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Jobs for 2023[]

===Example University (State/Province, Country): Position Title === Specializations. Deadline. Link to Job ad(s). Updates:

Appalachian State University (Boone, NC): TT Assistant Professor in American Indian Literature.[]

We welcome applicants working in all periods and genres. Desirable secondary areas include Ethnic American Literature, Folklore, Environmental Studies, World Literature, Creative Writing, and Film. Candidates should have a minimum of two years of teaching experience. Applications due January 6, 2023. Updates:

California State University Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA): Open Rank TT Professor of Native American Indigenous Studies -[]

Screening deadline April 20, 2023 (updated). CSUCI is currently in the process of building a Native American Indigenous Studies (NAIS) department. We Invite applicants with a proven background in Native American Indigenous Studies, and more specifically, California Native Studies. Candidates who specialize in Native American history, tribal sovereignty and governance, Indigenous identity, decolonization, cultural preservation, Indigenous research methodologies and theory, Federal Indian policy, and Indigenous rights are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates with knowledge of California Native Peoples, customs, and protocols are preferred. Successful candidates will demonstrate lived experience and knowledge working with and for Indigenous peoples. Scholars whose research contributes directly back to Indigenous communities are encouraged to apply. Candidates will teach undergraduate courses on a variety of topics and will assist with the development, implementation, and review of NAIS curriculum. Participation and engagement with local, national, and/or international Indigenous communities is preferred.

The NAIS program and this position was created in response to a new general education Ethnic Studies requirement (GE area F) implemented by the CSU. This requirement was developed to advance innovative approaches to the study of racialization and the practice of social justice. Along with GE area F courses, the candidate will also be expected to teach core courses in their fields of specialization, as well as additional courses. Further, candidates should have expertise to teach comparative Ethnic Studies courses, integrate multiple disciplinary cultural and global perspectives, and incorporate educational technology in their teaching and professional activities. Candidates committed to working with the campus cultural centers, a diverse student population, and have a demonstrated commitment to activism are especially encouraged to apply. Applications received by April 20, 2023 will receive full consideration; position open until filled. The appointment is expected to begin on August 17, 2023. For full job information and required application elements:

California State University, Sacramento (CA) - TT Assistant Professor. Literatures of the Americas[]

The Department of English at California State University, Sacramento invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Literature, with a specialization in Literatures of the Americas, specifically pre- and early-nineteenth century. As part of a cluster of three positions— the others in the department of History and department of Humanities & Religious Studies— the successful applicant will have the opportunities to engage with fellow scholars of the Americas in related fields. The successful candidate will teach and develop courses focused on Literatures of the Americas. They will teach and advise in our English major, GE curriculum, and the MA program in Literature. We are particularly interested in potential colleagues with research/teaching interests that include, but are not limited to, transnational and/or transatlantic literatures such as Afro-Latinidad literatures, Indigenous literatures, Native American literatures, and/or Chicano/Latino/a literatures. Evidence of commitment to excellence as a teacher and active scholarly agenda required. Deadline December 2, 2022. For more information, please visit

Carleton College (Northfield, MN): Assistant Professor - Native American and Indigenous Studies[]

This position is open in terms of research focus but a PhD in American Studies or Ethnic or Native American / Indigenous Studies is strongly preferred. Deadline: October 15, 2022.


Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH): Assistant Professor of Native American Literature and Indigenous Studies[]

We are interested in all approaches related to Native American and/or Indigenous literatures, particularly those that engage with the global and hemispheric contexts of Indigenous literary and cultural production from the nineteenth century to the present. Appropriate secondary fields include but are not limited to: women’s, gender and sexuality studies; ecocriticism or environmental humanities; oral and traditional literatures; poetry and poetics; comparative literary studies; critical race theory; ethnic studies; Pacific Islander studies; queer theory; performance and media studies; digital studies; and creative writing. Core teaching responsibilities will involve courses in Native American and/or Indigenous literatures, media, and/or cultural studies. Deadline: November 7, 2022.

