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RECENT ACTIVITY on Musicology/Ethnomusicology_2012-13 Wiki[]

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Schools with accepted offers[]

  1. Anne Arundel Community College: Christopher Ballengee (UF, 2013)
  2. Bard College: Maria Sonevytsky (Columbia postdoc; COLUMBIA, 2012)
  3. Baruch College, CUNY: Abby Anderton (Providence College; UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 2012)
  4. Boston College: Ann E. Lucas (ACLS Postdoc Brandeis University; UCLA, 2010)
  5. Boston Conservatory: Andrew Shryock (UMass-Boston; BOSTON, 2012)
  6. Bowling Green State University: Alexa Woloshyn (University of Guelph and University of Toronto-Scarborough; TORONTO, 2012)
  7. Butler University: Nicholas Johnson (OHIO STATE, 2012)
  8. California State University, Sacramento: Chantal Frankenbach (California State University, Sacramento; UC DAVIS, 2012)
  9. Chinese University of Hong Kong: Nathan Seinen (University of Nottingham; CAMBRIDGE, 2012)
  10. Colorado State University: Dawn Grapes (UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER, 2012)
  11. Colorado State University: Angela Mace (DUKE, 2013)
  12. College of Charleston: Robert Torre (Agnes Scott College; UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, ABD)
  13. Cornell University: Catherine Appert (University of Virginia; UCLA, 2012); Alejandro Madrid (UIC; OHIO ST., 2003)
  14. Eastern Illinois University: Kathryn Fenton (UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO, 2012)
  15. Eastern Nazarene University: Brady Millican (Eastern Nazarene; BOSTON, 1992)
  16. Florida State University: Sarah Eyerly (Butler University; UC DAVIS, 2007)
  17. Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Berlin: Luis-Manuel Garcia (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Freie Universität-Berlin; U. CHICAGO, 2011)
  18. George Mason University: Emily Green (ACLS Postdoc Yale University; CORNELL, 2009)
  19. Hobart and William Smith Colleges: Katherine Walker (CORNELL, ABD)
  20. Indiana University Post-Doc: Tomas McAuley (KING'S COLLEGE, ABD [2013])
  21. Macalester College: Elissa Harbert (NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, 2013)
  22. Martin Methodist College: Michelle Meinhart (CINCINNATI, 2013) [Music History Position]
  23. Mercer University: Kathryn White (UNC-Pembroke; INDIANA, 2012)
  24. Michigan State University:  Sarah Long (European Commission Marie Curie Fellow, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, 2008)
  25. Millikin University: Mark Samples (Millsaps VAP; OREGON, 2011)
  26. Muhlenberg College: Timothy Cochran (RUTGERS, 2012)
  27. National University of Ireland Maynooth: Barbara Dignam (DIT Conservatory of Music and eama; NUI MAYNOOTH 2010)
  28. National University of Ireland Maynooth (Professor): Christopher Morris (University of Toronto; LEEDS, 1998)
  29. New England Conservatory: Sean Gallagher (Boston University; HARVARD, 1998)
  30. Northwestern University: Ryan Dohoney (University of Kansas; COLUMBIA, 2009)
  31. Ohio State University: Michele Wibbelsman (UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, 2004)
  32. Ohio University: Garrett Field (WESLEYAN, 2013)
  33. Peabody Conservatory: Joshua Walden (Johns Hopkins postdoc; COLUMBIA, 2008)
  34. Pennsylvania State University: Mark Ferraguto (CORNELL, 2012)
  35. Quest University (musicology #1): Andrew Haringer (COLUMBIA, 2012)
  36. Quest University (musicology #2): Jeff Warren (Trinity Western; ROYAL HOLLOWAY, 2011)
  37. Reed College: Suzanne Wint (CHICAGO, 2013)
  38. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology: David Chapman (WASHINGTON U-ST. LOUIS, 2013)
  39. Rowan University: Davide Ceriani (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University; HARVARD, 2011)
  40. Skidmore College: Elizabeth Macy (UCLA, 2010)
  41. State University of New York, The College at Brockport: Anthony Dumas (UC DAVIS, 2012)
  42. Stony Brook University: Catherine Bradley (JRF, Queen's College, Oxford: CAMBRIDGE, 2011)
  43. Stony Brook University VAP: Keith Johnston (Western University; UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, 2011)
  44. Syracuse University: Deborah Justice (Yale ISM postdoc; INDIANA, 2012)
  45. Texas Tech University: Lauryn Salazar (UCLA, 2011)
  46. Towson University: Aaron Ziegel (UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, 2011)
  47. Universiteit van Amsterdam: Julia Kursell (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar; LUDWIG-MAXIMILIANS-UNIVERSITÄT, MUNICH, 2000) 
  48. University of Arizona: Matthew Mugmon (HARVARD, 2013)
  49. University of Birmingham: Eliot Bates (UC BERKELEY, 2008)
  50. University of California, Merced: Zoe Sherinian (University of Oklahoma; WESLEYAN, 1998)
  51. University of California, San Diego: Amy Cimini (UPenn postdoc; NYU, 2011)
  52. University of Cambridge: J. Griffith Rollefson (ACLS Postdoc UC Berkeley, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2009)
  53. University of Central Missouri: Allison Robbins (University of Tennessee-Knoxville; VIRGINIA, 2010)
  54. University of Hartford: Karen Cook (DUKE, 2012)
  55. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (musicology): Christopher Macklin (Mercer University; UNIVERSITY OF YORK, 2008)
  56. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (ethnomusicology): Michael Silvers (UCLA, 2012)
  57. University of Maryland: Shayna Silverstein (CHICAGO, 2012)
  58. University of Miami: Karen Henson (Columbia University; OXFORD, 2000)
  59. University of Minnesota: Michael Gallope (Chicago, Society of Fellows postdoc; NYU, 2011)
  60. University of New Mexico: Kristina Jacobsen (DUKE, 2012)
  61. University of New Mexico: Ana Alonso Minutti (University of North Texas; UC DAVIS, 2008)
  62. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Andrea Bohlman (UPenn postdoc; HARVARD 2012)
  63. University of North Florida: Sarah Caissie Provost (BRANDEIS 2011)
  64. University of Notre Dame: Chris Chowrimootoo (HARVARD, ABD; Oxford Brookes, Early Career Fellow)
  65. University of Oregon: Juan Eduardo Wolf (INDIANA, 2013)
  66. University of Pennsylvania: Jim Sykes (King's College London postdoc; CHICAGO, 2011)
  67. University of Pennsylvania: Mauro Calcagno (SUNY Stony Brook; YALE, 2000)
  68. University of Richmond: Joanna Love-Tulloch (UCLA, 2012)
  69. University of Texas, Panamerican - VAP Ethnomusicology: Andrés Amado (UTEXAS, 2013)
  70. University of Virginia-McIntire: Daniel Shanahan (Ohio State postdoc; DUBLIN-TRINITY COLLEGE, 2011)
  71. University of Waterloo (Conrad Grebel University College): Maisie Sum (BRITISH COLUMBIA, 2012)
  72. Victoria University, New Zealand: Kimberly Cannady (University of Washington, ABD)
  73. West Chester University: Hayoung Heidi Lee (STANFORD, 2011)
  74. West Virginia University, Travis Stimeling (Millikin; UNC-CHAPEL HILL, 2007)
  75. Western Michigan University: Alexander Cannon (MICHIGAN, 2011)
  76. Wichita State University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology: Kathleen Sewright (Independent Scholar; UNC-CHAPEL HILL, 2008)
  77. Williams College (ethnomusicology): Corinna Campbell (HARVARD, 2012)
  78. Williams College (VAP-musicology): Mary Channen Caldwell (CHICAGO, ABD)
  79. Yale University: Rebekah Ahrendt (Tufts, Mellon postdoc; UC BERKELEY, 2011)
  80. Yale University: Anna Zayaruznaya (Princeton; HARVARD, 2010)
  81. Yale University - Institute of Sacred Music: Henry Parkes (Cambridge Junior Research Fellow postdoc; CAMBRIDGE, 2012)
  82. San Diego Mesa College - Music Dept.: N. Scott Robinson (KENT STATE UNIVERSITY, 2013)

Schools with Failed or Canceled Searches[]

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Music Technology (with specialization in Digital Musicology/Ethnomusicology considered) – FAILED
  2. University of California, Los Angeles – Assistant Professor of Musicology – FAILED
  3. University of Massachusetts Amherst - Associate Professor of Music History – CANCELLED
  4. University of Pittsburgh - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology – FAILED (to resume next year)
  5. University of Texas - Pan American - Tenure-Track – FAILED (converted into VAP)
  6. Victoria University, New Zealand - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology – CANCELLED (converted into VAP)
  7. University of Cambridge - Temporary Lecturship in Music - FAILED (was relaunched the following month)
  8. Wichita State University - Assistant Professor of Music - FAILED (converted into VAP; filled by Kathleen Sewright (independent scholar; UNC-Chapel Hill, 2008)

Jobs for 2013[]

(NOTE: If you add an entry here, please also add the deadline in "Upcoming Deadlines" below)

Bard College - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 15 December 2012) – FILLED: Maria Sonevytsky (Columbia postdoc; COLUMBIA, 2012)[]

  • Geographic and theoretical specialization are open. Candidates who work in African, African Diaspora, North African and Arabic music, East Asian music, or Southeast Asian music are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Ability to teach fundamental Western Music theory and more general music courses is a plus.
  • The ideal candidate witll be a practicing musician with a Ph.D. who will start and maintain a music ensemble in his/her musical area.
  • Request for additional materials and recommendations.
  • Request for Skype interviews
  • Request for campus interviews 3/6
  • Offer made and accepted

Baruch College, CUNY (Deadline: 31 December 2012) - FILLED: Abby Anderton (Providence College; UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 2012)[]

  • The music program at Baruch College, CUNY, seeks a promising teacher and scholar currently pursuing or having recently attained the Ph.D. in musicology for a tenure-track position beginning Fall 2013. All degree requirements must be met by the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year. The rank is at the Assistant Professor level.
  • Please send Curriculum Vitae to Professor Andrew Tomasello, Chair of the Music Search Committee: Tomasello1 at Deadline: 31 December 2012. Send no supporting materials at this time.
    • Do you think a cover letter is considered supporting material or is a cover letter implied with the request for CV?
    • I don't know, but I sent just a CV (with a brief covering email saying only "please find attached [etc]", and got an email "Baruch College/ Receipt of Application (CV)." So if I had to guess I would think just the CV is fine for their preliminary vetting. Also, for what it's worth I had emailed asking for clarification on what having "recently attained the CV" means. The chair wrote back saying they were only prepared to negotiate an Assistant, rather than Associate or Full, Professor position, and that the most important criterion is that they want applicants who have have remained active as scholars; this was set in opposition to, for example, graduating, taking a job outside of academia, and "go[ing] dormant" (his words, by which I assume he means writing and going to conferences). So perhaps "recent PhD" is less a year than it is a state of mind . . .
    • Was anyone else puzzled and amused by the email's sig line? "Department of Fine and Performing Arts
      “Making students miserable since 1982”
    • Ha! I hadn't noticed that. Definitely amused. :)
    • Probably seeking replacement for Ora Saloman, a faculty member who passed away last year and who specialized in the Classical era.
    • makes me think I'd fit in there
      • I'd suggest that you check out Tomasello's responses on Rate My Professor. They're pure gold.
      • -sadly they seem to have been removed
      • Awesome guy. I so want to be Tomasello's colleague!
    • sent CV, got acknowledgement and affirmative action survey next day (Nov 18)
  • Is everyone really sending only a CV, with no cover letter?
    • Yes. x4
    • For having the ability to read a CV.....ALL HAIL BARUCH!!
    • You may or may not enjoy working with Tomasello. He's an odd but committed teacher and curmudgeon who can throw you under the bus without thinking. There is little colleagiality in the dept with an old guard and a divided lot between music, architecture,  art and theatre.  
  • Letter of thanks-but-no-thanks received 1/7 (x2)
    • Kudos to Baruch for coming up with such an open, efficient search process.
      • Open about the fact that the only criteria they care about are where you got your degree and how many publications you have?
      • I think you have to view it from their point of view: if they have to sift through 200 or 300 applications, objective criteria are a reasonable way to start. They probably care about more than the things you mention, but can't deal with nuances on that scale. BTW, if your best accomplishments aren't already on your CV, why not add them in?  
    • Could you specify email or postal service mail?
      • Mine was an email with multiple undisclosed recipients
      • Has anyone heard nothing either way?
      • I haven't heard a word. I assume that means I made the first, brutal cut. (x2)
      • I did not receive the rejection e-mail, but was not contacted for a phone interview (x6)
      • Phone interviews scheduled for period of Jan 8-13 (x3)
      • 260 applicants, 25 contacted by phone, 4 candidates to be chosen for interviews
        • So then how many got rejection emails? Did they forget to contact 5+ people either way?
        • This seems to be info supplied by the search committee. I'd like to note that I still haven't heard a peep from them. Anyone else in the same boat?
        • Yup. There's nothing quite like uncertainty...
        • Perhaps just in case the 25 initial candidates aren't sufficient, they want to have some back-up.
    • Second wave of thanks-but-no (1/12) (x5)
    • Request for supporting documents (1/18)
    • Request for interview (2/6)
    • No news either way yet - I guess that spells bad news...?
      • Nah . . . after so many years of grad school, you're still not used to University time? They may have to make up a package about the search, run it by the HR department, get approval from one or more deans, etc. Keep us posted, please - this search has been particularly interesting.
      • "After so many years of grad school, you're still not used to University time?" - ha! Well, quite. If interview invites were sent on the 6th, as is claimed on this site, then Baruch worked through a huge amount of paperwork in an exceptionally short period of time (the deadline for supporting documents only fell on midnight of the 4th). Equally though, I can't believe that the invites would be staggered when only four are meant to be progressing to that stage. Someone out there must be able to clarify - the suspense is too much...
      • 4 candidates were invited to campus
      • This one's gone quiet: any news on an appointment yet?
      • Interviews are this week
      • Has an offer been made?
      • Apparently so, but no word.
      • Offer made and accepted.
    • Congrats Abby!!!

Boston College - Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 15 December 2012) - FILLED: Ann E. Lucas (ACLS Postdoc Brandeis University; UCLA, 2010)[]

  • "Primary responsibility is teaching undergraduate courses in ethnomusicology, world music and popular music."
  • "The Boston College Music Department favors an integrated approach to the discipline and places non-Western traditions within a broad cultural context that emphasizes the interdependence of theoretical approaches and practical music making."
  • "While specialization in any area will be considered, candidates with expertise in African, Asian, or Hispanic music traditions, an interest in sacred music (broadly defined), and/or a willingness to form and/or direct a performing ensemble may be preferred."
  • There are still a few interview slots available at the AMS conference November 2-3. Signups at (10/23/12)
  • Any word on this one? I know it's only been a little over a month (and over break at that), but I'm very curious about this one. 1/19
  • Rejection received via email 2/1/13. (x4)
  • Campus visit request for mid-March (x1)

Boston Conservatory (Deadline: 25 July 2013) – Full Time Faculty in Musicology – FILLED: Andrew Shryock (UMass-Boston; BOSTON, 2012)[]

  • Seeking a dynamic, versatile, and collegial scholar to complement the current department faculty areas of expertise and fulfill the department’s curricular needs; preference given to scholars specializing in 17th and 18th centuries.
    • Teach a variety of undergraduate- and graduate-level courses that serve the curricular needs of the department. Undergraduate classes: Late Renaissance and Baroque Music, Classical Music. Graduate classes: Remedial Graduate Music History, Writing about Music, Graduate level seminars.

In addition to teaching, the candidate must participate in department meetings and faculty meetings and fulfill other administrative duties, as needed.

    • Scholar of distinction, preferably with a Ph.D. in Musicology, though A.B.D. will be considered; committed teacher with a record of experience. An interest or activity in performance is a plus. Salary: negotiable based on qualifications and experience
    • Starting date: Fall 2013
    • Applications will begin to be reviewed by July 25, 2013. Candidates should electronically submit a letter of interest, CV, and 2 course syllabi to: avores at
  • Was advertised on AMS-L and CMS, with short notice.
  • Email received indicating that the position has been filled; no other details. (8/12)

Boston University – Associate Professor of Historical Musicology (with tenure) (Deadline: 1 November 2012)[]

  • Applicants must possess a long-held Ph.D., associate professor status in current position, a rich publication record, prominence in the field of historical musicology, and a distinguished record of teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • anyone know why the ethno and full rank potential were eliminated from this new version of the search?
  • I don't think this is a repeat or continuation of last year's search. It is an entirely different thing.
    • It is a separate search involving a different funding line.
  • 11/30 Four candidates have been publicly announced and will be visiting campus in December.
    • Anyone have a link to where the candidates are listed?
      • I'm not sure where the parent of this thread got the idea that they were publicly announced. As a member of the department, I can say that we don't advertise our short lists outside the confines of the school, and only then within a short circle. Internal email =/= public announcement.
  • Has this search concluded?
    • No.
    • Status? Have interviews taken place?
    • I heard a rumor that the search failed.
    • The process continues. Nothing new to report.
    • Heard through the grapevine that an offer was made (inside candidate?). Nothing official though (3/16).
  • Any more news about this position?
    • Given that the internal candidate is now listed as teaching at another institution, I'd say that's the death of that former line of speculation. (7/13) :)
  • There must be news by now (May 28). Did this search fail??
    • You'd be surprised bu how many of these things are left floating in the void until the (whole university) budget is balanced for the next fiscal year...
    • The search remains in process.
    • Offer made.
    • Just for everyone's information. An offer was made and after months of negotiations the offer was rejected and the search failed.
      • The previous post is misinformation and should be disregarded. The search has not failed as of this time (17 December 2013).
        • Without wishing to take issue with anyone's sources, it's hard to not construe a search as having failed when the start date of 1 July 2013 listed in the original AMS-L post has come and gone (almost six months' gone, actually) without an announced hire. At this point we have two conflicting accounts, plus the calendar... (17 December 2013)
      • This viewpoint is entirely understandable. Yes, this is an unusual situation. However, the correction stands. (17 December 2013)

Bowling Green State University – Visiting Instructor in Musicology (Deadline: 22 March 2013) - FILLED: Alexa Woloshyn (University of Guelph and University of Toronto-Scarborough; TORONTO, 2012)[]

  • Applicants must have an earned doctorate or ABD in Musicology (doctorate preferred), expertise in Western art music of the 20th-21st centuries, demonstrated successful teaching experience at the college level.
  • The primary responsibilities include teaching music history and other related courses on the undergraduate and graduate levels to both majors and non-majors; advising Master's theses; and working with DMA students. Additional duties may be assigned by the department chair and/or dean. The salary is competitive and commensurate with peer institution levels for rank and position, and in keeping with the candidate's experience and credentials.
  • 3/20 EEO survey emailed with receipt of materials
  • 3/29 Request for additional materials and Skype interview (x3)
  • 4/15 Request for campus interview
  • 5/13 Email rejection, successful candidate not named
  • Does anyone know who was hired?
    • From one of their faculty bio pages : "Alexa Woloshyn has accepted an appointment as Visiting Instructor of Musicology, to take Marcus Zagorski’s position for 2013-14."

Butler University – Adjunct, Part-Time Instructor (Deadline: open until filled) FILLED: Nicholas Johnson (Ohio State, 2012)[]

  • "Butler University seeks an adjunct colleague in undergraduate and master's music history teaching for a one-year appointment, in academic [year] 2013-2014, to teach a 9-10 hour load with commensurate salary and without benefits. There is the possibility of a tenure-track reappointment beginning in fall 2014. The adjunct opening is for a PhD recipient or ABD candidate in musicology; no other primary discipline will be considered. The selected candidate will teach the undergraduate surveys of Early Music through the Classic, perhaps a master's period course, and perhaps World Music. Advanced coursework in and preferably the teaching of music history from Antiquity to 1827, or a reasonable selection thereof, is expected for the successful candidate."
  • "Please send by email with a single attachment, excepting recommendations, .docx or .pdf format the following: a letter of interest and brief summary of background that corresponds to this call; full cv; a short, representative musicology paper; and at least three recent letters of recommendation to James R. Briscoe, The position will remain open until it is filled, which will occur soon it is hoped."
  • Presumably a hasty replacement for Sarah Eyerly.
  • Where was this posting originally made?
    • The text above was copied from an email that the chair sent to our music department (and surely others).
      • Thanks for that information!
        • The information did eventually make its way (today, as a matter of fact) to AMS-L. (4/11)
    • Also: is this kind of one-year replacement (adjunct position, 9-10 hr load, no benefits (?!) ) typical? Just curious!
    • Adjunct positions rarely come with benefits.
      • That part makes sense; I think I was referring more to the 1-yr being an adjunct position to begin with, rather than, say, a visiting professor, etc. 
      • I see what you mean (sorry I misunderstood) - in my view, it doesn't seem too unusual. In fact it's happening at my current institution where they made use of a one-year adjunct replacement to give them time to make a new permanent hire.
      • +1 - The upper admin outside the School of Music likely approved just enough cash to cover the most essential courses, perhaps as a cost-saving measure but also likely as a result of the relatively short notice of the vacancy. Many universities submit schedules for the next year in November or December, which makes an early or mid-spring departure a bit of a scramble. Some or all of that may not be true in this case, but I'm just throwing out some potential explanations. Either way, this will be a solid CV-builder for the person who gets it.
  • Campus Interview Scheduled (4.11)
    • Already? Wow. I didn't even get confirmation of receipt of materials from weeks ago. Did anyone actually hear from Butler about receiving their applications?
  • I did receive an email of confirmation whereinfrom my application materials (4/22). 
  • Polite e-mail rejection received. Successful candidate not named (5/14) x2
  • Offer made and accepted

California State University, Fullerton – Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 15 November 2012)[]

  • African American Music, Culture and History. The position is in the African American Studies department, not music.
  • Rumor has it that this is an inside hire.
  • Confirmation Receipt/AA-EEO request via snail mail (11/14)
  • Data Flow/Diversity Survey received by email. Not sure how this relates to the earlier snail mail survey (3/18). (x1)
  • An update: This position was altered and reposted on November 19 ( It now appears to be music and pop culture position. The new deadline was changed to January 19, 2013. The search committee appears to still be in its first stages.
    • Any updates? (3/22) (x2)
    • There seems to be a bit of re-organization going on here. I'm wondering if this is going to be one of those positions that ultimately goes unfilled...
    • Anybody? Anything? (5/4)
      • What the previous poster said - anything? (7/5)
        • Do I hear an echo asking, again, "Anything?" (8/9)
          • Based on the distinct lack of anyone fitting this description on their faculty webpage, I'm declaring this one failed. Any objections? (10/7/13)
          • Doing a bit of sleuthing, I was able to find that they hired Natalie Graham (PhD in American Studies from Michigan State-- at least that is what I was able to find in the short search I did). See link for new hires:

California State University, Sacramento – Assistant Professor of Music History (Deadline: 23 January 2013) - FILLED: Chantal Frankenbach (California State University, Sacramento; UC DAVIS, 2012)[]

  • "Teach and coordinate a full range of music history period courses at undergraduate and graduate levels."
  • "Experience as a teacher at the undergraduate and at the graduate level preferred. Extensive background in and ability to apply scholarly knowledge to performance applications. Ability to direct graduate theses. Evidence of publications required as well as potential for continued development as a teacher scholar."
  • As of December 3rd, job ad is only listed on MVL.
  • Checking today (12/6), the job no longer appears in the MVL database, does not appear on the CSUS HR site, and on HigherEdJobs it states that it was deleted as of today. Anyone know what's going on?
    • I called the department, and the department secretary confirmed that the position has been canceled. She added, "we hope it is only temporary."
    • As of 5 January, the ad is back on Higher Ed Jobs and MVL.
  • Confirmation Receipt/AA-EEO request via email (1/15) (x2)
  • 2/1 I submitted my application materials by mail but have not received a confirmation receipt yet. Should I contact them to follow up?
    • I think that would be a good idea. I submitted mine by mail and got an email acknowledgement within a few days. The person who sent me the email is Karen Sorenson, Administrative Support Coordinator for the Department of Music,, 916-278-5191.
    • Done! Thanks!
  • Phone call for permission to contact references (2/13)
  • References already contacted (2/15). Ah, to be a fly on the wall. 
  • Any additional information? (3/6!
    • Not a word since the 2/13 phone call
    • Not a word. I do hope this search is still active. (x2)
    • Emailed chair to see whether search is still on. I'll let you all know. (3/17)
      • Chair responded that the search is still active and they are in the process of interviewing finalists.
      • Thanks!
      • The inside candidate got the job, just confirmed.
        • In the interest in filling out our list, could someone provide said candidate's name? Thanks!
        • I know who got the job (it's not me), but the tone of the above comment bothers me, so it seems best to wait for the formal announcement.
          • If you are referring to the question starting "In the interest," nothing untoward was intended – but I can see in retrospect how it could be read that way. Question withdrawn.
          • Not at all - yours is in the best tradition of this list. I meant the one above it. (x2 [meaning that I also found the comment in question to be unneccesarily snippy])
          • Relax guys, nothing wrong with being the "inside candidate." You're reading too much into it, no need to practice the hermeneutics of suspicion here. 
          • No tone whatsoever was intended with the "above comment." I just stated a fact with the exact same words it was reported to me, that's all. 
  • Rejection email on 4/5

Cape Breton University – Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 4:00PM, 30 November 2012)[]

  • "The successful candidate must have an established teaching and/or research record in the area of analysis and theory of traditional and popular musics. A research specialization in some aspect of Cape Breton music would be considered a strong asset."
  • Strong internal candidate
  • Rejection letter received by e-mail 03/01
  • Any further movement on this?

