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Diplomatic / International History[]

Business or Economic History[]

Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Reader in Economic & Business history since the late 18th C
  • May be a senior hire (this post is tenured)
  • Deadline: 1 July 2010

Vanderbilt University -- Senior Lecturer, Economic/Business History


  • 3-year appointment
  • Has anyone heard anything here? I didnt even get an ack.
  • Interviewed at AHA
  • Thanks for the info. Do you know if they have moved to on-campus now?
  • Have not heard back yet.
  • Did you get an invite to interview at AHA? I can't believe they moved that fast. (Congrats, btw)

Environmental History[]

University of Missouri - Columbia -- Assistant Professor

Application deadline: October 28
U.S. Environmental History
Rejection notice within a week of application, damn that is cold 11/6
It sounds rigged--no one could actually move that fast
AHA interview complete. Nice folks. Waiting to hear back. Any word out there?

Jewish History[]

Northwestern University -- Assistant Professor

Application deadline: October 31
Specialist in Medieval Jewish Studies

University of Denver -- Assistant Professor

Application deadline: November 2
Excluding American and modern Western/Central European history

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill -- Assistant Professor

Application deadline: November 30
Medieval and/or Early Modern Jewish History

Labor History[]

Cornell University -- Visiting Assistant Professor

Review of materials will begin October 15
U.S. labor and working-class history
  • any news here? 12/15 (no, 12/17)
  • according to my source, they have offered someone this position and have given the same individual an opportunity to wait and see if they received a tenure-track offer elsewhere. If the offer is rejected, they renew their search, although I have no idea whether there is a formal shortlist beyond this individual (1/14)
  • re: above. totally ridiculous. they shouldn have done an adjunct search that started later

Military History[]

Duke University --Hertog Assistant / Associate Professorship

Application deadline: November 6
American military history and policy or American diplomatic history

-Fast email acknowledgment received. (11/5)

  • Request for additional materials. (11/10)
  • Request for phone interview (12/1)
  • Can you give a sense of timing and/or how many candidates they are continuing to pursue?
  • Still no word received (12/7)
  • Indeed, we're past time when search committee has promised a decision.  Anybody know if they are doing AHA or going straight to on-campus? (12/9)
  • Received nice rejection email. (12/9)
  • Invite for campus visit rec'd (12/9)
  • Not everyone who is not on-campus has received a rejection.  (12/17)
  • There is a developing rumor from connected people that this is a farce search, where a candidate has been identified already in advance and the search is for propriety's sake.  (12/31)
  • Intriguing.  Save for naming names, any actual evidence of this? (1/1)
  • Cannot without naming names. (1/2)
  • Then why bother spreading rumor and innuendo?  At least let us all know, when search is over, if your rumor proved true... (1/4)
  • Just received a second rejection email from the search committee.  (1/4)
  • Offer made. Was rumor true? (3/3)

Old Dominion University -- Military History Assistant Professor

Application deadline: December 15
  • rec'd letter stating committee will speak with selected candidates in early January (12/23)
  • Does this mean they're by-passing the AHA?
  • yes
  • New Wrinkle, this was an open specialty job--there is a NEW job at ODU on highered jobs for American Military History and Virginia History. They had been looking for VA history in another search. I am an American Military type who applied, BUT no VA history. I would say they decided to change the nature of the search. They have a deadline of 3/15 on this job.
  • Could it be that they are hiring for two positions? I ask because they initially asked for a military syllabus, but now they'd like a Virgina syllabus. I'm a military but non-American type--hate to think that I'm now out of the running and can't reapply!
  • In my view, you could be okay. Perhaps, they got another budget line. I know I am not, or I would have heard someting. I applied for another job there a few years and I wondered if they did not have someone in mind at the time. They asked me a question it would have been VERY HARD for someone in my era to answer--easy for another era. The person they hired was from that other era. ODU is almost done with the other hire that had the VA history tag--one of the person who posted as having an interview did not have a VA specialty.
  • I e-mailed the head of the search committee - the earlier position has been cancelled, and this is a new one. Apparently due to budget cuts, they needed someone who could cover more areas (in this case VA history). Anyone who applied for the first position can use the same material to apply for the new one, but will be required to submit a syllabus for a course in VA history. People who applied for the original position will also receive a letter explaning the situation.
  • Contacted for phone interview (3/19)
  • Just completed a very pleasant phone interview. Campus invites to be extended sometime in mid-April (3/26)
  • So who got the job?

