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Theory Only[]

Arizona State University (deadline 12/27/21) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Baylor University (deadline 12/1) Lecturer, Non-Tenure Track, Music Theory

  • 12/14 - Request for statement on religious background (x3)
  • 12/22 - Request for letters of recommendation
  • 1/8 - Invitation for a short Zoom interview

Belmont University (no deadline listed, posted 9/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • Review will begin Nov. 15.
  • "During the application process, applicants will be asked to attach a response to Belmont University’s Mission, Vision, Values, and “Five Ways of Being” articulating how the candidate’s knowledge, experience, and beliefs have prepared him/her to contribute to a Christ-centered, student-focused university of learning, service and give a brief statement of teaching philosophy."
  • 11/22 Invitation for a Zoom interview (x3)

Berklee College of Music (Review begins immediately, posted 11/5) Full-time Faculty, Harmony

Clemson University (deadline 2/15, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music (Theory)

Cleveland Institute of Music (review begins 12/6) Music Theory Faculty

  • "CIM does not employ a traditional rank-and-tenure system."
  • 12/10 Rejection received (x2)
  • Didn't even click on my teaching video. Fake search?
  • Surprisingly quick rejection, too...only five days...
  • 12/10 Request for interview + aural skills assessment/interview (x8)
  • 12/10 - I wouldn't jump to the "fake search" conclusion. They're probably trying to get as much done on this search as possible before winter break. I'd assume that teaching videos would be reviewed in a later round. It is surprising, though, to hear of actual rejections so quickly - many schools keep the pool of applicants available for as long as possible.
  • 12/10 - In that sense, it's sort of refreshing that they'd actually send rejections, since so many searches ghost all the candidates until well after they're out of the running...
  • 12/10 - I agree, I'd rather just know right away rather than clicking "refresh" on this wiki every hour. (The last search committee I was on, I remember being explicitly told by HR that we could not officially "reject" anyone until the search closed.)
  • 1/12 Anyone heard about next steps yet since the holidays?
  • 1/12 I haven't heard anything either. (x5)

Cleveland State University (deadline 2/28) Assistant College Lecturer-Music Theory

Columbia University (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Race

  • 12/4 Additional materials requested and references contacted (x3)
  • 1/6 Anyone receive word since the last update?
  • 1/11 No updates.
  • 1/12 Inquired with SC Chair, committee work will resume after winter break 1/19.

Edinburgh College of Art (deadline 11/19) Tutor in Music (part-time, starts January 2022)

Florida State University (deadline 11/22, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor 9 Month Salaried (Music Theory)

  • 12/8 Request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • 1/4 Invitation for campus visit

Furman University (review begins 12/13) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 1/12 Rejection received (x4)
  • 1/12 Request for Zoom interview and permission to contact references (x3)

McGill University (review begins 1/24) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Michigan State University (review begins 10/28) Assistant Professor of Music Theory (tenure-stream)

  • 11/11 Additional materials requested (x5).
  • 12/2 Request for Zoom interview (x2).
  • 12/17 Rejection received (x3).
  • 1/13 Anyone heard anything else since the winter break?

Michigan State University (review begins 11/29) Assistant Professor of Music Theory (fixed-term)

  • 12/17 Additional materials requested (x5).

Northwestern University (deadline 9/1) Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Music Theory and Cognition

  • 11/11 Any updates here?

NYU (deadline 1/5) Clinical Assistant Professor, Music Theory (non-tenure)

Occidental College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 12/9 Request for Zoom interview and samples of scholarship (x3)
  • 12/20 Campus visit invitation (x2)

Texas Tech University (no deadline listed, posted 9/30) Lecturer in Music Theory (full-time, non-tenure-track)

  • 10/22 Looks like this was removed, anyone know if it was cancelled or already filled?
  • 11/23 It has already been filled.

Universidad de los Andes (deadline 11/1) Postdoc, Music Theory Pedagogy - Popular and Classical Music.

  • "Language: Spanish or English (preference will be given to candidates who can teach courses in Spanish, but candidates who can teach courses in English and who have a good command of Spanish will also be taken into account)."

University at Buffalo (priority deadline 2/15) Clinical Assistant Professor, Music Theory

University of Dayton (deadline 1/17) Assistant Professor Specializing in Music Theory

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (deadline 11/29) Assistant or Associate Teaching Professor, Musicianship and Music Theory

  • Review begins October 25 (posted 10/22)
  • 12/28 Additional materials and Zoom interview requested (x2)

University of Michigan (review begins 1/18) Assistant Professor of Music, Music Theory (2 positions)

University of Music & Performing Arts Vienna (deadline 1/14) University Professor for Music Theory

University of North Carolina-Charlotte (review begins 1/5) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

University of North Carolina-Greensboro (deadline 1/15) Lecturer in Music Theory

University of Oklahoma (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 1/14 Campus visit invitation

University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music (deadline 10/11) Assistant/Associate Professor in Music Theory

  • 11/15: Any updates here? The confirmation letter I received last month said the committee had already begun screening and was "hoping to move rapidly toward a short list of finalists." Has anyone heard if they made the short list?
  • 11/15: Campus interviews start this week
  • 12/26: Offer accepted by Nathan Lam (PhD Indiana University; Lecturer at MIT)

University of Regina (deadline 10/14) MU 101 - Introduction to Basic Music Skills (Spring 2022, full-time)

  • "This course will be offered by remote delivery only. There will be no face-to-face component. Individuals who are interested in and have the capacity to teach via remote delivery are invited to apply."

