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Postings in Physical Anthropology 10-11[]

'As of July 7, 2011, this page is mostly discontinued. A few updates may still show up on this page for the straggler positions, but for the most part the 2010-11 season is dead and gone (see new link above).'[]

Has been updated to reflect the 2010-11 job search. If you are still checking on the status of 09-10 jobs, you were not hired. Let's try to keep things under each corresponding school instead of listed by progress. Listings should be alphabetical by university.

It would be great to see more people using this page so if you can pass the URL to any friends in the field it would help us all!

Also, as the season wraps up it would be great if people returned to post that an offer had been made and accepted or rejected.

-Editorial note 8/06: Out of politeness to your job-hunting colleagues, if you are offered a position, but reject it, it would be best to keep that information to yourself. No one wants to go into a new job knowing that they were the "second pick".

A: Second, third, fourth, fifth... I do not give a rat behind if I am a "booty call" in tha academic market ... Being picked is what matters...

- Considering the job market, I would be happy to be the "second pick" as long as I got the job! :)

- 8/08. IMHO, much better to learn here first (about being second choice), rather than during a faculty meeting flap. Please don't be censored, people!

-8/10: It is also a good courtesy to provide your colleague with some, however small, leverage in negotiations.

-8/11: Ok then, ethnographic data on phys-anth job seekers indicate I'm wrong. Hypothesis falsified. Request retracted.

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Open Searches[]

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences[]

The School of Archaeology and Anthropology in the is seeking a biological anthropologist to complement its research and teaching program, commencing in February 2011. We seek to appoint a lecturer or senior lecturer with a long term commitment to research in at least one subfield of biological anthropology, who is able to translate that research interest into lively and engaging courses taught at the undergraduate level and above, and to attract and supervise postgraduate research students. You will have a strong record of teaching, research and publication, and of securing external grants. No specific subfield within biological anthropology is required. The School’s aim will be to develop and strengthen its biological anthropology program, broadly within its current conception of the discipline. It will be seeking an appointee whose interests and expertise complement those of existing staff. Subfields suitable for this kind of complementary integration into the existing team could include: behavioural and cognitive primatology; primate molecular ecology and phylogeny, primate and human genetics; population health; child growth; bioarchaeology; forensic anthropology.
The main classroom teaching responsibilities will be at second/third year undergraduate level and above. Enquiries: Dr Patrick Guinness, T: 6125 4775, E:

Salary Range: 78,647 - 111,090

Received this from a faculty member and don't know if it's posted elsewhere, so please email department head for info!

May 11 2011 - offer extended and accepted

California State University at Northridge (no date listed) []

Ecological anthropologist, landscape geography, ecotourism

Clark College (March 18)[]

Clark College is currently accepting applications for a tenure-track Anthropology Instructor. Start date is September 2011. Position Responsibilities: Teaching duties include sections of Biological Anthropology and labs, Archaeology, and Cultural Anthropology. MA or PhD in biological anthropology preferred. Experience teaching college-level introductory Biological Anthropology and associated labs on Genetics, Anthropometry, Osteology, etc., and introductory courses in Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology. Submit cover letter, CV, unofficial copies of all transcripts, and teaching philosophy online at

4/26 On site Interview scheduled (x2).

4/28 - Rejection e-mail (x2)

College of the Holy Cross (October 15)[]

Vertebrate Biologist, any group.

Its not a physical anthropology hire, but primates are vertebrates! Looks like you need to be able to teach human anatomy to undergrads.

Dickinson College (March 31)[]

Two VAP positions posted, one bio and one generalist.

1. The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at Dickinson College seeks a broadly trained anthropological archaeologist at the assistant professor level for the 2011-12 academic year. In addition to a geographic specialty in New World archaeology, research interests must include one or more of the following: subsistence and food production, land use patterns, or environmental archaeology. Teaching responsibilities include an introductory course on world prehistory, an advanced undergraduate course on archaeological method and theory, and courses in area of specialization. The successful candidate may apply to a tenure-track position that will begin the following year, 2012-13.

2. The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at Dickinson College invites applications for a visiting assistant professor in biological anthropology for the 2011-12 academic year. Teaching responsibilities include lecture and laboratory sections of Introduction to Biological Anthropology and an advanced undergraduate course on human evolution.

Apply online (cover letter, CV, list of refs):

April 1 - received request for meeting at AAPAs.

April 18 - Skype interview scheduled.

May 11 - Generic rejection email (x3)

May 12 - Candidate selected

Eastern Oregon University (May 8)[]

The Anthropology/Sociology Program at Eastern Oregon University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Anthropology at the assistant professor level, beginning fall 2011. We are seeking an energetic generalist with a strong commitment to undergraduate education. Demonstrated teaching skills, active scholarship, and willingness to work closely with colleagues in both anthropology and sociology are imperative. Outstanding candidates with specializations in archaeology and biological anthropology especially are invited to apply. Teaching responsibilities may include introductory cultural and physical anthropology, as well as introductory archaeology/prehistory. The development of other courses related to individual specializations is encouraged, particularly courses incorporating environmental anthropology, sex and gender, applied anthropology, and service learning. Experience with teaching distance education is required because the majority of classes will be taught online. There will be the opportunity to further develop the online curricular offerings in anthropology. Eastern’s faculty actively participates in academic advising, campus committees, curriculum development, research, and community outreach.

Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, a one-page statement of teaching philosophy, and the names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three professional references to:

Molly Burke, Search Coordinator

Anthropology Search Committee

Ackerman Hall 202

Eastern Oregon University

One University Blvd.

La Grande, OR 97850-2807

Phone: (541) 962-3508

Fax: (541) 962-3898


Electronic submissions are preferred, but hard copies will be accepted. Nominations of prospective candidates will also be accepted by the Search Coordinator, who will contact nominees to solicit their candidacy.

For inquiries about the position, contact Dr. Linda Jerofke, Search Chair, Professor of Anthropology,, Ph. 541-962-3179.

5/2/11--email with letter stating they had my application, and a "check the box" ethnicity form to email back.

6/3/11 - anybody hear anything yet?

6/15 - Snail mail rejection letter

Florida Atlantic University (March 15)[]

The Department of Anthropology invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position in biological anthropology at the Assistant Professor level starting August 2011. Research specialization is open. A Ph.D. in anthropology is required at time of appointment. The successful candidate must be committed to undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring as well as demonstrate research potential and a commitment to generating external funding. Five courses per year is the normal teaching load. Applications will be reviewed beginning March 15, 2011 and continue until the position is filled. Applications must be submitted online at (posting no. 981848). Original documents such as application letter, vita, names/addresses of references, and supporting materials should be sent to: Search Committee, Dept. of Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University, 777 Glades Road, SO 171, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

-- The website states that the deadline is march 20..

3/30/11 - Request for recommendation letters, supplemental materials, and meeting at AAPAs x 2.

4/5/11 - Anyone else heard anything from this school?

4/5/11: I sent them the requested materials and suggested a time to meet during the AAPA conference but haven't received a reply (x2 - same person as 3/30). Thanks for the update. I was really interested in this job, so I was curious if they're taking their time contacting people for letters/materials or if they're just not interested in me.

4/27/11 - Any word from them? I heard I was on the list and sent materials, but nothing since.

4/28/11 - They interviewed people at the AAPA meeting and invited three candidates for an on-campus interview.

4/28/11 - Thanks!

5/26 - Rejection via snail mail

Foothill-DeAnza Community College (December 10)[]

Full-time, tenure-track Anthropology Instructor - "Knowledge, ability, and enthusiasm to teach any of the following lower-division courses: Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Prehistory, Peoples of North America, Magic, Science and Religion, Patterns of Culture, and Archaeology. Experience and/or strong interest in teaching Applied Anthropology and/or Biological Anthropology. Professional fieldwork experience in Anthropology and/or Archeology." Online application website:

1/17/11: has anyone heard anything about this?

In response to above -- no, I have not. (1/17) (x3)

2/7 - Invitation to fly out for an interview (Mar 16-21)

2/25- Rejection email (x2) -- also, I must say that I thought theirs was one of the most poorly structured application systems I've ever used. The instructions were unclear, and one had to fill out considerable information in order to even get to the page that clarified exactly what needed to be uploaded. Moreover, the required diversity statement, rather than having a 6000-character limit overall, was instead structured such that it had to be submitted in five chunks, each of which couldn't be more than 1200 characters. (However, they were not looking for five points.) My e-mail inquiries to their Human Resources department about aspects of the application were answered very late (i.e., a couple of weeks for very straightforward questions) and also very poorly answered (i.e., they didn't really answer the question; in one case, they just sent a pdf of an extra form with no instructions about whether I really needed to fill it out or where to submit it). In some ways, I'm glad I'm not going there ...