Chinese University of Hong Kong - Assistant Professor / Research Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 31 January 2013)[]

  • "Full-time academic post in Ethnomusicology with an emphasis on Chinese music..."
    • This appears to be a replacement for Tsai Tsan Huang, who is leaving this August.
  • Any updates? (3/22)
  • campus interviews are underway (3/22)
    • Any updates? (7/5)
    • the position has been filled, name unknown (7/8)

Chinese University of Hong Kong - Associate/Assistant Professor in Historical Musicology (Deadline: 15 November 2012) - FILLED: Nathan Seinen (University of Nottingham; CAMBRIDGE, 2012)[]

  • The Department invites applications for a full-time faculty post in historical musicology. Other areas of specialization will also be considered, and expertise complementary to the research areas of serving faculty members will be an advantage. Appointment will be considered for the appropriate rank with reference to the candidate’s qualifications and experience.
  • Applicants should have (i) a doctoral degree in a relevant discipline; (ii) demonstrated potential for developing as distinguished and productive scholars; and (iii) commitment to teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Campus visits scheduled (1/1/13)
  • Any updates on this one? 3/27
  • Offer made and accepted
  • To the person who deleted the "current position" information yesterday: could you please explain why you did so?
    • Clarification received, thanks! (5/23)

City University, London - Lectureship/Senior Lectureship in Music (Deadline: 2 June 2013)[]

  • City is in the top 5% of universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012/13 and in the top 30 UK Universities according to the Times Higher Education Table of Tables 2012. It is ranked in the top 10 in the UK for both graduate-level jobs (The Sunday Times University Guide 2013) and starting salaries (Which University?). Fifteen of its subject areas were identified as undertaking world-leading or internationally-excellent research in the last Research Assessment Exercise.
  • The Department of Creative Practice and Enterprise comprises the Centre for Music Studies; the Centre for Creative Writing, Translation and Publishing; and the Centre for Cultural Policy and Management. The Department seeks to foster exceptional creative practice in its constituent areas, particularly in music and creative writing, but also to study more broadly the cultural and creative industries with which creative practice intersects.
  • The Department is seeking to appoint an academic to a Lectureship or Senior Lectureship in Music. The successful candidate will have published research likely to be rated world-leading or internationally-excellent in the forthcoming Research Excellence Framework. Academics with research interests in contemporary music and/or creative musical practice are of particular interest.
  • City offers a sector-leading salary, USS pension scheme and benefits including a comprehensive package of staff training and development.
  • To apply and for more information please click on the Apply link.
    • Closing date for applications: 11:59pm on 2nd June 2013.

College of Charleston - Assistant Professor of Music History (with Secondary Area in Viola or Collaborative Piano) (Deadline: 15 November 2012) - FILLED: Robert Torre (Agnes Scott College; University of Wisconsin-Madison, ABD) []

  • Qualifications: Candidates must have a PhD in musicology/music history earned by date of hire, college-level teaching experience, and teaching/performing experience in a secondary area of either applied viola or collaborative piano.
  • Principal duties include: teach upper-level undergraduate Music History, teach and develop General Education music history survey and First-Year Experience courses; teach applied viola & chamber music OR collaborative piano, class piano, and applied piano for non-majors.
  • The successful candidate must show a strong commitment to teaching with proven successful skills at the college level.
  • Holy moly, they also ask for a videotaped performance.
  • Skype interview 12/5
  • Campus visit scheduled 12/12
    • Anyone have news on this one? 3/27
      • I've heard—from someone who likely has accurate information—that this search failed. (4/11)
        • If that's the case, how likely is it that they'll run the search again next year? (4/12)
        • They're now running a search for a one-year visiting position, just announced in the Music Vacancy List (teaching load: 4/4). 
        • Offer made and accepted 4/6
        • Robert Torre (Agnes Scott College; University of Wisconsin-Madison, ABD)
        • Congrats, Robert!!

College of Charleston – Associate / Full Professor of African American Studies (Deadline: 26 October 2012)[]

  • Preference given to applicants specializing in one or more of the following: art, art history, music, ethnomusicology, or performance studies.
  • Also posted in Cultural Studies/Ethnic Studies 2012-13

Colorado State University - Assistant Professors of Music History (two positions) (Deadline: 9 November 2012) – FILLED: Dawn Grapes (UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER, 2012) and Angela Mace (DUKE, 2013)[]

  • "We are interested in candidates whose interests could include ethnomusicology, music in popular culture or other innovative areas of research in musicology."
  • Q: I am sorry to be slow but what does it mean when a position is "nine-month, tenure track"? It seems contraductory.
  • I think that means that you only get paid on a 9-month schedule. Many institutions do this and give you the option for spreading out your pay checks over 12 months.
  • 9/8: I agree with the previous poster; this is how it is done at my institution. It also means that summer courses (if taught) would be paid over and above the regular 9-month salary.
  • 9/10: Does anyone know who is chairing this committee?
  • 9/14: "9-month salary" also indicates that it is not a faculty/admin position, which are usually "12-month salary" like deans, chairs...
  • 9/15: How can an Assistant Professorship not be a faculty position?
  • I think they meant it's not a COMBINED faculty/admin position, but rather is solely a faculty position.
  • I know we've been over this before, but this sort of thing really is so ridiculous: "Please send . . . a 15-20 minute video of engaged, dynamic classroom teaching in QuickTime format". I'm sure (I hope!) it's some university-wide adminstrative policy to emphasize teaching in hiring or something, but innovations in application requirements are terrible.
  • Skype interviews scheduled for this week.
  • Have any Skype interviewees received updates from the committee?
  • Skype interviews rescheduled for week starting Jan. 7 (x2)
  • Were candidates chosen?
  • Campus interviews are being scheduled.
  • 3/18 Any news?
    • Offers have been extended; waiting on formal acceptance from candidate(s).
    • Congratulations, Angela Mace (Duke, ABD)! (x2) 

Columbia University - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow/Lecturer (Deadline: 5 November 2012) - FILLED: Melissa Bilal (CHICAGO, ABD)[]

  • period of two years
  • The degree must have been awarded between 1 January 2009 and 1 July 2013.
  • Fellows will be expected to pursue research, participate in the academic life of the Department of Music, and teach one class per semester during each of the two years (three in Columbia's Core Curriculum and one in the candidate's area of specialization). Ph.D. or DMA (for composers) at time of appointment. All candidates must demonstrate excellent scholarship and show promise for development as scholars and teachers.
  • Thanks-but-no mass email received (1/29) (x4)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/4)

Cornell University - Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 14 September 2012) - FILLED: CATHERINE APPERT (University of Virginia; UCLA 2012); ALEJANDRO MADRID (UIC; OHIO STATE 2003)[]

  • Repeat of search from last year? See Musicology/Ethnomusicology, 2011-12
  • Yes, this is a repeat of last year's search.
  • Heard second-hand that interviews have been requested.
  • Has anyone received an offer?
  • An offer has been made and accepted (12/21)
  • Anyone know how this search ended up yielding two positions, one tenured?
    • I don't know anything, but I'd venture to guess that the department requested an additional line when they saw the applications.
    • That's common -- that two candidates who are so strong and different from each other can let the department make the case that a position they would have filled a few years from now should be filled now instead.  Usually the deans say no, but sometimes they say yes.  Congrats to Catherine and Alejandro!

East Tennessee State University - Assistant Professor in Bluegrass Old-Time and Country Music Studies (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

  • Performance experience essential, but "Highest preference will be given to applicants holding the terminal degree in a related area" (including ethnomusicology, other music studies disciplines).
  • Position was first posted to the institution's website on 10/24/2012. Anyone have any news?
    • Appears to still be opened - has been reposted to various sites. (5/22)
  • The position has been filled. Via snail mail. (6/17)

Eastern Illinois University - Instructor in Music History (Deadline: February 15, 2013) FILLED: Kathryn Fenton (UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO, 2012)[]

  • Teach a full range of undergraduate music history classes, graduate research and history seminars, and online courses. Other duties may be assigned depending on qualifications and departmental needs. Doctorate or ABD in Music History/Musicology. Evidence of excellence in teaching, preferably at the college level. Accomplishments as a performer considered an asset. Evidence of research and scholarly activities. Ability to direct research for graduate theses.
  • 2/27 Polite email requesting a missing transcript in my application materials
  • 3/1 Email requesting a 15-minute teaching video x5
  • 3/13 Phone Interview Request x2
  • Any additional movement here?
  • No, I haven't heard anything since the phone interview. 
  • Campus interviews are next week (04/08-12)
  • Offer Made and Accepted (05/09)
    • Anyone willing/able to share the name? (8/9)

Eastern Nazarene University - Chair of Music (open-rank) (Deadline: open until filled) - FILLED: Brady Millican (Eastern Nazarene; BOSTON, 1992)[]

  • Eastern Nazarene College invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position as Chair of the Department of Music beginning in academic year 2013-2014. Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate teaching excellence and a desire and vision for leading and growing a dynamic music program within the context of an urban Christian liberal arts institution.
  • START DATE: August 2013 
  • Applicants may make application by submitting their Curriculum Vita along with a cover letter and statement of faith.  Address: Eastern Nazarene College, 23 E. Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170 Email: Fax: 617-745-3706.

Florida State University College of Music - Assistant Professor of Musicology (Deadline: 30 November 2012) FILLED: Sarah Eyerly (Butler U., UC DAVIS, 2007)[]

  • Teaching experience, record of research, and evidence for continuing research career. Specialization in music before 1750. Ability to direct early music ensemble program. Interest and outstanding experience in teaching music to nonmusic majors highly desirable.
    • Request for writing samples/recordings (12/7)
    • Interviews are being scheduled for late January/early February (1/7)
    • Offer made and accepted (via phone, 2/18)

George Mason University - Assistant / Associate Professor of Musicology (Deadline: 19 November 2012) – FILLED: Emily Green (ACLS Postdoc Yale University; CORNELL, 2009)[]

  • "Expertise in 17th or 18th century music is strongly preferred. Candidates with expertise in historical performance practice are encouraged to apply."
  • Has anybody heard from them?
  • Still no word? 1/30
  • Still no word. 2/1
  • Word. Contacted for phone interview (2/7)
  • How were you contacted?
  • Email.
  • Anyone hear anything?
  • Contacted via email to schedule on-campus interview. (3/6)
  • Any word about offers?
  • Offer made.
  • Congrats, Emily! (x2)

Goldsmiths, University of London - Full-Time Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in Music (Teaching and Research) (Deadline: 18 June 2013)[]

  • Salary from: £34,953 to £55,919 pa incl LW
  • The Department of Music at Goldsmiths is internationally renowned for its research-led performance and composition, and specializes in contemporary repertories and practices. You will be a well-known performer with a strong portfolio of research outputs. Your research interests should include one or more of the following areas: performance expertise in Western music, in Russian music, or in 19th-, 20th- or 21st-century repertories. You will have a vision that will help shape the department’s research and recruitment strategies.  Your qualifications should include a PhD, or you should have equivalent level professional experience. You should also have teaching experience at Higher Education level. Links to recording and music culture industries are desirable.
  • Type of Contract: Open-ended/Permanent
  • Full Time/Part Time: Full Time
  • Interview Date: Wednesday 10 July 2013
  • Closing date for applications: 18 June 2013

Grinnell College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: 28 February 2013)[]

  • One-year leave replacement position in Music (Musicology/Early Music), starting Fall 2013. Assistant Professor (Ph.D. or DMA) preferred, Instructor (ABD) possible.
  • The successful candidate should demonstrate excellence and experience in two main areas: 1) academic scholarship/classroom teaching of music history and 2) performance/directing of Early Music. Expertise in both vocal and instrumental performance of Early Music is desirable (especially harpsichord).
  • The College's curriculum is founded on a strong advising system and close student-faculty interaction, with few college-wide requirements beyond the completion of a major. The teaching schedule of five courses over two semesters will include a music appreciation course for non-majors (fall), a two-semester survey of Western music history for majors, and directing the Collegium Musicum both semesters.
  • Please submit applications online by visiting our application website at Candidates will need to upload a letter of application, curriculum vitae, transcripts (copies are acceptable), statement of teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, and provide email addresses for three references.
  • Phone Interviews being held this week (Mar 11-15)
    • Contacted for phone interview via email (Mar 12)
    • Phone interview (Mar 12), nothing since
    • In response to above, they've been on spring break for two weeks, just getting back today I believe.
      • They said specifically during the phone interviews that candidates would not hear back until after April 15.
        • Anybody get a call?
          • Nothing yet here (4/23)
          • I hear through the grapevine that campus visits are underway, but not sure how many finalists there are or whether they may call in others from their short list (4/25)
          • Upon inquiry as to whether I was still under consideration, the dept said the position had been filled some weeks ago by a candidate who better suited their needs. Very polite and prompt; very appreciated!  No name given for the new hire, though. (6/4)

Harvard University Department of Music - Post-Doctoral Fellowship: "Hearing Modernity" (Deadline: 10 December 2012)[]

  • The music department at Harvard University is pleased to announce its John E. Sawyer seminar in 2013/14 on the topic of “Hearing Modernity.” The interdisciplinary seminar series, generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and organized by Professor Alexander Rehding, will explore diverse aspects of sound culture.
  • As part of this project we invite applications for a one-year post-doctoral fellowship. Scholars with expertise in one or more areas relating to sound studies and a broad interdisciplinary outlook are invited to apply. Applicants who received the PhD degree (or equivalent) after January 2009 are eligible to apply. Applicants who do not yet hold a PhD must include a letter from their committee or department chair confirming that the PhD degree will be conferred before the fellowship begins.
  • We will welcome the postdoctoral fellow as a member of the intellectual community at the Music Department and Harvard University. The fellow will conduct his/her research, will help with the preparation of the seminar and will be an active participant in it. There is no required teaching component. The appointment will run from August 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014, and the fellowship offers a salary of $46,000 (plus benefits). There is no citizenship requirement or restriction for this fellowship. Non-US nationals are welcome to apply. If required, Harvard University will sponsor a J-1 visa for international fellows.
  • email confirming receipt of materials (12/12) x2
  • submitted an application last week, but no confirmation of receipt--anybody else? (12/13) (x2)
  • Rejection received via email (1/15/13) x4
    • Any movement on this one? (5/5)

Hobart and William Smith College - Assistant Professor, Musicology (Deadline: November 1, 2012) – FILLED: Katherine Walker (CORNELL, ABD)[]

  • The Department of Music at Hobart and William Smith Colleges invites applications for a tenure-track position in musicology at the assistant professor rank, beginning Fall 2013. The position involves teaching music history courses within the major/minor curriculum, including periodic upper-level seminars and service courses on music history topics to be determined, and general curriculum courses with a preference for interdisciplinary approaches. Other responsibilities include academic advising, and other forms of service; opportunities to mentor honors students also exist. Preference will be given to candidates with a secondary area, such as ethnomusicology, and to candidates with a vibrant scholarly or creative agenda that complements those of the department's current faculty.
  • Candidates should have completed the doctoral degree (ABD candidates will be considered), and at least two years experience of undergraduate teaching is preferred. An appreciation for and understanding of the liberal arts is expected.
  • What are service courses? A little googling suggests these are survey courses for non-majors, but it would be nice to know for sure. Thanks all! (October 20, 2012)
    • "Service courses" generally refer to those that have to be taught regularly to meet curriculum needs (ie Music Apprec., Grout Survey, research methods) rather than seminars where you pick the topic.
  • 11/8 - "Candidate Self-Identification Survey" received by email. (x3)
  • Any word on this one?
    • nothing so far.
    • I heard from them Thursday regarding a missing letter of recommendation (a very polite and thoughtful email). I got the impression that they are just beginning to review applications and that it will be some time before they select semifinalists. (x3)
    • Just received an e-mail request for Skype interview next week. They've asked 16 semifinalists from 160 applications. (x3)
  • Any word from finalists?
    • I made it to the semifinals, but haven't heard anything yet.
    • I heard they were doing some follow-up skype interviews late last week, but no news of actual finalists.
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (2/10) (x2)
  • Request for campus visit
    • just out of curiosity, when were you notified?
    • Any word on the Hobart and William Smith selection? (x2)
    • Goodness! They just finished interviews on Friday. I'm not sure anything in academia can move that fast. :)
    • Any news of an offer? (3/8)
    • I heard second hand that an offer was made and accepted.

Illinois State University - Assistant/Associate Professor- Music History (Deadline: 1 November, 2012)[]

  • Teach a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses in Western music history and literature to music majors; teach in the university's general education program; develop and sustain a positive record of scholarly/creative activity; other teaching and services as appropriate and needed.
  • Applicants with strong additional skills in an area other than Music History are encouraged to highlight those abilities in the application.
    • Any updates? (12/10)
    • Not to be negative, but "updates" are the point of this page. What are the chances the search has progressed, that successful candidates are sitting on that information, and that your question will inspire them to post?
    • Yes, that *was* negative. Cut him/her some slack, Jack! Let's practice treating our current colleagues the way we intend to treat our future colleagues. x4
    • Indeed, I recently updated the Hobart and William Smith thread in response to a question like this one. It hadn't advanced, but I did happen to have some information about the search.
    • And I'd asked the question about Hobart and was grateful for the new information. No reason not to ask about searches on this page that appear to have stalled - and it often leads to helpful updates.
    • Yay, the system works! I like helping my colleagues. :)
    • Also, members of search committees do visit the wiki and occasionally after a question is asked about the status of a search post an update.
    • Request for phone interview (1/24) x2
    • Rejection letter (2/3) x5
      • And very informal, too! Dear [First Name] ..., not even Dear [Mr/Ms/DR] ... (note: this is not snark, just something that caught my eye. Ah well! Good luck to those with interviews!)
    • Email request for on-campus interview (2/22)
    • Just wondering, I didn't get a rejection letter. Anybody else?
    • Rejection letter (4/15) x2
    • Any word on who has been hired? (5/29)

Indiana University Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology - Visiting Lectureship (Deadline: 7 January 2013)[]

  • One year Visiting Lectureship with possibility of second year.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with a specialization in the musics of Africa or the African Diaspora. "We will consider applicants with other specializations that complement our faculty's current research."
  • The files for this position have been reviewed and the interview process is about to start (02/10)..
    • Any updates?
  • Rejection letter received (04/19)
  • Rejection letter received (dated 04/17)

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music - Post-Doctoral Resident Scholar, Department of Musicology (Deadline: 15 November, 2012) - FILLED: Tomas McAuley (KING'S COLLEGE-LONDON, 2013)[]

  • Tenure-Ineligible, Two-Year Visiting Appointment.
  • The successful candidate will teach one course per semester during three semesters, and two courses during one semester. Conduct an active program of research during the appointment, resulting in the submission of proposals to research conferences, the submission of articles to academic journals, or other scholarly projects. Attend two conferences per year and deliver a colloquium to the department each year. It is expected that the resident will teach a seminar in his or her area of expertise during the appointment. The resident will participate in departmental activities, exclusive of committee and other administrative duties.
  • A completed Ph.D. degree in music is required. Candidates must have received the Ph.D. from an institution other than Indiana University no more than five years prior to their appointment.
    • Email confirming receipt of materials (10/24)
    • HELP! The web portal won't let me submit my application until I have uploaded three letters of recommendation. Obviously, I entered my recommenders' information, but there's no way I'm going to be uploading the letters myself. How did you get around this?
    • From an email response to my own question: "If you go to "Documents needed to Apply", in the "letter of reference 1, 2 & 3" fields, either upload a reference letter, or a document saying that a Professional Reference letter will be sent directly from your reference provider.
      Once these fields are filled, you can proceed to the "Professional References" page where you may add your reference provider's name and their email. An automatic email will then be sent to your provider with instructions to upload the letter directly to your application."
      • Thank you!! I just got an email back from the contact person with the same method suggested. I think it worked. Lots of good job market karma heading your way.
      • Yay! Good luck to you too!
      • Thanks so much - I had the same problem. Good luck to all.
  • Any movement here? (1/24)
  • Offers made (second-hand info).
    • What does "second-hand info" mean exactly? Do you mean you don't know this for sure?
    • I mean that a colleaugue's boyfriend told me she has an offer. I was just trying to sound all professional.
      • LOL Whoever you are, I heart you :-)
        • The above was some months ago. Anyone have information that they can share to fill out the name list? (5/5)
        • Rejection email received on 4/17; named Tomas McAuley as the chosen candidate.
          • Thank you for passing that on!

Ithaca College - Music Theory and/or Musicology (Deadline: December 1, 2012)[]

  • full-time, tenure-eligible position in music theory and musicology at the rank of Assistant Professor, to begin fall 2013.
  • Primary responsibility will be teaching music theory, aural skills and/or Western music history courses for music majors.
  • According to the theory/composition wiki, on-campus interviews are being held in February.  (1/30)
    • According to said wiki , an offer has been made. (4/11)

King's College, London – Lecturer in Music (Deadline: 15 May 2013).[]

  • Due to the success of major research grant applications, applications are invited for a fixed-term Lectureship in the Department of Music, starting by September 2013. We seek an outstanding teacher and researcher in any field of musicology or related study.
  • Details
    • The successful candidate will have a PhD in Music (or a related subject), will contribute significantly to our reputation in research and teaching, and will have a proven record of scholarship and research at an international level. Teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels, including the supervision of research students, will be an important part of the post, as will playing an active role in departmental administration. For further details of the Music Department, please see
    • The closing date for receipt of applications is 15 May 2013. Interviews will be held on 30/31 May 2013. Equality of opportunity is College policy.
    • Salary
      • The appointment will be made, dependent on relevant qualifications, within the Grade 6/7 scale, currently £31,331 to £45,941 per annum plus £2,323 per annum London Allowance.
    • Post duration
      • Fixed term contract for 3 years.
    • Contact
      • For an informal discussion of the post please contact Professor Roger Parker via email at
    • Further details and application packs are available by clicking 'Apply' below. All correspondence should clearly state the job title and reference number A7/AAM/303/13-JM. If you have any queries please contact your Recruitment Co-ordinator at
    • Please note that this position is only open to EU citizens.

Liverpool John Moores University - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Popular Music Studies (Deadline: 14 May 2013)[]

  • Fixed term to May 2015
  • £37,382 - £45,941 per annum
  • Vacancy Reference: 464
  • You will have the demonstrated ability to develop curriculum, plan and teach Popular Music Studies at university level. It is essential that you are able to evidence your scholarship with research outputs that will contribute to the intellectual life of the school. Specific areas of expertise around which we would welcome applications include music production and musical analysis.
  • BA Popular Music Studies is currently closed to new entry, and the final cohort is scheduled to graduate in summer 2015, hence the fixed-term nature of this post. Teaching duties will span a variety of modules and their related activities, including:
    • ​Digital music production
    • The Music Industry
    • DJing and VJing
    • Youth culture studies
    • Audio Cultures and Audio Technology
    • Supervision of creative projects and work-based learning, PDP supervision and personal tutoring.
  • Informal enquiries may be made to Professor Juan Cruz, Director of School at
  • Closing date: 14 May 2013
  • LJMU is committed to achieving of opportunity.
  • For further information about this vacancy and to apply online please click Apply .

