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Schools with Accepted Offers[]

Format for this section:

University: Name (Current Position [if applicable], DMA-GRANTING INSTITUTION, and year, if known)

Armstrong Atlantic State University: Ben Warsaw (BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 2012)

Baylor University: Paul Sanchez (Wheaton College, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2013)

Bryan College: Olivia Ellis (UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, 2014)

California State University Stanislaus: Sarah Chan (Northwestern Oklahoma State University, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC)

Chowan University: Agnes Wan (UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI CCM)

College of Charleston: Ran Dank (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Lee University: William Smith (EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC)


Lycoming College: Amanda Horn (UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2012)

Marshall University: Johan Botes (UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, 2012)

Mercyhurst University: Nathan Hess (Ithaca College, CINCINNATI COLLEGE-CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC)

Middle Tennessee State University: Adam Clark (Hope College, CINCINNATI COLLEGE-CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC)

Norfolk State University: Susan Ha (CINCINNATI COLLEGE-CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, 2013)

Pennsylvania State University: Jose Ramon Mendez (MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, 2000)

Radford University: Kwan Yi (PEABODY)

Sam Houston State University: Josu De Solaun (MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, 2011)

Shorter University: Lynn Worcester (UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA)

University of Cincinnati: Soyeon Kate Lee (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

University of Houston: Courtney Crappell (University of Texas-San Antonio, UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA)

University of Idaho: Jovanni-Rey De Pedro (UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 2012)

University of Northern Colorado: Justin Krawitz (UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2011)

University of Northern Colorado: Lei Weng (CINCINNATI COLLEGE-CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC)

  • Wasn't Lei Weng already a faculty member at University of Northern Colorado?

University of South Alabama: Jasmin Arakawa (INDIANA UNIVERSITY, 2013)

Wingate University: David Brooks (Adelphi University, STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY)


Jobs for 2014[]

Arkansas Tech University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Mar. 7)[]

  • Skype interview request (March 19)
  • Did they schedule on-campus interviews already?
  • yes
  • who won the position?

Armstrong Atlantic State University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Dec. 13, 2013)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • Dr Warsaw was hired just this year and has (so far) not been hired elsewhere so yes, it seems this is a strong internal candidate to take the full job.
  • Congratulations Dr. Warsaw!

Baylor University - Lecturer in Piano (Deadline: Nov. 15)[]

  • Dec. 15th: Additional material requested 
  • Jan. 23: Reference contacted x2
  • Campus Interview requested
  • Congratulations, Dr. Sanchez!

Bryan College - "Tenure Track Position in Music" (Deadline: Nov. 15)[]

  • Dec. 20: Additional Materials Requested x2
  • Budget problems and no confidence vote in president.  Applicants be advised.
  • Mar 3-7: On campus interviews
  • Congratulations, Olivia!

California State University Stanislaus - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: Feb 26)[]

  • Internal Candidate
  • Really?  Usually internal candidates are VAPs or non-tenure.  The currently-listed prof appears to be tenure-track, occupying the exact position advertised.
  • Mar. 28 Request for skype interview.
  • I don't get what's so funny about being an AI and winning a competition...?
    • The person who posted that was just being rude, apparently. The dude has plenty of chops and credentials.

Chowan University[]

  • Position filled.
  • by Agnes Wan

College of Charleston - Assistant Professor of Music, Piano (Deadline: Oct. 15)[]