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (review begins 1/10) Assistant Professor - Music Theory

  • Request for Zoom interview (1/10)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (deadline 11/29) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • Request for additional materials (12/12) (x2)
  • Request for Zoom interview (01/07)

Yale University (School of Music) (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor, Adjunct, of Music Analysis and Musicianship (full-time)

  • 12/17: Rejection (x4)

Theory/Composition/Performance, etc.[]

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (open until filled, posted 9/30) Assistant Professor, Jazz & Music Theory

  • "Teaching responsibilities will include directing the ABAC Jazz Ensemble, teaching music appreciation, first and/or second year theory with aural skills, applied instruction of candidate’s major instrument, and collaborations with other ensembles."

Augustana College (deadline 1/1) Assistant Professor, Tenure Track (Orchestra Conductor and Music Theory/Aural Skills Instructor)

Bard College (deadline 11/15) Tenure-Track Jazz Faculty Position

  • "Candidates from the fields of jazz performance, composition, and scholarship are encouraged to apply."

Bilkent University (deadline 12/31) Instructor/Lecturer, Music Arts Core

  • "Teach Music Humanities courses in the core curriculum and other music courses according to the candidate’s specialty and departmental needs"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (deadline 2/10) Lecturer in Music

  • "The successful candidate will teach six classes per year (two per term) with limited student enrollments. Classes will cover a range of topics in music history, theory, and appreciation."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

California Institute of the Arts (review begins 1/4) Faculty in School of Music: Music Skills and Theory

  • Required qualifications include "experience across jazz, popular, and classical styles" and "an artistic practice as performer or composer that demonstrates investment in exploratory aesthetics"

California State University-Monterey Bay (deadline 1/31) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "We seek a candidate with a specialty in African American, African, and/or African-diasporic musical cultures in subfields including but not limited to: Composition and/or Songwriting; Jazz and/or Popular Music Studies; Music Theory; Musicology/Ethnomusicology; Music Industry Studies; Music Technology"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Carleton University (deadline 1/15) Assistant Professor – Studies in Art and Culture (Music and Culture)

  • "We especially encourage applications from music scholars with expertise in one (or more) of the following areas: critical race studies, gender and sexuality, decolonization, music theory, creative practices (e.g., composition, performance, improvisation, production, etc.), and technology and media."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

College of Charleston (deadline 1/10) Assistant Professor of Music (African American Music)

  • "We seek a dynamic educator who can draw on both scholarly and performance-based perspectives. The successful candidate will develop courses on Black American musics that fulfill the College’s Race, Equity, and Inclusion curriculum requirement, in addition to other teaching responsibilities within the Department of Music in accordance with their training (e.g. applied lessons, ensembles, music history or theory). Preference will be given to candidates with expertise in viola, gospel choir, jazz voice, or another area complementary to our departmental needs."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Columbia College (deadline 1/31) Instructor of Music, Full-Time Tenure-Track

  • "The teaching assignment for the position is very broad and could include a combination of courses such as music theory, ensembles, general education courses, and/or specific music major course work."

Georgia State University (deadline 1/10) Lecturer in Music Theory/Technology and/or Applied Performance

  • "The successful applicant can expect to teach four courses per semester focused primarily in the undergraduate music theory and aural skills curriculum at the first- and second-year levels. We are especially interested in applicants who can also teach entry-level courses for music technology students, such as “Computer Applications in Music,” and/or applicants who can offer instruction in applied music in addition to music theory and aural skills courses."
  • 1/7 Application materials are excepted through a OneDrive link. Click the blue "Select Files" button and upload your materials. You will be prompted to enter your name. (paraphrazing instructions from search committee chair)

Hamilton College (deadline 10/17) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "The teaching load for this position is four courses during the first year and five courses thereafter, including music theory, music history, an introductory listening course that encompasses a diverse range of musics and approaches, and electives open to both majors and non-majors."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22
  • From musicology wiki: 10/24 - Request for preliminary Zoom interview
  • From musicology wiki: 12/10 - Notification on request that 3 campus interviews have been scheduled
  • 1/5: Rejection received
  • From musicology wiki: 1/6 - Notification that a candidate has been hired

Harper College (deadline 1/10) Music Full-Time Tenure Track Faculty

  • "The successful candidate will have a 4/4 load consisting chiefly of music theory and literature courses, and courses in our Audio/Video Arts Technology program."

Hillsborough Community College (deadline 2/4) Music Instructor (full-time, tenure track)

  • "Strong preference will be given to candidates whose areas of specialization include choral conducting (including staging opera/musical theatre productions), voice pedagogy and theory/aural skills pedagogy through the standard 4-semester sequence. "

Louisiana State University (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies

  • Teach applied jazz at all levels and in all degree programs; depending on qualifications, teach relevant jazz courses in history, theory, arranging/composition, and pedagogy; lead ensembles (chamber jazz and big band)

Manhattan College (deadline 1/10) Visiting Professor - Music and Theater

  • "This search is open to candidates specializing in all areas of music research. Special consideration will be given to those with expertise in digital audio recording and contemporary sound design."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Norfolk State University (deadline 11/9) Music Instructor (Brass, Theory, and Humanities) (Spring 2022)

South Dakota State University (deadline 11/5) Instructor of Music Theory and Voice

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) (deadline 2/27) Lecturer Positions in the Arts Center (x2)

  • "Recruitment requirements: He/she obtained a doctorate degree in arts (Conducting, Composition, History of Chinese and Western Music, Music Aesthetics, History of Western Art, Choreography, Drama, Film Choreographer, Design, etc.); ..."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Stanford University (deadline 11/1) Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities

  • "All candidates for the Mellon Fellowship must have received a qualified PhD within a specified time frame, as follows: PhD received between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2022. ... Doctorates in Arts (DA) and other doctoral degree equivalents may apply but are unlikely to be selected."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22
  • From musicology wiki: 1/11 - request for letters of recommendation (2x)