Macalester College Maxine and Winston Wallin Faculty Fellow in Music (Deadline: 1 March 2013). FILLED: Elissa Harbert (NORTHWESTERN, 2013)[]

  • Duties include teaching one course per semester and contributing to the department as a full-time faculty member (advising independent studies and/or honors projects, adjudicating end-of-semester performance reviews, and the like). Selection of courses will be informed both by departmental need and the successful applicant’s area of specialization. A Ph.D. in musicology is required, in hand by the time of appointment, and this degree must have been granted no earlier than January 1, 2008. The area of specialization within musicology is open; additional expertise in ethnomusicology/World Music is desirable, though not required. We are especially interested in candidates who desire to explore a potential career teaching at a liberal arts college and who can communicate that interest vividly in a cover letter.
  • any updates here (acknowledging that only three weeks have passed since the deadline)?
  • Phone interview scheduled via email (3/26)
  • Has there been any movement here since the phone interviews? (4/11)
  • Campus visits were held in mid-April.
  • Offer made and accepted.
    • Congratulations, Elissa! x2

Martin Methodist College - Assistant Professor (2 positions), covering music theory, music history, piano, and accompanying (Deadline: April 1, 2013) – FILLED [Music History Position]: Michelle Meinhart (CINCINNATI, 2013)[]

  • invites applications for two fulltime, tenuretrack positions in music beginning fall 2013
  • The positions will cover the areas of music theory, music history, piano, and accompanying
  • Send letter of application with statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, photocopies of graduate transcripts, and name, address, and telephone number of at least three references to:
  • Review of applications will begin in early April and continue until the position is filled
  • 4/2 polite email acknowledging receipt of application materials, that they received 126 applications, and that semifinalists would be selected within a month
  • 5/2 email requesting phone interview (The email also stated there are 10 semifinalists.) 
  • 5/8 campus interview scheduled
  • 6/3 - an offer was made and accepted last week. I don't know who.
  • 6/6 - music history position filled
    • Congrats, Michelle! (x2)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Music Technology (with specialization in Digital Musicology/Ethnomusicology considered) (Deadline: December 31, 2012) - SEARCH FAILED[]

  • Tenure-track, assistant professor.  Teaching undergraduate subjects in music technology and possibly other areas of the performing arts according to the candidate's expertise and Section needs; developing classes in music technology; and conducting research or engaging in significant creative work within music technology. Areas of specialization within music technology include but are not limited to composition, performance, sound installation, DJing, instrument building, music cognition, or music research that creates or creatively uses new technologies. (emphasis added) The teaching load for the position is two subjects per semester.
  • Not primarily a musicology/ethnomusicology position, but there are a number of musicologists who would be eligible to apply.
  • On campus interviews (3/15)
  • Email 4/15: "I am writing to let you know that the Music and Theater Arts section at MIT has decided not to make a hire for our position in Music Technology at this time."
    • ​I think that counts as the search having failed.

Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Berlin - Postdoc-Stipendium (Deadline: November 30, 2012) – FILLED: Luis-Manuel Garcia (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, FREIE UNIVERSITAT-BERLIN; U. CHICAGO, 2011)[]

  • Das Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung, Berlin, Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppe "Gefühlte Gemeinschaften? Emotionen im Musikleben Europas", vergibt ein Postdoc-Stipendium in Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften mit einer Spezialisierung auf kulturelle und soziale Studien der Musik. Das Stipendium hat zunächst eine Dauer von einem Jahr (mit der Möglichkeit der Verlängerung) und soll am 15. Januar 2013 starten.
  • Request to schedule an interview (12/10)
    • Anyone have updates on this one? (3/27)
    • I believe they settled on a candidate back in December
      • After looking at their website and a few other things, there's one person who fits this description who started in 2013: Luis-Manuel Garcia (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, FREIE UNIVERSITAT-BERLIN; U. CHICAGO, 2011). CONGRATS, LMG!

Mercer University–Townsend School of Music -- Visiting Instructor of Music History (Deadline: Open Until Filled) – FILLED: Kathryn White (UNC-Pembroke; INDIANA, 2012)[]

  • The Townsend School of Music seeks to fill a Visiting Instructor of Music History. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate excellence in teaching. Teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate music history is preferred. Candidates will be expected to teach undergraduate survey courses in the various periods of music history as well as Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music and Historical Study of Music Styles and Literature at the graduate level.
  • An earned doctorate in music history from an accredited college/university is preferred, but ABD candidates will be considered.
  • Interested candidates must complete the brief online application located at and attach 1) a cover letter, 2) current vita, 3) statement describing their philosophy of teaching music history, and 4) a list of three references including emails and phone numbers.  AA/EOE/ADA
    • This position fills the void left by Christopher Macklin's departure to the University of Illinois (congrats, Chris!). The Dean of the Townsend School of Music has stated that a tenure-track search will take place next year.
    • Skype Interviews being scheduled (5/28)
    • Rejection phone call this morning. Incredibly polite and very considerate, both today and through the entire application/interview process. Well done, Mercer, and congrats to whomever got the position! (6/3)
      • Received an email from HR indicating that the position had been filled. (6/7)

Michigan State University -- Assistant Professor in Historical Musicology (Deadline: 15 November 2012) FILLED: Sarah Long (European Commission Marie Curie Fellow, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, 2008) []

  • Develop and teach courses and seminars in musicology that serve the needs of undergraduate and graduate music majors in a variety of disciplines; develop and teach courses in music designed for non-majors in general education; advance research and creative activity related to area of appointment; and participate in graduate advising and academic governance in the College of Music and the University.
  • Scholars of exceptional ability and promise to expand the areas of interest represented in the department, who possess a strong commitment to the performing arts and the potential to teach effectively across the broad range of our undergraduate, graduate, and non-major curricula; experience preferred teaching musicology research methods/bibliography course; earned Ph.D. in historical musicology preferred; strong commitment to teaching with proven skills at the college and/or university level; scholarly achievement and promise of continuing research in the area of this appointment; and ability to work effectively with colleagues across disciplines.
  • To apply, please visit the MSU job postings website: and select posting #6846 in the faculty/academic staff section.
  • Is this a search for an Assistant professor or is it open rank?
    • Indeed, it is Assistant. The posting is up on the MSU job site now.
  • "This is an academic year appointment in the tenure system as an assistant professor of historical musicology beginning August 16, 2013. To apply, please visit the MSU job postings website: and select posting #6846 in the faculty/academic staff section."
  • Heard second-hand that interviews are scheduled. (1/21) (x2)
  • Any first-hand info?
  • Contacted for interview. (1/18)
    • Has there been any movement on this one?
    • I heard through the grapevine that on campus interviews have been taking place. Apparently 4 candidates, most of them with TT positions already and far advanced in their careers. 
  • Offer made and accepted (3/28)

Middle Tennessee State University - Director, School of Music (Deadline: 29 October 2012)[]

  • "visionary leader to oversee the growth and development of its dynamic School of Music"
  • Candidates selected for campus interviews.

Millikin University - Assistant Professor in Musicology/Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 17 May 2013) - FILLED: Mark Samples (Millsaps VAP; OREGON, 2011)[]

  • Millikin Universitys School of Music seeks a tenure-track, Assistant Professor in Musicology/Ethnomusicology.  Salary competitive. Position begins August 2013.
  • Qualifications:  Completed doctorate, teaching experience, and commitment to undergraduate education required. Responsibilities: Coordinate music history area; teach courses in western music history, non-western music, and popular music; participate in recruitment, advising, and faculty governance. Strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated vision, and leadership are essential.  Candidates should submit letter of application, statement of teaching philosophy and CV electronically (pdf) to: musicologysearch at  Subject line should say application.  Three letters of recommendation should be sent to: Dr. Stephen Widenhofer, Director, Millikin University School of Music, 1184 West Main Street, Decatur, IL 62522. Application deadline: May 17, 2013.  Offer of employment is contingent upon successful completion of background check and pending budgetary approval. Millikin University is an equal opportunity employer.
  • The School of Music, accredited since 1934 by NASM with 58 faculty and 300 students, offers BM degrees in performance, music education, commercial music, and music business, and the Bachelor of Arts in Music. The School of Musics curriculum embraces the interdisciplinarity of diverse musical and academic experiences.  The School of Music is designated as an All Steinway School. A Millikin education is characterized by performance learning ­ a unique approach to learning that builds the confidence to succeed before and after graduation. Students apply their learning to experiences both in Decatur and around the world.
  • Offer made and accepted (per email 6/12).
  • Question: Does anyone else find it a bit odd how quickly the committee moved?  The offer was made less than a month after the application duedate, which is faster than any academic search I have ever seen before.  Was this simply the result of a committee working against a hard deadline, or what?
  • Not really. It is mid-June and the job starts in August. End-of-year searches like this typically move at light speed. The search committee needs a hire and wants to go on summer vacation, so they're very motivated to get it done. The candidates this late are likely facing a year of unemployment or underemploymetn too, so they're also eager to jump at the offer without sitting around.
  • Agreed. This isn't strange at all for an end-of-year search. The position needed to be filled for August.
  • What *was* strange, and in a good way, was the fact that they immediately filled it as a TT job again after the previous person was hired away.  For many years, this position was filled by a succession (at least 6 I can think of) of UIUC grad students at rock-bottom pay, until finally the price of gas made it a questionable career move.  It was great to see Millikin commit to a TT position, wonderful to see them get someone so good, and to see them continue the position as a TT now that he's leaving. 
  • Congratulations Mark!!!!

Misericordia University (Ongoing Deadline)[]

  • The Fine Arts Department of the College of Arts and Sciences at Misericordia University seeks a tenure-track faculty member to teach courses in music history and literature, musicology, ethnomusicology, and possibly music semiotics. Additional teaching duties may include teaching Western music theory.
  • Required qualifications are an earned Ph.D. in music history and theory with a strong emphasis in interdisciplinary research and at least two years' experience teaching Western music history, popular music, and music theory at the undergraduate level. A secondary emphasis in music semiotics is desired. Expertise in the broad spectrum of American music and non-Western cultural identity is desirable. Experience in designing courses in music and culture is preferred.
  • The successful candidate will show a strong, proven commitment to teaching at the college/university level; interest in curriculum development; the ability to integrate technology in teaching; and an interest in interdisciplinary teaching. Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following: an ability to teach music history and theory within a liberal arts setting; a broad knowledge and experience in current methodologies in music; experience in designing interdisciplinary courses at the undergraduate level.
  • The successful candidate will also demonstrate scholarly achievement and promise of continuing research/creative activity in the area of the appointment; the ability to work effectively with colleagues; and a willingness to participate in academic governance, and department and university service.
    • I spoke with HR, and they said "applications will close when the search committee believes it has a strong pool of candidates." In other words, get cracking!
  • Confirmation receipt of materials via snail-mail.
  • Request for demographic information via postcard.
  • This posting was deleted on November 5, and it seems that enough time has passed for the search to advance. Does anybody have any information?
  • I spoke with Misericordia's HR department last week and they told me the search is still on.
    • Neato, thank you.
    • Has anyone heard anything? Any further contacts with HR? (3/7)
  • Phone call, requesting phone interview (3/15) x2
  • Thanks but no thanks email (3/20)
  • Any updates on campus visits being scheduled?
  • I phone interviewed, but no call about campus interviews yet. (4/16) x5
  • There's an internal candidate, so maybe they're concluding the search without inviting other candidates to campus. (4/23)
  • Campus interview requested via phone (4/25)
  • Have any finalists received news?
  • I'm a finalist and was told I would hear by the middle of May and have not heard a word either way. Wondering what's going on. (6/7)
  • Hello fellow finalist, same here. I'll be sure to post if I hear anything.
  • I spoke with the dean this morning to inquire about the status of the search and apparently an offer has been extended and accepted. Congrats to the sucessful candidate!
    • Anyone willing to share a name? Thanks! (7/22)

Mississippi State University - Professor of Music and Head of the Department of Music (Specialty Open) (Deadline: Open Until Filled)[]

  • Professor & Head; Department of Music, Mississippi State University. Duties include managing the departmental budget, teaching as appropriate, maintaining facilities and equipment to support faculty and departmental goals, etc. Minimum qualifications include an earned doctorate in one of the departmental areas from an accredited university; must qualify for tenure and the rank of professor of Music.  All minimum requirements can be found on-line. Interested applicants should submit application materials on-line via the MSU On-Line Employment System at using PARF number 7177. Mississippi State University is an EEO/AA Employer.
  • Posted 4/11

Molloy College - Assistant Professor of Music (History/Theory) (Deadline: 1 February 2013 or until filled) []

  • Seems like a big window (Feb 1 - April 15) for considering applications, especially since the conclusion comes right before the end of the semester. 
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Nothing yet, but I'm wondering if they're waiting until April 15th (the "official" close date) to send out requests for materials/interviews/etc. (x2)
  • Has this search been canceled? 
  • Has anyone heard anything?  (6/3)

Monash University / Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 25 April 2013)[]

  • The School seeks applicants for a permanent, full-time appointment as Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology (U.S. equivalent to Assistant/Associate Professor). The position will be based at Monash's Clayton campus with its thriving intellectual and performing art activity.
  • To be successful, you will have completed a PhD in ethnomusicology or a related field, have demonstrated the ability to maintain an international profile in research, and have a high level of communication skills and tertiary teaching and graduate supervising experience. Preference may be given to candidates who have developed two specialist research areas in ethnomusicology, have a strong background in the music cultures of the Asia/Pacific region, and have a critical, interdisciplinary perspective that reflects contemporary ethnographic practice. Candidates who are prepared to foster music in the local community and will strive to engage in the study of music across the breadth of the school's programs may have an advantage.
  • For full details of this position including position description and how to apply please go to
  • Rejection received 5/20

Muhlenberg College – Instructor of Music History (Temporary) (Deadline: Open Until Filled) - FILLED: Timothy Cochran (RUTGERS, 2012)[]

  • The Music Department at Muhlenberg College seeks an outstanding teacher for the Fall 2013 semester, with the possibility of continuing for the Spring 2014 semester. The ideal candidate would be a musicologist/music historian able to teach the music history survey and one or more specialized courses such as Haydn & Mozart, American Music, or the History of Rock. We are a liberal arts college with a strong tradition of excellence in teaching supported by scholarship; thus a successful record of teaching is expected. This position may be part-time or full-time, depending on the candidate. Doctoral-level work required.
  • Please email cover letter, C.V., and one-page statement of teaching philosophy to Dr. Diane Follet, E-Mail: No other supporting documents are needed at this time. Applications accepted immediately; position remains open until filled. E.O.E.
  • Filled 6/29

National University of Ireland Maynooth - Assistant Lecturer in Music (Five-Month Fixed-Term) (Deadline: 26 October 2012) - FILLED: Barbara Dignam (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama; NUI MAYNOOTH 2010)[]

  • The University is now seeking an individual of the highest quality who will add to the teaching and international research strength of the Department.
  • This five-month sabbatical leave cover contract post includes a requirement to teach and coordinate core modules in history, analysis and musicology across the Department's curriculum at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The post-holder will also supervise dissertations in musicology and, depending on individual specialist background, contribute to other strands of the undergraduate curriculum. The successful candidate will teach and administrate and pursue scholarly research. The nature of the post will imply a commitment on the part of the appointed candidate to carry out such teaching, examining and administrative duties, as directed from time to time by the Head of Department or other appropriate person, whether or not such duties are connected with the appointee's specialist area.
    • Any updates on this one? It's such an odd term for those of us in the American academic calendar that I'm very curious about the person who fills this.
      • Reportedly was filled by Barbara Dignam (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama; NUI MAYNOOTH 2010).

National University of Ireland Maynooth - Professor of Music (Deadline: 12 May 2013)[]

  • We are seeking an academic with an outstanding record to join our staff as Professor of Music. The person appointed will have an excellent record of teaching, research and publication. He/she will be expected to make  a strong contribution to the teaching, research and profile of the University, and to provide ongoing leadership for the discipline.
  • Application Procedure
    • Please ensure that you USE THE FOLLOWING REFERENCE AMPM in the subject line of your application email. This will clarify which post you are applying for.
    • Applications should be made by sending the following information to
      • A Curriculum Vitae, including all qualifications and experience, and a covering letter addressing your interest and suitability for the post;
      • The names, email addresses, correspondence addresses, fax and telephone numbers of three referees whom the University may contact.
    • The completed application documents should be forwarded by email to arrive no later than midnight, Sunday, 12th May 2013.

New England Conservatory -- Jazz Studies/Music History Faculty (Deadline: 1 December 2012)[]

  • Teach a combination of classroom courses in Jazz History, Theory and Analysis within the Jazz Studies and Music History Departments.
  • Based on experience and background, teach a small load of jazz studio students and/or coach a small jazz ensemble.
  • Request for more materials (12/18)
  • Letter of thanks-but-no-thanks received (2/14)
  • Any word on this one? (4/23)

New England Conservatory – Full Time Faculty in Musicology (Deadline: 1 March 2013) - FILLED: Sean Gallagher (Boston University; HARVARD, 1998)[]

  • preference given to scholars specializing in 17th and 18th centuries and music after 1945, including popular music.
  • Teach a variety of undergraduate- and graduate-level courses that fulfill the curricular needs of the department, such as: Remedial Graduate Music History, Writing about Music, Introduction to Musical Styles and a Doctoral Seminar; participate in departmental meetings and on faculty committees; serve as Chair of the Department on a rotational basis; fulfill other administrative duties, as needed.
  • Scholar of distinction, preferably with a Ph.D. in Musicology; committed teacher with a record of experience; demonstrated research activity. An interest or activity in performance is a plus.
  • Candidates should electronically submit a letter of interest, CV, and 2 course syllabi to
    • 2/6 Does "scholar of distinction" mean "recent grads need not apply"?
    • 2/6 I have no idea. I interpret it as being similar to the more common "with an established international reputation," and sometimes those jobs go to relatively new PhDs.
    • 2/20: Are we or are we not supposed to send our LETTERS at this time? Anybody know?
    • 2/28: Sorry to reply at the last moment! I believe the description makes it clear that they do *not* want letters at this time. Seems they are collecting only the most basic materials for the first round. The letter, the CV, and the syllabi are it.
  • Request for additional materials (by email). (3/6) (x2)
    • Wow, that was fast! Did you submit your original materials well in advance of the deadline?
    • Did anyone else hear anything? It would be great to get some secondary confirmation about the 2nd round.
  • My references were contacted, and although I have not received a request for additional materials, I have not yet received a "thanks but no" letter either. So perhaps there is a "maybe" pile? (3/15)
  • 4/5 Has anyone heard anything?
    • Nothing here (- x2). Always makes me a bit nervous when you don't have to send in ref. letters, because if you use a dossier service, it's hard to tell if your references have been "contacted."
  • Received notice that the position has been filled. (4/9)
    • Wow, that was fast!
      • Yes, indeed. Based on the dates for various milestones posted above, their jazz search took 2.5 weeks to ask for references, wheras this one asked before a full week went by. 5 weeks from deadline to filled...
      • I'll state what the above poster is hinting at.  This has all the marks of a search in which the school knows already who they want to hire...
      • I can assure the above poster that this is not the case. Not at NEC, but spoke with the committee members and they did not have a candidate in mind.  They were however committed to moving quickly since their search got started late and they didn't want to miss out on top candidates.
      • I doubt any member of the search committee would ever admit on the record they hired someone they already knew, if that was the case. Rather naive to even ask about it.
        • Anyone willing to share the name of the lucky hire? (5/13).
        • I hear it is the "inside candidate" from the B.U. position.
          • Rumors and hearsay aside, anyone have any specifics? (6/16)
          • Sean Gallagher 
          • Many congratulations to Sean! Well deserved

New York University Abu Dhabi – Open rank, musicology and/or ethnomusicology (Deadline: 1 November 2012)[]

  • preference for those with an expertise in music of the Middle Eastern region
  • request for materials 12/13
  • campus interviews scheduled
    • Any updates on this? 3/15

North Carolina Central University, music dept. chair (Open until Filled)[]

  • The Chair is responsible for the daily administrative operation and leadership of the Department, as well as long-term planning and curriculum development. Responsibilities include class scheduling, staffing, faculty evaluation, fiscal management, program assessment, event scheduling and recruitment. The Chair will teach a limited course load.
  • In addition to a doctoral or terminal degree that meets the requirements for tenure in the Department of Music, the successful candidate will need: a record of scholarly, creative and teaching excellence; successful administrative experience in higher education; strong interpersonal and communications skills; ongoing activity in professional organizations; a commitment to student recruitment and retention; demonstrated ability in fundraising and/or grant writing; and the ability to provide vision and leadership in a diverse academic environment.

Northeastern University - Assistant, Associate Full Professor in Music Industry (review begins March 15, 2013)[]

  • Teaching expectations include the instruction of existing courses at the undergraduate and graduate level and the development of new courses. Areas of instruction include economics, mobile communications, emerging technologies, music e-business, management, finance, concert promotion, music publishing, international music business, products industry, artist management (including touring), and national and international licensing.
  • Applicants will demonstrate expertise in music, entertainment, and media business. The candidate should also possess a wide range of professional skills and interests; a terminal degree is required; an established and ongoing research profile; and a strong record of teaching at the university level. The successful candidate will also be committed to using entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary thinking to connect trends in the music industry with those in related disciplines such as film, games, journalism, and the performing arts, particularly with respect to emerging digital media.
  • Applications received by March 15, 2013 will be given full consideration. All applications will be submitted online. Applicants are to submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information of three references. Please visit the College of Arts, Media and Design’s website,, click on “About,” then “Careers” to take you to “Faculty Positions.”

Northern Arizona University - Lecturer in Music in General Studies (Review begins January 14, 2013)[]

  • Job Description: non-tenure-eligible, full-time, benefit-eligible, 9-month appointment. This appointment is renewable, subject to performance, funding, and departmental needs. Duties begin August 19, 2013. The NAU School of Music seeks a dynamic and creative faculty member dedicated to the Liberal Studies mission of the university and the instruction of non-music-majors using blended/hybrid learning pedagogies and delivery modes. Responsibilities will include development and teaching of blended/hybrid courses in general music studies and teaching other courses in music as assigned.
  • Qualifications: Minimum: Master's degree in any relevant field in music. Three years of experience teaching at the college or university level. Preferred: Doctorate in any relevant field in music. Evidence of successful teaching of general studies courses in music at the college or university level. Evidence of effective curricular design and implementation, including developing and teaching hybrid/blended courses that incorporate a variety of digital media and/or online instructional methodologies and course support systems. Commitment to working collaboratively with diverse student and faculty populations.
  • Application Procedure: Letter of application, curriculum vitae including contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address) for five references, statement of teaching philosophy, sample syllabi for non-music-major courses, and official or unofficial transcripts of the last degree earned or in progress. Mail to: Chair, Music in General Studies Search Committee, Northern Arizona University School of Music, 1115 S. Knoles Drive, Box 6040 Flagstaff, AZ 86011 Email to:
  • More information:
  • Acknowledgement of complete application and EOE survey (by postal mail) 1/22 (x3)
  • Request for Phone Interview (2/19)
    • Any movement? (5/5)
    • Rejection letter (5/10) - I was one of the phone interviewees

Northwestern University (Bienen School of Music) - Open Rank, Musicology/Ethnomusicology: Music in Contemporary Culture (Deadline: November 1, 2012)[]

  • Does anyone know who is heading the search committee for this position? 9/1/2012
  • R: I believe Linda Austern is behind the description. Although, as seen in recent ethno/musicology searches at Northwestern, the committee's decision is not necessarily final as the dean seems to have the power to arbitrarily override it.
  • They interviewed people at AMS/SEM in New Orleans.
    • I heard that too. sort of weird to interview people a day after the app deadline...
  • Request for additional materials (11/13) x7
  • I never even received acknowledgement that my application was received. Anyone else? (x2)
    • No, just the request for materials (emailed) on the 13th. (x2)
    • And nothing since then? (curious x2 as of 1/4/2012)
    • References were contacted around Dec. 20.
    • Request for campus interview (1/10). Three finalists selected for interviews.
    • Offer accepted (3/4)
    • Snail mail form letter indicating candidate selected=the only communication ever received regarding this search.
      • Any updates? (6/15)

Ohio State University (Department of Spanish and Portuguese) Assistant Professor of Latin American culture (music, dance, performance) (Deadline: 14 November 2012) - FILLED: Michelle Wibbelsman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2004)[]

  • Specialist in Latin American indigenous cultures, ethnographic studies, and/or ethnomusicology
  • "Candidates whose research analyzes material culture and/or practices (performance, popular rituals, music, dance, etc.) and how such signifying practices relate to larger social, political and economic processes and dynamics (e.g. colonialism/postcolonialism, citizenship, globalization, identity formation, patterns of sociability)."
  • Confirmation of materials received via email.
  • Affirmative action survey received via snail mail.
  • Skype interviews (11/30).
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Candidates invited for campus visits, which are currently underway.
  • Does anyone know the status of this job currently? (3/15/13).
  • According to the Spanish and Portuguese Wiki an offer has been made (3/16/13)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/19/13)
  • Does anyone know any details about this hire? I wonder if the offer went to an ethnomusicologist or not.
  • Offer went to an anthropologist, but ethnomusicologist was invited to campus.
  • Actually the offer went to a cultural anthropologist who does ethnomusicology

Ohio University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology / Musicology (Deadline: 15 July 2013) FILLED: GARRETT FIELD (WESLEYAN, 2013)[]

  • Note: the link is now offline.
  • Please complete the online application and attach required documents. Required documents include a letter of application, Curriculum Vitae, list of professional references, copies of graduate transcripts, a one-page statement of teaching philosophy, a one-page statement of research accomplishments and goals, and a writing sample uploaded as an "other" document.
    • Review of application materials will begin immediately and the position will remain open until filled. For full consideration, please apply by July 15, 2013.
  • Job Description:
    • Responsibilities include teaching doctoral seminars in ethnomusicology and music history, undergraduate interdisciplinary general education classes and other classes as assigned, participation in team-taught doctoral interdisciplinary seminars, and advising dissertations.
  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Completed doctorate by July 1, 2013 is required. ABDs will be considered during the screening and interview process. Candidates should demonstrate the potential for continued scholarly activity as well as effectiveness in classroom teaching.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Specialization in Asian music preferred but not required.