Indiana University - Bloomington (April 1)[]

Tenure-track assistant professor position in the study of the evolution of human behavior to begin in fall 2011. Areas of special interest include the archaeology of human origins, Old World zooarchaeology, human palaeontology, geoarchaeology and raw material studies, evolutionary psychology, and brain imaging studies pertaining to human evolution. Applicants must demonstrate a strong research history and publication record focusing on the evolution of human behavior. Applicants should indicate whether their tenure home preference would be in the Department of Anthropology, Department of Geological Sciences, or Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

4/1 received AA form via email.

4/6 request for references (notified by my advisor)

5/27 Rejection email

Johns Hopkins University- Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution (April 4)[]

Rank is open. The applicant should have a well-developed research program in primate skeletal anatomy, with a preferred emphasis on craniodental adaptation and evolution, and experience in teaching human gross anatomy. Send CV and contact information for three referees to:

4/18: Rejection letter. (x3)

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (May 15) []

Department of Human Evolution is currently seeking a post-doctoral researcher to work within an existing research group focusing on extant and fossil primate skeletal morphology. Seeking candidate with expertise in finite element modelling and its application to biological or mechanical systems. Position for two years, with possibility for extension, starting fall 2011. For more information:

Deadline May 15, 2011

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (November 30) []

Postdoc in research Group on "Plant Foods and Hominin Dietary Ecology" (starts January 2011)

Requests for recommendation letters sent (notified by my advisor) (12/28) (x3)

Phone interview scheduled (1/17) (x3)

In-person interview scheduled (1/31)

Metropolitan State College of Denver (January 14)[]

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Behavioral Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver is currently seeking to fill a tenure-track position in Biological Anthropology with a specialty in Paleoanthropology. The successful candidate will be expected to teach introductory courses in biological anthropology, osteology, and human evolution, a general anthropological methods course, and advanced and specialized courses in her/his area of expertise.

1/18: Confirmation that application is complete and review is moving ahead.

2/23: Anyone heard anything from them?

2/23: Not a thing besides the initial acknowledgement. Given the excessive amount of material they requested for the application, it would be nice to have some information one way or the other. (x2)

3/14: Two months now, and no one has heard anything? How frustrating...

3/15: FYI -- when they hired in 2006, I emailed in late March and they were still "evaluating" applications at that time -- it was not until mid May when I received a rejection email. What were they looking for in that search?

3/16: On-campus interviews have been scheduled.

4/18: Rejection e-mail

mid-May: an offer was extended, but declined.

National Science Foundation (senior hire?, January 31)[]

The National Science Foundation is seeking candidates for a Program Director in the Physical Anthropology Program with the Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (BCS), Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE), Arlington, VA. Applicants must have a Ph.D., or equivalent experience directly related to Physical Anthropology, significant experience in education; plus six or more years of successful research, research administration, and/or managerial experience pertinent to the program are required. This position will be filled on a one or two year Visiting Scientist Appointment, a Federal Temporary Appointment or an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignment. Federal Temporary and Visiting Scientist appointments will be made under the Excepted Authority of the NSF Act with a current salary range of $105,211 to $163,957 including locality pay for the area.

More info (including application info) here:

New Mexico State University (November 15) []

Medical anthropologist

11/15 invitation to identify

--has anyone heard anything beyond the cofirmation/identification letter?

01/11 they've invited 3 for on-campus interviews.

New York University (November 15) Primate behavioral ecology.

-I assume (and hope) that this is a different job from the one posted above and not a revised posting.

- This is a second posting/line. Word on the street is that it's to replace Cliff Jolly. - Or maybe Tony DiFiore who left for UT? >>>>>Tennessee or Texas?? He's going to UT Austin (Texas

- letters of recommendation requested (11/23)

- on-campus interview requested (12/22)

NC State (March 31)[]

North Carolina State University. The Department of Sociology & Anthropology invites applications for a Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar in anthropology. Preference will be given to applicants with some teaching experience and a degree in cultural anthropology. Successful applicants should demonstrate motivation to teach and mentor undergraduate students, and show evidence of an ability to publish research in their substantive specialty. The Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar will be expected to teach two courses each semester. The Fellow will also be expected to pursue their own research agenda. Ability to teach anthropological theory, an area course on Native North American cultures, or introductory courses in biological anthropology or world prehistory is also appreciated. This is a one year position with the possibility of renewal. Ph.D. in hand is required at time of appointment, and the applicant must have received their Ph.D. within three years of the date of appointment. Applicants should submit a letter of application addressing current and future teaching and research interests, along with curriculum vitae and sample teaching evaluations (if applicable) to: Dr. Troy Case, Postdoctoral Fellow Search Committee, Box 8017, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, NC State University, Raleigh, NC 27695.

5/15 - Anyone heard anything about this one? I heard (from someone not on the search committee but in the dept) that they'd already contacted three people for interviews. I haven't gotten anything official, though.

Northeastern Illinois University (April 4)[]

One year teaching position. Intro to bioanthro, human variation, etc.

Applications were due April 4th, but when receiving my materials, the response email stated "we hope to make a decision in early April." No idea what "decision" is.. short list? hire?

Anyone hear anything? I don't think I ever even saw this job posted. Where was the ad?

It was on the AAPA site. I don't know when/why it got taken down. 04/19 - I applied to this but have not heard from it yet. (x2) Anyone?? 04/22 invite for phone interview

4/28-- Rejection email received. x2

- My rejection email seemed not like a mass-email, but more personal. Anyone else get that sense? Or was it truly a (polite) mass email rejection?

Oberlin (March 25)[]

The Anthropology Department at Oberlin College invites applications for a full-time non-continuing faculty position in the College of Arts and Sciences for an Archeologist or Biological Anthropologist. Appointment to this position will be for a term of 1 year, beginning first semester of 2011, and will carry the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology.

The incumbent will teach a total of five courses, including three introductory courses: two sections of Introduction to Archeology and one section of Human Origins (Introductory Biological Anthropology). Additionally, two upper level courses in Archeology or Biological Anthropology will derive from the incumbent's special interests within the field. Preference will be given to applications from candidates whose teaching and methodological expertise will enrich the learning experience for students with interests in both Archeology and Physical Anthropology.

To be assured of consideration, a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, graduate academic transcripts, and at least three recent letters of reference* should be sent to Baron Pineda, Chairperson, Attn: Anthropology Search Committee, Department of Anthropology, 10 N. Professor St., Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, 44074 by March 25, 2011.

3/17- Received AA form via snail mail. (x3)

3/31-Notified that application was moved on to the long list (PS- this was sent in an e-mail that also invited people to meet informally with Amy Margaris, the person going on sabbatical, at the SAA meetings- see comment on the Archaeology Wiki)

5/16 Snail mail rejection letter. (x2)

The Ohio State University (November 1)[]

cultural, social, and biocultural approaches to infectious disease

Purdue (November 15)[]

Biological anthropology (past or present non-human primates or humans)

10/29: Position no longer on HR websites - anyone know if they closed the search early, or if they are no longer hiring?

11/1: The job is still listed on AAA, AAPA, and their HR website. They are still hiring, and review starts on November 15.

11/2 Received email confirming receipt of application

11/19: Received affirmative action card and confirmation letter for "Anthropology and African American Studies position". Emailed Search Committee Chair to advise. Did anyone else receive this letter? Wondering if it's a typo or if my app is in the wrong stack! They have a search going on for an African American Studies position as well. I got my affirmative action card a while back but mine was for bio anthro (x4). 11/21: Thankfully, there was only a mix-up with the confirmation letter.

In re: the above: I got the African-American studies confirmation letter too. Did you just send back the forms as specified? Did the search committee chair suggest this was a widespread error, or just for your confirmation letter? After a string of emails, I received a new confirmation letter via email and was informed that I *was* being considered for the bioanth position (my application was in the right stack). There was just a mix-up in the original confirmation letter... no word on the number of people that were similarly affected. I have not yet sent back the forms (and I'm afraid I've misplaced them!)... Yeah, ok, I did too - just received a mass email that many people got the wrong letter but our apps are in the right pile.

E-mail requesting letters and additional materials (11/23) (x5)

11/24: Question: are the people that are being sent emails requesting further materials and references the same as those who received the correct confirmation letter?

-- I didn't receive any confirmation letter at all and was asked for further materials

up-date: I received the correct confirmation letter through the mail. 11/27

-Same here. No confirmation other than the request for materials (x2)

- I received a confirmation letter and papers from OIE that were mailed 11/22, but had NO request for letters or additional materials -- it looks like your emails requesting more material were sent the day after the confirmation letter, and I'm guessing you will have them soon, if they didn't arrive yesterday or today (11/30).

