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Open Searches[]

Alabama, University of (December 15, 2011)[]

The Center for Prevention of Youth Behavior Problems (CPYBP) at The University of Alabama is recruiting for a tenure-track faculty position at the assistant professor level starting August 16, 2012. The position is broadly defined as one that could require expertise in behavioral genetics, epigenetics, or computational biology. Responsibilities include undergraduate and graduate teaching, research mentoring, development of an independent research program, and pursuit of external funding.

AAPA listing

Albany, University at (February 14, 2012)[]

The University at Albany, SUNY, invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor position in the Department of Anthropology with teaching and advising obligations for a large and growing pre-health undergraduate major in Human Biology. We seek a biological anthropologist able to teach a wide range of courses. The successful candidate will teach three courses per semester and will assist with advising the Human Biology majors. Preference will be given to candidates with prior teaching experience and the ability to teach a two-semester course sequence in Anatomy & Physiology.This is a temporary one-year appointment with the possibility of renewal.A doctoral degree is required and candidates must address their ability to work with and instruct a culturally diverse population. A review of applications will begin immediately and the search will remain open until the position is filled. For more information, and to apply online, candidates should go to UAlbany link

  • 3/14 - heard from one of my references that letters were requested
  • 5/21 - invited for on-campus interview (x2)

American Museum of Natural History (January 30, 2012)[]

The Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) seeks an Assistant or Associate Curator in Physical/Biological Anthropology. This is a tenure track position with the duration of review for tenure negotiable depending on the candidate’s degree of professional experience and accomplishment. Candidates should have a strong background in paleoanthropological research and welcome the challenge of working with one of the world’s most comprehensive collections in this area as well as interacting with colleagues at AMNH across the biological and physical sciences. AMNH curatorships are defined as research positions: prior experience with museum collections and an active and productive field program are not absolute requirements, though would be considered strongly positive attributes. AMNH curators are expected to maintain a high level of productivity in original research, to seek extramural funding, and to assume oversight responsibility for the management of Museum collections relevant to their areas of expertise. Other responsibilities may include advising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, offering courses in the Museum’s Richard Gilder Graduate School, serving on committees, and participating in Museum-sponsored exhibits and educational programs. Candidates should have completed the Ph.D. degree before the expected employment start date (July 1, 2012).

Full description

1/11 - just submitted application, got confirmation from department secretary she received it.(3x)

1/30 - no confirmation for me, but I suspect they are swamped with applications for this position. (x3)

2/12 - Does anyone know if they've asked for letters yet?

2/13 - word on the streets is that letters have been requested already.

2/13 - confirming that letters have been requested.

2.17 - the shortlist has been posted and contains all people who are relatively senior in the field.

2/18 - posted where?

2/19 - internal email. All AMNH addresses received the list. No job talk list yet.

3/05: rejection letter by snail mail (x4)[]’s new DNA group in San Francisco is in need of a PhD with a track record of productive research in statistical and human population genetics and genotyping to lead a group of computational biologists.

AAPA posting

Appalachian State University-- Adjunct Assistant Professor (open until filled)[]

The Department of Anthropology at Appalachian State University invites applications for a nine month, full-time, non-tenure track appointment in Biological Anthropology at the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor to begin August 2012. Specialization is open, but preference will be given to candidates whose research has a strong evolutionary or biocultural focus. The successful applicant will teach a full course load that includes an introductory-level biological anthropology course with one lecture and several labs. PhD in anthropology preferred, but ABD will be considered. Teaching experience is required.

Applicants must provide (1) a letter of application outlining teaching and research interests; (2) current CV with names, addresses, and phone numbers of three references; and (3) recent teaching evaluations. Applications must be sent electronically to Dr. Gwen Robbins Schug, Search Committee Chair, at the following email address: Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

link to the full ad: John Hawks jobs page

7/20--received rejection email saying offer has been made and accepted

Arizona College of Medicine, University of (October 1, 2011)[]

The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Department of Basic Medical Sciences invites applications for three anatomy faculty positions in the educator scholar (non tenure-eligible) track. Rank will be filled at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. Successful candidates will teach anatomy to medical, physician assistant, and graduate students.

AAPA posting

11/5 - this was just posted, even though it was due in October according to the ad. Maybe no one applied?

12/5 - Applied by Oct deadline, no word yet. Anyone heard anything?

12/20 - received notification from HR that I was not on the interview list.

1/9 - apparently, they are conducting interviews

3/1 - I also applied by OCt deadline and haven't heard any word yet.

3/15 - Received a rejection via email stating that an interview list had indeed been made. (For some reason this post was just deleted - so I'm reposting it. Since this is all word-of-mouth, it's helpful to hear things from different sources).

Assumption College (November 15, 2011)[]

Tenure track position in Vertebrate Anatomy. We are looking for someone with a commitment to teaching, mentoring, and advising undergraduate students.

AAPA posting

Atlanta Zoo (immediately?)[]

This fellow will support and expand Zoo Atlanta’s primate research program. The fellow will be expected to design novel studies as well as use proven methodologies from other species to gather data that will enable a more comparative analysis of cognition and expand our understanding of the evolution, mechanisms and expression of primate cognitive abilities. The fellow reports to the Director of Primate Research.

AZA job posting

$28-33K for a position requiring a PhD? Wow, that is low! Most postdocs are $40K or more.

Postdoc salaries depend a lot on the institution and funding source. I think most are in the mid to high $30K range.

Boise State University (June 4, 2012)[]

The Department of Anthropology at Boise State University invites applications for a one-year Visiting Assistant Professor and a two-year Visiting Assistant Professor, both starting August 20, 2012. The successful candidates will contribute to the department's focus on human evolution, ecology, and adaptation. Applications from individuals with interests in human behavioral ecology, life history theory, evolutionary/environmental archaeology, evolutionary modeling and simulation, evolutionary game theory, and an active field research program and external funding experience would be particularly welcome. The geographic area of specialization is open.

You will have the opportunity to:
• Teach up to 2 courses per semester
• Advise undergraduate and graduate students
• Pursue an active research program

Please submit a cover letter, CV, sample publications, and contact information for three references. Preferred method of delivery: email to or mail to: John P. Ziker, Chair, Anthropology Search Committee, Department of Anthropology, Boise State University, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725-1950

Review of applications will begin June 4, 2012 and continue until finalists are identified. Applications received after that point may be considered if the position is not filled from the finalist pool.

  • From: John Hawks
  • ===Bryn Mawr College (March 19, 2012)=== The Department of Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College invites applications for a full-time, one-year Lecturer position to begin July 1, 2012. We seek a bioarchaeologist who will add to and complement the existing curriculum. [Full post at AAPA link.] AAPA listing 3/4 - Sent in application; acknowledgment of receipt by email the following day. (x2) 4/3 - Anyone heard anything about this? (Yes, I know it's only been two weeks since it closed. But it's late in the season, and stuff often moves quickly.) 4/17 - Phone interview scheduled

    California, University of at Davis (Paleoanthropology) (Dec 15, 2011)[]

    The Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Davis, invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Paleoanthropology. Research and publication focusing on the later phases of human evolution (early Homo, tool production and later). Potential topical specialties may include human-environment interactions, life history reconstruction, material culture evolution, the evolution of human nutrition, and skeletal morphology.

    12/19- Just got an automated acknowledgment of receipt, but hit "submit" four days ago. Anyone else?

    12/22 - I didn't even receive that. (x2)

    1/13 - Notification of the long list with request for further materials, letters of ref (x2)

    2/7 - Rejection letter via email.(x4)

    3/1 - scheduling on campus interviews (see also archaeology wiki page)

    5/24 - Offer made to candidate and candidate accepted.

    California, University of at Davis (Primatology) (Dec 15, 2011)[]

    The Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Davis, invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Primatology. We seek an anthropologically trained primatologist. The successful applicant will show a clear plan for a continuing program of research that complements current faculty strengths within the Anthropology Department and across campus, including the California National Primate Research Center. Preference is for candidates who have an active field or laboratory research program. All fields considered, e.g., primate evolution, socioecology, etc.

    AAPA posting

    1/13 - Notification of the long list with request for further materials, letters of ref

    2/1 - Rejection via email (x4- email said they had already decided on a long)-

    2/20-Contacted via email to schedule on-campus interview (x2)

    5/24-Offer made and accepted

    California, University of at Santa Cruz (April 6, 2012)[]

    One-year VAP in biological anthropology.

    3/20 - I wonder why this ad wasn't posted to the AAPA, AAA, Chronicle or HigherEd websites. Does anyone know if this is a true search or just an upgrade for a current Lecturer?