Peabody Conservatory of Music – Musicology Faculty, Full Time (not tenure-track) (Deadline: 15 October 2012) – MVL - FILLED: Joshua Walden (Columbia 2008; Johns Hopkins post-doc)[]

  • I sent all my application materials by email on Monday but didn't get any acknowledgment. Has anybody who applied by email received any response?
  • I received same-day confirmation (10/4), but I asked for it specifically in my email.
  • Affirmative Action survey request. (x3)
  • More materials requested (email, 11/9)
  • Rejection email. (12/7) Search "advancing to the inverview stage." (x2)
    • Quick question: Were you one of the long-listed candidates? Thanks!
    • I'm not the original poster, but I was long-listed, and then received a very nice rejection email. Kudos to Peabody for doing it right.
    • I was not long-listed, and I have not received any emails/mail from them about my application. (x3)
    • I do understand the logic of not rejecting people who haven't been asked for interviews until the end of the search.  Although it's rare, I've seen some searches go back to the long list or even back to applications sometimes after interviews have been completed (see Christopher Newport University's search on last year's wiki for an example.)
  • What ever happened with this search?
    • Have never heard a word (neither rejection nor request for more info). Is the search still active? (3/21)
  • Received email saying hire went to Joshua Walden (Columbia 2008; Johns Hopkins post-doc) (x2, 4/4)
    • Congrats to Josh Walden.  A great researcher.

Pennsylvania State University – Assistant Professor in Musicology (Deadline: 20 September 2012) FILLED: Mark Ferraguto (Cornell University, 2012)[]

  • specialist in music after ca. 1650
  • "Experience with online or hybrid teaching formats would enhance applications."
  • Additional materials and interview in New Orleans requested (10/12) x2
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • E-mail rejection letter announcing that Mark Ferraguto has accepted the position.  (1/9)
  • Congratulations, Mark! (x2)

Quest University Canada (Deadline: 26 October 2012) FILLED: Andrew Haringer (Columbia, 2012); Jeff Warren (Trinity Western; ROYAL HOLLOWAY, 2011)[]

  • "Although research, especially that involving undergraduates, is encouraged, those seeking a research-focused faculty position should not apply."
  • telephone interview scheduled, 11/13 (x3)
  • Anything on this? No word since mid-November phone interview (not even a polite "no thanks").12/7 (x3)
  • On campus interviews being conducted in December
  • Email notification that position is filled from "over one hundred applicants." 2/12
  • Anyone here know who the lucky winner is?

Reed College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 8 April 2013) FILLED : Suzanne Wint (CHICAGO, 2013)[]

  • Location: Portland, OR
  • The Music Department of Reed College invites applications for a one semester visiting position in ethnomusicology at the assistant professor level for the fall of 2013.  The area of specialization is open.  The successful candidate will teach two courses in his or her area of expertise, complementing existing course offerings in the department.  The position will also involve supervising senior thesis projects.  Applicants should hold or be nearing completion of the Ph.D and have experience in undergraduate teaching.  Reed College is a small, distinguished liberal arts institution committed to excellence in teaching and scholarship. Your cover letter should make clear the nature of your background and preparation for this position and your understanding of the role you could play in a college of this kind.
  • Application Instructions
    • Reed College is a community that values cultural and intellectual pluralism as essential to the excellence of our academic program. In the letter of application, we strongly encourage you to address how your teaching, scholarship, mentorship and/or community service might support the commitment to diversity and inclusion articulated in the College's diversity statement ( Please send all documents--cover letter, curriculum vitae, and at least three letters of recommendation--by Interfolio to Morgan Luker, chair of the search committee. All application materials must be received by April 8, 2013.

Rowan University - Assistant Professor in Musicology (Deadline: 31 December 2012) POSITION FILLED: Davide Ceriani (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University; HARVARD 2011)[]

  • This person will be responsible for teaching courses in music history, coordinate and develop online classes and degree programs, and pursue scholarly activity.
  • Review of candidates will begin on December 10, 2012 and the deadline for applications is December 31, 2012.
    • Has anyone heard anything yet (2/4) ?
    • Still nothing?
    • Still nothing. (2/27)
  • Email request for telephone interview (3/1)
  • Campus visits scheduled for late March/early April
  • Has someone received an offer?
  • Offer made and accepted.

Royal Holloway, University of London- Teaching Fellow in Music History (deadline: 25 July 2013)[]

  • Applications are invited for the post of Teaching Fellow in Music History in the Music Department
  • The successful candidate will have completed a PhD (or be about to complete one before September 2013) and will have a proven record of teaching undergraduates in the context of a University degree course. You will be an experienced researcher in historical musicology, with specialisms in any period from the medieval to the modern.
  • This is a fixed term position (12 months) from 1 September 2013 to 31 August 2014.This post is based in Egham, Surrey, where the College is situated in a beautiful, leafy campus near to Windsor Great Park and within commuting distance from London.
  • To view further details of this post and to apply please visit

Skidmore College-Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: Ongoing) FILLED: Elizabeth Macy (UCLA 2010)[]

  • teach introductory and advanced courses in ethnomusicology
  • teach performance classes and/or direct a performance ensemble
  • one-year (renewable). PhD or ABD in Ethnomusicology.
  • campus visits
  • offer accepted
    • Request: Can you share a name? (5/5)

Saint Joseph's University-Visiting Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: 22 July 2013)[]

  • The Department of Music, Theatre & Film at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia invites applications for the position of Visiting Assistant Professor of Music for the Fall 2013 semester. The successful candidate will teach a range of music courses including American Music, Music History: Antiquity to 1750, and Music Fundamentals. Preference will be given to candidates that can also teach one or more of the following: violin lessons, trumpet lessons, chamber music coaching, piano lessons, or voice lessons.
  • Required qualifications include Ph.D. or equivalent in music theory, musicology, or related field (ABD considered) and demonstrated successful teaching experience at the college level.
  • Preferred qualifications include enthusiastic and committed teacher with a minimum of two years experience teaching in a liberal arts college setting.
  • Beginning its third year, the Music Major is at an exciting point of growth and development. ( Candidates should desire the opportunity to work with department colleagues within the context of a Jesuit Institution committed to a broad-based liberal arts education.
  • Applicants should submit materials online at, including a letter of application, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, and names and contact information for three professional references. Application deadline is July 22, 2013.
  • Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Duties):
    • The successful candidate will teach a range of music courses including American Music, Music History: Antiquity to 1750, and Music Fundamentals.
    • Secondary Responsibilities:
      • Assist with department juries and programming. Provide academic advising to students. Provide service to the department.
  • Required qualifications include Ph.D. or equivalent in music theory, musicology, or related field (ABD considered) and demonstrated successful teaching experience at the college level.
    • Preferred qualifications include enthusiastic and committed teacher with a minimum of two years experience teaching in a liberal arts college setting.
  • Email received from HR saying that the position had been filled (8/19)

State University of New YorkThe College at Brockport  (Deadline: 1 November, 2012) FILLED: Anthony Dumas (UC Davis, 2012)[]

  • Teaching the equivalent of four courses per semester drawn from the music courses offered by the Department of Theatre and Music Studies and to the Human Heritage and Aesthetics sequences in the Delta College Program. Service to the Delta College Program and Department of Theatre and Music Studies through student advisement and mentoring, recruitment, and participation in departmental events. This position is split 50/50 between the two programs.
  • The College at Brockport is a comprehensive college of approximately 9,000 students located in the village of Brockport, minutes from the city of Rochester. The Delta College Program is an exciting and unique alternative to the traditional General Education Program, featuring interdisciplinary courses that together fulfill the College's General Education requirements, complemented by experiential learning courses that prepare students for life after they graduate.
  • Required Qualifications: Completed Terminal Degree in Music (Terminal degree may be, but is not limited to a degree in Music Arts, Musicology, Music History, Music Theory, or Music Performance). At least one year of successful college-level teaching experience. Desire and ability to participate in interdisciplinary and team-taught courses. Ability to work with culturally diverse populations.
  • Preferred Qualifications: Successful experience in teaching music as part of a college liberal arts curriculum. Successful experience in directing instrumental or vocal ensembles. Successful experience in advising and mentoring college-level students. Experience with hybrid or asynchronous online course development. Potential for increasing the diversity of the faculty, curriculum and/or student experience through teaching and mentoring activities.
  • 10/20: The online application form lists this job's title as "Visiting Assistant Professor."
  • Phone interview (12/8)
  • Campus visit requested (2/27) (via email)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/19)
    • Anyone willing to share the name? (5/25)
      • Thanks!

Stephen F. Austin State University – Lecturer in Bassoon and Music History (Deadline: Ongoing)[]

  • This is a fulltime, nine-month, faculty position responsible for teaching undergraduate and/or graduate courses. Works under limited supervision, with moderate latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment. This is a security-sensitive position. Reports to the chair.
    • Performs an equivalent of eight teaching units of work during the regular academic year; reduction of teaching load through reassignment of duties is possible under certain circumstances.
    • May conduct supplemental instructional activities such as independent studies, internships and advising.
  • Teach applied bassoon (music majors and minors). Teach courses in music history and literature as assigned at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Other responsibilities may include related courses in bassoon repertoire, performance and pedagogy; woodwind methods; chamber music coaching; and performing, touring and recruiting with the Stone Fort Wind Quintet. Faculty members are expected to be active as performers, in research and/or creative activities, and to be committed to fulfilling service obligations to the school, college, university and profession. Faculty members also are expected to embrace and maintain the spirit of the collegiality that exists in the College of Fine Arts. 
  • Master's degree required; doctorate preferred; evidence of successful college teaching in both disciplines preferred. 
  • "Moderate latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgement." Wow. Did someone who was looking for the viola wiki post this here by mistake?
  • this is so what you get when HR takes over academic hiring.  Googled the phrase and it's in tons of SFASU job ads, like this one for a director of parking and traffic (whose latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgement, rated "extensive,"  exceeds that of a bassoon/music history lecturer) 
  • That's really fascinating (among other things). Thanks for the info!
  • 6/12 - Phone request for campus interview
  • Offer made (7/10) and declined (7/12).

Stony Brook University - Assistant Professor in Musicology (Deadline: 8 January 2013): FILLED: Catherine Bradley (JRF, Queen's College, Oxford; CAMBRIDGE, 2011)[]

  • Specialization in Music Before 1500
  • Preference may be given to candidates conversant with performance practice issues and interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • This search is to replace Sarah Fuller, who is retiring.
  • Received e-mail request for addtional materials (1/23) x5
  • Finalists invited to campus (x1)
  • Any more news?
  • Campus visit underway this week (from Mon 10th March)
  • Any updates here?\
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Rejection letter received (4/29) - new hire not named. (x2)
  • Anyone know who the lucky winner is?
  • Catherine Bradley (Cambridge, 2011) (5/22)

Stony Brook University - Visiting Assistant Professor in Musicology (Deadline: 20 February 2013): FILLED: KEITH JOHNSTON (Western University; U. TORONTO, 2011)[]

  • Specialization in "opera and other music of the 18th and 19th centuries"
  • Does anyone know how this fits into the context of their other search? Is this a sabbatical replacement?
    • Different time period, so would seem to be unrelated to the other search.  And since it's potentially renewable beyond a year, not likely to be a sabbatical replacement. Looks like a new position!
      • Thanks for your insight. New positions are always exciting!
  • 3/8: Extra materials requested
    • Any movement on this? (5/8)
    • Heard second-hand that the position has been filled. (5/14)

Syracuse University - Post-Doctoral Fellowship in American Popular Music (Deadline: 15 January 2013) - FILLED: Deborah Justice (Yale ISM postdoc; INDIANA, 2012)[]

  • The Department of Art & Music Histories, an interdisciplinary unit housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, seeks to appoint a post-doctoral fellow specializing in American popular music.
  • The Schragis Fellowship is a two-year appointment designed to give emerging scholars the opportunity to pursue their research while in residence at Syracuse University. The Schragis Fellow will teach one course during each semester of the fellowship, and will also give one public lecture on his/her current research topic(s) for each of the two years of the fellowship. A Ph.D. in musicology or related field by the appointment date is required, and the successful candidate will show the potential for a distinguished scholarly profile.
  • Request for more materials (writing sample and letters) via email (1/28) x5
  • Request for phone interview via email (2/6) (x3)
  • Invited for campus interview via email (2/15)
  • Offer made and accepted
    • So, as one of the other finalists, should I really be hearing about this here?
    • I don't know about "should," but it is very typical.
    • isn't that the whole point of the wiki?
    • still, it does suck.
    • Being in your situation, I find it's better to find out here then receive a call from the chair of the search committee, have them leave a message telling me to call them back and then have them tell me that I didn't get the position.

Texas Tech University - Assistant Professor of Musicology/ Ethnomusicology or Music Theory (Deadline: Open until filled) FILLED: LAURYN SALAZAR (UCLA, 2011)[]

  • "Hispanic Music Specialist"
  • Any word on this one?
  • Was asked for interview this week.
  • In person or phone?
  • Offer made
  • Offer accepted

Towson University – Assistant Professor of Music History and Literature (16 October 2012) FILLED: Aaron Ziegel (UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, 2011)[]

  • "Expertise in the broad spectrum of American music is desirable."
  • Wow, names and contact info for 6 referees? I don't understand why, if they're getting letters from three people, they need to hear from three other people in order to vouch for me.
  • Do you think that with all of the materials they ask for, they are just trying to winnow down the applicant pool? (Who can blame them?) Now, to email my undergrad advisor about being a reference...
  • Email acknowledgement of receipt of materials (10/10/12) Very courteous. (x2)
  • Oh, *so* courteous. I got such a polite answer to my question about submitting references.
  • What do they mean by "broad spectrum of American music," exactly?
  • Might the spectrum be broad enough to include, say, Britney Spears?
  • Guess they were serious about the 6 references--I've heard from some of mine that they have been contacted! (x2)
    • Really? Has anyone else heard anything directly from them?
    • (12/6) Request for Phone Interview
  • Campus visits scheduled (1/20/13)
    • Any further updates here?
    • I think maybe the earliest campus visit is sometime this week, so they are just getting started. (2/20)
    • Campus visits completed (early March)
  • Updated above as filled (3/25)
  • Congratulations, Aaron!
  • Rejection email received (4/3) But it was a very nice rejection email. All of the communications from Towson have been classy. (x3) Definitely the most courteous search I've encountered this year.

Universiteit van Amsterdam - Associate Professor in Cultural Musicology (Deadline: December 31, 2012) - FILLED: Julia Kursell (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar; LUDWIG-MAXIMILIANS-UNIVERSITÄT, MUNICH, 2000)[]

  • Candidate must be well-versed in "the history and methodologies of the field of cultural musicology, including comparative musicology, ethnomusicology and world music studies, and [must be] thoroughly familiar with the processes of globalization of music."
  • "In-depth knowledge of the music and indigenous musicology of one of the main regions of the world, for instance East Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America or the Amerindian traditions, next to a broad overview of the musical traditions of most of these regions."?
  • "The candidate must have a fluent command of both Dutch and English or he/she will acquire this level of linguistic competence within two years of taking the post."
  • "Please submit a letter of application in Dutch or English, accompanied by a CV and list of publications."
  • Any news about this?
  • Very polite rejection email (3/7).

University of Arizona – Assistant Professor of Musicology (American Music / Music Industry Studies) (Deadline: 8 February 2013) FILLED: Matthew Mugmon (HARVARD, 2013)[]

  • The University of Arizona School of Music invites applications for a tenure-track full-time Assistant Professor position in Musicology with a specialty in the field of American Music. Preferred secondary area of expertise in music industry studies. Other areas may be considered.
  • Minimum qualifications: PhD in Historical Musicology (ABD will be considered but degree must be completed by start of appointment); Evidence of accomplishment and promise in scholarly activity; College-level teaching experience.
  • Anybody know why this got reposted on AMS-announce today (2/20) when the deadline was two weeks ago? What's the story there?
  • Best guess: they didn't get a large enough applicant pool the first time around due to limited advertisement.
  • Request for phone interview (3/6)
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Birmingham - Lectureship in Music (Ethnomusicology and/or Popular Music) (Deadline: August 6, 2012) FILLED: Eliot Bates (UC Berkeley, 2008)[]

  • additional links: (down); PDF (still available 8/22)
  • looks like this didn't get up in time, but I thought it's worth adding it late, so we can have a complete record of the year's advertised positions.
  • "The appointee will be expected to be a specialist in popular music and/ or ethnomusicology. Skills in performance and a commitment to outreach into the larger community are also desirable."
    • rejection email 8/22 x2
    • Just out of curiosity, where was this originally posted? <--- Whoops, nevermind. I should read more carefully!
    • Offer made and accepted.

University of Birmingham – Teaching Fellow in Music (Deadline: July 26, 2013)[]

  • The University of Birmingham invites applications for a Teaching Fellowship in Music to commence in fall 2013. This is a junior position designed to provide assistance in departmental teaching and offer experience of working within a dynamic University department with a strong record of teaching and research. The post holder should hold a first degree (PhD/DMus/DPhil) in a relevant subject. Please see the job ad for more information on specific modules that will be taught and anticipated adminstrative dutes. Please note: you must have right-to-work in the UK/EU.

University of California, Los Angeles – Assistant Professor of Musicology (Deadline: October 15, 2012) – SEARCH FAILED[]

  • "The department is fully open to all research specialties, but does have teaching and advising needs in the following areas: music before 1600, 19th-century music, popular music and jazz, film music and new media, music theory, performance practice, music of California and Latin America."
  • Anyone figure out how/where to apply for this? The link provided has led me nowhere.
  • The link provided goes to the google groups announcement from the AMS announce list, which is also the same link in other public announcements of the post.
  • There is no online application form. Email materials (cover letter, CV, letters of reference) to [Chair of search committee]
  • Automatic email acknowledging receipt of materials (10/12)
    • Demographic survey sent by email (10/16)
  • Is there really no movement here? (11/12)
  • I imagine this has moved on by now - anybody hear anything?
  • I got an email on 10/31 indicating that they were missing my letters of recommendation. [Turns out I had typed the wrong delivery address into Interfolio; the administrative staff at UCLA was very nice and made an effort to email me when the letters did arrive.] This suggests that they started sifting through applications later than the 10/15 deadline. Even so, I'm assuming they have moved on at this point...
  • I heard a rumor that they had over 250 applications. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't move on until the new year.
  • So ... anyone hear anything?
  • Request for writing samples (Jan. 4) (x4)
  • I heard through the grapevine that invitations have been extended (Sorry about the confusion, I meant Feb 14).
    • Just curious to see if there has been any movement here.
    • The above poster must have meant Feb. 14 (not Jan. 14; Wiki log also shows that the entry was indeed posted Feb. 14), especially if writing samples were requested as late as Jan. 4 (and presumably due a little thereafter).  No idea whether campus visits are ongoing; this is just a clarification.
    • 4 campus visits scheduled.
    • Any updates ?
    • I heard through the grapevine that this was a failed search (4/21).
    • Yes, this search has failed.

So what does that mean - launching a new search now, next year, not at all? Going back to larger pool? Just curious!

A search is only considered failed when the committee will not go back to the larger pool and considers they did not find a perfect match among the applicants. What will happen next? Usually, if the line and funding are approved again, the search may be conducted the following year. The description may change though.

  • Thanks!
  • Let's hope that the line and funding are approved again next year, no job should be lost in this tough market! 

University of California, Merced - Lecturer in Asian Music (Deadline: rolling)[]

  • "seeking a Lecturer to teach two couress: 'Music of Asia Pacific' and 'Intro to Asian Ensemble—Music.'  These will be new courses this year, and the Lecturer who is hired will have a great deal of latitude in determining content. 'Asian Ensemble' could be one of any number of genres, from gamelan to gagaku.  The hire will be made for the fall semester, with a strong possibility of reappointent for the spring."
  • "Note that these two courses are actually listed under two different postings (Music of Asia Pacific is in Global Arts Studies, while the Asian Music Ensemble is in Arts).  However, you can apply for both with a single application in Global Arts Studies via the above link.
  • Music of Asia Pacific: Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-3:20
  • Intro to Asian Music Ensemble: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-4:45
  • For more information e-mail David Kaminsky

University of California, Merced - Open Rank Global Arts Studies Professor (Deadline: October 15, 2012) - FILLED: Zoe Sherinian (University of Oklahoma; WESLEYAN, 1998)[]

  • "Rank and area of specialization are open, but priority will be given to music scholars who are interested in crossing boundaries of discipline, genre, geography and history to develop a new interdisciplinary program in close collaboration with colleagues in visual arts."
  • Help grant a diverse student body of undergraduates the tools to read artistic objects across a range of media and cultural contexts as texts bearing information about society. Participate in an interdisciplinary humanities graduate program.
  • Required: excellent research/teaching, Ph.D. by July 1, 2013. Desirable: technology focus, background in historical research, dedication to critical music-cultural analysis, ability to cross the Western/non-Western divide.
  • Request for additional materials (10/25) x10
  • Call for interview (11/28).
  • Interview scheduled
  • Offer extended (2/15)
    • Any updates? Just doing housekeeping... (3/19)
    • Offer Accepted (3/18)
      • Can anyone provide the name so that I can finish updating this? Thanks! (5/5)
      • Zoe Sherinian (University of Oklahoma; WESLEYAN, 1998)
        • Grazie!

