive an offer from an institution, particularly for a temporary position, please be sure to read the fine print regarding benefits.  During a previous season, I received an offer for a temporary position and discovered during negotiations that their original offer did not include health care.  This was not at all obvious from the offer letter, but was instead buried in the fine print on a webpage somewhere, and I didn't do my homework. (The letter included generic language about benefits being consistent with the institution's policy for temporary positions.)  This is a well-respected institution that has a search for another temporary position this year.  There are some really lovely people there, but I ultimately did not accept their offer for unrelated reasons.  I hope that their search will be successful, and I am sharing this as I hope you will learn from my mistake and read the fine print, so that you can negotiate from an informed position.
Interview Questions
  • (3/30) Any strange questions that people have received that I could maybe prepare for in the future? I was asked yesterday in a Skype interview to talk about the last concert I attended (this was for a Theory position). This is a perfectly acceptable question, and normally I would welcome this type of question and the values it implies. However, within the last two years I have had a child and written a dissertation. So I was a little vague on the exact date I attended this concert. But then the questioner followed up and I got flustered, and mentioned that it's hard to go to concerts with a toddler at home--not a great answer. Clearly, this question was not intended to be discriminatory, and I wish I had handeled it quite differently, but I was prepping based on the job ad. Ok, venting complete. But seriously, are there other non-job-ad related things that people have had in the past? One friend mentioned he was asked to describe the last 20th-century article he read. Again, the question uncovers important values, but at this point in life I'm proud to browse journal abstracts. Unless there's a clue in the job ad, I never would have thought to prepare answers to these kind of questions.
  • (3/30a) Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm almost certain that I know who asked this question because it was asked of me yesterday, and I similarly had to "umm" my way through a response. From what I know, that committee member is very well-intentioned and kind. One source told me that s/he is the brilliant, tough professor who challenges you but has a "huge heart" and cares deeply about others. Like you, I felt embarrassed all evening for not being in the headspace to answer this "simple question" correctly, but today I realized that it's the committee's job to bend candidates in ways that sometimes expose their weaknesses, especially in long interviews. If I squirmed a little too much for the committee's taste, it's OK. Maybe I'm not who they're looking for. Or maybe the committee members had a laugh afterward because they know that s/he doesn't let anyone get away with half answers or BS. You got an interview because they see you as a competent scholar/teacher/mentor. If this is what tripped you up, you're not much different than I am. We can only be who we are today and try to be a little better tomorrow. And on the outside chance that this professor has made his/her way to this forum... Ms. Hahn played Serenade after Plato's Symposium.
  • 4/2 Aww shucks. Well thanks for the perspective and good luck on the job search!
  • 5/9 Once upon a time, I was asked: "When are you going to be famous?" Not kidding. This was during an on-campus interview, sitting with the full committee. At first I sat there in silence (along with everyone else) and just looked at him, gathering strength. I then replied with a smile: "I'm famous now - I'm sorry you haven't heard of me." I didn't get the job, and glad of that.

School-Specific Discussion[]

  • 8/24 I removed the listing for Pacific Lutheran University (Assistant Professor & Director of Jazz Studies) as it is outside the scope of this wiki. If anyone is interested, here is the job (deadline 11/1): Pacific Lutheran University
  • 8/24 (2) I wouldn't presume to do it myself, but perhaps an "Etc." category by itself is in order. I'm thinking of jobs that have tangential requirements for either theory or composition in the descriptions. The job above, with expertise in jazz theory/history among the desired interests, would then apply. 
  • 8/25 I do already post some jobs like this under "Theory/Performance, Etc." My rule of thumb is that the job has to require that the applicant has a degree in either Music Theory or Composition. If the job requires that the applicant have a degree in something else (Jazz, in the current example) with Music Theory or Composition as a secondary area (like as a doctoral minor field), I don't post it, since I believe that the primary audience for this wiki is people who hold a PhD or DMA in the two areas mentioned in the title (Music Theory and Composition). If I'm incorrect about the wiki audience and there is interest in tracking jobs where music theory and/or composition are more secondary - where the primary degree required is in performance or something else - I'm willing to change the current policy. But the number of jobs eligible for posting at that point will increase exponentially. Personally I think the wiki is more useful when its scope is kept narrowly defined. -5120j (moderator)
Hobart & William Smith
  • "Candidates are sought who have recently completed or are nearing completion of the doctoral degree..."