Texas Tech University -- U.S. Military History Assistant Professor

Application deadline: November 1
Any news here? Ack? (11/25)

  • (12/1) Have a phone interview this week (ditto)

(12/10) On campus interview scheduled

(2/3/10) Offer made to candidate

2/10 Offer accepted

Job accepted by Barton Myers, (Postdoc, Cornell)

University of Notre Dame
Application deadline: October 1
  • Has anyone heard any news?
  • Request for more materials (11/5)
  • Rejection letter (11/13)
  • Word is that there is not much money for this position, even less than originally thought.  They will have to hire at the very junior (ABD?) level.  (12
  • Perhaps that is because Notre Dame has to buy Charlie Weis's contract out.
  • To be fair, football IS more important.
  • Anything here? Are they planning on going to AHA to interview? (12/11)
  • Colleague received an email to set up an AHA interview. (12/11)
  • On-campus invite issued. (1/19)
  • Are you sure about that? (2/11)
  • Yes, I'm sure. (2/15)

Public History[]

Northern Kentucky University -- Public History / Museum Studies Assistant Professor

Application deadline: November 6
received email from search chair stating that if I ("the candidate" - I assume everyone received this) did not receive an invite for a campus visit by Nov. 30, then I should go ahead and abandon my lifelong dream of living in Northern Kentucky (11/19)

University of Michigan Flint -- Public History Assistant / Associate Profeessor

Application deadline: November 11
Any one heard anything on this job? (11/24)
Contacted to set up phone interview (12/1)
Did anyone every get an acknowledgment from this place? (12/7)

So, I never recieved an acknowledgement but recieved an EEO form, are they still looking, or is this HR not communicating with the department? (3/3)

Had AHA interview, but still no word about on-campus visit. (1/15)

Armstrong Atlantic State University-- African American History/Public History Assistant Professor

Application review begins: December 1
      Offer extended and accepted (3/11)

Urban History[]

Barnard College -  Advertisement

  • Application deadline: November 1
  • Job is also listed under United States history [[1]]
  • Any further word? (12/11)

General (no regional or methodological focus)[]

University of Essex (UK) - Lecturer in History

  • "the Department of History wishes to appoint a Lecturer in History who uses local and regional approaches to history to look at global and/or transnational phenomena."
  • Early Modern or Modern period
  • Deadline: 2 Sept 2010 (although the appointment date is listed as 1 Sept 2010!)

University of Michigan -- Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies / History

Application deadline: October 15
  • How many people here applied for this? 11
  • Received email with diversity survey link (11/13)
  • Has anyone heard anything about the timeline? Are they doing a round at the AHA? Anyone invited for anything yet?
  • I haven't heard anything, and it's killing me!  Such an early deadline for news. . . (12/16)
  • Anyone else worried that this one is in the process of being axed? (x2)
  • On-campus interviews scheduled for January
  • Has an offer been made? (3/10)

University of Richmond-- Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

  • Application deadline: November 15
  • Specialization in international or cross-cultural studies
  • Received request for additional materials. (11/24)
  • Ditto, any sense about how they're planning to handle this search?
  • Phone interview 12/9---very nice email saying that campus visits will occur in January (I wasnt selected) 12/17

Waynesburg University-- Assistant Professor in non-U.S. History

  • Has anyone been contacted for an interview at Waynesburg? (12/12)

George Washington University - teacher/administrator position

  • deadline was 12/1 - interviewing at AHA - anyone else apply? Any word?
  • Applied also, no word. (12/14)
  • Acknowledgement letter received.  Appears as if it might be an inside hire.
  • Any word on whether previous poster is right? Has a hire been made?
  • Sorry - came late to this board.  Received AHA interview invite on 12/9 (email invite also included request for writing sample) .  Email also mentioned that a total of 8 finalists had been invited for interviews. (Posted 12/23)
  • On-campus interviews scheduled. (1/19)

University of York (UK) - Lectureship in 20th Century History

  • "The Department is seeking to appoint an ambitious young scholar in any field of twentieth century history, but has some preference for candidates with interests in transnational or international history"
  • Deadline: 20 May 2010

Naval Postgraduate School - History of American Politics and Government

  • Deadline was 10/1/09
  • I'm assuming this one is done by now, but am wondering if anyone can confirm?
  • I never heard anything from them after the initial acknowledgment.  (1/4)
  • Response from the department to my email inquiry: "We currently have five searches going. We’ve only interviewed for two of the five. The American government search may begin contacting candidates for interview as early as February."