Stevens Institute of Technology (review begins 1/3) Professor of Music & Technology

  • "The successful candidate will have a significant portfolio of international recognition and accomplishment in a Music & Technology-related area; examples of areas of interest include but are not limited to AI-related fields of musical creation and inquiry, musical robotics, sound and media studies, critical software studies, theory and musicology within electronic music genres, technologically mediated performance, music information retrieval, sound design, and musical instrument design."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Swarthmore College (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "We seek candidates who specialize in African-American, African and/or African-diasporic musical cultures in subfields such as (but not limited to) ethnomusicology, historical musicology, music theory, music education, composition, or music technology/production."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22
  • From musicology wiki: 12/16 References contacted

Tulsa Community College (no deadline listed, posted 1/6) Assistant Professor - Music

  • "Primary responsibilities will include teaching courses for music majors, including Introduction to Music History and Aural Theory, and general education courses, such as Music Appreciation and American Pop Music, based on the candidate’s specialization and program needs. ... Knowledge in recording techniques, music technology, and songwriting/composition are preferred."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Queen's University Belfast (deadline 12/20) Lecturer (Education) in Music

  • "You will be responsible for delivering a range of teaching, supervision and assessment activities in music including convening and delivery of modules in song-writing and performance, and contributing to teaching on other modules in the School in one or more of the following areas of specialism: music production, composition, historical musicology, traditional Irish music and music business."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

University College Cork (deadline 03/24) Radical Humanities Laboratory Cluster Hire (12 tenure-track posts)

  • Applications encouraged across music and sound studies fields, including creative- and performance-led research. Ultimately, 12 posts will be selected from across the arts and humanities, but will target interdisciplinary researchers pushing the boundaries of their fields. While the committee's primary search criteria is research excellence, the job ad particularly highlights intersectional and critical race theory research and methodologically experimental arts practice research in addition to other interdisciplinary fields.
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

University College Dublin (deadline 12/2) Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Composition & Performance (Artistic Director, UCD Composition Ensemble and the UCD Gamelan Orchestra)

  • Three year, temporary part-time appointment (equal to 0.4fte)
  • "The appointee should be experienced in teaching a wide range of compositional approaches, from contemporary classical to non-Western musical traditions, jazz, electronica and audio-visual work. The UCD Gamelan Orchestra primarily studies and performs the karawitan repertoire of Central Java, with a special focus on the Yogyakarta style. The appointee should be fluent in the theory and performance practise of both Solo and Yogya styles."
  • Job Reference 013830

University of California San Diego (review begins 12/10) Assistant Professor - Music of the African Diaspora

  • "The successful candidate's work could encompass composition, performance, and emerging forms of interdisciplinary practice. They will contribute to graduate programs in composition, performance and Integrative Studies. Undergraduate teaching would include courses contributing to our emphasis in Jazz and Music of the African Diaspora and general education offerings."

University of Edinburgh (deadline 11/12) Teaching Fellow in Creative Musicianship (.2 FTE)

  • "A minimum of a PhD degree in an area relating to composition, analysis or musicology ... Demonstrable ability to deliver university-level teaching in music analysis and pastiche composition."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

University of Liverpool (deadline 11/12) Lecturer in Music in Audio-Visual Media

  • "Aside from several specific modules on music and film, we have particular focus on music and videogames, offering a BSc in Music and Game Design Studies and a BSc in Game Design in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science. You will be required to teach history, theory and musicology of audio-visual media at undergraduate level."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

University of North Carolina-Asheville (review begins 2/1) Lecturer in Music

  • "The successful candidate will direct the Wind Ensemble and Pep Band and teach classes in Music Theory, Aural Skills, Applied Music, and other classes pending the candidate’s area of expertise."

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (deadline 12/1) Tenure-Track Assistant Professor – Double Reed and Theory/Aural Skills

University of the South (deadline 2/4) Visiting Assistant Professor in Popular Music

  • "In addition to classes on mixing, mastering, DAWs, and related technologies of recorded music, the successful hire may, depending on qualifications, teach and do research in any of the following areas: hip hop, popular musics of underrepresented groups, rock, and/or the commercial music industry."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Ursinus College (deadline 1/14) Assistant Professor of Music, Music Technology and Production

  • "We seek a collaborative faculty member who can teach dynamic courses and mentor independent research students in music technology and production. Additional responsibilities will include departmental service related to managing the department’s MIDI lab and technology equipment, and/or advising the student electronic music club, as well as the college’s first-year liberal arts seminar, the Common Intellectual Experience. Other responsibilities could include teaching courses in (but not limited to) composition, ethnomusicology, musicianship, film or game music, or ensemble direction (existing ensembles or a new ensemble related to candidate expertise), in complement to the other faculty in the department."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

West Virginia University (review begins 2/1) Assistant Professor of Bassoon and Theory

Western University (deadline 12/4) Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Music, Equity and Social Justice

  • "This position is open to candidates with expertise in this area, including (but not limited to) composers, ethnomusicologists, music education scholars, musicologists, music theorists, performers, and popular music creators and scholars."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Wilfrid Laurier University (deadline 10/29) Assistant, Associate and Full Professor of Music (Indigenous Faculty Cohort Hire)

  • "The Faculty of Music is seeking a musician/teacher (broadly defined as performer, composer, conductor and/or scholar) to join the Community Music program with expertise in Indigenous music that intersects with community health and wellness."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Yale University (Dept of Music) (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor, Music

  • "This scholar may specialize in any culture or repertoire beyond the sphere of Western culture and have trained in any relevant discipline including (but not necessarily limited to) ethnomusicology, cultural anthropology, music history, music theory, or cultural studies."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22
  • From musicology wiki: 12/10 Campus interviews are ongoing
  • From musicology wiki: 1/12 Offer extended (official status pending)

Theory/Composition, etc.[]

California State University, Long Beach (deadline 12/19) Assistant Professor of Theory/Composition

  • Requires D.M.A or Ph.D. degree in composition

California State University, Sacramento (deadline 12/15) Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Theory and Composition

  • "The successful candidate will contribute fresh pedagogical perspectives to an evolving, innovative curriculum that engages a diverse spectrum of music from around the world; will serve undergraduate and graduate students as a progressive, creative, collaborative, and well-rounded educator; and will be able to teach a wide range of academic courses and applied composition lessons."
  • 1/4 Semifinalists are being interviewed over Zoom between January 4 and 16.