University of California, San Diego – Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: October 31, 2012) – FILLED: Amy Cimini (UPenn postdoc; NYU, 2011)[]

  • "The successful candidate must have a completed doctorate in ethno/musicology or an allied field."
  • "Candidates will be expected to contribute to the undergraduate music program, preferably in the Jazz and Music of the African Diaspora concentration, and to the graduate program in Integrative Studies. Potential areas of interest include (but are not limited to) improvisation, experimental practices and creative processes, and/or music of the African Diaspora."
  • Has anyone figured out how to apply for this position? The online job application page for UCSD doesn't have the position listed. ETA: It looks like it's listed now!
  • Does anyone know if the university's required "personal statement summarizing teaching experience and interests, leadership efforts, and/or contributions to diversity" is the same document required in the job description ("a personal statement summarizing past or potential diversity and leadership efforts")?
  • Is the "documentation of research and creative or professional activity" a research statement? Or a narration of parts of my CV? Any idea?
  • Further: is it code for samples of writing? performance portfolios?
  • Without descending too much into negativity, search committees please take note: when you write your job ads, there's nothing wrong with being very specific in your requests for what materials! Vague wording like in this UCSD posting (not that it is unique to them) benefits nobody. You have to read a lot of garbage that doesn't address what you are looking for, and it provokes undue anxiety and mind-reading-attempts on our parts.
    • I disagree -- each candidate knows what his or her best examples of research and creativity are and while a search committee can say, "send two articles, published or unpublished" (that's what these statements should probably be interpreted as if you're a traditional scholar), what if they're willing to consider editions, completions, online databases and software tools, published field recordings, video interviews, instrument building, etc. -- a laundry list of everything that the department can think is unhelpful to someone whose work falls even further outside the box.  Many schools do searches precisely because they don't know the full spectrum of field-changing work happening today and want to be better equiped for the future. 
  • Deadline changed to 11/15 (via application website)
  • Deadline changed to 10/31 (via semnotices-l message 10/29)
    • do you think this means they weren't happy with the pool of applications they received? : )
    • Skype interview 12/5
    • Campus visit scheduled 12/7
    • Advert still listed on Departmental homepage...any updates?
  • Does anyone know anything about this one? Was this also a failed search?
  • Offer made and accepted (5/5)

University of Cambridge - Temporary Lecturship in Music (Deadline: 20 May 2013) - FILLED: J. Griffith Rollefson (ACLS Postdoc UC Berkeley, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2009)[]

  • "Limit of tenure: until 31 December 2016."
  • NB: interviews on 27 May
  • "Applications are invited for a temporary University Lectureship at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge.  This post is a fixed-term appointment for three years and one term from 1 October 2013 to 31 December 2016. The successful applicant will be required to undertake research, teaching (including lectures, seminars and/or small-group teaching), examining and some administrative duties.  Applications are sought from candidates who work in the field of popular music or the history of Baroque music. Candidates are expected to have a record of excellence in research, a commitment to teaching music at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and a willingness to contribute to the work of the Faculty."
  • "Shortlisted candidates will be asked to make a short presentation on a subject of their choice preferably related to their research, to members of the Faculty on 27 May 2013.  This will be followed later the same day by an interview."
  • Email invitation to interview (5/20)
  • Email to interview already dispatched on the closing day? Is that typical?
  • When the interviews are one week later, yes.
  • Email (5/28) announcing failed search.
    • ​That was pretty fast, all around!
  • Search resumed - new deadline 15 July 2013

"Applications are invited for a temporary University Lectureship at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge. This post is a fixed-term appointment for three years and one term from 1 October 2013 to 31 December 2016 and will be based in central Cambridge. The successful applicant will be required to carry out undergraduate and graduate teaching (including lectures and seminars), examining, and some administrative duties. Applications are sought from candidates who work on twentieth-century music; the Faculty would particularly welcome applications in the field of popular music."

"Applications must be submitted by 9 a.m. on Monday 15 July 2013 using the Faculty’s online Job Applications System."

Interviews on 23 July 2013. Filled as of 26 July 2013.

University of Central Missouri - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: 5 January 2013) - FILLED: Allison Robbins (University of Tennessee-Knoxville; VIRGINIA, 2010)[]

  • Position Purpose: Teach music history courses to undergraduate and graduate majors. Coordinate departments general education music offerings. Maintain research and scholarly writing. Other duties possible based on candidates strengths and departments needs.
  • Candidates must complete an on-line faculty profile found at and apply to position #998369. Attach to the faculty profile a letter of application describing the candidates qualifications and interest in the position, current curriculum vitae and unofficial transcript from the most recent school attended.
  • In addition, a 20-30 minute video of recent classroom teaching (undergraduate preferred) is required. This sample should be in the form of a digital file or link. This sample should be uploaded on the publication document type as part of the electronic application process. (A suggestion on how to provide this video: create a video on the web site and provide the link to it here).
  • Please list on the profile the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for three (3) professional references. In addition, three (3) current letters of recommendation should be sent to the Chair of the Search Committee at the address below.
  • Review of completed applications begins January 5, 2013 and continues until filled.
  • Ha! I love teaching videos! I'll just show a little leg and I'm guaranteed and interview!! xoxoxo (after all, what else could they be for?)
  • However, I'm sure if I show some leg, I'm guaranteed not to be interviewed. x 2
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not really very comfortable with the idea of putting a teaching video on Youtube. Has anyone tried attaching a video file to the online application, and has it worked? I'm afraid my file might be too big. Any file format suggestions?
  • A good suggestion is to open up an on-line cloud storage account (i.e. dropbox) and post it there.
  • Thanks! It worked great! =)
    • I tried the Dropbox option, and couldn't get it to work for various reasons. I ended up splitting my 20-minute video into two 10-minute videos, uploading each to my Youtube page (selecting the "unlisted" option, which keeps it relatively private), and then submitting the first video link with the online application. Also, the online app was funky and wouldn't let me remove my faulty Dropbox public link. I had to call HR to get them to remove the bad link. They were very nice and efficient and explained they are working through some system kinks. So if you run into tech problems regarding their online system, give them a call. (My legs had better get me a damn job. Apparently that's all I have going for me.)
  • Has anyone clarified whether they want a total of 3 references (list them in the profile then ask the same three people to send letters) or 6 references (send 3 letters now and list 3 additional names in the profile for later)? (PS - no legs were harmed in the making of my video)
    • I called the HR folks about this - the three who send letters *can* be the same as the three listed on the profile. N.B. they did not say they *should* be the same
  • I was told from one of my references today that he was contacted.  (2/7)
  • Contact for phone interview via email (2/11)
  • Contact for campus interview via email (2/19)
  • 4/29 Rejection email received. Didn't contain the name of the lucky winner.

Université de Genève - Professeur/e ordinaire ou professeur/e associé/e en Musicologie (Deadline: 31 October 2012)[]

Université de Moncton - Professeur adjoint, Musicologie (Deadline: 24 June 2013)[]

  • Il s'agit d'un poste temporaire d'une durée de onze (11) mois, à pourvoir au rang d'adjoint à compter du 1er août 2013. Ce poste est rattaché au Département de musique de la Faculté des arts et des sciences sociales. À l'heure actuelle, le Département de musique offre deux programmes de baccalauréat en musique (général, interprétation), un programme combiné (musique-éducation), une mineure en musique et un certificat d'études préparatoires en musique.
  • FORMATION : Les candidates et les candidats seront titulaires d'un doctorat en musicologie et posséderont une expérience en enseignement, au niveau universitaire. Enfin, la maîtrise de la langue française, tant à l'oral qu'à l'écrit, est essentielle.
  • Exceptionnellement, les candidatures de personnes sur le point d'obtenir un doctorat au cours de la prochaine année dans la discipline recherchée seront prises en compte. Dans ce cas, le dossier doit comprendre une lettre de recommandation de la directrice ou du directeur de thèse faisant état du niveau d'avancement des études doctorales et d'un échéancier pour l'obtention du doctorat.
  • D'autre part, si aucune candidature titulaire d'un doctorat en musicologie ni aucune candidature sur le point d'obtenir le doctorat ne sont reçues, celles titulaires d'une maîtrise dans la discipline jumelée à une expérience en enseignement seront alors prise en compte.
  • ENTRÉE EN FONCTION : Le 1er août 2013.
  • Rejection letter received via snail mail. (7/25)

University of Hartford – Assistant/Associate Professor of Music History (Deadline: 8 March 2013)[]

  • Applicants must have a completed doctorate or ABD, a strong record of publication in historical musicology or clear evidence of the potential for establishing such a record. Equally important is a demonstrated commitment to inspiring undergraduate students to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the canon of Western musical history. Essential qualities for this position are exceptional teaching, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • In addition, the university aspires to have its faculty and staff reflect the rich diversity of its student body and the Hartford region. Candidates committed to working with diverse populations and conversant in multicultural issues are encouraged to apply.
  • This position is non-tenture track.
  • Does that strike anyone else as odd? The posting doesn't seem to say anything about being a temporary position, but I don't think that I've ever heard of an Assoc. Prof. position that wasn't either TT or temporary. Anyone have any insight?
    • They are unusual, but such things do exist--my own institution has "continuing non-tenure-track" positions, which come with formal job titles like Assistant or Associate Professor, but involve 3 or 5 year renewable contracts instead of tenure. Also, the University of Hartford is home to the Hartt School of Music, and conservatories rarely have tenure.
    • The AMS-Announce listing today (2/12) says tenure track.  Confusing.
      • That's just a typo in the subject line - the linked PDF description from the post very clearly states "Full time non-Tenure-track position at the rank of assistant or associate professor with full benefit package."
      • Confirmation received from the search chair that it's an "untenured position." (2/20)
  • Does anyone else find this line odd: "Only complete applications submitted electronically in a single PDF file will be considered"? That is, considering they request letters and transcripts which necessarily cannot be included in the PDF (and transcripts can't be sent electronically). It also sounds like they only want electronic submissions, but it could also mean "we only want electronic submissions if they are submitted in a single PDF" and that they'd otherwise prefer the application be mailed.
    • Clarification received from the search chair: they prefer the letters to be part of a single PDF, but will take them separately if the writers want to send them privately. For my part, I keep electronic copies of my transcripts for eventualities like that, so adding them to a PDF isn't a big deal.
      • Thanks! I suppose I can easily add a digital copy of my transcripts, it just seemed odd since most places want "official transcripts."
        • I can only speak from my own experience, but I simply ordered an official copy of my own transcript and scanned it. A lot of fellowships that I've specify that they'll want a hard copy of official transcripts if they accept you (as part of the paperwork), but more and more take electronic copies for the early stages.
        • It's sensible, cheaper, and easier for all concerned. Hooray!
  • Diversity survey received. (3/11) x4
    • Snail mail or email?
      • Email.
      • Interesting, I haven't received the diversity survey yet. Was it sent by the University of Hartford Human Resources Office (or something like it) or by someone from the Hartt School? Thanks.
        • I received mine back in Feb via email from the Provost's Office.
        • Many thanks.
  • Request for Skype interview received; seven semifinalists (3/24, e-mail). (x2, 3/27, phone&e-mail)
  • Campus visits scheduled for the four finalists (4/25)
  • Rejection letter received. Very well written and professionally considerate. Many music departments would benefit from getting it so they can use it as a model in future searches. Way to go Hartt (5/23). (x2)
    • Were you one of the four finalists?
      • I received a rejection letter from the same mailing and wasn't one of the finalists. The hand-signed part was a nice touch; the letter indicated "over 80 extremely well-qualified applicants." (5/28)
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Hong Kong – Assistant Professor of Popular Music and Cultural Studies (Deadline: 15 April 2013)[]

  • Applications are invited for a joint appointment in the departments of Comparative Literature and Music in the School of Humanities for an Assistant Professorship in Popular Music and Cultural Studies, from September 1, 2013 or as soon as possible thereafter, on a three-year fixed-term basis, with the possibility of renewal. Appointees with demonstrated performance will be considered for tenure towards the end of the second three-year contract.
  • Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree by the date of appointment.  Applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment and innovative approach to both teaching and research. The ideal candidate should embrace contemporary musical practices across the full spectrum of popular music, integrate modes of historical and ethnographic inquiry, and be committed to interdisciplinary work across music and cultural studies. Expertise in areas such as technology and the new media, the culture industry, and performance studies is desirable. Knowledge of popular musical studies in an Asian cultural context will be an advantage. The successful applicant will be expected to contribute to a range of cultural studies courses on popular music presented in theoretical, postcolonial, global, and comparative frames.  Information about the School can be obtained at

University of Illinois - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 22 October 2012) FILLED: Michael Silvers (UCLA 2012)[]

  • Dynamic, interdisciplinary scholar-musician of the highest intellectual, creative, and pedagogical potential.
  • Teaching and research specializations will complement and lend new direction to existing emphases within a vitally integrated musicology program whose faculty regularly interface with many distinctive cross campus institutions and activities. These include five federally funded National Resource Centers for area studies, similar centers for ethnic and gender studies, the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music, cutting edge symposia and colloquium series, and a vibrant array of performance ensembles and events.
  • Duties: Establishing a record of professional excellence through innovative scholarship and publication, contributing to the teaching of diverse interdisciplinary music courses, such as focused courses in the area of specialization and graduate seminars targeting contemporary topical, theoretical, and methodological issues in ethnomusicology, mentoring of theses and dissertations, and service, such as advising, committee membership, and public outreach.
  • All areas of specialization will be considered.
  • Request for additional materials (12/5)
  • Campus interviews scheduled for mid-February.
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Congrats to Mike!!

University of Illinois - Assistant Professor - Historical Musicology (Deadline: November 15, 2012) – FILLED: Christopher Macklin (Mercer University; UNIVERSITY OF YORK, 2008) []

  • The School of Music at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks a historical musicologist with teaching and research specializations in music before ca.1700. The successful applicant will complement and lend new direction to existing emphases within an interdisciplinary musicology program. Candidates from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.
  • Demonstrating a record of professional excellence through innovative scholarship and publication; contributing to the teaching of a diverse curriculum for majors and non-majors, including topical, genre, and period courses in the area of specialization for undergraduate and graduate majors, and graduate seminars targeting specialized topics and contemporary issues in musicology; mentoring Ph.D. dissertations and D.M.A. theses and serving on committees.
  • Request for additional materials (12/3) x7
  • Any more movement here?
  • Over Christmas break??
  • Have any of the folks who were asked for additional materials heard anything yet?
  • No (1/24) (x3).
  • Request for campus interview (1/30)
  • Any more news here? (3/15)
    • Not a word.
    • Campus interviews were only completed this week, then the university goes on spring break
  • Offer made and accepted (4/5)

University of Limerick - Lecturer Above the Bar in Festive Arts (Deadline: 10 May 2013)[]

  • PhD in festive arts or a related discipline with a proven track record of research and publication in the area of festive arts or a related discipline, as well as work experience in the area of festival performance, coordination, curatorship or management.
  • OVERALL PURPOSE OF THE JOB:  To act as Course Director for the MA Festive Arts programme within the overall context and ethos of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick and to work closely with festival initiatives linked to or initiated by the Irish World Academy; to develop a research specialization in the area of festive arts at the Academy and to create interdisciplinary bridges with resonant disciplines such as community music, ritual song, performance studies, sociology  etc.
  • DESCRIPTION (from an email to the SEM-list)
    • The MA Festive Arts programme is a new, taught, one-year Masters programme at the Irish World Academy. To date, the Academy has specialised in music and dance performance practices but, with this programme, will expand its pedagogical offerings to include the study of other aspects of performance under the umbrella title of Festive Arts. The programme will offer students the opportunity to apprentice with a festival towards the acquisition of skills related to festival coordination and design, as well as introducing methods for the study of festival, a survey of global festivity, and aspects of festival management. These areas will be taught or coordinated by the successful candidate.
    • The MA Festive Arts joins a suite of ten taught Masters programmes at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, which also offers two undergraduate programmes (BA Voice and Dance; BA Irish Music and Dance Performance), as well as doctoral-level research opportunities and a structured PhD programme in Arts Practice.
    • The MA Festive Arts programme has a special relationship to the MA Community Music programme with which it will develop shared areas of study.
    • Candidates for this position will have:
      • PhD in festive arts or a related discipline, as well as a proven track record of research in a relevant area.
      • A proven track record of coordinating, directing or curating festivals
      • A demonstrable ability to develop a research specialization in the area of festive arts at the Academy and to create interdisciplinary bridges with resonant disciplines such as community music, ritual song, performance studies, sociology etc.
      • A demonstrable ability to communicate effectively in an environment of innovation in teaching and learning practice
      • A demonstrable ability to coordinate administrative responsibilities relevant to an academic programme of study
      • An ability to form strong academic and performance relationships across a wide range of interests at the Irish World Academy
      • A resonance with, and an ability to contribute to the developing programmes at the Academy
      • In addition to the above, candidates may have the following:
        • Experience of teaching at third level
        • A specific performance skill relevant to festival performance
  • Note: this application is due by 12 PM local time on 10 May 2013.
    • And, question: can anyone explain the difference between "above the bar" and "below the bar" in Irish institutions?

University of Louisville - Assistant Professor in Western Musicology (Deadline: 12 November 2012)[]

  • Candidates in Western musicology with primary specialization(s) in music before 1750 and/or after 1900. Those with research specialties in additional areas (such as jazz studies, popular music studies, ethnomusicology, etc.) are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Experience with distance learning and familiarity with current classroom technology tools will be an advantage.
  • 10/5: The Human Resources employment page doesn't have the job listed, but the music dept has a description here:
  • Communicated this concern to the search committee, and it turns out that it was just a clerical error. Online application link has been restored.
  • This appears to be written for an inside hire/current NTT instructor.
    • Hah, maybe I'm paranoid, but they almost all feel like that to me.
    • I didn't see any obvious insider: their VAP is 19th C & most of their part-timers don't have Ph.D.s....
    • Word on the street is that this search is controversial within the School. Considering what happened last year, one can hardly be surprised.
      • For those of us not in the know, what happened last year, and what is the nature of this controversy?
        • Last year they conducted a search and collected materials only to have the entire process short-circuited by the state budget.
  • Is there really no news on this? Three months seems like rather a long time, even given interdepartmental tensions.
  • Request for additional materials (12/6)
  • Campus interviews scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted
    • Email "rejection" received (4/9) x 2
    • But it didn't actually say it rejected anyone or hired anyone. The wording was a little odd. (x2)

University of Manitoba – Assistant Professor of Musicology (Deadline: 15 March, 2013)– FILLED: James Maiello (Vanderbilt; UC SANTA BARBARA, 2007)[]

  • The Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba invites applications for a full-time tenure-track probationary position at the rank of Assistant Professor in Musicology, commencing July 1, 2013. Ideal candidates will hold a Ph.D in Musicology (or related discipline). Applicants with a masters and equivalent combination of education, research, and teaching experience will be considered. Position Number: 16023
  • We are seeking an outstanding researcher with a record of success in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The candidate should demonstrate promise of continuing scholarly activities on local, national and international levels. The faculty is seeking a versatile, adaptable team player — a supportive colleague with exemplary teaching and research skills.
  • The successful candidate will have a teaching specialization in two or more of the following areas of music history; Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic and Modern, and Ethnomusicology. The successful candidate will teach the first year survey courses Introduction to Music in History 1 and 2 as well as other music history electives.
  • Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.
  • Music faculty members participate actively in the workings of the unit, including recruitment and auditions of prospective students. Service is expected on University and Faculty committees as well as juries and recitals, as is professional achievement and growth through continued research and publication. The successful candidate will join a dynamic faculty that is active locally, nationally and internationally in teaching and research. In the fall of 2014, the Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music will move to impressive new state-of-the-art facilities.
  • The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Music has a growing enrollment of 270 undergraduate and 20 graduate students, and offers a B.Mus. degree in performance, composition, history and general studies, a Bachelor of Jazz Studies degree, an integrated music education program, a Post-Baccalaureate program in performance and a M.Mus in performance, composition and conducting. There are 26 full-time and 50 sessional faculty members. For further information about the Faculty of Music and the new facilities currently under construction (Taché Arts Project), visit the website:
  • The city of Winnipeg offers a varied and rich cultural life including numerous outstanding organizations: the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and WSO New Music Festival, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Groundswell, three professional theatre companies, thriving dance companies including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, a vibrant jazz scene, nationally recognized art galleries, and many individual artists working in all of the artistic areas. In recent years, Manitoba’s investment in cultural education has been one of the highest in the country, and this is reflected in the excellent music programs in Manitoba’s schools. The region also provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation in all seasons. Learn more about Winnipeg at http//
  • Applications must include: a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, names and contact information for three references. Electronic submissions via email are preferred. Please send application materials to:
Professor Joan Linklater, Associate Dean and Chair
Musicology Search Committee
Tel: (204) 474-6194
Fax: (204) 474-7546
  • Mailing address:
    Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music
    University of Manitoba
    65 Dafoe Road,Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 2N2

4/9 Has there been any movement on this position?

  • No news here (4/12)
  • Invitation to interview
  • Offer accepted (5/22).

University of Maryland - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: November 15, 2012) POSITION FILLED: Shayna Silverstein (CHICAGO, 2012)[]

  • The Division of Musicology and Ethnomusicology of the University of Maryland School of Music seeks an ethnomusicologist of exceptional promise or established reputation, with expertise in the music of the Middle East (broadly defined).
  • Significant experience in fieldwork, ability to enhance interdisciplinary interaction with programs such as theatre and dance, and expertise in audio-visual documentation and editing are all desirable.
  • Ph.D. (attained by August 2013) in ethnomusicology or a related field; strong background in both cultural anthropology and historical musicology; fieldwork experience; evidence or promise of excellence in research, teaching (graduate and undergraduate), and graduate advising.
  • This seems incredibly specific. Just out of curiosity, does anyone meet all of these requirements?
  • I don't think this is that specific - it just shows a preference for geographical area, but the other requirements are on par with the interdisciplinary nature of ethno
  • It reads more like a wishlist for an area with the added desire for someone who is conversant in performance studies and can add a video component to an ethnographic methods course. There are plenty of other jobs on this wiki that have specific requests of their candidates in both fields.
  • Just to add: I emailed the chair to ask whether the area requirement for this job was flexible, and he clarified for me that it is not very flexible--they really need someone specializing in Middle Eastern musics (broadly defined, to be sure).
  • Right. I was talking about the videography / dance / theater part being a wishlist. Sorry to confuse. Think of it like a time period specialization for historical musicologists. If your focus is solely on early music, you probably wouldn't apply for a 19th century position, right?
  • Expert in Middle East w/ experience in fieldwork, audio-video documentation, and cultural anthropology all clearly relate to each other. And yes, there are ethnomusicologists who also draw theoretically from dance studies, theatre, and performance studies. It's the strong background in historical musicology that I have a hard understanding. This is more than a regional or temporal designation, it's requesting three different methodological approaches. Not saying it doesn't happen, of course, but this reads to me like a program that wants an outstanding ethnomusicologist who can also "fit in" to a traditional music department. I'll be interested in seeing who they hire.
  • Request for additional materials (11/18) x2
  • Phone interview (12/7)
  • Campus visits scheduled for late January/early February
  • Offer made and accepted (2/22).

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Associate Professor of Music History (Deadline: 29 October 2012) – SEARCH CANCELLED[]

  • record of excellence in college or university teaching, including interdisciplinary experience"
  • To see the job posting, go to the UMass music webpage (linked above), click Faculty, then Faculty Searches, and download the PDF.
  • Per job description, this is a senior scholar position.
  • Request to contact more references and for additional materials.  (11/30)
  • Any news? Have interviews taken place?
  • Does anybody know who got the job?
  • Brief email indicating "the search has been cancelled" received 5/17/13

University of Miami- Associate Professor of Musicology (Deadline: 1 December 2012) FILLED: Karen Henson (Columbia University; UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, 2000)[]

  • minimum 5 years full-time collegiate teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate levels
  • demonstrated national reputation as a researcher with the potential to achieve an international reputation
  • specialty open, but should complement existing faculty strengths
  • 4-19 Very kind rejection letter received
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Any idea who got the job?
  • Wonderful news! Congratulations, Karen!

University of Minnesota - Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature (Deadline: 22 October, 2012) FILLED: Michael Gallope (CHICAGO, Society of Fellows postdoc; NYU, 2011)[]

  • Includes "critical musicology and sound studies"
  • In fact Leppert has NOT retired. The department is interested in building in music, sound studies, media music, etc., as well as in other areas listed in the job description. (x2)
  • I spoke with Dr. Leppert at the recent AMS conference in New Orleans, and he personally asked me to post to this list and re-iterate that he is NOT retiring. No one seems to know how this rumor got started, least of all Dr. Leppert. (x2)
  • (1/8) materials had been requested in December per Comparative wiki above. Apparently nearly six hundred applicants. 
  • Thanks to the person who checked on that and updated this page. (1/10)
  • Filled by Michael Gallope (CHICAGO, Society of Fellows postdoc; NYU, 2011). (3/19)
  • Congrats Michael! (x2)

University of New Mexico - Assistant Professor of Music History (Deadline: 15 December 2012) FILLED: KRISTINA JACOBSEN (DUKE 2012); ANA ALONSO-MINUTTI (University of North Texas; UC DAVIS 2008)[]

  • "Preference given to candidates with a strong secondary area, such as ethnomusicology, American music, Latin American music, border music, African diasporic music, popular music or world music."
  • They want UNDERGRAD transcripts? LMAO, SMH, etc.
  • Can we all agree to send only 2 syllabi each? Guess I know how I'll be spending Thanksgiving break...
  • Anything? 1/26
  • Someone told me they called UNM in the last week and the search committee indicated that they were still very much in the process of evaluating applications.
  • Request for Letters, Writing Samples, Teaching Video (2/2)
  • Request for phone interview 2/21
  • Anything? 3/11
  • Campus interviews scheduled
  • Offer made
  • Like in Cornell, the candidates were very strong and they decided to open a second line. Way to go UNM!
  • Congratulations!!!

