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Theory Only[]

Ambrose University (review begins 11/15 12/12/22) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music (Music Theory)

  • 11/17 Deadline extended to 12/12
  • 11/21 Request for a Zoom interview
  • 12/12 Request for a Zoom interview
  • 12/19 Request for Zoom meeting with HR to discuss "compensation expectations"
  • 1/4 (to 12/19) I've never heard such a thing with an HR. I've only dealt with deans on this aspect. I'm curious to hear more about that.
    • 12/19: basically they met with candidates to explain what their budget as a small private liberal arts university allows in terms of salary and benefits and if candidates still wish to continue in the application process based on this information.
  • 1/19 On-campus interview invitation
  • 5/11 Email from search chair indicating "a decision was made to scale back to a lecturer role for the coming year"
  • Renewed current lecturer contract; Michalis Andronikou, University of Calgary 2013 (PhD Composition)

Appalachian State University (review begins 12/22/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Arizona State University (deadline 04/14/23) Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of Music Theory

  • 05/01: Request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • 5/19: Invitation for Finalist Zoom Interview
  • 6/5: Offer accepted by Spencer Arias (DMA composition, Michigan State University, 2022) Current Western Michigan University PT instructor)

Baldwin Wallace University (deadline 3/9/23, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 3/14 Request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • 4/11 Any updates?
  • 4/25 Offer accepted: Lena Console (PhD Candidate, Northwestern University, Music Theory & Cognition)
  • 5/20 Offer accepted by Matt Chiu (PhD, Eastman School of Music, 2022)

Belmont University (preferred deadline 9/15) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • Continuation of failed search from last year.
  • Please see posting on SMT for some additional information and a note from the search chair.
  • (11/04) Request for a Zoom interview (x2)
  • 12/21 Invitation to campus interview
  • 3/3: Any updates?
    • 3/3: not associated with the search, but heard that one of the interviews was delayed because of weather. I'd guess this pushed the timeline back.
  • 3/13 Job offered and accepted (Jason Jedlička, PhD Indiana '18, Adjunct Prof. Ashland University)

Berklee College of Music (Open until filled, posted 11/4/22) Full-time Faculty, Ear Training

  • 2/7 Rejection received

Berklee College of Music (Open until filled, posted 5/15/23) Full-Time Faculty, Ear Training (FA23)

  • 5/16 Is this an additional position, or did the 11/4/22 search fail?

Berklee College of Music (deadline 7/1/23) Full-time Faculty, Ear Training

  • 6/2 This is so weird, how many people are they hiring? The above 5/15 post is still active.

Berlin University of the Arts (deadline 4/29/23) Professor, Music Theory (April 2024)

Binghamton University (SUNY) (review begins 12/1/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 01/31 Invitation to zoom interview and request for additional materials

Binghamton University (SUNY) (deadline 6/23/23) Lecturer of Music Theory (1-year)

  • 6/30 Invitation to zoom interview
  • 7/19 Any updates?
  • 8/15: according to the departmental faculty page, this seems to have been filled by Martin Hebel (DMA University of Cincinnati 2021).

Brown University (priority deadline 10/14/22) Lecturer in Music - Theory

  • 11/3 Request for additional materials (x2).
  • 11/22 Rejection received (x3)
  • any updates?
  • 2/11 On-campus interview invitation
  • 3/10 Offer accepted: Jena Root (Professor, Youngstown State), University of Minnesota PhD 2000, Music Composition

Cal Poly (review begins 6/5/23) Full-Time Lecturer - Music (AY 23/24), Music Theory and Musicianship (Aural Skills)

  • 7/21 Zoom Interview Held
  • Aaron Kline, Texas Christian University 2021 (DMA Composition)

Central Connecticut State University (deadline 2/3/23) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • "We are particularly interested in candidates with the ability to also teach in one or more of the following areas: orchestration, class piano, music technology, keyboard skills, private lesson teaching at the University level, or music composition."
  • 3/15 Has anybody received any news on this one? The job posting seems to have been taken down (understandably) after the deadline, and there has been nothing but radio silence ever since.
    • 3/28 From HR: "I see there were 3 music positions posted at the same time, with one being open a little later.  So far no one has been hired yet and the applications are still with the search committees."
  • 4/30 Any updates on this position?
  • 5/9 From HR: "Music has three open positions and they received hundreds of applications and no one has been hired yet for the Music positions.  Our last update about the Music recruitments was that interviews are in progress."
  • 5/10 For what it's worth, for the open musicology search, additional materials were requested on 5/4.
  • 7/18 Email received: "...after consultation with University Administration, we have decided to close our search for this Music Theory tenure-track position. We intend to repost the position during the fall semester"

Cleveland Institute of Music (review begins 12/1/22) Music Theory Full-time Faculty (x2)

  • 12/17 Request for a skills assessment (x3)
  • 12/26 People have pulled their applications because of the figured bass requirement/skills assessment
  • 12/30: 12/26, do you know this for a fact? I mean I can understand some musicologists, and perhaps some composers, pulling applications for a skills assessment involving figured bass but for theorists, that's their bread and butter in terms of the academic job market.
  • 12/31: I wouldn't be surprised. The job application stated that later applicants would be required to take a skills assessment, and CIM has extremely high standards. Not that this story should hold much water - it's more humorous to me than anything - but their doctoral entrance examination 15 years ago included a very difficult figured bass example, so I'm sure they are pulling no punches when it comes to faculty applicants.
  • 1/12 Rejection received (x3)
  • 1/23 Rejection received following skills assessment [x2]
    • [Clarification: I can't speak for the other 1/23 individual, but my rejection did not mention skills assessment, similar to the 1/30 messages].
  • 1/30 Rejection received [did not mention skills assessment]
  • 1/30 rejection received. Did not mention skills assessment, which I did very well on
  • 2/10a: Has there been any update on this position? Did they remove the post, or go with an internal? I've seen 7 rejections but nothing about a recent hire
  • 2/10b: (1/23) Invitation to a Zoom interview and (2/1) invitation to a campus interview
  • 3/18: Any updates on this one?
  • Filled with two permanent hires and a one-year hire:
  • Permanent hires: Caitlin Martinkus, University of Toronto 2017 (PhD Music Theory), Collegiate Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech AND Scott Hanenberg, University of Toronto 2018 (PhD Music Theory), Instructor at Virginia Tech
  • One-year hire: Alan Elkins, Florida State University 2023 (PhD Music Theory)

Colgate University (review begins 3/15/23) Visiting Assistant Professor in Music Theory

  • 03/30: Request for Zoom interview
  • 05/10: Offer accepted by Kyle Hutchinson (Ph.D. Music Theory, University of Toronto, 2020)

College of Idaho (review begins 1/9/23) Visiting Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • 1/13 Invitation for a Zoom interview (x2)
  • 1/19 Request for additional materials following interview
  • (2/15) Any movement here?
  • 2/24 Rejection received (a courteous, personal phone call from the search chair--more schools would do well to adopt this practice!) (X2)
  • Filled: Thomas Posen, McGill University 2022 (PhD Music Theory)

Conservatorium Maastricht (deadline 3/10/23) Lecturer Music Theory

Conservatorium van Amsterdam (deadline 3/18/23) Music Theory Teacher (.6-.8 FTE)

East Carolina University (review begins 12/11/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • "Primary responsibilities will be to teach all levels of theory and ear-training courses for undergraduate majors; advanced graduate theory courses, including seminars in the analysis and style of Renaissance or Baroque music; and committee service within the School of Music."
  • 2/1: Invitation to a WebEx interview (x2)
  • 2/15 Notification that they'll be contacting references soon; additional request for off-list references (x2)
  • (2/16) ^This "off-list references" thing is awfully strange; it's the first time I'm seeing it. From my understanding, the applicant doesn't provide the names (otherwise, that would defeat the purpose); rather, the committee more or less "mines" the applicant's previous academic and work history and selects people to contact. But how would they know who to contact if the applicant doesn't tell them on a CV, etc.? Is there a background check of sorts involved? How does this work?
    • (2/17) I'm not associated with ECU or this position and am not 100% sure if I'm correct here, but I've been told over the years that committees are technically/"legally" only supposed to contact the references that are provided to them by the applicant. While committee members in general probably break this rule under the table all the time, I would take this request of theirs as a good thing -- being up-front and open about who they're planning to do. In my experience serving on search committees, this isn't usually done in an attempt to "dig up dirt" or "mine" applicants' work history, it's because someone on the committee personally knows someone that also knows the applicant but wasn't listed as a reference, and they want to get the opinion of their trusted friend/colleague despite the applicant not mentioning them.
    • (2/19) 2/16 here: A good perspective, 2/17. I did more digging on this, and apparently, it happens all the time in the business/professional world. Go figure. In any case, I sincerely hope you're right!
    • (2/27): I was actually contacted as one of these "off-list" references, and I think it's pretty harmless. In my case, there was one aspect of the applicant's profile that none of the listed references had specific knowledge of, so they were trying to gather more information.
    • (3/2) My concern is that the SC contacts a current employer or prospective employer. Imagine applying for a job at your undergrad alma mater and the SC chair gets a call from another SC chair.
    • 3/9 Invitation to a campus interview
    • 5/8 offer has been accepted
    • 5/20 Offer accepted by Derek Myler (PhD, Eastman School of Music, ABD)

Eastman School of Music (review begins 11/1/22) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Theory

  • 1/2 Any movement here? The acknowledgement email said "will move rapidly toward a list of finalists," but that was two months ago.
  • 1/4 I have it on good authority that finalists interviewed last month
  • Zoom interview on 12/15. Assumed that was a semi-final interview. Anyone go for an on-campus interview?
  • 1/12 Contacts at ESM say that some on-campus interviews happened before break and two more are happening in the next couple weeks. [I am not in this search.]
  • 3/18 Any updates?
  • 4/19 Rejection email received, saying that Landon Morrison (McGill University Music Theory PhD, Lecturer, Harvard) has accepted the offer (with a start date in 2024).

Emory University (review begins 6/9/23) Adjunct Assistant Professor (one-year)

  • "The successful candidate will teach five courses during the academic year, two in Fall 2023 and three in Spring 2024. Both semesters will include the basic music theory sequence (MUS 121: Theory and Analysis I and MUS 122: Theory and Analysis II) designed for music majors, and in the spring semester the candidate will teach a special-topics writing/communication-intensive seminar in the area of the candidate’s expertise (either MUS 370W or MUS 470W). ... Salary and Benefits: $55,000 (full-time position with health benefits)"
  • Filled: Ivana Ilic
  • Ivana Ilic, PhD Music Theory (University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia)

Florida Atlantic University (deadline 12/15) Postdoctoral Fellow - Music Theory and Cognition

  • "The Department of Music seeks a Postdoctoral Fellow to teach courses and help develop music theory curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and perform research in the area of music theory, music cognition, and/or music and health. The teaching load for this position will be the equivalent of two (2) three-credit courses per semester (Fall and Spring). Preference will be given to candidates with pedagogical expertise in a plurality of musical genres (classical, pop, Latin, etc.), supporting students in both traditional degree programs, such as music performance and music education, and those enrolled in Commercial Music degree programs, such as commercial music composition, music business, and music technology."

Florida Southern College (deadline 2/24/23, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music - Music Theory/Ear Training

  • 4/5 email from HR saying position has been filled

George Mason University (review begins 1/17/23 01/30/23) Assistant/Associate Term Professor of Music Theory and Aural Skills

  • "Teach 4 courses each semester, which includes music theory and aural skills courses at the undergraduate level and an online music theory course at the graduate level."
  • "This is a full-time, annually renewable Term 9-month position, with the possibility for promotion and multi-year contracts on subsequent term appointments."
  • 1/12/23: Deadline extended; transcript requirement removed.
  • 2/5 Request for Zoom interview
  • 2/22 Request for campus interview
  • 6/15 Filled: Simon Prosser (VAP, Indiana University; PhD CUNY 2021)

Georgetown University (deadline 12/1) Provost’s Distinguished Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory)

  • 1/23/23 Any updates on this search?
  • 2/11/23 Request for Zoom interview
  • 2/27/23 Request for campus interview
  • 5/5/23 Failed search will rerun next year.

Grand Valley State University (review begins immediately, posted 6/7/23) Visiting Faculty in Music Theory

  • "Primary duties will be to teach the Aural Perception sequence for undergraduates and upper-level courses or general education courses as needed. ... Salary: $45,675"
  • 6/21: Request for teaching video and Zoom interview
  • Filled: Olivia Kieffer, University of Miami 2023 (DMA Composition)

Harvard University (deadline 3/10/23) Lecturer in Music

  • "Lecturers in the Music Department primarily teach music theory at the undergraduate level (introductory courses), and also cover a graduate musicianship class, which is required for first-year Music graduate students. We invite candidates in all areas of specialization and are actively seeking candidates who can also teach practical courses in sound technology, as well as participate in the Department’s Sound Studies Lab."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 5/17 rejection received
  • Filled: Liam Hynes-Tawa, Yale University 2020 (PhD Music Theory), Wesleyan University VAP

Indiana University (deadline 11/15/22) Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Music (Music Theory)

  • request for writing samples 12/09/22. Any movement since?
  • 2/13: zoom interview request
  • 2/28: Finalist visits to campus are happening starting this week
  • 3/18: Any updates?
  • 4/21: Campus interviews were ongoing through mid-April
  • 6/23: Position filled: Noriko Manabe, CUNY Graduate Center 2009 (PhD Ethnomusicology & Music Theory), Assoc Prof, Temple University

Jacksonville State University (deadline 11/18/22) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • 1/21: Invitation to a Zoom interview [x3]
  • (2/15) Any updates?
  • 3/22: Campus interview held last week
  • Connor Davis, Louisiana State University 2019 (PhD Music Theory), John Brown Univ Asst Prof

James Madison University (review begins 11/14/22) Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Music: Music Theory

Juilliard (no deadline listed, posted 09/30/22) College Faculty, Music Theory and Analysis

  • (12/20) Request for a Zoom interview
  • 2/13a Any updates here? I'm wondering if this is a "fake" ad, that they have someone internal in mind
  • 2/13b Some campus interviews happened last month

Knox College (review begins 3/10/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 5/8 offer accepted
  • 5/20 Offer accepted by David Falterman (PhD, Eastman School of Music, ABD)

Louisiana Tech University (deadline 8/21/23) Lecturer, Instructor, or Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • Fall 2023 emergency hire - posted 8/18/23
  • "Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA) School of Music is seeking a full-time theory/composition instructor to teach theory sequence and rotating upper level theory courses. Candidate should be able to take over coordinating the theory program for students working on these degrees: music education instrumental, music education vocal, performance, liberal arts, and music industry."

Macalester College (review begins 2/1/23) Visiting Faculty – Music Theory

  • 2/15 email from search chair indicating that "administration has cancelled this search, and we will not be moving forward." (x5)

McNeese State University (deadline 5/12/23) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory)

Michigan State University (review begins 10/17/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory, fixed-term (1-year contract, renewable without limit)

  • (11/1) request for additional materials (teaching video, student-facing document used in teaching) (x4)
  • (11/29) request to schedule a Zoom interview (x2)
  • (01/31) rejection received; email said that the search has concluded
  • (02/02) did they hold on-campus interviews?

Mount Holyoke College (review begins 12/1/22) Lecturer in Music: Theory

  • 2/22: Rejection received, saying that an offer has been made [x2]
  • 4/12: Offer accepted by Ben Geyer (PhD University of Kentucky 2016, Associate Prof U of West Georgia)

Murray State University (deadline 7/25/23) Visiting Assistant Professor or Visiting Instructor of Music Theory

  • 7/25: position filled
  • Matthew Ferrandino, University of Kansas 2021 (PhD Music Theory), Oklahoma State Univ VAP

Oberlin College Conservatory of Music (review begins 9/19) Faculty Vacancy in Music Theory (x2)

  • (9/29) Request for teaching video (x8)
  • (10/18) Request for a Zoom interview (x2)
  • (11/2) On-campus interview invitation
  • (1/25) Rejection received
  • (2/9) 2 hires have been made.
  • (4/3) One offer accepted by Christa Cole, PhD candidate, Indiana University
  • 5/20 2nd offer accepted by Eron F.S. (PhD, Eastman School of Music, 2022)

Ohio State University (review begins 11/1/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 10/15 Added to musicology page at request of Ohio State faculty member: "It’s a music theory teaching position, but musicologists/ethnomusicologists will receive full consideration if they can teach in this area."
  • 11/16 Request for additional materials
  • Week of 12/12 Zoom interviews held
  • Any updates here? (1/23)
  • 2/27 The position was re-posted on the Ohio State site on Friday (no changes to the ad that I could find) but as of this morning, it's down again. -5120j
  • Offer accepted by Jeremy Smith (VAP Ohio State University; PhD, University of Minnesota 2019).

Ohio State University (no deadline listed, posted 3/20/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (3/22) Listing disappeared
  • Offer accepted by David Heinsen (PhD, UT-Austin 2023).

Ohio State University (deadline 6/1/23, but review begins immediately) Visiting Assistant Professor in Music Theory

  • 5/18 This is a new posting for a second VAP position. Review begins immediately; open until filled.
  • 6/5 Request for additional materials and Zoom interview
  • 6/12 Rejection Received (x2)
  • Matthew Bilik, University of North Texas 2022 (PhD Music Theory), Asst Prof, Anderson University (IN)

Oklahoma City University (deadline 4/15/23) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 4/26 Request for Zoom interview
  • 5/2 Request for campus visit
  • 5/29 Per SC, salary is "upper 40s."
  • Filled: Kate Sekula, Univ of Connecticut 2014 (PhD Music Theory & History), Assoc. Prof, University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University (deadline 12/15/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory (x2)

  • 1/17 Request for additional materials (x4)
  • 2/3 Zoom interview requested (x2)
  • 5/20 Offer accepted by David Hier (PhD, Eastman School of Music, 2021)
  • 7/7 2nd offer accepted by Sarah Sarver (PhD Florida State University, 2010), Oklahoma City University Professor

Palm Beach Atlantic University (review begins 12/10/22) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Theory

  • 2/15 Request for a zoom interview
  • (3/3) Invitation to a second round zoom interview

Princeton University (deadline 9/30) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Applicants from all areas and approaches are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will complement and expand our current programs, and will serve as a committed advisor and mentor. Special consideration will be given to applicants from theory, broadly defined."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 10/10: Referees informed me that they were contacted for letters in the last few days. Not clear whether this was automated.
  • 10/14: Request for 2 writing samples and diversity statement (x3)
  • 12/19: has this search moved on since the last update?
  • 12/21: Campus Interviews happened in November
  • Anna Yu Wang, Harvard University 2023 (PhD Music Theory)

Queens College (CUNY) (review begins 11/15) Assistant / Associate/ Full Professor - Music Theory

  • 12/16: Rejection received
  • 12/19: Request for additional materials and Zoom interview
  • 5/1: Position accepted (Gilad Rabinovitch, FSU Asst Prof, PhD theory Eastman 2015)

Roosevelt University (deadline 4/14/23) Assistant Teaching Professor of Musicianship

  • 04/27: Zoom interviews happened
  • 6/14: rejection received, says appointment has been made (x2)
  • Filled: Matthew Mason, University of Iowa 2023 (PhD Music Theory & Composition)

Sam Houston State University (review begins immediately, posted 3/13/23) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory)

  • Filled: Bryan Stevens Espinosa, University of North Texas 2022 (PhD Music Theory), Indiana University VAP

St. Olaf College (review begins immediately, posted 5/17/23) Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor of Music Theory (1-year, part-time)

  • I've put this in the full-time section rather than down in the part-time adjuncts since they appear to be be running it more like a full-time search. -5120j
  • 6/11 Position filled
  • Christine Boone, University of Texas 2011 (PhD Music Theory), Assoc Prof, UNC-Asheville

SUNY Potsdam (deadline 6/1/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Theory

  • 06/12 request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • Fred Hosken, Northwestern University 2021 (PhD Music Theory & Cognition), Asst Prof of Practice, Georgetown

Technische Universität Dortmund (deadline 5/3/23) Professorship (W2) Music Theory

Texas Christian University (deadline 6/10/23) Visiting Lecturer in Music Theory

  • 6/9 Request for Zoom interview
  • 6/23 Received a notification saying the search had been cancelled

Texas Tech University (no deadline listed, posted 11/22/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • Per posting on SMT, the preferred application deadline is 1/2/23.
  • 12/29: Per discussion with the chair, the required application documents are the ones listed in the SMT posting, not the TTU application portal.
  • 1/20: Zoom interview
  • 4/3: Offer accepted: Lucy Liu, PhD '18, Indiana University

Tianjin Juilliard School (no deadline listed, posted 10/21/22) Full-time Classroom Faculty in Theory and Analysis (Tianjin, China based)

University of Arkansas (open until filled, review begins 7/27/23) Instructor of Music Theory (1-year)

  • 7/30 Offer accepted: Marshall Jones (DM Florida State University '16, Flathead Valley Community College adjunct faculty)

University of British Columbia (deadline 8/30/22) Assistant Professor in Music Theory

UCLA (deadline 4/23/23) Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor in Musicianship (full-time, renewable)

  • 05/30: Has anyone heard anything?
  • 6/27: rejection received

University of Chicago (no deadline listed, posted 6/28/23) Instructional Assistant, Music (full-time, 1-year)

  • "The Instructional Assistant reports to the Associate Instructional Professor in Music, and is responsible for teaching MUSI 15100-15200-15300 (Harmony and Voice Leading), particularly for the lecture portion of these classes. ... During Spring term the Instructional Assistant will also report to the instructor of record for MUSI 10400: Introduction to Music—Analysis and Criticism."
  • 6/29/23 Is this sort of thing open to anyone, or only current University of Chicago grad students/recent grads?
  • 8/28/23 Offer has been made.