Email requesting more details about research and a list of courses you plan to teach (12/8)(x2)

--question: Had you already been asked to submit further materials? Yes.O

12/14 - Official email informing me that I will not be one of the three people to be selected for their final short list. (x5)

1/3 - Four campus interviews scheduled

2/11 - Their Previous Events calendar lists 3 non-human-primate-oriented talks.

3/9/11 - Rejection e-mail (x3) - email notes 120 applicants for the position

Regis University (February 3)[]

tenure-track position in biological/physical anthropology and/or human anatomy

1/21 - Applied via the online jobs site; got insta-confirmation with a note that there will be no individual, personal confirmation. (X5)

2/8 - Invitation to submit letters of rec and a written support statement for the mission of the university by 2/23 (x3)

2/26- Invitation for phone interview. (x2)

2/28- Invitation for campus visit.

3/4 - rejection letter received (x3)

4/1-- Any updates on this one? I was a finalist, but have not yet received a rejection letter. I was wondering if they are purposefully keeping me in the running, or if the rejection letter got lost somewhere along the way.....

>>If you are a finalist, then you won't get a rejection letter until the top choice formally accepts an offer. That can take months.

4/2- I had an on-campus interview, and was told that they probably wouldn't have a decision until mid-April.

4/18- Rejection email (I was a short-lister).

6/26 - Snail-mail letter received stating that the search failed; position was not filled and search may be reopened in the fall. (Anyone know the details on this one? I'd been invited to submit letters of rec, etc., then never heard back.)

6/30- I interviewed for the job, it went well (I thought), and then they called for a follow up phone conversation, which went like this: "you're a pretty research-focused guy, do you think you could REALLY be happy at Regis?"). The hesitation in my answer may have blown it. I have no idea if they offered it to someone else. They're nice folks at Regis and it's a pleasant little campus, but they want someone strictly dedicated to liberal arts education. I suspect it would be a fun place to teach, but there is no individual lab space, only a tiny startup package, and the course load is heavy. Keep that in mind if they reopen this search.

Rutgers (no date specified)[]

The Department of Anthropology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, invites applications for an annual lecturer position in evolutionary anthropology on the Douglass College campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey for the 2011-2012 academic year, contingent on funding. We seek an archaeologist with expertise in faunal analysis and Old World prehistory. Candidates will be expected to teach five courses including Introduction to Archaeology, Faunal Analysis, and Survey of Old World Prehistory. A complete application packet should include a cover letter, a Curriculum Vitae, a one-page statement of research and teaching interests, and a teaching portfolio to demonstrate excellence in teaching (including syllabi of courses taught or descriptions of academic specializations), and reference names and contact information. ABD candidates need a letter of support from their Ph.D. advisor, indicating status of their work, and expected date of thesis completion. Electronic submission of materials is required. Please e-mail application material to Ms. Ginny Caputo, Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Anthropology ( Include the phrase “adjunct teaching” in the subject line.

4/9 - request for letters

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (March 15)[]

75% Lecturer position (non-TT). Description reads: Teach 6 courses (3 per semester) at undergraduate and graduate levels, including Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, and courses on human variation (such as modern human variation and nutritional anthropology).

Personally, I would like to know how much 75% is - anyone know?

I'm guessing it means no summer funding? For what it's worth, this is a one-year position but it's replacing a retiring professor, so there may be another year and eventually a TT position.

3/6 - the 75% refers to teaching load - 3 classes per semester is 3/4 of the load. Per someone at the uni - full benefits are included with this position.

3/22- Received confirmation of application and AA form via mail (x4)

Late April--they have scheduled, if not completed phone interviews, and will make an offer based on these (letters of rec, teaching evals, and syllabi had been requested earlier).

5/16-5/17 - phone interviews

5/21 Received very kind rejection letter by snail mail. (x3)

Southern Methodist University (senior hire, no date listed)[]

Bioarchaeology, paleopathology, skeletal biology, stable isotope analysis, maybe paleoanthropology

Stanford University (November 15)[]

Medical Anthropologist

Anyone end up with an interview at the AAA or heard back from the search committee?

Received an email request to fill out the online diversity survey (11/20). Nothing else since then though.

1/19--Rejection e-mail received.

State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport (January 15)[]

-biological anthropologist for non-tenure track Visiting Assistant Professor

Request for reference letters (2/1) (X3)

Received notice that job search has been canceled (2/15)

-- Did you receive this via email or snail mail? I did not get a notice. (2/16) (x3)
I got an email notice from human resources stating that the college has closed the search at this time and the subject field says "position canceled". It's strange if others didn't get a notice as well as being right after they requested letters of recommendation.
-Sure you're not thinking of the Buffalo job that was canceled? Yes - it was Brockport job

Request for phone interview (2/17)

4/25 Offer extended and declined.

4/28 Rejection e-mail (x2)

University College London (April 1)[]

Lectureship in paleoanthropology

- 12th April - Anyone heard anything?

- 14th April - invited for interview (3x)

Offer made and accepted.

University of California, San Diego (May 31)[]

Temporary lecturer position in primate behavioral ecology (ad no longer on sites)

6/8 Offer extended and accepted.

6/14 Really nice rejection e-mail

University of Central Florida (May 5)[]

University of Central Florida. Department of Anthropology invites applications from anthropologists for a full-time 9-month Instructor position in Anthropology at its Orlando campus. Position is not tenure-track, but comes with benefits and can continue on a year-to-year basis. Geographic areas and theoretical interests are open. Candidates must apply online by uploading letter of application, curriculum vitae, evidence of teaching, and contact information for 3 references by May 5, 2011 to Please contact Dr. Matthew McIntyre, Instructor Search Committee Chair, at with questions/concerns.

University of Chicago (November 30) []

Vertebrate paleontology

has anyone heard anything about this position since applying?


2/22: Not to be impolite, but I am somewhat familiar with the applicants who were invited to apply, and they are likely not going to be people who post on here. Sorry. I am guessing this one is gone.

Eh, figured as much. Still a letter of rejection or even receipt of application would have been nice...

University of Delaware (October 15)[]

Asst/Assoc Prof, Biological/Cultural specializing in Medical Anthropology

10/15 e-mail confirmation of receipt of application

10/29 Request for a whole list of additional materials

1/31 Received rejection email (x3)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (October 15) []

Postdoc in biological anthropology (1 year, renewable for 3). Teaching duties split between medical gross anatomy and anthro.

11/19 - Rejection received (email)

(Rejection email, however, noted that: "we anticipate advertising for a new postdoctoral position in biological anthropology, with an August 2011 starting date.")

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (March 15)[]

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks to hire a biological anthropologist for a one-year (renewable for one to two additional years) post-doctoral position beginning August, 2011. Candidates should have both an active research program and demonstrated excellence as an instructor. Teaching responsibilities will be divided between medical gross anatomy and courses in the Department of Anthropology. Research foci should complement existing departmental strengths. Ph.D. required. Applications, including cover letter, CV and contact information for 3 references, can be sent to: Dr. Paul Garber, Head, Department of Anthropology, 109 Davenport Hall, University of Illinois, 607 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 ( For full consideration, applications should be received by March 15, 2011. The University of Illinois is an AA-EOE.

5/18- Rejection email received

University of North Dakota (Review of Applications Begin April 1)[]

The Department of Anthropology at the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND) invites applications for a temporary one year, sabbatical replacement position in Biological Anthropology for the 2011-2012 academic year, beginning August 15, 2011.

'Review of applications will commence on April 1st and continue until the position is filled. Interviews of semifinalists will be conducted at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Minneapolis as scheduling permits.'

Received request for letters of recommendation and interview at AAPA/Phone (4/6)

4/29- Received email informing me that I was not a semifinalist. (x2)

5/18- Received email requesting telephone interview (x2) 5/23 - Telephone interview complete - request for letters of reference (x3)

I received an email saying that I was not a finalist and then a couple weeks later, I got a follow up email saying that they had extended the search and wanted a phone interview. Does anyone know what happened?

6/5- Anyone hear anything?

6/6 Nothing yet here either. They told me they were going to try to make the decision by last week but that it depended on when they received everyone's letters. Ditto. Thanks

6/21 - I guess this one's gone? Any word?

6/22 I interviewed and I also have not heard anything. I have no idea. (x4)

7/8 Anyone hear anything?

7/8 I interviewed and haven't heard.....