    3/20 - It was posted at John Hawks' job listings site a couple weeks ago ( He mostly duplicates AAPA/AAA/Chronicle postings, but he has some that aren't posted there (and in fact his goal is to be better than all of these, and specific to bioanth).

    4/22 - Skye interviews conducted.

    Cambridge, University of (October 20, 2011)[]

    Temporary Lectureship in Human Evolutionary Genetics (one year).

    Cambridge, University of (May 7, 2012)[]

    Applications are invited for a permanent University Lectureship in Human Biology at the University of Cambridge, to start on 1st September 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter.

    AAPA listing

    Colorado Mesa University (November 30, 2011)[]

    Executive Director of a forensics research center (TT).

    AAPA posting

    3/1 Applied when the listing first came out - no word yet.

    Durham University (November 30, 2011)[]

    The Anthropology Department, Durham University, seeks to appoint a permanent, full-time lecturer (equivalent to tenure-track Assistant Professor) in Biological/Medical Anthropology to contribute to health-related teaching and research at the University's, Queen's Campus in Stockton. We seek applications from candidates with a background in biological and/or evolutionary aspects of medical anthropology, with interests in the following areas: infectious diseases, reproduction, epidemiology, or genetics. Applicants with laboratory-based research and interests in Evolutionary Medicine are encouraged to apply.

    Jan 10 - interviews conducted

    AAPA posting

    Florida International University (November 15, 2011)[]

    The HWCOM is accepting applications for SIX full time faculty positions in Basic Medical Sciences and one position in Clinical Pharmacology. The College is seeking individuals committed to guiding student learning who have demonstrated excellence in teaching the basic sciences in an interdisciplinary format in an allopathic medical curriculum. Areas of primary interest in order of preference are: physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, neuroscience, medical genetics, microbiology, cellular biology and immunology. AAPA listing

    Georgia State University (September 23, 2011)[]

    THREE tenure track positions in primate social cognition and behavior. Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (depending on experience) with a primary appointment in the Departments of Psychology or Anthropology, or in the Neuroscience Institute.

    What does "arrange to have three recomendations sent" mean? Does that mean have them sent in for the application or wait until they are requested by the search committee?

    11/1--Phone interview requested (x2)

    12/8 - on-campus interview requested

    4/2 - this was reposts on the AAPA website. Is this a mistake, you think, or did they not get 3 applicants that they liked?

    4/2 - Not a mistake. They are trying to attract senior faculty with existing federal grants before making a decision. Seems like they want to hire someone with NSF/NIH funding if possible.

    Gettysburg College (January `15)[]

    1-year sabattical replacement in bioarchaeology:

      • 3/5 - Request for additional materials (3 letters of ref, a list of 3-4 potential course offerings, sample syllabi for an intro course and an elective, writing sample, & student evals)

    Harvard University (immediate review? start date between Sept. 2011-Jan 2012)[]

    Research Associate/Lecturer: full-time position in the Dept. of Human Evolutionary Biology that combines laboratory responsibility for some aspects of a light isotope facility and undergraduate teaching responsibilities. 1 year with possibility for renewal.

    AAPA posting

    Kansas City University (immediately?)[]

    Assistant Professor of Anatomy.

    AAPA Job Posting

    Kent, University of (April 2, 2012)[]

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Biological Anthropology.

    4/10 Has anyone heard from these guys? Their target date for interviews was listed for next week, so I'm getting a little antsy!

    4/18 rejection email (x2)

    Kenyon College (December 15, 2012)[]

    1-year position teaching 5 courses.

    1/13- I noticed this was not posted. Has anyone who applied heard anything back yet?

    1/22 - nothing yet

    1/28 - Heard this position was intended to attract someone in particular, although other candidates could have a chance.

    • - That seems weird, considering they did pre-application deadline interviews at the AAA meetings.===Liverpool John Moores University (January 6, 2012) ===

    The Research Centre in Evolutionary Anthropology and Palaeoecology within the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology seeks to appoint Readers or Professors with excellent research records in each of the following areas (yes, that's right, THREE positions): Forensic Anthropology, Human Evolutionary Biology, Primate Behaviour / Biology. We are looking for outstanding researchers with a strong, internationally recognised research portfolios, including high quality publications and external research funding, whose strengths will complement and integrate existing research areas. This appointment is part of a major strategic investment in the research and teaching of biological anthropology at LJMU.

    AAPA listing

    11/22 - note that Readers and Professors are the equivalent of Associate and Full Professors (respectively) in the US. I emailed to ask if hires could be made at the position of Lecturer (equivalent of Assistant Professor), and they confirmed that they are only able to consider applicants for the senior-level posts.

    02/26 - interviews are scheduled for February 29/ March 1.

    03/31 - another ad on the AAPA feed for up to three positions (closing date on the LJMU website is 04/30) - are those relisted or additional vacancies?

    4/6 - I asked around, and these are additional positions. They are looking for more people.

    4/6 - Thanks for checking! It looks like LJMU is investing heavily in several departments, including biological anthropology ( Have they made any offers for the first round of searches? They seem to have more specific research areas in mind for the second round.

    4/7 - That I do not know! They seem to be circulating this round of job notices more heavily as I've seen it pop up from multiple listservs.

    Liverpool John Moores University (April 30, 2012) []

    The Research Centre in Evolutionary Anthropology and Palaeoecology (RCEAP) in the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology seeks world class research leaders in biological anthropology. We are particularly interested in applicants conducting research in evolutionary biomechanics, functional morphology, bioarchaeology, anthropological genetics, hominid palaeontology, or forensic anthropology to compliment our Centre’s research strengths.

      • up to three positions- one at Professor and two at Reader or Professor level

    AAPA posting

      • one position at Lecturer/Senior Lecturer level
      • 2x rejection letter via email (5/23)

    AAPA posting

    Loyola (Immediately?)[]

    One-year bioanth instructor position.

    InsideHigherEd posting

    Marshall University (November 1, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor in the Department of Anatomy and Pathology in the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. Training in Gross Anatomy in a field such as the anatomical sciences, functional morphology, biological anthropology, evolutionary biology, or paleontology.

    AAPA posting

    10/26: Notice of receipt of application received. (x4)

    12/7: informed by referee that they have requested letters (x2)

    12/13: Phone interview requested (x3)

    1/10: Invited for on-campus interview (x2)

    5/20- search cancelled

    Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (December 31)[]

    Postdoctoral position in zooarchaeology (faunal topics including bone surface modification analysis, bone tool analysis, burned bone analysis, combined isotopic and faunal analysis, seasonality, migration, and taphonomic studies). Two years with possibility of renewal.

    AAPA posting

    2/27- Request for letters of ref

    Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (February 28, 2012)[]

    Postdoctoral position in Human Palaeontology (African Plio-Pleistocene hominins). Two years with possibility of extension.

    AAPA posting

    2/24- emailed application; automatic acknowledgement of receipt

    4/26- has anyone heard anything about this?

    Max Planck-Weizmann Institute Centre (April 30, 2012)[]

    Bone and Tooth Structure-Function studies
    The new group will be established in Leipzig and will work in close contact with the Department of Human
    Evolution of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Director: Jean-Jacques Hublin) and with
    the Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science of the Weizmann Institute of Science (Director: Steve Weiner).
    Applicants should have demonstrated outstanding research potential, leadership and clear evidence of
    achievement. The candidate should have expertise in modern bone and/or teeth biology, biomaterials and
    biomechanics and have knowledge in the field of physical anthropology. Experimental approaches and/or
    modeling capability are encouraged.
    This is a fulltime research position. The salary will be at the W2 level on the German university scale,
    equivalent to an associate professor. Funds for conducting research, including salaries for post-doctoral
    scientists, PhD candidates and an administrative assistant are available. The appointment will be for a term of
    5 years.

    The Max Planck Society is committed to employing more handicapped individuals and to increasing the share
    of women in areas where they are underrepresented, and therefore expressly encourages applications from
    such qualified individuals.

    Applications should include a recent CV, a detailed research plan, and the names of three referees. Documents
    should be sent in pdf form to Diana Carstens <> and a hard copy must be received at the
    address below by April 30, 2012. The identities of applicants will be known only to those participating
    directly in the decision making process.

    Mississippi State University (January 15, 2012)[]

    Joint African American Studies/Social Sciences Position

    The African American Studies Program at Mississippi State University in conjunction with the departments of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures, Political Science, Psychology (Social), and Sociology, seeks applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position beginning on August 16, 2012. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong interdisciplinary background and expertise in African American Studies. A robust research and publications agenda and the ability to teach undergraduate and graduate students are also preferred. Completion of the Ph.D. in one of the social sciences, the tenure department, is required by the time of appointment. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Review of candidates will begin on January 15, 2012.