  • 2/24 At least H & W declares outright that they practice age discrimination. Why don't all the other colleges and universities who engage in this illegal practice just say so and make it easier for everyone? Also they should put it in their brochure, so prospective students know they are being taught not by the most qualified, but rather by the best from the pool of the least experienced. That would be good to know. (x2)
  • 2/26 There is a difference between experience and age, and the legal protections that each affords. Every employer considers experience when evaluating applicants for a number of legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, as you said, it's likely that some use year of degree (specifically undergraduate degree) to estimate age and to make hiring decisions. Because this advertisement is only unique in its wording, the conversation would seem to fit better under General Discussion.
  • 2/27 Apparently you're not up-to-date on age discrimination practices (or you're cynically trying obfuscate something that is otherwise clear or you're merely a cloudy thinker). "Overqualified" is a known and legally acknowledged cloak for age discrimination. (Read up on the subject; it's all over the interwebs.) There's not really any way that folks fresh-out-(almost-out)-of-grad school are as experienced as teachers as those who've been teaching post-graduate school for years. Since you haven't worked for "every employer" but you claim to know what they all do, your credibility just went down the toilet. This wiki is for people with (or almost with) graduate degrees, so lets try to keep the level of reasoning on a reasonably high plain. But since your comments suggest you are sensitive to the subject in other ways, why don't you start the conversation in the General Discussion?
  • 2/27a "Cloudy thinker" (2/26) here, writing from the low plain of reasoning. I'm a not-so-recent graduate teaching full-time outside the Academy and attempting to publish and present enough to transition back in. Without responding directly to the personal barbs of 2/27, I'd like to clarify my previous comment and suggest the possibility that HWS may simply seek candidates with less experience (full stop). The SC may want to review fewer applications from people (like me) who have been vetted by other SCs many, many times without securing a full-time position in higher education. This is unfortunate because I think that I -- and those like me -- have a lot to offer, but I understand that it's their prerogative to take this route. Could it be age discrimination? Certainly, and a conversation about ageism should be had. But I don't see enough in this advertisement to make HWS the whipping boy for unfair hiring practices. (I don't think it's my place to move the above comment, but the moderator should feel free to place this under School-Specific Discussion.)
  • 3/1 Long-time SC member here. I don't know the situation at H&WS, but I'm having a hard time jumping from "they'd like someone just completing the degree" to "they are practicing age discrimination." (For starters, how do they know someone is not finishing the degree at age 40?). I agree that "overqualified" is a cloak for age discrimination, but that has nothing to do with this job posting, which doesn't mention that term. There's also no valid reason to assume that a fresh graduate doesn't have teaching experience--many of the top programs offer years of graduate assistantships, often with ABD students serving as instructor of record, in addition to whatever adjunct work they may be doing. In any case, I can't imagine any job out there where teaching experience is the only criterion for hire. It may also be the case that this position has the potential to become T-T in the future (in which case H&WS can look forward to accusations of running a "fake search" next year!) If that's so, perhaps they're looking for someone in an earlier career stage who might be in it for the longer haul. During one of our searches, the *students* expressed a preference for a newly-minted PhD, because they felt that person would be a better mentor--despite the fact that, at that time, we had hired someone only five years prior. I see that of the full-time faculty who teach theory at H&WS, the most recent hire was 2011. They may just feel like having someone new come in would help rejuvenate the faculty. And finally, and most probably, they may just not have very much money to offer, and probably assume that they're more likely to get a recent grad. Anyway, as 2/27a says, I don't see anything in the ad that screams H&WS engages in illegal hiring practices.
