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Arizona State University (Indigenous literatures) (10/20)

California State Fullerton (Chicana/o Studies with emphasis in Literature) Due 10/31

  • asked for phone interview (11/7)
  • campus visit (12/2)
  • Search canceled indefinitely

California State LA (U.S. multiethnic lit) Due 11/26

  • call to set up phone interview (12/4), (12/5), (12/5),(12/5)
  • request for writing sample (1/5)
  • Question: did you have a phone interview with them or is this a new request?
  • Answer: I had a phone interview with them last month and just received this writing sample request.
  • call to set up campus visit (1/9)
  • are you the same person who posted the writing sample request above? A: Yes.
  • This, and other CSULA jobs reposted on Given the above info, I'm assuming this was a mistake, but does anybody know the status of this search? (1/22)
  • I don't know why this position was reposted--hopefully to signal that the job still exists despite the CSU hiring freeze??--but I still have a campus visit scheduled for early February as far as I know...
  • 2/9 offer made; 2/14 offer accepted

Colorado @ Boulder Due 10/24

  • request for writing sample (11/19 x7)
  • Question: Online CU jobsite claims that my recs haven't been uploaded, even though they have been snail-mailed to the dept. Anyone else in this situation?
  • Yes. Is anyone *not* in this situation, I wonder? If so, how did you get out of it?
  • Probably no big deal: I imagine they just don't upload the letters to the online system, even if they have them filed. My references tell me they were never emailed by the CU jobs site, so uploading their contact info was just a formality/waste of time.
  • e-mail rejection 11/26 (14)
  • request for writing sample to be sent electronically again; first batch of documents corrupted (12/3)
  • Did more than one person receive this request to resend their writing sample? (12/4) no; yes, i also received an email request to resend the writing sample last week
  • Request for MLA interview via e-mail (12/11 x2)
  • e-mail rejection, 12/21 (nice rejection; had been asked for writing sample in late November)
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (1/7)
  • e-mail rejection (1/7)

Colorado SU Due 11/7

  • acknowledgment of app 11/04
  • e-mail rejection 11/25
  • MLA interview scheduled, via phone (12/12 x4)
  • I've gotten neither an interview nor a rejection email. Is this true for anyone else? Yes, but I'm not holding my breath. (x6)
  • Any word yet on flyback invitations? (1/6)
  • Colleague of mine who doesn't check wiki has been invited to campus, via phone (1/6)
  • Any other news about Colorado State visits? (2/3)
  • position canceled due to budget cuts. (2/4)

Columbia Due 10/31

  • request for writing sample (11/20) (8)
  • For those of you who were asked for writing samples, can I ask what your particular field is (and rank, since it was open rank)?
  • Native American lit, assistant. Asian American lit, assistant.
  • Multiethnic lit, assistant.
  • Multiethnic lit, assistant.
  • MLA interview scheduled, via phone (12/12)

Any other Columbia interviews scheduled?

Dartmouth (Asian American) Due 11/3

  • Ack. of appl. Oct. 24
  • Addt'l materials requested 12/1 (2)
  • Snail rejection 12/15 x2
  • Q: Sorry to hear about your rejection. Were you one of folks who'd been asked for a writing sample?
  • MLA interview set up by phone (12/17)
  • Any news from MLA interviewees? (Either campus visit or rejection letter [hopefully not the latter!].)
  • I heard they called people to campus. Ditto, though it was 3rd-hand information.
  • Can someone please confirm? (1/15) Yes they've invited people to campus already (2/5)
  • reliable second-hand information that offer has been made (2/6)

Dartmouth (Native American Studies) (11/25)

  • Q: Anyone received word, besides an acknowledgement?
  • Campus visit scheduled via phone (1/6)
  • Position accepted by another candidate

Dominican University Due 11/14

  • Ack. of appl'n email 11/10 (2), 11/19
  • Received email request for MLA interview 11/18 (2)
  • Received emailed rejection 1/15
  • Campus visit request 1/13

Eastern Washington University (review to begin immediately) (20th C. Am Lit, emphasis in Native, African-Am, Chicano Lit)

  • Ack of app (12/2)
  • Contacted re missing transcripts and was told to "take my time"--committee won't get to applications until end of Dec, 12/9

Gonzaga Due 11/7

  • Ack of app (10/31) (2), (11/11)
  • Scheduled MLA interview (12/2) (x2)
  • Snail rejection (12/12) (x3) (12/16)
  • Received emailed rejection (1/15)

Grinnell College(review to begin Nov. 15 until filled)

  • Ack of app via email ~ Nov. 13

Gustavus Adolphus College (due 11/7)

