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[FYI: Some posters are looking for info on African American literature positions.  Here's the link to that wiki:]

If there are still some folks coming here to track the result of this year's job searches, you might be interested in a MLA report from last week about the actual stats regarding the number of openings this year. The report is at But if you don't want to read all the charts, I broke down the most relevant info on my blog ( ).

Demographics: ABD (early): 1

ABD (will finish this academic year): 8

Ph.D. in hand (one-year (2), VAP (4), Lecturer (2)): 8

Assistant Professor: 2

Associate Professor: 1

Full Professor:


Total: 20

Offers Made[]

California State University, Northridge

Colby College

Columbia College

Denison University

Drew University




University of New Mexico

University of North Texas

Campus Interviews Scheduled[]

Arizona State University

Bentley University

Brown University

California State University, Northridge

Colby College

Columbia College (Chicago)

Denison University

Drew University

Indiana University South Bend

Ithaca College

John Jay College, CUNY

Loyola Marymount University (2 rounds)

Montclair State University

Northeastern Illinois University

Rowan University

Southern Methodist University

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of North Texas

West Chester University

West Virginia University

MLA Interviews scheduled[]


Cal State Univ, Long Beach

California State University, Northridge

Colby Columbia College (Chicago)

Denison High Point

Indiana U, South Bend

John Jay College, CUNY Marquette

Montclair Pace



Southern Methodist University of North Texas West Chester

West Virginia


Job Details[]

Arizona State University, American Indian Studies (3/31)[]

description here: [[1]]

Anyone hear anything? (5/10)

Arizona State University (Barrett Honors College) Open Rank, Social Scientist, deadline 03/17/10[]

Job as here:

Arizona State University (Comparative Ethnic, Transnational, or Hemispheric Literary/Cultural Studies)[]

10/28 email ack.

Phone interview completed: 11/21

Do you know if they're planning to do MLA interviews?

No MLA interview. They claim it's for budgetary reasons. Of course, it also allows them to move more quickly than schools on the MLA schedule (flyouts in January) ,and thus make offers earlier. From what I understand, their department is hiring for 10 positions, so I imagine there are budgetary concerns.

Has there been any further word on this position?

Did anyone schedule a campus interview with ASU?  Are these searches in literature at ASU still happening? Campus interviews scheduled -- see ASU English homepage for details. Beware of this institution. You can read about it all over the Chronicle. Compounded with the financial meltdown in AZ because of real estate inflation I'd be very wary

Bentley University (ethnic American lit)[]

MLA interview scheduled via email on 12/10

campus visit invite via email

Brown University (American Indian Studies)[]

Asked for intro to book ms. sometime in November and told that applications would be reviewed in early December.

email confirming completed application (12/2) (X5)

anyone get a call for an interview yet? (12/15)

Has anyone had contact with the Brown U folks about the status of this search? (1/14/10)

Nothing yet here, still keeping my fingers and toes crossed, but not holding my breath. The semester does not start up until January 26, so it is possible that nothing will happen until closer to/after that time. (1/15/10)

Heard from a reliable source no ABD's considered; only post-doc fellows and those already with jobs shortlisted. (1/21/10)

The same person told me that the sc only want Indian poets and fiction writers.

So all of those established poets and fiction writers who happen to be ABD were not shortlisted.

Rec'd phone call on 12/4/09 asking for writing sample. Told there was a short list of 7 people.

so, any confirmations on if people have been contacted for interviews yet? (1/28)

Yes. (1/31)- Thanks for the update. damn! :-)

Hi ya'll. I know for a fact that my friend (ABD/Social Science) was long-shortlisted, one of 7 people. Hu has not heard about final short list yet. (2/2) Campus visits are taking place right now (2/2)

Email rejection. (2/18) (x2)

SO - can anyone indicate who this job was offered to? I am super curious to see who they hire. (3/8)

See list of candidates at (3/14)

Thank you for the link to the candidates - very helpful. I "know" almost all of the candidates, so this helps me to gauge my competitiveness.

Anyone heard about this position? (4/14)

First choice candidate turned down offer (5/26)

Will Brown do another search this coming year?