Carnegie Mellon University (deadline 1/15) Assistant Professor of Composition/Music Theory

Central Washington University (review begins immediately, priority date 2/1) Assistant Professor - Composition

  • "The ideal candidate will be an exceptional musician with a strong and effective commitment to building and maintaining a vibrant composition program, and who will coordinate and supervise the core undergraduate theory area."

Drake University (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • "Secondary areas of specialization may include composition, music technology, pedagogy of theory, and/or music industry and administration."
  • 9/13 Is anyone aware of a specific deadline or timeline for this Drake search? X2
  • 9/23 "Review of applications will begin October 15, 2021 and will continue until the position is filled." (They just added this deadline to the posting on their site.)
  • 12/7 Anyone know if there has been movement on this search? x2
  • 1/11 Does anyone know if this search has moved forward?

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (deadline 12/5) Tenure-track Position (Open Rank)

  • "Responsibilities include teaching the standard courses on the department (music theory, orchestration, improvisation) and elective courses on both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the candidate’s field(s) of expertise, and providing individual instruction in composition. ... The languages of instruction are Hebrew and English."

Lehman College (CUNY) (deadline 1/1) Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition

  • 12/16 This link no longer seems to work. Anyone know what happened?
  • 12/17 The entire CUNY system shows zero jobs available in any department. There are no postings for the college on HigherEdJobs either. Was there a hiring freeze in the CUNY system?
  • 12/27 The application portal is back up

Royal College of Music (deadline 10/11) Area Leader in Creative Musicianship & Improvisation (.6 FTE)

  • "You will be an experienced creative practitioner, ideally a composer and/or classical improviser, with outstanding communication skills. You will have substantial previous experience of undergraduate teaching and assessment in musicianship, stylistic composition, analysis, and/or tonal improvisation."

Saddleback College (deadline 1/31) Music Theory & Composition Instructor (Full-time)

Shepherd University (review begins immediately, posted 11/1) Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Composition & Technology

  • 12/8 Request for Zoom interview. (x2)
  • 12/16 Request for on campus interview

University of Utah (deadline 1/20, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor in Composition & Music Theory

Composition Only[]

Baldwin Wallace University (deadline 1/3, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music Composition

  • 1/11 request for 30-minute zoom interview. (x3)

Berklee College of Music (deadline 10/15) Full Time Faculty, Composition

  • 11/11 request for 20-minute Zoom interview.
  • 12/8 rejection received. x2
  • 12/20 invitation to on-campus interview

Berklee College of Music (review begins immediately, posted 11/5) Full Time Faculty, Jazz Composition

California Institute of the Arts (review begins 1/4) Faculty in Composition and Experimental Sound Practices

California State University, Northridge (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor - Commercial Media Composition

  • 12/18: Request for more materials

Chapman University (open until filled, posted 11/3) Assistant Professor of Music Composition

Indiana University (deadline 11/19) Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Music (Composition)

  • 12/08 request for 30-minute Zoom interview.

Louisiana State University (review begins 1/21) Assistant Professor of Music Composition

Reed College (deadline 9/17) Tenure-Track Position in Music Composition

  • College requested additional materials on 9/24 via Interfolio (x7)
  • Question: Any updates about the next round?
  • ^10/12: I haven't heard anything further (x4)
  • 10/8 request for 20-minute interview (x2)
  • 10/19 request for in-person interview
  • 12/10 rejection received (x5)
  • 12/10 position filled (Bora Yoon, ABD Princeton)

Royal College of Music (deadline 11/19) Head of Composition

  • "This post is offered on a permanent basis on either a part-time or full-time basis (from 0.6FTE to 1FTE) and is available from January 2022."

Stephen F. Austin State University (review begins 1/10/22) Assistant Professor of Composition

University of California, Santa Cruz (deadline 11/8 initial review date 11/29) Assistant Professor, Composer w/Specialty in African/African-American/Global-African Traditions

University of Cambridge (deadline 11/28) Assistant Professor in Composition (Part-time)

University of Chicago (deadline 10/1) Associate/Full Professor of Composition

  • 1/11 Are there any updates on this search?

University of Chicago (deadline 12/20) Assistant Professor of Composition

  • 1/14 Request for additional materials

University of Chicago (deadline 12/30) 2022-2023 Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition Postdoctoral Instructor

University of Huddersfield (deadline 1/4) Lecturer in Composing for Screen (.5 FTE)

University of North Carolina School of the Arts (deadline 11/21) Assistant/Associate Professor of Composition

  • Request for 25-minute zoom interview (1/5)

University of Music & Performing Arts Graz (deadline 3/21) University Professorship for Composition (Starts Winter Semester 2023-24)

  • Scroll down to bottom of PDF for English ad.