University of Delaware (review begins 6/30/23 6/9/23, posted 5/30/23) Assistant Professor in Music Theory (1-year, renewable)

  • 6/4 Review date moved up to 6/9 (was 6/30).
  • 7/23 Per email, search concluded

University of Florida (deadline 11/22/22) Assistant Professor in Music Theory

  • 12/6: Request for Zoom interview and writing sample.
  • 1/15: This job was re-posted on jobs.chronicle two days ago. What gives?
  • 1/17 Jobs re-appear on various hiring sites after the initial deadline has passed all the time. Could mean they are unhappy with their applicant pool and re-opening the search, could mean some low-level HR person accidentally re-upped the ad on the Chronicle. Since the ad still says that the deadline was 11/22, it's probably more likely something like the latter. See the San Jose State post from today on the Musicology page for a clear example of a re-opened search. -5120j
  • Filled: George Adams, University of Chicago 2019 (PhD Music History and Music Theory), UT Austin VAP

University of Hong Kong (deadline 2/7/23) Fellowship in the Society of Fellows in the Humanities

  • "The Society is seeking outstanding applicants for up to four Fellowships (appointed at the rank of Research Assistant Professor), to commence in June 2023 for a period of three years. Applicants working in the following disciplines are invited to apply: Art History, Museum and Conservation Studies, East Asian Languages and Literatures, Music (limited to Musicology, Theory and Ethnomusicology), and Philosophy."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 12/25 I would not recommend anyone to seek work in Hong Kong. With the 2020 National Security Law, an entire political party has been jailed, a new leader "elected" though a "one-man race", newspapers have been shut down, publishers jailed, books removed from the libraries, tv shows cancelled, a national security curriculum introduced in higher education, a patriotic education introduced for young people, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have fled overseas, a shortage of doctors due to doctors fleeing, etc. If you have any warm feelings toward or awareness of human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, and similar values, this is not the place for you.
  • Filled: Sheryl Chow, Princeton 2023 (PhD Musicology)

University of Houston (no deadline listed, posted 9/14/22) Assistant Professor - Music Theory

  • 10/3 Per email correspondence with committee chair, deadline for University of Houston search is 12/31/22
  • 1/20 Request for additional materials

University of Illinois Chicago (deadline 12/2/22) Music Faculty (Theory) – Tenure-Track (Assistant or Associate)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (deadline 3/6/23) Assistant or Associate Teaching Professor in Musicianship and Music Theory

  • Any updates since Zoom interview in late March?
  • On-campus interviews held week of 4/10

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (deadline 4/10/23 5/15/23) Non-Tenure Track (Open Rank) Specialized Faculty, School of Music

  • "The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Music seeks Specialized Faculty for multiple part-time and full-time non-tenure-track positions. These are one-year or one-semester positions, renewable depending on school needs. Teaching Areas: Musicianship and Music Theory: teach undergraduate musicianship, aural skills, and music theory courses"
  • Filled: Yucheng Zhang, University of North Texas 2023 (DMA Composition) and Armando Bayolo, University of Michigan 2001 (DMA Composition)

University of Iowa (review begins 3/15/23) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

University of Iowa (review begins 3/15/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 3/25 Request for Zoom interview
  • 4/7 Interviews have begun
  • 4/14 rejection received (x3)
  • Job accepted - Dr. Kati Meyer (Morningside University Asst Prof), University of Iowa 2016 (Music Theory PhD)

University of Louisville (no deadline listed, posted 6/27/23) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 6/27 Late 2023 job or early 2024 job? Anyone know a start date?
  • It was a late 2023 job/inside hire: Filled, Rebecca Long (Univ of Louisville Lecturer), University of Massachusetts 2018 (PhD Music Theory)

University of Massachusetts Amherst (deadline 12/8/22) Assistant or Associate Professor - Music Theory

  • 12/14 Rejection received
  • 12/14 Request for Zoom interview, permission to contact letter writers
  • 1/2a: Procedural question for the more experienced friends on this page - if I applied but received neither a rejection nor a request for a Zoom interview on 12/14, what does that mean?
    • 1/2b: At my university, the SC identifies candidates that don't have the minimum qualifications listed in the ad and rejects them out of hand. When the search moves to the next round, these candidates receive a notification of rejection from HR, and a small group receives an invite from the SC for Zoom interviews or additional materials. Unfortunately, there is a large group of qualified candidates caught in the middle that are not under consideration but are also not officially rejected. It's in the interest of the SC to keep the pool of applicants full in case the bunch selected for closer review aren't what the SC expected or the SC decides to go in another direction, which I've seen happen. Also, the SC (again, at my university) must articulate to HR the reason for each candidate's rejection and the reason for extending an offer to the top candidate. This is much easier to do after an offer is made and accepted. I think many on the hiring side realize how awful this process is for applicants. I can't imagine there could be much harm in emailing the SC chair (if known) or a faculty member from that department to see where you stand, while allowing them to be vague if they must. My best wishes to you!
  • Week of 1/25: Zoom interviews held
  • 4/21 Generic rejection received
  • 5/20 Offers accepted by Catrina Kim (PhD, Eastman School of Music, 2020) and Alan Reese (PhD, Eastman School of Music, 2018)

University of Minnesota-Morris (review begins immediately, posted 5/10/23) Lecturer/Assistant Professor - Music (.8 FTE)

  • "UMN Morris Division of Humanities is seeking applications for a one-year position in Music Theory. This is an 80% time, 9 month, annually renewable position. Master’s degrees (MM/MA) in music theory, composition, or performance with a cognate in music theory is required; a doctorate (PhD/DMA or equivalent) is preferred."
  • Filled: Nathan Froebe, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018 (DMA Composition), VAP Indiana University East

University of Nevada Las Vegas (review begins 12/1/22) Assistant Professor in Residence, Music Department (Music Theory)

  • "The candidate is expected to be proficient in performance or conducting, as UNLV’s School of Music promotes pedagogy that fosters integration of music theory with practical music making. ... This position has an expected start date of Spring 2023 (sic) or Fall 2023, depending on the availability of the chosen candidate."
  • 11/3 N.B. UNLV had a posting in the 2020-21 year that they closed a couple weeks before the published review date because they had received "a high volume of applications." Apply early!
  • 1/2: Any updates for this search?
  • 1/25 Rejection received (x2)
  • 1/31: Invitation to a Zoom interview

University of North Carolina-Charlotte (review begins 12/2/22) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • 12/13: Request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • 1/11: Rejection received
  • 1/25: Any updates?
  • 3/4 I haven't heard from them since the Zoom interview. Any movement on this one?
  • 4/4 Generic rejection email from HR on 3/29 stating a hire has been made
  • Kristi Hardman, CUNY Graduate Center 2022 (PhD Music Theory)

University of North Carolina-Greensboro (deadline 6/7/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

University of Oklahoma (deadline 11/1/22) Assistant Professor of Music – Music Theory

  • 11/11: Request for teaching video, writing sample
  • 12/21 any updates?
  • 5/20 offer accepted: Vivian Luong (Lecturer, OU; PhD, University of Michigan)

University of Pittsburgh (deadline 5/21/23) Visiting Lecturer in Music Theory

University of Pittsburgh (deadline 5/21/23) Visiting Senior Lecturer in Music Theory

  • 5/17 Other than title change, no changes to ad other than removal of "full-time" from the description. Job duties are unchanged: "Teach three introductory undergraduate courses per semester in music fundamentals or related classes according to the instructor's expertise."

University of Prince Edward Island (review begins 6/27/23) 8-Month Term Position - Assistant Professor (Music Theory)

  • "Responsibilities will include the instruction of core courses in music theory. Additional teaching duties based on the strengths of the successful candidate will be assigned, so the ability to teach in other areas of our music curriculum – such as Composition, Applied Woodwinds, World Music, Ethnomusicology, Popular Music, Jazz, or Indigenous Music – would be a strong asset."

University of Regina (deadline 10/24) Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) - Music Theory (starts Jan 2023)

  • "We are seeking an individual with a strong research agenda focused on music written after 1900. ... The successful candidate must have completed a PhD degree in music theory before January 2023."
  • Filled: September Russell (Lecturer, University of Regina; PhD University of Toronto 2020)

University of St. Thomas (no deadline listed, posted 11/17/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory & Aural Skills

  • 12/13: Per email correspondence with department chair, applications are being accepted until the end of this month (December).
  • 2/7: Rejection received
  • 2/8: Invitation to a Zoom interview

UT Austin (review begins 1/17/23) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • "Potential research areas include, but are not limited to: Afrodiasporic musics; global histories of music theory; feminist, queer, and trans approaches to music analysis; popular music and media studies; analytical approaches to world music; and transcultural music theory."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
    • 02/01 Request for additional materials
    • 02/14 Request for a Zoom interview
    • 02/23 Invitation to an on-campus interview
  • Filled: Hon Ki Cheung (Assistant Professor, Baldwin Wallace University), University of Minnesota PhD 2022

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 10/29: Request for writing sample
  • 10/31: Request for a Zoom interview
  • 11/15: Invitation to an on-campus interview
  • Offer accepted by Matthew Poon (PhD University of Toronto, VAP Oberlin Conservatory)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (deadline 6/5/23) Lecturer of Music Theory

  • 06/07: Per email correspondence with listed contact, this position will not become ongoing. Tenure-track search will be next year.
  • 07/15: Any updates?

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (deadline 11/30) Assistant Professor, Tenure Track - Music Theory and Aural Skills

  • "Desired Qualifications: Active presence as a jazz pianist, or as a vocalist in jazz, musical theatre, and/or contemporary commercial music styles, or research interests related to these areas"
  • 12/21: Request for a phone interview. (x3)
  • 1/25: Invitation for on-campus interview.
  • 5/8: Rejection received via post
  • Filled: Rob Hodson. University of Wisconsin-Madison 2000 (PhD Music Theory), UW Whitewater Lecturer

Valdosta State University (review begins 6/30/23) Limited Term Faculty Music Theory

Wichita State University (review begins 1/4/23) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 12/1 update: SC member here. Due to some bureaucratic miscommunication, this job didn't get posted in all of the places it was supposed to before the initial review deadline, so we have decided to push back the submission/review date (now Jan 4, 2023). Everything is above board, just a slightly embarrassing technical issue with the agency that handles placing ads for us. Feel free to get in touch with the SC chair if you want clarification. I'll add while I'm here that we are looking for this newly hire to collaborate in a significant revision of our core curriculum. We have the enthusiastic support of our dept chair to rebuild from scratch, so I think this is a pretty exciting opportunity!
  • 1/13 - request for additional materials & Zoom interview (x2)
  • 1/17 - Rejection received (x2)
  • 2/3 - Invitation for on-campus interview
  • Filled: Jacy Pedersen, CCM PhD 2023

Yale University (review begins 11/1) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

  • 12/6 Any updates? I'm assuming that the search has either advanced or that they're not doing anything until spring semester at this point...
  • 12/7: one additional writing sample requested
  • Any updates? (1/23)
  • Offers accepted by Giulia Accornero (PhD, Harvard University '23) and Daniel Walden (PhD Harvard University '19; Assistant Professor Durham University)

Theory/Composition, etc.[]

Dalhousie University (deadline 4/30) Assistant Professor in Composition and Music Theory (limited-term)

Fitchburg State University (deadline 4/15/23, but review begins immediately) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Theory and Composition

  • Zoom interview scheduled (4/18/23)
  • Justin Casinghino, Boston University 2009 (DMA Composition)

Gonzaga University (deadline 11/2/22) Assistant Professor, Music

  • "Teaching responsibilities include music theory and composition courses; additional courses may include aural skills, core courses, and advanced seminars in special topics, determined by the department and the candidate’s areas of specialization."
  • 11/17: Request for a Zoom interview (x3)
  • 1/31 Any updates here?
  • 2/7 On campus interview. Currently awaiting response.
  • Filled: Michael Kropf, University of Michigan 2022 (DMA Composition), Eastern Michigan University Lecturer

Loyola University Chicago (deadline 2/3/23 2/17/23) Assistant Professor (Music Theory & Composition), Tenure Track

  • 2/6 Deadline extended to 2/17
  • 2/26: Request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • 3/16 On-campus interview invitation (x2)
  • 05/01: Offer accepted
  • Filled: Dongryul Lee, UIUC 2020 (DMA Composition & Theory), University of Chicago Postdoc

Meredith College (review begins 1/16/23) Assistant Professor of Music, Theory/Composition

  • 1/16: Request for References
  • 2/3: Request for a Zoom Interview
  • 2/8 and 2/15: Zoom Interviews
  • 2/22: Invitation for final round interview (also on Zoom)
  • 3/14: Additional Zoom Interview
  • 3/15: Invitation for final round interview (also on Zoom) - scheduled meetings with Dean, students, faculty, and teaching multiple Demo classes
  • 3/26: Phone call to references after review of reference letters and final round interview
  • 4/3: Any updates? I was told that there would be a decision as of last week?
  • Filled: Sabrina Clarke, Temple University 2016 (PhD Composition), West Chester University Instructor of Music Theory

Moody Bible Institute (deadline 9/1/22) Faculty - Music Theory, Composition & Songwriting

  • "The Music Department of the Moody Bible Institute invites applications for a faculty member in the areas of Music Theory, Composition, and Songwriting. Other areas may include contemporary worship leading and church music philosophy. Potential secondary assignments include, but are not limited to, directing ensembles (Moody Campus Orchestra, Worship Collectives, small ensembles) and teaching courses in music history, piano pedagogy, and applied piano. ... As a religious institution, we have the right to, and do, require that employees hold beliefs consistent with our Doctrinal Statement and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our religious beliefs, as explained in our Community Standards."

New College of Florida (review begins 5/28/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

  • "The successful candidate will have a doctorate (PhD or DMA) in music composition, jazz studies, improvisation, or some related field and demonstrated potential for teaching excellence in a liberal arts environment. ... Primary teaching responsibilities for this position include courses in the music theory sequence: Music Theory I and II. Other areas of instruction might include improvisation, music in a global context, African-diasporic music, jazz, sound and technology, or choral or instrumental ensembles, to name a few possibilities."

Saddleback College (deadline 4/12/23) Music (Theory/Composition) Instructor

  • Geoffery Munger, Claremont Graduate University 2022 (DMA Music Theory & Composition)

SUNY Potsdam (deadline 6/1/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Theory/Composition

  • 7/10 Rejection Received
  • Ziyu Wang, Arizona State University 2022 (DMA Composition)

Syracuse University (priority deadline 6/15/23, but review begins immediately) Assistant Teaching Professor-Music Composition, Theory and History

  • Despite "history" in the title, appears to be a purely theory/composition job.
  • 6/21 Invitation to zoom interview
  • 7/19 Any updates?
  • Filled: Andrew Zhou, Cornell University 2019 (DMA Critical Keyboard Studies)

Tennessee Tech University (review begins 1/17/23) Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Composition

  • 2/11: Invitation for Zoom interview
  • 2/24: Invitation for on-campus interview
  • 5/22: Offer made and accepted: Griffin Candey (DMA Composition, University of Michigan, 2023)

University of Cape Town (deadline 8/7/2022) Senior Lecturer or Associate Professor in Music Theory and Composition (starts Jan 2023)

University of Kentucky (deadline 1/9/23) Assistant Professor of Music in Composition & Theory

  • 2/6 Invitation for Zoom interview
  • 4/4 Have they invited finalists to campus?
  • Additional Zoom invitations sent and interviews held in February
  • 3/23 - 4/4 Finalists interviewed on campus
  • 4/26 Rejection received
  • 5/3 Rejection received
  • 5/8 Rejection received, says offer has been accepted (x2)
  • Filled: Juan Trigos

University of Maryland (deadline 2/15/23) Visiting Assistant Professor in Theory/Composition

  • 03/02 Request for a Zoom interview (x2)
  • 03/13 Request for additional materials
  • 04/06 Request for finalist Zoom interview
  • 05/01 Offer accepted
  • Filled: Anna Rose Nelson, University of Michigan 2023 (PhD Music Theory)

University of Montana (deadline 4/26/23) Assistant Professor in Composition and Theory

  • 7/18 any updates?

University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (deadline 10/27/22) University Professorship for Education in Composition and Music Theory (starts "winter semester 2023/24")

  • 1/31 interview invitation for March

University of North Carolina Wilmington (deadline 11/28/2022) Assistant Professor in Theory/Composition

  • Search committee chair here: While teaching experience and creative activity in composition is a preferred qualification, the committee encourages applications from candidates with other secondary areas (including but not limited to an applied area, jazz studies, or popular music studies). Excellence in teaching undergraduate music theory and aural skills is the most important consideration for this position.
  • 11/22 Deadline extended to 11/28
  • 12/9 Request for Zoom Interview (x3)
  • 12/19 Request for on-campus interview (x2)
  • 1/19 Rejection Received (x3)
  • 3/23 Rejection Received
  • 3/27 Offer accepted by Chelsea Loew (PhD Stony Brook University, VAP SUNY Potsdam)

University of Notre Dame (deadline 12/1/2022) Postdoctoral Fellowship in Music (1-year)

  • specialization open with experience teaching theory
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 1/6 Request for additional materials (x4)
  • 2/28 Zoom interview invitation
  • 4/11 Rejection received
  • Filled: Samantha Heinle, Cornell University 2023 (PhD Music & Sound Studies)

University of Pittsburgh (deadline 3/15/23) Visiting Assistant Professor, Composition and Theory

  • 3/25 Request for zoom interview
  • 6/16 Offer accepted by Charles Peck (DMA Composition, Cornell University 2021; Adjunct Associate Professor, University of the Arts)

University of South Africa (deadline 3/24/23) Lecturer, Music Theory and Composition

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (review begins immediately, posted 5/2/23) Lecturer of Music Theory and Composition

Valparaiso University (deadline 6/18/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music in Theory and Composition

  • "This a full-time, one-year position, which will carry a 24-credit teaching load consisting of first- and second-year musicianship (ear training), music theory, scoring/arranging, music appreciation, new music ensemble, and composition studio."
  • Filled: Jonah Elrod, University of Iowa 2018 (PhD Composition), UNC Charlotte VAP

Wellesley College (deadline 10/10/22 01/03/23) Assistant Associate Professor of Music in Theory and Composition Composition and Theory

  • 10/24 Request for Zoom interview (x3)
  • 1/16 Any updates since Zoom interview?
  • 1/23 No responses from SC since Zoom interview in November. Original URL of this posting now leads to a new posting with updated title (now Associate Professor of Music in Composition and Theory, was Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition), rank (now Associate, was Assistant), application deadline (now 1/3/23, was 10/10/22), and preferred expertise (now "We are especially interested in composers with equal expertise in Western Art Music, popular music, and the music of the Caribbean and African diaspora"; was "We are interested in candidates who approach the discipline of music theory from a global perspective, including engagement with both the Western European art music tradition as well as jazz, popular, and Indigenous musical practices."). Compare with original text as listed on SMT.
  • 1/30 Offer accepted: Reinaldo Moya (Juilliard, DMA Composition 2013), Augsburg University Associate Professor

Composition Only[]

Boston Conservatory (deadline 1/15/23) Chair of Composition, Contemporary Music, and Core Studies

Bowling Green State University (deadline 1/30/23, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor - Composition

  • 2/23 Zoom interview held (x2)
  • 3/13 any updates?
  • 3/20 Campus interview held
  • Filled, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Cornell University 2022 (DMA Composition), Ithaca College Lecturer

Durham University (deadline 8/15/23) Teaching Fellow in Composition, .5 FTE (Oct 2023)

Eastman School of Music (review begins 11/15/2022) Assistant/Associate Professor in Composition

  • 12/4 - Invitation to a 30-min Zoom interview, semi-final round.
  • 4/3 offer made and accepted
  • 4/6 offer accepted by Daniel Pesca (currently at UMBC, DMA from Eastman), announcement on Facebook

George Mason University (review begins 1/17/23 01/30/23) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Composition, Director of Music Composition

  • "The successful candidate will teach Applied Composition, Orchestration, Composition and Arranging, and/or courses aligned with the candidate’s area(s) of research/creative specialty, which may include Music Technology, Music Theory, or Music Business."
  • 1/12 deadline extended
  • 2/22 Zoom interviews (x3)
  • 3/5 Any updates on campus interviews yet?
  • 3/6 I haven't heard anything since the Zoom interview (x2)
  • 3/8 Request for campus interview
  • Filled: Andrea Reinkemeyer, University of Michigan 2005 (DMA Composition), Linfield University Associate Professor

Juilliard (no deadline listed, posted 7/5/23) College Faculty, Composition (part-time, potentially full-time)

Linfield University (posted 6/22/23, review begins immediately; priority deadline 6/26/23) Associate Professor; Department Chair and Director of Composition Studies

  • Filled (as Visiting Associate Prof): William Campbell, Univ of Oregon 2001 (PhD Composition), Professor, St. Ambrose University

Middlebury College (review begins 5/5, posted 5/4/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music (Composition & Songwriting)

  • 5/24 Request for Zoom interview
  • Filled: Matthew Quayle, NYU GSAS 2009 (PhD Composition and Theory), NYU Abu Dhabi faculty

Oberlin College Conservatory of Music (review begins 12/05/22) Faculty Vacancy in Composition

  • 1/27 Request for additional materials
  • 3/1 Invitation to campus interview
  • 5/17 Rejection received
  • Filled: Michael Frazier (Oberlin VAP, Composition Ph.D from Eastman 2021)

Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University (deadline unknown) Lecturer(s) in Composition

  • 4/13/23 Was this posted anywhere?
  • 4/14 No, it was not posted anywhere and there was not a search because the positions are temporary sabbatical replacements.
  • FILLED: Alyssa Weinberg (Princeton University 2022, PhD Composition) and Eric Wubbels (Columbia University 2010, DMA Composition)
  • 6/9/23 I had the understanding that the purpose of this wiki is to list available positions with open searches, and then for those involed in a search (as a candidate, or sometimes even serach committe members) to share updates when next stages occur in the search. I'm confused as to why this was added to this webpage since it was not a search?
  • Every year, substantial numbers of hires are made (including tenure-track) without any position being advertised—short-term precarious positions, "opportunity" hires, "conversions," spousal hires, etc. This wiki only covers the "visible" job market.