California State University, Northridge (American Indian Studies Program)[]

Does anyone know if they are interviewing at MLA?

interviews being scheduled now . Q: Has anyone actually received a call for an interview? (12/15)   A: Yes. (12/18)

EOE letter sent (12/15). Acknowledgment and EOE letter received, 12/17/09. Any news? (12/18)

received EOE letter and acknowledgment 1/18/10 so I am assuming the search is still on?

interviews are in process (1/28)

has an offer been made? (3/18) - not sure (3/20)

I assume an offer was made. I was one of the interviewees, and was notified last week that I would not be offered a position. (4/26)

Letter postmarked 4/30 states they filled the position . . . wonder who they hired . . . (5/7)

In case anyone is still interested - the hire was Brian Yazzie Burkhart (Indiana Univ.)

Colby College (English, specialization in Chicana/o and Latina/o Literature)[]

11/6 email request for writing sample 11/5 e-mail request for writing sample

MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/4

MLA interview scheduled by email 12/5

Campus interview scheduled 1/4

Columbia College (Chicago)[]

anyone heard anything from this one? The Anglophone page shows they scheduled that interview.

Anyone heard about the US Latino/a Literature position? According to the Spanish wiki, someone got a phone call on 12/7 for an interview.  Has any one on this page gotten an interview request?

A: Nope I received phone call around same time--scheduled an MLA interview.

Visit scheduled 1/4

Am curious, how did MLA interview go for people?

Dartmouth College (Native American Studies)[]

E-mail ack received 12/1

Position closed, not filled (by mail) 2/1 (x3)

Denison University[]

Writing sample request (11/18) (x3)

MLA interview scheduled (12/11) (x2)

campus visit scheduled 1/6

Am curious, how did MLA interviews go for people?

My interview went extremely well, more like a conversation.

My interview went well too, but one dominated and spoke more than the other.

Drew University (American literature with a secondary specialization in "ethnic literatures")[]

E-mail acknowledgment (10/28)

20th Am Lit page mentions MLA interviews (12/12)

Campus visits scheduled by phone (1/14)

Offer made: (3/3)

Offer accepted: (3/19)

Eastern Washington U (3-yr VAP Am Ind Studies) (12/31/09)[]

nothing yet. Anyone else hear anything yet?

Nothing. Just an ack. last month.

Ack received 12/8.

Any news? (1/31)

my sources indicate that interviews will be scheduled in the next few weeks (2/5)

thanks for the news!

It appears that interviews are being scheduled for the first weeks of March. I received a call today - and was asked to be ready to schedule the interview soon. (2/25)

Interviews should be finished by this week. (3/8)

Anyone else get a call?

Evergreen State College (Tribal Public Administration)[]

Any applicants get contacted? (2/7)

Grinnell College (1-yr leave replacement Ethnic Lit) (1/22/10)[]

Any news? (2/1)

Request for writing sample, via email (2/1) x2 Any updates on this search? (2/28)

No word here (3/3) Email rejection states they "expect to make an appointment" (3/10) (x2)

Q: To those who've received rejections, did any of you receive requests for writing samples? I got the writing sample request in early February but have not heard anything since then.

A: Received rejection, did not receive WS request. Mine was also a rejection without a WS request. Thanks to both of you who responded to my Q about WS requests and rejections. Q: Has this department made an offer yet? I haven't heard anything since I got a request for a writing sample two months ago... (3/30) x2 I'm in the same boat--no word since the writing sample request and wondering if an offer has been made yet.

E-mail rejection received 4/30

High Point University (NC)[]

Ack via e-mail 11/24 Phone interview scheduled via e-mail 12/8 any word about this position? (1/22)

e-mail rejection, which included the total number of applications for three searches and a link to the department chair's book: why waste an opportunity for diverse advertisements? (1/27) (x3)

Did anyone who received an e-mail rejection on 1/27 have a phone/Skype interview?

A. Alas, no--but I did order three copies of the book. Informed on 2/15 that the position was no longer open--no specific details (i.e., whether filled, search postponed, etc.)

I heard that an offer has been made, but I'm not sure if it has been accepted.

Ithaca College[]

Received a robo-response immediately after submitting my application through the online system in October. Haven't heard anything since Is this for the Latina/o Studies position? Yes. Have you heard anything?~ not a word. I just figured I was passed over, since they never did contact my references. ---Hmm, the department seems kind of odd.  It made me a bit suspicious that they seem to also be looking for a new director of the program, as I don't think the last one was there too long.  I applied to a postdoc with this program over the summer and the whole thing seemed totally disorganized, with poor communication.  But I figured I'd take a crack at this advertised position anyway, thinking that there's nothing to lose. I had a phone interview mid-Dec. Was awkward. Haven't heard back from them. I got a sense of disorganization and tension among faculty. Anyone else experience this?

