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Business or Economic History[]

  • application deadline is 21 Nov 2008
transcript request (12/4)
  • application deadline is 29 Oct 2008
  • application deadline is 1 Oct 2008

Digital History[]

  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
  • Rec'd rejection letter (1/16)

Environmental History[]

  • application deadline is 21 Nov 2008
  • crickets
  • News is imminent...(2/24)
  • Job offered and accepted (2/25)
  • application deadline is 7 Nov 2008

History and Education[]

  • application deadline is 1 Nov 2008
  • Campus visits held in early November.
  • I am assuming that this one has been offered? Any other of the campus visitors hear anything?

History of Empire[]

  • University of Texas at Austin
  • application deadline Nov 17
  • see cross-listing under "Diplomatic/International History"

History of Gender or Sexuality[]

  • application deadline is 10 Nov 2008

History of Indigenous Peoples[]

  • application deadline is 15 Jan 2009
  • anyone have any news about this job? Have they made an offer?
  • very nice, personal rejection phone call (from shortlist). So presumably offer has been made.

History of Journalism/Mass Communication[]

  • position in School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • application deadline is 1 Dec 2008

History of Medicine or Health[]

  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
  • Anyone heard anythig e.g. req. additional materials, interview etc.?
  • absolutely nothing yet - no acknowledgment, etc. (x7)
  • I've heard through the grapevine that two candidates have been invited to campus. (x4)
  • So is this search closed now?
  • Has anyone ever received anything -- acknowledgment, rejection -- from this search committee?
  • I made an email inquiry, and was told that they had identified top candidates, but until they complete the search, they want to keep other applicants in the pool, in case they should need to arrange more interviews. The chair also noted that, as soon as they make an appointment, they will write all of the applicants. This is the only communication I have had with the committee. 1/22
  • When did you make this email inquiry?
  • 1/08/09
  • I've heard that the campus interviews took place on 1/6 and 1/7. So why haven't the rest of us received our rejections yet? Shouldn't this thing be over by now? Or have they interviewed more candidates afterwards?
  • Offer has been made, and accepted.
* Out of interest, has anyone had a formal rejection from this committee, as the comment above suggests we should expect?
  • I haven't received a formal rejection letter yet (2/11). Perhaps one day Princeton will be kind enough to grace us with a word, so that we know they have at least received our dossiers -- and perhaps even read them?
  • (2/16) Received the rejection letter today (dated Feb 13) informing me that an offer was extended and accepted "last week." Thanks, Princeton, it is good to know that my application sent months and months ago was actually received. This is the first peep of an intimation that you even knew I existed.
  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
  • received a letter of acknowledgement 10/29/08
  • received an email request for further writing samples 11/19/08 (x2)
  • email rejection 12/10 (x4)
  • Has anyone got a rejection or a further invite after the request for writing samples? 12/11
  • email invite for on-campus visit 12/12
  • Is this search closed now?
  • Not yet, as far as I know. I was told by the committee that on-campus visits take palce in both January and February. 1/22
  • Does anyone know what's up with the Post-Doc that just got advertised with almost identical fields?
  • I emailed a specific query about the status of the jobsearch and the postdoc on 2/12.
  • Did you get a response? - Today [2/18]; there are some candidates still in a pool (with neither rejection nor interview invite), so presumably we will hear a definite no or an invite when the current stage of the job search is over (in ~10 days). The post-doc seems to be running separately to the tt job and applications shouldn't interfere with each other.
  • Thanks for the info! 2/18
  • 3/02: rejection email (x2)
  • application deadline is 14 November 200
  • ack. email on 11/17
  • AHA interview e-mail 11/24
  • email rejection 12/9 (x2)
  • On-campus invite via email, 1/14 (x2)

  • Had an AHA interview and was told that the search might be postponed until next semester/year because of budgetary crisis. They promised to let candidates know of the status of the search by the end of January.
  • Any news??
  • Received an email that the administration asked them to make a hire for a senior position first, then bring candidates for junior positions to campus should they be allowed to do so. The junior positions are not authorized yet (they are contingent upon the next year's financial picture), so they cannot tell the timetable for them at this point. 1/30
  • 3/2 I was told that they had hired a senior historian of medicine, and got authorized to hire a junior person as a one-year VAP in the gender/sexuality studies. They are opening a TT search next year, and the VAP can apply for that position again (apparently, from scratch).