    Mississippi State University located in a progressive Sunbelt community, and is among the top 100 research institutions in the nation with a wide array of centers and institutes receptive to collaborative research. The departments of Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology offer degrees including the doctor of philosophy. Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures offer degrees including the masters.

    Send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to Professor Stephen Middleton, Chair, African American Studies Search Committee, Mississippi State University, P.O. Box 846, Mississippi State, MS 39762-0846. You may also email your application (pdf format only) to <>. MSU is an AA/EEO employer. A personal data information form must be completed and submitted for this position on <>

    Missouri, University of (September 30, 2011)[]

    Tenure-track position in Integrative Anatomy. Applicants of all ranks considered, but Associate/Full Prof level is preferred. Must be able to teach human gross anatomy.

    AAPA posting

    10/11/11- Has anyone gotten a confirmation of submission of their application?

    10/17/11 nothing yet.

    11/10/11 - Heard that the short list mostly included non-primate researchers. Oh well.

    12/19/11 - Long-list at this point from what I hear...

    3/1 - nothing yet.

    National Museum of Natural History (September 2, 2011)[]

    Contract educator position. The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is seeking a contract educator to lead and facilitate school and homeschool programs in the Forensic Anthropology Lab, a hands-on learning lab in the exhibition Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th Century Chesapeake. If you are interested, please see attached file for information [none found in the job ad! -ed] about the position and instructions for proposal submission. The proposal deadline is September 2, 2011 at 5:00 pm EST.

    Gale Famisan Robertson, Education Specialist, Office of Education and Outreach, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Tel: (202) 633-1085, Email: .

    Nebraska at Omaha, University of (April 1, 2012)[]

    Postdoctoral opportunity in molecular genetics, neuropeptides, and social behavior with Jeffrey French

    - Offered and declined (x1)

    North Carolina Wilmington, University of (May 15, 2012)[]

    Nine-month Lecturer position.

    AAPA advertisement

    5/23 - Rejection by email (x2) -- By the way, all correspondence from UNCW ended up in my spam folder.

    Northeastern Illinois University (November 15, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor. Vertebrate Paleo/Zoology plus ability to teach gross anatomy.

    AAPA Job Posting

    Oklahoma, University of (immediately?)[]

    Post-doctoral position in ancient DNA and/or metagenomics.

    AAPA Job Posting

    Oregon, University of (March 28, 2012)[]

    Two-year postdoctoral position in primate genetics.

    4/23 - received two rejection emails

    4/24 - heard there would be skype interviews in the near future and then would narrow down for an on-campus interview/job talk. any other news?

    5/07 - phone interview requested (x1)

    Oxford, University of (Cognitive Anthro. - October 25, 2011)[]

    Full time lectureship in cognitive anthropology.

    University of Oxford Cognitive Anthropology posting

    Oxford, University of (Evolutionary Anthro - October 27, 2011)[]

    Full time lectureship in evolutionary anthropology.

    Why are there two listings for the Oxford job. Isn't this the same job?

    No, these appear to be two distinctly different positions (one cognitive, one evolutionary -- scroll down further on the Oxford link below), with two different deadlines (Oct. 25 vs. Oct. 27).

    12/6/11- Rejection letter via email. (x3)

    University of Oxford (March 8, 2012)[]

    Lecturer in Biocultural Anthropology

    The closing date for applications is 12 noon UK time on March 9, 2012.

    Invited for an interview (19/03) to be held on 11/05.

    Pennsylvania State University (earliest start date is September 1, 2011)[]

    Postdoctoral Position. Focus: craniofacial development and anatomy, craniosynostosis, morphometrics, image analysis, developmental genetics. To work on craniosynostosis.

    AAPA posting

    Rutgers University (February 20, 2012)[]

    Position open: African paleoanthropologist and/or archaeologist. The successful candidate will also serve as the Rutgers’ Co-Director of the Koobi Fora Field School, which is run jointly by Rutgers University and the National Museums of Kenya.

    AAPA posting

    4/19 - Spoke with someone who indicated that there is a short list and interviews have happened. Can anyone confirm?

    5/29 - received an email indicating that the search is closed (perhaps cancelled?) and that they would be relisting the job de-coupled from the Koobi Fora Research Project next season.

    Skidmore College (January 9, 2012)[]

    1-year VAP.

    AAPA posting

    1/27- Request for additional information (x4)

    2/17- Request for phone interview (x2)

    Smithsonian (September 23, 2011)[]

    Full-time physical anthropologist. This position is located in the Repatriation Office (RO), Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. The purpose of this position is to implement and provide oversight of a program to assess biological attributes of collections of human remains potentially subject to repatriation of Native American groups.

    More at USA Jobs

    --This is a renewal for the current director. Not worth the time.

    12/20 - Email received that I was not referred for position. Guess you were right.

    Southampton, University of (December 12, 2011)[]

    The Archaeology Department, University of Southampton, seeks to appoint a permanent, full-time lecturer (equivalent to tenure-track Assistant Professor) in Archaeological Science. While applications from all areas of Archaeological Science are relevant to this post we particularly welcome interest from those in the following areas: dating, environmental, artefact and materials analysis, biomolecular analysis, paleogenetics.

    AAPA posting

    Southern Connecticut State University (Asst. Prof, starting Aug. 27, 2012)[]

    The Department of Anthropology at Southern Connecticut State University invites applications for a one-year, non-tenure track, full-time position (sub-field open) at the Assistant Professor level starting August 27, 2012. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed or will complete their Ph.D. by August 2012, although advanced ABDs will also be considered. Teaching responsibilities will include introductory courses in one or more of three sub-fields (cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology), as well as a freshman-level critical thinking course. Normal teaching load is four courses per semester. Please send a letter describing teaching and research experiences, CV, sample course syllabi, and the names and contact information of three references to Dr. Michael Rogers, Chair; Department of Anthropology; Southern Connecticut State University; 501 Crescent Street; New Haven, CT 06515. Application material may also be submitted via e-mail to

    Consideration of applicants will proceed quickly, and applications will be reviewed as they arrive. SCSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer. The University seeks to enhance the diversity of its faculty and staff. People of color, women and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • From: John Hawkes
  • Tennessee, University of - Health Sciences Center (No date, immediate review?)[]

    Tenure track assistant or associate professor. Genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, systems biology of human disease, human population genetics, or related discipline, and an established track record in genetic epidemiology research.

    AAPA posting

    Virginia Commonwealth University (immediately but full consideration if received by Feb 25th)[]

    The listing on The Chronicle simply mentions an anthropology position, but the VCU wesbite lists three anthropology positions, including one for a physical anthropologist with extensive field experience and lab based research, especially in paleoanthropology, forensic anthropology, etc.

    Chronicle posting

    2/13 - Emailed asking about letters of reference. Committee will request them if candidate is a finalist, but they can also be submitted with the application if desired.

    2/16 - Received acknowledgement of app (via snail mail, to home) with EOE card. (x2)

    3/11 - I just looked into the department. It seems that these 3 positions could be the national searches that would enable current collateral faculty members to be tenure-eligible .

    6/01 - Does anyone know if this search is still active? We're getting to the end of the season, and I wondered if there's no news because fewer people update the wiki....

    West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (immediately?)[]

    The Department of Biomedical Sciences at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine is seeking an anatomist to fill a tenure-track position teaching medical gross anatomy.

    AAPA posting

    Western Carolina University (until filled)[]

    Western Carolina University seeks a biological anthropologist for a one year non-tenure track appointment at the rank of Lecturer.

    Prior experience supervising a forensic or medical laboratory and experience with an outdoor human decomposition facility is preferred. Duties will be divided between teaching and maintenance of an outdoor decomposition research facility. Teaching load is three courses per semester including Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology.

    Salary is $27,000 for this 9-month appointment. (That's not a typo.)

    Higher Ed Jobs

    William Carey University (immediately?)[]

    The College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS is seeking to fill two basic science positions (1) a pathologist (D.O., M.D., or Ph.D.) and (2) a gross anatomist both with prior medical school teaching experience. The positions are available immediately and will remain open until filled.

    AAPA posting

    Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of (November 21, 2011)[]

    The Anatomist/Neuroanatomist holds an appointment at the rank of clinical assistant/associate professor and has academic, service, and scholarship responsibilities consistent with the mission and philosophy of the academic program. This position is a core member of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and will have primary teaching responsibilities within the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and will provide instructional and lab support to other programs (e.g., Athletic Training Education Program and Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology) in the Department of Human Movement Sciences.