Updates: rejection, no interview 3/2/23

Duke University (Durham, NC): TT Assistant Professor in Native American and Indigenous Studies, Due February 1, 2023[]

Duke University Trinity College of Arts & Sciences in Durham, North Carolina seeks candidates for a tenure-track professorship at the assistant professor level in the study of United States Indigenous people (American Indian, Kānaka Maoli, and Alaskan Native Corporations). This hire is part of a sustained, multiyear commitment by Trinity College of Arts & Sciences to increase the expertise and representation of Native, Indigenous, and/or First Nations people of the Americas studies across core departments. Preference will be given to candidates whose work is centrally located in United States Indigenous studies while also substantially linked to other fields of inquiry. Candidates will be considered by the departments in which the tenure home will be located: Biology, Cultural Anthropology, English, Evolutionary Anthropology, Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Literature, and Philosophy.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a sustained commitment in scholarship, teaching and service to working with U.S. Indigenous communities on projects directly addressing the interests, perspectives, and needs of these communities as well as demonstrating decolonizing methodologies, such as participatory and collaborative work, while articulating their positionality with these communities. Candidates whose work demonstrates active engagement with these communities are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates submitting materials by Wednesday, February 1, 2023, will receive full consideration. Please submit a two-page cover letter, cv, work sample (an article or a chapter), and the names of three references. Candidates should also indicate their preferred primary department and, where applicable, the secondary department.


Harvard University (Cambridge, MA): Assistant Professor in Native American and Indigenous Studies[]

The Department of English seeks to appoint a tenure-track professor who specializes in Native American and Indigenous Studies. The appointment is expected to begin on July 1, 2023. The tenure-track professor will be responsible for teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Deadline: October 3, 2022.

Updates: Request for more materials 11/2

- initial (zoom) interview scheduled 12/2

NYU (New York, NY): Assistant Professor in Indigenous Literatures[]

We welcome candidates with a PhD in English, Native American/First Nation/Indigenous Studies, and related fields with a specialization in Indigenous Literatures. While we seek a candidate with expertise in Native North American literatures, we also welcome global and/or comparative perspectives on Anglophone Indigenous literature, print culture, new media, and multiple modalities of “writing.” We especially encourage applications from scholars who work in collaboration with First Nations or Native American nations, and whose research engages with Indigenous communities and/or language revitalization. Deadline: October 3, 2022.


The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH): Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies[]

As part of The Ohio State University’s Provost’s Tenure-Track Fellow to Faculty Program, the Department of English and the American Indian Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences invite applications for an assistant professor position. We seek a scholar whose research agenda focuses on Native American literature and culture. The following areas are particularly desirable complements to the larger university research initiatives in this field: settler colonialism, decolonization, genocide, Indigenous epistemologies, sovereignty, social movements and activism, ecocriticism and environmentalism, gender and sexuality, and community engaged research. Deadline: October 11, 2022.


​​​​​​​Rhode Island School of Design, Assistant or Associate Professor, Global Indigenous Worlds (Department of Theory and History of Art and Design)[]

The Department of Theory and History of Art and Design in the Division of Liberal Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, invites applications for a full-time faculty appointment in Arts of Global Indigenous Worlds at the rank of Assistant/Associate Professor, to commence fall 2023. Rank will be dependent on professional status and teaching experience. RISD recognizes diversity and inclusion as fundamental to its learning community and integral to an art and design education. We welcome candidates whose areas of expertise foreground works and bodies of knowledge from historically underrepresented communities and whose experience in teaching, scholarship, professional practice, and/or service has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and excellence. We encourage applicants from communities that are underrepresented in the academy: Indigenous peoples, Native American peoples, Black and peoples of color, women, LGBTQIA+, veterans, and people with disabilities.