Still no news about additional phone interviews or campus visits?

A colleague of mine has a campus visit this coming weekend. (2/2)

Any news? (3/1)

Job re-posted on Inside Higher Ed. Not sure if this means anything. (3/4)

Rejection email (3/9) x2

Indiana University, South Bend[]

Ack. received by email 10/29, ditto 11/10

Writing sample requested by email 11/27 (x3)

MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/14 (x2)

Email rejection stating that they've made decisions about campus invites. [I did not have an MLA interview with them.] (1/20) (x2)

I also received the email rejection mentioned above (2/7)

Iowa State University (Creative Writing/Am Indian Studies)[]

Q: Anyone heard from Iowa State? 11/28

A: The search was canceled.  Notified by email 12/15. (x4)

budgets suck! :-)

John Jay College CUNY (Latino Studies/English)[]

Rec'd acknowledgment 11/12

MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/8 (x3)

Sorry I'm new to this page -- is this for the Latino Studies or the African American Studies position? Thanks. (It's for the Latino position; I added that to the header.  If you're interested in the African American position, I think there's another wiki devoted to African American literature job openings, so you might try that one.)

Anybody been contacted for campus interviews yet? (1/19)

No word yet. But my MLA interview didn't go so well... (1/20) x2 Classes don't begin at John Jay until January 28th or so, so don't worry if you haven't heard anything yet. They might be waiting to get approval from the dean, etc. (1/21) I received a certified, express mailed rejection letter a couple of days ago with a price tag of $5.54. Now that's a first! John Jay has made me feel special even as they reject me. (; (1/30) Sorry to hear it. Did you have an MLA interview? (I haven't heard anything post-interview.)

No, I should have mentioned I didn't have an interview. That's what made the certified/express letter so surprising. Good luck! Campus interview scheduled by phone. (2/8) What were the campus visits like? (2/26) I don't know if anyone else got this impression, but there seems to be a divide between the English and Latino Studies departments (3/14) It seemed that way to me too. At the MLA, the reps of each dept gave conflicting responses to the same basic questions... Totally felt the same way at the MLA, and actually thought I bombed the interview for that reason, for making them contradict each other. It troubled me that they couldn't agree on basic things about the teaching and service responsibilities. (3/15)

It's not your fault that they hadn't agreed beforehand on basic things like course preps, how the dual appt would work, etc. The search seems to have been coordinated pretty poorly. But I do understand the feeling; that interview blindsided me and I left feeling quite confused and upset. With that kind of interdepartmental tension and confusion, it seems like it'll be hard to get consensus on a candidate, aside from just filling the job. (3/17) Has anyone gotten any news? Has a job offer been made? (3/20)

Offer made: 4/11

Offer accepted:

Loyola Marymount University[]

Rcv'd call (11/19), Invited for campus visit early Dec 4 candidates were brought to campus in Dec; don't know if an offer has been made yet (1/11)

I don't know either, but I heard that they wanted to have the hire completed before winter break... Heard from a reliable source that they have yet to decide on a candidate or make an offer to anyone (1/25)

they are bringing two more candidates to campus beginning next week (2/5)

What?! Rolling my eyes at the LMU search committee...

Any news? This search wanted to be completed by end of '09 and its into March now! (3/1)

Offer made and accepted according to rejection letter (3/27)

Marquette University[]

20th/21st c. page indicates that individuals were asked for a writing sample. Writing sample requested by e-mail 11/10 (X2) Writing sample requested in October shortly after submission of app.

from 20-21 c. page:-------------- Rejection via email 12/10 me too - and after a ws request, too!  (ouch) (same here - big ouch)

It hurts when you've been asked for more materials and nothing comes of it. But you guys should feel really good that such a great program took an interest in you and your work. That should provide some consolation. :) [Meanwhile, I never was asked for anything and didn't even get the courtesy of a rejection!]

Rejection via email 12/10 (x3), 12/11, 12/15.

