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Economic History[]

London School of Economics[]

  • Two lectureships (tenured positions) in 'Economic History'
  • No specialty highlighted but "we are particularly keen to receive applications from individuals whose expertise would complement and extend existing teaching and research in the Department."
  • Deadline: 5 Jan. 2011
  • Anyone have an idea of when we can expect to hear back on these?

Imperial/Colonial History[]

Brunel University (London, UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured position) in "Imperial/Colonial History"
  • Deadline: 27 Apr. 2011

Intellectual History (Inc. Political thought)[]

University of Cambridge (UK)[]

  • University Lectureship (tenured) in Modern Political Thought
  • Emphasis on the 20thC, European and/or global/transnational focus for research.
  • Deadline 4 Mar. 2011

Kettering University[]

  • Assistant Professor in Humanities: must have PhD in hand in intellectual history, and engage in research in 18th C Italian and 20th C German History (!)
  • Deadline: 15 Feb. 2011 [stated 2010 in Chronicle ad but presumaby a typo!]

Media History[]

University of California, Irvine[]

H-Net Ad

  • The Departments of History and Film and Media Studies and the Ph.D. Program in Visual Studies at the University of California, Irvine invite applications for a joint tenure-track appointment at the Assistant Professor level, beginning July 1, 2011, for an intellectual or cultural historian with expertise in twentieth and twenty-first century broadcasting history (radio and television), and/or histories of digital and new media and/or global media. The regional focus of the search is open, but applicants with research specializations on Africa, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the US are encouraged to apply. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in History, Film and Media Studies, or a related field.
  • Please apply online at and submit a letter of application, a statement of current research, a curriculum vitae, an article-length writing sample, two sample course syllabi, and three letters of reference.
  • The application deadline is December 20, 2010.
  • Cross-posted at Open Field History Jobs 2010-11 & Film Studies 2010-2011

Military History[]

Birmingham University, UK[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern History, specialism in war and conflict in the 20th C, 'ideally' with expertise in the Second World War
  • Deadline: 4 February 2011 (Interviews in Mid-March)

Birmingham University (UK...again?)[]

  • Two lectureships (tenured) in Modern History, with a specialism in war and conflict from c.1700
  • Specialism open but they are "particularly interested in candidates whose research can complement our existing strengths in Europe, Africa and modern empire, and whose research falls within one of more of the School's key research themes and strengthens our commitment to expanding our global reach."
  • [I don't know how these posts relate to the one above...]
  • Deadline: 9 May 2011.

History of Philosophy[]

University of York (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in the History of Philosophy, within the Department of Philosophy
  • Deadline: 11 Feb. 2011

Sports History[]

Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)[]

  • Senior Lecturer (Tenured) in the History of Sport and Leisure
  • SHORT DEADLINE!: 3 Dec. 2010.

Urban History[]

Womens/Gender History[]

College of Wooster (VAP, World History and Women's Studies) []

  • The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program and the Department of History at the College of Wooster invite applications for a joint one-year visiting assistant professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to begin August 2011. We are seeking a historian with training in feminist studies and a background in global, transnational, or world history. Any area of expertise is welcome. The successful candidate will teach Introductory Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality courses; Global Feminisms; and courses in history in the candidate’s area of expertise.
  • Review of applications will begin January 14, 2011.
  • Cross-posted at Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2010-11 & World/Global History 2010-11

University of Oregon (ad from H-NET)[]

T/T Position in Women's History Deadline Oct 15.

Anyone heard anything? (Nov 12)

Not me (11/12)

Got an ack. a while back. (11/12)

Requested my dissertation. (11/5)

Received snail mail ack. (10/20), but nothing more.

For those who were lucky enough to get a dissertation request, do you mind sharing your field? Thanks!

I work on women and health activism and received a request for my manuscript (11/18)

Did anyone else not get an ack, or could you post that you did get one?

I received one.

Anyone who got a request for more materials hear anything yet? (12/2)

Requested my diss in early Nov. but I haven't heard anything more. (12/3)

Received request for videoconference interview by email (they're not going to the AHA). (12/9) (x2)

Email or phone?

Request for campus visit. (1/7)

Field of you who got an interview?

3 invites 1 25