  • 3/2 To respond to 3/1: This is not overt age discrimination but come on, you must be able to read between the lines. There are very few people who are finishing their doctorates in their 40s. Second, many of the top programs don't allow their graduate students to be the instructor of record. If they are, it is generally for courses that will fulfill a general ed requirement and not for music majors. Third, even if they are allowed to teach courses for majors, teaching one or two classes is not enough for someone to develop teaching chops and be able to roll with any given cohort (that takes experience). Fourth, lay off the crap about paying someone younger less. Those of us who have been adjuncting for a number of years would be more than happy to accept an Assistant Professor's salary. It's a no brainer. Finally, since you proudly announce yourself as a "long time SC Memeber," how many times have you thrown out the application of someone who has been extremely productive professionally, has an excellent teaching dossier, and has excellent letters of reference simply because they have spent too many years as an adjunct and now are stained a giant letter "A" on their chest (never mind that they may have good reasons for that)? It would seem that someone who has proven that they can be productive and earn excellent evaluations while teaching somtimes six courses a term ought to be of interest to search committees. Instead, more often than not, they go for the freshly minted to whom they sometimes grant tenure, not because the person is fulfilling their obligations as a faculty member (meaning research, teaching, and service), but because department is not sure if they will be able to get another line (I have seen this happen many times in the past 7 years). At the same time, there are many people who, for whatever reason, were not able to win a TT position right out of the gate who are extraordinarily productive, have excellent teaching credentials, are are perfectly capable of performing service (because they already have) yet they don't get called for interviews after a certain point. So what gives with SCs? Are you all so enamored with this idea of "potential" that you are willing to give an unproven, and potentially unqualified, person a job based on perceptions? Meritocracy my ass. And yes, I needed to vent. (x3)
  • 3/3 And wait a minute, is ageism all of the sudden OK when/because it's expressed by students? --even if articulated through some other verbal fig-leaf ("recent graduate...").
  • 3/5: 3/1 here again. All I was trying to do was present some alternative hypotheses, based on my actual experiences, for why H&WS (remember them?) might be asking for a recent grad. Yes, it could also be age discrimination, but there has been no evidence given by anyone on this thread that that is the case (this is how conspiracy theories work, though; anyone presenting an alternate possibility is either totally naive or part of the conspiracy). But, 3/2, you did ask me a direct question ("How many times have you..."). so I'll answer it: Never, because that's not something we do. I'm sure I won't be believed, but that's the truth. 3/3, I still don't get how this is ageism. The students felt that someone who had just successfully navigated the job market would be in a better position to guide them through it than someone who had been out of it for a long time. And it's not like we actually based a hiring decision on that, anyway. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to convert back into my reptilian form. 
  • 3/23: Some facts for those like 3/2 who are complaining about their lot in life and attacking longtime SC members on this forum: Institutions may hire any candidate they like for any reason, and nobody owes you anything, including any explanation. Many of the top programs do allow or even require their students to teach, so my guess is you were not part of such a program.  In addition, teaching is not the primary pursuit of academia; research is.  Getting an academic job is about amssing a collection of shiny objects, and adjunct teaching experience is not a shiny object.  When one considers your degree granting institution, advisor, postdoc(s), VAP position(s), grants and other funding, publications, and awards, it is quite clear where people relatively rank.  Rather than wasting energy on what is fair or unfair or what you feel you are owed, my advice would be to realistically consider whether you can collect any truly shiny objects in the near future that might make your application more marketable.  If so, devote all your time to that effort.  If not, you should reassess your plans for the future, because the situation is only going to get harder as your past credentials fade.
  • 3/23 (2): New poster: Those may be facts, but your Realpolitik only helps yourself and those of your class. To wit, it's equally factual that you can't simply hire whomever you like for any reason. You do realize there are anti-discrimination laws in place that directly impact your hiring practices, and that represent centuries of labor struggles, right? As to amassing a collection of shiny objects: listen, I've got so many of those I make some elder statesmen look ridiculous. And I've taught for 20 years. No one is asking for your advice: that's where you delude yourself the most. And who's talking about fairness? I read people talking about the abysmal state of employment, which all your talk only reinforces. Where, exactly, have you been for the last decade, while the economy tanked and while those of us who graduated after that time have lost nearly all realistic chances of academic employment, despite the bait and switch/bill of goods we were sold by longtime tenured facutly members? You do realize we live in a completely different--and punishing--economic landscape now, one materially different from that which you entered. Right?
  • 3/23 (3): It is a terrible job market, and hiring practices aren't always fair, but instead of complaining loudly and wasting time arguing anonymously online, we could focus our efforts on composing, trying to publish something new, or changing career paths. The amount of existential crying I hear from fellow recent graduates is astonishingly unproductive and distracts from our real work. 
  • 3/23 (4): Oh, I see, so to voice our collective disapointment with the state of academic employment, to voice grave concerns, is to cry. Thanks for the infantilization!
  • 3/23 (5) "Existential crying?" I'm going to venture a guess that I'm not the only candidate on this forum who has devoted years and years of their time to "collecting shiny objects", who has been fortunate enough to actually receive many of these "shiny objects", and still has been unable to make any significant headway in this market after years of applications. So I'd suggest you refrain from insulting the intelligence or work ethic of the people who currently have a different "lot in life" than you do.