  • asked for teaching materials (11/26) (5)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/17) (x3)
  • campus visits? (1/14) According to the chair of the department: campus visits have not been scheduled; the search is proceeding on the timeline given to candidates who were interviewed at the MLA. Candidates not advancing to MLA interviews were recently informed.
  • they don't begin classes until the week of Feb 9, so will not be scheduling visits until sometime soon after that.
  • Campus visit scheduled 2/13
  • Offer made 3/12

Kutztown Due 11/7

  • Q: Does anyone know about intvws for this pos.? I noticed that they've already scheduled MLA intvws for their early Am. pos.
  • A: No clue--I never received a letter acknowledging receipt of the app (but I received one for the early Am position). Different search chairs, different procedures, perhaps? Did anyone else not receive an acknowledgment for this app?
  • I actually did receive an ack. of my app and an EEO form, but nothing else.
  • anybody heard anything? Were interviews conducted? (1/5)
  • Interviews were conducted for the Early Am search at MLA, but I don't know if they interviewed for the Ethnic Am search and I still haven't heard anything. (1/7)

Long Island University Due 11/14 - Literatures of the Americas

--May be canceled due to budget cuts--can anyone verify?

Marian Univ (WI) Due 11/15 (American Lit/Multicultural Lit)

  • Acknowledgment of application (11/25, 11/29)
  • Marian received over 200 applications and will be contacting semifinalists within the next few weeks. (1/5/9) (reposted 1/7/09--see American Open wiki)

Miami U (Asian American) Due 11/10

- May be canceled due to budget cuts.

- Looks safe now, as they've made other cancellations already.

- Received emailed rejection letter (1/7).

Oklahoma State University (postcolonial literatures / indigenous literatures) (11/3)

  • Acknowledgment of application (11/25)
  • Phone interview scheduled 11/21

Queens College - CUNY Due 11/20

  • Acknowledgment of application by mail (11/10)
  • rejection letter rec'd (2/2)

Redlands Due 11/14

  • Acknowledgment of application by mail (11/8) ,(11/17)
  • Ethnic Studies Wiki is reporting a 12/3 response to e-mail inquiry - "search postponed indefinitely due to budgetary reasons."

Scripps (Asian American) Due 11/5

  • request for writing sample 11/22, ditto 11/26, ditto 11/26 (x3)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/16 by phone (x3)
  • any word on campus visits?
  • I was going to ask too. Is there a definitive timeframe for when decisions are going to be made and visits scheduled?
  • They weren't too sure when I asked. But classes don't even start till 1/20.
  • At the MLA they said they'd be notifying people in 3-4 weeks.
  • Thanks for the responses (I posted the question above). They also told me at MLA that it would be a couple of weeks/several weeks before a decision would be made.
  • still no word? I haven't heard anything... (me neither. How many are monitoring this entry? 1+?)
  • I haven't heard either; that makes at least 3 of us who have posted the same thing in the past few days.
  • I haven't heard either, which makes 4 of us.
  • Heard through the grapevine that someone got a campus visit, sorry.

Shippensburg Due 11/1

  • Acknowledgement of application by mail 11/4
  • Request for writing sample/dossier 11/19 (2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/5
  • Offer made and accepted (Date unknown. Source: departmental email.)

United States Naval Academy Ethnic and Minority other than African-American (11/7)

  • request for dossier/teaching materials/writing sample (11/24)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15

University of British Columbia (English/Women's Studies/Indigenous Studies) 10/17

  • request for phone interview 12/2 (x2)
  • when will a shortlist be created? I was told "before the holidays."
  • shortlist already made on 12/17; rejection via email (x2)

University of British Columbia, Okanagan (indigenous literatures)

  • nice rejection e-mail with letter to follow (2/4)
  • campus visit scheduled 1/27

University of California, Davis (California Indian Studies) (12/1)

University of California, Berkeley (Comparative Ethnic Studies) (12/1)

University of Louisiana, Lafayette (review to begin immediately)

  • request for writing sample 11/22 (4)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/6 (x3)
  • rejection via email 12/10 (x2)
  • any campus visits scheduled? (1/7)
  • My understanding is that they'll bring one person to campus, and that that decision won't be made until later this month.
  • any word on campus visits? (2/4)
  • is this search still in place? has anyone heard anything? (2/15)

University of Massachusetts Amherst (Native American Indian Studies) (11/10)

  • Ack mail (11/24, 12/2, 12/4)
  • request for writing sample 12/8
  • Request for phone interview via phone (12/11 x 2)
  • Campus visit scheduled via phone (1/6)
  • Colleague of mine has had campus visit scheduled via phone (1/6)
  • Offer made; offer accepted (2/18)

University of Oklahoma "review of applications will begin immediately"

  • acknowledgment of application by mail 11/6
  • request for writing sample 11/13 (4)
  • scheduled MLA interview 12/4
  • Q: How was interview scheduled (phone or e-mail)? via phone
  • rejection letter received via snail mail, writing sample had been requested (12/10) (ditto, dated 12/4, received 12/11)
  • Campus visit scheduled via phone (1/6)
  • 2 offers made; one accepted, one pending

U Wisconsin-Oshkosh (Asian American/ Latino/a) Due 11/10

  • scheduled MLA interview 12/8
  • Has anyone heard about campus visits? 1/30
  • they don't begin classes until the week of Feb 2, so will not be scheduling visits until sometime soon after that.