History of Science or Technology[]

  • application deadline is 1 Dec 2008
  • email acknowledgment of app & EEO request 11/26
  • Search Canceled. Entire U of Missouri system has indefinite hiring freeze for all faculty, staff and student positions. 12/5. Check back next year.
  • This only applies for the 4 schools in the UM system. All other states schools are independent. (12/8)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

  • application deadline is 19 Sept 2008
  • Deadline: 15 November 2008
  • Hi all, Search Committee Member here. We will use this site to keep applicants informed of the progress of the search, particularly as deadlines approach and anxiety levels rise. Right now our plan is to conduct video or phone interviews prior the AHA. We do this so that the entire department can get to know those who make the first cut. A smaller group of faculty will travel to New York and meet again with candidates. I can't say I'll check this page on a daily basis, but if you have any questions, please feel free to post them and I'll answer those that I can.
  • Search canceled (email 12/3)
  • Hi all, SC here again. We're really sorry that this happened. In the event you are still on the market next year, we hope to reopen the search. Good luck!
  • Deadline: 15 October 2008
  • HSS interview in early November. Anyone heard anything since then? (11/26)
  • 3 finalists have been invited to on-campus (12/18)
  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • Email notification that search has been suspended, with possibility that they'll have a guest position for 2009-2010 instead (Dec 01)
Anyone heard anything on this one yet?
Canceled quite a while ago.
  • Review of applications will begin December 1, 2008
  • AHA interview (12/09) (notified by e-mail and then phone)
  • AHA interview scheduled on 12/10 by phone
  • Review of applications will begin February 13, 2009

Phone Interview 3/10

  • Deadline 13 February, 2009

Jewish History[]

  • application deadline is 1 Dec 2008

Labor History[]

  • application deadline is 29 Oct 2008

Legal History[]

  • application deadline is 15 Nov 2008
  • multiple candidates interviewed by telephone 11/25-26; job talks scheduled for early December
  • offer extended, accepted. chicago student.
  • application deadline is 20 Oct 2008
  • seeking Associate Professor

Military History[]

  • war and society, area and period open
  • review begins January 5, 2009
  • Received a letter from search chair that review has begun and also an Affirmative Action form (2/2/2009) (x2)
  • Any news?? Phone interviews? On campus interview invites? Anything?!?!?! (2/23)
  • No news since the Affirmative Action form
  • Campus interviews in progress.
  • Campus interview scheduled 2/24
  • Was the interview scheduled on 2/24 or the actual interview took place on 2/24? (3/2)
  • Scheduled on 2/24; took place on 3/4-3/5. Candidates to be notified after 3/10.
  • Notified today: polite rejection. It is safe to assume that an offer has been made. (3/10)
  • Received standard rejection letter stating that offer had been extended and accepted. Said they received over 100 applications. (3/19)
  • Any idea who they offered position to? (3/30)
  • application deadline is 1 Oct 2008
  • modern military history
  • no application deadline given
  • phone interview scheduled 11/24
  • campus interview scheduled 1/8
  • rejection letter 3/11
  • U.S. in world affairs, 1918-present
  • application deadline is 15 Nov 2008
  • search back on contingent on funding
  • looks like this one is cross listed under US and World: campus visits in Feb
  • Three on-campus interviews.
  • Position filled (3/10)
  • Ambrose-Hesseltine Chair in U.S. Military History
  • application deadline is 31 Oct 2008
  • will this search be a dud like the search a couple of years ago?
  • anyone had their campus interview yet or did they fail again? (2/27)
  • Position filled (3/8)
  • Two on-campus interviews.
  • The incumbent is a 2008 PhD with no book. For an endowed chair.
  • TYPICAL of the politically-correct crowd at Madison... Choosing a junior person who could be denied tenure...
  • West Chester University (Pennsylvania)
  • U.S. military/diplomatic
  • anyone know anything about this search?
  • Not yet, but the application deadline was not until January, I think, so it could be a while.
  • This would be good job with relatively good pay and good collegial faculty, despite 4-4 teaching load.
  • Committee should finish reviewing applications by end of January
  • phone interview scheduled 2/16
  • was phone interview made on 2/16 for some later date? or, was actual interview on 2/16?
  • my apologies for the confusion re: above - interview was scheduled on 2/16 for a later date
  • also phone interview; late Feb
  • any news? Has anyone been invited to an on-campus interview?
  • Any idea about what's happening - on-campus invitations, job offers? (4/6)
  • Still no news???
  • Received rejection letter today saying offer extended and accepted. (5/6)
  • three visiting assistant professor positions, suggested areas of specialty "non-English European military history; military science and technology; and naval history"
  • any news on this job? might USMA interview at the SMH in April in Tennessee?
  • Any update on this one? Uncle Sugar surely can take his sweet time!

