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Mixed / Open Specialty[]


Digital Humanities[]



University of Wisconsin (USA:WI) - 20thC US Environmental[]

  • 9-month Assistant Professor in 20th-Century United States Environmental History, to begin Aug 2025
  • See full listing, link above, at North_American_History_2024-2025







United States Air Force Academy (USA:CO)[]

  • Full time, tenure track Assistant Professor, History of Modern War
  • In particular, the department desires applicants with expertise in the interactions of society, culture, and conflict
  • Teaching: Applicants should possess and demonstrate the ability to teach in at least one of the core (general-education) military and world history courses offered to all USAF Academy students. The selectee for this position will also teach other courses based on the needs of the department as well as upper-division courses related to their regional and thematic specialty. Beyond the core courses, the department has teaching needs in the history of the modern Middle East, gender, colonialism, and/or race. Applicants with those additional specialties will be considered favorably; however, any applicant with expertise related to peace and conflict studies and the more general history of war is invited to apply. The selectee will have responsibility for lesson planning and preparation, course instruction, grading, class exercises, exams, assessment, academic advising, and will be expected to perform service tasks at the departmental and USAF Academy levels.
  • Inquiries about the position should be directed to the Search Committee Chair, Dr. John Jennings, email: Please do not email documents or completed applications to this address as they will not be considered.
  • Deadline: 30 Sept. 2024


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