  • 3/23 (6): This is "Cloudy thinker" 2/26 again. There are a lot of frustrated voices sounding off here, and I (like to think that I) understand this frustration. Opportunities are scant, and they seem to go often to those with freshly-signed diplomas. Age discrimination, even if covert and/or unintentional, may play a part -- this is not something that should be ignored or just worked around. However, if our response to perceived inequity is to pound our keyboards furiously while muttering the date-monikers of our fellow scholars/musicians, we only discredit ourselves before the larger audience of observers who might otherwise be willing and able to make a change. Being right doesn't absolve us from being inhumane, and when our response to injustice is sloppy, we do a disservice to those affected by it. Regarding the "shiny objects" debate, an SC does not simply hire the candidate with the largest trophy case. It also wants a person who will be enjoyable to work with and can maintain decorum when the going gets tough.
  • 3/24 :I have been following this Wiki for quite a few years now, and this is typically the time when it is least useful as a source of information and the most useful as a venting stage. I don't know that I agree with the comment above. I remember how useful it felt to be able to engage in written scream therapy, then see a (x2) at the end of a rant. Is it "productive"? No, sir. But neither is it destructive. This has always been a place that allowed angst to cohabit with rumor. It's part of its function. This is a tough time of year - the new ads ran out, most existing jobs are now in advanced stages, and the prospect of un or underemployment is looming for a whole other year for many people. Let's cool it on the calls for decorum: there is enough of that expected of us while the entire profession is going to the dogs as administrators and senior colleagues look on myopically.  (x2)
  • 3/25: 3/23(1) here in response to 3/23 (2). I wouldn't normally do this, but your reply amuses me because of its self-absorbtion and overly-dramatic wording, so I'll just tell you a few things.  You know nothing about my age, "class", what I've been doing for the last ten years, etc., but what you've assumed is completely wrong.  In fact, I am in my mid-30s, and what I wrote is simply based on what I've seen to be the reality of the situation, which I was able to adapt to and accept, though not without almost total mental and physical destruction.  After much suffering, my situation has begun to significantly improve over the last couple years, including getting an excellent tenure-track position.  What I can tell you is this was not because I was trying to write a treatise on what's wrong with the system or wasting time with conspiracy theories and feeling sorry for myself.  You may disagree with my ideas about shiny objects, but I don't think I'm wrong.  Another way of putting it is process of elimination. What I have done over the last ten years is gotten more of these shiny objects and always moved in an upward direction (while my work, credentials, connections, etc. have improved).  Meanwhile many people I know dropped off the face of the earth after they finished their degree.  You will have a meltdown when I say this, but I truly believe they were not intended to work in the field from the beginning.  And I was.  The harsh truth is that you haven't suffered enough and you didn't suffer early enough in your life and education.  Nobody told you the truth early on, so when it hit you in the face later, you didn't know how to take it.  The truth is life is even harder and harsher and more competitve and more unfair and unpredictable than what you've so far been able to comprehend from your relative comfort.  I could go on, but you will some day get the point.  
    • 3/23 (5) here. If you're going to solipsistically whine about all the harship you've allegedly endured, stop instructing the rest of us how to feel about our own life experiences. I also hope you realize that not everyone who accumulates "shiny objects" is as fortunate as you've been, so congratulating yourself on being "cut out" for the field at the expense of others really is laughable.
  • 3/23 (2) here. Save your life lessons, I'm older than you. Sit down, son. Don't think you can step to me.
  • 3/30 As a longtime-SC member who has followed this board but never posted, I wanted to add my two cents.  I have been involved in numerous searches over the last 20+ years, and not once have I seen anything illegal take place.  There is a difference between finding someone who is the right fit and the charges of discrimination and illegal hiring practices raised above.  Those I find quite unprofessional; they give the air of sour grapes.  Candidates have a way of bringing their own negativity out in interviews, and it may be that this turns off some members of the committee, a self-defeating process.  There is a difference between teaching experience, which is certainly useful--though not the top criterion--and teaching and research potential.  All things being equal, I have always sided with potential.  I must say that a candidate with twenty years of teaching experience but without having secured a position would make me question what was holding that person back.  Everything has an "expiration date" including the terminal degree, so I always advise my students to act fast.  With academia it is not just a matter of what you've done but what you've done lately  I have often read on these pages that the job market is terrible, and it may be.  However, it was always difficult, and the strongest candidates find ways of rising to the top.  Good luck to all! 