University of Music & Performing Arts Vienna (deadline 3/16) University Professor for Composition

University of Sheffield (deadline 12/7) Teaching Associate in Music Composition (.7 FTE, Jan-Sep 2022)

University of Southern California (review begins 1/1) Program Chair and Associate Professor of Practice or Professor of Practice in Screen Scoring

Composition/Music Technology[]

Amherst College (review begins 2/15) Visiting Professor of Digital Music Production and Recording

  • "The Amherst College Department of Music invites applications for a full-time, two-year visiting appointment at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor, from scholars, artists, and teachers whose work engages the creative and social dimensions of digital sound technologies."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Berklee College of Music (open until filled, posted 9/21) Chair of Songwriting

Cal Poly (deadline 11/21) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

  • 12/2 request for 30-minute Zoom interview
  • 12/20 campus visit invitation

California State University, San Bernardino (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor - Music Technology

  • 10/19: Request for letters of rec sent (x2)
  • 10/21a: Were the requests sent through the application portal?
  • 10/21b: Received email notification that references would be contacted.
  • 11/8 request for 30-minute Zoom interview

City, University of London (deadline 9/6) Lecturer(s) in Music, x2 (Jan-June 2022)

  • " Duties for one of these will likely involve teaching the BSc core Year 3 module Sound-Image Interaction, and BMus/BSc electives in Music, Sound and the Moving Image and Video Game Music: helping with supervision of third year major projects in Composition and/or Music, Sound and Technology, and possibly providing some seminar support for BSc Year 2 Sound Recording. The second lecturer is likely to teach a term of the BMus core modules Materials of Music (Year 1), Practical Musicianship (Year 1), and Analysing Music (Year 2), as well as an BMus/BSc elective in Nineteenth-Century Opera, and help with teaching on the BMus core module Western Music in Context 2 (Year 1)."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

College of William & Mary (deadline 11/15) Lecturer of Music

  • "We seek an individual with expertise in audio engineering, production, and computer music"
  • 12/13 Any updates?
  • 12/26: Request for additional materials

Connecticut College (deadline 10/4) Assistant Professor - Composition and Music Technology

  • Is anyone aware of movement on this one?
    • I had to email about a recommender of mine that was having trouble and was told they are going through applications around (11/10)
    • Offer made and accepted (12/6)

Florida State University (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor Composition

  • "Direction of FSU's electronic music facility; instruction of Digital Music Synthesis courses; individual instruction in composition; participation in composition colloquia ..."
  • 11/10 request for 30-minute Zoom interview
  • 12/30 position filled (Eren Gümrükçüoğlu, PhD Duke)

Francis Marion University (until filled, posted 9/15) Assistant Professor of Music Industry

  • "...a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Music Industry to teach areas of expertise in music business/technology."
  • 1/14 Request for Zoom interview (x2)

Georgia Tech (deadline 8/22) Lecturer, Music Technology

Grinnell College (deadline 11/15) Tenure-track Appointment in Performance and Creativity (Music/Sound Art)

  • "Performing, teaching, and research interests might include, but are not limited to: music performance, sound art, sound studies, interface and instrument building, improvisation, creative ethnography, and sound design."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22

Johnson University (none listed, posted 12/7) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Technology

  • "All teaching faculty are required to affirm the institution’s statement of faith and community covenant."

Louisiana State University (deadline 10/31) Assistant Professor of Sound Design and Technology

  • "Preferred Qualifications: Teaching experience at the Undergraduate level; ability to teach at the graduate level, music composition; and sound editing/mixing for film and TV."

Michigan Tech (deadline 1/10) Assistant Professor of Sound

Michigan Tech (deadline 1/10) Lecturer of Sound

National Sun Yat-sen University (deadline 10/1) Tenure-Track Position in Sound Engineering and Music Composition

  • "This position requires teaching the following courses:1. Music Composition and Arrangement for DAW; 2. Digital Audio Recording and Mixing; 3. Sound Engineering Theory and Practice; 4. Pop and Jazz ensembles ... Proficiency in Chinese is necessary."

NYU (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Interaction Design, Music and Sound

  • 12/20 Request for letters of rec sent
  • 1/4 Invitation for a Zoom interview

Northeastern University (review begins 1/12) Open Rank Professor, Music Technology and AI

Open University of Hong Kong (deadline 8/2) Assistant Professor / Senior Lecturer of Creative Arts

Purdue University (deadline 11/15) Clinical Assistant Professor of Music/Theatre in Music Technology

  • 12/13 Any further word here?
  • 12/15 Request for additional materials (x2)
  • Request and job listing asks for experience with DPS/Max? is it a typo for DSP?
    • 1/1 I am certain they meant Max/MSP

Portland Community College (deadline 2/4) Instructor, Music and Sonic Arts

  • "This position requires knowledge and applied experience in contemporary electronic and experimental music composition techniques, historical music composition techniques, MaxMSP, interactive media, and the profound social, cultural, and economic influence of digital art creations, with particular attention to social justice and equity for people who have historically been oppressed."

Royal Northern College of Music (deadline 12/6) Creative Multi-Specialist (Composition / Production / Musicianship) – School of Popular Music

  • Part-time 17.5 hours per week for 30 weeks a year

University of Amsterdam (deadline 11/1) Postdoctoral Researcher, Unravelling our Capacity for Music

University of Bristol (deadline 2/14) Lecturer in Music Practices (.5 FTE), starts April 2022

  • "You will contribute to teaching in Music practices including at least two of the following areas: orchestration, conducting, acoustic and/or studio-based composition, film music composition, music recording and production, and performance coaching."

University of California, Riverside (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Teaching in Popular Music: Creation and Production

University of California, San Diego (review begins 12/10) Assistant Professor of Composition

  • "The ideal candidate will have a strong profile as a composer whose creative practice engages creatively with technology. We are understanding technology expansively here: the successful applicant could have experience in computer music research, DIY electronics, intermedia work, live electronics or any combination thereof."