    AAPA posting

    Wooster, College of (Jan 15, 2012)[]

    The College of Wooster invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position in Anthropology and Archaeology. Appointment will be made at the Assistant Professor level, to begin August 2012. We seek a Bioarchaeologist who will have a joint position in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and in the interdisciplinary Program in Archaeology.

    More info at the posting .

    1/24- Received a note from Human Resources asking to complete a standard employment form (gender, race, etc...)

    1/28 - Diversity hire according to the Archaeology page .

    Zoological Society of San Diego (December 27, 2011)[]

    The San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research seeks a Postdoctoral Associate (with funding up to five years) interested in the ecology, behavior and habitat use of primate assemblages as well as in the development and incorporation of novel audiovisual census methods for these species. Research will be conducted at multiple field sites in Peru and Ecuador.

    AZA posting

    Did anyone get confirmation back that their application was received?

    After I filled out the online form, I got an email asking me to send in a full application. But, I never received confirmation after submitting the full application. (x1 {C}

    Did anyone ever hear back from this after submitting full application materials? Some of my referees had difficulties submitting letters (email bounce backs) and I haven't heard in the nearly 3 months since applying.

    Nope, I haven't heard a thing. I tried to contact Matt Anderson and didn't get a reply. I also asked a couple of friends/colleagues at the SDZ and they had no idea that this job was even being advertised. I have a feeling that they already had someone in mind for the job, but had to advertise as a formality... but I don't know. If anyone finds out what happened or is happening, please post.

    I do know that the position had not been filled. Matt doesn't respont to me either, so who knows!

    On May 29th, 2012 I received the following message from HR:

    Thank you for taking the time to apply for the position of POST DOCTORAL ASSOCIATE/Behavioral Biology Division - SAN DIEGO ZOO INSTITUTE FOR CONSERVATION RESEARCH. After careful review, we have identified other candidates with skills that more closely match the requirements needed for this position.

    Zurich, University of (December 1, 2011)[]

    Senior research assistant position in paleoanthropology/bioarchaeology. Six year position.

    AAPA posting

    Cancelled/Closed/Completed Searches[]

    Alberta, University of (September 15, 2011)[]

    University of Alberta Assistant Professor - Biological Anthropology The Department of Anthropology in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta invites applications for a tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor in biological anthropology. The successful candidate will have an active research program in the bioarchaeology of anatomically modern human populations, with the geographic region and era open.

    Official announcement on U of Alberta Anthropology page

    9/2 - Acknowledgment of application received by email. (x3)

    9/28 - Invited for a phone interview (long-listed). (x1)

    10/17 - On-campus interview (x2)

    11/30 - Offer accepted.

    Benedictine University (October 15, 2011)[]

    Three Assistant Professor Positions, Biological Sciences. Full-Time, Tenure Track, 2012 Fall Semester. Benedictine University is a liberal arts institution located in the research corridor of metropolitan Chicago with nationally recognized undergraduate programs in the sciences. The University is in the midst of tremendous growth in the area of life sciences and, consistent with the University's vision statement, the institution is making a significant commitment of resources to support these programs. Position Description: The Department of Biological Sciences seeks three positions in the areas of anatomy/physiology/whole-organism systems biology. Preference will be given to candidates who bring a specialty in one or more of the following areas: human anatomy/physiology, vertebrate anatomy, comparative physiology, and computational/modeling approaches to systems physiology.

    AAPA posting

    11/5: This was recently re-posted on the AAPA site. Error?

    11/7: I was asked to do a phone interview. (x2)

    11/9: invited for in-person interview. (x1)

    2/24: rejection email

    4/19: Offer was accepted.

    'Buffalo State College, SUNY '(December 1, 2011)[]

    Tenure-track assistant professor in physical/biological anthropology, Anthropology Department, to begin September 1, 2012. Competitive salary. {C}Responsibilities: Preferred Qualifications: Expertise and ability to teach an introductory course in human origins and upper-division courses in human variation, human evolution, and forensic anthropology. Research/teaching interests in applied anthropology.

    AAA listing

    • Just a note - this is for Buffalo State College, a member of the SUNY system, but it is NOT "UB" (University at Buffalo) which is normally considered SUNY Buffalo 8/27
    • 11/21 - Just checked this listing and it seems to have been changed from a tenure-track job to a 10-month postion.
    • 11/21 - Re: the above post - I doubt it. I think that's just their way of describing the position, which is probably on a 10-month pay scale. The AAA and AAPA ads for this job haven't changed, and still describe the position as TT.
    • 1/28 - Curious why someone deleted content here.
    • 1/31 - Invited for an on campus interview
    • 4/9 - offer made and accepted, this search is closed.

    California, University of at Merced (Nov. 4)[]

    The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts invites applications from exceptional scholars and teachers at the Assistant Professor (tenure-track) level in Biological Anthropology. Research specialization in contemporary or past human populations, with preferred methodological expertise in osteological, genetic, or isotopic analysis; interests in health, nutrition, reproduction, migration, or adaptation.

    UC Merced jobs website

    10/31 - automated email confirmation of application

    11/11 - request for on-campus interview

    12/7 - FWIW, the Dean is Mark Aldenderfer, an archaeologist.

    3/27 - Either the hire has been made or the search as failed. There is a lecturer position in anthropology advertised on their website for the courses on their class schedule for the Fall semester.

    4/8 - I again deleted the comment above about the lecturer because she was not a candidate for the tenure track position and the deleted comment implied that she was. It would be appreciated if that comment did not reappear to avoid unnecessary rumors.

    4/9: The comment you deleted may have held some implications, but there was no direct assertion that the instructor was a candidiate for the TT position. Rather than deleting comments, it would be more helpful to simply provide the information you have to quell any possible rumors. Just deleting information without comment adds nothing to the Wiki and the rumor you fear might still persist even after deletion.

    4/9 - True, but items put into writing such as that can be considered slander and are punishable. It is best to err on the side of caution and not leave something in writing that is fallacious.

    4/10 - (Admin here: Please do not delete posts; there was no slander occurring on this wiki.) Summary: a response to the 3/27 post that mentioned the Lecturer position advertisement was deleted. That response identified a Lecturer currently listed on the faculty webpage who could potentially be an inside candidate for the Lecturer position. This is fair and publicly available information that candidates might want to know.

    California, University of at Santa Barbara (December 20, 2011)[]

    Tenure track position in human biology with an active field and laboratory research program focusing on areas such as human physiology, reproduction, endocrinology, growth and development, health and disease, life history, population biology, immunology, epidemiology, genetics, or neurobiology.

    AAPA posting

    11/23 - Application acknowledged; EOE survey requested (x5)

    01/11 Notice of long-short-listing; additional materials requested (x3)

    02/13 Any news? Just wondering if I should focus my attention elsewhere (x1)

    02/17 Short listers should be notified in the next few days or week

    02/24 Invited (via phone call) to interview (x3)

        • This was predictably given to the inside candidate.

    California State University Channel Islands (review begins October 24, 2011)[]

    Ad: Chronicle

    The Anthropology Program invites applications for a tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor, subfield specialization open. Preference is for a candidate with a demonstrated ability to teach courses in at least two subfields of Anthropology, and whose teaching and research has an applied direction within any sub-discipline (archaeology, bioanthropology, cultural anthropology or linguistics).

    Also posted at Archaeology Jobs 2011-2012, Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012, Linguistics 2011-2012, Linguistic Anthropology 2011-12

    10/2 - Anyone made it through the online application process and found if there's space to upload docs/pdfs or is it just fill in the text boxes? (Thanks!)

    10/4 - I made it through to the end and it is intense. You need to upload a lot of information on teaching. A teaching philsophy, course evaluations, examples of syllabi plus other things.

    10/19 - This application process is awful. Awful enough, that I decided not to apply - it wasn't my dream job and not worth the effort of the app. Perhaps that's the point. Anyway, for those of you who actually manage to get through the beginining (which took me over an hour) there are three supplimental questions:

    1. Describe your experience with and commitment to interdisciplinarity, including what it means to you.
    2. Explain how your career exemplifies the teach/scholar model.
    3. Describe one innovative idea that you implemented that enhanced student learning or success, and why you think it was so successful.

    Then you will be asked to:

    1. upload a CV (then why do they have you type in your teaching experience at the beginning?)
    2. Cover letter
    3. Teaching Philosophy
    4. Publications
    5. Syllabi Examples
    6. Student Evaluations

    Good luck!

    11/1 - invited for phone interview (x2)

    1/6 - Received an email stating that I was not selected as a finalist for the position (after having made the long list).