  • 3/31 I think everyone posting here might want to stop grandstanding, making presumptions, and take a second to understand the experience and perspective of people other than themselves. If you're this tenured faculty member who's had a stable job for 20+ years and has been on many search committees, take a second and consider what it might be like to be a recent graduate who's struggling financially and feels like they can't win no matter how many professional accolades and/or teaching experience they get. (Saying "good luck to all!" rings hollow in that situation.) But if you're that frustrated recent graduate, take a step back and really think about what these committees might be looking for. Frustration with the process is not by definition sour grapes, but it most certainly can be, and it will never, ever help you.
  • 4/3 Seeing as how this thread started out about age discrimination, and the allegation that jobs only go to newly-minted PhDs, I just want to point out that the Duquesne University and OSU hires seem to be counter-examples. (EDIT, 4/4: Also University of North Texas)
    • 4/11: Doing a quick "PhD" and "ABD" search shows that of the ones we know, 6 ABDs have gotten jobs while 7 previous PhDs have. Of the latter, at least three have been major theory TTs (OSU, UNT, and Delaware). As an ABD on the market, the whole ageism argument is really annoying; it seems like a lot of anger is thrown at us for just being here. We're looking at a market that is random and there seem to be people migrating from tenure-track to tenure-track jobs too. So please, spare us youngin's your hatred and frustration. It sucks, yes, but ad hominems and "I deserve this job more than you because you're young" is also ageism, plain and simple. Focus your energies on figuring out what is getting people jobs and perhaps you can find some constructive/productive time sink. (Also, if you really want to complain about only ABDs getting jobs, please head over to the Musicology wiki where I'm sure your complaints will be much more welcome). Also, as far as having more experience in teaching, researching, etc.: we're in an age of diversity and curriculum change. Think about how your teaching narrative/philosophy fits within in that. Yeah, you may have taught theory as an adjunct for 10 years, but if you're teaching the same old boring, tired curriculum, schools are not gonna many cases "young meat" means new ideas and new perspectives. Fit yourself in that dialogue. 
    • 4/11b: Having served on a bunch of SCs, I'm troubled by a lot of what's been said here. 3/2 said "Meritocracy my ass." Well...yeah. I'm sorry that anyone thought it would be a meritocracy, but I can't imagine why you would think that. There are lots of legitimate reasons why good scholars and teachers would not make the first cut. Obvious ones are duplication of research interests (we've already got three Schenkerians and don't need another right now) or specific teaching needs (your work on sixteenth-century music is spectacular, but we desperately need someone to teach our "Music since 1945" class). Sure, "shiny objects" help, but they're only part of the picture. Also, I'd strongly underscore what 3/30 said, that candidates bring out their negativity in interviews. It has often happened that applicants who are a few (or many) years into the field come across as negative, world-weary, or--most commonly--cynical about the whole process. More than one has carried themselves with an air of the "undiscovered genius," whose brilliant career has thus far been held back by a warped and broken academic system. On top of that, one candidate apparently thought they could endear themselves to us by patronizing the students; making little apostrophic "asides" to the faculty in the middle of guest teaching. I'm not saying it's invalid to have these kinds of feelings, but when we're looking to hire someone who will potentially spend decades with us, we have to think of who we're going to want to be around.
    • 4/12 I'm reasonably sure that most of those who sympathize with objections like "meritocracy my ass" are well aware of the fact that job descriptions are often incredibly specific, that teaching needs are often pretty clear, and that "the best" (whatever that means) most likely aren't going to get a job that has nothing to do with either their teaching or research/music. (Of course this does actually happen sometimes.) A ridiculous teaching demo like the one described above would leave me (and likely most people) speechless as well, and the notion of marketing oneself as an "undiscovered genius" is utterly preposterous. The problem is that none of those claiming to be longtime SC members on here seem particularly interested in genuinely engaging with how difficult the job market actually is right now - as opposed to, say, when you landed the job you've been able to count on for a long time. 
  • 4/4 I have twenty years teaching experience but not all in higher ed.

  • MacEwan U
  • 1/4  I have been wondering at this for a while: is it a waste of time applying to a Canadian institution as a U.S. citizen/resident if one isn't expressly invited to apply? I never see a non-Canadian/ Canada resident get a publicly posted job before. Please say I'm wrong about this...