University of Colorado Boulder (deadline 11/15) ATLAS Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Creative Technology and Design

  • 12/27 Request for Zoom interview

University of Glasgow (deadline 12/15) Lecturer in Music, Sonic and Audiovisual Practices

University of Kansas (review begins 12/22) Associate Professor of the Practice in Electronic Composition

University of Minnesota (review begins 1/28) Assistant Professor Composition/Music Technology Emphasis

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (deadline 12/10) Teaching Assistant Professor in Hip Hop/Audio Production

  • "The Department of Music at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is seeking candidates for a Teaching Assistant Professor position with teaching and professional experience in the areas of hip hop and audio production. This is a 9-month position over a 3-year term with the possibility of renewal. Candidates will be expected to teach courses ranging from Music Production I and II to Beat Making Lab, Rap Lab, and/or Music Technology."

University of North Texas (no deadline listed, posted 10/20) Assistant Professors in Popular/Commercial Music (x2)

  • "One of these appointments is likely to reside in our Division of Jazz Studies and the other will reside in our Division of Composition Studies. ... duties include teaching courses in popular/commercial music, including songwriting and music production, and courses in the analysis and history of popular music; teach courses in music technology that will enable our students to achieve professional results in composition, recording, post-production, and notation with affordable software and equipment; recruiting and mentor excellent undergraduate and graduate students with interests in popular/commercial music."

University of Oslo (deadline 10/18) Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship within Music Production Technology

University of Texas at Arlington (deadline 11/1) Assistant Professor of Music – Music Industry Studies

  • "Required Qualifications: Strong record of creative activity in audio production, music producing, commercial music performance, film scoring, or video game composition/sound design"

West Chester University (deadline 12/15) Instructor or Assistant Professor of Studio Composition

  • 12/21: Request for additional materials (x2)
  • 1/13: Invitation for a Zoom interview

Part-time/Adjunct Positions[]

Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA): Part Time Faculty, Contemporary Writing & Production (Deadline: 31 October 2021)

  • "Primary responsibilities for this position will include teaching the Arranging 1 core course, which focuses on writing for the rhythm section with one or two horns in several contemporary music styles, and possibly other writing courses as needed. This is a part-time faculty position with an appointment to begin on January 1, 2022."

Bethany College (Lindsborg, KS): Part-Time Adjunct Instructor of Sight Singing and Aural Development II (Spring 2022) (Deadline: None listed, posted 08 December 2021)

Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): Adjunct Faculty-Teaching (Music Technology) (Deadline: 29 November 2021)

California State University San Marcos (San Marcos, CA): MUSC 210 - Introduction to Music Technology (Spring 2022) (Deadline: 02 November 2021)

Dillard University (New Orleans, LA): Faculty - PT Part-Time (Music Appreciation & Music Technology, Spring 2022) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 13 December 2021)

Glendale Community College (Glendale, CA): Music Adjunct Instructor (Deadline: 05 November 2021)

  • "The teaching assignment will be for Music 184- Electronic Music for Spring 2022."

Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ): Adjunct – MUS-160: Music Theory II – Traditional Campus (Deadline: None listed, posted 06 December 2021)

  • "The ideal candidate will hold at least a master’s degree in music theory or a directly related field and showcase a strong record of professional practice. The candidate will demonstrate expertise in theory and composition and have strong performance skills, experience teaching tuba preferred."

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA): Temporary Part-Time Faculty (Spring 2022) - Music Theory and Composition (Deadline: 29 December 2021)

  • "The Department of Music at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) invites applicants for a part-time, temporary Instructor/Assistant Professor position to teach Music Theory IV and applied composition lessons for Spring 2022."

Julliard School (New York, NY): Composition Faculty, Pre-College (Deadline: None listed, posted 10 January 2022)

King University (Bristol, TN): Part Time-Adjunct Faculty-Music Dept (Deadline: None listed, posted 07 January 2022)

Longy School of Music (Boston, MA): Film and Game Music Composition Faculty (no deadline listed, posted 9/16)

Middlesex Community College (Middletown, CT): Part-time Instructor Electronic Music (Spring 2022) (Deadline: None listed, posted 16 November 2021)

  • "The Center for New Media at Middlesex Community College is seeking a part-time instructor in music production to teach an introductory-level course in Electronic Music for the Spring 2022 semester. This individual should be technically versatile with MIDI keyboards, virtual instruments, Pro Tools, GarageBand, music composition, music recording & production, and digital audio production technology. They should also have a solid grasp of music theory."

NYU (New York, NY): Adjunct Faculty - Private Screen Scoring Composition Lessons (Spring 2022) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 01 December 2021)

NYU (New York, NY): Adjunct Faculty - Seminar in Composition: Advanced Scoring Toolkit (Spring 2022) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 01 December 2021)

NYU (New York, NY): Adjunct Faculty - Music Technology (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 01 December 2021)

NYU (New York, NY): Adjunct Faculty - Orchestration Lab (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 22 November 2021)

NYU (New York, NY): Adjunct Faculty - Music Technology (Spring 2022) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 15 December 2021)

San Francisco Conservatory of Music (open until filled, posted 8/25) BAM Music Instructor

  • "We are looking for a Music Instructor who will be responsible for teaching Bridge to Arts and Music musicianship classes two hours a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, from September through May."

St. Joseph's University (Philadelphia, PA): Adjunct/Affiliate in Music Theory (Open until filled, posted 05 November 2021]

Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA): MUSC 9 - Introduction to Listening: Electronic Music (Spring 2022) (Deadline: 03 December 2021)

Spelman College (Atlanta, GA): Instructor/Lecturer (Deadline: 30 November 2021)

  • "The Department of Music at Spelman College invites applicants for a one-semester, part-time appointment for the Spring semester of 2022. The successful candidate will teach Music Theory and Musicianship 1."