    1/7- Rejection email--I was not on long list. 4/27 - Offer made and accepted according to the Archaeology page.

    Duke University (December 1, 2011)[]

    The Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University in Durham, NC invites applications for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor level to begin fall, 2012. Candidates with specialties in any area of biological anthropology are invited to apply.

    AAPA job posting

    Nov 30 - email confirmation of application materials received (x13)

    Dec 8 - received EOE survey link via email (x7)

    Dec 12 - received email from search committee asking for my letters of rec, then another saying, 'oops, found them.'

    Dec 16 - received email from search committee asking if I'd defended as scheduled.

    Jan 19 - Contacted to schedule on campus interview sometime in late Feb/ early March

    Sorry to be nosy, but what is your area of specialization? They cast a broad net and I'm curious about the direction the committee chose. -- It's Duke, so I bet his/her area involves primate or paleo research.

    I've heard through the grapevine that they're actually looking for a human biology/ecology researcher. -- I heard the same

    The department's strategic plan (posted on their website) expressed intent to broaden the department (specifically, with faculty specializing in HBE, paleoanthropology, and human genetics).

    I can confirm that of the two people I know who got called for interviews, both are HBE / human bio people.

    The net is wider than just HBE/human bio people. There are also two primate behaviorists/ecologists and a paleoanthropologist working on early primates.

    3/1 I heard rumors that they had over 900 applicants. -- wow. Sorry, but there were more like ~120 applicants... still a lot though.

    3/8 - rejection by email. (x3)

    {C}4/18 - perhaps they are still in negotiations, but I heard at the AAPAs that an offer has been made (directly from the person the offer has been made to)

    4/19 - they are still in negotiations.

    5/19 - negotiations are over, the offer was accepted. This search is closed.

    Durham University (August 10, 2011)[]

    Durham International Junior Reseach Fellowship: Up to 3-year fellowships in Evolutionary Anthropology. Topics include primate behaviour and ecology, evolution of the brain and reproductive strategies, the origins and prehistoric dispersals of human species and populations; human behavioural ecology; bio-archaeology; cultural evolution, cognitive evolution, and social learning.

    Link to the applications page here.

    Sept. 15 - email saying that the short-list has been made.

    Sept 21- Interviews conducted.

    Oct 17- e-mailed letter of offer received

    George Washington University (March 23, 2012)[]

    The George Washington University: Postdoctoral Position in Human Evolutionary Biology 

The Center for the Advanced Study of Hominid Paleobiology (CASHP) at The George Washington University invites applications for a full-time, benefited position as post-doctoral associate. The successful applicant will participate in research in the laboratories of CASHP and contribute to teaching human evolutionary biology (broadly defined) to undergraduate and/or graduate students. Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated their ability to conduct and publish their research and who have relevant teaching experience. Appointment will be for two years, and will begin August 1, 2012.

    AAPA posting

    3/23- emailed application- received confirmation (x3)

    4/4 - any news on short list?

    4/5- no news yet

    4/9 - short list has been decided

    4/25 - rejection email saying offer has been made

    Georgia, University of (December 2, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor. Strong orientation to field-based research, and the ability to integrate evolutionary, physiological, demographic, behavioral, and/or nutritional dimensions of the relation between humans and the environment. World area is open. Contemporary or past human populations.

    AAPA posting

    11/28 - Submitted app via email, got quick acknowledgment of receipt (x4)

    12/7 - Informed by a referee that a letter of rec was requested (X2)

    12/11 - Did they ask for letters from one referee or more?

    12/20 - They asked for letters from all four of my referees...

    1/19 - Interviews scheduled

    3/26 - Email received that position has been filled

    Grand Valley State University (October 15, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Anatomy teaching position. (FYI: there are a couple of bioanth people in this department).

    AAPA posting

    10/21 - on-campus interview requested

    12/14- informed by referee they requested reference letters

    12/17 - how odd. They requested letters from my referrees in October, but I assumed since I didn't get asked for an interview, they decided on someone else. I have not received a rejection.

    1/30 - offer made

    2/21 - offer declined

    5/3 - offer made and accepted, this search is closed.

    Harvard University - Tenure-Track Faculty in Human Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics (Oct. 15)[]

    The Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University is seeking to make a full-time tenure-track appointment in the field of human evolutionary genetics and genomics. We seek candidates who will complement the current strengths of the Human Evolutionary Biology program. The candidate’s research need not focus solely on humans but can have a broader phylogenetic perspective including model organisms. Candidates with either theoretical/analytical or lab based research approaches are encouraged to apply. A strong doctoral record is required and postdoctoral experience preferred. The Department seeks candidates with exceptional promise as scholars and teachers to offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department administers a large and successful undergraduate concentration in Human Evolutionary Biology, hence excellence in undergraduate teaching is a priority. Our doctoral program stresses integration of laboratory and field research and the cooperative training and mentoring of Ph.D. candidates. Interested candidates should provide a CV, a research statement, a statement of teaching philosophy, a list of publications, and the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of three people who will provide letters of recommendation. All applications and supporting materials, including letters, must be submitted by October 15, 2011 to the attention of Professor Maryellen Ruvolo, Search Committee Chair, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology via

    Harvard Dept. of HEB website

    Submitted application - Received confirmation

    On-campus interviews scheduled for December-January.

    4/18 - Offers have been made and accepted for this position, so this search is closed.

    Hull-York Medical School (August 5, 2011)Edit[]

    Lecturer in anatomical and human sciences. Researcher in human and primate evolution ideally with a focus in one or more of the following: imaging, virtual anthropology, morphometrics, functional modelling and simulation. Other areas may be considered.

    Official announcement: Hull-York page

    Email requesting campus interview (8/24/11)

    Was informed by the search chair that their search is completed, a decision was made, and their offer will likely be accepted (9/15/11).

    IPFW (Feb. 27)[]

    One-year sabbatical replacement Visiting Instructor position .

    3/5 - Email request for phone interview (x2)

    3/12 - Email stating that all ongoing faculty searches have been suspended; phone interview cancelled

    Iowa, University of (Nov. 1)[]

    Department of Anthropology, invites applications for a tenure-track position in anthropological genetics, at the rank of assistant professor, beginning August 2012. This is an analytical and/or theoretical non-wet-lab position. Desired interests can include but are not limited to: bioinformatics, computational biology, evolutionary genetics, and craniofacial growth and development, all viewed in an anthropological context, and complementary to the research interests of current Paleoanthropology faculty.

    Got a call stating they were having a hard time getting a hold of one of my refences, so it seems they are asking for my letters. 11/11/11

    1/19 - Interviews scheduled

    3/1 - rejection email (first I'd heard anything from them)

    3/20 - Offer accepted

    Ithaca College (Nov. 1)[]

    IC seeks a biological anthropologist for a 3-year (non TT) position. Speciality open, except for forensic anthropology.

    AAPA posting

    10/14 - Just applied through online site, but there was nowhere to attach teaching evals. Anyone else figured this out? Otherwise, will call HR and ask.

    10/18 - automated email confirmation of application (x2)

    10/27 - They don't accept teaching evals at this phase.

    12/7 - Request for additional information (rec letters, syllabi, etc.) received (x2)

    - Q: was this by phone? I got a phone call from Ithaca this morning on my cell that I missed, but they didn't leave a message.

    - A: Nope, email (which started off "Please excuse the email format, which is quick and efficient."). I did not get or miss a call from them.

    12/16 - Rejection letter received via snail mail. (x4)

    2/13 - Anyone heard anything about this job recently?

    3/3- No, and they requested additional materials from me. I recently sent a nicely worded letter to see where they were in the search and received no response yet. I will certainly update this posting if I hear back!

    3/3 - a friend of mine had a campus visit last week.

    3/4 - Yes, I heard back; there is a three person shortlist. Oh well.

    4/6 - Email received from HR that a person has been offered the job.

    Loyola University (Chicago) (December 15, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor in biological anthropology: human evolution, human variation, human-environmental interaction, and/or biomedical anthropology.

    AAPA posting

    12/22 - Received a request for letters and additional materials (x7).

    1/27 - On-campus interview scheduled (x3)

    2/19 - Offer accepted.