University of Oregon (October 15)[]

Biological anthropologist

10/29 - Letters requested from references (x2)

-Question - were the references requested from the applicants or directly from the references?

I received an email that said they would contact my refs and then received an email from a ref saying he was asked to write a letter - so they contacted both.

1/11- Rejection email (x6)

Question - did the rejection emails come to those on the long list (who were asked to get letters of ref)?

-I was never long-listed (no request for letters). Just rejected. (x3)

-I was long-listed (letters requested) and have not received an e-mail rejection. Has anyone heard anything about a short list?

-Campus interviews have already been scheduled.

University of Pennsylvania (November 1)[]

Skeletal biology, life history, evolution (associate level specified) Associate level is specified but I heard from a good source that they may open it to the assistant level depending on the pool of apply!!!

Dec 10 -- Has anyone who applied for this position heard anything??? I submitted the on line application November 1, received a confirmation number, but have had no other contact.

I applied, but haven't heard anything other than the initial confirmation number either. (X7)

Dec 20th--I applied and recieved confirmation of receipt of materials (immediately--next day), but have not heard anything since.

May-11- Rejection letter on the mail (x2)

University of Washington (July 26, 2010)[]

Asst Prof: Global Health demography, measure of mortality in developing countries

University of Washington (November 30, 2010)[]

Seek applicants with an active research program in anthropological genetics and human molecular evolution, with a willingness to facilitate student access to both laboratory training and fieldwork. We encourage applications from individuals with a strong interdisciplinary commitment who could build ties across campus with other units (Genome Center, Global Health, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, etc.).

-Anyone find a good link for the Genome Center? Looks like it might have been renamed?

-12/2 Affirmative action letter thing received (x2)

-late december - received email asking for reference letters, teaching, research and diversity statements

-2/1 Scheduled on campus interview

2/18 - Snail mail rejection letter (x2)

University of Western Australia[]

The School’s research and teaching foci encompass a holistic view of the biology of humans from the levels of species and populations to cells and molecules. The teaching-research nexus is strong, with research and teaching in neuroscience; evolutionary biology and biological anthropology; reproductive biology and endocrinology; functional anatomy; tissue regeneration and transplantation; cell biology and immunology; and sleep science. The holistic view also defines our strong teaching programs in science and biomedicine that are supported primarily by staff involved in both teaching and research. Further information about the School’s research and teaching profiles is available at

We are seeking to appoint three early-career individuals with the potential to make a significant contribution and enhancement to the School’s existing research and teaching activities. Applicants must have a PhD (or equivalent). Applications from candidates seeking a fractional appointment will be considered. Applications will be accepted after the closing date and until the positions are filled. Applicants are requested to submit a teaching portfolio as part of their application.

For further information regarding the position please contact the Head of School, Winthrop Professor Linc Schmitt on (08) 6488 3298 or email

Benefits include 17% superannuation, generous leave provisions and fares to Perth (if applicable) for appointee and dependants along with a removal allowance. These and other benefits will be specified in the offer of employment.

APPLICATION DETAILS: The position description follows. Written applications quoting the reference number, personal contact details, qualifications and experience, along with contact details of three referees should be sent to Director, Human Resources, The University of Western Australia, M350, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley WA 6009 or emailed to by the closing date.

11/24 - received rejection email

11/29 - references were contacted for letters

University of Winnipeg (March 21)[]

The Department of Anthropology at The University of Winnipeg invites applications for a tenure-track appointment in biological anthropology at the rank of Assistant Professor commencing July 1, 2011, or as soon afterward as possible. The position is subject to budgetary approval. Preference will be given to candidates with a specialization in evolutionary anthropology. The successful candidate must have a PhD by the date of appointment, an active research program, and a commitment to excellence in teaching. The department offers undergraduate instruction in the four subfields leading to the BA (anthropology) or the BSc (bioanthropology). The closing date for applications is Monday, March 21, 2011. Letters of application, including curriculum vitae and the names of three references, should be sent to: Dr. Barnett Richling Chair of Departmental Personnel Committee Department of Anthropology The University of Winnipeg 515 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 2E9 fax 204-774-4134 e-mail The University of Winnipeg is committed to employment equity, welcomes diversity in the workplace, and encourages applications from all qualified individuals including women, members of visible minorities, Aboriginal persons, and persons with disabilities. In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, this advertisement is initially directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

-(3/22) Received confirmation of application by email (x3)

-(3/28) Invited to on campus interview

-(3/29) Letters requested

- 5/26 Rejection e-mail (x2)

University of Wisconsin - Madison (October 1) []

Department of Psychology, Primate behavior - has anyone heard anything more about this??

Wildlife Conservation Society: New York: Gorilla Coordinator (September 15)[]

WCS seeks a Gorilla Coordinator to help develop and implement an overall strategy for conserving all four taxa of gorillas in the wild. More information may be obtained from Carolyn Gibson, Apply online at (I saw this posting on SICBs website:

William Paterson University (Open until filled)[]

Looking for someone to "teach introductory and diverse electives for an undergraduate program as well as to offer Anthropology of Education classes for students in education majors. Successful candidate will work closely with faculty in Anthropology in developing curricula in support of program needs, and also serve as liaison to the College of Education."

12/21 - Received e-mail confirmation and AA form (x2, 1/4)

5/20- Received snail mail rejection leter

Yale University (December 1): tenure track position in human evolutionary demography.[]

Demographic assessment of modern human populations, including foragers, horticulturalists, and other non-western populations, as well as non-human primate populations.

-i sent an application for this job to the email listed in the announcement, but have not received confirmation of my application from that email address or any other source. has anyone else? (x2)

I got an AA form and a confirmation letter a while back.

-received a really tasteful rejection letter by email (12/17) stating they'd interviewed three people in the recent weeks, although they have not yet come to a final decision regarding the position (x3)

- Reference letters requested (Dec 17)

-- got invited to give a job talk

Yale University (January 15 2011) postdoc in Geology and Geophysics[]

linking research in geosciences with anthro, biology, etc.

-note for those applying - I had a hard time getting any response from anyone in the Geology dept. last year (despite repeated attempts), and I have heard that other applicants had the same experience. So good luck.

Completed Searches[]

Appalachian State University (review begins September 15) []

Biological Anthropologist - geographic area and topical specialization are open but preference will be given to candidates with a strong background in evolutionary theory and experience teaching courses in human evolution and prehistory. This is a one semester, full-time appointment (replacement position) so ABD's are welcome to apply (editorial note: good luck to us ABDs in a market like even this goes to a phd)

Offer extended and accepted

College of William & Mary (December 31)[]

The Department of Anthropology, College of William and Mary, seeks a biological anthropologist for a 1-year faculty replacement position at the level of Visiting Assistant Professor beginning August, 2011. Applications should be received by December 31, 2010 for full consideration. This search will remain open until the position is filled. Candidate must have PhD by the time of appointment, demonstrated ability to teach introductory, advanced-undergraduate, and graduate level classes; and an active research focus in human evolutionary studies. Candidates should submit electronically a cover letter, CV, and the names of three referees, including information that allows them to be contacted electronically. (The system will prompt you for this information.) Apply online: [There is also a one-year archaeo position (archaeobotany or archaeometry preferred) available.]

FYI: Submitting email addresses for references in the online applications automatically emails them requesting a letter, despite that the job ad does not specifically say letters of recommendation are required for the application.

What option did you choose in the pull down menu before the submission of the names of the references, you can choose to "allow the system to email the reference automatically". The option are 'no response', 'yes' or 'no'.

I put "no response." I hadn't warned my refs about this letter ahead of time and wanted a day or two to let them know....but I didn't want the system to think they couldn't eventually be contacted.

Email request for additional materials (1/25)

Phone interview scheduled (2/4) - Offer made and accepted

3/28/11 - Rejection letter received via email. (x2)

Drew University (January 31)[]

Looking for a scholar with teaching and research or applied experience in skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, and bioarchaeology

11/22/10 - Submitted app materials to search committee chair via email. Got a quick, personal response acknowledging receipt (no need to snail-mail anything).

12/4/10 - Ditto above, and got quick answers to questions too. (X3) (And as a note - its really nice to receive a response and not feel like you are sending an application into the void!)

2/7/11 - Request by email for letters of reference, syllabi and teaching evaluations. (X2)

2/23/11 - Request by email for Skype interview.