Royal Holloway, University of London (deadline 5/25/23) Lecturer in Composition (0.5FTE)

  • "The Department of Music at Royal Holloway seeks to appoint an outstanding composer to a part-time, permanent Lectureship in Composition. The successful candidate will be expected to play an important role, spanning teaching, research, and administration, in an ambitious team of composers. You will work principally in the broad field of contemporary acoustic composition for voices and instruments, but you may also have an additional interest in composition with technology. "
  • "Please note that it will not be possible for the College to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship. Successful candidates will therefore need to be eligible to work in the UK or have limited leave to remain in the UK"
  • 6/1 Rejection email received (at 1 am local time)

Royal Northern College of Music (deadline 3/22/23) Head of Composition

SUNY Fredonia (deadline 6/30/23) Lecturer - Music Composition

  • 7/18 Any updates?
  • 8/2: Rejection received

University at Buffalo (deadline 11/7/22) Visiting Professor (open rank), Composition (Jan 2023)

  • "The position is for a two-year term while the department commences a search for a tenure-track faculty member in composition."
  • 11/26 Anyone have any updates?
  • 12/20: Rejection received
  • 12/22: Position filled by Tiffany M. Skidmore (announcement via Facebook), University of Minnesota PhD (Music Composition)
  • 1/9 Rejection received (x2)

University of California, San Diego (review begins 11/2/22) Associate Professor of Composition

  • 11/7/22 request for materials (x5)
  • 12/27 Any updates on this search?
  • Week of 1/23 Zoom interviews held
  • 2/1 rejection received
  • 2/17 rejection received
  • Karola Obermueller, Harvard 2010 (PhD Music), University of New Mexico Asst Prof

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (deadline 3/1/23) Turner Post Doctoral Fellow  

  • "The Composition Department at the College-Conservatory of Music seeks a fellow in music composition for its newly-created Charles Henry Turner Post-Doctoral Program. Named in honor of Charles Henry Turner, one of the first Black students to earn a graduate degree at the University of Cincinnati, the Charles Henry Turner Post-Doctoral Program aims to attract talented post-doctoral fellows to the University of Cincinnati who will contribute diverse perspectives, expertise, and skill sets that bolster inclusion and innovation and enhance the student experience."
  • Filled: Felipe Tovar-Henao, Indiana University 2020 (DMA Composition), Lecturer at Universidad EAFIT

University of Delaware (review begins 5/1/23) Assistant Professor of Composition (1-year, renewable)

  • 7/1 Has anyone heard anything about this search?
  • 7/6 I emailed the committee chair on 6/8 and he responded by saying there were over 170 applicants and that it would be "quite a bit longer" until they concluded the search
  • 7/14 Given how late it is, I'm inclined to guess that they already have someone in mind and that the search is just a formality.
  • 7/15 Campus visits happened in June—it is very much a fair search.
  • 7/20 email from the chair saying the search has concluded
  • Filled: Yoshiaki Onishi, Columbia University 2015 (DMA Composition), University of Missouri VAP
  • Question for 7/20: Just curious if you mean you wrote to the chair and received a response or this was a general/mass rejection email.
  • 7/30 general/mass rejection email

University of Hartford (no deadline listed, posted 10/20/22) Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Music Composition

  • 1/29 Any updates on this search?
  • 2/6 search paused per email from the search team
  • 4/30 Any info on this search? Think it will remain paused?

University of Idaho (review begins 6/1/23) Temporary Faculty - Composition (1-year full-time, non-renewable)

  • "Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate studio composition, undergraduate instrumental and choral arranging, musical analysis, and electronic music."
  • "Pay Range: $45,000 annually"
  • 6/23 request for Zoom interview
  • Filled: Max Wolpert, University of Colorado Boulder 2022 (DMA Composition)

University of Michigan (deadline 1/16/23, but review begins immediately) Assistant/Associate/Professor of Music, Department of Musical Theatre; Composition

University of Missouri School of Music (review begins 2/20/2023) Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Composition

  • 2/6 No deadline/review date listed in the ad, but Mizzou IP address supplied 2/20/23 date so it's likely legit.
  • 5/27 Any updates?
  • 5/29 An offer was made and accepted about a month and a half ago, but they have not announced who it was yet. Likely won't be announced until the end of the summer.
  • Filled: Utku Asuroglu, Stanford University 2023 (DMA Composition)

University of Oxford, Pembroke College (deadline 7/26/23) Part-time College Lecturer (Career Development) in Music (Composition)

West Virginia University (review begins 10/21/22) Assistant Professor of Composition (Media Composition)

  • 11/08/22 Request for additional materials (x2)
  • 11/30/22 Request for Zoom interview (x2)
  • 1/18/23 On-campus interview
  • 2/14/23 Offer accepted by Alan Hankers (PhD Stony Brook University 2021)

Composition/Music Technology[]

Amherst College (review begins 2/15/23 01/15/23) Visiting Professor of Digital Music Production and Recording Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Music

  • "The Amherst College Department of Music invites applications for a full-time, two-year visiting appointment at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor, from scholars, artists, and teachers whose work engages centers on the creative and social dimensions of digital sound technologies audio production and studio practices in popular music."
  • 10/13/22 Re-post of job that went unfilled (?) last year.
  • 1/12/23 The title and description have both changed slightly since this was originally advertised in October, and the deadline moved forward (!) a month. Here is the original ad on AMS-L: I don't like this trend of search committees changing the ads after the initial posting. -5120j
  • Filled, Ravi Krishnaswami, ABD Brown University (PHD Musicology/Ethnomusicology)

Arizona State University (deadline 11/18) Assistant Teaching Professor of Music Production and Electronic Performance (Spring 2023)

Belmont University (review begins 10/1/22) Assistant Professor of Music Technology, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Berklee College of Music (Open until filled, posted 02/13/23) Full Time Faculty, Screen Scoring (GAIMS)

Berklee College of Music (Open until filled, posted 05/19/23) Assistant Chair of Screen Scoring

Binghamton University (SUNY) (review begins 3/20/23) Lecturer in Composition and Music Creation Technologies

  • 4/23 Any updates?
  • 04/28: Invitation to a Zoom interview
  • 8/15: according to the departmental faculty page, this seems to have been filled by James Budinich (PhD Composition, Duke, 2022).

Carnegie Mellon University (deadline 12/16/22) Professor of Composition and Sound Design (Open Rank)

Carnegie Mellon University (deadline 3/31/23) Postdoctoral Associate in Predictive Coding in Music Perception

Columbia College Chicago (deadline 11/28/22) Professor, Music - Composition for Visual Media

  • 5/03 On-campus interview
  • Lee Sanders, Indiana University 1995 (MM Music Theory)

Columbia College Chicago (review begins immediately, posted 7/26/23) Practitioner in Residence, Sound/Music Design and Technologies (1-year appointment)

De Montfort University (Deadline 8/6/23) Research Fellow in Sound and Music Computing (.5 FTE)

Eastern Illinois University (deadline 11/14/22) Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Composition

Eastman School of Music (posted 7/27/22) Composer/Director of the Eastman Audio Research Studio

  • "The Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester seeks a composer with expertise in electroacoustic composition for a full-time, tenure-eligible faculty position beginning on 1 July 2020 (sic)."
  • Anyone know what's going on here? If you search the main HR site (search Job ID 217704) you can see that this was posted on July 27, 2022, but the dates in the ad are for a job starting in 2020.
  • 8/18 The search to fill this position was happening in 2019-2020 and they were just about to offer it to someone when the pandemic hit and the university imposed a hiring freeze. That original job would have started on July 1, 2020, so this seems to be the case of them forgetting to change that year in the listing as they start a new search.
  • 9/12 offer made and accepted by a candidate from the 2020 search
  • FILLED: Mikel Kuehn, Bowling Green State University Professor of Composition, Eastman School of Music PhD (Composition, 1995)

Georgia Tech (deadline 12/5/22, review begins 12/1/22 11/1/22) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

  • "The candidate’s primary research and scholarship may lie within any specialty in music technology. Examples include but are not limited to research that addresses music and audio in connection with virtual and augmented reality, health, neuroscience, interfaces and hardware, machine learning and information retrieval, acoustics, instrument design, or entertainment, film, or sports."
  • 11/30 At some point after the job was posted (9/7) the review date was moved back to 11/1/22.
  • 12/2 Request for Zoom interview

Hong Kong Baptist University (Open until filled, posted 2/15/23) Music Technology and Music Composition (Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor (tenure track) Professor of Practice/Associate Professor of Practice - multiple positions)

  • "The Academy is seeking qualified candidates with expertise in one or more of the following fields to join our full-time faculty (preference will be given to senior academics appointable to the rank of Full Professor): 1. Audio and sound engineering 2. Music production and design 3. Music and technology 4. Music Composition"
  • 2/20 I would not recommend anyone to seek work in Hong Kong. With the 2020 National Security Law, an entire political party has been jailed, a new leader "elected" though a "one-man race", newspapers have been shut down, publishers jailed, books removed from the libraries, tv shows cancelled, a national security curriculum introduced in higher education, a patriotic education introduced for young people, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have fled overseas, a shortage of doctors due to doctors fleeing, etc. If you have any warm feelings toward or awareness of human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, and similar values, this is not the place for you.

Haverford College (deadline 11/15/22) Assistant Professor of Music, Composition/Theory

  • "Electronic/computer music and multimedia (film, graphics, interactive performance) will be an artistically significant aspect of the successful candidate’s creative practice, but it need not be the exclusive focus of that practice. The successful candidate will be expected to teach the core undergraduate courses in music theory and composition, along with courses which might include fundamentals of digital audio synthesis, sound design, electronic/computer music history and practice, or music for film and video."
  • 11/14 Is anyone else having an issue with uploading more than two work samples via Interfolio?
  • 12/1: Request for additional materials (x3)
  • 12/2: So they asked for work samples but didn't review them? I've had no hits on the links I sent other than from my IP address.
  • 12/19: Request for Zoom interview
  • 12/19: Request for Zoom interview (x3), but nothing has been scheduled yet (no contact from the HR coordinator) are we all experiencing the same?
  • 1/12 Any update since the Zoom interview?
  • 1/17 No updates here.
  • 2/16 Finalists selected (notified of rejection upon inquiry)
  • Mei-Ling Lee, Univeristy of Oregon 2007 (Composition PhD)

Imperial College London (deadline 12/6) Research Associate in Digital Musical Instrument Design and Analysis (Feb 2023)

IRCAM (deadline 11/20) Computer Music Designer (1-year)

  • "IRCAM is recruiting for its Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team, a Computer Music Designer on a 12-months fixed-term contract starting not later than December, 1st 2022."

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (deadline 6/16/23) Postdoc in AI and Music Beyond 12-TET

Louisiana State University (review begins 10/24) Assistant Professor of Electronic Music/Digital Media

Manchester Metropolitan University (deadline 11/2/22) Reader - Creative Coding and Sound/Music

Manchester Metropolitan University (deadline 6/29/23) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Music and Sound Design

Middle Tennessee State University (deadline 11/04/22) Assistant Professor of Recording Industry (Audio Production)

MIT (deadline 12/15 1/1/23) Assistant Professor in Music Technology and Computation

  • 12/13 Deadline extended to Jan 1.
  • 12/15 (co-chair of the search note:) Note also that MIT has a position in Mechanical Engineering and Music available with the same Jan 1 deadline (now posted below -5120j). Mechanical Engineering is broadly construed (including most anything dealing with audio) so that many candidates will want to consider applying for both. Computation involves the use of computers to solve problems (theory, composition, history, etc.) not necessarily new discoveries in pure CS.
  • Areas of interest include music information retrieval (audio or symbolic), computational approaches to music cognition or perception, human-computer interfaces in music or musical instruments, software and/or algorithms for musical creativity or creation, computation in traditional music research, music and AI/Machine learning, or visualization of music. This listing of areas merely gives suggestions; the search welcomes disciplines not listed, including those that are emerging or not always considered part of music technology.
  • 3/21 Any updates?

MIT (deadline 1/1/23) Assistant Professor in Music Technology in Mechanical Engineering and Music and Theater Arts

  • "This search seeks candidates deeply engaged with music who embrace a “with hand and mind” philosophy, and have expertise in applying principles of mechanical engineering to music technology. Topics include but are not limited to: modeling and design for music technology; physics-based approaches to understand and develop musical instruments; integration of sensors, actuators, and advanced materials to performance systems; estimation theory and control for music technology; robotic musical systems and human interactions; design and modeling of integrated media systems; acoustics, signal processing, and computer graphics for musical devices and performance systems; machine learning for the design and manufacturing of musical instruments; and mechanics and artificial intelligence for embedded music systems"
  • 3/21 Any updates?

Montana State University (review begins 7/6/23) Assistant Teaching Professor, Music Technology Non-Tenure Track Faculty (Pool)

  • "This position will be primarily teaching. Potential topics in the course-load include recording, live sound, immersive audio, sound design for film, theater, and gaming, immersive audio, Max, electronic performance, synthesis, film scoring, and orchestration. Non-teaching aspects of the position will include direction/coordination of technical requirements and audio/video streaming/recording for School of Music performances. The Position may also include electroacoustic music concert programming and setup, equipment research, equipment checkout management, facility tours and campus visits, and other duties as assigned."
  • 6/16 I don't usually post links to adjunct pools, but this ad is so specific about the job duties that it seems more likely than most pool postings to lead to a viable full-time (unionized!) position. I thought it worth bringing to people's attention. -5120j

The New School (no deadline listed, posted 3/8/23) Assistant Professor of Music Technology (1-year)

  • "The ideal candidate will have facility with music software, production, and sound synthesis tools such as Ableton Live and Max/MSP; prior experience teaching practice-based studio courses and discussion-based seminar courses; and one or more scholarly publications on music technology."
  • "SALARY RANGE: $60,000 - $64,000"

North Carolina State University (open until filled, posted 2/23/24) Open Rank - Teaching Assistant, Associate or Professor of Music Technology (non-tenure-track)

  • 4/3/2023 Online portal says listing is closed

Nova Southeastern University (no deadline listed, posted 6/29/22) Assistant Professor - Music Technology and Production

  • 9/26/22 Post on SMT states a preferred application deadline of Jan 31, 2023.

NOVA University Lisbon (deadline 4/17/23) Post-doctoral Fellow, Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music

  • "The project Echoes from the Past: Unveiling a Lost Soundscape with Digital Analysis(ECHOES) at the Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM) of the NOVA University Lisbon seeks a postdoctoral researcher with a demonstrable interest and strengths in music technology to work on the creation of a prototype model for the analysis of plainchant scores."

Oberlin College Conservatory of Music (review begins 12/15) Faculty Vacancy in Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA), Open Rank

Oregon State University (deadline 6/11/23) Instructor of Music Technology and Production

Rochester Community College (deadline 5/15/23) Music Instructor

  • "Competency to teach freshman and sophomore level music courses including Audio Production I/II, Live Sound Production, Music, Video, Lights I/II, Electronic Music Composition I/II, This position also includes programmatic leadership."

Royal Holloway, University of London (deadline 5/26/23) Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Cyborg Soloists Research Project (.5 FTE)

  • "The applicant should have a PhD (or close to completing) related to contemporary music. ... Experience in producing innovative practice-based research with new technologies (as a composer, performer and/or technologist) is highly desirable."

St. Mary's College of California (deadline 5/12/23) Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer in Electronic Music

  • Full-time position, despite title.
  • "The Department of Music at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit, Catholic university, invites applications for an Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer (one-year, non-tenure-track) in Music. Courses may include Introduction to Listening: Electronic Music and Cultures & Ideas (Electronic Sound, Music, and Experience)."

Salt Lake Community College (priority deadline 6/11/23) Assistant Professor, Music/Sound Technology

Smith College (review begins 3/27/23) Postdoctoral Fellow in Music Technology

  • "The candidate’s primary research and practice may lie within any specialty in computer or digital music, including interdisciplinary work. Special consideration will be given to candidates able to teach advanced production and to those able to propose courses relevant to the field of Computer Science, such as creative coding. In addition to teaching one course per semester, the candidate will be expected to help develop and maintain the electronic music studio and the computer music lab."

Southeast Missouri State University (deadline 4/19/23) Assistant Professor - Music Technology & Music Theory

  • "Required Qualifications: A terminal degree in one of the following: Music Technology, Sound Design, Audio Production, Music Theory/Composition, or closely related area."
  • 04/28: Request for Zoom interview
  • Position accepted by Frank Nawrot, University of Kansas 2019 (DMA Composition), Wichita State University VAP

Southern Utah University (deadline 5/31/23) Lecturer of Music Technology

Southwestern Community College (review begins 5/31/23) Professional Music Instructor

  • "Teaching responsibilities include music theory, instrumental and/or vocal jazz ensembles, vocal and/or instrumental arranging, and recording studio production. The ability to compose and arrange for a variety of ensembles; demonstrate competence with live sound and recording studio technology; and play jazz/pop piano, as well as either jazz/pop guitar, drum set, or bass is preferred."
  • 6/15: Email stating that candidate has been selected.

Stevens Institute of Technology (review begins 1/3/23) Teaching Assistant Professor of Music & Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology (review begins immediately, posted 6/22/23) Music & Technology Lecturer – One-Year Hire

Taylor University (review begins immediately, posted 11/10/22) Tenure Track in Music (Open Rank)

  • "This faculty member will coordinate the music composition and music theory area and will advise composition majors and minors ... teach music technology courses and oversee music technology equipment in the Department of MTD, including the electronic music studio, the recording booth, and the music computer lab. ... Preference will be given to candidates with professional experience in commercial music and music production."
  • "Candidates will be expected to affirm and support by example the Taylor University Life Together Covenant and their belief in the Statement of Faith and other foundational documents."
  • 11/11: a requirement of their application document is to sign in agreement of their traditional Christian and pro-life beliefs.