University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: 14 December, 2012) – FILLED: Andrea Bohlman (UPenn postdoc; HARVARD 2012)[]

  • The Music Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seeks to appoint a scholar with expertise in the field of music since 1900. The successful candidate will be expected to engage in research, service, and teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • I saw this posted on the Theory/Composition wiki, and also listed on the SMT's "Music Theory Online" job board. Does anyone know whether this is a theory job or a musicology job? Or some combination of the two? The posting is pretty vague.
  • (10/28) UNC believes in "Musicology" as an integrated field encompassing historical musicology, theory, and ethno into a broader, more cohesive whole. They have recently lost both a theory specialist and a historian who specialize in 20th-century fields, so they could be looking to fill either position (more likely the theorist, who they lost first) or seeking someone who can effectively teach in both discipines. I know that isn't terribly decisive, but it is nonetheless the case.
  • Heads-up: when you submit your application, it sends emails to the folks you list as references asking that they complete letters of reference by 12/14. Whether or not letters were required was ambiguous on the listing; I hadn't realized that they'd ask for time-sensitive letters and thought that they'd contact them for the next round. Not a problem, per se, but not expected.
    • It must be the application system. The same thing happened at Penn – the job ad said "no letters required" yet, the online application system requested the letters almost immediately. It's even likely that the search committee doesn't know that this is how it is happening. Best not to get too upset.
    • Their system works well if you're using Interfolio for reference letters. I submitted at the UNC website at night (long after business hours) and Interfolio received the request and processed delivery within minutes. 
  • Request for more materials (12/17) (x3)
    • That is a FAST turnaround!
  • Campus visits have been scheduled.
  • Rejection letter received.  Over 150 applicants.

University of North Florida – Assistant Professor of Musicology (Open Until Filled)[]

  • "Initial assignment will include teaching undergraduate courses within the music history sequence, world music, literature and musicology topics."
  • "Demonstrated success in applied teaching is welcome."
    • By "applied teaching" I assume they mean teaching lessons. Am I reading this right?
    • That's how I read it; not uncommon at smaller schools or those who hire mostly adjuncts to do the studio lessons. I once got a job bc I listed my undergrad instrument - chair said not many put it on their CVs.
    • Just contacted the head of the committee; "applied teaching" does refer to ability to teach applied lessons
    • Indeed, the hire will almost certainly teach lessons. Afraid that's the reality at many programs.
  • Phone interviews conducted week of 11.19.12
  • On-campus interviews conducted in early December.
  • Offer made (and apparently accepted).
    • Sarah Caissie Provost (Brandeis 2011)
    • Congrats Sarah!!!

University of Notre Dame - Assistant Professor of Musicology (Deadline: 1 October 2012) FILLED: Chris Chowrimootoo (Oxford Brookes, Early Career Fellow; HARVARD, ABD)[]

  • "We seek applicants with an interest in interdisciplinary work and/or sacred music who would complement the expertise of the Notre Dame music faculty
    • Has anyone actually found this job on the Notre Dame website? It doesn't seem to come up under the 'search for positions' link ...
  • Deadline extended to October 15.
  • Email acknowledging receipt of materials (10/23) x3 (10/23)
  • Request for additional materials (10/29) x10 (and here I thought I was all special and what-not.)
    • But you are special. Think of all of the people who didn't make that cut. Be proud.
  • Request for telephone interview (11/19) X 1
  • Rejection letter (11/24) x 5
  • I had gotten a request for further materials, but received a rejection letter today (12/10). Very thoughtful and polite, though. (x6)
  • Neither request for telephone interview nor rejection letter. (12/12)
  • Candidates have been invited to campus. (1/10)
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Oregon - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: October 1, 2012) FILLED: JUAN EDUARDO WOLF (INDIANA 2013)[]

  • "undergraduate and graduate-level courses in ethnomusicology and world music. Specialization in any area will be considered"
  • Email acknowledging receipt of materials (9/26)
  • Email request for conference interview (10/29) X 2
  • Email request for additional material (11/11) X 2
  • Campus visit requested (12/21)
  • Any word on this position?
  • Campus visits ongoing.
  • Ongoing campus visits as of the week of Feb. 18
  • Heard that an offer has been made
  • Offer made and accepted (3/19/13)
    • Are you willing to disclose the name? (5/2)
    • Juan Eduardo Wolf, Indiana 2013 (5/3)
      • Thanks!

University of Oslo - Associate Professor within the Cultural Study of Music (Deadline: 21 May 2013) FILLED: Nanette Nielsen (University of Nottingham; ROYAL HOLLOWAY, 2009)[]

  • The Department of Musicology seeks to appoint an associate professor specializing in the cultural study of music. The department emphasizes a critical approach to musicology and covers a wide range of research areas, including popular music studies, cognitive musicology and music history. For this reason the post is not advertised as genre specific.
  • The successful recipient of this post will be expected to initiate and conduct research at a high international standard, participating in teaching, supervision and evaluation at all levels, and fulfilling administrative duties in accordance with the needs of the Department.
  • Requirements
    • PhD or equivalent academic qualifications in music
    • Pedagogical skills and qualifications in leadership and administration
    • Personal suitability and motivation for the position
  • The following qualifications will count in the assessment of the applicants
    • Academic qualifications and academic production, with emphasis on works published within the last 5 years.
    • Research competence in musicology; a capacity for original and innovative work will be prioritized above quantitative productivity.
    • A substantial track record of international peer-reviewed publications
    • Potential to contribute to the long-term development of the academic and research environment at the department
    • Pedagogical qualifications and a capacity to actively engage students
    • Interest, ability and experience in management and administration
    • Collaborative skills and willingness to initiate joint projects
    • Experience with collaboration across established academic environments and ability to build international networks
    • Communication and public outreach skills
    • In the assessment of the qualified candidates all criteria listed above will be explicitly addressed and assessed.
    • Academic quality, development potential and scope will be prioritized in this order.
  • Applicants who at the time of appointment cannot document basic teaching qualifications will be required to obtain such qualifications within a two year period. On appointment a candidate not fluent in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish will be expected to learn sufficient Norwegian within a reasonable time-frame in order to participate actively in all functions the position entails.

  • Conditions of employment on offer
    • Salary level 57-64 (468 400 - 532 700 NOK per year, depending on qualifications)
    • The possibility to apply for promotion to full professorship at a later stage
    • A professionally stimulating working environment
    • Pension agreement with Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
    • Attractive welfare benefits
  • Submissions
    • Applicants need to submit the following documentation as attachments with the electronic application form, preferably in pdf format:
      • Application letter describing qualifications
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • List of published and unpublished works
      • Description of one or more research projects which may be relevant for the Department
      • Proposed topics for MA theses (areas in which you feel qualified to supervise MA theses)
    • Applicants are asked to describe and exemplify the entire range of qualifications and criteria mentioned in the announcement of the post
  • Selection procedure
    • In the first instance a Selection Panel will request selected candidates to submit a portfolio of educational certificates and academic works (up to 10 publications, which should not exceed 500 pages in total) for further assessment. Applicants who are invited to submit academic works are asked to select three works, published within the last five years, to be considered as more relevant for the position. In larger volumes (monographs), applicants may specify relevant chapters. Applicants are also asked to document other qualifications (public outreach, teaching and supervision, leadership and administration). At the next stage, a Selection Board will then assess the submitted works and provide a report listing a shortlist of applicants. The final part of the assessment process involves an interview and trial lecture.
  • Within his/her normal duties, and in accordance with his/her academic competence, the person appointed may also be asked to work outside his/her department. The appointment is subject to changes to the subject area and tasks that may be determined by the employer.
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 30 September 2012)  FILLED: Jim Sykes (King's College-London postdoc; CHICAGO, 2011)[]

  • "All areas of specialization will be considered; the Department especially encourages applications from scholars with strong interdisciplinary orientations and with an ability to engage other sub-disciplines in music."
  • Does anyone know who's chairing this committee, or who's on it?
  • Request for additional materials (10/16) X 3
  • Short-list/campus invite (11/10) X 2
  • Are they only interviewing 2 people? Does anyone know?
    • Apologies if I'm reading too much into your question, but in general one should not take the numbers posted on this site to be the full pool. A few years ago, I remember someone (Ryan Banagale?) writing that the numbers on the wiki tend to reflect about 1/3 of the total numbers in most searches. That may have gone up somewhat, but one still shouldn't assume that x2 means there are only 2 candidates.
    • they are interviewing 4.
    • Any news here? I feel like this search, and the other Penn search, must have been decided by now.
    • Heard through the grapevine that an offer's been made but there is not yet any official notification (?)

University of Pennsylvania - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship (Deadline: 30 November 2012)[]

  • Three two-year Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.
  • Fellows will teach one course per term. Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within two years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (August, 2011 or later.) $50,923 stipend.
  • We are especially seeking fellows in Africana Studies (Africa, especially religion or South Africanist, or early African American history, especially slavery, black Atlantic), Philosophy, and Religious Studies (specialist in the study of Islam and gender in Asia).

University of Pennsylvania - Musicology (Open Rank) (Deadline: 30 September 2012) FILLED: Mauro Calcagno (SUNY Stony Brook; YALE, 2000)[]

  • "All areas of specialization will be considered; however, scholars who work on topics pre-1700 or post-1900 are especially encouraged to apply. We also encourage applications from scholars with strong interdisciplinary orientations and with an ability to engage other sub-disciplines in music and sound studies."
  • (Technically, this job posting is "open rank.")
    • Does anyone know if the reference letters are on the we'll-contact-your-references model? The wording of the ad is a bit confusing.
    • Yes, they contact your references asking for letters shortly after you submit the application (or at least that was the case with the ethno position).
    • My first job market mistake of the year: I thought their phrasing meant they'd only ask for letters of recommendation later in the process... so I didn't alert my referees. Fortunately, they are champs and submitted them on time anyway.
    • It doesn't sound like a mistake, but rather you took their description at their word. I suspect that they automatically requested letters from applicants' references, but they will still consider applications without them.
    • I made this mistake last year and felt terrible. Now I just assume that all online applications will automatically request letters if I include an email address on the form. For what it's worth, it did take a couple of weeks after I submitted my application for them to request letters. I'm not sure if it was a timing issue or if they are doing a quick review of the application before requesting letters (although my assumption is the former).
  • request for more materials (10/22)
  • Job ad reposted on The Chronicle (10/26): "Review of applications will begin 12 October 2012 and continue until the position is filled." Looks like they weren't impressed by the applications they got, which I find hard to believe. Any thoughts?
    • Yes, I thought that was very strange. I wonder if there was some sort of clerical error or miscommunication. I can't imagine they're rebooting the search, especially with that bizarre Oct. 12 deadline.
    • Any movement on this one? With such an early deadline I would have thought there would be more info, but perhaps not!
    • Finalists have been chosen, I've heard, but I don't know any more than that. Seems to be a bad year for people updating the wiki!
  • Anything on this? I've heard nothing (3/19)
    • Nary a peep. (3/21)
      • Still nothing?
        • Position filled.
          • Can you share a name? (5/5)
            • Noted as filled (5/7)
  • Congratulations, Mauro!!!

University of Pittsburgh - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 1 December 2012) – SEARCH FAILED[]

  • "We seek a specialist in the music of East Asia"
  • "Expertise in an area such as global or transnational studies, popular music, or gender and sexuality is desireable."
  • Any movement on this search? (1/17)
  • Campus interviews scheduled
  • Any news? (3/22)
  • Search called off--will resume next year. (mailed letter received 5/20)

University of Richmond – Assistant Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 22 October 2012) POSITION FILLED: Joanna Love-Tulloch (UCLA 2012)[]

  • specialist in American vernacular music
  • Connections across departments and programs are a strength of the University of Richmond curriculum and applicants who can offer interdisciplinary courses are strongly desired.
  • 10/9 email from the department: "We would like to clarify that we are seeking a specialist in North American music - not Latin American or South American music. We apologize for any confusion."
  • Maybe they should have called it "specialist in Anglo-American vernacular music"
  • Interesting, because I got an email with a rather contradictory message: I also asked how they defined "American vernacular music" and did it include the Americas; response was that they would consider a scholar who did research on music "performed and consumed by Hispanics in the U.S."
  • Holding interviews at AMS/SMt/SEM in New Orleans.
  • How is "Hispanics in the US" contradictory? If they want North America/US, that includes "Anglo" (although, yuck!) as well as Af-Am, Hispanic, Asian, Native Am etc. I read it as a geographical consideration rather than a cultural one. But I'm not on the search committee so I know nothing.
  • For what it's worth, I don't think the "contradictory" poster above was saying that the message s/he received was internally contradictory, but rather contradicted what the 10/9 email said. One email says "not Latin American music." The other e-mail says "performed and consumed by Hispanics in the U.S." So which is it? (Or at least that is how I understood the bullet 3 above this one).
  • Right, especially considering that border studies and transnational studies have been around for quite some time. The entire premise is troublesome.
  • Nothing wrong with looking for someone whose research is close to home, geographically speaking. Especially since the other musicologists in the department work on music in Bali and France.
    • Agreed. There are many benefits to studying music in the U.S. - insider ethnography, ethnography of elite cultures, possibilities for student research, etc.. But I do think the search committee will likely find that there are many different interpretations of what constitutes "American" music.
  • Any movement on this job? (11/15)
    • 8 (of 106) asked for a writing sample.  What a nice gesture to include details search committee!
    • Thank you for posting this, am glad to know I have company (doubtless all well-qualified and highly promising scholars). Would anyone who advanced be so kind as to post their sub-field? I'm very curious to know what they were looking for here.
    • Heard secondhand that campus visits are scheduled.
    • offer made and accepted.
    • Rejection received via email, 3/8. Over 100 applicants.
  • Rec'd email indicating Joanna Love-Tulloch (UCLA) accepted position (3/9)
  • Congrats Joanna!!!

University of Saskatchawen - Specialist in Undergraduate Music History and Musicianship / Aural Skills  (Priority Deadline: 21 May 2013)[]

  • The University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Science invites applications for the following position: Specialist in Undergraduate Music History and Musicianship / Aural Skills. This is a ten-month full-time non-tenure-track term appointment at the rank of Instructor with an employment activation date of September 1, 2013. This in-scope position carries with it benefits plus a modest relocation package.
  • Qualifications and experience: doctorate in relevant academic field preferred (ABD considered) at the time of appointment and evidence of post-secondary teaching experience.
  • Duties include teaching core courses in undergraduate music history and musicianship and aural skills. The successful candidate is required to participate in administrative functions commensurate with the rank of Instructor and will be assigned such duties by the Head of the Department of Music.
  • With a present complement of nine full-time faculty members and twenty-two sessional instructors, the Department of Music offers a B.Mus. (Performance, Individualized, and Music Education streams), a B.A. (Major in Music), as well as graduate degrees in close affiliation with three Colleges: Arts and Science, Education, and Graduate Studies and Research. It has an established record of national and international interdisciplinary activities including a number of academic pursuits, performing ensembles, and a variety of outreach and engagement activities. For more information about the Department of Music visit
  • The University of Saskatchewan is situated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s largest and Canada’s fastest growing city, with a vibrant arts community (symphony orchestra, opera, theatre companies, jazz festival/society, art galleries, etc.). The College of Arts & Science offers a dynamic combination of programs in the humanities and fine arts, the social sciences and the sciences. There are over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students in the College and 325 faculty, including 12 Canada Research Chairs. The College emphasizes student and faculty research, interdisciplinary programs, community outreach and international opportunities. 
  • The University of Saskatchewan is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a city with a diverse and thriving economic base, a vibrant arts community and a full range of leisure opportunities. The University has a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and scholarly activities and offers a full range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to a student population of about 20,000. The university is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities. 
  • Applicants are invited to send a letter of introduction, curriculum vitae, a statement of teaching philosophy, and other supportive materials including three confidential letters of recommendation, to:
    • Dr. Gerald Langner, Head 
    • College of Arts & Science Department of Music 
    • University of Saskatchewan 
    • 28 Campus Drive Saskatoon, SK S7N OX1 
    • 306-966-8352 
  • Application Deadline: The position will remain open until filled. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all materials before May 21, 2013. 
  • The University of Saskatchewan is strongly committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace that empowers all employees to reach their full potential. All members of the university community share a responsibility for developing and maintaining an environment in which differences are valued and inclusiveness is practiced. The university welcomes applications from those who will contribute to the diversity of our community. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority.

University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor of Musicology (Deadline: 30 April 2013)[]

FILLED: Kunio Hara (INDIANA, 2012).

  • The University of South Carolina School of Music is accepting applications for Assistant Professor of Musicology, tenure-track, to being August 2013.  Duties will be to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Western music history and culture (2 courses per semester during the academic year). Establish and maintain an active program of research and scholarly publication. Provide service to department, university and profession including masters and doctoral comprehensive examination and document committees, and School of Music committees. The music history area seeks an historical musicologist at the rank of assistant professor.  Music scholars specializing in 19th century French or Italian opera are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates should demonstrate evidence of scholarly promise and a commitment to excellence in teaching. Secondary areas complimenting those of the existing faculty (20th century music, post-war politics and culture, non-western music) are especially  welcome.  Position requires a Ph.D. degree in Music History, Musicology or a related field by August 2013.  
  • Apply at . Attach a letter of application including teaching philosophy and curriculum vita.  Transcripts and three current letters of recommendation should be mailed to: Music History Search Committee, School of Music, University of South Carolina, 813 Assembly St. Columbia, SC 29208.  The deadline for applications is April 30, 2013.
  • Rumor mill: there is a very strong and qualified internal candidate
  • Indeed, likely not worth the effort.  
  • This is wrong, you know that, right?. If the candidate is so qualified, then maybe their candidacy (and the committee) will survive some scrutiny from the ombudsman. 
  • Two thoughts on this: 1) Over the course of the last 15 years or so, I have seen quite a few searches where the "strong inside candidate" did not get the job. Indeed, it seems to be less and less the case that committees look favorably on internal candidacies. 2) It seems to me that the only person with an interest to dissuade us from applying to this job would be the "inside candidate". The safest bet here is that if you don't apply, you probably won't get the job; apart from that there is no way to predict the outcome. So don't be dissuaded from applying.
  • The person disuading is not a candidate. Do apply! 
  • Any updates on this one? (6/5)
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Southern California Postdoctoral Scholars Program in the Humanities (Deadline: 15 November 2012, by noon)[]

  • "Candidates must have received the Ph.D. no earlier than July 1, 2009 and must have the degree in hand by July 1, 2013"
    • Also posted at Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2012-13
    • Email receipt of materials (10/23)
    • Offer made (according to the Humanities and Social Sciences Postdoc Wiki)
    • PS if you get a LinkedIn invite, don't get your hopes up... it's the new passive way of saying 'let's just be friends' without actually breaking the bad news to you...
    • Does anyone know who all received positions? The other wiki only gives info for some of the slots. Just curious!

University of Surrey - Fixed-Term Lecturer in Musicology (Deadline: 25 July 2013)[]

  • We are seeking applications to the fixed-term (9 month) post of Lecturer in Musicology, ideally from 30th September 2013.
  • The School of Arts at Surrey has an outstanding international reputation for its research and teaching in the performing arts. Our learning environment is suited to our special mix of scholarship, academic research and high-level arts practice; our facilities include performance venues, recording studios, workshops, rehearsal and practice rooms, laboratories and post-production suites. Our Music and Sound Recording subject areas have an active culture of performance and composition and deliver three undergraduate programmes: Music, Creative Music Technology, and Music and Sound Recording. We also run a Masters degree with pathways in musicology, composition and performance. In musicology there is a focus on music from the nineteenth century to the present day.
  • As a new colleague you will contribute to our expanding Music portfolio, from short courses to doctoral study. You will have a broad understanding of current issues, trends and practices in Musicology, with a demonstrable commitment to exploring this through research publication in the area of Musicology from the 19th Century onwards. You will already have experience of academic administration and will be confident in teaching across at least four of the following areas; musical history, musicological method, Romanticism, Classical Studies, Jazz Studies, Opera Studies, Contemporary Issues in the Cultural Industries, Historical Performance Practice, and/or Baroque Fugue.
  • The Arts at Surrey are dynamic and interconnected, in keeping with today's cultural industries. Our environment is increasingly interdisciplinary, whilst comprising strong and distinctive subject areas. At Surrey we aim to understand contexts of the Arts, explain processes and develop practices. We work with the best staff, students and partners, who continue to shape the future of our disciplines.
  • Informal inquiries may be made to Dr Jeremy Barham ( For information and to apply on-line, please visit If you are unable to apply online, please contact Diana Balchin by telephone: 01483 682605 or e-mail: quoting reference number 9511.
  • Closing date: 25th July 2013 Interview date: 8th August 2013
    • Note: this is a temporary position, so non-EU visa sponsorship is not available. So sayeth the chair.

University of Texas - Pan American - Lecturer in Ethnomusicology / Musicology [One-Year Appointment ] FILLED: Andrés Amado (UTEXAS, 2013)[]

  • The University of Texas Pan American seeks applicants for a Non Tenure- Track Lecturer Position in Ethnomusicology / Musicology.
  • This appointment will be effective Fall 2013. A completed Master of Music Degree (by August 1, 2013) with an emphasis in Ethnomusicology and/or Musicology is required to be considered during the screening and interview process. Primary responsibilities include teaching Ethnomusicology, Music History; World Music, Music Appreciation, and other classes as needed by the department. Latin-American, Mexican-American, or Music of the Borderlands (Texas and Mexico) specialist preferred. A bilingual candidate (English/Spanish) is preferred. Proficiency on Guitar or Percussion is considered a strong asset. Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated effectiveness in classroom teaching and the ability to relate to a diverse group of students. Candidates should demonstrate the potential for continued scholarly activity. Other expectations include collegial participation in committee and service activities. The Department of Music and Dance of UTPA is committed to (1) providing high-quality training in the areas of music education, music performance, and ethnomusicology at the undergraduate and graduate levels for students pursuing careers in music, (2) offering a broad musical education in the liberal arts tradition to general students, and (3) enhancing the multi-cultural musical environment of the community through the talents and expertise of its faculty and students. The Department of Music and Dance faculty seeks to fulfill its responsibilities in a collegial learning community through excellent teaching; appropriate and expanded course offerings; a wide variety of multi-cultural and multi-lingual performance opportunities that reflect the international character of the community; and scholarly and creative contributions to the academic and general communities. We seek candidates who are committed to these same goals and wish to contribute to our learning community. For more information about the UTPA please visit
  • Required Education- Master in Music with an emphasis in Ethnomusicology and/or Musicology (must be completed by August 1, 2013).
  • Preferred Education- A completed doctorate in music with an emphasis in Ethnomusicology and/or Musicology is preferred.
  • Committee review of applications begins immediately.
    • Note: This is the relaunched version of the original tenure-track search listed below, which did not succeed.
    • Position filled.