Sul Ross State University (Alpine, TX): Adjunct Instructor - Music - Brass and Arranging (Deadline: None listed, posted 06 January 2022)

  • "The Fine Arts Department seeks a part-time music instructor for the Spring 2022 semester to teach arranging and individual instruction in brass instruments. "

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): Lecturer, Music Theory Department (Deadline: 11 November 2021)

  • "Lecturer I, Winter 2022 semester, 25% appointment in Music Theory, Teach one section of Theory 436/536, Analytical History of Jazz"

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): LEO: Rap Song Writing Instructor (Deadline: 19 December 2021) LEO: Rap Song Writing Instructor

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): LEO Intermittent Lecturer, Winter 2022 (Open until filled, posted 17 December 2021)

  • "ArtsEngine is seeking a Lecturer to teach a section of UARTS 250, Creative Process, for the winter 2022 term."

University of Southern California (open until filled, posted 10/6) Adjunct Instructor, Screen Scoring (Spring 2022)

University of Toronto Scarborough (Scarborough, ON): Sessional Lecturer - MUZB81H3 Independent Music-Maker (Deadline: 06 December 2021)

  • "Qualifications: A graduate degree in music composition (DMA preferred); an active career as a composer is required.  Ability to compose in various music styles is highly desirable."

University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA): Lecturer, Composition and Computer Technology (Spring 2022) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 29 October 2021)

  • "The University of Virginia’s Department of Music is seeking a composer to teach three courses in our Composition and Computer Technology program for the Spring 2022 semester.  The successful candidate will be able to teach tonal and acoustic composition as well as courses in computer assisted composition.  A Ph.D. in Music, Composition, or related field is required. "

Wilfrid Laurier University (deadline 8/1) Part-time Contract Teaching Faculty (CTF) Winter 2022

Other Positions of Interest[]

This section is for non-academic jobs of interest to theorists/composers. Please see also the list on the Musicology/Ethnomusicology page.

School-Specific Discussion[]

  • 9/2 University at Buffalo: Currently taking nominations for under-represented minority scholars for a position in music theory - see
  • 12/12 University of Chicago: does anyone know what is going on there? Why do they have searches at every level?
    • 12/13 - Wondering the same thing (have heard rumors/warnings about turnover and departmental instability, but don't have specifics). Currently, the UChicago Composition faculty consists solely of Augusta Read Thomas and this year's post-doc, Felipe Tevao-Honar. Sam Pluta, formerly on faculty and director of CHIME Studio, has been appointed Associate Professor of Computer Music at Peabody, following his wife Sky Macklay's hiring last year. This appointment appears to be an internal negotiation, substituting for Peabody's announced search for Adjunct Computer Music Teacher. So, the UChicago Assistant Professor search, preferring "advanced fluency with electronic music techniques," will replace Sam Pluta. The Associate/Full Professor search may be a modified repeat of last year's failed [Assistant/Associate] search. The Post-Doc has been annually renewed since 2017.
    • 12/19 - my understanding was that there are two searches because two composers (Anthony Cheung and Sam Pluta) have left in the past year or two, both because other institutions offered them spousal hires. Maybe this is a lesson to UChicago admin about what they should do if they want to retain faculty.
    • 12/19a - The "UChicago admin" is not going to learn a lesson from faculty taking another job. They don't need to "retain" faculty. The University of Chicago is one of the best schools in the entire world. It is greater than any single faculty member. The great universities are always in competition with each other at levels much more complex than what happens with individual faculty. It's delusional to think that Chicago, or any school for that matter, needs to do a spousal hire to get an outstanding person for the job. And to be frank: are the positions these two people left for (Brown and Peabody) "better" than Chicago? No, they're not. Never underestimate the harshness of universities and academics.
  • Belmont University: It's a rather interesting sociological phenomenon seeing how on this wiki there's a yearly massive controversy about topics related to gender and race, but not a single person complains whenever a post like this emerges, a job ad that shows blatant discrimination based on religious beliefs. I attribute this event to the fact that this wiki is almost entirely US-centered, a country with normalized behaviors towards exclusion when it comes to adhering to a particular (the majoritarian Judeo-Christian) religion. I would love nevertheless to hear opinions from my American colleagues.
    • US-based composer here. Unfortunately, private colleges and universities here can use religious affiliation for hiring criteria. It stinks, but it is allowed. This is not allowed at public universities, so 300+ applicants gravitate to those jobs that do not promote this kind of discriminatory practice.
    • There's a few issues here. One is that religion is a choice and race/gender isn't, so it's legal to openly discrimate like this, as morally abhorrent as it is. But more importantly, the people that post on here about race and gender are always parroting conservative viewpoints, and their favorite Republicans also promote the same evangelical nonsense that these schools espouse. It really has little to do with most mainstream Christianity, and certainly not with any Judaism: these schools specifically operate within the American tradition of right-wing evangelical proto-fascism. And the adherents who benefit from this are also the ones most opposed to "wokeness." One can only wish that these schools would go the way of Grove City College and reject all federal funding if they're going to maintain these obscene sorts of practices.
    • I can only speak for myself. I have no desire to work at one of these "Christian" schools because they're all terrible. On the other hand, many of the most elite institutions in the country are jobs that interest me and reflect my own training and skill set. Tragically, these same institutions have often been pressured into prioritizing a couple specific races and sex over qualifications, artistry, and experience. We see this movement increasing even more openly in some of the postings this year. I'm not a conservative in any way; I just don't support discrimination and/or elimination based on race and sex, which is what's happening in so many searches in recent years.
    • Oh goodness, this old chestnut again: "Tragically, these same institutions have often been pressured into prioritizing a couple specific races and sex over qualifications, artistry, and experience." There are tons of people who aren't white men that are highly qualified and do good work, and I say this as a white male. I can't think of anyone in the past several years who won a job simply because they were a "diversity hire," with one possible exception that I won't go into details about (there were also other shady things going on with that search). I understand the frustration of not getting a job (I've given up at this point since I'm 14 years out of my Ph.D.), but to say that people are getting hired simply because the fit a specific profile is ridiculous. There are just too many highly qualified people of all shades and makes, and too few jobs, for this argument to make any sense. And hell, does anyone actually expect to get hired at an "elite" institution? Finally, and unfortunately, experience means nothing. Ageism, along with the financial privilage to play the game, is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. I can think of many people aside from myself who have loads of teaching experience, have received numerous commissions (yes, actual commissions), have pubilshed in good journals, won grants, etc., but nobody will touch them because they are older and aren't present at every conference because they can't afford to go. Add to that the numerous people who got stuck in the adjunct grind (god forbid at a community college-GASP!) for a number of years, and continued doing it because they love teaching, all the while being active in the field. Look, academia is broken, and nobody really wants to talk about how or why. But to say that well qulified people are being passed over for jobs at elite institutions because they would rather hire an underqulified minority, woman, furry, whatever, is insane.
    • Why do y'all even respond to this dude? The OP is clearly a troll, just ignore him. But the rest of you, I don't understand the bad-mouthing of Belmont. All the faculty and alumni I know are fantastic. This job is a great opportunity for the right person. If that person isn't you, you don't have to apply.
    • I wouldn't call the OP a troll, it was a legitimate question and the answers provided insight into it (at least for me, I'm not from America either). Nobody was bad-mouthing the faculty / alumni of Belmont, rather the practice of discriminating based on religious beliefs (which doesn't seem to be relevant to the ability of teach music).