Umeå University (deadline 5/15/23) UmArts Postdoctoral Fellow in New Media Art – Crafts/Music/Visual Arts (Jan 2024)

  • "The position is within one (or several) of the artistic practices of crafts (textile, wood/ metal), music or visual arts intersecting areas of Human Computer Interaction or Information Systems."

Union University (no deadline listed, posted 24 January 2023) Faculty in Commercial Music - Film Scoring, Songwriting, and Applied Music

  • "Teaching responsibilities include teaching courses in Film Scoring, Commercial Composition techniques, Arranging, and Songwriting principles; applied lessons in Film Scoring, Composition, and Arranging; teaching in Songwriting dependent on credentials and experience; and be able to teach Vocal or Instrumental Commercial Applied lessons, Studio Techniques, and be conversant in worship techniques in the modern church.
  • "Successful candidates must be professing Christians who are active members of a local church, enthusiastically support Union University’s Identity, Mission, and Core Values, and articulate a Christian worldview in their work and life."
  • FILLED: Mark McDowell, Liberty University (MA Music Ed)

University of Alabama at Huntsville (review begins immediately, posted 1/5/23) Lecturer, Music Technology and Film/Media Arts

University of Amsterdam (deadline 1/12/23) Assistant Professor in Generative AI in the Arts

  • "... hold a PhD in a relevant field (e.g., music, the performing arts, or artificial intelligence), with a research focus on AI in any of music generation, sound synthesis, or performance"

University of California, San Diego (review begins 11/1) Assistant Professor of Computer Music

  • "Possible areas of research specialization may include: sound synthesis and processing, interaction and sound design, game sound, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality as applied to music and sound."
  • 1/29 Any update on this search?
  • 5/10 Any update on this search?

University of Canterbury (deadline 12/3/22) Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "UC's Mātai Puoro | School of Music is seeking to appoint a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in applied creative music technology, with a focus on popular-contemporary music. You will teach and support students engaged in writing music in a popular-contemporary style, including those using technology creatively as part of this. You will also be able to contribute to aspects of the School's wider programme of delivery, including all forms of composition, performance (including popular music performance) and music studies (including history and theory of popular and contemporary music). Existing areas/courses to which you will contribute include: audio production; songwriting; acoustics and recording techniques; electronic music composition; game audio; screen/film music; world music; current trends in composition; contemporary-popular performance; orchestration and arranging; contemporary music."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (deadline 12/19) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Technology

  • "Record of or demonstrated potential for leadership through research and creation in academic or industry settings; areas of expertise may include, but are not limited to, AI-assisted music composition, sound design, machine listening, music information retrieval and other forms of computational analysis, and augmented/virtual reality applications in sound."
  • 11/28 Deadline extended to 12/19 (from 12/9)
  • 12/10 Link now takes you to "This job is not available" and I can't find any posting on their careers website. Anyone know what happened or where to find it?
  • 12/10 Maybe HR forgot to change the expiration date on the ad when the deadline got extended? Here it is on the Chronicle: -5120j
  • 12/13 link now works!
  • 1/17 Request for Zoom interview and more materials
  • Filled: Kerry Hagan, University of California San Diego 2005 (PhD, Music Composition), Lecturer, University of Limerick

University of Maine Augusta (deadline 3/8/23) Assistant Professor of Music (Tenure-Track), Contemporary and Popular Music

  • "The ideal candidate will have experience in any of the following: music technology, music composition, arranging, songwriting, music education, applied lessons, and ensembles; both live and online. ... Preference will be given to a candidate with a strong music technology background. "
  • 3/14 Request for Zoom interview
  • On-campus interviews to happen between 5/1 and 5/12.
  • 6/8 Offer accepted by Lindsey Wiehl, Ball State University 2020 (D.A. Bassoon Performance), Assistant Professor of Music at Valley City State University

University of Melbourne (deadline 8/7/23) Senior Lecturer or Lecturer in Music (Interactive Composition)

University of Miami (review begins 11/1/22) Assistant/Associate Professor in Music Engineering Technology

University of Nottingham (deadline 6/22/23) Teaching Associate in Music Technology (Part time, .6 FTE)

  • "You will have a PhD in Music or relevant field, or equivalent professional music industry experience, and an emerging or established career as a composer or music technologist nationally and/or internationally. You will have an advanced understanding of music technology in a variety of creative industry and/or research contexts, and be fluent in audio software. "

University of Oslo (deadline 3/1/23) Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Music and Dance Analysis

  • "A Postdoc Fellowship position (SKO 1352) in Computational Music and Dance Analysis is available in connection with the research project DJEMBEDANCE: Multimodal Rhythm in Music and Dance from West Africa, funded by the Research Council of Norway."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

University of Oslo (deadline 8/15/23) Postdoctoral fellowship in Computational Music and Movement Analysis

  • "Qualification/requirements: PhD in informatics, data science, sound and music computing, psychology, or related fields. Experience with one or more of the following: data-set preparation, digital signal processing, music information retrieval, multimodal information retrieval, sound analysis, statistical modeling, machine learning."

University of Pittsburgh (deadline "for full consideration" 12/10/22) Teaching Assistant Professor in Music Technology/Theory

  • "Teach three undergraduate courses per semester in music theory and electronic music; offer upper-level courses on topics that serve the needs of music majors/minors and general undergraduate education; share in developing the undergraduate curriculum; help coordinate the university’s undergraduate composition program."
  • 11/11 Not sure if the immediate deadline is an error or indication of an inside hire. They also posted a similar position for an Ethnomusicologist on 11/10, but the deadline for that one is Dec 1. -5120j
  • 12/5 Deadline has been corrected to 12/10/22
  • 12/20 Request for zoom interview

University of St. Francis (no deadline listed, posted 5/3/23) Artist in Residence, Music Technology

University of Southampton (deadline 7/26/23) Lecturer in Composition and Analysis (1-year)

  • "You will be able to help deliver modules in first-year fundamentals of analysis, counterpoint and harmony, and music technology. You will take the lead in teaching film music composition to upper-level undergraduates."

University of Tasmania (deadline 11/20/22) Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "The successful applicant should have expertise in one of the following areas: Music Performance (Jazz and Pop), Song writing or Music Technology."

University of Texas at Arlington (review begins immediately, posted 9/21/22) Assistant Professor of Music - Music Industry Studies

  • "Required Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Music with relevant experience as a film composer, gaming sound designer, or music producer; Strong record of creative activity in audio production, music producing, commercial music performance, film scoring, or video game composition/sound design"
  • 7/16 Reposted here, still open until filled, start date 9/1/23:

University of Texas at San Antonio (deadline 11/11, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Digital Music

  • 12/15 Request for a Zoom interview & more materials (x2)
  • 1/25 Any updates since Zoom interview?
  • 1/26 On-campus interview invitation
  • 3/17 Offer accepted by Miles Friday (DMA Cornell University 2023)

University of Texas at San Antonio (deadline 6/10, but may close early "once a sufficient number of qualified applications have been received") Assistant Professor of Instruction or Assistant Professor of Practice, Music Technology

  • "4 courses per semester. ... Salary Range: Up to $42,000"
  • 6/15 Request for Zoom interview
  • Filled: Andrew Smith, University of North Texas 2023 (PhD Music Composition)

University of the Virgin Islands (deadline 6/30/23) Assistant Professor of Music (Engineering)

  • "An ideal candidate must have a Master’s degree or higher from an accredited institution in Sound Technology, Music Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Recording Arts. A PhD is highly preferred. Have a strong background in audio recording, live sound, sound systems, and design/maintenance. "

University of Toronto (deadline 2/27/23) Assistant Professor, Music Technology and Digital Media

University of Tulsa (review begins 12/15/22) J. Donald Feagin Professor of Music and Professor of Film Studies

Wesleyan University (deadline 3/31) Assistant Professor of the Practice (Technical Director)

  • "The appointment is as a Professor of the Practice and the responsibilities of the job are 60% technical and 40% teaching. Technical responsibilities focus on production and concert recording management together with supervision of the electronic components of the World Instrument Collection. Teaching responsibilities take the form off our half credit courses per year. These courses are to have an interdisciplinary focus, addressing audio needs for students in art, dance, theater and music."
  • Any updates? (5/16)
  • According to, the position was filled by James John Praznik, Brandeis University, 2022, PhD. (7/10)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (review begins 4/30/23) Visiting Assistant Professor - Music

  • "We seek a music scholar and practitioner whose work engages at the intersection of music, technology, and science. ... The expertise of candidates could be broad and could include composition, performance, sound design, interactive programming, sonification, algorithms, and audio production."

Theory/Composition/Technology plus Performance/Ethno/Musicology/Applied/etc.[]

Alcorn State University (open until filled, posted 8/14/23) Instructor of Music Technology

  • Fall 2023 emergency hire - posted 8/14/23
  • "The candidate must demonstrate the ability to perform on a principal instrument, ... to teach a principal instrument, to teach Music Technology, to operate Finale, or Sibelus Music Software, to operate Pro Tools and Ableton Live, to prepare Commercial Music Ensembles."

Allen University (open until filled, posted 4/19/23) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Responsibilities include teaching music appreciation, music theory and/or history, applied lessons, and conductin ensembles such as jazz band, pep band, and symphonic band. ... Preferred Qualifications: Expertise in brass playing and instruction; at least 1 year prior teaching experience at the collegiate level; prior HBCU band experience."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Caleb Carpenter, University of South Carolina (DMA Saxophone Performance)

Alma College (review begins 1/1/23) Assistant/Associate Professor in Music

  • The Department of Music at Alma College invites applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate professor position in music history and music theory. Qualifications: Applicants should have a Ph.D in historical musicology or music theory OR a D.M.A. with previous collegiate-level experience teaching music history and theory."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 3/16 I did a zoom interview on 2/15 but never heard back after that.
  • Filled: Justin Rito, Michigan State University 2016 (DMA Composition), Asst Prof of Music, Northern Vermont University

Arapahoe Community College (Littleton, CO) (deadline 1/26/23) Music Faculty

  • "Preferred Qualifications: Evidence of excellence in musicianship (performance, composition, music publication, music recording, etc.), Familiarity with a variety of music software, recording and production technology, classroom technology, and digital media"
  • Invitation for a Microsoft Teams interview (2/25)
  • Rejection stating that they have moved forward with other candidates (3/6)

Bar-Ilan University (deadline 5/6/23) Open Rank, Tenure Track Position in Musicology, Music Theory, Ethnomusicology and Popular Music

  • "Duties include maintaining an active top-level research and publication agenda, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and seminars (in Hebrew), including the undergraduate history and/or theory sequence, advising M.A and Ph.D. candidates, and serving on departmental committees."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Birmingham-Southern College (review begins immediately, posted 5/12/23) Visiting Assistant Professor in Music

  • "BSC is committed to finding a teacher/scholar whose specialty is in teaching undergraduate theory, music history and music appreciation."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 6/6: Offer Accepted
  • FILLED: Joanna Pepple, Florida State University 2019 (PhD Musicology)

Bunker Hill Community College (deadline 5/31/23) F/T Faculty: Music Department (tenure track)

  • "Master's degree in music, with specialization in conducting, voice, choral music, music education, or related field. ... Significant experience in college-level teaching of music with capacity to teach in a secondary field of specialization, such as music history, applied music, music fundamentals, the music business, or music technology."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Butler University (review begins 11/15/22) Assistant Professor of Horn with Music Theory

  • Filled: Zach Cooper, CCM DMA (Horn), Assoc Prof of Horn, University of Montana

Butte-Glenn Community College (Oroville, CA) (deadline 2/21/23) Music Instructor

  • "The College is seeking a candidate to serve as a lead faculty member for the music theory and musicianship sequence. Based on the candidate's particular strengths and interests and on the needs of the music department, the Music Instructor will teach, develop and coordinate a growing music program, balancing general education with courses for majors, ensembles, and applied instruction."
  • Rec'd letter of declination for interview (3/23). (x2)
  • Filled: Hesam Abedini, UC Irvine 2022 (Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology)

Capital University (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor of Music History and Theory

  • "The Conservatory of Music at Capital University invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track faculty member as Assistant Professor of Music History (primary) and Theory (secondary). "
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 10/3/2022: Zoom interview requested
  • From musicology wiki: 01/20: Received rejection letter; candidate has been offered position and accepted
  • From musicology wiki: FILLED: Jamie Blake, UNC-Chapel Hill 2022 (PhD, Musicology)

Case Western Reserve University (deadline 12/31) John P. Murphy Fellow in Popular Music Studies

  • "Candidates should demonstrate in the dissertation a focus on popular music. The candidate’s Ph.D. may come from musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, area studies, or related fields."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Filled: Laina Dawes, Columbia University 2022 (PhD Ethnomusicology)

Central Arizona College (open until filled, posted 1/12/23) Professor of Music

  • "Faculty member will: Teach courses in music theory, focusing on music traditions beyond the European-American classical canon, such as popular music, jazz, and/or musics of underrepresented cultures/ethnicities. May Teach a performance ensemble and private studio lessons, depending on applicant's area of expertise (ie; Choir/Private Voice Instruction; Orchestra/Private String Instruction; Band/Private Woodwind, Brass or Percussion Instruction; Private/Class Piano Instruction). May teach Music Appreciation, Jazz/Pop Survey, and other classes as necessary"
  • 3/23: Rejection received

Central Lakes College (review begins 3/26/23) Music Instructor

  • "Experience in teaching instrumental wind and string music and conducting orchestras, string and/or woodwind ensembles, bands, and/or jazz ensembles. Experience in teaching coursework required for Associate of Fine Arts degree in Music, including Musicology, Music Theory, Music in World Cultures, and/or Introductory Music Education."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 4/13: Request for a zoom interview
  • 5/11: Rejection received
  • Filled: Kyle Brown, Florida State University 2023 (DMA Composition)

Central Piedmont Community College (deadline 11/13) Instructor, Music, Full-time (Spring 2023)

  • "The Music department provides foundational instruction in music theory and applied skills, both for students intending to transfer to a 4-year institution and those transitioning directly to employment. ... Expertise in vocal instruction and/or music theory is preferred"

Central Piedmont Community College (open until filled, posted 6/2/23) Instructor, Music (Fall 2023)

  • "Preferred Qualifications: Expertise in piano pedagogy and music theory"
  • Also posted at Piano 2022-2023

Chandler-Gilbert Community College (deadline 1/9/23) Music Residential Faculty

  • "The successful candidate will instruct courses in Music Theory at all levels, Music Humanities, and Music Performance."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 4/12: Rejection received
  • Filled: Michele Kalo, Arizona State University 2007 (MM Music Ed)

Cleveland Institute of Music (deadline 9/30/22) Future of Music Faculty Fellowship (January-June 2023)

College of New Jersey (review begins immediately, posted 6/27/23) Visiting Assistant Professor - Music (Musicianship and Historical and Cultural Studies in Music)

  • "The responsibilities of this position are: Teach two sections of a course from the Musicianship sequence (music theory and aural skills combined) and two sections of another course from the Historical and Cultural Studies in Music area, including “Music in Global Perspective” (MUS 246), “History of Jazz” (MUS 245/AAS 240), and/or “Music in 600–1750” (MUS 351)."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Filled; Joanna Chang, Duke University 2022 (PhD Musicology)

College of Southern Maryland (deadline 7/26/23) One-year Interim Full-time Instructor of Music

  • "The successful candidate will be responsible for the following teaching responsibilities: The full four-class sequence of music theory. The full four-class sequence of ear training lab; General education classes for majors and non-majors including world music, history of rock, history of jazz, survey of American music, and classical and romantic music."
  • Added 7/21: "This position is open to internal CSM candidates only"

College of William & Mary (review begins 9/30 11/1) Associate/Full Professor of Music and Department Chair

  • "We are interested in individuals with an established record of teaching and scholarship and/or creative work in one or more of the subdisciplines of music: musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, composition, music technology, conducting, and music performance."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 9/26 Review date pushed back to Nov. 1.
  • 2/24: any updates?

Colorado College (review begins 11/1) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "The successful candidate’s work in these areas will draw on current critical and decolonial approaches to music studies, engaging multi-perspectival methodologies. These could include historical, contemporary, creative, performance, theoretical, and/or musicological practices."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 3/19: Any updates?
  • Filled: Lidia Chang, CUNY Graduate Center 2021 (PhD Musicology)

Cornell University (review begins 10/1/22) Assistant Professor, Musicology/Music Theory

  • "The successful candidate will have a doctorate (or equivalent professional accomplishment) and cultivate broad scholarly interests in music theory and other disciplines, including (but not limited to) vernacular musics, global histories, histories of theory, music and media, and music cognition. "
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 10/31: request for 2 writing samples and a syllabus
  • 11/18: request for zoom interview
  • From musicology wiki: 3/30 Through the grapevine, as offer was extended
  • Filled: Carmel Raz, 2015 Yale University (PhD Music Theory), Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute

Cottey College (review begins immediately, posted 6/2/23) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music (Woodwinds/Theory)

  • "Cottey College, a private liberal arts and sciences college for women, invites applications for a full-time visiting assistant professor of woodwinds/theory, starting August 2023. We seek a candidate to teach applied woodwinds for beginners through advanced students, music theory, and aural skills classes."
  • Filled: Catherine Conlin, University of North Texas ABD (DMA Multiple Woodwinds)

Cumberland University (open until filled, posted 3/24/23) Program Director and Assistant Professor of Music

Dallas College (deadline 7/11/23) Faculty Full-Time - Music

  • "In addition to a history of instrument instruction in ensemble and solo formats, the candidate is expected to have a strong background in institutional service, curriculum management, administration, and/or running a music program. The position will require an ability to lecture/conduct classes in Music Appreciation and or other forms of direct instruction - American Music, Music Theory, etc."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Denison University (deadline 11/30/22) Visiting Assistant Professor of Music - Percussion/Music Theory

  • Filled: Alexandros Fragiskatos, Arizona State University 2017 (DMA Percussion)

Drexel University (deadline 3/3/23, but review begins "once a suitable candidate pool is identified") Assistant Teaching Professor, Music Program

  • "The Department of Performing Arts seeks a candidate to serve in a full time teaching (non tenure-track position) in the Music Program. Areas of teaching may include large ensemble direction (instrumental or choral), music theory and aural skills, music appreciation, and songwriting."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 02/16 When I click on the link to the job posting it says posting not found. Is this position closed?
  • From musicology wiki: 02/28 Per email conversation with staff member, the applicant limit has been reached, and next steps should come shortly.

Edinburgh Napier University (deadline 4/27/23) Lecturer in Music

  • "Experience and interest in teaching in the contextual study of music (e.g. historical, sociological, psychological, ethnomusicological; Experience of working in and/or researching the music industries. The following attributes are also desirable: Music production skills; Studio engineering techniques and workflows; Performing and arranging in a range of contemporary contexts"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Elmhurst University (open until filled, posted 12/22/22) Assistant Professor, Music Theory and Music Business

  • 2/24 Request for Zoom Interview
  • 4/10 Rejection received (x2)

Emory University (review begins 5/1/23) Fellowship in Music Performance or Composition

  • "The Department of Music seeks an early career performer and/or composer with a distinctive creative practice and record of initiating new projects. We are particularly interested in a musical innovator whose work expands the creative offerings in our department and creates connections between composition and performance. Areas of creative focus are open—for instance, instrumental, vocal, conducting, electronic, western, non-western, popular, improvised, new media, and multimedia."

Freie Universität Berlin (deadline 4/30/23) Ernst von Siemens Guest Professorship on New Music

  • "We seek an outstanding scholar/artist who combines a profile on artistic and humanities research in the areas of New and Experimental Music, as well as Sound Art ... Candidates should have a Doctorate in musicology or comparable subject, research experience, experience in the mediation of New and/or Experimental Music and sound practice, and a willingness to initiate cooperation projects with the Berlin new and experimental music scene."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Front Range Community College (priority deadline 4/24/23) Faculty, Music

  • "As a full-time faculty member in the Music program, you will teach music theory, history, and performance in both classical and non-classical genres. You will the music department (sic) and work closely with audio production."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Habib University (deadline 12/31/22) Assistant/Associate Professor in Music

  • "The Comparative Humanities program in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Habib University invites applications for a committed educator and professional in the academic area of Music, to teach courses in Ethnomusicology, Composition, Creative Practice, Music Theory, Musicology, and Performance Practice at the rank of Assistant/Associate Professor."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Henderson State University (deadline 5/13/23) Assistant Professor of Music (Applied High Brass/Music Theory/Aural Skills)

Houston Community College (no deadline listed, posted 3/10/23) Instructor Music - Full time Faculty Assignment

  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Offer accepted by Hannah Percival, 2021 Texas Tech University PhD (Full-time adjunct at Sam Houston State University; part-time adjunct at Houston Community College).