University of Texas - Pan American - Tenure-Track (Deadline: 10 December 2012) - FAILED[]

  • A completed doctorate (by July 1, 2013) is required, but ABD’s will be considered during the screening and interview process.
  • Primary responsibilities include teaching Ethnomusicology, Music History; World Music, Music Appreciation, and other classes as needed by the department. Latin-American, Mexican-American, or Music of the Borderlands (Texas and Mexico) specialist preferred.
  • A bilingual candidate (English/Spanish) is preferred.
  • Proficiency on Guitar or Percussion is considered a strong asset.
  • Are they trying to duplicate Cathy Ragland, or did she leave?
    • They are trying to replace Cathy Ragland who is now at the University of North Texas
  • Skype interview requested (1/29)
  • Campus interview scheduled (2/6)
  • Offer made (4/1)
    • Was the offer accepted? (5/5)
    • The offer was declined. I'm not sure if they offered the position to another candidate or if it was declared a failed search (5/16).
    • It failed like a motherfucker!
      • Faild and relaunched as a 1-year VAP (listed just above). (7/15)

University of the Highlands and Islands, Perth College - Music Lecturer (Deadline: 29 July 2013)[]

  • You will play a significant role in the delivery and further development of the MMus program.
    • Prepare suitable teaching materials for the delivery of courses. Teach course contents, using a range of delivery modes, as appropriate, eg. classroom based, tutorial, outreach, open/distance learning, and short course methods.
    • Plan delivery mechanisms and oversee the delivery of units, modules, including, where appropriate, the oversight of part time staff primarily engaged in teaching and assessment without significant involvement in other professional duties. **Mark/assess student progress, examinations and assignments ensuring students in relation to welfare issues and academic counselling.
    • Comply with the College’s internal verification procedures. Carry out administrative duties regarding enrolments, student induction, course delivery and student records, making full use of available support.
    • Contribute to curriculum development activities, including: assisting with the identification of customer requirements; the modification and evaluation of courses; and the planning and design of curricular initiatives.
    • Participate in research and consultancy activities.
  • The further particulars (no longer online) specified that this was open to non-EU nationals.
  • Letter sent 2 Aug 2013 (by international mail, even!) to inform candidates who didn't make the cut for the interview stage. Very polite. (8/8)

University of Virginia McIntire – Lecturer in Music Theory and Musicology  (Deadline: open until filled) FILLED: Daniel Shanahan (Ohio State postdoc; DUBLIN-TRINITY COLLEGE, 2011) []

  • The University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music seeks candidates for a one-year, non-renewable position in music theory and musicology, beginning August 25, 2013. Responsibilities include three courses per semester. This is a full-time appointment as Lecturer with salary of $36,000 plus benefits. Ph.D. or equivalent in music theory, musicology, or related field is required. Specialization is open, but courses will include undergraduate theory, 19th-century music history, and a doctoral seminar of the candidate's own design. For additional information on the McIntire Department of Music visit
  • To apply, please complete a Candidate Profile online through Jobs@ UVA ( and search on posting 0611963, and electronically attach the following: cover letter, CV including names and contact information for at least three references, and writing sample.
  • Questions regarding this position should be directed to: Richard Will, 434-924-3052, rw6w at
  • The University will perform background checks on all new faculty hires prior to making a final offer of employment.
  • The University of Virginia is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, minorities, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
    • Confirmation of receipt of application, 5/16
    • Offer made; unsure if offer was accepted (6/13)

University of Waterloo (Conrad Grebel University College) - Faculty Position in Global Music (Ongoing) POSITION FILLED: Maisie Sum (University of British Columbia, 2012)[]

  • According to CUMS, "There is no change to the position, just not yet filled and still accepting applications."
  • In case it's of use--I was an applicant in last year's search process and my understanding, based on the feedback & conversations I had, is that (while the search is "global") the committee is interested in someone with relatively long-term life experience & fieldwork in Africa, Latin America, or Asia (so perhaps "global South" would be a good way to describe "global" in this case).
    • Yep. I had a phone interview, and my rejection email hinted at the same thing. I think multiple members of the search committee were missionaries, and they really value that long-term life experience in the global South.
    • I was short-listed last year and did an on-campus interview. I was told that the search committee after interviewing 4 candidates was confused about whather it wanted a social scientist, a musicologist or a performer-scholar. Then I was told that my application was no longer under consideration with no explanation provided. This position requires service in the college (a Mennonite, Christian college within a public university) as well as the university. A Mennonite probably would be most comfortable with that. According to Canadian law, the search cttee cannot say explicitly that it prefers hiring a Mennonite or active Christian, but if you are one, pursue this position if you like. I didn't fit this description.
    • I was also one of the four finalists and my experience tracks yours pretty closely--I was told, similarly, that the committee did not know what it wanted, and then was told that my application was no longer under consideration with no further explanation.
  • Rejection email received stating that they had moved on with a short list.
  • As of 1/24/2013 the ad seems to have been removed from the Grebel web site. Is it failed search, or has someone been hired?
  • Offer made and accepted (2/13).
    • Anyone know who so we can tick this one off? (3/19)
    • Maisie Sum, Ph.D. (University of British Columbia, Ethnomusicology, 2012)

University of Wisconsin-Madison – Assistant Professor of Anthropology / Global Music Studies (Deadlne: 8 December 2012)[]

  • The department seeks an empirically grounded scholar with an active research program, well versed in contemporary anthropological and ethnomusicological theory, who ranges widely in interdisciplinary scholarship. Preference given to candidates to candidates with research in Latin America, the Caribbean, and South Asia and topical focus on global popular music, diaspora studies, or the political economy of music.
  • The announcement gives both a snail-mail and an e-mail address for applications but doesn't specify which method is preferred. Can that be interpreted as applications submitted by e-mail are OK?
    • Yes. I submitted the email in the job ad and received a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours.
  • Does anyone have any clue about "Global Music Studies" at Wisconsin? They have an ethnomusicologist on the committee, and an ethno program. I can't seem to find anything about a "Global Music Studies" program at UW.
  • Request for further materials received 12/19
  • Affirmative Action Survey Request 1/3
    • Always awesome when these things arrive after the department has already moved on to a long-short list. (3x)
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position? Is there a strong inside candidate?
  • Ongoing campus interviews 2/23
  • Job talks concluded a number of weeks ago (4/1)
  • Rejection by surface mail (4/27)

Victoria University, New Zealand - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology (Deadline: September 17, 2012) - SEARCH FAILED[]

  • "U.S. equivalent to Assistant/Associate Professor"
  • "may give preference to candidates with a strong background in music cultures of the Asia/Pacific region, who are sensitive to fostering music in the local community, and who will consider ways to enhance the study of music at the NZSM across the breadth of its programmes"
  • Request for preliminary Skype interview
  • Rejection Email 10/30
  • I heard second-hand that this has been filled with a U.S. candidate. 
  • The initial search seems to have failed. They reopened it as a one year VAP search, which has already been filled. 2/5
    • Since it was closed and replaced as the above VAP search, I'm calling this as failed. Any objections? 4/28
  • ...and a new search was conducted and has just passed its submission deadline. 7/31

Victoria University, New Zealand - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology (Deadline: July 31, 2013)[]

  • The successful candidate will have completed a PhD in ethnomusicology or a related field, have a high level of teaching experience at the university level, and demonstrate the ability to maintain an international profile in research. The appointment will commence on 1 February 2014. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates should apply online at: Applications should include a cover letter describing qualifications for the position and a detailed CV. Candidates should also arrange for three letters of reference emailed separately to: Two representative samples of scholarly writing must also be included with the initial application and should be e-mailed separately to the HR Coordinator: Enquiries about the application process and materials should be directed to the HR Coordinator,
  • Informal academic enquiries about the position may be directed to the search committee chair, Dr. Brian Diettrich.
  • DEADLINE: Applications close 5pm NZST, 31 July 2013.
  • Note: this appears to be a new search for the opportunity just above (the search for which failed, leading to the successful VAP search below). Because the position starts within what we North Americans call the 2013-2014 Academic Year, it's being listed here instead of next year's wiki.

Victoria University, New Zealand - Visiting Lecturer in Musicology (Deadline: January 21, 2013) FILLED: Kimberly Cannady (ABD, University of Washington)[]

  • This is the position referenced immediately above.
  • "The New Zealand School of Music, a joint venture of Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington, seeks applicants for a temporary one-year appointment in Ethnomusicology (February-November, 2013). The position will be based at Victoria University in Wellington, the thriving arts and cultural capital of New Zealand.
  • "The NZSM intends to make further advances in ethnomusicology and is committed to a high level of expertise in teaching that crosses disciplinary boundaries and speaks to a broad range of practices in music studies. Candidates who have expertise in teaching in the following areas may have an advantage: music and world cultures (introductory level), ethnomusicological approaches to music and gender, and theory and method in ethnomusicology.   
  • "The ideal candidate will have completed a PhD in ethnomusicology or a related field and have teaching experience at the university level. Applicants who are currently completing a PhD will also be considered.  The appointment will commence on 15 February 2013.  Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates should send a complete CV, cover letter, and three letters of reference by email to:  Enquiries about the application process and materials should be directed to Lucy Coote ( Applications close on 5pm NZST, 21 January 2013."

Washington and Lee University - Associate or Full Professor of Music and Department Head (Deadline: 20 October 2012)[]

  • Position is no longer listed on the institutional website. Anyone have more specific news? (5/16)

West Chester University - Assistant Professor of Music History (Deadline: 1 December 2012) FILLED: Hayoung Heidi Lee (Stanford 2011)[]

  • West Chester University of Pennsylvania's Department of Music Theory, History, and Composition, School of Music, College of Visual and Performing Arts seeks a music historian committed to excellence in teaching who can demonstrate a record of, or potential for, significant scholarly contributions.
  • Candidates must be able to teach music appreciation, survey of music history for music majors, and graduate Baroque or Classical music, in addition to one or more of the following at the undergraduate and/or graduate level: Women in Music, World Music, American Musics (folk, classical, religious), History of Orchestral Music. Must be able to advise master's theses in music before 1800. Teaching assignments will include opportunities for teaching at off-campus sites and/or through distance education.
  • Research specialization in music 1600-1800 required. College level teaching experience required. Energetic, enthusiastic classroom persona essential.
  • What the announcement does not say: this is a (minimum) 4-4 teaching load.
    • I really wish search committees would be more forthcoming about these things. It looks like a sleight of hand.
    • This is standard at teaching (not research I) universities.
  • Contacted for phone interview (1/27) x4
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/15) x3
  • Those of us (or at least myself) who interviewed on campus were told we'd hear a final answer by the first or second week of April. Anyone hear anything? (4/17)
  • Position filled: Hayoung Heidi Lee (Stanford 2011)

West Virginia University -- Assistant Professor (Deadline December 1st) - FILLED: Travis Stimeling (Millikin; UNC-CHAPEL HILL, 2007)[]

  • Assistant Professor appointment, full-time tenure-track position, benefits eligible. The primary assignment is to teach courses in music history from a multicultural perspective for non-majors and music majors, as well as seminars for graduate students; teach a writing intensive music history course; serve on masters and doctoral committees; direct graduate research for the M.Mus. degree in music history and the D.M.A. degree in performance.
  • The successful candidate must have a comprehensive knowledge of all periods of Western Music History, including Jazz, a record of excellence in teaching at the collegiate level, and a strong commitment to research and publication with the potential for national and international achievement as a scholar. A Ph.D. is required. Candidates must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and enjoy working collaboratively in a vibrant academic environment.
  • The following materials should be sent to Dr. Keith Jackson, Director, School of Music, College of Creative Arts, West Virginia University, P.O. Box 6111, Morgantown, WV 26506-6111. Phone: 304-293-4532. Fax: 304-293-7491. Email: keith.jackson at; Materials will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped mailer: a letter of application; a curriculum vitae; a copy of a publication or paper read at a professional meeting; three letters of reference which address the applicant's potential as a publishing scholar and/or provide evidence of successful teaching; contact information for three references (including mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses).
  • Snail mail acknowledgement of application, EOE Survey (12/3) x3
  • Has anyone heard anything further about this one?
  • Request for phone interview. (1/25)
    • How were you contacted for the phone interview?
      • I was contacted by e-mail.
    • Any more info from anyone? x2
      • After the initial round of phone interviews with the dept. chair, references were contacted, and an additional round of phone interviews were held with the full committee (2nd week of February). No word since then. Good luck, everyone!
    • Campus interviews have been scheduled (by e-mail).

Western Michigan University - Assistant Professor of Music History / Ethnomusicology (Open Until Filled) FILLED: Alexander Cannon (MICHIGAN, 2011)[]

Almost no information provided in the ad (including app due date). Possible inside hire?

Further information is given if you click the "Apply Online Now" link in the ad.

I also find it suspicious that it was only advertised through this outlet.

  • "Desireable qualifications: Both undergraduate and graduate teaching experience. Research background in ethnomusicology and/or 20th century music. Skills as a performer and/or in technology. Ability to teach in other areas of the music curriculum."

[11/19] There was a VAP here last year, right? Maybe that candidate will stay on.

  • On-campus interviews scheduled (12/5)
  • This seems to confirm the suspicion that this is an internal hire. 
  • Offer made and accepted (1/29, reply to e-mail inquiry)
  • So they hired someone and didn't tell the applicants?
    • Classy.
    • So was it an internal hire?
  • 2/25 Rejection bcc email saying I "do not meet the minimum requirements for the position." (x6)
    • I suspect all of us who have receieve this letter not only meet but, perhaps, exceed these "minimum requirements." I have considered writing this search committee to ask that they consider a less generically offensive / more polite rejection letter. Though it's a "buyer's market," it is probably still smart for institutions to  recognize the strengths that rejected candidates might bring, in a long-term impression-management way.
    • I got a pretty good laugh at that rejection email. My guess is that someone in HR chose the wrong rejection email template and sent it by mistake.
    • I too was offended by the wording of this rejection email. I spoke with another colleague who also received the same form letter.  I feel strongly that they owe all the candidates an apology: reject whomever you want, obviously, but don't insult our credentials.  Western Michigan has created a serious amount of ill-will, and has damaged their own reputation, with this boneheaded HR blunder.
    • Hopefully we can acknowledge the blunder without lashing out from our own battered sense of self-worth. This whole process is already demoralizing. Such an offense, even unintended, stings so much more because we are already defensive about our qualifications. In the long run, I doubt offending a handful (even a very full handful) of hungry and hyper-sensitive musicologists will do much damage to their reputation. That said, I wouldn't mind an acknowledgement of and apology for the error!
    • I can't speak for anyone else, but my dismay here is not because I'm hyper-sensitive or I have a battered sense of self-worth. Like others, I hope, I am not doubting my qualifications because of a stupid HR mistake. My annoyance, rather, is at a university that seems to have made no effort to treat applicants with anything resembling professional respect at any stage of this process, exemplified by (but not limited to) this lousy rejection email. If this process is in any way representative of how this department or university treats professional colleagues, then it's probably not too far-fetched to suppose that they have either damaged or maintained their reputation in this search.
  • Anyone have news on this? 5/16
    • Offer made and accepted.
    • Congratulations Alex!

Wichita State University - Assistant Professor of Musicology (Open until filled) – SEARCH FAILED[]

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate music history surveys, seminars, and courses representing all periods. Teach courses in other areas of expertise depending on departmental needs. Advise and recruit graduate musicology students; advise graduate theses. Fulfill faculty expectations associated with traditional university appointment (teaching, scholarly/creative activity, service). Opportunities may include teaching bibliography and ethnomusicology, and other specialty courses - depending upon the successful applicant's area of expertise.
    • Any movement on this? Can anyone explain what the search process is like when a position is "open until filled?" How long do they usually wait before reviewing applications and assembling a short list, etc.?
    • email requesting skype interview (2/28) (x4)
    • References contacted (3/7) x2
    • Campus invitations made (3/25)x2
      • How were requests made?
      • via e-mail
    • Request for second round interview (4/17) x2
    • Has an offer been made?
    • Rejection email (5/29), but it does not name who was hired. (x2)
    • Word through the grapevine is that the search failed. However I don't believe it has been made official.(5/29)
      • Converted into a VAP and filled (see below) (8/16)

Wichita State University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology (Unadvertised) – FILLED: Kathleen Sewright (Independent Scholar; UNC-CHAPEL HILL, 2008)[]

Williams College - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Africa or African diaspora) (Deadline: 30 November 2012) FILLED: Corinna Campbell (HARVARD 2012)[]

Is this an internal hire?

As far as I understand it, no. This position is in part to fill the void left by the passing last spring of Dr. Ernest Brown.

Request for more materials (1/10)

Any word on this?

Position Filled: Corinna Campbell (Harvard 2012)

  • Congrats Corinna! A great hire.

Williams College – Visiting Position in Music History (26 February 2013) - FILLED: Mary Channen Caldwell (U. CHICAGO, ABD)[]

  • One semester visiting appointment for Fall 2013
  • "Teach two courses in the fall semester. These will include Music in History 1: Antiquity-1750 for music majors and one additional course in the candidate's field of expertise for the general student."
  • Filled by Mary Channen Caldwell. Congrats, Mary!

Yale University – Institute of Sacred Music - Assistant Professor of Music History (Deadline: November 5, 2012) FILLED: Henry Parkes (Cambridge Junior Research Fellow postdoc; CAMBRIDGE, 2012)[]

  • specialty in the sacred repertories of the Medieval period (ca.900-1400). This appointment will provide teaching to students in Yale College and the Graduate School as well as the Institute and Divinity School.
  • Writing samples requested x 3
  • Candidates have been invited x 4
  • Any updates here?  (3/22)
  • Offer made (4/5)
  • Rejection letter received (4/11)
  • Anyone know who got the job?
    • The "press release" sent out says: Henry Parkes, PhD University of Cambridge, postdoc at Gonville & Caius, Cambridge. Also says that he's continuing with the postdoc and not starting at Yale until 2014.
      • Thanks!

Yale University – Assistant Professors of Music History (two positions) (Deadline: October 15, 2012) -- FILLED: Rebekah Ahrendt (Tufts, UC BERKELEY) and Anna Zayaruznaya (Princeton, HARVARD).[]

  • "primary specialties in any period of post-medieval Western Art Music. Strong secondary specialties, including but not limited to popular music and/or non Western music, are also welcome."
  • We are looking for early career scholars" - Is this code for "Graduated before 2010 need not apply"? There has been significant discussion at CHE about the use of terms like "enthusiastic" and "energetic" in job ads to signify age/experience preference. Is this blatant discrimination against anyone who graduated in the recent Depression when there were no fellowships or jobs?
  • Or might it be expressing interest scholars who aren't already 4-5 years into a TT position somewhere else?
  • I heard second-hand that more materials were requested.
  • I heard that interviews have been scheduled.
  • Five candidates have been invited to campus.
  • Is there any news here? Maybe for the New Year we can all vow to start keeping this wiki up to date! (X2!)
  • It is very early to expect further news. And what news would that be? Would you expect someone to post when they have received an offer? I don't think that is useful or appropriate. An *accepted* offer would be appropriate and useful to indicate in this space, as are requests for more matierals and invitations to campus (and it's true that this commnity could be doing better when it comes to updating at those stages).
  • I have no personal investmenst whatsoever in this search. However, looking at the timeline so far, it doesn't seem that unreasonable for someone to have assumed that an offer might have been accepted by now.
  • I know of one offer having been extended; haven't heard about the other.

Offer made.

Offer made and accepted (1/15)

Congratulations to Rebekah and Anna! (x2)

Email rejection (5/10). "Thank you for your interest in the Department of Music at Yale. The Assistant Professor positions have been filled." That's it. I'm beyond happy for Rebekah and Anna, so I hope it doesn't sound like sour grapes if I point out that this email (from a department secretary) is the single rudest and least informative rejection I have ever received. Couldn't the chair of the search committee be bothered to write himself? Couldn't some attempt be made to sound considerate? And why bother sending this ages after the outcomes have been public knowledge? x3


(In chronological order; please update this when you add a new item above, and please mark expired deadlines with strikeout)

  • 06/Aug/2012: University of Birmingham - Lectureship in Music (Ethnomusicology and/or Popular Music)
  • 14/Sep/2012: Cornell University - Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology
  • 17/Sep/2012: Victoria University, New Zealand - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology (#1)
  • 20/Sep/2012: Pennsylvania State University – Assistant Professor in Musicology
  • 30/Sep/2012: University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 30/Sep/2012: University of Pennsylvania - Musicology (Open Rank)
  • 01/Oct/2012: University of California, San Diego – Assistant Professor of Music
  • 01/Oct/2012: University of Oregon - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 15/Oct/2012: Peabody Conservatory of Music – Musicology Faculty, Full Time (not tenure-track)
  • 15/Oct/2012: University of California, Los Angeles – Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 15/Oct/2012: University of California, Merced - Open Rank Global Arts Studies Professor
  • 15/Oct/2012: University of Notre Dame - Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 15/Oct/2012: Yale University – Assistant Professors of Music History (two positions)
  • 16/Oct/2012: Towson University – Assistant Professor of Music History and Literature
  • 20/Oct/2012: Washington and Lee University - Associate or Full Professor of Music and Department Head
  • 22/Oct/2012: University of Illinois - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 22/Oct/2012: University of Minnesota - Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
  • 22/Oct/2012: University of Richmond - Assistant Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology
  • 26/Oct/2012: College of Charleston - Assistant Professor of African American Studies
  • 26/Oct/2012: National University of Ireland Maynooth - Assistant Lecturer in Music (Five-Month Fixed-Term)
  • 26/Oct/2012: Quest University Canada
  • 29/Oct/2012: Middle Tennessee State University - Director, School of Music
  • 29/Oct/2012: University of Massachusetts Amherst - Associate Professor of Music History
  • 31/Oct/2012: Univeristy of Geneva - Professeur-e ordinaire ou professeur-e associé-e en Musicologie
  • 01/Nov/2012: Boston University - Associate Professor of Historical Musicology
  • 01/Nov/2012: Hobart and William Smith College - Assistant Professor, Musicology
  • 01/Nov/2012: Illinois State University - Assistant/Associate Professor- Music History
  • 01/Nov/2012: New York University Abu Dhabi – Open rank, musicology and/or ethnomusicology
  • 01/Nov/2012: Northwestern University (Bienen School of Music) - Open Rank, Musicology/Ethnomusicology: Music in Contemporary Culture
  • 01/Nov/2012: The College at Brockport, State College of New York
  • 05/Nov/2012: Columbia University - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow/Lecturer
  • 05/Nov/2012: Yale Institute of Sacred Music - Assistant Professor of Music History
  • 09/Nov/2012: Colorado State University - Assistant Professors of Music History (two positions)
  • 12/Nov/2012: University of Louisville - Assistant Professor of Western Musicology
  • 14/Nov/2012: Ohio State University - Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies (ethnomusicology, music, dance, performance studies)
  • 15/Nov/2012: California State University, Fullerton - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (African American Music)
  • 15/Nov/2012: Chinese University of Hong Kong - Associate/Assistant Professor in Historical Musicology
  • 15/Nov/2012: College of Charleston - Assistant Professor of Muisc History (with Secondary Area Viola or Collaborative Piano)
  • 15/Nov/2012: Indiana University Jacobs School of Music - Post-Doctoral Resident Scholar,
    Musicology Department
  • 15/Nov/2012: University of Southern California Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities (by noon)
  • 15/Nov/2012: Michigan State University -- Assistant Professor of Historical Musicology
  • 15/Nov/2012: University of Illinois - Assistant Professor - Historical Musicology
  • 19/Nov/2012: George Mason Unversity - Assistant / Associate Professor of Historical Musicology
  • 30/Nov/2012: Cape Breton University – Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 4:00PM)
  • 30/Nov/2012: Florida State College of Music - Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 30/Nov/2012: University of Pennsylvania - Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship
  • 30/Nov/2012: Williams College - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology (Africa or African diaspora)
  • 01/Dec/2012: Ithaca College - Assistant Professor of Music Theory/Musicology
  • 01/Dec/2012: University of Miami - Associate Professor of Musicology
  • 01/Dec/2012: West Chester University - Assistant Professor of Music History
  • 01/Dec/2012: West Virginia University - Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 01/Dec/2012: University of Pittsburgh - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 01/Dec/2012: New England Conservatory - Jazz Studies/Music History Faculty
  • 08/Dec/2012: University of Wisconsin-Madison -- Assistant Professor of Anthropology / Global Music Studies
  • 10/Dec/2012: Harvard University Department of Music - Post-Doctoral Fellowship: "Hearing Modernity"
  • 10/Dec/2012: University of Texas-Pan American - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 14/Dec/2012: University of North Carolina- Chapel HIll - Assistant Professor of Music
  • 15/Dec/2012: Bard College - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 15/Dec/2012: University of New Mexico - Assistant Professor of Music History
  • 15/Dec/2012: Boston College - Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology
  • 31/Dec/2012: Baruch College - Assistant Professor of Music
  • 31/Dec/2012: Rowan University - Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 31/Dec/2012: Universiteit van Amsterdam - Associate Professor in Cultural Musicology
  • 31/Dec/2012: Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- Assistant Professor of Music Technology (incl. Digital Musicology)
  • 05/Jan/2013: University of Central Missouri - Assistant Professor of Music
  • 14/Jan/2013: Northern Arizona University – Lecturer in Music, General Studies
  • 15/Jan/2013: Syracuse University - Post-Doctoral Fellowship in American Popular Music
  • 31/Jan/2013: Chinese University of Hong Kong - Assistant Professor / Research Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • 08/Feb/2013: University of Arizona - Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 20/Feb/2013: Stony Brook University - Visiting Assistant Professor
  • 26 Feb 2013: Williams College – Visiting Position in Music History
  • 28/Feb/2013: Grinnell College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
  • 01/Mar/2013: Macalester College Maxine and Winston Wallin Faculty Fellow in Music
  • 01/Mar/2013: New England Conservatory – Musicology
  • 08/Mar/2013: University of Hartford – Assistant/Associate Professor of Music History
  • 15/Mar/2013: Northeastern University - Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Music Industry
  • 15/Mar/2013: University of Manitoba – Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 8/Apr/2013: Reed College - Visiting Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology
  • 25 Apr/2013: Monash University / Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Ethnomusicology
  • 30/Apr/2013: University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • 10/May/2013: University of Limerick - Lecturer Above the Bar in Festive Arts
  • 12/May/2013: National University of Ireland Maynooth - Professor of Music
  • 14/May/2013: Liverpool John Moores University - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Popular Music Studies
  • 17/May/2013: Millikan University - Assistant Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology
  • 20/May/2013: University of Cambridge - Temporary Lectureship in Music
  • 21/May/2013: University of Saskatchawen - Specialist in Undergraduate Music History and Musicianship / Aural Skills
  • 18/Jun/2013: Goldsmiths, University of London – Full-Time Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in Music
  • 15/Jul/2013: University of Cambridge - Temporary Lectureship in Music
  • 15/Jul/2013: Ohio University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology / Musicology
  • 22/Jul/2013: Saint Joseph's Universeity – Visiting Assistant Professor of Music
  • 25/Jul/2013: Boston Conservatory - Full-Time Faculty in Musicology
  • 26/Jul/2013: University of Birmingham - Teaching Fellow in Music
  • 29/Jul/2013: University of the Highlands and Islands, Perth College - Music Lecturer
  • 31/Jul/2013Victoria University, New Zealand - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology (#2)
  • Ongoing: Eastern Nazarene University - Chair of Music (open-rank)
  • Ongoing: Mercer University - Townsend School of Music - Visiting Instructor of Music History
  • Ongoing: Mississippi State University - Professor of Music and Head of the Department of Music
  • Ongoing: Skidmore College - Visiting Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology
  • Ongoing: Texas Tech University - Assistant Professor in Musicology/Ethnomusicology or Music Theory
  • Ongoing: University of California, Merced - Lecturer in Asian Music
  • Ongoing: University of North Florida – Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • Ongoing: University of Waterloo (Conrad Grebel University College) - Faculty Position in Global Music


Acronym guide[]

CMS: College Music Society

CHE: Chronicle of Higher Education

HERC: Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

IHE: Inside Higher Ed

MVL: Music Vacancy List (published by the College Music Society). Requires a member login.