MLA interview scheduled:  12/10 (by phone). 12/11 (by phone). [From 20-21 c. page]

Montclair State University[]

Acknowledgment (email) 11/22 (x3)

Ack. by post (12/3, 12/7); aa survey received in mail (12/4)

Q: Is Montclair interviewing at MLA?  Seems like they're sending out acknowledgments pretty late. (12/14)

A: No interviews at MLA, only by phone (1/6); Phone interview scheduled by phone 12/9 Q: Has anyone else heard anything? (12/17) A: Nothing yet (12/18)

A: Rec'd candidate information form by post (12/19)

Q: Did anyone interview for this position? (1/4)

A: Yes. (1/6)

Q: Any campus interviews scheduled yet? (1/14)

A. Yes (2/8) x2

Q: How'd the campus visits go? (2/26) Q: Has anyone heard news since campus visit? (3/8)

A: No word. Anyone been reimbursed for the visit yet? Seems kind of slow in that regard. (3/8)

A: Still waiting on reiumbursement as well but doesn't feel unusually slow yet. Would be nice to get that money back. (3/9) Q: Anyone know whether a job offer has been made? I was under the impression that the decsion would be made by mid-February. (3/11)

Offer Made?: heard that offer was made (3/15) -congratulations! has the offer been accepted?

Offer Accepted?: Yes! Offer was accepted

Northeastern Illinois University[]

Acknowledgment letter rec'd 11/10 (2)

Will NIU be interviewing at the MLA? I haven't heard a peep from them since the acknowledgment letter.

Ackn letter postmarked 11/20 (the spanish wiki has no information either about this position)

I e-mailed to ask about the position a couple of weeks ago and never got a response (1/4)

Campus visit last week. All the candidates have already had their campus visits. 1/28 =

Northern Michigan University (American Indian Studies) (2/12)[]

anyone apply for this one? yes, applied 1/31, no news yet (no ack due to on-line app)

Phone interview scheduled 3/19

Q: Were you notified about the scheduled interview by phone or e-mail?

A: notified by phone to schedule phone interview.

Received rejection e-mail 3/18

Received rejection e-mail 4/2.

Received rejection email 5/5.

NYU Latino Studies (3/15)[]

anyone get an acknowledgement yet?

I haven't heard anything.

Three phone interviews scheduled today (Friday, March 26th)

Clearly, I'm not "Latino" enough for them. Just my venting. wink!! Any word on this? That was a pretty quick turn around from due date to phone interviews?

Offer made (per rejection 4/5) =

Pace University (NYC): Assistant Professor of Asian-American, Latino/a, and/or Diasporan Literatures with specialty in Queer Studies===[]

MLA interview scheduled 12/11 by phone

How were MLA interviews for those who got them?

Has anyone heard back about campus interviews? (2/4)

Ditto to the question above: has anyone been contacted for a campus interview? If so, do you work in both areas they were looking for: queer studies and diasporan literatures? (2/26) Got a rejection letter. (3/25) =

Rowan University[]

Request for additional materials (writing sample, teaching philo. and letters) 11/11 x3 Rejection via email 12/9. Email notes that they received "nearly 200 applications." (x7)

Q: Did anyone else also never even receive a confirmation? (12/12)

A: I don't know, but I got e-mail confirmation a couple of days after e-mailing my application materials and then a request for add'l materials in November.  You might want to e-mail the chair to see if the dept received your materials.

MLA interview scheduled phone 12/14

Rejection via e-mail 12/15 after earlier request for writing sample, etc.(same date x2)

Campus visit scheduled by phone (12/31?) x2 =

Southern Methodist University[]

Request for additional materials (writing sample, teaching philos & letters) x2 (10/28)

MLA interview scheduled. (x2)

Received rejection via email 12/9 x2; 12/9 rejection after being asked for WS. (Auch!)

Does anyone know if campus interview have been scheduled? (1/5)

I did hear that they scheduled campus visits during MLA, in case people are still waiting. (1/18)

St. Cloud State University (assistant professor, Chicano Studies)[]

--Received ack. of app, 1/28, link to aff. action form that didn't work.

--Had Phone Interview early April, nothing from them since...

--Went for campus interview last week. (4/28)

--People who got a phone interview and/or campus interview, what is your publication record like? How many pubs did you list?

--no major pubs.