Houston Community College (no deadline listed, posted 8/1/23) Instructor Music - Temporary Full time Faculty Assignment

Huntingdon College (deadline 11/30) Assistant Professor/Instructor of Music, Theory and Woodwinds

  • "As Assistant Professor/Instructor of Music, the successful candidate will teach all classes in the Theory and Ear Training sequence and Applied Lessons on either Flute, Clarinet, and/or Saxophone depending on the candidate’s expertise. Additional coursework could include Woodwind Methods, Music Appreciation, World Music, and/or History of Jazz."
  • 1/26: request for zoom interview
  • 4/6: email saying offer has been made to other candidate
  • Filled: William Hayter, 2019 Texas Christian University (DMA Clarinet), Asst. Professor, Clarinet & Music Education at Texas Lutheran University

King's College London (deadline 7/12/23) Lecturers x 2 in Music (Academic Education Pathway), .6 FTE

  • "The Music Department at KCL seeks to appoint two composers, performers and/or scholars with interests in one or more of the following areas: music for film or video games; popular or contemporary music; the musical culture/s of a given world region."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Kutztown University (review begins immediately, posted 5/1/21) Temporary Faculty Position in Commercial Music

  • "Responsibilities include teaching courses in Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Music Business, Jazz/Commercial Arranging, Songwriting, Jazz Improvisation, and directing Rock Ensembles. Depending upon qualifications, the candidate may teach applied instrumental or composition lessons"

Limestone University (no deadline listed, posted 10/27/22) Assistant Professor of Piano/Music Theory

  • "The successful candidate will teach Class Piano, Applied Music, Music Theory, Aural Skills, and other classes pending the candidate’s area of expertise. The successful candidate will also serve as a staff accompanist and will initiate and participate in recruiting activities."
  • Also posted at Piano 2022-2023
  • Filled: Michael Langer, North Dakota State Univeristy 2022 (DMA Piano)

London School of Theology (deadline 7/6/23 08/09/23) Lecturer in Music (.6 FTE)

  • "Teaching areas include musicianship skills, creative musicianship, aural awareness, improvisation, keyboard and ensemble skills. ... The successful candidate will be a committed Evangelical Christian musician and educator."
  • 7/14 Deadline extended to August 9

Los Angeles City College (deadline 11/4/22) Music Instructor, Commercial (Spring 2023)

  • "LACC is seeking applications for a full-time, probationary tenure track position in Commercial Music with a specialization in Music Technology and Jazz Studies beginning the Spring 2023 semester. ... The primary emphasis is in teaching courses, such as Music Technology Workshop, Music Production in Multimedia, Jazz Band, Jazz Combos, Jazz Improvisation, Applied Master Class, and Music General Education Courses."

Los Angeles Pierce College (deadline 5/5/23) FY23 - Music Instructor

  • "Ability to teach courses, such as Introduction to Music Theory, Jazz Theory and Jazz Appreciation; ... Proficiency in industry-standard music software, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Audacity, FL Studio 20, and Steinberg Cubase Pro; Proficiency in industry-standard music notation software, such as Sibelius, Finale, Notion 6; Experience in overseeing music technology labs and rehearsal labs, and assess the need for equipment and educational materials; help formulate and submit appropriate grant applications and/or purchase requests ..."

Lund University (Malmö Academy of Music) (deadline 8/13/23) Postdoctoral fellow in Artistic Research in Music

  • "The postdoctoral fellow shall be an active performer, composer and scholar with a PhD in music or a relevant field with a broad international profile of high standing. Especially desired are candidates who have a practice in contemporary music."
  • 6/22 Despite late deadline, starts "fall semester 2023"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

MacEwan University (deadline 12/1/22) Assistant Professor of Songwriting

  • "The successful candidate will have a significant national/international profile as a songwriter with a demonstrable record of creative achievements including recordings and other evidence of creative outputs. The successful candidate will be at once an artist, a researcher (research and research-creation), and a mentor. Skills in other related areas including music business, music technology, and digital production will be seen as an asset."

Manhattan College (deadline 1/10/23) Assistant Professor of Sound Studies/Music

  • "The department defines Sound Studies as a hybrid area of research that is at the intersection of musicology, ethnomusicology, music analysis, digital audio technology, acoustical research, and contemporary sound design."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 2/26: Rejection via email. Over 200 applications received.
  • Filled: Suzanne Thorpe, University of California San Diego 2020 (PhD Integrative Studies), Manhattan College VAP

McGill University (deadline 2/1/23) Indigenous Scholarship, Schulich School of Music, Open Rank, Contract Academic Staff (Research) or Tenure Track

  • "Faculty members hired in these roles will contribute to the academic mission in areas of Indigenous Studies and Indigenous education, broadly defined and including: ... Music creation or performance; Social and cultural perspectives on Indigenous musics"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Miami Dade College (review begins 31 May 2023) Faculty, Music (full-time)

Middle Tennessee State University (review begins 4/19/23) Full-Time Lecturer, Bassoon and Academic Studies (Music Theory)

Mount Marty University (review begins 12/15/22 open until filled) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Preference will be given to candidates who are qualified to teach Music Theory, Music History, Conducting and Applied Voice. ... The successful candidate will also lead a small department as chair, serve as Director of Choral Activities (Choral Union, Chamber Choir, and Smooth Benediction acapella group) and provide music direction for one musical theatre production each year..."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 5/18/23 Re-posted to HigherEdJobs with review date removed.
  • Filled: Tyler Thress, Ohio University 2023 (PhD Interdisciplinary Arts)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (National Institute of Education) (open until filled, posted 6/23/23) Associate/Assistant Professor in Music

  • "Successful candidates must have: A PhD or equivalent qualifications in Music and/or its related fields (e.g., ethnomusicology, musicology, music technology, music theory, pop/jazz, music education)"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

NYU (deadline 10/24) Dance, Assistant Arts Professor - Music

  • "This is a full-time position, teaching required Music courses for BFA dance majors. Courses focus on the synergies between music and dance in pedagogy, creative process and performance. The successful candidate will be able to cover music fundamentals as they relate to the world of dance, including music literature, global and popular music, music history, music theory and music vocabulary. Courses also include music composition and collaboration through creative projects. ...Candidates should be familiar with current trends in music technology as it interfaces with dance, dance film, and interdisciplinary work, and should have experience in teaching students how to use digital music technology. Those whose creative research incorporates the composition or production of musical works through an anti-racist lens or explores issues of race, class, gender or sexuality in music are encouraged to apply."

Northeastern University (no deadline listed, posted 1/18/23) Music Department, Assistant / Associate / Full Teaching Professor, Freshman Experience

  • "We seek an experienced college-level educator and advisor with an advanced degree in interdisciplinary music studies or the equivalent, and/or with a strong background in cross-disciplinary approaches to teaching, advising and curriculum design."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 2/21: request for Zoom interview and further materials
  • From musicology wiki: 3/9: virtual final-round interview scheduled
  • Filled: James Gutierrez, UC San Diego 2019 (PhD, Integrative Studies in Music), Northeastern VAP

Northern Virginia Community College (deadline 2/5/23) 9-Month Teaching Faculty (Music)

  • "Ability to teach music theory, musicianship, music history, or music appreciation."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 3/23 Contacted for Zoom Interview and Teaching Demonstration

Northeast State Community College (deadline 6/25/23) Instructor of Music

  • "The Music Instructor is responsible for teaching a full load of classes that include, but are not limited to Intro to Music, Music Theory, and Ear Training."
  • "Salary: $43,395 - $54,243 annual salary dependent on education and experience"

NorthWest Arkansas Community College (open until filled, posted 1/3/23) Full Time Faculty, Music

  • "The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to teach a range of courses in the music program, such as Music Appreciation, Composition, Music Theory, Aural Skills, or other courses relevant to the instructor’s credentials and experience. This position will also direct an ensemble relevant to the candidate’s expertise."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Job listing not appearing as of 2/9/2023

Northwest Florida State College (review begins immediately, posted 7/25/23) Assistant Professor of Piano & Music Theory

Northwest Missouri State University (review begins immeidately, posted 7/5/23) Term Lecturer in Music- Percussion and Music Theory

Odessa College (Open until filled, posted 10/7/22) Music Faculty, Full Time

  • "Teach applied lessons to music students; Teach classes in music appreciation, music literature and/or music theory; ... Primary teaching load will be Music Theory and Sight-Singing & Ear-Training courses."

Oglethorpe University (review begins immediately, posted 8/1/23) Visiting Assistant Professor Music

  • "This new hire will be responsible for directing the University’s Choral Program (which includes the University Singers and University Chorale), teaching existing courses in the Music program (music technology and/or music composition as a preferred secondary field) and contributing to the University’s Core curriculum."
  • Thomas FitzStephens, Georgia State University (PhD Music Ed)

Ohio State University (review begins 11/21/22) Tenured/Tenure-track Faculty, Creative Practice in Popular Music

  • "The Ohio State University seeks a creative practitioner/educator with skills in Black popular music creation, performance, and production, and knowledge of the music industry for a joint appointment in the School of Music and the Department of African American and African Studies. ... Focusing on hip hop and related music's, this artist would establish Black popular music's as integral and highly visible aspects of creative activity on our campus and in the Columbus arts scene. ... Responsibilities will include teaching/developing undergraduate and graduate courses in popular music creation and production, and the practical and technical skills of music making, including but not limited to songwriting and beatmaking. Additional responsibilities will include teaching a course on the historical, social, and political importance of this music, and/or other areas consistent with the candidate’s expertise."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Oklahoma Baptist University (no deadline listed, posted 3/10/23) Chair, Division of Music/Assistant or Associate Professor of Music

  • "Qualifications: Demonstration of strong skills in music content area such as: Choral Conducting, Music Education, Vocal, Theory/Composition ..."

Oklahoma Panhandle State University (no deadline listed, posted 6/21/23) Assistant Professor of Music/Music Department Chair/Collaborative Pianist/Piano Teacher/Music Theory

  • Truly one of the most unhinged lists of job responsibilities I've ever seen. And it probably pays less than $50,000.
  • Also posted at Piano 2022-2023

Pacific Union College (open until filled, posted June 2023) Assistant/Associate/Professor of Music

  • "The ideal candidate will be an excellent musician with a successful music teaching background, including experience directing ensembles, with ability to engage in PR and recruitment for the campus. Preference given to candidates with a theory/orchestration/composition background. ... Applicants must be members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

Pasco-Hernando State College (deadline 6/1/23) Instructor, Music

Peru State College (none listed, posted 4/4/23) Instructor/Assistant Professor of Music - Music Theory/Music Education

  • Required Qualifications: Earned Master’s degree in Music Theory, Music Education, or a related field preferred; a terminal degree is required for a tenure track position; Demonstrated experience and success in music theory along with choral direction and/or applied voice; Experience conducting choral ensembles..."
  • 4/5 "Music Theory/Choral Conducting" might be a more accurate title than "Music Theory/Music Education," since there's nothing in the description about teaching music ed classes, just that a degree in Music Education is acceptable.
  • 4/18 Request for Zoom interview
  • 4/24 Request for on-campus interview
  • 6/12 Offer made and accepted: Tanner Harrod (DMA Composition 2023 University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (deadline 2/1/23 3/10/23) Non-Tenure-Track Lecturer in Afro-Diasporic Music and Culture

Rhodes College (review begins 10/21/22) Assistant Professor of Music

  • This position would serve as coordinator of instrumental music for the department and provide leadership for the continued growth in areas of Popular and World Music. ... Teaching opportunities offer flexibility for the candidate to continue or develop courses in their area(s) of expertise (such as ensemble direction, ethnomusicology, composition/theory, technology, applied instrumental instruction, music industry studies) in alignment with department needs and student demand.
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 10/27 Request for Zoom Interview
  • From musicology wiki: 11/29: invitation to campus
  • 2/15 rejection received. Notified another candidate was selected.
  • Filled: Jacob Sunshine, Harvard University ABD (PhD Ethnomusicology)

Saginaw Valley State University (open until filled, posted 23 November 2022) Assistant Professor of Music (Theory & Jazz)

Skidmore College (review begins 1/3/23) Assistant or Associate Professor, Music Studies

  • "Primary teaching will consist of: core courses in (ethno)musicology and/or theory, including our gateway “Thinking About Music”; upper-level seminars in the candidate’s area(s) of expertise; and an interdisciplinary first-year seminar. A background in applied music, and/or a demonstrated ability to integrate musical creation (e.g., performance, ensemble-direction, composition, improvisation) with humanities-based study is desirable. "
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 01/13 Request for more materials (x2)
  • 1/28 Request for Zoom interview
  • 2/17 Rejection received
  • From musicology wiki: 2/17 received email that they've selected finalists
  • FILLED: Anjni Amin, Northwestern University 2023 (PhD Music Theory & Cognition), Skidmore College Lecturer

St. Mary's College of Maryland (review begins immediately, posted 1/31/23) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Teaching responsibilities will include the teaching of general education courses in music, as well as teaching in such possible areas of expertise as direction of the College's jazz ensemble and/or instruction in an instrument. All professors at St. Mary’s are expected to contribute to the college-wide core curriculum as well as to their departmental curriculum ... Applicants with expertise in jazz/popular music and music technology are encouraged to apply."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • (4/23) Any updates?
  • From musicology wiki: 5/3 - Rejection email received stating that the position had been filled (already accepted).
  • Filled: Ellington Carthan, Howard University (MM Jazz Studies)

Shaw University (no deadline listed, posted 7/18/23) FT Faculty, Music

Shoreline Community College (Shoreline, WA) (review begins 4/5/23) Music Instructor - Tenure Track

  • "REQUIRED EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Master's degree in Music or related discipline from an accredited institution. Experience teaching in a secondary, post-secondary or community organization environment. Experience conducting professional, college or high school performance ensembles. Experience teaching in the field of music and may include the following courses: music theory, music history, music appreciation, vocal and/or instrument instruction, aural skills. Experience teaching private instruction (either instrumental or vocal). Expertise in a secondary area of music or music technology."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 5/2: Rejection received

Snead State Community College (deadline 6/15/23) Music Instructor

Southwestern Oklahoma State University (open until filled, posted 7/17/23) Instructor/Assistant Professor of Music, Saxophone & Theory

  • Filled: Greg Rife, University of Iowa ABD (DMA Saxophone)

Stephen F. Austin State University (deadline 3/27/23) Assistant Professor of Oboe and Secondary Area (Music Theory or Musicology)

  • "Primary job duties will include teaching applied oboe (music majors and minors) and being an active recruiter for the oboe studio at SFA; and teaching music theory and ear training courses as assigned."
  • Is this the closest we're going to get to a bassoon/theory job this year?
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Jenna Sehmann, University of Iowa 2021 (DMA Oboe Performance), Instructor of Double Reeds & Music History, Southeast Missouri State University

Swarthmore College (Deadline 4/7/2023) Ensemble Director for Chorus and Chamber Choir and Intro Music Theory Lecturer

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (deadline 7/20/23) Instructor, Music (Jazz/Saxophone/Music Technology)

University College Dublin (deadline 26 May 2023) Ad Astra Fellow (FT, TT) - Music

University of California, Santa Cruz (review begins 10/17) Music: Assistant Professor, Composer w/secondary specialization in Indonesian/Asian/Pacific Islander Traditions/Practices

University of Edinburgh (deadline 3/17/23) Tovey Chair of Music

  • "The Reid School of Music brings together an unusually wide range of specialist expertise which spans historical and critical, scientific, technical, and creative approaches to sound and music. The post holder will specialise in any music-related area that will complement or extend these wide-ranging strengths."
  • "The University is able to sponsor the employment of international workers in this role.  If successful, an international applicant requiring sponsorship to work in the UK will need to satisfy the UK Home Office’s English Language requirements and apply for and secure a Skilled Worker Visa."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: Rejection received (4/28)

University of Hong Kong (review begins 4/1/23) Assistant Professor in Music

  • "They will develop and teach courses in at least one of the following areas: digital musicology, AI-generated music, interactive sound processing and installation, sound and immersive technologies and, game music, and to contribute to the Faculty’s newly established Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies Programme."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • I would not recommend anyone to seek work in Hong Kong. With the 2020 National Security Law, an entire political party has been jailed, a new leader "elected" though a "one-man race", newspapers have been shut down, publishers jailed, books removed from the libraries, tv shows cancelled, a national security curriculum introduced in higher education, a patriotic education introduced for young people, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have fled overseas, a shortage of doctors due to doctors fleeing, etc. If you have any warm feelings toward or awareness of human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, and similar values, this is not the place for you.

University of Houston (deadline 3/17/23) Scholar in Residence - Music

  • "*The Scholar in Residence in Music is designed for a post-graduate candidate of the highest caliber in their respective field with a strong interest in interdisciplinary studies. The candidate’s primary musical expertise may be in composition, music theory, musicology, and/or performance."
  • Salary: 45,000 
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 5/11 - Final interviews have happened
  • Filled, Sam Wu, Rice University ABD (DMA Composition)

University of Huddersfield (deadline 6/8/23) Research Fellow in Music and Music Technology x3

  • "In particular, we welcome applications from individuals able to offer teaching in the following areas: Song writing; Popular music performance; Music business; Community music; Music production; DAW/electronic music production; Live sound; Ethnomusicology; Screen composition and sound"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

University of Huddersfield (deadline 6/14/23) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Popular Music

  • "As well as primary expertise in songwriting and/or performance, we would welcome supplementary experience in for example creative music production, global mu-sics/ethnomusicology, music business/enterprise, music theatre, or live sound."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

University of Lincoln (deadline 6/21/23) Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "As a Senior Lecturer in Music, your primary duties will be to teach and assess student work across a range of practical and theoretical modules, with a specific focus on performance and/or composition, ethnomusicology, music and society and the music industries."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 7/14/23 Rejection received

University of Nebraska at Omaha (review begins 11/1/22) Instructor of Music Technology & Entrepreneurial Studies

  • "Primary teaching responsibilities include instruction in audio recording, music technology, and music entrepreneurship...expected to coordinate the Music Entrepreneurial Studies academic area.... Additional areas of expertise could include acoustics/psychoacoustics, audio spatialization, music perception and cognition, music information retrieval, multimedia production, or live performance audio."
  • 11/10 Request for Zoom interview.
  • 11/18 Request for on-campus interview.
  • 02/27 Rejection received.
  • Filled: Thomas Wilson, Louisiana State University 2021 (PhD Music Composition)

University of New Haven (review begins 02/03/23) Lecturer of Music

  • "We seek a versatile scholar who would be responsible for teaching a broad range of on-ground / in-person courses on musical practices and repertoire."
  • Possible teaching might include "Writing about Music", genre and repertoire courses within the candidate's area of expertise (e.g. "Jazz History", "History of Rock", "American Roots Music") as well as the development of new courses to serve students as they navigate the 21st-century musical landscape.
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • From musicology wiki: 3/24/23: Zoom interview

University of North Carolina-Asheville (review begins immediately, posted 9/13/22) Lecturer in Music - Piano/Music Theory

  • "The successful candidate will teach Class Piano, Applied Music, Ensembles, Music Theory, Aural Skills, and other classes pending the candidate’s area of expertise."
  • Also posted at Piano 2022-2023

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (deadline 4/17/23) Assistant Professor of Music

  • 4/3 I try never to declare "inside hire," but this looks like an inside hire.
  • 4/3b Position Summary: "This position is located in the Music Department within the College of Arts and Sciences. This position will be a full time tenure-track position responsible for teaching a 2:2 course load for the Department of Music at the University of North Carolina. Clear promise of excellence in teaching and scholarship and/or equivalent creative artistic activity. Additionally, there are service expectations consistent with standard Assistant Professor workload." That is the shortest and vaguest description of a full-time position that I have ever seen.
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Filled: Anna Gatdula, University of Chicago 2023 (PhD Music History and Theory)

University of North Carolina-Wilmington (deadline 7/3/23) Lecturer - Music

  • "Upon initial appointment, the successful candidate will teach lessons in an applied instrumental area and music courses in the University Studies curriculum that align with the needs of the department, which may include courses in music appreciation, rudiments of music, history of jazz and/or rock, African American music, and/or world music."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Christopher Luebke-Brown, Univ of Colorado Boulder 2023 (DMA Trumpet)

University of Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall (deadline 2/27/23) Departmental Lecturer in Music

  • "Applications are welcome from candidates with expertise in music since 1930, and who have teaching expertise and experience – at undergraduate and graduate level - in music. This expertise may embrace a range of interdisciplinary and theoretical approaches to music studies, and may be in any musical tradition, including Western art music, popular, folk and world musics, experimental music, and music for film and mass media. Applications are particularly welcome from those with expertise in electronic music, sound art, music technologies, and/or sound studies."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • FILLED: Jacob Downs, University of Sheffield 2021 (PhD Music)

University of Miami (review begins immediately, posted 11/16/22) Full-Time Lecturer in Contemporary Music - Music Theory/Voice

  • "The principal duty is teaching contemporary music theory (Freshmen and/or Sophomore level). Additional teaching duties may include private lessons in contemporary voice, directing live and recording ensembles focused on original music, and/or additional courses as needed based on skills and background"

University of Rochester (deadline 3/1/23) Assistant Professor (Non Tenure), Department of Music

  • "Minimum qualifications include PhD in Music Theory, Musicology, or Ethnomusicology (in hand by August 1st, 2023) and evidence of excellence in scholarship and teaching."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 5/8 rejection received

University of South Carolina-Lancaster (open until filled, posted 12/1/22) Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Applicants must hold a Doctor of Musical Arts or PhD in Music Education with a focus in at least one of the following specializations: Choir, Music Theater, Music Theory, World Music."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 1/31 Request for Zoom Interview
  • FILLED: Conner Austell, University of Georgia 2022 (DMA Piano)

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (no deadline listed, posted 6/14/23) School of Music: One Year Appointment Lecturer I

  • "The School of Music at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) occasionally needs to hire Music Lecturers to teach in its Bachelor’s/Master’s program for the Fall of 2023 & Spring of 2024. This position is contingent upon the enrollment and scheduling needs of the Music program. ... Teaching assignments include Music Theory, Piano classes, and Applied Lessons in a variety of instruments."