AMS-L: American Musicological Society listserv

SAM-L: Society for American Music email list

SEM-L: Society of Ethnomusicology listserv

SEM: Society of Ethnomusicology. Their current job list requires a member login.

TT: Tenure Track

VAP: Visiting Assistant Professor

ABD: All-But-Dissertation

Wiki Counter: (check all that apply)[]

I am a musicologist: 35

I am an ethnomusicologist: 18

I am a little of both: 13

I am currently in a TT position: 8

I am currently in a VAP/Lecturer position: 17

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow and on the market: 8

I am a recent PhD and on the market: 22

I am a no-longer-so-recent PhD and on the market: 6

I am a senior tenured scholar looking for a better position: 3

I am ABD and on the market: 16

I am ABD and no longer on the market: 1

I am not on the market but am an interested observer: 7

I am a member of a search committee: 2

I will keep this wiki a positve place for discussion and not post negativity: 26

I am so deeply discouraged professionally: 8

Results[?] Counter[]

I have not had any bites: 2

I have had 1-2 requests for more materials: 11

I have had 3+ requests for more materials: 12

I have had 1-2 requests for a phone interview: 19

I have had 3+ requests for a phone interview: 19

I have had 1 request for a campus visit: 12

I have had 2+ requests for a campus visit: 9

I have received 1 offer: 8

I have received 2+ offers: 3

Recent grads are getting most of the jobs[]

8/10: The numbers from last year's wiki show that 61.5% (32/52) of the TT musicology or ethno jobs in the United States went to people whose doctorates were finished in 2010 or later. When the 11 2009 and 2008 graduates are added, this number increases to 82.6%, and if the 4 2007 graduates are included, the figure is 90.4%. There are obviously other relevant factors here, but these numbers clearly show that schools prefer to hire recent grads.

8/12: I suspect that recent grads are also much more likely to be unemployed or underemployed. Statistically, you can't really claim that search committees have a preference for recent grads unless you know the make-up of the entire sample space of applicants. If, for example, 70% of the applicants for TT jobs last year were themselves recent grads (i.e. post-2010), then your calculations would suggest a slight disinclination to hire recent grads.

8/12: Comparing the DDM database with the wiki shows that there is a ratio of at least 2-1 (and sometimes 3-1 or even 4-1) between the number of people who get musicology doctorates each year and the number of people who get TT jobs. Unless all of the unsuccessful candidates from earlier years have given up trying to get a TT job, how could there not be a large number of not-so-recent grads in the job market? Most teaching in American universities is now done by adjuncts, many of whom have been teaching for many years and have qualifications that match or even exceed those of their TT colleagues. Don't you think these people are interested in TT jobs? The evidence shows that these less recent PhDs are out there, and that they are not getting hired (only 5 pre-2007 PhDs became TT musicology faculty last year). Though not derived from a large sample space, I can add my own anecdotal evidence. I happen to have inside info on four different TT searches in which an ABD or very recent PhD was hired over dozens of more experienced candidates. Everything that I have seen during my six years of TT job searching convinces me that schools prefer recent grads, including my own experience. I got 3 TT interviews when I was ABD, and I made several short lists in the first two years after graduating. I've received almost no interest since then despite the fact that I've compiled a pretty decent record of publication and teaching experience.

8/13: My own experience is similar to the last poster. My publication and teaching record keeps on getting better while the interest in my candidacy has remained pretty much unchanged. You'd think it would increase, but that simply isn't the case. I wonder if the academic societies can take a more proactive role to advocate on behalf of all of the contingent laborers among us. We aren't damaged goods, but I suspect that search committees might view us that way.

9/11 And now it's a visible form of discrimination

  • At some point, I think, you have to take the remaining pride you have left and acknowledge that *they* are missing out on you, that all of the problems with academia are eliminating some fantastic people and some fantastic minds from higher education. We're all smart enough to find something else to do with our talents and energy - and we might even find better paying jobs that are less stressful. [It's my last year on the job market, if you can't tell. Good luck, everyone!!!]

9/12 I hate to play librarian but is there a forum somewhere on the wiki for general commiserations or kvetching? This issue might effect us but is not particular to the Ethno/Musicology job forum. Thanks!

9/12 The main Academic Jobs Wiki has a directory of relevant articles. The venting page is just that. Also, there are wikis for airing our feelings on good and awful interviewing experiences: Universities to Love , Universities to fear . I know a lot of people dislike this wiki in place of the old format, but it is nice to have all of these resources and other wikis around.

9/15 @ 9/11 Careful there. I have it on pretty good authority that things are a little wacky at CSU. Unreasonable tenure denials, closed searches with no finalists hired, etc... I'm just saying that discrimination at Fort Collins might not reflect a national trend.

10/22 This is an interesting discussion. But isn't the root of the problem that there are far more Ph.D.'s than tenure-track positions? And isn't the root of that problem the cuts to higher education funding in state budgets? Yes, we could certainly ask some individual search committees to behave differently, and some administrations to portion out a bit more budget for our particular departments, and perhaps even some departments to let in fewer graduate students. But in the end a certain fixed percentage of people are going to go without jobs.

10/28 OK, it is a visible form of discrimination. Baruch's position seeks a "...scholar currently pursuing or having recently attained the Ph.D...." I wonder if I fit within the time span indicated by "recently." blech.

Job disappeared: University of North Texas (Visiting Assistant or Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology)[]

8/13 I posted this job on the wiki but t's been removed I guess. You can see it on the cached page if you Google. The deadline is past, but it starts in 2013. Does it belong somewhere else? I'd be interested in following it. Thanks! -S

8/13: The start date in the ad says August 2012. Someone else posted, "Position offered and accepted by Cathy Ragland (CUNY/University of Texas-Pan American)."

8/14 So sorry- I was unable to see that here.

Applying to Liberal Arts Colleges[]

8/19. I'm a recent UK PhD and would love to teach in a liberal arts college. Does anyone out there -- either candidates or members of search committees -- have any idea how UK PhDs are looked upon by such institutions? (Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place).

8/20. How much teaching (as the main instructor) have you gotten to do in the UK?

OP: I've done maybe 10 or so independent lectures, plus various seminars and tutorials, but haven't taught any complete courses on my own (almost all courses in the institution I was at are team-taught). I've also co-supervised some final year undergrad research projects. What kind of teaching experience do successful applicants tend to have? (ps. thanks for responding)

8/23. You might check last year's wiki; there was a long discussion re: how important teaching experience is to one's application. Some search committee members chimed in...As for the UK angle, I have no idea. I do know that lots of US PhDs would also love to teach at a SLAC. Super competitive - as competitive as R1 jobs, or really, every job nowadays. Good luck!

OP: Thanks -- I'll check it out. It's pretty competitve here in the UK at the moment, too.

Interview Questions[]

10/30. What are the questions you are getting in interviews? Why must we be ambushed with them? Why not inform the candidate of the questions before the interview?

11/13: Why? Students don't send me their Qs before class, neither do people on the committees I serve on. My doctoral defense didn't either and conference audiences can get really bizzare really fast. Perhaps questions are a way to guage your reactions and thinking skills. I do agree that some are outlandish (What kind of animal are you most like? and How many kids do you think you'll have?) Are certainly innappropriate so I might suggest having rehearsed something along the lines of, While I appreciate your interest in my spirit guide/reproductive system, I'd really like to discuss how my research X fits in with the University's Institute Y... Remain calm, breathe and remember that you don't have to accept the job.

11/15 Just to echo that sentiment, it's definitely not the point of job interviews to "ambush" you. Frankly, it would be weird for them to send you an approved list of questions and have you recite pre-prepared answers. A few minutes of poking around in the Chronicle of Higher Ed job advice colums and discussion forums will give you a good sense of what sort of questions they will ask. It's also good to talk to older grad students or alumni of your department about their experiences. In my program, people who had been through the market successfully were often expected to report back to younger students about what happened, in their interviews and in general. More than any other time in your career, this is a time where mentorship is crucial, so seek it out if it hasn't been presented to you.

11/15 Two places with some really good information are: (Bardiac has been blogging about a job search at her place; it's not musicology but the process and issues ring very true to me as a search committee member. Karen Kelsky has *great* stuff on her website and her blog, pearls of wisdom, including lots of examples of interview questions and how to field them (e.g. the "second project" question). And I think she's doing some interview webinars, too.

1/27 Thanks for these-they are very helpful! As for teaching videos, what are people putting on them? Are there expectations for blackboard presentation, powerpoint, piano demonstration, discussion, group work? Are folks looking for efficient distribution of information or innovative classroom strategies? Any of my classes could be quite different form the next (depending on content) what are the expectations here?

Musicology/Ethnomusicology Jobs[]

I have a question for people who are currently serving on search committees or who have served on search committees in the past. For Musicology jobs that request sub-specialization in ethnomusicology, does that mean that you are looking for someone who wrote a dissertation on Western art music and took classes/TA-ed in ethno? Or is musicology used broadly as an umbrella term to include historical musicology and ethnomusicology, implying a research specialization in ethnomusicology? I come from a musicology program (hence most of my coursework, teaching experience etc. is in historical musicology), but decided to write an ethnomusicological dissertation. Will my applications to musicology jobs be disregarded for not meeting the basic requirements? Obviously, it's likely much more complicated than this, but given the discussed tendency to weed out as many applications as possible during the first read-through, I was curious if it's worth it at all to even submit applications to musicology jobs.Thanks for your thoughts! :)

R: This is a complex question and it is HIGHLY dependent upon the college/university doing the hiring. In general, there are probably more western hist/lit classes taught than ethno- oriented so most schools need at least one person who can teach the Grout survey. The best thing you can do is clearly explain your degree, diss and interests in your letter. There is so much cross over (esp. in say, American music) that search committees likely won't discount someone just based on alma mater/degree title/diss title. I am a prof with a title of both Musicology and Ethno even though I consider myself the former and only teach one of the latter, so they hired a musicologist who could teach in a secondary area. If you think your skill set could be of use to them and at least moderately fits what they say they want you to actually do, then demonstrate YOUR value and how you would fit the dept, and let them decide.=

AMS/SEM/SMT Interviews[]

In addiiton to the schools listed on the AMS "Interviews" webpage (, the following employers have reserved interview rooms: Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Lebanon Valley College, Northwestern University, Oxford University Press, Peabody Institute, Penn State. Good luck, everybody! (10/31/12)

Teaching Evaluations[]

I'm curious - at what stage do schools ask to see my teaching evaluations? Are they more interested in the numerical scores or the student comments?

2/22: In my experience, if a school hasn't solicited teaching evaluations in the initial posting, either they won't ask for them at all or they'll ask for them as part of a final vetting before campus interviews. This year I was asked for teaching evaluations following a phone interview. I don't know if there's a particular expectation about numerical versus written. In my case I sent both, and I ended up getting a campus interview. I would suggest that whatever you send you try to frame on a cover page. Since many schools use different evaluation systems it can be helpful to give a little bit of insight. For example, some schools don't require written evaluations, so the students who submit them end up being the ones who either loved or hated the class. Where the sample size is skewed like that, it's helpful to provide some context.

Thanks, this is really helpful.

You're welcome! Good luck.

Pet Peeves[]

When search committees, in sending a rejection email, tell me that they are "pleased to announce that Dr. XXXXXXXX has accepted the position. Dr. XXXXXXXXX received his Ph.D. from University of YYYYYYY and has published in the Journal of ZZZZZZZZZ . . ." Save it for your department website. You've rejected me for the job. Do you really expect me to share in your delight that you've hired someone else?

I've never received a rejection letter that listed where the successful candidate has been published.  As far as rejection letters go, I find that getting some actual information like the name of the successful candidate is much better than a generic.  "Thank you for your interest in applying for the open position.  We had so many qualified applicants..."

"Dear applicant, We had so many qualified applicants, but we are pleased to announce that xxx has accepted the position. S/he is still ABD, and has little to no publications of note, but with an ivy league degree in the works and swanky big-name letter writers to boot, who cares?"

  • That's adorable.  Believe it or not, in this day and age, an Ivy-League degree is not the sole factor determining if you get hired.  The market is tough for the vast majority of candidates.  Do your best, put your best work out, and hope that things go your way.  As someone with an Ivy-League Ph.D. whose life has not turned out as expected, get over yourself.
    • And your comment is almost as "adorable" as when people in STEM fields complain about lack of funding to those in the humanities, or when white men complain about being discriminated against by society when speaking to women of color. I did not write the "Ivy league" comment above, but it's hard to argue against the statistics from current & former years. Your comment is laughable. Yes, not all people with Ivy League degrees get a t.t. job, but the majority of jobs go to those with Ivy degrees. So maybe you should get over yourself and recognize your privilege.
      • While acknowledging that this section is for pet peeves, I hereby tender my plea for more civil discourse and less civil war. 
      • I'm wondering if the "adorable" commentator above has a TT job or not. Life "not turning out as expected" could mean a lot of different things to different people.
      • I am the commentator who found the original post 'adorable' and I am happy to state what I mean more civilly (and in a less bellicose tone).  What was 'adorable' to me about this poster was the idea that somehow there is a simple way into a TT job based on where you went and who you studied with, and since this is the 'pet peeves' section, that is one of mine.  I have been involved with the job market for almost a decade now and have sat on both sides of the hiring table.  Here's what I have learned: there is no one factor that will magically make you an ideal candidate on the market.  Unfortunately, many of these factors are almost wholly outside of your control.  I can think of years where no one was hiring ABDs, and I can think of years where it felt like everyone was hiring ABDs.  I can think of talented friends who graduated from my alma mater with all of the 'right' references, but who were unsuccessful on the market (and who left the field).  I can think of people who graduated from public institutions and got wonderful positions in their first year on the market.  I know people who have what are now dream jobs, but had to make difficult sacrifices to get there.  In other words, it's hard for everyone, even if everyone's struggles aren't readily apparent.  From the other side of the table, I have seen search committee members make decisions that were based on petty, illogical reasons.  If you really want to feel indignant about how absurd the job market can be, I saw candidates who were disqualified from a search because their degree title did not match the one posted in the job description.  Perhaps the most upsetting part of watching the market over the years was seeing friends who had done everything that they were 'supposed' to do (friends with the 'right' schools, the 'right' publications and 'right' recommenders on their CVs) who were unable to find jobs because there simply were not many out there during the financial crisis--watching them struggling (after struggling through graduate school) was truly heart-breaking to me.  So what is the 'magic formula' to get a job?  No such thing, even though there are basic blunders you can make to be disregarded by a search committee, such as writing a 10-page explanation of your research for a teaching-centric institution or not bearing in mind that at many places, the people reading your cover letters are applied faculty, so it's important to explain what you do accordingly.  The other thing you can do?  Present your research.  Publish good work, go to conferences, and try to see if colleagues in your field of study can offer their suggestions (and yes, I realize that some of these things, such as presenting at national AMS meetings, are harder than they should be in our field and yes, I realize that attending conferences costs money, but if it is reasonable to attend, then try).  Mostly, though, enjoy your research.  That is still my favorite part of what I do.  Will this get you a job?  It's entirely possible that it won't because it's a difficult, cumbersome system that is ultimately not fair, regardless of what school's name is on your diploma.  
      • Unless I am counting wrong (and depending upon how one counts - i.e. to include postdoc institutions or not), far less than half (or 27) of the 55 schools hiring people this past season (at least so far) gave jobs to those with Ivy League degrees. Granted, there are several other of what most would call "elite" institutions represented, but also it looks like plenty of people with degrees from "other" places got jobs too. Just sayin. 
  • Condescending tone aside (adorable? don't be a douche) our field is increasingly dominated by folks who studied with the same 4 to 5 people (no matter the school). This inbreeding restricts innovation, new ideas, originality, chance taking and a whole slew of other things (in addition to making it really hard for me to land a job!) Meritocracy is dead, I get it, but what do I have to do to get a job? 
  • I'm uncomfortable with the above comment. Those numbers are just false. There are many schools represented above, and even more advisors. Yes, those of us who didn't get a job have a right to be indignant and upset, and yes, the odds are against us, but not for those reasons. I think the extended post above gets a lot of things right about the idiosyncracies of the market.

I like the ones where they mention how they hired the Instructor already in their department.  I think the closing sentence of those rejection letters should be, "we apologize to you for wasting your time and energy in submitting an application when we knew who we were hiring all along."

I like the jobs that advertise pay at $36,000 per year without any sense of embarassment.

  • This is actually a sign of honesty and, in my experience, a standard salary for a lecturer. At state universities, there are often set salaries for lecturers that the department has little control over and can rarely negotiate. Many departments are simply happy to have a position like this approved, given today's climate.
    • This low of a salary may very well work in a place with a relatively low cost of living (this one's half of the CoL where I live, but quite average for the US), but it's definitely not helpful if one has a bit of student debt to pay off.

What about the ones that say a 2-2 plus summer teaching load is a 50 percent load, and thus pay less than $30K? Brave new world.

It makes me crazy when a job posting website gets an overhaul with a "new and improved interface". It usually takes forever for it to get working again, then it takes an unnecessarily long time to learn how to navigate the new site, and often it refreshes all the listings, so jobs that have already moved on (or some that have already been filled) come up as new postings. As if searching for a job isn't frustrating and humbling enough...

Finding out you didn't get a job by being invited to apply for a lectureship at the same school. The same course load at half the pay, and no chance of tenure? Hard to know how to answer...

E-tracking committee interest[]

  • 3/25 I have a curious question: I am an ABD who is going through a first year of applications, whose defense date is not set at this time. Although responses have been sparse (as expected), I've noticed an odd pattern, namely that users from the schools are logging onto my personal website and teaching video just after invitations for additional materials/interviews have gone out. Is it possible that I'm ending up on a lot of "maybe, if the primary candidates don't work out" list? Any insight would be appreciated!
  • The Chronicle recently did a story about this:

National Community College Job Searches[]

4/3 In the interest of crossing open applications off of my list, I am going to go out on a limb and ask if anyone has applied for the following nationally circulated community college jobs, and if so if you've heard anything back from them (anything at all would be nice...I've heard nothing but crickets) 

  • Triton Community College
  • Anoka Ramsey Community College
    • HR informed me that they intend to contact people for first round interviews this week (4/16)
  • Community College of Allegheny County
  • Anne Arundel Community College
    • Campus interview mid-April
    • Offer made and accepted. (4/26): Christopher Ballengee (UF, 2013)
      • Congrats Chris!


4/5 Great idea! I've been wishing that I could find out something about these searches. I applied for Anoka Ramsey and Allegheny. I will certainly post if I hear anything.

5/8 - Question: why not simply fold these into the main listings? It's not like we don't have a big variety of position duties in the things in the main listings already...

5/27 Response: I think that would be a good idea for next year. I would support it (and I, for one, will still be on the market). Perhaps we can just decide here to start listing cc positions alongside the others? Any objections?

AMS National news?[]

If/when people hear from the program committee for AMS National Pittsburgh, would you please post responses here? Thanks!

4/15: Received email confirming acceptance. (x8)

Rejection received via email 4/15 (x3)

Ain't Heard Nothin' Neither Way (x7)

If you haven't heard anything either way, be sure to check your spam folder. I once had an acceptance email sitting there for a week! Some AMS emails seem to go there, esp. in gmail.

They should find a better way to manage the notifying process, it's not nice to keep so many people waiting without giving any information about the status of our proposals. 

4/16: The AMS website indicates that notifications should be sent BY April 17. Not sure what is gained by doing this in batches...

4/17: Yes, I saw that on Monday, that's why I posted that I don't think this is a professionally polite way of handling the notifying process. At the very least they should send all rejections at once, I don't see the point of making wait so many people two days more, so unnecessarily inconsiderate. 

4/17: I believe the AMS asks people who were accepted to confirm their attendance within a few days, and then if they end up with more open slots they pull people from the group they haven't rejected yet. Last year I had a long wait before my rejection email finally came. I think it's like being an alternate.

4/17: That's what I meant. I know for a fact that other major academic societies notify those who are alternates and ask them politely to wait until the program is finalized. It doesn't take much.

4/17: Is it really that big of a deal to make us wait an extra couple days?  

4/17: It's not that big a deal, but there are better ways to handle this. I'm admittedly tired of being an alternate. This is the third year in a row... 

4/17 Exactly, I second the previous post. It's not a big deal but it does take very little to handle it in a more gracious way. I haven't heard anything yet either and it's also the third year in a row for me. 

4/18: I still haven't heard anything. Anybody else in the same situation? x7

4/18: Interesting. Shall we write to the program committee and ask what's going on? After all, the AMS website states that "you should hear from them by Wednesday April 17th." 

4/18: In an amusing bit of irony, the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the AMS website appears not to be working right now. Anyone else have more luck?

4/18: "The Program Committee is now in the process of notifying those who submitted proposals of their decisions. With apologies for the delay: the program committee hopes to finalize its decisions by Monday 22 April."

4/19: I emailed the chair of the Program Committee to ask about the status of the remaining proposals but no answer yet. It would nice to know better how the process is handled, nothing wrong with a little more transparency. 

Deferring Job Acceptance?[]

Just asking out of curiosity and to get a better understanding of academia:  I've noticed that several of the accepted candidates this year seem to have deferred their acceptance for a year (already on sabbatical, still involved in a post-doc, yada yada). What are the pros and cons of the university selecting such a candidate? I would think they get the benefit of not having to launch another search next year, and they also get to save a year's salary, but are there other considerations that go into such a decision?  I also would assume that that is something the candidate makes known up front? Or is that part of the later negotiation/interview process? Again, just trying to get a better understanding of the inner workings of the job market!  Thanks!

  • This is usually negotiated after an offer is made. In fact, it should have no bearing on whether a candidate is offered the job or not.