    2/23 - Rejection email (x3)

    Mercyhurst College (March 15)[]

    Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, Mercyhurst College, is seeking a physical/biological anthropologist with expertise in human skeletal biology for a tenure-track assistant professor position beginning academic year 2012-2013. The position will include a joint appointment in the Departments of Applied Forensic Sciences and Anthropology/ Archaeology. Teaching, research interests, and experience should be compatible with the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute’s mission and may include forensic anthropology, forensic archaeology, bioarchaeology, functional morphology, zooarchaeology, paleopathology, or paleoanthropology. Ph.D. in Anthropology or related biological sciences required. Evidence of productivity and excellence in research and teaching required. Application deadline is March 15, 2011. Send letter of application, CV, and contact information for three references to Dr. Stephen Ousley, Chair, Bioanthropology Search Committee, Department of Applied Forensic Sciences, Mercyhurst College, 501 East 38th Street, Erie, PA, 16546, or by email to

    3/2 - Emailed application; acknowledgment of receipt same day (x5)

    3/26 - Letters of rec requested (x5)

    4/10 - Invited for on campus interview (x2)

    4/19 - Rejection email (x2)5

    5/17 - offered and accepted.

    Metropolitan State College of Denver (December 15, 2011)[]

    The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Behavioral Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver is currently seeking to fill a tenure-track position in Biological Anthropology with a specialty in Paleoanthropology. The successful candidate will be expected to teach introductory courses in biological anthropology, osteology, and human evolution, a general anthropological methods course, and advanced and specialized courses in her/his area of expertise.

    AAPA posting

    -11/7 Denver Metro is up again too! Looks like the Denver schools didn't have much luck last year. This particular ad sounds a in tone considering it's a 4/4 that also requires research and service.

    -11/9. Candidate declined the offer last year. Be warned that on top of very heavy teaching, there is no individual lab space, zero startup funding, and low pay. Nice locale, though, right in downtown Denver.

    -11/9 Wow, thanks for the info.

    -11/14 They also require 3 letters of reference to be uploaded (by applicants) in their online application system. ??

    --12/15 I am SO IRRITATED with this application. If they wanted a pile of letters and a half dozen other documents maybe they should have said so in their published ads. I'm already teaching a 4/4 with research and service, Denver! I don't have the time to scramble to get extra required materials. You'd think considering the job, there'd be a few less hurdles.

    -2/23 Anyone hear anything? Are they still searching for someone?

    - 3/1 - request for phone interviews

    -5/1 Offer made and accepted.

    Miami, University of (Nov. 1)[]

    Bioarchaeologist, any geographic area, who can teach in a four-field department. (NB: The odd alphabetizing on this wiki may be confusing; this position is at University of Miami in FL, not Miami University in OH.)

    Chronicle posting

    9/7 - Has anyone found a deadline on this?

    9/8 - I bet the inside candidate knows... There's a bioarchaeologist on their faculty roster who isn't currently TT.

    9/9 - Sent in app, got immediate acknowledgment. They plan to be in touch by early Nov, interview at AAAs.

    9/16 - emailed was told deadline was 11/1

    10/4- This is an insider position. They will likely keep the person they have. Don't get your hopes up.

    10/28 As a faculty member at an institution that has hired a lot in the past few years (but not affiliated with the institution posting this position), I object to the comments about inside candidates. Although inside candidates might be seen to have an advantage, usually search committees are looking for the BEST person for the job. If another applicant is stronger, being an insider will not be an advantage at all. Also, non-TT faculty are hired using a totally different set of expectations and standards and may or may not fit a TT position ad. I hope those posts don't discourage others from applying for jobs (at Miami or elsewhere) because that comment is cynical and misinformed.

    11/10 - EOE survey data requested

    11/11 - Email request for interview at AAAs or otherwise (x2)

    11/20 - had a lovely and friendly AAA interview, but it seems like they are moving slow - notify in early jan for late jan/early feb campus visits

    1/9 - Invited as one of four candidates for an on-campus interview (before mid-Feb) :: have you been scheduled? i'm still waiting to hear (1/13) :: Nope, not scheduled yet. I assume it takes some effort to coordinate the schedules of four candidates and the search committee (1/13)

    4/12 - rejection email (another candidate was offered and accepted position)

    Michigan, University of, (September 23, 2011)[]

    Biological anthropologist: preference to human biology and evolutionary ecology, but others considered.

    AAPA posting

    9/6 - Application acknowledged; EOE survey requested (x10)

    10/27 - Request for additional materials (x4)

    12/7 - Campus visits scheduled for January-February. (x2)

    2/20 - Offer made, negotiations in progress.

    Midwestern University, Downer's Grove campus (July 4, 2011)[]

    Position teaching human gross anatomy, but MU employs a number of good bioanth people at their Downer's Grove and Glendale, AZ campuses.

    Email requesting campus interview (x1)

    Offer accepted

    Mississippi, University of (immediately)[]

    The University of Mississippi invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology. This is a one year position beginning August 2012 but the successful candidate will have the opportunity to apply for an anticipated tenure track position in an open search in the fall of 2012. We are looking for a biological anthropologist with a traditional, four-field education. A background in osteology with an area interest in the southeastern United States or Mesoamerica would allow this person to take advantage of opportunities for research collaboration within the department.

    Posting at AAPA

    2/13 - Anyone applied for this yet? Unclear to me if they automatically request letters of reference when you submit your app or just collect that information.

    2/24 - I applied. It appeared to me that I should go ahead and request the letters. They might be automatically requested by the system; I wasn't positive, but figured I would rather ask my people up front. I got an automated reply of application confirmation right away.

    3/1 - I applied and assumed that they automatically request the letters (plus if you go back in after you apply and look at your application status, they have a box stating whether they have "solicited letters of rec", and then "received letters of rec", so I assume if they're interested, they'll use the system to ask for your letters, and then that will change to "Yes". But if anyone finds out anything else officially, let me know.

    3/9 - I just got an e-mail from them thanking me for applying, but saying they couldn't locate my letters. They've asked for them to be e-mailed. (x2)

    4/2 - A friend has a phone interview scheduled this week.

    4/11 - Rejection email. Offer was accepted yesterday.

    Montana, University of (April 2, 2012)[]

    One-year VAP .

    4/13 - Invited for interview. (x2)

    4/25 - Reference check

    5/8 - Offered and declined.

    5/8 - Glad to know I was second choice, but a job is a job... 5/8: second choice is just the second winner. -- And it's better than being third choice. :(

    5/9 - Sorry, I debated saying anything. But in case the second person didn't take it, I wanted the third to know that it was still available. Having any knowledge is extremely important at these late stages of the job market, when people are starting to make decisions. And I agree - a job is a job, it doesn't matter what circumstances you get it under. Congrats!

    5/9--second choice person here again: just wanted to say I wasn't complaining! A job is a job and I'm happy to be offered. I am still considering the offer, but will have a final answer in by Monday one way or the other (so 3rd choice will probably know by then!).

    New Jersey, College of (August 1, 2011)[]

    One-year Visiting Assistant Professor in Physical Anthropology to begin in August 2011.

    New York University (immediately?)[]

    Postdoctoral opportunity in functional/visual signals in primates with new hire James Higham.

    AAPA posting

    4/18 - I spoke with James at the AAPAs and he indicated that the position is filled.

    Northeastern Illinois University (November 1, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor. Modern human biological variation or paleoanthropology.

    AAPA posting

    Email confirming application was received (10/28) (x3)

    Also - excellent communication during the application process.

    11/21 - request for phone interview (x4).

    01/23 - Campus interviews currently being conducted

    2/9 - Rejection email. Says the search is completed (x3).

    North Carolina at Asheville, University of (December 31, 2011)[]

    The University of North Carolina Asheville. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology invites applicants for a tenure-track assistant professor in Sociology or Anthropology beginning Fall 2012. We seek strong candidates who can work and teach effectively in an integrated sociology and anthropology undergraduate curriculum.
    Specialization should include Quantitative Methodologies (such as statistics, demography, mapping or other modeling) and research in the fields of Health, Medicine, Aging or Environment with a focus on marginalized populations.
    Please send letter of application outlining teaching and research interests, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy and pedagogy, sample syllabi, and three letters of reference to Volker Frank, Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, CPO #1930, One University Heights, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC 28804.

    1/26: Acknowledgement received via USPS

    2/28: Phone interview

    5/8: Position filled

    Northern Colorado, University of (January 9, 2012)[]

    The University of Northern Colorado's Anthropology Department seeks a broadly trained physical/biological anthropologist who is an active researcher and scholar committed to our four-field undergraduate curriculum. In addition to Introduction to Physical Anthropology, candidates should be prepared to teach: Forensic Anthropology, Paleo-anthropology, Quantitative Methods, and a 4-field senior seminar/capstone course.