--could you please define "major"? been feeling like my lack of pubs (i have only 5, entries in Facts on File World Lit Encylopedia) is what's turning hiring committees off. I had a baby almost 2 yrs ago, and I'm place bound, so I haven't been academically actve for that time. wondering if that gap in my CV is making me look worse than necessary? please respond---ANYONE. need some insight as to why i'm not getting hired. (6/15)

University of Denver (lecturer, Native American literature) (3/1)[]

Isn't there also a search for an AfAm lit lecturer as well?

Scheduled phone interview, late March.

Q: How were you notified in order to schedule the phone interview? (3/31) A: by phone. Phone interview in mid-April. R: Thanks for the update--best of luck to you! (4/11)

University of Illinois at Chicago (Asian American Studies)[]

Has anyone heard anything from these folks? I submitted my materials 11/1, got an acknowledgment email, but then nothing. (12/14)

The word I've heard about the search is that it really is geared towards hiring a historian or social scientist (as stated in the job call), since UIC already has senior faculty in Asian Am literature.  I applied anyway since I have general AAS teaching experience, but I'm not holding my breath as a lit specialist.

Email news: search is canceled due to budget cuts. (1/8) =

University of Louisiana, Lafayette[]

Email indicating short-list status for phone interview; they're not doing MLA. Decisions on interviews to be made first week of December. (11/19) (x3)

Clarification: the decision for campus interviews will be made in the first week of December? Phone interviews. Q: Were you asked for a writing sample and dossier before the short-list status was confirmed? Thanks.


Anyone hear anything more from the University of Louisiana?

I was one of the shortlisted folks who received an e-mail; no more news yet (12/18) X 3

I was shortlisted but did no phone interview, received nice e-mail from chair saying I would not be invited to campus. (1/16) (x2)

Heard through the grapevine that only ONE candidate is being invited to campus? Can anyone confirm?? That's what I heard too.

Good luck with UL! I interviewed with them last year and, while the faculty seemed nice, the search was chaotic, poorly conducted, with no communication with candidates after MLA. A mess.

I just read the other day in the NY Times that the school axed its philosophy major.  Interpret as you will -- might be a sign of larger things.

---The state governing body eliminated the philosophy major, along with several programs at other state schools, despite strong opposition from the university. It is not a sign of larger things so much as it is a direct consequence of budget cuts, which you can read about in the Baton Rouge Advocate, among other sources.

University of New Mexico (American Studies/Native American Studies) (1/4/10)[]

Any news on this job? I sent in an application in mid December, but still no word on what's happening. (2/21/10)

Rejection letters via mail going out (2/24)

Anyone receive a rejection letter? (3/9)

Offer has been made and accepted as of 3/15.

Any word on who the hire is? (3/17)

Jennifer Denetdale was offered and has accepted the offer.

Great Work! Yes, seems about right. Good fit. Congrats to her.

University of North Texas[]

Has anyone received a confirmation?  I got the electronic application number, but I haven't heard anything from the department. I applied in October and never even got acknowledgment of receipt of app. MLA interview scheduled. (x3) Congrats! Date of call? Did they request more info from you before scheduling the interview? Thanks.

Contacted me on 12/4. They did not request additional materials.  (x2) Campus Interviews Scheduled 12/30

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay [First Nations] (4/9)[]

Received acknowledgement of application 4/7 (ditto 4/15)

Contacted for phone interview 4/26

Q: How were you contacted?

A: Via e-mail.

Has anyone else been contacted?

Finalists were notified last week; search closed last Friday (5/7). (5/11)


University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (1/1/10)[]

Ack received 1/27, states on-campus invites will be given "before the end of the spring semester." Yikes.

They're still sending these letters out. Got same one today, 2/19.

Any news on this search? (3/31)

Campus interviews are in process (per e-mail); intend to complete search in the next two weeks. (4/11)

West Chester University, West Chester, PA -- Assistant Professor of Chicana/o or Latina/o Literatures[2][]

MLA interview scheduled (12/7) (x2)

Campus interview scheduled (1/5)

West Virginia University[]

Any word yet? 12/07

MLA Interview scheduled (12/2)  (x2)

Anyone hear from them about campus visits yet?

Nope, I've heard from every other school I interviewed with at MLA except for WVU.