University of the Ozarks (review begins immediately, posted 4/25/23) Assistant Professor of Music (tenure-track)

  • "The desired applicant would have at least a Master of Music degree or a Master of Arts degree in music with professional performing skill and the ability to teach courses in music and music theory. The position has a reduced teaching load in order to support an aggressive growth plan in music, leading to additional faculty hires. Preference will be given to those with experience in vocal instruction and/or choral direction, along with knowledge of recruiting opportunities in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas."
  • Filled: Katrina Twitty, University of Denver (MM Vocal Performance)

University of Wisconsin-Parkside (deadline 3/7/22) Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Contemporary Commercial Music

Vincennes University (deadline 7/15/23, but review begins 7/1/23) Music Faculty - Full-Time

Virginia Commonwealth University (review begins 1/6/23) Assistant Professor – Jazz/Music Theory

Wake Forest University (priority deadline 4/18/23) Visiting Assistant Professor, Music Theory and History

  • "The teaching load is three courses per semester, and within that load, the successful candidate will be expected to teach Music Theory I, an undergraduate music theory elective on a topic of their choice, one music history and culture elective class (MSC 101–113, 123), and either an additional music history and elective course or Introduction to Western Music (MSC 100)"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • Filled: Zachary Zinser, Indiana University 2020 (PhD Music Theory), Ohio State VAP

Williston State College (deadline 6/15/23) Music Instructor

  • "The candidate will have a solid foundation in music theory but also possess the ability to translate that theory to a diverse audience."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Western Colorado University (review begins immediately, posted 11/07/22) Assistant Professor of Music - Percussion Studio/Music Theory

  • Filled: Ben Justis, University of Kansas 2019 (DMA Composition), Western Colorado University Lecturer

Wyoming Catholic College (deadline 11/1/22) Professor of Music

  • "Wyoming Catholic College seeks to a hire a professor capable of teaching our music courses for non-majors in a highly interdisciplinary environment."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23

Schools with Failed/Canceled/Suspended Searches[]

  • 2/6/23 University of Hartford (paused)
  • 2/15/23 Macalester College (canceled)
  • 5/8/23 Georgetown University (failed)
  • 7/6/23 Texas Christian University (canceled)
  • 7/19/23 Central Connecticut State University (postponed until next year)

Part-time/Adjunct Positions[]

Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ): Popular Music Faculty Associate (Spring 2023) (Deadline: Review begins 04 November 2022)

  • Classes available include MSC 452 Popular Music Studies 2 and MSC 471 Video Game Scoring and Sound

Bellarmine University (Louisville, KY): Adjunct Faculty, Music Technology (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 09 August 2023)

  • "The Bellarmine University Music Department seeks applicants to serve as an Adjunct Faculty member in Music Technology. Faculty will teach MUST 165: Foundations of Digital Music on T/R 8:00 - 9:15 am for Fall 2023 (8/24/2023 to 12/06/2023)."

Belmont Abbey College (Belmont, NC): Music Adjunct Position (Music Theory and Composition) (Deadline: Review begins immediately, posted 26 April 2023)

Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA): Part Time Faculty, Songwriting (SP23) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 15 November 2022)

Berklee College of Music (Online/Boston, MA): Berklee Online Instructor (Deadline: None listed, posted 29 November 2022)

Berklee College of Music NYC (New York, NY): BNYC Part Time Faculty, Songwriting & Production (Tech Focus) (Deadline: Review begins 01 May 2023 (sic), posted 15 May 2023)

Berklee College of Music NYC (New York, NY): BNYC Part Time Faculty, Songwriting & Production (Songwriting Focus) (Deadline: Review begins 01 May 2023 (sic), posted 15 May 2023)

Black Hawk College (Moline, IL): Adjunct Faculty - Applied Music Instructor (Electronic Music) (Deadline: None listed, posted 25 April 2023)

Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA): Part Time Faculty, Composition (Deadline: 31 July 2023)

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): Lecturer in Music, MUS 162b Seminar in MAX/MSP (Spring 2023) (Deadline: 28 June 2023)

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): Lecturer in Music, MUS 107a Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music (Fall 2023) (Review begins immediately, posted 12 April 2023)

Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): Lecturer in Music, MUS 5a: The Music Beginner’s Toolbox: Fundamentals of Musical Notation and Performance (Fall 2023) (Review begins immediately, posted 12 April 2023)

Brandon University (Brandon, MB): Sessional Instructor(s), Fall & Winter Term, 2022-23 (Applied Composition I & II) (Deadline: 03 October 2022)

Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): Adjunct Music Technology Faculty (Spring 2023) (Deadline: 12 November 2022)

Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): Adjunct Music Technology Faculty (Spring 2023) (Deadline: 23 January 2023)

Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): Adjunct Faculty Theory and Composition Instructor (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 21 June 2023)

Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): Adjunct Faculty - Music Technology (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 28 June 2023)

Brigham Young University (Provo, UT): Adjunct Faculty - Music Technology (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 26 August 2023)

California State University, San Marcos (San Marcos, CA): Lecturer - MUSC 307: Scoring for Film (Spring 2023) (Deadline: Review begins 23 November 2022)

California State University, San Marcos (San Marcos, CA): Lecturer - MUSC 202: Music Theory IV (Spring 2023) (Deadline: Review begins 24 November 2022)

Capilano University (North Vancouver, BC): Instructor - Ear Training and Sight Singing - 1 section (Spring 2023) (Deadline: 18 November 2022)

Capilano University (North Vancouver, BC): Instructor - Music (Deadline: 06 February 2023)

  • "The program is seeking to fill two part time positions which involve teaching first and second year music diploma students in a classroom format at the North Vancouver campus. ... Ability to teach in one or more of these areas is required: Music Theory, Ear-Training and Sight-Singing, and Music History."

Capilano University (North Vancouver, BC): Private Music Instructor - Composition (Deadline: 12 June 2023)

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA): Visiting Lecturer (15-322/622), Introduction to Computer Music (Deadline: None listed, posted 14 November 2022)

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA): Music Technology Lab Instructor, Pre-College (Summer 2023) (Deadline: None listed, posted 20 March 2023)

Chemeketa Community College (Salem, OR): Music Theory Instructor (Deadline: 25 May 2023)

Chemeketa Community College (Salem, OR): Aural Skills Instructor (Deadline: 25 May 2023)

College of Marin (Kentfield, CA): Desktop Musician Instructor (Deadline: Review begins immediately, posted 02 November 2022)

  • "College of Marin is in immediate need of a substitute MUSIC instructor(s) qualified to teach the Desktop Musician Series."

College of New Jersey (Ewing, NJ): Adjunct Instructor - Keyboard Skills - Spring 2023 (Deadline: Review begins immediately, posted 03 November 2022)

Columbia College (Columbia, MO): Adjunct Instructor - Music Theory - Day Campus (Review begins immediately, posted 05 June 2023)

  • "Columbia, Missouri Day Campus seeks an Adjunct (part-time) instructor to teach MUSI 134 Music Theory I and MUSI 135 Aural Skills in Fall 2023."

Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Lecturer for the subject Harmony at the Piano (0,25 fte) (Deadline: 15 May 2023)

Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA): Singer-Songwriter – Private Instruction – Part Time (Deadline: 09 March 2023)

Cumberland University (Lebanon, TN): Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory (Open until filled, posted 29 June 2023)

Curry College (Milton, MA): Associate Lecturer (PT), Introduction to Digital Music Production (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 20 October 2022)

Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS): Part-Time Academic (MUSC 2221.03 Music Theory 2a) - Fall 2023 (Deadline: 04 June 2023)

Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS): Part-Time Academic (MUSC 2277.03 Musicianship 2b) - Winter 2024 (Deadline: 10 June 2023)

Douglas College (New Westminster, BC): Faculty - Coordinator, Music Technology Diploma (MTD) Program (Deadline: 26 May 2023)

Douglas College (New Westminster, BC): MUSC 2172: Music for Film and Video II (Fall 2023) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 04 August 2023)

  • "The Music Department is also seeking to hire a contract instructor to teach MUSC 2172: Music for Film and Video II in the Fall 2023 semester. The course is scheduled to take place at the New Westminster campus on Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:20 PM."

Duke University (Durham, NC): Part-time Instructor (Deadline: 08 August 2023)

  • "The Department of Music at Duke University is looking for a part-time instructor to teach Music 163L, Listening Lab, and Music 290S, Popular Music in East Asia."

Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg, VA): Private Music Lesson Instructor (Instructor of Composition), Spring 2023 (Deadline: Review begins immediately, posted 07 December 2022)

Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI): Part-Time Lecturer (Music Theory), Winter 2023 (Review begins immediately, posted 09 December 2022)

Emmanuel College (Franklin Springs, GA): Adjunct Instructors in Music and Worship (Deadline: None listed, posted 16 February 2023)

  • "Music Theory: duties include teaching fundamentals of music theory with special emphasis on commercial music for application in contemporary worship settings."

Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL): Faculty - History of Recorded Music (Deadline: None listed, posted 23 December 2022)

Johnson University (Knoxville, TN): Adjunct Instructor of Music Technology (Spring 2023) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 16 September 2022)

Justice College (Chandler, AZ): Music Professor (part-time) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 12 December 2022)

  • "Lecturers teach course in music, particularly in the following areas: Music Theory, including traditional Western music theory and aspects of popular modern-day music and jazz; Music Technology, particularly focusing on sound design and digital audio."

Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Rapids, IA): Adjunct Instructor - Music Theory and Aural Skills (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 25 April 2023)

Kutztown University (Kutztown, PA): Temporary Faculty Positions in Music for Spring 2023 (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 12 January 2023)

  • "These positions would teach courses including, but not limited to, Voice, Music Composition and Arrangement, and Game Development."

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Surrey, BC): Music Instructor: (Music Technology) (Deadline: 09 June 2023)

Lebanon Valley College (Annville, PA): Adjunct Instructor in Music/AMP (Deadline: Review begins immediately, posted 10 October 2022)

  • "Lebanon Valley College’s Music Department is seeking an adjunct instructor to teach AMP 352 Electronic Music. The candidate should be actively involved in creating electronic dance music and/or similar modern production styles. Minimum requirements include a bachelor’s degree in the field, depth of portfolio, and significant, relevant experience. The class is based in Annville, PA, but remote instruction is possible via Zoom or related technologies."

Lincoln University (Lincoln University, PA): Adjunct Professor- Music Theory and Ear Training (Deadline: None listed, posted 11 August 2023)

McGill University (Montreal, QC): Course Lecturer Positions (leave replacement) - Department of Music Research - Fall 2022 (Deadline: 02 November 2022)

  • "Positions currently available: November 11, 2022 to December 21, 2022: MUSP 170-001: Musicianship (Keyboard) 1; November 14, 2022 to December 21, 2022: MUSP 140-002: Musicianship Training 1, MUSP 240-001: Musicianship Training 3, MUSP 240-002: Musicianship Training 3, MUSP 240-003: Musicianship Training 3"

McGill University (Montreal, QC): Course Lecturer Positions - Department of Music Research - Fall 2023 (Deadline: 15 June 2023)

  • "Positions currently available: MUAR 211-001: The Art of Listening; MUMT 306-001: Music & Audio Computing 1; MUMT 616-001: Timbre Form-Bearing Dim in Mus; MUPD 135-001: Music as a Profession 1; MUSP 123-001: Jazz Ear Training 1; MUSP 140-00x: Musicianship Training 1; MUSP 170-00x: Musicianship (Keyboard) 1; MUSP 240-00x: Musicianship Training 3; MUSP 355-001: Musicianship for Percussion; MUSP 361-001: Topics in Musicianship"

McMaster University (Hamilton, ON): SESSIONAL FACULTY - FALL 2023 MUSIC 2CA3 - Theory and Analysis II (Deadline: 30 June 2023)

McMaster University (Hamilton, ON): SESSIONAL FACULTY - FALL 2023 MUSIC 2DA3 - Practical Musicianship III (Deadline: 30 June 2023)

Metropolitan Community College (Omaha, NE): Music Theory - Noncredit Instructor (Deadline: 23 December 2022)

Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI): Music Composition Instructor-Fixed Term (Deadline: 16 September 2022)

  • "Minimum Requirements: Completed doctoral degree in Music Composition or related field; Experience teaching electronic music courses at the college level; Experience teaching and composing using the program MaxMSP"

Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI): Music Composition Instructor-Fixed Term (Deadline: 30 June 2023)

  • "Minimum Requirements: Completed Master's Degree in music composition or related field is required; Experience teaching electronic music courses at the college level; Experience teaching and composing using the program MaxMSP"

Mid-America Christian University (Oklahoma City, OK): School of General Education Music Adjunct Faculty (Deadline: None listed, posted 01 June 2023)

  • "This is a vacancy announcement to instruct MUSI 1113 Appreciation of Music and Fine Arts and MUSI 1103 Basic Musicianship. Mid-America University seeks a part-time faculty member with in-person and online teaching experience for undergraduate courses in the areas of Music Theory. The applicant must possess a strong Christian background."

Millersville University (Millersville, PA): Adjunct Instructor of Music, MUSI495: Audio and Music for Video (Deadline: 05 July 2023)

Millikin University (Decatur, IL): Adjunct Instructor of Music Composition (Deadline: Review begins 12 December 2022)

NYU (New York, NY): Music Theory - Adjunct Faculty (Deadline: 30 May 2023, but review begins immediately)

  • The NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (MPAP) Music Theory program seeks a qualified candidate to teach 1–2 core undergraduate music theory and/or aural skills courses. Courses meet on campus, twice a week, beginning September 2023.

NYU (New York, NY): Music Technology - Adjunct Faculty (Deadline: No deadline listed, posted 04 November 2022)

  • "NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (MPAP) Music Technology Program seeks qualified candidates to teach in the following fields: Issues and Strategies in Creating/Performing Electronic Music (Graduate Level); 3 D Audio (Graduate Level); Fundamentals of Digital Signal Theory Lab (Graduate Level); Midi for Non-Majors (Undergraduate Level); Global Electronic Music I (Undergraduate Level)"

NYU (New York, NY): Music Technology Adjunct Faculty (Deadline: No deadline listed, posted 23 May 2023)

  • "NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (MPAP) Music Technology Program seeks qualified candidates to teach in the following fields: Advanced Computer Music (Graduate Level); Mixing in the Digital Audio Workstation (Graduate & Undergraduate Combined); Electronic Music Performance (Graduate & Undergraduate Combined); Fundamentals of Music Technology (Undergraduate Level); Midi for Non-Majors (Undergraduate Level); Digital Electronics Lab (Undergraduate Level)"

NYU (New York, NY): Music Technology Adjunct Faculty (Deadline: No deadline listed, posted 13 June 2023)

  • "NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions (MPAP) Music Technology Program seeks qualified candidates to teach in the following fields: C Programming for Music Technology Lab (Graduate Level)"

Niagara County Community College (Sanborn, NY): Part Time Music Instructor - Aural Skills (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 07 December 2022)

Niagara County Community College (Sanborn, NY): Part Time Music Instructor - Foundations of Music Theory (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 07 December 2022)

North Central College (Naperville, IL): Adjunct Instructor Music Theory Composition (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 14 July 2023)

  • "The Department of Music in the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College seeks an adjunct instructor to teach Music Theory I and Music Theory III in the fall semester of 2023, Music Theory IV in the spring semester of 2024, and applied composition lessons."

Notre Dame College (South Euclid, OH): Instructor Applied Music (Deadline: None listed, posted 01 June 2023)

  • "Current openings include instructors for clarinet, composition, low brass, and voice. "

Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA): Part-time Instructor of Musicianship (Deadline: 02 April 2023)

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (Online/Lakewood, CO): ADJUNCT FACULTY, COMP & THEORY (ONLINE) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 03 May 2023)

  • "We are looking for a candidate with expertise in music composition, electronic music, discourses in contemporary music theory, and digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for synthesis and audio effects."

Royal College of Music (London, UK): Academic Professor (Musicianship, Improvisation, Aural) (Deadline: 01 June 2023)

Royal College of Music (London, UK): Assistant professor of Composition for Screen (part-time, hourly) (Deadline: 23 June 2023)

Royal College of Music (London, UK): Composition Professor (Electronic Music) (part-time, hourly) (Deadline: 04 July 2023)

Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ): Adjunct Faculty, Composition (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 08 June 2023)

SAE Institute (Chicago, IL): Music Theory Adjunct Instructor (Deadline: None listed, posted 24 January 2023)

St. Lawrence College (Kingston, ON): Part-Time Professor, MUSC100 – Musical Language and Form 1 (Deadline: 11 July 2023)

St. Thomas University (Fredericton, NB): Part-Time Position in Fine Arts (Spring 2023) (Deadline: 03 February 2023, or until filled (posted 2/3/23)

  • St. Thomas University invites external applications for a temporary replacement of an instructor in the following courses in Fredericton:
Semester 2: (February 2023)
  • FNAR-1023B Music Theory and Performance (Tuesday, Thursday 11:30AM - 12:50PM).
  • FNAR-1743A Music Literacy for Actors & Dancers (Wednesday 02:30PM - 03:50PM).
  • FNAR 2813/2823/4813 Music Practice I, II and V"

Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, TX): Music Theory/World Music (part-time non-tenure-track) (Open until filled, posted 21 July 2023)

  • "Teach courses in the core music theory curriculum (music theory/sight-singing/ear-training). Teach a survey course in world music."

Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ): Adjunct Instructor, Music (Deadline: None listed, posted 06 January 2023)

  • "The College of Communication and the Arts at Seton Hall University is seeking adjunct instructors for undergraduate, on campus, in person courses in the Music program. Courses rooted in applied music and music theory and history are of particular interest. "

Soka University of America (Aliso Viejo, CA): Adjunct Instructor of Music Composition (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 01 February 2023)

Southern Nazarene University (Bethany, OK): Traditional Adjunct Instructor Aural Theory (Deadline: None listed, posted 07 December 2022)

Stonehill College (Easton, MA): Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory / Technology (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 13 March 2023)

  • "Stonehill College is looking for a one semester adjunct for a sabbatical replacement in music technology. The successful candidate will teach two courses. Creating Music With Technology is a theory fundamentals course where all the course work is completed in Finale (or MuseScore) and Logic Pro. Introduction to Music Technology is a course in which students learn how to create songs in Logic Pro. Students also learn about the history of popular music in the United States from the perspective of production."