  • 1/4 (2) It's hard to generalize, but in this particular posting it clearly states that Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority. When in doubt you can email the contact in the posting: their response is usually telling. 
  • 1/5 OP here. I believe it's a legal requirement for Canadian institutions to employ Canadians as a preference. The wording at the end of the description is standard fare (much like diversity statements in the U.S.)
  • 1/25 But it's not unheard of for Americans or Europeans to get jobs in Canada. They'll take an exceptional American candidate over a Canadian one.  Although, any Canadians applying have also studied at the IVY leagues in the States and in Europe, so in the end, there isn't much difference in academic background. At McGill, most of the theory faculty are Americans. For composition, though, it tends to be mainly Canadians that get hired.
  • 1/26 Yes, Canadian citizens get preference, primarily in Composition hires. When I was an undergrad at McGill, the search for what is now Harman's job had piles of American applications, which, to quote a senior professor there, were "swept into the trash", and with great regret. That said, when I applied to the job at UToronto last year, as a Canadian with an Ivy League degree, I wasn't shortlisted. The in-person interviews went exclusively to Canadians with Canadian PhDs/DMAs. How's that for provincial?
  • 11/5 Can anyone provide more information on the Stetson search? Specifically I noticed that this year they have a tenure-track position, while in 2016 they posted a VAP, in 2015 a tenure-track, in 2014 a tenure-track, and in 2013 a tenure-track. Is this University's music theory area greatly expanding? Or are theorists leaving this position very quickly? If the latter is true, can anyone comment on why? 
  • 12/4 Can't comment specifically on Stetson, but there are a good number of schools where people come and go.  It's just the reality of the field.  There are also certain schools like Williams that offer the same visiting position year in and year out.  For Williams this is a way to hire people cheaply: to not pay them what they are owed: to take advantage of people. 
  • 12/4 That is good to know about Williams. Are there other jobs like Williams? As someone on the job market for the first time, and who also has a family, I would genuinely rather use my skills and experience from the PhD outside of academia than spend the time applying to positions that abuse workers like that. I don't mind teaching at a school that has a one-year replacement vacancy, or that needs someone last minute and it's too late to request/acquire a new line. But I don't want to drag my family across the country to a place that operates in a system like that.
Western Washington
  • 12/11 Says here that review for the Western Washington position begins on 12/15/17, but their job listing says 1/8/18. Anybody know where the 12/15 date came from? Just curious. Thanks.
  • 12/12 Not sure - I checked a couple sites and they all say 1/8. Probably just a typo. I fixed it above. -5120j
New England Conservatory (NEC)
  • 2/6 NEC doesn't have rank or tenure. Understanding that conditions will vary by institution, I have two questions about these types of positions: 1) What can one expect with regard to teaching load, research expectations, contract length, job security, and academic freedom? 2) Are salaries markedly different than those of tenure-granting institutions?
  • 2/8 I'm not familiar with NEC, but at similar institutions I have more knowledge of, I'd say it's something like this. Teaching load is high to moderately high. Research expectations are non-existent (although many faculty will do great research anyway, and may receive some support for it). Contract length is short-term, but many such positions offer virtual tenure in that you can expect reappointment. There are no explicit protections regarding academic freedom, but the administration probably isn't reading your stuff anyway. Salaries are highly variable—they can be competitive with tenure-granting institutions, but may not be.
University of Notre Dame
  • (3/14) Anyone else submit on 3/12 for the job that actually closed on 3/11? What did you do about it?
  • (3/14a) I wasn't able to submit it. I emailed a senior faculty member and called the Department office. I have not yet received a response.
  • (3/18) I emailed the department chair on 3/12 who directed me to the search chair. He informed me that at no point anywhere did it say the deadline was 3/12, it had always been 3/11. This is false, of course; the Interfolio page clearly showed 3/12. It has since been changed. They told me that I had missed the deadline and there was nothing I could do.
  • This is 3/14a again. I can't say with certainty that the Interfolio date was changed; although, I haven't seen our dear moderator make a mistake like this before. Can anyone else confirm seeing the March 12 date on Interfolio?