University of Oregon, Due 10/31 Department of Ethnic Studies

  • Acknowledgment of application by mail (11/10)

University of South Florida (Latino/a) Due 11/17

  • Acknowledgment of application by mail (11/14)
  • Scheduled MLA interview (12/7 x2)
  • scheduled campus visit (1/5)

University of Texas at San Antonio (Native Lit and Culture) (Due 12/1)

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/15)x5
  • anyone invitied to campus yet?
  • no one? I thought that they would have created a shortlist by now.
  • does anyone know what's happening with this position? During the MLA interview, the committee said they were hoping to schedule campus visits as early as January. Last I heard, a shortlist had not been created yet.
  • No word . . . just waiting.
  • Department is in the process of bringing in two candidates for campus visits.
  • Have the candidates been notified? A: I'm assuming the successful candidates have been notified of their upcoming campus visits. It was only when I emailed the Chair that I was informed of the status of the search (I have an offer elsewhere and needed to know what was happening with this position).
  • Can someone please confirm whether or not campus visits have been scheduled and/or if they have already occurred and/or if an offer has been made?

University of Utah (Asian American) (due 11/7)

  • Email notice that position has been canceled (12/19)

University of Victoria (Indigenous literatures) (due 10/31)

  • any word? Campus interview.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville (Multi-ethnic literature) (Due 12/1)

  • ack. letter 12/5, 12/8, 12/10
  • phone interview 12/13
  • Q: Did UWP call in advance to schedule the phone interview? Yes.
  • campus interview invitation by phone (1/6) x2
  • what is going on with this search? I was invited to campus by phone in early January only to hear recently that the cmte will meet to make 'final' decisions on February 2. This is very unprofessional. Not to mention the failure to reply to candidates' emails. (2/2/09)
  • What does this mean? Have candidates been invited to campus or not? Have the campus visits already occurred, and the dept. will decide who gets the job on 2/2? (2/3)
  • The campus invitations followed the 2/2 meeting (although invitations were made in early January by phone; at least one), and the visits start next week. I found it just bizarre that the hiring cmte would ask candidates' advisors to send in more support forms (after the campus invitation had already been made). I could, of course, be reading too much into this. (2/3)
  • Well, sometimes there is a substantial lag time between the invitation and actual campus visit. I've had a lag time of about 3 weeks before. 2/6

Virginia Commonwealth University Due 11/13

  • acknowledgment of app (11/06, 11/17, 12/3)
  • ack. letter noted that the SC would contact finalists early/mid Dec for MLA interview
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/5)
  • rejection letter 12/10 (due to delayed receipt of app)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/16)
  • Post-MLA interview rejection email (1/21)
  • FYI they brought 2 candidates to campus.
  • Offer made.

Washington and Lee (Ethnic American Lit and Fiction Writing) (10/31)

  • acknowledgment of app 11/4
  • rejection email 12/10 (x8)

Whitman College (Johnston Visiting Prof. Native Am. Lit.) (10/31)

  • MLA interview scheduled by e-mail (12/9)
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (1/7)
  • Offer tendered by phone (1/28)
  • Offer accepted (2/11)

Willamette University (U.S. multiethnic lit) Due 11/1

  • acknowledgment of app 11/10
  • Request for Dossier/Writing Sample/Transcripts (11/18) (5)
  • Anyone heard anything about this job?
  • Phone call to arrange MLA interview (12/11) (4)
  • rejection email 12/18
  • Has anyone else been requested a dossier but has not been called to arrange an interview and has not been sent a rejection email? (12/22!) Yep, me!
  • any MLA interviewees heard anything yet? (i know their semester doesn't begin until next week... but i'm antsy...)
  • Look on the department's website; they have job talks posted (1/22)

West Virginia University (Latino/a Lit.)

  • Does this job actually exist?
  • Received email request for MLA interview (12/4)(4)
  • scheduled campus visit (1/6).
  • Any news? Time line, offer, or such?
  • Canceled after campus visits

Yale Due 11/1

  • Is this search still open? Has anyone heard anything?
  • A: Yes, see 20th/21st American wiki for further info--at least one Ethnic Am campus visit has been scheduled. (1/7/09)