2/29/11 - Completed Skype interview. 1-2 weeks before notification for in-person interview

3/8/11 - Request by email for in-person interview. Interview scheduled for week of March 14th

4/9/11 - Notification of candidates has been delayed

4/17/11 - Position is potentially cancelled :-(

4/20/11 - Position offered and accepted

5/20/11 - Received generic email rejection stating that another candidate was selected (x3)

Duke University (January 15)[]

Visiting Assistant Professorships in any one or combination of the following areas: 1) primate behavior, ecology and conservation and 2) primate and human anatomy (must be able to teach a cadaver based anatomy course), 3) primate and human paleoanthropology, 4) human/primate evolutionary development or genetics/genomics

1/4/11 - Confirmation e-mail that they got my application materials and saying they will make a decision January 2011. (x3)

1/19/11 - I didn't receive any confirmation. Now I'm going to worry about it. :-(

1/20/11 - Also, didn't receive confirmation (X4).

2/16/11 - Has anyone been contacted for more information, phone interviews, etc.?

2/18/11- Email request for reference letters (x3)

So only one person was contacted by them? apparently not...

3/10 - Has this search moved on to interviews? I'm dissapointed, since I didn't even get a confirmation e-mail. I have no idea what's going on, but I was very excited about this position.

3/13 - offer made and accepted (primate and human anatomy)

4/28- Rejection email received (x2).

Kansas State University (October 15) []

Physical/biological anthropologist- "Preference will be given to candidates who can effectively educate students in all aspects of human biological diversity and its evolution from a broad anthropological perspective". Whatever that means.

-email confirming application received (10/12) (x10)

- request for letters, teaching portfolio, pubs (10/22) (x7)

-email requesting skype or AAA interview (11/15) (x4)

- email rejection (11/17 x10) (but seriously the *nicest* rejection email, perhaps ever)

- I concur with the nice emails. KSU has been communicative and pleasant to deal with throughout the process. Props to them! It's rough out here on us job seekers, and it doesn't hurt for people to be kind even when saying "no thanks".

- Skype interview (11/28)

- Campus interview invitation (12/10)

- Offer made and accepted.

- Received rejection email (3/15); as noted above, it was a very nice one. (X2)

Mississippi State University (filled)[]

The Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures, Mississippi State University, seeks applicants for Assistant Professor tenure track position in biological anthropology, beginning August 2011 (pending budgetary approval. PhD (or ABD) in anthropology required at time of appointment. Preference for biological anthropologist specializing in bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, or applied skeletal biology. Teaching 5 courses/year, to include introductory, upper-division, and graduate courses. Preference given to members of Phi Beta Kappa. Submit letter describing teaching and research interests, vitae, and names and contact information for three references, as well as supporting materials which demonstrate teaching and scholarly achievement, to Paul Jacobs, Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures, P.O. Box AR, Mississippi State University, MS 39762. Electronic submissions (pdf format) may be sent to Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Applicants must also apply at

12/13 - Email acknowledgment of materials received. (With the note that this position is not yet funded; applicants will be notified if the position is funded, and they will be notified if it is not and the search is cancelled.) (x 3)

2/24 - Anyone heard anything either way about the status of this position?

Nothing here, either. Hopefully they're still waiting to hear if the line is funded. (2/28)

3/2 - Email from chair saying they hope to have a funded TT line within two weeks; asking if I'm still interested (X4) (curious if they're telling everyone this, or just some people?--me too?!) - I got an email acknowledgment of materials received but not this email.. guess I am not on their first cut..

- they're still waiting to hear if the line is funded (late march)

3/31 - Received email the line was funded. (x5) - Woo hoo!

4/2 - Email received that review will happen "over the coming weeks."

4/6 - Request for phone interview in the next week (on-campus interviews to happen late April/early May).

4/26 - Anyone heard anything further about this position? Search still on?

Early/ mid-may: yes, the search is still on!

05/09 - Offer extended and accepted.

5/23 - Rejection letter via postal mail (x2)

New York University (November 15) Biological anthropology[]

specializing in, skeletal biology, functional anatomy, ontogeny or life history studies and/or quantitative approaches to morphology

7/23 User question: Does anyone know if NYU is going to be looking AGAIN? Will it be for an ontogeny/development person or will they change their focus?

-- I heard no. They decided to wait, after several failed searches. I heard this year they will be looking for a primate person to replace Cliff Jolly.

8/13 The job has been officially posted both on AAAnet and CHE and apparently they are hoping third time's the charm:

11/26 Letters of reference requested.

12/23 Scheduled on campus interview

3/7 - Rejection letter received by mail

An offer was made.

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (unspecified) Osteologist[]

Museum Osteologist – Senior Curatorial Technician Req. 22192BR Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Additional information and application procedures can be found at The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology seeks a skilled osteologist to assist with the implementation of new federally mandated Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) regulations. Working under the supervision of the Associate Curator of Osteology, this person will be responsible for evaluating NAGPRA human skeletal remains, and recording and verifying accurate documentation in accordance with museum standards. Collaboration with other museum staff on NAGPRA tasks is expected. Responsibilities also include providing support on other Osteology Department related tasks including research visitor support. This is a term position ending June 30, 2012. Potential for annual renewal pending need and funding.

11/19 - Request for video interview

12/1 - Skype interview

12/23 - Email received that the search will move forward in early January

1/24 - Email received that offer has been tendered and accepted.

Quinnipiac University (December 1)[]

Seeking candidates with training in human osteology, with the ability to teach courses in forensic anthropology. Other desired areas of expertise include human evolution and human variation. Geographical region is open.

12/22 - Email received that short list will be made by 1/18 and on-campus interviews will happen in late February. (x9)

Anyone heard from them yet about the short list, rejection, anything?

--Nothing as of today (x5).

1/21 - Email that I am a "semifinalist," requesting letters of rec, research/teaching statements, and writing samples by 2/8. (x4)

2/3 - Email that I am a "semifinalist," requesting letters of recommendations, research/teaching statements, and writing samples by 2/14.

2/16 - Request for phone interview later this week (x3).

2/20 - Invitation for on-campus interview (x2)

3/17- received letter stating that they offered position to someone else (x3) (Phone interview to job offer in one month - wow, that's fast!)

Rutgers (October 1) []

Primate behavioral ecologist

- letters of rec. requested (9/24)

- Ditto letters of rec (9/26). Word on the street is that this hire will be done quickly. Shortlisted candidates should expect to visit campus around late Oct-Nov! I'm not sure about the rationale/logic behind conducting the search really early in the season.

- Early hiring is probably because they're afraid they'll lose the funding if they don't lock someone in quickly.

- Prof. told me that they like to do that so that they have the biggest pool to choose from.

- Requested additional materials (10/12): was this in addition to publications and letters of rec? Oops, no, just asked for pubs.

- Phone interview requested (10/19)

- So are they doing a round of phone interviews before inviting candidates for campus interviews? (10/25) yes, they should be completed by the end of this week and then they will make a short list

-on campus interviews scheduled (10/29)

- anybody heard anything as of 12/29?

- offer made and accepted (1/26)

Seton Hall University (open until filled)[]

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work seeks a physical/biological anthropologist for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor for Fall 2011. The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in Anthropology, with a specialization in physical or biological anthropology. Research area is open. Commitment to effective teaching at the undergrad level is required. The person hired will primarily teach the introductory physical anthropology course (no lab, but required for Anthropology majors), upper level courses such as human evolution, forensic anthropology, and human ecology, as well as introductory cultural anthropology. To apply for the position, log into: and apply directly to the job posting "Assistant Professor (Anthropology)".

(I guess this is the same position as the one that was pulled last year.)

FYI: The AAA posting lists this as "associate professor" but the job ad says "assistant."

12/15/10: I applied online for this yesterday and they automatically asked all my references for letters. (X2) Seems like a lot of extra work for them (and my references!), but we'll see. Something tells me they already have someone in mind for this--though I certainly don't work there or have any hard evidence :)

QUESTION: So, on the job ad it says to attach cv, letters of rec and writing sample, but then on the actual application website it says to attach a whole set of other things (transcripts, teaching philosophy, etc.). Does anyone know if the "extra" things listed on the ad website are things they ask for later if they're interested but early on they only want the three things? ' [Answer: I attached all the stuff they asked for--don't know why there was a difference between the ad and website, though it's really frustrating! I imagine it would be better to error on the side of sending too much, rather than too little, but that's just my two cents!] ::: I applied to this job last year (the search was cancelled fairly soon after it was posted), and they'd asked for all the extra material (letters, teaching philosophy, transcripts, etc.). So I did send the extra material this year too.

1/1/11 - I did the same thing as it wasn't clear. I also think they should not ask for references automatically as I feel my referees are having to do a lot of potentially unnecessary work.

1/4/11 - Thank you all for your feedback. I e-mailed the contact person and she said to submit all of the materials as well. It is annoying about the letters of rec. - a lot of unnecessary work...

