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Tenure Track Jobs, 2009-2010[]

University of Alabama - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Political Philosophy

  • Any news?

University of Alabama, Birmingham - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Value Theory. AOC: practical reasoning or game theory

  • Any news?

American University of Beirut - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open. AOC: Open

  • Any news?

Auburn University, Montgomery - Asst. Prof - AOS: Open. AOC: Applied Ethics, History

  • on-campus interviews scheduled; will be conducted week after Thanksgiving (11/11)
  • offer made (12/5)
  • offer accepted (12/10)
  • Additional offer made on a second line (12/11)
  • Additional offer accepted (12/14)


Ball State University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Modern. AOC: Ancient

  • Any news?
  • Email to set up interview (12/10)

Bard College - Asst. Prof - AOS: Mind, Ethics, Early Modern, Feminist, Social & Political

  • Application acknowledged (email 10/20).
  • Note: acknowledgment is an automatic email. It went straight to my spam box.
  • APA interview scheduled (12/8)

Barry University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Epistemology. AOC: American, Medieval, Religion, or Contemporary

  • Application acknowledged via email (11/25)
  • Called for interview (12/14)

Barry University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Ethics and Applied Ethics. AOC: Open

  • Briefly listed on the Phylo wiki as canceled. Does anyone know anything about this job?
  • I called Barry when I saw the "canceled" thing. It is *not* canceled, and I changed it back for them as asked.
  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/25).
  • Called for interview (12/09)

Boise State University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open. AOC: Open.

  • Application acknowledged (via email; 11/23); ditto (11/25).
  • "In mid-December, our Selection Committee will choose finalists to be interviewed at the Eastern meetings of the American Philosophical Association."
  • APA interview scheduled (phone, 12/20)
  • PFO email (12/23)

Bridgewater State College - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Eastern, Ethics, Religion, Metaphysics, selected areas of Hist. Phil

  • According to Phylo, no APA but will telephone interview in Jan; can anyone confirm?
  • PFO letter (1/8)

Bristol University - Lecturer, AOS: Open.

  • Any word on interviews or shortlist?
  • Long list contacted.  Short list determined Jan 8th.
  • Anyone been contacted?


University of California, Los Angeles – Asst. Prof. - Strong preference: AOS: Ancient OR metaphysics and epistemology

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo 11/04)

CalTech -- Asst. Prof. - AOS: any area informed by empirical or mathematical sciences.

  • Application acknowledged (email 11/20)
  • APA interviews scheduled (email, 12/11)

Carleton University – Asst. Prof. – AOS: Moral, Social, or Political Philosophy

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/13)
  • On the Phylo wiki, someone from a Duluth MN ip address changed this job to 'First Round Interviews Scheduled,' and someone from an Ottawa ip address (presumably someone from Carleton) changed the job back to 'Applications Acknowledged.' Does anyone know what's going on here?

Carnegie Mellon University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Ethics or Social and Political. AOC: Open

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/01).
  • PFO received by email (12/15)

Case Western Reserve University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: "Philosophy of Science and/or Analytic"

  • Question: what is "Analytic" as an AOS? Is it short for "History of Early Analytic Philosophy" (e.g., Russell and friends)?
  • That's the interpretation I gave it . . .
  • It could refer to the core areas of analytic philosophy - Metaphysics, Epistemology, Language, Mind. That seems to the interpretation on the Phylo wiki.
  • Any news?

Coastal Carolina University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open, AOC: History of Modern Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics

  • confirmation email received; it mentioned that APA interviewees should be contacted by 12/11 (12/4)
  • Contacted 12/04 for an APA interview. x2
  • very nice PFO received by email (12/10); ditto

Colgate University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open

  • APA Interview scheduled 12/23

University of Cincinnati - Asst. Prof - AOS: Phil. Science, Early Modern

  • Any news?

Concordia University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Philosophy of Science

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/11).
  • Search Cancelled (Phylo wiki)

Cornell - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open, AOC: open

  • any word?



Dalhousie University – Asst. Prof – AOS: Social, or Political, or Legal Philosophy

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/08)
  • Phone interviews planned (12/8)
  • On-campus interview scheduled (12/23)

Dartmouth College --Asst. Prof -- AOS: Ethics or Kant/19th Century Philosophy AOC: Open

  • APA interviews scheduled/being scheduled

Duke University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Metaphysics and/or Epistemology

  • Application acknowledged (email, 12/3)
  • PFO (email, 12/16)
  • APA interview scheduled (phone, 12/17)

Duquesne University -- Asst. Prof. -- AOS: Continental; AOC: Open

  • According to Phylo, interviews scheduled (12/18)



East Tennessee State University - Asst. Prof. AOS/AOC: Philosophy of Science, Early Modern Philosophy

  • APA interviews scheduled (phone 12/15)

Emerson College -- Asst. Prof. -- AOS: Ethics

  • Any word?


phyllo wiki shows this at first round interviews stage ===


University of Florida, Gainesville - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Ethics. AOC: Open

  • Application Acknowledged (email, 11/30).
  • "We expect to complete our initial screening and contact applicants for interviews at the Eastern Division APA by December 20."

Fordham University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Normative Ethics

  • APA interview (email, 12/13)

George Mason University - Asst. Prof. - AOS:Philosophy of science. AOC: Open

  • Any news?
  • PFO email received (12/17)
  • APA interview (email, 12/10)
  • Campus interviews scheduled (1/11)

Hamilton College - Asst. Prof - AOS: Open AOC: Modern Philosophy and Symbolic Logic

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/12).

Harper College - Full Time Tenure Track AOS: PHILOSOPHY

University of Hawaii at Manoa - Asst. Prof. - AOS: South Asian Buddhist Philosophy or Ancient Greek Philosophy

  • Any news?

High Point University-Asst. Prof.--AOS: Business Ethics

  • APA interview (phone call, 12/23)

Hofstra University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: 19th Century, esp. German Idealism. AOC: some of Aesthetics, Aristotle, Existentialism, non-Western

  • Cancelled (phylo, 12/8).
  • No sufficient evidence has yet been offered for the claim that the job is canceled.  A commenter on Phylo claims the HR website info is from 2008 and that the cancellation of the 2009 position is "100% confirmed."  However, the HR site lists three jobs: two from 2008 and a third from 2009 (scroll down). 
  • The 2009 search has indeed been canceled, according to the Department.


University of Illinois at Chicago - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Moral or Political; some preference for Phil. Race

  • Applications acknowleged (Phylo, 11/14).
  • Phylo claims campus interviews have been scheduled (12/03). Can anyone confirm that?
  • All I can confirm is a request for more materials, received Dec. 4
  • Email from Peter Hylton stating that the search has been suspended.

Illinois State University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Normative Ethics, Social and Political

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 10/28).
  • Phylo claims interviews have been scheduled (12/03). Can anyone confirm that?

Illinois Wesleyan University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open; AOC: Open

  • Search cancelled due to budgetary reasons (email 11/16)

University of the Incarnate Word - Asst. Prof. - AOC: Ethics, History

  • Any news?
  • just checked the website, my application still says "under review" 1/21

Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Applied Ethics: AOC: 1 from long list.

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/25)
  • PFO (email, 12/14)
  • got the PFO the other day; just received email notification that I'm on their long shortlist (12/16)

Ithaca College - Asst. Prof. - AOS: open; AOC: logic or metaphysics

  • app acknowledged (email)
  • Phylo claims interviews have been scheduled (12/07). Can anyone confirm that?

John Jay College of Criminal Justice - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Philosophy of Law

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 11/08); x2 (11/11).
  • APA interview scheduled (12/13)

Keene State College - Asst. prof. - AOS: communication, journalism and philosophy

  • App acknowledged (letter 10/28)
  • PFO sent 12/2/09
  • Offer extended and accepted 2/9/10 (see Communication and Media Studies jobs wiki)

University of Kentucky - Asst. / Assoc. Prof - AOS: Phil. Science, Phil. Language, or Epistemology. AOC: Logic

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/10).
  • APA interview scheduled (phone, 12/3).
  • Any word since the APA?

Kenyon College - Asst. Prof. - AOC: Kant, or Hist. German Idealism, or Early Analytic

  • According to Phylo, interviews scheduled (12/17)
  • PFO Email (1/12)
  • Question: Was the PFO after an APA interview? Or a phone interview? (Or no interview?)
  • The PFO I recieved was to those whom they did not select to interview at the APA. Not sure if other PFO's were written/sent for those who made the first cut.

Kettering University - Asst. Prof. - AOS/AOC: Applied Ethics

  • Informal phone interview (1/15)


University of Leeds - Lecturer / Senior Lecturer - AOS: Open. AOC: Open

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/05).
  • Search canceled (email 11/27). Ditto (email 11/27).

Lehigh University - Open rank - AOS: Holocaust Studies and Ethical Values

  • any word?

London School of Economics - Lecturer - AOS: Philosophy of Science

  • Any word on interviews?
  • Any word on anything??  Applications?  Interviews??
  • Offer Made (12/18)
  • Job went to Charlotte Werndl.
  • But there were TWO jobs.  Who got the second?
  • Armin Schulz.

Loyola University, Chicago - Asst. Prof - AOS: Phenomenology

  • Phone interview scheduled (12/8)
  • On-campus interview scheduled (12/18)

Loyola University, New Orleans - Asst. Prof - AOS: History of Analytic

  • APA interviews scheduled by phone (12/13).

Loyola Marymount University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Ancient

  • APA interviews scheduled by phone (12/12).
  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/21).

Luther College - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open. AOC: Ancient, Logic

  • Application acknowledged (via email; 11/23)
  • APA interview scheduled by phone (12/17)

McMaster University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Russel Studies and Early Analytic Philosophy. AOC: Open

University of Maine, Farmington - Asst. Prof - AOS/AOC: 1 or more of: Aesthetics, Environmental, non-Western, 20th Century Continental

  • App acknowledged (letter 10/27); ditto (10/29). Position canceled due to budget change as explained per email from them.
  • I'm not sure why someone deleted my last posting, but I called about an hour ago. I talked to HR, and then was transferred to the head of the Humanities Dept. The search is canceled and the hiring line has been closed for good. They are sending out letters this week, and perhaps the previous poster got word when they emailed about something else regarding the job.
  • Letter received stating search canceled (12/7)

University of Maryland, College Park - Asst. Prof, Asso. Prof - AOS: Formal Epistemology

  • Any news?

Marymount University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Medieval, 19th-20th c. Continental, Philosophy Religion

  • Any info?

Marywood University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Social, Political, Legal Philosophy

  • Any news?

UMass-Boston - Asst. Prof. - AOS: bio-medical ethics

  • called for APA interview 12/16

University of Melbourne - Lecturer - AOS: Metaphysics and Epistemology

  • Request (email) for at least two writing samples (12/7).
  • "We are not going to interview at the APA this year, but in the second part of January, we are planning to interview a number of candidates by videoconference." (12/7)

University of Melbourne - Lecturer - AOS: Political Philosophy

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/11).

University of Memphis - Moss Chair in Philosophy - AOS: Open

  • Any info?

Merrimack University. Asst. prof. - AOS: Social and Political Philosophy

  • Phone interview scheduled (12/22, by email).

Miami Dade College - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Community College

  • First round interviews scheduled (11/3); phone interviews (11/9).
  • How is this possible?  The ad first came out in the JFP on 11/9.
  • The ad had been posted elsewhere (the Chronicle, I believe) long before that. Also, all that is being claimed above is that *some* interviews have been scheduled.
  • Confirming that the job had been posted in the Chronicle of Higher Ed prior to JFP in late Oct
  • Second round interviews scheduled (11/25)
  • Offer made (12/9)
  • Position filled (12/11)

University of Michigan – Asst. / Assoc. / Full Prof. – AOS: Open

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/07).

University of Michigan, Dearborn - Asst. Prof. - AOS: non-Western or Environmental. AOC: Ethics, Critical Thinking

  • APA interview scheduled (12/11)

Michigan State University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Philosophy of Medicine

  • APA interview scheduled (12/18)
  • Has this position been cancelled?

Millikin University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Open. AOC: Logic

  • Contacted by email to schedule APA interview (12/3)

Minneapolis Community and Technical College - Full-Time Probationary

Morehead State University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open

  • Any info?

Morgan State University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Philosophy of Law

  • APA Interview Scheduled (12/20, Phone).
  • Phone interview (1/15)


University of New Mexico - Asst. Prof - AOS: Asian Philosophy

  • Any news?

New School for Social Research - Asst. / Assoc. Prof - AOS: Ancient

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 10/11)

Northeastern University - Asst. / Assoc. Prof Prof - AOS: Applied Ethics, Applied Political Philosophy

Northern Illinois University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Normative Ethics or Metaethics. AOC: List

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 11/01).

Northern Michigan University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Ethics, Political Philosophy

  • Any news?

Northern Michigan University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Continental

  • Received rejection letter (3/10)

University of North Carolina, Greensboro - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Phil. Law

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 11/30).
  • APA interview scheduled (12/13)

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Continental

  • Phone interview scheduled (1/21)

University of North Florida - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Epistemology. AOC: logic, phil. science, pragmatism, or phil. mind

  • Any word?

University of North Florida - Asst. Prof -AOS: Gender and/or Race Theory; AOC: open

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/14).
  • APA interview scheduled (12/5)

Occidental College - Asst. Prof - AOS: 1 or more of Aesthetics, Applied Ethics, Race, non-Western

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/16)
  • APA interview scheduled (12/10)

"University of Oregon, Eugene" - Asst. Prof. - AOS: American/Pragmatism

  • First round interviews

University of Oregon, Eugene - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Continental

  • Any info?


Pacific Lutheran University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Open. AOC: Business Ethics

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 11/09).
  • PFO (email, 11/11) - "We have selected candidates to pursue further for the position."
  • Request for more information received by email (11/11); x2 (11/11)
  • PFO email received (12/7)

Universite du Quebec a Montreal - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open

  • Any news?

Universite du Quebec a Montreal - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Philosophy of Biology and Environmental Science

  • Any news?

Queens College, CUNY - Open Rank - AOS: ethics

  • Phylo reports interviews scheduled

Reed College - Asst. Prof - AOS: Open. AOC: Some teaching in Ancient

  • Acknowledged application (returned SASpostcard)

Rhode Island College - Asst. Prof. - AOS:  ethics - AOC:  social/political

  • Any news?

Rhodes College - Advanced Asst./Assoc. - AOS: LEMMing

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/12).
  • Requested writing sample (11/12)

Rice University - Asst. Prof - AOS: Ethics or Social and Political

  • Application acknowledge (EEO/AA email, 11/10).
  • Rejection e-mail...12 selected to interview at APA (12/14).

University of Rochester - Asst. / Assoc. / Full Prof - AOS: Open. AOC: Open

  • Application acknowledged (email, 10/21); ditto.

Rutgers University, Camden - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Social and Political

  • Returned self-addressed postcard to acknowledge app. (10/27)
  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/16).
  • APA Interviews scheduled (Phylo wiki), called for interview 12/15

Rutgers University, Newark - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Applied Ethics

  • On campus interviews scheduled (Phylo, 11/10). Previously listed on Phylo as 'First Interviews Scheduled.'
  • Can anyone confirm this? It seems a bit odd that this school has already completed one set of interviews and has scheduled a second set by early November.
  • I can confirm this... story is that they are trying to avoid January hiring freezes

Rutgers University, New Brunswick - Asst/Assoc Prof - AOS: open, AOC: open

  • any word?



St. Ambrose University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Applied Ethics. AOC: 20-21st Century, or Social and Political

  • Any news?

University of St. Andrews - Lecturer - AOS: Open

  • application acknowledged (email 12/2)

St. Mary's University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open; AOC: Modern and Ethical Theory

  • application acknowledged (email, 11/3). ditto, 11/18

St. Olaf College - Asst. Prof. - AOS/AOC: Ethics and Political Philosophy; or AOS: Ancient

  • Application acknowledged (10/30, Phylo)
  • email to schedule APA interview (12/16)

St. Thomas University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Ancient. AOC: Ethics

  • Any news?

University of the Sciences - Asst. Prof - AOS: Ethics or Phil. Science. AOC: Open

  • Application acknowledged (email, 10/28).

Seattle University - Asst. Prof - AOC: 2 or more of African, American, Ethics (esp. Health Care Ethics), Gender, Medieval

  • First round interview at APA (email, 11/24)
  • PFO email received (12/14)

University of Southern California - Open rank, AOS/AOC: Open

  • According to ad, not interviewing at APA.
  • Any word?
  • Any sign of life? (1/20)

Southwestern University – Asst. Prof – AOS/AOC: Feminist Theory

  • Application acknowledged (Letter, 11/13)

Stanford University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Africana Philosophy

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/21).
  • APA interview scheduled (phone, 12/11)

Suffolk University -  Instructor of Philosophy, Non-tenure Track - AOS : Open

Sweet Briar College - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Open. AOC: History, broadly construed.

  • Application acknowledged; notifications for interview will be sent after 12/11 (email, 12/8)
  • APA interview scheduled (phone, 12/19)

Syracuse University - Asst. Prof. - AOS/AOC: Open.

  • Application acknowledged (email 12/11). Email notes some confusion over the online part of the app. Job was only posted online very recently.
  • Will not be conducting APA interviews due to lateness of search; letter states that the position has not been definitely approved.
  • Did anyone hear anything else about this position? I sent an email to the Chair of the Commitee and I did not receive any kind of follow-up. I did however receive an email stating that they would not conduct APA interviews. Was this cancelled?


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - Associate or Full Prof. - AOS: Crime and Justice Studies

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|} University of Texas, Pan American - Asst. Prof. - AOS: American Philosophy (Pragmatism and/or Latin American). AOC: Open.

  • Any news?

University of Texas, Pan American - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Feminism and/or Kant. AOC: Open

  • Any news?

University of Toronto, Mississauga - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Ethics

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 10/26).

University of Toronto, Mississauga - Asst. Prof - AOS: Metaphysics, Epistemology

  • Application acknowledged (11/09).

Tufts University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: ancient philosophy or history of modern (up to twentieth century). AOC: Open.

  • Notifying candidates of on-campus interviews (1/8/10).
  • APA Interviews complete.
  • Contacted candidates for APA interviews.

Wesleyan University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: 19th Century European. AOC: Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics, Philosophy of History

  • APA interviews complete

West Chester University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Social and/or Political Philosophy AOC: Introductory and Advanced Logic

  • email to schedule telephone interview (11/30)
  • Phylo has on-campus interviews scheduled.  Can anyone confirm this?
  • I can confirm that I received a nicely worded PFO post-phone interview e-mail (1-6)

University of West Georgia - Asst. Prof. - AOS: Political Philosophy / Philosophy of Law. AOC: Modern

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 11/30). No APA interviews; will conduct phone interviews in early January.

Western New England College - AOS: Applied Ethics

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 10/30); ditto
  • email requesting on-campus visit in January or February; apparently, they're skipping the APA (12/17)

University of Western Ontario - AOS: Philosophy of Mind or Language

  • Any news?

University of Western Ontario - AOS: Philosophy of Science

  • Any news?

College of William & Mary - Asst. Prof - AOS: Social and Political. AOC: Ethics

  • Additional information requested - writing sample & rec. letters (email, 11/05).
  • Rejection email. Wording suggests they have chosen candidates for phone interviews (12/04).

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Asst. Prof - AOS: Metaphysics and Epistemology

  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/09).

Xavier University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: 19th Century German Philosophy

  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/3)
  • APA interview scheduled (12/15)
  • PFO by email (12/16).

Xavier University - Asst. Prof. - AOS: History of Philosophy. AOC: Applied Ethics

  • Application acknowledged (letter, 10/30).
  • PFO by email (12/16).

UWorld - Philosophy Instructor / Adjunct Professor - AOS: Open*Apply Here

Post-Docs, Visiting Positions, etc 2009-2010[]

Amherst College, Keiter and Mellon Fellowship - Post Doc. (2 yrs.) - AOS: Open
  • offer made & accepted
Brooklyn College - CUNY - Lecturer - AOS: Open. AOC: Open.
  • Rejection letter received 11/10
  • Any news on the visiting Jay Newman Chair in Philosophy of Culture at Brooklyn College?
  • For the Newman Chair: rejection letter received 1/29/2010
Brown University, Political Theory Project - Post Doc. (1 yr.) - AOS: Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy
  • Application acknowledged (email, 12/04)
University of California, Los Angeles, Law School - Post Doc. (1 yr.) - AOS: Philosophy of Law
  • Application acknowledged (email, 11/19).
Central Ohio Technical College - Instructor (1 yr.) - AOS: Open. AOC: Open.
  • Any news? '
'Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature', University of Oslo - Fellow (2 yr.) - AOS: Language or Linguistics
  • Application acknowledged (12/28)
University of Chicago, Law School - Fellowship, (1 yr.) - AOS: Philosophy of Law
  • Any news?
University of Chicago, Harper and Schmidt Teaching Fellowship - Post Doc. (4 yrs.) - AOS: Open
  • Any news?
Colby College - Instructor (1 yr.) - AOS: Modern. AOC: Aesthetics, Global Ethics, or Feminism
  • Applications acknowledged (Phylo, 11/14).
  • Phoned to notify of APA interview; interview to be scheduled by email (12/14)
  • Rejection email received (2/17); POSITION FILLED. Formal rejection letters on the way
Harvard University, Humanities Center - Post Doc. (1 yr.) - AOS: Interdisciplinarity and Internationalism
  • Application acknowledged; decisions will be made mid-Feb. (email, 12/9).
  • PFO email (3/5)
Missouri State University - Instructor (1 yr.) - Critical Thinking and Asian Philosophy
  • Any news?
  • Search canceled (3/13)
University of Notre Dame, Center for Philosophy of Religion - Post Doc. (1 yr.) - AOS: Early Modern Philosophy of Religion
  • Any news?
University of Oxford, Future of Humanity Institute - Post Doc. (2 yr.) - AOS: Open
  • On campus interviews scheduled (Phylo, 11/10).
Pennsylvania State University - Post Doc. (1 yr.) - AOS : African diaspora or African American philosophy
  • Applications acknowledged (Phylo, 11/13).
Princeton University, Center for Human Values - Post Doc. (1 - 3 yrs.) - AOS: Bioethics
  • Any news?
Rice University, Humanities Research Center - Post Doc. - AOS: Open
  • Application acknowledged (Phylo, 11/01).
University of Toronto, Jackman Humanities Institute - Fellowship, (2 yrs.) - AOS: theme "Image and Spectacle"
  • Any news?