Campus visits conducted in early to mid-February

Yale University[]

Has anyone heard anything? Even a confirmation?

Yes, I received a postcard confirming receipt of the application and including an employment data form, a couple of weeks ago (posted 11/20).(x2)

I haven't gotten a confirmation or anything. (11/21)

Didn't they do this search last year and drop it? All I got was an employment data postcard and I suspect they may not be going through with it, again. (12/9)

Request for "more writing" (12/7) (x2)

Notified of MLA interview (by phone); interview schedule and info. to be sent this afternoon by email (12/16)

Rejection card 12.18. (x5) Good luck with your MLA interview, person above.

General Questions[]

Who changed the formatting? It's terrible.

No clue. It's ugly. I fixed a few. The headings for schools under "Job Titles" need to be fixed so that they have "Heading 3" formatting.

This is my first year on the job market.  I'm wondering about the number of candidates that are normally asked to interview at the MLA for a single position.  Does anyone know the average?

About 16-20.  Depends how many days they do, and what time they start end.  Usually max is 8-9 per day, and most do the two full days, perhaps plus one of the half-days.

I've heard less, more like 10-12.

Has any ABD been invited for a campus visit yet? (1/8)  Yes. Yes also (1/19)

When is the latest that one might expect a campus interview request (for schools that interviewed at MLA)? Some schools seem to be on totally different schedules, which could potentially be a problem...

(1/14) I would say that if you haven't gotten a call by the end of January, if the MLA was in Dec, that you probably didn't make the final pool of three people. Sometimes, if one of the top three choices turns down an interview, the department might go back to their MLA list of interviewees, but that is a very rare occurence.

--If you haven't heard anything by the end of January, it's also perfectly acceptable to email the chair and ask for a status update on the search. Of course, he or she may not respond, but, in my experience, search committees tend to be pretty forthcoming at that point. Good luck everyone!! (1/14)

(1/28) It looks like there is a negative relationship between participation on this wiki and actually landing a job. Most of the updates stall at the original posting or, at best, at the on-campus interview stage. Are people so happy to get a job that they don't remember to come back on here and update it for the rest of the folks who see themselves as being forever in limbo? Or, do search committees look at all of our vitas and give up halfway through the process? -It's way too early for offers. most places are at the campus interview stage.

-when I get a job, I will be sure to post it for you. :-)

--Is it just me or does it seem like everyone getting an assistant professorship this year already had an assistant professorship somewhere else? (3/27) A: I know of a one year non-tenure that has been offered a job listed here. (3/27)

I know one of the assistant professor positions listed above went to an associate professor.

How does a new PhD get her foot in the door when assistant professorships are going to associate professors?! I just don't understand--if you need a job to get a job, how do you get that first job? A: My own two cents is that you may need to do a visiting or some other non-tenure track job for a year or so. Kick ass at the dept and see what happens but keep applying in the mean time.

You also need to keep in mind that in a market like this, departments have the luxury of selecting from bloated pools of candidates all applying for the few jobs available. I am in the same boat as you - with PhD, trying to get the first job - but I also understand the artificially difficult task finding a job is right now. Unfortunately, our only remedy is patience or a change in outlook. The Chronicle recently put out a very nice article which suggests that scholars need to re-orient how we understand academic work. It argues that we should think of ourselves more like artists or actors than skilled workers. Maybe not the most encouraging suggestion after years of education and hard work, but perhaps more appropriate to the shifting climate and market. It says: we are artists (of the mind, if you will) that should expect struggle and marginalization as we dedicate ourselves to our specialized craft. Take it as you wish. I found it interesting, even if it did not make me feel great about my struggles to find tenure-track work.

Thanks for this insight. I think that is encouraging. I definitely have changed my outlook on this since "striking out" on the job market this year. I'm actually kind of thinking that not getting a tenure-track job has been kind of liberating. It allows me to earn my living in another way (which I've been lucky about) while doing the stuff that is fun about academic work (reading literature that I love for fun again, writing about texts and ideas I care about, volunteering my time as a tutor) while avoiding the stuff that I hate about the life of a professor (the overwhelming pressure to publish in journals that are deemed acceptable and have miniscule circulation numbers, for example). I figure if writers throughout time have accepted the fact that they would have to make their money one way and seek their passion another, I don't see why academics can't find a way too...

Glad to be of help. Best of luck to you.