2/7 - Anyone heard anything at all from Seton Hall? I'm curious about their timeline but unsure whom to ask.

2/8 - Invitation for a phone interview (six invitations extended, to be scheduled for 2/11-18)

2/18 - Invitation for on-campus interview X2 (first week of March)

2/22 - Rejection email, but seems to be an error on HR's part. I also received this email, but I was invited for an on-campus interview.

2/22 - received rejection email stating that another candidate was chosen

2/22 - received the 'correction' email from HR but never received the initial rejection email. Have they completed invitations for campus interviews? If so, I guess I now know the 'correction' email was in itself a rejection email :-) ** They said they would invite three people to campus, and two of us have scheduled visits already. I assume all the invitations have been extended, but if you had a phone interview, you might hold out some hope.

2/22 - received the rejection & correction emails; have had a phone interview but have not received an invitation for a campus visit

3/17 - I received a rejection email on 2/22 with no correction email, as well as another rejection email today.

3/17 - received rejection email today

4/13 - Job has been offered to (and, presumably, accepted by) another candidate

The George Washington University (January 3, 2011)[]

Open rank tenure-track hominid paleobiology

Question: Is this job posted somewhere? I haven't seen it in any of the usual places... (the chronicle of higher education)

11/1 - an email was distributed to departments across the country today

The George Washington University invites applications for an open-rank tenure-track/tenured position in Hominid Paleobiology in the Department of Anthropology, to begin August 1, 2011. Qualifications: 1) research that is relevant to the role of ecology in human evolution, 2) excellence in research and teaching as demonstrated by publications and course evaluations, 3) an active field and/or laboratory program, 4) a Ph.D. in hand by August 1, 2011. Application procedure: Applicants should send a letter, curriculum vitae, a 1,000-word summary of their research agenda, and the names of three referees to:, or Hominid Paleobiology Search Committee, Dept. of Anthropology, 2110 G St., NW, Washington, DC 20052. Review of applications will begin on January 3, 2011, and will continue until the position is filled. Only complete applications will be considered. Salary will be commensurate with experience. The George Washington University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

1/3 - Application received confirmation via email x3

1/12- Interviews scheduled

1/14 rejection email

1/14 - received an email falling short of a rejection, but stating the search committee had selected 7 finalists of which the top 4 were invited for interviews/talks in late January and early February. (x3

- the finalists' job talks are on the CASHP webpage under "events" (including an internal candidate and a couple of already- tenured faculty from elsewhere) - who is the internal candidate? Internal candidate withdrew from the shortlist, will not be interviewing

2/25 - final nail in the coffin: rejection email saying they were negotiating with their candidate

3/12 - received an email asking me to fill out the equal opportunity form - AFTER they rejected me! Did anyone else get this? (X2)

University of Arkansas at Little Rock (begin review immediately) []

Forensic anthro

10/11: request for additional materials (x3)

11/1: scheduling video interviews (x2)

11/12: video interview done

11/19: scheduled on campus interview

12/8: email received that position has been filled (x3)

University of Arkansas (March 15)[]

Position Announcement (3-year Instructor) Job Title: Instructor – Biological Anthropology (two instructors will be hired) Department and BU: Anthropology/ANTH Closing Date: March 15, 2011 or until position is filled Annual Salary: $32,000 Description: This is a full-time, 9-month position with fringe benefits and a contract commitment of three years. The individual will teach one large section of Introduction to Biological Anthropology and four laboratory sections each semester. Based upon demand for courses and availability of funds, and subject to the recommendation of the Chair, summer teaching positions can provide an equivalent amount of up to 30 percent of the academic year salary for twelve weeks of full-time teaching.

Qualifications: M.A. degree in Anthropology required; Ph.D. preferred. Experience in teaching with references indicative of skill or mastery in biological anthropology is required. Application: Interested persons should send their resume and three letters of recommendation to: Dr. Peter Ungar, Chair Dept. of Anthropology, MAIN 330 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR Completed applications received by March 15, 2011 will be assured full consideration. Late applications will be reviewed as necessary to fill the position.

3/22- Received confirmation of application and AA form via mail (x4)

4/5- Rejection email saying that the position has been filled. (x2)

University of Auckland (October 8) []

Biological Anthropologist (evolutionary focus) 10/14: asking referees for letters

11/1: Skype interview requested

11/8: Offer extended

University of Central Florida (November 1)[]

Bioarchaeology, paleopathology, skeletal biology

11/18: Request for interview (fly-out) (x2)

11/19: Request for additional info (rec letters)

Out of curiosity -- did they ever confirm your application or request more information, or just go straight to fly-outs within 2 weeks of the application being due?

I can't recall having gotten a confirmation or EOE card. They went straight to fly-out and requested rec letters the following day.

Only confirmation received was literally an invitation to interview – got a 'gut feeling' that this is a really quick process because they already have someone in mind for the position. Too bad - lots of candidates out there & this is a great program.

In re: above - did you get a flyout too? (Just wanted to clarify, since you didn't update the above info with a x2.) I'm hoping this is a real search and they don't have someone in mind (well, unless that someone is me ;).

Okay, I'll bite because the curiosity is killing me. What is the "don't be censored" comment in reference to?

You can probably find the previous comment in the page history. IIRC, someone suggested that the person with the 'gut feeling' about the search was at UCF and that that post was therefore unprofessional... and then decided to delete the comment? :::: We can't monitor truth on a wiki, though. (And since we're anthropologists, who's to say what truth is? Someone may think a job is spoken for, when it's really not.) Maybe this wiki needs a "discussion, rumors, and speculation" section, like the archaeo wiki has.

1/24 - Email rejection letter, stating the search committee picked someone else.

1/27 - Has anyone else not heard anything at all?

I should have been clearer in my post above. Three candidates (of which I was one) were invited to campus in December for interviews. The search committee recently made their selection (unfortunately, they did not choose me). I am assuming an offer has been extended and accepted.

Got it - thanks! And, I'm sorry - best of luck to you!

2/11 - Got snail mail that a selection had been made.

University of Cincinnati (October 30)[]

Pleistocene paleoecology, joint position with Geology

- I've heard through the grapevine that they're more open to researchers with anthropology degrees than the job ad might suggest (9/29)

11/8 - Letters requested

12/1 - Campus interview scheduled

4/9 - rejection letter stating position has been filled

University of Kentucky (October 1) []

Skeletal biology of New World populations 9-15: A posting for a lecturer in biological anthropology just went up on the AAA site. Does anyone know if this is a separate posting or if the tenure track position was downgraded to lecturer? 9-17: Per one of the professors there that I know - these are two separate positions.

Short-listed (assuming means long-short), references requested (10/12) (x4)

On campus interviews scheduled (11/11)

11/21 - Paper notification received about lack of further consideration (rejection - dated 11/11)

---Was on the (long) short list but haven't received any word on an interview OR a rejection letter. Anyone else? Is this a tiered process? (Same boat as you...)

I think it means that if they don't like whomever they are having on-campus with then you may still be on the run....but sadly I think it comes down to that.

-Offer made and accepted.

University of Kentucky (December 1)[]

Lecturer (non-TT) in archaeology and biological anthropology

Anyone know if applications for the TT position will just get automatically considered for this lecturer position? Or if I should send in another cover letter/CV/etc.?

I don't know for sure but I would assume you would have to send another application

12/3: received a confirmation of application letter from the department, stating they would begin reviewing shortly after Dec. 1st, and make hiring decision in early 2011. (X2)

To the above poster: did you ask for confirmation, or was it received unsolicited? I applied to this about 3 weeks ago and never got any confirmation. (X2) (12/6/10: Nope, didn't ask for it, just received a snail-mail letter with the update. Yours are probably in the mail?)

12/16: Email requesting recommendation letters (the "short list")(X3)

02/01 E-mail notifying me that they made a short-short list (for interviews) of three people, which I am not on :(

Thanks for the update, and sorry to hear you didn't make it... I haven't gotten an email either way, so now I'm going to obsessively check my email and the wiki all afternoon. (X2)

--I e-mailed Dr. Crothers to ask which is why I have heard--but they have already notified the people who made the short-short list so....oh well.

---Ohhh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks for the update.

3/28/11 - Letter received that the department has hired Renee Bonzani. (Thought it was a bit odd that the letter listed the name of the successful candidate. Not sure I've ever gotten a rejection letter before that has done that.)

4/3/11 They are just disorganized. I had withdrew for their VAP 2 years ago and they still rejected me. I also got a rejection letter this year that given the information I am pretty sure it was supposed to be sent to someone else...