General Discussion[]

  • 2021-22 Wiki Moderator: 5120j. Contact me at 5120janon at gmail with questions/comments.
  • 1/6 For those who have made it to/past the interview stage, what kinds of additional materials have been solicited (besides letters of recommendation) and what kinds of tasks were you asked to performed during your interview? e.g. classroom teaching (theory)? master class (composition)? lecture presentation on your creative or scholarly interests? I am new to the job market (recent Composition PhD, with secondary qualifications in Theory) and have only observed searches from a student perspective within my own institutions. I am especially curious about the expected subject matter (whether given or chosen) for teaching demonstrations in theory and the amount of prep time beforehand.
    • To answer 1/6's question, I have been asked to provide work samples (scores and audio/video), course descriptions and syllabi for classes I would like to develop, and teaching evaluations from students. I have had two finalist interviews for comp-only jobs and two for theory/comp jobs. For all of them I gave a presentation about my music and for all of them I gave composition lessons to students with faculty watching. For the theory job interviews I taught a normally-occuring theory class for one session, so I was given whatever topic was on the instructor's syllabus that day. For the amount of prep time, I think they should give you at least a week of warning, usually multiple weeks. I would say start prepping as soon as you know what the topic is and over-prepare so you're super confident.
      • 1/9 (OP): Thank you for your generous and informative reply!
    • I think that the prep-time should be proportional to what's at stake (if a tenure-track job, and if tenure is ultimately granted, then a life time of full-time income with benefits totalling $1-$2 million or so over a life time, depending on the institution, location, etc.) SO: come prepared to your job interview. Of course you can't anticipate every student question or interaction and might have to improvise some of the time (the same of course goes to the interview portions with committees and administrators and chats with students, where you need to prepare but might also haver to improvise). It's really in the committee's best interest to put you at ease and see you perform at your best--if they're not out of their mind--but on your end, PLEASE COME PREPARED.
      • 1/9 (OP): Thank you for your perspective – I agree! My question about prep time was worded ambiguously but meant with reference to a teaching demonstration in theory, i.e. how much advance notice a committee might provide with respect to a given topic. (The post above suggests a week+, which is good to know).
  • 1/10 This is a question especially for people who have been on a search committee before. I've noticed a bunch of listings that list an application deadline but also say "review of applications starts immediately". In these cases, is there any benefit to getting an application in well before the deadline as opposed to just before it?
  • 1/15 SUNY Buffalo recently posted an opening for a "Clinical Assistant Professor" non-tenure track job. With the increasing number of non-tenured lines, is it time for mass action, namely refusing to apply to posts that don't offer tenure. No more adjuncts, no more visiting, no more "clinical", no more period. We deserve better, and without us (the workers), the universities can't operate. Mass action. Shut them down. Make them beg. If Starbucks and Krogers workers can take action and improve their lives, why can't people armed with PhDs?

Wiki Counter Check all that apply[]

I am a theorist: 14

I am a composer: 18

I am a little of both theorist and composer: 10

I am a music technologist: 5

I am a little of both composer and music technologist: 6

I am a musicologist with strong theoretical leanings:

I am currently in a TT position: 9

I am currently in a renewable-track non-TT position: 3

I am currently in a VAP/Postdoctoral position: 5

I am currently in a Lecturer/adjunct position: 10

I am ABD: 8

I am a recent (3 years or less) PhD: 10

I am a recent (3 years or less) DMA: 3

I am a no-longer-recent PhD: 7

I am a no-longer-recent DMA: 3

I am a tenured or tenure-track professor whose position has been cut:

I am a senior tenured scholar looking for a better position: 2

I am a tenure-track but not-yet-tenured scholar looking for a better position: 1

I am working outside of the academy: 1

I am not on the market but am an interested observer: 8

I am a member of a search committee: 2