SUNY Schenectady County Community College (Schenectady, NY): Adjunct Instructor/Digital Music and Beat Production (Deadline: 02 December 2022)

Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY): Part-Time Faculty: MTC 146.2.3: Diatonic Harmony II (Spring 2023) (Deadline: None listed, posted 23 June 2022)

Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY): Part-Time Faculty: MTC 246.1.2: Chromatic Harmony II (Spring 2023) (Deadline: None listed, posted 23 June 2022)

Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY): Part-Time Faculty: MTC 145.1.3 Diatonic Harmony I (Fall 2023) (2 sections available) (Deadline: None listed, posted 05 July 2023)

Texas State University (San Marcos, TX): Part-Time Theory Instructor (Deadline: 25 July 2023)

  • "Texas State University (San Marcos, TX) seeks to hire a music theorist to teach sections of Theory I & II, currently scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday mornings. The position is for three sections in the Fall semester (75% appointment)"

Tianjin Juilliard School (Tianjin, China): Part-time Pre-College Composition Faculty (Deadline: None listed, posted 18 January 2023)

Tianjin Juilliard School (Tianjin, China): Part-time Pre-College Ear-Training Faculty (Tianjin, China based) (Deadline: None listed, posted 03 April 2023)

Tianjin Juilliard School (Tianjin, China): Part-time Pre-College Music Theory Faculty (Tianjin, China based) (Deadline: None listed, posted 25 April 2023)

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance (London, UK): Lecturer in Popular Music - Musicianship (Deadline: 27 June 2023)

Trinity University (San Antonio, TX): Part time Professor of Music Theory and Music Composition (Deadline: None listed, posted 23 June 2023)

  • "Trinity University is seeking a part time faculty member for the Fall and Spring semesters to teach the second year courses of the Music Theory course sequence for majors; teach Counterpoint to majors; and teach music composition to both majors and non-majors."

Tufts University (Medford, MA): Part-Time Lecturer in Music Theory/Musicology (review begins immediately, posted 2/22/23)

  • "The Department of Music at Tufts University seeks a Part-Time Lecturer in the field of Music Theory and/or Musicology for the 2023-2024 academic year. Responsibilities include teaching four classes at a 2+2 load: two parts of the Music Theory sequence for majors (MUS 11 and MUS 112), one mid-level undergraduate class “Developments in New Music” (MUS 54), and one course in the applicant’s area of specialization. All these offerings are customizable in terms of both content and pedagogical approach. Particular interest exists in the areas of music and digital culture, music and technology, sound studies, and music cognition."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2022-23
  • 4/21 request for Zoom interview
  • 8/25 Tufts course schedules show MUS 11 and MUS 54 being taught by Owen Sidney Richardson

University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC): MUSC 108: Introduction to Contemporary Art Music (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 12 July 2023)

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB): Sessional Instructor, Fall 2023, MUSI 341 Composition I (Deadline: 01 June 2023)

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB): Sessional Instructor, Fall 2023, MUSI 441 Composition III (Deadline: 24 August 2023)

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB): Sessional Instructor, Fall 2023/Winter 2024, MUSI 225A/225B Musicianship I (Deadline: 24 August 2023)

University of California, Davis (Davis, CA): Music Lecturer 2023-24 - Music Composition (Review begins 16 June 2023)

  • 6/1 Is this part-time or full-time? It lists a full-time salary but also appears to teach only only class? -5120j
  • 6/3 This is a part-time position for one class only in the Fall quarter

UCLA (Los Angeles, CA): Part-Time Lecturer in Music Composition (Deadline: 06 March 2023)

  • "The UCLA Music Department invites applications for a part-time lecturer position in electronic music composition. ... The responsibilities include teaching a course in electronic music composition offered concurrently to undergraduate and graduate students in Spring 2023."

UCLA (Los Angeles, CA): Global Jazz Studies Part-Time Lecturer: Jazz Styles and Analysis (Winter 2023) (Deadline: 09 March 2023)

UCLA (Los Angeles, CA): Global Jazz Studies Part-Time Lecturer: Culture and Film Scoring (Winter 2023) (Deadline: 09 March 2023)

University of California, Merced (Merced, CA): Lecturer in Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies: Summer 2023 (Deadline: Review begins 09 March 2023)

  • "The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts seeks a lecturer(s) to teach courses in Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies for Summer 2023 Sessions. Courses being offered may include but not limited to: Making Electronic Music ... Introduction to Music Studies; Electronic Music"

University of Central Oklahoma (Edmond, OK/Guiyang, China/Online): GZNU-UCO Agreement - Tutor (Adjunct) (Deadline: None listed, posted 09 November 2022)

  • "Teach a series of music classes to university students at Guizhou Normal University (GZNU) in Guiyang, China, through an agreement between UCO, GZNU, and the Chinese Ministry of Education. Each series of classes will be taught based on a single subject and delivered in one of two ways: 1) as month-long intensive classes taught in-person at GZNU; or 2) as synchronous 16-week online classes taught over Zoom which meet regularly throughout the Chinese semester from August to December or from March to June. Class series may include one or more of the following subjects: Music Theory 2, Aural Skills 2, Introduction to Music Education, Western Music Appreciation, Music Theory 3, Aural Skills 3, Principles of Conducting, World Music, Arts Management, Music Theory 4, Aural Skills 4, Vocal Methods, Choral Conducting, Instrumentation and Arranging, Structural Analysis, Advanced Aural Skills."

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO): Instructor of Music Technology (Priority Deadline: July 10)

  • 50% position (2 courses a semester)
  • " The person in this position will teach current music technology related courses, including audio recording as well as electronic and computer music, and further develop more advanced and specialized courses. Additionally, the person in this position will teach courses in other areas of need depending on the candidate’s areas of expertise, for example, electroacoustic composition, music production, music theory, instrument or voice, or interdisciplinary courses."

University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK): Tutor, MUSI10106 Instrumentation and Timbre (Deadline: 11 August 2023)

University of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN): Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 06 June 2023)

University of Leeds (Leeds, UK): Teaching Fellow in Music Technology (.2 FTE) (Deadline: 19 July 2023)

University of Louisville (Louisville, KY): Part-time Lecturer-Music Theory (Fall 2023) (Deadline: Review begins 17 April 2023)

University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL): Part-Time Lecturer - Music Theory & Composition (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 15 September 2022)

  • 10/3 "Desired qualifications: Experience teaching as graduate students in the Frost School of Music Experiential Music Curriculum" - what does this mean? Are they only planning on hiring an internal graduate student? This is strange.
  • 10/4 I know for a fact that while they have hired folks for this position who have no previous connection to Frost School of music, they will often hire recent graduate students who are in between gigs or having trouble finding permanent positions. This is partially due to the idiosyncratic nature of the Experiential Music Curriculum, but also because the cost of living in South Florida, especially around Coral Gables, is outrageously high and it makes much more sense to take a gig like this if you already have a connection to the area (e.g. former grad student, have family in the area, etc.) than to move there just for the job.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): LEO Intermittent Lecturer (Jazz Studies) (Deadline: 29 June 2023)

  • "Duties: Teach one section of Theory 436/536, Analytical History of Jazz."

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): LEO Lecturer I - Composition (Deadline: 22 July 2023)


University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI): LEO Lecturer I - Music Theory - Orchestration (Deadline: 04 17 August 2023)

  • "THEORY 454 (Orchestration 1) Fall term and THEORY 455 (Orchestration 2) Winter term"
  • 8/15 Deadline extended to 8/17

University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN): Lecturer/Teaching Specialist - Academic Courses 2023-2024 (Deadline: None listed, posted 24 May 2023)

  • "*Positions are appointed during the 2023-24 academic year (Fall, Spring and/or Summer). We are actively recruiting for the following academic areas: Musicology (full year); Music Theory (full year)"

University of Montreal (Montreal, QC): Music - Assistant Professor (Composition and Sound Creation), Part-time (Winter 2024) (Deadline: 28 April 2023)

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC): Lecturer of Music Theory (Spring 2023, .45 FTE) (Deadline: 20 October 2022)

  • "The Department of Music at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill seeks a lecturer to teach three courses in Spring 2023 that directly serve our music majors: Tonal Music Theory I, Tonal Musicianship Skills I, and Tonal Musicianship Skills III."
  • In what universe is 3 courses in a single semester less than half-time? (2x)
  • 11/8 The Tonal Music Theory I course is 3 credits, and the musicianship courses are 1 credit each, for a total of 5 credits. Solving for FTE (5/.45), we get an FTE of 11 credits. There are heavier FTE loads, FYI, such as 15 credits per semester at my institution. Many full-time lecturer or VAP positions will indeed be teaching 6 courses per semester, depending on the institution and the course type. What universe, then? The universe after graduate school that is the real world.
  • "In what universe is 3 courses in a single semester less than half-time?" I'm guessing that you haven't spent much time working as an adjunct.

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 MUS1191A00&B00 Sight-Singing and Dictation I: General (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 MUS21911A00&B00 : Sight-Singing & Dictation II: General (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 MUS1194-A00: Sight-Singing & Dictation I: Enriched (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 MUS2194-A00 : Sight-Singing & Dictation II: Enriched (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Winter 2024 MUS1303-A00: Materials of Music I (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Winter 2024 MUS2332-A00: Forms and Styles II: Baroque and Early Classical (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 MUS 3311-B00: Compositional Techniques (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 MUS3315-A00: Music and Computers I (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 MUS3919: Composition I (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON): APTPUO - Fall 2023 MUS4310-A00: SELECT TOPIC IN SCORE ANALYSIS (Deadline: 23 July 2023)

University of Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, PE): Sessional Instructor, Music 1170 & 2170 in Aural Skills (Winter 2023) (Deadline: 17 November 2022)

University of Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, PE): Sessional Instructor - Department of Music (Fall 2023 - Winter 2024) (Deadline: 06 June 2023)

  • "The Department of Music at the University of Prince Edward Island invites applications for a Sessional Instructor(s) to teach four (4) three-credit-hour courses in Aural Skills: MUS-1150 and MUS-2150 in the Fall 2023 semester; and MUS-1170 and MUS-2170 in the Winter 2024 semester."

University of Regina (Regina, SK): MUTH 211 – Ear Training I - Winter 2023 (Deadline: 10 November 2022)

University of Regina (Online/Regina, SK): MU 101 - Introduction to Basic Music Skills- Online Course - Winter 2023 (Deadline: 10 November 2022)

University of Regina (Regina, SK): MUEN 123 New Music Ensemble - Winter 2023 (Deadline: 10 November 2022)

University of Regina (Regina, SK): MUTH 211 – Ear Training I - Fall 2023 (Deadline: 27 June 2023)

University of Texas at San Antonio (San Antonio, TX): Lecturer - School of Music (Deadline: 24 June 2023, but "may close once a sufficient number of qualified applications have been received")

  • "The School of Music at the University of Texas at San Antonio invites applicants for a part-time, fixed-term track faculty member in music theory/composition for the Fall 2023 semester. Responsibilities for this position include teaching two aural skills courses and teaching five individual composition students. ... Salary Range: $3,500 per course."

University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA): Part Time Music Composition Program Instructor (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 31 July 2023)

  • "The School of Music Program in Composition seeks a part-time/adjunct instructor(s) to teach Harmony for Songwriters and Music Composition (Private Lessons) beginning Fall of 2023."

University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA): Part Time Instructor for Musicianship I (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 03 August 2023)

University of Toronto (Toronto, ON): Sessional Lecturer: Songwriting (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 26 June 2023)

University of Toronto (Toronto, ON): Sessional Lecturer: Composing for Film (Fall 2023 & Winter 2024) (Deadline: 26 June 2023)

University of Toronto (Toronto, ON): Sessional Lecturer: Video Game Composition (Fall 2023 & Winter 2024) (Deadline: 26 June 2023)

University of Toronto (Toronto, ON): Sessional Lecturer: Studio Orchestration & Arranging (Winter 2024) (Deadline: 26 June 2023)

Western University (London, ON): Course - MUSIC 2736B 001, Introduction to Desktop Music Production (Winter 2023) (Deadline: 22 September 2022)

Western University (London, ON): Course - MUSIC 1629A 001, Introduction to Composition (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 03 August 2023)

Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL): Adjunct Faculty, Music Theory and Aural Skills (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 28 April 2023)

Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, ON): MU342 - Analysis of Popular Music (Fall 2023) (Deadline: 15 June 2023)

Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, ON): MU377 - Contemporary Music Since 1975 (Winter 2024) (Deadline: 15 June 2023)

Wittenberg University (Springfield, OH): Adjunct Faculty - Music Composition (Spring 2023) (Deadline: Open until filled, posted 06 December 2022)

Other Positions of Interest[]

This section is for non-academic jobs of interest to theorists/composers. Please see also the list on the Musicology/Ethnomusicology page.

School-Specific Discussion[]

  • Oberlin/"Woke" colleges: There are multiple openings at Oberlin College. I understand this is a respectable school but also one known for its vast "wokeness." For example, I read of a recent case where students were accused of racism and subject to litigation simply for eating at a historic bakery. My question, simply put, is whether it is necessary to be "woke" or to profess "wokeness" in order to be employed at Oberlin or other similar US schools. Coming at it from a European/UK perspective, I am more interested in actual research output and artistic creation than political posturing. I am interested in hearing from those with actual lived experience at Oberlin or really any other US institutions as to the degree of "wokeism", "cancel culture", and related issues of censorship (e.g., a recent Columbia professor who was fired despite tenure when students objected to his grading rubric. Many thanks in advance.
    • (10/9) It is not necessary to be "woke" or to profess "wokeness" in order to be employed at Oberlin. While the faculty strongly lean liberal, there are many successful studio teachers and Conservatory professors who are decidedly non-"woke." I think a certain amount of patience and open-mindedness is necessary to succeed at Oberlin. Earning tenure depends on effective teaching, actual research output, and (to a much lesser extent) service to the institution. All of that can be successfully accomplished without political posturing. There is a "cancel culture" in most American institutions of higher education, but I have not seen it in my own classrooms. btw, the bakery was accused of racism, not the students. Litigation was against the institution, not the students.
    • (10/10) In the interest of keeping things accurate, it's worth noting that while tenure protections are indeed being weakened in many parts of the US, the professor whom I believe the OP is referring to was not tenured or tenure-track (and was at NYU, not Columbia). The main cause of tenured faculty losing their jobs is systematic right-wing attacks on the higher ed system and its funding, with particular impact on the arts and humanities - not students complaining about grading.
    • (10/11) Imagine actually writing this (x3)
      • Why not? The poster is stating the obvious: academia has a woke problem. Places like Oberlin have a *very* woke problem.
      • 3/3 Oberlin is not that woke. chill. It's an institution with a vision, like every institution is. If you don't agree, then don't apply.
    • (10/30) What is woke to you? If you don't respect students or colleagues, you probably shouldn't be teaching.
    • (11/02) Responding to 10/30: I don't think we need to suggest particular conclusions here. Given that the OP was coming from outside North America, I think there was genuine curiosity about the presence of "wokeness" as an ideology. I for one believe that it is possible to be respectful without being woke. In fact, I would suggest that drawing that connection strikes me as propagating an "us versus them" mentality.
    • {12/26} I agree with 11/02. I don't think being woke is the problem within academia. There are lots of good things we can get from equity and inclusion. People are trying to somehow fit wokeness into academia's oft-failed system, and moreover, academia's oft-failed culture. This culture, I might add, is often in opposition to ideals that would create a more equitable society, and create more representation within it. I mean, if people were as exceptional and superior if they claimed to be (as per this wiki), they might be smart enough to solve academia's problems. A system that does not prioritize the needs of people first is a failed system, no exceptions. I would be hard pressed to believe that the systems in place serve academics. If they do put this forward, they end up unintentionally supporting toxic people in creating systems of exploitation and control for students and faculty.
  • Belmont University and Manhattan College: Both universities identify themselves as being Equal Opportunity Employers, but both clearly state that they won't hire a non-Christian/Catholic person, respectively. I don't even know what to say.
    • (8/12) With all the pitfalls of the academic job market and within the music theory field specifically, it is incredibly frustrating to be ineligible for one of the very few available jobs because of my religion. I understand the right of a private institution to align with certain core values but it just really sucks that because I happened to be born into a different religion (of which I am not even observant) I am immediately ineligible regardless of my academic and professional qualifications.
    • (8/12b) This discussion seems to come up quite often. I would like to point out something similar happening with cohort hires. A few positions last year specified a certain race in their posting, and I heard through the grapevine that some others specifically looked for a woman even though nothing of the sort appears on the positing. Is it wrong to either diversify your faculty or ensure it adheres to the same core values? I don't think so. Does it make it any less frustrating to see an opportunity where you're qualified for everything except for race/religion/gender/something else you can't change? Absolutely.
    • (8/15) Neither ad explicitly states that they will only hire people who identify as Christian/Catholic. I can't speak for Belmont, but I do know two people who are tenured at Manhattan College (not in the music department) who are not Catholic. One is Jewish, and the other is openly atheist and could easily be found out as such through his personal website, which is linked on his faculty profile. Neither had to prove their loyalty to the Catholic Church in order to be hired, or make tenure. A job ad stating that an institution identifies as Christian/Catholic is a far cry from only hiring people who subscribe to that faith.
    • (8/17) From the Belmont listing exactly: "the University seeks employees of Christian faith who are committed to the mission of the University. Belmont’s Office of Human Resources will conduct ongoing evaluations of the means by which candidates for employment are sought, to the end that the pool of candidates will include qualified women, minorities, veterans and disabled individuals." - and there was also something about having to proclaim your faith if hired. Certainly seems like they will only hire a Christian.
    • (8/18) The job listing on SMT, which includes a note from the search chair, specifies that while the religious atmosphere is not necessarily conservative, "Belmont is a private Christian university, so applicants do need to profess a Christian faith."
    • (8/19) With regard to the Belmont listing, has anyone here ever gone through the process of "profess[ing]" their faith in a job search? What does it entail?
      • (9/27) Yes, at a private Texas Baptist university with a large football program and a notable American lawyer for a president. This was 2014, and I was on the "short list." I still have their email: "There are no particular denominational constraints on who we hire, nor are there particular dogmas or creeds required of our faculty.  At [institution], we are a faculty of diverse religious faiths, including Protestants, Catholics, and Jews.  Interestingly, our historical denomination, Baptist, represents a minority in both our faculty and student body.  Nonetheless, there is the expectation that faculty, in your case potential faculty, are able to describe their religious involvement and discuss comfortably their personal views regarding Christian faith." I was then asked to answer these questions:
        • Describe your denominational affiliation and church involvement. (For example, are you currently a member of a church, parish, or synagogue?  Indicate name, location.)
        • Describe the place religion holds in your personal life.
        • Provide any other information in this regard that you think might clarify your religious faith.
  • (11/29) Mount Holyoke College: anyone else find it weird that they're asking for so much stuff right off the bat? In addition to CV, cover letter, and references, they wanted statements on teaching, research, and diversity, a writing sample, and two syllabi. All this for a lecturer position.
  • (11/29b) In my experience this falls within the normal range. On the heavy side of it, but normal nonetheless. They could have requested transcripts and a teaching video!
  • (11/30) It's buyers market. There were a few adjunct positions posted last year that had similar application requirements, which is honestly insane, but this is where we are.
  • (12/1) I agree that it's weird and kind of too much for a lecturer position. What's worse, though, is that there are not enough slots on the application to upload all those things. Grr.

General Discussion[]

  • 2022-23 Wiki Moderator: 5120j. Contact me at 5120janon at gmail with questions/comments.