  • Sept. 9: It's probably best NOT to apply for this job.  They're dealing with the reprecussions of a serious sexual abuse/misconduct scandal:
  • Sept. 13: I fail to see the logic in the above statement.  One person's alleged wrongdoing has no bearing on another person's capabilities.
  • Sept. 13. If you can't see that a scandal like that is bad news all around and that it will severely inhibit anyone's ability to recruit a studio and promote the program, then you probably shouldn't be applying for college jobs in the first place. How many high school football players are clamoring to go to Penn State?
  • First of all, I am not applying for a college job, as I already have one.  I am a tenured piano professor at a Big 10 university. Secondly, I would venture to say that football players are not clamoring to go to Penn State (not my school) because of the NCAA sanctions.  It is probably the safest place to send your child now, since they are most likely incredibly careful and playing extremely by the book. Finally, just to clarify: I have never met the professor in question at Charleston. I wish whomever gets the job all the best and I am absolutely positive that no one will question that person's integrity based on another person's short comings.  And if they did, then I wouldn't want them in my studio anyway.  
  • Congratulations on your many wonderful accomplishments!
  • Sept. 16: whoa! Let's all please remember that anonymous comments don't necessarily accurately convey tone. This is a forum to create transparency in the job market and for helpful (and civil) discussion about open positions. The goal is for everyone to land a great job. Let's get back to the task at hand...
  • This would be Enrique Graf's previous position.
  • Had a bite on this. Anyone else hear anything?
    • date?
    • what exactly does a "bite" entail? Affirmative Action questionnaire?
    • A request for additional materials.
  • Nov: Skype interviews
  • Campus interviews scheduled
    • OH GOD
    • ?
    • Who are the finalists?
    • Not sure that's "publish-able" information, but this search should be long over by now.
    • heard from a source that this one was pretty much decided before it even started, fwiw.
    • In other words, more or less identical to 80% of the job searches this year.
    • Word.
    • I heard from an inside source that there were several local candidates, none of whom got the job. See above. 
    • My sources also tell me that the search was open and fair. The job went to someone with zero ties to the position. Congratulations to the candidate!
    • Congratulations Ran!

College of the Ozarks - Music Faculty (Piano) (Immediately)[]

  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Anything happening with this?
  • Still accepting applications. Unusual school that does not charge tuition but requires all students to work on campus. Looks like a God, Guns, and Guts culture. Those who like this sort of thing will find this to be the sort of thing that they like.

Concordia College - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: January 10, 2014)[]

  • This is not necessarily relevant, but the retiring pianist in this position is featured in a college video which spends most of its time on his hobby of raising chickens.  Truly odd, although it does explain all the egg cartons visible in the shots of his teaching studio.  
  • Just added a "Livestock Handling Experience" section to my CV. Hopefully it helps!
  • It would also be good to list some arctic survival training.  Moorhead might as well be the North Pole.
  • Jan.9: Jazz recording requested
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Skype interviews back in February 11
  • References contacted February 21
  • Pretty sure they're going to do campus interviews later this month when the average temperature is above 0.
  • How many finalists did they pick?
  • I am not sure that is publish-able information....
  • Sources say that it's llikely that finalists may not have been notified yet.
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Starts with a "Z," ends in an "ilch."
  • Still nothing, as of March 31. Anyone?
    • Still zilch, but I heard that the college is having budgetary problems. So, they're either on the final stage of the search or the search might have been cancelled.
  • Candidate chosen, or so I heard.
  • Congrats to Grigor Khachatryan! (I think he's a recent IU graduate)
  • I read he hadn't graduated yet. Expecting his doctorate degree December 2014.
  • ...which again begs the question raised in the Sam Houston thread of why would a college with financial struggles would hire someone who doesn't have a record of teaching and recruiting success?
  • sour grapes much??
  • I'm not sure why people think they have financial struggles. That simply isn't true.
  • Maybe they just liked him the best.  Maybe the dean is stingy and wanted someone whom they could hire at Instructor level.  Maybe the provost is his girlfriend.  Maybe he is truly a better all-around musician and teacher than every other candidate. Maybe they are on a push to diversify their faculty and his foreign origins were compelling.  Maybe they need a course in his native language covered.  Maybe he donated a million dollars to the college so he could get a 40K job.  Maybe this and maybe that.  In other words, in this tough job market, as badly as we want to know why someone else beat us, we will never know.
  • Concordia has a really excellent music program. I am guessing they were looking for a really fine pianist. I also think that improvisation or jazz abilities may have been a factor in the search. Not sure on that though.

Dillard University - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

Florida Atlantic University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

  • This is replacing Judith Burganger's position (retirement).
  • Nov. 4: Heads up, heard from several of my students last week that FAU's music dept. has had a recent rash of thefts and students getting held up in the practice rooms late at night (b/c music students have so much money, right?!). Admin. response seems to be to simply close the building earlier at night (i.e. no guards/campus police, update to keycard access, etc.). While this doesn't necessarily mean anything specifically for the search, wanted to pass it along to those on the market. Might make for an interesting question for the committee.
  • Nov. 5: There have also been reports of vandalism in the practice rooms.  Not the safest place, apparently!
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Z to the ilch.
  • I hear some interviews have been recently done
  • Phone interviews, yes.
  • Campus interviews scheduled. ~150 applicants and 3 finalists (including an internal candidate).
  • Surprise, everyone - the internal got it!