    Higher Ed Jobs Listing {C}2/1 - request for additional materials (x3)

    2/22 - campus interview scheduled

    3/9 - letter of rejection, by mail, stating that three finalists had been chosen (x2)

    3/25 offered and accepted (to somebody other than me). This was open to Asst. or Assoc. and I suspect given the department is only 2 full-time faculty, they offered it to/at the Associate level. - nope, assistant

    3/29 I interviewed on campus for this position at the Associate level and did not get an offer. Does anyone know the area of research of the person who got the offer? - Bioarchaeology

    Northern Illinois University (December 1, 2011)[]

    Tenure track assistant professor in primate ecology (emphasis on conservation is preferred).

    AAPA posting

    E-mail receipt of application (x3)

    12/16- Letters of recommendation requested. (x 2)

    4/9 - Rejection letter sent by email saying that someone has accepted an offer

    Ohio State University (November 1, 2011)[]

    OSU seeks a physical anthropologist with expertise in skeletal biology and quantitative analysis for a tenure-track assistant professor position beginning 2012.

    11/4: (from an OSU grad student) This position is a replacement for Paul Sciulli, who recently retired. The department is desperate for someone with strong quantitative analysis skills as he was our go-to "stats" guy. It looks as if he'll be around as an Emeritus for at least a few more years, but there are few in the department interested in covering his stats classes, which included univariate and multivariate stats and a class on biodistance.

    11/7 - received snail mail confirmation of application and EOE survey (x6)

    11/21 - received request for additional materials and letters of recommendation (x2)

    Q- was this via snail mail or e-mail?

    A-Mine was by email. (x2)

    12/16 - request for on campus interview

    1/11 - anyone get rejection notification? -nope, nada.

    1/24- The department has already picked three candidates to interview and are about to complete the last and final interview this week. I think there is a strong likelihood that the department will pick one of the three. Sorry to those who didn't make the cut. I am also on the job market and it's NOT pretty!

    2/11 - offered

    (offer was accepted)

    Oregon State University (October 28, 2011)[]

    Tenure-track assistant professor position in biocultural anthropology. Active research and demonstrated expertise involving social determinants of health.

    AAPA posting

    11/6 Received request for additional information on teaching success (evaluations and courses I've taught)

    11/15 Received request for an on-campus interview

    11/16 Received email informing that my application wasn't chosen for further review

    Offer Made

    2/12 Offer accepted

    Queens College, CUNY (March 31, 2012)[]

    The Anthropology Department seeks a one-year replacement Assistant Professor in biological anthropology specializing in human biology. Preference is for research in adaptation, demography, growth and development, or health and disease. Ph.D. or ABD and demonstrated excellence in research and undergraduate teaching are required. The successful candidate is expected to teach classes on introductory biological anthropology, an intermediate level course emphasizing micro and macroevolution, human variation and courses in his/her research area. For further information about position please contact Kate Pechenkina ( Applications including cover letter, curriculum vitae, pdf files of selected publications, a short statement of research interests, and the names of three referees should be sent by e-mail before the 31st of March, 2012 to Kate Pechenkina (

    4/23 - rejection email stating they've chosen their candidate (x2)

    Regis University, Denver, CO - (October 8, 2011)[]

    Biological anthropology and human anatomy. This position has been reopened after a failed search from last season.

    Official announcement:

    -9/30: automated email confirmation of application (X4)

    -11/17: Rejection letter received. Over 100 applicants according to the letter. Best of luck to the rest of you.

    -Q: Was the rejection letter via postal service or email?

    A: Via postal service as I just got one too. Joy. / A. Me as well, but not until 11/28 (although dated 11/14).

    11/22: I haven't gotten a rejection letter, but I also haven't received any [requests for other materials?] (x3)

    12/5: I thought I didn't receive a rejection letter, but I finally got it - the address was so mangled and shortened it must have been automatically generated from their HR website - it didn't include the name of my department or university, for e.g. I wonder if other rejection letters have been lost in this way?

    1/5: Received a rejection letter dated December 30th. Perhaps they sent out a second batch? This one had the address hand written.... (x2)

    1/10: I interviewed last year and didn't get this position. Very nice folks in the department, but they are definitely serious about wanting someone whose top priority is teaching. If you're still in the running (and really want the job), talk up your teaching and don't overemphasize your research. Good luck, commrades!

    1/12: So sad. This was my super dream job. My family lives in Colorado. I've taught anatomy for several years. I've taught 3 branches of anthropology. I could not be a better fit. And I played up the teaching hardcore...and still got cut in round 1. It's times like this I want to send committees a letter telling them they've made a horrible mistake. This process is the worst. -- couldn't agree more. Hang in there- it has to get better eventually, right?

    1/23: Offer accepted

    Santa Clara University (October 31, 2011)[]

    Santa Clara University, Department of Anthropology, invites applications for a Biological Anthropologist specializing in biocultural anthropology, to be appointed at the assistant professor level (tenure-track) beginning in September 2012. The successful applicant will teach Introduction to Biological Anthropology (lecture and lab), and additional courses dealing with topics related to nutrition, health and sexuality.

    11/1 - Email acknowledging receipt of app materials and request for affirm action info (x3)

    11/11 - Request for phone interview

    Q: The ad and the confirmation email both said that preliminary interviews would be at AAA. Do you know if they're doing both phone and AAA interviews, or only phone?

    They do both phone and AAA interviews. They mentioned on my phone interview that there would be interviews all week (on phone if you're not attending AAAs; and at AAAs).

    12/16--Rejection via snail mail (x2).

    I recieved a rejection letter a couple of weeks ago (I was short listed), so this search is probably closed.

    South Alabama, University of (November 7, 2011)[]

    Tenure track, assistant professor, physical/biological anthropology.

    10/22 - Received confirmation letter by mail, with request for affirmative action card, biographical data form, and consent form to be returned.

    10/25 - The AAA link is no longer active. Have they withdrawn the position?

    10/25 - Nope, the search is still on. It costs money to post ads for jobs, so it's a good idea to save the AAA or Chronicle info when the ad first appears. Posts generally last longer on the AAPA jobs site: NB: this position requires a printed, mailed application.

    11/14 - Received an email request for AAA or phone interview and letters of rec (as well as a snail-mail EOE letter) (x3)

    11/29 - Phone interview scheduled for next week (wasn't available for AAA interview) (x2)

    1/13 - Invited for an on-campus interview (x2)

    2/15 - offer made

    3/29 - offer accepted

    South Florida, University of (November 15, 2011)[]

    The Department of Anthropology at the University of South Florida (USF) seeks an Assistant Professor with expertise in Biological Anthropology and Human Biology to begin Fall 2012. Areas of interest should complement those of the current faculty and might include areas such as: developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD), evolutionary medicine, life history and health disparities, human plasticity (developmental plasticity, neuroplasticity, epigenetics), biocultural approaches to human biology, mixed methods (e.g., ethnographic, biomarkers and other biological measures), and applied biological anthropology. Geographic area is open. For further information about the department and university, visit our web site:

    To apply for this position, applicants must apply on line at

    • Referees received request for letters of reference (beginning of December)
    • 1/19 - Interviews scheduled
    • 1/10 - Phone interview
    • Offer accepted

    St. Lawrence University (February 1, 2012)[]

    VAP renewable up to 3 years.

    AAPA posting

    2/8/12 - Received a confirmation letter and EEO response card at my departmental address (snail mail).

    3/29 - rejection letter received (snail mail) (x3) - letter states "we have selected a candidate whose qualifications and experience...", - makes it sound like they've narrowed it down to one.

    SUNY Stony Brook (November 1, 2011)[]

    TWO tenure-track positions, one each in the Department of Anthropology and in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, assistant professor.

    10/31 – Acknowledgment received. Interviews for the anthropology position to be scheduled between November 14 & December 9. (x2)

    12/19 - Heard through the grapevine that their shortlist was made up of evolutionary psychologists. -The grapevine was wrong.

    12/19 - The finalists are probably better described as people interested in the evolution of human behavior/ecology. At least that's how I would describe them after talking to someone on the search committee (I didn't see the talks myself).

    12/20 - Rejection letter received by email. (x2) Letter states offer has been made.

    Texas, University of at San Antonio (October 31, 2011)[]

    Postdoctoral teaching fellowship. All biological anthropologists are welcome to apply, including those with research interests in either human or non-human primate ecology. 1 year w/ possibility of renewal.

    11/9 - Received an invitation for an interview on campus (x2)

    12/7 - Offer made, search completed

    Utica College (November 1)[]

    Medical anthropologist who can teach phys anth and archaeology.

    UC website posting

    (This position isn't posted on the archaeo or cultural wikis. Anyone else apply to this?) --I did and haven't heard back.