Move to Discord Changes for 2023-24[]

  • To all users of the musicology/ethnomusicology/music theory/composition wikis:
  • Starting with the 2023-2024 hiring season, we are strongly considering consolidating the two wikis into a general "Music Studies" job wiki and moving to Discord as a new platform, as this one is less than ideal and gets increasingly clunky to use every year. An anonymous user of the wikis has kindly offered to set up a Discord server, and I will be setting things up and troubleshooting over the next couple weeks before launching next year's page. Comments welcome (in case anyone feels strongly that we should keep things as-is, speak now!), and if you would be interested in taking a look at the new setup to offer suggestions before we launch it, plesae email me at If there is anyone who would also like to volunteer as a co-moderator, please let me know. Moderators should NOT be on the job market for next year, in order to avoid any conflict of interest. -5120j
    • 6/4 I feel pretty strongly against moving to Discord. While it might be less clunky, requiring a login seems to defeat half of what I perceive as the point of this Wiki, which is radical transparency. For one thing, the ease of public edit and self-anonymization are crucial benefits of the Wiki, and moving to Discord would effectively discourage people from updating. For another, putting it behind a login wall means that it's a lot harder for people to casually check whether a job has moved on, and keeping information even a little bit private seems against the spirit here. (x2)
    • 6/5 I also really don't like the idea of merging this wiki with musicology/ethnomusicology. Both pages get very full of postings towards the middle of the cycle, and having twice the amount of postings on one page would make things more "clunky" (to use 6/4's words) than they are now. I also prefer how our page simply posts the job and a few key details, which makes things a LOT more sparse than the musicology page, where every posting copies/pastes the entire job details, making it extremely hard to navigate over there. While this site may not be perfect, I don't think a move to Discord or merging with musicology/ethnomusicology will make things better.
    • 6/6 (2) I also feel pretty strongly against moving to Discord. One of the (extremely) useful features of a web-based page such as this is that I am able to receive notifications when someone makes an update through use of an outside ping service. This makes it much easier to sift through the many jobs and updates that are posted here on almost a daily basis, without the need to manually read/scan through the entire page, which comes with the potential for overlooking details. I am not sure if Discord has such a function, though I seriously doubt it. While this wiki is not perfect, it has been an invaluable resource for many of us on the job market. As to merging to a "music studies" page, this seems like a non-issue to me. I agree that there is much overlap between the two. I don't mind having to scroll a bit more to the relevant sections - provided that Discord doesn't make this more difficult than it needs to be (again, a web-based page would make this a complete non-issue, from my perspective). To the moderator of this page - THANK YOU for continuing to keep this resource alive. I am sure that the strong opinions shared here on the proposed changes to the format are born out of a desire to preserve what works so well about it.
  • 6/5 Thank you for the feedback! My understanding was that Discord would still allow people to view the page without a login, but that making edits would require a username. If I'm wrong about that (I'm not familiar with the platform at all) the move is going to be a non-starter for me too. I will do a little more investigation. Merging the two wikis going forward is a non-negotiable for me though, since there is so much overlap in jobs (not to mention people with Musicology degrees hired for jobs advertised as Music Theory, and vice versa). I spend a fair amount of time making sure updates from one wiki also appear on the other. I need to think through the formatting though, since posting full text of the ads will make the page too large to navigate. On the other hand I value saving the complete text of the ad, so it's easy to see when search committees edit things after the fact, and it also is interesting to see how who was hired did (or didn't) fit what they said they were looking for. If there is strong opposition to merging into a general "music studies" page, I will probably end up withdrawing from moderating the theory wiki and stick to just musicology next year. -5120j
    • 6/5 (from earlier) if you're really set on merging the wikis, please do not post the complete text of the ads (keep it like the theory/comp page is formatted). It will be way to cumbersome to navigate if every job has the full ad. It doesn't take that much work to click on a hyperlink and look at the ad on a new webpage, and it keeps the wiki a lot more clean and easy to peruse.
    • 6/6 I think that if merging the wikis is the price to pay for keeping 5120j as a moderator, it's one well worth paying. I will echo the preference for the theory/comp page — especially with a longer page, the amount of information would be too much, I think, with the musicology format. I'd definitely favor keeping on wiki— I find this format so much easier to navigate than Discord.
  • 6/6 from 5120j: Discord will not allow reading of the page without a login, so we will be keeping everything here at good old fandom dot com for next year. I will be following a format closer to this wiki than musicology and will no longer post the full texts of all ads here on the page (will probably put them in a Google Doc or something, still thinking about this) but do want to keep the full text because there's always some shenanigans every year where it's useful to have the orginal ad saved (editing of the ad after it's up, taking it down before the application deadline, etc). I will continue to post tenure-track and full-time non-tenure-track jobs in the US and Canada in: musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, music composition, and music technology. But here are some more tangential items that I currently post that I could jettison if they're not of enough interest to make it worth my time. If you would like the following items to continue to be posted, please add a vote next to the item (x1, x2, etc).
  • Part-time/adjunct positions in the above fields: x3
  • Music technology jobs that lean more towards "commercial music" than composition: x5
  • Full-time music teaching jobs at community colleges: x3
  • Full-time applied music jobs that include teaching a secondary area relevant to this page: x7
  • Jobs outside North America from Anglophone countries (UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa): x5
  • Jobs outside North America from non-Anglophone countries, if the ad is posted in English (most often Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, etc): x4
  • "Other positions of interest" (aka "alt-ac") jobs: x2
  • And if there's anything NOT currently posted that you would find useful, I am always happy to consider new areas:
  • 6/7. Thanks, 5120j, for taking our feedback and concerns into account! These plans sound like a great integration of all that's been expressed, and thanks for your continued work moderating this resource! (I think a Google Doc with original listings, by the way, sounds great. You might even be able to link directly to each heading in the doc from a bulletpoint in the Wiki here.)
  • 6/8. Discord has a new multi-user login system that would allow for anonymity. Just make a throwaway "jobs posting" account and you'd be good to go. I personally would favor a Discord community, but agree it'd not be as easily accessible as it is now for most users although Discord can easily ping folks as many have referenced they do with RSS tags and such (I do too) just food for thought.
  • 6/8 Cont. Also, I've thought about this quite a bit and I think the biggest "problem" is the format of editing a single, monolithic page which could get worse with more postings/users in one place. I could fairly quickly/easily set up a simple website that would maintain ease of use/anonymity, allow for RSS feeds, and allow us to more easily tag jobs we're interested in while also keeping a "catalog" of previous postings. I already have the server space (I run a lot of websites for folks) so it'd be no additional cost to do so. Just extra food for thought.
  • 6/9 I appreciate the offer but I'm a bit hesitant to move to a new stand-alone website. certainly has its issues but at least we're used to it. -5120j
  • 6/28 I want to also second keeping this wiki on the fandom site as on Discord there is a problem with glitching discord users' names instead of our nom de plums. I am on a discord for a large online game of hundreds of people, which has the usernames glitch to our actual names. For job seeking services, I would prefer the anonymity.
  • 11/18 Question About Diversity Statements: Basically everyone wants a diversity statement, but is this just a boiler plate requirement? Most of the people who are getting jobs hold degrees from schools that are decidedly not diverse, have not been active in the field in ways that would give them experience working with diverse populations, and do not produce work in a way that promotes diversity beyond a very superficial level. Meanwhile, there are people that I know of who are beyond competent, have REAL experience working with diverse populations, and have been passed over for jobs time and time again. So are diversity statements simply a way of satisfying a HR requirement and filtering out obvious racists, sexists, and homophobes, or are they actually supposed to mean something? If they are supposed to mean something, how should they to be weighted in the overall application? If a particular department wants to take these issues seriously, wouldn't it benefit them to hire someone who has actually had the opportunity to work with diverse populations, often at the expense of other more mainstream professional activities? Or is it just enough to have a purely academic, not to mention trite, idea about what it might mean to embrace diversity?
    • 2/20 It is astounding that people think those who do not agree with DEI initiatives as they now stand are racists and homophobes. The very word "homophobe"- which denotes a pathological fear of homosexuals - is absurd to the extreme and should be disqualified in intelligent conversation. People have different moral beliefs and life choices, and living in a hyperplurality requires tolerance - not celebration and forceful inclusion - of other life choices, while disagreement cannot be cast as pathology. If anything, these Diversity Statements require potential applicants to subscribe to a very particular ideology, and that should set off warning bells for any educated person. Yes, perhaps this ideology is your ideology and you assume it to be the most normal of ideas, but when the pendulum eventually swings the other way (as may now be occurring), you will not wish to be subject to the standards now being applied.
    • 3/10 Be careful. It has always been a vicious, two-sided battle. If you claim to be on team woke or team old school, you are going to get punished, depending on who you are talking to in academia. Just because one side is more vocal, doesn't mean that the other side isn't prone to anger or retaliation as well. I speak from experience; a passionate commitment to diversity can result in retaliation, especially in more traditional spheres. But, no, people who strongly oppose DEI aren't stupid, and they will never tell you, "I'm doing this to you because you are woke." It's abundantly clear to me that an older generation of people are trying to suppress the voices of younger people. Many people feel threatened by the more open way of thinking among younger people today. There are people who are upset that their power is slipping away as a more socially-conscious, empathy-driven culture starts taking over. Where we are right now is in a forceful compromise that stirs up a lot of bad feelings and doesn't welcome hyper-plurality at all. I don't know how we can get out of it, but I don't think anyone is going to budge anytime soon or this highly contentious situation will be solved. I think being kind and seeing the points of view of other people is the answer, but that will probably never happen.
    • 3/11: "a more socially-conscious, empathy-driven culture" Not sure what you mean by that, but academic excellence and artistic excellence have nothing to do with that. I can only speak for myself and say that I will do everything in my power to resist the move toward hiring people for reasons other than meritocracy, talent, and excellence. So, yes, you will have to battle me and a many people like me for at least another 3-4 decades in order to erase Western Civilization and all the Great Works and the idea of Meritocracy and the notion of Equality. Are we now going to award olympic medals based on skin color and your sexual practices instead of who won the race? The truth is that some people are better than others in certain areas. I'm not sure why that's so hard to understand. And some works of art are better than others. And some cultures and societies are more successful in certain respects and have very different values than others. These are the facts. You can try to cancel them all you want, but not all of us will go down without a fight. First-time poster (my advisee alerted me to this discussion).
    • 3/13: To 3/11: Oh, you're already a faculty member? Are you looking for a job? If not, why are you here? What an odd thing to go out of your way to post. "Meritocracy," "Western Civilization," and all the topics you hold dear have ALWAYS been political and politicized. As far as the bogeyman of scary diverse people taking the jobs away from the poor, downtrodden white man (/sarcasm), such a scenario only plays out anecdotally. Make no mistake: we WILL make the world a kinder, more empathetic, more inclusive place, whether you like it or not.
    • To 3/13: "we WILL... whether you like it or not": how kind, empathetic and inclusive of you!
    • 4/5 (3/13): That's right! You can be kind and inclusive while also building a better world. See also: Paradox of tolerance.
    • 4/6: I have no doubt that it is possible to be kind and inclusive while building a better world. But I'm curious how these last couple exchanges demonstrated kindness and/or inclusivity.
    • 4/28: They don't, and they don't have to. But if the school bully stole your lunch money, you'd take actions to get it back and hold the bully fully accountable for their actions, regardless of how kind and inclusive you were. Kindness and inclusivity are so much more than just who sits in a job, it's the daily act of being a good academic that cares about what they are doing for society and others. Sometimes working things out requires an open dialogue. I don't think this has ever happened, but that's the way that these problems can be solved. I think this dialogue still represents a better step than ever before. I don't think we have to judge people for their opinions, that's not going to do any good. This was a good step at acknowledging both sides of the problem. There are lots of hurting people in academia right now, even people with coveted positions. I have no doubt that if people keep talking, they might be able to find a solution that will be satisfactory for both parties. It was never all or nothing to begin with.
  • 11/21 Very well said. I invite you to enjoy this purely speculative answer to your question. I wouldn't make too many generalizations; there are people that do agree with you. You could maybe have a dialogue about this openly at a conference. I don't see the harm in that. This, despite the people who won't open the proverbial gate to you no matter what you do. Academia was never the most socially enlightened niche. Sadly, some music academics know a lot about music but don't know much about anything else. If they took the trouble to study a little bit in other fields, they might understand inclusion a little deeper. As it is, the veneer of inclusion that some present offers only short terms solutions to long term issues, with little regard to how other fields inform them about it. In the proverbial little Potempkin village we live in, there are many issues that go under the rug. There are always going to be people/institutions who want control. That's human nature. It's not that big of a deal to assert that, especially in a highly competitive field. As long as they keep bashing the people who disagree with academics, few care what they do to consolidate power. And there's nothing to stop people from being dishonest. In that light, it's not surprising that what you are talking about happens all the time.
  • 11/22: Regarding the issue of diversity and diversity statements, here is the reality: If you are black, female, in some cases Hispanic, and more recently trans, then you are diverse. Period. Other categories, regardless of your life experience, values, or anything else, it doesn't count. Here are some quotes from those involved in searches at famous schools: "Find me a woman." "You need to hire a woman." "It's a terrible time to be a white male." "If you're a white male, you have to be ten times as good." I will be attacked, possibly have my post deleted, and accused of every -ism under the sun, but this is the reality, and I think most people over the age of 30 know this. And those who have tenure-track positions and know others with them know it to be true. If you look through those who were hired last year, you will find quite a few people who have degrees from less-than-stellar institutions, no prizes, no famous teachers, no major festivals, no important (or any) publications, etc. who were hired. I wonder what they have in common? These are the things that can't be discussed publicly, yet are mentioned at every dinner and private social event across the country. This trend has increased rapidly since the BLM protests. I wonder if it will ever stop? So to answer your question, I don't think it really matters what your "commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion" is (whatever that means), but if you can begin with the words "As a traditionally underrepresented minority..." or "As a marginalized academic..." or something to this effect, I'd say you have what it takes. Congratulations!
    • 11/28: I had "famous teachers," "important publications," and "less-than-stellar institutions" on my elitist bingo card, but I forgot "dinner and private social event."
    • 11/28: To 11/22: I think this is inaccurate for the most part. Looking over the Wikis for the past few years shows that mostly white men and women are winning the majority of the jobs in comp/theory, and they often come from elite institutions. They also have seemingly very little, if any, experience working with diverse populations. For me, that is an issue if the idea of diversity is supposed to be important, and I believe that it should be. At any rate, I'm hard pressed to think of an example of a woman or person of color who won a job simply because they are members of marginalized groups. What I have noticed, however, are people (mostly white) who have never had to engage working with marginalized groups who simply read an article about it win jobs. The larger point is that making a statement is a whole lot different than actually doing something.
    • 12/18: To 11/22 ...said the mediocre white guy who's bitter about his own mediocrity.
    • 12/19: To 11/22. Hear, hear.
  • 11/22b: In response to 11/18's inquiry, I wanted to draw attention some interesting materials developed by Cornell University that offer guidance to search committees how to consider a candidate's diversity statement. Some of the ideas from that page may be useful for candidates seeking to reflect on their record of, or potential to, make contributions relating to these considerations.
  • 11/25: There's a lot in 11/18's question/comment I don't want to respond to, but "filtering out obvious racists, sexists, and homophobes" is a perfectly good reason to ask for a diversity statement. In my experience on committees, these statements don't propel someone forward in a search, but they do clarify who belongs in the pile of people we don't want to work with. Even if your identity and experience aren't "diverse," it's not difficult to do some reading/research/reflection on the role of race/gender/ethnicity/sexuality in the classroom and write a couple pages about it. And if you can't do that convincingly, that's about all I need to know about you.
    • 2/20 Is that what it is? Because the meaning of diversity has shifted greatly, from a general idea of inclusion to the requirement that applicants specifically embrace DEI and Critical Theory narratives. You just admitted to not looking for somebody kind, open-minded, and accepting, but rather somebody that subscribes to a narrow progressive ideology. And this, my friends, is everything that is wrong with the ideological echo chamber known as academia today.
  • 11/21b: This is my fifth (!) year on the job market, and I'd love to get some numbers on other peoples' application experiences. How many applications did you send out, and how many of them got bites? Last year, I sent about 70 applications, and received 7 nibbles, so about a 10% success rate. How does this stack up against everyone else? Is this "normal"? I realize there are many factors at play here, but it would be nice to get a sort of benchmark in this seemingly futile process of praying and spraying.
    • 11/22 Thanks for sharing your numbers. I'm in my 2nd year on the job market now and last year sent 17 applications and got 3 interviews (all Zoom, none in person). I was more choosy with which openings I applied to than you, but had a similar "success" rate. I think it is helpful to be transparent with this and reassuring to know how difficult it is for others as well.
    • 11/26 This was my third run in the last 5 years. My first run included 24 applications, 5 Zoom interviews, 3 in-person interviews, and 1 job offer, which I took (VAP). Last year included 10 applications, 4 Zoom interviews, 2 in-person interviews, 1 job offer, which I turned down (the pay was just too low). Then this last round included 23 applications, 8 Zoom interviews, 4 in-person interviews, and 1 job offer, which I accepted (finally tenure-track!). So I guess that makes 57 applications, 17 Zoom interviews, 9 in-person interviews, 3 job offers. Now I realize these percentages look "impressive," but it's mostly due to the fact that I applied to positions that lined up with my experience, and lots of universities seem to be looking for the candidate with experience in film/media music, technology, concert composition, along with lots of teaching experience and academic success. In other words, I was fortunate to "catch the wave" that fit my exact qualifications. This year I also decided to rank on a scale from 1 to 5 my hunch of how much of a fit I'd be for the position even before I applied. Every single school I ranked a 4 or 5, I got the interview. Every single school I ranked 1 or 2 didn't even give me a whiff. Not sure if that's helpful in any way, haha, but there you go!
    • 12/6 This is my third year on the job market and my first year being Ph.D. instead of ABD! here are my stats. I hope this helps—it's dismal out there and we're not alone.
      • 2020: 9 applications / 1 zoom interview / 0 offers
      • 2021: 19 applications / 6 made the second round / 5 of those Zoom interview / 2 of those campus invite (withdrew from one for personal reasons) / 0 offers
      • 2022: [only applying to jobs I really would consider due to considering pivoting careers/personal reasons] 4 apps submitted so far / 2 of those at least second round / 1 of those campus invite / 2 of them no news yet
    • 4/4 This year I sent out 45 applications and have had five Zoom interview (no campus invites) and four additional "nibbles" so far. 20% "first round" success is probably my best year, but those leading to NO campus invites is definitely my worst year.
  • 11/26: In response to 11/22: It is exactly like that. What you (can) do, does not matter. Who you are, and how your identity can be used politically does matter. This trend will not stop anytime soon as it is part of a larger narrative. Committee members follow the agenda in fear of getting cancelled/losing their position; occasionally, you will see deviations but these are again based on nepotistic criteria rather than meritocracy. If, for some reason, tomorrow the agenda changed to a completely different direction they would comply immediately. I do not know what the solution is... perhaps working collectively on creating other spaces/platforms/institutions that stay away from any political narrative could be a good start.
    • 11/26 To second this, I just started a TT position at a small university in a rural area. After I was hired, one of the search committee members flat out admitted they did everything they could to find a "diverse" candidate. The first thing they did was separate the applications into two piles: one for "diverse" candidates and one for white males. They then gave more weight to the "diverse" applications, unless a white male application blew them away. The irony in it all is that I myself am very white. This committee member even joked that despite their best efforts, they still ended up with a whitest guy of the bunch. It's certainly amusing now that I have the job, but it is no doubt discouraging knowing that this is going on almost everywhere. While I applaud the desire to reach out to communities and work on problems that do exist, I feel this approach is a typically short-sighted one that completely fails to recognize what those problems actually are.
  • 03/09: I asked ChatGPT to write a sarcastic post about job hunting in Academia. This is what I got: "Oh, dear job seekers! Do you aspire to spend your days pouring over endless job postings in academia? Do you dream of the excitement of constantly updating your CV and cover letter, only to receive a generic rejection email weeks/months/years later? Well, then let me tell you, the job hunt in academia is an absolute delight! Never mind the constant rejections, the real cherry on top of this delightful experience is the excitement of constantly wondering if you'll ever be able to secure a stable job in academia. Will you be a postdoc for the rest of your life? Will you ever have a real salary or benefits? Who knows! The uncertainty just adds a touch of excitement to the whole process. Job hunting in academia is just a delightful experience that everyone should have the pleasure of enduring. Who needs job security and stability when you can have the thrill of constant rejection and uncertainty? Sign me up!"
  • 03/29: Has anyone else noticed a trend of schools expecting applicants to front the travel costs for their campus interviews with the promise of reimbursement post-interview? Both of the campuses that invited me to interview in person this cycle have asked me to arrange (and pay up front for) my own travel. I have been on and off the job market for seven years and this has never happened before this year.
    • 3/29 (2) This happened to me once years ago. They made an inside hire, and I was never reimbursed me for my expenses. The search committee chair ghosted me after telling me to email HR, who told me to go through the SC chair. Let's just say that this didn't leave me with a very good last impression.
    • 3/29 (3) This happened to me one time last year. Fortunately, they did reimburse me promptly and I had no problems, but if this is becoming a trend, I'd be wary. IMO, any school even remotely worth its salt would have their finances enough in order where they can front the cost of flight, hotel, car rental, etc.
    • 4/11: In the half a dozen interviews I've had in the last several years, I have had to front the cost in almost all of them, including some high-profile R1 schools. Thankfully I have had zero issues in reimbursement. The only things that have been taken care of by the schools (for me at least) were hotel accommodations. Other than that, it was all me. I'm so curious as to what school screwed you over, 3/29 (2).
  • 05/11: Whats the usual protocol and timing for notifying finalists that an offer has been made to another finalist? Does the search committee let the other finalists know when this other offer is made? Or, do they have to wait until a contract is signed?
    • 5/12 Most schools will wait until an offer is accepted (at least verbally, if not in writing) before they notify the other finalists, but every school is different. And some schools, unfortunately, never notify the other finalists at all.
    • 05/12 (2): I can't speak for other institutions, but at mine we wait until the contract has been signed to notify anyone else, including our own students. We rank the three finalists, so on the chance that our top choice turns us down, we'd like to still be able to offer the position to the runner(s) up.

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