Gardner-Webb University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Music (Deadline: OUF)[]

  • Did the search committee fall into the boiling springs?
  • Did they do phone interviews already?
  • Did they the do the interviews?
  • Rejection email received 4/22/14
  • Candidate chosen.
  • So the search committee crawled out of the Boiling Springs! 
  • I received an email : the position was filled.
  • Anybody knows who is "a happy end"?

Georgia State University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: October 15)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • 11/20: request for CD and/or DVD of performances
  • phone interviews scheduled week of January 13-17
  • campus visit scheduled
  • offer accepted April 8
  • Rejection letter 14 May; position is filled.

Hutchinson Community College- Professor of Music[]

  • Candidate chosen.

Illinois State University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Music (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • December 15th: Audio requested
  • Jan. 24: Phone interview scheduled.
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Zilch, but I will say this: the phone interview felt very hostile and some of my references said that the faculty they spoke with came off as quite rude.  What's up with this place?
  • March 16: Rejection letter.x4

Lamar University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano (Deadline: Nov. 1)[]

Lee University - Assistant Professor (Deadline: Dec. 1, 2013)[]

  • Jan. 10: Preliminary interview x3
  • Feb. 4: Skype interview scheduled
  • Feb. 21: Campus interview scheduled
  • Congratulations Cahill!

Lycoming College - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: Sept. 25)[]

  • Oct. 4: Phone Interviews
  • Nov. 4: notice to applicants that position has been filled.
  • Any idea who got it? I know there was an internal...

Marshall University - Assistant Professor (Deadline: December 1)[]

  • This position was open was filled last year. Any idea why it's open again?
  • Some sort of failed search? Candidate didn't accept, position withdrawn, etc.
  • Job description is pretty clear that they are looking for a pianist who is open to new directions.  
  • My personal feeling is that this job description is the beginning of a wave of change that will start among regional comp schools and spread to more elite institutions in time.  The traditional elite DMA piano education is not sufficient for the educational needs of the majority of schools.  I know so many wonderfully gifted DMA's who are under-employed, having trained on the late Beethoven sonatas and the Clavicembalisticum who are now lucky to teach adjunct music appreciation to bros with backward baseball caps.  Marshall is at least acknowledging that they cannot support another hopeful top-tier concert artist who uses them as a base of operations for building a private concert career (I say this as a generality, not with specific knowledge of anyone who has served at Marshall).  As a mid-career tenured DMA, I strongly encourage my rising colleagues to check on this trend and respond accordingly.  Sincere best wishes, fellow pianists.  We're not in easy times.
  • True, true; there are also more and more crossover positions cropping up, e.g.,  The key to survival these days is to diversify.  There will always be plenty of work for those who are open to doing everything: teaching, accompanying kiddies as well as professionals, musical theatre, jazz gigs, opera companies, church jobs, and doing the "traditional" gigs that we trained on.  Since most universities are looking for someone who has experience doing a little of everything, it can only help your portfolio to branch out.  The paradigm has certainly changed and we need to adapt. 
  • December 24th: recording requested
  • Jan 24: Phone interview scheduled
  • Feb 19: Campus interview  scheduled.
  • finalist chosen
  • Did s/he accept it?
  • Yes - Congratulations Dr. Johan Botes!

Middle Tennessee State University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano (Jan. 21, 2014)[]

  • Where did you see the 1/21 close date?  I thought it listed OUF.
  • Rejection email x2   Feb. 10
  • Feb.10: Phone interview requested x3
  • Feb.20: Campus interview requested x2
  • April.10: Rejection email. The offer was made, and has been accepted by the candidate
  • April 11: Rejection email
  • Congrats, Adam!  Hook 'em...

Mercyhurst University - Assistant Professor of Piano (April 21, 2014)[]

  • review of applicants has begun
  • Skype interview scheduled (x3)
  • Have they scheduled campus interviews yet?
  • 22 May: Rejection notice. Position filled.

Newberry College - Assistant Professor of Music in Piano and Theory (April 25, 2014)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • haven't
  • nada
  • I am sure the search is going on. I sent my materials on 4/26 and immediately got a rejection letter for missing the deadline.
  • Still nothing?
  • Newberry just went from warning to probation status with their accreditation. One more step down and they go out of business.