    I applied too, but looking at the website a few weeks later it appears that they pulled the TT listing and are now only looking for an adjunct.

    Offer made and accepted for TT position

    4/25 - Rejection email. Wow, that was a weirdly silent search.

    Vanderbilt (October 31, 2011)[]

    The Anthropology Department at Vanderbilt University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in biological anthropology, beginning fall semester 2012. We seek a biological anthropologist with a regional focus in Latin America. Applicants should have research experience in one of the subfields of biological anthropology (excluding paleoanthropology and primatology), especially ancient/modern DNA studies and demography, human health and physiology, and/or nutritional anthropology. Ph.D. required.

    10/31 - I sent my application over two weeks ago and still haven't received acknowledgment. Anyone else in the same boat? 10/31 - I sent the stuff over 7 weeks ago and got no acknowledgement until now! 10/31 - When and how did you receive acknowledgment? Trying to decide if I should email the search committee chair tomorrow to confirm that my app was received.

    10/31 oh no sorry, i DIDN'T recieve an acknowledgment!!! Was also thinking about mailing them...

    11/9 Just received a request for letters of recommendation (x5)

    12/7 Request for a phone interview tomorrow.

    12/28 Snail mail application confirmation & EOE survey received (x2)

    1/15 - On-campus interviews are ongoing, as of last week

    1/25 - On campus interview. No word about job status as of 2/24. [On-campus interviews are still ongoing this week. Seems like they're taking their time on this search.]

    3/19 - any news for this search?

    3/20 - Offer accepted

    Wayne State (November 1, 2011)[]

    Pending final budgetary approval, the Department of Anthropology at Wayne State University is seeking a full-time, tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in Biological/Physical Anthropology beginning Fall 2012. A Ph.D. is required. The successful candidate will have a record of scholarship in any area of biological or physical anthropology, with specialties in one or more of the following areas; human health, and disease, genetics, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, and osteology.

    AAA jobs for more info

    10/18 - Email received that job posting has been cancelled, suggesting it will be re-listed next year once a new dean is hired. (x2)

    10/31 - Called just to make sure and yes, all the above was confirmed.

    West Florida, University of (March 30 or April 2)[]

    Tenure-track assistant prof starting August 2012. Seeking a broadly-trained bioanthropologist, with a specialty in forensics or bioarchaeology. Apply online. {C}(FYI: Online app says closing date is 3/30, AAPA posting says 4/2.) {C}AAPA posting

    3/15 - Applied online; no automated acknowledgment

    5/1 - Phone interview scheduled

    5/18 - On-campus interview scheduled

    6/14 - Offer made and accepted

    Wright State University (December 1, 2011)[]

    Tenure track Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology. No specialization indicated. Teach introductory biological anthropology courses, upper level biological anthropology courses, and occasional introductory cultural anthropology courses.

    AAPA posting

    11/26 - Received immediate email confirmation of receipt of application via electronic portal (x5)

    1/17 - Received an email asking if I was still interested in the position (x5)

    2/1- Called and invited for an on-campus interview. No phone interviews were scheduled prior so it seems as if they're moving quickly now! (x3)

    2/24- Offer accepted.

    Discussion, Rumors, and Speculation[]

    7/29 - Does anyone know if the job at SUNY Buffalo that was canceled last year will be relisted? 8/26 - Yup, Buffalo was just relisted. 8/27 - NO - the posted job is for Buffalo State College, a member of the SUNY system, but not University at Buffalo. Big diff. btwn. an R1 & a state college. 8/27 - Thanks for the clarification! That is super confusing nomenclature.

    7/29 - Ooh, rumors! Haven't heard about Buffalo, but word is that Wayne State will be relisting and that SIU-C and UNC-G may be posting jobs this year.

    8/2 - Any inkling about what subspecialities they might be interested in, if any at all? And these are TT?

    Also - does anyone want to divide up the Wiki into subheadings for TT jobs, Visiting Prof, and Post-doc sections? Maybe it is just my compulsive need to have things in little boxes, but it might be easier to browse for only the jobs you are interested in. All this is assuming, of course, that there is such an overwhelming selection that subsections would be required. Hope springs eternal.

    8/4 - I'm a no vote for divvying up further. There just aren't that many jobs. (x4)

    9/1--How might people feel about making a Due Date Passed Section? I feel the jobs with weeks/months-ago due dates just clutter things up.

    9/2 - To answer the above, I think that most of us use the wiki for information on the selection process (e.g., when/whether people have been asked for an interview), not for just the announcement of jobs (e.g., when the due date is). When a job search is completed, it's moved to the "completed" section to de-clutter. So I don't think a due-date-passed section is useful. (x2)

    9/2 - Votes for whether we note acknowledgments? (As in U Alberta above.) Is it useful to know if the app was acknowledged and when?

    9/9- I for one think "acknowledgements of application received" are useful, because sometimes its unclear whether an application got where it needs to go. If others got an acknowledgment, and I didn't, I'd want to look into it. (x2)

    10/14 - Wow, no updates in 2 weeks? Is everyone just slammed with midterms? I feel like there was more activity last year at this time...

    10/19 - Anybody have any insight into why over the past couple of years they have started requesting separate teaching and research statements? I feel like a few years ago most applications were CV, letter, 3 references and done. What is behind this? I find it especially strange for R1 schools where teaching is not really a priority.

    10/19 - The typical application materials for a tenure track job in anthropology are: cover letter, cv, research and teaching statements, and contact info for referees. Of course there is plenty of variation, but that's been the most common set of materials since I've been applying for jobs, which has been more than 3 years.

    10/19 - Depressed about this list... Does this seem like a thin year to anyone else?

    10/24 - It definitely seems thinner for behavior/ecology jobs. There are a few more (semi-) open calls than I remember last year. I don't know. I wish it were still that glorious time when you could get a job before your Ph.D. diploma even arrived in the mail...

    10/31 - Cover letters and letters of interest... are they done differently? My understanding has always been that cover letters are 1 page and letters of interest are a bit longer, up to 3 pages. But in academia, they seem to be confabulated and conflagulated. Was wondering what actually happens in practice.

    Cover letter shorter (x1)

    Treat them the same (x1)

    Cover letter shorter if they ask for teaching/research statements. If not teaching/research statements, cover letter longer. (x4)

    11/20 - Referring to the schools requiring letters of rec upfront: anyone using Interfolio to submit their letters? (Geesh, what a pain for my referees!) :: I asked this of one of my referees once, and was told that it doesn't look good to have letters come through Interfolio. Curious if anyone has positive/negative experiences to share?

    1/16 - I am done with this wiki. It has no purpose when people aren't posting to it regularly, such as when they've been invited for on-campus interviews, and gives false hope to long-listed candidates.

    1/16 - While I grant you the wiki can be frustrating, on-campus interviews are only granted to 2-4 people for each position. With 70+ people using the wiki and with some job postings getting 100-200 applications, clearly not everyone is using the wiki. Sure, some people may be reading the wiki and not posting information they know, but most people are updating when they know something.

    1/17- To the person with false hopes, don't give up on us! Don't you think that a little info is preferable to no info? For example, without the Wiki, and in the absence of a rejection letter, you could just as easily maintain false hopes that they're still reviewing your application when in fact they've already made the long list. Wouldn't you rather know that much at least? As the person above me says, as the hiring process enters the later stages, the info will almost certainly be less complete because fewer people will have knowledge of what's transpiring, but you might still get a hint about what's going on. Just take it with a grain of salt. {C}|}

    4/20 - Does anyone have and is willing to share information on what starting salaries are like this year? I know they vary by institution/region/living costs, but I'm curious whether offers have declined given the economy, surplus of people looking for jobs, etc.

    • 4/21- I know several people who have received offers this year (and last), and they vary widely by university and department. I've heard as low as 50K and as high as 78K for starting.
    • 4/21 - Salaries rarely decline. They either remain unchanged for several years or rise slowly. The surplus of people doesn't affect salaries much, it affects the percentage of people getting jobs. If you want to know what some people earn, then go here
    • 4/21 - is also useful. Last year, I had an interview where the stated starting salary was $54k (no negotiation, but quick raises/bonuses) and one where it was just shy of $45k. Do factor in the cost of living in the area, of course. And do negotiate. A couple thousand a year might seem like a small difference, but it adds up (especially if you can save it for retirement, a kid's college education, etc.).
    • 5/1 - The Chronicle of Higher Education has a great website that allows you to look up salaries by rank for any and all institutions: And I agree with the above poster - negotiate. I was able to negotiate $5,000 more in salary and $10,000 more in start-up. Go for the gold, as they say.