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Several posts are advertised with open or very mixed specialties; seems a good idea to list them somewhere centrally rather than on each individual 'specialty' page.

See also Interdisciplinary 2010-2011

Georgetown: Communication Culture and Technology Program[]

  • Tenure-Track position in cultural history to teach in the CCT MA program
  • Deadline November 1.
  • Anyone received an ack? (11/17)
  • I'll 2nd that - anyone received an ack or AA form? (11/29)
  • Phone interviews happened in December

Liverpool Hope University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern History, pref. with specialism in Cultural History
  • Deadline: 18 Jul. 2011 - but they state "The application process will remain open, however, until a suitable candidate is found."

Loughborough University (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured) in Modern History, region & theme unspecified
  • PhD in-hand by appointment, and evidence of publication, research & teaching experience required
  • Deadline: 1 May 2011
    • Interviews: 18 May 2011

Loyola University Chicago[]

  • Full-time, Tenure Track, Assistant Professor in Public History with a specialization in New Media and any geographic field, beginning Fall 2011
  • Deadline: 11/30/2010
  • Contacted for AHA interview (x1)
  • Made decision about on campus visits. 1/13/2011
  • Offer made and accepted 2-21-2011

Pratt Institute (NY)[]

  • Full-time tenure-track faculty position in History (or a closely related field) in the Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies (2 Positions)
  • Successful applicants will have a fundamental commitment to teaching in and curricular planning of the Department's World History core, a two-semester sequence required of all Pratt's undergraduates. In addition, s/he will have the opportunity to develop new thematic courses in areas of his or her own expertise, including courses in the Department's B.A. program in Critical and Visual Studies. Field open, but preference will be given for Position One to specialization in one or more of the following areas: Middle Eastern/Islamic History, Latin American/Caribbean History, East Asian History, and Indian Ocean History, and for Position Two to specialization in one or more of the following areas: Cultural History, Intellectual History, Social History, and History of Material Culture.
  • Please send only cover letter and C.V. at this time, indicating if application is for Position One or Position Two.
  • Review of applications to begin December 1, 2010 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Cross-posted at World/Global History 2010-11
  • Anyone hear anything??
  • Received confirmation of receipt of application. (12/2)
  • by mail or email? I haven't received confirmation --by email.
  • Invited to campus to interview for position #1 (1/25)

Rhodes College: Director of the Search for Values Humanities Sequence[]

  • The College seeks a Director for its core three-course sequence in interdisciplinary humanities, The Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion, beginning fall 2011.
  • The teaching load is four courses per year divided between the Search program and the department of disciplinary training. This appointment will include tenure in an existing department at the rank of associate professor or higher.
  • Apply on line at Review of completed applications will begin October 15 and continue until the position is filled.

St. Petersburg College[]

  • Faculty, History/Geography
  • Applications due 1/19

Trent University, Ontario (Canada)[]

  • Tenure track assitant professorship in the history of Québec/French Canada
    • (I realise this spec. is not 'open field', but there seemed no other appropriate category for Canadian history.)
  • PhD must be in hand by appointment date: August 2011
  • "Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority"
  • Deadline: 15 June 2011

University of California, Irvine[]

H-Net Ad

The Departments of History and Film and Media Studies and the Ph.D. Program in Visual Studies at the University of California, Irvine invite applications for a joint tenure-track appointment at the Assistant Professor level, beginning July 1, 2011, for an intellectual or cultural historian with expertise in twentieth and twenty-first century broadcasting history (radio and television), and/or histories of digital and new media and/or global media. The regional focus of the search is open, but applicants with research specializations on Africa, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the US are encouraged to apply. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in History, Film and Media Studies, or a related field.

Please apply online at and submit a letter of application, a statement of current research, a curriculum vitae, an article-length writing sample, two sample course syllabi, and three letters of reference. The application deadline is December 20, 2010.

Cross-posted at Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented, 2010-11 & Film Studies 2010-2011

University of Central Florida[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor in Digital and Public History beginning in August 2011
  • Expanding their offerings in new media
  • Deadline: November 26, 2010
  • They are not interviewing at AHA, but will conduct telephone interviews in January. Applicants have not been contacted yet. 12/23/2010
  • January is almost over....has anyone heard anything from them? (1/26)
  • Nothing yet (1/28)
  • Sent an email to the search committee chair. He responded with, "Because of search guidelines at UCF, all I can say is that the search is still going on." I am not sure what his statement means. Has anyone heard anything that might clarify his statement? (2-16-2011)
  • I don't have any information about this search, but would interpret that as a coded statement that the search has bentil an offer has been made and accepted.en narrowed. Some schools (including another one in Florida) are not allowed to give applicants who are no longer under consideration ANY information about a search until an offered has been made and accepted, which of course can be months after an initial long list has been generated. (2/23)
  • UCF sends out the most offensive form rejection letters. The faculty in general are incompetent interviewers and seem to have little understanding that interviewing and jobs talks actually involve asking questions on their part.This school claims it is the 2nd biggest in the nation--as if that makes the school a player in academia--NOT. As long as its faculty act like a small-time circus in dealing with candidates, they will stay small-time. good luck with actually becoming a player. anybody thinking of getting a job here--consider how many faculty are actually professors despite being at the school for years and years. something like 3. do they ever promote anyone to professor? guess people like staying associate professors for 15 years.

University of Coventry (UK)[]

  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (tenured) with: "particular emphasis on modern American, European, Middle or Far Eastern or South Asian history"
  • SHORT Deadline: 1 Oct. 2010

University of Limerick[]

  • Lecturer below the bar in History
  • "preferably early modern Ireland"
  • Deadline: 15 Oct 2010

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign[]

  • multiple tenure-track positions, including archives
  • deadline: November 30

University of Toronto Mississauga[]

  • tenure-track position in the History of Christianity
  • deadline 15 October
  • This position is also posted at Religious Studies 2010-2011
  • 10/26: Religious Studies page notes several conference interviews have been scheduled for first week of Nov.

Virginia Tech[]

  • Public History, Assistant Professor
  • The History Department at Virginia Tech seeks an innovative scholar, adept in emerging technologies, with experience in the teaching and practice of public history. Applicants with specialties in areas such as environment, science, health, migration, culture, media, policy, and other interdisciplinary fields that support programs at Virginia Tech are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Review of applications begins on November 1, 2010
  • Cross-posted at History of Science Technology & Medicine, 2010-11, U.S. History, 2010-2011, and Virginia Tech
  • Notice of AHA interview by email 12-7
  • Two hires from finalist pool 2-21-11

Western Michigan University[]

  • Open field, job is for DUS, and Director of Advising
  • Review of Applications begins on November 1, 2010
  • Not a word for me (11/21). News, anyone?
  • Still haven't heard anything, either (12/14)- maybe they are waiting until after their AHA interview(s) for the ancient history search?
  • rejection letter by snail mail 12/20. Letter says they had over 70 applicants.
  • Position offered and accepted