Norfolk State University - Assistant Professor of Piano (April 17, 2014)[]

  • Any news regarding this job?
  • The review of applications is started.
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Skype interview scheduled
  • How many applicants  for Skype interview?
  • Somebody was hired
    • Are you sure about that? Please tell us what you know.
    • Nobody was hired. Failed search?
    • CONFIRMED: someone was hired.

North Dakota State University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Mar. 15, 2014)[]

  • 9 candidates short-listed out of 97 original candidates
    • Only 97?  Guess not too many people wanted to live in Fargo!
    • Have they been contacted yet?
    • Some of them have definitely been contacted
    • When 97 pianists, presumably mostly with DMA's, apply for a job in Fargo Freaking North Dakota, it is long past time to stop sending so many musicians to graduate school.  
    • I absolutely agree
    • I am a current faculty member at NDSU and I am very surprised at all of these comments. Fargo is a vibrant community and NDSU has built a solid reputation over many years. I can assure that the applications for this position were extremely competitive. The chosen candidates are all outstanding. 
    • Yes - and NDSU has very high salaries, above average, btw. 
    • The point was not whether Fargo is pleasant or otherwise, but that such a high number of applicants to a job in a location that is widely perceived as remote and isolated indicates a disproportion between the numbers of qualified applicants and jobs available.
    • I am sorry, but that was not the point being made before. Now you say "widely perceived as remote and isolated" but you clearly meant something stronger. The fact that you see Fargo as not desirable is exactly what is enabling you to make your point. So, yes, actually, it WAS the point
    • Alright, alright, everyone - can we all just agree that the job market is horrible and leave it at that? Between internal candidates, failed searches, and cataclysmic budget problems, there's plenty of other things to be upset about (none of which seem to apply to NDSU).
    • The bigger picture that we can all agree on is that Fargo sucks.
      • Actually, it really doesn't suck at all. Not sure why people think that. I'm not from there and I was pleasantly surprised at how much Fargo is growing when I was visiting there. Lots of stuff to do, everything you need, and not in a crowded city. 
    • Anything heard anything after the skype interviews?
    • Campus interviews scheduled and ongoing.
    • I heard that the candidate was chosen. Anyone know who it was?
    • I second the question: does anyone know who the lucky person was?
    • Tyler Wottrich.

Pennsylvania State University - Artist-Teacher of Piano (Deadline: October 15)[]

  • Dec. 21: Request for additional materials
  • And then?
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Any updates on this?
  • Zilch
  • Position awarded to JOSE RAMON MENDEZ, graduate of MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC and currently faculty at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY

Radford University - Pianist/Applied Piano Teacher (Deadline: Review immediately, Nov. 29)[]

  • Jan 9: Request for more materials (recording and 3 LoR) x5
  • Anyone hear anything about this?
  • Zilch.
  • Should I still be thinking about this job? Committee seem to have fallen off the radar.
  • I never heard anything after the recording request, so I guess they hated my Schnittke!
  • Did you really send a Schnittke recording for a job interview?  I assume you're joking but either way it's funny.
    • Yeah, the Second Sonata is my secret weapon.  Great piece, IMO.
    • Search Committee member (for another position at another school) here. Unusual rep choices scored big points with our committee as we were screening. General advice to piano candidates - choose at least one piece of rep that sets you apart from the sea of Bach/Chopin/Liszt stuff everyone else is playing.
    • Oh really? Bach/Chopin/Liszt is just "stuff"? WOW no wonder great musicians have a hard time finding a job these days. If you think that these composers are just "stuff" then you have no business serving on a piano search committee because A) you must not be a pianist, and B) you have no musical taste.
    • The following performers are scheduled to perform the following "stuff" for the upcoming season at a MAJOR eastern US university: Paul Lewis (all Beethoven,) Takacs (Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart,) Belcea (Mozart, Schubert, Brahms,) Denk (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven,) Feltzman (Haydn, Schubert, Liszt,) Elias (Mozart, Britten, Schumann,) not to mention a good half-dozen or more Baroque and pre-Baroque ensembles, tickets ranging up to $48.
    • You don't seem able to grasp the point that Search Committee Member is making. Check out, there are literally hundreds of recordings of the standard piano composers mentioned above. They are a staple, but who needs another pianist who only plays the standards when a pianist could also play rarely performed, rarely recorded, but stellar composers like Schnittke or a host of other contemporary and living composers?
    • Totally understand the point that so-called self-described search committee member wishes to be entertained and that "big points" will be given to those who provide this service. I believe the point being made is it's not so much how you play but what you play.
  • Just received the snail-mail rejection from this job and noticed the candidate was given Instructor rank. This was advertised a tenure-track position; I'm new to this academic 'game',  is this common? It seems like a down-grade. 
  • Probably because the person doesn't ahve the doctotate degree yet 

Sam Houston State University - Assistant Professor of Music - Artist/Teacher of Piano (Deadline: Jan. 15, 2014)[]

  • Sources: nearly 200 applications.
  • Whoa. Bet the internal's sweating his shorts off! I'm sure every job nowadays nets those kind of numbers. Not surprised.
  • Is this the same position from last year?
  • Who is the internal?
  • Feb. 27: Skype interview request. x2
  • applications numbered just over 120.
  • Mar. 6: Finalists chosen
  • Chosen or notified?
    • Both.  Campus interviews later this month
  • Does anyone know what's going on with this search? Any news?
  • I hear the music school at SHSU is getting better every year, Good place
  • Yes. Heard one of the finalists is very strong
    • Also heard that none of the finalists have teaching positions and some are still students.
    • wow! really? why on earth would they do that? Master students or DMA students? so no one with a completed DMA? 
    • Some are ABDs, but none have a TT position. Who knows as to why they didn't interview people with teaching experience.
    • Someone here has the facts all wrong. There definitely are finalists with completed DMA degrees and with plenty of teaching experience. Years, in fact. And not just one of them. 
  • SHSU in general is definitely getting bigger.  The music school is improving. There is quite a revolving door among music faculty, especially in piano.  There seems to be a lot of turnover there.
    • And why do you think this is? Just curious...
    • Politics, location, salaries; that sort of thing.
    • I suspect it's because a large number of the faculty are adjunct and also commuters from Houston.  People go to work, do their jobs, and leave.  
  • On Campus interviews complete Apr. 9
  • How many on-campus interviews/finalists in total?
    • Four, including an internal candidate.
    • I'm glad to see a school actually doing on-campus interviews with enough finalists.  It seems the penny-wise, pound-foolsih trend at schools in my vicinity is to bring in 2 finalists, and maybe 3 if one of the finalists is an internal candidate.
    • Search finished - offer accepted, April 10. Congratulations, Josu De Solaun!!! (
  •  Best wishes to Mr. De Solaun.  Perhaps he'll be able to effect some changes.
    • Yes, one faculty member was denied tenure and another resigned in this year alone. 
    • Why did he/she resign? 
    • Perhaps the adminstration believes that there is always someone better out there.  The market is flooded with strong candidates.  Higher education is a business.  Faculty members are now powerless pawns and are easily replaced.
    • To an extent, yes. What compounds the problem here is that Texas is a right-to-work state, so there is no union to advocate for faculty rights in instances that might require litigation if a faculty member is unjustly terminated (harassment, negligence, bullying, nepotism, etc.). It makes an incredible difference on job satisfaction and overall peace of mind if the administration supports and listens to its faculty and their concerns; based on their turnover, it doesn't seem that this is true of Sam Houston.
  • Interesting that someone deleted a number of comments from this post...Sam Houston doing damage control? (9/4/2014)

Seattle Pacific University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Feb. 14, 2014)[]

  •    Strong external candidate identified.
    • Given the market, most people who apply for this job will likely be a strong external candidate...
    • Who is the identified candidate?
    • Anyone hear anything?
    • Zilch.
    • Still no word, anyone?
      • Z
      • I
      • L
      • C
      • H
      • Well, alrighty, then.  
      • 4/12 Phone interviews complete.  Three finalists invited to campus.  
  • Did they make the campus visit invitation on the SAME day as phone interviews? That fast? Or did you just mean that you knew they were going to invite three to campus?
  • It is very likely that the three finalists have been notified.
  • Campus interviews scheduled.

Shorter University - Assistant Professor of Piano / Piano Pedagogy (OUF)[]

  • Did anyone hear anything? 
  • Anything, anyone?
  • According to internal sources, screening begins this week.  Still debating if I should apply or not.. 
  • Just apply; YOLO.
  • phone interview requested
  • Three candidates were interviewd.  Lynn Worcester accepted the position. 

Southern Utah University - Assistant Professor of Music/Piano (Deadline: Jan. 15, 2014)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • Jan 24: Rejection email 3x
  • Jan 24: Request for Phone Interview 2x
  • Feb. 11: Post Phone Interview Rejection E-mail

SUNY Potsdam - Assistant Professor of Music Performance, Piano (May 9, 2014)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • Doesn't seem like it, as all of their applied faculty are tenured.  Late-year retirement?
  • Where was this job posted? I haven't seen the announcement...
    • Chronicle of Higher Ed--just posted
  • Is anything going on with this?
  • Ziggity zilch.
  • Rejection email 6/19

SUNY Schenectady County Community College - Instructor of Music/Piano[]

  • Anyone heard anything? 
  • phone interview is already done.
  • on campus interviews

University of Arkansas - Instructor of Class Piano/Collaborative Pianist (Deadline: Sept. 13 or until position is filled)[]

University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Assistant Professor/ Collaborative Artist (Deadline: April 28, 2014)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • Reposted on HigherEd jobs, 6/26/14.

University of Cincinnati - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano[]

  • Who is leaving?
    • I haven't asked yet, but I think Eugene Pridonoff was planning to retire soon. Anyone have certain knowledge?
    • It might be Frank Weinstock's position, as he retired recently. Either way, big shoes to fill.
    • Can confirm: It is to fill Weinstock's position.
    • I was told by a CCM grad student that Michael Chertock took over for Weinstock; this search is for James Tocco. (also, that a search to replace the Pridonoffs will be conducted next year)
    • Mr. Tocco is still teaching and is not planning to retire soon, to my knowledge.
  • Nov. 27: Rejection e-mail received. x2
  • On campus interviews scheduled
  • Side note:  I spoke with a former Pridonoff student this week who told me they are both retiring within a year or two.  
  • Congratulations, Soyeon Kate Lee!

University of Houston - Assistant Professor of Piano/Piano Pedagogy (Deadline Dec. 1, 2013)[]

  • 1/9: Request for additional materials x4
  • Any news here?
  • Also zilch.
  • Their Spring Break is the 2nd week of March. They told me they were going to have on campus interviews either the 1st or 3rd week of March.
  • Feb. 19: Invitation for campus interview.
  • Candidate has been chosen.
    • And? Can it be updated to the "Schools with Accepted Offers" section, or has candidate not accepted yet?
    • This just reposted in The Chronicle. Did he withdraw?
    • Yea, what happened?
    • It posted with a deadline of yesterday.
    • Sometimes a ridiculously short time frame before deadline means that they alreayd know whom they want to hire but are required by HR to advertise nationally. Or it can mean they're hoping for a miraculously short and successful search.
    • Note that they only want resume, transcripts, and three letters. And sent by snail mail. I would bet ten bucks that this is a faux search.
    • Yes. One of the qualifications is "specific knowledge of higher education in the state of Texas." That line is designed for the convenient elimination of all other candidates.
    • So I guess the narrative would be that he got the job and wanted to come in at Associate, but the administration said no (since it was advertised at Assistant) and only agreed to the higher rank with the stipulation that they redo the search?  Hmmm...while that's really going to some length, it's not terribly surprising for higher education.
    • I'm really disappointed in the University of Houston, and Nancy Weems. I called the University Music Office yesterday and asked if the former candidate was not taking the position, and the person I talked to said she hadn't heard that he wasn't coming. She then transferred me to Nancy Weems who then said she didn't know fully what the situation was, wouldn't go into detail about the candidate not coming, but that something happened with the candidate and the job was reposted. Lies. Pretty Low.
    • My understanding was that the re-post was an HR formality in order to bring him in at the tenured, Associate level. I suspect that it was entirely an HR thing as the search committee appeared to have no knowledge of it until a link to the post was sent to them.
      • While this is obviously a faux search, please pardon me if I don't believe that crock about the search committee not knowing about it until after the fact.  I've served on several applied searches at a R1, and the departmental committee always knew what was happening every step of the way, from the initial recommendation to the Dean all the way to the final decision by the upper administration.  There's nothing to absolve them of such unprofessional behaviour. 
      • This is correct. In order for a job to be offered at a specific ranking (e.g., assistant, associate, full), it must be advertised this way. Since the job was posted as an assistant professor position and the chosen candidate probably wouldn't accept it below associate, UH then had to repost. I'm sure everyone, including the committee, was aware of this. However, it often is the case that directors or deans will make the call and inform the faculty of the decision afterward. Nobody likes to talk about it as to avoid confusion or resentment among job candidates, but it's certainly not our of the ordinary. 

University of Idaho - Assistant Professor of Piano (Pedagogy) (Deadline:January 21)[]

  • Feb. 20: Phone/Skype interview scheduled x3
  • March 31: Campus interview requested X2
  • Congratulations, Jovanni-Rey De Pedro!

University of Kansas - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: OUF)[]

  • The position is open due to the retirement of Richard Reber (big shoes to fill!)
  • Reposted on MVL today with a Feb. 14 deadline. 
  • So they couldn't find a good enough candidate from the existing pool of applicants?!
  • Not necessarily.  Searches can be delayed and altered for many reasons, all of them opaque to those on the outside.
  • Anyone heard anything from Kansas yet?
  • 3/4: Phone interview - 9 semifinalists.
  • Campus interviews scheduled.
  • Congratulations to Michael Kirkendoll!

University of Miami - Open Rank[]

  • Is this the one in Ohio or Florida?
  • I believe this is Florida.  The Ohio school is known as Miami University of Ohio and never the other way round.
  • No wonder I didn't get that interview!
  • Yup, definitely the one in FL (and yes FL = UM, OH = MU). They opened this search last year and then withdrew it (funding issues?). Glad to see it back open again.
  • Nov. 13: heard from a Miami DMA student this past weekend that they may, in fact, be searching for 2 positions. He seemed to think the search was for 2. Anyone else heard anything along these lines?
    • It's possible, but I'd be wary since this was closed last year for funding issues (that is, unless someone spontaneously announced their retirement or accepted another position).
  • Has anybody heard anything? This position was dissolved last year and something in me tells me it is happening again...
    • Not a peep, but their semester starts on the 13th so there will probably be some gossip soon.
  • January 17: Everyone get your Petrushka ready: they are, in fact, searching for two positions.
  • Where are the  postings for these two jobs?  They are not up on the university webpage at the moment (1/22/2014).
  • there is alot of hositility there.... beware of internal politics...
  • Word.
  • Anyone hasn't still heard anything?
  • Several candidates have done ther on-campus interviews so far.
  • Update: it seems that this search will either fully or partially fail. Apparently, two of the five finalists had their invitations rescinded, and the three who made it to campus didn't make the desired impression.
  • Update, vol. 2: according to sources, they have hired...dun dun dun...Evelyne Brancart from IU.
  • I can confirm that the above is true from a very reliable source.
  • I heard she is on 1 year leave from IU.

University of Northern Colorado - Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy (Deadline: OUF)[]

  • Dec. 2: Audio requested
  • Dec. 8: Phone interview
  • Jan. 23: Campus interview scheduled x3
  • Feb. 18: Offer extended and verbally accepted
    • Anyone know who got the job? It would be great to update the "schools with accepted offers" section
    • March.11-rejection email. Finalist chosen 

University of Northern Colorado - Assistant Professor of Piano - Opera/Vocal Coaching[]

  • Dec 13  Audio requested
  • 4/14: Rejection email. Search concluded.

University of South Alabama - Assistant Professor of Piano/Collaborative (Deadline: Dec. 12, 2013)[]

  • Audio/video requested: Dec. 30th
  • Jan 21: Skype interview x2
  • have they moved on yet? 
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Rejection letter. Position offered and accepted by ?

University of South Florida - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: 3/15/2014)[]

  • Anyone know about this position? Internal candidate?
  • It looks like Dharshini Tambiah is an internal candidate:
  • Also Miroslava Panayotova
  • Most schools these days have an internal candidate or solicit applications from mid-career types. It's actually pretty rare to find a "clean" posting.
  • Warning: internal candidates almost certainly will get the job. Heard from inside sources
  • Just curious-- Did anyone even receive a cursory acknowledgement from USF that their materials were received for this job?  
  • Had a request for additional materials (recordings and a video explaining my class piano teaching philosophy...WTF) two weeks ago.
  • Not even an acknowledgment that my materials were received. Yes, I know that this is not uncommon, but it is rude, IMO.
  • I once did a campus interview where I never heard back from the committee. Is it rude? yes. But unfortunately it happens. 
  • On the other hand, I did a campus interview once where they flat out told me during the ride from the airport to the hotel that there was an internal candidate and that it was extraordinarily unlikely that they would be unseated (upside: I ordered expensive entrees at every meal and watched a few pay-per-view movies). YMMV.
  • You made my day :))) " I ordered expensive entrees at every meal and watched a few pay-per-view movies". I usually ask about an internal candidate and run through the keyboard faculty. They do not like to answer, but, if they say the information is confidential or if there is a visiting or instructor or abd, do not waste your time.
  • May 9, 2014 Postponement of Search e-mail, with no projected reopen date. (x3)
    • This is the second time this has happened to me in the past few months. Weird. So much for the internal candidate almost certainly getting the job.
    • Sounds like a hung jury to me.
    • How do you get from a "postponement" email to "sounds like a hung jury", pray tell?
    • Well, friend, the vibe I got from my campus visit a few weeks ago was almost desperation.  Everyone seemed on edge, so my guess is that they had a feeling that it was going to fail or that the committee wouldn't get their pick (which may or may not have been the internal candidate).  Who knows, who cares; it's postponed one way or another. 
  • September 2014 - Another search? That's the best guess. They appointed an outside person for one-year.

University of Texas - Pan American - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: OUF)[]

  • Internal candidate?
  • I think so....
  • Does anyone have more information about this position??
    • ...meaning?
    • are they cat or dog people?
    • Milli Vanilli.
  • Jan 15: Skype Interview
  • Have they moved on yet?
  • Feb 5: Campus Interview
  • I thought I read somewhere they had offered to the internal

University of Virginia - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano (OUF)[]

  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Not a thing--not even an acknowledgement that materials were received.
  • This is still (or, again) posted as an opening now in late April 2014. Is it to be taken seriously?
  • I have applied to several VA institutions in the past and never heard any word like from others "we were impressed with your credentials, bla-bla-bla, but another candidate came from the Moon and he/she won" :))
  • I'm pretty sure they are waiting to receive Martha Argerich's application, and that's what the holdup is about. 
  • I heard it was Barenboim

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay - Assistant Professor of Piano[]

  • January 1: Phone Interviews scheduled
  • anything happening with this?
  • They are in process
  • Rejection emaile received.
  • Candidate chosen.
  • Has the candidate accepted the offer?  Who got the job?  Please post so we can congratulate him/her.
  • Candidate accepted the offer. I'm not the candidate but I know who took that job...always unsure of the etiquette in posting this info without permission. 

Virginia State University - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano (Open Until Filled)[]

  • Anything happening with this?

Viterbo University - Assistant Professor (Deadline: January 3, 2014)[]

  • phone interviews scheduled week of January 21-24 (x2)
  • Jan. 31: Campus interview scheduled
  • March 11: Post-campus interview rejection email
  • 3/30: It's been a while since interviews were scheduled.  Any accepted offers/info about this search?
    • Heard a rumor that it failed. 
    • Viterbo just announced a VAP for 2014 in piano, which suggests a failed search.
    • It's odd that a school would bring in just 2 finalists and fail a search.  Wonder what's going on there?
    • Any number of possibilities: one candidate said no and the other was sub-par; both said no; both were sub-par, etc. It is strange, though, that they didn't have a backup list in case something went wrong.
    • Another factor is that deans will not fund an endless stream of candidates to visit campus.  Three is the norm.  If none of the three works out, that school might be done for the year.
    • I completely understand regarding funding, but 2 finalists and then fail?  If we consider most well-written and advertised TT searches will have 90-150 applicants, it seems almost unbelievable that a committee can't find more than 2 people they'd like to interview.
    • It sucks, but it's wholly possible. My guess is that they wanted someone who had a few years of teaching/recruiting experience (the original job description said something to the effect, IIRC) and it didn't work out with the person or people they offered it to.
  • 5/1: Rejection letter received

Viterbo University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Piano (OUF)[]

  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Still nothing?
  • June 30: Rejection letter

Wichita State University - Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy (OUF)[]

  • Feb. 27 Campus interview scheduled
  • May 1 Rejection E-mail
  • Congratulations Justine Sasanfar!  Graduate of piano pedagogy powerhouse programs at Michigan State University and Florida State University

Wingate University - Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Piano (April 21, 2014)[]

  • April 24: Skype interview
  • on-campus interview scheduled
  • May 10: Rejection email (x2).  Candidate chosen.
  • Congratulations, David Brooks!

Schools with Failed or Canceled Searches[]

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