We are seeking a teacher-scholar whose work shows critical understanding of aesthetic and material production in and between Indigenous worlds. The position has specially been framed to situate the art of Indigenous worlds as a challenge to the idea of Europe as the primary cultural and epistemological domain of global aesthetic production in history. We are looking for candidates whose work challenges established models of art history—what constitutes art, what counts as historical research and evidence, etc.—and who can contribute to the department’s goals of challenging Eurocentric and modernist histories of art. Successful candidates will be required to teach six courses per academic year, including participation in our first-year introductory courses, H101 (Global Modernisms) and H102 (Critical Introduction to History of Architecture and Design), which are required of all incoming RISD students. Being able to contribute to the ongoing process of reimagining the undergraduate survey course with new and exciting lectures and topics is an essential requirement of the position. Other teaching responsibilities will include undergraduate and graduate elective courses, including lectures and seminars. These courses contribute to students’ general education requirements at RISD and to requirements for the undergraduate concentration in Theory and History of Art and Design, which students can elect. Additionally, the Division of Liberal Arts houses two interdisciplinary Masters programs: Global Arts and Cultures (GAC) and Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies (NCSS). Depending on Departmental and programmatic needs, colleagues would have the opportunity to teach required MA courses, design graduate electives for the MA degrees, and advise MA theses, participate in programs’ evolution.

Review begins January 3, 2023

University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon, USA). TT Assistant Professor in Global Studies (Global Political Economy focus). Disciplinary field is open. Deadline October 15.[]

The Department of Global Studies at the University of Oregon seeks a full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor in Global Political Economy to start in Fall 2023. We seek a scholar who holds a Ph.D. in a relevant social science, humanities, or interdisciplinary program by the time of appointment and whose expertise addresses one or more of these areas in qualitative and/or quantitative perspective: economic globalization and its political and social impacts; international political economic institutions and processes; debt, dependency, and the legacies of colonization; and the relationships between global political economy, human development, and development strategies and policies. We are especially interested in candidates who take critical, interdisciplinary, and decolonial approaches to the global political economy; and whose teaching and research complement core foci in our department, including food systems, education, global health and wellbeing, and environment and climate change.

University of Washington (Seattle, WA): Assistant Professor: American Indian and Indigenous Literary Studies[]

The Department of English at the University of Washington invites applications for a full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor specializing in American Indian and Indigenous literary studies. Successful candidates will be expected to teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to engage in research with a primary emphasis on American Indian and Indigenous self-representation in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Within this broad specialization, teaching and research should be informed by Indigenous theories and methodologies, and could include the following areas of focus: gender and sexuality, eco-criticism and environmental studies, poetics, genre fiction, “new” media, Indigenous literatures of the Pacific Northwest, and intersections among American Indian/Alaska Native and Oceanic literatures. Deadline: October 7, 2022.


Request for interview 11/1

Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT): Assistant Professor, Department of American Studies (Native North American History)[]

Wesleyan University’s Department of American Studies invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the field of Native North American History beginning July 1, 2023. We particularly welcome applications from scholars who employ the methods of Native American and Indigenous Studies, including comparative and transregional approaches. In addition to their areas of expertise, the candidate should be prepared to teach courses in Native American history from the European colonial era through the 20th century and Introduction to Native American Studies. Deadline: October 1, 2022.


University of Connecticut: Assistant Professor, Department of English[]

The English Department at the University of Connecticut invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Native North American Literature and Cultural Studies, to be based at the Storrs campus.

Updates: request for interview 11/4

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Open Rank[]

The School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS), at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, Massachusetts, invites applications for a full-time, open rank, tenure-eligible position at the Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor level in Native American Studies, beginning July 1, 2023, or on a mutually agreed date thereafter. The appointment will be in one of the following academic units: Anthropology, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music and Theater Arts, or Science, Technology, and Society. A PhD in a field in the Humanities, Arts, or Social Sciences with a specialization in Native American Studies is required by the start of employment.

Updates: request for materials 12/21

Updates: request for campus interview 1/30

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