  • (3/19) When I sent my requests for letters on 3/4 the interfolio deadline said 3/11 at 11:59pm ET
  • 3/19 From the moderator: I feel absolutely terrible that my (probable) typo caused someone (multiple someones?) to miss their chance to apply to this job. I sincerely apologize. I do try to post everything as accurately as possible, but typos happen and I'm just one person who doesn't usually have time to go back and check job listings for accuracy once I put them up (I rely on the fact that this is a wiki to catch mistakes - and usually people do notice errors and correct them). It's possible that the Interfolio page listed March 12 originally and was later changed, but unless someone has a screenshot, there's no way to know for sure. I see that the posting for this job on MTO has March 11, so my guess is that the error was mine. Again I feel horrible about this and I apologize! --5120j
  • OP here. I do, in fact, have a PDF of the Interfolio posting, which clearly says March 12th, and which I emailed to the search chair who has not responded to my emails. I checked the interfolio page on 3/9 just to confirm the deadline, because I was busy that weekend but wanted to make sure that I didn't miss the application. I can't find the MTO posting, but I do have an email my adviser forwarded to me that says March 11th (too bad I didn't look at the email!), so clearly there were mistakes made. But just for anyone else who is super frustrated by this process, Interfolio said March 12th as late as March 9th.
  • (3/20) Thank you for this diligence, OP! As there is not an option for private messaging, would you be willing to share the SC chair's email address? I don't think it would be inappropriate, especially considering the circumstances. My email to a senior faculty member and call to the Department/SoM office have not been returned. Care to share the PDF, too?
  • OP here. I emailed Peter Smith, because he originally sent the email about the job to my adviser, so I assumed he was the chair. However, 3/18's post suggests to me that someone else is the chair. Smith's email is on the Notre Dame website. I will contact Dr. Greybill, who is chairing the Professional Development Committee, about the problem, and perhaps he can talk to the Notre Dame faculty about job posting etiquette, especially since they are planning on doing a TT search next year. I can't share the PDF here because I don't have a Fandom account.
  • (3/21) I would appreciate your sending this PDF to me at
University of Utah
  • 2/8 First time on the market, so I was just wondering... when a school like UU says to submit applications by 2/3 (that is, before 2/4) to be fully considered, but then requests additional materials from someone four days later, did the search committee really consider applications submitted by 2/3? Will there be a rolling request for additional materials? The two hiring committees I sat on as a student didn't begin compiling applications until the close date, so this timeline seems strange to me. Can anyone offer insight?
  • 2/8 (2): Trying to read the tea leaves of, and applying timeline-based logic to, an academic search will only bring you unnecessary anxiety and confusion; nothing good comes from it. It is possible that the school already had someone in mind for the job, perhaps a Visiting Prof or an adjunct. It is also possible that the search committee buckled down, divided up the applications, and was given the charge of coming up with shortlists in a matter of days. It is also possible that a combination of both scenarios could be in play, or one of many other possible situations. To your second question, it's also possible that they would ask for other materials on a rolling basis. When I was hired into my current position, they had already offered someone the job (I wasn't even part of the original pool of finalists), but that person said no to the job and here I am. In short, anything can happen or be true; however, most of the time the committee doesn't go back or do these later rounds on a rolling basis. At the risk of sounding cold (trust me, I've asked your question several times in the past), I would say that if you see on here that the search has advanced to additional materials or another type of later round, and there's not an email in your inbox asking for those materials, then just let it go and move on. Use the mental energy on something you enjoy :)
  • 2/9 For what it's worth, I was one of those who received an additional materials request, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice something odd about the search. I was asked to respond to a set of written questions about music technology - something that was nowhere to be found in the original job advertisement. If the job was supposed to require that skill set, why not advertise it in the first place and potentially attract more applications from composers whose expertise is in music technology?
  • 2/9(2) - Above posters -- Are you talking about the theory position or the composition/theory position?
    • 2/10 This is the composition/theory position.
  • 2/14 Thank you for the kind words in response to the original post. I asked the original question, and I was referring to the theory position, not the composition/theory position.
  • 3/16 - The Music Theory/Composition search has been canceled, from inside sources. Also, from what I know, the Theory Search is an existing tenure-track faculty member's replacement.
    • Are you talking about University of Utah?
    • Theory/Composition search at Utah has indeed been canceled.
Wheaton College
  • 2/13  Note that this is NOT the religious Wheaton College, which is a conservative Christian school in Illinois that offers a BM. This Wheaton is a secular liberal arts college in Massachusetts that offers a BA. The schools are unrelated. 
  • 2/15 Although this job doesn't really fit perfectly in any of the set job categories on this page (since it includes duties in theory, composition, and technology), I'm deleting the duplicate posting in the Composition/Technology category, so that all updates will stay in one place. -5120j

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