History of Nationalism[]

  • Deadline 11/3.
  • Acknowledgement letter (snail mail) dated 28/10.
  • Other USC campuses have cancelled searches. Does anyone know if this is still on?
  • I got a letter yesterday saying the search is cancelled due to the hiring freeze.

Oral History[]

  • application deadline is unknown

Political History[]

  • application deadline is 21 Nov 2008

Public History[]

  • application deadline is 15 Sept 2008
  • Rec'd an exceptionally kind rejection email. Indicated there were 30 candidates. (12/4)
  • I too received an exceptionally kind rejection email. How civilized! Thank you to the search committee for making me feel like a person not just a cow with a terminal degree (12/8)
  • Heard that they have a post-AHA list of finalists (1/15)
  • Other wiki claims offer extended
  • application deadline is 14 Nov 2008
  • New deadline is 15 January 2009
  • anyone know why they rescheduled their deadline?
  • any news?? (1/31)
  • Okay, it's now been three months since the original deadline and one month since the revised deadline. What is going on here? Are they at the racetrack?
  • On campus invite (2/18)
  • Offer made and rejected. Department offered $12K less than the university's average salary for assistant professors, $500 less than the average instructor! Department chair refused to approach dean to ask for more money. Really got the impression the department wants desperate faculty instead of quality. This job search was a waste of time.
  • application deadline is 3 Nov 2008
  • On campus interview scheduled 11/18.
  • ditto 11/18
  • So who got this job if it wasn't either of the candidates the department flew in for on campus interviews? (12/29)
  • I was an on-campus candidate; offer extended and accepted.
  • Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
  • application deadline is Dec. 1 or until filled
  • AHA interview scheduled
  • anyone hear anything more about post-AHA contact of on-campus finalists?
  • nice, friendly AHA interview
  • Scheduled on campus interview (1/21)
  • has SIUE scheduled all 3 campus interviews for Public/Oral Hist? (they may be slow b/c they are searching for 3 positions and will have 9 finalists in 3-4 weeks.)
  • Offer extended and accepted.
  • application deadline December 15
  • Contacted by email for phone interview - 12/15
  • Snail mail rejection letter (2/24)
  • application deadline is Jan.31

Religious History[]

  • application deadline is 15 Sept 2008

Urban History[]

Pratt Institute

  • Deadline January 1, 2009
  • Ack. letter received (snail mail), 12/18
  • Anyone heard anything more? (1/16)
  • How many people here applied for this? 4
  • still not heard anything from them, 2/2
  • ack postcard rec'd 2/5
  • that was slow, did you send your app on time? (was it an ack postcard or an EEO card?)
  • it was an ack postcard that said their computer crashed.
  • Phone interviews arranged (2/9)
  • Any word on campus visits? (2/18)
  • Someone on the anthropology wiki has a campus visit. (2/25)
  • On the anthro wiki, there are 4 finalists.
  • Anyone know if an offer has been made?
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Are you the lucky winner? Congratulations. The place seemed really nice.

Women's History[]

  • application deadline is 1 Nov 2008
  • application deadline is 1 Nov 2008
  • EEOE and ack 15 November.
  • Anyone had a phone interview or anything?
  • aha interview scheduled 12/8
  • was the aha interview scheduled by phone or over email?
  • email on 12/8 I think
  • were you asked to submit writing samples before the AHA interview was scheduled?
  • Received letter ("Dear Candidate") saying that due to financial concerns that this job had been canceled.