University of Rhode Island (posted Aug. 6, begin review immediately)[]

Physical anthropologist. Appears to be to replace their paleoanth/primate person who retired. 20/10/10--Position is no longer up on HR website (i.e. applications no longer accepted?)

10/20/10 - Anyone who applied heard anything back from these folks? -Haven't heard anything. Given that they were starting review "immediately" that may mean they already had someone in mind for the job and didn't bother with the rest of us. That, or they lost the funds.

10/21/10 Correspondence with URI said "the review process is now underway." No notification or request for materials yet (at least for me!).

11/2/10 Requested letters of reference from a short (not long) list of applicants (x2)

Did you hear this from your referees or did URI contact you directly? Thanks.

I received a phone call from the head of the search committee, asking me to contact my references.

11/8 Scheduled campus visit (x2)

Offer accepted.

University of South Carolina (November 1) []

Paleoepidemiology, bioarchaeology

-email confirming application received (11/1) x9

-letter received confirming application received with affirmative action card (11/8) x10

-letters requested from references (11/11) x3

-On campus interview scheduled for mid-January (12/3)(X2)

- Interviews completed

Anyone know why comments concerning the status of this position keep getting edited? Has it been filled? Or has the position been pulled?

If it's the same IP address that keeps removing the comments, the administrator can block it (similar thing happened on the humanities post-doc page, IIRC).

- An offer was made, then retracted; the dean may have canceled the search. (3/9)

- search apparently not cancelled (3/11) (I have to trust that the poster of this comment has no idea how frustrating and mean it is or else I'll lose faith in humanity.-- Believe me, it's not meant to be mean or frustrating. Good luck!)

- So was an offer made then? --unknown

–Anything out there as an update on this position? The lack of info has been rough to ride through (3/29)---may be you can contact them directly and find out...there is nothing wrong with that.

--An offer has been made and accepted.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville (senior hire; October 15)[]

Forensic anthropologist to direct Forensic Anthropology Center

2/9- on campus interviews happening now.

4/18-offer made and accepted.

University of Vermont (priority to applications submitted by November 1)[]

Asst Prof TT, Sub-field and geographical focus entirely open. A broadly trained anthropologist who will contribute both to the department and to the UVM trans-disciplinary Spire of Excellence in Food Systems (; this stipulation is very broadly conceived by the department to include anything from production to consumption, and virtually anything in between; for example, someone with a focus on human biology and nutrition or paleodiet would fit our definition). Apply online at Search for the position using department name (Anthropology) only.

11/24 Anyone heard anything?

--Nope (x5)

I get the feeling they're looking for someone in particular and not finding that person. My advisor got an email around the deadline from a faculty member at UVM (not on the committee, oddly), who had been asked to circulate the announcement to get more bio anth applicants. It seemed strange that they were trying to advertise the position further just days before the deadline. But have heard nothing since then.

--Archaeology wiki says "Phone interview scheduled 12/13"

-- 02/01 They have made a short list and are having on campus interviews

An offer has been made and accepted.

Wayne State University (October 15) []

specialties in one or more of bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, osteology, human health, and disease highly desired -08/18 Changed to a temporary 2 year lecturer position - offer made

University of West Georgia (December 31) []

Broadly trained physical anthropologist with "an active research agenda which includes an understanding and appreciation of culture".

-letter received confirming application received with affirmative action card (11/28) x4

- FYI, my letter came to my university address (even though my home address was on my cover letter); so check your school mailboxes :)

-I e-mailed the chair, got a confusing answer, and don't want to push it by requesting clarification: is an official graduate transcript enough or do they want undergrad transcripts as well?

- When I emailed the chair, he just said they needed sealed, official transcripts. I took it to mean undergrad and sent that transcript as well. Better to err on the side of too much information, I figured.

HR form received in the mail (1/14)

- Received e-mail asking to schedule a phone interview from the chair (01/25) (X1)

Did they ask for additional materials or go straight to phone interviews? moved right to a phone interview (1/27).

-on-campus interviews completed

(early April): offer extended, not accepted.

Mid-may: 'new' candidates are being invited for on-campus interviews.

5/20 - Rejection letter received (in campus mail box - not home) (X2)

5/31 - Someone accepted an offer. Search completed.

University of the Witwatersrand (August 6, 2010)[]

physical anthropology (teaching osteology, human biology and palaeoanthropology) -Search failed

University of the Witwatersrand (December 10, 2010)[]

Teaching of osteology, human biology and palaeoanthropology to undergraduate and postgraduate science students

-anyone know if this is the same position posted above with an extended deadline or a second job? It just showed up on the AAPA website.

--This job was a reposting of the previous failed search

- Offer made

Valdosta State University (December 3)[]

teach forensics/criminal justice courses. seeking physical anthropologist.

1/21 telephone interview scheduled (x2)

2/16 on campus interview scheduled

4/8 - received rejection letter - position offered to someone else

Washington University (December 10)[]

human physiology (energetics, nutrition, endocrinology, development and related areas) in a comparative primatological and evolutionary context.

12/17 heard from recommendation writer letter of rec requested x2

interview scheduled 1/20

1/31 rejection letter received in mail (x4)

3/21 offer accepted

Cancelled Searches[]

State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo (November 1)[]

Tenure-track assistant biological anthropologist 10/28: Page 1 of their HR website says letters of recommendations must be submitted by Nov 1, which seems a bit early. Several pages through the online application process it provides a date of Nov 26. And of course, their anthropology website notes that letters should be submitted when requested (seems most reasonable to me). Anyone know when these letters are really needed?


CANCELLED for budgetary reasons per an October 29 email.

11/1 anyone seen that email? I successfully submitted an app via UBJobs today. Yes, I got one on 10/29 saying the search was cancelled

-Yup, I also got that email (on Oct 30). It's quite frustrating that they didn't pull the job from the online system, or even bother to update their posting on their department webpage. Apparently the online system is also automatically emailing referees for letters-- despite the fact that the job has been cancelled! What a waste of time...

11/2 (I wrote the 11/1 posting) - I just got the email, and, yes, my refs were contacted for letters as well. Very frustrating. Thanks for the info!

11/6 - For those of you whose referees were contacted, had you submitted applications via the university-wide system? I ask because I had submitted an application via email to an email address that was created just for this search.

11/8 - If you submitted directly to the e-mail address then your references were not contacted directly. They were only automatically contacted if you applied through the HR website.

University of Utah (November 15)[]

Invitation to identify (i.e. application received): 11/17 (X3)

Letter from chair asking whether to waive rights to see any letters of recommendation (11/20) x4

HI I got one of those letters but my references have not been contacted yet...does anybody knows?

Long-listed (request for refs, pubs and other materials) (12/10). The letter indicates that they will be deciding on a short list in January. (I did too - 12/10) So do you know if they contacted your references? or do you have to do that?

Did you get a letter or an email?

An email from the department's administrative assistant (12/13)

Anyone got a letter to "waive rights to see letters of recommendation" and never heard from them again?

--Yes, but I think that they probably just sent that out to everyone, regardless of whether they were going to ask for letters or not, as a formality. I recieved the letter to waive my rights, but they did not request reference letters from me.

Careful, that letter was conditional: IFF they ask you for letters, then do you waive your rights or not. (Strange HR practices.) Thanks I did not remember the conditional part of the letter (obviously)

Ref letters requested (+ pubs) (12/16)

Campus interviews scheduled

Is the search completed?

Yes. Faculty could not agree on how to fill one of the position. Made one, and cancelled the other available position. Maybe next year. Overall, the department has behaved rather dysfunctionally.

Discussion, Rumors, and Speculation[]

Discussion from under the UCF posting:


-Okay, I'll bite because the curiosity is killing me. What is the "don't be censored" comment in reference to?

-You can probably find the previous comment in the page history. IIRC, someone suggested that the person with the 'gut feeling' about the search was at UCF and that that post was therefore unprofessional... and then decided to delete the comment?::: The now-deleted comment was posted on December 1 and I posted the remark about being censored a day later in response (just as I did long ago at the top when someone asked us to keep quiet about turning down job offers lest we hurt the second choice's ego). The wiki is not a place to bully one another into silence... it's for sharing information, ALL of which is beneficial to us (as long as it's true). :::: We can't monitor truth on a wiki, though. (And since we're anthropologists, who's to say what truth is? Someone may think a job is spoken for, when it's really not.) Maybe this wiki needs a "discussion, rumors, and speculation" section, like the archaeo wiki has.

-12/11/10: As one of the lucky candidates interviewing at UCF, all I can say is that I'm nervous about the interview, whether or not they have someone in mind. I just hope I have a non-zero chance at the job! Response: Good luck to you!!! and even is they do have an internal candidate remember that it is not over until it is over, maybe you will wow them, and it is common that NOT everyone in a department likes the same person, so you just have to give it all you have got! so either don't think about it but if you do...use it to make you even better :) ::: Aw, thanks, anonymous wiki person, for making me smile. :)

Purpose of this Wiki

- 12/09/10 To kick this off with the obvious newbie this wiki-fied opening up of the process a good thing? I'm inclined to think so (aside from the time sink side of this) in that it allows us to plan our lives a little bit more in real time and understand the process a bit more. However, those familiar with the process more than I might be able to forsee some negatives?

-12/09/10: I would like to speculate that this Wiki has potential to devolve into an unprofessional snarkfest as evidenced by the UCF exchange. Sure, "don't be censored people", but maybe we can contribute here with some civility even in anonymity. If the commentary is unnecessary, I suggest we leave it out. It waters down the truly relevant information. Season's greetings. (well said and ditto from the "don't be censored people" person)

-12/10/10 We should definitely keep this civil and polite. BUT, if someone is trying to play mind-games I would like to know (if I was one of the lucky candidates at UCF ...which sadly I am not). And yes...don't censor!

-I have information I could contribute to this webpage and haven't yet. Mainly because I am not sure why I should. Anyone want to lay the argument out for me?

          See Trivers (1971)...

-A wiki only works if people contribute. You seem to have found some utility in the wiki yourself or you wouldn't be reading and posting. That utility came from people willingly sharing information. In the context of an academic jobs wiki, though, I suppose that what most of us get out of it is time: not waiting for an email/letter/call about a job. You don't have to share your information now, but eventually that information will come out - in the form of a definitive job offer and acceptance. I don't see any point in not sharing information that will come out eventually. There's no power in keeping information to yourself, and you may set someone else's mind at ease with respect to a position (whether they do/don't have a chance). My $.02.

-Here is how the academic job market went before there was this wiki: Submit application in August. Receive HR "race" card (maybe). Hear absolutely nothing for 8+ excruciating months. After 8+ months, maybe receive rejection letter, maybe receive absolutely nothing. With the wiki, you learn that others have been longlisted, etc. and you can get on with your life.

Technical Issues

- 12/10/10: This wiki's history just gave my IP address credit for a bunch of edits that I didn't make so you may want to add that issue to your list of reasons to use this wiki kindly but cautiously and that's that.

- 2/7/11: Not really a technical issue, but should we move the completed searches to their own separate section? This happened recently over on the archaeo wiki. All in favor?

Phi Beta Kappa in Job Descriptions

-12/11/10 - In re: the MS State post above, which says "Phi Beta Kappa" encouraged to apply - any ideas why? Would they really decide not to give a candidate a job because of grades earned 15 years prior? I've never seen anything like this in a job ad. (Not that it will stop non-PBK me from applying...)

-I thought that was weird too. I always thought "Phi Beta Kappa" and such were a scam (i.e. pay us money to say that you have high grades, when your GPA says this more accuratley). However, I have it on good authority from one respected senior physical anthropologist that "Phi Beta Kappa" is taken seriously on CVs (this person was not referencing this job in particular). I'm hoping this weird old-boys club disappears.

- There was an article or discussion (in the Chronicle?) a couple months ago about HR departments inserting these kinds of requirements/preferences (specifically PBK) because of the flooded market.

-here is the link: - still pretty stupid

- Interesting. Still, you'd think HR would require, say, "PhD in hand" or "history of successful grant funding" to curb applications for faculty positions. PBK is ridiculous. What's next, "Must have an SAT score of 1500 or higher"?

- Requiring/preferring PBK is particularly bad since: 1. not all colleges have a chapter 2. international applicants will be at a disadvantage.

-This is done speciafically for the purposes of having enough faculty on campus who are PBK that the University can start a PBK chapter. It's not done to slight any of candidates who are not PBK. At ease, y'all.

-4/30/11 - So based on the above comment is it your argument that putting PBK in a job description is just to try to recruit more PBK applicants, but that it has no bearing on the actual decisions of the hiring institution?

Getting One's Hopes Up

- 2/23/11 - Has anyone else had the experience this season of an excellent phone/on-campus interview, to the extent that you assume you're moving further in the search, only to hear nothing more? This has happened to me twice. Most recently, during a phone interview, the committee member gushed over my app materials, said I was the top choice, and told me repeatedly how much I'd fall in love with the university when I visited. Then no on-campus was extended. Are committee members this excited about everyone, and I just misinterpreted it (it's not them, it's me)? Do they find themselves unable to convince other members of the committee of their interest? Are they just really excellent actors? It's rather unprofessional either way, and super frustrating.

- Here is what I think but consider that I am a candidate not a committee member. What you are describing happens a lot. They probably think you are good if they are taking the time & money to interview you. They want to impress you as much as you want to impress them. And if they make you an offer they want you to feel wanted. That being said, may be some liked you very much and others didn't . May be something you did/not do changed their mind (a matter of fit and not necessarily quality), and then there are the politics of it....of which you know nothing about and they will not reveal (if they are professional). Don't read too much into it. It is part of it. Give yourself credit for getting interviewed!!!

Anonymous Qualifications?

- 2/23/11: Is anybody interested in starting an anonymous qualifications section (which the Biology jobs wiki has)? This would help people understand where they are in relation to people getting making short lists, getting interviews, and having offers extended. It could be pretty abstract, such as "(1) current position: student/postdoc/faculty(teaching)/faculty(tenure track), (2) publications: number (first author), (3) number of Science/Nature/PNAS/PLoS Bio/PLoS Genet publications, (4) number/nature of substantial PI grants, (5) number of interviews, (6) number of offers, etc."

-2/26/11: I doubt most people would fill out the "qualifications" info, so we'd get a biased sample, and it would be difficult to link specific qualifications with jobs acquired. Thus, the utility of a qualifications section seems low, and would clutter the Wiki.

- 3/4/11: True, but a biased sample would be what we want. That is, people are most likely to post when they have something positive to say about themselves (i.e. they got an offer, an interview, or just published a paper), and in this context, those people are the ones from whom we want to hear (i.e. everyone already willing to post "offer made and accepted" or "interviews scheduled"). At some point, some of those people become known anyway, right (departments must update the faculty roster)? Anyway, I just thought it might be useful for people applying this year, and with data collected over several hiring seasons, it might tell us something about trends in the field (more forensics? greater focus on publications? fewer geneticists or primatologists?) and changes in hiring goals or priorities.

Listing Job Talks on One's CV

- It seems to be standard to list invited lectures on one's CV - but do job talks count? Only if it's at an R1? Only if you don't get/take the job? Never? Opinions from all you jobwiki folks?

-I think it's fair to list job talks on a CV as a part of the Invited Talks section. It is a significant amount of work to put together those talks, and at least you get a line on your CV out of it even if you don't get the job. If it is valid to list things like presentations to local community groups (which most people seem to list), then invited job talks at actual universities seem perfectly legit.

- Sure, if people put talks to their local Kiwanis club on their CV, you should absolutely list job talks. First off, they are talks presented to inquisitive groups of experts with sufficient knowledge to challenge and appreciate the academic merit of your work (and most presentations to community groups aren't). Secondly, the search committee have invited you after reviewing your entire body of academic work, and not only on the basis of whether your research "sounds cool" or gets picked up by the popular media. I'd argue that invited talks from academic bodies are significantly more important than invited talks from Rotary clubs or civic groups (for example)--so include them.

-I thought about doing that, but you are ultimately leaving a trail of failed job interviews on your CV. Is that something you really want to show future employers - that you were considered and rejected by x,y or z university? Don't you worry that might make them think twice about considering you? Granted I am highly superstitious. Fortunately, I am also hired out of this job season.

- [Poster #3] First off, congrats on getting a job, Poster #4 (or #1 or #2)! Regarding job talks on the CV, I don't think you should label the talks as "job talks" but as "invited talks." How does the committee know that you didn't get an offer? Plenty of people turn down jobs (some of us probably have, the ingrates that we are). I would think (hope) being invited to talk at a top school (say, one on the Times of London's top 100 list) probably looks great to search committees ("She got an interview at Stanford--that's great!"). Being invited for on-campus interviews means you've already been vetted and selected, often from a pool consisting of more than 100 applicants (yes, it's true, those are typically the numbers).

New wiki year...?

Ack, the U of Alberta has already listed a TT position starting fall of 2012. When do we switch over to the 2011-12 wiki? (I know we're all looking forward to another academic job season...)

Hey all who check this wiki: I've started a new page for the 2011-12 season. Yee-haw! Come join me for another year of job hunting! Link: